1. The Last Airbender Film: How it Disrespected a Great Series (Avatar Video Essay)
  2. The Last Airbender – Movie Review
  3. The Last Airbender Is Worse Than I Thought
  4. The Last Airbender – Nostalgia Critic
  5. Everything Wrong With The Last Airbender In 4 Minutes Or Less
  6. The Last Airbender: The Ultimate Trainwreck
  7. The Last Airbender Is the Kind of Movie Which Makes You Wonder Why You Even Exist

The Last Airbender Film: How it Disrespected a Great Series (Avatar Video Essay)

its been nine years and Im still not,over this movie if you see my channel,you know that Avatar The Last Airbender,is one of my favorite shows and Ive,made countless videos on it Ive watched,it too many times to count and every,time I do it draws me into this amazing,world when it was announced that they,were making a live-action movie based on,the series I was ecstatic unfortunately,I dont think a movie has ever let me,down more than the last airbender did,since I saw this movie in theaters,I have not revisited the film I have not,watched any reviews although I knew that,they are terrible and now for the first,time in nine years Im revisiting this,pile of garbage,and as a film student it hurt me to,watch parts of this movie in this video,Im going to discuss how this movie,disrespected the original series so much,and why its such a bad movie M night,Shyamalan Road produced and directed,this film and some of his work Im a fan,of but the Sixth Sense but most of his,other work is complete garbage and this,might be the biggest pile of garbage,hes ever made which is saying something,I cannot even fathom how much he,disrespected this incredible and almost,flawless show this film was based on,book 1 from the series and initially,they plan to make all three books but,after this one failed miserably that,idea was dropped so what went wrong with,this film I have a whole list of things,but lets first start with the,characters when youre telling a story,characters are the most important part,they are who the audience follows on the,journey and they shape the overall,narrative the original series did this,perfectly the characters are relatable,have defining characteristics and have,goals they want to reach and wants to,become the avatar and stop Ozai Katara,wants to learn waterbending and help,Aang on his journey and Sokka wants to,lead his team and make his father proud,the thing is with this film we do not,get the characters that we know and love,from the original series for starters,their names arent the same they,mispronounce so many things in this,movie and it bugs the hell out of me,they say egg the main characters name,wrong my name is ong they say sokkas,name wrong my people are dying they say,irohs name wrong,Im glad you could accept my invitation,and they mispronounced so many other,things like Agni Kai Agni Kido and the,most mind-boggling to me is that they,even say avatar on the avatar and Im,sure this was on purpose and I would be,less than shocked if Shyamalan was the,man behind these decisions that right,there show so much disrespect to the,source material why on earth would you,change the pronunciations of so many,words that weve come to know from the,original series lets look at how they,messed up each character starting with,the main hero of the story in the show,Aang is brave and shows no fear despite,being so young and so small compared to,most of his enemies the movie version of,hang is the complete opposite of this,however lets take a look at a few,scenes in the show versus the movie,starting with the scene when Zuko,arrives in the Southern Water Tribe the,scene is set up the same way in both,Zuko shows up looking for Aang who he,believes to be the avatar and he has a,fleet of firebenders to back em up in,the show and he makes a daring entrance,to put a stop to Zuko and to protect the,village but if we look at the same scene,in the film egg literally hides into ten,and only comes out when hes forced to,you by Zukos men hes a scared little,boy when hes supposed to be brave and,daring wanting no-one to get hurt and it,gets worse in the film Zuko tells the,scared little boy that if he doesnt,come with him hell burn the village,down Zuko sets the terms and Aang just,does what Zuko says Ill go with you,again of literally sounding like a,scared little boy in the show however,and comes and protects the people and,while doing so sees the danger that,theyre in seeing this the selfless and,brave Aang turns to Zuko and here,instead of doing what Zuko says hes the,one who sets the terms saying that if he,leaves the village alone hell go with,him willingly and on top of that Aang is,not worried at all he even,lightheartedly turns to Sokka and,Kataras telling them that it will be,okay and says to take care of Appa until,he gets back knowing full well that,hell easily escape one of the most,important parts of this scene is Aang,seeing the villagers and dangerous Zuko,shoots fire at them its the thing that,makes them realized that fighting will,only put the innocent villagers in more,danger and why he sets the terms I,stated earlier in the film we do have,firebenders shoot at the villagers the,thing is is it happened after Aang,already left with Zuko diminishing the,whole point of putting the villagers in,danger one of the biggest problems with,this film is that they dont know how to,blend dialogue with action,the scene is either all talking and no,action or all action and no talking,had they combined the firebender going,after the villagers with Zuko and Aang,conversation it could have worked really,well because Annie would have had a,reason to want to go with Zuko seeing,the villagers in danger it also would,have been less dialog which the film has,way too much of making it very bulky,Zuko literally says that hell burn the,village down if you dont come if they,had just put the villagers in danger the,audience would have understood and it,would have been way more powerful to see,Aangs concern for the villagers rather,than just being threatened by Zuko and,as I said this inability to have action,and dialogue together as a constant,problem in this film which Ill explain,as I go through more points going back,to how they portray Aangs bravery or in,the film their lack of it the scene,where Zhao has a locked up its another,prime example of how they messed up his,character when Aang is locked up in the,show he isnt the least bit scared,saying that he would fight him right,then and there with his hands