1. Is Review Embargo For The Batman A Bad Sign
  2. The Batman Review Embargo a Cause for Concern
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Is Review Embargo For The Batman A Bad Sign

and our fifth main topic today gets,submitted to us by dan,sokolov who writes,hi john and crew uh love the show thank,you so much it looks like the review,embargo for matt reeves batman will lift,on the 28th of february,should we be worried given that the,movie will premiere in a lot of cinemas,around the world the very next day,march of 1st of march isnt having a,review embargo so close to the movie,release date show a lack of faith from,the studio,thanks and bring on the filthy all right,dan thanks a lot for sending that in man,and yeah listen,a lot of people have been waiting we we,covered earlier on todays show the,first reactions coming out for pixars,new film turning red and theyre,fantastic and theres great but lets be,honest,the one were really waiting on,the one were really looking forward to,are the initial reactions for the new,movie the batman thats what were,looking for,the batman opens on march 4th officially,and theyre now lifting the review,embargo on february 28th,does,warner brothers,forcing the critics and the pundits to,hold off on,revealing their reactions and their,reviews for the batman until february,28th is this a bad sign,that maybe the batman isnt as good as,were hoping its going to be,that maybe this is the studio trying to,hide the reviews from getting out in,public,is this something we should be worried,about,and im going to tell you that the,answer to that is no,there is nothing to be worried about,here and theres two main primary,reasons why,number one,studios,releasing lifting their embargos is very,strategic because they know when they,want to have a big hit of momentum,followed by the next hit of momentum,followed by the next hit of momentum,thats why they time when they release,certain clips or trailers or promotional,materials and when they release the,review embargo now i have said for years,that it can be problematic,when a studio holds the review embargo,until the well it is problematic till,the day before release like when i cant,remember what there was a recent movie,that just came out where like oh my god,this movie comes on like 12 hours and,they still havent listed the review,burger for it i cant remember which,movie it was,once might have been moonfall i dont,know but but it was very very worrying,when you have a movie thats coming out,thats in like 24 hours and the reviews,are still being held up that is a red,flag not a hundred percent of the time,there have been a very few but some very,notable examples of when a movie lifted,a review embargo like a day before and,the movie actually ended up being pretty,good but id say 90 percent of the time,that when weve seen that its been a,cause for concern,but ive always believed and ive said,this for years,as long as you lift the review embargo,like a good three days,maybe sometimes even two days of 48,hours or more two three days or more,i think youre okay,and the reality is the official release,date is the fourth that really means,thursday the third,but still releasing lifting the review,bar on the 28th i think is an okay,amount of time because,to me this is actually not a sign of,concern its a sign of faith,they believe that the reviews are going,to be so good that give it that last big,push,three or four days before the movie,opens,you know weve done the trailers weve,done the marketing weve done the,billboards now,let the reviews out about three to four,days before the movie comes out theyre,banking on those reviews being really,positive and pushing that opening,weekend,now you brought up that there are a,number of countries that its releasing,on the first as far as i can tell,theres only one country,thats releasing on the first and i,think it might be korea i could be wrong,about that you know what let me bring up,uh the batman here,and look at the release date but i,believe if i remember correctly,there is only uh lets see release,theres only one country,that has it on a different date and that,country is,south korea on march 1st,now there are four countries then,releasing it on march 2nd and thats,belgium france sweden and taiwan,and then youre pretty much getting into,the release date so i dont think thats,a problem at all so the number one,reason why i dont think this review,embargo coming up on february 28th is,something to be concerned about,is because it is still far enough out,its its not right up against the,release date and thats perfectly,acceptable and not unusual,the second reason why i dont think this,review embargo date is anything to be,concerned about is this,if,there was anything to be worried about,as far as,um you know the word of mouth getting,out about this batman movie if they were,at all concerned in the least,about,oh my gosh this isnt a very good movie,we cant let people know we gotta hide,it from people,then the one thing they absolutely would,not do,is have a fan event,where over a hundred thousand fans,across north america,are going to be able to go and see an,early screening on tuesday march the,first,again if you thought if they thought for,one second,that there was a chance that audiences,would be coming out of this thing and,you know they wouldnt gonna like it,maybe just maybe they might still do a,fan event but they would put that fan,event on march 3rd,the day before the movie comes out when,most people who are going to go see an,opening weekend have already decided and,bought their tickets or not,but the fact that you put it like three,days in advance,to me screams confidence in this movie,now that doesnt autumn im not saying,it is an automatic ironclad take to the,bank guarantee that were gonna love the,batman this might be the worst movie of,all time,it might be terrible for all we know it,might be i think it looks pretty good i,think we have good reason to have a lot,of faith in it but it could be terrible,but warner brothers clearly thinks,theyve got a winner on their hands,so yeah number one i wouldnt be worried,about the review embargo because its,not terribly unusual to have it like,three or four days out and i think,thats plenty of time for review embargo,and number two if there was any,hesitation,about the quality of the batman from,warner brothers perspectives there is no,way in hell they would be doing a fan,event across 30 cities in north america,or maybe even more than 30 cities,on march first which is where were,going to be so i honestly personally,think we are perfectly fine anyway rob,you know we see that the review embargo,lists on the 28th nine a.m,nine a.m so were not going to have a,reaction watch on it because well just,well just wait an hour and talk about,on the john campbell show but theyve,got the review embargo lifting on the,28th do you see that as any,you know source for concern from us,people who are looking forward to the,batman,no,and ill tell you why theyve had the,cast making the rounds theres all kinds,of internet videos of interviews with,the cast pattinsons out there on,different talk shows theyre releasing g,aquino score,pieces of score theyre releasing clips,do you know what theyre doing here they,have this fan event and theyre,releasing the reviews right before the,fan event they are working us all up,into a lather,were all all of us that have tickets to,that fan event on the first were going,to get those reviews on remember that,fan events tuesday so were getting the,uh the reviews are gonna drop that,monday,its basically like a howitzer theyre,firing a cannon into the pop culture,zeitgeist that is gonna be batmans week,they know what they have,this is very calculated and were gonna,be armed to the gills with great reviews,going in to see this movie and by the,time i mean i dont even know if were,gonna be able to shut up enough about,this movie before we before it starts in,the theater that were even going to be,able to watch it and sit quietly were,going to be in such a frothy lather,were going to be so excited and theyre,going to use this the entire week is,going to be one gian

