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  2. Summary of The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks | Free Audiobook
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  6. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Book Review: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level
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4 Key Lessons from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks | Book Review & Book Summary

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Have you ever  experienced that as soon as you start to gain  ,some positive momentum in life you cause yourself  a painful crash. This is the equivalent of putting  ,a wooden stick in the front wheel while you ride  a bike. This book, The Big Leap, is about letting  ,the good times roll. Something that most of us  cant tolerate. The author calls this The Upper  ,Limit problem the only problem you really have to  solve in order to get abundance, lasting success,  ,and love. Hi and welcome to the BookLab. Im Bjorn  and this is the place where we bring you the best  ,book recommendations when it comes to philosophy,  psychology, human nature, and human potential.  ,Today were talking about The Big Leap by Gay  Hendricks and in this video Im going to share my  ,favorite highlights and takeaways from this book.  Most people have well-crafted stories about why  ,they cant take their Big Leap. Quote: “I cant  take my time to make a video, wight etc.. because  ,my family needs me”. “I cant do what I really  want because I wont make as much money doing it”.  ,”I cant go up early to work on my project  because my work later that day will suffer”.  ,Theres a huge fear behind each and every one of  those complaints and that fear is asking: “What if  ,my genius is not good enough!?” The author talks  about 3 traps. Common traps that people are stuck  ,in which prevents them from going into their Zone  of Genius, and the 3rd one surprised me. 1. The  ,Incompetence Trap. Spending your energy doing  things youre ill-suited for. Things that youre  ,not interested in learning or mastering. 2. The  competence trap. Wasting your energy doing things  ,that youre competent at, but dont excel at. Many  people can do these things as well as you. 3. The  ,Excellence Trap. Spending your time on things you  do really well. Things that make you highly valued  ,at the company but are not fully aligned with your  Genius. So ,what does it feel like to be in your  ,Zone of Genius. Your zone of Genius is where where  you dont feel like you expend energy in order  ,to produce things of high value. Work doesnt  feel like work and time expands to support your  ,activity. This is how I feel when I talk about and  create content about books. I could do it all day,  ,if I would be able to, and I would not feel like  I would be expending any energy doing it. Rather,  ,I would feel more energized in the evening from  doing this. And that actually reminds me to remind  ,you to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE this channel,  so I can reach more people. And who knows?!  ,Eventually, one day, I could actually do this full  time. Who knows? This book really got me thinking.  ,It was the right book at the right time for me,  because the last couple of months has been kind of  ,a rut, and this book really brought me up, and got  me to discover some limiting beliefs that I have  ,about the potential of my own creative pursuits.  Im working with the exercises in this book right  ,now, and Im excited for what kind of impact this  might have on the future of BookLab. Actually, you  ,will need to have a high tolerance for self-help  jargon in order to get through this book. Luckily,  ,I have that, but if you dont then you should  probably stay away from this book. Its also a  ,book that has very little scientific data to  support its claims. Using mental techniques,  ,such as this book provides, can be considered a  type of brainwashing, right? But in my experience  ,with experimenting with different mindset tools  I find them both useful and eye-opening– If you  ,allow yourself to try them out. Life is not life  without illusion. So we might as well choose the  ,illusions that are most helpful and beneficial  for us. I dont know, no I wouldnt be surprised  ,if this book ended up on my top five list this  year Im trying out the techniques right now and  ,only time will tell if theyre useful or not.  I recommend this book if you feel like youre  ,stuck in a rut or that you felt like youve lost  momentum in life. It can really be beneficial  ,and I really got some positive effects out of  it already. It also led me down another rabbit  ,hole. Im currently reading… whats it called..  Parallel Universes of Self! This is getting into  ,really weird New Age territories. So be aware for  the coming weeks because Im gonna start talking  ,about really strange things. This book is about  reality creation or reality surfing. You might  ,have heard about this concept. Otherwise I will  actually share a link to reality Transurfing  ,which is a free book that you can read here on  YouTube. Im also reading The Construction of  ,Social Reality, another ah I dont know what Im  doing. Another book that is coming up. Im doing  ,a review for Finite and Infinite Games as well,  and I think I have a review up for that next week  ,or so. Before I drop more things, Im gonna be  out. See you next week on the BookLab. Cheers!

