1. 10 Places in PENNSYLVANIA You Should NEVER Move To
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  4. $3,000.00 Settlements / Oilfield Company Driver
  5. The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and Its Effect on Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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10 Places in PENNSYLVANIA You Should NEVER Move To

if you were gonna make a list of places,to not move to in Pennsylvania youd,have a lot to choose from a lot of,people wouldnt want to live on a farm,or in a smallish community where there,is an electricity or in a beat-up former,coal mining town where the local,economies horrible a lot of us wouldnt,want to live in a big inner city where,violence and homelessness and drugs rule,the day you could actually choose many,many places in Pennsylvania that would,be a bad choice for a newcomer longtime,Pennsylvania residents could rattle off,at least 20 places they wouldnt want to,live in themselves and in case you,didnt know migration to the Keystone,State stopped being positive a long,while ago anyways because everybody,likes lists and tents I did a lot of,homework to bring you the top ten places,in Pennsylvania you should never move,even though theres way more than that,lets begin,picton didnt dan okay this will be,controversial our first worst city for,you to move to is Pittsburgh,of course Pittsburgh natives and,enthusiasts are gonna say our citys,growing and getting better and has,really approved economically and Id,agree kinda that when youre struggling,any improvements better right Ive been,a Pittsburgh there are some,neighborhoods towards the east side,which are very nice places like Squirrel,Hill and shady side but a mile from,there are some terrible places,Pittsburghs bad neighborhoods are some,of the worst in the country,Homewood and Larimer are practically,abandoned and her very sad places,homestead and other communities just,across them on like Duquesne and,Aliquippa are crumbling North sides,dangerous too and downtown itself isnt,very exciting theres a few smallish,blocks where you can grab a nice meal or,a beer but thats just about it its,pretty basic its unimpressive and,outside of the Pittsburgh metro areas,lame face it,Pittsburgh has a a long way to go before,its worth moving to you wouldnt be,happy living there a place for you to,move to is wilkes-barre aka Dodge City,this place is along i-80 one just south,of Scranton locals say its the,outsiders moving into town which are a,big part of the problem other residents,have called this a rotting cesspool of,drugs corruption and violence and that,is just crazy the WB as its called has,a population of about forty thousand,people but used to have about 90,000,people of course like many other cities,in PA a loss of energy jobs has created,an employment and positive energy void,here its turned into a ghetto dangerous,area and theres no doubt about it,its a small city size-wise so you have,a bunch of people crammed in here which,makes things worse gun violence is so,bad that the federal government had to,step in and help combat the crime and,the WB is not very accepting of,diversity in terms of race or gender at,least in Pittsburgh you can be,comfortable and feel comfortable about,yourself the question isnt how bad is,wilkes-barre the question is how bad,will wilkes-barre get of course with,every bad you have to,have some good I tried to find some good,things about this place this person said,wilkes-barre is an excellent area to,live and grow as a family I truly admire,it no you dont that is fake news moving,on we come to the teeny-tiny forgotten,town of Brownsville PA way out in the,far corner of the state right in the,middle of the Mon Valley this used to be,a strategic location get coal out of the,area,but not anymore look this place does,that look like fun its eerie you could,say this is a ghost town every buildings,been abandoned Main Street used to be,filled with crowds and parades and,thriving businesses but no longer why,would anyone ever want to live here is,something I cannot answer it cant be,for fun hey theres a pizza restaurant,here thats still open lets call them,and get their perspective,hey there Im doing a YouTube video on,the worst places to live in Pennsylvania,and Brownsville is on the list and Im,wondering is Brownsville that bad okay,well thats good whats good about,Brownsville okay like is it it looks,abandoned is that true okay would you,recommend people move there okay well,she was not very happy to talk to me,although she said theres nice people,and thats good and its not that bad so,maybe Brownsville doesnt deserve to be,on this list but it is want to get away,how about Centralia JK dont go to,Centralia please dont move to Centralia,talk about a ghost town this place used,to have 2,700 residents and now it has,five thats right five people live here,why theres a coal mine fire thats been,burning here since 1962 spewing toxic,gases its literally hell on earth if,you look at Centralia from a map it says,closed as in the whole cities closed,temporarily anyway I guess until the,fire goes out maybe and that might be,never who knows how much coal is under,here but at least 58 years worth,theres two cemeteries here and two,churches and a fire department so you,can pray that