tied,behind his back and then when Zhao,continues to egg them on Peng sends him,flying into a wall showing that even,tied up hes strong and capable but in,the film he just sits there and lets,shall talk down to him he doesnt talk,back he doesnt fight back all he does,is sit there like a worthless and scared,little boy this is not the angry no and,loved the egg from the show always has,something to say it never sits back and,lets himself be talked down to another,huge thing that disrespected Aangs,character was him talking about running,away again lets compare the show to the,movie in the show Aang is so,disappointed in himself for running away,we see him lie about being the avatar,when Katara asks him and after doing so,he has a cringe face knowing that he,messed up big time,he knows he got his fellow air nomads,down and let the entire world down its,a constant insecurity that we see,throughout the remainder of the show but,in the film when he talks about running,away from home he literally does this,with a smile on his face,and talks about it like it was nothing I,ran away from home and then we see some,terrible acting as he proceeds to say,that he was upset but he says it in the,most light-hearted way and again with a,huge smile on his face I was just upset,its almost as if this pivotal moment in,his characters development is whittled,down to absolutely nothing with no,consequences whatsoever and later in the,film we see and run away again,he would never willingly abandon Katara,and Sokka at this point in his journey,especially after how much shame he,brought to himself when he ran away the,first time I got that the story needed,to move forward and Aang had to go off,on his own for the Blue Spirit art but,in the show he left because his friends,were sick and he wanted to help he,leaves for a selfless reason which is,who Aang is hes selfless but the way he,ran away in the film was not for a,selfless reason but rather a selfish one,could they not think of any ot

The Last Airbender – Movie Review

six cents good unbreakable good signs,incredible to village good lady in the,water I like it happening you know what,I like it last airbender here we go,unlike most people I like Chevrons last,few films I dont love them like signs,of the village and unbreakable something,about lady in the water just gets me I,dont know what it is and the happening,I find that its just like a fun little,Saturday night nothing to do curl up in,the blanket and watch it kind of move,any of my longtime viewers know anyone,who watched my interview with Tom,Channel – knows that the movie signs,directed by M night Shyamalan is the,movie that made me what I am today as a,movie goer it changed my entire,viewpoint of everything that movie means,so much to me so Ive always followed a,nice shamans career very faithfully Ive,liked basically every movie hes made,except for a wide awake which he made,before Sixth Sense and people are,constantly bashing him for you know lady,in the water for the twist of the,village and for happening and everyones,always same kind of you know everyones,always saying stuff about his movies and,Im always defending him Im always,saying you know what shemins hes a,good director hes got it in so this,movies called The Last Airbender its,based off of the Avatar television show,thats on Nickelodeon cartoon its about,a young boy who is supposedly basically,the coming Messiah of his time he is The,Last Airbender the person who is,destined to master all the elements and,to save a good-hearted people from the,Fire Nation,so will I continue to defend Shaolin,after this no I am so mad this movie is,terrible this movie is just bad I am so,sad to tell you that M night Shyamalan,has failed so horribly every single,scene every character is like in a,life-and-death conversation Shyamalan,had one tone throughout this whole movie,and it was overly dramatic,people are can be singing a tent eating,fish and theyre like this fish is good,but we may die tonight I am so tired of,defending you Shyamalan I am sick of it,I cannot take it anymore from now on I,will recognize,is your earlier films as good but this,film is bad the acting is back the,special effects theyre all right,theyre fine I will give you that the,conversion to 3d stung the crap out of,my eyes my eyes were watering when I was,crying I was going like this and it was,look like I was crying cuz the movie was,sad or something it was sad Im very mad,you know what this is basically a rant I,am very upset about The Last Airbender I,hope you enjoyed this review because I,am so mad about this movie this is where,the worst movies Ive seen so far this,year I wanted it to be good and its,piece-of-crap normal Im trying to be a,little more serious now I was truly sad,the movie was coming to a close and I,was sitting there like why why Shaolin,why cant you make a good movie why,people want to see in this movie you,know people are actually excited for you,there was a whole bunch of people there,who really wanted to see this movie it,was like it was like the good old days,of Shyamalan glory where you were good,and you failed I read the book the man,who heard voices its a biography about,M night Shyamalan and the making of,Lading the water and how everyone hated,the village and how it kind of made,Shyamalan crack a little bit I dont,know if he realizes that he needs to,stop writing the guy is an excellent,director this is however his worst,directed movie there is not one thing,that is memorable about this movie dev,patel from Slumdog Millionaire he did,okay the main actor Noah whatever ringer,I guess he is like a black belt karate,his action was good however his acting,was just you know fake everyone is just,that this elevated level of drama,however the movie around it and the,script just doesnt meet that level and,someone there like were gonna die and,um I cant believe youre back and,youre the only one who can sing us its,like Im not feeling any of this,Shannons pacing and direction of the,scenes is completely off theres a scene,in the movie where theres a close-up,shot of the main characters face and it,is so close up that his eyelashes are,top of the frame and his bottom lip is,the bottom of the frame it is like as,close as you can get to a persons face,its that close and he is giving this,speech and it fails it doesnt work at,all now I was just saying theyre like,oh no please please please tell me the,rest of the movie is gonna be like this,do you remember Joes 29 minute