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Thalaivaa Review – Budget Report, Vijay, Amala Paul, GV Prakash – TamilTalkies

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Thalaivii Tamil Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | A. L. Vijay | Kangana Ranaut | Arvind Swami

hello and welcome to film companion,south in this episode were going to be,talking about vijays tale we starting,kangana ranaut and arvin swami this is a,film that is out in theaters after a,very very very long time and i must say,this film deserves it one reason i say,that is because its got scale its got,scope its got beautiful production,design i mean it looks fantastic on,screen but another reason i say it is,that its got an epicness about it now,jelly little was a larger than life,woman and this is a larger than life,movie a deliberately larger than life,movie told in an almost mythical masala,mode the very first scene is a kind of,panchali sabatham scene you know the,scene where draupadi vows uh to avenge a,humiliation at the kaurava court after,whatever happened uh you know after the,game of dice but even beyond this the,story looks very mythical the way,theyve constructed the story is so,mythical its like theres this beloved,king a very very beloved king his,courtiers are keeping close watch on him,and this beloved king despite being,married falls in love with a very young,and beautiful princess and she falls for,him too after initial resistance but,after the king dies the courtiers the,evil courtiers they decide to get rid of,the princess but she does not back down,she thwarts their plans and finally,becomes queen the beats the emotional,beats are so strong in the story and,its not surprising to find that the,writer is kv vijayanta prasad because no,one and i mean no one in the indian film,industry,knows as much about emotional beats,about masala beats especially than,people in the telugu film industry im,just going to take a little pause to,explain what i mean by masala right it,means it means that larger-than-life,storytelling that is the dna of indian,movies not im not talking about mass,films im not talking about those movies,where a hero comes and they deliberately,construct five scenes uh you know so,that the audience can whistle so that,his fans can whistle this is not that,this is genuine masala storytelling you,see this masala-ness in the way a,producer fires an actress from an under,production film you see this masala is,in the way tambi ramayana who is a,trusted aide he plays a trusted aide of,the jalalita character by the way he,tells through one long speech the,troubles that her mother has undergone,to get her to the stage and that,essentially changes gelalitas feelings,towards her mother you see this,masala-ness in the way a courtyard,crucial courtier refers to himself as,mgr shield and this very word shield,that is scadium it comes back as an echo,much later and as we all know echoes are,a big part of masala film making and you,see this masala as the emotional,masala-ness in the way the mgr figure,becomes essentially at first a mother,figure surprisingly to jalalitha in the,way she embraces him during a song,sequence and then subsequently takes,over her life now its inevitable that,we talk about mani rathams irrevers so,lets just get done with that right away,now that was a fictional story in the,sense that he took two very public,characters the people characters that we,can recognize and what he did was he,constructed a series of events around,them that could have been imagined i,mean the events actually happened but,did the events actually happen that,particular way where they actually,staged that particular way in real life,as well we will never know so many data,took a lot of creative liberty by,changing the name of every single,character in the movie and even the,gelato character is basically a bit of a,person in the sidelines now television,there is an interesting mix of real and,fiction happening now for instance mgr,is called mjr,its a bit of a caricaturish role but he,does it very well uh so i guess this is,some kind of legal is happening where,some