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The Lighthouse – Movie Review

the lighthouse was directed by Robert,Edgars the director of the witch film,that I loved this stars Robert Pattinson,and Willem Dafoe is a story of two,lighthouse keepers its the 1890s and,these two guys are alone on a remote,island and since they only have each,other to talk to and theyre both,already a little unhinged they start to,go a little mad this was my most,anticipated film for the rest of the,year as I said at the start,I love the witch I thought it was an,extremely original film that had a very,unique vision from somebody who clearly,loves filmmaking and I can say the exact,same thing again for the lighthouse in,fact I like this movie more than the,witch here Robert Pattinson gives the,best performance of his entire career he,starts off as a very quiet person he,doesnt like to talk a lot and,fortunately for him Willem Dafoes,character really does he enjoys a good,conversation over dinner and so after a,while hes forced to come out of his,shell this is just one of the things,that sets the two at odds at first and,watching Pattinson slowly descend into,losing his [ __ ] mind was incredible,just about every single range of human,emotion that you could expect out of,someone hes showing it all the way from,the depths of depravity to pure insane,joy and Willem Dafoe meets him with such,skill it was glorious I loved Willem,Dafoe I always have this is some of his,best work the film is also surprisingly,[ __ ] hilarious this isnt just a,horror film,only it has fantasy elements it has,thriller elements as horror elements a,lot of this is very psychological but,Eggers found a way to make it comedic at,the same time in a very dark way the,humor is bleak but despite being a movie,from a 24 and 1 that film buffs are very,excited to see and talk about outside of,the theater and analyze on the,Internets Eggers is not above a fart,joke,which is wonderful there are some very,absurd visuals in this movie some of,them are hilarious and some are,horrifying the movie is excellent at,toying with your emotions I wouldnt,call this a scary film at least from my,perspective its a very tense movie,consistently engaging never once was I,bored despite the fact that some movie,where two people are just alone on an,island and they talk a lot and they,experience weird things never once had,an issue with the pacing of this film,its also a film that evokes the feeling,of its time period with its technical,aspects it was shot on 35 millimeter,film with an aspect ratio of 119 1 and,its in black and white all of this,combined with a costume design in the,production design make this movie feel,like its set back in the early 1900s,mark Corvin score is my favorite Ive,heard so far in 2019 its haunting loud,and bombastic at all the right moments,and soft and quiet when youre supposed,to just be chilled which for me was,quite often this movie is gorgeous to,look at the performances are off the,charts again Robert Eggers proves,himself to be a director that isnt just,saying look at me Im good at what Im,doing he finds a way to make his,direction seep into the background its,so good that you dont even notice it,sometimes theres only a handful of,directors out there that are so good at,what they do that you stop analyzing,what theyre doing with the camera and,you just kind of get focused on the film,and Eggers is very quickly joining those,ranks with the witch and this hes one,of my favorite directors working today,especially in horror I really hope he,continues to make horror films because,this movie feels wholly original to him,its the type of vision that you cant,really see anyone else doing its also,the type of film that five people could,go and see and all leave with different,interpretations if you like concrete,answers then that will disappoint you I,dont necessarily need to see a film and,be told heres what youre watching and,heres why and I hope you understand,that have a good day because then that,film just disappears from your mind,really quickly but a film like the,lighthouse,it eats away at you it makes you want to,think about it it makes you want to,analyze it I did sit around with my,friend afterwards and just talk and talk,and talk because we were like and we,came to an understanding of at least,what we thought the film meant and I,think if you brush up on your Greek,mythology a little bit and think a,little deeper in the film beyond Willem,Dafoes farts then you might take away,something pretty [ __ ] awesome from,the lighthouse without getting into any,spoilers I think the movie has a lot to,do with power and our perception of,power especially as men and how we view,ourselves and how we should be treated,you know like what we think we deserve,as men and its very interesting to see,these two characters in the middle of a,power struggle through most of the movie,and Edgars is able to use the visuals,in the film and the composition of his,shots to communicate this story if,youre looking for it I have a feeling,that ending is going to confuse a lot of,people and perhaps leave them scratching,their heads but like I said this is not,a movie that says hey this is what Im,about its a movie that you can look at,and make up your own interpretation and,the ambiguity of this movie is what,makes it feel special because strip all,of the what is it about the way at its,core its two guys trapped on an island,going mad and the movie sort of makes,you feel that way with its intense,visuals the score the performances and,the editing which is [ __ ] perfect,honestly the editing is so good it makes,you feel like youre losing your mind,because you cant always make sense of,what youre looking at but you know you,[ __ ] love it a movie like the,lighthouse comes along very rarely,because this film is not concerned at,all with whatever the trends are of the,day its not trying to be anything,mainstream and its also not trying to,be so artsy that it comes off,pretentious as I said theres fart jokes,in this movie the movie doesnt feel,like its above anyone its just really,well-crafted so well-crafted that,sometimes you dont even notice this is,easily the best film that Ive seen so,far in 2019 and its a movie that I,would like to re-watch many times and,its also a movie that Im going to,of an A+ I have not given that grade to,a new release all year nor last year so,yeah go see the lighthouse its really,[ __ ] good that being said this is not,your normal movie as I said answers are,few