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The Call movie review

you know movies can teach us a lot about,life what I learned from this movie is,when the cops are bogged down and they,cant do their job because of the red,tape just get a 911 dispatcher with a,lot of time on our hands a lot of weight,on our shoulders and a movie with a,shitty third act she might be able to,crack the case,the call spoiler alert I hate the end of,this movie so in the call Halle Berry,plays a 911 at the very beginning of the,movie more or less she was responsible,for our girls debt now Halle Berrys,racked with guilt while those dead girls,hanging out with Halle Berrys alias,status so now someone kidnapped abigail,breslin and now abigail breslin dials,9-1-1 and Halle Berry has to take that,call so now she feels like if she saves,this girls life she will find,redemption probably wont get her a low,status back but shell find redemption,so the movies more or less revolves,around abigail breslin in the trunk of,this car talking with Halle Berry and,Halle Berry is trying to talk her,through ways to get the signal out you,know punch out the taillights waiver,arms its more or less the cops are,trying to find where this girl is they,cant trace the cell phone so its her,and Halle Berry talking on the phone,like BFF should and if this movie sounds,like the 99-cent grade-b version of a,really good kidnapping movie well thats,because it more or less is theres one,of those movies Im watching and Im,like alright yeah kidnapping movie it is,interesting as it is to see Halle Berry,talking with this girl theres girl,talking with Halle Berry and the two,were going back and forth fact is,nothing stands out in this movie I mean,Halle Berrys in the movie which would,have been really cool like ten years ago,not like its like oh its a Halle Berry,movie I have to see this movie now,because Halle Berrys in it she did find,in the movie but anyone could have,played her Astrid from fringe could have,played this role and lets face it,thats who was supposed to do it its,just observation you know its true I,mean the guy who kidnapped her is this,total crazy Norman Bates type guy and,hes supposed to be and you have a crazy,guy being crazy its because hes crazy,who this guy is I have no idea he looks,like the love child of Peter Berg and,Eddie burns actually yeah so among the,police chase and a girl being in the,trunk of a car which is pretty much most,of this movie in the end the cops are,looking for and Halle Berrys like hmm,Im gonna take matters into my own hands,which I was like why dont you just call,911 you have a hunch youre pretty,by-the-book so call 911 success I know,of Halle Berry has to take matters into,her own hands and then we have the last,act of this movie which is pretty much,the Halle Berry show and her being one,chick army of not cop then its all,cliched [ __ ] and then the movie ends,what I hate about the ending and Im not,going to spoil it right here I will tell,you more about the ending later in this,review and Ill have the whole spoiler,alert thing right there so you guys,know its a spoiler but I hate it,because its like one of those hey were,gonna turn the tables but I just,wouldnt work logically it would not,work not only is it out of character for,Halle Berry to do this because,she is like I said a by-the-book kind of,person but it just legally wouldnt work,in the end it was an interesting premise,on paper its not uninteresting as,youre watching it when the movie is,almost done youre like it is,forgettable is entertaining while Im,watching it but its forgettable in the,last act of the movie happens youre,like Im never gonna suggest this movie,to anyone I will say the movies not,great and youre not gonna remember in,t-minus two minutes yep already forgot,sorry no amount of alcohol or being,drunk is gonna make you go oh that,movies still fun all right spoiler alert,what I hated about the ending does the,fact Halle Berry goes to this place she,suspects the guys holding Abigail,Breslin and she finds his little,trapdoor goes down there and says hold,they try to be like Silence of the Lambs,but it made sense for Silence of the,Lambs because Clarice was an FBI agent,and this chick is a 911 dispatcher but,she knocks a dude out gets abigail,breslin shes like wait dont call the,cops and he tied the guy up in a chair,he wakes up and hes like alright one of,the cops coming theyre like the cops,oh no and its one of these girl power,moments was like man we took matters,into our own hands and now youre gonna,rot down here and die and the story they,come up with is well Abigail got found,in the woods somewhere by the 900s,patcher because the teenage girl escaped,the place and then you know thats that,and the implication is the guy is going,to remain chained in this underground,basement place its pretty hidden and,hes gonna starve to death and die,couple problems first of all that is,implying that teenage girls are good,Liars women are not good Liars let alone,teenage girls shes gonna be like oh I,escaped the cops gonna be like from work,shes gonna be like I dont remember but,theyre gonna be like yeah [ __ ],whered you escape from and why were you,911 dispatcher the one who found her why,did you not call 9-1-1 