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The Amazing Spider-Man – Movie Review

welcome back to my series of spider-man,reviews weve covered the Raimi trilogy,and now were moving into Marc Webbs,trilogy Oh actually its just two movies,awkward the amazing spider-man a lot of,people were excited about this movie it,was being marketed as the untold story,of the beloved webslinger which was a,clever ploy to get us to sit in the,theater expecting something new and to,give us a reason for this reboot,actually existing Marc Webb directed,this movie he was plucked from indie,obscurity after making the very good 500,days of summer and he made a movie with,no style of his own really in truth this,film comes off as a 2 hour and 16 minute,indie rock music video featuring someone,who resembles spider-man hate me yet,good cuz Im not done so look i,rewatched this movie yesterday because i,havent really enjoyed this movie since,it came out and a lot of people have,told me that they feel that Im,incorrect or Im being too harsh on the,movie so I rewatched this movie last,night and I studied it I mean I studied,it frame for frame I took like 10 pages,of notes I am prepared to discuss why I,dont personally enjoy the amazing,spider-man itd be easy for me to sit,here and say oh I dont like this movie,it sucks its dumb and not really give,you any concrete reasons but thats not,what Im gonna do lets get in-depth,about the amazing spider-man spoiler,filled of course heres the reasons why,this movie disappointed me lets talk,about Peter Parker obviously hes the,most well-rounded character in this,movie you learn a little bit about his,parents but really not that much you,care about him kind of but in the long,run I just didnt like Andrew Garfields,portrayal of Peter Parker hes kind of a,punk,he likes to skateboard in the halls when,teachers tell him not to he humiliates,Flash on purpose hes kind of a creeper,as well taking pictures of Gwen Stacy,from a distance I didnt feel much,sympathy for him in this movie which was,a major letdown for me and Andrew,Garfield as I watched this movie kind of,portrays Peter as if he has a hangover,in almost every scene,lets talk about the good and bad of,spider-mans character development the,good is that hes a little bit more,quippy for one Scene one of the major,complaints with Raimi spider-man trilogy,was that Spiderman wasnt quippy enough,he didnt make enough jokes so they,heard you and they made one scene for,you in which he demolishes this car,thief he sprays webbing all over him,even on the nutsack he calls him names,he makes fun of the cop even as well now,that was one scene for the fans,please look at that from a filmmaking,perspective that really was just one,scene they said okay well get the scene,out of the way where he makes jokes and,then they never have him do it again it,was just a fanservice scene for us at,least in the Raimi films the quips well,minimal or spread out here they just did,one quick scene in which the only goal,of that scene was to make spider-man,tell some jokes and move on from there,and never have him do it again I do,however think Andrew Garfield is far,more likable as spider-man than he is as,Peter Parker he definitely understands,the character and what I like about his,portrayal is that in real life he really,is a humongous fan of spider-man and it,was special to him and you can tell that,hes really trying to honor it I,personally dont care if he has organic,web shooters or he makes the web,shooters himself lets get this out of,the way I hate the suit in this movie it,looks like a basketball and trust me,Ive heard every single defense for that,well hes just a poor high schooler how,can he afford to make a really awesome,suit like some Hollywood costume,designer well if hes so poor how can he,afford to make web shooters with tencel,string that can balance a human being,between skyscrapers or attach multiple,cars to a bridge if he can create that,tech he should be able to make a suit,that looks better than a basketball,lets talk about the character,development of Gwen Stacy uh there is,none I like Emma Stone quite a bit shes,a very likable actress and she gets a,lot of laughs in this movie because she,is funny as a person and you can feel,that seeping through her theres good,chemistry there between Peter and Gwen,these actors were dating in real life so,that probably helped but we watching,this movie I found no attempt to develop,her character even in the slightest here,are her two character traits she has a,crush on Peter Parker and she can make,an antidote for lizard serum in like,five minutes the most impactful thing,that happens,her character happens at the end of the,movie when her father dies and thats,the end of the movie,how about Aunt May and Uncle Ben well,Aunt Mays role in this movie is to,worry Peter comes home Aunt Mays,worried Peter comes home Aunt Mays,worried it happens about five times she,doesnt really do much in the film,except worry over and over again Martin,Sheen is Uncle Ben does a fairly good,job hes good in this movie its just,that the film has such a hard time,balancing the brilliant performance that,Cliff Robertson gave in the first one,the with great power comes great,responsibility line and trying not to,copy too much off Raimis films and so,they throw in this if you could do good,things for other people you had a moral,obligation to do those things thats,whats at stake here not choice,responsibility its like they were,afraid to just say it again for some,reason and they had to figure out a,different way to write the exact same,phrase and it just comes off so tired,heres the big one for me in regards to,character development dr. Connors,slashed the lizard is without a doubt,the worst developed worst fleshed out of,any of the spider-man villains in the,four films we had received at that time,whats the motivation for his character,while hes trying to work on,cross-species genetics hes trying to,regrow his arm and he has a deadline,because Norman Osborn the head of Oscorp,is dying we never see this man we never,meet Norman Osborn but were supposed to,somehow care about this character weve,never seen the urgency of dr. Connors,situation is entirely because Irfan Khan,comes in every once in a while and says,hey Norman Osborn is dying you need to,create this and you need to do it fast,and for some reason were supposed to,care about his situation the real,motivation though is regrowing his arm,so he eventually injects himself and,becomes the first human trial