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  6. Is THE CHOSEN series BIBLICALLY ACCURATE? || Should Christians watch The Chosen?
  7. Should Christians watch The Chosen? | Pastor review of TV series The Chosen

A Chosen Review

this is wretched radio with Todd Frio,21st century influences yeah probably,this is wretched radio a review of the,chosen its a 8 part first season,miniseries it is about the life of Jesus,Christ of course the chosen one many,reviews not a lot of them being very,critical frankly there are some,observations that would say yeah but I,have not read one that was like a thumbs,down on it there are some things that,may disqualify it for you if its an,issue of conscience dont watch it if,some of these issues which Michelle,Leslie and others are pointing out if,theyre if theyre a problem for you in,that they just it detracts from your,understanding about Jesus III would say,then then dont watch it there is,another issue that I dont think anybody,brought up that I think is worthy of all,of our consideration for ourselves and,especially for our kids now whether it,was delivered well or not nevertheless I,think even Phil Vischer he even pointed,out that portraying Bible characters as,vegetables it can do something now with,the VeggieTales it might be teaching the,kids its just kind of a play and they,changed the details enough where the,story of Jonah wasnt an actual,historical event theres dangers in,doing these types of things,Im not saying disqualifiers but there,are considerations in when we present,something in the Bible in a way that,isnt entirely biblical not sinful per,se but can have some consequences if,your kids watch something like The,Chosen and thats totally up to you,whether you do or dont is it possible,that they will think the embellishments,are biblical that theyll be learning oh,thats what happen I have that in my,Bible or they might bring that into,their understanding of a theological,position or it might forever be there is,something that they think Jesus really,did or something that he said when he,didnt thats gonna be a decision that,you have to make mom and dad which is,why would encourage you when you watch a,show like this bring your Bible to the,part,and if something is said or done hit,pause and then its your responsibility,to point out hey uh,well wait a second when Jesus was,talking to Nicodemus and he asked,Nicodemus what is your heart say no,lets just talk about this first of all,thats not in the Bible remember this,speech that we see from Jesus and the,disciples and all the characters most of,it not all of it most of it is not in,the Bible,furthermore the bible does talk about,the heart and the last thing that we,want to follow is our emotions we dont,follow our heart that is Disney language,that is not biblical language so it is,it is very difficult to imagine that,Jesus would ask Nicodemus to follow his,heart when his heart is deceitful and,wicked above all things who can know it,Jesus wouldnt contradict himself in his,word and so you want to be pointing,these things out so that your kids dont,just accept it medium of the visual arts,very very powerful you need to make that,decision mom and dad there are some,other things that you should be aware of,and then you make a decision I think I,counted five or six things that I wish,they hadnt done that I just read the,reviews I havent seen the show that you,need to wake put it on a scale and weigh,whether you want to watch this or,whether you want to watch it with your,kids or not one of the big concerns that,Michelle Leslie and her review had was,the role of Mary Magdalene who in that,Roma wrote Mark and Roma Downey jr.,Barnet Burnett and now Mahoney,did did he play that role in the 60 is,you see the father of Timothy Hutton,whatever the role of Mary Magdalene was,clearly elevated to an unbiblical level,very problematic in that series,Micheles saying theyre kind of,apparently making every effort to,demonstrate Jesus was really had a high,view of women and Mary Magdalene is,being used as that character in,particular to demonstrate Jesus isnt,this