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  3. The After Party – Apple TV+ Series Review
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AfterParty Review

after party the second adventure game,from oxen-free developer night-school,studio retains their formula of 2d,exploration with near constant,conversation and telltale like dialogue,choices while introducing a world of,neon soaked demonic alleyways and dive,bars that look well like most of them do,on earth but inside that over-the-top,demonic shell is a deeply human,cuttingly honest and frequently funny,story about two best friends making it,through one hell of a night after,parties tightly knit cast allows for,more personal and affecting storytelling,than what we saw in oxen-free,best friends milo and lola have,surprisingly found themselves in hell,believing theyve wrongly ended up,surrounded by fire and brimstone for,eternity the duo ventures off to win a,trip back to earth by beating Satan in a,drinking game should be easy enough,right,well nothing on earth or in hell is that,simple and theyre winding night takes,them through several bar filled,districts in the underworld turning into,an emotionally trying morally complex,adventure night schools vision of Hell,is bright and colorful and not just,thanks to all the lava oozing around,each bar and district of the underworld,is intriguing to explore from a chain,sports bar packed with TVs to a dingy,pool hall and some surprising clubs,every interior is distinct and breathe,life into the land of the dead I did run,into some occasional slowdowns in the,more open areas and a few infrequent,cliff lines of dialogue but never to the,detriment of after-parties most powerful,moments first of all whatever Church he,went to whatever faith they were a,little right and aah and its all backed,by another impressive score by,scientific the EDM artist who composed,an oxime freeze haunting soundtrack,balancing both thumping party beats and,slowed urges the music almost always set,to the appropriate mood,night school has done an impressive job,of making it stars Milo and Lola clearly,defined people while also allowing you,to take on a level of meaningful control,in their dialogue choices part of that,is thanks for the biting fun writing,which rolls as smoothly as if aaron,sorkin,added fast-talking kids to his,repertoire are there really babies in,hell why dont they just like get up,pass um no one really gets a pass for,being a selfish narcissistic sociopath,babies get the [ __ ] express lane here,and though after birdie has a specific,tale to tell the dialogue options,frequently felt like they had meaningful,emotional implications and occasionally,important story ones to night school has,littered the blood and rum-soaked,streets of hell with hilarious,characters who often show a surprising,amount of depth how cabbie Sam and,personal demon worm horn playing – the,story is better left as a surprise but,actors Ashly Burch and Aaron Yvette,respectively deliver both hilarious and,gutting moments that had me caring for,demons in a way I never really would,have expected – and the less said about,Dave fennoy wonderful portrayal of Satan,the better its best left to be,discovered but hes easily one of my,favorite devils in quite a while,you wouldnt be attempting could,intimidate missus sang-bong and lo the,wolf at my carousal would you night,school hasnt revolutionized the oxen,freeze gameplay formula with after party,so much has evolved it this time,twisting it around with the introduction,of a selection of very unfine and,horrifying cocktails each barn hell has,its own menu with drinks that liberate,Milo and Lola from their inhibitions in,very different ways the literally acid,drink might allow you to say something,more energetic about well another drink,turns you into a wild fact I cant tell,if its your hideous face or your trash,heap musk but youre getting me all hot,and bothered over here as in life,insightful comments like this can be,helpful or harmful depending on who,youre trying to charm strong-arm or,impress however you have purchased,situation almost every choice in,afterparty comes with some morally,complicated factors even when picking,what I thought would give me the best,outcome or be the most honorable thing,to do which were not always the same,thing after party would find devastating,ways to tell me how,stop are you are you serious,how could you [ __ ] just just,pretend you cant hear him I can hear,you pretending you dont hear me you,giant [ __ ] Im gonna get flayed here,though even when I felt like I had,failed in encounter after party didnt,throw me to a game over screen the party,kept moving whatever choices I made and,I had to live with the consequences of,that all the way through to a satisfying,ending that made my decisions feel like,they really had some weight to them,[Music],theres nothing damning about spending,time in after parties version of Hell,night-school studio has crafted an,original take on the biblical location,smartly rift on moral and societal ideas,and told a personal intriguing story,about Milo and Lolas after lives with,sharp writing and voice acting,this choice driven adventure manages to,retain my schools knack for endearing,character driven stories but accentuates,it with the unique drinking menu that,can further mix up pun intended,how I decided to shave Lola and Milos,personalities tackling some heady ideas,with a down-to-earth approach makes,after-parties raucous emotionally moving,night in hell one to remember for more,be sure to check out our review of,oxen-free and listen to our interview,with night school studio co-founder Sean,krinkle and for everything else youre,already in the right place hell I I,mean IGN good idea too bad decisions to,bad decisions to get you drunk

The After Party Review – 2022 Apple TV+ Original Series

