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The Last Hour Web Series Review & Analysis | Amazon Prime Video

[Music],this is going to be a really contentious,video as the series has led to nothing,but polarizing debates,a portion of the audience feeling that,it was a wasted opportunity and the,other side claiming that it is a unique,concept executed decently when i tuned,into watching the 8 episode series,titled the last r on amazon prime video,i didnt go with any expectations the,writer and director of this series amit,kumar has made monsoon shootout and the,short film bypass,that both just like this series has,generated mixed opinions,the series focuses on a number of,murders that take place in sikkim only,for a police officer arup played by,sanjay kapoor to take the aid of a jagri,aka shaman dev played by karma takapa,who can see what took place in the last,hour of the deceased,the series is a supernatural crime,thriller that explores the reason for so,many murders taking place in the,locality,and in the process of doing so also,explores the elements that go beyond the,mortal realm,as we know it heres me telling you the,good and bad aspects of the series in no,particular order so that you guys can,ultimately decide whether to watch the,last r,on amazon prime video or not the,cinematography,probably the biggest selling point of,this series are its beautiful and,expansive visuals,the series is primarily shot in sikkim,and the state has been captured,beautifully from the dense and extensive,forests the mighty and almost,intimidating mountain ranges in contrast,to the narrow and densely populated,market areas and streets the series,visually will really keep you in awe the,cinematography by jaish nayar really,made me come to the conclusion that a,film or a series gets elevated when it,is shot in real locations,after watching a plethora of films and,series with,digitally rendered backgrounds it was,such a refreshing change to see,locations being utilized in the meat,rather than something that is created on,the editing table,what i will say is that there are,several sequences however that will give,you flashbacks of the episode titled the,long night in game of thrones because it,was literally,impossible to decipher what was going on,the action sequences due to the lack of,budget,i presume are rudimentary in nature,which i will come to later but there are,moments of combat,with an antagonist which really make you,squint your eye to check for details,something i assume many viewers will,find rather problematic,slow narrative and unanswered concepts,what can not be denied for anyone who,has seen this show and even loved it,is that it forces the viewer to be,patient with it the problem with this,show is that it,introduces you to many concepts which,are specific to the location and its,people,this excites you initially as it,represents concepts in a genre that is,barely explored in india,you wait patiently for it to be truly,fleshed out but sadly the creators find,it suitable,to move on to the next topic you feel as,if someone you were interested in,started a conversation with you was,clearly,into you and then walked away abruptly i,felt this several times while watching,the last hour,as i kept on contemplating about the,potential of this show and how it is,barely exploring some of its most,interesting subjects the series is,introspective in many ways,our protagonist dave is a man of few,words so many sequences of the series,are him lost in thought rather than,communicating,this even frustrates someone like his,close friend doma,in the series just like her we are also,following dave along this arduous,journey,not knowing what lies ahead but in the,process having many,unanswered questions everyone in the,series is dealing with some form of loss,and this leads to the series having more,or less a very gloomy appearance,one of the main reasons why people are,torn apart regarding the series,some gravitating towards that,melancholic mood and some completely,rejecting it,as they expect crime thrillers to be a,little more engaging and exciting,both being right in their own way the,casting one of the biggest complaints,regarding the hindi film industry has,been the stereotypes that it has,perpetuated about minorities for years,and films,there is an idea that was marketed to,the masses of the habits abilities and,basic look of a population that was,barely explored,this idea was ingrained in our minds and,in several parts of the country is still,understood by them as was advertised by,those problematic films,the last hour is a rare example of,setting a film in a particular location,and casting the talent that is from,precisely there,the cast understands the area and its,eccentricities and dont come across as,the token representations by big stars,that we have often seen,karma takapa who is a graduate from ftii,is a director himself,features in his first acting role and he,is extremely convincing,as a shaman dev while i believe he is,instructed to be understated in his,performance he really does have a,confident presence in front of camera,that will impact you,in several instances of the series you,will notice this dated idea of the,northeast be,questioned or expressed from the local,population itself,from the idea that this geographical,location only eats snakes and dogs the,locals being hesitant of the increase in,the number of outsiders coming in,leading to an increase in crime it is,all a back and forth between a dated,idea and a population that has been,marginalized and is always,cautious and productive of their,identity sanjay kapoor and shahana,goswami put forth capable performances,as the police officers in charge while,the written material doesnt allow them,to really show off their acting skills,you believe every moment they feature in,front of camera sanjay kapoor 2.0 seems,to be more comfortable than whatever he,did in the 90s,robin tamang as the antagonist yamanadu,and shaylee krishan as pari,may be a hit and miss for a lot of,viewers while i think robin taman did,justice to the written material,the character who i was most interested,in is barely fleshed out,while people are criticizing shaylee and,her monotone delivery i genuinely feel,that it is a character trait more than,anything else,of a daughter still coming to terms with,a loss close to her heart,the ride or die friend of dave who i,absolutely fell in love with,without giving anything away can i just,say doma deserves better,editing and lack of budget again,something that will be extremely clear,to you while watching this series is the,lackluster editing of sequences,in moments there are abrupt jump cuts,while characters are performing their,dialogues,the action sequences are also choppy in,their execution,j sequences ensue only to randomly lead,to a death or a point of,impact in many moments this bums you out,because the gap between the,intention and the execution is very,clear this may probably be,due to the lack of funds that the,creators had to execute these,on paper exciting moments but it is,undeniable that they come across as half,hazard most of the time,i felt like a parent who has come to,their child during sports day and i can,clearly tell that my son or daughter,doesnt have the ability to come first,but i keep on cheering expecting maybe,for it to get better,but i eventually have to accept the,reality that the problem of his or her,athletic ability needs to be addressed,lack of focus and potential you know,when you watch a series and you,constantly contemplate about what ifs,you get lost in this sea of,hypotheticals making the show better in,your head,you know the potential of this series,was boundless it could have easily,become one of the most unique and,impactful ones,this series and its elements literally,have the ability to be a captivating,graphic novel,it reminded me of elements that existed,in lal captain and detective bromkesh,bakshi,specifically the antagonists and their,role in the film and how it would be,beautiful to see in a manga form,the problem with the series is that it,introd

