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let alone my blessings,[Music],this one was a show that i really had to,internalize understand and take time,with because as i watch content with the,hope that it fully engages me this show,eventually turned out to frustrate me in,its conclusion the return of a legend,like madhuri dixit comes with a fandom a,fandom that would most like to protect,her work and any criticism of the same,is often met with toxicity rather than,consideration the fame game for me is a,great example of a series with so many,ideas that are fleshed out but concluded,really haphazardly this show is,something that i will speak about,passionately so bear with me the last,portion of the video is going to be a,slight spoiler filled ranked regarding,what i absolutely disconnected with so i,will notify you on the time stamp the,fame game focuses on anamika anand,played by madhuri dikshit who is a star,who is respected and lorded by the,general public but is definitely past,her prime reuniting with manish khanna,played by man of call for a project just,as the film is around the corner she out,of nowhere goes missing leading to an,investigation unearthing the various,complicated dynamics that exist around,her from her family to her professional,and personal relationships outside of,her home we realized that the luxurious,lives of stars is far more complicated,and frankly sad as one would expect the,revelations that come with regards to,how messed up her life is and what,exactly happened to her as she went,missing forms the basic crux of the 8,episode series heres me telling you the,good and bad aspects of the series so,that you guys can ultimately decide,whether to watch it on netflix or not,the supporting cast i personally cannot,fault any of the performances of the,series the investigating officer played,by rachey deshpande is someone that i,will come to later but the rest of the,cast are quite formidable with their,respective roles sanjay kapoor has made,a mark as the annoying jobless husband,with the same level of conviction as he,did in mission mangal his character,reeks of insecurity and kapoor really,channelizes that well the fact that you,were genuinely getting irritated with,the characters is a testament to how,convincing their performances were its,after a very long time that a character,has irritated me as much as anamikas,mother played by sohasani malay someone,rightly pointed out that this woman has,not learned from dilchata here to accept,their childrens choices she is annoying,toxic and exudes such vicious negativity,that i actually jumped with rage in,certain moments whenever she had a snide,remark for someone she is brilliant as,the belligerent mother who just does not,take no for an answer if she doesnt get,her way she will manipulate you to,follow suit and she did a splendid job,with this role for me man of call as,manish khanna really stole the show in,this uneven series to channelize the,personal struggle of an individual that,comes across as sorted in public but is,absolutely lonely in his personal life,manaf communicates that angst within,manish khanna with great ease there are,so many moments in this series,especially when he opens up to anamika,of his struggle mentally it really does,break you he is one of the most talented,actors we have and i would love to see,him one day lead a commercially marketed,product because he deserves it gargano,rhodas character is someone that i,cant really expand upon but lets just,say the writing really lets him down in,the latter half of the series lakshmir,saran really stands out as avi a,character that is argumentative,dismissive and leaking of privilege but,that is precisely the character he is,playing and he nails it to the team,muskan jafri as amu really puts forth a,rather inconsistent performance but more,on that later excessive analogies the,funniest part about this series is that,nobody really talks directly so if,someone really wants to confront another,person they will speak in analogies,because like most indian families the,issue is something that individuals want,to circle around rather than deal with,head-on while talking about a hollow,marriage and the lack of love in their,life,can everybody just speak normally,social themes i think the biggest,problem this series suffers from is the,balancing act that it wants to do with,the kidnapping as the central plot point,while it still wants to flesh out so,many social themes regarding the various,characters in this world according to me,it only partially is successful in doing,both the thriller aspect of it according,to me which was finding anamika goes for,an absolute toss by the end of it but in,the process it does successfully shed,light on interesting social themes the,sexism most women experience in and out,of the home as working professionals,what makes a perfect mother wife or,daughter even if an aspect like that,exists the ramifications of leading your,life based on others choices the,resentment that builds up because of the,same i think the show portrays toxic,relationships also really well often,times you see gaslighting among,characters portrayed as caring and,loving but inadvertently making a,character like anamika doubt her,self-worth the formative years and,understanding ones identity especially,for the children in this series,independent from the aura and the image,of the mother anamika i think that also,partially was fleshed out well im,already gearing up to rank why such,themes were expanded upon but really,tanked in the second half of the series,so let me get to it soon implausible,scenarios and some sour grapes there are,many implausible scenes in this series,and this is especially with the,character played by gaga naroda the,character on what they tried to do with,him initially is very interesting but,they never make him understand the,repercussions of his actions especially,at a time when the police has anything,related to