hello everyone and welcome to,lost in the real today well be going,over the new apple tv plus series the,after party brought to us by phil lord,and christopher miller the creative duo,has been on a hot streak for the last,decade bringing us the surprise hit 21,jump street and its sequel as well as,the animated bombshells the lego movie,and spider-man into the spider-verse,but does their streak continue with this,new murder mystery comedy,lets talk about it,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],the after party is created by,christopher miller and stars tiffany,haddish sam richardson zoe chow ben,schwartz ike baron holtz ilana glazer,jamie demetriou john early and dave,franco when a high school reunions,after party ends in a death everyone is,a suspect a detective grills the former,classmates one by one uncovering,potential motives as each tells their,version of the story culminating in the,shocking truth as far as comedies go,we have experienced a dry spell as of,late it seems like there hasnt been any,mainstream original comedies to come out,in the theaters that have actually made,a mark in what seems like ages and,comedy on television hasnt fared much,better,luckily last year there were a few,surprises like hacks the other two and,only murders in the building to tide,over our insatiable appetites for laughs,and we dont have to wait any longer for,more because 2022 is already delivering,a slam dunk comedic farce with apple tv,pluses the after party phil lord and,christopher miller have done it again,it should be noted that miller is the,brainchild here while lord takes some of,the writing credit they have provided us,a series with a concept that feels,familiar but one that is crafted in,surprising creative and ingenious ways,in that manner the after party reminds,me a lot of the hidden gem game night,with jason bateman and rachel mcadams,which is probably one of my favorite,comedies of the last decade,so yes this one is a winner the after,party is a rashman style whodunit that,follows a group of friends who are,attending a high school reunion xavier,one of their old classmates who used to,be a bit of an outcast but is now a,famous musician and movie star invites,them all over to a seaside mansion for,an after party but the fun and games,come to an end when xavier is found,murdered on the beach and all of the,party guests and high school friends are,the suspects,enter detective danner who sits them,each down one by one to get the story,from their perspectives which all vary,in crazy and hilarious ways and the,detective must piece together each story,to figure out the deadly truth of who,killed xavier,like i said prior this whole formula of,a high school reunion that ends in,murder and its the friends who are the,suspects,has been done too many times to count,but it has never been done like in the,after party leave it to this creative,duo to take a tired formula and turn it,completely on its head with such a,wildly imaginative approach,detective danner asks each of the,suspects to tell her their side of the,story like they are explaining the plot,of a film,so each episode is set up in a way where,we are getting the perspective of said,subject but played out in a different,movie genre whether it be ike baron,holds brett who is the bad boy turned,father in a failing marriage whose story,plays out like its an action film all,of the fast and the furious or there is,love struck anik who is vying for,another chance with his high school,crush whose account of what happened is,given the romantic comedy treatment this,structure allows christopher miller and,his writing team to get really creative,not only does every episode feel unique,and special but they are able to,celebrate these beloved genres as well,as satirize them in uproarious ways and,while the first four episodes pretty,much stick to the overall concept to a t,which did worry me a bit for the shows,potential longevity in episode 5 miller,throws a wrench in the formula he has,created and proves that he has so much,more left up his sleeve and while i,never want to give away any spoilers i,must say that he continues to defy his,audiences expectations in each episode,after that,now lets get to this cast because this,is probably one of my favorite ensembles,for a television show i have seen it,quite a while the after party is full of,up-and-coming comedic performers like,ilana glazer from broad city fame sam,richardson from werewolves within and,hbos veep theres ben schwartz from,parks and recreation and whos also the,voice of sonic in the new movies zoe,chow from hbo maxs highly underrated,love life john early who shined in,search party as well as jamie dimitrio,who stars in the popular uk series staff,lets flats theres also tiffany haddish,david franco and ike berenholtz who,round out this whos who of cass that,could go on and on and on and while i,would love to spend the rest of this,review name dropping and fawning over,how great these actors are,i will just say this the after party is,able to allow nearly all of these,performers to get their time to shine,and their chemistry with one another is,spot on it certainly helps that a lot of,the cast and crew have worked with each,other on different projects before,unfortunately there are a few supporting,players who dont get much screen time,which is due to the very constrictive,and in my opinion too short eight,episode run of the season something i,will go over in a second,if i were to highlight anyone after it,would have to be jamie dimitrio who i,was completely unfamiliar with until,watching this series his awkward,bumbling but sincere performance,immediately made me want to check out,his prior work from the uk,there are some things about the after,party that do knock it down a few,notches for me however but nothing in,which a second season couldnt,completely mend,also keep in mind that critics were only,screened seven out of the eight episodes,so we are also left in the dark about,who the killer is until it premieres but,i can tell from what ive seen,that these eight episodes are just not,enough with only 30 to 35 minute run,times for each episode the season comes,and goes so quickly that i was,immediately left wanting more there are,so many intriguing characters introduced,that there is simply not enough time to,get invested in most of them and with,the setup of a revolving door of genres,and the story jumping from one,perspective to another constantly youre,left yearning for the after party to,take a second to breathe so you can,further enjoy and soak in the,festivities,finally i just dont think the murder,mystery in this show,is all that involving i was left more on,the edge of my seat wondering what the,next genre being satirized was going to,be than the actual mystery of who the,killer was which im pretty sure is not,what the creators were intending,and i just cant see the final episode,or the inevitable reveal,making up for how little the case has,gripped me so far,which is also an issue that the,aforementioned only murders in the,building also struggled from,but just as in that show although the,after party is centered around its core,mystery its more of a plot device for,its actors and writers to have a blast,creating characters in situations that,are entertaining as hell for audiences,and in that this series succeeds in so,many ways,so i will be giving apple tv pluses the,after party,3.75 shrimp cocktails out of 5.,this series is able to overcome its,tired formula and lackluster mystery,through the collective power of its,talented cast and creative team who are,able to make this brilliantly inventive,after party a damn good fun laugh out,loud experience,thank you so much for watching lost in,the real,make sure to share your thoughts on the,after party what is your favorite phil,lord and christopher miller project,which star of this show are you most,looking forward to seeing sound off in,the comments section down below and,until next time my f

