1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) – Movie Review
  2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Review
  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) is SO STUPID! – Angry Movie Review
  4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) – Movie Review
  5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | 250th Riffed Movie Review
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) – Movie Review

hello here you are once again youve,clicked on my face once more which means,i have not yet bored you for that i am,thankful and as usual before we get,started if you want to thank the sponsor,of this video we have ourselves a new,sponsor here this video is brought to,you by true build truebill is an,all-in-one personal finance platform,that helps you save more and spend less,it helps you manage your subscriptions,lower your bills monitor your credit,score and build your savings all in one,place it safely and securely monitors,your subscriptions and you can cancel,those subscriptions with just one click,cause weve all been there maybe you,signed up for the free trial period and,just forgot about it true bill will,sniff that out and be like hey you still,pay for this you want to cancel it you,can also set up a budget thatll show,you what youre spending by category,itll give you notifications when you,exceed that budget you know gives you a,visual representation of where your,moneys going this in a world where,were all adulting credit score money,management its all very important stuff,try it out for free go to truebill.com,johns or click the link below you might,be surprised at what youre paying for,that you forgot you were paying for that,you havent used for like two,presidential terms thank you once again,to truebill for sponsoring this video i,do appreciate it and now i rip myself,away from the final fantasy 6 pixel,remastered remaster ive been looking,forward to for,quite some time and i do it to talk,about garbage why,because that could be fun too i guess,[Music],so texas chainsaw massacre is a sequel,to the texas chainsaw massacre,sans,and its one of those movies thats a,new sequel that rat cons everything,except the original movie so retcons all,the other sequels which im pretty sure,was exactly what that movie texas,chainsaw 3d did because if at first you,dont succeed keep making garbage the,rule of hollywood this is the worst,mulligan ever it literally feels like,you only have two lanes all right,mulligan and now i have one land i,how did i get worse thats what this,movie feels like to be fair i havent,seen texas chainsaw 3d since it was in,theaters i saw it the once which is,probably how often im going to watch,texas chainsaw massacre so getting into,the plot of this movie after ive just,bitched about it for this long theres a,group of young people these young,entrepreneurial types these gen zers who,all go to this ghost town theyre like,hey,well buy it and auction it off and,bring life into it i guess or create a,cult compound somewhere in the middle of,nowhere i dont know the point is thats,what they want to do turns out,leatherface is there and he gets really,pissed then something else happens in,the movie that really makes leatherface,mad now leatherface goes on his killing,spring up against a bunch of characters,you dont care about so youre kind of,rooting for leatherface to kill people,and in that this movie does have a,couple scenes where i was like oh thats,a nice bloodbath lets do it the blood,the slaughter you know youre kind of,there at that point and that can work,ive experienced movies where i was like,yeah im just kind of rooting for the,bad guy to kill people thats fine,thats what happens when i watch final,destination movies im waiting for this,fatalistic death just to weed these,people out or saw im like,you go jigsaw thats why im here like,example theres a scene in a bus where,just this massacre is happening youre,like okay i could kind of get into this,your lizard brain kicks on youre like,sure its just oozing and dripping with,carnage good enough right but then that,other part of your brain kicks on that,average [ __ ] human being brain kicks,on and youre like wait wait wait wait,because leatherface has the most silent,chainsaw ever in this movie yeah the,cool thing about leatherface or,chainsaws in general in movies when,theyre used as massacre equipment is,that they have that,that rumble sound and you know its,coming after you its scary youre like,oh [ __ ] gotta be quiet gotta be quieter,than the chainsaw in this movie when,its idle because it makes no sound,whatsoever it just goes from nothing,silent to,so silent in fact that when the chainsaw,is on but idle people are trying to,creep away like we gotta open this,window its all leather faces like what,was that that i just heard over my idle,chainsaw thats making no sound on,screen it wasnt an electric chainsaw it,did make,idle gas-powered sounds intermittently,throughout the movie just sometimes it,made it sometimes it didnt you know,when making this movie someone was like,how would leatherface hear the slight,window creak open over the chainsaw do,you think anyones gonna notice that no,not at all its only the internet and,social media no ones gonna catch that,and point it out,forever well i wouldnt say forever,because no ones gonna remember this,movie no thats not the writing im not,writing it up yet im still going i have,things to say you want to talk about,unrealistic theres a scene in this,movie where someone gets,straight up to someone gets the chainsaw,the full brunt of it someone gets the,mkx through the gut lifted into the air,it just,revs the chainsaw ass and blood just,falling on leatherface and then later on,far after this person should have died,because they should have died right then,and there the persons alive long enough,to pop a shot at leatherface then dies i,was like well its official texas,chainsaw massacre is,its a ghost movie because that person,was not [ __ ] alive the big thing this,movie does it takes inspiration from the,2018 halloween movie you know 2018,halloween movie was the sequel that was,a retcon of all the other sequels,retconned everything except the original,movie and it had the survivor of the,original movie come back to face the,monster and thats what this movie does,it has the character sally the survivor,of the original texas chainsaw massacre,movie to come and face the monster in a,way thats just anti-climactic and sucks,lurie strode in 2018 halloween shes the,main point this movie sally just kind of,seems like an afterthought thrown