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The Disturbing Reviews By A Serial Killer: Todd Kohlhepp

hello hello hello arya here pop up here,once again as we continue our expedition,into the question of whether or not the,worst monsters theyre no longer hiding,in the dark but out here in the light of,the technology,beaming right,into our faces todays case is another,one that we taped in front of a live,audience on twitch and so again i hope,you enjoy hearing the thoughts of your,peers as i go through this case and if,youd like to join us in the future for,live case breakdowns the link to the,twitch is down below until then though,lets begin,thats right ladies and gentlemen today,were digging up the secrets of the,so-called amazon review killer a man,whose crime spree appears to have,involved both e-commerce and social,media websites as he kidnapped and,killed various individuals the man is,todd kolob,a former south carolina real estate,agent according to the washington post,kohlhepp portrayed himself as a,dedicated and tech savvy realtor who ran,his own firm,police discovered his 95-acre property,in rural woodruff south carolina by,following the cell phone and social,media records of a missing couple 30,year old kayla brown and 32 year old,charles carver the couple went missing,in august of 2016 but police did not,track them to kohlhepps property until,november of that year,while searching the property police said,they heard a banging sound inside a,30-foot metal container when they opened,it they found brown chained like a dog,around her neck she later said she was,held on the property for at least two,months authorities found carvers body,in a shallow grave on the property as,well as two other victims the police,took kohlhepp who was also found to be a,registered sex offender into custody and,believe he is responsible for as many as,seven killings kohlhepp even confessed,to the so-called super bike murders a,2003 quadruple homicide at a motorcycle,shop in chesnee south carolina it is one,of the states most famous cold cases,however the social media records of the,kidnapped couple werent the only,connection between kohlhepp and online,platforms police believe he may have,posted messages and photos on carvers,facebook page while the couple was,missing according to authorities the,month before they found brown and carver,on kohlhepps property there was a,strange uptick in posts on carvers page,around 50 new messages actually,including one suggestion that carver and,brown had gotten married spartanburg,county sheriff chuck wright said,kohlhepp could have been posting the,mysterious facebook messages to try to,get people off his trail now thats,definitely a tactic weve seen used many,a time before right by,serial killers kidnappers and someone,says it would be really difficult to try,and replicate how someone writes,absolutely you have handwriting experts,when it comes to letters,but even with technology like social,media posts theres definitely a way,that each of us writes online its great,that brown was was was found and and,saved just in time but also horrible,that her partner,mr carver was found,dead because youd only imagine also the,fear that she must have felt you know,knowing that her partner was dead and,knowing she could also,follow them down that path any time but,the digital hijinks dont end there,after authorities finished combing the,woodruff property the spartanburg county,sheriffs office announced that it was,looking into unnerving product reviews,left on amazon.com by a user known only,as me the account was linked to an,amazon wish list for kohlhepp the user,reviewed dozens of items starting in may,of 2014,mostly for tactical gear gun accessories,tools sd cards and books on war and,fighting one disturbing review for a,padlock said have five on a shipping,container wont stop them but sure will,slow them down till they are too old to,care another review for a separate,padlock said now my locks have locks,place is hotel california now that,review matches a similar reference to,the eagle song hotel california in one,of the mysterious facebook messages on,carvers page another review for a knife,said havent stabbed anyone yet yet but,i am keeping the dream alive and when i,do,it will be with a quality tool like this,when we talk about amazon mods like if,they had seen this thats the type of,thing you would really hope,they would catch but heres me you see,also bringing us a good point we all,have the hindsight to know but before he,but before he was cut you might think,its a joke,we have the knowledge that hes a,[ __ ] terrible person thats very true,here is me its true like a lot of,people may have read this comment i just,thought oh this is just some sort of,troll some guy trying to be funny,because people do leave joke comments,right joke reviews not just on amazon,but on other,on yelp uh and other and other sites so,i guess thats kind of what makes it,tricky a review for a foldable shovel,asserted keeping car for when you have,to hide the bodies and you left the,full-size shovel at home the user also,reviewed music,a write-up for an album by the metal,band godsmack stated pisses off the,neighbors works well at family,get-togethers or company meetings where,agents are crying like a little [ __ ],this appears to be a reference to,kohlhepp working with other real estate,agents according to authorities about,half of the users reviews were left,between may and october of 2014,around when kohlhepp acquired the,woodruff property the users final batch,of reviews were for tactical gear they,were left in august,2016 about a week before brown and,carver were reported missing in may of,2016 kohlhepp pleaded guilty to seven,counts of murder,two counts of kidnapping and one count,of criminal sexual assault as part of a,plea bargain to avoid capital punishment,instead he was sentenced to seven,consecutive life sentences without the,possibility of parole although his,defense team said at his sentencing that,there are no other victims to be found,kohlhepp later said on several occasions,that there were at least two other,murders however he has yet to give,authorities any more details kohlhepp is,currently serving his sentences at the,broad river correctional institution the,lingering question in this case is,whether kohlhepp is telling the truth,about there being at least two other,murders that police havent unearthed,yet hes certainly capable of killing,but he also has proven time and time,again that when he has a platform he,will use it to seek attention as,evidenced by the amazon reviews perhaps,hes an even deadlier criminal than we,think,or maybe when you take away