and far between so some of you might,be frustrated by that I kind of love,that so I hope you guys see it and I,hope you love it I also want to give a,big thank you to the sponsor for this,video because they help me keep the,lights on and that sponsor is Skillshare,Skillshare is a thriving online,community filled with educational videos,relating to filmmaking editing acting,its very comprehensive and I think its,especially helpful for people who are,trying to learn about the film industry,because I found a lot on there that are,teaching things that I wish I knew when,I was trying to get a movie made and,Skillshare has a class called writing,character driven short stories thats,extremely helpful for learning how to do,that as well as a class called creative,personal writing right the real you,which is great for learning how to write,stories that are personally impactful to,yourself Skillshare is also really,affordable their annual subscription is,less than ten dollars a month but,because theyre sponsoring this video,you can follow the link in the,description below and get two months,completely free which is awesome so if,youre interested in learning just about,anything but especially for my viewers,directing writing acting things relating,to film theres so much on Skillshare so,please do check out that link in the,description below for a two month free,trial thank you so much for them for,sponsoring and thank you guys for,watching look forward to more reviews,very soon and if you like this you can,click right here an

The Lighthouse – Review

two-strike II cant Winslow director,Robert Eggers clearly enjoys a,challenging film after his debut 2015s,the witch set in 1650s New England and,shot with candles and natural light,Eggers is back with the lighthouse set,in the 1890s on a remote island and,filmed in bleak black and white but the,lighthouse,even with bonafide movie stars Willem,Dafoe and Robert Pattinson is an even,more challenging watch than its,predecessor lighthouse keeper Thomas,Wake and his new assistant Ephraim,Winslow are dropped off on a tiny,isolated island to tend its tower for a,month Wake is a salty old sea-dog,bullying his new subordinate Winslow is,a man of few words who simply wants to,get the job done theres tension between,the pair from the off Wake wishing to,delve into Winslows mysterious past and,endeavoring to frighten him with myths,and legends telling tales of deadly,sirens and enchantments in the light and,making claims that his predecessor went,mad and promptly died that tension,builds and is exacerbated by wakes hard,drinking and Winslows ghastly visions,of Horrors on the shore are the,terrifying images in his mind or is,there some malevolent force at work,needless to say Mathers eventually come,to a head in harrowing fashion but the,lighthouse is less about plot and more,about psychological warfare the power,struggle between wake and Winslow is,riveting the men wanting to punch each,other one minute and kiss each other the,next in between the singing arguing and,dancing its a titanic clash that could,appear ridiculous in the hands of lesser,actors but both Willem Dafoe and Robert,Pattinson deliver towering performances,you cant take your eyes off to foe,cracking jokes one minute threatening,violence the next and breaking wind in,the moments in between Pattinson,meanwhile is all pent up anger and,simmering rage biting his tongue until,he can chew it no more then exploding,through a terrifying tirade that makes,you fear for Gothams crooks when he,finally plays Batman both actors are,given thrilling dialogue to exchange,beggars and his brother and,co-screenwriter max using 19th century,author Sarah Orne Jules work as a guide,their love of language bleed-through,every scene the words instantly,transporting you to the time and place,and enriching the characters back and,forth the cold stark photography also,helps set the scene breeding a horribly,oppressive atmosphere and mirroring the,harsh and unforgiving conditions the men,face throughout yet in spite of the many,hardships presented on screen Eggers and,his cast find humor in the misery,through clever wordplay a spot of,slapstick and Winslows ongoing battle,with the seagull indeed if black Peter,was the witchs breakout character,launching a thousand memes this,malevolent bird now has a shot at Fame,the lighthouse becomes more ambiguous as,the film progresses however so dont,expect it devastating day Nouman like,the one that made the witch so memorable,but two films in its becoming clear that,a Robert Edgars film is less about the,destination and more about the journey,and if youre willing to give yourself,over to the dark imagery taxing language,and terrifying themes the lighthouse is,one wild ride what while it doesnt hit,the dizzying heights of the witch robert,Eggers second film is a powerful,psychological thriller it should do for,remote lighthouses what the shining did,for remote hotels both Willem Dafoe and,Robert Pattinson have never been better,which is really saying something and as,a rumination on loneliness desolation,and madness the lighthouse is filled to,the brim with disturbing dialogue and,haunting images that will burrow into,your brain for more reviews check out,what we thought of Joker and knives out,and as always be sure to follow and,subscribe wherever you like to watch,again

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The Lighthouse – Glorious Insanity

so i woke up the other day on a bleak,desolate windswept island somewhere off,the west coast of scotland with an empty,bottle of whiskey in one hand,and a bloodstained shovel in the other,and it got me to thinking,man its about time i did another movie,review and what could be more,appropriate than the lighthouse,a 2019 psychological thriller starring,willem defoe and robert pattinson as two,lighthouse keepers they get stranded on,a remote island,and gradually go nuts from a combination,of isolation,alcohol abuse and [ __ ] turpentine,the lighthouse is a complex ambiguous,and challenging kind of movie,that inspires questions rather than,providing answers,the kind of film where youre not,entirely sure what the [ __ ] you just,witnessed,but you know it was entertaining like,watching a [ __ ] stripper riding a,greased up hog,now this is where im gonna do my best,to break the plot down which is easier,said than done,because a lot of what actually happens,in this movie is questionable at best,so allow me to illuminate you the film,kicks off with a pair of lighthouse,keepers