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The Fallout (2022) Movie Review | HBO

a movie that i saw almost a year ago at,south by southwest is finally coming to,hbo max but is it worth your time lets,talk about it what is up flick fans,welcome back to my channel the fallout,is the brand new film dropping that i,was so excited to talk about didnt know,when it was releasing were finally,getting it and i believe this is a movie,that a lot of people should check out,why do i feel that way lets get into it,spoiler free of course this is one that,uh i wont go much deeper than the,trailer to save the experience for you,guys bolstered by new friendships forged,under sudden and tragic circumstances,high schooler veda begins to reinvent,herself while reevaluating her,relationship with her family friends and,her view of the world moving away from,her comfortable family routine she,starts to take chances with a series of,quick silver decisions that test her own,boundaries and push her into new,directions shes spending more time with,a girl by the name of mia and veda is,slowly redefining herself through shared,experiences as both of these characters,and really an entire group of people are,dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy,i wont say exactly what that tragedy is,but i do love the restraint shown by our,director megan park does such a,wonderful job of allowing us to learn,who these characters are without knowing,too much until boom the tragedy hits uh,she also wrote the script and theres a,lot of great dialogue here some very,moving moments within this circumstance,and the circumstance is going to kind of,be the talk of the town once the movie,releases around this tragedy again that,happens at this school but you have two,very different characters veda played by,jenna ortega mia played by maddie,zeigler and you get an idea immediately,as to who both of them are going to,mias house for the first time,experiencing kind of what her upbringing,was like compared to veda and the,differences are obvious nothing subtle,about them but they both share this,experience that kind of brings them,together in such an uplifting and,almost rejuvenating way but its not,only that right because of what she was,there experiencing first hand she has to,talk to others sometimes theyre older,sometimes theyre younger but at the end,of the day those who share this,experience together the film does a,great job of painting the picture of,well they can confide in each other and,kind of put aside those differences you,see how this lingers with our character,or taken to such a wonderful job and,already crushing it earlier in the year,a couple of weeks ago in scream uh but,me seeing this last year and ive seen,ortega before but this was the first,time when i looked at her and said you,know what not only is this a great,performance this is a performance that,could be at least talked about at the,end of the year and that could be the,case here but back to the subtlety of,our director megan park you know,bringing us a film that could have,easily taken a different direction and,according on what the movies trying to,do that direction can either work or not,work in this case the story that theyre,telling refraining from showing us,certain things and just kind of hearing,whats going on at the school as opposed,to showing it uh or being as in your,face about it i like that because this,is much more of a character study than,anything and rather than doing the,obvious park decides to take the more,simplistic route which is the best route,you get these long takes just sticking,with our character as she is feeling uh,the emotions one of my favorite shots in,this film is our character still dealing,with what literally just happened and,her younger sister in the background,looks like shes making a tick tock,shes doing the dancing i think the,shots actually in the trailer and you,have this very real and tragic thing,happening over here but in the,background you know its your standard,well kids theyre just gonna keep being,kids and its sad to say some kids are,used to these types of things happening,and not necessarily to them but seeing,tragedies like this on the news it feels,like every couple of weeks the movie,does a great job of painting the picture,of the anger that these kids feel in the,aftermath and even if it wasnt directed,at them specifically theres a great,scene with veda and her father where he,just tells her to let all of that anger,out it almost reminds me of a scene last,year with come on come on my favorite,movie of the year very similar actually,but a very different situation obviously,just great dialogue great banter and a,nice,relationship between she and her father,that is slowly brought to light a bit,more as the movie progresses and its,not all tragic and emotional you get the,lighter moments that the quirkiness,between the characters the fact that,these two girls are so,different even in their approaches but,the longer they spend time together the,more they learn about each other i,really i really appreciated that,relationship and just how it played out,it was it was real thats how it felt,also maddie zeigler who was in music,last year terrible movie she totally,redeemed herself in this film a great,performance so when i watched this movie,i didnt exactly know what it was about,so i was kind of iffy about the,beginning because you get those genre,cliches theyre in the forefront before,we get to that tragedy once the tragedy,happens it becomes much more serious it,is difficult to balance those tones is,it becoming too quirky at points and,then it gets extremely emotional again,and i do believe a lot of people are,going to take issue with the ending i,didnt mind it it felt real to me but,there are some elements when we get to,the way that it all wraps up that people,are going to take issue with and just,the overall resolve the fact that it did,drag during certain moments i do wish,there were scenes that were cut just a,little bit a bit shorter to get it uh to,a tighter run time but those are kind