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The Guilty (2021) Netflix Movie Review

well if you can remake a thriller that,features a lead with a ton of intensity,you might as well go with jake,gyllenhaal the guilty is now on netflix,so is this american remake of the danish,film of the same name worth watching,[Applause],a demoted police officer assigned to a,call dispatch desk is conflicted when he,receives an emergency phone call from a,kidnapped woman so like i said this is a,direct remake of the danish film called,the guilty from 2018. now that one is,taught with suspense and its absolutely,riveting and ive been very hesitant,about this one because the original was,just so good but you know i guess if,youre gonna craft a remake and you want,to capture a lot of the same ferocity a,great choice is to go with jake,gyllenhaal as your lead antoine fuqua,directs this and the setting is los,angeles amidst some raging wildfires now,gyllenhaal plays joe a cop who is in,some kind of work-related turmoil that,is basically only hinted at and joe is,working as a 9-1-1 operator and we see,him take just a variety of calls which,then sets the scene for whats about to,come next joe takes a call from a,distressed woman whos been kidnapped,and he must work to figure out where,shes going and how to get her to safety,john hall eats up the scenes i mean,which is a good thing because this is,pretty much a single setting monologue,driven thriller i mean yeah there is,other dialogue that we hear and its all,very captivating but the real power it,comes from gyllenhaal the camera,captures a ton of different angles and,facets of the character as we watch joe,just work through all kinds of emotions,as he deals with this frustrating case i,mean there is fear anger despair rage,and then even shock and what i loved,about this story is that despite not,having much detail on any of the players,so much development comes through the,dialogue that unfolds during this just,anxiety-ridden 90 minutes and the,narrative works in such a way that as,each piece of information is unveiled,its one step closer to just absolute,terror parts of this thriller are,frustrating but i think theyre supposed,to be we know somethings going on with,joe because hes working as an operator,and there are grumblings about a hearing,that he has to attend and how reporters,and co-workers are checking vaguely,about some case details it feels like,hes being punished for something but we,just dont know what it is and this also,has affected him physically and we see,what just a massive ball of stress he is,and through every single minute,gyllenhaal is seething intensity his,tension transfers right through the,screen which then made me anxious and to,complement gyllenhaal is a phenomenal,voice cast we get performances from,riley keogh peter sarsgaard ethan hawk,and eli gorey and each of them creates,compelling players that are emotionally,convincing and there are heartbreaking,exchanges where the audio is just,devastating but whats even more,powerful then are the expressions and,emotions that fill gyllenhaals face his,performance in this reminded me some of,nightcrawler i mean not nearly as,unhinged and psychotic but the intensity,thats present we watch the veins pop,out of his neck and forehead as his,adrenaline ramps up i mean every bit of,him screams stress and determination but,i also love that there is a brokenness,that pokes out in moments where we get,to see a very vulnerable side to him,its exciting how the story keeps,unveiling new arcs as the minutes,progress and just when it feels like,everything we need to know is out in the,open something new comes to life that,amps up the story just one more notch,now something that did feel a bit off to,me was the time keeping in this now,were watching a 90-minute movie and the,kidnap victim is traveling down freeways,and roads generally being tracked by,cell towers at one point gyllenhaals,watch shows that its around 2am and his,shift is just about over but when the,climax resolves its around 6 am now i,know la traffic is terrible but come on,its not that bad i mean in four hours,you could be out of la and way up into,the central valley of california now i,know this is just a nitpick and its not,something that ruined any kind of,suspense for me but it did feel very odd,to have that much time passed when we,never take our eyes off of gyllenhaal i,mean time just shouldnt have passed,that quickly now there is possibly a,small social commentary thats embedded,in this as well and im really curious,at how well that portion is going to,hold up over time i mean my guess is,that because its been relevant for,quite a while already the commentary,will have staying power long into the,future but time will tell the pace of,this is efficient and driving and while,its quick its not rushed i mean the,narrative has time to breathe and allow,us to really take it all in and never,drags the energy grows through each,interaction starting off slowly and even,humorously to draw us in and let us,watch gyllenhaal work in his environment,and then when the poop hits the fan i,mean it is just full-blown nail-biting,drama so overall this is a stressful,emotional thrill ride that is driven by,the more than capable jake gyllenhaal as,trepidatious as i was about the remake,of an incredible thriller i am impressed,at how well crafted this was and even,more wowed by the riveting performances,now im still more of a fan of the,original danish version but this one,will certainly please anybody thats,looking for a taut pot boiler theres no,sex nudity or violence but a lot of,profanity and some descriptions of,violence i give the guilty four out of,five couches so have you seen the danish,original if you have id love to know,which of the versions that you prefer if,you havent seen it whats your favorite,gyllenhaal performance either way let me,know in the comments below if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for couching with me

The Guilty 2021 Netflix SHOCKING TWIST and Ending EXPLAINED!