sexist,Genest horrible just men had the within,the patriarchy and could it be that in,the future they might elevate Mary,Magdalene to an inappropriate level,there are hints of that but as of the,first season the answers no could be in,the future as mentioned a few moments,ago there was a scene of the Shabbat,meal where Jesus asked Mary Magdalene to,lead the Shabbat prayers reading that,that just wouldnt happen now without,getting hypercritical and picking every,single NIT even though that is my,spiritual gift maybe yours – is it a,foretaste of what is to come and,elevating of women to a more societally,sympathetic place well see nevertheless,toward the end of the episode this is,episode 5 Simon and Jesus kid around,about Andrews lack of Grace when it,comes to dancing ok it could be nothing,wrong with that that can be good humor,if its not hurtful Simon then asked,Jesus if he would change Andrew into a,better dancer and the words the writers,put into the mouth of Jesus were some,things even I cant do humor absolutely,Jesus was humorous would it be a joke,that even I think took a shot at his,deity and his omnipotence I dont think,so,that was this was probably the one thing,that I read that was the strongest who,didnt like that is that a disqualifier,for you at you be the judge episode 6 in,the portrayal of the men who bring the,paralytic to Jesus while men are the,ones actually carrying the paralytic on,a litter Tamar a woman a friend of the,paralytic leads the way and its made,clear this is all her idea when simon,attempts to stop the entourage from,pushing their way through the crowd to,Jesus Tamar is the one who pleads with,him,and Mary Magdalene reproves him moments,later tomorrows the one who comes up,with the idea of going through the roof,and Mary Magdalene assists sir,once the hole is made in the roof,tomorrow calls down to Jesus and asked,him to heal her friend and Jesus says to,her your faith is beautiful any problems,with that repainted scene and the answer,is yeah that seems to be one of the ones,that actually does contradict the Bible,theres two issues first of all very,very clear that the Bible teaches it was,man that were doing that Luke describes,the scene and refers to the men a lot it,is not necessary to change what was,really clear in the Bible so thats a,problematic scene thats one that could,get into your kids brain hey werent,there women who were kind of leading,that deal with the house and the roof,and the dropping him through and the,answer is no it was men because Luke,makes it really really clear in Luke 5,verse 18 and the following furthermore,and now this is again this is not to,pick a nit but could it be this is again,a contemporary portrayal of Jesus trying,to make sure that the world that might,be eavesdropping that might be watching,this okay alright so women they play a,role in this Jesus is cool with women,okay the Bible isnt as harsh as,everybody has been trying to tell me it,is maybe I dont know them I dont know,its something to be aware of,would it disqualify it for me this this,seemed for me it wouldnt be a,disqualifier for me you have to make,that decision for you add all of this up,put it into a basket shake it around and,see what you come up with now there are,other than the joke about Jesus you know,about his deity what does your heart say,not great but overall the reviews for,the chosen most people are saying its,edifying and actually a few of the,scenes were really really emotional I,cant remember it was one of the,disciples who,something like to Jesus weve been,waiting for you for so long,she said it moved her to tears because,you got a sense of the heart of somebody,who is this this long expected profit,that theyve been talking about that the,Bible has been screaming about that was,promised to come and deliver us whatever,their understanding of deliverance was,they were waiting and waiting and,waiting and so in Andrew I believe,expresses at least in the chosen weve,been waiting for you for so long,for her that echoed the cry of her heart,and it and it and it brought it to life,and it was really