of,minor complaints at the end of the day,its an emotional experience thats what,the film intends on being and i do,believe it works so before i give you,guys my score thank you so much for,watching if you liked this review be,sure to drop your thumbs up down below,leave a comment please vedas experience,brings about trauma pain unexpected,emotions and a friendship with someone,she never expects the film may,occasionally be too much for its own,good and the characters dont always get,the proper moment they deserve but the,idea behind this film and execution is,top notch and i thought this was a,pretty great movie im going in 82,this one is worth a watch again just,like last year we have a film dealing,with a subject that handles it in such a,way that just feels refreshing uh so,thats kind of my go-ahead to watch this,movie on hbo only if it is something,that you are emotionally ready for you,guys the best thanks again see you soon

The Fallout Ending Explained

Sadly, school shootings have become all too common in the United States in recent decades.,Every time they go to school, far too many youngsters live in fear of a gunman murdering,them and their classmates.,However, while the world watches for a week or so after each awful incident, the TV crews,eventually leave, leaving the students and their families to deal with the emotional,fallout.,Megan Parks latest film The Fallout, which premiered on HBO Max today, deals with the,aftermath.,Jenna Ortega plays Vada Cavell, a high school student who, although not being physically,hurt, deals with the mental trauma of a school shooting.,Despite the serious subject matter, there is a surprising amount of comedy in the picture.,The Fallouts ending, on the other hand, is an emotional gut-punch that will leave viewers,reeling.,If you just finished watching The Fallout on HBO Max and are having trouble processing,the ending, keep reading for a plot summary and explanation of The Fallouts ending.,There are some spoilers ahead.,SUMMARY OF THE FALLOUT PLOT:,Vada Cavell (Jenna Ortega) is a laid-back high schooler who enjoys her life.,She grabs a cup of coffee with her best friend Nick (Will Ropp) before school, counsels her,younger sister Amelia (Lumi Pollack) on how to deal with her first period, and mocks her,schools local Instagram influencer Mia (Maddie Ziegler) for contouring on picture day.,Then theres a tragic event that makes it difficult for Vada to maintain her composure:,a shooting at her school that kills an unknown number of her classmates.,When it happens, Vada is confined in the school bathroom, sharing a stall with Mia the influencer,and, later, a blood-soaked kid named Quinton (Niles Fitch).,They try not to cry too loudly as they listen the awful sounds of gunfire and screams, unsure,if this is their final moment.,Everyone in the bathroom makes it out alive, but Vada is shaken to say the least.,She experiences nightmares and is numb as a result of the shooting.,While her BFF Nick transforms into an activist overnight, Vada is unmotivated to march or,lobby her representatives.,Instead, she gravitates toward Mia, the influencer, and the two form an odd friendship after being,united by something so heinous.,Mias parents are extremely affluent and frequently out of town, so the girls spend their days,at Mias enormous, empty mansion, sipping wine and using pot.,Vada has no desire to return to school, but she eventually does so due to her mothers,push.,Even yet, she cant bring herself to go into the bathroom where she hid from the shooter,at school, so she holds it.,She makes it to the end of the day until she trips over a can on her way home and wets,herself.,The next day, she self-medicates with Ecstasy at school, resulting in ink all over her face,and a fall down the school steps.,Even while she attempts to maintain her cool-girl air, its evident that shes falling apart,at the seams.,She assures her parents that she is alright, and she tells her therapist (Shailene Woodley),that she is simply “a very low-key person.”,But she withdraws from her family, shouts at her sister, and spends increasing amounts,of time with Mia, eventually sleeping with her.,Her mother is beside herself since shes been gone all night.,(Her customary alibi of spending the night at Nicks comes apart when Nick contacts her,mother to inquire about her whereabouts.),Quinton rejects her kiss when she tries to kiss him.,Everyone in her life seems to have turned against her.,EXPLAINED ENDING,Amelia, Vadas sister, confronts her in the middle of the night and apologizes emotionally.,Amelia believes Vada is upset with her since she contacted her right before the shooting,,forcing her to leave the classroom and placing her in more danger.,Vada recognizes how much she has damaged her sister by withdrawing, and this is a watershed,moment for her.,Vada pays a visit to Mia after a cheesy, cathartic screaming-into-the-wilderness session with,her father.,Mia thinks shes upset with her since shes avoided her since they had sex.,Mia is passed out in her sauna, surrounded by empty wine bottles, when Vada arrives.,Mia admits she is terrified to leave her house, but she intends to resume dance classes since,she knows it will benefit her.,Vada then makes amends with her mother and has a breakthrough session with her therapist.,Vada waits for Mia outside of her dance class in the films last scene, and the two have,an easy, playful text interaction.,Vada seemed to be content.,Then she receives a news push message on her phone: 12 students have been slain in a school,shooting in another state.,Vada looks at her phone, stunned, and then begins to hyperventilate.,As we listen to the sounds of Vadas panic episode, the screen turns white.,Phew.,Its a gut-punch of a conclusion that suggests that, while Vada is beginning to recover from,her trauma, she is still suffering and may never fully recover.,Shell almost certainly need to be treated for PTSD—this isnt something that heals,in a matter of months.,Vada, on the other hand, has her family and friends to support her, so she should be fine.,Someday.