Summary of The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks | Free Audiobook

summary of the big leap by gay hendricks,written by alyssa burnett and quick read,narrated,by alex smith,introduction have you ever watched a,cliff diver take a death defying leap,off a cliff,hit the sea and come up smiling if you,have,thats probably the biggest,life-changing event that comes to mind,when you think of,taking the big leap and youre probably,also thinking,theres no way id ever do that but,fortunately for those of us who are,terrified of heights,myself included taking a big leap in,your personal and professional life,doesnt have to look so scary instead,you can quietly and deliberately take,control of your life simply by making a,decision within yourself,no hundred foot cliffs required and,through the course of this summary,well take a look at exactly how you can,do that starting with some top tips like,how deep breathing can put you on the,right path why your worries are,sabotaging you,and what a complaining diet is and why,your office might need one,chapter 1 people often resist happiness,if someone told you that you could have,a life of unlimited happiness you,probably wouldnt say,no thanks right but in practice,people actually make this decision,multiple times throughout their lives,without even realizing what theyre,turning down thats because of one,peculiar,and universal human trait the fact that,everyone has an innate resistance to,happiness,and if you dont believe me just,consider the question what if you went,through an entire date with nothing to,complain about,can you even imagine that if you think,about it in that way,you might start to realize that youre,uniquely addicted to your patterns of,complaining,even though you claim to hate all the,stuff you grouse about day by day,it sounds weird especially given the,fact that we spent a significant portion,of our lives,striving for happiness but the truth is,that even if you want to be happy,were not really equipped to handle it,in fact,throughout our entire educational,careers were never presented with a,class on how to cultivate lasting,happiness,or achieve satisfaction with our lives,but if you were to embark on a journey,of introspection,and take a closer look at your,motivations you might find that you,resist happiness because of fear,whether thats a fear of achieving your,full potential fear of rejection,or fear of failure the last two probably,sound pretty accurate,but why would anybody be afraid of,achieving their full potential,the answer is simpler than you might,think because once you unlock your full,potential and start living into that,youve robbed yourself of all those,convenient excuses about why your dreams,arent coming true,and lets face it sometimes its easier,to make those excuses,than it is to actually get up and do,something but if you ever want to move,past that stage and achieve a real,change in your life then you have to,start by subduing this,fear so lets take a look at a few of,the strategies you can employ as you,take this leap,your first technique for breaking,through the fear barrier is breathing,thats right just simply breathing like,you do every day,it works because in the 1990s the german,psychiatrist fritz pearls,developed something called gestalt,therapy which recognizes that,physiologically fear manifests as a sort,of,breathless excitement but by reclaiming,control over your breath,you can channel that sensation into a,powerful excitement which can fuel,positive change,how does it work lets say for example,that youre about to give a speech and,you feel paralyzed by stage fright,now under these circumstances the common,reaction would be for your lungs to sort,of,seize up restricting your breathing and,increasing your fear,but if you take a moment to concentrate,and breathe deeply and deliberately,into your nose and then out through your,mouth youll find,you can take control of your breath and,by extension your emotions,as you begin to regain control youll,feel more confident,and be able to redirect that nervous,energy into a sense of power that will,help you dominate the stage,and blow your audience away,chapter 2 some people believe they only,deserve,limited happiness do you have any hopes,or dreams that you feel are out of reach,or impractical,sadly we all have a few of these and,thats owing to something called a upper,limit mindset,its also our next hurdle to tackle,together an upper limit mindset,is kind of like having our own personal,warning system that tells us we can only,achieve success,up until a certain point after that,weve reached our peak and were not,capable of going past it,when our lives are guided by this,mindset its common to feel that theres,a period of success where everything is,going well,followed by a period of intense,discomfort as our winning streak begins,to make us feel ill at ease,its at this point that whether we,realize were doing it or not,we begin to create obstacles or cause,things to go wrong just so we can feel a,little more like life is,back to normal this is a classic example,of self-sabotage,and sadly is all too common its also,worth noting that we tend to sabotage,ourselves in areas of life,which are separate from the ones that,are going well,if for example your love life is going,great you might find yourself stirring,up trouble at work so you can devolve,into a sense of comfortable crisis,but you dont have to live that way and,fortunately,recognizing our self-sabotaging,tendencies is the first step to,defeating them,just ask lois one of the authors,therapy clients,at the time she saw the author lois was,in her 50s and running a very successful,business,unfortunately however her love life,wasnt doing so well,because lois had convinced herself that,she just wasnt good at love,thankfully however after a few therapy,sessions,lois realized that she might have made a,mistake and decided to give love another,go,this open-mindedness in turn prepared,her to be accepting what a loving,healthy relationship,did enter her life and for a while it,seemed like things were going well,but once lois was happy with the state,of both her personal and professional,life,she decided that she must have achieved,the breakthrough she needed,and was ready to quit therapy although,she didnt realize it at the time,this was a form of self-sabotage and,within six months her relationship was,falling apart,fortunately however this provided the,wake-up call lois needed,and she was able to recognize her,self-destructive tendencies,once she resumed therapy and continued,working on her personal development,she was able to save the relationship,and started to believe that she really,did deserve to be happy,in all areas of her life,chapter 3 letting go of useless worries,were all aware of the dangers of,distracted driving and we understand how,important it is to keep our eyes on the,road,so we can safely continue on our course,but were