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The Night House Movie Review

sometimes trailers are deceiving when i,first saw the trailer for the nighthouse,it led me to believe it was a kind of,sci-fi horror thats not really the case,i watched it should you,[Music],[Applause],a grieving widow begins to uncover her,recently deceased husbands disturbing,secrets that lead her through a dark,mystery as she searches for closure,rebecca hall stars in this and if like,me you watched the trailer and got a,sci-fi vibe from it this one sits more,in the psychological or even,supernatural horror genre than anything,sci-fi and aside from letting you know,that this isnt a sci-fi horror which,ive said sci-fi a lot this will be a,spoiler-free review so if you decide to,see it you can still enjoy the ride,there is a dark and foreboding,atmosphere that surrounds the film,almost from the very beginning we first,tell from some visual clues the rebecca,halls character beth has just come from,a funeral and shes grieving and a,thought occurred to me also while i was,watching this scene and i wonder how,many other cultures dress all in black,for funerals i mean its an instant,visual clue for americans and probably,other cultures as well but does it,instantly resonate and convey that,message around the world all right i,digress there is an ominous feeling that,we get that begins early on and it,doesnt really let up throughout the,film beth is totally an unreliable,narrator in this story this is brought,about by her grief combined with the,fact that just about every time we see,her she has a bottle of brandy in her,hand not a glass a bottle so she goes,through the majority of the movie in,some level of inebriated state and hall,delivers a really raw performance here,her reactions are both extreme and,completely plausible she has a level of,obsession that plays out and although it,may not be the healthiest way to proceed,it is believable and theres a really,great scene where her character is,talking with one of her students parents,she basically says what wed all love to,say to a difficult person or at least,speak to them in the manner in which she,does aside though from being bitingly,humorous it also illustrates her state,of mind and her emotional well-being,hall sells her performance perfectly as,we watch beth slowly descend farther and,farther into her grief the story unveils,a mystery within the grieving process,too and while we dont know much about,beths husband there are clues that he,was dealing with something and the,imagery becomes intriguing and then,disturbing this aspect does come with,some issues though ideas and clues are,presented but not fully explored or,explained beth sees some things in a,book and we as the audience see portions,too as the camera flashes over it i,think there was an opportunity to dive,further into this area of the lore and,make the overall story more compelling,and then disturbing i like how the movie,plays with time too well watch beth,close her eyes and then large chunks of,time pass was she asleep did she pass,out is there something else going on,there are a few times where it felt like,there was misdirection happening too and,i really appreciated that my mind went,to several different scenarios and,suspicions as the story played out,jumping from conclusion to conclusion,because it seemingly would be the,logical step i liked though that i was,wrong throughout i mentioned that this,had a foreboding atmosphere and there,were at least three distinct times that,i just got full on goosebumps the way,the camera moved and the use of shadows,and music created a great amount of,tension that became very creepy theres,also a great use of the settings to,craft visuals the way that the items,line up in the eye line create optical,illusions which then the story takes,full advantage of there was also a time,that effectively scared me and i,wouldnt call it a jump scare even,though i did jump in my seat this wasnt,a cheap fright it was earned by the way,that the scene was framed and then,executed in addition to hall we get two,great performances that come from vondie,curtis hall and sarah goldberg and there,are elements to both of their characters,that are caring and compassionate but,theres also an air of mystery to them,which then kept me intrigued as the plot,unfolded while i really did enjoy the,thrilling aspect and the creepy nature,of the storytelling i think the plot was,a little over complicated we have a,grieving wife we have the circumstances,surrounding the death the friends angle,beths past and then this mystery with,the house itself which is where the,title comes from in one of the trailers,it appears that there is a duplicate of,beths house just with a reverse floor,plan now this avenue is explored some,but its just one of the portions of the,story and all of the items i mentioned,do converge and tie everything together,for the most part but there is still a,lot of vagueness to areas of the plot,which i think can lessen the enjoyment,to a degree as the story progresses,there is a quickening of the pace that,we feel which i think adds to the,excitement but that also means that some,of the story content feels rushed and,underdeveloped there is a resolute into,the story but i think some of how we got,there could be up for interpretation