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*THE FALLOUT* IS A MUST WATCH! (Movie Commentary/Reaction)

hey guys its steph welcome to my,channel so today we are going to be,watching a newly,let me back that up today were going to,be watching a newly released movie on,hbo max which is called the fallout it,stars jenna ortega who,i have really liked in everything ive,seen her in so far and a lot of people,are saying this is her like breakout,role so im super excited to hear that,as well as manny ziegler from dance moms,and let me just tell you im not,limiting her to just dance moms but i,mean come on ive watched that show,since it started and its so crazy but,really cool to see girls on the show,grow and have different opportunities,that arent just dance so its really,cool to see maddie acting in a really,well received movie this is about a very,sensitive topic so with that being said,i have to kind of watch what i say the,terminology i use on youtube,as well as what im allowed to show i,dont know too much about the movie but,i know the general plot it is very,intense and it is not for everyone it,talks about a school shooting that is,the focus of this movie and kind of,dealing with the aftermath of what,happens so im assuming its going to be,a really emotional movie and a really,really impactful movie so with all that,being said i am ready to get into it,thats a very realistic portrayal of me,getting ready in the morning back in,high school,[Music],her sleeve dipped into whatever that is,uh different flavors what are the flavor,differences timing timing timing i wish,i had that much fun on the way to school,pause the [ __ ] talk until justin,trudeaus passes,yeah he definitely knows you exist you,nailed that,oh and then when you it could be like,youre texting your boss her outfit is,very uh,billy eilish meets adam sandler-esque,yes veda does the kind of rock affect,how long the aquifer lasts or how,quickly it recharges im not gonna lie i,dont really know what she said it just,sounded really intelligent 9-1-1 when,you get your period scared the [ __ ] out,of me oh my god that is a pretty big,emergency for someone her age i thought,youd be stoked,its different than i thought oh you,mean shitty as hell yeah i know yeah,once you get it youre like you can you,can take it back now i have everything,you need,i stole it from your room a few months,ago my backpack okay,this might be a little graphic of a,question so i apologize but when you get,your period you go right in and use a,tampon i feel like i,did not even want to go to your tampons,for a really long time i feel like pats,not getting enough representation in,movies its all about tampons,photo day,there are really two different types of,girls in high school,all right,what was that,oh yeah i was gonna say that would be,really brave to stand on the toilet with,those heels,[Music],wow that is a lot of shots,oh my god wait hes bloody,[Applause],oh god,[ __ ] are you shot,my brother,oh my god if i were him i would be,having a panic attack id be throwing up,itd be terrible,yeah,im with her,okay interesting that happened really,really quickly cnn was interviewing your,friend melody,so crazy,thats helpful,do you need something,damn theyre all on high alert,[Music],who is that is that who i think it is,it is who i thought it was okay,oh it was kind of like she was waiting,for her to accept the request,yeah this movies gonna,wreck me emotionally,i cant stop hearing the sound of it,did the school give them time off or did,this just conveniently happen on a,friday and they have the weekend off,because i feel like its your,responsibility to make sure your,students are okay and making them come,into school right after something like,that happens is not the best move,oh okay so shes still a dancer in this,in a sense i dont know how to feel,about that i feel like shes just gonna,be typecasted as a dancer because shh,shes really good and thats what shes,known for,why have i done that though,once of mine or something,jenna ortega is really short,either that or maddie is just really,tall i have to be honest with you i,watched somebody thank you some of your,dance videos on instagram totally just,admit she creeped on her instagram,i respect it did you have like,the craziest nightmares last night you,have to be able to sleep to have,nightmares thats a good line,do this to me already stop it,okay thank god they didnt show any of,it or else tears would be flowing,[Music],wow,thats,really powerful,[Music],im saying this and i dont even mean,this as a joke or anything but at least,shes able to take a shower because,i know some people myself included when,you get into a really,depressive state sometimes you cant,even get up you cant shower you cant,do basic things and keep your hygiene up,so i mean kudos to her for that part,oh she said i miss you,i love this friendship can you hang out,with that school like different people a,bunch of different people so does she,mean she doesnt have any good friends,my dad more than my mom for sure my,moms like very white and anxious,i feel that,can you stay just fall asleep,do i ship this as a relationship maybe,but if thats not the way its going,i love whatever this is are you okay,yeah,im just tired you should go to therapy,as long as you want to stay home,your dad and i support that thats,really awesome i dont know how many,parents would say that even though they,should a lot of parents would be like,all right its been enough time go ahead,were you tired a lot before the incident,shailene woodley is the therapist in,this,the og hidden hill [ __ ],that is why i,oh god all right shes acting very,different right now very glad were in,therapy though,my porn addiction,okay,im so sorry um,when i get nervous i make really,inappropriate jokes yeah this is,definitely very telling,how shes acting right now in a therapy,session i feel like im really good at,managing my emotions,doesnt necessarily mean that someones,being dramatic,because theyre emotional got her then,you can bring it back next session or,you know you can fax it to me thats,easier for you i love the rapport though,thats so important in a therapist and,client relationship do i need to go,again because it sounds like she thinks,everything is fine