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Cinemassacres Bat-A-Thon

of all the superheroes my favorite is,batman,and a lot of people agree but why is it,is it his dark image or the fact that,hes mostly based in a realistic setting,not using any superpowers,i dont know hes just cool but with all,the different film adaptations everyone,has their own ideas of how they like,their batman,but anyway im just a regular fan so im,gonna give my own reviews of,all the live action batman movies and,express my own opinions,i wont get into the animated series,just because theres too much to cover,so check it out its a mini marathon,theres going to be three parts going,through the history of the batman movies,from the early days up until dark night,its cinemassacres batathon,first i want to draw your attention to a,1926 silent chiller called the bat,the plot involves a group of people in,an old mansion who are being stalked by,a killer who wears a bat mask and cape,hes not as famous as dracula or the,frankenstein monster but the fog and,creepy atmosphere make this a great,addition,to the haunted house franchise which was,going on around the time,but youre probably wondering what does,this have to do with anything,well quite simply because its the,inspiration for batman,yeah when you see him climbing up the,roof with the grappling hook how could,you not draw the comparison,but if thats not enough he even uses,the bat signal,obviously its one of the biggest,trademarks of batman but instead of the,police using it to contact batman,the bat uses it to frighten his enemies,before he comes in for the kill,in 1933 the same director roland west,remade his own film as the bat,whispers batman creator bob kane has,said that this was the film that,inspired him to create the character,so in some weird kind of way the bat is,actually the first,batman movie and i bet you didnt even,know it existed,and now for the rating i give it three,bats out of five,in 1939 the batman made his first,appearance in detective comics number,27.,it didnt take too long before the,character made it to the big screen with,louis wilson being the first actor to,play batman,in a 15 part serial right as it begins,you see batman sitting at a desk with a,bunch of bats flying around on strings,most peoples reaction would be to laugh,and honestly its pretty funny,the costumes look like the equivalent of,what you could buy at a halloween store,it seems like they should have gotten a,black cape for batman whatever hue they,chose just didnt photograph too well in,black and white so,we have a very gray looking batman,robins extremely young,fitting the boy wonder image but again,he comes off as kind of silly and he,looks like eraserhead,besides he doesnt really have much,interesting to say or do,the villain dr dhaka was invented purely,for the film and never appeared in any,of the comics,hes a japanese scientist who uses some,kind of electrical device to turn people,into mindless zombies i guess,hes a stock cliche straight out of the,mad scientist genre,the worst part is his phony accent,of course this was right in the middle,of world war ii so theres an,anti-japanese tone to the whole thing,which makes it,extremely outdated and just not right,they dont even drive the batmobile,instead its just a regular car,but keep in mind the comics were still,in their premature state and gradually,developed the batmobile over time but,one thing that can be said,the film serial introduced the bat cave,here its called the bats cave while not,the most technically sophisticated film,its interesting to watch and a,fascinating piece of history,but this ones for hardcore fans only i,give it two and a half,bats on a string in 1949,another serial was produced batman and,robin the villain this time was another,made-up half-ass attempt called the,wizard,not a whole lot is different from the,first one and again i recommend it only,for the hardcore fans so,lets move on i give it two bat cars,in 1966 well into the age of television,batman made his tv debut it begins with,an animated intro with the surf music,theme,the only lyric is batman chanted over,and over again,another trademark are the choppy fist,fights,now lets talk about the characters,batmans played by adam west,the man has a great voice to this day,people like to debate who is the best,batman,but west is so memorized as the role i,like to convince myself he really is,batman,robins played by bert ward definitely,sort of downplayed as the sidekick and,delivering some of the funniest,overacted lines of dialogue ever,holy molars am i ever glad i take good,care of my teeth,throughout the show there is a whole,gallery of villains the joker played by,cesar romero,riddler played by frank gorshin egghead,played by vincent price,catwoman played by a number of actresses,the penguin played by burgess meredith,and mr freeze also played by a number of,actors here he looks like,darth vader without the mask all the,villains are completely crazy,its over acting at its finest the,episodes would often end on a,cliffhanger much like the old serials,and as the series went on it started to,wear out and get ridiculous,and what always sticks out to me is when,batman and the joker go surfing,but still its very amusing and a lot of,time the show plays as a deliberate,comedy,a lot of people like to describe it as,campy and if thats a bad thing then,sign