into,this movie briefly and for no reason,whatsoever like if she wasnt in the,movie at all movie would be no different,i really mean that actually thats,really sad when you say it out loud,but thats true she wasnt in the movie,the movie just wouldnt change at all,except for like one scene where she,comes in shes like run at a point the,movie ends with zero payoff whatsoever,and [ __ ] go okay i watched that could,have done anything else with my time,thats really why im doing this video,because i watched it i was like [ __ ] if,im not making a video about this im,getting that time back plus im spending,more time talking about it but you know,ill at least use my experience watching,this movie to keep the channel machine,turning theres no way i wasnt going to,talk about this movie i have to make it,worth it somehow and if for nothing else,im letting you know,you definitely shouldnt you should not,that makes it all worth it my friends,use my pain to your advantage oh god i,forgot about this,but i have to touch on i have to talk,about it because its in the movie again,for no real reason now this could have,worked out they could have used this for,something in the movie they just dont,theres these brief flashback moments in,this movie like really brief you know at,the end of joker where jokers sitting,there and he goes i just thought of a,joke and it really briefly shows bruce,wayne and his dead parents the flashback,scenes are that quick but theyre there,to show you that at least one of the,characters in this movie is a survivor,of a school shooting,yeah its in here for character,development i guess,doesnt really lead to anything,its just kind of there at best its,really awkward at worst its just,another part of texas jades on massacre,in the end texas chainsaw massagers its,proof that they should jus

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Review

try anything you cancel bro,it would take a college semester to,inform those who arent leatherface,superfans how weve gotten to 2022s,texas chainsaw massacre david blue,garcias entry the ninth one in the,southern slaughterhouse franchise,retcons everything except toby hoopers,1974 original so forget about matthew,mcconaugheys maniac and alexandra,daddario tripping over that comically,short fence its a cocky move as texas,chainsaw massacre positions itself as a,clean restart for a franchise with,legendary whiffs but garcias messy as,ever slasher isnt even better than some,of the sequels it dares to erase,we have a vision for this place all it,needs is young blood,i dont want to live here this is a,chance for people to start fresh,somewhere,texas chainsaw massacre might suffice if,you like your slashers slathered and,gory runoff from exposed weapon wounds,itll never win the judges prize like,drayton sawyer at a chili cook-off but,will be remembered for its highlight,reel of show-stopping mutilation,leatherface hammers shin bones into,right angles carves through influencers,while live streams broadcast and,punishes new age gentrifiers who hide,behind moral creeds to take over,impoverished towns leatherface comes off,as a boomer who fights back with,ill-conceived notes of sympathy but as,far as kills are considered the movie,titled massacre holds its promise a,single bus sequence with casualties,galore could stand as the years most,exquisitely vile display of slasher,fatalities with all respects paid,towards garcias special effects teams,its chris thomas devlins screenplay,that leaves heaps to be desired the,characters including sisters melody and,lila a school shooting survivor demand,no investment nor do their journeys,lilas haunting bullet scar sparks,conversations around gun violence early,only to meet the most ignorant flip of,messaging later even worse is the,reintroduction of the originals final,girl sally hardesty as a lori strode,type hell-bent on killing leatherface,which couldnt be more mishandled both,subplots feel shoehorned with,advancement on the fly production design,recalls better texas chainsaw movies as,cinematographer ricardo diaz captures,the blistery sweltering lone star heat,on screen hunter killer terror unfolds,under sunshine strong enough to toast,sunflower fields while the abandoned,town of harlow feels claustrophobic and,isolated these sweaty visual callbacks,to the original endure while other,elements feel like a middle finger to,the franchises legacy leatherface is a,vastly more interesting character when,hes following orders from bloodline,psychopaths not operating as just,another masked brute mark burnhams,performance as leatherface requires,mainly physical imposition less vocal in,the slashers later years he can still,flail the chainsaw in circular mayhem,but theres nothing to leather face,outside his linebacker sprints and heavy,plotting feet as melody and lila sarah,yarkin and lz fisher show appropriate,fear when staring down a lumbering,horror icon its just that their,characters arent written past traceable,outlines its a shame because,splatterhouse goodness this extreme,feels wasted by an experience thats too,focused on making audiences feel,violated and miserable you can do that,and still tell a terrifically macabre,tale which this fails to do,50 years ive been waiting for this,night,texas chainsaw massacre fails to,redefine leatherfaces legacy any better,than the sequels and remakes it leaves,in the rear view those who only value,slashers based on the body count and,murderous creativity might give this,pure guts no glory slasher a pass,otherwise 2003s the texas chainsaw,massacre does dark and gritty better it,stinks like a basement full of corpses,as leatherface becomes just another,hulking villain not exactly the fresh,start franchise die hards might have,otherwise welcomed,for more check out what we thought of,scream and all of us are dead season one,and for everything else stick with ign

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) is SO STUPID! – Angry Movie Review

