1. Testo Prime Review: My Experience Using A Vegan & All Natural Testosterone Booster
  2. The Science Behind TestoPrime Review
  3. Best Testosterone Boosters of 2022 ???? (I Tried Them ALL…)
  4. Testo Prime Review: My Honest Opinion About This All Natural T-Booster
  5. Urologist explains risks of testosterone boosts
  6. 3 Testosterone Boosters That ACTUALLY WORK!
  7. The TRUTH About Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testo Prime Review: My Experience Using A Vegan & All Natural Testosterone Booster

hey whats up everyone its alex and in,this video i am reviewing testo prime,now this is an all-natural testosterone,booster ill tell you about my personal,experience trying this bad boy out but,first ill cover some info that might be,interesting to know for anyone watching,thats looking for a testosterone,booster ill start the review out with,the claims that the company behind it,makes about their t-booster ill cover,the ingredients and how it works and,after that ill talk about the dosage,and directions but before we dive right,in i actually got this discounted link,for you guys now i put it in the video,description below for you guys and if,any of you decide that youd like to,give this t-booster a try for yourselves,definitely use that link now with the,link youre going to get a great deal,and your savings will be applied right,at checkout okay so lets start with the,company claims now testo prime says that,their t-booster will increase both your,mental and physical energy levels as,well as your sex drive now they claim to,support weight loss and muscle gain as,well as overall motivation while also,improving your mood and confidence now,those are some pretty impressive claims,so lets see if these ingredients tie in,with those claims okay so there are 12,ingredients in testo prime that are all,natural and clinically supported so im,just going to go over a few of them,because covering all of them would take,too long and i do not want to bore you,guys okay so the first one is green tea,extract which prevents your testosterone,from going down by blocking the,breakdown of testosterone into dht a,hormone that causes hair loss now green,tea also has a number of other health,benefits like boosting fat loss,improving brain function and preventing,heart disease next we have zinc now,thats an essential nutrient that is,important for many processes happening,in the body its going to boost your,immune system improve your wound healing,and its even going to decrease,inflammation in the body it also helps,slow down the conversion of testosterone,into estradiol which is the predominant,form of estrogen that can make you lose,muscle and gain weight it increases the,amount of free testosterone in your body,for more energy and strength next,theres fenugreek which is an herb,thats been used for over 6 000 years to,boost your libido your sexual function,your energy and your stamina now it also,helps you control your appetite and it,increases your metabolism for easier and,quicker fat loss alright so the last,ingredient ill go over in detail is,d-aspartic acid its an amino acid that,supports the production of the,luteinizing hormone now lh helps,increase healthy levels of testosterone,for firmer muscles bigger gains and,easier weight loss the aspartic acid,also boosts your fertility now if you,want to read up on the other eight,ingredients before you decide if this,tea booster might be something for you,just click the link in the video,description below to get to the testo,prime website also this supplement is,non-gmo soy free and vegan so it will,fit into most diets okay next ill go,over the dosage and the directions so,testo prime recommends taking four,capsules every morning before you eat,breakfast just take them with a glass of,water itll be way easier on your,stomach all right guys so now that we,got all that info out of the way lets,talk about my own experience giving this,t-booster a try so since testosterone,levels just naturally decline after 30,and cause a lot of negative side effects,i wanted to try out another t-booster,and i happened to come across this one,now i decided to wait a full month after,i started taking it before filming this,review because i wanted to wait for the,full benefits to kick in so about two,weeks in i got the energy boost which,was awesome at the gym ive really been,putting in some extra power into my,workouts lately i also felt more focused,and motivated not only at the gym but,also at work ive also felt more stress,resistant so this stuff is definitely a,great support for hard workouts and for,a busy life now i think this tea booster,can be a true game changer if youre,suffering from bad side effects from,your testosterone going down and if you,want to do something about it and testo,prime even includes a 100,lifetime money back guarantee for anyone,who wants to try out their supplement,ive actually never seen a money-back,guarantee like this one most supplements,just have like a month or two so theyre,definitely confident that their,t-booster works and if youre not happy,with the results just contact them and,get your money back no hassle and guys,remember if you want to try testo prime,out for yourself get it at the discount,by going through the link that i place,below the video itll get you the best,deal on this 2 booster that you can find,anywhere online and its definitely,going to save you a nice chunk of mine,well anyways guys that wraps up this,review and if you enjoyed watching and,you found this helpful please subscribe,to our channel to see more reviews like,this one in the future and until the,next one guys im alex from total shape,take care,[Music]