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The After Party – Apple TV+ Series Review

after a murder is discovered at a high,school reunion the attendees tried to,remember what happened despite all of,them remembering the fateful night,differently and the murderer remaining,at large,welcome movie watchers thank you guys,for stopping by my channel if this is,the first time you were on my channel i,really do appreciate you clicking on,this video if you love all things movies,like i do and shows make sure the,subscribe button for more up-and-coming,videos the after party is a very unique,murder mystery show on apple tv plus,that is told in different movie genres,we have tiffany haddish working as a,detective shes on this case dave franco,was pushed off the side of a cliff and,he was attending his high school reunion,and everybody there is telling their,story about what had happened but its,done in a way that recaptures a certain,movie genre we have a pretty good cast,in here like i said tiffany haddish dave,franco in here we also have ben schwartz,sam richardson alana glazer zoe chow ike,baron holtz and so many more each person,is being interrogated and how they,retell what happened is told in a movie,genre so for example when ben schwartz,is telling his side of the story its,done in a musical when we have sam,richardson tell his story its done in a,romantic comedy we also have an animated,version we have an action film we have a,thriller its very unique and it offers,a different style of filmmaking for each,one and what i love about how each one,is crafted not only does it feel like a,romantic comedy or a musical or an,action film the way that it is directed,and edited too also makes it look like,an action film you have different angles,different colors to make it look like an,action film the musicals are brighter,have a larger scale to it whereas the,action films just feel a little bit,darker,and the romantic comedy just feels you,know uplifting and fun so the tone for,each episode is very different and it,also,uh kind of it also a little bit tells,you about the character ben schwartz,character loves music ike baron holtz is,a little more gritty with in the series,but i love how each story it pertains to,a different movie genre makes makes each,episode different than what we got,previously this was a really fun show i,really got invested into it immediately,the murder mystery itself is really,intriguing and makes you really want to,stick with the show,dave francos character is the one that,dies and he uh became really popular,after high school,starred in movies had some grammys made,music and everybody was really,anticipating him coming to the high,school reunion this is the 15th high,school reunion and everybodys uh have a,secret or a different story about xavier,or,the time when they were in high school,wanting to reconnect with other,attendees of the high school reunion and,so we have all these characters a lot of,them are really likable especially ben,schwartz character who just feels like,hes ripped out of parks and rec hes,really energetic a lot of fun sam,richardson is also a really likable,character even if he uh is doing some,secretive things i really like him as a,character and i also like alana glazer,and she holds a lot of secrets her,character is very mysterious,ike baron holtz is unhinged in here hes,very unpredictable in here and dave,franco just feels like dave franco and i,thought that was really entertaining but,everybody just works so well together,theres a lot of great chemistry within,this series and the characters uh do,feel like they were at one point friends,and its a little bit awkward when they,are reconnecting and they see each other,at the high school reunion thats how i,imagine my high school reunion would,have been uh it was supposed to be in,2020 but that was at the height of the,pandemic and we didnt have it was all,done on a facebook group um but imagine,if i went to my high school reunion,thats how it would have been awkward,and they really did capture the the,awkwardness of senior friends again,after 15 years and uh having a night,together so i really like how they,captured that but also you did get the,sense that they were really good friends,and theres even an episode that feels,like a high school comedy,and it shows everything that had,happened in high school a big party you,know friends falling apart friends,growing together they capture all of,that and so uh but at its courts never,forgetting the murder mystery that was,set up in the first episode with dave,franco and theres so many episodes,where you start to think okay this,character did it theres a lot on this,character that would absolutely make,sense and then it starts to unravel more,information and then you start to think,okay maybe this character is the,murderer but also wheres this character,i havent seen them in a while so it,really does play up on that murder,mystery so well to the point where,youre confused i i dont know whats,going to happen by the end of it all im,just,wanting to see what happens i want to,see who the murderer is tiffany haddish,does a great job as this detective,theres even an episode about her and,how she became a detective i thought,that was really great to kind of add uh,the development for the character thats,not part of the high school reunion so,all around this is a really clever,series,offering different techniques for each,episode a different movie genre to,retell,the high school reunion and what led to,the death of dave francos character,this celebrity xavier and i like the,approach to each one and the dedication,to make that movie genre really pop,my favorite episode is ben schwartz when,it is a musical there is some really,catchy songs in here but theres also a,lot of information between these,episodes to really play up that murder,mystery and uh you trying to think about,who is the murderer this is created and,written by christopher miller the guy,behind the lego movie and some other,really great comedies and you can just,really tell the humor within here just,flows very nicely uh and the dedication,for this and just the love for this,overall series probably its one of my,favorite shows so far this