[Music],okay,hey joe did you watch the new uh texas,chase all master on uh netflix,what the [ __ ] was that,oh my god joe that was so [ __ ] stupid,it was so stupid that alex was smart,enough not to [ __ ] watch it,we were talking on the news and i was,like i was gonna do a v-log on my own,but then joe said i watched texas,chainsaw match yoga,i did i love horror movies just like i,have to watch,it so i had to watch this one joe this,is oh my god thats so [ __ ] stupid is,what youll say,at least seven times in the film hey,hell maybe 14 times you know those,moments where youre like why the [ __ ],are they doing thats so [ __ ] stupid,and and i you know its a [ __ ] i grant,a few of those right because you have to,have a few of those exactly but by the,27th one youre like god oh my [ __ ],god your suspension of disbelief is,completely obliterated and this is just,a stupid [ __ ] movie so we want to,rant together joe what did you think of,the trash,tray,it was [ __ ] training i was,embarrassed for austin because you know,austin said oh just outside austin,theres no [ __ ] city just outside,austin called harlow at least not not,one that i know of no its like,way out there no its by greenwich it,was terrible like i did like,yes it is a horror movie people do,stupid [ __ ] but this is like beyond,doing stupid [ __ ] and the characters i,dont give a [ __ ] about the characters,sometimes like,youre,youre in that place of,a certain character that you like its,like all right lets see if this person,survives i want them to survive theyre,pretty funny theyre pretty cool,i had none of them i was like [ __ ],leatherface killed them all i dont give,a [ __ ] these people are so stupid i,dont know what theyre trying to go for,in their message like i thought it was,gonna be some kind of social,um,some social message yeah but then its,kind of gentrification is bad well it,also took back like what they were,saying so i was kind of confused on,which way the director was going mm-hmm,because i guess would spoil it its a,[ __ ] stupid [ __ ] stupid-ass movie,theres going to be spoilers included,here and well give you a fire well,give you a final verdict so go ahead uh,and harlow is a real town the exact town,location was seemingly about four miles,south of greenville this was a long time,ago though and its not like in the,morning but it was,the real texas just outside of austin is,like where we live in,the fable was you know somewhere outside,of austin,well anyways uh these people,their influencers or something [ __ ],like that they buy up the city because,theyre tired of violence and everything,and they want to make a social justice,warrior utopia in the middle of [ __ ],east or west texas are you kidding,me the first people they run into are,[ __ ] rednecks that are sick,in the south you take that [ __ ] [ __ ],down im like okay this is an old ass,town youre bound to find some [ __ ],like just take it down yeah,take it down and say and oh god joe its,[ __ ] stupid it was basically uh you,know injecting a lot of current uh,politics in it and it was cringey like,the one of the main characters i always,turned,of school shootings and so they somehow,try to factor in school shootings into,the texas chainsaw massacre and its,like thats the point where i like okay,like theyre leaving because she hates,guns and she didnt want she was a,victim of school shooting yeah but then,at the end shes,picking up a gun i was like okay where,is,the director going with this she doesnt,like guns but then shes going to use a,gun to protect her sister thats,probably what its going to be and,anything that you can [ __ ] predict,you see coming from a mile away and,thats exactly what happens but its,done in the shittiest poorest way and,its a [ __ ] shame,because this film is pretty gory and,its really well done on the amount of,blood and gore yes thats the only thing,this film has gone for it it has texas,in it texas was mentioned it has a,chainsaw and,there is a massacre in it but other than,those three things and you can kind of,maybe get an idea of my rating i do like,other three things nothing else in this,film is worth a damn no like even like,if its streaming on netflix i still,would not recommend this only if you,want to see one scene the bus scene was,fun like cool but at the same time i,almost turned it off yeah i almost,[ __ ] turned it off because and you,watch bad movies yes leather face comes,in the bus theres a whole bunch of,people and he has a chainsaw,everyone picks up their phone you do,anything well cancel your ass,[Music],that was a cringy ass joke joe that was,a [ __ ] self-friendship these [ __ ],turn it off you wanted to see them get,killed is what you did,please please leather face yes,and theyre so [ __ ] stupid that none,of them decide to go around him or exit,the bus as hes chomping people up and,it takes a little bit to like get the,the chainsaw in peoples bodies and cuts,their heads and cuts their arms and,everybody just just stays in a pile over,there nobody pushes right behind him,they dont film the whole thing,basically you see the comments its like,oh my god this is so fake oh its just,real whats going on its like uh i want,to go where is this traction,so they turned they did,the whole story is [ __ ] stupid so uh,its a sequel i guess because,leatherface is no longer in that,abandoned house with his crazy ass,family i guess you know because all,those characters are dead and hes moved,on hes been adopted in this city harlow,texas uh this is a ghost town like you,said the social justice warriors show up,in a bus to buy all the buildings and it,makes some of the locals like real are,[ __ ] annoyed and um hes at a an,orphanage basically hes the last,remaining person that this old lady,shes looking,creepy got,the oxygen and and theyre like get out,of here you know and the [ __ ] none of,the main characters are sympathetic in,fact they make leatherface sympathetic,in fact i think leatherface i was,rooting for leatherman so was i,so i wanted all these people to die,because either i was rolling my eyes or,im like no you actually are a piece of,[ __ ] they throw this old lady out of her,house because they want to give her,house to some [ __ ] social justice,thing and crazy no youre supposed to be,here we bought the whole town its like,no this is my house yeah this is i live,here,this is all i know and shes like give,me the diesel i dont know where is that,because you dont have it [ __ ] and take,the [ __ ] you know flag and shes like,this look ive helped people just like,you shes talking about how his skin,color is like im not racist in it and,they throw her the [ __ ] out,and she starts to flip out right they,call the police officers,and leatherface is looking at right,and he starts killing everybody thats,basically the plot yeah and it turns out,later on they find the detour house in,the [ __ ] house and its got her name,on it so they [ __ ] up and and then at,one point one of the characters like no,you deserve to kill me and i was like,yes [ __ ] he does and i hope you [ __ ],die and anyways anyway so its just oh,my god i think one of the worst parts so,already that story sounds [ __ ] awful,right a social justice is more,they tried to do the jamie lee curtis,thing,yes i was like silly and this is,so stupid so her whole thing is she,became a texas ranger because she was,searching for leather the the the final,girl that escaped yes,just get the [ __ ] copying holly uh,halloween right with the jamie lee,curtis and i was gonna give it and,honestly and shes like you know shes,got a badass truck and she brings,weapons when she hears that people are,dying right and honestly i was gonna,give the movie a little bit of point if,they just killed her off [ __ ],immediately like shes like all right,im gonna do this you know what i mean,like at least,it would have meant something to support,your expectations but no they do the,shes so,[ __ ] stupid they take it so serious,she gets