and,while that can be a little frustrating i,also appreciate that it makes me think,and ponder what ive just watched i get,to work through many of the elements,long after the credits roll to decipher,some meanings and work through my,interpretations now theres a lot of,discombobulating imagery and camera,movements that work to effectively keep,us off kilter i really enjoyed some of,the effects that they employed just,through the cinematography to transition,us from one area of the setting to,another it had a confusing effect which,then matched perfectly to what beth was,experiencing it put us right there in,the middle of the story with her the,only thing that weakened those scenes,was the lack of background for the,circumstances well i mentioned that i,enjoyed how the movie ended during,portions in the middle there were things,that would open the door for explanation,to give us clues to certain ideas but,further dialogue or information was,needed to give us a better context for,what we just saw if that had been,present it would have created a much,greater impact and i think also a much,darker story to what we experience the,movie is kind of quick at an hour and 48,minutes and i was never bored and i was,glued to my seat and fully invested in,what was playing out some portions were,rushed but that was more in the,storytelling and details than in the,overall pace overall this was an,effective psychological thriller with,some weaker supernatural horror elements,that still deliver chills rebecca hall,gives a spectacular and authentic,performance wrought with real emotion,that makes her both sympathetic and,unstable and while the mystery is,engaging the plot is a little over,complicated with the need for some extra,exposition to flesh out certain story,points i had fun with this one and i,loved how it grabbed me and freaked me,out i think there will be a lot of,discussion surrounding this and i cant,wait to hear the different,interpretations theres no sex or nudity,a bunch of profanity and a lot of,violence i give the night house four out,of five couches have you been looking,forward to checking this one out id,love to know what you thought of it if,you see it in the comments below if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for couching with me


hey guys so i am so grateful that i was,invited to an early screening of the,nighthouse so i could get you this,review up the day it comes out in,theaters which is today so this is a,movie that i wasnt really anticipating,this year and i dont im not sure why i,just hadnt seen any trailers or heard,anything about it but then like the day,before i saw the movie i saw it starred,rebecca hall who i love because shes in,the gift and also christine so i love,her work and her acting so i got really,excited but i was trying to keep my,expectations to a minimum because i,wanted to go in with nothing and not,knowing anything about this movie so i,could fully experience it but this movie,follows a recently widowed beth played,by rebecca hall who inherits the lake,house her husband built she begins,digging into her husbands belongings,looking for answers after disturbing,visions and dreams now this is described,as a psychological horror movie but i,will say that it is definitely a more of,a slow burn,thriller definitely on the psychological,side too it doesnt have a ton of horror,elements and i feel,awkward saying that because it does but,like its,not i review horror movies for a living,but im just saying dont expect like,a lot of horror in this movie it is a,slower burn and its something that,youre definitely going to have to give,your full attention to experience,all of the psychological aspects now the,nighthouse is a very symbolic and,beautiful story and it really kept me,interested throughout the whole,movie and all of the metaphors used in,this and it basically symbolizes grief,and loss which to me is very similar to,the babadook because i feel like,it has an element of grief that is a big,metaphor and what is the horror elements,and this movie is kind of similar to,that theyre not similar movies by any,means um but,theres this the fact that its like,symbolic of grief and depression and,things like that so to me it makes well,first off let me just say i loved this,movie it was so good and im so happy i,went in without any hopes or,expectations because i feel like it,really allowed me to take in this movie,for what it was and really appreciate,all of the artistic choices and the,performances from the actors it was,phenomenal and it makes a lot of sense,why i would like this movie because the,director david bruckner who made he made,a segment in vhs the first one and also,southbound which are two anthology,horror movies that i love he also,directed the ritual which is one of my,favorite favorite underrated horror,movies which i will be doing a book,versus adaptation a video on that,specifically later on so to me it makes,sense because i like his work generally,and i had no idea that he was the one,that directed this until after i had,seen it so if you like the tone and the,pacing of the ritual this movies not,similar to that in story or anything but,it is similar in like pacing and tone a,little bit i feel like david bruckner is,really effective in building the,psychological tension and like