why did you not,call the cops when you suspected you,knew where she was after they get caught,in their web of lies Halle Berrys,probably gonna get in trouble you can,pass it off is probably gonna be a slap,on the wrist when the girls like oh you,found me in these woods over here no,like all right we need to search a,radius of two miles lets find where she,was and they do find the little basement,may go down there and the guys chained,up in a chair theyre gonna be like huh,hey 911 dispatcher did you chain him up,and leave him to die yeah youre going,to jail now I mean Im down for the,whole revenge thing if you want to kill,the guy cool but just make sure you can,get away with it youre not gonna get,away with it and dont bring the teenage,girl in on your dark revenge scheme and,that is implying the guy actually stays,chained up in the chair if the guy gets,out of those chains Im pretty sure he,knows how to get out of his own little,trapdoor basement so hes gonna get away,you just let the killer,away because you wanted to be cool and,well now he got away Im telling you it,just it didnt make sense Dexter Morgan,to be like thats a sloppy as it gets,thats tonight Dexter music always helps,when I talk about [ __ ] ending so yeah,the movies not great and then the ending,is just terrible so your favorite,kidnapping movie of all time dont count,out firing this guy cuz it technically,is one whats your favorite whatever it,is comment below let me know favorite,kidnapping movie might be a little,sounds a little weird to say but I guess,it says genre and as always if you like,what youve seen here and you want to,see more click right here to see more


hai hai,Hai waktu selalu berjalan kedepan apa,yang sudah dilakukan akan berdampak ke,masa yang akan datang dan tidak ada cara,untuk mengembalikannya seperti keadaan,sedia kala The Call Halo film Korea yang,dirilis pada tahun 2020 bercerita,tentang dua orang di waktu yang berbeda,dapat terhubung melalui sambungan,telepon Lini waktu yang berbeda itu,berjalan beriringan sehingga ketika ada,perubahan di masa lalu maka akan segera,berdampak di kehidupan yang sekarang dan,masalah timbul ketika mereka mengubah,Jalan takdir yang telah ditentukan,adegan dimulai dengan seorang perempuan,membawa koper yang berjalan kaki,kemudian naik sebuah mobil perempuan,tersebut bernama Seohyun dan percakapan,mulai terjadi supir yang membawa mobil,adalah paman Park Jung Ho yang bekerja,sebagai petani strawberry Ia lalu,meminjamkan ponselnya kepada Seohyun,karena ponsel Seohyun ini ternyata,ketinggalan di kereta tapi percuma tak,ada yang merespon sambungan telepon itu,kini Seohyun masuk kedalam rumahnya yang,entah Berapa lama tidak dihuni tak ada,siapapun,dan Seohyun lalu mencari sebuah telepon,yang barangkali bisa digunakannya,telepon tersebut masih berfungsi dan,ketika sambungan suara tersebut direspon,rupanya orang yang menemukan ponsel,milik Seohyun ini meminta imbalan,telepon kemudian dimatikan mencoba,menelpon lagi tapi nomor tersebut sudah,tidak aktif saat mencari cara mencari,ponsel yang hilang melalui internet,telepon berbunyi yang segera sound,angkat orang yang ditelepon tersebut,curhat jika ibunya gila dan menyadari,jika salah sambung telepon lalu ditutup,Seohyun lalu mengunjungi ibunya yang ada,di rumah sakit mereka ada kendala biaya,pengobatan Ibunya dan sedang berupaya,untuk mengurus asuransi sedangkan,ayahnya Sohyun ini sudah meninggal dunia,segini kesal ke ibunya karena menurutnya,ibunya ini penyebab ayahnya meninggal,dunia Seohyun lalu pergi Tapi sebelum,itu Seohyun mempertanyakan ibunya yang,masih sempat-sempatnya mengecat kuku,ditengah keadaannya yang tidak sehat,setelah itu Seohyun mengunjungi makam,ayahnya dan segera pulang telepon,yo berdering yang membuat kalium segera,mengangkatnya dan rupanya orang yang,tadi salah sambung orang tersebut,mengatakan jika ibunya mencoba,membunuhnya ia mengira jika Seohyun ini,adalah temannya yang bernama sunhee ia,meminta untuk datang ke alamatnya yang,segera diberitahukan dan Sohyun segera,bilang jika salah sambung tapi penelepon,tersebut malah kesal dan menduga Jika,Itu hanya alasan temannya saja agar,tidak mau membantu orang tersebut,telepon kemudian kembali ditutup Seohyun,kemudian melihat surat yang rupanya,alamatnya sama dengan alamat yang baru,saja disebut oleh penelpon tadi yang,mana itu adalah alamat rumah yang,dihuninya saat ini tak menghiraukan hal,tersebut Seohyun kemudian tidur tapi ia,mendengar suara yang membuatnya,terbangun mencari ke berbagai sudut,ruangan untuk menuntaskan rasa,penasarannya ternyata tidak ada apa-apa,Ia lalu menyadari jika ada tembok yang,kopong ia kemudian mencoba memakai punya,tapi aku terjatuh tanpa pikir panjang ia,merusak dinding tersebut hingga,tertuju pada ruangan di bawah tanah,Ruang Rahasia bawah tanah dan gelap itu,kemudian dilaluinya tidak ada siapapun,disana kecuali kursi yang diduduki,boneka Tapi anehnya Seohyun mendengar,suara dengan nama jelas ia masih mencari,barang lain yang ada di sana dan,ditemukan bola sebuah jimat beserta Buku,Dairi Ia lalu membuka dan membaca buku,tersebut dan sebuah foto kemudian,terlepas dan Seohyun coba tanyakan ke,warga sekitar menurut Paman Pak ini foto,tersebut adalah seorang wanita bernama,Yusuf yang memiliki Ibu seorang dukun,tapi