they put out the fire and,if they dont you die according to,Wikipedia there were 27 saloons here in,1894 2700 people sounds like it was a,lot of fun nearby is the town of ERISA,which has 300 people and theyre not on,fire so if you have to live in PA and,must reside in the middle of nowhere in,eastern nish PA picker estes oh wait,update i just learned that the people,who live here were told by state,officials that they could live out their,lives in Centralia if they wish and,after they die their homes would be,taken through eminent domain so dont,move here I dont think you even can,[Music],[Applause],[Music],Amerika Amerika Amerika stops here did,you guys notice I got a new TV I like it,state capital of Harrisburg is not very,desirable despite being the capital of,the Commonwealth the population is only,49,000 ish and slowly shrinking me the,natives claim to absolutely hate it here,but nobody seems to want to leave part,of that is just grumbling which is built,in the states personality I guess the,dropout rate in Harrisburg is the,states 10th highest and the violent,crime rate is the states ninth highest,for a state capital its very sleepy,after hours except for when the,criminals wake up theres hardly,anywhere shop theres hardly any place,to fly out of theres no real diversity,traffics terrible theres a lot of,pollution making it a dirty dingy place,too many its a city that got left,behind and for a state capital that is a,shame shame on you Harrisburg just about,12 miles southeast of Pittsburgh is the,rundown and partly abandoned city of,McKeesport dont get it confused with,McKees Rocks another terrible place,outside of Pittsburgh which gets an,honorable mention as a place to avoid,moving to this is McKeesport where,theres barely a single decent home and,nearly every other building is a crack,den or just empty theres a reason,people call it diseased port homes are,the fifth cheapest in the entire state,where you can get a place for about,46,000 dollars although in some of these,streets I bet you could offer $4,000 and,be taken seriously theres housing,projects everywhere and downtown if you,can call it that lacks anything,desirable for most people looking for,quality life even the elementary schools,have metal detectors in them which is a,shame and if you dont like gangs then,you wouldnt like McKeesport because,theres rival gangs here its very poor,and theres very little opportunities,for work and the drive to Pittsburgh is,bleak sad and depressing do not move to,McKeesport there was about 19,000 people,here dont make it nineteen thousand and,one York is way down near Lancaster it,ranks in the bottom ten in four,different categories people dropout,rates,home prices and median incomes theres,rednecks and Amish all over the place,which isnt a bad thing but unless,youre a redneck or youre Amish you,probably wont fit in very well the,place smells like cow poop all spring,outside of a somewhat downtown –is–,area its pretty ghetto here for,entertainment your nearest big city is,Baltimore and that is not a very f

What’s it like Doing Frac Sand Trucking for 5F Freight

all right man im at the uh,im at the,the place where you get the sign,i do the like fresh set frat frat sand,or whatever,and um im about to pick up some sand,and um bring it to the to the oil field,or to the all well or whatever,so im picking up right now so,all right go,like in the beginning like up there in,the office,i type in like all my information and i,go on the scale and see how much uh i,weighed or whatever,yeah after i type in my info,i come here,uh theyll fill me up,theyll fill the uh,see i got one of these boxes one of,these sand boxes right here,theyll take the whole box off,and uh,and thats about it you know theyll,replace the box with an empty box,and basically like thats all i do like,back and forth,i probably get like uh,so far ill probably average like two or,three or three,two or three days a day like where im,going right now im in um benton,louisiana like its like,right northern shreveport,and im about to bring it to like,mansfield louisiana,so like thats like uh,its probably like an hour hour and a,half a week,but like uh,the thing that be slowing it up is like,say boom when i go to the to the well,yeah like,like sometimes its like the well itll,be down,or whatever,and theyll be having like a lot of,trucks waiting,like see like this bottle im at right,now,usually like i dont wait,and thats what kind of made me do like,a little quick video,usually i dont wait here itll be quick,here but i dont know i guess everybody,working today,and today,today something usually like a lot of,people dont work on the weekends but i,feel like everybody working today,but yeah like uh,i go to uh,i pick up here and go to the to the well,and they got like a machine kind of like,something like this right here,and,yeah i have like three of them like next,to each other and hell be pumping i,dont know somehow the sand going to the,ground and,they make the all come up,so,like thats all ill be doing back and,forth,like so far its all right,its cool um,like sometimes waiting man they begin,if you get tedious man like,just waiting around like sit like i go,to this spot,theyll probably have,seen like they probably stop,pumping them all over them and theyll,probably have like,10 trucks