1. The Mom Project CEO: “Women are in the fight of their lives right now”
  2. The Mom Project + JLL Partner Story
  4. Career Connections | RISE Scholarship Program (The Mom Project)
  5. Mom Project offers moms career-life balance
  6. The Mom Project Works For Women After Loss Of A Generation Of Job Gains Due To COVID-19 Pandemic
  7. 7 Stay at Home Mom Jobs that ACTUALLY PAY WELL | my journey to entrepreneurship

The Mom Project CEO: “Women are in the fight of their lives right now”

some are calling it americas first,female recession,women have disproportionately been,impacted by pandemic related job losses,but,mothers in particular may be feeling the,strain,cbsn producer jean song spoke to one ceo,whos been advocating for moms in the,workplace as a,business imperative women are in the,fight of their lives right now,in september alone 865 000,women dropped out of the labor force,four times the number of men,those figures hit home for the mom,project founder and ceo,allison robinson on top of the pandemic,this health care crisis weve got a,child care crisis,and so moms are disproportionately,having to step up and play that role of,of being there for their child,helping them facilitate their online,learning and we really as leaders need,to take bold,action to to stop this i feel a greater,responsibility,a greater call to arms with the,companies that we work with,to take dramatic urgent action,in 2016 robinson launched her talent,recruiting platform to help women thrive,in their careers while maintaining,active parent lives while i was at home,with him on maternity leave i read that,about,40 percent of american women leave the,workforce,after having children and to me that,meant we had to do better,as a culture as a society to provide,better opportunities for women to be,able to keep working,as they also prioritize family and since,we,launched about five years ago its just,been an incredible journey weve now,brought over thousands of companies onto,the platform who are really eager,and motivated to hire moms because they,know,when the flexibility is there and the,intent is high to hire moms theyre,going to get really great,results robinson says coven 19 has,established,a lasting shift in how we work the fact,that its,its lingered on for months is really,resulting in leaders rethinking their,workforce strategy,and how they can permanently make a more,flexible workplace so thats a huge win,for moms,for parents for everybody their mission,of rewriting the working mom narrative,is resonating,weve been able to triple the business,um the last three years we just closed,our series b,in june uh so weve raised about 36,million,in capital and so i think its really a,testament to,moms are not a niche business like there,are 40 million,college-educated mothers in the u.s this,is a massive segment of the workforce,its time that corporate america wakes,up to this fact and,um so its been exciting to see this,journey and,like our team says we bet on moms moms,are amazing and when you find that,compatibility with the right work type,were unlocking,tremendous amount of strength in the,economy

The Mom Project + JLL Partner Story

jll is a professional service firm we,provide real estate services and,products to organizations that are both,owners and occupiers and we have over,90,000 employees across the world one of,the teams that I support their closing a,lot of transactions on a daily basis and,weve had challenges in the past,staffing that role and so I reached out,to Jane to ask what is the bond project,all about we are the hub for women that,are looking for work in life integration,and to find work that fits families we,get the great privilege of working with,companies that are progressive theyre,innovative and theyre committed to,women it was drawn to the mission I know,how hard it is to think about how could,I leave this child at home but I have,this career I dont want to leave that,either so I felt like the mom project,was a perfect intersection so that women,didnt have to overthink that theres no,reason why someone cant be really,successful working in a remote,capability and still able to spend time,with their kids as they need to three,different kids a working spouse as well,its a pretty dynamic time in our house,I didnt want to give up my career,because I enjoy what I do but my family,is a priority as well so the partnership,with mom project and Jol has fulfilled,both of those for me in my interview I,was asked what my needs were his cars,work-life balance and that has never,occurred in my life before though I just,found that really refreshing having that,flex space it just speaks volumes for,the culture here at jll and its nice to,know that the senior leadership supports,that working with Jane and carry her,both working moms themselves is really,beneficial because they get it all their,education all their history is still,there when its working hours youre,very productive because you know theres,so much more to be done weve had a lot,of success with the mom project,specifically in our marketing finance,and HR departments theyre hitting all,of the criteria that weve asked for the,part-time Krolls actually Ive ended up,working out a lot better than having,just a team of full-time individuals,if youre gonna come in through a,contract opportunity and you hit the,ball the park theres a very good chance,that you will have the opportunity to,stay on and work at jll I wasnt aware,that these things were even possible,its very validating that I can balance,my family life with my work career and,so Im more part of my childrens lives,on a regular basis which means a lot,jll has been an amazing partner we,really see them as a company thats,leading the way for working moms the,mission of bringing moms back to work,meeting them where theyre at and,knowing that jll has wonderful,opportunities for them thats what Im,most proud of being a working mom is,something really special and so I really,love that we can help find like a,perfect fit for some other working moms,out there,[Music],you