getting deposited on a remote,island,to start their month-long tour first of,all theres winslow played by robert,pattinson,hes young and inexperienced and not,altogether enthusiastic about being here,and who can blame him really its not,exactly [ __ ] party time here,and its made even worse by the presence,of wake played by willem dafoe,and his epic beard damn this guy could,give kurt russell a run for his money,wake is a crotchety old bastard that,talks like he just walked off the set of,pirates of the caribbean and he soon,proves to be a demanding taskmaster,giving winslow all the shitty jobs,literally,berating him for the slightest mistake,and threatening to have him fired if he,doesnt obey,its enough to make his posting here a,real pain in the arse,but things take a darker turn when,winslow spots him standing naked in the,lantern room one night,whatsoever could he be doing up there he,keeps the place locked up and gets,extremely defensive whenever winslow,asks him about it and to make,things even worse he also reveals that,his previous assistant went mad and,killed himself,damn the tripadvisor reviews for this,place must be awesome,anyway the atmosphere between the two,men gets increasingly tense and paranoid,as time passes and it becomes,increasingly clear that theyre both,hiding things from each other,the only light at the end of the tunnel,is the prospect of being picked up,but that gets snuffed out when a storm,blows up and cuts them off from the,outside world,to make matters worse their rations get,spoiled by the bad weather,and their emergency supplies turn out to,be bottles of whiskey,[Music],oh no what a horrifying situation to be,in,winslows sanity gradually begins to,crumble as starvation and alcohol abuse,takes its toll,he starts having weird visions of,mermaids and dead bodies washed up on,the beach,and even imagines [ __ ] one of them,how exactly do you [ __ ] a mermaid you,might ask,right here ive done it as the storm,rages on the relationship between the,two men alternates between frantic,drunken revelry,violent confrontations and moments of,strangely gentle intimacy,basically every night out in scotland,ever then at one point winslow even,tries to escape the island,on a lifeboat but wick comes in and,smashes it up with an axe,and then claims it was winslow who did,it which of them is actually telling the,truth,well its kind of hard to know because,neither of these guys are exactly,reliable witnesses by this point,matters finally come to a head when the,storm floods the lighthouse,and winslow discovers wakes logbook,which basically blames him for,everything thats happened and threatens,to ruin him,their confrontation soon turns violent,leading winslow to beat wake on,conscience and bury the man alive,thats when hes able to gain access to,the lighthouse whats actually inside it,you ask,dont know but it doesnt end well for,winslow thats for sure,the movie ends with him lying on a beach,being eaten alive by seagulls,before fading to black now reviewing a,movie like the lighthouse is a tricky,prospect,but also a really interesting one for me,because its a great example of a film,that defies any kind of objective,analysis looking for logical flaws in,this plot is a waste of time because for,a start there basically isnt a plot to,analyze,you can pretty much boil the entire,story down to two men getting stranded,on an island and gradually going nuts,and the events that do take place are so,heavy on symbolism and open to,interpretation,that a dozen different people could,watch this and comfortably draw a dozen,different conclusions from it,did winslow really do all the things we,see him doing or did he imagine it,if so how much of it was real and how,much of it was just a crazy,hallucination,was wake really an abusive tyrant who,worked him to the bone,and pushed him to breaking point or was,he a compassionate man trying to reach,out to him as his sanity crumbled away,is this whole thing just a fever dream,concocted by winslows ailing mind,as he lies dying on a beach being slowly,torn apart by seagulls,theres no way to know for sure and im,totally fine with that to be honest,ive never particularly understood the,need to nail down exactly whats real,and what isnt in movies like this,sometimes its enough to accept,that characters and events can be,purposefully ambiguous,because they were written to provoke,questions instead of spoon food you with,easy answers,likewise its tough to break down the,characters in terms of consistent,writing,because theyre basically two men slowly,losing their minds,logic and consistent behavior are not,high on the list of priorities for these,two,now all of this probably makes the,lighthouse sound like an incoherent mess,that you should avoid in the same way,that a gender studies graduate avoids,hard work,scientific reality and personal,accountability but honestly i had an,absolute blast watching this movie,i was captivated from the first scene to,the final frame,and it wasnt until i had a chance to,step back and think about it that i,understood why,this is the kind of film that you can,happily lose yourself,in and allow it to wash over you a film,that relies on its heavy and,claustrophobic atmosphere,slowly building tension and intense,performances from its two main stars,to keep you invested and believe me it,does all of these things brilliantly,the cinematography is perfectly done im,not exactly a fanboy when it comes to,framing and shot composition,but even i can recognize when a director,has done something visually interesting,that actually serves a purpose,in case you havent noticed the film,shot in black and white,with the square aspect ratio that you,normally get on all tvs,and while im often wary of movies that,try to do wanky,straight out of experimental film school,stuff like this,it actually feels totally appropriate,here the camera is usually tight in on,the two men,especially during their awkward dinner,scenes and the narrow screen area,means that no space is wasted on,anything except them,the effect is to create a dark,oppressive claustrophobic kind of feel,thats absolutely perfect for a film,like this,even the dialogue is kept to a minimum,and theres long stretches where nobody,is talking at all,and all you can hear is the roaring of,the storm or the drone of the soundtrack,see when you strip away all the flashy,visual distractions,its a bit like being in a sensory,deprivation tank your other senses,become,more intense to compensate so you tend,to home in on exactly what the film,wants you to see,which in this case is the two main,characters wake and winslow and the,conflicted relationship between these,two men,are the heart of what makes this movie,so compelling and if it hadnt been so,well written,and performed by two actors at the top,of their game then this would have all,been for nothing,winslow starts out as a pretty,sympath