Catholic Priests React to “The Chosen”

no offense to other i think jesus,stories or,movies but i find the acting to be,actually competent in this one and a lot,of times theyre,theyre okay i dont you know want to be,mean a lot of religion movies are like,yeah jesus please tell me what to do,[Applause],[Music],gday mates my names father casey and,im father patrick and this is a pond,friar review,patrick we have an excellent episode,today i think,the best of episodes oh my gosh last,week we talked about music videos which,was,fun and terrifying and today were going,to go more of the comforting route,were talking about jesus i love jesus,jesus so,have you heard of the television show i,guess its not television have you heard,of the show,the chosen ive heard about it but ive,never seen it yes it is the first of its,kind,it is an episodic show about jesus so it,has,episodes and it has multiple seasons so,all these documentaries there are lots,of,recreations of the gospel and theyre,just a two three-hour thing,and one of the problems with that is the,climax is always,the crucifixion which is great right but,there are so many other stories to be,told,and so imagine what you could do with,eight episodes all an,hour long over seven seasons telling,jesus his life oh the depth of,relationships,the consolations the healings it would,be incredible,yes so one season has been released for,entirely free,on youtube anyone can watch it its,gotten millions and millions of hits it,might be over a billion i dont know,very popular in many countries being,translated to all different languages,and so i have three clips for you just,three little clips to get a feel for,what were doing here sounds great so,this first clip is the calling of,matthew by jesus,we live in the same world matthew next,besides what else are you gonna do with,a mind like yours,[Applause],look at that eye contact a little bit,turns around,i love that matthews kind of behind the,gate hes hidden hes protected hes got,the guards,he lives a very very different life than,the rest of them,hes a real creep matthew oh,hes the chief tax collector yes so that,means he cheated,people and taught other cheaters how to,cheat,so the poor who were maybe not as wise,about,weights and things like that people,trying to get their fruits sold or,whatever it would be,he just showed the cheaters how to cheat,those people thats a,creep yeah not good and so jesus turns,around to talk to him,matthew what,oh man,matthews,[Music],yes follow me,hmm can you think of any more powerful,words to hear from jesus,follow me you are an instant,called on it like what am i going to do,what am i going to do what am i going to,do i mean look at that face,i know i know its perfect face,me yes,you,yeah and peter wait a minute whoa whoa,whoa whoa whoa want me to join you,keep moving street treats here do you,have any idea what this guys a street,preacher,do you have any idea what this guys,done thats what peter says,makes perfect sense first of all hes,jesus so yes,but second of all do i have any idea,yeah,its a valid question yeah and i think,its one we hear throughout the gospel,at least,implicitly but they make it very,explicit here like we hear it with the,uh the woman who sins but,here peter is the one a disciples,theyre always asking him what are you,doing yeah what are you doing no,no no no stop i love that they had the,roman soldier reach for his,uh sword oh man you know because we,dont really get that sense throughout,the gospels but im sure he,faced a lot of danger youre coming,preaching,some ways against the kingdom not,directly but against the values of the,kingdom,people are going to be angry and not,just at the end of the gospel im sure,he faced violent,acts all throughout yeah the soldier,probably thought it might be a,testosterone fight you know,a lot of guy with guy and guy stuff,either becomes hey buddy how you doing,or,hey let me talk to you and its going to,be testosterone it might give an insight,into matthews life too yeah,he probably had a lot of enemies which,is why hes got a roman soldier you,ought to have a lot of enemies,creep do you even know him,yes,just like that listen,i said what,what are you doing,where do you think youre going guys let,me go,look how fancy he looks too you have,money,quintus protects you no jew lives as,good as you,youre gonna throw it all away,so the guard knows jesus well im not,sure if he knows him but he knows what,hes giving up,i dont get it i dont get it,jesus lines great here too you didnt,get it when i chose you right now you,didnt get it when i chose you,im not a tax collector get used to,different,get used to different oh beautiful,im glad we passed by your booth today,matthew,yes,this is awesome shall we the non-verbal,celebration,you will regret this matthew,whats the tablet for i grabbed it,without thinking,you can put it back no ill keep it you,may yet find use for it,a little symbolism there man were going,to write things down its called the,gospel of matthew,thank you yeah theres a lot of little,subtle things like that throughout where,they,le i think theres one with thomas where,um hes delivering the wine to the,wedding of cana,and he keeps worrying that he brought,the wrong amounts,like little subtle things like that they,put throughout thats cool,where are we going party im not welcome,at dinner parties,well thats not going to be a problem,tonight youre the host,another i think great subtle point im,not welcome at dinner parties,you imagine the exclusion he felt he was,the one of power he was the one of,authority,and yet he was among the people on the,fringes in the same way or,i guess in a different way but in the,same feeling that the other people had,really interesting perspective yeah uh,and i think thats,really captures who jesus was the one,going to the lost and the broken,even the rich are sometimes lost and,broken oh my,oh thats awesomely perfect,so first scene calling matthew what do,you think love it love it its got all,the nuances of the gospel that make it,relevant and fascinating,and i love how its upside down,everything goes upside down,he walks by and all of a sudden,everythings upside down the guy all set,goes to not being said at all,and then the guard you know the guys,like what are you doing yeah oh,yeah no offense to other i think jesus,stories or movies but i find the acting,to be actually competent in this one and,a lot of times theyre,theyre okay i dont you know want to be,mean a lot of religion movies are like,yeah jesus please tell me what to do,yeah you pointed out the kind of facial,things the subtle things the non-verbal,things,incredible very realistic very very,realistic all right so our second scene,here is,jesus now healing the leper very,important for the gospels,not to spoil this beautiful day or,anything huh come on,[Music],yeah these people were justifiably,feared its a leper,stay back cover your mouth dont breathe,dont,come any closer i love watching the,disciples who we would think is all like,good guys and really welcoming and,loving pulling a knife on a guy,and just saying like theyre terrified,his very presence is life or death yeah,you catch that youre going down mm-hmm,i mean your nose,falls off your ears fall off your toes,fall off right but youre gonna live,this life for as long as you live where,youre just sick and people dont like,you and youre not welcome,you dont want anything to do with that,wickedly contagious they used to make,them wear a bell,yeah unclean they just have to go,through uncling,ding ding unclean and not only that but,just the ritual,impurity that youre not no longer,welcome in the temple youre no longer,seen as,loved by god because those who are loved,by god are blessed with money and rich,and uh safety can you imagine being told,you may not come to church again,yeah you may not enter the church again,yeah youre not welcome youre not clean,enough,god doesnt like you clearly you dont,have blessings,its okay john its okay,here we go upside down again

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What the Chosen Gets WRONG (part 2)