god stop,yeah this is a really interesting scene,just to show like how affected someone,can be by something and someone who,wasnt involved just not a having a clue,and b just totally being fine because,theyre not involved,i do love how she is connecting with all,of these different classmates that she,might not have had the opportunity to,before not saying that what happened,should have been what led to that but i,think its a really beautiful thing how,these friendships are coming out of,something thats so terrible no and then,it makes me think about the uh,what a vibe honestly,i dont know if its true or not so,every time i see it im like,they playing ash nico in the background,also her outfit,she looks so good but its such a silly,looking outfit and her shirt says,butthole on it i mean queen of fashion,thats sweet though,oh wow shes back a really warm welcome,for her,im sure its exactly what she wanted to,see,[Music],thats really sad how was your first day,back,loki,shes just saying what you want to hear,how much do you want,[Music],one way to deal with it,girl you are in the middle of class,get it together how is the teacher not,noticing this,[Music],she did not bite so hard it broke,[Music],oh,my god,this is like a deer on ice honestly what,is happening,[Music],okay the pen stains really bothering me,no hey you need to get your [ __ ],together before someone sees you come on,ready were going,what a good friend though we love him,watch a movie or something you should,come by,okay and ill bring the acid,goodbye,i mean,she was quite ridiculous,everything okay his face is not a good,face right now i hope everythings okay,at home,you know how it is,it just made me nervous when he got that,text because his face shifted so,significantly it could not have been,good,broken,oh look at the lighting in t

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The Fallout movie review — Breakfast All Day

hey everybody thanks for joining us its,breakfast all day its christy its,alonzo and premiering this week on hbo,max a prize winner from the 2020 sunday,south by southwest,2021 time is a flat circle and its all,a blur now anyway south by southwest,winner uh the fallout and uh chris shes,going to tell us what its about well,indeed this is the uh feature filmmaking,debut from megan park an actress turned,filmmaker shes done several shorts and,videos prior to this this is her first,feature she wrote and directed it,jenna ortega and maddie ziegler are two,very different girls at what looks like,a sort of suburban california high,school and they happen to both be in the,girls bathroom at the same time when,they hear shots fired in the school and,they both clamor into,a bathroom stall and they ride it out,together and you are with them in the,intimacy and the horror that theyre,experiencing and then a third kid comes,in and joins them a boy comes in,and the movie is about how,they,specifically and this community in,general,rebound from this if such a thing is,possible how theyre experiencing the,fallout from this event um jenna ortega,who was just in scream a couple weeks,ago,plays this kind of like,tough badass kind of outsider chick but,you know clearly there is,more innocence and vulnerability to her,um,john ortiz and julie bowen play her,parents and shes got a little sister,who very much looks up to her and maddie,ziegler is,the total opposite shes like beautiful,glamorous shes got this huge instagram,following shes a dancer,and um she but shes really lonely,despite how glamorous and awesome her,life might seem like,her dads arent around shes got no,friends really and so its how they bond,and i was truly taken by,how powerful it is in its understatement,and how,megan park just lets the inherent drama,of these kids experiencing this just,play for itself and just the the quiet,power of just the two of them these two,friends who would seem unlikely,allies and and more,texting each other and how they fall,asleep with their phones or their,laptops open because they dont want to,be alone and i was just really touched,by,that connection,theres a really,fantastically powerful efficient,shot in here where,did ortegas character goes to the,memorial,for one of the many victims,of this high school shooting and the,camera just holds on,this box like this keepsake box she has,and she places,one of the programs from the first,memorial and then you see another and,another and another and you see its,like one of the kid is jewish one kid is,christian and one kid is black and just,just its,yeah the stack that forms its um its a,really simple but very powerful image to,convey,the trauma that shes going through and,what so many kids in this country have,gone through so while the topic may,sound very much like preachy eat your,vegetables its done with such truth and,such honesty and really fantastic,performances from both of these young,actresses um i really was taken by it,yeah i mean you know the tragedy of the,ongoing,crisis in this country when it comes to,guns in schools and mass shootings in,addition obviously to the the the horror,of the events themselves and the the the,impact it has on people is that,to the outside observer its very easy,to be like oh thats terrible and then,to move past it because,nothing ever seems to happen even like,you know,after uh parkland you know when those,kids were like so,media savvy and really like getting a,lot of you know air time and and talking,about this problem you didnt seem to,move the needle on like you know gun,stuff,and,its hard to take its hard to absorb,the horror of it if you werent there,because theres always another one and,another one and another one and another,one like you know days will go by and it,happens all over again and so this movie,stops and,soaks in the one that happened you know,and how it how it ripples out how does,it affect the parents how does it affect,the kids who you know who survived how,does it affect the kids who survived but,maybe their siblings didnt uh you know,uh how does it affect the teachers like,theres all these different levels of,of things to explore and the movie,explores them and gives them the space,to play out and in a very non-hysterical,way um,you know like the the lead character has,nightmares about the