someones,voice online theyll say whatever is,necessary to stay relevant,even from behind,bars,this case definitely has its own very,interesting and creepy,you know twists and turns i mean would,reports of these reviews,have made a difference in the end you,know what cops have a you know actually,what the moderators have been alerted,called the cops and what the cops have,actually done anything over an online,review we cant say parrot head andy,says bystander effect online absolutely,juju youre right juju says weve all,gotten used to the internet being quite,extreme sometimes and again yeah that,speaks to the conditioning the,desensitization,you know videos like this even you know,it desensitizes us to some some things,in a weird way its it makes us more,aware more vigilant but also,desensitizes us id be very interested,to know what you all think you all being,the viewers that are not part of the,live chat,uh,what would you have done something,about these reviews had you seen it,would you have flagged it or do you,think realistically that you would have,just chalked it up to being a joke,either way as always i thank you,watchers on youtube i thank you twitch,live chat for being with me holding my,hand as we cover another not so fun case,and as always if you have a case youd,like me to cover in a future video slide,into pop-ups dms and uh maybe the next,time you hear a case on a video on a

The Disturbing Case of the House of Horrors Killer | Documentary

[Music],9-1-1 what is the address to your,emergency,has this one,street laundry room yet,what is it,or what is street laundry man,whats the problem,[Music],[Music],where is he sleeping at,in the bedroom,the what bedroom,uh theres two houses right back along,the street,and its in one of those houses,but youre at the laundromat,you know im im in the bedroom with,them,what color is the,if house looking at the laundry mat,which way is it,shes looking,in the laundry management on the left,of the two you dont know what color the,houses,no,im sorry,does he have a car,no,mommy sit down,whats your phone number youre calling,me from i dont know,can you think of the yellow house,i think so youre pretty trying to laugh,its an apartment,[Music],okay does he own the house no hes,broken,has anybody actually lived there i think,hes been abandoned,his name is sean great,yes at g-r-a-t-e,yes,its around 6 a.m on september 13 2016,and the woman is calling from ashland,ohio because of the nature of the crimes,she endured her identity is being kept,private and we will refer to her only as,jane doe,does he have a weapon,what does he look like,hes a white man or a black male,[Music],is he like six foot or is he shorter,than that hes like six more six now do,you know how much he weighs,[Music],eyes are,ill be wearing,nothing right now,[Music],the panel line would be okay,is he still,[Music],where did sleeping take you from,right,my apartment i mean i was walking with,him,[Music],you were walking with him,how were you walking too,its pretty dark ive known him for like,a month and a half,[Music],is there any way you can get out of the,building,i dont know without leaking him and im,scared,[Music],hes our bathroom in the house,oh his bedroom is closed and he made it,so he would make noise,so if you told me to go to the bathroom,he would do something to you,yeah,because he had me tied up,are you tied up now,well,yeah but i kind of freed myself,you see in the same room with you,yes,is it his phone you have,[Music],if youre worried you dont have to talk,you can just set the phone down okay,i just need to hear if officers find you,or not,[Music],are you upstairs are you downstairs,when you are downstairs theres a door,theres a side door,on,the right,[Music],immediately theres a kitchen right,there and then the bedroom is right,right off from the kitchen,[Music],do you need an ambulance,[Music],are you bleeding from anywhere,anymore,how are you bleeding from,you dont have to talk if you dont need,to okay,[Music],for seven minutes the terrified victim,has struggled to keep quiet her abductor,sleeping just feet away but suddenly,something goes wrong,[Music],do you know where he lived,[Music],oh [ __ ] i woke him up,[Music],do you hear any officers outside,okay theyre in the area,[Music],see if they can come in side doors a,little like,um,sorry is there a padlock on the bedroom,door is it just a regular lock no no i,dont even i dont even know if its a,lot,so are you laying down,no,[Music],without making,[Music],noises is the door to the house open,i dont know probably,[Music],i dont think he has a key im not,sure because they can be broken here,can you see out any window that youre,at,youre all um,youre all curtains shut,okay you think you can get out you need,to get out,unless they were right here,[Music],finally the woman hears officers,approaching her location and wearily,makes her way out of the bedroom,[Music],are you out of the bedroom,yes,[Music],it doesnt have to go,you need to push the door doesnt have a,doorknob,they said push the door,just push it,[Music],can you hear anybody right now,she turned the side door open,i think,[Music],[Music],can you get out of the house,its locked are you at the door yeah,yeah,shes at the door,[Music],is there a window there,yeah im looking out and they tell him,to come back,she said,i hurry she said to hurry up and come,back,yeah they can see me if they come on,can you unlock the door at all,rescuers say the traumatized woman was,completely nude and frozen from shock,when they finally got the door open to,save her,once she snapped out of her fear enough,to run outside officers immediately went,in to apprehend her abductor,[Music],okay they found 40 year old sean great,lying face down on the bed inside a,yellowing abandoned house surrounded by,huge filthy piles of trash dirty clothes,and stuffed animals,[Music],police initially believed they were,dealing with an open and shut case of,abduction and assault but what the,interrogation slowly uncovered will,leave you horrified,sean greats crimes were far more,extensive and even more disturbing than,anyone could have ever imagined and its,all revealed in his interrogations in a,variety of never-before-seen video clips,and exclusive audio tapes sean will tell,his own story,sean was hastily helped into a pair of,shorts read his rides and transported to,the police division for questioning and,the more investigators learned about the,perpetrators past activities the more,they realized just how extremely lucky,this jane doe was to have escaped with,her life,sean enters a small room sparsely,decorated and enclosed by neutral walls,and carpets meant to calm a suspects,mind and limit distractions,not