not always so vigilant when it,comes to eliminating distractions in our,personal lives,or monitoring how often we get in our,own way,so how can we improve our awareness well,one great starting point is to be on the,lookout for signs of an upper limit,mindset,and worry is one of its signature,hallmarks so,the next time you catch yourself,worrying question the source of the,worry and then ask yourself,is this something i have control over in,most cases the answer will be no,and if our worries are out of our,control that means its,ultimately pointless to waste our time,and energy on them,however if your evaluation does lead you,to the conclusion that you can do,something about your worries,use that realization as an opportunity,to terminate your anxiety,instead of drawing it out with useless,worrying go ahead and take action to,solve the,problem so you can get on with your life,in most cases however youll discover,that your worries ultimately arent,about real problems,for example one patient of the authors,was a billionaire,but he was always stressed about small,things like the price of toilet paper,this is anothe

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The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks – How to overcome your Upper Limit Problem and enter the Zone of Genius

have you ever felt you are under a glass,ceiling stuck on the verge of reaching,your goals have you ever missed out on a,big time success and chalked it up to,bad luck or bad timing,youve got the upper limit problem and,the good news is that it can be,transcended in the wink of an eye if,youre equipped with the right tools and,a willing heart,in his book the big leap gay hendricks,guides us on the journey of transcending,upper limits and reaching our zone of,genius the only place where we can fully,celebrate and express the gifts weve,been given,please subscribe in order to stay tuned,the upper limit problem,each of us has an inner thermostat,setting that determines how much love,success and creativity we allow,ourselves to enjoy,when we exceed our inner thermostat,setting we will often do something to,sabotage ourselves causing us to drop,back into that old familiar zone where,we feel secure,unfortunately our thermostat setting,usually gets programmed in early,childhood before we can think for,ourselves once programmed our upper,limit thermostat setting holds us back,from enjoying all the love financial,abundance and creativity thats,rightfully ours it keeps us in our zone,of competence or at best in our zone of,excellence it prevents us from living in,the ultimate destination of the journey,our zone of genius,the zones of competence,one the zone of incompetence is made up,of all the activities were not good at,when you free yourself from this zone,you will be rewarded with a remarkable,new feeling of energy and zest for,living delegate them to someone else or,find some other creative way to avoid,doing them,two youre competent at the activities,in the zone of competence but others can,do them just as well,successful people often discover that,they expend far too much time and energy,in this zone,three in the zone of excellence are the,activities you do extremely well you,make a good living in your zone of,excellence the temptation is strong to,remain there its where your own,addiction to comfort wants you to stay,its also where your family friends and,organization want you to stay youre,reliable there and you provide a steady,supply of all the things that family,friends and organizations thrive on the,problem is that a deep sacred part of,you will wither and die if you stay,inside your zone of excellence,4. there is only one place where you,will ultimately thrive and feel,satisfied and thats the zone of genius,your zone of genius is the set of,activities you are uniquely suited to do,they draw upon your special gifts and,strengths,its that exalted space where you get to,live in the full rainbow of your,potential and your very presence,inspires the people around you your zone,of genius beckons you with increasingly,strong calls as you go through your life,by age 40 many of us have tuned out the,call to genius and are getting loud,repeated alarms hidden in the form of,depression illness injuries and,relationship conflict,these alarms are reminding us to spend,more time feeding our natural genius and,letting it do its magic in the world,by its very nature the upper limit,problem is unsolvable in your ordinary,state of consciousness specifically the,upper limit problem cannot be solved in,the usual way we solve problems by,gathering information or replacing one,set of information with another the,upper limit problem must be dissolved,not solved you dissolve it by shining a,laser-like beam of awareness on its,underpinnings the false foundations that,hold the upper limit problem in place,when you shine the light of awareness on,the underpinnings they disappear,four fears and four related false,beliefs hold the upper limit problem in,place,the four hidden barriers all have,something in common although they seem,true and real they are based on beliefs,about ourselves that are neither true,nor real the fact that we unconsciously,take them as true and real is the,barrier holding us back,we take them as true and real until we,shine awareness on them then the,barriers dissolve and we are free,the four barriers,one the first barrier is the false,belief that we are fundamentally flawed,in some way if we carry this feeling,within us we sabotage our success,because we think were essentially bad,if something good happens we must mess,up to offset it because good things,cant happen to bad people,two the second barrier is the false,belief that by succeeding we are being,disloyal to and leaving behind people in,our past,if we harbor this feeling within us we,sabotage our success because we think,its disloyal to our roots to soar too,far into the stratosphere,three the third barrier is the false,belief that we are a burden in the world,if we carry this feeling inside us we,sabotage our success so that we wont be,a bigger burden,four,the fourth barrier is the false belief,that we must dim the bright lights of,our brilliance so that we wont outshine,someone in our past,if we hold this feeling inside us we,tend to hold ourselves back from,expressing the full potential of our,innate genius,there is something important you should,know about the upper limit problem when,you attain higher levels of success you,often create personal dramas in your,life that cloud your world with,unhappiness and prevent you from,enjoying your enhanced success,in short you have a tendency to follow,big leaps forward in your success with,big mess-ups these mess-ups rubber band,you back to where you were before or,sometimes someplace worse,youll benefit from making a lifelong,pursuit out of spotting your upper limit,behaviors make spotting them part of,your daily ongoing maintenance,procedures