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  2. KPRC 2 Investigates Texas Rent Relief program: Why some renters have been approved for payment b…
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  4. Texas Rent Relief Program
  5. Struggling To Pay Rent? Here’s How To Get 12 Months of FREE Rent ASAP
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  7. Rent Relief in Texas. Apply for Rent Relief while you can! Get up to 15 months of Rent paid to you.

Waiting on rent relief program

[Music],sick in the hospital with covet 19,sherry haynes says she heard about the,virginia rent relief program assistance,from the government to help pay rent,application was put in,in,january,and,to this day i have not heard anything,else this woman says she got approved,but her first check for three thousand,dollars got lost in the mail and so far,there has been no update and that,frustration is felt by their tenants and,landlords if i cant,pay the mortgages the bank will take the,house and property managers like kelly,miller from keffer realty she says the,entire application approval process has,slowed down since the department of,housing and community development dhcd,started using a new system in december,called gov2go our staff is,will verify the application that was on,february 11. she says they sent in 82,applications but only heard back on a,handful of them we have tenants that are,about to lose their home,or owners about to lose the property and,still leaving the tenants homeless,so we just want the applications to be,processed in a very timely manner this,has just been too hard this landlord,says hes one of the people losing money,one particular case i,havent received rent for december,january february march now its april,and we still have no idea when,they are going to approve it the news 3,i-team reached out to dhcd they say,through january 31st they processed and,dispersed more than 648 million dollars,for more than 102 thousand households in,the state they say right now there are,about 40 thousand cases in the system at,various stages of review and processing,they say theyll continue to work to,streamline the program to efficiently,and effectively administer to as many,people as possible they say since they,switched systems theyve added 200,employees adjusted staff roles based on,the needs of the program and they say,when tenants and landlords call for help,they get to customer service quickly,their website describes the new system,as updated secure and user friendly but,not everyone agrees supposed to be,user friendly with both tenants and,owners,not the case at all id like to see them,be transparent tell us you know why is,it taking months and months and months,where under the old system it was 30,days turnaround dhcd says under the new,system theyve approved almost 9 400,cases dispersing 37 million dollars but,for those not getting answers they say,its difficult the red tape,why is there always so much red tape and,why does it take for,the news media to have to get involved,to make the wheels move a little faster,its sad i mean because they know that,theyve applied for rent relief the,government has promised this money that,theyve been they have,and um its just not being,sent out like they promised,wow you know we get a lot of complaints,into the news 3 newsroom and so margaret,how big is this backlog,well the backlog is there its hard to,tell theyre telling us that the process,to process applications theyre trying,to do it as quickly as possible but they,would not provide an average wait time,or give specifics on how big that,possible backlog is its frustrating,because these families are struggling,theyve been promised one thing theyre,not getting what theyve been promised,we know some of the cases are,unfortunately heading to court so when,this gets before a judge,what are they going to do as far as,evictions yeah and thats interesting,because the different judges handle it,in different ways but many times once a,judge hears that someones waiting for,their application to be approved the,judge will not evict them however some,speculate that certain renters are,taking advantage of this not knowing,that theyll be kicked out if they dont,pay rent,wow it just doesnt seem to get solved,thats the bottom line thanks margaret

KPRC 2 Investigates Texas Rent Relief program: Why some renters have been approved for payment b…