only does this help both,interrogators and suspects focus but it,can also make interviewees more relaxed,and willing to accept their fate,aside from a brief look around the room,during which he takes stock of his,surroundings and may have noticed the,camera with a brief eye contact he sits,quietly with his head down staring at,the table barely moving a muscle,he likely knows hes being recorded his,hunched over posture may be a,subconscious attempt to make himself,small insignificant and unnoticed,effectively attempting to hide in plain,sight his hanging head suggests shame,his tapping foot and jittery legs could,either signify impatience or anxiety but,watching his body his respiration,appears to remain normal in both depth,and pacing,the interrogator is about to enter and,youll notice that right away sean,doesnt hesitate to make eye contact,this is an act of curiosity hes likely,sizing the man up and immediately,starting to create a mental image of,them being opponents,the interrogator shows up with a notepad,this is standard but in reality all,interrogations in the station are,usually recorded meaning that the folios,carried by the detectives are generally,props although some items may be written,down when pertinent to establishing,timelines motive opportunity intent or,means,david lay,you are,sean,shaking hands and asking seans name,although he already knows it is the,interrogator taking the first step in,building personal rapport,the behavior shows respect instead of,animosity it tells sean hey i just want,to talk lets have a cordial,conversation,however having a cordial conversation is,no easy task when the interrogators,primary motive here is to establish the,elements of abduction and dual assault,you go by a different name,whats your proper name,is it shawn is your proper name,[Applause],the interrogator confirms the suspects,proper name again to make sure he,addresses him in a respectful way,well listen man we need to talk about,things that happened this morning,because shes,shes pretty shook up yeah,so can you tell me where you want to,start i mean howd you meet her,the interrogator has again made,conscious efforts to avoid displaying,any adversarial indicators and he has,strategically transitioned into the,topic at hand by asking sean where he,wants to start and establishing an,open-ended discourse,while this type of broad question can,sometimes produce a rambling answer it,also tends to unfetter the suspect to,say anything they want which can be very,advantageous,unfortunately in this case shawn just,asked to go to the bathroom,they got me right out of bed and,ive been having to pee for a while,who got you right out of bed the cops,and stuff okay,and ive been sitting in the vehicle,i,was wondering

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The Case of Todd Kohlhepp

reach out dont move if the girl just a,girl how are you honey this is the bolt,cutters this is our bigger paramedics,okay were gonna get you out of there,okay,hey you and welcome my name is Mike and,in this video were looking at one of,those not very nice men again Todd :,yikes serial killer Todd Cole had,murdered seven people that we know of,between 2003 and 2016 he also had this,really interesting if thats the right,word to use habit of leaving reviews on,Amazon on the items he used to carry out,his work lets look into the case of,Todd Cole hep how he was eventually,apprehended and where he is now,[Music],Kaela Brown and her boyfriend Charlie,David Carver were last seen by friends,and family on August 31st 2016,they were seen by surveillance camera,leaving work that day they had arranged,have dinner with a friend that evening,but they never made it when their house,was searched everything was rights where,they had left it their dog who Kayla,loved very much had been left inside,without any food or water it seemed like,they had just vanished,police had few leaves and they were,never able to form a theory about what,happened to them or link any suspects,then the mystery of what happened to,Kayla and Charlie got even stranger when,on October 2nd months after they went,missing someone started posting on,Facebook from Charlies account he was,saying they were fine and that they,didnt want to see anyone,you,[Music],as in guests the posts werent made by,Charlie at all then a month later after,tracking the couples last-known,cellphone signals investigators arrived,on the property of Todd Cola in rural,South Carolina the deputy who is there,thought she heard banging on the,property somewhere and it continued to,get louder as they moved to a thirty,foot shipping container and inside was,Kayla Brown screaming opening the,potluck to the container inside they,found Kayla with a chain around her neck,she had been there for two months and,there was no sign of Charlie,Boco just hit the chain right there,move theres no just not that her,handwriting will get it off,do you know where your buddy is each,other who didnt do [ __ ] Todd co-head,Charlie Carver three times in the chest,I wrapped him in a blue tarp put him in,the bucket of the tractor till the bowel,people though Todd Cola was born in 1971,in Florida raised in South Carolina and,Georgia it was noted that he did not,have a good relationship with his,stepfather and instead he often wanted,to live with his biological father as a,child he was known to be aggressive and,was often cruel to animals early signs,of a serial killer just saying I didnt,really anger and nothing I did seemed to,help,he throws sand and he wanted something,he would push him down and go get it,Cole Heps mom says he used scissors on a,school bus to get back at a girl who,made him mad he stabbed her in the leg,not much I mean didnt go deep when Todd,Cole half wanted a gerbil he killed his,goldfish I just let him have it about,tossing the the goat fish I said what,made you think you could do that he say,yes what that means Im one anymore,he took a claw hammer to all his,furniture and tore it up,did he threaten to kill you yeah he was,tall enough big enough that I wouldnt,gonna take a chance,so locking in his bedroom at night when,he went to sleep and I locked me in my,bedroom in 1983 Todd went to live with,his biological father in Arizona,his first reported violent act was in,1986 at the age of 15 after luring a 14,year old girl outside from babysitting,her siblings he forced her into his home,at gunpoint and then bound gagged and,sexually assaulted her,afterwards he walked her home and,threatened to kill her younger siblings,if she told anyone about what had,happened,Todd Cola was charged with kidnapping,sexual assaults on committing a,dangerous crime against children he had,a crush