The Science Behind TestoPrime Review

the science behind testifrome,hi Im Jason and today Ill review Testo,prime a popular testosterone booster,expect a full test and aim to answer all,your questions about this potentially,game-changing supplement but before I,start please click subscribe and that,notification Bell Testo Prime is a,premium testosterone booster made by,Wolfson brands in the UK and usafda,approved facilities the formula consists,of natural in nature available,ingredients without artificial chemicals,or licensed medications there are also,minimal fillers and bulking agents,testosterone boosters sole purpose is,to increase the healthy testosterone,production in the body according to the,National Health Service when men hit,their 30s they can expect a drop of up,to two percent in their testosterone,levels each year so by the time youre,40 you could have 20 percent lower,testosterone levels than did when you,were 30. low testosterone symptoms could,be excessive weight gain low energy,levels hair loss decrease in muscle Mass,mood fluctuations low libido and,erectile dysfunction if left unchecked,low testosterone levels can weaken your,bones potentially causing osteoporosis,the company claims that testoprime can,help you reduce stress by up to 71,percent burn overall body fat 16 percent,increase muscle strength up to 138,percent improve endurance by 92 percent,convert fat into energy up to 12 percent,Testo Prime can enhance blood flow,improve sexual function increase lean,muscle mass and most importantly boost,testosterone production naturally so,what does Testo Prime have that,competition doesnt,diaspartic acid stimulates the anterior,pituitary gland to release luteinizing,hormone this gets carried to the,testicles stimulating the Lydig cells to,pump out testosterone diaspartic acid,plays a vital role in helping with,weight loss and in building muscle,strength stress hormone cortisol in the,body counteracts the effects of,testosterone ksm-66 ashwagandha extract,intestoprime is capable of lowering,cortisol levels and tilting the scales,in favor of existing testosterone,fenugreek has a significant effect on,total testosterone levels in males,testosterone may be synthesized from,precursors found in fenugreek some,compounds in phenibreek prevent existing,testosterone from breaking down,green tea extract intesto Prime is,anti-inflammatory and helps protect,Lydig cells which is where the,testosterone is made these cells are,easily injured by the inflammatory,process if lidig cells fail then,testosterone production drops,pomegranate fruit intestoprime is for,their antioxidant effect oxidative,damage can particularly affect the,testes which produce most testosterone,Panax Ginseng a powerful antioxidant,that has been proven quite effective at,treating Ed intestoprime the primary,role of Panax Ginseng is Boost energy,levels increase sex drive and alleviate,symptoms of fatigue additionally it may,help decrease blood sugar levels,stimulate enhanced blood flow and,metabolism,Vitamin D intestoprime help the,absorption of phosphorus and calcium,which is essential for the development,of healthy bones it in turn leads to the,building of muscle strength other health,benefits of vitamin D include increasing,the rate of metabolism boosting the,bodys immunity and enhancing brain,function vitamin D supplementation may,not directly increase testosterone,production however a lack thereof may,lead to erectile dysfunction,the primary role of zinc intestoprime is,to help prevent the conversion of,testosterone into estradiol estradiol is,also known as estrogen the active,hormone in females responsible for,developing feminine characteristics zinc,is essential for the health of the,testes even to the point of,strengthening the sperm membrane,vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine,and is responsible for developing muscle,and bone strength it also helps to,naturally increase the level of,testosterone in the body and fight,chronic fatigue vitamin B6 is also,involved in amino acid metabolism which,can be part of building new muscle,vitamin B5 intestoprime is responsible,for helping to convert fats into energy,hence an important component that helps,with weight loss,antioxidant properties of