year its,only january though um but it is a,really interesting show that grips you,that hooks you right away never really,lets go so you get something different,each episode its focused on a different,character each episode but when they are,not interrogating the person theres a,story thats growing,theres a story growing in xaviers,house and uh they are trying to get,closer and closer to who the murderer is,so after party uh you need to check it,out on apple tv plus it is worth your,time the cast is great its funny its,intriguing theres so many different,movie genres that it covers its worth,your time so before i give you my score,for the after party on apple tv plus,make sure to check out my channel here i,do movie reviews trailer actions ranking,videos cheerless all that fun movie,related content that you see on youtube,i do it all here so hit that subscribe,button to get it all in one spot im,gonna go ahead and give the after party,an a minus thank you guys for gym review,for the after party on apple tv plus,have you guys seen it what do you think,about it let me know in the comment,section down below and stay tuned for,more up and coming content like this my,name is justin watches movies and you,guys stay classy youtube

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The Afterparty is a Masterclass in Character Perspective | SEASON 1 REVIEW

the after party is one of the funniest,most impressive amazingly well made tv,series ive seen in a long time its a,murder mystery whodunit set around a,high school reunion and then they go to,an after party and then theres a murder,and we see each episode from the,perspective of all the characters at,this after party but we dont just,follow their perspectives their,perspectives take on a new genre so each,episode is brilliantly crafted to kind,of focus in on a new genre we get a,rom-com we get an action we get a,thriller we get a musical and we have a,lot of fun with doing all of this but,what elevates this to be cleverer and,funnier and more engaging in all levels,is that each time we delve into the,night of the murder were not only,seeing new genres but the perspective,changes in a way where we see events,play out in one way and then well see,the exact same event played in a,different way but depending on whos,like looking at that situation the,actors and their actions are totally,different people see each other and view,each other in different ways sometimes,they come across more tough manly action,hero sometimes you know well see a big,action fight and then three episodes,later well see the reveal of what,really happened in that fight which is a,a terrible bop to the head punch and,then run away like a coward well see,situations where someone is doing the,whole thing and theyre a drunken mess,and then well see their perspective and,theyre not some drunk with you know,thats just all over the place theres,so much pathos to it because theyre,faking being drunk trying to get this,person alone because they think theyre,being stalked by this other person and,every single episode and each scene,slowly kind of unravels this night which,is so brilliantly crafted brilliantly,staged and kind of put together its,like this puzzle piece they had and then,they just throw it all over the place,and they just show us the puzzle pieces,they need to show us as it goes on while,just having an absolutely hilarious fun,time of doing a comedy murder mystery,show with spectacular performances from,everybody really really fun engaging,performances all the characters really,likeable they start off as kind of,cliches and then when we see their,cliche world perspective where one goes,like im the tough action hero and i,love my daughter and im from a fast and,furious movie but,through that theres so much more heart,than when anyone else sees him and i,just found that so amazing so good like,i just found it such an interesting new,way to kind of handle that its almost,kind of a cliche genre trope now and i,feel like lost kind of you know made it,popular at least if not doing it the,first time where each episode will focus,on a character and theres lots of other,shows that do this skins did it most,recently the murder mystery show eden,the australian show really great show,check it out but this show kind of does,that trope where you see each episode,from a characters perspective but they,really ramp it up in that everyone has,this cartoonish view of not only,themselves and they kind of hide and,push themselves up but a cartoonish,different kind of world view on everyone,else and i found this so engaging and,fascinating to really kind of think,about the fact that how you see yourself,and how everyone sees themselves is not,how other people see you and each other,person sees you differently so some,people see you as charming or this or,that and other people see you as cheesy,or lame or an action hero or just some,guy and you dont even notice him so i,found that really really engaging i,think thats kind of the best part of,this show and i think they utilize it,brilliantly where when it gets to the,end of the series and its revealed who,did it,i was so swept off my feet and,heartbroken and devastated by it because,of what weve been shown beforehand and,so setting the stage for this murder,mystery show where everyones at an,after party and the murder takes place,and its all set at a high school,reunion 15 years after high school and,that just is such a clever and,interesting kind of place to set it,because somewhere like a high school,reunion is somewhere where youre kind,of reflecting on the past you cant,really escape the past and high school,is such a great kind of place to kind of,set this to because we get that high,school teen drama episode and it kind of,sets the stage for all these characters,and where they want to be and who they,are at that point but now we see 15,years later and some of them havent,been able to like let go of the past and,some of them are totally new people like,xavier the the murder victim uh dave,franco as a really great uh hilarious uh,often very snobbish and arrogant and,very unlikable character then we see,moments throughout the series where its,like,no this guy was like you know he had,that worse night that night and he was,heartbroken by his best friend like,betraying him um but then he became a,superstar and so we just i dont know i,found it just so interesting the way,that like theyre utilizing high school,and the way theyre always thinking back,on high school and going back to like a,high school reunion its kind of an,interesting way to kind of have everyone,be in that reminiscing state i think,that created this really interesting,energy