The Last Hour Webseries Review


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The Last Hour Review | The Last Hour Amazon Review | The Last Hour Web Series Review | Faheem Taj


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Arkham Horror: Final Hour Review – with Zee Garcia

hey hey everybody Zhi Garcia here and,today Im gonna be taking a look at the,latest game in the Arkham files universe,this is Arkham Horror final hour this,game is set at Arkham University in the,Cthulhu Mythos universe and all the,players are going to be attempting to,not just stop a ritual and evil you know,ritual from happening but actually,reverse one because that has already,happened monsters are already over,running the university youre gonna be,running around gathering clues at the,cultists left around and trying to,reverse that ritual by working together,to stop the badness from happening and,win the whole thing lets go and take a,look at how the game works Ill come on,back after that Ill tell you what I,think of it here were gonna be taking a,look at the game set up for three,players and using one of the three,scenarios this is normal difficult -,what you see out here the objective is,always the same no matter how you are,playing and that is to reverse the,ritual you are going to do that by,ideally discovering what these two,hidden clues down there are they match,these symbols up here and then the,players will be committing enough of,these cards from their hand so that the,matching symbols among all of them is,equal to twice the number of,investigators and when I say equal to I,mean equal to one of those two hidden,tokens there,the rest of them are out on the board,and as you are investigating and,discovering these youll flip them over,youll put them in the matching spots,and that ideally will reduce the chances,of what these are and give you a good,idea of what you are need you need to,hang on to what you need to commit to,that reversal of the ritual so all the,players are over here this is the ritual,location there are three spaces that are,the main as spawning points for the,baddies and everyone has a deck of cards,that theyve shuffled and with three,players for health tokens and this game,we are going to be taking a,arms up against this baddie here and we,are pretty much ready to begin,so the rounds are broken up into two,parts is an action phase and then an,ancient one phase and during the action,phase we are going to have two steps,thats play priority cards and then,resolve the actions that we just play we,have our starting investigator is ashcan,Pete over here everybody has four of,these cards in their hand and we are,good to go with our lead investigator so,on your turn what you are going to do,then is draw the top card every card in,the game has two effects a top one here,which is likely to be based on movement,or attacking the baddies and then the,bottom one which is likely to allow you,to move investigate but then something,bad is going to happen so you draw one,from the top of your deck and then you,use one of these cards to assign it a,priority this is hidden information and,there is no discussion during this part,of the game so you take a look at it you,read the two so the top one says the tag,monsters your location or an adjacent,location for two hits then move two,times and then the bottom one is move up,to one time that investigate your,location then a monster spawns at each,gate now heres the thing these cards,have numbers on them besides a couple of,other things but mainly numbers and the,lower the number the more likely that,this card will resolve the top the,higher the number the more likely itll,resolve the bottom so Im going to play,this card face down and though just Ill,just put these up here for now and then,Ill assign it a number I think Id,rather have this go earlier so Im going,to assign it the six that card goes face,up the other one does not so the other,players know that Im probably anyway,ideally hoping this the the top power,here will happen then it goes to the,next player whos going to draw a car,they are going to read that card they,are going to assign it one of these,lets see,they are going to assign this one a 10,so theyll put that face up on there,draw a replacement over here then were,going to miss Barnes down here shell,draw a card she sees two low numbers,over here so she is going to play a 20,on there and then it comes back around,because we need to play four of these,cards so again this player will draw a,card they are going to play one down,theyre going to assign it one of these,and thats it and everybody again should,always draw back up to four of these in,their hand like so and now we go to step,two which is resolving the action so,were gonna reveal these in numerical,order and do the assigned power the two,lowest numbers resolve the top the two,higher numbers resolve the bottom so we,start right here with the six and the,top says attack monsters your location,or an election location for two hits,then move up to two times now during,this part players can discuss some,things so we discard this one and this,is for ashcan Pete who can move two,times Im sorry he can hit four two or,an adjacent location for two and then,move now adjacent here uses these paths,which are the ones we walk on the,monsters will move around using the blue,and red arrows but some of the arrows do,not correspond to paths we can use like,these arrows here theres no cobblestone,there we cannot use that so I can kill,two worth in my location or an adjacent,location the strength right here of,these guys is in the bottom corner in,this case these guys are strength 1 and,they have a little symbol that might,come into effect so if theyre gone and,then I can move up to 2 times Im gonna,move 1 2 times like so thats done this,is discarded we go to the next one and,this car this little card I did throw,away were still gonna need it so Im,gonna leave it up here the next one is,the 10 over here again its a top power,that resolves move up to one time then,attack monsters at any location in your,zone for two hits the zone,theyre color coded so green zone has,five locations purple zone orange zone,over here and this is going to be Tommy,Muldoon he will move one time may move,actually he has to in this case that,attack monsters at any location in my,zone well he is going to move from here,to here to purple and then he is going,to attack for two hes gonna go ahead,and in the purple zone hes gonna take,this one out alright,so thats done this card is discarded,and then we go to the 20 the 20 resolves,the bottom power and this is Jenny,Barnes move up to one time then,investigate your location then activate,monsters in the orange zone so shes,here shes gonna move one time from here,to here lets see she will investigate,that location we flip this over,its a moon symbol it goes right there,the chances of the moon being needed at,the end just dropped by 50% right and,now shes going to activate the orange,zone which has 11 through 15 so we go,one by one through these some of the,monsters do not have anything besides,the number the number is their strength,and if they dont have a little symbol,next to that they do nothing when,activated but some of them have movement,abilities attacking abilities or,destruction abilities so this one for,example shows a little destroyed house,there that means they are going to,destroy a spot in their location and if,ever monsters would spill over from here,then they follow the arrows the main,thing we are trying to do is keep them,from filling this up over here where the,ritual location is a set at the,beginning of the game so activated that,12 over here theres no one there to be,damaged so thats fine 13s empty 14 has,one character with a move arrow and the,character the baddie is red so hell use,the red arrow to move he moves to here,and then this one is activated and its,damaged and a destruction so destruction,since now its filled its going to,destroy a spot and then,move on to the following again the red,arrow printed on the board thats it for,this card and then the last one ash can,feed second card because hes the lead,investigator move up to one time that,investigate your location then two,monsters spawn at you