Paman Pak enggan membahasnya lebih,lanjut dan pergi di foto tersebut,tertara juga tanggal yang menunjukkan 26,November 1943 di setting waktu saat itu,adalah tahun 2019 di mana jaraknya 20,tahunan karena tidak mendapat jawaban,Seohyun mencoba mencari tahu rasa,penasarannya dalam perjalanan pulangnya,ke rumah ia melewati sebuah toko yang,bernama toko sunhee,yang mana sunhee adalah nama teman dari,orang yang menelponnya tadi dan lagi,saat di rumah telpon kembali berdering,yang membuat Seohyun Segera,mengangkatnya Karena pun tersebut,berteriak histeris bilang jika dia akan,dibakar oleh ibunya ia menangis dan,berteriak yang membuat Seohyun sangat,khawatir disisi lain si ibunya penelpon,memang ingin membakar anaknya tersebut,dan sianat mencoba melawan api yang,dibawa si Ibu terjatuh dan dari ruangan,yang tadi coba Seohyun masuki tiba-tiba,ikut terbakar asap keluar dari sana,esoknya si penelepon marah karena sunhee,ini tidak membantunya tapi si penelepon,ini sadar jika Yang ditelepon ya ini,bukanlah temannya yang bernama sunhee,begitupun Seohyun ia menyadari jika,telepon tersebut rupanya terhubung ke,waktu yang berbeda awalnya penelepon,yang bernama Yong Suk ini mengira sound,ini memata-matai nya tapi Seohyun bilang,jika mereka tinggal di rumah yang sama,namun dengan waktu yang berbeda mereka,hidup beriringan merasa tak percaya,dengan ucapan Seohyun,kyung-soo kini menutup teleponnya namun,Seohyun segera membuka internet dan,mencari kejadian besar yang akan terjadi,di linimasanya Yusuf dimana akan ada,kecelakaan pesawat di malam waktu Yun,Suk nanti setelah itu Young Sook,benar-benar menutup ponselnya Makan,malampun tiba yang sukini yang hidup di,tahun 1990-an lalu makan bersama ibunya,mereka hanya hidup berdua Dan si Ibu ini,terlihat mendidih kyung-suk sangat keras,dan disini diketahui jika yang suka ini,pernah masuk rumah sakit jiwa dan ibunya,akan mengancam memasukkannya ke rumah,sakit jiwa lagi jika ia tidak makan,sifat gila jong-suk ini kumat dan sibuk,mencoba menenangkannya dan saat itulah,berita tentang kecelakaan pesawat,tersiar di televisi setelah itu Young,Soo kembali menelepon Seohyun dan,mengatakan Bagaimana Seohyun bisa,mengetahui tentang kecelakaan pesawat,yang terjadi Seohyun lalu membaca buku,harian Yusuf dan mengetahui idolanya,Yusuf dari sana Seohyun lalu menyetel,YouTube dan memperdengarkan,nyinyir kyung-suk setelah itu Seohyun,mengatakan kehidupan masa depan yang,canggih tapi Young Suk tidak percaya,akan hal tersebut hingga akhirnya Yeong,Suk bertanya bagaimana tentang dirinya,di masa depan namun ketika ingin mencari,tahu lebih lanjut kyung-soo kini,mengurungkan niatnya Yusuf bilang jika,menurut ibunya Ia mempunyai nasib yang,sangat buruk dan ibunya itu bukanlah ibu,kandungnya ibu kandung jung-soo kini,telah lama meninggal dunia punya,kesedihan serupa Seohyun lalu bercerita,jika ayahnya juga meninggal saat ia,kecil karena rumah kebakaran dan hal,tersebut disebabkan karena ibunya lupa,mematikan kompor namun tak lama ibunya,yang su kini datang sehingga teleponnya,ditutup di masa Yusuf ibunya yang,berprofesi sebagai dukun tersebut,menempel berbagai jimat di rumah dan,tepat pada hari itu juga rupanya Ada,yang ingin membeli rumah tersebut,Seorang ibu ayah dan anak melihat-lihat,rumah itu dan Myungsoo keluar dari,kamarnya anak kecil tersebut ketakutan,dan rupanya it,adalah Seohyun saat kecil mereka adalah,keluarga Seohyun yang saat itu ingin,membeli rumah tersebut tentu saja,mengetahui nama si anak hyung-suk lalu,mendekat setelah itu Young Sook,menelepon Seohyun yang sedang tertidur,untuk memperdengarkan suara ayahnya,sound melalui telepon tersebut yang,membuatnya bersedih sekaligus bahagia,Myungsoo kemudian punya ide dimana ia,mungkin bisa menghidupkan kembali,ayahnya Seohyun yang membuat Seohyun,berpikir sejenak saat hari kebakaran,rumah lama So Yun Yun Suk ini kabur,diam-diam ia sudah mendapatkan alamatnya,Seohyun dimana pada saat itu sound ini,sedang bermain sambil menonton televisi,sedangkan ibunya sedang mengecat kuku,kompor masih menyala saat itu Dan gak,lama ibunya Seohyun ini pergi,meninggalkan Seohyun dan juga ayahnya,yang sedang tertidur Yusuf melihat hal,tersebut dan kini kompor yang menyala,kemudian dimatikan Seohyun lalu mendapat,telepon dari seseorang dan tiba-tiba,bekas luka akhirnya menghilang saat itu,juga ruangan kamarnya berubah dengan,cepat Seohyun keluar ruangannya dan,jika rumahnya sa

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Tóm tắt phim kinh dị: The Call 2020 – Phiên bản nâng cấp độ tàn độc của Signal | Chúa Tể Phim

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The Call – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