on her and he wanted her to be,his girlfriend and Todd went down there,and got her and brought her home and at,gunpoint,yes,you know in 1987 he pled guilty to the,kidnapping charge and the other charges,were dropped he was sentenced to 15,years in prison unregistered as a sex,offender while in prison he attended and,graduated from Central College Arizona,with a bachelors degree in computer,science and he was released in 2001,he then moved back to South Carolina to,be with his mother he was already a,danger to society but this is when,things get even worse in November 2003,Todd Cole had visited a motorcycle shop,in Chesnee South Carolina to buy a bike,which he apparently struggled to ride,properly when he tried to get a refund,the employees laughed at him and refused,he then brought out a handgun and,murdered the four employees this,remained an unsolved case until his,confession which we will get to later,Todd got a real estate license in 2006,after lying about his criminal history,he then built a company that had a good,number of employees working under him,Todds public persona was that of a,successful businessman who ran an estate,agent business called TK a real estate,he was described as a hard worker and,good boss by his employees despite,jokingly threatening not to feed his,employees if they didnt work hard,enough on his website but Todd didnt,always present himself as squeaky-clean,a business partner he worked with said,Todd was strange and he spoke of knowing,where people lived he also apparently,saw no issue with watching pornography,in work and was open about his status as,a registered sex offender though he did,lie but the severity of the crime which,put him on said register Todd he was,also a huge fan of amazon.com and on his,wish list on his account he would have,liked all of the items he would use in,his crimes Palsy between 2014 and 2016,Todd Cole had left over 140 Amazon,reviews for items including knives guns,and tactical gear and his reviews were,absolutely bizarre I think he thought,the reviews he left on items would be,taken as a joke by others when in,reality thats exactly what he was,actually using these items for for,example keep in car when you have to,hide the bodies and he left the phone,shovel at home havent stabbed anyone,yet yet but Im keeping the dream alive,and when I do it will be with a quality,tool like this solid locks have five on,a shipping container wont stop them but,sure will slow them down after too old,to care just a reminder that kala Brown,was found inside a shipping container,with padlocks on the outside Todd also,went regularly to the Waffle House in,Roy book where his behavior disturbed,the waitresses to the point where the,male cook began to take his orders for,them one of the waitresses was Megan Lee,McCraw Hoxie one of Cole hepps victims,her body and also the body of her,husband were later found on Todd,collapse property when Kayla Brown was,discovered they had been missing for a,year they both have been shot to death,after Kayla was rescued Todd was,arrested immediately wasnt exactly,hired she was found on his property,while we were here all right,my sergeant served a circle on your,property okay,we have Kayla we have Kayla in your,property she was locked in a container,okay she just told us that you shot and,killed Charlie okay so at this time Im,gonna need you stand up and put your,hands behind his back okay youre under,arrest right now for kidnapping all,right theres you need to search your,property theyre going to continue to,bring they got cadaver dogs down there,okay if you want to help yourself tell,me where Charlies at so we can go find,his body thats thats pretty much where,were at right now okay do you want to,help yourself they tell me where the,bodies at so we can go recover Charlies,body no you dont want to know okay,whyd you shoot okay by just offering,anything in your property,shes on your property privately out,locked in the container they just got,her out of a collective they call it a,stirring that connects for comics box,she was locked in a container I find a,box they got her we have investigato

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The Amazon Review Killer || True Crime Recaps Podcast

do you read reviews on amazon some are,helpful but some are just plain weird,right now picture this youre in the,market for a new padlock you find one,that looks pretty good and when you,check the reviews you read this solid,locks have five on a shipping container,wont stop them but sure will slow them,down until they are too old to care,okay or,say youre shopping for a chainsaw and,see this review works excellent getting,the neighbor to stand still while you,chase him with it is hard enough without,an easy to use chainsaw,and how about this one for a folding,shovel keeping car for when you have to,hide the bodies and you forget the full,size shovel at home,okay,what if i told you the man who wrote,those reviews wasnt joking around he,was south carolinas most notorious,serial killer todd kohlhepp and he used,those products to torture and kill,seven people and keep women locked in a,conex shipping container where no one,could hear them scream,youll never look at the reviews the,same way again lets get into this,[Music],good to see you im chris and this is,true crime recaps even serial killers,have a day job and todd kohlhepp was no,exception except his job got him access,to your home your personal life and,gained your trust because he wasnt just,south carolinas most frightening mass,murderer he was also one of the states,most successful realtors,but as good as he was at selling houses,he was even more skilled at getting away,with murder even joked about it saying,my golf game is weak but my killing game,is strong,heres what he meant by that in the,middle of almost 100 isolated acres of,forest and fields he kept a green 30 by,15 foot metal shipping container hidden,under a canopy of trees was it storage,of some kind yes but only in the most,sinister definition of the word on labor,day weekend in 2016 charlie carver and,his girlfriend kayla brown had dinner,plans after work but they never made it,to the restaurant their boss made sure,they never left the job,kayla cleaned houses for todds real,estate agency sometimes she brought a,friend to help if he needed yard work,done sometimes charlie joined her but,her last job was a little different todd,offered her cash to do some yard work on,his personal property that was nothing,new but he had an unusual request,bring charlie with you,should that have sent up a red flag at,the time it didnt,todd owned 95 acres of dense forests and,fields out in rural spartanburg county,south