names some people allowed their,names to be used and uh or it was,possible to use some names and some,names had to be changed now the films,biggest surprise is how well arwen swami,gets into the spirit of mgr i mean mjr,mgr whatever he even looks like the guy,and i swear im like i have never ever,ever seen arvin swami and imagine oh my,god heres a guy who looks like mgr,thats never happened the prosthetics,plus plus the you know the way he gets,into it the way he embodies the spirit,of the character is just amazing its,one of the best things i win swami has,ever done another brilliant touch about,the movie is how they show that jalalita,from the beginning had her shades of,grey she had a little bit of cunning uh,there is a scene where during a shoot,there are two chairs one for gerald and,one for mgr they are sitting side by,side and aaron rappan is seeing from,behind and he does not like it he orders,one of the chairs removed but jalita,slyly finds her way back to sit into,that particular chair leaving ngr,standing in another scene after shes,kind of expelled from mgrs camp she,immediately calls a press conference and,starts singing shivajis praises to kind,of because of two reasons one is she,genuinely wants to act to chivaji and,two is she knows that will irritate the,hell out of mgr so you always get the,sense that there was like an a small,budding politician kind of person inside,her that that if things didnt happen to,her one way she would find another way,to kind of go around it and yet shes,always an outsider now take the scene,where mgr is gunned on by emma rather,emerald is played by radha a nice little,touch now we got to the hospital a,little later and mgr is on the bed right,hes surrounded by his wife and uh,theres another little touch here that,made me smile which is seeing madhu,playing arun swamis wife which took me,a little back to roja but the main thing,is that coronadie sees jayalatha,standing there and then he comes to her,and says well she should not be here she,should be at the studio that she does,not belong there and that is the,sentiment that is shared by all the,courtiers in njs party so later when,jalalitha gets mgrs year and wants to,complain about karunanidhi even though,she knows that mgr and karnani are very,good friends is she doing it out of,revenge or is she doing it because she,genuinely feels that this friendship is,not going to help mgr thats a doubt,thats planted in our mind and the way,all of this is staged to dialogue is,helped fantastically by garkis lines he,has written the dialogue and sometimes,he plays with movies for example when,somebody calls uh jalalita adi maypen,she replies with uh you know the fact,that she has an arasaka but the,dialogues themselves seem to belong to,that era they dont feel fake thats,also because of the masala flavor,because that is a kind of an,old-fashioned flavor today right because,today everybody wants cool heap looking,dialogue but that apart the dialogue,themselves seem to kind of come from,that era but scene after scene after,scene i think the achievement of the,film is the fact that you know the story,by heart and yet theres always,something that keeps your eye riveted at,least i was riveted by the fact that mgr,and jealous scenes are often staged in,front of mirrors so theres always an,element of artifice between the real and,the reflection between these two and,every scene has a bit of drama you know,thats the core of masala right now,after mgr has introduced the saturn,which is the healthy food for school,going kids jayalalita discovers that,spoiled food is being served to the,children now look at the drama look at,the dramatic way in which she wants to,prove to mgr that this is the kind of,food being served she packs a lunch box,foot of that food and she takes to him,and hes eagerly waiting to see what she,has for her and she has this for him i,dont know again if this really happened,in real life but its one hell of a,dramatic way to kind of establish what,really happened what the crux of uh,jalals problem is the food is spoiled,and i swear this is only possible with,telugu writers they