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[Music],hey hey hey its your favorite remote,work enthusiast delilah in todays video,im gonna share with you all seven work,from home jobs slash careers that you,can do as a stay at home mom and this,video was inspired by saving time yes i,am a brand new mom myself and i am,taking care of my child along with,working from home and i was thinking to,myself you know if i did not already,have a work from home job it would be,almost like impossible to take the time,out of the day to really research all,the information and all the things on,the internet that i would need to,research to figure out what would be the,best career for me and my lifestyle so,to save you moms time,i put together this information along,with companies that will hire you to do,each of these opportunities and to make,this video as short and sweet as,possible im going to talk about the,careers but to get the jobs that will,hire you to do each of these careers i,put it all in a free pdf download and,you will find the link for that pdf,download in the description box below,this video so dont go getting that pdf,just yet stay tuned for this video to,hear about these opportunities and you,know some extra tips and then at the end,of the video download that pdf guide and,itll give you these careers as well as,companies and any additional information,that i think you would need to know so,get excited this is going to be a really,helpful video i really made this video,thinking this is the one and only video,that youll need to watch on this topic,and i cannot wait to share but first we,must take care of business please hit,the subscribe button and tap the,notification bell because i share work,from home jobs every single weekday on,this channel as well as work from home,information just like this video and i,really do post every single weekday so,you will want to turn on those,notifications so that you dont miss out,on anything and once you take care of,that we are ready to jump in,number one on this list is becoming a,transcriber being a transcriber or,transcriptionist is a really great way,to earn money at home as a stay-at-home,mom this is a non-phone friendly,opportunity however i will mention that,you do want to make sure that you are,able to control the noise in your,environment because as a transcriber you,will be listening to audio files and,typing what you hear now the average pay,for a transcriber is about 15,per hour and as you become more,experienced it starts to go up and you,can expect as an experienced transcriber,to earn somewhere between 25 and 30,dollars per hour as far as the,requirements go to become a transcriber,you will need to be proficient with,typing youll need to know 10 keys so,that when they start saying numbers it,doesnt slow you down and youll need to,make sure that you know you know your,way around a keyboard most transcribers,at the beginning stage can type about 65,words per minute i have seen a little,bit lower but when it comes to the world,of transcription the faster the better,so when you get into those more,experienced roles youll be looking at,typing like 90 words per minute which is,pretty fast so becoming a transcriber is,a great opportunity if youre a,stay-at-home mom and its definitely,something worth looking into because you,can make good money while getting paid,to type,number two on this list is becoming a,medical billing and coding specialist,now i will tell you from my own,experience being on this channel and,sharing all these leads every single,weekday is i see no shortage of medical,billing and coding opportunities i see,these types of jobs all the time and i,have my notes here so if im looking,down thats what im looking at the,average pay that you can expect to earn,as a medical billing and coding,specialist is about 21 per hour there,are training programs that you can do at,home to become certified and it is,something that you will need to become,certified in so the shortest training,that i saw took about four months and,then you also can do it part-time and if,youre doing a part-time training it,could take you up to like 15 months so,if youre really you know trying to get,that certification you can do it really,quickly doing the certification training,full-time in about four months and if,youre doing it part-time it can go all,the way to about 15 months but still,thats a very quick turnaround to,actually having a career that you can,grow,with because as i mentioned theres a,ton of companies that hire medical,billers and coders now i do want to go,through some of the certification,abbreviations that you may see when it,comes to these medical billing and,coding positions so most medical billers,and coders are either a part of the aapc,which is the american association of,professional coders or they may be a,part of the ahima which is the american,health information,association and then some other,certifications that you may get as a,medical biller and coder is the ccsp,certification which is the,physician-based certified coding,specialist cert and then theres also,the cpc certified professional coder,certification theres the rhia,certification which is the registered,health information administration cert,and then theres also the rhit,certification which is the registered,health information technician cert so,theres a lot of different,certifications that you can get and more,certifications in general with you know,every type of opportunity and career the,more earning power you have and you know,the more movement you can make within,that career field so this is a really,great career to get into from home,because you will come out of that,program looking at at least 21 dollars,per hour on average and it goes up from,there as you get more experience under,your belt,number three on this list is becoming an,online teacher or tutor now i can speak,firsthand about this one because i,actually started off my work from home,career as an online tutor and i taught,test prep i taught the s.a.t the act and,a bunch of other standardized tests,along with some academic subjects now,there are companies that will allow you,to,do like one-off homework questions and,teaching english as a second language if,youre not interested in test prep or,academic tutoring now there are also,online teaching opportunities and that,is where you would actually be,teaching as if you were in a classroom,but from home the requirements to become,an online teacher or an online tutor,vary to become an online teacher,typically you need to have your,bachelors degree and a teaching,certification now to become an online,tutor the requirements are typically,lower if you are interested in english,as a second language opportunities then,a lot of times you will need to be a,native english speaker and sometimes,youll also need to have an esl,certification in english as a second,language certification or a toefl,certification there are some companies,that dont require that they just do,require you to be a native english,speaker and then there are also some,that may also on top of needing esl or,toefl certification require you to have,your bachelors degree as well so you,know sometimes you just need to be able,to speak english sometimes you need to,be able to speak english and have a,certification and then sometimes on top,of that certification you also need to,have your bachelors degree so it just,depends now the pay for being an online,tutor or teacher ranges between 10,to 45 dollars per hour so you can really,earn some really good money as an online,teacher or tutor and i will say that in,addition to earning great money i really,felt like i was making a difference,every day and it was not something i was,used to with my past jobs feeling like i,did something like i would leave work,feeling like oh you know i just left,work but when i was an online tutor i,left work feeling like really good,because i could help someone with their,goals and whatnot so maybe youre into,helping people and if yo