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) – Movie Review

welcome back to texas mother,[Music],[Applause],so texas chainsaw massacre tells the,story of a group of influencers trying,to buy and revitalize an abandoned texas,town and unknowingly they bring back the,killer instincts of leatherface what is,up everybody and we finally have the,newest edition the newest attempt at,rebooting the texas chainsaw massacre,franchise this one is exclusive to,netflix and it is live right now if,youre seeing me on screen right now you,can watch the rest of this review after,you go and watch the movie on netflix,now im somebody who is not the biggest,fan of this franchise i need to admit,ive done a review of every single one,of these movies years ago ive ranked,the franchise a number of times as well,as the different variations of,leatherface and i will redo those,rankings here in the next couple of days,but i really only,enjoy about three movies in this,franchise and the original film which,tends to be the one that everybody loves,and hails the most really is kind of on,the edge of me saying i dont even,really enjoy that one the original i,think is effective for what it is but,this has never really been a film that,ive enjoyed that much i do prefer the,2003 remake and so walking into this one,knowing who was doing this the fact that,fidei alvarez was not directing but was,in fact just producing and added to the,story that built the script and the fact,that i knew the story direction being it,was going to be an older leather face,and then eventually we got the trailer,showing the young kids going into this,old town and reawakening leatherface it,all just seemed like been there done,that this is a franchise that has,continuously,rebooted itself almost every single,installment only,the texas chainsaw remake in 2003 and,the beginning really are the only two,movies back to back that feel like they,connect to each other you can make the,argument that even the original and the,original part two both directed by toby,hooper are completely different films,that feel like they have nothing in,comparison with each other so this is a,franchise that just never feels like it,can get its footing it never feels like,it can figure out what the hell it wants,to do it tries this that fails it tries,this that fails it tries this again it,fails again,and so as somebody who has been,wronged if you will so many times,walking into a texas chainsaw movie,hoping its going to be good i really,had low expectations for this movie so,was this yet again another disappointing,attempt at jump starting the heart of,the texas chainsaw franchise or was,there actually a lot to enjoy in this,movie lets talk about the good the,positives of texas chainsaw massacre and,the first thing that i will say is that,the movie is shot and directed very,competently this is a guy that i have,never seen before i think hes had one,other studio released film,and the fact that fidei alvarez chose,not to direct this but he also is kind,of in charge of the production to a,certain degree i imagine he hand picks,his directors much like he did for dont,breathe 2. david blue garcia brings a,lot of familiarity with the visuals and,with the tone and the approach to this,movie but he also has a few things that,really does make it stand out the way,that he uses lighting and the way that,he uses shadows is very good in this,weve seen the the intro to the whole,bus sequence in the trailer and the blue,neon lighting looks really cool against,leather face theres a lot of obscured,shots of leatherface for most of the,film and i actually think that that does,a lot of good for his character it keeps,a lot of the mysterious elements that,were trying to get back to with the,original film somewhat intact with this,movie and even when you do get to see,leatherface and all of his bloody nasty,glory he looks really good and the way,that he is framed and shot and the way,that they kind of show him emerging from,shadows and certain shots is very,effective i also think theres ways that,he does certain kill scenes that are,actually pretty cool as well theres one,that stood out to me where theres like,a swinging door and every time the door,swings you get to see whats happening,beyond the door and you get to see less,and less and i thought that was a really,cool little visual trick for that scene,to kind of make what could be a very,generic kill that we have seen a dozen,times look a little bit different and be,portrayed a little bit different so,stylistically visually with the lighting,everything like that i think it was,actually a pretty well directed movie i,also thought that the setup and the,premise and the eventual explanation of,how we have brought leatherface back,was actually pretty decent you know they,have the whole storyline with these,young influencers two of them are chefs,theyre a little unclear about exactly,what their plans are what this town is,but theres this modern young people,coming into this abandoned trash town,thats pretty much all derelict and,theyre trying to revitalize it and make,this little corner of texas their own,and start to have restaurants and,everything just doing that plot,development uh quite literally land,development that we see a lot at least,in more modern cities nowadays so that,made sense of how we get these people,there to this little town and the,explanation of why leatherface is there,and what exactly sets him off i also,thought was done pretty well,what are you doing in our house,you really shouldnt be here,and finally i thought the movie was,paced pretty well too this is a movie,thats just short of an hour and a half,it knows exactly what type of movie its,trying to be its not overstaying its,welcome its not trying to have more,explanation or more social commentary or,more story than a movie like this can,handle and so its