having,thriller-esque uh vibes if you will now,i did mention its a little bit of a,slower movie but i do feel like one of,the things that its very effective in,is the pacing because i got nervous when,it would be kind of slower points,theyre really spending a lot of time,building up the psychological elements,that it would become too much of a slow,burn which im not opposed to but then,it would become a movie thats not,really rewatchable to me but,it was broken up perfectly with all of,the horror elements and i really enjoyed,the horror elements they didnt push it,too far and,the symbolism in it it just was really,really effective for me i thought this,movie got a little bit predictable,towards the end but i was pleasantly,surprised when it went kind of a,different route um i am not going to be,doing spoilers in this video because it,comes out today i assume none of you,have seen it yet or very few of you have,seen it yet maybe you saw it last night,but no spoilers in this video but i will,say that,its not as predictable as you might,think and the ending really surprised me,with the,change that i dont know how to describe,it without spoiling anything but it,definitely goes somewhere that i was not,expecting and i really really loved the,execution of the end of this movie i,feel like it was so satisfying and some,of the visuals were incredible i know,this concept in general of like having a,story about grief and having a lot of,metaphors throughout isnt necessarily,original or creative however the way it,was executed and some of the visuals,used in this,the negative space visuals oh my gosh i,was obsessed with i feel like the way,that the story played out and everything,felt very unique and like an original,experience and definitely i think one of,my favorite horror movies that ive seen,so far this year i gave it four stars,out of five which is really good and i,know im kind of being a little vague in,this and you probably still have no idea,what this movies really about um but,thats i think the best way to watch,this movie because its just better not,knowing much about it and going in with,as little information as possible now,that all of that being said i do want to,say it does have jump scares in it which,i was not expecting and boy did they,follow through like the jump scares in,this were perfect i i actually really,enjoyed them like it made me jump at,least three to four times and im,usually really good at calling jump,scares and these completely took me by,surprise and caught me off guard like if,youre used to predicting jump scares,you wont with this one trust me and i,feel like the ones in this movie really,hold a purpose and its not just a,startle the viewer but they do come back,into play and they make sense and they,not necessarily follow through with like,extra horror at the end but it just,works in this story now another thing,that makes this not fully five stars for,me and makes it not really a perfect,movie is the fact that it does get a,little bit convoluted and a little,confusing towards the end and i like,that they didnt spoon feed the viewer,the answers because it kind of leaves it,up for interpretation a little bit i,mean theres an explanation but its not,very direct which is a good and a bad,thing now the explanation in the end and,the way it like wraps up the story,is enough so it makes sense um but you,might have to like look into it,afterwards at least i did and i feel,like theres no shame in that its not,like i didnt get it it was just i,wanted a little bit more clarification i,feel like it needed a little bit more,of you know explanation going a little,bit more into detail,but i also appreciated the fact that it,didnt feel the need to do that i know,thats very confusing because its like,what do you want what do you want,theres,certain scenes that could be very cliche,and they dont,go that route they dont go its not,like too on the nose for what the story,actually is which is really nice and,refreshing they trust the viewer to like,get it you know and not everyone does i,saw some reviews hate this movie because,they didnt understand it i dont know,if they knew that it was like a metaphor,or symbolic but i think a little bit,more of a direct explanation or a little,bit clarification in subtle ways would,have helped this movie a little bit more,but thats just my personal taste and,preference i did really like that they,trust the viewer though and they,didnt over explain and they didnt go,super cliche so we would understand more,i liked the ambiguity i guess or like,vagueness of some of the lines in the,end but like wrap up the story i dont,know i just thought it was really good,overall like i said this is one of my,favorite movies that ive seen this year,so far obviously were not done with the,year we have so many good movies coming,up but i highly recommend you see the,nighthouse in theaters because not only,is it like a psychological and visual,

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THE NIGHT HOUSE (2021) Explained