now to the latest on a kpic 2,investigation our team has been,following for weeks a program meant to,help people pay rent and other bills,still has a lot of people waiting and,its not just tenants who are frustrated,whats going on investigator amy davis,is here with an update to her story yeah,guys good morning the state of texas has,more than a billion thats with a b,dollars to give out to people who need,help paying their bills but its not a,fast process were learning more about,why there are delays in the texas rent,relief program that has a lot of tenants,and landlords now asking questions,frustrating,very very frustrating douglas ripley,owns this 19-unit apartment complex in,northeast houston hes trying to help a,few of his tenants get payments from the,texas rent relief program but it has not,been easy each time you would call back,they would say that there is something,missing theyve been waiting now for two,months we havent received a dime,douglas explains as a landlord if,tenants dont pay their bills each month,he cant pay his weve got our mortgage,we and this one we pay water,and,gas we have to pay those every single,month whether we get rent or not we,asked texas rent relief about douglass,cases and a spokesperson tells us all,applicants should expect to wait at,least 14 business days,but then says quote the process could,take longer depending on the review,cycle payment verification or other,required documentation the payment,pipeline undergoes a separate review,than the application process i feel like,im getting a run around,we know about the waiting a few weeks,ago we introduced you to tanisha berdine,this is,9-1-1 for me and my kids she was just,days away from eviction after waiting,months for promised rent relief funds,she has since gotten the help she needs,i just have to keep my faith the state,tells us one of the biggest reasons for,the delay is people making mistakes or,missing paperwork on their application,thats part of what happened with,tanisha and douglas the texas rent,relief website has tools to help avoid,this under the forms and resources page,users can see exactly what you need to,have ready before applying the,application process will go faster if,you have all of the right documents in,the first time at last check the state,said about 54 million dollars in funds,were approved but still in the process,of being paid out in my eyes it ought to,be a simple process,douglas says since our interview texas,rent relief did mail a check for one of,his tenants the other tenant is waiting,and douglas says hes not optimistic all,that were asking for is that trr,do what they are supposed to do and help,the tenant out,since our first story aired our,investigates team has received dozens of,emails and calls from other people,dealing with texas rent relief issues,were compiling information on,applicants who reach out to us to ask,texas rent relief to look into each of,the cases and figure out what the hold,up is so to see if you qualify or to,apply you can go to click2houston.com,yeah i mean theyre not asking for much,they just want the process to be a,little more simple right less paperwork,yeah you know a little faster amy thanks,so much thanks amy 6 47

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ERAP Online Application Tutorial