The Last Hour of Gann by R Lee Smith book review

today im going to do a book review,on oh man maybe i can make it brighter,uh on this book called the last hour oh,thats better the last hour the last,hour,of gan by r,lee smith and i have read this book,i swear i have so the last hour of gann,is an alien romance so if you are not,interested in an alien romance,and you dont want to venture into,reading one its just not what youre,into,you can stop watching now because you,wouldnt be interested,in this one i will admit i didnt start,reading alien romances until a couple,years ago,one of my good friends suggested i read,one not this book but a different book,and i was very hesitant and skeptical,and that was one of those things where,you read outside of your comfort zone,because its a book thats recommended,to you and you actually really enjoy it,and i love,i loved the book she recommended to me,its a fantastic book,called venomous and i will do a separate,review on that book but today im doing,the last hour of gan,and lets get into this i did do a video,a couple days ago about this book,and it was over 13 minutes long so im,gonna try really hard today,where its not so long,in this book the main female character,is amber,and the main male character who is an,alien,his name is morock and thats how i,pronounce it in my head,and amber you start with her,and there are two different point of,views throughout the book so,youll read a couple chapters from,ambers point of view and then a couple,chapters,in um muraks muraks point of view,but you start off the book in ambers,point of view and she,is on earth shes living with her little,sister,their mom just died their mom was a,prostitute they didnt have a lot of,money,this is futuristic earth where theyre,very,impoverished they dont have a lot going,on for them they work in the factories,and since their mother died the,landlords kicking out amber and her,little sister so amber goes to an,extreme,and she goes to a company on earth that,actually sends out,spaceships and a bunch of people to,colonize other planets,and theyre getting ready to send out,people to colonize a new world,and amber wants to get on this ship with,her sister to go start a new life,because they will pay you and theyll,give you a shot,like an immunization that cures every,disease,like it cures cancer you cant get,sick from like foreign alien bodies,that kind of thing so its a very,expensive very,rare thing for people of ambers class,to get because of how expensive it is,so amber goes,she talks to them they pretty much say,she can go,and that they dont have a lot of people,especially women who are going on this,expedition or this terraforming of the,new planet but they tell amber shes too,fat,because she is too big she cant fit,into the cryo chambers to be transported,to the new world so she has to lose,weight if she can lose like 15,50 pounds within 30 days they will let,her go so she goes she finds a drug,dealer that her mom used to go to,she gets diet pills from him and,injections and drugs and whatnot to lose,all this weight,she manages to do it goes back there in,the clear ambers little sister doesnt,want to go shes,she is a brat you will grow to hate,and despise her little sister because,her little sister is spoiled,she whines and cries a lot and shes a,little backstabber,i hated reading about her sister her,sister is,ridiculous and obnoxious so thats one,of the characters,you are just going to despise but amber,still loves her and she will fight for,her,and shell try to do whats best for her,little sister even though her little,sister,puts up a fight the whole book right,okay so they get on the ship they take,off,they travel to this new world on their,way there,or where theyre supposed to be going,they hit a,meteor field it damages their giant,spaceship,it goes down on an unknown planet that,they werent supposed to go to,and thats where amber meets merak,not in that specific time amber goes,through a lot of separate little ordeals,before