In part one of this reflection, I explained why the Chosen was so revolutionary in the,world of religious movies and gave it a huge stamp of approval.,In this video, however, I’d like to point out a feature of the show that is extremely,frustrating to me, both as a viewer of entertainment and as a priest in the Catholic Church.,[Bumper—Chosen intro],The Chosen is a show of meticulous detail, which is why the biggest problem I have with,it isn’t a major plot point, but in one of the subtle background decisions they’ve,decided to make.,Here’s an example of what I mean, see if you can catch it.,(clip of John writing with Nicodemus),(paused) It’s subtle.,Did you see it? (rewind),Here’s another example (Matthew getting interviews),What about that time?,Right there.,Throughout the series, the creators of the Chosen are intent on presenting the Gospels,as if they were eye-witness accounts, written down as they were happening.,Both Matthew and John are seen periodically pulling out notebooks, jotting things down,,and interviewing witnesses as if they were newspaper reporters.,There is a sense, even as the mission is beginning and the disciples still have no idea what’s,going to happen, that they are aware of their role as evangelists, that they have been entrusted,with sharing the Good News in written form.,Folks… this is just not right, on a lot of different levels.,It is pretty well agreed upon that the Gospels were not written until long after the events,took place, between 80 and 90 AD for Matthew and between 90 and 100AD for John.,That makes it pretty foolish to think that disciples were writing it as they saw it,,and nearly impossible that the disciples themselves were the ones actually doing the writing.,But let’s say we disagree on the dating and authorship, as some want to argue that,the Gospels are much older.,The idea that the disciples were writing as they were going, that they had the foresight,to think that a written account would be useful later, is really hard to accept.,These are men who are portrayed both in scripture and the series as having no idea what’s,going on.,They don’t understand the mission, they can’t grasp the big picture, and they most,certainly don’t know what their lives are going to look like in ten years.,Some still think that Jesus is going to lead a military expedition to forcefully institute,his new kingdom.,If that’s the case, why would anyone have need for specific details of little miracles?,Most Christians in the early days after the resurrection believed that Jesus was returning,shortly.,There would have been no reason to write anything down or establish structures because the world,was about to end as they knew it.,Rather, the Gospels were written down much later, by people who never witnessed Jesus,themselves.,They realized that the second coming wasn’t as imminent as they first thought, and they,needed a way to preserve the experience and oral tradition of the early witnesses.,The disciples weren’t reporters.,They didn’t think with modern conceptions of history and story-telling like we do, concerned,with capturing the facts exactly as they happened.,The people who wrote the Gospels, whoever they were and whenever they did it, were theologians.,They were writers.,They were people not unlike the creators of the Chosen, writing years after the fact,,with the benefit lived experience and community reflection, as a means of capturing the SIGNIFICANCE,of Jesus and salvation.,John absolutely did not go around after the resurrection interviewing the others and Matthew,would most certainly not have said something like this.,For some, this might seem like small detail.,Why does this matter?,Because it fundamentally affects the way we interpret scripture and approach the authority,of the Church.,If we accept the idea that the disciples were charged with this mission from the beginning,and that they wrote down exactly what happened, scripture comes to be treated as nothing more,than a literal, entirely straightforward account of events.,And so, if what we’re reading is just a retelling of the facts, all we’re concerned,with is memorizing and recreating exactly what we read as it’s written.,But what about the numerous contradictions in the Gospels, the minor discrepancies over,details and the major structural differences between the Synoptics and John?,What about taking the time to ask the question, “Who was this written for?,Why was this story told differently in Luke as opposed to Matthew?,Why are certain stories omitted while others seem completely unbelievable and out of character?”,When we read the Gospels properly, we recognize that we are not reading the literal, eye-witness,accounts of people who were there—we are reading the reflections of faith communities,,years after the fact, trying to convince others of Good News.,We must remind ourselves over and over that these are not works of history as we would,find in textbooks today, but highly symbolic, artfully crafted, works of theology and literature.,Not everything has to make factual sense.,Not every story needs to fit neatly together into one large narrative.,Some things may have happened exactly as they’re written, but some things may be the work of,the evangelist including insights after the fact, making connections that weren’t explicit,at the time, fashioning stories together in a particular way to present the Truth of the,Good News in the way their readers needed to hear it.,What the evangelists created were beautiful tapestries.,We mustn’t get lost in the individual threads.,For a show so free with its details and imaginative with its narratives, comfortable making up,entire scenes and characters, it seems so odd, so contradictory, to also have this insistence,on assuring us modern people that the stories are exactly as they appear.,There seems to be a fear among the creators that people won’t believe the story, that,they’ll begin to question the Gospels themselves, unless it can be proven that everything in,Scripture is a fact-checked eye-witness account of things that actually happened.,I fear that, in order to maintain this idea, the show is going to have to engage in some,major mental gymnastics to make it all work.,This is unnecessary and damaging to faith, not only in its interpretation of individual,passages of scripture, but in the way it exalts Scripture as the primary, foundational source,of the Christian faith.,In choosing to present the inception of Scripture as fundamentally connected to the mission,of Christ—existing from the beginning and taking shape before even the community of,believers is established—what the creators of The Chosen are doing is subtly… or not,so subtly… making an argument for sola scriptura, the Protestant idea that Scripture is the,supreme and only authority for divine revelation, that the community of faith flows from the,authority of Scripture.,With this belief, Scripture becomes the charter, the text that existed before the community,,meant to guide the community.,Christian life becomes governed by its adherence to the text, and thus, is always looking backwards,to its inception.,Authority is fixed and the goal of the community itself is to remain static.,But this forgets how things actually happened.,Look to Matthew 16:18 and John 20:21-23 for what I mean.,In both cases, Jesus gives authority to the disciples to govern.,He says that whatever they bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever they loose,on earth will be loosed in heaven.,Look at the Pentecost event in Luke, the commissioning at the end of Matthew—in all of these cases,,Jesus doesn’t say, “and now, be sure to read your Bibles and do exactly as it’s,written.”,No.,He leaves the faith community in charge.,Anointed with the Holy Spirit and reminded that Jesus will always be with them, the community,is sent off with the authority to make its own decisions.,The faith community existed for generations before any Gospel or letter was written.,It was the

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The [Counterfeit] Chosen – The Chosen exposed. A Biblical review .