just like brushing your teeth,or adjusting the side mirrors of your,car,signs of upper limiting,one,worrying is usually a sign that were,upper limiting the crucial sign that,were worrying unnecessarily is when,were worrying about something we have,no control over when you find yourself,worrying know that there is something,positive trying to break through,something is trying to get your,attention look beyond the worry thoughts,and you will often find a new direction,thats being laid out for you,two criticism and blame,when we criticize something it usually,doesnt have anything to do with the,thing were criticizing when we blame,someone or something were doing it,because weve hit our upper limit and,are trying to the flow of,positive energy,three deflecting,many of us crimp the flow of positive,energy by avoiding it all together,brushing off compliments is a good,example of deflecting,4. arguments are one of the most common,ways of bringing yourself down when,youve hit your upper limit when things,are going well you can crimp the flow of,positive energy quickly by starting a,conflict,five getting sick,when things are going well some of us,have a pattern that is pure upper limit,problem we get sick or get hurt,6. committing a breach of integrity is,one of the quickest ways to bring,yourself down after an excursion past,your upper limit the most popular,integrity breaches are lies broken,agreements and withheld truths,how to make the big leap,the bridge to your zone of genius is a,set of questions to ask yourself,actually ask doesnt quite capture the,flavor of how you should use the,questions rather wonder about them these,questions are designed to bring forth,hidden treasures from deep inside you,genius question number one what do i,most love to do,i love it so much i can do it for long,stretches of time without getting tired,or bored,genius question number two,what work do i do that doesnt seem like,work i can do it all day long without,ever feeling tired or bored,genius question number three,in my work what produces the highest,ratio of abundance and satisfaction to,the amount of time spent,even if i do only 10 seconds or a few,minutes of it an idea or a deeper,connection may spring forth that leads,to huge value,genius question number four,what is my unique ability theres a,special skill im gifted with di

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The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level – Chapter 1 (audiobook)

the big leap chapter 1 preparing for,your big leap the one problem and how to,solve it,how to begin if you would like to make,your journey into the zone of genius,smooth and rapid please take a moment,now to answer four questions start with,this fundamental one am I willing to,increase the amount of time every day,that I feel good inside when I use the,phrase feel good Im talking about a,natural inner sense of well-being,thats not dependent on outside factors,such as what youve eaten or what you,might be doing its important to begin,with a willingness to feel good inside,because theres no sense enhancing other,parts of your life at the expense of,your inner well-being Id like you to,spend more and more time every day,enjoying an organic deep feeling of body,and mind wellness thats what Id like,you to say yes to if youre so inclined,if you said yes to increasing the amount,of time you feel good inside lets,extend the question to the outer aspects,of your life am I willing to increase,the amount of time that my whole life,goes well when I use the phrase whole,life Im talking about your work your,relationships your creative pursuits and,any other aspects that are central to,your life what Id like for you if,youre willing is for all of your life,to flow more positively and easily for,longer and longer periods of time if you,said yes to those questions consider,going one step further than merely,increasing that amount of time am I,willing to feel good and have my life go,well all the time,at first glance you might ask who,wouldnt say yes to all of those,questions well for many of us the idea,of all of this positive emotion seems,far-fetched to begin with it is easy for,us to just assume that with the positive,comes the negative to that I say why not,get willing and see what happens we,humans have a long and wonderful history,of transcending our beliefs about whats,possible in the early days of the,steam-powered train learned scientists,urged capping the speed at 30 miles per,hour because they believed that the,human body exploded at speeds greater,than that,finally some brave people risked going,beyond that limiting belief and found,that they did not explode I think were,approximately at that same stage of,development with regard to our ability,to feel good and have our lives go well,in my life Ive discovered that if I,cling to the notion that somethings not,possible Im arguing in favor of,limitation and if I argue for my,limitations I get to keep them,ultimately we have to ask ourselves,whats the payoff for arguing forcefully,for our limitations in the case of a,steam engine scientists were trying to,protect people from harm the limiting,belief was well intentioned even though,it was erroneous from my experience with,a lot of people as well as myself over,the past few decades I think we can put,our minds at ease being willing to feel,naturally good and have our lives go,well is not a safety hazard in my view,saying yes to that question is one of,the most courageous actions a human,being can take in the face of so much,evidence that life her,and is fraught with adversity on all,fronts having a willingness to feel good,and have life go well all the time is a,genuinely radical act going into space,is no longer radical you can buy a,ticket online however going into your,inner depths where most deeply held,beliefs about whats possible reside,counts in my book is a radical act if we,think its even remotely possible to,feel good all the time and have life go,well all the time we owe it to ourselves,to find out how many of us can do it,feeling good and having your life go,well our wonderful outcomes and I hope,you say yes to both of them however I,think they are just stepping stones and,launchpads to something really,spectacular if you are willing to feel,good and have things go well all the,time consider the ultimate step are you,willing to take the big leap to your,ultimate level of success in love money,and creative contribution Maynards,big leap Maynard Webb said yes and his,example inspires me to this day when I,first met Maynard he was the chief,operating officer of eBay serving during,the same time period in which Meg,Whitman was CEO almost everyone knows,about eBay and its phenomenal impact,but fewer people know that Maynard Webb,was one of the main architects of its,meteoric success by the time I met,Maynard he had already earned the,respect not only of the employees and,shareholders