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THE LIGHTHOUSE: Is It Deep or Dumb? – Wisecrack Edition

this video is brought to you by keeps,avast ye mateys marooned sea dog Jared,here – hmm,talk about a 20-19 film so unpredictable,that the phrase jaw-dropping feels like,an absurd understatement the lighthouse,whenever a movie leaves me feeling that,weird cocktail of impressed aw and,confusion I have to wonder is this film,too smart or is it just pretending to be,lets investigate in this wisecrack,edition on the lighthouse deep or dumb,and of course spoilers ahead but before,we get into it I want to give a shout,out to keeps a lot of you know how much,I like my hair its part of my identity,so Im scared out of my mind about,losing it and from what Ive learned,prevention is the key if youve noticed,your hair thinning and want to keep,yourself from going bald youve probably,already invested in prevention,techniques but staying out of the Sun or,throwing away all your hats wont solve,the problem because genetics are the,main cause of male pattern baldness,keeps is a prevention tool you can use,to save your hair keeps offers,fda-approved treatments to combat the,symptoms of hair loss with keeps you,meet with a doctor online or to your,prescription or over-the-counter,medication and get everything delivered,right to your door with keep some men,even experienced hair regrowth if youre,noticing hair loss do something about it,and try keeps today click the link in,the description or go to keeps calm,slash wisecrack and you can save 50% off,your first order and now back to the,show all right guys lets do a quick,recap lighthouse spotlights no pun,intended the relationship between season,lighthouse keeper old played by Willem,Dafoe and his reluctant mentee young,played by that vampire guy whos,arguably the best young actor of the,moment anyway old is gassy and Gaslight,II potentially screwing with young for,his own amusement putting him through,punishing physical labor and constantly,trying to get him wasted bad luck to,leave and toast unfinished back all this,while also refusing to let young look at,his precious Lantern the day before,theyre supposed to finally leave,everything goes buckwild young kills the,out of a seagull causing a gnarly storm,to brew and then is like man do I need a,drink the men bond open up about,pass and even sing fun sailor songs when,the ferry fails to pick them up things,to generate fast young who weve learned,killed his former boss and assumed his,identity I just stood there as long just,just stood watched him get swallowed by,them logs loses all the and beats up old,eventually killing him but not before,pausing to hallucinate him as his dead,boss a mermaid and a squid creature then,young finally gets to see the light,which is a beautiful serene experience,kidding it just about kills him and we,end on an onion liam lying naked on a,rock while birds peck at his innards,which we have thoughtfully concealed,with Nic Cage gifts okay so what in the,name of Poseidon just went down the way,we see it there are countless possible,ways to glean meaning from this film so,were going to focus on three aesthetics,psychosexual dynamics and mythology,lets start with aesthetics,according to the film cinematographer,Jaron Blaschke Edgar said that,atmosphere comes first and then the rest,comes out of that and boy this films got,atmosphere for days it feels out of a,different non specific time with an,old-fashioned boxy 1.19 to one aspect,ratio that visually smushes the two men,together and makes us increasingly,claustrophobic they also mimic the look,of orthochromatic film which dates back,to the early days of photography and was,particularly used for portraits,fittingly the first frontal view of,young and old is presented almost as if,theyre posing for an old-fashioned,portrait as they gaze at the camera,unnaturally still orthochromatic film,filters out red light giving the sky a,washed out look and peoples faces a,darker more textured complexion its,evocative and surreal and makes the,actors look weathered as hell because,they were using old lenses in an old,style of film everything about the,production process had to be super,meticulous the orthochromatic look,requires a ton of light in the film set,was so bright – that apparently some,film crew members wore sunglasses even,during nighttime scenes which is,honestly just called style theres some,intimation throughout that light is,dangerous the interior shots grow,steadily brighter as old learns more,about young shady past and of course the,lighthouses extreme brightness seems to,basically kill young at the end but its,not totally clear now this film probably,has the coolest aesthetics of 2019 . but,try as we might we couldnt unearth any,overarching meaning behind them so for,this one were going to say atmospheric,as hell but not quite deep though,definitely let us know if were missing,something lets move on to part two,sexuality aka your high school gym,teachers second expertise dont have sex,because you will get pregnant and die,from phallic lighthouses to vaginal,keyholes sex is front and center which,is fitting for a movie that features,dudes jerking their lighthouses about,every five men,its most obvious in the tensions,between young and old who like your,boomer parents vacillate between yelling,and each other and embarrassingly slow,dancing the queerest subtext are pretty,clear and Eggers along with actors,Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe told,The Huffington Post that this was,intentional the whole thing is about,power dynamics so it is about willing,pushing pushing pushing pushing pushing,and theres pent up anger and pent-up,erotic energy and pent up smells where,is that breaking point,indeed the struggle for power is central,to the plot old claims absolute control,telling young to throw the rulebook away,because hes the king of the castle he,alternates between telling young to do,the hardest possible chores and yelling,at him for having supposedly done them,wrong even dangles him from a rope just,to be a jerk these dynamics come to,fruition in a bizarre mirror