all right so the director of this movie,Brad Anderson clearly likes to make his,actors do extreme things,Christian Bale lost an absurd amount of,weight for the machinist and in this one,there is a possibility that there are,birds nesting in Halle Berrys hair the,call is directed by Brad Anderson and it,stars Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin,now this movie is about a 911 dispatch,operator she gets a nine one one call,one day that there is a man inside a,girls house shes trying to hide from,him and Halle Berrys trying to instruct,her about how to be safe that goes wrong,and that disturbs Halle Berrys,character greatly and she cant be a,dispatch operator for a while because,its just gotten too close to her and,she has to separate herself from that,event one day she is forced to pick up,the headset again and answer a call it,just so happens to be Abigail breslins,character who has been locked inside the,trunk of a car and Halle Berry suspects,that this kidnapping could possibly be,related to the first one now the trailer,for this movie truly looked awful I had,no idea what to expect going into this,movie because it just looked really like,a made-for-tv movie and I was really,surprised too because I actually loved,The Machinist I thought it was an,excellent twilight zone like thriller,with a knockout performance that was,sadly looked over by the Oscars by,Christian Bale but this movie just looks,so cliched and silly and honestly if you,watch the trailer for this movie I can,tell youve pretty much seen the major,portions of each act so please if youre,interested in seeing this film do not,watch the trailer because it gave away,way too much and this film in my opinion,is okay its not terrible and its not,that great there are definitely moments,in this movie that I was invested in,where I was riveted by the action where,I was riveted by the characters and,maybe a few moments in the movie that,seemed like okay this is actually a,pretty intense scene here unfortunately,I saw the trailer for the movie and I,knew the ending of like each scene but,its not just that this movie can get a,little bit ludicrous now I have two,friends who are actually 911 police,dispatchers and I was curious about how,accurate the film was and they saw the,same screening with me so after the film,I asked them you know howd they do and,they said it was actually surprisingly,pretty well-rounded and accurate in,regards to how things are the technology,was a little better for the dispatchers,for what they have in the movie than,what we have here in Cleveland but they,did say that it was surprisingly,accurate and so for that reason,I gotta get the film props because,thats something I wouldnt know about,since I know nothing about that,but according to my friends the movie,did a good job of handling that,accurately so if you are a policeman or,a police dispatcher or know somebody who,is,you can probably watch this movie,without being incredibly annoyed with,all the factual errors it makes Halle,Berry is really good in this movie,actually I thought she did a good job,for this film her role requires a lot of,emotion and I thought that she gave what,her character needed to this movie and I,was impressed with her performance,now abigail breslin I do like her as an,actress Ive liked her ever since I saw,her in science little girl in signs a,little charming cute little girl came,on-screen complaining about water and it,was great she was amazing and little,miss sunshine as well oscar-nominated,role there but in this movie I really,feel like she just over acted the entire,movie and I get it youre in a situation,where you are more than likely thinking,Im going to die but the way Anderson,directed this movie was he got so many,horrific aliy close-up shots like,literally with the camera like bumping,against her face like it was like,obviously right here like her face was,beginning to appear rounded as if he was,using a fisheye lens just to get like,right up in her face and when shes,crying and whimpering and everything it,can get a little bit annoying it just it,didnt feel real it felt extremely,forced I wouldnt say she was terrible,in the movie I just think that she just,went too far with it also the main,kidnapper in this film is a disturbing,absurdly creepy man but hes given,absolutely no real motive you never,really understand exactly what is going,on with him they never even attempt to,explain it and whenever a killer is just,kind of passed off as oh hes insane I,just feel like thats a cop-out its,just a lazy way of writing a movie where,you dont actually give your killer any,type of real motive for doing the things,that hes doing hes just a nutjob and I,know people like that exist but for,entertainment purposes I would have,liked a more viable explanation the,movie isnt poorly directed but theres,nothing terribly remarkable about it,except for the fact that this guy has a,good way of showing you really close up,intense images that can kind of get,under your skin he did it a little bit,too much though and I feel like Brad,Anderson could have possibly held back a,little bit in this movie by using the,camera as a way to express intensity,where he should have had the characters,and the dialogue be able to express that,intent to,better than just kind of shoving a,camera a centimeter away from the main,actresses I but the call was not a,terrible movie it did feature a really,good performance by Halle Berry it had,some good set pieces some good moments,where I was invested in the tension but,something I havent mentioned without,spoiling anything is that the last 20,minutes of this movie are absurd it,loses almost all credibility to the film,set up before that and it just didnt,work for me but overall I will say that,the call is possibly a good rental just,to pass the time Im going to give it a,C+ thanks a lot for watching guys and as,always if you liked this review you can,click right here and get stuck mine eyes,[Music]