garlic extract,intestoprime help protect testosterone,producing cells from damage reduce,cholesterol levels by around one percent,decrease blood pressure and improve,blood flow sexual function and even,sexual desire may improve due to these,effects in addition garlic contains,allicin which helps promote healthy and,steady blood flow to vital organs in the,body and increases the rate of,metabolism which helps with weight loss,the role of black pepper extract,intestinal Prime is to help increase the,absorption of the supplement by as much,as 30 percent in addition black pepper,contains pepperine which stimulates the,synthesis of luteinizing hormone leading,to more testosterone,to get all of these benefits the,manufacturers of Testo Prime suggest,trying the product for at least 30 days,achieving the best results though,requires making it a part of your daily,routine for a prolonged time take four,capsules every morning before the first,meal if you have no underlying medical,condition this supplement is completely,safe for consumption important to point,out that any advice provided in this,video is not a substitute for actual,medical advice for my health care,provider I recommend purchasing from the,official website and using the link in,description for 10 off on your first,order and free worldwide shipping they,guarantee a full refund if the,testosterone booster does not bring,satisfying results,Testo Prime is vegan friendly dairy free,grain free soy-free non-GMO and is made,in an FDA approved facility it has a,solid reputation and is highly effective,contains no thickeners additives,steroids dyes synthetic Alternatives or,fillers,if youve never tried testosterone,booster before Testo Prime is a great,first choice we would like to hear your,feedback if you decide to try this,product please leave me a comment below,thank you for watching,please click like share and subscribe,for more awesome content

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Best Testosterone Boosters of 2022 ???? (I Tried Them ALL…)

hey whats up guys dan here with total,shape and in this video im covering the,best tea boosters that are on the exist,in the planet right now and the reason,why i say that confidently is because,ive pretty much tried everything out,there you name a t-booster i have tried,it believe me and if its if it wasnt,good i tried it for a very short amount,of time if it was good i really gave it,a full length test and in fact one of,the supplements that im talking about,in this video i tried for almost a year,and ill be talking about that,supplement and my experience with it in,great detail and something ill throw,out there too guys if any of the,supplements that i mentioned in this,video that made my top three lists okay,sound appealing to you you want to give,them a try i have links down below that,will save you a lot of money if you want,to try them out yourself and purchase,them you click the link itll bring you,right to the website where you can order,it with a discount already applied for,you and youre gonna want that discount,guys because its the best one youre,gonna find anywhere and these,supplements are not exactly the cheapest,on the planet just saying so theyre,there for you if you want to use them,now a couple of caveats that i want to,go over before getting into the video,one i specifically am someone who,weightless i trained so i was looking,for when i was researching and testing,these t-boosters i was really looking,for something to help me break through,plateaus in the gym maybe increase my,energy a little bit but some people are,looking for t-boosters who dont train,at all theyre looking to just increase,their testosterone from more mental,clarity to feel younger again after 30,us as men we start to kind of decline in,our own natural testosterone production,so if youre in that category no problem,this video will still benefit you but if,you are someone who physically trains,whether its weightlifting jujitsu it,doesnt matter what it is crossfit this,video will be exceptionally beneficial,to you and youre going to want to watch,this video guys from beginning to the,end and this is why at the very end of,the video im going to mention two other,supplements that if youre not taking,these supplements no t-booster is going,to really have any maximal effect for,you honestly and ill also mention a,couple of lifestyle things that probably,is common knowledge youll probably know,it already but im still just for good,measure going to mention two lifestyle,changes that you could or should,probably make in your life right now,thatll make a massive difference as,well and if youre not really following,these two lifestyle rules again any no t,booster supplement is gonna do any,miracle for you and by the way the best,thing about those two supplements that,im gonna mention at the end of the,video theyre some of the cheapest,supplements you can get on the planet,and they have so much bang for buck,youre