image when,young takes old for a walk like hes a,dog in an image that feels straight out,of a kink handbook here young is,expressing the dehumanization he felt,when old regularly called him a dog,suave dog swap and reclaiming his power,taken on its own old behavior is just,dickish put in the context of physical,and emotional relationships with young,though it becomes pretty clearly erotic,as if to bring the point home Eggers,evokes the work of sasha snyder a late,19th century queer painter who had to,flee Germany because of his sexuality,and one of the films most striking,moments Eggers recreates this schneider,painting called hypnosis which depicts,one mans face shining light onto the,face of a younger man as if revealing,some frightening and seductive truth is,Eggers perhaps suggesting that,interacting with old reveals some,frightening but seductive truth about,young maybe a new gradation of his,sexuality now were not saying that,theyre gay and neither is Eggers its,hardly that simple regardless of which,way they typically swing they enter into,a tacitly erotic relationship out of,loneliness or genuine sexual attraction,there each fulfilling a need of the,other old gets to feel in control,despite living in a world dictated by,the uncontrollable forces of the sea and,as for young Robert Pattinson explains,of his character in a lot of ways he,sort of wants a daddy and boy does he,get one the pure erotic fascination is,given plenty of time to brew on screen,theres lots of secretly watching one,another from a distance and old even,calls young and innocent picture theres,also moments of reprieve,softer images of their relationship like,when they sit peacefully by the fire as,old engages in your traditionally,domestic hobby of knitting however they,still manage to make even peaceful,feminize tasks impetus for more,hyper-masculine aggression not,incidentally their most tumultuous fight,erupts over whether or not young likes,olds cooking i

The Lighthouse Ending Explained Breakdown, Real Life Story & Spoiler Talk Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show Im,your host definition and youre now,locked into the channel where we break,down all the latest movies games TV,shows and comic books this episode were,covering the ending of the new horror,movie the lighthouse as well as the,real-life story that inspired it,throughout this video well be recapping,the main events of the movie as well as,what the ending truly means and our,thoughts on the film there will be heavy,spoilers here so if you havent had a,chance to watch the lighthouse yet and,dont want to know what happens then I,highly recommend that you turn off now,without the way I just want to give a,huge thank you for clicking this video,make sure you like it youll like it cuz,I said ul Im sorry Im sorry lets get,another breakdown five weeks due days,help me to recollect the lighthouse,centers around two characters that been,tasked with manning a lighthouse on a,desolate island located far away from,civilization you watch is both descend,into madness and the effects of living,in isolation with someone that you come,to hate the movie chronicles the,characters going stir-crazy and from the,off its breathtaking to behold now,before we get into the plot fully we,need to discuss the characters,themselves in order to fully understand,their actions and why they eventually,choose to do what they do first up is,Thomas wake played by Willem Dafoe wake,is a superstitious untrusting character,that we learn throughout the movie,worships the light of the lighthouse on,a fanatical level and if anyone is the,bad guy in this film then its,definitely him,Wake is an established lighthouse keeper,thats pretty much the embodiment of the,supervisor at work that takes their job,far too seriously,due to his power and status hes,borderline abusive to those beneath him,and because of this Ephraim Winslow who,also works at the lighthouse really,struggles to put up with him Efram,himself is the complete opposite of wake,and instead believes that the,superstition that way carries is just a,bunch of tall tales throughout his life,Ephraim has drifted from job to job and,able to find something that really gets,its hooks into him and because of this,he finds it difficult to respect his,superiors and those around him Ephraim,hates work,due to the sheer boredom that is created,by living on a desolate Island slowly,slips away into fantasies paranoia and,delusions if anyone is the eye of the,viewer then its ephraim and we watch,the majority of the movie from his,perspective seeing island life is almost,torturous and unforgiving slowly ephraim,begins to fantasize about mermaid as,well as seagulls that seemed to torment,him throughout the film theres clear,allusions to the raven from the Edgar,Allan Poe story with the latter bird,constantly pestering the character but,the real torment from Winslow comes from,wake who has a bipolar relationship with,the character theres a real sense of,dread and atmosphere to the entire piece,but dotted throughout a massive moments,of humor that add levity to the horror,and slow descent into madness that we,watch the characters go through you,really dont know whether the characters,will be at each others throats or,dancing in each others arms and these,constant mood swings had attention to,the work that really makes it Utley,unpredictable winds slow throughout is,made to do all of the jobs that Wake,doesnt want – such as painting the side,of the lighthouse taking out human,excrement and you can really see the,character started a test wake especially,when he has ambitions of looking after,the light something that Wake is very,protective over during the movie there,are scenes dotted throughout were awake,almost seems sexually attracted to the,light and he worships it like a deity,refusing to allow any others to go near,it due to his inability to gain access,to it,Winslow becomes obsessed with it and,also the only thing in his way which is,wake though awake on the surface seems,to be respectable as a far darker side,to him and about the midpoint of the,movie he purposely gets Winslow blind,drunk so that they missed their ride,home in the morning way comes across as,a very duplicitous character but this,darker side is also reflected in Winslow,who we discover is actually named Thomas,Howard a man that has a bad reputation,and has drifted from job to job,Howard stole Winslows identity after he,may or may not have caused his death,during his prior work position and,though we