netflix has a new psychological thriller,and its now one of the trending topics,in the online streaming giant the guilty,is a 2021 american crime thriller film,directed and produced by antoine fuqua,from a screenplay by nick pisilato,a remake of the 2018 danish film of the,same name the film stars jake gyllenhaal,and christina vidal with the voices of,ethan hawk riley keough eli gore divine,joy randolph paul dano and peter,sarsgaard the guilty had its world,premiere at the 2021 toronto,international film festival on september,11 2021 the film was released in a,limited release on september 24 2021,then digitally on netflix on october 1st,it received mostly positive reviews from,critics who praised gyllenhaals,performance and has skyrocketed to,netflix top 10 in just a few days after,its release on the platform,now thats what you call a great job,the film was so good the setting was,thrilling and the story line was,daunting as it was compelling but what,surprised and baffled many audiences was,the shocking twist and ending that left,many viewers in awe,now not all viewers understood and,appreciated the twist and thats what we,are here for,today well take a deep look at the,twist and ending of the new movie on,netflix the guilty and why the threads,were woven that way but let us warn you,we will be going into some intricate,details and if you havent watched the,whole film yet then get ready for a lot,of spoilers but before anything else,please first make sure you hit that,subscribe button and notification bell,for more updates now lets dive right in,youll be forgiven for having deja vu,when you open netflix new to the site,today is a film called the guilty,starring jake gyllenhall,which follows a single evening for a 911,operator named joe it is of course an,english language remake of the 2018,danish thriller of the same name which,earned high praise from critics and,currently holds a rating of 97 percent,on rotten tomatoes,the remake is directed by antoine fuqua,largely loyal to the 2018 highly,acclaimed thriller of the same name the,guilty will offend some cinephiles with,its very existence,just see the original they will shout,basically ending all the conversation,about the remake with the accusation,that it should never have happened,however if youre willing to recognize,that the remake industry isnt that,black and white and not as purely,american to trend as twitter seems to,have falsely been led to believe,theres a lot to like here including the,fact that what people suspect will be a,smash hit for netflix will lead people,back to the excellent original,ultimately the narrative of antoine,fuquas the guilty operates largely from,the motto if it aint broke dont fix it,and yet to be fair screenwriter nick,pisolato true detective does add a few,different notes of commentary on,american policing and ignorant,masculinity that slightly distinguishes,his take dramatically and jake,gyllenhaal delivers as one would expect,proving again that hes one of the most,consistent actors alive as the sole,actor to really have screen time well,there are a few fellow dispatch workers,but the rest of the pivotal actors are,voice only,but well get into all of that as we,explain what exactly happened in the,guilty,in this remake of the 2018 danish film,los angeles police officer joe baylor is,on a night shift answering 9-1-1 calls,after hes demoted,the skeleton of this thriller is pretty,much identical all the way down to the,clever little prologue that sets up our,protagonist as flawed while also adding,a different backdrop thats very,california hes wrestling with an,undefined controversy that demoted this,lapd officer into a dispatcher and has,led to calls from reporters finally hes,dealing with a separation from his,family trying to call his daughter just,to say goodnight,all of this oppressive tension leads him,to quickly judge the people who call him,like when he scolds a caller for taking,drugs or argues with another one whos,been robbed by a prostitute on bunker,hill,the breakneck pace of this thriller,picks up when joe gets a call from a,terrified woman named emily shes in,trouble but cant exactly say why,so joe leads her through a series of yes,and no questions he figures out shes in,a very bad situation and he soon gets,incredibly invested in her nightmare,even more so after he speaks to emilys,six-year-old daughter whos home alone,and terrified,he vows to save emily and