gonna love this guys believe me,its worth sticking around to the end,now with that being said lets get into,the video so the first supplement that,made my list is testo lab pro this is,also my least favorite of these,supplements im gonna mention in this,video now dont let that you know deter,you it has some really cool benefits,that i experienced that were unique to,this supplement benefits that i didnt,experience with any other supplement,that ive ever tried specifically one,that had to do with um me doing fasted,weightlifting which ill get to in a,second but essentially its got really,good ingredients and dont take the fact,that its my least favorite in this,video to heart too much because i have a,lot of weightlifting friends who they,swear by this and they they for whatever,reason experience more benefits from,using this than i did its just one of,those body chemistry things it is what,it is but im not gonna lie to you im,gonna tell you exactly how i feel about,a supplement if im reviewing it now,testolab pro has great ingredients like,vitamin d vitamin k and k2 magnesium,zinc and it has d aspartic acid at a,clinically effective dose meaning a dose,that will actually have an effect testo,lab pro is also really reasonably priced,its one of the more economical choices,of any two t-booster supplement that,ive ever tried so that is a pro now why,is it my least favorite for number one,reason and some of you might think this,is like kind of a reason but it,actually to me its actually a really,big deal the dosage is broken up four,pills daily two pills at one point in,the day two pills at another point in,the day right away i i hate that the,easier i supplement is to implement into,my lifestyle the more likely i am to be,consistent with it and this is the only,tbooster supplement that ive tried,where i actually missed my second dose a,couple of days why because its like,something else that i have to exert,mental bandwidth to remember as opposed,to the other two supplements im going,to mention in this video its just four,capsules whenever bada,now most t-boosters will give you some,sort of increase in your libido some,sort of sex drive boost usually a mental,clarity boost an overall energy boost,and that should translate in the gym,again if youre training in any way it,should translate to energy in the gym,you should be able to push yourself more,you should be able to feel that extra,like you know from when you i mean im,over 30 but back when i was 18 to 25,that you know being able to just like go,hard and i just did not experience that,with this at all that energy i mean i,would say that i i had a slightly,increase in my overall energy throughout,the day but i didnt feel any like like,real grit strength boost in the gym i,also didnt experience any kind of sex,drive increase which only two boosts,thats never done that for me because i,believe it has zinc and magnesium at a,pretty good amount my seminal loads were,really big so if youre looking to,increase your seminal load you know your,semen load at ejaculation this will,definitely have a prominent effect on,that but just no sex drive boost for,whatever reason however remember i told,you i was going to bring up something,about fasted training like with no other,supplement ever i go on a 10-day fast,once a year and i do other periodic,fasts too pretty intense ones three days,six days whatever however when i took,this for four months last year it,happened to fall on the time of the year,when i did my 10 day fast and i dont,stop weightlifting during those 10 days,most people think thats crazy trust me,try it its not as hard as you may think,however you usually lose quite a bit of,muscle when you do that fasted training,phase i went on my 10 day fasted,training phase while i was taking this,and i,crappy not man i should not i lost no,muscle ive been doing a 10-day fast,once a year for about the last four or,five years now i have never experienced,like a time where i did not lose a,substantial amount of muscle and for,whatever reason however this the,ingredients are you know put together,with this supplement i was able to,retain almost all of my muscle so now,this bad boy is always going to be on my,list to take you know when i have my 10,day fast um you know once a year so no,im not going to be regularly taking,this but this will always be on my,cabinet for that just for that 10 day,faster reason so if youre someone who,does fasted training youll probably see,a really a lot of benefits from using,this now second place on my list is,testogen testogen is the supplement of,all three that im mentioning in this,video that i use for the longest i,actually used this bad boy for almost,almost a full year a couple years back,it did wonders for me i wasnt really in,need of this at the time but it,radically increased my sex drive which,in turn had this kind of really cool,secondary effect and i know this is a,bit of a psychological thing im just,you know plainly telling you exactly,what my experience was using testogen it,radica