of eBay but also of the,larger community of high tech executives,across the world yet in my view he was,operating in his zone of excellence not,his zone of genius he had already,amassed a sizable fortune and could,easily have rested on the laurels of his,account,at eBay thats not the way Maynard Webb,operates though he chose to confront his,upper limit problem and make the big,leap into his zone of genius he saw how,staying within the world of eBay would,be staying within his comfort zone the,comfort zone is no place for a person,like Maynard Webb and I hope not for you,either your true home and Maynards,is in the zone of genius its the only,place where we can fully celebrate and,express the gifts weve been given,mainers big leap took him out of the,comfortable niche that had made him,wealthy and into the unknown of a new,startup company LiveOps which is,revolutionizing the field of customer,service as CEO of LiveOps Maynard has,the pleasure of knowing that when he,opens his office door every day he is,opening new territory in himself and in,the world hes using himself fully using,everything hes learned to make a bigger,difference in the world,now contrast Maynard story with that of,a person I didnt get to know until,after he ran head-on into his upper,limit dr. Richard Jordan had created a,successful small business that attracted,the attention of a larger firm the firm,made him an offer of three million,dollars for his business plus a generous,to your employment contract for himself,after weeks of negotiation they were on,the verge of signing the deal then one,morning dr. Jordan woke up with some,last-minute concerns the main one being,that the new employment contract offered,him two fewer weeks of vacation than he,was used to taking he got into an angry,angry confrontation with the negotiator,over this detail which resulted in a,letter from the company stating that due,to the force of your remarks,they were no longer interested in,acquiring the business in a letter to me,dr. Jordan said in that phone call I,waved goodbye to three million dollars,in cash salary and incentives,fortunately dr. Jordan was able to learn,from the experience his letter continued,over the next few years I would have,awakened many nights with a knot in my,stomach then I finally found the diamond,in the dust after much work and,introspection I discovered that what I,was really saying to that man was wait a,minute,three million dollars thats way more,than Im worth I cannot allow this he,decided to use the experience as in his,words the three million dollar gift he,formed to wonder questions to use in his,life going forward how much love and,abundance am I willing to allow how am I,getting in my own way these questions,cleared the way through his upper limit,problem and ultimately he sold the,business to another buyer the story has,a happy ending money-wise but more,important dr. Jordan shows us how to,turn dust into diamonds by understanding,the upper limit problem at work in this,kind of situation another person might,have continued to blame the other,company or himself and gone on down the,path to bitterness and despair,instead dr. Jordan had the insight,encouraged to ask big questions and,savor the big rewards that come along,with them focusing on you now turn your,attention to yourself did you answer yes,to those three questions I posted at the,beginning of the chapter if you did,youve taken the first crucial step in,the journey if you got a no or a maybe,lets explore why you might resist the,

The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks | Jess Book Club!

hey guys welcome to todays vlog so Im,going to be doing a book review on a,book I recently finished reading which I,thought was so incredibly valuable I,really wanted to share it with you guys,its called the big leap and its five,gay Hendricks so Ive made some,different annotations in the book Ive,highlighted a few really important,scenes I wanted to comment on so I hope,you guys enjoy this book review I know I,havent done a review for a couple of,months because I was traveling and I,just havent had time to get around to,it but I finally got an afternoon to set,aside time to review a bunch of,different books so Im going to be,posting up quite a few book reviews in,the coming weeks so get excited for not,because you read this book before then,it please let me know in the comments,down below and lets just get straight,into the review okay so starting off I,wanted to just give a general outline of,what this book is about so the author,talked about this idea of upper limiting,ourselves this idea that we are unable,to achieve our full level of success or,rise to our genius level as youre calls,it because we are sabotaging our own,success and this is something that we do,subconsciously that we are not,necessarily aware of on a day-to-day,basis but for example its about having,these negative thoughts come into our,mind thoughts that make us feel like,were not worthy of success or were not,capable of success and not wanting to,take these risks in order to achieve,what it is that we really want out of,our life and I found this book very,interesting because it made me aware of,different patterns that I have in my own,behavior and forth that genuinely do in,fact as a limit myself so,unintentionally there are things that I,will think about or I will say to myself,or I will feel and as a result I dont,see the success that I would like to in,certain areas of my life and its not,just for work is about relationships,work health its every aspect of your,life so once you go through a couple of,things that the author talks about and,just share some of my favorite parts of,the book so to start off the author,talks about this one problem that is,always holding us back from achieving,our full potential and refers to that as,the upper limit problem and then it goes,on to talk about how when you understand,this one,problem and how to actually solve it,then you can do far more and increase,your financial with your happiness in,your relationships your health,everything that you want out of life,will prosper and this problem is really,simplified down to this idea that when,things are going well somehow we,subconsciously sabotage it because we,dont feel that we are worthy or capable,of achieving this level of success or,joy or happiness or prosperity so,something that I highlighted was the,author wrote the pattern was simple,enjoy a period of feeling really good,then do something to mess it up and then,he goes into more detail and says that,he realizes that when only recently,evolving with this ability to let,ourselves feel good and have things go,well for a significant period of time so,its almost like up until very recently,we always felt like we had to be on,guard we always felt like there was,something after us that we had to stay,in this survival mode and now the,reality is that we can have these,prolonged