a very lean movie,its a movie that trims most of its fat,you get into this situation leatherface,is there the carnage starts and its,just carnage all the way through until,the way the credits roll and i thought,that for the type of movie that theyre,obviously trying to make with this new,reboot version of texas chainsaw this,long awaited legacy sequel that weve,never seen before going back and just,continuing right off from the original,classic i thought that the pacing really,did serve the movie well to where even,though there are a number of problems,with this film im about to get into it,still is a very watchable texas chainsaw,movie because of how lean and how quick,and how efficient it is now moving on to,the mixed the first one is leatherface,himself i think that the look and the,overall performance with this version of,leatherface was pretty damn good it was,creepy it looked gritty and real enough,i mean he has a fresh leather face as,soon as you start to meet this guy and i,thought that it was a good look,leatherface has looked,a little shifty throughout this,franchise and this is one of the better,looks that we have had for this,character and i think that the ferocity,the strength the uh the terror is,certainly there much more in this,version than in a lot of the other texas,chainsaw films so that side of the,character i thought they did pretty damn,good with the problem that i had with,this version of leatherface has to do,with the writing and the fact that i,think they made him too smart they made,him too,uh cunning hes planning things hes,setting traps hes hes doing things,that leatherface should not be able to,do if were going all the way back and,this is the gunner hanson version of,leatherface im sorry that [ __ ] guy,aint setting no traps for anybody that,is a man child with a meat cleaver that,is what made that character so iconic,and creepy he cant all of a sudden make,him jason voorhees and michael myers to,where now hes able to outsmart all of,his victims that just didnt make sense,to me they did it so they can have,certain sequences they can have some,exciting kills they can have a little,bit of a change of pace h

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | 250th Riffed Movie Review

foreign,welcome to the video before we begin if,not already please take a moment to,subscribe it helps out the channel a lot,and click the Bell icon to receive,notifications when I upload comment your,little heart out and most of all please,enjoy now back to the video,you know its really been a long journey,this is my 250th movie review I cant,believe Ive done this many thats six,years of bad puns dad jokes cat videos,and oh yeah movie opinions I wanted to,do something special for this Landmark,this is Ed Gein not the subject of this,review not exactly real life Maniac Ed,Gein would kill people dig up Graves,make furniture out of human bones kept,stacks of body parts around the house,Baden masks from human faces bodysuits,out of human skin any of this sound at,all familiar while being the subject of,several movies based on him Ed Gaine,also inspired several meaning a lot of,other movies characters based on him,becoming legendary horror icons,themselves so when so many movies drink,from the same Watering Hole lots of,movies start to seem similar and overly,so but Im talking about one of the,first to jump on this bandwagon in 1974,Toby Hooper took the concept of Edgar,and just ran with it this is the Texas,Chainsaw Massacre oil storage units,continue to burn out of control at the,huge Texaco Refinery near the Texas,Louisiana border,wait chainsaw is two words lets open,with a sizable somewhat awkwardly,phrased intro George Lucas take notes,this is how you build a story framework,someone went digging in the cemetery and,forgot to bring lights,several Graves were dug up,if you cant carry all the parts out you,may as well get creative with what you,leave behind this is a work of awe,almost made it five young potential,victims just happened to be on a road,trip through the area hippie pirates,walk the plank yeah this is Franklin,taking a roadside Bleak dont watch he,cant go if you watch we can see your,pee pee I guess he forgot the parking,brake,are you okay I cant feel my legs so Im,fine every group in the 70s had one of,those friends who was way into astrology,Zodiac still it was the 70s so I,wouldnt be throwing around the z words,so much while tooling around in a van,people were still on edge,it means Saturns about,yeah Im gonna be a bad influence on,Uranus Slater he looks tired this is,Sally Franks sister they have a,grandfather buried in the same Cemetery,that was defiled earlier and they want,to make sure hes still dead okay I,guess Ill stay with the van thanks,I see things get this man a Twitter,account stat all that and we dont even,get to see Grandpas undisturbed grave,why paper movie Tombstone for a single,scene when you can just take her word,for it what smells sorry guys that,barbecue aint sitting right Franklin is,our tour guide for the local beef,industry,fresh out of house,thats where grandpa used to sell his,cattle now let me tell you about when I,lost my virginity,they pick up a hitchhiker but make him,work for it,Im not one to judge a book by its cover,but come on man he looks like what,mankind would look like if they evolved,from meth and Im pretty sure hes using,a dead cat for a change purse and hes,carrying photos of slaughtered cows and,hes like super tweaking,except for the tongue he paints quite a,picture dont he and now were gonna,talk about what goes into hot dogs,picture grabbed The Hitcher grabs,Franklins knife and come on regretting,picking him up yet he just wants to,prove hes not the thing,am I the only one shocked and amazed he,can operate a camera oh hes got your,soul now I dont want to know what hes,going to do with it,they picked him up but taking him home,is too much to ask now which makes,things even more Awkward,and they finally kick him out,theyre out of there like a shot,I said theyre out of there like a shot,like a shot yo its the pedal on the,right you watch this will be James,Franco in 10 years,okay four years oh this is the second,worst injury Ive ever had hey look,another hitchhiker no,oh your horoscope says youll get,slashed and cried like a [ __ ] about it,what a nice day theres a beautiful Sun,out hey whered it go witness the birth,of a Trope the creepy gas station would,you fill her up please I got no gas,so its ass or grass at least our,windshield will Sparkle this guys been,thrown down a hill slashed hes the last,person on Earth who should be