[Music],what this series is and this is nothing,i dont im not here to preach to you or,im not here to do anything im just,kind of explaining with a project but we,actually did a tv series on the life of,jesus christ but through the perspective,of the people that surrounded him and,and his disciples and we the the,the tv series called the chosen you can,find it at the chosen dot tv,the chosen has become the king of crowd,funding among tv and film according to,the securities and exchange commission,the sec the chosen llc in 2019,reported that it had raised almost 11,million dollars by whats called equity,crowd funding thanks to contributions,from initial investors which ranged the,estimates are that there was about 18,000 to 19 000 initial investors the,chosen is a multi-season show,the first consisting of eight episodes,and they just finished airing season two,which was also eight episodes and it was,fully funded as well now they are,working on funding season three episode,eight of season three has a goal of,raising two million two hundred and,fifty thousand dollars the plan is is to,create seven seasons possibly eight,since angel studios has the exclusive,rights for distribution,they control how it is platformed whos,behind the chosen who are the owners,there are five owners of the chosen,pictured here are four of the owners,daryl eaves,dallas jenkins earl seals and ricky ray,butler and the fifth owner is matthew,faracci,now in 2017,they began the company the chosen llc,which is a manager it all starts back in,2005,when i discovered youtube and ill tell,you what when i discovered youtube i,knew that this online video space was,going to be huge and i put a lot of,energy my money and i also created a,company that was designated to really,get visibility and views and its been a,wonderful ride i ive been able to get,over 41 billion video views on youtube,ive been able to help 21 channels,almost 22. were getting really close to,that 22nd channel to get over a million,subscribers each and were getting,millions and millions and millions and,millions of views each day a couple a,couple years ago its been a long time,ago,um i was invited to go to a meetup and,this meetup was a group of individuals,and we was in a basement and they were,talking about this new,opportunity of youtube and i i,ultimately met 30 other people there in,that basement and we started to try to,help each other,um help each other in in our community,now this is in utah we call ourselves,the youtubers were a little original,its ut tubers right and in that core,group uh it was really fun to see,all these youtube channels starting to,uh get experience and as they get,experience they started to have success,and i can tell you the reason why,theres so many different youtube,channels here in utah,is because of that group its because of,two individuals that i know personally,first one is jeffrey harmon,because he took a risk uh and and,started to market a a product that was,unmarketable from infomercials and,tv and print but he was able to succeed,here on youtube,[Music],now i have been on a quest uh for all,those that have known me for all these,years of really helping uh content,creators really shine i think we need to,get a lot more,uh quality content content that families,can watch i know that hollywood and,other,institutions like that dont really have,that agenda at all,and i truly believe that you know,socially and collectively,um we need to band together to group,together with people with like-minded,values and and create content for,ourselves or to amplify so thats kind,of been my mission,is to help select individuals to help,them really get found but what happened,with that is it literally shifted my,focus instead of putting out a video,content here or there i really wanted to,help other content creators um now that,being said,i truly believe that,where our society is going we need to,take it uh by the reigns like we need to,start controlling,um you know the type of content thats,created and a couple years ago i had,a really good friend of mine jeffrey,harmon uh hes one of the principals at,vid angel,he actually came to a conference i was,putting on called the vid summit now the,vid summit i put on uh several years,its going to be my sixth year this year,uh he came a couple years ago,and hes like daryl i need to talk to,you i was surprised first off to see him,because he said he wasnt coming because,he was too busy and he he basically says,i need to see and im like jeffrey like,i know this is important but im here to,put on an event here i i cant drop,everything theres a lot of little,details and he says no,i bought my ticket and i flew down here,today so we need to have a conversation,and i am so grateful uh first off that,jeffrey,uh was able to follow um his heart and,and come down to l.a,just kind of last minute and and pull me,in to a room and i remember vividly uh,kind of fighting it because i had so,much going on and i was able to pull uh,pull into the room and it was great to,see some of my uh amazing friends there,like peter hollins and and we had ricky,ray butler and a few others that were in,that room and uh to to hear what jeffrey,had to say next he says you know i,wanted you all to come together i flew,down here to show you a video its about,19 minutes,and it i want to talk about an,opportunity afterwards im like okay,whats going on here,[Music],i flew down here to show you a video,its about 19 minutes,and it i want to talk about an,opportunity afterwards so he played this,video,and it was a pilot episode,of uh a shepherd,that that was witnessing the birth of,jesus christ and for me,um im a true believer i i believe that,that jesus uh came to save and i i just,love him with all my heart,and and when i saw the content,i i was floored and i i remember vividly,the part um i had someone coming in,because there was an emergency going on,and needed my attention,and i remember getting up i said jeffrey,i gotta go but i know where this is,going i know where this is going,and i want to be a part of it wee hours,in the morning uh we were able to to,connect and uh he was talking about this,opportunity and this is something that i,was really excited about because jeffrey,and i worked on several projects before,he says daryl um you know i i bought my,ticket come down just to show you this,video,um and i i have an idea i have a crazy,idea im like oh jeffrey not another,crazy idea i dont know if i could put,up another crazy jeffrey idea he goes no,no its really important he goes,i i really think we can disrupt how,projects are funded,and we started to talk and he was,talking about a new way to get content,creators,that have uh the same values that we do,and the same,the you know the same,beliefs in the sense of family and,country and and loyalty and service,stuff like that we can get that that,content out on a on a,greater scale and then he kind of opened,up some ideas that he had and im like,oh my gosh this is going to be amazing,and the idea was to create uh he was,going to create a new division in um vid,angel called vid angel studios,and this vid angel studios was all about,um uh 100 was all about uh uh selecting,content creators that can bring original,content on the platform but in the same,time that they would actually get the,crowd to fund their project and and pull,it in now he had the idea to get it,approved and go get approval with the,securities security exchange commission,uh to receive public money and to bring,investors in and that was a new concept,and i was like really really excited,about that that was a way,for for everyone that knows me uh you,know,you know more that you know me,i love to disrupt things and it was very,disruptive and i remember going up to,provo after the week after so i was,honored to go up there and then two,uh you know a couple weeks later after,that i met um dallas jenkins now little,did i know um how that meeting uh would,be and how it would chan

