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  3. Schleich Animals around the Waterhole – Lion Zebra Hippo Chimpanzee – Learn animals for kids
  4. GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE (2011) Revisited – Awfully Good Movies
  5. “I was letting that chimp run riot” | Ciara Mageean talks nerves and World Championships
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Whos That Chimp? Chengdu Hunters Winston Breakdown – Countdown Cup || H[EU]nters #LetsGoHunt

hey guys,welcome to hunters eu fan tv,today were going to be looking at some,winston gameplay from the chengdu,hunters,mainly were going to be focusing on the,strange situation fans saw during the,countdown cup,where elsa he was primarily known for,his diva play took up the main tank role,against london spitfire,yet in the following match ating took on,the main tank roll,against the hangsha spark firstly well,have a quick recap of how the hunters,performed in the countdown cup,the hunters started off with high,expectations coming in on the number two,seed behind the shanghai dragons,after going three and oh in their,qualifiers a lot of this success relied,on the hunters aggressive wrecking bull,zarya dive,which was flourishing in the hero pools,of the qualifiers,coming into the tournament however,orissa was back in play,which put limits on the composition that,chengdu had found success with,the first match as number two seed in,apac,was against the lowest ranked team in,the cup the london spitfire,who have yet to really find an identity,or lasting success with their rocky,squad,the first map li jiang tower inspired,some hope for the hunters fans,as aiming on the wrecking ball and,jinmoos wide hero pool,rolled the control around but the,wrecking ball wasnt going to last,londons dive comp favored vertical maps,so they chose nambani,where winston rules king even with elsa,taking up the main tank roll,the hunt is handily dispatched of the,rookies,this pushed them onto the semi-finals,where they came up against the hangzhou,spark,who had reverse swept soul in the,opening round,after reverting to a dire comp that,utilized gushways beastly winston,li jiang was the opening map again but,the hunters couldnt replicate,their success largely owing to a failure,to adapt,to hangzhous compositional changes,this meant it was a hunters map pick,and after finding success,on nambani 24 hours earlier chengdu,looked like they were ready to get,straight,back at the spark only this time,with aiting playing winston its fair to,say hes had meddling success on the,hero in overwatch league so far,being subbed in earlier in the season to,play winston when wrecking ball couldnt,cut the mustard,but despite a win on volskaya a map that,plays into hunters pokey comforts,the hunters were stopped by the spark,rallied by goose ways winston,what im going to break down today is,the difference in style between elsa and,etings winston play,the effects of this and whether the,hunters should have changed their keys,to successfully beating the civ,fire to do this ill detail the numbani,maps that the two tanks played in,on defense first up elsa,so lets look at first point defense on,ambani chengdu against london,elsa on winston elsa is set up here on,the right side,high ground by the stairway jin moon is,over here supporting him,and the hunter is playing a poke,composition with jinmu on the genji and,leave on the ash,which allows this nice crossfire between,elsas position,and the majority of the hunters team,including leave on this,mid to long range damage hero,so this position is great because elsa,can scout this stairway,to the high ground and start to deal,damage if london want to access the high,ground,this way it actually makes it very,difficult,for any of the spitfire members to,access this higher ground,which means that theyre forced onto,this low ground here,to initiate the dive and well see,that else actually uses this position,forcing them to come around onto this,low ground,and then initiates onto them here,so allows this situation where else is,putting pressure,on to bernard and the supports but still,has,his jump cooldown in hand you can see in,the bottom right,and all this cooldowns in hand,so having this jump cool down in hand is,really key to elsas playstyle,he uses this to maximize the pressure,that hes outputting,and then return to his team which uses,the space to output damage as well,so this is while spitfire are initiating,their dive,and elsa actually manages to,put pressure on bernard and the supports,and stop a lot of the sport coming,through,to jmac and the other offensive members,of the spitfire,now bernard here isnt the best target,to be zapping,with no follow-up damage because the,tesla cannon is easily out healed by,just a break and it allows for instance,highly on the ana to output healing onto,the main,front line of the spitfire on top of,this,zaryas can actually really hold their,ground against winston,just by using their personal bubble and,outputting damage onto,the winstons bubble as well,the bubble also doesnt affect her,allied bubble which means that hes not,actually shutting off,any of bernards utility in this fight,but also consistently tries this,throughout the whole series putting this,pressure on bernard,and bernard being under pressure being,with his backline,actually means that elsa is just,surviving here against half of the,spitfires team,buying space for the hunters and youll,see actually how he uses his bubble in,this situation,as well is just to maximize this,pressure that hes putting onto the back,line he actually uses his bubble,in the same way that you might use diva,defense matrix,in the sense that he engages onto key,targets,and then maximizes the pressure that,hes outputting just by surviving in,that space and the bubble is used as a,survival tool,similar to defense matrix and then uses,the jump cooldown that hes got on a,hand to return to his team,and youll see him do this time and time,again he actually initiates from,the high ground with his jump cooldown,in hand and then returns,back to the high ground for safety so he,initiates from here,down to the low ground