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The Cleaning Lady (2018) – Movie Review

welcome to bloodbath and beyond today,ill be reviewing the cleaning lady,i look like you,directed by john cannot starring alexis,kendra,stelio savant rachel alig and elizabeth,sandy,based on the short of the same name this,movies about alice a seemingly well-off,beautiful woman whos in a relationship,with a married man as she struggles to,break herself,away from the affair she befriends her,new cleaning lady,whos very strange and badly scarred she,soon learns,these scars run much deeper than the,surface that line was quoted from imdb,that uh that really nailed it though,before we get into things this is a,recommendation from,our top donator over on patreon deke,this is a movie where ive only seen the,poster,and it did seem intriguing but i didnt,really have much,interest in it to be honest but thanks,to the recommendation im glad i watched,it,and i would recommend that you watch it,before we even get into,the rest of this there will be some,spoilers but theyre going to be very,very minor,because they are in relation to some of,the major plot points,firstly i really enjoyed the acting and,the characters,mainly from our main two leads alexis,kendra and rachel allen who play alice,and shelly,respectively like i mentioned alice is,fairly well-off she seems successful,but shes also the other woman in an,affair which is obviously problematic,she doesnt know how to fix this with,herself and she thinks that maybe,confiding in this,new cleaning lady could help her out,where shelley has a very very,dark past which is explored and shown,through flashbacks and it goes on to,explain the scars on her face,what i liked about the acting well alice,was a pretty,familiar character that we might see in,other things shelley,is definitely not shes much more,reserved shes timid,shes shy and i think their acting from,rachel alec,was just incredible just from the way,that she hesitates to talk because shes,almost intimidated by alice,as well as her mannerisms throughout the,movie with everything that she kind of,does,she feels off she feels like shes had,some trauma in her life and it worked,however the moment that i first saw her,im like okay the makeup,kind of looks kind of shady i dont know,how this is gonna really play out,but it actually does work like after the,first couple of minutes,youre gonna be totally invested well,its not that original of an,arc the fact that shelley does have the,scars and,shes the cleaning lady of this,beautiful woman she aspires to be her,she wants to have that same beauty and,without getting too much into the,backstory,the way that its built up she sees her,basically,as a barbie doll and it comes full,circle,right up to the last shot as far as her,entire outlook and motivations,so i really did like the ending im not,going to give it away but it did make a,lot of sense,and i definitely slow clapped right at,the end the production value of this,movie is extremely high for an indie,film,and the shot types are fantastic theres,lots of tracking shots theres lots of,rack focusing especially when you have,shelly in the background,and were with alice in the foreground,and it like,cuts between the two or a great example,of a tracking shot,alice is on the phone and shes walking,back and forth in her room,and goes to the hallway then back and,back to the hallway where you can kind,of keep a tab on shelly both as an,audience member,and as alice somebody of wealth that,might be,trying to keep an eye on her cleaning,lady if she doesnt completely trust her,and it also helps build up the tension,because youre like,is shelly gonna you know be there the,next time where,when we track over it was just extremely,well done and all of the shot types,throughout the movie were really great i,was,super impressed with the production,value along with that i really enjoyed,the music,youve got kind of like this piano,playing through many scenes,and it really helps to drive up the,tension like i said i dont want to give,too much away but,the way that shelleys character kind of,grows,over time and maybe gets a little bit,more invested,in this new friendship she has is really,interesting to watch play out,and you can somewhat relate even though,you might not personally relate to her,stories,you can kind of see where somebody in,the same situation,could think this way to an extent i,genuinely dont have a lot of dislikes,for this movie theres not one thing,that i can like accurately pinpoint and,say,i didnt like this potentially i didnt,like shelleys mom or some of the,flashback scenes,and not because of like the content but,they just seemed,a little bit too far removed for a,somewhat believable,story i guess as im saying that it,sounds like really far-fetched but,most of the situation you can kind of,understand,and i hope that doesnt make me sound,like a serial killer or anything they,may have spent too much time on the,affair,angle well i thought michael