the,problem is the entire development of his,character rests around him wanting to,regrow his arm which leads into him,transforming into a monster all,development given to his character is so,that he could become this lizard,creature once that happens the script,has no idea what to do with this man and,he just becomes insane and starts,getting voices in his head like Norman,Osborn in the first spider-man film and,for some reason can Cox the most idiotic,plan a villain could ever have turned,all of New York into,creatures where did this come from its,the worst writing for a spider-man,villain in any of the films thus far,there was an overabundance of villains,in spider-man 3 but at least their,motivation was clear I understood why,Harry hated Peter I understood why Eddie,hated Peter I understood why Sandman,wanted to provide for his daughter in,this film the motivation for the lizards,insanely idiotic plan is so unclear,there were however a lot of deleted,scenes where dr. Connors had a son and,there was something wrong there and it,was like hey theres something oh they,removed it from the movie now theres,nothing now that Ive talked about the,poor character development lets talk,about the filmmaking the directing the,storytelling this is a dull drab looking,movie with an emphasis on dark grey,colors which is such an odd choice for a,character as colorful as spider-man the,action sequences are largely flat and,sometimes rapidly edited like the subway,sequence where Peter first discovers his,powers it takes 94 m

The Amazing Spider-Man movie review

yes the amazing spider-man is a reboot,for a new spider-man series I think we,should all get over that man being,honest the amazing spider-man or so the,amazing spider-man is the story about,spider-man you know Peter Parker he was,a nerdy kid in school and then he got,bitten by a radioactive spider and then,it becomes the superhero spider-man,never heard such mixed reviews about,this movie some people love it some,people hate it some people say its just,ripping off the Sam Raimi movies switch,them to be honest its a pretty stupid,argument I think thats a stupid,argument its a spider-man movie Peter,Parkers gonna be a nerdy kid in high,school who gets picked on he gets bitten,by a spider who gets spider like powers,and then something tragic happens in his,life and then he becomes a superhero,spider-man thats just called being,accurate not ripping off a movie that,came decades after the source material,the question is does this movie do,spider-man well doesnt do it justice,and I personally believe yeah I thought,it kicked ass and more than kicked ass,although the actions really cool and I,like to him web slinging but youve seen,web slinging before it is not 10 years,ago where spider-mans cinematography is,just gonna blow you eggs youre like wow,its almost like this hasnt ever,happened before weve seen most things,that special effects can do so you cant,rely on special effects to bring Wow to,the movie if Wow is a term I that,sounded really pretentious well you,should rely on is the characters being,relatable and having layers to them and,thats where I think this movie really,excel I loved Peter Parkers character,he was a really relatable character and,the thing is right Peter Parker is,always a nerd in high school thats the,story of Peter Parker but whats nerdy,now was not nerdy 10 years ago and that,was not nerdy decades before when,Spiderman was created what is nerdy or,cool and not cool that changes over time,so they made a Peter Parker that I think,will actually last through the decades,hes kind of the quiet kid who sits in,the back of class kind of keeps to,himself and hes really good at science,Im pretty sure if he didnt become,spider-man hed become a serial killer,but I think this movie did the character,of Peter Parker justice and I thought he,did gwyn Stacy were really good together,they were really cute they were a cute,couple you by the fact that at first he,has a crush on her but shes nerdy,enough to you know be interested in him,too and then he gets his confidence up,because you know he can break people in,half I mean he doesnt but he could if,you wanted to thatll give you a boost,of confidence thats just realistic and,so I bought that in this movie now one,of the myths about this movie is that,its,being The Dark Knight because its,darker I personally dont feel as doing,that in my humble opinion what I do feel,is doing is taking the Peter Parker,spider-man story and making it more,realistic I mean you know the Sam Raimi,movies as much as I enjoyed them will,the first two they were a bit cheesy Im,just saying you know and it plays,raindrops keep falling on my head and,spider-man two then it all freezes like,a Mentos commercial it made me laugh but,it was cheesy this amazing spider-man,movie is simply taking the cheese out of,it it still does have humor in it but,the humor works it never crosses that,line into cheesy I didnt think and if,they are making it more realistic heres,the realistic truth about life itself,its a little dark sometimes sorry I,didnt want to be the one to tell you,but sometimes life itself is a bit dark,and the movie doesnt go overboard and,darkness Im just saying that it does,have dark tones in it sometimes I mean,something really tragic and Peter,Parkers life happens that makes him,spider-man that event was a lot more,tragic in this movie I mean you really,felt it youre like that really sucks,and he deals with it for quite some time,he has a chip on his shoulder hes not,really that responsible with it at first,his superpowers that is he is a bit of a,vigilante the whole like power and,responsibility thing hasnt quite sunk,in because you know thats just how a,teenager would deal with the situation a,teenagers not going to be like Oh Uncle,Ben said be responsible so thats what,Im gonna do its gonna be some conflict,with it I mean this is gonna be some,gray areas that he metals in and thats,what I really liked about how they use,spider-mans humor me a Spider Man if,you dont know hes actually pretty,humorous dude you know that scene in the,trailer where hes taking down that one,guy hes like oh you found my weakness,its small knives the movie illustrates,that spider-mans humor really is a,tactic that he uses thats what he does,theres this one scene where he gets his,powers and before hes spider-man he,humiliates someone and even Uncle Bens,like thats not how you do it and I,loved how even after you know,spider-mans whole tragedy thing you,know where hes supposed to