this tutorial video is meant to provide,persons with knowledge of how to,complete,and submit an application for the county,evolutions emergency rental assistance,program,as a reminder the application portal,link will activate at 9 00 am on tuesday,july 20th the link to assess the,application will be found on this date,and time,at www.volusia.org,e-r-a for additional information about,the program you may call 386-943-7095,or email e-r-a at,volusia.org once applications are made,available,made available you may click the button,to proceed,and you will be directed to the page you,see in front of you,the first thing that you will need to do,is create a new account,you may do this by clicking the new user,button,here,it will then ask you to put in your,email address,you then must create a password the,password must also,use a number,you must you must re-enter the password,again,then click register,now that youre registered you must put,in household information,please put in your address,if you have a unit or lot number you,must enter it here please select the,city that you live in,state will be florida and please put in,the zip code,if the mailing address is the same you,may click this box,if it is not as such it would go to a,p.o box you may enter that information,here,the household details please select the,number of people in your household,for demonstration purposes we will use a,two member household,the county must be volusia,please put in a working telephone number,please select the type of housing you,reside,and the family type that most the best,resembles the type of household,composition you have,household characteristics on the landing,page,it did exhibit the income guidelines of,whether or not your household is at the,50 percent of every median income or,below,if your household meets that,qualification please click this box,if not you may leave it unchecked it,also asks is,have you been unemployed for 90 days or,longer from the,date of this application if so please,click this box,referral information you may select if,youre an individual or an agency,most people will be an individual and,you may also put,in about how you heard about this,program and how to apply,if youd like for other information,is is your emergency cova 19 related,if so please click yes,then well also ask you if yes,how were you impacted by the pandemic,please select,all that apply,once you have completed the form on this,page please click,save and next,this will bring you to the household,member page household member number one,should be the primary applicant slash,the head of household this could be any,adult,member in the household children are not,eligible to be,the primary applicant slash the head of,household,please put in this information,you do not have to provide the middle,name,again the very first member of the,household which must be an adult,any adult in the household you need to,click yes,this person is the primary applicant in,the household,this will be the primary member of the,household whose staff will reach out to,to follow up on the application,please select the gender you identify,with,please provide a working email address,as this will be the first point of,contact staff will reach out to,please put the birth date of this,applicant,employees provide a telephone number,please put the social security number of,the primary applicant,it should be brought up at this point,that anytime you see text,in red as such it indicates that,this field must be entered or selected,prior to moving and proceeding on with,the application,for example you must provide the first,name and last name,but you do not have to provide the,middle name,certain demographics are required to be,reported,such as race ethnicity and the work,status,please answer the questions below,if you are going to respond to the,relationship to head of household,for the first person please select that,they are the head of household and,please select,the current work status of this,individual,if this is a child or someone who is not,in the labor force,please select unemployed not in labor,force,once you have completed this page please,click save and next,at this point if you do have additional,members,in your household you may add them on,this page,if not you may click next if there are,more than,one person in the household please click,add new member at this point,and this page will mirror exactly what,you did for the first household member,so please select this or input this,information,since this is household member number,two and any additional household members,other than household member number one,for primary applicant please select no,the secondary person you do not have to,provide an email address or telephone,number,but you may if you would like please,select or,enter the birth date of this individual,as well as the social security number,again there are certain demographics,that must be provided,the relationship to head of household,excuse me thats military status,the relationship to the head of,household for this individual,please select the variable that,most closely aligns of how this person,is related to,the head of household,once all fields have been completed,please select,save and next,if you have if you have entered in all,the household members,for example this is a two-person,household make sure to check a couple of,things,first make sure that there is a primary,applicant identified,in this column there is,as well as make sure that everything,says yes,under completed for every household,member,and there are more than one or excuse me,more than two you may click add new,member this point,if this is all the you have in the,household you may now click,next,household income the emergency rental,assistance program,verifies income eligibility based upon,the 2020 income of the household,for example if your household or this,individual did not have any income in,2020 you may select,no income if you do have the 2020,tax return documents you may select this,option,if you do not have your 2020 tax return,documents,but you do have a rough estimate about,how much,your household or this member did make,you may select,this option,who receives it this will bring up a,list of all the household members who,get,who you have entered on the application,how often again the emergency rental,assistance program,is only interested in the income a,household received,in the year 2020 so please,click this option annually,please enter how much this individual,made,in 2020,and the date received we do recommend,that all applicants,do use the date of december 31st,2020. once you have completed these,fields,please click save and next,if there are other individuals in the,household who do who did have income in,2020,you may click add new income and you may,complete those fields exactly,the way we just did if this is all,the income that has been reported in the,household you may now click,next,there are assessment questions that you,need to answer first one is the monthly,rental obligation,please put in the amount of rent that,you pay on a monthly basis,these two questions will auto populate,and then there are other questions that,are asked which you may read,and select yes or no for,once you have completed all required,fields please click,save and next,the next page is the apply for programs,the only program available,through this application is the,emergency rental assistance program,for every individual you listed on the,application,please do the following click apply for,programs,please select the box next to emergency,rental assistance,and then click save and next,and repeat the following for the other,household members,once you have selected the emergency,rental assistance program,for all household members please click,next,the next page is the document upload,part,if you do not have any documents readily,available to,upload during your initial application,you may scroll down to the bottom,and click save and next,