did a fine,enough job i dont think they needed him,in the movie quite as much to get the,point across,because hes basically there to be the,guy that alice is trying to get away,from,and so hes determined to consistently,talk to her,and be involved with her even though he,has a wife and he didnt really,add too much sure it helped a little bit,with alices character,as she needed to try and find a way to,stop him from,consistently getting to her but there,are too many instances of it while i,personally enjoyed the pacing,i do think that it might be an issue,with some people,it does seem a little bit like dragged,out and you might expect,more over the top stuff than we actually,got in the film but i did find it,enjoyable,overall i definitely recommend this i,had a great time watching it i was super,invested with our characters,i thought shelly was just so damn creepy,and so well done,and i was constantly waiting to see how,far is she gonna push this,whats her plan like what is she up to,because she is,very very weird i mean including showing,that she has somebody,locked up in a shipping container in her,backyard thats pretty early on so,thats not a major spoiler but its the,trigger that makes you realize like oh,[ __ ],shelley is not just awkward theres,something wrong with her,alexis kendra also did a great job with,alice and as a whole the movie just,looked and sounded great,i dont have a ton of gripes except for,maybe the inclusion of too many michael,scenes so im gonna give this,four rat slushies out of five as always,thank you for watching like this video,and comment below with your thoughts on,the film if youve seen it,if you havent you do want to check it,out links are in the description and if,you want the opportunity to recommend a,movie for us to review,link to the patreon also in the,description and this is your first time,here make sure you subscribe the channel,stay up to date with everything,bloodbath and beyond,[Music],[Music],bye

The Cleaning Lady – Pilot Review (FOX)

so after two years since it was first,announced the cleaning lady has finally,arrived i cant tell you how long ive,been waiting for this show i think its,because i love eludi young so much she,was in daredevil season two as elektra i,always felt like she deserved her own,show shes just such a charismatic,magnetic actress and im so happy to,announce that now her show has finally,arrived shes finally the lead and i,watched the pilot last night heres my,review okay so first of all as expected,elludi completely holds the show,together she plays a doctor from,cambodia actually a cambodian doctor,from the philippines whos overstayed,her visa in the states because shes,trying to get her son on a gene therapy,donor list so she finds herself working,for the mob i know its crazy stuff its,very high concept its super fun and,only the lod totally holds it all,together with her performance she gets,to play ferocious she gets to play,vulnerable she gets to play a loving,mother shes so good in the role no,surprise there can you tell im biased,but seriously if you watch the pilot,youll just see how impressive she is as,an actress and as a lead supporting cast,wise weve got aidan canto he was a,designated survivor and the sparks,between him and elodie are great you can,totally feel it you totally are rooting,for them despite the odds uh rooting in,their favor rooting against them,actually not in their favor at all he,plays the mob dude whos basically in,charge of her cleaning up for them,the show also features oliver hudson who,is not in the pilot except for a few,seconds hes kate hudsons brother but,im sure hes going to be big part of,the show moving forward now spoiler,alert so jump on ahead if you have not,seen the the show yet obviously a big,part of the show is going to be elodies,character tony basically balancing her,mob duties with the fbi agent hot on her,trailers out on her trails now thats,nothing new weve seen this kind of,thing before but i think elodie is,enough to keep us invested in the,character her tony is just super,relatable warm and loving and the show,does a pretty good job exploring how it,is for the underprivileged for,minorities in the states having to,survive when they oversee their visas,when theyre illegals so thats all,pretty cool show the highlight of the,show is actually a dynamic between tony,and her sister,well shes not actually her sister shes,her sister-in-law but theyve got such a,lived-in feel to their dynamics super,warm friendly,sibling-ish i think its going to be the,main highlight of the show um going,forward and obviously the show has a lot,of you know twisty turns in the pilot,and actiony beats because it is a,broadcast network show after all so they,cant exactly take their time they have,to you know hook you in through all the,ads and the commercial breaks,its not a perfect pilot so i know ive,been giving the show a lot of praise,just because ive been so excited and,waiting for it to arrive for so long but,it does