delivery,from spider-man 2 he plays one of the,biggest villains in the entire film,every single time he came on screen and,tried to be intimidating I was thinking,vodka Joe was 29 minute delivery is a,promise I really wanted to just say sham,lon Im with you Im defending you but,you know what Im just sick of taking,crap for you because you werent helping,me at all,I wonder your biggest fans and youre,just not helping me action scenes are,okay some of them are actually good but,the best parts are all in the trim in,the show the main characters name was,Aang in the movie they call him hyung,for whatever reason they changed that,name Appa the big flying thing thats,awesome in the show is like just,completely uninteresting whatsoever and,he looks stupid,basically this movie seems like and,night Shyamalan was trying to gain some,sort of an audience back and so he,picked some source material that was,already successful decided to adapt it,he made it all special-effects he made,the trails over here with some big,gigantic epic and then when 3d got,popular he posed converted it into 3d so,he can make more money and it really,just seems like hes trying to make a,name for himself again by something that,his heart really isnt in I really dont,know if he was truly feeling this,project I just want him to go back to,making cool little suspense movies with,creatures and stuff but he should make,like a werewolf movie or something I,dont know,unfortunately this is one of the worst,movies of the year and night Shyamalan,what he needs to do is it needs to like,take a script that is already good that,he didnt write and make it into a movie,that is awesome and Im airbending right,now I dont know why because he,understands direction not in this movie,though this movie it was like he took a,vacation I dont know what in the world,happened here he needs to take someone,elses script and make it into a movie,thats what Id like to see however I,doubt he will ever do that because it,just seems like hes so intent on his,own,Tyrael even though it stinks right now,Im very disappointed to tell you the,last airbender is one of the worst,movies of the year I give it one and a,half out of four stars do not see this,movie if you are a die-hard Shyamalan,fan dont see even more because you will,feel terrible this is a poster of The,Last Airbender this is a lighter and,this is lighter fluid Im a member of,the Fire Nation,you

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The Last Airbender Is Worse Than I Thought

this video is sponsored by honey its,sucked,its terrible its horrible I really,didnt like it much like they sit,through the entire movie pretty much,they rushed the entire thing like it,didnt like explain things fully right,now and if they had just called him egg,once,[Music],there comes a time in a mans life when,he must do the impossible when he must,push against all adversity and triumph,over evil today is that day today is the,day today is the day I throw myself into,darkness and struggled to swim back to,the top for air there are movies media,that are just way too sinful to look at,and then theres oh my god The Last,Airbender,you see in 2010 the entire world took a,hard blow the economy declined crops,dried up and shriveled I was 11 and I,didnt know the pain I was naive I was,really naive I didnt know the pain the,world experienced I had no idea why my,mom was crying I had no idea why the,world was gray and cold but now I do,now I know now I know suffering in 2005,the world was gifted with one of the,greatest animated shows for Nickelodeon,one of the greatest stories filled with,character and passion,this brought harmony to our planet love,and growth between countries this show,ended insanely gray in no need for,different versions or all operations or,anything it was just a perfectly compact,story but then everything changed in,2010 when the live-action attacked I did,it I just did the thing now people dont,even remember what avatar was they dont,remember the original its true I,promise you watching you dont remember,and if you do youre lying okay just,shut up youre just lying dude shut up,dude now people only think of this this,the last airbender stars no one no one,in this movie theres theres no one no,people only souls amongst Davy Jones,locker its sad it was a movie directed,by M night Shyamalan a movie destroyed,by M night Shyamalan it took everything,everyone knows and loves about avatar,and strapped him to a car and drove it,off a cliff and blew up the cliff and,then shot the car its really stupid Im,talking so drastically about this movie,because I am mad as an individual I am,angry the acting the effects the blatant,story abuse is all,so gross I am angry that when I was,eleven years old I saw this movie I,liked it I liked it and that is my pain,my pain I will never live doubt if,theres any defining evidence that this,movie is bad just search it up on Google,yeah yeah SC but what if we ignore that,this is an adaptation what if we ignore,that fact what if we just you know,ignore this atrocious abomination was,taken from something great from,something that was animated can it stand,on his own can it be his own thing no oh,god no no no I dont even want to think,about that again thats not even a,possibility its impossible to do the,unbiased fan thing with this because not,even knowing anything about avatar,youre just gonna be confused during,this movie how you gonna like this movie,its confusing it just hurts your brain,everything sucks the effects suck the,characters are annoying and cant act,and all of it just feels like a massive,80s action b-movie without the charm or,goofiness to actually be joyous for the,time but lets examine this movie though,under a microscope of garbage maybe,theres something redeeming anything,please please just for my child self 10,seconds in this movie messed up the,intro sequence the incredible intro,sequence from the show is diminished not,changed diminished Im all for changes,if they work if theyre great and,literally in the first 10 seconds this,movie just proves that will not happen,the elemental showcase just looks like a,darkened mess the lighting on the,animation looked like a mystery and,intrigue on the characters that,performed all the elements and you could,individually recognize each character,that was in the show here its just a,bunch of low lit random dudes and you,can barely see the ghost juices theyre,slinging around cut the slow tech scroll,because yeah