in front of me,and,it really dont be like the trucks like,they dont really matter how many trucks,well it do matter but,its like basically it dont take long,for them to,take off the box and replace it with an,empty box itd be more like,theyll stop popping all or whatever,yall saying,so thats thats would be,thats the thats the bad part of this,when they when they stop pumping the all,you just be sitting and youll be,sitting for like hours,i think one time man i said,i said probably like eight hours ten,hours,like i did a whole reset this this,sitting you know saying,and thats thats the bad part but,say like if if everything see like,say like if you had a perfect week and,you kept moving kept moving,like man you could make a lot of money,off you,and then say like this load this little,product like,probably like about 400,and im going like,im going probably like 50 miles or,something like that,50 60 miles,and then,you know for full honey like you know,thats thats straight like,so you do you do three and um say like,if it was nonstop and you kept going,you do three for these a day,thats like 12 to,what 1600 you know saying,a day but thats like,thats like a perfect day thats a day,like,like i aint stopped like how i dont,stop right now like its a day like you,keep moving and keep moving keep moving,but they got they got good loads out,here like well its its quick,you see they probably sign that right,now,they got good lows where its quick,thatd be good too,but yeah i just want to make a little,quick video,yeah i got fresh owls i just got here,im just starting my dude,but yeah man,another thing to our life,is man,like the spots would have all been,we be going all like,on,rock roads and like you know dirt,roads,and,you know it could be easy to get stuck,man,or like uh,or like,it could be easy like,for your truck to flip or something,outside,like,oh it could be easy you go you going you,probably go down the wrong road but,they uh they telling me to pull up so,im gonna go ahead in this video right,now,and ill catch on the next one

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Oilfields Of West Texas Live Review Q&A Jobs Info

[Music],uh,well this is going to be a very short,live because i knew,i knew,as soon as i started this,the low was going to come,and at 2 34 sure enough a low came up,and guess what,came out here to make money,so money week is the we fixing the visa,maker,and this is a further distance to drive,so i aint gonna turn this one down,[Music],is there money in the oil field yes,there is money in the oil field im,looking at the money right now on my,phone,is,im thinking about it which i know im,going to take this low because i am,20 miles,from where this place is loaded which is,one of the benefits man we got to do,this live again,because i know im gonna end up driving,back over here,[Music],i know where this mode is at already,so i pretty much already know where im,going,[Music],and,most definitely,[Music],directions from midland odessa,um,yall give me just a second i am uh,looking at where im going,well as i was saying this is going to be,a very short live because i got to be,there at four,so,[Music],j duh what up i talked to you the other,day,and crap whats up man,whats up bro,dude i want to ask ask you something,but i looked up at you and left but i,cant remember what it was,someone related yeah man you made a real,good point im out here right now kermit,just hey,i mean kermit,kermit is the best,stage in place,because youve got,the one north of here,the one over by motherhood,and,most of us over here in this area from,start and then where your,your well is at,um,probably not going to get a chance to,get into a lot of stuff that i wanted to,get into because,i just got loaded,and i kind of knew it as soon as i as,soon as i made myself,im available that was pretty much going,to be what was going to happen but uh,kermit is a is a staging area i can tell,because im at the,lowes truck stop over here in kermit i,want to give a shout out to jw whats up,man uh,and,aint nothing but sand trucks out here,in this look in this flying j parking,lot,there aint a drive in there in a single,week,that aint even a dog on a flatbed there,aint even a step that guy,and ive made loops in the lugs in the,flying j parking lot both of them twice,just to see if i can see one,it is sand sand sand sand,a couple water trailers,you can park over at the tractor supply,if theres no parking over here,but theyre gonna run you off and help,so keep that in mind if youre over here,current,theres,theres plenty,theres plenty of spots to park on the,side of the road stuff like that,um,i had a lot of stuff man i was gonna get,into,uh,four oclock so i got,it aint gonna take me that long to get,to where i got to get to,loading facility from here its probably,says 17 minutes so because some of his,oilfield,back road,yeah thats some stuff we got to talk,about,oil field background um,its probably going to take uh um,it says 30 so lets say 45 minutes,so i got a little bit of time,and im pretty sure im in central time,that,mountain time,but uh,for anybodys thinking about coming up,here if youre not familiar with the,with the with the area,im happy,i think i said this in the other video,the guy that i bought my trailer from,told me he told me quite a few things,before