me up because i love it only,problem the shows never been released,on dvd,theres some kind of legal issue going,on so for now you just gotta catch it on,tv if it ever comes on,so id say go buy it but you can,i give the show three and a half surfing,jokers,even though it only ran for a couple,years it has a total of 119 episodes and,a feature film,batman the movie the movie brings,together,four of the villains the joker the,penguin the riddler and catwoman,its great stuff my favorite scene is,when batmans running around with a live,bomb trying to find a safe place to,throw it away,some days you just cant get rid of a,bomb it also has one of the most,terrifying sharks,ever jaws eat your heart out no actually,its ridiculous but its awesome as long,as you appreciate the campiness,today a lot of batman fans hate the 60,series like it tainted the image of,batman or something,if you prefer a more serious approach to,batman thats fine,i do too but i like them both its a,different kind of batman,no matter what you say this batman is,important because,this is the show that launched batman,into the pop culture and introduced so,many people to the character,i can vouch for myself because i grew up,watching reruns of the show in the 80s,its classic,i give the movie four killer sharks but,remember you gotta put that in,perspective,in 2003 adam west and bert ward reunited,as themselves in a television movie,return of the bat cave,the plot involves them searching for the,stolen batmobile,frank gorshan and julie newmar both,return as the riddler and the catwoman,other than just the novelty of a reunion,its not that great,but the best parts which make it worth,seeing are the reenactment scenes where,they flash back on memories from the,making of the tv series,its a funny and affectionate,celebration of two guys who were on the,top of the world making a crazy show and,all the adventures that they got into,while filming,i give it three robin crotches stay,tuned next week for part two,its in a massacres batathon now were,moving on to the more,current generation of batman movies,ideas for a new batman movie were,floating around through most of the 80s,the 1986 graphic novel the dark knight,returns by frank miller was darker and,more serious than the batman that most,people know,most people at the time only knew about,the 60s series but among the hardcore,batman fans,they wanted a more serious and badass,approach and it was about time,and the directing chair was dark,visionist tim burton,but once michael keaton was announced as,batman there is an,outcry from the fans who hated this,decision they were actually petitioning,and the internet didnt e

The Real Reason McDonalds Got Rid Of Ronald McDonald

McDonalds has certainly changed quite a bit since its humble California beginnings in,the 1950s, and a great deal of that change has happened just in the last decade or so.,Theyve removed many of their playgrounds, spent $6 billion on making their restaurants,more high-tech and sleeker-looking, and done everything under the sun to create a menu,that appeals to fast casual-loving millennials.,One of the more nostalgic aspects of McDonalds thats faded away has been the burger chains,longstanding clown mascot – Ronald McDonald.,The absence of Ronald McDonald is bound to split people into two groups.,There are those who will view Ronalds firing from the McDonalds of today as yet another,piece of their childhood gone forever.,On the opposite side of the coin, are those with more of a “good riddance” attitude about,it.,So why, after so many years of promoting Happy Meals, did the Golden Arches finally pull,Ronald McDonald from its promotions?,Despite the friendly and fun good nature of Ronald McDonald, 2016 bought some bad press,to clowns everywhere that not even the almighty machine of McDonalds wanted to try and fix.,Perhaps you remember back in 2016 when there was a rash of really spooky clown sightings,across the United States.,”A clown just chased my daughter.”,Clowns were reportedly chasing motorists with knives, lurking around schools, and otherwise,just being real creeps.,This wasnt simply something that was causing a stir on internet bulletin boards or Twitter,- major media outlets were reporting on rumors of terrorizing clowns.,The whole thing was widespread enough that McDonalds felt the need to officially distance,themselves from the worrying news.,Spokeswoman Terri Hickey said in a 2016 press statement,,”McDonalds and franchisees in the local markets are mindful of the current climate around,clown sightings in communities and as such are being thoughtful in respect to Ronald,McDonalds participation in community events for the time being.”,While the creepy clown craze might have been the straw that broke the camels back, it,was hardly the only reason McDonalds parted ways with their clown.,”McDonalds hamburgers?”,”Yeah!”,”And some French fries?”,”Yeah!”,Ronald McDonald has been McDonalds main mascot since the 1960s, but his presence was wearing,thin before those terrifying clown sightings of 2016.,Various watchdog groups had been criticizing Ronalds marketing of unhealthy fast food,to impressionable kids for years, drawing comparisons to the long-retired cigarette,mascot Joe Camel.,Long before the creepy clown incidents, former CEO Don Thompson attempted to defend Ronald,as a mascot, saying in 2014,,”You dont see Ronald McDonald