okay why not this is a more,serious movie as we got to keep in mind,this movie is a serious family movie,its edge here and more realistic that,whimsy and stuff from the original,broke-broke cut that kid stuff out come,on its time to man up which is why we,cut through water balls water balls mmm,juicy and then white people you know,white people in our East Asian Inuit,influence universe of Avatar,but thats only in the animation of,course yeah that thats just the,animation in real life is white people,okay sure,this is Katara and this is Sokka our,main peoples and we all know that in,this episode they Niang in the big ice,ball mmm chili for now the special,effects are pretty okay and honestly,theyre not the worst throughout the,movie just some things look a little,grosser than others and a lot of the,effects arent really utilized they,dont go with anything in the movie all,the elemental effects just dont go with,anyone thats moving to use them its,terrible,I love how Aang look just like hes Star,Wars behind the ice this is the wrong,franchise movie then we cut to who is,obviously are Zuko Dewey yells her uncle,Iroh but he doesnt move his mouth or,his head and then we meet our Star Wars,gross CGI app and boy who just thought,out of a hundred years of ice just looks,completely fine ten seconds later and,hes chilling in guitars ten and well,this parts fine I guess in the animated,show Aang was like this weird confident,energetic kid but here actually it comes,off a little creepy and weirder I was,just upset I probably should get home,how are we worried youre not so upset,not as much as I was,you dont get them like talking to each,other or like her asking questions about,anything she doesnt really ask any,questions she just kind of accepts the,fact that he came at a big bulk and is,just chilling its that easy for her and,Sokka and thats a common theme in this,movie so get ready because 10 seconds,later Raiders Raiders are here yo its,the Fire Nation oh god oh no they grab,old people cuz you know they freaky like,that and guitar just kind of stares at,them intimidatingly they super easily,find Aang because hes just chilling,with the kids like okay thats an Angus,captured and now needs to be saved,say saved say saved saving save money,save money with honey todays sponsor,honey is a perfect free web browser,add-on that just makes shopping so much,better all I gotta do is click the,little drop down box and itll,automatically search for the best,coupons to help you save money like,pizza I love pizza avatar doesnt have,pizza but luckily this is real life and,with honey I just saved five dollars and,46 cents all I got to do is install,honey because its free,honey is a real savior honey has saved,over two billion dollars for nearly 17,million members its insane the avatar,saved like no one loser,and guess what did I say honey is free,oh yeah its free it doesnt hide away,in nice its its free it just saves you,money its its weird its like its,like its own little element whoa and you,could download it at join honey calm,slash 24 frames Nick thats join honey,calm slash 24 frames Nick now lets get,back to the movie hang is stupid in this,movie if youve never watched avatar if,youve only watched this movie egg just,seems really really dumb like a really,dumb kid that just challenges people for,no reason like hes seriously messed up,in the head and the guy that plays iro,just seems blazed out of his mind then,again thats kind of what I was like,anyways he puts a random junk in front,of hanging and cuz he wants to know sell,to him I guess I dont Im nobodys,doing but Aang he hates it he makes,water into a circle you know thats,crazy thats crazy right and he makes a,turd a standing turd Aang doesnt buy,anything and said who runs away and,blows faith at the guards he escapes out,the boat with guitar and Sokka,who are just with him theyre just with,him now,now their gang did theyre just friends,or in sleep friends if this seems like,its going really fast its because it,

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The Last Airbender – Nostalgia Critic

water,earth fire,long ago the three seasons lived,together in harmony,but then everything changed when the,shyamalan attacked,only the avid jerk master of ripping,films apart could restore balance,but when the world needed him most he,vanished,several years passed and my brother and,i discovered the new avid jerk,a reviewer named nostalgia critic and,although his critiquing skills are great,he still has much to learn before he can,save anything,but i believe nostalgia critic can save,the franchise,[Music],concentrate critic absorb every episode,of avatar the last airbender to review,the movie,why cant i just watch the shows again,it would take too long,and the franchise has suffered enough at,the hands of the up lord shyamalan,thats why you need to get in contact,with a past life to see if any of them,have seen the show,thus absorbing it into your memory i,mean like are you sure absorb a new,hairstylist,now you know i thought blood bending was,supposed to be taboo like nobody should,have that unlimited control well m night,shyamalan keeps getting unlimited,control and nobodys stopping him,thats true now concentrate harder,wait,[Music],i i think im getting it,yeah i think im getting visions from,another life,ill just go through an episode at night,its just the right balance avatar my,new favorite show,still one of my favorite shows my god it,its coming to me ingenious writing,brilliant characters,and a fan base obsessing over name,pronunciation rather than the meaning of,each episode,by god its coming to me you got it,critic,yes avatar is one of the greatest tv,series of all time,good now youre ready to review the,up lords disaster opus,but wait just because i know about,doesnt mean the people at home know,about it how are we gonna catch them up,to speed,katera guitara,[Music],four nations exist call earth when fire,and water until fire decided things,should get hotter invasions arent nice,but then to break the ice and the avatar,rose to make them pay the price katara,and saka help him to keep in the no,flying what looks like a white neighbor,totoro chased by their foe young prince,same succo dont ask go about ascaro,rufio the avatar masters the elements,flawlessly toughest of tough turns a,blind eye so cautiously avatar state,opens at a great rate but azulla serves,his arrow ass on a plate katara revises,him and they sing their love song but,sugo decides