The Batman Review Embargo a Cause for Concern


there is a lot of commotion in regards,to the reviews for the batman and,specifically the review embargo which,drops just a mere two days ahead of the,films release,people are worried people are concerned,is there something to actually be,worried about lets get to it,so of course the film releases worldwide,march 4th now depending on where you,live march 4th comes a little bit,earlier but thats not the complete,story there is of course early,screenings happening,just a couple days before that and this,is where the worry comes in because as,those screenings are happening,thats exactly when the review embargo,lifts and the first reviews will be,coming out meaning that the people that,already bought the tickets to see these,early screenings are going into the film,blind they have no idea if the film is,good or not and the reviews are not,hitting up until they are already,watching the film this has naturally,caused some concern among the fan base,now some people are using this to bend,it towards their own narrative that,well see without snyder theyre afraid,other people are saying well,maybe theyre worried,some other people are saying such as me,well maybe they just dont want spoilers,getting out there again it could be,anything we dont know the review,embargo lifting the last day of the,month,right as people are watching the film,is a little worrisome i will say,i usually dont like this especially if,a studio has a track record of letting,reviews come out like a week to two,ahead of a film which wb has had when,theyre very confident in something and,thats backfired many times weve seen,that before so it could really be,anything here i dont want to speculate,that the film is terrible,but again we just dont know in my mind,im gonna go with the notion that they,are dropping it right when spoilers are,gonna get out and its like two days,before it starts to roll out across the,world because obviously theres the day,before so technically march 3rd so,wherever you are just accordingly again,its you know time zones and everything,it doesnt matter ultimately well all,be seeing it next week but,the thing with this film thats worrying,i think many people,is the fact that,theres things happening with wb and dc,that seem to be,in a bad place in terms of how theyre,marketing everything how much money they,can allocate to pushing things and i,think thats also affected this film as,well,and recently we just saw,the top end predictions go from 200,million dollars opening weekend to,barely 95 like youre telling me the,batman,isnt going to beat shanxis opening,weekend,that is a little cause for concern i,will say right i mean its batman versus,shangshi,what but again im just gonna say,personally i dont think theres,anything wrong with the film and why,theyre keeping the reviews back i think,its all the element of were gonna,blitz you with marketing the three days,leading up to the release so once those,press screenings hit and people start,tweeting about it youre gonna see a,quick blitz i think thats their goal,here i could be wrong the film could be,god-awful and theyre just holding it,back so they dont get you know backlash,but hey were gonna know and,well less than a week so lets wait and,see and find out