to output some,damage and then back to the high,ground thats why having the high ground,control by the stairway is really key,so well see through this fight how many,times elsa actually,decides to jump down from this high,ground now spitfire actually do win this,fight,because theres just too much point,pressure which means that the hunters,arent coordinated enough to,support their own dives and there are,picks on to,leave and jinmu quite early but else has,already,went down onto the point and then come,back out to the top,now you can see here that hes actually,getting quite low on health,and he decides to retreat back to his,team to initiate from a different,position,and well see why this is really,important in a second because he allows,this dive here you see how much health,hes got he was on,half of that health just a second ago on,the high ground,so your retrieves to get some heals and,then takes this position here which is,really key,because you can see that london spitfire,are really close to capping the point,and they have nano blade if they manage,to cap this point without using any,ultimates,theyve got such an ultimate advantage,going to the second point theyd,probably snowball it,within one or two fights so,putting this pressure here is really,important,and also the space that he takes with,this bubble is really key,because keo actually clutches this fight,um they do lose this fight but keo,manages to,force out so much from the spitfire here,by getting the sleep onto jmac you can,see that j-mac is sleeping,and also by elsa staying in this,position,hes actually,um in perfect line of sight of kyo when,kyo wants to move out,so,kyo actually comes around the corner,here outside of the,um within the bubble,and hes in line of sight of elsa here,if elsa is playing close to the corner,for example where,um late young is or if he decides to,come off the point to,apply some pressure to bernard this,fight is easily lost by the hunters,so you can see what happens here is that,keogh gets the sleep onto,jmac comes out and applies the nano to,elsa,this forces out a bunch of cooldowns,from spitfire,but also in this fight,because of his position on the car,spitfire actually have to,initiate with nanoblade to take the,point which was already at 99 percent,and hunters had players coming ba

How to Fix Bad Breath|Thera Breath|Oral Hygiene

hey everybody whats up its your girl,going here today Im here to show you,guys my oral care theres no reason why,anybody should have fun bro I dont care,if youre a girl youre a guy youre a,smoker youre a drinker,you just dont wash your teeth theres,no reason why you should have bad breath,and Im gonna show you why today stay,tuned,like comment subscribe okay hear that I,like to use me and my family,[Music],this burns your mouth it hurts and I,dont think it keeps the bad breath,taunt for too long or it feels keeps,your mouth feeling fresh for too long so,this is our last like hope we dont have,this right here Dussehra breath my,favorite thing in the whole wide freakin,world okay it does not hurt,this one actually tingles a little bit,because its the mint one they have the,one thats just saying old Erica but,this thing right here you rinse your,mouth with this youll wake up in the,morning with no morning breath I swear,to you Ive done this like this,mouthwash here is the to them comes,in a pack for $10 on Amazon I think this,one was 13 I think,I think Casey got it for 13 this doctor,actually the one who created this pants,is for his daughter who had terrible,breath and this was the only thing that,cured it it feels bad breath by it we,have the mints these hurt they like,extremity you can pick them up and keep,them in your car or like in your pocket,or in your purse whatever but they,killed bad breath like your breath will,not smell I love this its a great,breath I love this toothpaste Ive been,using this since high school and its,never changed I have breast but its not,it doesnt really know that,this doesnt do it for me this whitens,your teeth and it actually kills bug,breath but it changed a state its the,best two things in the world I think,its amazing,another thing that you absolutely need,get all that DBI deities get all that,you can out of your teeth get all that,out of it that chimp a deity that dont,get it all out with these bad boys,you dont floss brushing your teeth,defeats the purpose I learned this in my,20s like I would just brush my teeth and,okay hunkers my breath is not your,breath is gonna kick okay that food has,been in there then gonna do Gitty so,thats another thing okay get you a,tongue scraper okay,brushing your tongue laid out that,meeting on a nice big okra slimy nasty,stuff on your tongue this is the way to,view all you people who are still living,in London 1987 get you an electric,toothbrush its so simple its just and,it works,get you one,Im gonna show you how I do it every day,I try to do it morning and night what up,okay I want to recommend it each inside,of my teeth five outside of my tea five,on top bottom five five five,[Music],[Music],my god it just feels great,now it says when you put them out,washing your mouth you rinse for one,minute so youre one minute and then you,goggle for 30 seconds it says to wait,five minutes after you use this to eat,rinse my mouth this will work with a bed,and I wake up in the white with no,morning breath whatsoever its amazing,we love our kids use it – I hope you,guys learn through this please use that,cheese were 2019 theres no reason why,you guys should be walking around with,hot-ass breasts like thats unacceptable,know your time your taste buds so every,day,[Music],for years and they work for me,[Music]

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Schleich Animals around the Waterhole – Lion Zebra Hippo Chimpanzee – Learn animals for kids