playing,with knives blood,oh thats blood all right didnt taste,like blood they finally noticed the,bloody Mark The Hitcher left when he was,kicked out he just tried to right Wash,Me In hepatitis,so they still need gas Franklin if we,run out of gas before we get back to,that service station,does he look like he has that kind of,torque say this looks like a safe place,to explore even though its owned by,Sallys family this isnt looking too,friendly another Trope people exploring,places that just scream go away,theyre so easily amused is he trying to,smoke a chorizo I love it when the,sausage comes together the others check,out the old house where the daddy long,legs have loud pulsating orgies,no no I got it dont let me interrupt,your fun stupid a-holes,uh that sounds like a lot more stairs,Franklin hasnt been having a very good,time on this trip he gets thrown down a,hill slashed by a tweaker and now that,Taco Bells coming back at him,well payment Id like to go swimming man,you ever wonder whats under my pillow,now you know in Texas this qualifies as,mistletoe so pucker up meanwhile in a,nearby Claritin ad Kirk and Pam leave,the others to gather flowers and other,wholesome activities just kidding they,want a bone the old Watering Hole is,more whole and less water but they find,a nearby house for possible boning,someones killing time,a generator tells them that they have,gas which they need,but you can trade it in for a dollar,Kirk goes into barter for some sweet,sweet fuel at least he knocks before,breaking and entering hello,is that Kanyes new album,hey theres a bug on you let me get that,for you sorry missed hold still,got it better close the door the cat,might get out Pam goes looking for her,now flatter boyfriend foreshadowing she,goes in and finds out how the sausage is,made,Sky chicken thats one way to use every,part they really need to hire a,decorator or a butcher dont you hate,when company comes over before we can,really clean the place up this is what,it feels like to us activate Leatherface,I said hang around its always sad when,a young girl turns to hooking Binford 33,40cc two cycle engine more power and,easy to clean in the kitchen Leatherface,you cant get blood out of the subfloor,are you mad at me yes I think we should,see other siblings Jerry searches for,the others hi Im looking for my friends,a man and woman last seen in one piece,foreign,nobody can resist weird noises,apparently nothing adds class like a big,skull collection dont open the freezer,dont open the freezer dont open the,freezer if youve seen hoarders dont,open the freezer,hey theres something on your uh screw,it get back in there youre gonna get,freezer burned oh Foo I still havent,started the laundry and these windows,are filthy its not easy being,Leatherface go gone Take Me Away honk if,youre horny,Im not leaving here without Jerry you,have other missing friends too Sally,goes off to look for them but she likes,a challenge they go off stumbling in the,dark looking for three missing people,while pushing a wheelchair over uneven,inclined terrain I dont like their,chances,Leatherface finally shows up and we get,our first chainsaw kill sorry Franklin,but Sallys terrified screaming wont,help run Sally run luckily bushes were,bigger in the 70s so its easier to hide,Sally finds that house but at least the,lights are on this time it doesnt look,like the occupants will be much help,foreign,oh yeah hes still down there,still outside would be preferable,Sally makes it back to the gas station,maybe theyll have gas this time,theres nobody out there now tell Daddy,about it,no phone what a shock heres

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2022) – The Most Hilarious Bad Horror in Years

thank you so much to keeps for,sponsoring this video,[Music],i dont have a chainsaw like an actual,chainsaw so this is just uh edited in if,you couldnt tell i mean i know its,very convincing this chainsaw that im,holding,um i thought it would be cute to come,into frame with a chainsaw because hey,were talking about the worlds worst,horror movie and it is amazing netflix,released another hilariously bad horror,movie its like my birthday i love this,i honestly was dying of laughter when i,saw this its the new texas chainsaw,massacre yes they made a new one another,sequel to the original and this one is,the worst one of all of them it was a,pretty low bar to begin with but holy,[ __ ] did they manage it and its amazing,i love this movie its so bad,no hate towards the director david blue,garcia this is the second movie hes,ever directed so hes still kind of new,to this and i think he did most of the,basic stuff when it comes to making a,movie pretty well nothing was,outstanding but it looked pretty decent,they had some pretty cool shots here and,there and this movie had some good gore,and some very entertaining kills in fact,i would go as far as to say i was more,entertained watching this texas chainsaw,massacre than i was watching any of the,others while the others were much better,this one was so funny i was dying,this movie takes place 50 years after,the first one so leatherface is a geezer,oh my god in the originals hes just,like a big guy you know hes not a,superhuman hes just a big dude a big,scary guy but in this movie they give,him superpowers hes basically just,jason voorhees with a chainsaw it was,pretty cool to see elsie fisher in this,movie she was the star of beau burnhams,eighth grade its nice to see her doing,stuff aside from voice acting whether,this was the right movie for her i dont,know but um,i would say no,jk simmons nicholas cage they have a,couple things in common one of them is,obviously acting in some great movies,theyre both great at acting in their,own right but what dont they have in,common i really like jk simmons and,spider-man and this is him today what,though oh my god his hair wheres his,hair who took this dudes hair,damn look at that hair nick holy [ __ ],impressive he kicked his genetics ass,you can do so too by using keeps todays,sponsor keeps is a subscription service,that helps men keep their hair two out,of three guys will experience hair loss,by the time theyre 35. keeps offers,clinically proven research back,treatments to stop hair loss and improve,hair growth treatments are delivered,straight to customers doors the plans,are affordable and theyre typically,half the cost of pharmacy prices all,treatment plans are personalized and,doctor recommended keeps treatment plans,come with a year of unlimited doctor,messaging most keeps customers notice,results within six months of starting,their treatment with keeps