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The Batman Embargo Lifted Reviews Rolling in at Rotten Tomatoes!!!

okay we are back and uh rotten tomatoes,all of them the theyre all dropping the,the embargo is lifted on the batman,uh uh so all the reviews are coming in,from critics,its pretty much positive for the most,part but im seeing a lot of what i,called the red flags,that critics for the most part are not,are not,comic book fans,okay theyre just not,and,what i keep seeing is,its the darkest batman ever its the,grittiest batman ever,um uh its the scariest batman ever its,the all right so like for me,again like,im not a snyder verse crazy fanboy,i love the nolan verse but i grew up,with the the keaton films,uh you know the val kilmer you know and,then whatever that you know clooney,thing was,um and so ive i grew up i saw that,movie my friend chris kenny and his,father we went to the theater,and saw it when i was a kid in 89 so,ive grown up with batman in cinema and,also the comic books and stuff like that,cartoons i watched the adam west show,when i was you know five years old in,syndication you know um,so i love batman,but,how dark can you go how gritty can you,go,how film noir do you want to go with it,now i know batmans noir hes a,detective you know if theres clues in,the comic books that plays well you,could have a series of three or four,comics that are him sleuthing around,getting the clues to get where he needs,to go,and you can tell a story that way,but for a film this is three hours long,and i i kind of circle back to,uh when,when matt reeves turned in his script,his version of the batman,um,warner brothers said this things got no,action in it you got to add some action,in it,so i feel like,what,the three hour run time two hours 55,minutes is because he made his movie and,then he peppered in these action,sequences because warner brothers asked,him to spice up the movie a little bit,and i feel like the action sequences,that we have seen thus far in the,previews are the action sequences in the,movie i dont believe theyre holding,back anything extra,um and i think this is gonna fall into,that,you know they keep they keep saying all,the critics this fincher,seven,zodiac killer look the thing about it is,with batman,i dont like im not a fan of serial,killer movies i dont ive never watched,dexter,um i dont like watching,the documentary style real crime things,that happen where they they do a series,on netflix about a serial killer or,somebody whos in jail like i dont like,any of that its just not its not,in my wheelhouse i like fun you know i,like christopher reeve superman i like,uh the nolan verse of batman like i like,i like uh the marvel stuff most of it,some of it lately is getting a little,crazy but like i like iron man and,captain america and the colors and the,fun and the theatrics and,so for me to watch,two and a half two hours 55 minutes,of batman moping around and i think one,of the complaints i saw,in some of the reviews is,that they didnt distinguish between,bruce wayne and batman its kind of like,hes the same guy,and like,to me and i havent seen the movie but,to me,like you need a clear,definition of who he is thats why,michael keaton was so unsuspecting as,batman because he come came from a comic,background no one took him so hes hes,comedian hes this funny guy mr mom and,then all of a sudden he does the bruce,wayne thing and youre hes mr mom hes,got that kind of attitude to you know in,that fun part and then all of a sudden,he goes dark and hes batman same thing,with christian bale you know he did the,thing with the playboys you know jumping,in the in the water fountain outside the,restaurant and all that other kind of,stuff and and um,you know he,played up that playboy stuff to throw,people off the track youre not supposed,to and so like for me all i saw was was,robert pattinson in the in the trailers,and all the clips that theyve shown and,and i always get nervous when studios,start showing,whole sequences and clips and just,constantly like the whole thing