[Music],hey hows it going folks welcome to,found flicks on todays explained video,were digging into the excellent the,nighthouse where a woman is reeling from,the unexpected death of her husband she,soon finds herself bombarded with,disturbing visions of a ghostly presence,in the house beckoning to her against,the advice of everyone else she begins,digging into her husbands belongings,and unravels a disturbing mystery that,will change things forever first of all,i freaking love this movie and at this,point is by far my favorite horror film,of the year it just works incredibly,well on several levels theres a kind of,hitchcockian mystery thriller coupled,with a nice take on a haunted house but,then on top of everything else its very,character driven and our protagonist,definitely goes through a big arc across,the film as everything is a parallel of,beth and having to deal with her,husbands death its just really,impressive to me when movies are just,like firing on all cylinders and that is,the case here it does have david,bruckner at the helm and this guy knows,how to structure a classy horror movie,so that helps but the whole thing hinges,on rebecca hall she is seriously so so,good and the way she brings beth to life,is very complex along with a lot of,surprising character developments and,its truly a revelation theres also a,good amount of creative scares the,negative space ones in particular stuck,with me but i think its the script,itself and how it unfolds that is the,most impressive laying out a very,complex and rich story full of emotion,and intrigue yeah so i am definitely a,fan of this one and for yet another,reason is the way things play out here,there is a lot to dissect you know a lot,of meat on the bone for me to look at as,you know that is kind of my jam the,biggest lingering question perhaps with,the ending is were presented with a,classic setup was everything we went,through real and supernatural or is it,all an elaborate figment of beths,grief-filled mind and you know drinking,too much brandy certainly doesnt help,in that regard you can interpret it one,way or another but ultimately for me it,really works both ways when we break,things down theres a ton of stuff to,look at with this one so lets dive deep,into the nighthouse breaking down the,story and its complicated mystery the,important character journey at the,backbone of the film and explaining the,bonkers ending and what it all means,things appear quite serene and peaceful,at a pretty sweet looking house,overlooking a lake we focus on a photo,of a man and then see tissues piled up,by the bed a woman beth and another,approach in a car and the other lady,offers to call anytime beth nods that,shell be okay now alone she puts her,hands out on the counter shakily,breathing and looking a bit overwhelmed,without hesitation she tosses what im,assuming is a casserole right in the,trash while we dont know specifically,what happened at this point the clues,are already there that beth recently,lost her husband and at the moment seems,to kind of not believe it yet or at the,very least has yet to grasp the journey,of grief that she will be forced through,she listens to a folk rock song drinking,some wine and fiddling with a note she,chugs down the rest of the glass and,goes downstairs she suddenly stops in,her tracks at what must have been owens,workspace and then discovers a treasure,trove of more booze she plays back their,wedding tape and reminiscence and they,appear to have been happy then what,could have gone so wrong she struggles,to fall asleep tossing and turning in,bed and is startled by a strange thump,she goes to look and no one is there at,the door so she checks out the rest of,the house the door down keeps swinging,behind her,whoa,what the [ __ ],[Music],the door keeps swinging behind her and,in it we see a faint black shadow in the,glass try to say if she sees it but she,slams the door closed she later wakes up,in a strange place having passed out on,the floor of his office outside she,notices muddy footprints leading down,towards the dock and they appear to,actually be coming from the water a,gunshot rings out causing her to gasp,and her breath quickens before she tries,to get herself together to everyone,elses surprise she shows up at the,school where she works everyone,murmuring when she enters beth continues,showing a kind of strange disconnect,from what happened shrugging off to her,bff claire that she had to come in,because there were some more grades to,enter she inquires how shes doing beth,responding with a curt im fine she,scrolls through real estate listings,pondering selling their house and is,drawn to a picture of the two of them as,soon as she looks at it her eyes start,getting heavy like shes going to pass,out shes interrupted by a mother of her,student coming in to complain about a,grave the mother is a bit abrasive,especially when beth excuses that she,was out for personal reasons she,explains to her what happened laid out,specifically for the first time her,husband shot himself in the head he took,their boat out on the water using a,handgun that she didnt know they had,and pow right in the mouth shes even,more blunt with the lady after that that,she doesnt really care about hunters,elective speech presentation and,cheerilee changes his grade to a b the,lady is taken aback and gives a limp,apology before leaving again not exactly,the kind of behavior youd see from her,grieving widow but thats part of what,makes her such an interesting character,back to the picture she cant even bear,to look at it and throws it in a drawer,again illustrating the fact that