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Career Connections | RISE Scholarship Program (The Mom Project)

okay were going to go ahead and get,started here good afternoon and thank,you everyone for joining us for our,february career connections webinar,my name is brent giangregorio and im,going to be your host today,were very excited to partner with the,mom project for todays webinar,specifically on the rise scholarship,program,but before we get started just a few,housekeeping items,because todays session is being,recorded um,everyones lines are going to be,automatically muted um the recording for,todays session will be available on our,youtube channel within 48 hours,as well well send a link to the,recording along with the presentations,to everyone who registered for todays,session as i mentioned everyones lines,are muted because this is a webinar um,but we really do want to hear from you,during this presentation so if you have,questions we encourage you to use the qa,box at the bottom of your screen you can,go ahead and type your question in there,as we move through the presentation and,well leave about 10 to 15 minutes at,the end of the session for a little q a,okay so todays speakers were going to,first hear from chandra saunders the,director of the director of rise then,were going to hear from our alexia,james shes a recent rise graduate then,as i mentioned well move to a question,and answer session and then after the q,a if everyone could stay on just for one,extra minute for a survey thats going,to pop up on your screen wed really,appreciate it your feedback is really,important as we use these surveys to,help us with future webinars and,programs,before i turn it over to our presenters,i just want to take a few minutes to,tell you all about the womens resource,center,the womens resource center has been,empowering women sarasota and manatee,county since 1979.,we have three locations across both,counties one in bradenton one in,sarasota and another in venice,our programs and services are delivered,remotely via zoom right now but we look,forward to resuming in-person services,very soon,we serve over 1700 clients a year and,deliver over 5 000 hours of programming,really our goal at the womens resource,center is to engage educate enrich and,empower women of all generations were,really a place where any woman can call,when theyre not sure where to turn for,help,um and to do that what we offer our,clients is resource advising,mental health counseling,career services,educational workshops and scholarships,legal and financial consultations as,well as wellness programs,all of this is offered at low at a low,or no cost to our clients,since this is a webinar about career,services ill talk a little bit more,about our career services,our career coaching program offers,individual assistance,in helping clients prepare for a,successful job search,and that can include career discovery,resume preparation,interviewing techniques um,networking skills and much more,additionally we have career centers at,each of our locations where clients can,come in to conduct online job searches,work on application submissions update,their resumes,in those centers we offer also offer,one-on-one computer tutoring we can help,clients navigate online job sites,help them upload resumes help with,computer basics as well as microsoft,office applications,and then additionally we have two career,closets one in bradenton and one in,sarasota where we have free clothing and,accessories to women who are attending,job interviews or have just secured a,job and need work attire,but as well we also serve clients that,need clothing for any reason,currently our career centers are open,every wednesday from 11 to 3 again in,bradenton and sarasota,okay as i mentioned before we really do,want to hear your questions as we move,through this presentation so like i said,theres a box at the bottom of your,screen labeled q a click on that box you,can type a question in there well get,to them at the end of the presentation,and then again a reminder this is being,recorded um so you can watch the replay,in case you missed any of the,information well send out the replay in,an email in about 24 to 48 hours after,the webinar and again well include any,flyers um or in the presentations that,youll be seeing today,and then again just another plug for our,survey we really really want to hear,from you um again these surveys are,really important they tell us how we can,improve um and shape our future webinars,and programming so,in advance thank you so much for,everyone attending with that said im,going to stop sharing my screen and im,going to turn it over to chandra,the director of rise,hello everyone and welcome to todays,session all about mom the mom project,and rise i am chandra sanders the,director of rise and i personally am on,a a i am a champion on a mission to,create economic opportunities um for,women for moms and women of color i am,one who started off my career as a high,school spanish teacher a long time ago,but successfully made a transition,um to develop i mean to managing and,leading tech,development at multiple fortune 100,companies um so i am going to give you,an overview of the rise program inspire,you to dig within yourself to possibly,take a chance and take advantage of this,no cost scholarship opportunity um but,then also help this story come to life,by introducing you to our lexia who is,a recent graduate of the program and,whos also hired and so that she can,make this story come to life for you um,so that you can see yourself and take,advantage of this amazing program as,well so im just going to share my,screen,and go through a few slides,all right so we moved forward when we,moved together in late 2020 we launched,our 501c3 which is momproject.org,um and rise is its,inaugural program right it is a program,a no-cost transformative upskilling,program for mothers for women of color,designed to empower you challenge,stereotypical representation in todays,workforce because theres an extreme,representation gap between women and,tech and even more so women in color in,tech so we are here to break those,barriers down so that you guys can get,access um in other ways in which you,wouldnt have been able to,also to support you right we understand,that moms women um are always taking,care of everyone else we have everyone,elses responsibilities that we have to,put,in front of ours we put everyone elses,dreams ahead of ours and we bury,ourselves and bury our own dreams to,take care of our families so this,program is designed to support you,through this program um support your,needs as a woman support your needs as a,woman of color and we have some things,that weve put in place to in order to,make that support um truly,um helpful helpful for you,also were offering fast track career,advancement earning potential and,achievement in the tech industry so im,going to go through a couple of slides,to show you how were able to make this,program happen for you,so it is a program that is built for her,all right the whole purpose of this,program is to provide access,achievement and representation,representation right we have a,people-first approach right again like i,said we have multi-faceted support in,order for you to,break the barriers right in order for,you to emerge in different industries,right and overcome anything that is,standing in your way to elevation,standing in your way to earning,additional income right um so we built,this program for you,currently or last year we offered eight,certifications currently right now we,have six but we will be um,implementing a few more this year but,again the six certifications google i t,support and i just want to make this,very clear you do not need any,prior experience,before starting this program this,program is built for you this program is,built for someone who has absolutely no,experience to come in and take advantage,of all the information that is provided,and we are there to support you through,this program and help you get an,elevated job role after this so please,don