in schools.,You dont see him eating food.”,Basically, the message seemed to be that Ronald doesnt eat McDonalds food – he just sells,it.,Many observers thought the defense didnt do much to help Ronald as a mascot, or McDonalds,as a place to eat.,That same year, the company redesigned the clown with a cooler, more sophisticated look,,but whatever they were shooting for, the rollout was a flop.,McDonalds has been going through a makeover to make its restaurants more appealing to,adults for years.,The company started this makeover in 2012, and theyre still in the process of updating,its 5,000-plus locations.,This means self-order kiosks, refreshed exteriors, and dining rooms that take inspiration from,cafes and coffee shops.,But the turn away from the kid-friendly burger joint design is a problem for Ronald, whose,loudly-dressed cardboard cutouts dont really fit in with the new modernized aesthetic.,McDonalds could always bring Ronald McDonald back whenever it likes, but these days, if,you look through the companys social media accounts youll see that theyre almost totally,Ronald-free.,This doesnt mean that Ronald McDonald has been 100 percent erased from the brand.,You can still see Ronald McDonald representing the Golden Arches at least one day out of,the year in the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade.,McDonalds has been flying a giant Ronald McDonald balloon in the parade for years and,it continued to do so at the parade in 2019.,Ronalds parade appearance that year wasnt exactly smooth sailing, though.,Poor Ronald suffered a gash in his leg after being blown into a tree branch.,The deflation got so bad that NBC cut away to pre-recorded footage from an old parade,to save Ronald the embarrassment.,Check out one of our newest videos right here!,Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite fast food places are coming soon.,Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell so you dont miss a single one.

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Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions to Use in 2022 That Could Make Your Life Easier!

Here are some of the most useful and best Chrome extensions, including the ad-blocker.,All of which are compatible with Google Chrome and other chromium-based browsers such as,Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, and others…,Lets get this video going.,Starting off at number ten, “CSS Peeper”.,This extension allows you to find fonts used in the page as well as font size and other,font details.,It also helps in determining all of the colors that the website uses, and allows you to see,and download all of the images used in the web page.,This extension could be really useful for content creators.,Coming in at number nine, “Email Tracker”.,This extension is quite useful for determining whether your recipient has opened your email,or not.,Once youve installed it, send an email using your Gmail account as normal.,When they open your email, youll be getting a notification with the time, when it was,opened and a few other details along with it.,Moving along to number eight, “Panic Button”.,This one could be very useful for many of us.,For example, if you have a bunch of tabs open in the browser that you dont want other people,to see, instead of closing them, you could simply click on the Panic Button icon, which,will hide all the tabs and redirect you to their website by default.,To change the redirect URL, right-click on the Panic Button icon, select Options, and,scroll down until you find “set a safe page,” which you can modify to your desired URL and,the changes will be saved automatically.,Down to number seven, “X-Tab”.,This might be a really helpful extension, as it restricts the number of tabs that can,be open at the same time.,You may set a tab limit to any number and have a few options such as closing least recently,used, least accessed, or oldest, or it will block you from opening a new tab if you reach,that limit.,You may also recycle existing tabs if you arent utilizing them, as well as the tabs,where you play your music.,This might save a lot of system resources and help you prevent browser clutter.,Onto at number six, “Project Naptha”.,This might be a game-changer for many people, particularly for content creators.,Project Naptha allows you to select any text from an image, yeah, you heard me right, from,an image.,You may copy the text, search for it on Google, and even translate it to whatever language,you wish, which is presently in Beta and not working at the time due to a network error.,Moving onto number five, “Extensity”.,You may be aware that having too many extensions might cause your system to slow down, which,is true.,If your computer has low specs, “Extensity” will come in handy, and its easy to enable,and disable the extension you require.,Click on the Extensity icon to see a list of all the extensions you have installed.,Those that are not enabled are grayed out, while those that are active are highlighted.,To enable any extension that is disabled, simply click on it to activate it.,This is a must-have if you have a lot of extensions installed because it will save you a lot of,system resources.,Moving along to number four, “I dont care about cookies”.,This is my favorite, since we all know how frustrating and annoying it is when we visit,a web page and see the cookie warning