and dynamic around the ensemble,because as i said everyone sees,themselves as this certain character but,when theyre thrown back with all these,people they knew when they were this,different person from high school,it just creates so much interest in,drama and not to mention because this is,written by,god of writing and directing and just,god man of creation of tv and stuff,chris,miller he is just phil lord and,christmas amazing its great to see that,he can do something separate and theyre,not always together just being the best,together its like he can be perfect by,himself i think the lord helped write a,couple episodes i think but you know he,created the show and it is a masterpiece,i think its so well crafted it is so,funny its just like laugh out loud,funny,second to second like that the cast is,so good everyone is so on fire i think,particularly the,ben schwartz and the guy who plays anik,were just so funny but everyone was,really really great its not just a,really really funny and you know,mysterious and interesting murder,mystery,its got this like i dont know pure,sadness to a lot of like this true kind,of like haunting sadness that like i,think is captured perfectly in the last,20 minutes when the reveal happens which,i found devastating it broke me but with,the character walt the kind of character,whos like everyone remembers that guy,at high school that they dont remember,well they dont remember him but like in,this situation hes like hes always,like im here its,its me,and no one remembers his name,and,at first its a little funny and at,times throughout the series very funny,but honestly mostly devastating mostly,horrifically sad,the,absolute heartbreak and the pathos we,get from this character i found like,chilling to the bone it was so real so,painful to have this character and we,get the perspective of the teen drama,flashback episode through his eyes and,just,i dont know like theres always been,talk at this party this party and hes,revealed that it was his party just,oh it broke me i was like oh no,oh it just it really devastated me its,such a real true character and all these,characters get these little moments like,anik our kind of main character who,everyone thinks hes done in the first,we get that classic rom-com high school,reunion episode that kind of sets the,scene for how we think everythings,looking you know hes popping the,balloons hes like oh maybe this is sexy,popping the blues but hes actually,stumbling all over it and we set the,scene with him but then as he starts,listening trying to like prove that hes,not the murderer you know said in the,present day,at the murder investigation

Spoiler Alert! The Afterparty Cast and Creators Reveal Who the Murderer Is | Entertainment Weekly

warning ahead spoiler alert whoa,if you like surprises get out of here,were going to talk about who did it if,you dont want to know who did it,dont listen,or watch,if you have not watched the episodes of,the show take some time watch them then,return here and catch these spoiler,alerts you wouldnt start a garfield,card cartoon strip all the way on the,right,you wouldnt get all the twists and,turns that happen in those three panels,so do yourself a favor,go back watch the first three panels of,the after party and then watch that,i was very surprised and but then like,it was the kind of surprise where like,it all makes sense because,the all the pieces had been laid out you,know so this this isnt one of those,sort of cheap mysteries where a deus ex,machina comes down and like its,uh it turns out it was,a cop who we hadnt seen who was hiding,in a broom closet and then did it and,then like we meet him in episode 8. it,was rewarding to know at the end that,what,that that all the pieces were there and,if you figure it out or didnt figure it,out you could have done it if you if you,if you tried right it wasnt like guest,star joe latrulio,i just this is like i think my like 88th,interview for the show and i just need,it real quick,yasberg did it ben,[Laughter],party people,big ups to hill mount high we started at,the upper middle,and now were here,but for tonight me casa,i mean you know how the rest of that,goes whoa we gotta live forever,how did this all go so wrong its very,exciting to be able to talk about it ike,is right weve done like a billion of,these and kind of had to lie or say some,silly like ill never tell or we dont,know,so its very exciting to actually talk,about it uh when i uh when chris emailed,me about the job he sent me an email,said hey were doing a show its gonna,be a murder mystery its gonna be,different genres i think youll be happy,yours is a musical if you want to do it,and also i think youll be even happier,youre the murderer so in the very first,email i got i found out that i was the,person so it was it was very exciting so,throughout the whole process and also,throughout all these interviews ive had,to lie which is so weird because i have,to hear how everybody else found out and,if ikes like yeah i found out in,episode 5 i was like yeah i mean me and,i dont have so far like i just listened,to other people,but chris told me at the beginning right,at the beginning and its like a dream,come true how fun is it to be the person,that slowly breaks down at the end and,goes a little bit you know has to,confess everything but you you kind of,while youre playing it im trying to,make people care about him enough where,it feels bad uh zoey was like showing me,real emotion when i was like doing my,thing about im the killer and i would,just look at her and start to cry,because she felt so bad that my,character was like about to go to jail,for the rest of his life right zoe,i did it was a bummer we like,we i mean i had read we had all read the,scripts and knew you know who it was but,by the time we actually got to shoot the,big reveal it still like,punched me in the stomach,i didnt want i really didnt want you,to be the killer ben,but,who did you want to be the killer,you,absolutely jamie absolutely,yeah what i got when i got in the park,my agent told me it wasnt me and i was,like all right,sure,cool ill read the script then well,talk i was like no its not,but,it did lead me,it led me down the garden path uh as we,insist on staying over here,and,over here in this corner of the,riverside interview not london,but yeah no i was so so surprised uh and,i just cant comprehend what jasper in,jail looks like i i imagine he adapts,and hes sort of,got a kind of barbershop quartet quickly,[Music],[Laughter],on a happy note but uh didnt follow,through with it sadly phil and chris are,also writing an oz type show for just me,where its dad for,like a really gritty prison,the boy from us,yeah thats