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Thalaivii Movie Review & Analysis | Kangana Ranaut, Arvind Swami

[Music],after many production delays release,issues and exhibitor problems that the,film is still going through the live is,here in select theaters i went to watch,the hindi version of the film today,trying my best not to read all the,chatter that exists surrounding it even,though it has been all over my timeline,while publications obviously do not,align with gangnam outsider films have,considered it to be an extremely,mediocre commercial film many of the,film commentary channels especially,those focusing on tamil and telugu,cinema have raved about it being an,engaging commercial drama with,spectacular performances the live is a,biopic based in the life of jail alita,the film focuses on the journey of the,celebrated and popular individual from,her young days of acting her budding,romance with mgr her introduction into,politics urged by the love of her life,the unfortunate demise of the political,figure and acting legend the hurdles,jaya faces in order to become the,political heir of the party dealing with,the vitriol of the gatekeepers mostly,men that constantly protected the vested,interests of ngr and finally her rise to,prominence to become what we all know,and remember her as the ivy there is,already chatter happening in the,comments of how im going to be biased,with the film just because i interacted,with the actor but squashing those,discussions immediately im going to be,as balanced as i try to be with every,review so buckle up and keep your jammy,ko kitne pese mele comments at bay and,let me tell you the good and bad aspects,of the livy so that you guys can,ultimately decide whether to watch it in,select theaters or not the underwhelming,aspects prosthetics and bodysuit you,know lets get one thing straight i,dont know the magnitude in which arwyn,swami has used prosthetics and makeup,but it is uncanny on how similar he,looks to mgr me not being privy to,vintage tamil cinema and just through,all the mgr footage that ive come,across swami looks like an absolute,spitting image of the legend but what,the creators get right with his look at,least when it comes to kangnara nows,concluding shape and look it definitely,comes across as jarring while it is,praiseworthy that renouth gained weight,for the role to encapsulate the latter,half of jayalalithas career but if you,technically look at it she would have,had to gain at least 30 to 40 kilos more,to really look the part the bodysuit and,prosthetics in the concluding moments,look borderline comical with her face,barely moving as she delivers dialogues,the skepticism that people had as they,saw the trailer regarding the,prosthetics and bodysuit actually makes,sense as in the film it develops the,same sentiment and feeling from the,viewer abrupt cutaways what is true and,cannot be denied is that the film is,presented at a particular scale and,pitch and hence there are many item,pieces in which there are dramatic,dialogues meant for a theater experience,while most of these moments hit the,right note and something that is aided,by the commercial movie writing of,telugu cinema creators whats also true,is that the film almost seems to be in a,rush to move on to the next thing there,are several moments that could have come,across as great opportunities for,kangana to showcase her acting talent,giving her a cue to react to certain,moments that could have emotionally,elevated the film but the editing,abruptly either fades into a blackout or,moves on to the next scene not really,letting a lot of the moments sink and,breathe with the viewer there are also,moments of speeches which are different,through a montage or background score,which also could have been enhanced,through the hard-hitting dialogues of kv,vijay indra prasad and rajatharoda,expected beats and some opportunities,going into the theater to watch the film,you are already expecting the film to,follow certain beats and as it covers,some of the most impactful moments from,jail alitas life you are honestly,expecting the trajectory in which the,story will move forward as this is based,on such a prominent figure and so much,information is already available in the,public domain there is little room for,surprise for the creators what i also,felt was that when you look at the,personal life of jayalaletha and her,relationship with mgr it is a very,thorny subject that in my opinion could,have brought another layer if the mgrs,wife would have played an active role in,the film the dynamic in a marriage and,the illicit affair could have sprung,many cinematic possibilities the role,and influence of sasikala in jayas life,was another opportunity i felt was,squandered as she is more or less left,in the background just assisting her the,good managing expectations upon,discussing the film with kangna ranath,you also realize the sentiment that the,makers are going to follow with respect,to the biopic it tells the story with,the intention of only empathy with,respect to jail alitas life this does,not mean that the film transitions to,become white washing of the character,making her holier than thou or issues,are presented as if she is a victim of,circumstance she loves willingly finds,herself in several uncomfortable,situations because she puts herself in,the trenches fearlessly a lot of people,will immediately go to mani rathams,iruvart to talk about how it dared to,focus on the illusion that exists of,public figures and the skeletons that,actually exist in their closet in their,personal lives but the 1997 film is,primarily focused on the dynamic between,karunanidhi and mgr both films differ in,what the prime focus is and the pitch at,which they are presented the livy being,more dramatic and presented with the,intention of set pieces and dramatic,dialogues whereas iruvar is more,grounded in its approach secondly the,film focuses on the rise of jaya to when,she eventually becomes chief minister so,for people expecting it to focus on,several controversial issues post her,becoming cm this is not going to be that,film an intimidating moment however in,its conclusion is something that really,shocked me that the creators dared to do,and that is something that i will come,to later background music while i,thought that the songs of the film,assisted the theme and overall vibe of,the movie really well i genuinely think,it is representative of the era in which,it is set and hence does not attract the,current viewer as much as other musical,albums that have released recently this,vintage quality to the music album holds,true for films based in a specific era,if you remember the beautiful musical,albums of parinita or even sudhir,mishras khoya koya chand they have an,ability to transport you to a different,decade in the past gv prakash kumar has,done a phenomenal job with the,compositions and hands down the,background score that kicks in every,time a dramatic dialogue is followed by,a slow motion walk away it perfectly,encapsulates the character arc and,growth of jaya as a person who initially,despised the world of politics but takes,it on as a challenge the writing what,needs to be appreciated with respect to,the writing by kl vijayendra prasad and,rajatharoda is that they give the pitch,of the film a right balance somehow,resting between dramatic and subtle see,who are you kidding,prasad is the same man who is,responsible for writing and providing,the screenplay for films like maghdira,bahubali and manikarnika it would be,ignorant of me to deny that the man has,an idea of how to set up commercial,dramas ideal for a theatre movie-going,experience this resonates in several,instances whether it be the,demi-god-like treatment of mgr and,tamilnadu in that era the era of films,and music in the 60s that is beautifully,captured the political landscape and a,friendship that goes sour over the years,and the constant roadblocks that jaya,faces from the opposition and the people,in her own party mostly men the writing,allows not only for us as viewers to be,invested in the journey but g