carolina about an hour away from,charlie and kaylas apartment in,anderson he said he only wanted people,he knew and trusted working for him out,there,serial killer translation,come alone,dont leave witnesses the property was,created to be the perfect killing field,95 isolated acres surrounded on all,sides by a chain link fence and a locked,gate,kayla and charlie made the drive out,early and met todd at the gate ready to,remove some brush and do some cleaning,there was no reason to suspect the job,would be anything but ordinary but in,hindsight kayla told dr phil maybe it,was a little strange when he locked the,gate behind them after they drove in,what she didnt know at the time was,that todd the real estate broker was,about to turn into todd the serial,killer when they got to his remote,outbuildings he didnt keep up the good,guy routine for long only minutes after,they pulled in without warning he shot,charlie three times in the chest kayla,was frozen with fear which is exactly,what todd had in mind he grabbed her by,the back of the neck and marched her,into his conex storage container,threatening her that she would end up,like charlie if she didnt obey not like,she had much choice he had a makeshift,mattress a flashlight and supplies ready,to go she was gagged cuffed and chained,to the wall by her neck the most,dangerous predators are the ones we,dont expect and todd cole hepp was the,last person youd expect to be afraid of,he was a 45 year old single successful,real estate broker with two properties,luxury cars and his pilots license on,the surface he seemed like a catch hed,even been dating a woman named holly on,and off for 10 years but dig a little,deeper and youd know what kind of a,monster he really was,the man was born angry in preschool he,was already attacking other kids in,first grade he killed the family,goldfish with bleach,by nine hed been institutionalized for,his extreme anger issues and anti-social,behavior but the treatment didnt take,neighbors described him as a devil on a,chain his one hobby was collecting,weapons,you dont have to be a child,psychologist to know thats not a good,sign by 15 he was living with his father,in arizona thats where he took his,first human victim she was a 14 year old,neighbor girl he kidnapped and raped her,at gunpoint then threatened to kill her,and her family if she told fortunately,she was brave enough to speak up that,twisted crime got him more than a decade,in an adult prison and a spot on the sex,offender registration list but when he,was released it was like it all went,away it was way too easy for him to,start over he moved back home to south,carolina where he earned two degrees and,his realtor license how is something,like that possible all it took was one,little lie on the paperwork and by the,time kayla and charlie drove onto his,property in 2016 todd was the face of,one of the most successful real estate,agencies in town and no one knew about,his dark past but back to that labor day,weekend with kayla locked down in the,shipping container todd wrapped charlie,in a blue tarp and used the bucket of,his tractor to move and bury his body,with him out of the way kayla was alone,and vulnerable but there was still the,question of what to do with charlies,white grand prix if anyone was looking,it would be easy to spot with a,helicopter or drone when it was finally,found two months later it had been spray,painted brown and camouflaged with trees,and branches,todd had no intention of letting anyone,find his prize until he was finished,with her he planned to keep kayla all to,himself for years as long as she did,what he wanted she gave dr phil a,glimpse of her days in captivity every,afternoon and evening todd traveled from,his home in nearby spartanburg out to,her cage in the country so he could,quote play with his toy,his routine went like this,unlock her cage take her into the main,building where he had a makeshift,kitchen bathroom and bedroom then feed,her rape her and let her use the,bathroom every few days hed even let,her shower but she was never out of,restraints,according to kayla todd explained the,concept of stockholm syndrome to her he,was betting on the idea that after,enough time she would fall in love with,him and they could have a life together,or,what he thought of as a life his dream,for their future together was to keep,her in a special soundproof room forever,and he made sure she knew that he was,the kind of guy that could do it he,bragged about his skills as a killer and,he even promised to teach her how to,kill alongside him,if she behaved,the man wasnt just evil he was,delusional he thought he was controlling,her because she was the one in chains,but it was kayla who was playing him all,she needed was time with enough of it,her friends and family could find her,from the very beginning circumstances,around their disappearance were strange,for one thing the couples pomeranian,romeo was left alone in the apartment,that alone made their case suspicious,from the start they obviously hadnt,just picked up and left on a trip but no,one had a clue what might have happened,and then charlies facebook page lit up,with strange messages and updates on,september 1st there was an announcement,claiming he and kayla had gotten married,a week later another post appeared,telling people they were fine,then things got even weirder more and,more posts popped up bizarre messages,violent memes and references to other,missing people,things charlie wouldnt ever have posted,to his page in a mi

The Dramatic Story of the Amazon Review Killer

There have been some exciting cases in the history of crime.,In the last 20 years, there has hardly been a more spectacular case than that of this,man: Todd Kohlhepp – one of the most notorious serial offenders in the USA, whose crimes,were considered unsolvable for years.,Until he made a serious mistake and got himself an Amazon account – but more on that in a,moment.,In this video we want to introduce you to the incredible story of one of the most feared,but perhaps also smartest criminals the world has ever seen.,You can expect not only a crazy life story between prison, escape and wealth but also,the probably craziest method ever to catch a felon.,Its going to be extremely exciting, so stay tuned here at Wonderlane!,Before we get to how Todd Kohlhepp not only took out numerous people in a terrible way,and was sensationally convicted years later, lets briefly explain who Kohlhepp is in the,first place.,Todd Kohlhepp is a now 50-year-old American who grew up under extremely difficult circumstances,in South Carolina and Georgia.,Already at the age of two he experienced his first trauma, which