her daughter,without really having any clear,understanding of whats going on,he acts on his interpretations and makes,some drastic mistakes,its clear to the viewer that joe,doesnt have the entire story its also,evident that acting on impulse may have,been what got joe baler in trouble to,begin with,we learned that joes natural intensity,has been amped up due to the fact that,hes awaiting trial the next day for,shooting a man while on active duty,technically joe feels compelled to,rescue emily and reunite her with her,daughter abby to prove that he can save,lives and that hes more than his,mistake,theres a sense that if he can save,emily that everything will finally be,better he will be a good cop a good,father and a good man,of course anyone who places that much,personal baggage on one case is going to,make some crucial mistakes,still joes read on the situation is,completely wrong,first two lapd officers perform a,wellness check on abby who was left at,emilys home when she was supposedly,kidnapped,they discovered that abby is covered in,blood and that her brother oliver has,been gravely injured and isnt just,sleeping as abby told joe over the phone,turns out he was stabbed,joe gets back on the phone with emily,and tries to coach her through an escape,he once again asked emily about oliver,and she describes that he was sick,she said she believed oliver had snakes,in his stomach and she decided to take,them out,joe puts two and two together realizing,emily is the one who cut her son and,based on the information of where the,mobile phone call came from she was,actually being driven back to the,hospital,if that isnt disconcerting enough when,joes friends unlawfully enter emilys,ex-husbands apartment on joes orders,he discovers documents pertaining to,emilys stay inside a psychiatric,facility,the phone rings and its emily and joe,figures out that shes standing on an,overpass above the freeway,as she comes to realize what shes done,to her son joe begs her not to jump and,reveals that he too hurt somebody,joe confesses that he was at a crime,scene where a 19 year old boy had hurt,someone and he ended him because he,wanted to not for any justifiable reason,and that emily is not like him having,only accidentally harmed her son,the line goes dead but then the highway,patrol officer calls joe to tell him,emily is in their custody,joe knows he will go to prison but he,aims to face the consequences of his,actions regardless of how severe they,might be,joe then calls a reporter from the la,times that was repeatedly trying to get,a hold of him and reveals that hes,going to plead guilty,the film ends with news reports,indicating that joe was found guilty,the guiltys entire theme can be summed,up by the officer that lets joe know,that oliver is in the icu,she says broken people save broken,people and it explains why joe tried so,ferociously to help emily even after,its revealed that she hurt her own,child,joe baylor has a lot of work to do on,himself his behavior throughout the film,highlights how he may have made a quick,dangerous decision and it led to him,shooting an innocent man,his experiences on this night now force,him to stop avoiding and rationalizing,his actions he sees them for what they,are,but by helping another guilty soul like,himself he started down the road to,redemption admitting that he was guilty,was the first real step,fuquas smartest decision is to put the,weight of this piece on joes shoulders,other directors would have added,graphics like a ticking clock or overcut,the piece but fuqua k

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The Guilty | Jake Gyllenhaal Breaks Down a Scene Shot By Shot | Netflix

The crew had put a ladder over the studio wall.,I would climb up it in between setups,and Antoine Fuqua, our director,,would come out of his van down the block,and we would sort of yell at each other from afar,,like Romeo and Juliet.,Hello, Im Jake Gyllenhaal,and I am about to take you,through a scene in The Guilty,,shot by shot.,Have you been abducted?,- Yes.,911, emergency operator 625.,What is the address of your emergency?,So this scene is probably the most pivotal scene,in the movie because its really in a lot of ways,where the train starts to move.,Hello?,Is this Emily?,- Hi sweetie.,Sorry, you called 911.,Joe Baylor, the character that I play,,meets Emily Lighton who is the woman that,throughout the rest of the movie,,hes going to try and