Chosen (2022) Netflix Series Review

so combine amateur sleuths possible,otherworldly influences strange signals,from outer space odd fungi a,disappearing man conspiracy theories and,some mild horny teenage angst and youve,got the makings for the new danish,netflix sci-fi mystery chosen get your,aluminum hats and lets dive in,[Music],emma has always felt different from,anyone else in her small danish town,that became world famous when it was,said that a meteor entered the,atmosphere and crashed into it 17 years,earlier now the town is no longer what,it has been and the question is whether,it had ever been what it pretends to be,at all so the sci-fi mystery follows a,handful of older teenagers who live in,this small town where its only claim to,fame is that a meteor struck and then,created this massive crater some of the,kids believe that theres more to the,story and they spend all of their time,collecting evidence and then intel on,just about everything that goes on in,that town at the same time were being,introduced to the young cast a group of,scientists discover some sort of,mysterious signal thats coming from the,town and they pack up their gear to go,investigate now while the backbone of,this show is science fiction theres a,good amount of drama and mystery that,encompass the story the teens are,attempting to solve a mystery that they,know nothing about i mean they have,clues but they have no idea what they,mean and its kind of funny when they,work to get answers but because they,dont know whats happening they could,stumble on an answer and not really even,know it i found most of the characters,to be pretty charismatic and easy to get,behind while i cant really relate to,them theyre played with great emotion,not overblowing scenarios which make the,interactions feel pretty natural despite,some very unnatural circumstances now,sometimes the dialogue is a little over,dramatic but because the intrigue of the,show had captured my attention this,didnt really bother me the story,parcels out the information pretty,efficiently balancing the mystery with,the reveals and i kind of like that we,dont have to wait until the end for,some of the bigger plot points to be,shown to us i mean even though we may,not have the full understanding of what,were being shown at the moment of that,reveal i love the use of lighting in,this many scenes use extreme colors to,shade the settings and the characters,which then typically brings out more,contrast in the darker colors and the,shadows which then creates an air of,creepy mystery purples and reds are,predominantly used in this which,naturally just make things feel a little,bit more cryptic i enjoyed the special,effects that are used in the show too,most of the time theyre not huge or,overused i mean for example there is,this pearlescent neon lights that pulls,through something or then well see a,tool that a character might have that,kind of behaves like it can morph into,different things these add a good,aesthetic to the production but dont go,overboard in their usage now some of the,settings in this reminded me of the town,of venden in the show dark now im not,really comparing that show with this one,but there are location similarities that,i appreciated because that one is the,greatest show ever created and this,isnt a perfect show though i mean there,are some plot conveniences built in that,allow certain characters access to,things that theyd never really be able,to access but by doing so these also,help the narrative move forward and then,also despite these conveniences there,are parts during the show that tend to,drag a bit i mean more so because the,characters are in holding patterns with,just situations that feel kind of,repetitive it goes back to them trying,to solve a mystery that they dont know,anything about each of the six episodes,hovers in the 40 to 50 minute range so,its not a massive time commitment if,you choose to binge now i think the,soundtrack is pretty greatness utilizing,a bunch of fun rock and pop songs and i,really liked how these were used,sometimes during crazier scenes to add,this sense of playfulness to something,that was kind of a bit dire i mean one,in particular is a pretty violent,sequence and the music choice creates,this weird mood but it works and in that,scene most of the action takes place off,screen so we dont see all of the actual,violence but then we do get to see a,glimpse of the gory aftermath now i like,that as we get more and more into the,story it begins to have some weight for,the characters decisions need to be made,but theyre not simple or easy choices,and i was surprised at how well the,story was able to draw me into itself,and then invest me in the decisions that,the characters had to make now some of,those decisions did seem to come on a,little abruptly though i mean i know the,show has been building towards this but,the time from a reveal to a major,decision is pretty sudden in comparison,with how info and decisions play out in,the rest of the season some of the,editing in this is really executed well,i mean well have emma who will be,someplace that has furnishings or people,all around her and as the camera spins,around everything or everyone disappears,leaving her in a pretty empty space i,mean its impressive and immersive and,it doesnt look like the scene cuts at,all during the transitions but then,there are also a few times where editing,mistakes can be seen now these arent,major but theyre still present and,noticeable in terms of end of this,season i really began to feel a building,sense of urgency well there wasnt,necessarily a time limit built in there,were circumstances that created some,tense anxiety as a character faced a,decision so overall chosen is an,engaging mystery with a major sci-fi,foundation for its story the characters,are fairly charismatic and they drew me,into the narrative with their emotions,and interactions i enjoyed how the story,rolled out giving us small reveals and,information along the way rather than,holding it all until the final moments,of the show the soundtrack is very,fitting with the tone of the show and,the editing and special effects create a,wonderful aesthetic that complements the,story even though theyre not always,perfectly executed and while the pace is,pretty efficient there are still,portions that are somewhat repetitive,and they drag making this feel longer,than it is at times this is a decent,watch but not something that i think you,need to drop everything for in order to,binge theres sex nudity a lot of,profanity and some violence i give,chosen three and a half out of five,couches so whats something youre,looking forward to binging in the weeks,to come id love to hear about it in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