[Music],welcome to press play Pizza house and,today we are going to take a look at,some slight animals first is this very,lovely rhinoceros and you like its horn,or its horns on the top of its head,theyre very nice and its ears but I,like this curly tail kind of like a,pigs tail and a very realistic nostrils,lets zoom in somewhat and have a look,and see if we can get a better look at,the face its got a very a very,sensitive face I think those eyes and,the nose,[Music],its kind of like in an artists subject,[Music],very nice oh there is our rollin ah,Souris and here is that rhinoceros from,the other side so lets pop him over,here and well bring in the animal,number two which is this lovely zebra,and always love the look of the zebra,the question is is it a white horse with,black stripes or is it a black horse,with white stripes leave that in the,comments below whats your reasoning,which way do you think that the animal,actually is,[Music],very cool looking animal a zebra,the mine on top and the hooves the tile,very cool-looking animal lets pop a,zebra but if a next we have baby,elephants lets see that baby elephant,so we can see it in more detail so its,got this trumpeting truck trunk and the,big ears very tough skin of an elephant,and of course kind of a happy looking,face ready to have a drink,[Music],there is now baby elephant what did you,think of the baby elephants okay so next,animal we have is lion so this is the,male lion the easy way to tell whether a,lines male or female is this lovely Mane,that the male lion has,and obviously looking very pious lets,say mean a little bit on that beer spice,[Music],Ill have a look here we have that,magnificent loins mind,[Music],where do you think would be a good spot,to put it alone maybe up here might work,well yeah we have a mine okay so next,memo is this magnificent hippopotamus,have a look at those jewels that is,quite a smile looking from this angle,first they mean,just watch it became a big rodent isnt,it he posed mouth zoom unique what a,beautiful shot of that hippopotamus and,look at those teeth do you think this,hippo needs to go to the dentist,[Music],looking good okay I think our hippo,would probably like to go in the water,as well pop him here and well bring in,our next animal which is this,magnificent flamingo it is looking,pretty cool,usually the flamingos on one leg but,this one is both legs on the ground just,exposed to be differently so I can see,that pink flamingos,lets see me to be it money out for me,go have a look so what feature do you,like of the flamingos either the pink,look is it the long tall legs is it that,baked its a very distinctively shaped,baked what do you like about the,flamingos curls are theyre easier for,me now lets move on to the next animal,so next we have this lovely chimpanzee,who is looking magnificent hands above,his head zoom in on movies,[Music],pretty cool chimpanzee really lets have,a look at the chimps feet while seeming,to be more and have a look there we go,and see that it uses its feet to climb,in the trees its very well adapted for,being trees its hands also very well,adapted for being in trees looking,magnificent is our champ lets put a,chimp up in the tree where chimps like,to go there we go theres that chimp up,in the tree,okay next animal is this huge elephant,looking very good got the tusks trunk,big ears and eyes huge body,huge feet with those big toes elephants,tail came very good and pretty similar,from the other side as well,[Music],there we have our elephant so elephant,will probably like to go in the water as,well so pop the elephant in the water,okay next animal we can zoom in because,we do have a baby ostrich II very nice,looking ostrich a bird cant fly the old,ostrich its a bit like an emu if youre,in Australia riding on our baby ostrich,and they have a look at what we have,looking pretty good theyre very nice,okay lets zoom out and get our next get,our next animal how about this so I,think this might be an alligator is it,an alligator or a crocodile leave that,in the comments below do we have an,alligator or a crocodile here if youre,really smart you can say why why do you,think its an alligator and why do you,think it is a crocodile Ill leave that,in the comments below lets zoom in and,well look at those big sharp teeth,hi and then the scaly skin of this very,dangerous reptile looking good that came,down next and Im all crocodile will,probably want to go in the water as well,next animal is this baby panda gonna be,happy to have a baby panda in the,collection so lets have a look at the,baby panda from a few angles there we,have the very sweet face of the baby pea,[Music],in our last animal for today is – so we,did beat the male line earlier theyve,had the main here is a male – she is,very cheap,[Music],okay so if you liked this video give it,a thumbs up comment below dont forget,to subscribe to press play picture house,click on the links for more videos next,time,[Music]

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GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE (2011) Revisited – Awfully Good Movies

i want you to hit me as hard as you,the can spider-man movie proved to,skeptical audiences that the mcu could,peacefully co-exist alongside sonys own,universe of spider-man characters so,what better time to release the,long-delayed debut of jared leto as the,genius doctor turned living vampire,known as morbius,and yes this movie has not exactly,gotten glowing notices from critics or,audiences but much like the venom movies,its making enough money to help sony,compete and collaborate with marvel,studios on its own spider-verse and,hopefully explain what that michael,keaton cameo was all about,but there was a time not too long ago,when sony was adamant about keeping its,marvel properties from going back into,disneys hands and this is how we got,nicholas cage returning in the role of,ghost rider in 2012 spirit of vengeance,finally after eight years of reviewing,bad movies for this show im reviewing a,movie starring the king of awfully,goodness nicholas goddamn cage nick cage,who performs a clean performance as nick,cage in the upcoming meta-comedy the,unbearable weight of massive talent was,struggling to stay afloat amongst his,growing deaths to the irs,and although his last turn as the,reckless stunt performer johnny blaise,who becomes the demonic bounty hunter,ghost rider wasnt exactly a runaway,success it was enough of a hit to merit,production on a follow-up that