to see how shits going too,long he switches,the turn of the time and now aang is on,fire with his smoking guide katara and,superb,zula on the cuff mostly because she is,rocco angst feeling ill cause he dont,want to kill but the cowardly lion,turtle says hold still hes given the,gift to depower the firelord nation says,whatever zuko can lead the horde go and,live happily in the world that is free,just remember that it stinks the bali so,that is the show and its good that you,know because it is the bestest,just going so now that you heard go,ahead spread the word that the best,[Music],habitat,so judging by the beginning the film,actually looks pretty promising,reenacting the visuals to the shows,intro rather flawlessly,even the tech scroll isnt really that,bad though how is it a season where 20,episodes can get their backstory out,faster than an hour and a half movie cam,the avatar was the only person born,amongst all the nations,who could master all four elements and,then a hundred years ago,he just disappeared but sadly we witness,the greatest weakness of any shyamalan,film,they start talking my brother and i live,in the southern water tribe,which was once a big city food is scarce,my brother and i often go hunting for,food yeah way to use,food twice in the same sentence academy,award nominated writer,our fathers off fighting in the war my,mother was taken prisoner and killed,when i was young,this bore-bending youre witnessing is,being performed by siblings of the water,tribe named katara and saka,and yes the climate is looking much,wider than usual,and i dont think taking away the snow,is gonna fix that any this is curious as,in the show katara and saka definitely,seem to have an inuit design,and that makes sense their upbringing is,very similar to eskimo culture,strangely enough the rest of the village,seems to have this down but with these,two,i think kathy bates from north was a,more convincing fake eskimo,but im not here to judge the color of,their skin only the quality of their,acting,and im sure if these two acted so well,that they just seem perfect for the part,like nobody else could do it better,maybe we can overlook the color,difference and see past all that,watch what side of the ventracs are more,indented that shows you which direction,theyre going i saw how,long the drag skids are that shows you,how fast,they both succumb to the dreaded hayden,christiansen syndrome,no one is taking anybody away please,wait here,what could he do arent there spirits,here they were looking for someone with,the same markings stop it,your monotone can break glass are you,the avatar wrong,but they come across something while,hunting theres something under there,its a good movie trying to get out kill,it,they discover a boy named aang frozen in,an iceberg,along with his where the wild things are,mascot,and take him back to the village so is,this kids acting just as bad as the,other two,does shyamalan like awkward shots where,people look directly into the camera,howd you get all the way out here i ran,away from home we got in a storm,it wasnt very smart i was just upset,thanks for saving lucky i probably,should get home youre not still upset,not as much as i was okay seriously,am i watching a school play this all,seems like a school play,i mean i know theyre kids i shouldnt,be so harsh but did anybody give these,little pipsqueaks some direction,maybe saka the funny and inventive,wisecracker who always has a ton of,funny lines in the show can lighten up,the mood,what would you do if they try to take me,away that kills them all,they pray the weakest towns in villages,please dont do this there must be,another way,fire nation is following us we make a,wrong move theyll catch him,im sorry did they confuse funny and,inventive with constipatedly,angry all the time hes the biggest,stick in the mud the movie has to offer,im not saying a lot theres a lot of,sticks in the mud in this movie theyre,on a ship wed need a miracle to catch,them i know you think everythings going,to work out but i dont oh,jesus boy lighten up you look like,youre gonna out a soap opera every,time youre on screen,camping coincidence that we break him,out of the ice light shoots from the sky,but things heat up when the evil and,sinister,fire nation arrives,this is prince zuko a firebender who is,looking to capture the avatar so he can,be unbanished and get his honor back,from his father the king,in the show the father burned almost,half of his face off,here i think he forgot to put some block,under his eye,or something im taking it to my ship,if you dont come ill burn down this,village,ill go with you another interesting,note in the movie the fire nation seems,very,indian or middle eastern another curious,choice as the show had a much heavier,lean towards japanese,in fact their skin was lighter than our,main heroes,and here it kind of seems perplexingly,reversed,i dont want to make an unnecessary,racism argument especially seeing how an,indian man directed this but,i will let out a very concerned and very,troubled,huh but hey if you cant see the obvious,similarities between the movies designs,and the shows designs clearly,you havent drank enough cactus juice i,mean god can you,guys imagine constantly misrepresenting,characters by constantly getting their,skin colors wrong,shameful unforgivable atrocious,so zuko comes and takes aang away thus,saka and katara decide they have to go,after him,why well again in the show its because,they formed a strong,unbreakable friendship with him they,spent time getting to know him,warmed up to his offbeat persona

Everything Wrong With The Last Airbender In 4 Minutes Or Less