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Testo Prime Review: My Honest Opinion About This All Natural T-Booster

whats up guys dan here and in this,review im covering my experience uh,using tesla prime its a its a natural,testosterone boosting uh supplement that,ive been taking for about,just approaching eight weeks now and,wow this stuff is really amazing,um ill talk a little bit about my,experience using it some of the key,ingredients that kind of you know make,it do what it does and if at any given,point you know during this review you,want to try it out for yourself the link,down below in the video description is a,discount link thats what i used to buy,it myself because it gave me a really,good deal so im sharing the love here,itll give you a really good deal on as,many bottles as you want to buy one two,whatever and also guys uh you have no,risk trying this product out because,they offer a light the company offers a,lifetime money back guarantee so if at,any given point youre like hey this,stuff sucks i want my money back theyll,give your money back thats how like,confidently they stand by their products,and they know youre not going to do,that i,theyve also been around for five years,and the amount of customers they have is,like in the hundreds of thousands so,its its no joke thats why i wanted to,try it out myself because i i saw so,many people like raving about it online,the only thing the only ill say the,negative thing right here at the get-go,the only thing that ill say is uh a lot,of t-boosters out there mostly boosters,that are worth their salt they have a,bit of a sexual energy increasing or or,a uh what do you call a libido,increasing element i didnt experience,too much of that from tesla prime but,the the mood elevating the increase in,energy has been like off of the the, wall there have been so ive,been taking like i said for about you,know eight weeks now during the end,towards the end of my first week taking,it i was experiencing so much energy,that i would have to like go for a run,at night just to get rid of it a little,bit it was it was insane it wasnt like,a like a caffeine like you know jump or,anything it was just like this sustained,energy i had and ive been in such a,good mood theres theres some mood,elevating benefits that you get from,taking this that youll experience,really right away it does kind of level,off after you know maybe two weeks but,in the beginning wow its really,prominent and uh,again the physical energy is just,incredible going to the gym and leaving,the gym and not feeling pooped is like,the name of the game with this thats,the biggest thing ive probably,experienced,but again just the sex drive thing for,whatever ive tried other t boosters,with a sex drive you know takes off too,not so much with this for whatever,reason and it has some of the key,ingredients that you want to see in a,tea booster like panax ginseng and,ashwagandha but the amount of,ashwagandha in this is a bit higher than,other um and other t-boosting sub,supplements but tesla prime contains,plenty of d-aspartic acid plenty of,vitamin d3 both of which you really need,to see in any tea booster thats,actually going to work and it has has,the appropriate dosage the clinically,effective dosage of both of those,ingredients it also contains the,equivalent of 4 000 milligrams of green,tea powder,that has got to be where the energy,comes from guys because if you look if,you just google i dare you to do this,google benefits of green tea itll be,the longest list youll ever see in your,life that and benefits of lentil beans,actually a pound for pound arguably one,of the healthiest foods on the planet,side note but anyway uh dude the green,tea extract i think is what gives you,that energy because man that it you just,you just you just feel like you can keep,going like i had to like kind of slow,myself down like i said i had to go for,runs at nighttime just to get rid of it,its just a really really great,supplement that kicks in really quickly,a lot of tea boosters ive taken take,about you know that towards towards,approaching a week before kicks in by,the second day i was feeling this its,an easy dosage to take and its easy to,remember its four capsules in the,morning plain and simple but you have to,remember you want to take it on days on,workout days and on non-workout days a,lot of guys dont do that um and it,actually it thats going to minimize the,effectiveness of the ingredients in your,body,you want your body to kind of build up,in the amounts of the ingredients in,this bad boy as you take it thats how,thats how you ultimately get the,maximum effect from these supplements so,guys if youre in the market for a,t-booster and your focus is really,physical energy and vitality,this thing is like no other again the,only thing is most boosters ive ive,tried out have some kind of libido,increasing um effect