be,responsible and whatnot he still,humiliates the bad guys because as much,as you want spider-man to be this super,person whos like no I follow Uncle,Bens teachings to a tee in the end he,is his own guy and hes gonna do what he,does I like that it made spider-man such,a real character for me one thing that I,felt was really wasted in the movie was,the villain the lizard the lizard if you,dont know is this scientist named dr.,Curt Connors and he doesnt have an arm,and so hes splicing animal DNA with,human DNA and he does it with a lizard,and the helps him grow his arm back but,now he becomes this big mutant lizard,thats terrorizing every,they wasted the character because they,had such an opportunity to be like,alright the lizard is the bad guy but,dr. Connors is not no matter what we do,we need to find out how to take out the,lizard but not dr. Connors because hes,a good guy this lizards just a maniac,but they didnt really illustrate that,fact I felt like when he was the lizard,if he just dropped off a building and,splattered on the pavement and died Id,be like oh sweet well at least that bad,guys taken out chalk one up for the good,guys I shouldnt feel like that with the,lizard there should be some humanity,that you want to preserve I mean maybe,they could have showed dr. Connors with,his wife and kid you know add some,humanity to the character in the end,hes a guy in a lab coat where youre,like alright youre gonna turn into a,bad guy and then were gonna need to,take you out because thats what good,guys do there are a couple of moments in,this movie – were you like ah you,probably shouldnt have done that in,front of people yeah they all know,youre spider-man now because you just,did that thing that really gives you,away but no one really questions that,theyre like oh he just threw that,football and bent that pole no human,being could do that maybe spider-man,could but its not spider-man were not,even going to question it I found that a,little weird a little easy the amazing,spider-man had great characters really,exciting moments they developed the,characters well you deal with the,tragedy with Peter Parker – the fact,that they kind of wasted their,opportunity with the lizard and I didnt,find the lizard too compelling Im going,to say I will buy the amazing spider-man,on blu-ray which I will say this if they,didnt squander the lizard they made him,more of a relevant villain and not just,a hollow CGI thing that Spiderman needs,to fight this movie probably would have,pulled an awesome tacular from me,alright so your favorite spider-man,villain who is he or she whoever they,are comment below let me know and as,always if you like me eating here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,you

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Everything GREAT About The Amazing Spider-Man! (2012)

todays long-awaited video has been,sponsored by Skillshare first 500 people,to sign up with a link at the top of the,description well get two months free,well no that cant be right thats way,too good of a deal nope that is what it,says Wow,[Music],[Applause],this movie exists because Raimi was all,but checked out after the studio is,meddling on three and Tobey Maguires,back couldnt handle another romp in the,suit okay elephant in the room this is,an important movie for the zeitgeist so,expect some subtle and not-so-subtle,responses as salty and wet blanket,either you can handle nothing like Paul,Reiser and Helen Hunt on screen together,to let you know were in the past,did you know Murray the dogs real name,was Maui you do now one key thing that,separates the amazing spider-man from oh,geez the parents mystery and maybe its,not what were used to but they set up,and mostly teased their story in this,one and then ran through two two so,kudos for that The Shins Row is a win,are you busy Friday night can you see,pictures of my boyfriends car its,almost a cliche at this point to say,Maguire understood Parker Garfield,understood Spidey but Garfield was too,cool for Parker and Im not seeing that,more on that later,apparently not amazing I know your name,I dont know if you know your name,flirting if you cant use a cake stand,style whats the point,water for the condenser stray or that,heat exchange tubing the spider verse,gave us Peter B Parker amazing gave us,Peter be smart the setup for this,continuities Peter Parker is pretty,solid pretty much everything you need to,know about him is established in under,10 minutes,his parents are gone hes less of an,athletic type more academic he gets,bullied by a giant over-exaggerated,walking cliche named Eugene he at least,recognizes that Glenn is a decent person,and cares for as well being,Andys wicked smart about some technical,stuff we did nothing about lap dances,came on also I cant not mention this,that is a very distinct kickball sound,[Music],thats an Arya Stark level astute,observation for a movie that gets to,righted for being an unnecessary pile of,garbage shots like this let me know that,the creators did care and were invested,in how it came out which is why it was,my teaser frame and John wick to that,first time and a lot of you recognized,it immediately without Peter or anything,spider-man related just the briefcase,which I like I think means something,you know truly found that out recently,looks like a plumber lesson in a general,repair contractor lesson guy work with,you Dan I guess why that Zen Afilias,Lovegood how could you not recognize him,people who are ruining this reference by,not appearing in Harry Potter guy who,looks like serious black nailed it,high school kid has a rear window poster,kind of like the 400 blows poster I had,because cinephiles are sometimes born,young and dont really understand the,word pretentious yet also to be fair had,a really cool french language teacher,who must have also been a cinephile now,that I think about it thanks Mrs Murphy,sorry madam her gym musubi and the two,also while being a petty nitpicker,Peter is a photographer so the idea that,he respects Alfred Hitchcock the man who,invented the dolly zoom not that far,fetched and if youve ever seen rear,window you know its about voyeurism and,watching people something Peter would,potentially connect with but also a set,dressing for a character its perfect,Hey look Uncle Ben is fiddling with the,Rubiks Cube that must be why its,messed up when he puts it back down Curt,Connors something of a cliche dodge easy,way to get some manufactured attention,but Uncle Ben comes clean right away,because thats more the relationship,they