Is THE CHOSEN series BIBLICALLY ACCURATE? || Should Christians watch The Chosen?

hi everyone have you heard about the,chosen the biggest christian show in the,world that is based on the life of jesus,christ with over 350 million views and,it is also the highest crowdfunding,project of all time now we have received,many questions from some of you,about the chosen for example is the,chosen series biblically accurate is the,chosen mormon is the chosen catholic and,should christians watch the chosen,series now the first thing i need you to,understand and to always remember is,that for you there should never ever be,any other book,tv series or movie,or preacher or church,that can ever replace the bible itself,because 2 timothy 3 verse 16 says,all scripture is briefed out by god and,profitable for teaching for reproof for,correction and for training in,righteousness that the man of god may be,complete equipped for every good work,first of all you never need anything,else the bible itself is perfect its,complete it is all that you will ever,need,of course it might be good at sometimes,to reach out to other sources to help,you understand scripture better but you,need to always remember that it is only,gods word that we can fully trust,2 peter 1 20 says knowing this first of,all that no prophecy of scripture comes,from someones own interpretation for no,prophecy was ever produced by the will,of man but men spoke from god as they,were carried along by the holy spirit,and john 17 17 says sanctify them in the,truth,your word is truth,all right now that you understand that,just very quickly if its your first,time here my name is daniel and welcome,to dlm christian lifestyle remember to,subscribe if you havent done so already,now the chosen lets take a closer look,at the chosen the chosen,is not a replacement for scripture it,can never be they even made that,clear themselves when they first started,this whole project number one i want to,first get out of the way we are not,scripture the chosen is not the bible,now just in case you didnt know that,was dallas hes the director of the,chosen some say a lot of things about,him some say hes mormon some other,things well ill get to that a little,bit later but first you need to,understand that there are a lot of,things that jesus did that is not in,scripture theres a lot of things at,that time that happened that we do not,know of for example john writes at the,end of the book,john 21 24 this is the disciple who is,bearing witness about these things and,who has written these things and we know,that his testimony is true now there are,also many other things that jesus did,where every one of them to be written i,suppose that the world itself could not,contain the books that would be written,now with the chosen series theyre not,changing scripture they are keeping to,scripture but theyre just trying to,fill in some of these blanks just to,make us understand what could have also,happened you know we do not always have,all the information but we sometimes,wonder things like i wonder what peters,wife looked like and how did she feel,about peter becoming jesus disciple,traveling with him that is what the,chosen is good at theyre trying to show,us some of these scenes that we do not,know of,things that might have happened and,thats why they say they are not,replacing scripture so dont take,everything on the show as if it is,scripture its a show so they add,contacts and backstories to the,characters to the whole show because it,is a show,but they are,well from what i have seen the first,season the second season ive watched it,all i didnt see that they changed,really anything to the fundamental,truths of scripture itself,they keep it biblically accurate as best,as they can another example is how,matthew felt hated by the jews and the,romans how he could have felt so alone,and unloved,the chosen shows us the personalities of,the people around jesus all the,disciples how they experienced life but,how they also experienced jesus and how,they must have felt we try to put,ourselves in the disciples shoes,well i do a lot of times,and this gives us even a more clear,picture of how they might have felt and,so far,the chosen is biblically correct with,things that they show that really,happened in scripture now of course with,that being said there might be certain,things that you might disagree with,personally i mean theres a lot of,denominations out there,but even if you are a true reborn,christian that follows christ that,follow his word there might be things,that you might disagree with,for example i disagreed with something i,did not like the part where they showed,how jesus practiced and prepared for his,sermon on the mount because i personally,believe that did not happen even though,hes 100 human hes also 100,god who knows all things even though,hes 100,human he is also 100,god,and he is the word himself he did not,need to practice he knows everything,because jesus is the truth john 1 verse,1 says in the beginning was the word and,the word was with god and the word was,god he was in the beginning with god and,verse 14 says and the world became flesh,and dwelt among us,and we have seen his glory,glory as of the only son from the father,full of grace and,truth,and then later john tells jesus in john,21 17 lord,you know,everything,now these are one of the things that the,team of the chosen felt,that it probably it could have happened,i personally disagree because all that,scripture tells us seeing the crowds he,went up to the mountain and when he sat,down his disciples came to him and he,opened his mouth and taught them saying,blessed are the poor in the spirit for,theirs is the kingdom of heaven so then,jesus just continues to give his sermon,on the mount theres no other context,there so this is just a difference of,opinion that doesnt mean that im going,to stop watching the chosen no its just,a difference of opinion,and as far as,they show things that truly happen in,scripture i feel that they are,biblically correct,so far so if you watch this video from,two three four years from now remember,at this current moment so far thats my,personal opinion but you have to read,scripture for yourself as well you have,to test whether churches preachers the,chosen,are biblically correct or not thats,your responsibility to grow spiritually,and to study scripture for yourself so,what im saying is this the chosen,is,just a show its a tv series about the,life of jesus christ that shows you,things that really happened things that,jesus really said things that the,disciples really said but then it also,shows you things that might have,happened and they do that to create a,back story so you will know the,characters and their personalities,better and let me tell you they did a,really good job at researching the,disciples and their personalities they,also added interesting perspectives to,things that might have happened but that,was not mentioned in the bible for,example jesus camping and talking to,children before he gathered his,disciples,could it have happened,probably is not impossible we know very,little about jesus before he started his,ministry but it is your responsibility,to know scripture to be able to read,between the lines of things that really,happened and things that could have,happened you need to be like the good,bereans who studied,the scripture daily acts 17 verse 11 now,these jews were more noble than those in,thessalonica they received the word of,all eagerness examining the scriptures,daily to see if these things were so,you know the biggest problem of the,church today,is of course that people do not read,scripture,above everything else,the church the preachers things like the,chosen you need to read scripture for,yourself that is your responsibility,because nothing can replace scripture,this is the only form of absolute truth,that we have in this world,so should you watch the chosen why not,as a mature christian i enjoy it,to physically see jesus healing the sick,how he leads his disciples and how he,brings light