a namika under a scanner it,almost becomes hilariously convenient,and his union with the character from,the series is the one thing that you,know in real life would never happen to,even think that theres a slight,possibility of the same is totally,absurd i think this was the first time,where i thought rajri desh pandey just,did the bare minimum she is mostly stoic,and has a very monotone dialogue,delivery which may have been a creative,choice from her side but i found the,pace and volume at which she was,speaking almost lazy muskaan jafri as,well falters especially as the episodes,progress and i think it also partly has,to do with the writing of the character,choices are made where her struggle is,something that should ideally make,audiences empathize with her but,eventually she just gets plain annoying,and i completely disconnected from her,teenage angst by the end of it madhuri,dixit seeing madhuri dixit is an,absolute treat on screen and i can,wholeheartedly say that she hasnt lost,an iota of that acting bug within her,body i think what especially comes,across as organic and natural in this,series is how she interacts with her,children they account for some of the,most memorable sequences as they touch,upon social themes that are relevant and,make you empathize with characters,despite the opulence and privilege that,is apparent in each frame especially,connected with madhuri dixits,characters frustration in trying to,keep the ship of relevance and stardom,afloat while she is constantly,surrounded by toxicity and liabilities,despite trying her best as a mother,beautiful wife and daughter she is,constantly reminded of how she is not,enough and that is the reality many,working professional mothers have to,deal with and i think it was portrayed,with great accuracy with a vessel as,talented as madhuri dikshit the last two,episodes killed the character in world,building changed my mind about the fact,that the last two episodes of this,series absolutely undermine how they,developed the characters over six,episodes it makes no sense

The Fame Game Review | Streaming with Suchin | Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul

do you see this bell icon here hit it,now and well ensure you get delivered,the very best of reviews interviews and,pop culture content crime thriller meets,family drama seems to be the indian,streaming spaces new favorite genre to,play within after the family man arya,and tabbar joining the ranks is netflix,indias the fame game the first fiction,series from thermatic entertainment not,to mention the grand streaming debut of,the one and only madhuri dixit nene,the fame game follows the mystery,surrounding the sudden disappearance of,bollywood superstar anamika anand was,she kidnapped did her family have,something to do with it did she run away,on the scene to investigate is the,no-nonsense cop acp shobha trivedi,played by raj deshpande who slowly,pieces together the layers of anamikas,life and of course secrets and lies come,gushing out of the woodwork the show,flits back and forth between the past,and present showing us the months and,events leading up to onamikas,disappearance along with the ongoing,investigation and search for her that,comes after written and created by sri,rao and directed by bijoy nambiar and,karishma kohli the fame game uses the,device of a mystery thriller to examine,the trappings of stardom and the uglier,side of celebrity taking us through the,burden and impact of anamikas stardom,on those around her and her loved ones,whether its her kids struggles with,self-worth and self-acceptance here,played by muskan jafri and an impressive,lakshmi saran or her husbands crippling,insecurities knowing that hes nothing,without her brought to life by an,excellent sanjay kapoor whose second,innings on streaming continues to offer,some of his best work also in the mix,are anamikas ex-flame superstar manish,khanna played by a show-stealing man of,call along with a mysterious obsessive,stalker played by tabbars gagan aurora,but above all the fame game is about,anamika grappling with her own identity,and the pressures of her position,whether its clinging on to stardom,within a fickle industry or being,surrounded by those constantly trying to,control capitalize on or commodify her,along with the demands of who everyone,around her needs her to be anamika the,mother the star the wife and beyond with,madhuri dixit nene delicately navigating,the fragments and balancing act of,anamikas life the fame game has a solid,foundation in place a tangled web of,lies and deceit cd character is an,unsettling mood which collectively give,us a competent and mostly engaging but,uneven thriller the mystery half of the,show is missing a certain urgency the,kind that keeps you hooked on every beat,that is until things suddenly just,seemed to spring to life in the last two,episodes leading to a grand payoff that,feels more random than unpredictable the,result is a series thats certainly a,rollercoaster ride but not always as,intended with certain twists and turns,throwing you out of the show creator sri,raos tell dont show writing offers,little breathing room and just doesnt,leave much to the imagination its just,missing that layer of keenly observed,specificity and potency that separates a,promising show from a great one,characters also frequently explain who,they are and how they feel rather than,having it be conveyed whether its,through unnecessary voice over or one,scene in the third episode for example,where the police are discussing each,suspect and listing their possible,motives and the various theories about,what could have gone down ideally its,exactly the kind of conversation that a,great thriller would make us have with,ourselves in our own heads as we,desperately dissect and theorize without,the show doing it for us the fame game,does however make a sincere attempt to,give each and every character depth and,dimension though certain arcs are far,easier to