banner and ask to accept before using the site.,”I dont care about cookies” extension will eliminate all of the warning banners that,appear on all websites, so you wont see them again.,Install the extension and then forget about it; theres nothing else you need to do.,On to number three, “Mercury Reader”.,If you, like me, like a lot of internet reading, Mercury Reader is the ideal option for you.,It cleans-up a web page by removing all of the clutter, making an article simpler to,read.,To use the extension, simply click the Mercury Reader icon, and all of the clutter will be,gone, making the page more readable than before.,The settings icon is located in the top right corner of the screen and allows you to modify,the size, font, and theme.,Youll also see a Send to Kindle button, if you own a kindle it could be handy,Coming on to number two we have, “Privacy Essentials Extension”,If youre not familiar with the DuckDuckGo search engine, you should know that it does,not monitor or track your online activities.,Their privacy essentials extension is also quite helpful.,It prevents trackers that follow you online, protects your browsing data, and will change,your browsers default search engine to DuckDuckGo.,When you click the privacy essentials icon on any website, youll see a privacy grade,for that site.,The sites grade has been improved from D to B+ as a result of the extension blocking,unnecessary trackers.,Below that, it will show you if the connection is encrypted or not, as well as the number,of trackers that have been blocked.,You may also disable protection for particular sites by clicking on this toggle button, and,the site grade will change immediately.,Finally, we have “ublock origin” at our number one spot.,If you need an effective ad-blocker for your browser, “ublock origin” is the best option.,It not only blocks ads but also blocks other content trackers in order to optimize the,efficiency of your system memory.,It blocks ads by default on all websites and, unlike its competitors, is not paid off to,allow certain ads to slip through.,And the extension is simple to use; simply click on the ublock origin icon, then click,the power button to enable ads for that specific site, and then just hit the refresh icon.,And repeat the same to enable it again.,Thank you for watching, links to all extensions are included in the description.,If you found this video useful, give us a thumbs-up and share it with others.,Also, let us know in the comments what your favorite Chrome extension is.,If youre new here, consider subscribing and ringing the bell to get more tech and how-to,videos.,And well see you again soon.

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November 2018 Blu-Ray, and DVD Collection Update

hello movie lovers Bob for Bobs movie,review here and today I bring you my,November 4k blu-ray DVD and steelbook,collection update be sure to click,Subscribe and click on the belt icon to,be notified whenever I upload a great,new content if you do enjoy the video be,sure to show it some love and give it a,like rating so I thank you guys like,always so much for your continued,support things have been going really,great on the channel we just passed,3,300 subscribers would be really cool,if we get to 3,500 buddy in the year,thatd be really awesome I dont think,its gonna happen but be really cool,then super busy of reviewing lots of,stuff for you guys,I know I said this in the comments a lot,that Im having trouble really watching,stuff that isnt being provided to me,for review either physically as in,blu-rays or DVDs or through digitally,Im just always kind of working trying,to get more people to get interested in,having me do their reviews and you guys,the support really helps with that if,you guys didnt see my kind of December,preview I have like 15 or 16 or views,due next week its kind of insane I,dont know if Ill get to all of them,but working as hard as I can for you,guys so ton of stuff as always for,November because I have a lot of Black,Friday pickups not a ton was sent to me,for review this month as far as physical,media goes but lets go over it alright,now love you guys thoughts on any of,these movies so first up I picked up the,Meg this is the 4k Best Buy exclusive,steelbook,I did post an unboxing of this but I,have not had a chance to check this one,out yet thats Jason Statham its about,a Megalodon which is this giant I,believe prehistoric shark and they find,it in the ocean and Im assuming stuff,happens,I next up I got Christopher Robin I did,post unboxing of this this one is from,Disney and its a live-action winning,the Pooh movie I really dont know much,about it other than that I did post an,unboxing video and a review video of LA,so this one is from epic pictures and,read Central Presents this is number 9,and theyll have number 10 coming out,December sleighbells this one was about,this rodeo that these people go to this,rodeo and there ends up being like this,killer or a bunch of killers there and,it was kind of a strange idea there was,also this guy who I dont really know,how he was involved I wish the movie,would just spend more about him I think,one of them better it was an okay movie,but I was just kind of confused on what,the overall motive of the the killers,was exactly I picked up from shout,factory urban legend having a hard time,getting this in the lighting right urban,legend Ive