incident but you,dont see them you just see her like,springing awake and when she talks to,maddie zigler about it and shes like,well you have to sleep to have,nightmares so like that and that just,tells you everything thats going on,with her like this movies really i,agree with you i admire the restraint of,it all but its so dramatically powerful,and um,you know it just,you know it just gives some space to,people who have to deal with these,horrible things that we hear about on,the news and were upset about for a,while and then we just,for our own sanity like dont dwell on,them and move on and these are the folks,who cant move on from that and they,have to process it and they have to,figure it out um some really great,therapy scenes i thought um with,involving a therapist played by um,shailene woodley jaylene woodley thank,you her name flat in my head um,you know that just seemed very like you,the the the lead character is so smart,like its you can tell just from from an,early scene in class where shes like,asking the really good questions but,also the way that she is,shes shes somebody who uses her,intelligence to deflect deflect deflect,like and she thinks that if she doesnt,let her emotions get the better of her,then thats okay and shes won and they,and they thats not going to bring her,down but obviously shes just like,put trying to push him further back and,theyre going to come roaring at one,point or other anyway and even when that,happens it happens in a way that felt,very you know humane and observed and,not like you know showy and exploitative,yeah i know jenna ortega is really good,in this and uh yeah and youre right,with those therapy scenes like she does,that thing where she tries to outsmart,her therapist and just like have the,snappy one-liner and shes just like,pushing down her emotions the whole time,but you know that shes gonna have to,explode they also touched on something,that a lot of films about young people,do but they do this in a way that feels,wise and true and that is you know the,disparity between,the social media presence and who these,kids really are because who maddy,ziegler puts herself out to be,as this like badass sexy dancer is not,at all who she is in real life and that,difference is very interesting um will,rock plays um jenna ortegas best friend,who becomes sort of the david hogg,figure here youre mentioning parkland,and how media savvy those kids became,and david hogg in particular really,became the he chose to become the face,of this in a lot of ways and to and to,go speak to congress and to do all the,media hits and so thats thats this kid,and thats he how he is coping he feels,like he has to do something active and,its exhausting for him too,and that feels honest as well um niles,fitch is very good as one of the other,kids who becomes a good friend through,this the,the bonds that form the unexpected bonds,that form through shared trauma i found,quite moving and lumi pollock is really,good as jenna ortegas little sister yes,who experiences trauma her in her own,way of course yeah and i think whats,interesting is like so much of what this,movie does plays upon familiar teen,tropes but just for teen tropes that,arent necessarily trauma based you know,the idea of the the golden girl the,popular like you know untouchable,you know gorgeous terrifying girl who,who turns out to be something else,entirely and who is all facade and and,is very kind of like sheltered and quiet,and maybe a little broken inside you,know weve seen that in movies before,weve seen,people from different you know the,breakfast club formula you know people,from cliques who

The Fallout – Movie Review

sometimes entertainment can be so strong,enough so powerful that people can,really just get anxiety over things and,i think this movie for all the parents,out there that have children,i would just say skip this one because,this is a movie that can give you some,powerful anxiety its a very good movie,but man oh man its gonna leave a mark,on you,[Music],the fallout stars jenna ortega and,maddie ziegler and is about a high,schooler navigates the emotional fallout,she experiences in the wake of a school,tragedy relationships with her family,friends and the view of the world are,forever altered in her feature debut,megan park writes and directs this very,anxiety powerful movie that probably no,ones gonna even hear of go under the,radar and no ones gonna see which is,very just sad in that mark but like i,said if youre a parent there this can,be very anxiety filled watching this,kind of movie but i think this movie is,so powerful from the writing directing,performances standpoint i really was,invested in this story and this movie,again its a movie thats gonna be,probably,pushed away from people because it is,dealing with a school shooting with,jenna ortegas character in this school,during the shooting and after this,happens her life her entire life is just,different how she feels how she talks,how she acts and the movie does a,fantastic job from the script of showing,her character because after this,incident after the first half of this,movie is over it enters into more of a,growing up teen 2022 kind of movie with,a lot of just text messages dialogue of,her and her new friend her sister her,parents its all,slow paced you could say but its a,character piece now jenna ortega is,excellent in this movie i think she,knocks it out of the park she is so good,in this movie i just saw her in scream,and now shes in this movie and shes an,upcoming movie called x that i wanna see,shes gonna have a great year this year,but this movie is her movie she gives an,amazing performance and i cannot even,tell you guys how of a character she is,like this is a character thats going,through it i mean people who go out,there in real life that go through a,school shooting is just,horrifying something that should never,happen to young kids kids in school,young people like this its a horrible,incident that happens a lot and its a,sad truth and this movie explores those,ideas maddie zeigler is also very good,in this movie shes a great supporting,role in this movie and between their,relationship it just felt very,real this movie felt very real which,comes to more of that script like i was,talking about