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Thalaivii Review: Bad Writing, Dialogues Mar Kangana Ranauts Jayalalithaa Act | The Quint

and this week im reviewing khalevi this,much talked about film where kannada not,plays jaijai lalita this is the review,of the hindi version film up tamil,telegu maybe they accepted but mera idea,of making a bhajan should be taken very,when youre making a film on a,well-known personality where private,details are already in the public domain,then its important,contradictions here that is what makes,the film interesting and that character,someone,irrespective of which part of the world,youre in youre going to find this an,incredible story,young girl just go for skia to get into,acting,is pushed around not allowed to take,decisions for herself ends up becoming,the chief minister of the state its,fascinating youre wondering what is it,fate fortitude,like i said a lot of these details are,already there in the public domain like,how close she was to mgr the holds that,he had on her where he managed to,influence not just the firms that she,would do they were a successful,on-screen pair hit picture after hit,picture exhaust curry but also she,entered politics because of him so all,this you can see in the film,we are based here on the book by uh ajay,and bala or vijendra prasad screenplay,so gets down to work from the word go,when,she will return as the chief minister,then straight to the flashback we enter,a film set,japanese for the first time sees mgr and,she cant understand,okay before i go any further i must talk,about the casting which is spot on so,there is arvind swami brilliant,performer and yahab in the role of mgr,he has managed to emulate the mannerisms,to the tea youre going to love looking,at him kangana or not the physicality of,the role yeah she had to play a young,giggly teenager to,deja lalita older in age mature becomes,the chief minister,has seen life can see through people and,that whole range you can see in,gangnams performance then there is,veteran actor nasir in the role of m,karunadhi again looks the part and there,is raj arjun in the role of mgrs close,confidant senior party leader,in some message,because for some reason the screenplay,remained surface level coach extra,detail but i gained good or extra depth,you keep wondering that you know tell us,more about this big bad political world,why were certain decisions taken what,was the relationship exactly between mgr,and karunandhi what happened what didnt,happen but,radio silence on all those parts,they get a lot of screen time these are,slightly better written characters but,again,this is a stubborn screenplay which will,never look at anything critically suburu,see the cow so what happens is,three minutes lumbee picture,ends up becoming like a collage of some,very powerful scenes,do you like that legislative assembly,yeah mgrs funeral yeah a few scenes,between mgr and jaya but thats about it,it never comes together as a whole,in the role of mgrs wife theres,bhagishri as jayalalitas,and you have so many questions kiara she,didnt want to do acting,resentment what was the relationship,really like with the mother kabhi though,she would have come face to face with,mgrs wife,the film will not tell us,they must take very seriously there are,other things also so many controversies,are going to jail,nothing they are blind to all of it 153,minutes,they focus on establishing the bond,between mgr,when they want to focus on the political,career so much happened here was,this of a girl who had no,background in politics,joe alliances,banaranthi she was,winning elections for the party how was,that possible you want to know more but,the firm,is only on the surface and by the way i,realized one more thing it is only when,you see a film with terrible dialogues,that you realize,how important,dialogue,you dont understand why these,characters are talking to each other,like that so the problem is,everyones looking their part some great,performers,so finally the movies,feels every bit as long as it actually,is and yet they dont show us the bits,we really want to see,though,this is what you are supposed to think,this is what youre supposed to feel,which can be pretty frustrating also you,feel bad for the actors they are great,performers i loved kangnara north she is,brave and uninhibited although in some,scenes,actually but you really enjoy her acting,and there is raja,jinko i think of the lord a thought a,slightly better written role milai and,he makes the most of it so you enjoy,these performances rest you understand,its so badly written,i wish the writing was better and the,film was braver so mary tara say thal,ivy gets five may see an average 2.5,quits i hope this review was helpful,dont forget to,like it share it and subscribe to the,quint actually comments comment section,may also i have my page on facebook,called studi on the quint make sure you,like it to know what are the latest,releases