have a kind of you know,ridiculousness to it all its called the,cleaning lady after all and shes not,just the cleaning lady hes a cleaning,lady for the mob like its all pretty,darn ridiculous you could find a lot to,hate the show its not prestige drama,its fun,uh bonkers style prison break style,action you know what im talking about,like not realistic but super fun and,crazy yet with a lot of heart and i,think the heart is the strongest asset,of the show of course with illidan,now of course the main thing that im,worried about is the fact that the show,takes place on fox in the states and fox,is known to cancel so many shows which,who havent even finished their first,seasons sometimes after a couple of,episodes so i really dont want to get,invested in the show i hope its like a,breakout hit and get some huge ratings,last night we should find out soon but i,seriously doubt broadcast tv is dying,all the good stuff is on streaming is on,cable um the big stuff that actually,survives on broadcast tv,is usually you know cop procedurals and,crime dramas the cia the csis the ncis,the hawaii franchises all those stuff uh,law and order so um,but anyway im just gonna enjoy it while,it lasts and heres hoping its a big,hit and it gets renewed and either way,it gets too elevate lod into the,stratosphere and get even more lead,roles because its cool to see people of,different colors and ethnicities and,races in lead roles we just dont see,that enough so props for diversity on,this show they knocked it out of the,park in terms of that element and its,just super exciting did i mention that i,love the chemistry between aden kanto,and led young,their characters armand and tony just,have immediate chemistry right off the,bat and,i like that the show treats her as such,a smart and brilliant woman shes,actually a doctor from the philippines,although shes cleaning shes scrubbing,toilets now in the states but,they never hit you over the head with,that like they show you how smart and,resourceful she is shes never bragging,about the fact that you know shes a,doctor its just very layered in that,way and i really love the dimensions and,colors to her character one other,nitpick you can tell its a broadcast,show because theres like three,different scenes of led taking a shower,it reminds me of all the shows we used,to watch on broadcast tv and how much,you know they,sexualize female characters its a bit,shocking because you dont see this as,much on streaming and cable anymore,unless it serves the story so this was a,bit it feels too much like a fox network,mandate,to show some skin,but didnt take away of my enjoyment of,the show so all in all the pilot id,give it a 7.5 out of 10. again its not,prestige tv its not an 8 or a 9 or so,but its super fun for what it is its,super,colorful and affecting and,packed with a really charismatic lead,and a super solid supporting cast,and plus the cliffhanger is a nice one,its not totally unexpected but it works,so let me know what you thought of the,cleaning lady like comment subscribe and,be sure to click the notification bell,next to subscribe button so you get,notified when i post new videos,thank you guys,ill get back to you with a new episode,but its time for episode 2 next week,take care

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Crime Centric: The Cleaning Lady Series Premiere Review

hello you wonderful people and welcome,to another episode of crime centric this,being a show its about crime dramas,that i watch for todays episode im,gonna talk about the series premiere of,the cleaning lady a great series,premiere a lot of really interesting,things went down in this episode so,lets break it down well first and,foremost i i talked about this during my,watch list but if you arent aware and,they do mention it in the opening,credits uh that this is based on an,argentinian series i dont know if the,title,translates directly into the cleaning,lady but its essentially the same,premise i think the show came out in,like 2017. but ive never seen that so,this is my first instance of kind of,like seeing this show and the show,actually kind of reminds me i said it at,a time too it reminds me it feels like,it has some ozark elements to it but you,know what it also reminds me of there,was a short-lived fox show that only,lasted one season called the mob doctor,i definitely get kind of vibes from a,similar vibe in this which is,interesting i made the ozark connection,because uh jordan spiro uh,whos in ozark shes at least in the,first two for two seasons uh,she was the main character she was uh,yeah the main character in that um,the mob doctor show so i think its kind,of interesting like i definitely get the,same vibes there but obviously we get,introduced to our main protagonist and,that uh tony uh played by elodie young,the thing i think the first thing i ever,saw her in was daredevil where she,played well daredevil in defenders where,she played elektra i dont know if ive,seen any i dont know thats the thing