THE CALL (2020) Ending Explained

hey hows it going everybody welcome to,fount flicks on this inning explained,were looking at the recent netflix,original the call,where two women are connected by a phone,in the same house but 20 years apart,and a serial killer puts one womans,past and life on the line to change her,own fate,right so the call is one of those,magical phone that can communicate,through time kind of deals,and you know changing things in the past,affects the present and no we dont ever,find out,why the phone is magic its just magic,deal with it,this is maybe a bit reminiscent of,frequency but geez thats already,20 years old at this point and so a new,take on that concept is perhaps overdue,fortunately the call does a lot of,interesting things with this concept,it actually did have some nice surprises,and twists that i didnt see coming it,does well it evolving how things,correlate between times in important,ways,while also spending a lot of time,developing our two leads burgeoning,friendship between time which naturally,takes a much darker turn when we start,to learn who young sook really is,it does get a bit confusing and hard to,follow as more and more time shenanigans,are occurring,and in particular the very end gives us,one more surprising bit twist that,changes everything,so lets dive into the call breaking,down the time hopping story,including what we learn about our two,main characters and who they really are,along with explaining the ending and its,final big twist in a quite lovely,landscape,a young woman ceo yen totes her luggage,a small van approaches backing up to,give her a ride spotting on the back,that the man sung,ho is a neighbor strawberry farmer xio,yen is returning to her old family home,after many years,and learned that her mother is in the,hospital she has apparently lost her,phone he offers to use his but she,remembers there is a landline inside he,sighs calling their house still the best,in the village and it seems nice enough,on the outside,inside is a different story all but,abandoned and run down for years tio yin,going around the house to open curtains,to let some dang light in the place,she finds that old cordless phone and,plugs it in dialing her cell number,shes greeted by a voice,asking to come and get it and they seize,the opportunity to ask for some cash in,exchange,and they simply say theyll call back,and hang up she tries to call again,and it doesnt go through for some,reason she uses her laptop to trace the,phones location,and gets another call but its not who,found her phone but a girl,young sook saying that her mom is insane,and has locked her in the house,baffled she asks who shes trying to,reach and thinking it must be a wrong,number hangs up,at the hospital we discover that her,mother is ill with a brain tumor that,must be removed the doctors voice,fading away,into a ringing noise she discusses with,her mother,and the surgery is exceedingly expensive,her mom suggests a friend of hers who,works in insurance to take care of the,payment and besides its not like she,can make up 100 million won which is,about 92 grand usd,working at a convenience store its not,made clear why exactly yet but seo yen,despises her mother when she asks if she,should be buried with or beside her,father she sees,how could you say something like that,thinking that she deserves to be buried,next to him frustrated she throws down,her apple and puts on her coat leaving,in a huff,she then pays a visit to her fathers,grave and later comes home to the phone,ringing its young sook again,again saying her mom is trying to kill,her begging her to come over now,she says that she was dialing someone,called soon hes stored its yo yin,thinks that shes just playing a joke,and hangs up later passed out on the,couch we see that she has burn scars of,some kind on her legs shes awoken by a,loud clatter and searches the house not,finding anything that is until she goes,to hammer her nail into the wall,and it passes right through appearing,hollow on the other side she rips open a,larger hole in the wall big enough to,see through,peering down to a set of stairs leading,further below,there she finds a plush teddy bear in a,chair she cautiously,approaches a box finding belongings,stuffed inside including a diary and a,bunch of pictures of one dude marked,august,1999. theres mentions of fire flooding,that repels ghosts by burning them and,mother sets me,on fire she reads a photo falls out of a,young girl but she doesnt recognize her,she asks seong ho if he does and he does,muttering her name is young soup based,on the belongings found she asked if she,was a shaman no but her mother was he,informs her he remembers only vaguely,that the mother and daughter lived in,the house back in the 90s she tries to,ask for more details but his dog,appropriately called strawberry,takes his attention away seeing the,photo of the girl is dated november 26,1999. passing through town she stops at,sun hes thor the woman mentioned on the,phone by yongsuk and growing frightened,quickens her pace,staring into the hole in the wall the,phone rings begging sunni to come help,sounding exasperated