with,catwoman,uh which zoe kravis looks amazing but,catwoman and robert pattinson doing the,little fight thing when they first meet,like why not leave that in the let that,be in the movie for people to discover,why release that scene like why spoon,feed,the audience look this is a good batman,this is a good batman like you need to,come see it opening weekend you know,um and something tells me i feel like,this movie is going to be huge on,opening weekend 100 150 million is what,theyre forecasting i think itll hit,those numbers without a problem,but i think its going to fall off,dramatically in the second weekend i,really feel that it will and i dont,want it to fail i dont want this movie,to fail so dont get it wrong okay,um you know 400 people probably worked,on this film you know the the sets look,great you know ive seen behind the,scenes with the led screens the,cinematography looks great you know,theres a lot of people that put their,heart and soul into this movie i dont,want it to fail,but im worried about the story,im worried about this spyglass,detective sleuth thing,finding all the clues like the movie,seven if i want to see seven i go c7 if,i want to see the zodiac killer i go see,the zodiac that movie,i dont need all that in batman,you know,and you know i ive just,i like,robert pattinss costume,i dont like the cow,the cow annoys the out of me when i,look at it it just absolutely does,i dont like the batmobile and before,people jump down my throat i didnt like,ben afflecks batmobile i like the,tumbler,and i like the keaton car thats it,those are the two batmobiles that i like,all the other batmobiles,you know the val kilmers batmobile and,george clooneys batmobile and and the,different versions that that that ben,affleck had from batman vs superman and,justice league um i i just i didnt like,them i didnt like them and to me the,batmobile makes the makes the makes,batman its like its such a crucial,part,and i know its year two and hes still,building his,okay just give me a good batmobile dont,give me this dodge charger you know,engine exposed which is so easy to shoot,and destroy like the enemy like why not,put it put armor plating over it like it,just doesnt make any sense,but,you know i just i want this movie to,succeed but i dont want to come out of,it depressed,grace randolph i just watched one of her,spoiler free reviews,and she said that like theres no,chemistry between robert pattinson and,zoe kravitz like its just bland on,screen that they just dont connect,and thats like oh wow thats a big deal,like you really need those two,characters to connect,she also said that the third act is flat,and it leaves everybody kind of like huh,there was no like climactic ending that,like encompassed the film,the first act and the second act is,really good the third act just,and i dont know i dont know if i i,want to go see in the theater but i,you know i want to be able to get up and,pee they say you cant pee until the,third act because thats when it slows,down starts to get crappy,you know so i gotta hold my p for two,hours,just to you know you know just to get to,the last 55 minutes,i want this movie to be good,but i just have a feeling its not my,cup of tea,its i just dont like serial killer,stuff i dont like,you know somebody matt you know and ill,tell you what like a lot of people love,that original trailer where robert,pattinson was you know beat that guy,down and then gave him that final punch,and then looked up at everybody and and,everyone just went nuts when that,trailer came out and to me that was just,ultra violent like i thought like they,really needed to go that last punch and,i know a lot of people be like oh dude,youre just a youre youre a simp or,whatever youre you know youre a soy,boy whatever i dont give i dont care,about that,it just seemed too violent you know,and if this is a horror film serial,killer murder thing and batman just,happens to be in it its not my cup of,tea and i dont like the riddlers,costume,you know i he you know,you know he looks like hes you kno