getting to the point of,meeting merak and again im simplifying,this and kind of shortening up,as much as i can because my other video,was so long,and even at 13 minutes i was not even,halfway through,like talking about the first part of the,book so,were going to kind of skip ahead here,mirak who,is the alien and they you guess,could be described as lizard men is,pretty much the best way i can explain,it is their lizard aliens,but mirac is a skull s-k-o-l,and he is pretty much what they consider,the right hand of,god he is very worshiped he is,very like a lot of people look up to him,theres a lot of respect there,what he does is hes spent his whole,life being trained,reading from basically their bible,to be i dont say holier than now,but he is a very strict religious person,in their religious standards,so what skulls skulls skulls scowls do,is they go from city to city and if,there is a dispute between two people,there will be two scowls one for each,person that will fight to the death,and then whoever wins that person will,be right,so if theres two people fighting over,livestock or land,whose ever scowl wins that person gets,all the land,or wins whatever theyre fighting over,thats just,how their world works and their,government and laws and whatnot so he,murak is very,revered and he is,very good at what he does he is a badass,he is a killing machine they go through,what happens when they start fighting,is they believe that god takes over and,what that means is they kind of hit that,criminal primal they start they hit that,primal point,where they basically black out,and they let their instincts take over,and they do not remember,what they do so they can go on like a,killing rampage,or rape a bunch of people,whatever but it will happen and,due to that they have a very strenuous,prayer system that is supposed to help,them,come back down to their normal level,when they get too angry so,throughout the book when he starts,getting angry and he feels like hes,going to snap and start to like,black out or that that switch is gonna,flip he will pray to himself,to his god asking for patience now,they end up needing each other,twenty thirty percent through the book i,read it on the kindle twice,it says about twenty thirty percent,through the book they meet each other,he goes to where her ship the big main,ship,was because the ship crashed it exploded,and the light from it could be seen from,very very far off because of the,explosion was huge,so he sees it as a sign of his god,wanting him to go,and see whats over there like its his,destiny,so he ends up going and and,he meets amber first and they interact,they dont talk the same language,obviously,but she tries to teach him their,language and it takes about two weeks,and then hes able to understand,part of it and then he starts to take,over,the rest of the survivors and leading,them to where he wants them to go,now thats only the first 30 40 percent,of the book,and i hope im not giving too many,spoilers away,but this is another book because it is,so big i feel like,i could tell you a lot of what happens,in the book and there would still be,plenty left for you to,discover on your own when youre reading,it,so as a warning there is rape in this,book,so if thats like a trigger or like if,thats something,that you refuse to read about then i,wouldnt do it the,main character does get raped a couple,times,by a couple different alien dudes and,lets see there is a lot of gore,and a lot of battling which doesnt,really faze me,so i think thats actually leads into a,lot of interest in the book but,in general i think the book is wonderful,its my top two favorite alien romance,novels of all time that ive read so far,it is a very long book but it is,wonderfully written the characters are,really amazing you will love the main,characters even if you will get,frustrated with,how amber is towards her sister or,towards,her human people who treat her like [ __ ],you will still love her as a character,and murak youre gonna love because he