buy into than others the,strongest threat for me was the love,triangle between anamika her husband,nikhil and manish manish and amika were,the love of each others lives but when,life interfered she was forced by her,controlling mother to marry someone else,20 years later they happen to each other,once again two lovers reconnecting eons,late and finding solace and comfort in,one another as manish man of call is in,many ways the beating heart of the fame,game bringing a quiet sadness to the,lonely isolated superstar yearning for,connection as the most compelling,character manish is responsible for most,of the shows most affecting moments his,three fleeting heartfelt scenes with his,daughter for example have more impact,than many of the shows central,equations i also thoroughly enjoyed,watching suhasani molay as anamikas,cold controlling calculating mother who,you just love to hate elsewhere other,characters are tougher to stomach the,rain stalker mother for example manages,to infiltrate every level of anamikas,life and personal space with such ease,he makes it look like a walk in the park,equally in americas daughter mara is,naive to the point of annoyance and not,always the easiest to feel for,especially considering she has a whole,romantic track that ranges from,unnecessary to implausible to just plain,silly the fame game also has a very,clear agenda of humanizing stars and,having us empathize with the cost of,that stardom but it lays its message on,so thick and frequently that after a,point i felt like i was watching eight,long episodes of hey famous people have,it tough too you know and its like okay,i get it you made your point just put,the gun down bro in the end more than,its commentary on the price of fame or,any of its thriller mystery thrills what,stated me most about the fame game were,a few stray moments of humanity the,dignity of a mothers unexpected,reaction when she finds out that her son,went to a strip club a parent telling,their child to run after the love of,their life before its too late a,vulnerable father telling his daughter,about the importance of finding a life,partner because he says they make,everything brighter to which she gently,responds as long as they dont make,things darker in the end you can watch,the fame game on netflix,[Music]

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Madhuri Dixit, Lakshvir Saran and Muskkaan Jaferi on The Fame Game, ageism in Bollywood & more

hello and welcome im parul sharma and,youre watching zoom tv,today i have with me an actress whos,the epitome of timeless grace and talent,and two young actors who are ready to go,and ready to make their mark please join,me in welcoming madhuri dixit nene,lakshmi saran and muskaan jafri hello,everyone how are you doing good good im,great firstly id like to say,congratulations on the trailer its,great and i watched a little bit of the,show and its extremely riveting i want,to start with madhurimam,youve actually been around the fame,game for a pretty long time in your life,and youve kind of seen it all so to say,what in your opinion would you say are,certain downsides of the fame game or,whether its your personal experience or,that of your friends contemporaries or,just people that you know in this,industry and then also what are some,really good upsides where,youve been really happy and something,thats been really great about the fame,game,i think,the upsides would be of course very,obvious upsides because you know you,have the fame everybody knows you and,you know,the downside would be that youre fame,and everybody knows you,so its like that um but i think its,great because um,i dont take fame very seriously,i think im more,of an actress first like i love i love,what i do i love my craft,i um love to act i love to play,different characters,and,and thats what i like to do and when i,played anamika anand it was another,challenging character that i played in,my life,so,fame has its,goodness when you treat fame,as fame you know yeah but when youre,trying to hold on to it and you know you,dont lose it and its like,it becomes your all then thats when the,bad side of fame kind of pops out also,its your own experiences in life what,kind of people you meet,i i come from a very protective family,my my mom and dad were always with me,when i was working um you know so for me,my life has been very different a,different path,behind the curtain you could say but,anamika anans life has been,not so fortunate,and the curtains also like i mean there,are yeah normal people there have been,people who have had bad experiences and,shes one of them yeah anami khan and,where shes had bad experiences in her,life and her whole dynamics even with,her family is very different,uh so,i think there are goodness to all,professions theres good,good side and a bad side and i think,acting as a profession also has its good,and bad sides announced,um you know theres this really,interesting line that sanjay kapoors,character says to your character in the,show in the very first episode which is,uh heroes will be their grandfathers,ages and theyll be romancing women,their daughters ages i think its really,great that such a thing has been said,out loud especially in a show like this,because it is a very very,occurring phenomena in this industry,right uh maam,for you why do you think this is still a,thing in bollywood because,personally i dont understand why it,should it we should go with the times,and get with it i mean do you concur how,will it change the thing is ageism is,everywhere right its its not just in,bollywood its in every profession,everybody wants to be young everybody,wants youth,i mean because thats what they feel is,important in life to have the youth but,i think,with age i mean the kind of experiences,that make you,and i think with age,you can do so much more you know from,your experiences you can play different,characters because youve met so many,people youve lived your life and,theres so much