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Texas Rent Relief Program

my name is terrod hall,with legal aid of northwest texas and i,want to provide,you some updates about the texas rent,relief program,tdhca has streamlined the texas rent,relief program,application and policies to make,applying easier,and to get payments out faster the new,changes are reflected,in the materials and online application,available,at texasrentrelief.com,some of those important changes for,tenants are,now tenants who are living in public,housing receive,tenant-based or project-based voucher,assistance,such as housing choice vouchers are now,eligible to receive trr assistance,for the tenant paid portion of their,rent and utilities,a new statewide monthly rent limit,of four thousand and six hundred dollars,has been established,to replace previous limits calculated,from county and unit size,tenants facing eviction are now fast,tracked,for application review and can,self-certify to show their income,if you are facing an eviction and have a,court docket number,call texas rent relief at 833-989-6,to update your pending application and,be fast-tracked,tenants can also certify to show,unemployment qualification,instead of uploading documents and,certification from tenants and landlords,can be used to certify past due rent,amounts,tenants can meet the income requirement,by simply,uploading a benefit letter from one of,the following programs,head start l-i-h-e-a-p-r-c-e-a-p,snap wick ssi,tennis tribal tennis,and va disability pension survivor,survivor pension enhanced survivor,benefits,or section 306 disability pension,if one of the above is supplied the,tenant does not have to provide,any other income documentation,there are also some important changes,for landlords and utility,providers landlords can self-certify,to show ownership and relationship,between landlord,and a management company instead of,uploading documents,utility providers that receive a,duplicate assistance payment,have 30 business days instead of 10 to,repay,trr texas rent relief funds are still,available,and tdhca encourages,eligible households to apply with the,simplified,application if you have questions,or need assistance with your application,please contact us toll free at 839,9 tx rent,and that number is 833 989,you can contact this number monday,through saturday,8am to 6pm or email us at,info texasrentrelief.com tdhca,also strongly urges landlords to,postpone,pursuant evictions and allow time for a,tenants,trr application to be submitted and,approved,the only way to receive assistance is if,the tenant,continues to reside in the unit listed,on the application,once a tenant has vacated the unit,assistance will not be provided to,landlords,if you need help locating rental,assistance,agencies please check out our website,at www dot l,a l-a-n-w-t dot org if you need to make,an application,for assistant assistance regarding your,eviction,you can call our eviction defense intake,line,at eight five five five four eight,four or 817-339-5391,for additional information on landlord,tenant assistance,please check out our youtube and,facebook pages for more information,thank you