going on her mother,is setting her on fire,followed by thumping and loud screams we,then peek back to 1999,young sook being dragged down the hall,by her mom the phone seen on the ground,she lights a weird ball thing on fire,she tries to run but gets caught,dropping the flame thing on the stairs,seeing in the present smoke still coming,out of the hole and clicks on her,flashlight noticing the stairs are now,charred and smoldering seeing the direct,aftermath of what occurred 20 years ago,here,later she calls asking why she didnt,come yesterday ceo yin asks her address,and learned that they are indeed in the,same house shes in now but,again 20 years earlier she brings up,seeing her picture from the 29th but,young sook is confused as its only the,18th right now,she asks about what she saw in the diary,about her mothers oppression,and matches what she told her jungsuk,thinking that she must be watching her,somehow,she goes on explaining that even if it,is hard to believe they are living in,the same house,and to prove this she does an internet,search for november 18,99 finding a story about a plane crash,that occurs later that night sitting,down for what looks to be a fairly,unappetizing dinner youngsiks mom,commands that she eat it while she is,entranced by a fried chicken joint,commercial,looks good she stabs at the offering,scoffing you call this food,and she throws back oh you want to go,back to the mental institution and wind,up like your mother clarifying that,shes not actually her mom after all,its her aunt and hinting at possible,mental illness at play with a girl,she angrily starts stuffing her face,with food shoveling more and more,in her mom grows angry and pulls her,hair back [ __ ] up this all happening,due to bad feng shui,and is hopeful that shell be better,after they leave this house to a,surprise on the news theres word of a,plane crash occurring,just as she said yongsu calls back,asking how she knew about it,and learned they both are the same age,of 28. she flips through the diary,seeing many pictures of a singer,and pulls up a video playing it over the,phone for her youngsook hasnt heard,this song and apparently this her,favorite singer makes a comeback,in 2000 her admitting that it does sound,like him staring at her walls adorned,with more photos of the singer she,regales her with more tales of the,future like the wonders of smartphones,music and photos and all that crap is,now on your phone she smirks in,disbelief and asks if she can find out,what happens in her life she is about to,do a search but stops young soup,divulging that her mom always says that,she was cursed with bad fortune and born,with a brutal atrocious fate thats,pretty dramatic xio yin asks oh,she doesnt get along with her mom and,she reveals that her birth mom is dead,see how yen can relate having lost her,father in a fire at her home

The Call Ending Explained (2020) Netflix Movie

chances are that if you clicked on this,video youve watched the korean thriller,of the call on netflix,and that ending left you a little,wanting or at least confused,so here are my thoughts on the ending to,hopefully give you a little bit of,clarity,now obviously this is going to contain,spoilers i have linked,my spoiler free review up in the corner,someplace and is down in the description,lets focus on that ending,first i dont see this time craziness as,a time,loop like we sometimes see with time,travel i see this as two,points in time on the same timeline that,are progressing together at the same,rate,young sook is the antagonist in the past,and sio yon is the protagonist,in the present now to keep me from,slaughtering their names and also for,ease of just speaking,im going to abbreviate their names with,y s,and s y i like that for symmetry,y s is in the past s y is in the present,we know theyre connected by a phone,that phone call,between the past to the present is what,how they communicate,now i believe what through what were,shown the calls only go,one way that they go from the past to,the present,so when y s saves dad from the explosion,shes seen now as a good and helpful,person so when sy,hears the screams and the cries of ys,being beaten and tortured by her mom,she wants to help out and she believes,she is doing the right thing by helping,her but we quickly find out that ys is a,psychopath and a murderer and not a good,or helpful person at all and why ask,blackmails,sy for information because she holds all,of this power,i mean what is done in the past affects,the present,and it cant be changed i mean its,irrevocable at that point so,if something happens in the past and the,past is continuing on,well once its the past its its gone,its just done,but the past definitely influences the,future and thats where i believe,like i said at the beginning i see this,as two points in time moving not this,time,loop because then you would just well,its always just changing,and it could change forever and then we,dont get any type of resolution sy,informs ys,where and how the police find the knife,that,ys used to kill her mom once she has,that evidence,the police never find it and therefore,ys,never goes to prison never gets,committed and she never gets caught,which allows her later in the film to be,in the present,with