the first part of the,video,this script just it feels so real,theres stuff in this movie i connected,to like obviously i have never been part,of a horrifying event like that ive,never been a part of that which i never,want to be obviously and i feel bad for,anyone thats ever been through that,kind of stuff but with this movie some,of like just the dialogue how they act,smoking weed even though she raps it,horribly if you ask me like stuff like,that like the music that i stupid like,in the very beginning this movie shes,listening to juice world conversations i,listen to that song,shes in the car singing to it ive done,exactly that theres stuff i can relate,to this movie with just through,characters and emotions and how they,talk so for me i really got to relate to,more of these characters and i was,enjoying everything they were doing and,what they were showing us overall i,think this is a very powerful movie with,many great performances i mean,everyone this movie is really good her,parents are really good her little,sister who was a little annoying in few,scenes but in the end theres one scene,in particular between her and jenna,ortega that really hit home with me,theres a lot of moments that got me a,little teary died moments letting me,laugh theres a great scene with her,smoking weed in the school it was very,funny theres funny stuff theres,dramatic stuff but overall the movie is,giving you a message and the message is,out there in the final minutes of this,movie i dont want to spoil this movie,obviously but those final,minutes 30 seconds honestly that final,thing that you get to see,that really hit me it got me teary-eyed,all the way and its all due to the,great performances by jenna ortega the,direction the writing it was an hour and,a half its a perfect run time of a,movie,it is a powerful movie i would check it,out if you want to just for your safety,and youre just anxiety filled i am,warning you for that but besides that,its on hbo max it is a wonderful movie,im gonna give the fallout an a,this probably is gonna be jenna ortegas,year i mean she was justin scream she,has this she has a movie coming up with,a movie called x that i really want to,see shes going to be wednesday in a,netflix series,its probably her year and she deserves,it shes a very young actress and she,was amazing in this movie so like i said,its on israel max right now if you want,to go check it out its a really solid,movie i would definitely recommend it,but just be warned,it might trigger some people im not,sure but for me i really just enjoyed,the story and the performances and the,writing and directing i liked a lot of,that anyway guys you guys enjoyed this,review ill see you guys in the next one,bye-bye everyone

Fallout 76 Angry Review

you [ __ ] it up,by now you know that this game sucks,I could barely bring myself to play it,in order to finish this review I have,never never seen such a piss-poor effort,from Bethesda a game company I love in a,door you could call me a Bethesda fanboy,I make whole game days for their,releases and no I actually didnt get a,review copy or a free box set I,genuinely bought the two hundred dollar,collectors edition with my own money,long ago mainly for the helmet but I had,a small hope that Bethesda would put out,the game they promised to us and hide up,so much,[Music],go where you want watch do whatever you,want this is the Golden Age of game make,the player proud music language make,yourself proud that you made it make,your player proud that you bought it it,works it actually responds to go where,you want do whatever make your player,proud well I was lied to,we were all lied to and betrayed,betrayal yeah this is all I wanted shut,the door [ __ ] this place shut the door,I havent felt such a huge disparity,between what we were told and what we,got,since aliens colonial Marines and no,mans sky bethesda has unequivocally,failed at what it set out to do here,regardless of whether you personally,like it or not because one mans trash,is another mans treasure and trust me,this is trash by their own words they,fail and this time it features all new,rendering lighting and landscape,technology rendering really you get here,its right over there,there it is see it you not see that,helicopter what the [ __ ] right there it,just spawned in that popin is [ __ ],terrible and this time it features all,new rendering lighting look at this like,can I just ask okay,tell me why that light is coming from,okay its like you know what like you,know if people like God Rays God Rays,out of the [ __ ] earth,thats so people like what is the ground,is not why is the ground,Im blowing oh my god what is this,[ __ ] guy and this time it features,all new rendering lighting and landscape,technology first of course you can play,this solo alright youll be youll be,who you want exploring a huge world,doing quests experiencing a story and,leveling up we love those things about,our games too it would not have it any,other way as a matter of fact youll,never even see a server when you play so,realistically speaking oh look the,server crashed big time it cup yeah it,really cant go any lower seriously,fallout 76 is by far the largest project,that weve ever done it encompasses,parts of the studio in Maryland,Austin Montreal for Bethesda Game,Studios as well as were getting a lot,of help from other parts of Bethesda,some of the great folks at ed software,arcane ZeniMax online and so it really,is a huge undertaking not just for us,but all parts of Bethesda no no its not,and if that many studios contributed to,making this mess then maybe that was,part of the problem why did it take that,many to create this piece together,fallout 4 asset blip because thats what,this is explain it to us huge patches,that barely fix anything its got so,many technical issues its astounding,Bethesda,Ive net Ive there is honestly Ive,this clip right here this is this,encapsulate psmith is de this is one of,the most blurring undercooked bug filled,lazy efforts by Bethesda and as long as,I can remember you sir,I just got a sweet roll hell yeah they,might need to double your stamina and,they need a fast travel back here at,least OG we see a player here you better,be ready to go bro,Im always ready be ready to go all the,time it comes