right,is there anything i did in terms of like,suddenly suggesting uh one one of the,things that i would do when chris is,directing every now and then when id,see a moment where its like oh if i,played this this way if someone,re-watched the show they could see my,characters freaking out like theres a,moment when they realize theres a,camera in the private eyes poster and if,you watch that when im with sam,richardson when i realize theres a,camera there my character realizes hes,dead theres evidence that he did it so,if you watch that back theres a moment,where i im done im like oh my god its,over and then he tries to realize okay i,could fix it so you could see him like,go oh no no no and then come back and,there are little moments throughout like,chris theres a moment where were,singing in the shower and theres i mean,like us how many,theres like milliseconds of me,switching the phones right chris theres,like eight frames of you like having two,phones in the frame and then you drop,down if you like look very carefully,and when im tweeting uh the thing,before it erases the footage im on a,different phone but were covering,enough of the phone that youd have to,freeze stream it like really like,look but we layer things throughout any,time like id get nervous when tiffany,looked at me every now and then or try,to so we try to layer it so if you watch,it back uh you can see how nervous or,fake confident i gotta say i have so,many people who watch this show and have,texted me who they think,and im trying to think i dont think,one of them has,a diaspora not one everyone is waltz,you know who did figure it out is uh red,the reddit sub group is they are some,master uh,masters flutes they uh,they theyve picked up all the hidden,coded met like clues,and like within an hour of the episode,airing theyve got like its all mapped,out and uh and theres a bunch of,theories on there but i would say the,prevailing theory is jasper did it and,exactly the two phones all of it wow,they like freeze frame it they see every,little detail and they discuss it they,notice that um that you went in from the,balcony and then you went in from the,recording studio wow,if they theyre like,several thousand people working together,online,pretty good detective,i think its sort of i dont know i,think i tried to sort of drive,everything via the comedy of the,character and i think that theres,something funny and like a big,stupid guy like me being really trying,to be really suspicious,you know like its like its sort of in,the nature of like knocking things over,and stuff and kind of being,whatever walt is like a sort of no,personality person its like its quite,fun to find humor in the fact that hes,kind of like,like like a kind of personality-less,person everyone seems to think you did,it everyone,its all anyones talking about,sorry youre you thats not fun i felt,like every character really could have,done it which was,it was just like such a it was so,strongly constructed that i like could,have believed every character so i felt,like my character chelseas motives,were,justified im not saying uh go murder,someone but justified um,enough that i was like i i believe she,could have but i actually found it like,really,creepy that jasper did it because of his,musical episode like i mean just even,being in the show i was like damn,this is hes a psycho,and then watching it then i found like,oh hes nervous but like when you were,acting you know when we were shooting it,and also like coming off your musical,scenes i was like this guys stoked hes,nuts,then he murdered someone hes out of his,mind,[Laughter],when you were shooting it like im,watching ben and his characters like,thirsty and like you know blah blah blah,but,you look at it now hes freaking out,what i also found what i also found,really smart about it is that you know,daves performance of xavier and xavier,you know written its just such,it is true like any one of us could have,killed him because hes,just the juiciest and its sort of like,um,what is it

Afterparty Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

old scratch Nick the Prince of Darkness,Strummer of sins Morningstar the light,bringer the devil goes by many nicknames,and an after-party night schools studios,game after oxen free you can add the,most rekt party planner youve ever seen,to that nickname list and after party,you play is to recently Dirtnap college,kids trying to complete the one mission,that a teenager may actually be able to,beat the devil in and thats drinking a,2d narrative driven adventure game that,sees you in Hell trying to get back to,life before the night is up after party,releases tomorrow for 1999 on the ps4,Xbox and PC as well as on game pass for,the Xbox and PC for whatever amount you,ended up paying for the game pass as,always if you liked the video hit the,subscription button and choose the all,for notifications so heres my review,for afterparty and graphics gonna be up,first the game certainly bears more than,a passing impression of the gorillas art,style and hell where the characters,spend most of their time is a colorful,world of neon billboards and artful,advertising for the dens of sin and,questionable activities with their own,features enhanced to deliver the,personality of the characters its a,unique look and its farther along at,times artistically then say oxen free,and its more painterly style but at the,same time somehow feels a bit rougher,around the edges now this might be the,interactions with the characters and the,lack of information thats really,delivered to you about the world except,the exact places in which you can go to,it just feels a little less seamless,than oxen-free does or like when the,characters go to grab a drink from the,bar and their arms flick out at odd,angles to grab the drinks it goes from,looking good to really looking low-rent,and back and forth in the same scene now,you move around the game world traveling,to unique bars drinking various other,worldly drinks and exploring the game,world I should say take exploring with a,grain of salt here though because it is,just walking from one end of a warped,Street to the other and reading the,various entries that you get overall the,game looks good but some could be easily,turned off by the basic look of the,characters faces which even at the most,emotive never really look all that good,animation wise the games highlight is,the mixture of the larger-than-life,facial features and the animations of,the two leads together each displays,emotions from fear to drunken anger to,intimidation very well with Milos,shaking knees when hes confronted and,Ally to Lolas shrugging off of,one-liners during beer pong,the budget I