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A Divisive Outing?! | The Batman Review Embargo Lifts

whats up its your boy skywalker the,jedi here,tapping in with yall real quick you,know,outside chilling on um this beautiful,monday,got the,ocean behind us you know,uh this is coming off of a,fantastic clapback saturday,recently um,on celeb duels channel,live stream was legendary,you know,go back and catch it um if you havent,already,right but um right now i want to talk,about matt reeves the batman you know we,havent talked about matt reeves the,batman in a little bit,um you know i want to give my thoughts,not that a lot of the reviews are coming,out you know the embargo,lifted and uh you know youre,were getting a good sense of how how,everybody feels about this movie,[Music],and um this pretty much confirms,everything that,i previously said right um,i think that the cast more than likely,did a solid job,right,you know and um that i wasnt gonna,you know put any of um the,things that happened with the production,on any of the casts because you know,that wouldnt be fair,um,but um i do not think that this movie is,going to have this huge opening that um,you know,that people seem to want it to have,right it almost feels as if its being,wheeled into,existence,right and that um were just kind of,hoping that this does well,you know to kind of spike certain people,that are saying that you know theyre,hearing that its gonna do the opposite,right,so,you know um,and i think that its safe to say that,thats pretty much whats been going on,because youre even seeing some people,try to dispel,you know the narrative that this,movie even costed a lot right theyre,trying to say oh its a,its a,smaller budget film right when forbes,came out and said that,you know that the um that the production,cost was actually 185 million,now youre having people saying oh no it,was just a 100 million right,you know and it doesnt really have to,make that much back,right when we also know that um the,marketing budget,was probably twice what the production,budget was right,so um this movie has to be a,success um,a massive,success,to even break even and,anything,um,that youre hearing to the contrary or,anybody that tells you that to the,contrary uh they are either,um,having bad information,um old information or are,um you know part of the agenda,um that you know we clearly see its,been operating,so um,you know,like i was saying,um a lot of the reviews that ive been,hearing they arent really surprising,right,um this is the,best movie that weve seen since the,dark knight,you know,just like every other dc project,after it drops,um,right and that no but you want to know,something that i want to touch on that i,think is just very very fascinating,right um i was thinking about this,reading a few of,the reviews right,is everybody praising how dark and edgy,this movie is,do you guys remember when dark and edgy,were terms that were used um to the,detriment of,zack snyder and his fandom,you guys remember that,right,when,you know the tweets from the bots were,going around,oh,uh batman vs superman this is going to,be a two-hour track and shot of every dc,character crying in the rain you guys,remember that,and now we literally got emo batman and,everybodys oh my goodness,yo man look um look,um im gonna watch the movie whenever i,can get my hands on it the way that you,know,the way that i,um can,you know because im not gonna pay for,this movie i dont care what anybody,says im not you know and you know,whats so funny is i was hearing some,pushback saying oh no im gonna,and im definitely gonna pay for it you,know and i would never,you know um,i would never tell anybody to not pay,for something um whats so strange is i,pay for everything,you know i buy pay-per-views im a huge,boxing fan right i buy pay-per-views,right i go to fights i i i go to games i,dont pirate movies right i go pay for,my ticket right i pay for all these,subscription services,right i buy stuff on vod i buy stuff on,blu-ray,right you know,the 4k all that stuff i pay for,everything so what does it say that im,not willing to pay for this movie,what does that mean,might want to ask yourself that,but um nah you know ill im going to,touch back in with you guys,um,you know before,this weekend,um you know im gonna be,dropping some videos throughout the week,because um you know its it is a,wonderful time in,the fandom a lot of people are upset and,all in their feelings i feel great,im feeling absolutely great,you know and um,i got all the energy in the world for,this,right now so uh yeah im gonna tap back,in with yall and we shall see how this,goes,alright,catch yall next time,love yall man peace