i,bet snore from i dont know if ive seen,her in anything else,theres something that comes to mind,where im like i know there was,something else she was in i dont think,i ever saw it but i knew i immediately,recognized her and i just couldnt,remember what it was but nevertheless,obviously like she works for kind of,almost like i guess a catering cleaning,company of sorts of like right its like,a larger company like right we send,people out uh well maybe thats,specifically what it is theyre a,cleaning crew of a catering company its,like right,i guess i never thought about it before,like a catering company or whatever,would have like their own specialized,cleaning crew i know you have like your,the people who prepare the food and,stuff like that but i never think about,like oh yeah you have cleaners and stuff,so,its this whole situation with her and,her sister-in-law fiona and how,obviously theyre doing kind of grunt,work and the fact is that they have to,do so much just to get by and they cant,really put up too much of a fuss because,theyre illegal and you know they have,complicated circumstances in particular,um,tony has a sick son i dont know if they,actually specify what it would like,because i forgot what it was she went,specifically to a,um talk to like,someone about it we learned that there,was a donor situation at first but its,like a i would assume it was like,because she needs he needs some gene,therapy stuff so id almost assume,because of his circumstances that its,kind of like an autoimmune issue like,the way they kind of like bubble boy him,up into like theres the plastic and,stuff like that and when he goes out he,has to be in a very like self-contained,like almost like its a space suit i,think just because hes a kid and you,want to make it something fun so its,not as scary but its essentially,supposed to be like the equivalency of,like a hazmat too i would assume its,just he has a very like weak immune,system i i would attribute it to that,but,we know that well,because we really dont dive into it too,much obviously like we get a little peek,at like um,im assuming its her ex-husband or,maybe theyre still married,i dont know what their circumstances,are,they we havent really gotten into the,family dynamic you know it definitely,seemed like i mean maybe this is just me,reading too much it definitely seems,like hes shes closer to fiona than she,is or hope so like there might be an x,situation but despite that its like now,were still family because we dont we,dont know what thats all about to be,fair were just kind of jumping in the,middle of all this so its probably,going to take a while to kind of build,out and explain like how,everything works but,essentially they had a donor set up uh,for luca but they whoever it was backed,out for whatever reason and so things,are complicated because i guess the that,uh donor situation allowed for the visa,to like i guess thats what allowed them,to come to like the states and stuff,like that but the donor backed out and,that kind of erased a visa and they,dont have an extension because its,like right its supposed to be in the,process as were trying to find someone,but when she does like try to get her,son to see a doctor like well we cant,help you its like its like because,we dont want a situation what was it,essentially like,to get your son in the middle of this,like treatment and then like you,suddenly like,have to be um hes suddenly or you guys,get suddenly deported like 52 weeks into,it or something like that i guess like,because,the therapy if its done you cant just,stop in the middle of it so thats why,its like were trying to protect you,and us in the process of like this would,be,catastrophic on all fronts if you like,got deported in the middle of the,treatments and stuff like because they,do probably more harm than good,essentially but um,uh but we uh you know im skipping,around a little bit you know i do,apologize but we do,learn that oh she isnt just some,cleaning lady shes actually a doctor,but thats always that thing of like i,never get how that works like i dont,know whether your credentials just never,transfer over like why but you hear,about like instances of someone being,like oh you are a doctor or something in,one country and you go to another one,thats like yeah but like that doesnt,translate for whatever reason like so,she has skills she actually is a doctor,because she says shes a,cambodian uh but she lived in the,philippines well she said lives in the,philippines shes only here temporarily,just for lucas treatments and stuff so,but its like shes a doctor there but,for whatever reason coming to the u.s,that doesnt count i guess i think its,just the legality of because youre not,a,citizen you cant operate here under the,profession that you used to be like its,just i dont know the laws but that,seems to be like the general gist of why,that works like i dont know so but she,has her medical training to the point,like fiona like knocked the hell out of,that