you can get,quality expert care without ever,visiting a doctors office or pharmacy,whether youre looking to prevent hair,loss stimulate hair growth or just take,better care of the hair that you have,keeps has you covered with keeps you can,get everything your hair needs delivered,straight to your door easily subscribe,to keeps and get refill reminders so,youll never run low on the products you,need to take care of your hair if youre,suffering from male pattern baldness,dont worry because keeps has you,covered hair loss stops with keeps to,get 50 off your first order go to,keeps.com elvis the alien or click the,link in the description thats k-e-e-p-s,dot com elvis the alien now back to the,review elsie fisher plays a girl named,lila and the movie starts with her in a,gas station in deep texas whatever deep,texas means i guess that just means like,a part of texas in the middle of nowhere,and in this gas station they sell texas,chainsaw merch its very strange,i dont think ive ever seen this happen,before in my life its just weird right,hell yeah guys cant wait to go out,there and show off my new ted bundy tee,theres a little tv in this gas station,and i guess theyre like playing reruns,of this documentary in this universe,that they made about the texas chainsaw,massacre lila thinks this is really cool,so she buys herself a little wine cork,opener thing and it has a little,chainsaw on it its very cute sarah,yarkin plays her sister and her name is,mel or melody so theyre getting gas and,this guy in a truck pulls up next to,them and he has a gun on him and melanie,decides to insult the guy literally,right next to him because shes anti-gun,look at this guy who has such a small,dick they need to walk around in public,with a [ __ ] gun very normal melody,very cool if you see a guy with a gun,tell me as a small dick im sure that,will work out great for you you know you,can be anti-gun without being,to a random stranger right like can i,say this early into a video without,getting demonetized probably not so mel,and lila are with their two friends ruth,played by nell hudson and dante played,by jacob lattimore and they get pulled,over by police and the police are very,weird with them very creepy theyre just,kind of like there to be weird and give,the movie a creepy vibe so please be,respectful for the town and i guess,these police heard about these kids,because theyre driving to this town to,buy a building they want to like,renovate this little area because they,think itll be profitable for them when,its in the middle of deep texas,whos going there,anyway and they want to buy this like,dilapidated orphanage and remodel it i,guess and this woman is living there and,they had no idea that she was living,there and shes still looking after one,of her children who is leatherface so i,guess leatherface has been hiding out,here and is chilling here with this,woman because he likes her and the kids,go in there and theyre like hey we are,buying this place you cant be here and,the womans like oh well that sucks,called the police and theres like this,weird racy scene where like shes trying,to prove that shes not racist but shes,clearly racist ive taken care of many,boys like you over the years i dont,have a problem when,yeah they like confronted her about her,confederate flag that she was flying,outside of the orphanage and dantes,like youre totally racist and i dont,care if youre here this is our building,we paid for it so they leave but melanie,really likes this old lady she feels for,her because shes like old i guess and,she doesnt want to leave her house the,old lady starts to have heart problems,so they call the police the police come,and mels like hey i want to come with,you and ruth is like no you cant you,stay here im going with her and im,saying theyre watching the movie like,why are either of you going with this,old lady this is so weird you dont know,this person shes a stranger she has,this like seven foot tall beastly son,upstairs im pretty sure him traveling,with his mother is just fine you know,you dont have to go with them you,really dont and ruth said nothing to,this woman she has no connection with,her shes just going to go i guess,obviously they do this so they can end,up killing her on the way to the,hospital the old lady dies leatherface,is sitting in the back of this police,car with his dead mother and a cop and,hes all upset remember how i said this,is just jason voorhees again well he has,inhuman strength he takes the cops arm,and breaks it with one hand like snaps,it into and then uses the bone of the,guys arm and stabs him in the neck with,it and then so then the cop tries to,shoot jason leatherface leatherface jams,the gun into the ceiling and the gun,ends up going off and shooting the cop,in the front seat very conveniently so,the only person left alive is ruth in,the front seat and leatherface big,weirdo and he really likes wearing other,peoples faces so he carves off his,mothers face and wears it and ruth is,kind of sitting there the whole time,like oh [ __ ] what do i do shes kind of,paralyzed with fear

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2022) Ending Explained + What Went Wrong

hey whats up everybody Welcome to found,flicks on this inning explain were,looking at Texas Chainsaw Massacre not,the Texas Chainsaw Massacre dont you,dare put a D in there in the latest,entry in the long-running horror,franchise we have a direct sequel to The,Classic original entry following a group,of influencers in present day looking to,Breathe new life into a Texas Ghost Town,only to encounter Leatherface the,legendary killer who wears a mask of,human skin and has remained dormant all,these years Jeff killed some kids 50,years ago and peaced out the main reason,Im doing this video is that a lot of,yall ask for my thoughts on it,assumingly because it was pretty much,destroyed by critics and there are,plenty of things to make fun of yet on,the other hand it also seems to be quite,a success views wise hmm how does that,work so do I think this years Texas,Chainsaw Massacre is a good movie uh no,way in hell dude but I feel its,important to put that takeaway into the,context of the series as a whole as well,as what your own personal definition of,what a good horror movie is because the,reality is the series isnt exactly the,most consistently wonderful and really,the first one stands Head and Shoulders,over every other one that followed,personally I really like the first three,but even a lot of people dont like the,kind of campier more humorous tone to,the sequel for me that was actually,probably even more