Struggling To Pay Rent? Here’s How To Get 12 Months of FREE Rent ASAP

yo i just found out that theres,currently billions of dollars available,to you to help you pay your rent so if,you are behind on rent if you are on the,verge of being evicted im about to,share everything you need to know first,and foremost about where this money is,coming from who actually qualifies for,it how much assistance you can get and,what you need to go asap to apply for,this before it runs out and ill also,let you know what to do if you are,currently facing eviction right after,this,whats up this is monique and welcome,back to the channel i am back with the,news that you can use well first if you,are new here hello bonjour ola konichiwa,thanks so much for stopping by but dont,just be a stranger hit that subscribe,button and join the family also go ahead,and like this video for me because its,going to help get this info out to more,people to the people that really need to,hear this right now and youre like will,help do that so i recently uploaded a,video talking about the struggles that,many are currently facing with paying,rent now i did not expect to see so many,responses from people saying that they,are currently being evicted some having,to move in with family and some are,literally homeless right now staying in,extended stays this is heartbreaking and,it is such a huge problem that many,people are facing so with that being,said i just came across an article on,cnbc that is talking about how the,government still has billions of dollars,available in rental assistance so when i,saw that i had to get on here asap to,share this news with some people that,may qualify because a lot of times many,people qualify but they have no idea or,they just dont know where to go to try,to get the assistance so thats what,were gonna find out today and im sure,many of you have heard about these,billions of dollars that i keep on,mentioning it was a part of the stimulus,package that congress passed for the,pandemic where they supply 45 billion,dollars to go towards rental assistance,and here we are about a year later and,there is still some money left theres,still 15 billion dollars left and if you,actually did use this program do not,worry because you may still be able to,get some assistance now i did mention,that theres 15 billion dollars,available but many states say they are,running out so if you are falling behind,on rent if you are struggling to pay,your rent the experts say that you need,to apply asap and do not worry i will,definitely let you know where to go to,see if your state is still accepting,applications but one of the absolute,best things about this is this is not,only for one month two months or three,you can actually get anywhere from 12 to,18 months of rental assistance and that,12 to 18 months could go back and cover,what you have fallen behind on to make,you current and it can be used for,future payments and for those that,actually did receive assistance already,from this program like i said it is not,over for you if you have applied and,received that assistance but you still,find that you are struggling to keep up,with your payments then you can apply,again as long as youre applying for a,different amount of time to be covered,then you still can receive help and for,the most part the money usually goes to,the landlord and if you find yourself in,any type of situation where they are not,trying to be a part of this program,then there is something that you can do,you can go to the program that you apply,to and ask them to actually give you the,money so that you can in turn pay your,landlord but im more than sure that,many landlords will accept that money so,that they can get their money back that,they are losing out on so now to the,part that you have probably been fast,forwarding through this video to get to,so that you can see if you qualify you,have made it but i like to give you guys,all that other information too because,when you go to these places and you,apply you need to know all your rights,you need to know what all of this is,about so that when you go in there you,go and theyre strong and confident,knowing that i can have it so in order,to qualify there are a few things that,you need to have going on in the first,year at least one member in your,household has to be eligible for,unemployment benefits and you know the,requirements for unemployment for each,state is different you can just go to,your state websites for unemployment to,find out if you can actually qualify for,that and if you do then that is the,first thing you can check off and you,can proceed with this application,process and the next thing that will,qualify you is if you have lost income,or you have gotten significant expenses,from the pandemic and you would just,have to attest to this in writing when,you are applying for assistance now,another thing you will need is to,actually show that you are at risk for,homelessness which you can do if you are,pretty much behind on your rent you can,just show them like past due notices and,the last thing that you need to qualify,is that your income level for 2022,cannot exceed 80 of the median in your,area now as long as you do not exceed,the 80 median income in that area then,you can apply but i just want to let you,know they do prioritize things a little,bit they will actually help the,applicants first whose income falls at,50 or below and also if you have been,unemployed for 90 days or more youre,kind of pretty much put to the top of,the list and then if the funds run out,before they get to anyone else then they,just wont help not as far as where you,need to go to apply how can you actually,get this assistance im about to give,you the website but again i do want you,to know that states say they are running,out of funds so every state may not have,it available but the site im going to,show you will be able to let you know,whos accepting where you can go all,those great things and that first place,you can look will be the national,low-income coalition they have the state,by state list that you need of over 500,different organizations 512 to be exact,that are giving out this 15 billion,dollars of federal money and if you go,to this site again they are going to,break it down by state where you can go,theyll also let you know if they are,currently accepting applications what,theyre accepting for theyll let you,know if its more than just rent if,theyre doing like internet bills they,really break this down for you so that,you wont have any questions or you,wont have as many at least and ill put,this link down in the description so,that you can easily access this and,another place that i found that has a,list that you can look is with the,consumer financial protection bureau,theyve actually created a tool that,will help you to apply for aid and there,may be more places that you can go and,look to find out where you can apply or,where you can find the programs that,have this in your state you could do a,quick google search but this is what i,was able to find now the last thing i,want to touch on really quickly is to,those that may be currently facing,eviction if you are currently going,through the eviction process you want to,try to get a lawyer as soon as possible,and there are actually some places that,provide free representation to people,that are being evicted including the,state of washington maryland and,connecticut there may be more places but,like i say this is what im able to find,right now and there are more people and,there are websites that you can go to,that will provide free legal help or at,a really low price theyll be able to,help you and a little fyi just a little,secret then im gonna keep between you,and me if you apply for rental,assistance in some places they may put a,temporary pause on any eviction,proceedings so if you are at this point,of course like i said you want to try to,talk to a lawyer they can really walk,you through this and help you out if you,can find somebody free there are a lot,of resources out t