have splice of life even,experimental geneticist earn above some,good wordplay webpage to live action,transition nice are you having trouble,finding yourself you could say he hasnt,even begun to scratch this surface yeah,thats bees not spiders he hasnt even,begun to bite this skin and yes in case,youre wondering Im a southpaw one is,looking at this kid,which is actually believable because a,bunch of high schoolers would probably,be slightly uncomfortable with dr.,Connors drawing attention to his arm see,the implications that Gwen is first in,the class ie why shed definitely be,head intern of a group of 24 and also,while were talking about dumb things to,call her his love interest at this point,isnt really paying attention Peter,isnt suave enough to feign not knowing,her name he really wasnt sure this is,one of the things that add to his love,for her almost like real life best IRL,version of Rhino I know of look at ya,two button taps and two finger slides it,would take some kind of genius to,replicate that all right Im gonna chill,a little but come on its two,perpendicular swipes to the same,location,thats a hard nope ah still a note some,of you might be thinking where did that,skateboard come from well he walked in,with it and then checked his board and,bag with security as buildings like this,often require hope hats just the coolest,little detail few frames of his eventual,emblem spidey sense weirdest editing,choices but still fun spidey sense,complaints about this movie aside youve,got to admit that his movements are well,theyre their spidery this whole,sequence is kind of a goofy explanation,of how weird it is that Spiderman never,really learns to fight you know he,doesnt he doesnt really have to,because his senses are so heightened,that normal humans are just non threats,to him just imagine it to you in this,subway book would like really 12 2,year-olds coming after a few steps too,quickly to one side they may not be sure,you even exist anymore,spider-man flies spiders like flies,compliments I dont know like its more,of us know what he really likes meatloaf,type situation but good for been coming,clean after all these years I said nope,its a bunny montage of Peter realizing,he has powers but it plays so well into,what some of us were just talking about,on Twitter I just feel like the,likelihood of Peter not accidentally,killing someone namely Flash is just,about impossible also a breaking all,your crap montage is the fastest way to,flood the entire house seriously Peter,putting a towel over that does not stop,the water from flowing,[Music],the startling nature of his heightened,senses from spidey-sense is captured,expertly its not climbing the walls and,dating redheads or blondes who can Kiba,gonna change the lives of millions just,want to point out that Connors initial,goal was changing the world and helping,people like him so his plan in the end,isnt totally out of left field,Oh Nigel the leg gruff I see those loan,sharks finally got to you no but I,should have you better watch your back,and to be honest I think we were all,hoping for a little accidental oops,youre dead now flash maybe Garfield is,a teensy bit too cool for Peter this is,still satisfying always have to dig it,just a little too far what thats,actually a word or okay Maya from 22,Jump Street spider-man movies have a,knack for finding talented extras I just,outed myself for watching great gorilla,your computer discretion,hes got your honest computer and,helpfulness but now Im gonna bring it,back to him being too cool for school,hes not with Gwen just because it works,doesnt mean he had anything to do with,it she likes him so he can literally say,nothing and still get a date thats the,point or we could do something else or,we could got some too full visual,storytelling here Peter is flying high,after a positive interaction with when,Andys finally got a chance to mess,around and test his powers Coldplay and,while nothing is ever going to touch,Tobys first time trying out his powers,they went in a very different direction,and it works,he sort of extends his skills he has his,a skateboarder and then accidentally,finds out how his powers work no I dont,think Ive really put that together I,get that swinging on webs is what,spiders do but

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Teror Siluman Kadal Yang Meresahkan – ALUR CERITA FILM The Amazing Spider-Man

hai hai,Indonesia,Halo guys kembali cuma Legian deh di,videonya saya ke mendongeng out film The,Amazing spider-man yang tahun 2012,dan diproduksi oleh Marvel Entertaiment,film ini dibintangi oleh andrewgap,sebagai Peter Parker Emma Stone sebagai,Gwen Stacy Chris Evans sebagai dokter,course Out On The lizard the masih,banyak aktor kerennya,film ini mengisahkan seorang remaja yang,berusaha membongkar rahasia mendiang,ayahnya Sebuah Rahasia yang akan membuat,pia menjadi seorang pahlawan super,gimana kita soalnya Mari kita simak alur,ceritanya,[Musik],Hai film ini dibuka dengan,film ini dibuka dengan seorang Bocil,bernama Peter Parker yang sedang bermain,petak umpet bersama ayahnya bernama,Richard schaefer,ketika beater mencari Ayahnya di ruangan,kerja ia menemukan kalau meja kerja,ayahnya sudah berantakan riset yang juga,melihatnya pun langsung sadar kalau,ruangan kerjanya benar saja dibobol oleh,maling dengan perasaan panik Richard,langsung mengecek dokumen penelitian,pentingnya dan Untung saja dokumen,tersebut masih ada,mengetahui kalau keberadaannya sudah tak,aman riset pun membawa istrinya Mary dan,Peter pergi dari rumah ini Ia juga tak,lupa membawa dokumen pentingnya disini,terlihat halus seekor laba-laba kali,yang dimasukkan ke dalam toples dan,kemungkinan Richard telah melakukan,penelitian dari laba-laba tersebut,Hai setelah itu Richard menemui seduhnya,yaitu Paman Ben dan juga Bibi May disini,Richard meminta keduanya untuk merawat,Pieter sedang Richard itu sendiri dan,istrinya akan pergi untuk melanjutkan,penelitiannya juga ya,Hai,beberapa tahun gak tahu kemudian filter,kini sudah remaja dan kuliah di,McDonalds YKS call namun sampai,sekarang Peterpan mendapatkan kabar,apapun dari kedua orangtuanya di,sekolahan peternak skirt dengan seorang,perempuan bernama Gwen Stacy yang selalu,memperlihatkan tengkuluk posnya,Hai saat Bitter pergi ke taman ia,melihat pembelian yang dilakukan oleh,murid bandel bernama flash terhadapmu,itu Ibu bernama Komar Peter mencoba,menghentikan flash namun yang ia dapat,malah beberapa pukulan dari flash Untung,saja hal itu langsung dihentikan oleh,gen kicauan,Hai di dalam