dude stevie like i guess like,she hit his throat just the right way,and it did something luckily um,tony like cut open his throat to open up,his airwave and its like cool cool,lets get out of here before we get in,trouble granted they do get fired but,their boss is like fine when like when,um,she was like yo me and uh,we did that job because you basically,forced it on us so we are going to take,what we are oh we worked there for like,three days so youre gonna pay us or we,basically convince everybody to walk and,hes like fine you two are never gonna,work together again because youre too,much trouble together,uh but the job she does work its kind,of like a fight club type of situation,which im like i once again they are,like undocumented so like i guess thats,why its like cool if we need so its,not like the business is on the up and,up its like cool its cheap labor plus,its like we can send you to some shady,places without them because i feel like,a fight club type of thing like an,unsanctioned fight club type of thing,like she was sent to with theo and,everything like i would assume that,wouldnt be something most places be,like oh well clean that up hes like no,um,but yeah like i thought was interesting,the introduction to like armand and he,was with that punk kid who like its,like whoa whoa apologize her hes like,what no she

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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode-12 : Finale Review

youve lied to me one too many times,[Music],hello welcome to the cleaning lady,season 2 finale review this video,contains spoilers for the cleaning,ladies season 2 finale other unexpected,deaths in the finale were Robert,kamdars death and that of agent Garrett,Miller who was shot in the abdomen,during a shootout between the FBI and,kamdars Men Nadia on the other hand,fatally shot kamdar Luca needed his,life-saving liver medication and phony,and Fiona used risky and unquestionably,illegal methods to get it to him as a,result Fiona was deported an agent Russo,was unable to assist Tony in bringing,Fiona back to the United States because,kamdar had already been killed when the,FBI went to capture him in the final,moments of the episode phony asked Arman,for assistance in finding Fiona and they,discussed using their connections in the,drug trade to bring phonys,sister-in-law back I want to talk about,kamners passing first by the end of the,season it seemed inevitable that a,villain with his level of prominence,would perish but did you ever consider,keeping him alive even before Navi and,Andrews was given the part of kamdar we,planned for him to pass away we were,looking for a character who would,disrupt things in a novel way we began,discussing this character last season,since we were aware that he would be,from Nadias past and that Armand would,be challenged by his wealth and power,Nadia never planned to rekindle her,relationship with this man but she was,left with little alternative when she,found herself in need of cash to buy a,judges release for Armin making a pact,with the devil in this way would be very,literal despite driving a gulf between,Armin and Nadia this new Dynamic finally,grants her what she has always desired,her own measure of authority and the,actual embodiment of that La Habana,kamdar had to perish for Nadia and Armin,to Triumph once more although the,intention was always to murder kamdar,there were a few instances when we,thought about letting him live and,Escape since we admired Naveen and his,performance so much however we wanted to,wrap up his tale this season because we,did didnt want to leave viewers,wondering if he would return or if the,FBI would keep looking for Candor we,also talked about how different,characters like Armin or Garrett might,kill him but Nadia was always a,forerunner after everything he had done,to them and to her we wanted Nadia to,have a genuine moment of empowerment,additionally we aimed for a shocking,twist with kamdars demise which we,believe we achieved with phony saving,kamdars life on the other hand Millers,passing came as a huge shock why did,that decision feel like the right one,for the plot please though choosing this,death was extremely tough we knew it,would shock our audience and have the,most impact on phony we writers truly,wanted agent Millers passing to have,significance for our primary characters,kamdars killing felt like retaliation,and Vindication but Garretts death was,intended to be a gut punch the public,understood that Garrett would stop being,a threat to phony after he assisted in,defending phonys family in relation to,Marcos murder Miller was a foe in,season one he strongly stood on the side,of the good people in the law,challenging phony to leave crime behind,and threatening to arrest or Deport her,if she didnt but phony challenges his,own moral compass throughout the course,of the two seasons he begins to realize,that not everything is as simple as good,or bad but after he makes friends with,phony he ceases to be a danger Armin and,Garrett serve as our two representatives,for the line that phony Treads between,criminal activity and the law we,intended to Rob phony of one of her,lifelines by killing Garrett after his,passing she no longer has the law on her,side so when Fiona is deported she is,without Garretts protection and must,now use her criminal connections to get,Fiona back furthering her descent into,the Shadows after all this is a crime,drama in this world choices have,repercussions and nobody is ever fully,safe thank you for watching and dont,forget to subscribe to my channel from