save.,- Dont be afraid.,Have you been drinking?,- No, I havent.,Why did you call us?,This was one of the first moments I exchanged,any acting or, or had any exchange with Riley Keough,who plays Emily, in this context.,I mean, Id spoken to Riley on the phone,before we started shooting a tiny bit,,but the way we set it up was that all the actors,on the other end of the line were on a Zoom call,and they were all over the world.,Okay, Im hanging up.,- Im just out for a drive sweetie, okay?,- Come on now.,Who is that?,Because of Zoom and because of all the sound,that was used in the movie,,I was hearing my own voice repeat back to me,in this whole sequence that youre watching.,So Im actually trying desperately to act,like its not happening.,Is the person youre with know you called us?,- No.,Who do they think you called?,- Yes, sweetie.,Your child?,Yes.,The interesting part of the structure of the scene,is that Antoine Fuqua was trying,as hard as he could through the beginning of the movie,not to move his camera.,If you look at the shots,,you can see theres cutting from angle to angle,,but the camera itself doesnt move at all.,Okay Emily,,just try and keep calm.,We need to figure out where you are.,Alright, I show that youre outside city limits.,Just keep pretending like youre talking to your child, okay?,Talk to me like Im your child.,His desire from the beginning was to try,and play in long shots.,So the five minutes of this sequence,,we shot for 20 minutes each time.,But I had all the people around me moving around,and cueing extras,so it all felt really natural,and all in one real moment, as opposed to cutting.,Do you see fire?,- Yes.,Okay, when you look out your window,,is it on your left or on your right?,- Yes.,Your left?,- Yes.,Okay, youre going east.,We shot the movie in October of 2020,,and we were all so grateful to be making the movie,,but the Friday before we were supposed to start shooting,,we got word that Antoine Fuqua, our director,,had been near someone who had tested positive for COVID,,which meant he couldnt be on set for 12 days.,And we had an 11 day shoot.,So we devised this plan, that we got this van,with monitors in it.,Is it a car?,- No.,Truck?,- Van.,- What?,- What, no, just yes or no answers Emily.,So Antoine ended up directing the entire movie,from the confines of a van a block away from the stage.,It was quite an experience.,Antoine wanted to make sure that I could stay healthy.,So he shot all my stuff as quickly as he could,to make sure he had the movie,before anything happened.,Okay, I have to put you on hold.,- No, no.,I have to.,Just hold the line Emily.,Act like youre comforting your child, okay?,And then we came back and shot shots,at the back of my head,,the insert of the call light coming in.,All of those shots were shot,the last two days of filming.,- California Highway Patrol–,This is Officer Joe Baylor, LAPD Communications.,I have a woman whos been abducted.,So I think one of the things,thats really interesting,about Joe Baylor, the character I play,,is that he thinks hes doing well.,- Okay, sweetie.,Emily?,Im back.,He has so many things going on,outside of this phone call.,His daughter hes trying to connect with,who he cant connect with,and his wife hes trying to call.,Hes been trying to call her right before this,and she didnt pick up.,And then she finally calls right when hes on the phone,where he cant hang up.,Shit.,That adds extra pressure for him cause he knows,it was a call he was waiting for forever,and then he just missed it.,And he might not be able to talk to his wife,or his daughter again.,She only wants to talk to you Emily.,Tell him that.,She only wants to talk to you.,- She doesnt want to talk to you.,Im sorry.,At the time, in October of 2020,,to make a movie, to go back to work,was supremely unrealistic.,And one of the reasons,I think a lot of people allowed us to do this was,because there was one character,and it could be kept as safe,as you could probably possibly keep a set at the time.,Emily, I need the color of the car, okay.,When I say the right one, say “Its fine.”,Red, blue, white.,- Its fine.,I think we all were so proud by the end.,We all got out of there safely.,It was a real testament to the incredible crew,that we got through it like we did.,My name is Joe, Ill be waiting.,- Im going to hang up.,- Im sorry. – Emily, do you hear me?,I will be waiting.,My name is–,The Guilty is now streaming on Netflix.