The Last Hour || Honest Review || Amazon Prime Web Series

hello everyone hope you all are doing,good and i have started a youtube,channel that,where ill be reviewing movies and web,series,so yesterday i have watched uh the last,hour,[Music],you can watch this web series on amazon,prime it was released on,14th of may 2021 it has totaled eight,episode,and the journal is suspense drama,it is directed by amit kumar produced,story,and screenplay by amit kumar and,casting members are sanjay kapoor,[Music],it has 8.2 imdb ratings and i will tell,you the concept is,mind-blowing it plays along with the,time basically this web series,is about a person a sermon which we call,the champions in our local language,who help police to solve the case of,murders,and rape in the local town of sikkim,and i wont give you much spoiler but i,will tell you that they have taken this,concept of,chancry or sermon to a next level in the,whole web series,here are the few things i like about the,whole web series,that is it has a great storyline as i,already told you,and it has a great cinematography ill,tell you there are this,beautiful time lapse that i have seen in,the whole web series and it totally,blows your mind,and apart from that i am so happy that,finally our,northeast culture northeast people are,getting this opportunity to work with in,a very,good ott platforms like basically amazon,prime,so they have shown this great culture,our culture our beauty,our nature in this whole web series and,they have totally named it,and i would say acting is good like as,they are working for the first time in,on a good platform their acting is good,but i expect much more from them in,later project as they will be working,there are few things that i dislike from,the website,first thing is the story is very slow,the second thing is the story name is,based in sikkim and i was expecting,some local dialects to be included in,the website which i,cannot get and the third thing is,like there are some irrelevant character,which was included in the whole web,series to stretch the web,uh those to stress the series and the,fourth thing is there is no such,back story of a few characters,that could build a character in a formal,way,in my opinion its a one-man watch like,you want people watching the web series,and its worth watching the video i say,and if you like this video then do,share like and subscribe my channel and,leave a comment,[Music],and ill be getting back to you soon and,if you are seeing this,things for the first time please like my,channel thank you,[Music],it is directed by amit kumar story,and it has 8.2 imdb readings,and ill tell you this web series is,like amazing it ha,it plays around with the time it has a,time wrap,and ill tell you that i wanted,one two three start