dont ever get confirmation of,whether Howard is a killer or not,personally I believe that he is due to,the events that happen later in the,movie this identity revealed drives a,massive wedge between the two and the,surroundings of the lighthouse really,add to their paranoia,and distrust do you deny there really,being able to tell what time it is,how long theyve been there for how long,they have left and who is hiding what,its also difficult for audience members,to decide who is in the right and who is,in the wrong and because of this the,film becomes a spiral into unnerving,territory now the thing that really,sends their relationship over the edge,comes in the finale when Howard,discovers that Wake has secretly been,keeping records on his insubordination,which Howard believes will lead to him,being fired for incompetence and,therefore not getting paid angered by,this and the pressure of living together,the two come to blows and during the,fist fight Wake seems to change his,appearance several times for his final,trick Wake apparently transforms into a,man that is half human and half octopus,this is the sea god Proteus who is the,son of poseidon that possesses,shape-shifting abilities and if this,actually happens it explains how he was,able to take the form of Wake he from,and the mermaid now this could all be in,Howards mind but whatever the case its,clear that he believes it is happening,the movie from this point really takes,on a mystical side to it that has many,allusions to Grecian gods and after,Howard manages to kill awake during a,counter-attack he finally gains access,to the light though we never see what,Howard learns from this it clearly,dismisses him and in the final few,moments of the movie we do get some,closure on his fate in the end we see,Howard wake up on the shore with his,body and intestines being picked out by,the seagulls that taunted him throughout,the movie this is similar to the Grecian,character Prometheus who stole fire from,the gods and gifted it to humans as,punishment he was put in bondage and had,his intestines picked out every day by,birds before they grew back the next day,and he was forced to go through the,torment again similar to prometheus,Howard wishes to steal the power of the,lighthouse for himself and the entire,film can be seen as a metaphor for a,power struggle between man and God,throughout Howard covets the light but,its consistently stopped by his ruler,Wake who refuses to share the power,because Howard disobeys this he is,punished similar to prometheus and due,to time on the island becoming an almost,abstract concept Howard may have to go,through this every day for eternity but,what is in the light well when,discussing the ending of the film,Robert Eggers the director said the,following,when youre looking at that light youre,communing with something thats not,human thats beyond human thats eternal,so this adds some way to both characters,obsession with it and why eventually,drove them to the brink of insanity they,both wanted to be part of a never ending,aspect of the universe and thus became,fixated on it,however only wake the quote-unquote God,of the island had the ability to behold,it to do his power and thus Howard was,punished to endless torment because of,his inability to stick to the rules,weve seen this motif in multiple myths,over the years whether it be Eve,coveting an apple in the Garden of Eden,or Prometheus stealing fire from the,gods,whatever the case it reminds us that we,should be careful what

The Lighthouse Angry Movie Review

[Music],hey guys we just got back from the,lighthouse which we saw at 12 p.m. you,know midday and I gotta say whoa what a,descent into absolute madness and I,freaking loved it this is an a 24 film,so you really got to prepare yourself,this is not a mainstream movie goer,audience film if you know a 24 they put,out you know some some good [ __ ] some,bad [ __ ] some some indie type you know,artsy fartsy stuff and some really good,stuff you know its kind of hit or miss,sometimes with them they did hereditary,which I really liked upon second,watching my rating goes up on hereditary,yeah theyve done the witch Joe this is,from the director I think of the witch,and so I couldnt wait to see it we had,our choice of black and blue Maleficent,countdown Jojo rabbit but I just really,wanted to see something that that is,just gonna immerse myself and and just,make me lose myself and thats what this,film did and for it to be able to do it,when I just woke up on a youtubers,schedule and just make me just fully,invested in and in the story the,atmosphere was so freakin thick its not,felt for everybody but if you like you,know madness and amazing performances,youre gonna like this film Im gonna go,ahead and pass it to these guys and what,did you guys think of the stuff I guess,its kind of like you said Im more,mainstream and like these Id enjoy it,but it was just too much for me the,visuals especially I like it when films,are too much for myself Diana because,you have to,about it and chew on it later on I dont,like it this is another one you have to,rewatch for sure yeah you watch it again,but okay so its too much for you you,thought it was still good but like,theres a lot a big chunk to kind of,lost me okay this was a real weird its,like a really cool movie its kind of,hard to describe because theres scenes,of this movie that I absolutely loved,their scenes that I that made sense in,the movie but I didnt like them because,but it like it fits in the movie youre,like okay but it was a wild ride and the,pacing is a lot of spoilers yeah theres,like weird pacing things where you know,like the first hour of the movies like,this movie is really cool and then we,shift gears and different stuff starts,happening,thats what ten different different,stuff and then we go back to funny sness,and its just this movie is insane,its a crazy-ass movie I think it was,all on Purvis guys oh yeah I think yall,are wrong is amazing I mean you did like,it I was along for the ride and while I,was along for the ride is I gotta say,the amazing score right away theres,like this the horn the lighthouse horn,the soundtrack is haunting it really,transports you into this isolated island,and its almost otherworldly sailor lore,Sealord just its really good the,soundtrack but you know even with the,soundtrack the visuals are also,extremely well done it is in 4:3 you,know you dont expect that youre used,to this HD you know wide type of thing,and no its in 4:3 and its not that,district I hate