she,hasnt accepted that hes truly gone and,at this point even refuses to believe so,returning home she bumps into her,friendly neighbor mel and reveals that,she is thinking about selling he agrees,that it is peaceful but lonely out here,mel can relate to beth too because his,wife of many years recently passed so he,has been or was going through the same,thing that she is just starting asking,about the gunshot she assumes that it,was for a snake or something but mel is,adamant that it wasnt him but offers,that if she hears it again to give him a,shout so we heard it and he isnt lying,meaning that it to me seems like it was,beth herself remembering that shot that,rang out when owen took his life its,also easy to see why so much of owen and,his memory is hard to ignore in the,house as he actually designed and built,the entire thing himself utilizing his,talents as an architect and he really,wants to get his hands dirty when,watching more old footage he is seen,literally doing the entire construction,single-handedly pretty impressive and,you know definitely time-consuming beth,at least gathers the strength to do the,most basic first step of what to do with,owens personal belongings things like,throwing out his toiletries and donating,his clothes starting to come to terms,with the fact that he is not coming back,and maybe starting to move on that all,goes right out the window when she is,rummaging through his office and finds a,book that was a present to her inside is,a detailed blueprint of the house,theres also some circles and other,basic shapes amongst other designs but,she sees notes in the liners from owen,that seem to imply a greater specific,reason behind the houses design another,sketch is of intersecting halls all,collapsing in on themselves and the,strange word kadroya on another page is,an overhead of the house along with,another sheet laying over it showing an,exact reverse copy of the original,layout thats enough for beth and she,closes the book appearing unsettled,later the stereo kicks back on to the,same folk song from earlier but it,couldnt have been beth she was asleep,in bed her cell phone oddly chimes and,theres a message from owen to come down,baffled she calls them wanting to know,who it is a distorted male voice,crackles her name then saying i know you,can hear me and asked her to go to the,wind

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The Night House EXPLAINED

all right chances are if youre here,youve seen the nighthouse and you want,to discuss what the movie meant and what,that ending was all about obviously this,is going to contain spoilers so if,youre simply looking for a review ive,linked my spoiler-free review of the,nighthouse up here and then in the,description below now these are just my,thoughts and theories for the meanings,im gonna do my best to back up each of,my suppositions but i would also love to,hear your interpretations down in the,comments i learned so much from other,perspectives we may agree or disagree,but the coming together of minds is so,much fun so please share below now beth,was dead to begin with thats overly,dramatic but hear me out we know that,beth died in a car accident when she was,a teenager she was dead for i think it,was like four minutes and as she retells,the story she says that there wasnt a,light at the end of the tunnel it was,just tunnel darkness nothing there,wasnt anything on the other side and,what the ending tells us is that while,there was nothing its actually a,presence it has followed beth her entire,life and then it attached itself to owen,the darkness or nothing whispered into,owens ear terrible things driving him,to build a maze of a house driving him,mad driving him to murder and ultimately,driving him to end his life thats why,owens note said you were right there is,nothing nothing after you he was,confirming that nothing existed and that,nothing was after her now the ultimate,goal of the nothing was to reclaim what,was lost which was beth she was dead and,in the nothings domain but when she was,revived death and the nothing were,cheated so now lets take a look at a,few of the elements of the story that,lead us to that reveal and also why i,think i can make the argument that this,is really a love story wrapped in,creepiness okay first up the mirrored,house and the mays house we see from the,books that owen has and even the,handwritten notes and floor plans that,he is trying to build something that,resembles a maze and even if it doesnt,look like a maze its meant to act like,one to confuse the nothing and then keep,it at bay one of the handwritten,portions in the margins of the book,mentions trickery i believe it was one,of the underlying parts also that,mentions confusing the spirit owens,goal here was to prevent the nothing,from getting to beth he believes that if,he can confuse misdirect or trap the,nothing in an area it cant escape then,beth is safe from the nothings reach,now i think this was probably the,weakest explained portion of the movie,beth takes the books to the shop and in,this moment it would have been the,perfect opportunity to give even a small,bit of background on what the author or,what the books mean we get so little,from what is shown and its not on the,screen for very long we have to take the,glimpses we get from the books and then,use those