i came,i was going to go to that truck stop,brother,i was like i i knew the,blind jade loves is up here and its,closer,to going back north to where im going,so i figured id rather be up here,closer plus,a flying jerry loves you know showers,and all that stuff i thought about,staying down that way but i knew i would,have to drive back north anyway so,thats why i decided to come up here,and let me go back to what she said,[Music],uh main street market a few essex up,sell some safety equipment if you need,is there a place around here that sells,trailer related stuff,i got a,a valve i want to replace on my trailer,oh its going to be the valve and the in,the head valve im going to replace it,i got some jb weld on two of them and,that seems to have taken care of the,the leak on the back on the back end of,it,the uh,the indicator leak thats thats usually,when you need to change those out i,tightened up all the bolts on all of,them that,they werent leaking but i just i just,went through all them double checking,replaced all four of my,top,they were all worn out,put some pv blaster on those,hold down brackets so that they would,so they would uh i can adjust them if i,need to get it get them tightener,get them tighter,and adjust those as needed ill probably,be doing that when uh,before i,either before or after i get loaded here,shortly a little bit,so,uh,trying to think about it,i got,a video thats already up with me or,changes in parts of my trailer i got,another video with me that i think i got,gotta put it together with me,going through,different stuff that i did on my trip or,maybe,you have to check those videos out in my,uh,[Music],my previous post todays post is mainly,about,oilfield jobs here in the area,and i really wanted to go into some,detail but hey,i came out here to get this money and,ive been kind of taking my time pacing,myself networking really good theres a,lot of companies out here here,great hawk full field services,cms truckee,wts,wlt,z,uh,favorite transport,and out this way i see a whole lot more,bottom drop belly dumps and side boxes,you know,im saying about theres a lot of,pneumatics out here too but i got this,truck stuff,when i came through here,the medic sandbox my pneumatic sandbox,sandbox,pneumatic pneumatic sandbox sandbox,pneumatic sandbox sandbox sandbox,pneumatic sandbox pneumatic,sandbox sandbox,[Music],sandbox sandbox inbox sandbox sandbox,sandbox sandbox sam hell that whole row,is just saying boxes over there after,their loves,theres three rows of just sandbox trips,but thats whats over here,um,so let me let me get through this stuff,with yall because some of yall were,asking me about where is the little,headed,going to um,out near greenwood out that way,radio check there uh green international,you got already on,oh,yeah going out to the greenwood west,east of greenwood texas,uh we were talking about some oil field,jobs,um,rotational oil field operators flights,included surge higher if im not,mistaken surge however is a wireline,company this says 70 to 80 000 a year,and im looking on indeed i just type in,oil field jobs,14 days on seven days off housing,provided 35 per day per diem flights,provided,eighteen eighteen dollars a day in,training twenty six dollars depending on,experience,housing is provided if,you live farther than an hour from a job,site,travelers paid mileage on flights per,deal,yeah man,now i wonder is that,your base rate for pay,without bonuses do they have run bonuses,with wildlife because i know surge,what do you mean,wait a minute this is a,this is one of those,hiring companies never mind,so,if you can get that information out of,who they talking about because it says,surge higher i thought it would surge,fire i know surge fire is a,is a wireline cutter so never mind,cancel that one,catalyst energy equipment operators 19,to 29 an hour this is over here in uh,odessa midland area,well might as well just say,texas,surface driller helper,75 to 100 000 a year,lease operator pumper,go to j trades my youtube channel thats,what he does,call to the operator,[Music],ctp housing,with yall rotation but,but yeah lets get this uh lets get,this stuff wrapped up because i need to,be hitting the road,oh yeah,west texas aint bad its just different,from north dakota north dakota is a,more uh,more naturey,you know more,wildlife type of place,say much wildlife its kind of arid kind,of,desert-ish kind of a feeling to it as,far as i was texas,trying to think what else and uh the,roads actually aint that bad so the,roads can be bad,im pretty sure i havent seen it all,but the roads arent as bad as you may,think they are its just,you driving too fast and something,sneaks up on you or youre not paying,attention and,you come across a cattle guard that you,werent ready for,something like that,overall all of the roads that

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$3,000.00 Settlements / Oilfield Company Driver