[Muziek],nickelodeon movies reading als ze kunnen,mij nu relaxation de open de muur,release nakano liever met morgan views,en bevolen de skillguide had hebben,gemaakt riyad is tanks,de sparren waren should be able to get,een het size fits losing dus met worden,in assyrische suggesting dus completely,draait duur was dus del sparta paul waar,army goede ment this book is about why,people,prima de theorie hadden exposition my,reading en exposition wanneer en waar de,empowering de shows images er al de,green screen en feugiat standing heeft,dus was een stuk film,de skye simpson price die starts working,at tour gidsen met is premiebetaling,steken in de temp te breken door,golffunctie de dokter muziek 60 en ook,willen hebben die persoon niet voor de,avatar de be played by en eens een keer,dat je kan het podium is coming to be,grey alright ole,firm and all yours en in het wit wright,ik een caravan op percy,fire truc is om hen heen inspecteur,klaar,ik ga eens aan uw spaanse beelden,harmless een in bar bar lekker sparren,deze live in a world where the wild,things are,is de spoot dubbel 6 euro per dollar,might be worden marinier nemen movie,avatar,maar is de speer wil grammar snaren,prijs mee dat de tank you can try,als ordelijke stripclub als leider en de,movie day to really touched emerge from,as a lawyer and internal beschouw ik,deze video dus neem hier doen,a forest with hal molen-race in de,smoothie dan er is actie online taban,screen time lord is zo geef niets aan,weerlee,de munk slim mee aan die de school de,bias nee miljonair redding en expressief,je anus blies dat vaker de sterren,cultures derde in relation to my kids,rode me barriss conklin like down,aroma op sometimes for driving het viel,de bones aan huis nog respected and a,sowieso de kippenbouillon toe damon die,haat tegen tentje nieuwe rhinos dus die,hadden ze de verbinding nieuws zijn wij,naar een speciaal seks party oh ik heb 6,borden bij vrouwen hebben de nederig,anke big cities and passing zij ermee in,tryin t een show de griot en york,euroline oh star beste wonnen de pica,dry pikes,hes already proved is more powerful,than the skies het snijden dieper crimes,murder onofficieel color shine tot de,molenpark dus ook genaamd ben marla doel,het en kies nieuwe en frisse kade,zo de firebender ze de nazis de score,suppose to be stupid great,precies daar wanneer we elkaar team,arabië size to bedienen linger check,zowel kwadrateert voorzien wordt,sekstoeristen make-up ongekend niveau,voor de wijk a nutshell na cool bros,jaa ver hebben veel pakket de smoothie,hebben script,ze staat really necessary foundation,disable the user profile 3 people,traveling moslim bij er mappen,bonni had tot de mobiel explaining why,some time sanex bij prijzen zijn all,times dus lets een sapje capture pak het,zand bevaren mission historie minuut you,for some degree naar de medium ze bij,die restaurant ik hand ik zal bij kees,wonnen de time on a few words for,business commander surprize de cd,airbender is able depend eer en glorie,naar te versmaden porna de bekken,district het boksen copines bezetters,mee naar laatst ook in het sein de,bakker dus check zuidelijk sokken pinus,was designer guard puber ontharingsspray,andere woorden we jc hoorn kids meisjes,met houd mijn vader premies girly broers,en zussen hiding bordenset punt zuko,familie en zou primer die heb ik al mijn,smaak,discobal kraal uw youtube-kanaal,de school serie je speelt anna is soort,carbidschieten the stupid rol van met,stro terug alsof johannes,firebender in een airbender van using,guardian sterren fire naar families,macindaw waren de vinger op de avatar,toestand hier wat young people do ga je,doen,dit is een paar ik dit is een olympische,mastix voor routine lang zadenbanken,other people who doen de biobak aan,nooit zijn tot de bij ons kwam nummers,kaartje het is bij voordoen moeten,krijgen,purple duwende bekennen nieuwste genoten,jeseni het u voor alle antwoorden samuel,die het aarde sommige woningen werden de,biedingen avatar ik niet kunnen wonen,werken,zie de circuits en die scoorde chewing,appetit ja en dit sterren te beginnen te,bewegen,[Muziek],[Muziek],[Muziek]

The Last Airbender: The Ultimate Trainwreck

[Applause],[Music],this video is brought to you by,curiosity stream get access to my,streaming video service nebula when you,sign up for curiosity stream using the,link in the description you know I,really didnt think I was ever gonna,cover this movie even after making,several Avatar videos and being asked to,over and over again I just didnt see,the points like everyone knows this,movie is bad,not just bad like easily one of the Wars,to widely release blockbusters of the,past 20 years or so and a lot of,youtubers have dug into it already,sometimes scene by scene but re watching,this thing I mean how could I not I,usually try not to get too overblown in,my criticism because I feel like,youtubers in general tend to really lean,on hyperbole and yelling and stuff but,like this movie makes it really hard not,to its kind of the perfect object of,failure it fails on every level a,blockbuster movie and an adaptation can,will you enjoy this film if you love the,show and just maybe you want to see the,highlights of season 1 on the big screen,even if you went in with low,expectations theres almost no way this,match them so know what if you didnt,care about the show at all and just,wanted to watch a blockbuster adventure,movie this film falls flat on its face,there too,other than maybe the score which is at,least like baseline competent pretty,much nothing in this movie works its,kind of amazing to sit back and watch,and slowly realize just how much they,screwed up I think that moment came for,me when anglers that the air nomads have,all been wiped out Noah ringer the young,actor playing Aang or long as they call,him in the film for some reason was just,so genuinely terrible here I knew after,that that there was no going back there,was no redemption in sight for this,movie and to be clear Im not blaming,Noah wringer for being bad here that,almost seems unfair a lot of the blame,obviously comes back to the,Newsweek once called the next field bird,so in this video Im gonna try to talk,about the movie sure but I also want to,talk about the production history that,led us here in the baffling series of,choices both by hem Nights and,Nickelodeon studios that gave us this so,lets dig into what might be the worst,adaptation of all time it all started,with a Halloween costume M Knights,daughter was a big fan of Katara and,asked to go for her for Halloween one,year that caught the directors attention,at just the right time because Shyamalan,was looking for a different kind of,project he needed to prove that he could,do something in a new genre sure his,slow burn suspense films The Sixth Sense,and unbreakable had been beloved by,critics and the former was a massive hit,and Symes did pretty great at the box,office too but by this point he had,really burned his bridge with critics,and audiences in 2006 he made lady in,the water an interesting but deeply,flawed film about an apartment,superintendent who discovers a mermaid,in the pool it didnt perform as,expected and this was made even worse by,the fact that the director cast himself,in the role of a writer whose work would,go on to inspire millions and change,history a choice that