to build out the reasonings,with the imagery from the house that,beth visits across the lake the house,numbers are mirrored as is the entire,home but in there we see owen in several,different rooms and several women who,all have dark brown hair and they,resemble beth while beth sees this,mirror at home in her vision or maybe,its even while shes asleep we know the,true guts of the house are just this,ramshackled grouping of boards and tarps,the women we see are in a never-ending,loop of torment reliving their death at,owens hand over and over this mirrored,version is where the nothing is but once,beth enters there then nothing latches,on to her and then can torment her the,interweaving of sides of the house for,lack of a better term that comes at the,end is uniquely done as beth is,entranced by what she believes is owen,but on the other side she then realizes,its the nothing and is pulled through,the mirror to now be on that side within,the nothings domain i think this,sequence is also the strongest,rationalization for the never-ending,loop of women being killed over and over,beth has already seen some of this,violence but from the outside now she,watches it play out in front of her and,the women are aware of her presence and,in that real mirror house the partially,built structure on the other side of the,lake thats where beth finds the,talisman when she does some searching,she learns that its meant to lure and,trap evil spirits the reason it was kept,and hidden in the house across the lake,is to keep the nothing there to keep the,nothing on that side away from beth but,we also learned that when owen lures,women that look like beth to the other,side of the lake he has them touch the,talisman and that could either bind the,nothing to them or make the nothing,believe that this new woman is beth we,see that there are several women that,owen has brought to the shack on the,other side of the lake which is,evidenced by all of those bodies that,are hidden under the floor and this,shows the number of times that he has,tried to trick the nothing into thinking,it was beth as beth goes through owens,phone and sees all the pictures of the,brunette women she rightfully thinks,that he was cheating on her but in,reality he was stalking prey in the,hopes of finally bringing one back that,could end his suffering by successfully,tricking the nothing which this then,leads me to owens ultimate sacrifice he,has tried and failed so many times to,trap and trick the nothing in order to,keep beth safe his final act of killing,himself can be seen as selfish but i,believe that is what owen believed was,the only thing that could finally save,beth his note is vague and possibly,misleading at first it sounds like its,a dismissive note almost blaming her or,succumbing to some foregone argument but,i believe when you read it with the,right emphasis it can take on a,different meaning you were right there,is nothing nothing after you here owen,is confirming that beth was right about,seeing nothing but also stating that,nothing is the presence and that it has,been after her owen believes that if his,life ends he takes away any possibility,of the nothing connecting or then,capturing beth and we see that hes,wrong the nothing still resides in the,trap that owen had constructed and i,think when she picks up the talisman it,binds her to it allowing it to affect,her even more so if we look at all of,owens actions theyre all spurred on by,his desire to keep beth safe owen loves,her so much that he is willing to try,and build a duplicate mirrored house,hes willing to stalk and then murder,other women to keep this evil entity at,bay and then when none of that is,successful he sacrifices himself,believing that that will end the bond,and then plunge beth into utter safety,okay so those are my thoughts and,theories for the meaning behind the,nighthouse what do you think what did i,get right what did i get wrong lets,continue the discussion in the comments,below and hopefully through that a much,greater understanding for this thriller,is gonna take hold i really appreciate,you watching if you enjoyed this please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe im chris this is,movies and munchies thanks for couching,with me

The Night House (2020) SPOILER FREE REACTION REVIEW | Horror Psychological Thriller | COME WITH ME

[Music],hi friends i am so excited because today,im gonna go see,the nighthouse im sure youve seen the,title i am excited because again,obviously being able to go to the cinema,but because this psychological horror,thriller looks very interesting and,unlike most things ive seen this year,so im very keen to check it out for,myself of course this is a come with me,video where i take you along with me,completely spoiler free and let you know,whether the movie is worth your time if,it was meant for you or if you should,just wait until it comes out on vod this,one stars rebecca hall its about a,widow who begins to uncover her recently,deceased husbands disturbing secrets,its also directed by david bruckner who,did segments on southbound vhs and he,also directed ritual but even more so,exciting he is directing the upcoming,hellraiser movie so,im very excited to see how he does with,this and if i can see hellraiser in his,style of directing which i think its,just gonna be very