hes got it fits,I didnt make a video what happened that,I was so frustrated the matter happen,man I dont even want to make a video I,didnt feel like vlogging I did take,some pictures but then I was bagging,underneath my trailer,and I bagged two for my trailer was up,too high,and it just completely missed the,the lockinfo right there a little ball,under the trailer that connects right,there,it is before,totally bent it like I said I was trying,my best to avoid ever happen and it,happened anyway,well I guess Ill go to the straight,line I gotta fix I needed with my handle,whos at $300 state so what lets I paid,for that offered to pay for because I,did it,[Music],going on right now is that uh,I was just at the stage okay and I got a,phone call telling Peter,take the load that I got,Id have to help me well they just told,me to take it to a different well,talking but it calls out the current,ticket,we cant pay you for this well as youve,done like youve done this well and,writes up a new ticket,to go to the to the next well,thats what we do all right,so I just got paid,Ill get paid for two loans,[Music],to give you a chance and Im gonna have,a problem,for the past few days,it wasnt like that when I first started,but its not its not anything Ive done,because I dont know its not my job to,go back there,and take the boxes on baby,[Music],Im right there they just took,box on about the card is loading,these guys aint like my box backup yeah,Im sure now about the ride out of here,but,those bugs,[Music],the heads at others as I can see me got,a little traffic I found when they came,home they went away now I got two clips,right there and I got a Im up this is a,water truck or our truck,so now we just playing the waiting game,right now,right now news trucks in the class,my god dont get stuck,yall cut net slow,bringing it back,[Music],and this up yall,this way is the last load of today,only girl aint love to,people hate finished off last week with,a I believe 22,$3,000,thats it,but look like Im gonna be sharing the,chassis now,I could be making that much money but I,come back to work,we feel with another drug,[Music]

The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and Its Effect on Bradford County, Pennsylvania

just before breakfast on the morning of,March 11th private albert mitchell ms,cook in the u.s. army reported to the,hospital camp Funston Fort Riley Kansas,complaining of the cold like symptoms of,sore throat fever and headache by noon,over 100 of his fellow soldiers had,reported similar symptoms marking what,are believed to be the first cases of,the historic influenza epidemic and,later pandemic of 1918 while there are,various hypotheses regarding how the,epidemic started one of the most common,says that there was a strain of the,influenza virus in pigs that were being,bred at the camp for food over the past,100 years as scientific research methods,have improved other seemingly credible,versions of the story have come forward,unfortunately there is no conclusive,answer according to a history of the,epidemic quote the outbreak of the,disease reported at Fort Riley in March,was followed by similar outbreaks in,army camps and prisons in various,regions of the country,the disease soon traveled to Europe with,the American soldiers heading to aid the,Allies on the battlefields of France in,March 1918 alone 84,000 American,soldiers headed across the Atlantic,another 118 thousand followed them the,next month once it arrived on a second,continent the flu showed no signs of,abating 31,000 cases were reported in,June in Great Britain the disease was,soon dubbed the Spanish flu,due to the shockingly high number of,deaths in Spain some eight million it,was reported after the initial outbreak,there in May 1918 the flu showed no,mercy for combatants on either side of,the trenches over the summer the first,wave of the epidemic hit German forces,on the western front where they were,waging a final no bar holds bar,offensive that would determine the,outcome of the war it had a significant,effect on the,weakening morale of the troops meanwhile,the flu was spreading fast beyond the,borders of Western Europe due to its,highly contagious nature and the massive,transport of men on land and aboard ship,due to the war effort by the end of the,summer numerous cases had been reported,in Russia North Africa and India China,Japan the Philippines and even New,Zealand would eventually fall victim as,well,end quote influenza made its way to,Pennsylvania when a navy ship from,Boston where an outbreak had already,occurred docked in Philadelphia the,first case of influenza was reported,there on September 18th 1918 by the next,day 600 sailors were diagnosed in the,first civilian patients were arriving at,area hospitals according to author James,Armstrong Philadelphia was about to,become the American city with the,highest most rapidly accumulating death,toll in the worst epidemic in recorded,history the next day the Elmira Star,Gazette reported quote Spanish influenza,or flu for short seems to be invading,this country local outbreaks have been,reported in Alabama Virginia Mississippi,New York Cincinnati and Massachusetts it,is feared that it may spread over the,whole country there is no apparent,reason for calling this ailment Spanish,rather than German or Russian or,anything else it is said to be the same,old influenza or Grip that has swept,Europe in America time after time for,centuries it may vary a little from the,usual strain but the difference can,hardly be appreciated except by experts,the best preventative czar naturally,good nourishment proper exercise fresh,air and sleep if they do not ward off,the disease they will lighten its,effects the attack