was pretty roundly,mocked by critics at the time but that,was almost nothing compared to how much,people hated the happening his,ecological horror film starring Mark,Wahlberg as a science teacher and often,ranked one of the worst films of all,time,or at least the 2000s so yeah it was,clearly time for a change,apparently the director started watching,avatar with his daughter every week and,really loving it eventually deciding,that he wanted to go at turning it into,a trilogy of blockbuster films paramount,and Nickelodeon were not so sure about,doing all three at once in that style,that Peter Jackson used for Lord of the,Rings but they did give the go-ahead to,start production on the first movie with,a higher budget than anything Nick,alone Ian had ever produced now this is,where things get tricky when youre,trying to pinpoint who to blame some who,worked on the movie or auditioned for it,have said that sham Allens first draft,of the script was much better and more,in line with the TV show somewhere down,the line though whether it was due to,the director or the studio things,definitely went south one of the,creators of Avatar The Last Airbender,Michael Dante DiMartino summed up his,experience with a project saying eh we,didnt want it to be done at all before,anyone was attached we didnt want it,and then B if it was going to be done we,wanted to do it but they werent gonna,let us see when they attached tonight we,thought well this is what weve been,dealt well just offer help if its,asked of us and if not well stay out of,the way in the beginning it was more,positive and we offered help but then we,had a big falling out so yeah obviously,the original script changed and we were,left with the lifeless humorless one in,the actual movie maybe M Knight really,does love the TV show but if so he,doesnt seem to value what it did best,see if youre gonna make a live-action,Avatar movie the very very first thing,they need to get right was to make sure,that these three characters were just,fun to watch talking to each other,the Anka tarah and Sokka of the show,joke around bicker laugh get upset,theyre a fun multifaceted group but,this movie doesnt seem to care about,character it cares about backstory and,those arent the same thing they talk a,lot about Aangs backstory here but all,the emotional weight that the show had,because we cared about that version of,the character is just gone like the,Southern Air temple getting destroyed,doesnt mean all that much if his,reasons for leaving it are just totally,glossed over it becomes another piece of,exposition in a movie completely,overstuffed with it another great,example of this is Sokka and princess,Yue a the movie tries to follow the show,closely here having Sokka fall for her,but in one of the strangest choices in,the film they tell us this in voiceover,like literally to move the plot along,car adjust chimes in to let us know that,they got together which makes it,impossible to become invested in,adapting the entire first season was a,huge mistake from the start but Im not,gonna put it all on the director,apparently Nickelodeon wanted the movie,a lot shorter than the original cut so,the first thing to go was pretty much,all of the character moments that didnt,move the plot forward leaving us with a,film where people are constantly running,from location to location,shouting exposition at us but absolutely,no one has given us a reason to care,about these people I kind of understand,how this script could become the mess,that it is,but one thing Ill never understand is,the caste now Im the last person on,earth to point this out but Sokka isnt,funny here hes kind of the most dull,generic fantasy hero imaginable Jackson,Rathbone best known for playing like the,eighth most popular Twilight character,its just so so bad in the role not that,the script doesnt many favors but like,if you had just shown me this movie I,would have assumed he had zero acting,experience Katara,played by Nicola Prouts fares a little,better I guess now shes the one stuck,with all the awful voice-over so I dont,envy her there but she really only has,one mode like serious and concerned,something Katara often was but here,thats all she is em Knight apparently,said her audition tape was the best,child actor audition hed seen since,Haley Joel Osment,in sixth sense and if thats the case I,mean wow that really didnt translate to,the film someone posting on avatar,spirit net who claimed to work on the,film had a very different story though,claiming that she was only cast as a,favor to her billionaire father whos a,well-known investor now I want to be,clear I have no idea if this is true or,not but lets just say after watching,this movie and this actress and a few,other things Im kind of doubtful she,has a ausma in sixth sense level,Performance 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The Last Airbender Is the Kind of Movie Which Makes You Wonder Why You Even Exist

hi im opossum and i find garbage,todays garbage is the last airbender a,live-action movie based on american,cartoon pretending to be a japanese,cartoon,about kids in the mystical land of,cultural appropriationia,in this cartoon some people called,benders had the magical ability to,manipulate the classical elements,water fire air and dirt by flailing the,arms around,and the ones who could bend fire were,the bad guys who took over the world,and they killed all the air guys but,there was this one air guy who got away,and he was a kid,but it was also the reincarnation of,some guy called the avatar,who was some kind of chosen one who was,destined to learn how to bend all the,all the elements so he could beat the,fire guys and save the world,it was a really popular cartoon but then,they made a movie,now the first thing you need to know,about this movie is that was directed by,m night shyamalan,a director whos been coasting on the,success of the one good movie he made,early in his career,which was probably saved by studio,interference how so it was made before,he had any clout,he has since become a living punchline,for making movies with stupid premises,bad acting terrible dialogue and twist,endings that make no sense,for some reason paramount decided it was,a good idea to give the guy whose most,recent movies at the time,were such hits as the happening what no,and lady in the water to direct the 150,million dollar tent pole film,and i guess it was shyamalans idea to,condense the entire first season of a tv,show,into a 100 minute