Mom Project offers moms career-life balance

the mom project is a job marketplace and,we connect a community of over a hundred,thousand talented women with really,rewarding meaningful work opportunities,that everything from fast-growing,startups to Fortune ten corporations why,a special place just for moms whats,unique about moms whats unique about,the jobs that they want to find yeah so,I built the company really with the,mission to build a better workplace for,women and mothers and the businesses,they support perhaps not surprisingly I,started it after becoming a mom myself,and realizing what a important,inflection moment that is in ones life,and career and I was actually a,maternity leave and read that over 40%,of American women leave the workforce,after having children whether it be the,high cost of childcare or lack of,policies like paid family leave and I,felt like wow what an incredible,opportunity were solving if we can help,get more moms working contributing to,our economy mm-hmm I understand why,Allisons involved at why she would do,this,Alexis as the venture capitalist yeah,why do you jump into this because a tiny,portion of VC funds goes to women yeah,what did you see well its a huge,business opportunity I think we have we,have some very clear views about the,future of work and one of those views is,that especially for professionals there,is going to be a huge opportunity,unlocked because of work that can be,done remotely and with the efficiencies,of a better marketplace its supply,meeting demand these are talented women,and some dads who have high-value skills,who just have not been able to easily,connect with the firms that are,demanding this kind of contract or,project-based work before and shes got,them on the platform is that the key you,need flexibility because I have to say,Im a mom too and I feel like Ive never,worked harder been more organized than,when I was a mom but its a little,tougher to maybe be there for 9:00 to,5:00 be in the office for all these set,times yeah absolutely we see the thing,that moms are looking for the most is,sort of the freedom to architect the,schedule to get the work done but maybe,its picking their kid up from school at,4:00 p.m. plugging back in at night and,just having that,that independence really configure the,workday what type of employers are,working with you everything from,established sectors like oil and gas to,emerging startups and technology AT&T to,Netflix and uber so its been really,cool to see that a man for gender,diverse talent it really spans all,business types Alexis in your interest,in this come along with becoming a,father yourself or was this something,you were interested in before I would be,lying if I said I didnt become more,aware of this after really you know,taking my own family leave and then,becoming a father and and with a very,similarly career driven wife and then,you know the businessman and me also,realized the numbers behind it are so,formidable like we are as an industry,missing out on so much talent that,doesnt return back into the workforce,that why not get the best of all the,worlds the these are very valuable,people who just want to be able to work,more flexibly for the people who are,coming on and looking for the site to,the moms pay anything you know nothing,no and were really thinking about how,do we surround them in value beyond the,job so we were excited earlier in the,year to launch a partnership with urban,sitter well where we give all moms on,our platform free free childcare credits,just to get to their interview so were,really trying to solve the issue,holistically,you,you