Tips for a Successful Algebra 1 Midterm Review

whats good everybody hope you guys,enjoyed your Thanksgiving break back at,it again with our midterm review were,gonna go over several different topics,and problems hope you guys stay tuned,hit the like button for us subscribe to,the channel,so in our first problem guys it asks us,which is equivalent to the expression,that they give us and what we have to,understand is that we are going to,multiply and typically a error that I,see students make is that they only,multiply the first terms with each other,and then they go back and multiply the,last two terms but guys this is wrong so,if we got an answer of 12x squared minus,16,that is going to be wrong so Im going,to solve this problem and what were,going to do were going to set up our,box method and understand that what is,grouped in parentheses has to stay,together,so if I put 3x on top that means that,minus 8 has to be on top with it and the,same thing applies to 4X and 2. so now,once we multiply through we use,properties of exponents and we have 12x,squared,minus 32 x,plus six x minus 16. so at this step,here guys weve now multiplied and our,final answer is going to have is going,to be a trinomial well have three terms,and the key indicator is to make sure,that we combine our like terms so,negative 32 and positive 6 is going to,give me a negative 26 so my final answer,would be 12x squared minus 26x minus 16,which is answer Choice d so please guys,when you ask for equivalent theyre just,asking for something that is the same or,it has the same value,all right and the box method is going to,be a very good way to make sure that we,foil and multiply all the correct terms,so we go on now down to problem number,two and problem number two were solving,an inequality with a fraction and,theyre asking us for the solution set,so theyre basically access for all the,numbers that are included in our answer,because an inequality is not just one,single answer its a range of numbers,so I go through and were gonna have to,get rid of this fraction to solve so,what Im going to do,is for my first step Im going to,submove that 13 by subtracting it,so after I subtract,what Im going to have is negative,two-thirds X is greater than or equal to,negative,14 okay and now what Im going to do is,Im going to multiply by three so that,we can get rid of our fraction right and,once we multiply lets just make sure,this is right,were going to get negative 2 x is,greater than or equal to,negative,42. so at this step right here were,going to pause right because everyone,typically solves the inequalities very,good but theres one key tip that we,cannot forget so when X is negative,right and were dividing by a negative,that means that the inequality symbol,has to flip,so as a result our answer is going to be,X is now less than or equal to negative,42 divided by negative 2 which is,positive 21.,so at this step we solved it and what,students are going to do is go through,and also,encircle their answer Choice C but guys,this is not a hundred percent correct so,if theyre asking us for the solution,set theyre asking for all the possible,answers,and if our answer is X is less than or,equal to 21 that means that any answer,that is less than 21 is also a part of,the solution set so that means were,gonna have to Circle B sorry had eraser,on were going to Circle C,b and a because all those answers are,either equal to or less than 21. so,please make sure you guys remember that,when youre answering inequalities one,we have to flip the sign if x is,negative and we divide or multiply by,that negative and two we also have to,make sure that if it asks for the,solution set we include all the possible,answers okay,all right so we go on down to our next,problem and in our next problem we have,properties of exponents and before we,start solving lets see if we could,eliminate some of these answers because,I always tell my students use process of,elimination if you get confused use your,process of elimination because