pelajaran sekolah gue,mencoba berkenalan dengan peta dan,mengagumi apa yang barusan Pieter,lakukan,setelah jam sekolah bubar Pieter pulang,kerumah Dan disambut oleh Bima yang,khawatir melihat luka marmer di wajah,Peter tetapi fitur mencoba menutupinya,Dengan mengatakan kalau dirinya beli,saja jatuh saat bermain skateboard,kemudian fitur membantu Paman Ben untuk,memperbaiki pipa yang rusak di dalam,gudang,saat fitergy minta untuk membawa,beberapa barang ke lantai atas Peterpan,sengaja menemukan sebuah tas jadul ya,pun membawa tas tersebut ke hadapan Bibi,May disini pita membuka tasnya dan,menemukan foto ayahnya bersama seorang,pria Paman piano mengatakan kalau tas,tersebut adalah milik Ayah pintar yang,sengaja didikan kepada PM,Hai Karena penasaran dengan isi tas,tersebut Peterpan membawanya kedalam,kamar saat Peter menggeledah isi tasnya,ia menemukan beberapa barang termasuk,kacamata milik ayahnya beta juga,menemukan dokumen penting yang isinya,persamaan algoritma tingkat peluruhan,gagal mengemudi hanphone B datang dan,memberitahu Pieter Kalau pria yang,berfoto bareng Ayahnya adalah dokter,Cortez corner yang merupakan ilmuwan,dari our Scope industri setelah band,pergi Peter mencoba mencari tahu,informasi tentang Connor di Mbah Google,namun bukannya merupakan informasi,Connor Peter menemukan tentang jatuhnya,pesawat yang membunuh ayah dan ibunya,keesokan harinya fitur mutuskan untuk,pergi ke gedung outcrop dan berharap,menemukan dokter corner better,berpura-pura menjadi peserta magang dan,bergabung dengan rombongan study,rombongan tersebut Lalu diambil alih,oleh asisten Connor yang ternyata adalah,gen,Hai saat itu juga seorang pria dengan,tangan Tugel menyapa para rombongan ia,memperkenalkan diri sebagai daftar,korpus owner yang mengaku sebagai ahli,reptil dengan kondisi tidak normal color,bersikeras untuk menciptakan dunia tanpa,kelemahan serta ingin menyembuhkan,tangannya yang Tugel kau North lalu,melontarkan pertanyaan kepada para,peserta bagaimana agar itu bisa terjadi,Twitter pun kujawab bahwa itu akan,berhasil dengan persilangan genetik,karena ada beberapa hewan yang memang,bisa memperbarui selnya sendiri terutama,hewan kadal yang bisa menumbuhkan,kembali ekornya yang putus,Hai jawaban Pieter langsung membuat,Connor terkesan,the color lalu berpamitan untuk ngising,sejenak dan meminta gue untuk membentuk,kembali para rombongan setelah itu fitur,minta izin kepada Gwen untuk berkeliling,sendirian di gedung oscorp Queen pun,mengizinkannya Asran fitur takancing di,pojokan,fitur lalu tak sengaja menabrak seorang,pria bernama dokter rajit rata yang,membawa dokumen penting dimana dokumen,tersebut memiliki simbol yang sama,dengan dokumen milik ayahnya,Twitter kemudian mengikuti Kemana,perginya rajit dan berakhir di lab bio,kabel setelah itu Peter diam-diam masuk,ke dalam lab dan menemukan banyak sekali,laba-laba sedang memproduksi jaring yang,sendiri saat fitur iseng megang jarinya,tiba-tiba mesin berhenti membuat,sebagian laba-laba berjatuhan ketemu,Peter Peter pun Cici dan langsung keluar,dari ruangan tersebut,Hai itu lalu kembali bertemu dengan,clean disini satu laba-laba yang masih,tempel di tubuh Pieter menggigit punuk m,dan mengira kalau itu roti bolu coklat,di sisi lain dokter Najib meramaikan dan,mendesak Connor agar merancang obat,untuk kepala pemimpin oscorp bernama,Norman osborn yang saat ini sedang,sekarat tetapi Connor tak menjanjikan,keberhasilannya karena persamaan,algoritma yang ia kerjakan belum juga,membuahkan hasil about the HTML5,Hai,di dalam perjalanan pulang menggunakan,kereta Twitter tiba-tiba diusik oleh,beberapa preman namun hal itu langsung,ditepis oleh Peter dan anehnya Twitter,secara tidak sengaja mampu mengajar,preman tersebut dengan gerakan yang,sangat lincah,Hai,ahay tibanya di rumah fitur langsung,mencari makanan di dalam lemari es ia,merasa lapar yang sangat lapar dan,membuat Bibi mulai serta Bean,terheran-heran dengan perilaku Peter,sekarang,Hai saat fitur kembali kekamar fitur,menemukan laba-labanya menggigitnya,masih itu metal dipeluknya namun,laba-laba tersebut sudah tak bernyawa,hai hai,[Musik],kesokan harinya saat baru bangun tidur,Peter tak sengaja merusak semua,peralatan di kamar mandi ia merasa lebih,kuat dan lebih lincah telapak tangannya,juga mampu menempelkan ke semua benda,seperti cicak,beredar kemudian berniat untuk mencari,tahu lebih banyak tentang orang tuanya,kembali dengan mendatangi rumah honor,sesampainya disana konon langsung,menolak kedatangan pintar namun saat,kita mengatakan kalau dirinya anak dari,Richard Parker konon pun langsung lima,Veteran dan menyuruhnya untuk masuk ke,Hai keduanya loh ngobrol-ngobrol sambil,minum wedang jahe,disini color mengatakan kalau dulu,dirinya dan Richard begitu sama sebagai,ilmuan sampai akhirnya Richard berakhir,membiarkan laba-laba yang hasilnya luar,biasa dan itu bisa mengubah kehidupan,jutaan orang termasuk honor yang,memiliki kondisi cacat namun sayangnya,Richard meninggal dalam kecelakaan yang,membuat dokumen pentingnya hilang begitu,saja tentu saja hal itu membuat color,putus asa,ia mendengar pernyataan Connor Peterpan,kasihan Iya lu menulis rumus persamaan,algoritma yang ada di dokumen milik,ayahnya kemudian memberikannya kepada,Connor kalaupun sangat terkejut karena,rumus inilah yang selama ini ia cari ia,langsung membuat janji dengan Peter,untuk bertemu di gedung a score of,Hai Pagi harinya saat Peter berada di,lapangan basket sekolah ia mendapati,kejahilan Flash yang sengaja menumpahkan,cat milik siswi bernama arah-arah cantik,dengan bola basket better lalu,menghampiri ara-ara untuk memastikan,keadaannya,saat itu juga bola basket terbang ke,arah Piter Piter pun langsung,menangkapnya kemudian ia sengaja,mempermalukan flash dengan begocek gojek,polanya setelah itu fitur emoticon lu,masukkan bolanya ke dalam ring akan,tetapi Peter terlalu ngotot yang membuat,rin

The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review – IGN Video Review