that honestly sometimes,when filmmakers do that but because this,one is in black and white it kind of,blends well with everything and you,dont really feel like all these bars,are distracting me I didnt notice it,really at all and and and and when,things are dirty and when theres blood,and when theres muck and when there,stirred and water and stagnant air you,could just see everything so well even,though its in black and white and it,gives it kind of another worldly look so,I got a praise the soundtrack I gotta,praise the visuals but above all else,I think the performances in this film,deserve to be seen my god Robert,Patterson is good but my god William,Dafoe in this film he is a I am 100%,convinced that he is this who he is in,this film it is a 10 out of 10,performance and I think that this kind,of [ __ ] just completely believing his,character and immersing me and and just,thats oscar-worthy from me I cant,praise him enough yeah like Willem Dafoe,just killed it I mean he typically does,like this is what this is one of those,role and he just the the facial hair was,on like everything cuz you mention he,talks yeah and this is very difficult to,understand okay it took me a little bit,like has the first few minutes I was,almost frustrated he was talking like I,dont understand half of what he said,its all this like sailor speak and yeah,old-timey miss but you acclimate to it,and then youre like okay at the end of,the movie I understand everything that,hes saying this all makes sense to me,so well for me it was a little harder,because you know I guess Im a little,hard of hearing sometimes or what you,know I wanted to come over and ask you,just say but no I didnt want to ruin it,and as and and honestly you couldnt,miss a few things that hes saying but,youre still fully immersed in it you,know if I had this film I would watch it,with what subtitles on for sure yeah but,you felt that way to Joe theres a,couple things that I miss a little hard,to understand sometimes but but you know,that doesnt mean the sound designs not,good because the sound design is,fantastic it really you know accentuate,whats happening on-screen Robert,Pattinson it thats not – you know,downplay you know Roberts performance,because it is really good,its just William Dafoe is in a league,of his own here hes really fantastic,and Roberts performance is fully,believable – and you know if if you like,the sense into,madness I dont want to say much okay,because I want to you to experience this,film without knowing what kind of film,you know genre it is other than two guys,go to a island with lighthouse and,theyre isolated and they start to go,mad cuz thats kind of in the trailer in,in in in a sense oh gosh okay so with,all that with great performances with,great soundtrack with great,cinematography with great direction uh,and and a fascinating story that you,dont often really see in mainstream,films I absolutely love this film and,yes I will admit that there are pacing,issues well I dont even I dont even,know if it when I was describing the,change in pace I dont even think it was,a good detriment to the film its just,its almost its almost like a warning,its cuz it I think it was just,different like kind of shock factor for,me I was like a game thats I didnt,need that but sure thats what are you,gonna do yeah the story kind of meanders,a little bit and theres faster parts of,the story on purpose and theres much,slower and it took me a little while,like once theres a drastic change of,pace in the movie I was sitting there,going like alright I kind of like the,other part but then then then it won me,over and I enjoyed some of this I do,think theres about 20 minutes of the,film they drink as sailors often do and,and as people isolated often do to help,them pass the time and theres lots of,those segments just really fantastic,performances as these two men,you know cope with isolation and bond in,their own ways its just fascinating to,watch and and so awesome that you know,these two actors are doing their thing,and taking a little bit of a risk and,you know but there was like you know all,these scenes having to do with alcohol,and I think there was one too many scene,because I can actually pick out right,where I can just remove this and we go,from laughing – laughing and then you,know a window breaks and its like I,would have picked it up from here to,here and then I mean I think that it,would have been perfect but I think its,probably there – just there theres a,relentlessness I think that the film is,probably trying to,in that sense and then you know as we,get deeper into the third act were,going you know were its quite,interesting in the third act and there,are moments in it that Alex hit,perfectly its like I understand why,its there it is within universe why,its there it makes sense why its there,but me personally I dont know if I like,but but my feelings are irrelevant right,unless I come in I talk to you about the,film and tell you what my personal,preferenc


alright Martin let me let me see we got,hit mine you ready to get to that,lighthouse me looks like weve been here,too long oh yeah no I look like shaft as,a postman Im timber man walked with,being a wiki just looking to earn a,living its like any man starting new I,was gonna tell you that now its just,not the classic black tooth the way logo,but it comes in other flavors as I say,yesterday we got salmon belly kind of,all black theres a blue a navy Navy,right there and some like off green or,something so yeah we got other things,coming also we got the slides those are,the shoes Im gonna be honest with yall,Im gonna be completely honest with you,Im gonna tell you about something,illegal that I did so I was mad that,they didnt give us a screening cuz I,heard about it late not only did I did,not get a screen if I dont even know,was out I had to hear from Gertz and,Rose over there they do bragging like,Im sorry I just forgive me,but so I went online had taunted that,movie man and it served me right I tried,to see I had to go I had to go to the,theater lately I told he was like a last,minute thing and all morning trying to,get the virus off your computer ya know,I spent all morning just trying to watch,the movie I mean I gave it a good man I,gave it a good shot too because I was,like well [ __ ] Im reviewing the movie,Im doing my job,they should have let us here for free,right Im a pirate this [ __ ] and I tried,and let me cut this down cuz I dont,want yall to get the audio and then I,really get in trouble but