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Guilty Netflix Movie REVIEW | Deeksha Sharma

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Netflix The Guilty 2021 Ending Explained

block the freeway,come on the guilty is inspired by the,2018 film of the same name directed by,gustav muller this 2021 adaptation has,been written by nick pisilato and,directed by antoine fuqua the skeleton,of the film might be the same as its,2018 inspiration but the coruscating,performance by jake gillenhall is a,spectacle in itself if not anything else,the film takes you on a journey where,you see a protagonist burdened by guilt,and everything he touches just breaks,into fragments he tries to mend those,broken pieces but it becomes as,difficult as bringing two like poles of,a magnet together,[Music],throughout the first half of the guilty,lead character joe believes that henry,is a threat to emily and her children,based on henrys criminal record and,emilys 911 call voiced by riley keough,whats your name however in a later,conversation with joe emily mentions,getting the snakes out of her son oliver,presumably referring to his internal,organs,911 this is emergency operator 625 what,is the address of your emergency,joe realizes that emily is mentally,disturbed and is the one who is a threat,to her children and herself when joes,friend rick searches henrys house he,discovers mail indicating that henry was,trying to help emily get psychiatric,help,i like him,the guilty sets up its twist throughout,its first half the movie relies on the,viewer to have the same biases as joe,the viewer believes the first person joe,talks to while seeing henrys criminal,record as confirmation of a threat talk,right now call back later,however henry never receives even a,concrete accusation from emily who acts,as if she is unable to talk freely,like joe the audience is primed to make,an assumption based on limited,information a psychological trick that,could help the guilty compare well with,other twisty movies like malignant,following the twist the focus shifts,towards joe trying to save emily from,herself including stopping her from,committing suicide,while he initially believes he has,failed based on emily saying she is,going to be with oliver the end of their,call actually means that emily is,choosing life as she believes her son is,still alive joe is informed that both,emily and oliver survived,however he remains troubled by the,experience as well as his own demons,which he confesses to by the storys,ending throughout the guilty there are,hints about the incident that landed joe,on desk duty,on his private phone he converses with,his police chief and rick trying to plan,out a hearing that will take place the,next day,recent protests have forced movies and,tv shows like brooklyn nine-nine to,reckon with the topic of police,brutality and it seems joe is,responsible for just such an incident,at the start of the movie however he is,confident that practice testimony from,rick and the involvement of his chief,will get him back on the streets quickly,the guilty never fully breaks down what,joe did but he describes it vaguely to,emily joe says that the man he killed,was a 19 year old named joseph because,he was angry and wanted to punish joseph,for hurting someone else,it seems reasonable to assume that,joseph was someone that joe encountered,through his police work and that he shot,him unnecessarily as a result of the,same anger he displays throughout the,guilty as in previous movies like,nightcrawler and the southpaw jake,gillenhall brings an angry intensity to,the role of joe it is easy to see how,this man could shoot someone in anger,i cant theyll burn you,as a police officer joe seems motivated,less by the desire to help people and,more by a desire to punish as seen in,his angry rant to henry jo could likely,escape punishment for the shooting with,testimony that he was under direct,threat and rick has already testified to,such an exculpatory scenario however at,the end of the movie he decides to plead,guilty which newscasters note is very,rare for police,joes decision to plead guilty is,central to the entire film as suggested,by the title the guilty the movie echoes,influential media like the wire in,depicting police as an insular culture,that protects its own regardless of,wrongdoing meaning that flawed people,like joe can continue to be reckless and,violent because of this it is up to joe,himself to realize his shortcomings and,his actions during emilys emergency,call make his own flaws clear to himself,because he assumes that henry is a bad,guy joe is willing to go beyond the,rules of his job to punish him including,advising emily to hit him with a brick,by trying to hurt henry instead of,figuring out the situation joe endangers,emily and oliver this is the same,short-sighted anger that led to the,death of joseph the harrowing experience,of talking emily