an epilogue to the movie bearing the,same name the amazing spider-man isnt,the sharpest game in the graphics,department or the most interesting in,the boss fight category but it is fun to,flip once again youre the old webhead,theres an open world to explore and the,day needs saving what else could we ask,for in a movie tie-in they except for,sharper graphics and better boss,The Amazing Spider mans kryptonite is,its presentation the loads are long and,feature this Twitter clone from in-game,citizens but none of them have avatars,or anything interesting to say,in-game the buildings look ho-hum and,spider-mans fighting animations arent,that impressive,environments are barren are blocky,cutscenes seem stiff and it just doesnt,have the polish of an enthralling,open-world game however the one very,sweet spot to the visuals is websley,when Spideys shooting through the sky,the camera is pulled in tight he tumbles,through the air and buildings whiz by,its invigorating its exciting in terms,of story the amazing spider-man makes,sure to spoil a whole bunch of the plot,points from the unreleased film like who,lives and who dies and it also packs a,bunch of be listeners like scorpion and,Ryan New York changes is a virus slowly,infects its residents but its the black,cat mission that really stands out of,something cool the restaurant is fun but,repetitive tasks for spider-man to,tackle missions have you sneaking,through sewers are brawling in hospital,fighting us to dodge lasers rip down,turrets but combat comes down to either,attacking from the shadows or fighting,enemies head-on does that sound familiar,the system is nearly identical to that,of developer Rock Steadys Batman games,when spider-mans close to an,unsuspecting bad guy he can perform a,stealth takedown to incapacitate the foe,when hes engaging a group he can bounce,back and forth between the villains and,reverse whenever a spider sense goes off,its a proven good time and when I was,happy to experience again begin but the,amazing spider-man does little to vary,the format so now these fighting,principles play into the open-world,stuff too as you get your bearings in,New York side missions start popping up,muggers escaped mental patients live,challenges and so your mini-map becomes,filled with things to do,once again you quickly discover these,are the same missions over and over,again I mean only one car in this city,gets into high-speed chases if there was,ever a time for the NYPD to profile this,would be it but again I really didnt,mind the repetition I mean it breaks the,suspension of disbelief and brings the,game down as a product but similar to,the way most of us love spider-man 2 on,the ps2 its just fun to swing around,and help citizens it might not be super,challenging or engaging but I smiled,every time I snapped a photo for The,Annoying reporter its all my XP gauge,fell on the way to another Spidey,upgrade developer B Knox heard how much,we all like to just swing around New,York and added a new ability for Spidey,called Webb rush here with the press of,a button the view goes first-person it,we can see all the places spider-man can,zipped flagpoles water takes so on and,then choose one to send them to its an,elegant way to get to hard-to-reach,places and cool down during fights but,its also a way to tackle the games,true challenge,see there are comic pages hidden all,around New York that unlock a real,comics for you to read from the extras,menu trouble is there are 700 pages to,collect and no ability that adds their,locations to your manage if you wanted a,reason to explore Manhattan for hours,upon hours you now have it whats too,late,there are plenty of sticking points with,the amazing spider-man from its awkward,opening to its lack of visual polish but,they shouldnt be enough to scare true,believers off swinging through New York,and getting the drop on the 500th baddie,kept me playing even if the flaws kept,this game from being great for,exhaustive coverage on the Menace known,as spider-man and I mean movies comics,TV and games stick to ign.com like stick,with your webs,its a spider-man joke excelsior

The Amazing Spider-Man – Nostalgia Critic

[Music],Spideys hydratase sorry theres more,things that run with age lets start,writing them right now wait we really,hate this hello Im the Nostalgia Critic,I remember it so you dont have to so,you think the Raimi films got backlash,wait until I revealed the tangled mark,web that we weave with spider-man three,disappointing many fans and even the,filmmakers themselves becoming,frustrated Sony decided no more films,were gonna come out of this universe but,there was a problem Sonys rights to the,spider-man character required a movie to,be made every five years if they wanted,to keep them which meant the long time,span usually provided between rebooted,franchises like Batman and Superman was,cut and tight from 2007 to 2012 lets be,honest not giving enough time for people,to put the old spider-man franchise,behind them and crave a new one which is,why I have the controversial thought,okay now hugely controversial okay,honestly not controversial pretty much,yeah I think that hello mister Internet,thats what you before Im not gonna lie,right look Im hired to give my honest,thoughts and a unique point of view and,thats what Im gonna do I think amazing,spider-man is a fascinating movie,[Applause],with that said I dont think its the,best spider-man movie into the,spider-verse has blown them all out of,the water the MCU films might be slow,burning to the big stuff well jump down,to wait for are you watching the Raimi,films I do find a new appreciation for,them particularly with two but maybe,thats why this one intrigues me it had,the most impossible task of winning,people over with a new spider-man reboot,after a goofy but still iconic series,and all the changes in the film reflect,that instead of going cheerful and clean,and went angry and dirty rather than,Golden Age comic dialogue one more,modern-day comic dialogue it brought,back the writer of ordinary people and,allowed him to write a screenplay more,like ordinary people the main character,just happened to be a superhero,at the time there were a lot of,audiences that were happy to have a more,grounded Spider Man flick especially,with other comic book movies going that,direction but the hey boner erected,quick and soon die-hard fans declared if,you liked anything in this you are,betraying the sanctity of the franchise,clearly this was the one step too far,but I will admit the same way I was,asking people to see how I could find,the originals too corny I also see how,people could find this too safe yes its,more real but doesnt that suck out the,uniqueness of spider-man going all in,big like the comic did I will always,remember the iconic imagery from those,films and here I have blizzard Voldemort,and webbed dicks whether you love it,hate it or somewhere in between I find,it intriguing because it begs the,question of what should a comic book,movie lean more towards a comic book or,a movie well lets look at the first of,these Marc Webb films to get an idea,this is the worst thing to ever happen,to spider-man