of my jam than the,first the original series ended with the,dire Next Generation featuring a,pre-stardom Renee Zellweger and Matthew,McConaughey who was actually pretty good,all things considered years later this,series was on Earth with a shockingly,not bad Jessica Biel LED full-on remake,in 2003 but after that it was right back,into the drags I honestly legitimately,completely forgot about the beginnings,entire existence thats how memorable it,was my long-winded Point here is the,series has never been that consistent or,arguably good so am I that surprised at,the latest attempt follows this already,long established pattern not exactly,however it seems this time out Locke was,not not on the filmmakers side I read,that they actually shot an entire first,version of the movie with different,directors and everything and after,production tossed the whole thing in the,bin to start from scratch must have been,a real stinker but then Im also going,maybe it was actually amazing but I,guess well never know regardless the,result of that redo is what we have on,our hands yet even the second,Incarnation had such disastrous test,screenings The Producers foregoed,theaters and offloaded it to Netflix,dang you know you straight up redo the,whole entire movie and it still sucks,what are you gonna do third times the,charm yeah probably not now you just,gotta cut your losses at that point and,move on write it off as a loss Hollywood,accounting style it feels like overall,they simply dont know what to do with,the character or how to come up with a,fresh take for modern audiences but,whats funny is that they really went,why not just rip off the concept of,Halloween 2018. I mean that made,boatloads of cash lets just do do the,exact same thing thats really how the,new one feels down to discarding,everything in the series story after the,first and bringing back an original,character yet it pales by a wide margin,to Halloween 18. the biggest problem is,that Sally is not at the level of Loris,throat and I dont think anyone will,argue with that if nothing else Lori was,in four total entries before 18 having a,longer presence in the franchise overall,plus its Jamie Lee Curtis hearing shes,back for a Halloween movie as a level of,excitement bringing back Sally played by,a different actress gives me nothing,then after all that build up they,basically waste her character with,limited screen time and impact also the,main story this timeout is especially,grading with throwaway references to,things like school shootings and,gentrification but these add up to,nothing more than random current day,buzzwords to fill in a sort of Mad Lib,there are no characters worth rooting,for here because they are all paper thin,and totally sucked its not all bad,though as there are some things that,this blatant rip-off gets right mainly,by upping the gore and blood right,through the ceiling just like Halloween,18. in this aspect the movie soars in,particular in a bus set Massacre so at,least in some ways tx22 does do his job,but I cant help but hope for a little,more than the meager offerings given,sure the kills are nice and brutal but,thats about it its a lot to take in,there so with all that in mind lets,head to Texas well probably really,Bulgaria for Leatherfaces latest,Misadventures and in Texas Chainsaw,Massacre breaking down the story and its,connections to the original ripping on,its inherent stupidity as well as,explaining the ending that gives us a,kind of passing of the torch to a new,generation and sets the stage for a,possible sequel lets hope so a DVD,player kicks on playing a little,documentary that reminds us of what,happened back in the summer of 73,accompanied by a familiar voiceover yep,John lauraquette is back after providing,a similar role in the original and a,couple other ones along the way five,views were attacked by a Madman using a,variety of tools including hammers meat,Hooks and of course a chainsaw of the,five only Sally survived and after,telling her story she never spoke of,that again and even several decades,later the murders are still unsolved,teen Lila scans through the souvenirs,and asked the guy what happened to her,it sounds like she never really got over,losing her friends later becoming a,ranger and looked for the killer for,decades but she never found him since,you know the guy was wearing a mask how,are you ever gonna track this guy down,grow older sis slash de facto caretaker,Mel Anders to check on her and the guy,asked what it is that theyre doing out,here they mentioned being on their way,to Harlow and hes already heard word of,their arrival everyone in town has,probably pretty slow around here hes,apparently not a fan either calling them,genter [ __ ] after they leave thats,Texas Hospitality for you they get,another taste of rural Texas when a guy,pulls up in a big old truck blasting,heavy metal wearing cowboy boots and,strapped as well pretty much the most,cliche Texan ever the other is,especially Mel make fun of him he must,have a small pecker to carry a gun,around like that he approaches them,having overheard their conversation and,defends that they have wild dogs out,here and the only way to deal with an,invading species is to kill them on site,a clear reference to the kids themselves,being Invaders go back to Austin you,Chumps he apologizes if his gun makes,Mel uncomfortable her smirking back,shes seen bigger oh thats some,delicious wordplay in a hacky awkward,attempt to create a semblance of,character depth we learned that Lila was,a victim at a school shooting she flips,through her social media thats all,outpourings of support and she,tentatively covers up a bulletin scar,theres more talk of social media Dante,declaring that their post is blowing up,they watch the vid him going on about,real change going on out here their big,day is coming the truck guy makes,another friendly appearance blowing them,away with his nasty exhaust as he passes,by they come to another roadblock in the,form of the local sheriff he too already,knows all about them noting Dante must,be their chef he hands over a card in,case they have any troubles Dante,awkwardly thanking him for his service,he gets serious about the town and its,history a lot of people saw it back in,his prime time it only asked them to,please be respectful Mel chimes in that,her grandma is actually from around here,and does a little rhyme about the town,that seems to ease the tension the,sheriff welcoming them to Harlow they,arrive in the dusty decang downtown area,where the entire rest of the movie is,s

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