periods of feeling good and,happy and theres no reason to think,that its because weve had an amazing,week that its not going to last for,much longer,thats all that subconscious sabotaging,thats going on and then once you,identify these patterns that we have in,our behavior to sabotage he talks about,the zone of genius so the zone of genius,is where were not limiting ourselves we,are doing our absolute best were,working with passion were striving to,success and we dont let anything,salvage our progress and there are a lot,of different case stories that the,author goes on to discuss in more detail,in this book so for example we talked,about different CEOs that were,performing really well but then they,sort of seem to just have their level of,success captain certain point and then,there are other cases where theyve,realized what it is its been calling,them back and they went from this level,of success to a much much greater level,of success so its really all about,figuring out how were getting in our,own way and then allowing ourselves to,have whatever level of success in life,is that our heart desires and then in,reference to this zone of genius the,book also goes into,more detail about how when we are in our,zone of genius its when were being our,absolute authentic selves are being very,true to ourselves were focusing on our,passion our gift our creative gifts and,that is when we can achieve our greatest,success and also find that sense of,purpose in everything that we do and,that pure joy and so one thing I,highlighted here was the author wrote,the goal in life is not to attain some,imaginary ideal its to find and fully,use our own gifts I really found that,that just really resonated with me and,very much relating to the sort of work,that I do that I want to be creative,that I want to share my wisdom and,inspire and motivate people online and,help others and Im doing it my way Im,not doing it because other people have,told me to I feel like I should or I,want to gain a certain level of,financial success its purely out of joy,and I feel like this is when I work with,in my zone of genius and as you get,through the book its still quite early,on in the book but as you get through it,there are different affirmations that,you can use to help train your mind to,think more positively and I guess thats,actually the point of this book is to,keep a positive mindset to not allow or,to train your mind to constantly train,your mind in to discipline your mind to,not venture into this realm of negative,thinking but actually to focus on the,positive and appreciate and be grateful,for what you currently have and the more,that you keep this positive mindset the,more that things will flow to you and,the more that things will happen that,are within your best interests and there,was one story I cant find what pages on,Blair remember it very clearly so this,is a really good example of how someone,other limited themselves and noticed,were not able to get past this barrier,in order to really enjoy this aspect of,their life and find success or create,success theres one client that the,author sees and as a child this man was,a very very talented pianist so when he,was about nine years old his parents,bought him a piano and he was very very,gifted but the issue was that the year,before he received,can I for his birthday from his parents,his sister was actually very unwell and,she passed away and so the mother had,said when she gave the piano to him that,they would never have been able to,afford giving him this piano if his,sister had still been alive and she,didnt mean to make him feel guilty or,unworthy of that gift but what she was,just trying to say is if she had two,kids it would have been more expensive,and they never have had the money to buy,these sort of luxury gifts because,theyve got other bills to pay and Ive,got other and theyve got other expenses,because there are two kids there are two,mouths to feed and two kids to send to,school and two kids to you know pay for,health care so this poor guy grew up,subconsciously not feeling worthy of,that piano and he didnt feel like he,could fully appreciate his gift and tell,it to be a pianist she was never really,fully able to relish it in his talents,and so he didnt really find that sense,of joy and he wasnt seeing the success,that he should have been with his career,as a pianist so when he came to see the,author and talking about this problem it,was clear that there was an underlying,feeling of I am not worthy Im not good,enough I dont deserve the success that,comes from my talent of being a pianist,and that is having a limited himself and,so

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Book Review: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

Hello and HAPPY DAY!,How does slowing down sound to you today?,Would you like to reduce the noise for just a bit?,Are you ready to make a choice and decide to listen?,My name is Igor, SF Walker.,I am here to remind people to slow down.,To reduce the noise.,To walk their lives into a natural flow.,Welcome back to the Book of the Week series.,Every week as I read another amazing title, I share it with the world.,Today we look at: The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level,by Gay Hendricks,Fritz Perls, MD, the psychiatrist and founder of Gestalt therapy said, “Fear is excitement,without the breath.”,The very same mechanisms that produce excitement also produce fear, and any fear can be transformed,into excitement by breathing fully with it.,On the other hand, excitement turns into fear quickly if you hold your breath.,When scared, most of us have a tendency to try to get rid of the feeling.,We think we can get rid of it by denying or ignoring it, and we use holding our breath,as a physical tool of denial.,Each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and,creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy.,When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves,,causing us to drop back into the old, familiar zone where we feel secure.,Unfortunately, our thermostat setting usually gets programmed in early childhood, before,we can think for ourselves.,Our activities in the world occur in four main zones:,The Zone of Incompetence The Zone of Competence,The Zone of Excellence The Zone of Genius,It’s a sequence of moves that will reliably get you out of the worry trap.,I notice myself worrying about something.,I let go of the worry-thoughts, shifting my focus away from them.,I wonder: what positive new thing is trying to come into being?,I usually get a body feeling (not a thought or idea) of where that positive new thing,is trying to come through.,I open my focus to feel that body feeling deeply.,I let myself feel it deeply for as long as I possibly can.,Later, I often get an idea of the positive thing that was trying to come through.,Criticism and blame are addictions.,They are costly addictions, because