more to you than just,uh a pretty face or someone who is,talented and who can do something but i,think thats very important and thats,what happens because everybody is so,youth oriented uh you know they all want,uh to to to appear you know more,youthful more younger and you have so,many products in the market and yeah,everything is towards that but i think,things need to change and uh i think we,need to be more real uh because there,are real people in this world and the,reality is that everything that you know,grows,has to ebb at some point everything that,even trees they grow they flower they,die you know so um so i think its been,beautifully said through our uh you know,series and uh the fame game i mean there,are no words that are minced or its,everything is like point blank and said,out loud age of them is everywhere its,just that in bollywood its kind of in,front of your face because you see it,right like in other professions not so,much but over here so i think its,really interesting that it was said out,loud muskana i want to know your opinion,on this as well since you are a young,actor and you know i feel like whatever,you would have to say about this would,be relevant as well see i mean at the,end of the day for me its going to be,about the character and there are,certain things that certain things work,a certain way yes i mean everybody works,in a certain way but,ill have to play my character thats,all i dont know why it is the way it is,quite honestly i have no answers for,that yeah but yeah if i have to play a,character i have to play a character i,dont know okay uh lakshmi being an,actor whos sort of just starting out in,this industry how did you keep yourself,from getting overwhelmed working with,like veterans and such seasoned people,like madhuri maam sanjay sir or suhasan,imam how do you kind of give yourself,that reality check and stay in your zone,um i think a lot of the credit has to go,to them as well because they created,that environment which is about the work,so automatically you also become a part,of that,um but at the end of the day its its,in my training the moment i see the,script the lines i dont think of,anything else i think of the scene i,think of the character and,uh that is also my responsibility i,cannot at such a big stage at such a big,point,say,because you know combat has harmony its,not professional you cannot do that,youre there for a reason youre getting,paid to do that so you have to do it,um as in well as you can do you remember,having any like star struck moments i,mean of course the first time you see,her,its impossible to not have that,but thats right but as i said she is so,welcoming and she creates that space of,familiarity you know and uh,so you automatically start,easing the relationship and building it,to a point where you get so comfortable,like i was just saying that there were,days when i was off,and like not feeling great and i would,just go sit next to her not even talk,and i would feel better slightly you,know from whatever i was so that thats,the connection you want to build with,your co-actor yeah and uh i hope that,reflects in the show as well and um yeah,ive had a ball it did um,youve obviously grown up around the,films and this industry right uh was it,a no-brainer for you to get into acting,or was it a conversation because youve,also seen the effects of the fame game,so to say right,yeah but uh since i was a little child i,would always just dance,and like since i started learning to,walk i would just put my hands up and i,would just keep bobbing to music and,stuff like that and i was always that,was my first after walking that was the,first thing,so uh and of course i saw my family,around it all the time but i myself was,really inclined towards it and like my,parents knew that okay this is what,shes gonna do not just because were in,it but she they thought at least that,she has a gift for it,so um yeah,i mean thats how that went around yeah,marjorie maam i want to talk a little,bit about family because this show,stresses so much about on that much like,an amica youre an extremely famous,celebrity and,your kids have also had to grow up,around your immense fame and sort of had,to deal with that right were there any,struggles or adjustments with regards to,your profession that you had to sort of,navigate through along with,you and so as parents did you have to,like have a conversation with the kids,or or was that like just

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Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul on stardom, The Fame Game; Raja actors on their reunion

Really, really fortunate to have such good music and such a fantastic co-star to work with.,Was not easy to dance with her 27 years back or recently we danced four days back, is,always difficult. It was not easy to match her steps but we try but,still haven’t figured out that eye movement,He says this and then everyone makes me do it,For me, fame is like a by-product of what I like to do. Im passionate about acting, I’m,passionate about dance and I’m so lucky that is my profession and thats what I do. And I do,it to the best of my abilities and whatever happens is like just noise for me like what comes,out of it like the fame and this and that its okay,They started talking about Raja and the times when they worked together, I think that was my,best time. I was like a kid listening all this, you know behind the scenes they were discussing,all of that and I was like, damn I am a part of this,Coming back to my daughter, I think so Karan you know treats these new people like his kids,you know. For him that is the most important thing that whenever she goes for a shoot, I feel,very, very like as a father very you know calm that there is somebody who is there,Who is always on their phone?,Who cannot pass the mirror without looking into it?,Anil.,Hi everyone, this is Avinash Lohana and youre watching Pinkvilla. American actress,Lauren Bacall