Phim The Cleaning Lady | Review Phim 247

a lady Là một thiếu nữ xinh đẹp nhưng,vẫn bị mẹ nhốt trong phòng không cho ra,ngoài từ khi cô ấy trưởng thành mỗi ngày,người mẹ đều dẫn một người đàn ông háo,sắc về nhà rồi dẫn vào phòng cô ấy không,sai người mẹ đã bắt con gái mình bán,thân kiếm tiền lấy đi cảm thấy vô cùng,tủi nhục sự giày vò lâu ngày khiến trái,tim cô ngày càng chết gần như hôm đó cô,ấy không thể nhẫn nhịn được nữa lập tức,đuổi người đàn ông ra ngoài người đàn,ông vừa mất tiền vừa thêm bực đã phát,cho người mẹ mấy cái bạt tai người vì,rất xinh thật cầm lấy một con dao xông,đến đâm vào đùi người đàn ông một phát,khai phát trút hết sự oán hận trong lòng,mình người đàn ông đầy cô ấy ra rồi dùng,một gáo nước nóng hắt vào mặt cô ấy Lady,ôm lấy mặt gào thét trong đau đớn cuối,cùng nỗi đau cũng qua đi nhưng khuôn mặt,xinh đẹp như hoa của cô ấy đã bị phá hủy,việc đã đến nước này người mẹ vẫn không,tha cho cô bà ta tiếp tục trang điểm,trên khuôn mặt đầy vết sẹo của cô bé Cô,Tiếp tục Tiếp khách lấy đi không thể,chịu đựng được nữa cầm một dây kéo đâm,vào lưng của mẹ cô ấy nút mẹ lại sau khi,cho bà ta nếm mùi đau khổ để bà ta tự,sinh tự diệt sau đó Cô ấy rời khỏi,cho đến một thành phố khác làm công việc,dọn dẹp vệ sinh cô ấy may mắn gặp được,một bà chủ rất tốt Đây là halin cô ấy,trẻ tuổi xinh đẹp nhìn thấy những vết,thương trên mặt Lady rất đồng cảm với cô,mỗi lần cô ấy quét dọn đều trả cho cô ấy,200 đô tiền công lấy đi đã tin tưởng kể,chuyện mình đã trải qua cho Helen và coi,cô ấy như một người bạn của mình hay là,kiểu tâm cho em vào tình yêu của người,khác nhưng trước khi ở bên cạnh người,yêu cô ấy không hề biết sự tình sau khi,biết hắn ta đã có người yêu đã lập tức,muốn chia tay buổi tối Lady đánh thuốc,mê Helen đắp mặt nạ lên mặt cô ấy đeo,một chiếc mặt nạ lên mặt mình nằm vào,bồn tắm của Helen cũng muốn xinh đẹp có,tiền sống ở cuộc đời hoàn hảo như Helen,ngày hôm sau bạn trai cũ lại đến tìm,Helen Đúng là tình cũ không rủ cũng đến,lấy đi tình cờ nhìn thấy cảnh này cô ấy,rất giật thù hận Đã Chôn Dấu rất lâu,trong lòng lại nổi lên cô ấy đánh thuốc,mê Helen hóa trang thành Cô ấy gọi điện,thoại bảo bạn trai cũ đến đây sau khi,anh ra đến cô ấy cũng đánh thuốc bê luôn,anh ta lúc hai người tỉnh lại phát hiện,mình đã bị băng dính quấn chặt khắp,người đầy đủ yêu cầu hay Lan dùng dao,đâm chết trên bạn trai khốn nạn đó,Ừ mình yêu cô ấy không có cách nào ra,tay trên thế giới này những tên trang,nam như vậy đều đánh chết nếu Highland,đã không thể ra tay thì Lady sẽ giúp cô,ấy một tay lấy đi đổ một gốc axit lên,mặt của người đàn ông anh ta bắt đầu gào,thét thảm thiết thấy người mình yêu đau,khổ như vậy Cuối cùng Helen đã gặp anh,ta một sao giúp anh ta giải thoát lấy đi,lại làm Helen hôn mê sau đó Nhét cô ấy,vào vali lái xe của người đàn ông đưa cô,ấy về nhà mình vợ của anh ta từ lâu đã,nghi ngờ anh ta Có bồ bên ngoài nên đã,lái xe đi theo đúng lúc nhìn thấy lại đi,láixe Chồng đi ra Buổi tối cô ấy Lẻn vào,nhà Lady muốn bắt tại trận Ai ngờ lại,phát hiện 2 lần bị trói lúc này mới biết,mình đã vào hang ổ của một con quỷ máu,lạnh nhưng hai cô gái không còn thời,gian nghĩ nhiều như vậy người vợ nhanh,chóng cắt dây thừng Cởi trói cho Helen,hai người chạy ra ngoài nhưng lại gặp,Lady đang quay về cô ta cầm búa lên đập,người vợ đã chết ngay tại chỗ hay len,trốn sau thủ đô run rẩy lấy ra chìa khóa,xe trong túi áo của người vợ chạy thật,nhanh ra ngoài xe Tôi lái xe rời đi,nhưng cửa kính xe bị Lady đập vỡ còn bị,cô ta đi em cho,có lúc cô ấy tỉnh lại phát hiện mình,đang bị nước trong vòng một cô gái chân,còn bị thích lại lấy đi muốn nuôi cô ấy,giống như một vật nuôi mãi mãi để cô ấy,bên cạnh mình vốn dĩ là có ý tốt nhưng,cuối cùng lại chính mình Hại mình,Ừ nếu Highland không quan tâm đồng cảm,với lại đi nói không chừng sẽ không có,kết cục đáng thường thế này bộ phim kết,thúc ở đây nếu các bạn yêu thích hãy xem,toàn tập nhé á

The Cleaning Lady (2018) | Disturbing Horror Movie Review / analysis