you can,narrow down your answer choices so the,first thing we need to know,we have negative 4X to the negative,third power y to the negative Fifth and,the axis to square that so everybody,knows that 4 to the second power right,negative 4 to the second power is equal,to negative four times negative four,which is positive 16. a lot of students,are going to go through and think its,negative 4 times 2 which gives us,negative eight please just make sure,that you remember that very important,tip so with that being said guys we,could cancel or cross out c and e as an,answer choice because we know those are,wrong,so lets do some a little erasing right,all right so we eliminated some answer,choices now lets see if we can actually,figure out what the correct answer is so,we know that negative 4 squared thats,going to give me a positive 16 right so,a b and c all have positive 16. now when,we go to our exponents x to the negative,three y to the negative fifth power we,multiply the exponents now so what that,means is Im gonna have,x to the negative six,y to the negative,10 right,so now with this step theyre theyre,theyre saying to us all right,what could possibly be an answer and,right now we know that D is a possible,answer Choice when we look at our other,two answer choices those two answer,choices are going to be incorrect,because of our negative exponents right,so now we solved number three right we,got d as an answer choice now what were,going to do is were going to move on,down to problem number four,so on problem number four theyre asking,us to rearrange the formula so were not,solving theres no values for us to,solve but what were doing is,rearranging a formula so that now the,formulas has B is equal to so were,solving for the letter or variable B,so when we look at this equation right,and lets just slide out a little bit,and were going to stay in lets stay in,Red so we have V is equal to 1 over 3,base times the height so similar to The,Last Problem guys Im going to get rid,of my fraction by multiplying by three,so when I multiply both sides by 3 my,fraction cancels out on one side and on,the other side I have three times V is,equal to B times H so were one step,closer now but we dont have B,absolutely by itself so for us to get B,by itself were going to have to do the,opposite of B times H right so since B,and H are being multiplied were now,going to divide by H so that we can get,b by itself and as a result we know B is,going to be equal to,three times the volume,divided by the height,and like I said were just rearranging,the formula to solve for the base,theres nothing else further that were,going to do or that we can do so as a,result we know that our answer choice is,going to be C right,so when youre rearranging formulas guys,were using the same exact skills that,we would use when we solve equations,isolate variables and combine like terms,if possible,all right so we continue with our,midterm review so now were talking,about properties of equality and what I,the first thing I need to tell you guys,is you know how to do this okay this is,just basically solving an equation,theyre going to solve the equation for,you and now they want you to identify,the steps that were taken and typically,the first step is always going to be,given and I tell my students right I,tell them hey draw arrows okay,and were going to also number this as,well,all right so lets lets number this so,we can make a little bit more sense,so what theyre saying right is when we,when we look and lets number this too,right,when we look and the statement section,for line number two were saying what,property did they use so that they can,move from step one to step two that is,probably the most challenging thing,about this is just understanding where,or how to start the problem so if we,understand now they Use the distributive,property of equality,or just distributive property depends on,on your teacher I like to say,distributive property so the user,distributive property right of equalit