some guys who have,taken this in their reviews they say,they felt that um i i usually do i,didnt for whatever reason with this i,dont even know if i want to call it,like a negative or a con just because,the benefits that i did experience from,this are you know are really really,great the company also doesnt,particularly market towards the sex,drive part its more about the physical,energy and the mood elevating so i you,know i dont theyre theyre i dont,think theyre you know poorly marketing,it theyre not saying its gonna like,make you a sex god and then not,delivering what they say its gonna,deliver it delivers uh again guys its,not cheap that link down below is gonna,get you a good deal on it i like this,stuff a lot im gonna continue ordering,it you have no risk you have a lifetime,no risk trying it out because theyll,give you a money back theyll give your,money back if you dont like it hope you,enjoyed the review guys i know this is,kind of short if you have a question or,comment leave it in the comment section,down below again that link down below is,your ticket to getting a good price for,this dont forget until the next time,guys dan is out of here

Urologist explains risks of testosterone boosts

youve probably seen the commercials,about testosterone and how it can give,guys the boost they need but there are,risks here to explain what you need to,know is dr. Koscheck Shaw with the,Austin neurology Institute good morning,to you,hey good morning Erin so first off do a,lot of men have low testosterone levels,well its such an interesting were,talking about this at 8 oclock in the,morning because interestingly mens,testosterone levels yours to David is,that highest early in the morning so,so we peak in the morning and we drop in,the afternoon but interestingly because,of ads that we see on TV because of a,lot of the whats in mens magazines and,things like that there is more and more,interest being focused on low,testosterone why would one need a,testosterone boost what does that help,well so interestingly the the symptoms,are very nonspecific meaning to say is,that we feel tired throughout the day to,meaning to say that we have a decreased,libido that were gaining weight that we,have maybe symptoms that might be of,like a low depression so theyre very,nonspecific but they can also overlap to,low testosterone as well but you say,there could be issues with taking too,much,right right right so first of all you,have to make sure you have the right,diagnosis of low testosterone so as I,was kind of you know alluding to earlier,is that diabetes can you know cause,similar symptoms depression can lack of,sleep stress a lot of those things can,overlap to low testosterone so you need,to make sure those arent issues first,but then if you do have low testosterone,surely it can be treated if appropriate,and the popularity of the testosterone,boosters has led to pop-up clinics,right right right so first of all you,know as I mentioned if you talk to a lot,of men and if you catch me on the wrong,day I might say that I feel tired or you,know I cant exercise or things like,that but because we see these ads and,come see us and all of a sudden youre,gonna feel like a million bucks and,youre gonna have the libido and the,stamina and exercise and all of those,things feel like a new man,sure Ill go to one of these places and,because of that weve seen a lot of,these pop up places show up and many are,good but unfortunately you know,many of them also on the same token,arent doing all the due diligence to,screen out all the other diseases or,other issues that we mentioned prior to,starting low testosterone treatment and,youre right its not for everybody and,in fact for some people it could cause,harm and they may not be tracking your,usage of the testosterone boosters more,like here you go right right right,so you know so theres two types of,people who really should be cautious or,maybe not be on it were seeing a lot of,young men start testosterone treatment,and in fact if theyre on the wrong type,of testosterone replacement therapy it,can actually decrease sperm counts and,actually render you infertile so it,actually be dangerous on the flip side,there have been some studies that show,that older men may be those with cardiac,disease who start on testosterone,treatment those people actually can,increase their risk for for heart,disease potentially or rather cardiac,related side effects good information,stuff you dont see,in the commercials right right so see,your doctor get a thorough treatment you,know a you know plan but also kind of,rule out that there is an another issue,like thyroid disease and before you,start on testosterone treatment you know,look at your diet go out and exercise,these are many of the things work on,sleep and stress reduction before you,start on medical treatment for sure dr.,Shah thank you so much for coming in,this morning,if you missed any of that were gonna,have it on our website at kxan.com