they are the number-one destroyer of intimacy in close,relationships.,Chronic criticism and chronic blame are the behaviors we really need to eliminate.,They are never about producing a result.,Many people think of integrity as a moral issue, and of course in part it is.,However, there’s a much more fundamental way to think of integrity.,If you think of integrity as a physics issue instead of a moral one, you’ll see that,it belongs alongside unarguable forces such as gravity.,Long before morality came into play, the original definition of integrity had to do with wholeness,and completeness.,To be in integrity meant you were whole and complete.,To be out of integrity meant a breach in your wholeness had occurred; there was a gap in,your completeness.,Thinking of integrity as a physics issue gives you a much more practical tool than regarding,it simply as a moral issue.,Morality is about good and bad, right and wrong—all of which are highly arguable.,Physics is about did and didn’t, not is and isn’t.,We’re born into stories that keep us from accessing our genius.,We grow up among those stories and become like fish that aren’t aware of the water,they’re swimming in.,If I took the Big Leap into my Zone of Genius, I might fail.,What if I really opened up to my true genius and found that my genius wasn’t good enough?,Better to keep the genie in the bottle and coast along in the Zone of Excellence.,That way I don’t have to risk taking a Big Leap and finding it isn’t good enough.,That way I don’t have to risk discovering the ugly possibility that I don’t have a,Zone of Genius.,Unless you’re very lucky or very enlightened, you’re likely to hear those nattering voices,and feel those nagging fears within you.,They’re part of the deal.,I won’t try to talk you out of them, and you shouldn’t try to talk yourself out of,them, either.,Just notice the voices and feel the fears.,That’s all you need to do with them.,You don’t need to rid yourself of them.,Where would they go, anyway?,All you need to do is acknowledge them, wave to them, let them know you’re aware of them.,Then get busy learning to live in your Zone of Genius.,What do I most love to do?,What work do I do that doesn’t seem like work?,(I can do it all day long without ever feeling tired or bored.),In my work, what produces the highest ratio of abundance and satisfaction to amount of,time spent?,What is my unique ability?,(There’s a special skill I’m gifted with.,This unique ability, fully realized and put to work, can provide enormous benefits to,me and any organization I serve.),How would a twelve-year-old explain it to another twelve-year-old, what is this Upper,Limit?,“If you don’t know it’s OK to feel good and have a good time, you’ll do something,to mess up when things are going well.”,“You remember when we were playing dodgeball during recess last week, and that kid Frankie,broke in and kicked the ball over the fence?,He does that sort of stuff all the time.,Well, he’s got an Upper Limit Problem.,He doesn’t know how to just have a good time all the time.”,I think that’s a pretty good definition of the Upper Limit Problem.,Once you understand that you’re where time comes from, you have the power to make as,much of it as you want.,You’re the boss.,I know that might sound strange, but I promise you that this is the way time actually works.,At the heart of the Newtonian time crunch is a dualistic split: we are deluded into,thinking that time is “out there,” an actual physical entity that can put pressure,on us “in here.”,Newtonian dualism pits us against time.,In this paradigm, we think of time as the master and us as its slave.,At the extreme, time becomes our persecutor, and we think of ourselves as its victim.,Since time feels like an ever-present entity hovering in the background of our lives, we,come to feel that we’re victims of an entity that’s always there, all the time.,I don’t have time to do that right now.,Like many of us, you probably use it often.,However, that it’s a lie.,It’s a lie for two reasons: First, time is not something you have or don’t have.,You’re the source of it, and you make as much of it as you want.,Second, when you say, “I don’t have time to do that right now,” you’re telling,a polite lie to avoid saying, “I don’t want to do that right now.”,By placing the blame on time, you avoid confronting the blunt truth of the matter.,Imagine that you have an eight-year-old child who comes in while you’re working on something,and says, “Will you play catch with me?”,You reply, “I don’t have time to do that right now.”,Imagine, though, that the child comes in and says, “I just stepped on a nail and my foot,is bleeding.,Can you help me?”,You probably wouldn’t say, “I don’t have time to do that right now.”,In actuality, you have exactly the same amount of time as when you used the excuse of lack,of time to avoid playing catch.,The truth of the matter is that you didn’t want to play catch and you do want to stop,the bleeding.,By using time as the culprit, you place yourself in the victim position once again.,You did it to be polite.,The childhood decisions all were made unconsciously as we navigated through difficult family crosscurrents.,Those unconscious decisions become barriers we must overcome in order to express and enjoy,our full measure of success.,There are four of these barriers:,The first barrier is the false belief that we are fundamentally flawed in some way.,If we carry this feeling within us, we sabotage our success because we think we’re essentially,bad.,If something good happens, we must mess up to offset it, because good things can’t,happen to bad people.,The second barrier is the false belief that by succeeding, we are being disloyal to and,leaving behind people in our past.,If we har

The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks [Mind Map Book Summary]

hello mind mappers and welcome to the,video today were going to be going over,the big leap,by gay hendrix conquer your hidden fear,and take life to the next level,a really great book all about vision and,purpose,and overcoming our fears of success,overcoming our fears of,taking the next step in whether its our,career our,business our life in general this book,was recommended to me by quite a lot of,people that i really admire and it,certainly did not disappoint,with that lets get directly into the,introduction of the book ive pulled out,a quote that i believe,gives us a good overview of what we can,expect to learn today,are you willing to take the big leap to,your ultimate level of success,in love money and creative contribution,its an interesting question and at,first glance you might think,who wouldnt say yes to that question,well for many of us,the idea of all of this positive emotion,seems far-fetched to begin with,its easy for us just to assume that,with the positive comes the negative,to that i say why not get willing and,see what happens,we humans have a long and wonderful,history