Rent Relief in Texas. Apply for Rent Relief while you can! Get up to 15 months of Rent paid to you.

hello do you know someone thats,struggling to pay rent because of,covid19 perhaps theyve gotten behind on,their rental bills you might know a,landlord that is not getting paid well,todays video is going to tell you if,youre a texan how you can apply,for and texas rental assistance,and perhaps recoup some of that money,and move on with your life,so lets get right into it the first,thing youre going to want to do is go,to texasrentrelief.com,and you will see this website right here,and it says right on the very front,behind on rent or utility bills and one,of the first things you can do is see do,you qualify you can click on that button,and this kind of tells you a little bit,about the texas rent relief program,both landlords and tenants can use this,website to create an account,and submit their application if you need,assistance,you can also call this number if youre,not able to do it on your own,and the texas rent relief program can,help renters with the following cost,starting all the way back to march 2020,march 13th,so,some of the things that you can expect,they are paying,past due rent,current and up to two months of expected,future costs,in addition to that they will pay past,due current and up to two more months of,expected future utility and home energy,expenses,now after the initial three months of,current and future assistance,you can apply for three additional,months of assistance if the funds are,available,now with this program you can apply as a,landlord,or if you are a tenant you can apply as,a tenant and thats what i wanted to go,over with you today,is on the tenant side,so the first thing youre going to do,you can click right here to find out,what can i do to get ready you just,click on it and it tells you,you know youre going to want to know,first of all if you qualify if your,household qualifies you want to gather,your required documents and you want to,let your landlord know that youre,planning to apply because they will need,to sign off on it too now if you cannot,get them to sign off on it there are,some things that you can do so what,youre basically going to do is youre,going to click that button that says,apply as a tenant now and this basically,walks you through it it has a how to,register,how to view and edit an existing and it,even has some videos but for right now i,just want to go back over here here are,some frequently asked questions,the purpose of the rent relief but what,i want to talk to you about right now,is renter households must have an income,of no more than 80 percent of an area,median income thats ami and one or more,of the members of the household must,attest in writing that they have either,qualified for unemployment benefits or,that due to or during the pandemic that,they experienced a reduction in income,incurred significant cost experienced,other financial hardship and one or more,individuals within the household must,demonstrate that they are at risk of,experiencing homelessness,or housing instability which may include,a past due utility or rent notice or,eviction notice or,that unless they receive rental,assistance they would have to move to an,unsafe unhealthy environment like a,shared living situation or emergency,shelter so those are important items,right there this talks about is there a,u.s citizenship requirement im,basically talking about people that are,us citizens and certain applicants will,be given priority if you have received a,an eviction notice that has been started,there will be a priority for that,households with income at or below 50 of,the area medium income also,so,um,so,this is very interesting the program,funds may be used for up to 15 months of,assistance for the following expenses,rent,pass due rent and reasonable late fees,stemming from non-payment of rent,utilities and home energy costs and past,due utility and home energy cost,while applicants may be assisted for up,to 15 months the program will not commit,to funds for perspective future rent for,more than three months period at a time,so something that i find very,interesting is,one of the questions is there a limit on,how much a units rent can be to receive,rental assistance well this is very,interesting rent may not exceed forty,six hundred dollars a month so theyre,actually paying,rental assistance for people that are,paying four thousand six hundred dollars,a month i find that very interesting if,i i dont know 4 600 a month they they,cant pay their rents they must have,really really dropped anyway,uh units that exceed that limit are not,eligible for assistance from the texas,relief program,now something else that might be helpful,is there is a step-by-step guide to,applying for assistance for landlords,and tenants so you just need to go to,texasrentrelief.com,forward slash forms dash resources and,they are going to be adding additional,resources there now you might wonder how,a person will get paid what theyre,going to do is try to pay the landlord,first they will notify them by email and,by phone number that you provided and if,they do not respond within 10 tries or,10 days,then they will deposit the money in the,tenants bank account to be used for,back rent and past due,utilities so i find that very very,interesting and an applicant can check,the status of their application at any,time,by going through the online application,portal,and the status will reflect if any,payment has been made so the texas rent,relief program covers all 254 texas,counties now although there are other,places that you can apply for rent,relief,this is a very very good place to do,that if you have already applied,somewhere else i think that does make,you ineligible to apply in this portal,so youll want to take a look at that,that probably is some of the questions,that are asked there,so one of those other programs that are,out there,is the texas emergency rental assistance,program or trap t-e-r-a-p,so um the texas rent relief program or,trr what were talking about right now,is available to renters and last lords,across the entire state,and it allows for up to 15 months,assistance and applicants may apply,directly to the state,and the program is funded by the u.s,department of treasury now the other one,the texas emergency rental assistance,program is only available in 44 cities,and counties participating in the,program,and,some of the differences are that the,trap program allows for no more than six,months of assistance and the applicants,apply directly to their local,participating city or county,and the trap program is funded by the,u.s department of housing,and urban development or hud,with the community development block,grant cares,and those funds that are allocated by,the state now something that you do need,to be aware of you know,would there be any penalties if,landlords or tenants submit fraudulent,information absolutely so falsification,of documents of material falsehoods or,omissions in an application to this,program include knowingly seeking,duplicate benefits like you applied,somewhere else and then you applied here,um its also subject to state and,federal criminal penalties,landlords and tenants are particularly,put on notice that 18 usc,101 provides among other things that,whoever knowingly and willingly makes or,uses a document or writing containing,any false fictitious or fraudulent,statement or entry in any matter within,the jurisdiction of any department or,agency of the united states will be,fined not more than ten thousand or in,prison for not more than five years or,both so thats something you dont want,to mess with,this portion right here is also,interesting that if a person owns their,mobile home but rents a lot and theyre,behind on the lot rent and utilities due,to covid,they do qualify for the program so the,program can provide assistance for rent,of manufactured home and or rent of the,land the amount of rental assistance per,month requested may not exceed 4 600. so,folks there is help out there and there,are people tha

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