so Im told,this is amazing spider-man we start with,a flashback of Peter Parker as a little,boy whose parents take hide-and-seek,very seriously,next were gonna place your race,blindfolded but it looks like somebody,broke in which means why dont you visit,your Uncle Ben and Aunt May for the rest,of your life isnt that crust on the,sandwiches he likes to sleep with a,little light on at night he also likes,to wear spider-man pajamas wait what cut,two years later as Peter played out by,Andrew Garfield discovers his parents,died in a plane crash and is now a geek,guy yes so on the one hand I dont just,want the same Peter Parker again and,they do give us something different,Garfield is more of a brain in the same,way jobs or a Zuckerberg as a brain its,less chess club and more debate less,dorky and more awkward girls will talk,to him but they wont date him if he,didnt become spider-man hed probably,run some company that would take over,the world similar to how if Maguire,didnt become spider-man hed probably,push people around one would be a,physical bully and the other would be an,industry bully so already I like that it,keeps the same ideas but tweaks them,enough to be different and new so why,are you pretending hes high school,George McFly them good morning partner,first off he looks 29 that might be,because hes 29 it would make more sense,if they started this as an adult and he,was already bitten by the spider second,what bully would pick on him hes a,good-looking skater with more hair gel,than every from oh brother where art,thou if he was in a boy band I mean I,get the idea hes not the bottom of the,social food chain thats reserved for,that kid doesnt seem that bad okay the,grandmas what is a little weird but we,had this for three movies hes supposed,to just be odd particularly with him,looking out for kids being bullied where,others dont take the picture,thats great but its inconsistent he,even takes out his context to put,glasses on because his dad wore glasses,but lets be honest its done so we can,identify him as the doof a dork from the,previous films she wore glasses Parker,Uncle Ben played well by Martin Sheen,has a similar problem even though he,gives a really great performance to many,elements keep calling back to the,original even reworking the hammered and,catch phrase if you could do good things,for other people you had a moral,obligation to do those things thats,whats at stake here,not choice responsibility from six worse,to twenty one words abbreviate that next,two what would Jesus do but when the,movie tries to be more its own thing,it is pretty engaging Peter finds his,fathers old bag and looks up the,scientists used to work with um Bing the,search engine I use when I dont want,someone to check my history because,nobody would ever think of checking Bing,which leads into Oscorp welcome to ask,work born from the mind of our founder,Norman Osborn appearing here as a dark,overlord because we havent figured out,how to ruin him yet the Oscorp tower,houses 108 floors of innovation we were,specially excited about our evil wizard,man division obviously we dont care,what we do here as long as the color,green is involved he comes across a girl,in his class named Gwen Stacy played by,Emma Stone who works with dr. Connors,played by Rhys Ifans,crossing my fingers I said that right,and I want to create a world without,weakness doing a bang-up job there,Gwen figures out quickly though that,Peter is not supposed to be there follow,me,no no Im not I know any word saying why,would you be here I just snuck in,because I I love science so the woman is,between these two always seems to hover,in between adorably likeable and Jesus,stop the hang-up first [ __ ] thanks I was,touching up stuff,youre touching himself Im not gonna,answer that come on please,Oh lovely they were they were nice you,know theyre beautiful Im like kissing,you youre an amazing kisser well I know,it was it was good to meet you you,always just make it but youre like that,close Peter finds himself in a room of,spiders and spoilers he bites one of,them oh thats right its the other way,around sorry I see the scene done so,rarely this results in him having a,strange reaction the bums using his head,as a coaster I think a lot of people,would have a strange reaction to that,did your hand all first try this guy,hes upset someones acting rude Effy,places a beer on someones head and,somehow he fouls everyone up to fight,Peter the spider bit him I want to see,the crazy ass [ __ ] he would do despite,that I do love this fight because its,basically a comedy of errors every move,is accidental but works in Peters favor,I love how he holds up his arm knowing,its pointless like the coyote waving,before he falls but it actually works,with his new powers Im so sorry I learn,self-defense on Bing so like anything on,there if I succeeded its completely by,accident this causes him to get home,late upsetting Uncle Ben and Aunt May,played effectively by Sally Field,

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Movie Review

the amazing spider-man 2 thats right my,series of spider-man reviews has brought,us here,now Ive reviewed this film before,obviously when it came out a couple,years ago and this is one of those rare,instances where my opinion has,drastically changed usually when I see a,film its like yeah thats how I feel I,know how I feel and if theres a change,its minut you know I mean you go back,and watch a movie sometimes you,appreciate something a little more or,maybe something drags because youve,seen it before but most of the time,I always know exactly how I feel when I,see a film and the first time I saw the,amazing spider-man 2 I said it was okay,I gave it a b-minus and I said that I,appreciated the fact that there wasnt,another origin story the fact that wed,have to sit through Peter Parker and,Uncle Ben and it gets shot and oh we got,bit by a spider again also I do recall,that when I first saw the amazing,spider-man 2 it was one of the first,movies I saw after getting over a,terrible flu virus that I had so maybe,in some weird way I was in an incredible,mood and more forgiving than I usually,am because upon rewatch I really dont,like this movie the film opens again,with Peter Parkers parents and its,trying to make that story interesting,its trying to give us something we,havent seen before the untold story we,were supposed to get in the amazing,spider-man but actually didnt get it,was the exact same story again it wasnt,untold all was the same thing again,Uncle Ben got shot