replaced,daredevil director mark stephen johnson,with the directing duo of mark neville,dean and brian taylor whod previously,made the delightfully insane crank films,with jason statham these two men,directed movies in the same way that,nicholas cage performs roles so surely,teaming these guys up would make for a,far more badass ghost rider movie with a,hard r rating oh wait this is sony and,producer aviara that were talking about,here so of course they forced a pg-13,rating onto this sequel and ended up,being met with far less box office than,the first flick and even worse reviews,and although nicholas cage would survive,the next decade of straight to red box,action schlock neville dean and taylor,have yet to make another movie together,since and ghost writers rights would,revert back to marvel who took him back,to the small screen on agents of shield,but as someone who was not a fan of the,first ghost writer im finally going to,see why spirit of vengeance botched its,chance to redeem a beloved marvel,anti-hero and further the careers of a,promising directing duo by the way yes i,have heard the tragic news about bruce,willis retirement and yes i disavow all,the jokes ive recently made about his,latest vod movies so i shall keep the,jokes toward nick cages own career,troubles to a respectful degree here,however my jokes about steven seagal,will proceed as usual as hes officially,now an enemy of the united states and,the only excuse he has for making so,many shitty action movies is being a fat,rapist piece of [ __ ],[Music],thanks for watching awfully good movies,if you enjoy our shows please subscribe,to our channel right now like this video,and click on the bell so you can be,notified each time a new video goes up,now back to the show if you want to feel,like ghost rider yourself then pour some,scorpion pepper sauce into your bloody,mary and fire away at the awfully good,drinking game take a double shot when,the title card announces one of the two,locations this film takes place in as we,open in romania on a motorcycle driving,over to princess peachs condemned,castle and being ridden by idris elba,who in addition to helping this episode,tie into a third recently released movie,plays the role of moreau a french monk,who trades in his fellow priests burlap,robes for a badass leather duster and a,motorcycle to track down and kill the,devils thugs who want to capture a,little boy named danny and his mom nadja,from the safety of his monastery,secret command center the devil himself,holds this child there is only one place,that is safe that is the sanctuary you,do enjoy your wine,12 seconds later,abandon ship abandon ship all personnel,close down the circus,im sorry why are we even bothering with,ghost rider in this movie when idris,elba has already out badassed him in the,first three minutes hes working for a,secret organization of cyber monks to,kick the asses of the devils goons hes,able to overcome his frequent drinking,habit to leap downstairs like a cat as,if his roles in the dark tower and cats,were combined,and hes able to shoot out the tires of,a car full of goons right as he crashes,from his motorcycle,truly idris elba is the black superman,and hes got the same eye contacts he,wore as heimdall so maybe the same,character nicholas cage possibly,confirmed for mcu i just wish we could,see peter,speaking of cage we cut to him narrating,his tragic backstory of the previous,film yet not showing a single frame of,footage from the first movie theres no,mention of eva mendes as his childhood,girlfriend turned reporter the late,great peter fonda is replaced in the,role of ghost riders demonic benefactor,rourke by the actor who survived,drowning in black acid from my last,reviewed movie kieran hines and johnny,blaze is seen showing his bare ass,during one of his big stunts kind of,funny its on youtube check it out i,honestly prefer the corny backstory from,the first movie being replaced by this,comic book looking flashback even if the,animators forgot to draw some hair for,johnny blaze do they know how sensitive,the star of this movie is about his,thinning hairline we find johnny waking,up in his new home in romania where hes,moved incredible hulk style to keep his,alter ego from being unleashed and also,seems to have left behind his shaky,southern accent from that first movie,im a bounty hunter but it only happens,at night but you did something you,wouldnt want the writer to see who are,you,my name is,my brothers are dead as should i be if,not for the intervention of god,and you are john rays i did not just,edit that myself folks that was really a,three second shot of idris elba upside,down in a tree while the french national,anthem plays distantly in the background,from the guys that brought you crank,ladies and gentlemen a film whose sequel,featured david carradine in its final,theatrical role as a yellow-faced,chinese pervert,anywho back to moreau enlisting johnny,blaze from exile to save this little boy,and his single mother from being caught,by her sleazy ex-boyfriend ray kerrigan,played by johnny whitworth im the,people after you who plans to hand the,boy over to johnnys demon boss and have,him take over the childs body with,moreau promising to reward blaze by,exercising his body of the ghost rider,let the writer follow his stench he will,lead you to the boy we are prepared to,give to you the one thing you want most,of this world and we will lift your,curse oh my god youre telling me that,is the best french accent that you can,do come on you sound like the candelabra,from beauty and the beast this man that,you met years ago that put the gus on,you on you,look come back to my trailer after,filming today dude me and jared leto,will teach you our course on proper,accent work ill start getting confused,about when im supposed to come in,confusion and that [ __ ] in a concert,hall would be a disgust,so johnny starts to transform yet again,in one of the few aspects that the first,movie got right with cage laughing,maniacally as he ripped the flesh off of,his flaming bones too bad the best,effect we can afford here is cage,suddenly having creepypasta eyes and,bursting into flame off screen to again,become the ghost rider although the,cheap rubber looking cgi skull of the,first movie gets a superior upgrade here,i love the charred look this skull has,now and that nick cage provides the,motion capture and voice for ghost rider,this time instead of the non-nicholas,cage actor they got last time to recite,his painfully bad death quips,sorry,all out of mercy,with the writers dialogue now limited,to o