always loved this movie I,havent watched this version yet Ive,only ever had it on DVD has this cool,artwork definitely a cool pick up from,Lionsgate I got the Best Buy exclusive,steelbook of kin I dont know a whole,lot about this one but I did post,unboxing of this from CBS television and,Best Buy I picked up the Star Trek,Discovery season 1 steelbook I did post,unboxing of this but I have not watched,it yet its gonna be a common theme from,Disney and Best Buy I picked up the,wreck-it Ralph,4k steelbook loved this movie I have not,watched the 4k version yet but this is,definitely a movie I really enjoy it did,post unboxing of this I might have a,review up there too as well and maybe a,unboxing the 3d version also from Disney,and Best Buy I picked up The Incredibles,2 4k steelbook I have not seen this one,yet but I did post my unboxing of the,steelbook I wasnt too impressed with,the steelbook on this one from the,asylum,I picked up the last sharknado its,about time I havent got around to,watching this one yet Ive been wanting,to check it out Ive just with the,holidays guys Ive been so far behind,really long work week the week of,Thanksgiving and I just hardly had any,days off and I havent had a chance to,really watch much but definitely will be,trying to watch this one maybe next week,would be my hope I there should be,unboxing of this up and then I also,picked up the sharknado collection,steelbook this was a wide release and I,did post an unboxing of this it has all,six sharknado movies definitely love,this steelbook its a great addition to,the collection so next Ill have like my,pickups I got a couple here that Ive,unboxed but I havent posted then a,bunch I havent unboxed but I got the,Black Friday pickups then I got stuff,that was sent to me for review,so first up here I have dr. Seusss How,the Grinch Stole Christmas on 4k this,was just released and I got it on,bestbuy.com just before the Black Friday,sale I think it was like 9 or 10 on the,Black Friday I think I spent 12 you know,I really wanted to get it so I was like,well did a couple dollars you know dont,have to take my chance also they had,these deals on these Disney titles for,some reason BFG this was like five,dollars I think or five or six and Alice,Through the Looking Glass again was five,or six I think I picked this one up from,Amazon Bone Hill Road DVD like I said,this whole stack hasnt been unboxed yet,I did watch this one though I was sent,the digital screener this and I reviewed,it and somebody involved with the movie,disagreed with my review in that I mean,this is a low-budget movie they told me,it was made for like thirteen thousand,or something like that and they said you,know I dont know why people are saying,this isnt a werewolf movie theres,werewolves in it for 15 minutes to the,hour and a half movie 15 minutes is a,very low portion of the movie theres,also the serial killer thing in it and,they say thats only 21 minutes well I,was 21 minutes only in 15 minutes is a,long time you know what I mean and I was,gonna respond but I,you know its not really worth it but,the same time I think if youre making,these low-budget movies especially a lot,of the ones that wild I really seeing,distributes you got to be open to,criticism you know these are low-budget,movies thirteen thousand dollars youre,not youre not making anything great and,people are gonna I mean youre charging,people to watch it its not like people,youre just giving it to people for free,to watch theyre paying their money and,you expect a certain amount of quality,for your money and if youre not,providing that then I dont think you,can come back and say well we made this,for no budget well dont make it or you,raise more money or do something dont,dont use your budget as the excuse I,mean theres theres movies out there,like the Blair like The Blair Witch,Project not that Blair try to protect it,hasnt powers but the paranormal,activity you know these movies were made,for super low budgets and made a ton of,money you know it doesnt it doesnt,mean just because youre on a budget,that you can make a poor quality movie,with it with a pretty poor story and,that doesnt even really have your main,characters they had some kind of cool,costumes like I thought the the vampire,car,Houston vampires I thought the werewolf,costumes were cool I just I should have,been in it more and I didnt really,understand the point of the serial,killer and I mean the acting and on,these movies I will I will let the,acting go I mean I dont try to judge,them too harshly on acting because I,know youre not getting quality actors,but it definitely was pretty poor on,that one I also picked up into the woods,I think the other two Disneys I got,from Best Buy and assorted up getting,from Amazon because they were sold out,at Best Buy,sounds like possibly the disc holders,broken on this I think this is only like,my I got that the Grinch this was a free,black friday revenge I want to check,this one out from Target I did pick up,the stranger thing season 2 ended up,just getting this one on blu-ray I,didnt feel like I needed to get it on,4k and I liked the artwork better on the,blu-ray,I have not unbox this one yet,I believe I got this one from Best Buy,the train to Busan steelbook I do,actually have the movie but Ive never,seen it its a zombie movie I dont,believe its

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