contributed to the fact,that he developed an extremely disturbed relationship with his fellow men: namely, his parents separated,in a very unpleasant way.,Shortly after this separation, a new husband moved in with his mother, with whom Kohlhepp,now had to spend a lot of time.,However, since the two got along extremely badly from the beginning and Kohlhepp would,actually have much preferred to spend time with his biological father, he became very,conspicuous already in elementary school.,As a 9-year-old, he was not only considered a bully who bullied his classmates and destroyed,their property for no reason, he also received psychological treatment at this age.,In addition to his bad behavior towards his classmates, he was also caught torturing animals,and was addicted at a young age to adult movies that were anything but appropriate for his,age.,This behavior ultimately led to him finally being sent back to his biological father after,an inpatient stay in a psychiatric ward.,But here began a phase that ultimately caused Kohlhepp to be locked up in prison at some,point for the rest of his life.,At the age of 15, Todd Kohlhepp came into contact with his fathers gun collection for,the first time.,At that age, he also committed his first serious crime: at gunpoint, he kidnapped a 14-year-old,girl, whom he then not only violated but also forced to perform intimate acts against her,will, which ultimately led to him being sentenced to 15 years in prison.,But if you think that this sentence should have a deterrent effect, you are completely,wrong.,After his release in 2001, it turned out that Todd Kohlhepp is much more than a crazy psychopath,with disturbed tendencies – with a proven IQ of 118, he is also considered extremely,intelligent.,After his release, he used this intelligence to build a completely new life for himself.,Because he earned a college degree in computer science while in prison and, after his release,,a bachelors degree in business administration and marketing, Kohlhepp found it easy to find,well-paying jobs despite his past.,He also founded a real estate company that not only made him the most successful broker,in the Carolinas, but also made him extremely wealthy.,Unfortunately, this lifestyle did not make Todd Kohlhepp a civilized citizen.,Quite the opposite: in addition to his professional success, he had a dark secret from 2003, which,was only revealed over a decade later.,In that year, police officers in the small American town of Chesnee made a terrible discovery:,four dead bodies were found in a motorcycle store, gruesomely killed by gunshots.,These four victims were the work of Kohlhepp, who, according to some press reports, had,felt provoked by the owner of the store when he went there to have his motorcycle repaired.,For this reason, he then went berserk and finished off all the employees who were in,the store.,At that time, investigators were still completely in the dark and had no leads – until 2016.,That year, two young cleaners who had been hired to clean Kohlhepps estatedisappeared.,As it turned out afterwards, one of the cleaners probably had a mouth too loose for Kohlhepp,,which is why he liquidated one of the cleaners and held the other one captive in a container,for weeks as his servant.,There he then chained her to the wall and gave her food once a day while he did terrible,things to her, which we will not go into more detail here.,In addition, Kohlhepp had already removed two neighbors in the months before and buried,them on his property.,All these crimes remained unsolved, and for a long time it looked as if Todd Kohlhepp,would be able to continue his terrible double life unmolested.,It wasnt until the end of 2016 that investigators came up with a lead that was absolutely unique,in the world and that no one had expected: and that was Amazon.,Compared to other criminals, Todd Kohlhepp didnt order his gear on the dark web or through,shady middlemen but through Amazon.,While its not uncommon now for many shoppers to post joking reviews about the oddest items,on Amazon, what Kohlhepp did over the years is way more bizarre.,Namely, he cynically rated numerous items that actually helped him commit his crimes.,For example, he evaluated an extra large piece of plastic wrap by saying that it was very,good for transporting lifeless people in a car without making a mess.,About a padlock that he actually used to lock someone in a cage, Kohlhepp truthfully wrote,that it successfully prevented people from escaping.,For many other buyers, these reviews initially seemed like bad jokes, but no one probably,thought anything more of it.,But when a police officer discovered by chance that the profile to which the comments belonged,was under the name of Todd Kohlhepp, they became skeptical.,Since Kohlhepp was still being closely watched by the authorities more than 15 years after,his release, a few police officers decided to pay him a visit.,What they then found on his property was not only shocking but also ensured that one of,the most notorious criminals in the USA was finally caught after more than 13 years.,On Kohlhepps estate, which by the way was completely sealed off from the neighbors with,high fences, the investigators found not only numerous weapons and forbidden objects, but,also containers from which people were desperately calling for help.,Among them was the missing cleaner, who could finally be rescued.,Kohlhepp was then immediately arrested and taken to the police station.,But what happened next was, for many observers of the case, almost as bizarre as the sick,crimes themselves.,During the subsequent investigations, Kohlhepp did not proclaim his innocence like other,criminals, but claimed that there were many more people he had on his conscience and subsequently,hidden.,He even said that he had eliminated more than a dozen people without showing any motive,,not to mention any remorse.,Although these dead people have not been found to date, since there have been numerous unsolved,crimes in the Carolina region over the past 20 years, many assume that Todd Kohlhepp has,done away with many more people than he was initially proven to have.,To conclude this video, we would like to briefly discuss what happened after Kohlhepp was convicted,by his evaluations.,Because the evidence left no room for doubt and Kohlhepp wanted to avoid the death penalty,at all costs, he pleaded guilty in May 2017 to all charges that could be proven against,him.,For this reason, he was subsequently sentenced to prison, which put him behind bars for a,term of seven times life.,Todd Kohlhepp will thus never again be allowed to enjoy a life of freedom.,Moreover, in 2020, all of Kohlhepps property was auctioned off, resulting in the proceeds,being donated to the families of his victims.,And thats it for our video and the bizarre story about one of the most wanted