down from the ledge,forces joe to confront his failures in,the earlier case,okay all right now take it easy the,guilty begins with the epigraph the,truth shall set you free placing it,alongside pulp fiction and using bible,verses to instill the film with a deeper,possibly spiritual meaning the movies,central suspense plotline and joes,suggested backstory combined to both,highlight the limitations of joes,moralistic worldview and his quickness,to anger showing the real harm these,qualities can cause ultimately joe takes,responsibility for failing emily telling,her that i put you up on that overpass,pleading guilty in his trial is a way of,taking responsibility for the death of,joseph the ending of the guilty thus,represents a cathartic moment of,self-understanding for joe where he,accepts the truth and is forced to,confront and take responsibility for his,failings in order to start making things,right,you

The Guilty Netflix Movie Review | TIFF

jake gyllenhaal hasnt won an oscar yet,this is how i feel about that,what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel this review is coming at you,really early because i was able to see,the guilty at the toronto international,film festival this movie is coming on,netflix uh very soon but as of right now,i want to talk about it i am a huge fan,of jake gyllenhaal one of my favorites,in the business and i thought this movie,premise was fascinating its also based,off of a film that came out a couple of,years ago now i will preface this review,with the fact that i havent seen uh the,original version so i know a lot of,people are going to approach this with,that in mind and therefore i dont know,if the feelings will be the same there,but were going to talk about it were,going to discuss spoiler free lets get,into it so a wildfire is raging towards,los angeles and police officer joe,baylor winds down a chaotic but tedious,shift answering emergency calls also,this is a demotion that he has received,ahead of a disciplinary hearing,but he is soon,interrupted by a cryptic call from a,woman who appears to be attempting to,call her child but is in fact discreetly,reporting her own,abductions so working with clues joe,throws all of his skill and intuition,towards ensuring her safety but as the,severity of the crime comes to light,joes own psychological state begins to,fray and hes forced to reconcile with,demons of his own this is one of those,movies like tom hardys lock or,even another film in this festival in,lakewood where you are focused on this,character from start to finish beginning,to end it is up to jake gyllenhaal to,lead us through this movie now the story,of course has to be compelling and it,absolutely is im not going to say its,flawless there were moments and parts of,this film that maybe made me think that,they could have been handled just a bit,better and you look at the fact that,this is a remake and they may have been,handled better in the other movie i,dont know i cant say anything upon,that but i will speak upon the idea of,this police officer you know in a,position that he doesnt want to be in,first of all because of what happened,you get revelations of his past what he,did and kind of what put him in that,situation and then of course what hes,you know looking forward to not in a,good way hes scared to death about what,is to come but thats kind of part of,the discussions that he has throughout,the movie but jillian halls character,also you know hes taking these calls,hes getting frustrated you can see he,has a very short temper hes not the,nicest guy in the world he also does,things in this movie to where hes not,handling it the way that maybe he should,be handling it right hes telling,certain characters to do certain things,or you know yelling at other people in,his life that are just trying to help,him that are just trying to be there for,him but hes very short tempered yet,that short tempered nature starts to,really calm down when he finds this,woman in this situation and as the,situation unravels the story begins to,get more complicated in a way and it,begins to get more intense but again,youre here with jake john hall you,never see anything happen you never cut,to this girl whats happening to her her,situation youre with him hes on the,phone thats the movie so if youre not,into these kinds of films that really,focus on one thing you may not like this,one also our director antoine fuqua hes,done it before countless times i dont,love all of his movies but i know he can,handle this level of tension and,intensity and thats once again,something that is on display here so all,of the elements are there to make for a,great movie now was this movie,great i dont think it was great,i think it is a solid film i think its,a really good example of showcasing a,talent like jake gyllenhaal keeping your,attention at least it kept mine being in,one location thats a hard thing to do,but