would say its not bad but,there is some hit and miss here and that,brings us to performance and after-party,is not gonna push your system unless you,have something like four generations,back when it comes to hardware its only,got a couple systems to adjust in the,graphic settings and you probably wont,need to fiddle with those unless you,really do have an old system and on the,console it runs fine,its just not taxing at all and that,doesnt mean it cant look pretty its,just not really that kind of game while,some may like it a lot and others might,be turned off a bit by this kind of art,style and that brings us to gameplay in,a bit about the story in afterparty you,play as Milo and Lola who recently let,slip the mortal coil and for reasons you,dont know were thrown into hell due to,scheduling and really no one in hell,giving a [ __ ] if youre late to anything,youre left to hang out in the various,Bergs of the demonic districts until,morning in which all your tortures will,be outlined in your personal hell will,begin and right from the start youre,partnered up with a personal demon whos,worm horn hilariously quirky and really,strangely upbeat pinata of a demon whose,only desires to know your every secret,and then spill them out of you ruining,your afterlife in accordance with her,job as well a demon but soon you find,out that there might be one way out of,hell if you out drink Satan what follows,is a few hours of walking and boating,and being demon flown around locations,as you try to learn what you can do and,what you need to know about the contest,and hopefully outdrink Satan and a party,to end all parties the main game is very,simple you walk from one side of a level,to the other and then talk with people,in the various establishments that you,can enter and you try to put your plane,together to take down Satan in the,drinking contest as well as performing,various quests for some of the patrons,demons and other sinners who inhabit the,game world the conversation is much like,auxin fries with you able to take one to,two choices normally during discussion,as well as saying nothing moving,conversations along it is somewhat,steady click now when you go to the,various bars in Hell you can sit down at,the bar and choose from assorted,alcohols many of them unique to the bars,for which they are and adding another,dialogue option to your upcoming choices,in dialogue for example if your drink,causes aggression you might be able to,intimidate a demon or pick one that,raises your perception and you might,notice something the line of dialogue,you can unpack into useful data in that,discussion surprisingly though after,party Myers itself in some really short,and blur B exposition,that never really goes anywhere now sure,they explain a bit about whats going on,in some side story but the games desire,to keep the twist secret which,everyones probably gonna guess less,than now were in unless theyre not,playing the game at all youre gonna run,into a moment where youve had it in,every damn movie or show where youre,screaming at the screen just saying why,dont you say what you mean and of,course you know you wont because they,need to add 45 minutes of longing looks,and people walking out of doorways,repeating what they said in slower words,because it means more that way means,more that way as you make progress,occasionally worm horn is gonna show up,and discuss the choices you made heres,where the game really fell down for me,the choices you make seem absolutely,absent of even mattering its like you,made this choice and youre like yep,thats what I did and they sort of,sputter and say boy youre dumb so I,went back and I made the different,choice and boom they said the same thing,now this is probably made worse by the,choices really not being huge ones that,you go over despite the game trying its,best to make you think that it is even,sometimes stopping to say man you really,need to think about this but you,actually never do and while humor is at,its very core subjective here it is,like babys first f-word its just,blurbs of data met out like random,musings of a computer on a timer,spitting out sentences written and then,never checks if two sentences really,makes sense to one another also,conversations are nice though not,expertly written but many times youre,left with some long walks with nothing,being said because the one or two,sentences has been delivered already and,this isnt helped by the sound and music,which Ill get to in a moment where,oxen-free was a uniquely satisfying set,of narratives about relationships and,friends defined while spread across the,momentary tapestry of supernatural,happenings and exploration across the,painted world after-party is almost,solely a right-left-right of small,discussions and then silence with a,little world-building sometimes in,between depending on if its just you,walking with others or if you in the,taxicab of some overly talky demon,driver after party does have a couple,minigames to try to break up the steady,walkie and talkie gameplay either,drinking games like beer pong or basic,match the button dance offs against the,demons but since these are mostly done,in very specific places it feels really,lean when it comes to game play where,we had an almost unusual consistency to,the games interactions during movement,from fiddling with radio stations to try,to just


[Music],so,hello everyone welcome back to my,channel today we are talking about a,wear test in review for,foundation from ill machiage a,self-proclaimed,extra beauty brand out of new york but,first we are still in december weve got,three more days that were looking,fantastic advent calendar,to go through together so when we left,off i think we were on day 17 so weve,got 18 19 and 20,to do today 18.,so this is hydrating primer from sleek,makeup ive purchased a few things from,sleep from sleek makeup over the years,i do like them so im not much of a,primer person,but im wondering if primers have kind,of gone the way of highlighters i know,ive shared,it took me a long time to come back,around to buying highlighters because i,felt like so many were flooding the,market,and none of them were any good and i,felt the same way about,primers as of a couple of years ago so i,wonder if maybe theyve come a long way,since the last time i tried one so i,will throw that in,the makeup drawer to give it a go,day 19 we are all the way up in this,corner here,volumizing mascara lash brag from,anastasia beverly hills,i like trial size mascaras im not going,to open it yet because as soon as you do,you start letting that air in,but anastasia obviously known for their,brows and,eye makeup in particular so small,mascara thatll be a good one