Todd Kohlhepp (The Amazon Reviews Killer) Documentary

Todd Christopher colehemp was born on,March 7 1971 in Florida and was raised,in South Carolina in Georgia,his parents divorced when he was two,years old and his mother who got custody,of him married another man the following,year,later psychological reports found that,Cole hap had an unhealthy relationship,with his stepfather and often wanted to,live with his biological father whom he,had not seen in eight years,kohlhepp was described as a Troublesome,child in Nursery School he was known to,be aggressive towards other children and,would destroy their property at the age,of nine when he started undergoing,counseling kohlhepp was described as,being explosive and preoccupied with,sexual content he also displayed cruelty,to animals shooting a dog with a BB gun,and killing a goldfish with Clorox his,father later said that the only emotion,his son was capable of was anger,Cole hap spent three and a half months,in a Georgia mental hospital as an,inpatient because of an inability to get,along with other children,eventually in 1983 Cole Hep was sent to,live with his biological father in,Arizona after his mother and stepfather,separated,he took his fathers surname and began,working a number of local jobs he also,inherited his fathers hobby of,collecting weapons,despite this their relationship,deteriorated due to his fathers absence,with a number of girlfriends and,kohlhepp expressed desires to return to,his mother though she reportedly made,excuses to extend his stay,on November 25th 1986 15 year old Cole,hepb kidnapped a 14 year old girl in,Tempe Arizona,he threatened her with a 22 caliber,revolver brought her back to his home,tied her up taped her mouth shut and,abused her,afterwards he walked her home and,threatened to kill her younger siblings,if she told anyone what happened,kohlhepp was charged with kidnapping,sexual assault and committing a,dangerous crime against children,in 1987 he pleaded guilty to the,kidnapping charge and the other charges,were dropped he was sentenced to 15,years in prison and registered as a sex,offender according to court records Cole,Hep was diagnosed with borderline,personality disorder and had an IQ of,118 which was considered above average,the judge in the case said that he was,very bright and should be Advanced,academically but behaviorally and,emotionally dangerous and likely could,not be rehabilitated,kohlhepps probation officer wrote a,similar description in court papers and,added that he felt the world owed him,something kohlhepps attorney in that,case later went on to say that while,defending him he did not believe his,client would go on to harm others in the,future during his imprisonment kohlhepp,was initially cited for violations that,included some violent Behavior but after,turning 20 he had no further records of,disobedience,in August 2001 Cole Hep was released,from prison after serving 14 years and,moved to South Carolina where his mother,was living,during his imprisonment he attempted and,graduated from Central Arizona College,with a bachelors degree in computer,science from January 2002 to November,2003 he worked as a graphic designer for,a company in Spartanburg he began,studying in Greenville Technical College,in 2003 Bullhead transferred to the,University of South Carolina Upstate the,following year and graduated in 2008,with a Bachelor of Science degree in,Business Administration marketing,despite being registered as a sex,offender kohlhepp was able to get a real,estate license on June 30th 2006 after,lying about the felony charge on his,application from this he built a firm,that had a dozen agents in its,employment,he had been recognized as a top selling,agent in the Carolina region The Firm,was closed down following his arrest,kohlhepp also acquired a private pilots,license and several properties out of,state in May 2014 he purchased nearly a,hundred acres of land located in an area,nine miles from Moore for three hundred,thousand dollars,he then set a fence around the property,which cost eighty thousand dollars a,customer who sold her home to kohlhepp,remembered him as extremely outgoing and,professional but noted that he would,often talk about his firearms and,sometimes subtly use sexual innuendos,during their conversations,conversely a woman who assisted one of,colehaps employees described him as,angry and condescending towards her,partner a banker who worked with,kohlhepp said he often watched,pornographic videos even at work,kohlhepp frequented a Waffle House,restaurant in Roebuck where his behavior,Disturbed the waitress to the point,where the male cook began to take,kohlhepps orders for them according to,this employee one of the waitresses was,Megan Lee McCraw coxy one of Cole heps,victims something that marks this case,out as being particularly shocking as,kohlhepps openness online it takes real,overconfidence to not only maintain a,personal wish list of your favorite,serial killer tools on Amazon but also,to publicly review them with such,frankness about what youre actually,using them for is a whole other level,well maybe over deranged is more,appropriate,between 2014 and 2016 Cole Hep left over,140 Amazon reviews for items including,knives guns and tactical gear in a,review for a foldable shovel he wrote,keep in car for when you have to hide,the bodies and you left the full-size,shovel at home does not come with a,[ __ ] which would have been nice,on a review of a padlock with a hidden,shackle he got especially gruesome in,his honesty and at the same time,revealed his horrifying sadism works,great also if someone talks back go old,school on them by putting it in a sock,and beating them they will not,appreciate the hardened steel like you,will,as well as his chilling Amazon reviews,Cole hepp also did some other pretty,disturbing things online,in 2016 he kidnapped Caleb Brown who,would work for him cleaning homes and,her boyfriend Charles Carver the couple,was reported as missing in August after,Carvers mother told police she hadnt,heard from her son for several days,things got even more suspicious however,when post started appearing on Carvers,Facebook page insinuating the couple had,gotten married in secret the tone of the,post didnt sound like Carver at all and,some speculated the hacker to be his,soon-to-be ex-white the horrible truth,was that kohlhepp was the real hacker by,then he had already killed Carver and,was keeping Brown hostage,unfortunately the kidnapping of brown,and murder of