and its terrible and,now he has powers so we get a weird,Bourne Identity ripoff fight scene in a,plane taking place in the past where,they had current modern-day Sony Vaio,laptops that didnt exist when this,scene took place the suit in this film,is better thats the one thing I can,definitely say is an improvement on the,last one the suit is like the comics it,doesnt look like a basketball anymore,it looks fantastic amazing the eyepieces,are huge its all really great visually,appealing but when we start out with,spider-man like as high as he is I just,want to know how he got there is he,falling from a plane skydiving did he,attached himself to a helicopter this is,an issue with other Spiderman posters,almost every spider-man poster has him,like soaring above the city like he can,physically fly how do you get up there,but this is the first time in a move,beware youre just like wait that is he,falling through the clouds so lets talk,about Paul Giamatti when I say six Avex,Wow Jamie Foxx is also in this film and,he plays electro I dont mind him so,much you do feel some sympathy for him,but hes essentially the Riddler from,Batman Forever he obsesses over,spider-man just like Jim Carrey obsessed,over Batman he has this strange office,with pictures of spider-man everywhere,he talks to himself hes this reclusive,nerdy scientist that no one else,respects it is almost like Joel,Schumacher made this movie its its,actually scary,so the rhinos going around causing all,this destruction and spider-man decides,to hang around and tell some jokes,instead of just stopping him look at,what happens next all of this,destruction and chaos and possible life,loss,but he could have just stopped if he,wouldnt have told those quips that the,fans wanted to hear so much that the,screenwriters just were like hey we have,to please the fans who cares about,making a coherent film and portraying,spider-man as a hero that saves lives he,wants to tell some jokes while causing a,shit-ton of destruction in his path,along the way this entire opening,sequence is edited so poorly it goes,from Gwen giving this speech shes the,valedictorian back to rhino back to,Jamie Foxx back to spider-man and its,all of these clashing tones and you,realize that really the entire film is,actually going to be like that a bunch,of tones everywhere just clashing with,each other trying to make a coherent,film in some way and again Gwen has no,real reason to be here shes just Gwen,Stacy what is her character she doesnt,have a character she doesnt do anything,shes just Gwen Stacy shes off and on,with Peter Peters off and on with her,shes happy shes sad she goes from all,of these highs and lows emotionally,throughout the script and Emma Stones,performance to where all of a sudden at,the end shes just like hey this is my,life this is my decision and Im gonna,help you with the Green Goblin problem,and you cant do anything about it,Im not messing around you cant be here,right now this is why nobody makes my,decisions for me all right no but this,is my choice okay my choice Oh mine I,gotta say though my favorite part of,this film is this one little tiny scene,where this kids getting picked on and,Spidey rescues him and fixes his little,windmill that he made and just walks off,with him that spider-man that is firemen,that scene is spider-man they absolutely,nailed that character but it doesnt,actually have much impact on the film,except later the kid comes back and,stands in front of the Rhino in the,spider-man costume and thats I guess,where that scene comes into play but,that scene for me is the best part of,this whole movie and a perfect capturing,of the spider-man character for whatever,reason they just couldnt continue that,for the extremely bloated runtime of,this film dane dehaan who i normally,love plays Harry Osborn in this film,terribly its a lot of slow methodical,talk and my fathers dead he died from a,disease that I now have and this disease,is going to kill me very soon,Peter despite the fact that my dad died,after like 60 years just give me your,blood okay this whole subplot with Harry,Osborn with this disease Norman Osborn,has the same disease its passed on,through hereditary genes but for,whatever reason it took Norman Osborn a,really long time to die,but Harry has like I dont know like no,time hes dying like right now it makes,no sense its just this terrible plot,device to get Harry to want Spidermans,blood to put inside of him too maybe,combat against this disease because,Peters been infected with something,along those lines because some kind of,experiments with his dad because Oscorp,and theres a secret underground train,that rises out of from the subway when,Peter finds their coins inside the,calculator and then inside the Train,theres a computer message that his,father planned all these years to just,have Underground and he found the coins,and it somehow it worked,who wrote this what the [ __ ],Sony had to have gotten their nasty,little hands in there and said this is,what we want the Green Goblin in this,movie isnt Dane DeHaan its Sony Sonys,the Green Goblin theyre in the corner,haha fight a man we have you now,spider-man Jamie Foxx as electro was,hilarious when he turns into electro it,repairs the gap in his teeth like,electricity goes and fixes the gap that,is so dumb the electricity repairs his,teeth the majority of this film is Peter,Parker and Gwen Stacy walking around,doing improvisational humor maybe sort,of making faces and scratching their,noses and going ha ha ha ha and then,theyll be big bloated action scenes,with tons of CGI and Hans Zimmers very,bad idea of a dubstep theme I really,dont know what happened there its my,birthday time to light my candles,rajanbabu trucks truck about it about,hibachi but my favorite part of the,entire scene were electro attacks Times,Square with electricity flying,everywhere is the fact that throughout,this entire scene gwen stacy is grabbing,a metal bar shes just such a smart,character shes has to be there this is,her life Peter I have to be here Peter I,make my own decisions Peter because Im,Gwen Stacy no youre gonna [ __ ] die,because you just had to be there for,some reason now Ive been on YouTube for,like a long time almost ten years seven,years on on this stuff that Im doing,now but before that I had other channels,as well so I know how YouTube works,thats why when they show this guy who,has a YouTube video he has two,subscribers two hundred and fifty seven,thousand views and 92 lik

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