I tried to,watch it and it was it was a struggle,because whoever was recording this thing,cuz the first of all I wouldnt even,like a nice rip of it it was it was done,from a camera yeah okay and they had the,autofocus on so its,got dark that [ __ ] got blurry so I was,so I was riding with it for a while,trying to get into it and then and let,me see if itll do it and then out of,nowhere while Im watching this let me,see if this will happen here awful that,is terrible right the aspect ratio was,off but while Im watching this and,itll pop up in a little bit there it is,you know it was a commercial but you,know this is first of all they had,Arabic writing and everything on there,but then they had a Mexican piata drop,yeah and I not even later plagues Anglia,let you see what the business is but,they and they went through that [ __ ] set,up there for five minutes with somebody,actually trying to bust it open it was,actually like being at a party I was,trying to watch the movie somebodys,trying to bust that [ __ ] he kept missing,it and nearly busted to open the,commercial fell out and I was like this,man so I just got up and just went to,the to the theater to go see it yeah,yeah yeah and yeah like I said I was it,was all cropped crazy and everything so,I just paid paid to go see it in and,actually I didnt but Im not gonna tell,you I dont mind support I just had you,know Im just going through a small,period of entitlement Martin but I I,dont mind paying it because for one,thing is from a 24 and a 24 as far as,Im concerned they have created just a,whole new sub-genre of film yeah what,the power yeah yeah my god give this,movies with with horrifying elements and,themes in them but you really cant be,scared because when its done youre,like what but critics like what you feel,about it I just dont know what I just I,dont know yeah but but critics they,they still love them because theyre,doing something different and new no,because no one wants to sound stupid no,one wants to be the one whos to say I,dont like it though right you know yeah,yeah I mean it helps it there artsy too,you know like when critics see them they,they appreciate the RT like with,hereditary sure its heartening to see,so many strange new faces here today I,know my mom would be very touched you,know its uh you cant deny that that is,some amazing filmmaking very creative,with the camera angles and whatnot and,then on top of that critics get to go,home and and write things like all the,dark themes of family and loss but then,I began to yes a mother yeah but what,happened at the end,yeah they are so happy you cant spoil,Shikha days they have to tell you the,end I told you yeah plus I have no clue,have no clue at all but amazing imagery,in there same director dude Im fine now,a lot of people split on that some,people split in this movie same director,did a movie that we loved also from a 24,midsummer,its sort of a crazy festival special,ceremonies and dressing up a lot of,great artistic production going on with,this but even in we had I mean as much,as we loved it throughout half the movie,like although we eat and drink of a,phrase no no no we know that is one of,my favorite movies of the year loved it,loved it so you know and I love that,aspect about these movies man I mean,even though you might not understand,whats going on right off the bat I,respect that sure uh and we seem to be,going down the same path with these two,crazy mother,[Laughter],Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in,this movie from director Robert Eggers,the lighthouse and with this one unlike,the other two love it to kind of start,out with you know somewhat of a plot,yeah they try to tell you somewhat of,whats happening not with these two from,the beginning let you know now this [ __ ],is insane okay this [ __ ] is crazy,is it mildly crazy or is it batch nuts,okay is what it is okay like if you,thought that those other two moons,already Terry midsummer were crazy that,were talking about bring a,straightjacket to this [ __ ] because this,[ __ ] is insane right here you know,youre gonna spend two hours with two,dudes just getting drunk and losing that,goddamn minds you know with this you,have Robert Pattinson playing a guy,called Winslow young man who hes hes,you get the feeling that hes running,from something or trying to start over,so he takes this job in the middle of,just nowhere for four weeks at this,light house with this list this,lighthouse keeper whos probably been,there hes happy there would be four,hours he he my managers hes,happy to have somebody around to to boss,around,uh-huh and yeah hes I mean its its,its its you know what watching this,its like watching our house crazy,Sanford and Son I gotta say man you you,selling me on it right now this is like,watching on art house Sanford and Son,with two crazy white people in huh huh,look like look at this [ __ ] thats what,your mom yeah thats what Freddie Lamont,wants to do each other half the time,yeah just come in for four weeks to do,custodial work pretty much and after the,fight the fact that four weeks is done,you know hes hes good but only if hes,doing his job correctly because willing,to follow who plays Tom is watching his,every move and documenting his every,move uh it sounds pretty simple right,yeah sounds pretty straightforward lets,go ahead and take a look at the trailer,which trailer blow up online when it,came out because its crazy,five weeks two days help me to recollect,when it starts out it starts out,relatively relatively normal I say,relatively because you know if you can,relate to this situation in a way you,can uh-huh if you can relate to this,situation then it is kind of kind of,normal for you even though its a period,piece because uh watching this is like,if I worked at a light house with my,daddy man right if me and my if me and,my father were working out light house,together because there was so many,moments in here where with Tom hes been,you know you have Tom and Winslow,Winslow again is Robert Pattinson and,Tom is Willem Dafoe tom is just um,wheres Lowes ass man I mean a heart,like some boot camp type [ __ ] but its,like it reminded me when I went to go,work at my fathers gas station and he,would just be telling me [ __ ] to do all,day not only telling me to do them but,telling me to do them over again when I,was doing him right and telling me I was,doing them wrong when I was doing them,right so hes playing psychological,games yeah he was yeah

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