once said stardom isnt a profession, its,an accident. Lets talk more about this with the stellar cast,of The Fame Game, Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul.,Hi guys. Hello. Hi. Hi.,So firstly, welcome to Pinkvilla and you know even before we begin talking about the show, I,want to get this out of my way because I’m a 90s kid ever since I’ve seen you know the two,of you sitting together all that plays in my mind right now is,You know it brings back so many memories, so firstly let’s,talk about that, how has this reunion been?,Well absolutely fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Its always a pleasure to work with her, to,share screen space with her and like youve said weve been so fortunate to have such,memorable songs I think so our actors live the shelf life really, really you know people,remember you through your music and weve been really fortunate like you said about the,Akhiyaan Milaye song and everything so really, really fortunate to have such good music and,such a fantastic co-star to work with. Was not easy to dance with her 27 years back or,recently we danced four days back, is always difficult. It was not easy to match her steps but we,try but still haven’t figured out that eye movement,He says this and then everyone makes me do it,He says I don’t do this and looks at me and make me do it,We will make Manav do that now,Madhuri ma’am for you? How has this union been?,Its been wonderful. I mean hes the same guy you know that I worked with. I remember he,was very new at that time and I was already a star and he was comparative you know three,films he had done and this was his fourth film, Raja. And the first day I shot with him I said,oh my God, he looks so much like Anil. And once we started working he had his own,personality and you know own charm and we got along so well even during the shoot and I,think we had a great time and it was wonderful to be back on the sets with him and you,know catch up with everything thats going on and we used to keep meeting on and off since I,moved here and we had the same workout place so Ram, him, me used to work out together,and so it was great to be on the set and be in that atmosphere,and you know work again, it was wonderful.,Right. And to see the two of you together now with Manav, it already looks like I said in the,introduction a stellar cast. The Fame Game looks interesting from the trailer that weve seen.,What does fame mean to the three of you and are you all,ever worried of the fact that what if it goes away? You’ll are actors,For me, fame is like a by-product of what I like to do. Im passionate about acting, I’m,passionate about dance and I’m so lucky that is my profession and thats what I do. And I do,it to the best of my abilities and whatever happens is like just noise for me like what comes,out of it like the fame and this and that its okay but I love what I do and every morning I,wake up with the same enthusiasm because you know,I’m going to spend the day doing what I love,And you left all of that also at one point, went to the US and then you came back so I’m sure,it must not really be, like you said it must really be a by-product for you,Yes, absolutely,And for me, just to be in front of the camera, to act thats what I love. For me, that is,fantastic. Any kind of camera, recently I shot with the iPhone also, I did a whole show in a,with an iPhone and with that if I become famous, great but if I have a choice to be in front of,the camera or only be famous, I’d rather be in front of the camera.,Manav?,For me, I guess life is more important than anything else.,How you live is very important. Everything else is just for gazing for ghazi basically,And you live really beautifully, I told you even before the interview I see your Instagram,post and you travel a lot and those pictures look very,mesmerizing, makes all of us feel left out I’m sure,Has the fame ever been a point of concern for you all? It became like a pain,No pain, no fame.,Yeah, with fame comes responsibility you know, always and you have to work harder and,harder and harder you know every time. Every time you come on screen you have to do better,than your last film, you have to improve thats what I feel because you have,fame and you know people love you and they look up to you, they say you inspire them and,you have to keep doing that, you have to keep inspiring,them again and again and thats what I think is difficult about fame,But an actress of your stature, do you still find that difficult?,Yes, absolutely. Every time I’m in front of the camera I feel that I have to do something,thats inspiring, I have to do something thats my best and I have to go forward from there,,never backwards you know and so yeah, I think it comes with a lot of responsibility,And plus, I feel obviously its very tough to reach a top position but I always feel that is a,little more easier than to maintain the top position so when you reach there your,responsibilities increases you know people have got more expectations out of you. So, you,need to work probably three times more harder to maintain that,I agree. Manav, your character in the show is in love with Madhuri jis character. I dont,think it will be very difficult to play the part?,Absolutely. It was very easy, very easy, that aspect of the part of course.,But how is it? How is it working with her and Sanjay sir as well?,We had one scene but hopefully we will work more in the second season,But when they see us talking, they think they have worked a lot together but you know we,just off screen we spend a good amount of time and I always believe we, I’m going out of his,question that its never the amount of time you know somebody, I know him since last 20,years. Either you click with somebody or you dont click with somebody. That’s what life is,all about you know and we got along very well though the first meeting with Manav was,very, very strange for me because he was doing a scene where he wanted to be like very,irritated with everybody, he didnt want to talk to anybody and that was my first day and I,was waiting very fondly that I will meet Manav. He was sitting in a corner. I was like, such,an arrogant person. We are all sitting and he isn’t and I was talking and everything. The next,day, he comes up and says, I couldn’t even laugh. So that’s how we met so yeah,But I love his humour. I also wanted to say this we were in the waiting area, all three of us,and it was like we were having tea and waiting for our shot. They started talking about Raja,and the times when they worked together, I think that was my best time. I was like a kid,listening all this, you know b