3 Testosterone Boosters That ACTUALLY WORK!

you want to find the lowest dosage,possible that affects you in a positive,way theres no point going to a hundred,when we can start at ten times in the,board anyhow here along with joel the,fitness mascot today he fell down if,youve been watching my videos recently,ive been seeing how many times he could,stand up he did it,thanks again for joining me for yet,another video if you could hit that,subscribe button you would make my day,and why dont you want to make my day,why do you hate me in all honesty i just,appreciate you clicking the thing to,begin with and were gonna talk about,testosterone boosters now,most of the time when we mention test,boosters people think were talking,about stuff like you know,test power nine thousand or you know,whatever the hell you wanna call it,thats not what i mean one of the,questions i get a lot which i do,massively appreciate is what shall i,take to try,and increase my testosterone levels now,the only real reason,or the only real answer i should say is,go and do some drugs,like some proper hardcore drugs you know,all about that but you may not be into,that im not into that you may not be,into that it may not be a path you want,to go around as i always say if you want,to do it just make sure you research and,educate yourself and theres plenty of,ways you can do that on the internet,right here on youtube theres a bunch of,guys talking about it people still get,comfangled,by these things that you can just buy,over the counter at holland and barrett,or whatever your local supplement store,is now,a lot of these arent going to help you,and the reason they are not going to,help you is that you need to be,in a testosterone deficiency before they,actually get you back up to base levels,and maybe boost you over base levels but,if you have basically normal,testosterone levels and you take this,stuff,i doubt its going to help however with,all that in mind there are,three certain pills that you can take,should you think that youre in a,testosterone deficiency that may help,you and outside of that,they do have other benefits and i know,other people have done this video as,well but if people are gonna keep asking,me questions,im not going to be rude like you were,earlier in this video that is a joke,im going to be polite so heres three,testosterone boosters that actually work,number three is magnesium now the reason,we bring magnesium up is if youre,training a lot and youre working out,all the time,and youre going to the fitness palace,of love and being a happy bunny or a,happy penguin i should say,you can actually decrease your magnesium,levels that is something that can happen,and if you do knock your magnesius,levels down that can actually have a,natural effect on your testosterone,levels where that will drop as well so,if you start supplementing with,magnesium,yes youre going to push it back up but,again youre pushing it back up,to where potentially it was before its,not all of a sudden give me like 400,percent increase if you do have low,magnesium too it means you can have a,bunch of lactic acid buildup thats,going to make your muscles all stiff and,sore and also magnesium,plays a pivotal part in your atp levels,just to give you the simple version that,one guys going to get really mad the,comments can actually,but your atp levels basically determined,how much energy youre going to have in,the gym and how much youre gonna lift,kinda sort of not really but thats all,you need to know taking magnesium two,after you work out can actually calm,your muscles down thats what you want,you wanna make sure you get into a state,of,rest and recovery and to get those,cortisol levels towards the floor,so i totally get it if you wanted,experience or experiment i should say,by taking magnesium then i wouldnt be,against you just dont,massively overdose it or go crazy and do,not expect to take magnesium for a few,weeks and all of a sudden turn into this,hulk of a man or a woman thats not,whats going,to happen its probably just going to,balance you out and theres plenty of,studies as well that say you should take,around about 300 milligrams a day i,would start way less than that i would,get a pot and i would see what the,lowest possible dosage was and id start,there,and id increase it as you go because,thats always what you want to do with,any kind of pill or any kind of,supplement or any kind of drug,you want to find the lowest dosage,possible that affects you in a positive,way theres no point going to 100,when we can start 10 also with magnesium,if you are going to take 300 milligrams,a day,dont just take 300 milligrams in the,morning take 100 grams in the morning,100 milligrams the afternoon 100,milligrams in the evening,because its just better absorbed that,way like your body gets,no benefit from just going oh my gosh,here it is if we go heres a little bit,heres a little bit,heres a little bit your bodys just,happier about it number two,is zinc and the reason we talk about,zinc is that yes zinc can increase,testosterone levels the same way that,magnesium can,if you are losing your zinc levels,through sweat thats the thing sometimes,or there are studies again that say if,you sweat too much your zinc levels will,go down,and because you have enough zinc then,your test levels will drop so you can,get them back to where you want them to,be,by supplementing with zinc now there is,so many zincs honestly you get,zinc smelling moo and sync its just,zinc with,magic words by the end of it you want,piclinate i think thats how you,pronounce it its piclinate,that basically gets absorbed better than,the other ones so youre going to get,more of the drug in you,as opposed to your body freaking out,when