through 100% as a quick,effortless cash grab to anyone with a,brain it takes advantage of the Fallout,fan base except but this didnt even,bother to dress it up a little bit no,instead it shows up extremely late,belligerent and shit-faced drunk to the,survival party you know that [ __ ],that manages to ruin it for everyone 76,is here baby ready to party no boy come,on lets go back know the survival party,is over,hello did you just log out no no could,you just glitch no you bros you all out,fallout all out 70 successful nice – it,is idiot no all right its night hes,asking me for money now look nobody,plans survival games in,or youre late to the party its what,about mutters oh yeah now Battle Royale,[ __ ] is that,[ __ ] that guy hes a nice guy he doesnt,have you go home go home touch me dont,touch me cook come on,I cant remember this is the same studio,that will cancel the amazing-looking,preto due to quality concerns and,production deadlines yet turns around,and puts out this,[Music],[Applause],perfect sign for this,with some of the worst bugs and outright,admitting its not even done in their,freaking press release and their bug,list reads like a [ __ ] novel,no no this is not acceptable this is not,our job thats your job your job is to,release a finished game not a starting,point to a game so that we can fix it,for you our games usually at this point,have a lot of systems that are working,but we havent really gelled them all,together really the way the end users,see it and actually we did report these,bug issues to you three years ago and,fallout 4 you just ported it right back,in here still broken even though the,community fix them with patches you,couldnt be able to do the same and they,literally copy pasted this game so hard,that that bug from fallout 4 exists in,this game and its [ __ ] over hundreds,of people because you cant patch it,what do you mean you cant patch up you,cant use the fix from fallout 4 and,fallout 76 which was a player patch,Bethesda is aware of this bug and it has,existed for two years in Fallout 4 and,they never fixed it and its in this,game that too,Ive become Windigo man all right youll,youll be who you want exploring a huge,world doing quests but thats done this,is not early access this is a full,retail game that clearly has no right to,be sold at these prices that youre,selling and now you must agree because,its already reportedly down to 40 and,then by the time this review its like a,35 Ive never seen a game dropped that,hard and fast in price in forever if,ever meaning they already knew it wasnt,worth that [ __ ] and people like me who,paid for to people like you who pay for,guts we paid them to beta test their,game we expect triple a quality or at,least finished quality from a company we,hold in high regard and I never never,want to see them pull something like,this again I I read on the internet that,our games have had a few bugs I did I,read it on the internet so its true and,that sometimes it doesnt just work,anyway special editions,its great the graphics are awful it,allows us to have sixteen times the,detail 16 times the detail 16 times the,detail I was saying 16 times the detail,yeah I was saying something 16 times the,detail I was definitely saying something,thats for sure,the game is literally destabilizing in,front of me theres a glitch in the,matrix its action oh my god its just,getting worse in every door oh but God,the game is destabilizing 16 times the,detail Im walking into an invisible,wall right now all of this just works,its not Im not kidding,and again it just works in even view,distant weather systems across the map,[Laughter],and Im tired of it the PC interface,its [ __ ] there was zero effort put into,that poor and the engine its a literal,fossil the game on PC has such awkward,default input commands its dumbfounding,in an RPG where youre fiddling around,with your inventory even more so than,than fallout 4 and you cant pause the,thing because of all their gathering and,crafting and in the live survival game,now that damn thing was implemented to,improve a players quality of life ctrl,+ tab doesnt do anything yeah does ctrl,tab and this is yes I would like to join,the team,now you invited me to trade in the,control tab you have to join our team,they just basically did the same from,fallout 4 the same crafting the same,building with a few more odd action,options here and there this game is,literally all the weakest aspects of,fallout 4 repa

The Fallout Review (2022) | After SXSW

the grand jury prize winner out of,south by southwests narrative feature,competition,the fallout is about a high schooler,named veda,as she navigates the emotional fallout,she experiences,in the wake of a tragedy the,relationships with her family,and friends and her viewers of the world,are forever tested,this is a really interesting feature,debut,coming from megan park who wrote and,directed it a fairly stunning,and emotional movie one that i think all,three of us really really appreciated,art what was your reaction to watching,the fallout i know this was one of the,most hyped up ones,uh from the festive you said i won the,grand jury prize and i was very,interested in it because jenna ortegas,been having,a run shes a disney channel star whos,like you know what im gonna be on a,season two of you im going to be on,uh like just just some of the craziest,stuff i believe shes got some,other really big projects in the works,as well following this one,yeah shes also recently in yesterday,which is uh,oh yeah thats right with jennifer got,that one as well so its like shes,still able to straddle the line of still,being in like the family friendly movies,to you know something like,season two of you and i know it also had,maddie ziggler this is one that,also was composed by phineas you know,the other half of billy eilish so,uh i know that its one thats going to,have a lot of attention on it,so then for it to also be good just,solidified it i really enjoy the,perspective that,megan parks brings from uh brings to it,ive known her in,a lot of like different roles that shes,been in particular she was in yeah shes,primarily an actress but shes done a,lot of short films before this one and,yeah this as,i mentioned is her feature day secret,life of the