Hai,unibytes.com,[Musik],hello geng Selamat datang kembali di,Magenta,Hai gengs mungkin diantara kalian ada,yang penasaran nih kenapa ya Kok artis,itu pada dibayar mahal padahal kerjanya,cuman akting bisa jadi film yang akan,kita bahas kali ini menjadi jawabannya,deh film ini berjudul the fun game,[Musik],film serial 8 episode yang dirilis Tahun,2022 ini mengisahkan tentang seorang,aktris senior yang kehidupannya,benar-benar bersinar dia punya karir,yang bagus harta melimpah rumah mewah,suami dan dua anak dikejar Paparazzi dan,semua hal yang bisa bikin orang biasa,jeruk ngiler Sampai suatu hari aktris,ini Menghilang nah alih-alih menemukan,dimana sih aktris berada polisi yang,mengusut kasus ini Justru malah,menemukan sisi lain kehidupan si aktris,yang ternyata m,penasaran bagaimana serunya film ini yuk,Tonton aja videonya akhir-akhir y dan,temukan keunikan filmnya,[Musik],Oh iya berhubung ini merupakan film,serial Magenta film bakal membahasnya,lewat poin-poin penting di dalam filmnya,ya dimulai dari poin pertama,kasus menghilangnya anamika the farm,game menceritakan tentang seorang aktris,kenamaan India bernama anamika amiga,merupakan Mega Bintang yang sudah sangat,terkenal di dunia film selama puluhan,tahun namun tetap bersinar layaknya,matahari Wih keren ya namun suatu hari,setelah menghadiri sebuah acara anamika,tiba-tiba saja menghilang tak ada,seorang anggota keluarga pun yang,mengetahui bagaimana hal ini bisa,terjadi atau dimana anamika berada saat,ini jejaknya bagai hilang ditelan bumi,dengan berita menghilangnya anomika pun,langsung menyebar secepat kilat publik,beranggapan bahwa anamika hilang karena,diculik seseorang hal ini membuat polisi,Anindya menugaskan seorang opsir wanita,bernama coba untuk mengusut kasus,tersebut coba merupakan polisi yang luar,biasa galak dari sorot matanya terlihat,bahwa coba merupakan seseorang yang,mungkin tidak akan segan-segan,menamparku orang Bocil ampun deh games,dari hasil investigasi soba menemukan,bahwa tak ada tanda-tanda seseorang,masuk ke rumah anamika secara paksa,karena itu dia menyimpulkan bahwa pelaku,penculikan anak Mike adalah anggota,keluarganya sendiri coba lantas,mengintrogasi semua orang dekatan amiga,mulai dari anggota keluarganya hingga,penata riasnya dari sana diketahui bahwa,semua orang yang mengenal anamika,rupanya menyembunyikan sesuatu tentang,dirinya dan membuat kasus menghilangnya,anamika menjadi semakin rumit namun dari,sini sedikit demi sedikit kenyataan,tentang anamika mulai terkuak semua,kenyataan ini ke like akan mengungkap,misteri tentang menghilangnya sang Mega,numpang namun sebelum video semakin,berlanjut klik dulu tombol loncengnya,biar kalian gak ketinggalan info terbaru,dari channel ini,hai hai di,sisi lain kehidupan anamika,episode pertama Diceritakan bahwa semua,orang yang memiliki koneksi dengan,Amerika menyimpan rahasia tentang,dirinya hal ini rupanya mereka lakukan,untuk menutupi semua aib mereka sendiri,namun pada episode-episode berikutnya,semua rahasia tersebut mulai terkuat,pertama Diceritakan bahwa anamika,rupanya tidak memiliki kehidupan yang,harmonis dengan suaminya yang bernama,nikel keduanya seringkali bersitegang,dengan nikhil yang merasa anamika lebih,memperhatikan karirnya ketimbang dirinya,tapi Seiring berjalannya episode,diketahui bahwa nikel justru merupakan,seorang suami yang ringan tangan dia,kerap melakukan KDRT pada anamika dan,tak segan-segan memukul wanita itu untuk,melampiaskan kekesalannya bukan cuma itu,saja gengs rupanya suaminya yang seorang,produser film itu kerap menghabiskan,uang yang didapat anamika sehingga,tabungan anamika Bahkan tak tersisa bisa,sepeserpun belum cukup well gengs rumah,mewah yang susah-payah dibeli Amerika,juga digadaikan ke bangku Wah gila ya,ternyata,kedua ibu anamika yang di awal episode,terkesan kalem rupanya sangat mengatur,kehidupan Amerika dialah yang memaksa,anamika untuk menjadi seorang aktris,bahkan Saat usianya masih sangat belia,kebiasaan mengatur kehidupan anamika,juga terus dilakukannya hingga anamika,dewasa bahkan pernikahanya dengan nikel,pun merupakan kehendak dari ibunya,begitu hebatnya kekangan ibunya atau,sana Mika hingga anamika seolah tak,memiliki kebebasannya sendiri belum,cukup ibunya yang diamanahi mengatur,keuangan pun rupanya malah menghabiskan,uang yang didapatkan amiga demi,kegemarannya berjudi anak perempuan,anamika amarah merupakan sosok yang,sepintas terlihat sangat menyayangi,ibunya namun dibalik itu ia justru hidup,dengan tekanan batin atau rupanya amarah,sangat ingin mengikuti jejak sang ibu,sebagai Superstar amarah kerap meluapkan,emosinya pada Amerika tatkala melihat,dirinya kalah populer dibanding ibunya,karena kemanapun dia pergi yang,dibicarakan orang-orang hanyalah ibunya,saja,berikutnya Ada sosok lawan akting,anamika yang bernama Manis,20 tahun silam dikisahkan bahwa manis,dan anamika memenangkan penghargaan,sebagai pemeran pasangan terfavorit ora,fans bahkan sering berharap agar,Keduanya dapat menjadi pasangan di,kehidupan nyata siapa sangka rupanya,harapan para fans menjadi kenyataan,sebab ternyata anamika dan manis,diam-diam Memang menjalin hubungan,asmara meski begitu publik lantas,mendapat informasi bahwa hubungan mereka,Kandas ditengah jalan,Benarkah tidak juga gengs meskipun sudah,memiliki keluarga masing-masing anamika,dan