sy but were gonna go back a bit,and this is where it does get convoluted,and a little bit confusing,young sy is being held captive in the,past when her and her dad,go to buy the house before the mom and,the police get to the home,ys in the past calls her older self,in the future or the present which,allows the older ys,to inform herself that the police are on,their way,and if she doesnt act quickly she is,going to be arrested,she also is told that you need to keep,the phone on,and thing in case things dont work out,so that we know how to change things,because see the present has these,information of things that happened in,the past which can influence,the behaviors and the actions of the,past but the,past can carry out all of these actions,which then have,huge ramifications for the present so,this warning allows ys in the past,to be prepared and ready for battle and,we see the cop,doesnt fare too well and the mom they,have it out back and forth and finally,mom throws herself and yes off the,balcony,and im guessing thats something that,ys wasnt expecting we then see sy in,the present at the grave of her dad,and she turns and sees her mom and they,walk down the walkway leading out of the,cemetery,which that leads us to believe though,that they both survived,that fall and just the whole mayhem in,the past and they escaped,but then mom flickers and disappears,well why,so we see why s in the past begin to get,up from her fall from the balcony shes,obviously survived,and i think it stands to reason that at,some point in that past,she tracks down and kills mom because,then mom,in the present flickers and disappears,after that,shes also able to capture sy because,that is how,sy then wakes up in her brand new,reality of being strapped in the,basement,screaming so what do you think does that,make sense to you hopefully it helps a,lot more than it hurt,i would love to know your thoughts and,theories i want us to continue this,conversation,down in the comments below i believe,thats how we learn thats how we get,better,thats how were able to dissect things,and hopefully put,all of those weird pieces together of,this movie so that we get,one complete puzzle and so then its no,longer a puzzle,its a complete picture so please start,typing put your thoughts and your,theories in the comments below,if you enjoyed this please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for catching with me

The Call (2020) Horror Movie Review | One of the WORST movies this year

hey guys welcome back to another episode,of batman my name is chris and tonight i,checked out a new horror movie called,the call,its got lynn shea and tobin bell and it,is directed by timothy woodward jr,i remember seeing a trailer for this and,i in the trailer it highlights an,interesting gimmick where,a bunch of teens are called over to a,house and if they can,stay on the phone and communicate with,this dead woman for a minute theyll,receive a hundred thousand dollars,interesting gimmick interesting setup so,lets start out with some positives,the art department the lighting the,camera,all pretty good the set looks sometimes,cheap,sometimes fun but they did enough to,make it like this horror fun house kind,of feel,the mansion looks pretty cool and they,lit it pretty well,lots of warm colors and stuff like that,it gave it a really nice little,atmosphere,they have some cool visuals in this,movie theres a scene where,two kids are kind of talking in a car as,the rain pours down and,theres like red lights shining through,i thought it looked pretty cool,said it eerie little tone you have some,very very cliche,horror visuals in this movie as well,with the ladies,and people who like crack and contort,their bodies and then,crawl really fast like youve seen it a,million times in other horror movies and,plays out in this as well but its still,kind of an effective visual,so i really didnt enjoy this movie it,is written so unbelievably poorly i just,dont understand how anyone can look at,this script,and give it the green light sure i am,like i said before a very cynical,viewer of horror movies now because i,watch them all the time and ive seen,so many and i know the tropes so well,and so for you know younger viewers or,people who are more less,experienced with horror there are the,tropes that will probably be effective,for them,and some of the execution on them is,okay but for the most part,this movie is all about jump scares the,characters are non-existent theyre,one-dimensional which a lot of times is,fine if youre setting up them to be,spotter for interesting kills weekend,sequences,but this movie plays with a theme of,like vengeance and morality,and you know youre facing your worst,fears and so for those,internal like struggles to be effective,you kind of need to know a little bit,more about the characters,and i get that youre like learning,about them when they,face their fears but the whole,premise for this thing just makes no,goddamn sense,theres so many plot holes im going to,get into spoilers because its kind of,hard to,talk about the problems with this movie,without explaining what they did and,didnt explain in the movie,so like i said this premise of tobin,bell calling you up with this creepy,tobin bell voice saying,uh do you want