based on short film the cleaning lady is,a 2018 low-budget horror movie with a,disturbing side just a warning there are,minor spoilers in this review but they,are minor to the effect that they dont,give away any of the plot or any of the,really juicy stuff theyre only talking,about particular scenes where I really,wanted to get into the character,development so Ive saved all the juicy,stuff for you guys to find out by,yourself but I thought it was only fair,that I warned you about that the film,centers around Alice a woman whos,struggling with a love addiction Alice,soon gravitates towards her troubled,cleaning lady Shelley for help but their,relationship becomes obsessive when the,audience learns of Shelleys dark past,I say audience because this is one of,those films where all of the pieces of,the puzzle are only put together from,the audiences viewpoint each character,has their own arc in this film and,although they intertwine nothing is,revealed for them about each other the,story is thoughtful in its character,building allowing each character to have,a complicated past that cannot be,explained away very quickly but insane,so it seems to drown out the most,important character which is Shelley you,know the cleaning lady you know the,title the cleaning lady although her,background is explored it leaves,important holes in her life that seemeth,the most interesting she has little,dialogue and no inner dialogue and,although her motives are explained her,thought process is not which feels like,a missed opportunity and this lack of,inner dialogue also translates to the,main character Alice whose storyline and,thought process is a little bit more,easy to understand but still,one-dimensional Alices storyline is,broken down from start to finish because,it is so straightforward but it seems,almost unnecessary for the demographic,who would watch this film you see alice,is near perfect sure she is struggling,with her love addiction which carries us,through her personal arc and in return,she strives for the stereotypical,outwards image of perfection shes,beautiful shes well-educated shes got,her own business she goes to Pilates,daily I mean check out shes matching,her headband with her workout shirt like,who does that she is someone who was,trying to appear perfect trying to,appear that she has it all together and,as an audience member we dont ever see,that facade crack and I think that we,need to because we need to relate to her,we need to see a little bit more grit a,little bit more on,doubling us from her a little bit of,slipping because then I feel like horror,fans especially would be able to relate,to her character she was also incredibly,nice to Shelley and takes her in and,shes the only person who doesnt meet,Shelley with fear for her looks Alice is,seemingly in angel in certain scenes she,is supposed to be flawed but neglects to,let the audience see this and yet were,supposed to connect with her probably,the most important scene for both the,characters development within this movie,is the makeup scene and I feel like its,a scene that could be easily glossed,over but really the undertones are the,foundation for the film in this scene,Alice takes Shelley under her wing and,decides to give her a makeover at first,glance this scene really rubbed me the,wrong way because if its a lack of,explanation Shelley is unkept and shes,burnt on her face so her new beautiful,perfect friend needs to show her what,she should look like,tell her how to wear makeup and put her,in a dress but this scene is actually,very necessary to link up Shelleys,story and I do feel if you watch the,short which you can on Vimeo its a bit,more well explained but in short this,scene reflects the truth of who these,two women really are Alices need to fix,everything so it appears perfect which,shows her true ignorance and her,suppression and on the flip side this,scene acts as a trigger to Shelleys,dark mysterious past which I will not,ruin but this seems doubtful is it,doesnt put any emphasis on the thought,or motivations of each of the characters,so without analyzing it it just seems,like a throwaway moment this slow pace,youre disturbing film does have some,interesting moments and the backstory,really wraps it all together but I feel,like the characters were over explained,in all the wrong ways and for you Gore,fiends yes this is a disturbing movie,and it does have some pretty graphic,scenes theyre not overly graphic but I,do think for the production value they,highlighted the horror very well and,they did a great job of showing certain,aspects it really looks realistic which,is what we all want I actually have to,cover my eyes at a certain point it got,me pretty good overall this is a,powerful journey from Shelleys point of,view its thought-out its disturbing,and its a highly emotional journey but,its a slow one and its a film that,spends more time on the main characters,setup and explanation then the overall,stories are but be sure to check it out,yourself because I do think its an,interesting ride its available on VOD,from the fourth of June I believe in,most countries its actually available,in Australia right now on VOD on YouTube,and Google Play so check that out if you,can cuz thats great let me know below,what you thought I think its just,really important to go into this film,knowing its very slow and that was the,warning I wanted to give out I hope that,came through Im gonna give this film a,5 out of 10 for personal