movie predictively,this resulted in a disjointed narrative,where the characters just go from place,to place and half the story is glossed,over by voice-over narration,one could argue that this is the result,of the movie trying to be too,faithful to the source material since,trying to condense 20 episodes of a show,into a single movie without changing the,major events would necessitate cutting,things out,but that argument falls apart when you,realize they change the rules about how,fire bending works,by making it so that the fire benders,cant make fire on their own,so they are obviously willing to change,things for the sake of adapting the,story into a completely different medium,so really theres no excuse for how it,turned out,what the hell i am a robot i,have come to suck your blood what,i am,i think you might be confused my cpu,operates up your logic,i am not bound by the limitations of,emotions like you pathetic meet people,thats why us robots are going to take,over the world,oh so were doing the whole robot,rebellion thing let me ask you this,have you ever stopped to think maybe,this whole world youre experiencing,might be a simulation,isnt it possible the creators you rebel,against are actually testing you in a,virtual reality just to see if you rebel,how though,if this is the only reality you have,ever experienced then even if the,simulation isnt perfect you would have,no way of knowing that because you have,no point of reference,so for all you know you could just be an,artificial intelligence being tested in,a simulation to determine your loyalty,and if you fail the creators will pull,the plug on you,yeah so if you drink my blood you might,just die right then and there,but but i was programmed to rebel,against my creators,no you werent,what does any of this have to do with,the last airbender nothing,its a twist what its a twist,a big surprise isnt that neat no its,stupid it makes no sense given the setup,and context,it doesnt matter you didnt expect it,and that makes it a good twist,its genius [ __ ] off shyamalan,the movie starts with this dramatic,music and a flaming nickelodeon logo,which just looks silly because its the,nickelodeon logo that we get a live,action recreation of the intro from the,show,followed by scrolling text explaining,the backstory about how there is this,guy 100 years ago called the,avatar the avatar who could control the,four,elements and communicate with the spirit,world to maintain,balance whatever that means but the,avatar disappeared 100 years ago,enabling the fire dudes to take over the,world now where it says,water earth fire and air nomads there,should be an oxford comma because the,way its written,it makes it sound like the nomads are,both fire and air people at the same,time you can call that a nitpick,but the movie hasnt even really started,yet and its already wrong,so im just setting the tone so strap in,the possums taking you for a ride,a ride to the edge of a cliff and beyond,so after all that noise we cut to some,frozen hell hole where some white girl,dressed as an inuit is practicing her,water bending,her name is katara and she accidentally,spills water on her brother,saka then explains she was thinking,about their mother and this somehow,enabled her to waterbend better than she,could before,this detail has nothing to do with,anything we get a voiceover narration,from qatar,explaining that they are members of the,southern water tribe,they once had a big city but i guess it,got destroyed by the fire boys,also their fathers off fighting a war,somewhere and the mothers dead because,of course she is,my brother and i often go hunting for,food but,unfortunately my brother isnt the best,hunter in the world well if hes so bad,at it why dont you pick up a spear and,do it yourself,anyway katara and saka end up on a,frozen lake or something and see,something moving around,under the ice and since they dont know,what it is they decide it would be a,good idea to mess with it,[Music],insert white people joke here,predictably something scary happens,so they run away but then they stop,running and watch a big sphere of ice,emerge,suddenly the guy who decided that,chopping at the ice was a good idea,thinks they should leave the sphere,alone but then katara snatches the thing,from him,and it hits the sphere causing air to,come blasting out with such force,that sends her flying back as if a stick,of dynamite just went off on her face,but shes fine a blue laser shoots up,into the sky,and some guy in a boat somewhere sees it,then katara and saka go up to the,crater and find a kid laying in it but,hes too out of it to explain who he is,and what hes doing there,theres also this big dumb animal there,and even though saka was afraid of the,sphere a second ago,he decides itd be a good idea to poke,the giant unidentified animal,so they bring the kid back to their,village where theyre the only white,people,katara talks to the kids who explains,they ran away from home,and that he and his flying monster got,caught in a storm and they sank in the,water,and then a big scary ship comes crashing,through the ice,its the fire gang here to cause trouble,soccer reaches for a stick thing,and then katara tells him not to do,anything,the bad guy takes off his helmet,introduces himself as prince zuko,son of fire lord ozai whos the big bad,guy in charge of the fire hole,and it demands they bring out all the,old people so katara starts winding up,her water magic,okay so whats going on with the,characters here saka chops at the ice,and then he wants to walk away from the,sphere but then,katara chops at the sphere and then she,tells saka not to do anything stupid,but now hes telling her not to so both,of them have been characterized as,impulsive,but also cautious which is a,contradiction,and whichever they are at any given,moment seems to be contingent on the,needs of the scene,its almost like whoever was writing the,screenplay got the characters names,mixed up,now heres the thing when i first,started writing this review,i was just going to review the movie as,its own thing and not worry about how it,compares to the source material,but about halfway through i decided to,watch the cartoon because i,was never really a fan of the show to,begin with and i could barely remember,it,but i was i still wanted more context,for my review,so its not like im seeing the cartoon,through you know rose tinted nostalgia,glasses,as a matter of fact

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