to try,right easy ones today not ones that have,to figure out what they are this is kind,of fun,day 20. there we are,this is by mio clay away body cleanser a,two-in-one wash and,mask apply this versatile wash to wet,skin all over your body and thoroughly,rinse off for a more intense treatment,apply to dry skin and leave on for two,minutes before,rinsing off if irritation occurs stop,using immediately its,specifically not for facial use so,thats kind of cool i feel like we,neglect the skin on our bodies,so much even though we devote so much,time and attention to the skin care for,our faces,so to see something that is specifically,designed to up the ante for your skin,care for your body i guess thats really,nice,so again this is by mio this is called,the clay away body cleanser,ill link all three of these products,down below,if you havent checked out look,fantastic yet yes they are where i get,my,beauty advent calendars from but theyre,kind of to me,the unsung hero of the beauty,online shopping it really is a one-stop,shop for,beauty skincare hair products bath,products,think like sephora like ulta but with,some of the same but also different,brands that you cant get at those,stores that were all so used to,so lookfantastic.com i will link these,products for you guys in the description,box below,now lets get on to what has probably,been the,strangest wear test and review that i,have done in,quite some time this foundation is by,the company ill makiage as i said,this is called their next generation,full coverage foundation so a couple of,things to note about this,first of all as i mentioned the company,is a,self-proclaimed self-acknowledged extra,designed for maximalists if you watch my,channel you know that i tend to not be a,maximalist when it comes to makeup i,tend to be a bit of a skin on a list,particularly when it comes to foundation,and my skin coverage,but i decided to try something a little,bit different and give this company a go,and part of the reason for that is their,amazing,trial policy once you get the product in,hand and they send you the full size,product just for the price of shipping,you have 14 days to try it in your home,and make sure that you like it,or you can send it back they dont even,charge you for the full-size product,until you decide that youre going to,keep it they offer shade matching on,their website so you try to get the,color thats closest to your skin tone,but another great reason to have that,return policy if the shade is wrong but,you like the product you can just send,it back for an exchange,within that 14 day window so this is,absolutely a,full coverage foundation part of the,reason i generally shy away,from full coverage foundations is that,they are very thick,you end up with cake face they sit very,heavily on the skin and because they are,so heavy i find that my skin,is more prone to breakouts and flare-ups,in my rosacea when i wear them,so what i want to do is take you guys,through the wear test which was,pre-filmed with time stamps as usual,and ill kind of talk you through some,of the utterly bizarre experience that i,had with this foundation,and then we will wrap up with my final,thoughts about it which might surprise,you because they honestly surprised even,me,so lets jump right into this here first,as always im going to let you know what,i have on my skin to start with no,surprise here ive got my paulos choice,daily tinted sunscreen,and the by terry cellular rose serum,mixed together put on my skin,ive also filled in my eyebrows with my,winky luxe unibrow pen that i have been,using for the past several months,first of all as you just saw me showing,you here the packaging,is extra but i really liked it what a,beautiful presentation for foundation,this foundation bottle also comes with a,really handy pump top which i found,really convenient,and it recommends starting with one pump,which is about what i typically use,and it specifically says to go in with a,brush or a sponge,not your fingers so first i texted i,tested out the texture like always,its not running down the back of my,hand and you can notice im even seeing,if i can get it to drip or move,and it didnt so its a thick foundation,but as i start putting it on here i was,surprised by two things right off the,bat,first of all the amount of coverage that,i was getting for the quantity that i,used you can see me just spreading this,across my forehead,again using a bit of a heavier,application technique than i typically,would because this is full coverage,foundation and i wanted to kind of honor,what the foundation is designed to do,instead of,shoehorning it into what i would,typically do so you can see the crazy,amount of coverage that im getting for,the quantity that im using,and the other thing that i noticed is,that for such a full,coverage foundation like look at this,its ridiculous for such a full coverage,foundation,very lightweight i did not feel like i,was putting,actual wall paint on my face to achieve,this level of coverage,now in all honesty,im looking at myself in the mirror in,the viewfinder at about this point and,im,ready to run to the washroom take it all,off and scrap the whole thing for a,couple reasons,first of all this level of coverage i,think,looks a little bit ridiculous on me,i just feel like that completely,flattened,face theres no skin texture here,showing through theres nothing about,this that looks natural or like,real skin and additionally im noticing,that the shade match was a little bit,off,im kind of going to go ahead and let,that one slide because,this i was filmed two days after id,applied sunless tanner so i still had a,nice tan,glow going on i think maybe this shade,would be perfect for me when,im like fully pale so i decided to,press on,and again you can see the crazy full,coverage here and i think i show you the,back of my hand here at one point there,we go,and i didnt re-pump i didnt have to,add any extra and,crazy full coverage all across my face,using the same amount of product that i,use when i just do,my touch-ups to cover the redness and,the thin skin that you see,that you see me do in a typical,foundation wear test,after all the makeup is on it says to,wait five minutes and let it sit,before you judge the color or judge the,wear of it so i let five minutes pass,i still noticed that the color was a,little bit off against my tan,but not quite as bad as it was when it,first went on,and then i zeroed in on these areas,those most elastic parts of your face,around the mouth where youre moving,youre talking youre smiling,and noticed immediately what i dont,like about full coverage foundations the,fact that

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