american teenager,thats why you know shane woodley comes,in also plays a therapist in this,uh so its really cool to see,her come into becoming a full feature,length director,and i believe she wrote it as well if,im not mistaken but i like how she,captures,the emotional turmoil that they go,through uh we were,bringing up earlier how a lot of people,are its starting to become a little bit,of a genre,which is kind of weird to say but it is,something that always happens uh,obviously at sundance we had mass,and this isnt from the perspective of,the parents its more so from the,perspective of the kids and the fallout,that they go through,but it it still shows them living you,know its not just like oh,its its you know theyre going about,it from a perspective where theyre,trying to i guess become,political points theyre still trying to,be teenagers,you know yeah its a mix of perspectives,because,for some people it it becomes this sort,of,uh emotional catalyst for for some kind,of interchange and some people becomes,this more,uh action-based catalyst that inspires,them to look outward but,i think its a movie thats very honest,in its reactions,to uh what people experience in the wake,of tragedy amanda what was your,uh response to this movie i just thought,uh it did such a good job letting them,still be teenagers,like as theyre processing things,because i feel like so many times like,like adults try to write this kind of,stuff and it always follows like the,same beats and theyre like gotta be,respectful about this and this and this,but this was literally just it was,letting kids teenagers just,go through things not fully understand,the things theyre going through,and then reacting in the way that they,do like shes using a lot of,humor to try to get through things and,anytime somebody tries to steer her back,on a positive or like a serious note,shell just kind of like back away from,it,and and when anytime shes forced to try,to like really address,something um it pushes her to these like,weird levels of honesty but its not,even necessarily like,a healthy honesty its just kind of like,a reaction,and i do actually feel like it was,handled with care,and uh you just saw so many like just,different,like perspectives from her family the,people around her,uh the unlikely connection she makes,with somebody who,was there with her when it was happening,and,just all sorts of stuff like that i just,think it was handled really really,really well,for being so in the hands of the,teenagers,yeah it does really get you that,youth perspective in a way that feels,authentic not that i,i am a teenager anymore but i it,feels of its generation even like,with tick-tock dances going on in the,background occasionally and stuff like,that but not in a not a pandering way,or or a way that makes you roll your,eyes too much it does kind of feel,uh lived in and it lets the kids sort of,be bratty impulsive teens at different,points in this movie which i,appreciated and you you guys have,mentioned the trauma a lot of,in this movie but theres so much that,works,outside of that as well i think if you,took away that kind of inciting incident,there still is a really solid coming of,age story in this movie,it it is given more resonance and,greater power because of the package,that its contained in,but i think it speaks so authentically,to that,uh transitioning from childhood into,adulthood mentality that,it just works as a movie even without,the the,larger elements at play even with the,little sister when you guys were talking,about,you know seeing the differences between,uh what shes going through as a,teenager,how the little sister perceives,everything completely different but also,how shes a product of living in a world,where now her sister has been a part of,that incident that you see on your phone,as youre scrolling through tick tock,and videos are being made as you know,the news or whatevers going on on,social media,and then also the differences between,julie bowen who has one of the best,scenes in the movie in my opinion,when they finally you know uh climax in,terms of a conversation that theyve,been building up towards,i thought that was fantastically done,but as amanda said its,these three people who didnt really,talk to each other,forming a relationship after this,incident and,kind of that back and forth of like you,you want to be there for them but they,also kind of remind you,of what had happened and then the guilt,that comes with it while at the same,time,uh yeah it being a really good,coming-of-age story,that i would expect from someone who did,a lot of seasons of playing a teenager,as well so,no i was very surprised with this one,im glad it delivered im hoping that,this is a movie that resonates with,people im not,sure what kind of audience it ultimately,has you know its universal pictures,except phineas did does it also always,set up excuse me already set up at a,studio yeah universal pictures picked it,up its got a,decent soundtrack in the back like i,said the composers got a lot of,leverage as well i would say so,i think its going to hit its target,demographic very easily maddie may have,not had,great pick with her last movie but the,fans were there to watch it they didnt,like it,i think theyll be here for this one and,theyll definitely support it and like i,said,she did a fantastic job she did really,good yeah yeah and then,he was creating this its i what i find,is really interesting about some of,those side characters,is that i would have just as easily,wanted and been able to watch a movie,about their experience like thats how,um like thats how good they felt and,thats how fleshed out they felt so you,still know,it is lived in yeah very lived-in you,know their story,just based on the interactions that we,get with our main character but it so,easily could have followed,anybody else and it would have been just,as interesting just as impactful,yeah i think thats really a really,special quality for a movie to have,yeah and definitely a breakout role as,art was mentioning for for janet ortega,i think this is the,the kind of spotlight,adult role uh or like transitioning yuri,role is,in a way thats kind of like a zendaya,on,euphoria where people know,act

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