Disney Worried Avatar 2 is Garbage, Late Review Embargo Concerns & More

Avatar the way of water is literally,coming out in just a couple of days in,the United States and internationally,even earlier weve gotten early,Impressions but again where are the,reviews well we recently learned that,the review embargo lifts uh very close,to the films release date sometime,between the 13th and the 15th so make of,that what you will or its a Disney,tactic that they use all the time now,so again a review dropping right before,the film comes out or as the film is,opening up in early International,markets is nothing new for Disney weve,done the same song and dance with pretty,much everything reselling black panther,wakanda forever,Thor wubbing Thunder Doctor Strange in,the Multiverse of Madness You Name It,Disney typically now drops the review,literally about a day sometimes two days,before the U.S opening and typically,when the film starts to roll out in,international territories were learning,that this is exactly what theyre doing,with Avatar the way of what again is,there something strange here something,to worry about maybe maybe not I dont,think there is this has become more of a,common practice I think everywhere in,the industry video games this is now,literally a thing sometimes were seeing,reviews hit after the game is already,available you can literally download and,play it at midnight but the reviews not,hitting till like 9am or something its,just becoming more commonplace for video,games obviously theres day one patches,that they want considered so those come,out to the Press like 34 hours before,the review goes up sometimes with films,its due to secrecy because some reviews,if you guys remember famously I think it,was variety for the Batman,they gave away the entire film in the,headline and the byline that was a call,I read the review whats the point of,watching the film considering I know the,twist right like,it can become problematic so I dont,begrudge any company WB Universal Disney,Sony for holding back reviews unless,there is a pattern that they hold the,back because the product might be,garbage,so you know,um thats something to worry about but,in this case I dont think they have,anything to worry about especially when,it comes to James Cameron whos been out,there literally shouting from the top of,rooftops youre gonna see my film shut,up its good youre a troll Marvel blows,look Im pretty sure Disneys confident,in this film theyre just holding the,reviews so no spoilers get out I could,be wrong but those early impressions of,the film were pretty through the roof,and I know never take it for the early,Impressions because thats the most,hardcore of the most hardcore but again,they were overwhelmingly positive so,well see what happens soon theyre,dropping sometime in the next uh well,the next couple days because they kind,of dropped before the film is out Im,personally expecting this thing to land,somewhere in like the mid 80s on Rotten,Tomatoes again but hey well see where,do you guys think its gonna land and,what are you predicting for the big old,uh you know a big old score its gonna,get like from Cinema score Im a guess a,minus

the Batman movie review embargo cause for concern

whats up youtube it is your boy killer,cam will be killing it welcome back to,the killer squad man today we got batman,on review,lets get right into it,the reviews for the batman and right,right the review embargo which drops,just a mere two days ahead of the films,release,people are worried people are concerned,is there something to actually be,worried about lets get to it,maybe you tell me man,so of course the film releases worldwide,march 4th now depending on where you,live march 4th comes a little bit,earlier right thats not the complete,story there is of course early,screenings happening,just a couple days before that right,this is where the worry comes in because,as those screenings are happening,thats exactly when the review embargo,lifts and the first reviews will be,coming out right meaning that the people,that already bought the tickets to see,these early screenings are going into,the film blind they have no idea if the,film is good or not and the reviews are,not hitting up until they are already,watching the film right this has,naturally caused some concern among the,fan base right now some people are using,this to bend it towards their own,narrative that well see without snyder,theyre afraid,other people are saying well,maybe theyre worried,some other people are saying such as me,well maybe they just dont want spoilers,getting out there again it could be,anything we dont know the review,embargo lifting the last day of the,month,right as people are watching the film,is a little worrisome i will say,i usually dont like this especially if,a studio has a track record of letting,reviews come out like a week to two,ahead of a film which the rp has had,when theyre very confident in something,and thats backfired many times weve,seen that before,so it could really be anything here i,dont want to speculate that the film is,terrible but again we just dont know in,my mind im gonna go with the notion,that theyre dropping it right when,spoilers are gonna get out and its like,two days before it starts to roll out,across the world because obviously,theres the day before so technically,march 3rd so wherever you are just,accordingly again its you know time,zones and everything it doesnt matter,ultimately well all be seeing it next,week but,the thing with this film thats worrying,i think many people,is the fact that,theres things happening with wb and dc,that seem to be right in a bad place in,terms of how theyre marketing,everything how much money they can,allocate to pushing things and i think,thats also affected this film as well,and recently we just saw,the top end predictions go from 200,million dollars opening it look like,batman im bad really bad um,reviews weekend to,barely 95,like youre telling me the batman,isnt going to beat shanxis opening,weekend,that is a little cause for concern i,will say right i mean its batman versus,chongshi,what but again im just gonna say,personally i dont think theres,anything wrong i mean im not i dont,im not a big big big batman because,im not a dc fan,but im more of a marvel type person but,i do watch the dc though,keeping the reviews back i think its,all the element of were gonna blitz you,with marketing,the three days leading up to the release,so once those press screenings hit and,people start tweeting about it youre,gonna see a quick blitz i think thats,their goal here i could be wrong the,film could be god-awful and theyre just,holding it back so they dont get you,know backlash but hey were gonna know,and well less than a week so lets wait,and see and find out,yeah man i hope the batman movie is good,though but let me know i think my,reaction down below killer squad peace