its impressive at the same time,what i think is great about this film,is the performance from gyllenhaal this,may be,and again one of my favorite actors so i,have a lot to compare it to and this may,be one of his best performances yet,and it should be one that gets him in,that oscar discussion it wont be right,because every year its the same thing,oh jake gyllenhaal gave a top-notch,performance well lets just,screw that guy no,hes not going to get nominated im,telling you right now now if he did id,be really happy but i just dont think,its going to put him in that position,even then out of all the films ive seen,this year this is one of my favorite,male lead performances he is just,phenomenal the burden that he is,carrying on his shoulders what he is,displaying through his emotions,just those little subtle details in his,face you know we often say the best,acting is actors who can use their eyes,to tell a story and thats so impressive,and incredible the fact that gyllenhaal,is able to do that and again you know we,are on his face through most of the film,now its a shorter movie right but for,most of the film we are just in that one,location with him other characters are,filtering in and out we get a lot of,great voice performances because of the,individuals on the phone right riley,keogh ethan hawk bill burr paul dano i,had no clue paul dana was in this movie,i got so excited when i saw his name i,thought that was fantastic,prisoners cast reunite right no i just i,love the cast the voice cast is,incredible but it really is up to jake,gyllenhaal and he does a phenomenal job,when it comes down to the story i i,thought some of the twists and turns,within this girls dilemma were not only,a bit predictable but they were also,handled in a way to where it,somewhat took away from the tension,because of the way that gyllenhaals,character handled this situation its,also just kind of a repetitive movie,right hes taking calls hanging up hes,taking calls hanging up you have to give,us compelling content within that but at,the same time i dont know if it was,compelling enough to justify the run,time a runtime is not very long its 90,minutes its one of the shortest movies,ive watched all year,but even then it didnt have me locked,in like it wanted to right so the,screenplay itself is not the victor here,the victor and i think again part of,that is because its a remake the victor,is jake john hall the victor is the look,and technical feel of the movie from,antoine fuqua thats really good i just,wish,the screenplay maybe kept me on my toes,like it was keeping gyllenhaals,character of joe on his toes and i wish,i felt that raw emotion that gyllenhaal,was displaying at the end just a bit,more i definitely felt it right but,again i believe the movie falls just a,bit short of being great because of that,repetitive premise and the fact that,there isnt much more you can do with,the story like this all of that being,said i still i still enjoyed this movie,i liked it what it gave me in terms of,intensity and tension and,just again one of the best performances,ive seen all year theres your reason,to watch it its the guy on the poster,before i give you guys my score i want,to say thank you so much for watching if,you enjoyed this video be sure to drop,your thumbs up down below and the guilty,does an excellent job of keeping you on,the edge of your seat jake gyllenhaal,gives one of his best performances yet,and he allows this movie to overcome its,repetitive story im going a 72,for uh what i believe to be a good movie,on netflix one with a couple of missed,opportunities uh so maybe i need to go,check out of course i need to go check,out the original but i need to know what,do you guys think of the guilty if you,have seen it and if you havent are you,looking forward to it when this movie,drops uh come on jake gyllenhaal win an,oscar already we know you deserve it or,at least deserve a nomination you guys,are the best thank you again for,watching appreciate it big time uh and,ill be seeing you very s

The Guilty – Review (2021) | Jake Gyllenhaal | TIFF 2021 | Netflix

so one of my favorite tv shows on,television is 9-1-1 and its not just,because of the adventures of what the,9-1-1 crew goes on but it was actually,to get the insight into what the,dispatch crew deals with on a day-to-day,and that instantly drew my interest to,this film that were about to review now,and that film is the guilty,[Music],whats going on everybody and welcome,back to the channel today for another,review today were going to be reviewing,the film the guilty which premiered this,year at toronto international film,festival tip 2021 and will be releasing,on netflix october 1st now this film did,get a lot of buzz i mean it has star,power jake gyllenhaal is your main,character here and when the trailer uh,did get released i saw a lot of people,buzzing about it and now having the,opportunity to