Should Christians watch The Chosen? | Pastor review of TV series The Chosen

hi my name is joe inslee and today were,going to talk about whether or not,christians should watch the new series,the chosen,now the chosen is a christian series put,out by angel studios and its based on,and around the gospels and the life of,jesus and i started hearing all these,things about the chosen and how great it,was and all my friends told me to watch,it and i really didnt do it because i,just didnt have the time and didnt,want to but then as a pastor i found out,a lot of people in my church were,watching the chosen and so i figured,itd be a responsible thing to do to go,find out what my people were watching so,ive decided and ive set out some time,and ive started watching the chosen,series now i have not seen all of the,chosen that is released but i have seen,the vast majority of season one and ive,got three thoughts for you on it number,one i can see the appeal very quickly i,found out that if you have had an,experience with jesus if you have had,the gospel come in and wreck your life,and youve repented of your sins and you,believe on jesus and the good news now,has transformed your life and renewed,your mind and youre reading your bible,and following god very quickly you see,that these producers have made the jesus,portrayed in this series very similar to,what we see in the gospels and how he,works in our life they do a great job,there are scenes where jesus says things,like follow me,[Music],[Music],matthew,[Music],matthew son of alphaeus,yes,follow me,[Music],me,yes you,whoa,what are,you want me to join you keep moving,street preacher do you have any idea,what this guys done,you didnt know it,yes,[Applause],thats very moving thats very awesome,thats something that i sense deep down,in here because thats happened to me,too so i see the appeal of the chosen,number two,be careful of letting the chosen replace,your daily bible reading i think the,show is pretty decent and ive learned a,lot of things and its been cool but im,watching it from the perspective of a,mature believer whos read through the,bible multiple times so when the series,adds something that isnt in the,original text or takes away something,that was in the original text then i,know theres a difference between the,holy inspired and valuable bible,and the series that im watching the,series is a great add-on its a great,supplement its a great help from my,daily bible reading but it could never,replace my daily time in the inspired,infallible word of god my third thing is,that yes i think you probably should go,watch the chosen why because ive,watched documentaries and some,interviews with the people who helped,make this film and what i found is they,are trying to get the gospel to people,they are trying to reach people with a,story about jesus and if nothing else,even if you hate all of it,youll be exposed to the stories and,narratives and teachings of the bible,and youll have to interact with them,with scripture whether you agree with,how they,how they deal with it from scripture or,you dont agree with how you deal with,it from scripture youre still going to,be dealing with bible stories and how we,do it and it is really well done my,personal perspective is yes you should,give the chosen a try you should watch,it it might even be a great way to start,a gospel conversation with a friend who,wouldnt be thrilled with you opening up,your bible and telling them words of,scripture that youve memorized but they,would sit down with you and they would,watch a show about a man who could save,your soul i want to give you one last,quick reminder to go down to the video,description and check out the link in,the discount code to get your own,reformed man gear they just released a,bunch of their fall stuff and so you can,get hoodies and cardigans and whatever,else you like i guess but they have hats,and shirts and check out your formed,gear use my coupon code to get a,discount and also support a good gospel,effort

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