says Surgeon General,blue of the Public Health Service come,suddenly people are stricken on the,street while at work in factories,shipyards offices are elsewhere first,there was a chill then fever with,temperature from 101 to 103 headache,backache reddening and running of the,eyes pains and aches all over the body,in general prostration persons so,attacks should go to their homes at once,get to bed without delay and immediately,call a physician the treatment is simple,consisting principally of rest in bed,fresh air abundant food with medicine,for the relief of pain every case with,fever should be regarded as serious and,the patient should stay in bed – the,temperature becomes normal and quote one,of the first references to the flu when,the local newspapers appeared in the,daily review on September 23rd 1918 and,reported that extensive epidemics of,influenza had been reported in foreign,military camps in the northeastern,United States a report in the newspaper,from Philip from Pittsburgh two days,later stated that dr. Philip e marks the,superintendent of the Bureau of,infectious diseases of the Department of,Health said quote Spanish influenza is,nothing more than old flash and grip,robust men are more susceptible in,contracting the disease than members of,the weaker sex if persons will take care,to sneeze into their handkerchiefs there,will be no danger of the germs spreading,and quote this was a ridiculous,statement especially considering it was,coming from the Bureau of infectious,diseases a more accurate view of what,was to come,occurred on October 2nd when the daily,review ran an article about dr. William,Armstrong DeWitt chief surgeon and head,of the lost word State Hospital dr.,DeWitt a former Troy resident and widely,known in Bradford County died of,pneumonia the day before it is likely,made local residents take notice after,all if a doctor the head of a hospital,could die as a result of this epidemic,then maybe this was more serious than we,thought,the public was notified that there was,no occasion for panic and to get,panic-stricken at the thought or the,approach of the epidemic is the worst,thing anyone can do the public was,admonished to use ordinary horse sense,and taking care of yourself and if the,flu strikes you go to bed at once and,call a doctor just two days later the,Elmira Star Gazette carried a headline,about Colonel Charles B Hagedorn,a resident of Elmira and current acting,commandant of Camp Grant at New Milford,Illinois Colonel Hagedorn was in command,of 42,000 soldiers influenza and,pneumonia had caused the deaths of 500,men under Colonel Hagedorn command and,he constantly worried about the epidemic,in his camp while these numbers were,common in military camps at the time,Hagedorn was unable to come to terms,with a climbing death rate that was,occurring under his command on October,7th 1918 Colonel Hagedorn retired to his,quarters for the evening under a great,deal of stress he lay down on his bed,withdrew his pistol and shot himself in,the head his body was found the next,morning news came from the nations,capitol that influenza had invaded,Washington in all public meeting places,were shut down in Pennsylvania public,health officials were sent to Bethlehem,to protect munitions workers their,Bethlehem was a major supplier of,armored play and ordinance to the US,Armed Forces during the ongoing war,including armor plate and large caliber,guns for the Navy a loss of manpower,would certainly affect the war effort it,was reported quote the entire medical,nursing and pharmaceutical strength of,the nation is being mobilized against it,and the quote the daily review reported,that they were 1,500 cases of influenza,in Pottsville PA meaning the epidemic,was moving north toward Bradford County,the speed at which influenza was spread,throughout both the United States and,foreign countries was growing by the day,and health officials now saw the,seriousness of what had become an,epidemic on October 6 1918 although the,County Schools remained open to wonda,took it upon itself to institute a,quarantine of all schools churches and,other gathering places Sarah took,similar action the same day closing down,saloons and places of amusement,but unlike Towanda leaving this closing,of the schools up to the school,directors and the superintendent of,schools and the closing of the churches,up to the clergy to make their own,decisions,newspapers reported that this was the,first time in history that anyone could,remember the churches

SWIFT DOES IT AGAIN! Bonehead Truckers of the Week