“I was letting that chimp run riot” | Ciara Mageean talks nerves and World Championships

now the Martin games theyre on tomorrow,in century seven oclock tomorrow if you,want to walk up and watch the action the,brilliant Kyra McGinn here in studio is,going to be there should be running the,800 meters and that all of this on the,doorstep of the World Championships in,Doha this October and then Tokyo is,quickly coming into view youre very,welcome thanks for coming in thank you,said what suddenly were often doing,this appear in that camera there on,skype somewhere and were talking,Manchester or somewhere yeah yeah Im,usually I can remember didnt intervene,I think holding the phone yeah bite here,I try my best to hold it still as my,arms no they got more and more tired at,least Vince to do we were talking,hurling there might as well confess,Mogi player yes yeah your dad did not,think much of the red card for reaching,oh god no I was message inbox of its,medalie,I was very lucky because I find it hard,to guarantee player in Manchester oh,yeah and my boyfriend is a visiting so,he had his a southern Network on the,phone and Id stolen his phone in a,hooked up to the computer and yeah its,tough modalities them from a certain,generation of hurlan wear helmets,werent warned and his face looks like,hes you may as well call him Scarface,so as you can imagine hes an,interpretation of what that was was not,knock if anything he said Carl Barry,should be booked for diving yes yeah,soccer players no no but as a tough call,and yeah its Irish we were just saying,watching Hogans face on the bench for,the rest of the match its very tough,yeah breaking like it,any athlete sitting there no one that,theyve made a mistake that was gonna,cost the game nuts thats tough and Mark,was item I guess if you screw up youre,the main person who suffers,whereas hes looking around going oh my,god theres a lot of people Im I feel,like Im letting down here he hasnt let,them down of course but he feels that,way yeah I feel like Im just on dollas,part of the beauty of athletics whenever,I played Kaimuki I knew that no matter,how hard I worked theres another 14,guards and the pitch and if they werent,working as hard as me than that that was,one of the reasons I was like I love,athletics I know I put 100% in I get,back what I put in but its a very,lonely sport as well and whenever youre,going through the good times and the bad,times its a lonely path right so here,it is team sports and individual sports,of their pros and cons but I do feel for,him when did you leave camogie behind,completely and at the age of 19 oh god,yeah around I didnt want to stop the,cats Nica Knights marches and its,gotten in trouble at home I I played I,played up until I was but Im gonna say,I played up until I finished minor and,Port Fairy bottom I was playing for the,senior team since I was probably 14 not,that thats even legal anymore but,theres a tree and in your light of play,and two years groups above you but Im,played for our senior team for four,years and yeah it was my last year of,minor and I said okay this is this will,be a good time – not a good time but it,gave me a time to decide okay Ill focus,solely on athletics but Im not saying,the senior team didnt manage to get me,right a few times whenever I was at home,in Bari and there was a march down in,the club boys yeah they did tell me they,just wanted me to sit on the sidelines,for a while but I didnt work okay and I,snuck out in the pitch and it wasnt,until I came back into the house later,my daddy set in reading a newspaper in,his daddys chair in the corner and hes,like do you enjoy the march and I said,oh I was kidding hes like mr. point,this is a lawn he encouraged me to play,kabuki my whole life and was my biggest,fan and my biggest critic critic and,whatever achæans it come again and then,come the end he was not too pleased that,I was like play and he saw the potential,I had in athletics and saw that I was,getting ready for a world champs I,shouldnt have been on the committee,pitcher do you think it informed your,running style in any way or affected,your athletics in any way or is it just,no effect whatsoever no like I I didnt,do attics until I was basically in,secondly school and even I thought I,wasnt the the athlete I am today then I,didnt win a race until I was away third,or fourth year in secondary school and,so I heard an awful lot of my athletics,ability dying to obviously have good,genes but I love my my grass roots and,sport in Kaimuki and I think an awful,lot maybe I have this physical ability,and that cant be cant be changed but a,lot of the lessons I learned to be an,athlete and the mental toughness and the,dedication came from athletics and I was,only answering some questions for 20 by,20 and and they asked me who I who I,have to thank the most for my threat for,where I am in athletics and like my,familys a big GA family and we were,always encouraged to be super,competitive and I would it on an affair,for the blue and gold of Port Fairy,right I was such a competitive athlete,whenever I played kabuki and I think,that really taught me how to how to,harness my competitive nature I had an,aunt who was nominated for an all-star,in the centenary year he played for,Porter Ferry and then Deloitte Unterman,and Im paid for dying before its,transferred to de LOI and she was my,idol and I had Kaimuki coach in Port,Fairy but its interesting people that,made such a big impact in my life,Elizabeth : she was my Kaimuki coach,since I was probably about six or seven,she coached me the whole way through my,movie career and and she was there,whenever I started this Latics and she,identified that she liked your training,a lot Cara and she