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레오 레아,그래서 받는 발사 arent 써있는,아 스토리 랜 넓다 공급 애니까 아아,날이 없이 가솔린 들어가 아디 아디,래,으,co2,아따 나가 쏟아져서 그 바람 빨어,내릴 거에요,아,알 때 10 아르메 날라 보내다 하야,름에,- 그러면 렐라 메소 걸어보니 등,바로 이 싸움에 염좌 변해 맛 같은,건 받고 관내 개다래 당나라 어떤,알람 오르다보니 거라,일베가 3 미디어 막아 속 알아서 로,보내 돌아,힘들 수 있냐 보내는 뭐를 이런,마릴라 야 이 아리따 그럼 맛 2일날,0 미술이라는 발사 블락 않아 시니프,잃는데 암즈 라 채니 펜 델의 개발,반대,골디 걔랑 나보다 뭐라 소스로 바닥,빨리 거리는 스냅 된다고 하더라 는,걸리더군요 봐라 싸 발음한 아예,바짝 한데 생리 필더,엄마 샌디 펠레 불양 3pl 있는데,곤도라,근데 그 이러한 높은 and1 노력에,따라 보니까,애드온 얜 건 너잖아 아마씨 엠마,그럴까 보내 주더라,바로 같다 대단한가 보네요 그땐 아무,되요 여러분 면서 레벨이 아들 하나에,야리 딱 들어 맞 있네 아름다운,맵에서 로마 당일에도,아름다운 맵에서 만나리 아리따 그런,말 이래,아 뭐 살까 4배가 받나 이래 말라,우리 따 또 것만 같아서 가버 럼,나가는 쪽으로 오레오를 아래서 받는,아자 아랜 써야하나 스토리 래는 넓다,고무 밴드가 날이 오셔서 올린 들어가,아디 아디 래 발등에 셀러 뭐 짠,셀라 o 떡갈비 스친소 브라운 믿어라,섬들에 자락에 또 아름다움이 자라를,구동 나서 사람에게도 내 가짜 한,죄로 소프라노 너랑 아 아이 머리,오르던 간 무리가 암 치료 1 아,발음이 3 새는데 로엠 제어 3 마리,넘어간 무료드라마 알 메리 까레라,이어 머리 낯설어 모습을 보니까,강단 하오 월하 가나가 발이랑 양,어깨 알브 세신 로크의 사람은 알라,르게 맛 립스틱 만든 아 아 맞다,문화 렌즈 밴드의 아예 뚝방 한때 리,이래 마다 나가야 1호 스토리 덮듯,함부로 스토리온 드 있는 벽 타고,노벨 빵을 어째,90도로 구매 더 많 공급 일이나 악,1.5 수 없 어 로 말이 있는데 7,벌어 뭐함 경영수업을 뱀을 한번 디바,3 바로 독일 이빨이 일어로 맥,으로서 엄마처럼 빠르거나 강단 라운드,머 스 텔 미 야 분이나 말라 물을,에러로 뭐 사람이었는지,전도사 또 우리의 난 얻은 반드시,님아 스타도 벌 디엔드 거라 날라,보니 나 인사를 형식으로 물음을,스펀지 m 이나 의 발음 34l 남의,나가보니 한번 열라 진단비,제도나 머리에서 그때 난 몰라 오너,아무 달리 도마 발견 미션이 도마,밭에 출 바라보니 강남 이렇게 나라의,무스 밤 소면도 1나 들며,야르 가능한 체,험 보 숍을 1집 아기만 찍나 언,디스 타임 2 예 stop n3 엘렌,설이 열람에 뭐 수반하지 넘 맞은,쁠알 앞서 지역 빛깔을 까먹고 넘어,바삐 부분이 초보라 밤이에요 한거라,그러고 난 이미 발 모두 제거하고,너무 로망이 그러나 올해 사람인데,이런 벌레들이 그럼 무너뜨리는 검법에,보였을 때 문이 왜,이래 나 무대 몇 안젤라 머렐 a,pub 어린 직원도 신임 마스터 악도,cmc 있는데 그거 가라앉다 보드,다르니까 모든 일 내 아무래 레이브,드리운 의 아덴 더 스팅 난 좋아,하는 말이 옛날꺼 한 다음 시험인,나면 엄마가 를 딴 얻으러 줄 거라,봅니다 아 3회 하루도 바라겠구요,요 리 아 가 되는 야간에 가로바,같아요,1 로라 3회 오빠가 달라 들었습니까,초브라 되 거에요,파스타 군요 모르게 파스타 플랍 건,용어를 인 돌고래 만나리라 람을,날아오는 들어와보니 아들 더불어 마라,시의원 데드가 부르는 바람의 흐름 그,어 발사 에드먼드 아마레 그래 라고,큰소리를 갈 예 어 파라볼라 의원,댕기는 모르니까 그런 모습을 하면,저런 피그 깐 학교 너무 슬퍼 라는,즉 어 아르민 점이 있어 잠 셀러,모습 아닐까 라르 마라 브라이언 헤드,스토리 랜드 홈스 다음 제가 옛날,인터넷 맙시다 이제는 그 아까 사람은,아예 들 빠져 닦을 땐 배터리 간파한,짠맛 아주 올라가 맥이 나오면 아띠,일러가 와 벤허 의 감찰관 어 어,맛돌이 빨아 가서라도 않죠 행여 볼,일이라도,빠른 속도 빠르게 날아오는 말이야,바로 수업을 하게 날은 팔을 내릴,다바요 빙하 바로 rdc 테이프로,소프란도 빨어,그,[음악]

Thalaivii (Netflix) Hindi Movie Review by Sudhish Payyanur @Monsoon Media


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