The Mom Project Works For Women After Loss Of A Generation Of Job Gains Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

choosing between your job and family,its a decision the pandemic forced many,working moms to make,with two out of five jobs lost to kofi,19 yet to return,women lost an entire generation of job,gains tonight our tara molina,working for chicago digging into what,that looks like here,and the local organization focused on,solving it,what you want to do after this big,smiles on a quick afternoon break in the,city,her kids in tow jennifer hollande says,moments like this one are even sweeter,after the last year and a half,the balancing act of all balancing acts,for this working mom,being a mom isnt taboo you know a lot,of us,when we first started applying for jobs,we never mentioned our children we never,mentioned our family we never mentioned,anything because we,had that fear fear replaced by,confidence now,moms are just as hard of workers but it,wasnt easy,jennifer works in hr and found herself,asking this question,again and again throughout the pandemic,what do we do,you know we know she wasnt alone,between february and april 2020,women lost more than 12 million jobs a,loss that reversed an entire decade of,job gains,forced to choose between work and family,with kids learning from home,child care expenses became a deciding,factor,especially for women of color with,unemployment rates for both,black women and latinas spiking in 2020.,that the pandemic is sending women back,something university of chicago,professor susan,lambert has studied closely poor women,have always worked,they are going to continue to be working,the question is,under what conditions are they going to,be able to participate in the labor,market,enter the mom project founded in chicago,in 2016,theyre a digital career community,started by a working mom,with this stat in mind an estimated 43,percent of highly skilled women,leave the workforce after becoming,mothers and she created,a platform for moms to be seen to be,heard,and to still feel valuable chandra,sanders told us virtually,the mom project has ramped up their,efforts during the pandemic,with scholarships and free training,opportunities and programs,theyre helping moms who lost their jobs,were forced to leave their jobs,or in jennifers case moms need flexible,work options,flexibility helping her with the,training and confidence to transition,into a new job,in the middle of the pandemic a job that,allows her to work from home,full time so to the moms asking,themselves the same question,she has what do we do you know her,message,they can do it all a recent study of the,job market showed women gained more than,300 thousand jobs last month but it,would take more than a year of those,gains,to get back what was lost to the,pandemic reporting in the loop im tara,molina,cbs 2 news