you try and take it zinc also,contributes to normal cell function,and muscle growth so of course you can,understand why youre going to want it,and once again when it comes to dosing,start with the lowest possible dose i,want to say this over and over again and,actually i should have,to start this video this is just you,know not only my opinion but my,experiences,and what ive learned from reading on,the internet and blah blah blah if you,really really really,want to get a proper take on all of this,you should talk to your doctor and i was,going to mention this at the end but i,mentioned now because,most people will still be with the video,get your blood work done,you get your blood work done then you,know if you have a zinc definition you,know if you have a magnesium definition,deficiency why cant i say that word all,of a sudden and then,you can sort it out however you best see,fit zinc dosages again studies say,around about 30 milligrams,every single day but you should,experience with this start with 10.,start just by kissing it start by,kissing a zinc pill and see what kind of,benefit you get from that now,realistically the answer is going to be,zero but i just wanna,really ram it down your throat nobody,wants that but im gonna do it anyway,better than me doing it in person like,getting gerald,trying to stick him into your esophagus,theres no point going from one to a,hundred theres not its just bad things,are going to happen,just keep it cool bro keep it cool and,in at number one is vitamin d3 and you,hear about this all the time especially,when winter has arrived its like oh we,all need,more vitamin d3 because unless youre,like living in the sun apparently as,soon as the sun goes away,we all suffer from vitamin d3 or vitamin,d deficiency and look it can help with,your immune system it can help with your,nervous system it can improve your mood,if you are,deficient in it and it can also help,with depression for that same reason a,lot of people i mean i think still think,you should go and talk to someone and,make sure you figure out what the,problem is but a lot of people have low,mood,because they dont have enough vitamin d,in you which is why sometimes when you,walk in the sun,you feel great not only is it a nice,feeling against your skin but youre,actually

The TRUTH About Natural Testosterone Boosters

whats going on YouTube its padded with,visceral fitness and change of scenery,today I hope the birds and the dogs and,a wind isnt too loud but well see how,the video turns out anyway question Ive,been getting almost daily from young,teens and people in their early 20s,asking me what is the strongest the most,effective testosterone booster out there,and theyre asking it because the,weather is getting nice and summer is,right around the corner and they didnt,work hard enough to achieve their goals,and get that beach body that they desire,so now theyre looking for a quick fix,and every time I get this question Im,going to give the same answer every time,and its going to be none of them do not,waste your money on a testosterone,booster stop trying to manipulate your,hormones through a pill that you bought,on the Shelf of a local vitamin store,and Brandon Campbell put this perfectly,in a video he made about test boosters,saying that if these products can,promise you these amazing results,without any negative side effects that,anabolic hormones would give you,wouldnt we all be taking them I mean it,only makes sense right so theyre gonna,promise you stuff its marketing that is,marketing this job to make stuff sound,appealing make it seem effective and,worth the amount of money youre going,to spend but the truth is that a,testosterone booster that you buy off,the shelf of a store is not going to,make a measurable difference on your,body composition amount of muscle mass,or anything like that and I know its,going to sound promising its going to,tell you youre going to have increased,size increased strength better sleep,better sex a 50% increase in your,testosterone well thats still not,enough to make a measurable difference,so do not waste your money on it focus,on training nutrition getting enough,sleep getting rid of any unnecessary,stress in your life all of this stuff,will help people that ask me about,testosterone boosters and then I asked,them what their macros are and their,training program and they dont know,what a macronutrient is theyre not,tracking their nutrition theyre not,logging their training theyre not,getting enough sleep this stuff is not,going to help you so thats really Im,keeping it as simple as possible you,know youre not going to get the results,you see from people taking anabolic,hormones by taking a testosterone,booster its never going to happen so,thats it please just save your money,hopefully this video helps people save,money and they do take the advice that,Im offering in this and thats it I,mean unless you have a medical issue,then go seek a professional go to a,medical doctor get blood work done if,you think your test levels are low and,find out for sure before you go ahead,and throw away your hard-earned money on,a product that isnt going to help you,at all sure maybe if you have trouble,getting an erection,the testosterone booster on the shelf,might help that but again before you,even do that spend your money on going,to see a doctor use your copay get your,blood work done first before you waste,money on a product that promises,everything and gives you nothing thats,it thanks for watching I appreciate the,support as always dont forget to like,the video if you liked the video and,subscribe to the channel until next time,Ill catch you in the next one,you

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