to play a game and you,know sit on the phone for a minute with,a ghost,thats kind of cool its evocative like,it,it interests me and i like i said im so,cynical about this stuff half the time,ive seen so much that its still kind,of like an interesting little idea,um but unfortunately it plays out in a,completely uninteresting way,but lets get into some spoilers,lynn shea is angry because teens are,harassing her,so to get back at the teens,she sits in a chair with her creepy doll,and then hangs herself,and then somehow tobin bell is aware,that if you have a phone this phone,that she can talk to the kids and then,bring the kids,into their own worst fears which,place that she can get vengeance thats,just completely unexplainable and i,think the creators and the writers and,the director know,that like how we gonna explain that and,the way they go around,not explaining that is to just never,[ __ ] explain it and not bother to,even try,theres little theres i shouldnt say,theres a little hint where like once or,twice two characters say,shes a witch okay actually that might,explain some of it have her be a [ __ ],witch and show her doing her witching,stuff,i guess thats maybe what they were,trying to do with her sitting there with,a creepy doll,but i dont know its not quite clear,the other thing with this movie,is it starts out with this really,pandering,strong 80s vibe and i mean,pandering in a way that it feels low,budget and,the music is so aggressively what you,would think of as,80s in like every 80s,aspect is so unsubtle that its like,it sticks out to you and thats what i,mean when i say pandering,it doesnt really feel like a world it,feels like were going to an 80s,themed party where everybodys so,exaggerated with their 80s,and then you get sequences near the,beginning where the sound design is just,garbage theyre at a circus and people,they do the shot where theyre kind of,like panning around,people as they walk by the camera and,theyre talking but you dont,hear anything because of why i dont,know its not like a,stylistic thing its just like it feels,empty and devoid of sound,except for the main characters it was,really bizarre,swing the hammer,the inner row is a winner okay okay bon,jovi,thats enough come on over ladies john,thats enough is that a winner youre a,loser take off,griffin,so the 80s aesthetic thing is there for,like the first 35 to 40 minutes,with characters looking 80s the synth,like,stabs come in a lot of times the,highlight like jump scares and it just,to me it was laughable and weird and out,of place,and im not sure why it was set in the,80s maybe to avoid like,cell phones but like with this whole,premise you could have just had,uh tobin bell say if you want to,participate you have to give me your,cell phone or something stupid like that,that would have easily solved that,problem,it just was distracting and i dont,understand the purpose for it,i mean we could talk about linshay and,tobin bill,a lot of people hold these guys up for,like as great actors i dont really i,think they dont have much range,i mean tobin bell is cool as john kramer,and in this he sounds exactly,and looks exactly like john kramer would,he says things that sound like jigsaw,lynn shea is always lynched um i like,her shes charming,she does do a little bit more in this,movie where she plays more of a villain,and she hams it up a little bit,but she still just comes off as lin shay,in every lin shea movie for me,um that doesnt mean i dont like her,but its just kind of what you expect,when you put lin shay and tobin bell in,a movie,so the way these people like run around,in this house and theyre,convinced and motivated is all like,nonsense because its just what the,writer needed them to do,to continue the story instead of what,like real people would do,this one character sees another,character on the tv like,scheming against her and then when she,confronts him,he says well lynn shay is not shes a,monster and she immediately is convinced,by that,its just a trap its just a trap,she tricked me she tricked all of us,it was all like what was the purpose of,setting up that whole conflict right,before if youre gonna resolve it,immediately,with no surprise and no like pushback on,the character it just its like a waste,of time,and thats how a lot of this movie feels,like a waste of time,it takes 40 minutes to get it to this,phone gimmick which i like the phone,gimmick,but then what that is is it transports,you into the land of horror cliches,like uh like a nightmare on elm street,like warehouse thats all lit,uh ominously and uh,creature people and like i said creaking,cracking ladies up here and,jump scare you and then you get little,hints of their backstory,so you learn that two of the characters,are like from an abusive household,and you learn that this character was,like in this traumatic experience with,his girlfriend who,was pregnant died in a car accident and,that stuff is way more like worse than,what happened to lynne shay lynn shay,yes she was unfairly treated by the,community because,somebody else blamed her for a murder,she didnt commit,but then these kids like harass her,throughout the years without like,breaking her windows and stuff,but

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