7 Stay at Home Mom Jobs that ACTUALLY PAY WELL | my journey to entrepreneurship

one of the most impactful things i did,to finally walk away from corporate,america is get a work-at-home job yeah,being able to work remotely reduce my,monthly expenses,supplement my full-time income in a more,efficient way and be more present with,my family it really was everything i,needed to finally take the lead now im,thinking youre looking to do something,similar because youre here in todays,video im going to talk about the best,stay-at-home mom jobs in 2022 and give,you a little insight on how i finally,got to this point of full-time,entrepreneurship lets talk about it,whats up yall welcome to the winning,team im nakisha if youre new so a,little over four years ago i actually,walked away from corporate i was ready,to be at home and present with my,children and i actually had dreams of,entrepreneurship but i didnt know what,i would do or how to even start it so i,actually took on some jobs along the way,that helped me get to this place and in,todays video i kind of wanted to talk,about some of those stay-at-home mom,jobs that you can do if you just need to,be at home and with your children for,some whatever reason youre looking to,do entrepreneurship but youre not as,confident in your idea yet and you need,to supplement that income today i want,to break it all down and get into it so,after being home with my children for,about a year after i left corporate i,went and i became a pre-k teacher now my,kids were able to come with me every day,and it really was the perfect situation,for me and my situation at the time but,obviously i took a pay decrease from my,previous corporate job and i needed to,supplement that so the very first thing,i did was get a work at home job at,night as a tech support specialist now,in this role i was able to help people,with their tech issues it was actually,for an online school and when students,were trying to enroll or just navigate,the system i was there to help them when,they called in now for a job like this i,would say you need some sort of tech,experience know how to navigate,computers and all that good stuff when i,went to college i majored in computer,information systems i was in inroads and,i have a lot of experience with,computers and all that good stuff so i,was able to get a job like this if you,have that experience if you have any,sort of online experience or working,from home and you can finesse your,resume to sound like you you could help,someone navigate through tech support i,think this could be the perfect work at,home job for you because for one it pays,well okay it pays well for two if you,dont necessarily like being on the,phones or talking to people the calls,are usually longer than a typical,customer service phone call when,someones calling in and youre talking,to a hundred people a day its not,really like that at least for where i,worked it was much less calls the calls,were typically much longer a lot of them,required call backs and so it was,perfect for me a company that tends to,hire a lot for this role is apple apple,actually has a work from home program,that they always hire college students,and people to work from home doing tech,support and their customer service is,hands down amazing okay especially the,tech support department so they are a,company that hire for a tech support,specialist so if youre looking for a,tech support specialist job try apple so,while working my full-time pre-k job and,doing my part-time tech support job at,night i also decided to start a blog,because i just wanted to share what i,was going through at the time and share,my experiences i didnt know who was,going to read it or anything like that i,just knew that i wanted to start it and,i did and it actually became a,significant portion of my income now the,amazing thing about making money with,blogging is that you can do it from,simply sharing the things you love the,things that you know about or simply,just sharing your story the only thing,you need to do is go and get yourself