manis masih menjalin hubungan hingga,20 tahun berselang keduanya pun akhirnya,akan kali beradu akting di layar kaca,yang sama tapi kenapa manis agar,menikahi anamika nanti kita bahas gengs,kemudian ada sosok madev di awal film,ada diceritakan sebagai seorang,penggemar berat anamika yang,berpura-pura lumpuh demi bisa bertemu,langsung dengan idolanya mu fans garis,keras Nih ya tapi gengsi jika itu dirasa,belum cukup ekstrim mereka siap-siap,saja kalian bakalan shoot karena rupanya,Made merupakan fans garis keras Yang,kerasnya melebihi besi dan baja dia,selalu tahu kapan dimana dan kemana,anomika berada serta selalu menguntit,keberadaannya bahkan Mada berhasil,diam-diam masuk kekamar anamika untuk,mengambil sampel rambutnya Apakah body,santet lah bukannya geng saking ngefans,Yamada kepada amiga dia menganggap bahwa,dirinya adalah anak kandung anak Mika,saat dirinya Masih berhubungan Asmara,dengan I Made mencuri rambut anamika,untuk melakukan tes DNA dan membuktikan,bahwa dia sebenarnya adalah anak kandung,idolanya tersebut,buset ini sih keterlaluan ya namanya,Lalu ada sosok bili-bili merupakan,perias wajah anamika yang pada awal,hingga pertengahan film tampak sangat,peduli pada anamika Billy keraf,menginformasikan kedatangan Made dan,kerapkali mengusir SI fans gila tersebut,bahkan suatu ketika Billy menghajar Made,yang dirasa sudah keterlaluan,Hai apakah cyberlin orang baik Tunggu,dulu gengs arabika ini memiliki seorang,Paparazzi yang selalu tahu hal-hal,pribadi tentangnya untuk mendapatkan,informasi tersebut tentu saja sang,Paparazzi harus memiliki koneksi dengan,sahabat atau anggota keluarga anamika,yang berfungsi sebagai informan dan,rupanya informan itu tak lain tak bukan,adalah Bile,terakhir Ada sosok anak laki-laki armika,yang bernama Afi Afi merupakan seorang,pemuda yang depresi di awal film,Diceritakan bahwa dirinya berniat bunuh,diri namun gagal melakukannya Avita,memiliki hubungan baik dengan ayahnya,yang menginginkan dirinya untuk ikut,serta terjun ke dunia bisnis film Alia,leave ingin bermusik perbedaan ini kerap,membuat accident ayahnya terlibat,konflik tapi rupanya gengs bukan itu,yang menjadi sumber depresi yang dialami,Afi dipertengahan episode barulah,diketahui kalau rupanya Afi ini seorang,gay dan dia berusaha Hai sebisa mungkin,menahan hasratnya untuk menjaga nama,baik dirinya sekaligus ibunya tentu saja,Citra ibunya akan hancur lebur jika,mengetahui anaknya seorang hombreng ya,belum cukup tenang menjelang film usai,diketahui bahwa rupanya Alfi bukanlah,anak kandung nikhil ali-ali Alfi adalah,anak hasil hubungan anamika dan manis 20,tahun silam anamika menolak menggugurkan,kandungannya sehingga ibunya terpaksa,menikah kayaknya demi m

The Fame Game Netflix | Is This – Sridevi Real Life Story | दाल में कुछ काला है | Sadap Talks |

各位小伙伴们,大家好,希望大家一定看过网剧《成名游戏》,,我要明确一点,我不是要评论《成名游戏》网剧,而是,《死亡之谜》 Sridevi ji 在这个网络系列中。我会就与他或他的生活有关的事情发表我的看法,但,在进入主题之前,让我告诉大家,如果您,有兴趣了解我对所有相关问题的看法,然后我的频道我的声音他频道有一个播放列表,请访问里面看看,否则,你会在上面的按钮上得到它的链接,朋友们,如果你仔细看过这个网络系列,那么它,前面有很多类型的线索在我们当中,毫无疑问,这完全是关于 Sridevi ji 的生平,否则她的,死不会是基于神秘的,但它肯定是在给观众一些暗示,它也在解释一些事情,,虽然在这个网络系列中,Anamika Anand 的角色Madhuri Dixit ji 饰演的 Jin 被绑架,了,所以剧本走向了另一个方向。但隐藏在剧本中的主题却指向了另一个方向,。 Nand 的女儿 Amara,其角色由 Muskaan Jaffrey 扮演,,与 Jhanvi Kapoor 的脸非常相似。在这里我要明确一点,我并不是说,Janhvi Kapoor 与 Sri Devi 的死有任何关系。,我 只是在网络剧的基础上推测和评论 也是我们经常在报纸杂志上看到的关于 Janhvi Kapoor 的故事,,她的性格也很相似,即与 Amara 非常相似,她也得到了她母亲的明星,地位。丈夫Nikhil Mor,也,很像Boney Kapoor的角色Boney Kapoor也是一个失败的制片人,被毁了,。钱来了,正在制作很多电影,,是的,我不太了解Sridevi的母亲,但Suhasini Mule的脸和起床,也被证明与Sridevi的母亲非常相似。这个网络系列中的一件事和Sridevi。她从儿童艺术家和Anami开始也,一直 在这个行业工作 从小妈妈也,送她去拍电影,可能是因为Anamika Anand的妈妈太有野心了,,Sridevi ji也出现过类似的情况,Sanjay Kapoor是Boney Kapoor的弟弟Madhuri的对面人。 采取了,值得考虑的是,为什么在这个网络系列中扮演,与Sridevi ji现实生活中 的,角色相似的角色 ,,也值得考虑,最后我会澄清一件事。我既不怀疑Jhanvi,也不是Boney Kapoor,也不是,Sridevi ji的妈妈,也不是其他人,我只是在,讨论这部网剧给我们留下的线索。我只是在猜测,也许,导演、制片人和所有演员都在有意无意地,试图通过网络系列告诉我们一些事情,所以这个网络系列的内容是别的东西,但无疑是这个内容的起源。在精神的某个地方,,Sridevi ji生死之谜也包含在这些东西中。今天就到这里,,我们将再次与大家一起讨论一些重要的话题,直到那时,谢谢

THE FAME GAME Trailer Reaction! | Madhuri Dixit Nene | Sanjay Kapoor | Manav Kaul

hello people i am jaby kawaii joined by,sintel kawai yeah i was cracking its,your boy we are looking at the fame game,the official trailer from netflix india,this is starring madurai dixit nene,sanjay kapoor and manav kaul and it is,directed by bajoy nambiar and karishma,koli i thought it was going to be kohil,and,it was like esta hill its kohli,so im kind of messed that up there but,anyways you guys thanks so much for,joining us hit that subscribe button,bell icon all notifications and pretty,please vote this up to let youtube know,youre enjoying what youre watching,lets jump into this here we go,so tell me what is it like being,anamikanan,i feel very blessed im just a mom a,wife a daughter,a simple family here,touchwood,again,do you know where my mom is,[Music],its been 48 hours since the,disappearance of the legendary actress,each,[Music],smoky,foreign,do you think maybe we should tell them,about that night yesterday,performed,[Music],thats not true,sometimes your own family are the ones,who cannot be trusted,[Music],what,okay,now is this a series i think its a,movie okay i thought it said original,series i wasnt sure oh no youre right,youre right youre right its a series,its a series yeah okay and well now,that i know this is its a series im,actually a little bit more interested,than if it was just the movie because,then you know you could just rush,through all of these different plot,lines and stuff but if its a series and,every you know episode leaves you,doubting and guessing somebody else knew,that could be a lot of fun i just hope,its not a jessie smolitt situation,[Laughter],she lied and shes not really missing,she just wanted to take a little players,holiday for a little bit you know the,thing where you basically lie and say,im kidnapped or whatever and these are,the demands so she can get more or even,not even that like,its the thing where youre inducing,sympathy and basically giving new life,to