[Music],more of that to come,welcome to this weeks edition of bone,head truckers of the week,this is the place where we sit here and,make fun of the dumb stuff we see out,here on the road,so if you like this kind of garbage make,sure you subscribe to the channel,and hit that like button because i,guarantee you you will like it,and you may just cry as well hey if you,got videos you want to send see on,bonehead truckers of the weeks and,say no to bonehead truckers on facebook,or,boneheadtruckers.com and dont be like,this guy right here where hes gonna go,and sit there and drop his trailer you,gotta make sure,youre connecting their driver oh,shame on the mess hey you guys ever been,to that scale in centerville texas,right there on 45 going southbound,ticket look at this guy right here,its almost like he saw a western,express truck you know,knows the hot shot blue passes scale,this guys gonna make sure,justice is served all right i dont know,if that was a donut or a cell phone or,whatever but,this guys on hot pursuit check out this,guy you dont run no scale in texas,theyll come after you and get you,all right it may take him a while to get,to his cruiser but,if i got it hes going to catch up to,you ill tell you what dont be like old,swifty swift right here,all jackknifing on a blind side now,youre up in the situation there swifty,swift again,you never want to be in a situation,swifty swift,okay but you are in one now and you made,bonehead chokers of the week,you know it would not be a bonehead,truckers of the weekend,without swift now we had some few weeks,here and there where swift came here,but you know theyre just about here,express,all right i hate to disappoint you dont,mention express this week but by golly,we got your switch,im gonna work there one of these days,hey anybody over there recruiting,yeah im looking for a job at swift,there i just,am take a look at old jb hunt right here,come here oh look out look out oh man,what a helpless feeling that is,shame on the mess check out this so poor,gal right here,shes gonna open up the door right there,and shes gonna look inside,okay you see that stack of pallets right,there,all right for some reason shes gonna go,ahead and open up that other door anyway,instead of getting behind the door,oh that hurts but she was able to get up,man at least you werent wearing no,flip-flops,man its dangerous out here you got to,be careful dont you know,anyways watch these guys how to sit,there and park theyll teach you how to,park at a truck stop let me tell you,because thats how you do it youre,going to block the end i tell you what,you dont block me and youll be,getting a knock okay you just be getting,a knock and so cr england right here,what are you doing there cr england,which one of your trainers were in there,trainees or whatever did that so ill,tell you what a cdl mill if anyone and,check out this guy,you know i dont know what he thinks,hes doing right here,but uh its a good way to lose a mud,flap well,thats exactly what happened good way to,lose a mud flap there driver,anyway you got this guy over here,blocking the cat scale for no daggone,reason whatsoever,what the heck you doing there driver,what are you doing,aint no place for you to go get you a,salty water,and a cheeseburger no it aint,i i dont know where this is it man this,looks familiar i think ive been in this,place right here,but i didnt do that right there no i,didnt swing wide its a freaking,trailer,shirts are down there all right go buy a,shirt,remind that driver you dont have to be,a swift driver to know that okay,watch his bobtail ride up here watch,what he does you,realize he misses exit well you know he,might you know might as well just go and,get all over and,you know nearly cause a wreck right,there nearly nearly,now this one were not making fun of,this right here because actually someone,passed away in this,but i had to put this on here to watch a,cement truck up here i guess he loses,his brakes up here hes trying to stop,and uh what would you do in this,situation put in the comments right here,because uh well hes gonna hit this,intersection right here,and hit this beer truck right here and,unfortunately it killed somebody right,here,so man i hate to hear that and,condolences to the families there for,sure from all of us at bonehead truckers,now can we laugh again lets go laugh,again okay,you got the wrong vlog come on,hold on who decided this,early in the morning live yes im going,to clean it,and you got a skirt too,bruh,this thing that hurts your head early in,the morning,itd be this right here,somebody please share this sentence the,bonehead truckers,somebody these songs here its,ridiculous driver what are you doing,youre looking crazy,crazy indeed okay let me tell you and,check out this guy right here,well hes going down residents going,through a neighborhood i guess his gps,told him to do it,well i mean what possesses people just,just keep on going lets make some of,these turns right here,oh my goodness man i just love this crap,right here its always,great great great content for all of us,okay to sit here and laugh and just sit,there and laugh at this guy,for doing something dumb and stupid you,know just stop in a situation like this,before you do that just stop call,somebody,all right thats better than well that,theyre putting on some,freaking look there i got some axles,right there right,check that out how theyre going to,straighten this guy up and try to get,this guy up on,out here look at that i mean its a big,situation going on,all right i dont know where this is at,but i guaran theyre gonna tell you,theres probably a family reunion,sitting here watching this crap,yeah ill tell you what id be out here,sitting here in my backyard,sitting there got me a barbecue pig,going maybe my smoker,smoking some ribs or maybe some brisket,because this may take all day,you know had some horseshoes all right,had some lawn chairs out there,okay have have a slip and slide for the,kiddos,okay sit on the back of the tailgate,sit there exactly what those people are,doing to the right,good