for the past few months DC has been,building the hype for the latest,installment in the DC extended Universe,Black Adam but it doesnt seem to have,landed well with critics,hey everyone welcome back to our movie,news last night the review embargo for,Black Adam was lifted and critics,revealed their reviews for the film this,also meant that a Rotten Tomato score,was created for critics and this has,created quite a bit of discussion within,the DC Community the critics score on,Rotten Tomatoes is currently sitting at,55 with 64 reviews now that score will,change over time as more reviews are,sent in but it hasnt stopped fans from,reacting to the score now I personally,think that Rotten Tomatoes is pointless,especially the critics score there have,been many occasions where the critics,have ranked a film very low but fans and,general audiences rank the film much,higher for example my favorite DC movie,Man of Steel has a 56 critic score but,one of my least favorite DC films Wonder,Woman 1984 has a Critic score of 58,percent so two percent better than Man,of Steel not only that but the Marvel,Disney series she honk has got an 87,critic score and Thor love and thunder,has got a 64 critic score and I think,they are two of the worst products,Marvel has created but if I was to,believe the critics score on Rotten,Tomatoes then I would think that,She-Hulk and Thor love and thunder were,better than most dceu movies including,my favorite Man of Steel look the points,Im trying to make is that Rotten,Tomatoes do not Define what is a good,movie or not you do some of my favorite,movies of all time have low Rotten,Tomato scores and some of my least,favorite movies have really high scores,I dont take the website seriously,because the only opinion that should,matter is your own when you go to the,cinema and watch the movie that is when,you should decide whether you like it or,not sure its a shame that not every,critic liked this movie maybe I wont,when I see it on Friday but what I,always do with movies is Judge them when,I watch them the trailers and the words,from the rock have made me excited for,Black Adam but that one dont mean,anything if I watch the film on Friday,and end up not liking it but Im not,going to letter website with a critics,score decide whether or not this film is,good I will decide for myself,unfortunately this will probably affect,the box office results slightly as some,people will see the critics score and,not bother going to watch it in the,cinema but I dont think it will do any,major damage to the overall interest in,Black Adam I was questioning whether or,not to do a video on this news as I find,Rotten Tomatoes extremely irrelevant but,I did think I should balance the good,with the bad and Ive been talking very,positively about Black Adam recently so,I dont want to make it seem like Im,ignoring the negative reviews,surrounding Black Adam because I want,the film to do well I just think,listening to critics before watching the,film for ourselves is a waste of our,time and getting worried about whether,or not the film will be good or bad is,pointless like I said what should decide,your excitement for a film are the,trailers and the interviews that the,cast give so I didnt really want to do,a video about this because I dont take,Rotten Tomatoes seriously but some fans,do and I want to reassure those fans who,are worried that Black Adam will be bad,that the critics score isnt the,deciding factor you are but that is all,for todays video thank you so much for,watching please make sure to like And,subscribe and turn on post notification,so you never miss a video I hope to see,you here again soon so until then have a,great day bye,thank you

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