your popularity giving yourself,popularity again because people are like,oh you know oh my god,thank god shes okay you know and then,now she gets a bigger paycheck because,shes more in demand people feel like,shes a darling again thats what jesse,smolletts you know goal was that seems,to be because it says lights camera,action or lies camera action ah i could,i could see that angle yeah i could,definitely see that they definitely have,some some interesting breadcrumbs,regarding the costar because what,happens a lot in cinema is you know you,do you spend three or four months,shooting film with somebody next you,know a relationship starts i mean thats,how brad pitt and angelina jolie got,hooked up doing um every single,spider-man got hooked up that way yeah,yeah i mean you know its a reality of,this reality of the business theres,that the dark secret that apparently she,has with uh with her husband the,grandmas talking about you know the,fame cant last forever and then the,kids talking about you know maybe we,should tell them the truth its a lot of,cool little interesting leads for for,who done it for a clue that that is,exactly why i am so reluctant to date,actresses,its like hey i applaud you following,your dreams and living it up you do you,boo but man i i would be lying if i said,i dont get nervous any time i see my,girlfriend whos an actress on screen,with a dude like and its like could,there be something,for girls i think theyre gen theyre,statistically able to compartmentalize,that more easily than guys maybe but,still like you hear about it all the,time the fact of the matter is andrew,garfield and emma stone were in,relationships with other people at the,time when they met and then they ended,up dating no theres no like,you know rah-rah about them its just,cute its so cute that theyre together,you know anyway thats i guess neither,neither of them were married but the,point is to what youre saying that kind,of thing does happen all the time yes,and so im like ugh you put yourself in,a situation where youre forced to have,to pretend to like them you know your,mind can only decipher whats real from,fiction but so long and imagine if,youre on a long project you know where,youre with that person every single day,all day in love kissing each other,holding each other and all that your,brains will be like hey thats real my,suspicion is that she did this on,purpose she wasnt actually kidnapped,lies camera action i am suspecting that,shes in on whatever the thing is,so,the question becomes for me its not did,she do this on purpose the question is,who helped her out in her circle,i could believe that you know but i also,think that this could be also a very,interesting misdirection because the,name of the the title itself is kind of,interesting that the fame game like this,is the game like the as far as like the,kidnapping is this is just the first,part for all we know within you know,episode two of a ten part episode she,reveals that shes never really,kidnapped and theres another stake in,the game theres another level in the,game i think this is just a really good,part to to come maybe like sell just,this initial part of it you might get,tired after a while for watching like,you know six parts of an episode of,somebody you know being missing you know,that could probably it could wear you,down and that might not be the totality,of the plot thats true i mean what you,got to take it somewhere right exactly,its got to go somewhere in order,suspenseful,you know unless youre really good like,money heist money heist is really good,at keeping you in the same place for a,very long time but still keeping it,interesting you know but those shows are,kind of rare the premise that i think it,has it makes a lot of sense though i,would i mean i dont recommend it,obviously like look what happened with,jesse smullet,[Laughter],you know if you especially if youre,someone who used to be whos basically,on the verge of being a has been like,youre,youre adored but youre not really,getting the work you know i remember a,long time ago i met benny the jet,yukidas who was in two of the best fight,scenes of all time with jackie chan two,of jackie chans top 10 best fight,scenes playing the jet your kid is is it,two of them as the main guy fighting,jackie chan and i remember when i met,him i was like oh my god like im dude,im such a big fan like its so cool,that and my dad was with me at the time,he goes like whats that like like being,that famous hes like you know honestly,it doesnt pay the bills,[Laughter],this does hes a teacher a kickboxing,instructor okay and so hes got his own,school thats where he makes his money,he makes a lot of money off of his,seminars as well not all he doesnt get,residual checks from those movies and so,you know when youre someone who was,famous or youre still known for that,thing you did back then but now youre,like in your later years and people,arent giving you the roles that you,used to get you know i can totally buy,into the this uh idea that someone takes,measures into their own hands by doing,something drastic,and you know hires a couple,hires a couple lagoons to say you know,you know im wearing mega hats going yo,put this rope around your neck lets go,youre like that was people attacking,you in chicago and three degrees below,zero yeah and you got a subway sandwich,[Laughter],yeah yeah i could see that maybe shes,getting some panipuri at 3am and then,they you know they nab her im curious,to say at least,see where it goes uh it comes out,february 25th so mark calendars if you,dont want to miss out when it drops on,netflix you guys thanks so much for,hanging out with us make sure you follow,sintel with the intel at youtube.com,intel and at cintel on instagram and uh,thats it for now thanks again hit that,subscribe button bell icon all,notifications and vote this up please i,am jaby kawai this is,your voice intel peace out

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