see it i thought it was a,really good film now theres a couple of,things i want to kind of break down with,this film uh and give you my insights,and thoughts about it but overall i just,want to say that i enjoyed this film it,was a fantastic performance by jake,really emotionally driven,and i mean he gave a lot i havent seen,inside jake in a while and he gave a lot,but um first thing is that this film was,shot during the pandemic uh he is uh,re-teaming with uh the director antoine,fuqua uh black director so a lot of,respect for him in this and his craft i,really like some of his other projects,as well too,um so the cast is small,um the location is only one set one to,maybe two sets i think and because you,know antoine and jake have their friends,and they have that chemistry they really,you know i think theyve utilized each,others talent to really make this,effective so the movie feels bigger than,what it is but its a pandemic movie,which means you know because of social,discipline and any other restrictions,that may be in place that theres not a,lot of moving parts going on here but,again it feels like a bigger film than,what it is but,also again you know i think theres the,trust between the two of them because,theyre partnering again i think that,thats why youre able to excel and make,a movie that feels bigger than what it,is that has so much emotion and thats,really driven on the performance and,that is jake so uh jake plays uh a call,dispatcher operator joe who,in one day hes just having,hes having hes having a day shall i,say hes having a monday morning um and,hes trying to save a caller who is in,uh she the nicole is in danger i mean,shes been shes shes been kidnapped,and hes trying to you know connect the,dots as to where shes at and also seek,her to get help because her wish is to,get home to a baby girl he really,connected to that you know but he soon,discovers that everything isnt truly,what he thinks it is and the truth is,the only way hes gonna find himself out,of this predicament so he definitely,goes on uh not just an adventure with,the caller,but,he truly is going on a self,you know a,self-discovery adventure as well so,theres a lot of different moving things,going on here because not only is he,trying to do his job but he has to keep,himself in composure and hes constantly,being chat by his colleagues the entire,day by the reality of whats happening,and then just other lively things that,hes dealing with so hes constantly,going through a battle but um i gotta,say that,the focus of this film is about uh the,behavior of policing and mental health,so because you know in a state of uh him,being uh hes hes he,hes actually like put on this,assignment of being a co-operator which,is you know kind of a demotion of what,he used to be and its because of some,things of his past that kind of you know,uh got him in this situation where hes,in now,and then because of that situation too,is also exploring the uh the different,you know mental health issues that hes,also going through so like this,character is super complex and you have,to have a character like this in order,to make the the movie worth watching you,have to have a character that is,constantly having his gears turning and,that you as the viewer youre kind of,you know dealing with a rubiks cube,trying to understand exactly the mental,state of this character and it is,challenging because youre one man and,you want to blame him one minute you,want you sympathize with him one minute,you think hes out of his mind dont ask,me like hes spot on hes just,compassionate about his job and theres,just so much going on and i mean,even when you think you can profile this,character then something or someone,interjecting you start to go back to the,drawing board again hes just like okay,maybe not you know so like thats the,type of film that youre getting here,youre getting a lot of just,um uh,character work here uh and and it really,is coming down to the mental and the,psychology of this character that that,creates just the added level of you know,thriller um and and all sorts of,different things so its the the thrill,in the drama aspect to kind of be really,focused here so but i thought it was a,fantastic film i enjoyed this um i,really do have a lot of love for the,pandemic films because i think that it,just shows how people had to get,creative um during this time and you,know while others could have just said,hey im just gonna wait there was others,that said im going to figure this out,and i think this isnt a good example of,what it means of figuring out of how to,do good cinema through the pandemic so,folks again this is the guilty well be,releasing on netflix october 1st jump in,the comments let me know your thoughts,about this film and as always stay tuned,for more reviews very soon,[Music],[Music],all i really need is,[Music]

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