Carver werent the first,of kolhaps crimes,following his arrest he shockingly,confessed to being the killer behind the,unsolved Superbike murders a quadruple,homicide case from 13 years prior,in 2003 Cole have visited a motorcycle,shop in Chesney South Carolina to buy a,bike which he apparently struggled to,ride properly he revealed to his mother,when she asked whether he was connected,to the killings that the Shops,employees laughed at him and refused him,a refund an injustice kohlhepp couldnt,let go unpunished his Revenge left four,people dead store owner Scott Ponder his,mother Beverly guy service manager Brian,Lucas and mechanic Chris sherbert,on August 31st 2016 Kayla Brown 30 and,her boyfriend Charles David Carver 32,went missing after they went to claim,kohlhepps residence,after being asked to do some cleaning on,kohlhepps 93-acre Farm in Woodruff,Brown who had done similar work for Cole,Hep in the past and Carver stood waiting,for kohlhepp to get something from his,garage kohlhepp emerged but with a gun,he shot Carver several times in the,chest for having a smart mouth as for,brown I didnt know what to do with her,he told his mother she hadnt done,anything wrong,instead of killing or releasing her it,kept her trapped in a dark shipping,container for two months three months,after being rescued Brown recounted the,details of her ordeal to Dr Phil she was,bound gagged and chained at the neck and,Ankle she was allowed outside for 30 to,45 minutes twice a day in an apartment,above the garage to change clo

The Amazon Review Serial Killer: Todd Kohlepp Was SCARY man

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just,hard to do the bulk of that work but i,had the idea in my head of okay im,gonna talk about three different,internet killers from different,platforms and specifically i wanted to,talk about the amazon review killer a,tick tock killer and a craigslist killer,however when i really started,researching the amazon review killer,himself todd kohlhepp,i could not stop number one i realized,that the story is a lot more complex and,convoluted than i initially had believed,i thought that he was literally caught,through leaving amazon reviews of items,that he would use for murders online but,its so much more complicated and,fascinating than that todd kohlhepp is,an american serial killer and mass,murderer,who was captured back in 2016. he has,seven victims that are known although he,claims to have killed many many more and,when i first started researching him it,was really the bulk of his amazon,reviews that were so fascinating to me,however i realized as i started writing,the script that the day that i began my,research,was his birthday march 7th he was born,in 1971 uh so i guess his 51st birthday,just passed,and i was starting to write a script,about him which is very very eerie it,also does make him a pisces but listen,we love pisces my mom and my sister are,both pisces big fan as were often,finding with the modern day killer they,have a pretty heavy internet presence,for many of them and todd was no,exception he was incredibly active on,websites like facebook but also on,amazon where he seemed to do,a bulk of his shopping and im gonna,read with you some of the reviews that,he left on different items that were,used in his crime sprees that honestly,people probably took as a joke when they,read them when i was reading these i was,like i have surely read something akin,to this when i was looking at steam game,reviews or amazon product reviews or,just anything it seems like a joke to,get a laugh out of people,but the truth in this story is much more,sinister which is why when you read,these,it sends a chill down your spine on a,review of a fixed blade knife todd wrote,havent stabbed anyone yet,yet,but i am keeping the dream alive and,when i do it will be with a quality tool,like this on a review for a shovel he,said keep in the car for when you have,to hide the bodies and you left the,full-size shovel at home for a stun gun,he said seriously trying to find a,reason to zap one of my agents for being,lazy its going to be the new office,motivational tool on a master lock,hidden shackle padlock he said works,great also if someone talks back go old,school on them by putting this in a sock,and beating them they will not,appreciate the hardened steel like you,will works great on shipping containers,at least thats what i assume as it was,cut off for a chainsaw todd said works,excellent getting the neighbor to stand,still while you chase him with it is,hard enough without having an easy to,use chainsaw and then he left more,reviews on two separate uh things for,master padlocks one of them was a one,pack one of them was like a four pack on,the one pack he said solid locks have,five on a shipping container wont stop,them but sure well slow them down until,they are too old to care and on the,second round of master padlocks todd,said now my locks have locks place is,hotel california now that probably in,being referenced to the um lyric in,hotel california that says you can check,out whenever you like but you can never,leave i think like many people who,research killers that a lot of,fascinating things can be found in their,early childhood and todd had a lot of,patterns and behaviors that i think that,now we can recognize as early traits of,a killer so todds parents got divorced,when he was super young only two years,old and his mother got full custody and,his childhood as a whole was super super,troubling to say the absolute least like,many up-and-coming serial killers he was,incredibly violent and aggressive but,took out a lot of that frustration on,animals doing things like shooting a dog,with a bb gun killing his goldfish in a,clorox bleach because he wanted a gerbil,instead which is just so troubling dont,take it out on the goldfish dude like,completely unnecessary for most of his,life todd was raised throughout south,carolina and georgia and he even spent,three months in a georgia impatient,psychiatric facility due to his,inability to get along with other,children incidents that probably led up,to this are including but not limited to,the fact that he stabbed a girl on the,bus with a pair of scissors due to some,kind of argument that they got in he,also was known for an incident where he,put,another young boy inside of a dog kennel,and rolled him down the hill laughing,while he cried hes described as being,explosive in nature incredibly,aggressive and preoccupied with sexual,content his father was later quoted as,saying that he thought that anger was,the only thing that his son could feel,but its kind of rich coming from his,dad

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