a,self-hosted blog thats by going to,wordpress.org signing up for hosting at,a hosting company like bluehost thats,who i chose when i first started because,it was cheap and i was on a budget i,signed up for hosting with bluehost if,youre interested in looking into that,ill put a link for that down in the,description below and you walk through,the process its super super simple to,do it through bluehost and then boom you,had a blog and you just,start sharing your information online,now theres several ways to monetize,that ill link a video up here for you,to take a look at on how you can make,money with a blog but the thing is you,can do it alongside of all these other,opportunities that im going to mention,today it does not have to take away from,those so starting a blog became a very,lucrative stay-at-home mom job for me,then i became a tutor well i guess,organically because i was the pre-k,teacher a lot of the parents would come,in with older siblings and we would kind,of talk about the things that they,needed help with and some kind of way i,fell into tutoring some of the families,that came in now im not saying that you,need to do this in the physical because,theres so many companies online that,offers opportunities for tutors and,teachers that you can sign up for now,one of the most prominent ones in my,mind that i think of that a lot of my,friends and family actually did was,vipkid now vipkid is a company that,teaches english lessons to students in,other countries i hear they have very,flexible scheduling opportunities and,all you need is a bachelors degree it,doesnt matter what your degree is in as,long as you have a degree you can apply,to be a tutor with vipkid now vipkid is,not the only company that offers jobs,like this make sure you do your research,and theres so many other companies that,provides these type of opportunities,ill actually um leave a link in the,description to a post that i did that,includes some more options for you as,youre beginning your research on if you,want to do this or not now as time went,on and my blog became more profitable i,eventually left my full-time job and the,only thing i was doing was my blog and,my side hustles right and so i was still,doing my tech support job and then i had,my blog eventually once my neighbors and,my friends and the families that id,gotten to know and love from the daycare,knew that i was home all day,and that i was available i eventually,had families that would ask me about,babysitting and actually had two,families in my neighborhood that i did,transportation for i was already taking,my children to the exact same school and,so i took those two kids to school,to school and from school for probably,about two years and their parents paid,me to do that i took them to school in,the morning and i brought them home with,me in the afternoon until their parents,got home and that actually was a nice,little chunk of change and a side income,for me so,im not saying that you have neighbors,or anything like that or i have the,situation that i had at the time but,care.com offers many many opportunities,for you to put yourself out there if,youre interested in doing something,like that you can do the transportation,part you can babysit for people if you,have friends or family this is probably,the option i would take if you have,friends or family members who are,already paying for after school care or,daycare or something like that you,really can have a conversation with them,and see if you stepping in a person that,they trust and love to do that instead,could be feasible and you all could work,something out so dont sleep on child,care now the next thing i did this was a,little bit,different for me but i had a vision when,i went into it and that was becoming a,ship shopper most of you know my ship,journey or you were here when i was,posting my videos if you werent i,will post a playlist here that you can,go check them out but i actually enjoy,being a ship shopper i think its an,amazing opp

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