used to hold me back,on marches that I wasnt to play should,put me and thats absolutely here but,yeah for dad theres a certain kind of,crazy that goes and goes and come over,youre hurting oh my god its night and,like how you can I be he should put me,in goals and Id be out in the back line,should be not me but em I learned an,awful lot an awful lot about what it,takes to be a a sports person and on a,good sports person and learning about,all of that and I think it is really,like grassroots that made me into the,athlete I am today and you know that,where you talk about how you must have,good genes as well,have you ever investigated what area of,your genes are allow you to compete like,at an unbelievably elite level like do,you have a larger heart than average do,you just not feel lactic acid is there a,bigger lungs,you know vo2 max capacity all this stuff,do you know in what area youre kind of,a big gifted where no I dont I cant,say that Ive explicitly went and saw,died what makes me a good athlete and,but Ive had tests and on and I thought,I have a very high like large lung,volume I have good lung function which,may come down to like being a girl in a,lot of the way in addition to being,cried and you let their long super night,I was a somatic since I was a very young,child so yeah so that was probably not a,huge benefit but Id say i strengthened,an awful lot through training through,those type of my parents are very good,at managing my asked me whenever I was,very young and but no Im not sure what,the genes are I think its a unless it,was something in the water off import,affair either that made me the earthly I,am theres arguments between my mommy,Silas family Im a decider family is,growing hell take credit but,there might be some combination I was,just reading it the other day Frank,Lampard obviously now manager but when,he was playing hed like at this mud run,of consecutive games for Chelsea like,record-breaking and it turned out his,heart was about 20% bigger than the,average so it pumped all the blood,around so I dont know thats why I was,in my head when I asked yeah theres got,to be something going on well yeah what,makes what makes one person that bit,better a sport than the other and,especially a sport like mine where skill,set is not really common doesnt come,into the question like obviously I have,tacti

The NEW Fujifilm 33mm f1.4 – Road Trip Review

this video is sponsored by skillshare,whats up guys i got a brand new video  for you today im here with keira  ,and we are on a road trip to get the ultimate  shots we just drove forever to find this dirt  ,road and weve got like this really sick view and  were gonna shoot some like western style stuff  ,today some like 70s vibe stuff we got some cool  locations in store but were shooting with the  ,new 33 millimeter f 1.4 and yeah lets see how  it holds up. so what are we wearing here today  ,who are we wearing what designer? what… dont  fall in the ditch. little house in the prairie,all right lets get some shots here  ,i think im gonna kind of offset  you a bit so that like i can see  ,down the road more because youre kind of blocking  the road so youre gonna be right in the middle,looking off off your right shoulder yeah hold  that one second im gonna go back a bit love that  ,chimp just a little more and turn  your head off to your left a bit more  ,yeah nice thats what im looking for love that,okay so im shooting f2 now i dont even care  if youre looking off that way its kind of sick  ,you might have to drop your hand  off the hat though at some points  ,just so i dont have a lot of shots like this,i thought i wore a belt today but i guess i forgot  one my pants are falling down oh stop stop right  ,there put that sun hit more of your leg there  and like cross the leg over like youre in a  ,youre about to walk and then look back  up off to your left okay lets turn  ,this way a bit just so the sun hits  the edge of your cheek there yeah,can we get looking off your shoulder want one  were just like youre kind of pulling the hair  ,out of your face which is going to be like  kind of a portrait shot chin up just a bit,all right you sit on this  old bag its in this old bag  ,something like that just sitting in my  dirt road can we face actually into the sun,yep love that can we do one arm back  is that possible thats amazing love it  ,shoot on the shadow side,yeah were done with this location  were going to move to another one  ,were gonna keep the dress so because  we want like a cedar fence is that what  ,theyre called were looking for a cedar  fence well find one out here somewhere  ,we found the fence um lets go down  to like where the wildflowers are,face detections actually surprisingly  working through all of that  ,taking off your back shoulder its  its a better take on the everyone  ,always does the sun thing and you know  the thing about the sun thing is that  ,you still want to see their eyes so  theyre not even blocking the sun,all right so weve been shooting with this lens  for a while now and the first thing i noticed  ,nice and small nice and light and compact and the  next thing i noticed was how quick and fast and  ,smooth and silent the autofocus is thats  because its using that new linear motor  ,that the 18 millimeter also has and thats a huge  upgrade for fujis lenses because this is really  ,nice and i also noticed that the focus ring and  aperture ring have a little bit more dampening  ,so you get a little bit more feedback when youre  turning it and that was kind of a complaint ahead  ,on the 18 millimeter f 1.4 is that there  was really no feedback when you turn the  ,aperture ring or the focus ring and it kind  of just felt like you were turning nothing  ,so this lens does have a nine round blade  aperture that goes from f 1.4 to f 16.  ,its got a close minimum focus distance of  30 centimeters and its not that heavy it  ,comes in at around 390 grams and id say that  the weight and size is actually similar to  ,the kit lens so the 18 to 55 theyre almost  exactly the same size and kind of width and weight  ,to be honest and lastly it has a 58 millimeter  front filter thread lets get back on the road,we went from the country to the beach,ive captured a wild kira in her element  ,van has arrived youre missing  one key ingredient to this outfit,the one boot again hows it every time i pan  down to show the outfit this is one boot we  ,have one hour to shoot can we do it i think  we can all right recording the screen now,nice,hold that a little closer we got a little bit of  wind in the hair wouldnt mind some more of that,okay maybe lean back on that back uh,part if you can so i want to get that tv in frame,nice,its a weird angle,turn yourself a little bit more into the sun  yeah let that left arm drop a bit more yeah,holy what a vibe  ,okay this is gonna be good i just gotta  switch lenses to something a little wider,im doing a lens review and then i dont even use  ,the lens do that but bring it  into the sun if you can cool,look towards the front console of the truck,cool im gonna switch back to the  other lens oh thats kind of sick  ,no thats dope i wonder if i can shoot through  here bring both your arms down kind of thing  ,yeah thats sick im like getting  through the smallest crack in the door,its so weird but i love it  ,hey weve got an awesome sponsor for todays video  and thats my good friends over at skillshare  ,skillshare is an online learning community  with thousands of classes for creatives  ,just like you and right now is the best time to  explore new skills deepen existing interests and  ,get lost in creativity with skillshares online  classes you never know what youre going to find  ,so maybe youre thinking of getting better  at filmmaking or maybe you want to learn  ,and understand the fundamentals of photography  or shooting in natural light well theres tons of  ,classes just like that that cover those topics and  some that come to mind are cinematography basics  ,understanding filmmaking style by zach mulligan or  portrait photography working with natural light by  ,benjamin heath and as ive mentioned before im  interested in making a better brand for myself  ,because im not that good at it and im learning a  lot in kate aarons class called personal branding  ,crafting your social media presence and maybe  this is something that would also interest you and  ,you know maybe its something you should also  check out for yourself these classes will help you  ,learn from the ground up with an easy step-by-step  layout kind of like chapters of a book  ,and all these classes are curated and they  have no ads and thats going to keep you  ,focused wherever your creativity takes you when  you join you can also check out skillshares  ,live classes so you can experience real-time  inspiration as you connect with popular teachers  ,also while youre working with other members  and you know whether youre a hobbyist or a pro  ,you are creative and theres a class for  every skill level so the first thousand of my  ,subscribers will click the link in the description  will get a one month free trial of skillshare  ,so you can start exploring your creativity  today thanks skillshare back to the video,lets try one looking out the back towards me,looking straight up towards the sun now i  wish there wasnt a family van in front of us  ,im hiding it though,thats so good  ,yeah maybe thats a good idea getting out like  one leg about to drop okay ready go for it,sick,all right maybe one sitting on the floor board  and just well just do a straight on keep your  ,head tilted straight though straight on you can  bring the one hand up to your hat like you had  ,its getting hot in here were getting close  to the end here we shot as much as we can  ,we thought about doing another outfit change but  its kind of weird to do too many outfits on the  ,same like small studio space thatll  work can you look off towards the sun  ,could you twist your body into the sun  just a little it wont look weird on camera,sick bring the hand down off the hat sorry,do you want to do that leaning thing where  you reach out and like kind of drop your arms  ,and ill just be on this side here maybe  one of these where you kind of like  ,yeah can you look out towards the sun again cool,like the leaning oh hold that hold that,bring it more like back around your 

Maxwell Museum ANCESTORS

Hi, my name is Carla Sinopoli, and Im the  director of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology  ,here on the University of New Mexico campus.  Welcome! The Maxwell Museum explores human stories  ,past and present and works towards greater  understandings of the fullness of human  ,experiences in the Southwest and the world. Today,  were going to go far beyond the Southwest as we  ,explore the first few million years of the human  story with the tour of our Ancestors exhibition.  ,Well also go behind the scenes of the museum  to visit our collections and the laboratories of  ,University of New Mexico anthropologists who study  human origins. The human story is interwoven with  ,the story of every other living thing on earth.  Our earliest ancestors from millions of years ago  ,had ancestors millions of years old  who had ancestors millions of years old  ,and so on. They certainly didnt look like we  do today, but then again neither did the earth!  ,Humans as we know them today look and behave as  we do because each generation inherited beneficial  ,traits from earlier generations allowing them  to adapt and survive in a changing environment.  ,As we walk through the exhibition, well take  a close look at these traits–bipedalism,  ,reduced dentition, tool use, large thinking  brains, language, culture, and art–and  ,well examine how they have changed over time.  You may ask how are we able to examine traits  ,that existed in our ancestors millions of  years ago. Well, we look to the fossil and  ,archaeological records for answers. In 1959,  paleoanthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey wanted  ,to understand our human origins. They wondered  where they would find evidence of early humans.  ,They hypothesized that remains of our earliest  ancestors would likely be found where our closest  ,living relatives, the chimpanzees, live. So,  they looked to Africa to test their hypotheses.  ,And sure enough, they found what they were looking  for in the Great Rift Valley of east Africa:  ,stone tools millions of years old and  fossil remains of early human-like beings.  ,Their discovery launched a lot of additional  research which continues today and confirms  ,that the origin of the human family, the  hominins, is in east Africa. Fossils of  ,our far distant relatives–Ardipithecus  Australopithecus and Homo habilis–have  ,only been found in Africa and date to  4.4 million years ago for Ardipithecus,  ,3.5 million years for Australopithecus, and 2.6  million years for Homo habilis. Around 1.8 million  ,years ago, another group of early hominins,  Homo erectus, left the African continent.  ,Their fossils have been found as far away as east  Asia. An even later group, Homo neanderthalensis,  ,evolved in the Middle East and Europe around  300 000 years ago. And, finally, our species,  ,Homo sapiens, evolved from earlier forms in Africa  around 200 000 years ago. Some groups left Africa  ,around a hundred thousand years ago, and  now humans live on every continent on earth.  ,Paleoanthropologists are scientists who study  the origin and development of early humans.  ,Fossil evidence and material cultural  remains, such as stone tools, can provide  ,information about the physical form behaviors  and past environments of our early ancestors.  ,For example, the cast model in this display  is of the remains of a Neanderthal who  ,lived around 60,000 years ago and was likely  deliberately buried by members of his community  ,after his death. The remains, along with lots of  other evidence of the lives of Neanderthals, were  ,found by an international team of archaeologists  at the site of Kebara cave in Israel in 1983.  ,Analysis of the remains tell us that this was  a male individual in his mid-twenties. He had  ,no cavities in his teeth. Butchered animal bones  and charred plant remains recovered at the cave  ,revealed that his diet consisted of gazelle,  other animals, wild wheat, legumes, and nuts.  ,He suffered a wound to his left arm,  and if you look closely, you may see a  ,broken and healed bone. See if you can also  identify the jaw, pelvis, spine, and ribs.,Finally, stone tools were found near  his body indicating the technologies  ,and cultural traditions he and his group  practiced. In addition to fossilized bone  ,teeth and stone tools, scientists use DNA  evidence to understand our biological past.  ,This molecule can reveal patterns of inheritance  that allow us to trace our origins back to a  ,common ancestor. The last common ancestor of  both humans and our closest living relative,  ,the chimpanzee, lived approximately  7.5 million years ago. Since then,  ,the changes in the inherited traits from one  generation to the next of the separate populations  ,that descended from this common ancestor have  resulted in new species: those related to humans  ,and those related to chimps. Its theorized  that this common ancestor was very chimp-like.  ,So, its useful to compare traits among chimps and  humans to understand our common ancestor better.  ,Lets go to the lab and meet Professor Sherry  Nelson to take a closer look at those traits.  ,Hi, Im Sherry Nelson.I am a paleoanthropologist  here at the University of New Mexico, so I study  ,fossil apes and fossil humans. In particular,  Im interested in that first transition  ,from ape to early human. So, I study fossils,  but I also study modern chimps in their habitats  ,so that I can reconstruct these early ancestors.  Chimps are great because theyre our sister taxa.  ,Theyre our closest relatives, but also they  look a lot like some of our early ancestors  ,in many ways. And our question is with these  early ancestors, all right, they look chimpy,  ,but how are they different. And one of the first  things to happen in human evolution is we start  ,walking on two feet instead of four. Thats a  pretty tricky transition, and, as any of you  ,know whove tried to skateboard or roller skate or  ski, its hard to stay on balance when youre on  ,two legs instead of four. Your feet want to fall  out in front of you, and the trick is were trying  ,to keep balanced over our center of gravity.  Now were not the only bipeds on earth. If you  ,think about it, theres a big group of animals  that can walk on two legs. Ill give you a hint.  ,Were talking birds, and if youve watched  pigeons in the park, how do they do it? They bob  ,back and forth. You can thank your early ancestors  that we do not bob like pigeons. We have a whole  ,suite of skeletal features designed to be bipedal,  to walk on two legs, and were going to look at  ,those from our head all the way to our toe. And  the best way to look at it is to compare a chimp  ,to a human. So, lets start with our chimp  over here. Now chimps are in rain forest.  ,They walk on the ground on four legs instead  of two, so quadrupeds, but theyre also in the  ,trees a lot. And so, they are designed to be in  the trees with really long arms and short legs,  ,and when I talk about center of gravity  in a chimp, you know, its right there  ,in the middle of the body. So, youve got this  body spread all around that center of gravity  ,with four legs. Its easy to stay balanced.  Lets try to make that chimp stand up,  ,though. Chimps can walk bipedally. They can stand  bipedally. Theyre just not very good at it,  ,and the first problem, as our chimp stands up,  is that center of gravity. You stand up; its  ,sitting in front. Its in the chest. Theyre top  heavy. They have these long arms and short legs,  ,and so, thats going to want to make them  tip over. Now, when you turn to the human,  ,you know were bottom heavy. You need nice  long legs for a nice long bipedal stride,  ,and you dont need the really long arms anymore  to be in the trees. So, our center of gravity  ,is going to lie right there in our pelvis. Thats  what were going to have to wrap ourselves around.  ,So, I said head to toe. Lets start with the head,  and were going to start with where the spine  ,enters the head for t

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