of transcending our beliefs,about whats possible in the early days,of the steam-powered train,learned scientists urged capping the,speed at 30 miles per hour because,they believed that the human body,exploded at speeds,greater than that can you imagine,believing that,over 30 miles per hour the human body,would just kind of spontaneously,combust and apparently that is actually,what was happening during the time,that the train was first being developed,finally,some brave people risked going beyond,that limit of belief,and found that they did not explode lo,and behold,i think were approximately at that same,stage of our development with regard to,our ability to feel good,and have our lives go well,so really the first question and really,the main question,of this book is are you willing are you,willing to,find that ultimate level of success in,love,money creative contribution and really,in anything those are just,three categories that weve chosen,questions,that on their face seem like an easy yes,but hes really doing something here,which is illustrating,kind of a deeper point hes maybe,suggesting that,a lot of us dont have uh kind of,this idea that we can reach anything,that we possibly would want,in those areas we have kind of an upper,limit on ourselves,mentally of the way that we feel of the,way that we succeed of the way that we,love and creative contribution,weve kind of put this upper limit on,ourselves,and you might be asking why would we do,that that doesnt really make that much,sense well gay says that in my view,saying yes to that question,is one of the most courageous actions a,human being can take,in the face of so much evidence that,life hurts and is fraught with adversity,on all fronts,having a willingness to feel good and,have life go well,all the time is genuinely a radical act,essentially saying yes to happiness to,success and creative contribution,is scary because the world is scary the,world is,a place fraught with like he says,adversity on all fronts,first when we admit that we want these,things,it opens us up the disappointment of not,getting them right so even just,admitting,that we want something opens us up to,the disappointment,of potentially not getting it second,when we admit that we want these things,what were really doing is,committing to many different courageous,acts,were committing to working for a long,period of time potentially without any,payback,getting out of our comfort zone and,talking to people,many other small courageous acts that we,must do to live our highest level of,happiness and success,all come from saying this is what i want,and this is kind of the,level that i want to play at this is the,what level that i,want to be at and how do we tell,that were not going to explode after,all it can feel like were jumping on a,speeding train whenever we commit to,something big,like growing a business or even getting,into a relationship or trying just to,as gay calls it contribute creatively,the train story for me it just cracks me,up i shared it with my,whole entire team uh in in my business,and a bunch of other people in my life,but heres the cool thing there isnt,much out there that hasnt been done,so if youre afraid that youre going to,explode metaphorically hopefully,heres what we can do and im really,borrowing from a lot of the books that,weve already read on the channel,one thing that you can do is to look for,someone whos done,what you want to do before so if theyve,started the business that you want to,start,if theyve got the career that you had,that you want to have,if theyve won in relationships in some,way that you want to win,you can kind of do a little research a,case study of that,person you can read listen or watch,their life story ideally,you would find someone who had an even,harder path than you and this is coming,right from brian tracy if its been,done before it can be done again,accomplishing something,in the realm even if its not what,youre doing is truly novel so say for,example youre starting a brand new,business,uh its never been done before youve,got kind of a really unique opportunity,which is great,the thing that you would want to do is,find someone else who has done something,that has never been done before and,see where they came from see the,hardships that they came up against and,see what you can learn from them and,really just realize that,hey they didnt explode and neither am i,you want to let that person be your,train tester theyre still here right,they might have a few bumps and bruises,from the journey along the way of course,we all end up getting those but we want,to make sure that,that person didnt kind of go into ruin,and we saw that person,was able to get through some of the,hardships that might be along the path,as we said in kind of point number one,of why were,somewhat afraid to take that big leap,and to say what we want and to,put it out there in the world we just,want to find someone that didnt explode,while riding the train next were going,to get into some of the big ideas that i,pulled out of the book other than that,one,first though were going to talk a,little bit about mind mapping if youre,new here you can get the most out of,these,mind maps by following along you can,also find the process of how i mind map,plus all 100 plus,mind map templates that have already,been done on this channel including this,one for free down at the link below,following along will help you learn more,remember better and apply these books to,your life,and if you want to skip the line a,little bit you dont want to spend all,the time,reading dozens and dozens and dozens of,books ive condensed,hundreds and potentially thousands of,hours of learning into what i call,master classes which are essentially,dozens of books,i take all the big ideas and condense it,down into a two-hour long,master class that you can follow along,with and get the best ideas from dozens,of books,in a lot less time you can find that at,the mindmapguy.com,now lets talk about handshake this is,our second idea here,you know how deep inside of you that you,will never be fully satisfied,until you have anchored yourself and,your zone of genius this is a really,interesting idea,to do less would be to hold back and,long ago,you made a handshake deal with the,universe that you wouldnt do that,the seductive comforts of success though,can,lull us into accepting the status quo,in that state of comfort its easy to,forget the deal that you made with the,universe,to use yourself fully and i just love,this,this idea that when we were first kind,of created here we made this handshake,deal,with the universe in exchange for this,one experience that we get that we call,life,youve committed to not holding back for,all we know,this is the only chance that we get and,no matter your,kind of political or religious beliefs,we can all kind of,settle on that that for a

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