#TheLastHour #AmazonPrime #AmitKumar The Last Hour | Spiritual review | The Last Hour Review

E aí,[Aplausos],[Música],[Aplausos],[Música],E ai Friends médicos era uma pessoa,brincar só cartão dá para plantar isso,mesmo eu te amo nunca E aí você vai para,você já viu adiante na série A,a cidade gência tomar um qualquer do que,vai agora ficou e esse início de verdade,é ser aqui outra vai aparecer boneco réu,Oscar ele é aqui de Las serviço que,espírito hora era uma carta já sei que,há de mais sagrado aqui soro Connection,Connection Connection on,a Siri é para ele tô devo historic Mark,alguma coisa que tá podem que marque,ativar Você só não quer dizer Pinheiro,Olha pode combater qualquer tia o que,será a tomar você bater claro que o nem,a tomar uma hora massa básica não é,Oi filho já deu para ir com batata ré,você conectando pylon tá é assim,Connection do Físico Adriane Xavier,arteche ameaça ecológica WP nenhum outro,e ele olha o espírito que eu vou estar,lá,a morte em Maricá Sebastian eu vi podem,ser capaz de gostou tá vindo logo,Joelson está vendendo carne aqui não cai,ali por essa imagina nem ontem nem ontem,ah,hum hum hum ah mas aí é que tá aqui ó,primeiro tirar o cadeado é a mente,mandou a ficar evitar apliquei em pó,açúcar óleo Olha esse liame quer dizer,que pode ele tem que ir após eles fonte,não come carne Ricardo tá Calma que o,único tá isso que ele a formar externa,do cliente pediu a medalha é disso que,ele tem que brincar porque eu nem curte,os copos Arruda é que o senhor vai link,MediaFire na verdade então eu acho que,ele daqui nós estamos galinhada Que Deus,emelec o que é que a hora que você é,louco é,a origem de alguns separate André que,deu as mãos é Batu caves aptidão ou você,abrir massa em baixo carona aqui embaixo,carinha e fizeram cair essa outra é que,devo pode que pintar que é chato cortar,pode os isso é mais deu acho que ele,pode conferir ele quer entrar boas que,ele é a Manu bebe nós a terra esse isso,aqui ó,a dignidade já atendeu cobre chateado,ele sabia eu mudei o qualquer dia que,esse apito maricute kikuchi que ele ele,ainda ficou se tornando deve ser coisa,visse de sabiá Palio entendeu porque ele,e atenção maluca né que ele e nem ontem,e Siriri moda titia ora viva tá aí não,dá para fazer isso que tinha ali ovos,ovos que eu amo certinho coberto dia eu,falei com ele até também acho que ele,pode encomendar a outra é que é,e ao centro de H tia,hum hum Michael Jackson erros que eu por,alguém que possa me avisa para mim ir,agora vou arrumar e a última que uma,pessoa da nossa nem é tão feliz eu vou,isso aí ele direitinho do seu Stop both,english mulher de força disso rock avião,movido a luz Decker,eu sou eu ninguém mede ofereceu um,sacrifício cartão aqui se aqueles exame,eu vou continuar o sátira é mais para os,copos da Emily para qualquer cima da,cadeira e esse aqui ó

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