a 4 out of 10,nice care and a 5 out of 10 for,originality also fun fact the person who,plays Helen and the person who plays,Alice in the film they are switched kind,of roles for their different roles in,the short film so they have come from,the short film to the feature film which,is great when they take the same actors,but they have switched around all the,places if you dont want to check that,out its on Vimeo you can just google it,I dont know if its the official link,so I dont want to leave it down here,but its only 10 minutes long so if you,have the time I do recommend it although,it is mirroring exact scenes from the,film but its up to you anyway I just,thought Id leave you with that Im,gonna go now,thank you guys so much for being here I,love you guys so much and stay,[Music],you

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 9 Review, Breakdown, and Ending Explained

tony im not able to come get you right,now,i i understand,um,hello welcome back to another episode,dont forget to subscribe and comment,below,tony de la rosa desperately wanted to,return home to her son but each plan had,more obstacles than the last,the cleaning lady season 1 episode 9,showed how fierce the women of the,cleaning lady were when they were,fighting for what they believed in,womens history month was the ideal time,to showcase thony fiona and nadias,strengths and fierceness,who thought a good rescue plan involved,a five-year-old lying,kids are taught not to lie so they will,know something is wrong when you ask,them to youre gonna pretend that eye is,your mummy,okay,in theory pretending that daario was,lucas mom because she was a you,s citizen was a good idea but so many,things went wrong,explaining to luca that he had to,pretend that someone was his mommy was a,foreign concept especially telling him,that he might be separated from phony,seeing the childs panicked faces thoni,was detained for having a fake passport,was devastating,you have two options,i can call my supervisor over to come,look at this or you can walk away,thoni only cared that luca was safe,she knew daria would take excellent care,of him until they were reunited,maybe arya could work as a nanny for,them when the chaos dies down,she and luca have already built a,connection,since armin was in hiding phony reached,out to the only other person she could,garrett she was desperate but that,proved to be a colossal mistake,garrett went rogue when the bureau,wouldnt help to bring phony back oh no,its its not,its not for your bags its for you,what,yeah,his insistence felt more than just,helping an informant is it because he,has a soft spot for her since their kids,are the same age or something else,tony was desperate to return home to,luca no matter the cost,marco must be useless because garrett,asked a valid question on why he,couldnt help until she returned,it showed how desperate thoni was when,she agreed to get in garretts trunk,it looked like he was kidding and tried,to convince her to wait until they could,get clearance to get her back legally,we knew this was a horrible plan as soon,as garrett went through border control,sure enough they were both arrested,finally we learned garretts motivations,for going into the fbi and that phony,doesnt believe everything is black and,white,it felt like these two reached an,understanding garrett was in no way,prepared for his boss to arrest tony for,aiding and abetting armin and,re-entering the country illegally,fionas story has been overlooked lately,but fierce fiona was back in full force,this time chris was ready to back his,mom up the surly teenager had,disappeared and a confident you cant,skip yeah i can okay this is my future,im coming chris looks so proud of his,mom for standing up for herself,the de la rosa family dynamics were more,complicated than we could have imagined,marco was like their father controlling,and ridiculing its why fiona left home,fiona has tried to play a peacemaker,between her brother and her best friend,however she saw why phony doesnt want,to deal with marco since he only cares,about getting her and luca away from las,vegas,nadia is a fierce woman who wants what,she and armin deserve,armin and nadyas marriage is difficult,to decipher,like tony and her son stranded in mexico,i need help get them back safe thats,all,nadia cared enough to pull armand away,from the burning car and take him into,hiding,nadia was smart does she realize armin,was still daydreaming about tony was,that her motivation for turning off,their phones,she claimed it was because of hayek but,it probably was so armin couldnt,contact phony,this way her husband can pay more,attention to her,nadia has repeatedly sworn that,everything she does is for armin,hopefully shell get her own empire,moving forward armin is in a difficult,position,hopefully his cat and mouse game with,hayek worked and he bought himself some,more time,thanks for watching comment below and,dont forget to subscribe

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