wholesome entertainment say hey we,may get on bonehead truckers of the week,we just may do it what do you think,there oh yeah,this is probably happening right here in,our backyard thats what were gonna go,do,all right were big stars now ill tell,you what,i mean you guys out there are owner,operators or fleet owners out there,maybe youre,looking to change your factoring company,okay check out rts,carrier services okay and they got some,good,rates all right on factoring and field,discounts and all that kind of good,stuff all right give old blake a call,okay just give him a call just say hey,blake what you got to offer and when you,talk to old blake you tell them,bonehead trucker sent you okay and were,gonna do an rts video here coming up,real soon,talk more about what they have to offer,but for this week,i appreciate you guys watching okay,watch yourself at centerville scales,okay,because uh that d.o.t man is going to,come after and get you if you run that,scale,let me tell you see you guys next week,[Applause],[Music],okay

Document Automation Product Demo with Ocrolus – Analyze Documents with Over 99% Accuracy

hello and welcome to oculus the only,intelligent automation pup,that extracts and analyzes data from,financial documents such as bank,statements pay stubs mortgage documents,and tax forms with over 99% accuracy by,fusing artificial intelligence and crowd,source review Occulus passes any,document image regardless of format or,quality oculus combines three layers of,document analysis CAPTCHA detects,analyzed in a single solution,captcha extracts data from financial,documents with 99 plus percent accuracy,detect identifies fraudulent documents,and data,and analyze generates credit model,inputs that lenders can use to measure,applicant cashflow alcoholist performs,all the core functions of document,analysis including classification,extraction verification and analysis,without the need for customers to use,separate solutions for each step of the,process in this demo we will explore the,web application our turnkey,browser-based solution for analyzing,financial documents in addition to our,web app Occulus also offers an API that,integrates directly with crm and loan,origination systems first we will log in,to oculus here we see all the cases or,unique loan applications that our,customer is working on lets create a,new case we will call it applicant one,once a new case is created simply click,upload documents to upload loan,documents for extraction and analysis,documents can be uploaded regardless of,format quality or orientation even out,of order and sideways pages are,acceptable oculus will automatically,reformat and reorganize the uploaded,images theres no need to sort documents,yourself once a verification process is,complete a notification is generated now,we can access the hyper accurate data,and analytics derived from the documents,our average turnaround time for bank,statements as of August 2009 teen is,approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending,on document format and quality our,average turnaround time for IDs is even,shorter this particular set of documents,took 11 minutes to process lets explore,our results in the heart of the platform,the financial analysis panel,like magic we have a 99 plus percent,accurate database of individual,transactions captured from the uploaded,documents along with dozens of cash flow,analytics that reveal the financial,viability of each applicant we will,start with the summary tab a precise,overview of the applicants cash flow for,each account at the top we can see an,interactive graph of account balances,over time,to give us a preview of the deep,analytical power oculus provides here,are our high-level analytics a list of,credit specific metrics that are,generated automatically for every loan,application you can see metrics like,average daily balance average deposit,size negative balance days and so on to,access a set of 30-plus analytics that,have been optimized through,collaboration with dozens of lenders,click on the export lender analytics,button,analytics are available for export in,JSON format which mirrors the API output,or in excel format which we will explore,today here you can see summary analytics,aggregated over multiple accounts for,each account we also provide a broader,set of analytics,balances average daily balances total,deposits total withdrawals estimated,revenue by month instances of loan,stacking NSFs and recurring,transactions we also customized,analytics based on your under running,rules and reproduce any analytics that,your team currently uses,now onto another core feature of the,platform the hyper accurate,transactional database were looking at,all the transactions from the applicant,bank statements in this case there are,about 560 shown,we can sort by credit debit description,and make other queries to find the data,we are looking for,now heres the snapshot,a feature widely praised by our,customers for every transaction in the,database we link the data to the spot,where that transaction actually appears,in the source document creating a,built-in audit trail now that concludes,our demonstration for today,to learn more about what oculus can do,for your business book a demo now at,oculus calm

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