different um i did,see part of this trailer uh when i went,and saw escape room two and um i,probably would recommend not to watch,the trailer because i feel like um some,reveals obviously to hook you in um are,in the trailer um but im just so,excited im also seeing this one in a,small more independent cinema so that is,awesome thats kind of it thats all i,know i saw part of the trailer i started,looking away when it got to the montage,part where i just felt like there was so,many reveals so im just happy that ive,forgotten most of it and were gonna go,in as blind as possible just knowing the,log line so lets go and see the,nighthouse,[Music],[Music],[Music],hi friends,i just finished watching the nighthouse,um this film was not what i expected at,all and its really interesting from,seeing the trailer its,in a way completely different but also,kind of a,its not like a negative or a positive,its kind of like it threw me so far off,that i was kind of happy that it was,it followed its own like beat of the,drum,because the trailer seemed like it gave,away a whole lot maybe not the answer,but the whole um kind of like not i,guess twist um but not really the,causation for it where in this um i was,just completely shocked and by the time,something happens in the film thats in,the trailer that seemed like the twist,not the twist but a reveal um,it was so,different to what i thought it was going,to be about anyway um that i think was,okay uh as i said this film is about a,woman um it starts with its about a,woman it starts with a woman returning,home,from what seems to be her husbands wake,and um shes in this house and she is,battling with her husbands uh,recent and violent death and um,she takes the necessary,its like ignorances bliss kind of,situation she takes these steps to try,and find out um,why what happened to him happened to him,but its,its just takes her so far down the,rabbit hole and the realization of what,actually happened is just so far off,base of what you could imagine um the,film,is as i said its a psychological horror,thriller i definitely stand by that but,it also kind of goes into another,subgenre which im not going to talk,about because it is part of kind of the,reveal and you know the answer to the,situation and um i was just really,the film feels very offbeat and i would,say if i had to describe this film in,one word itd be unexpected um because,it feels so offbeat and that happens,with every part of the film during the,slower parts it seems like just,something gets a little bit wrong and it,kind of holds that feeling and that,tension in everything feeling a little,bit off um,but it also does so in the scares which,theyre just off beat and when i say,offbeat i mean that literally its like,when you feel like theres gonna be a,jump scare it doesnt happen and then,other times it really does have some,scares in it that i screamed other,people screamed in the cinema and it was,quite cute usually i like when the sun,was really quiet but there was this uh,like middle middle-aged um couple beside,me and i went my friend scott and uh i,could see during the movie they were,like ah and it was really cute to see,them like so into it i just love that um,you could see that they were really,appreciating the movie uh rebecca hall,was absolutely fantastic in this role,and it really does expect a lot from her,because um yeah it really is all,depending on her its a very silent film,and um youre following her through,obviously the emotions of grief is,i mean thats hard to match but what she,did she had to go several steps further,and um yeah you just see her go through,everything in this film and i thought,that she just did a fantastic job um so,i shes someone i already knew about,obviously ive seen her in a lot of,films but um this one really will make,me remember her name for sure as i said,with sound the film is quite a quiet,movie um and again relies on creaks and,whispers and all that like spooky stuff,um but then also it has um interesting,aspects with the cinematography because,they do something where they play with a,different aspect that you dont usually,see,um in horror movies its quite an,obvious aspect um but something that is,kind of like a trick of the eye,situation and i thought that was really,cool in this um something different but,also did not feel like it fit the story,everything in this film is just like it,almost feels like its the third draft,like its not the fourth or you know i,guess fourth is final to me but its,just not the final draft it felt like it,was just one off because it is so,offbeat and it doesnt feel like its,smooth but more so um,its in an interesting way where,and this is gonna sound strange let me,know if you um understand what i mean,but a lot of films feel off-beat when,theyre foreign films theyre not,hollywood theyre not following a,certain like structure and flow and um,hitting certain points at certain parts,of the film or at least you know where,its kind of going so this film to me,even though its an american film it,felt like a foreign american film i know,its not an independent film but it does,have that kind of feel in the way its,not conforming to some kind of a,structure like the the common tent poles,especially with this being a very,mainstream like this is in all the,cinemas here and um,its,its a very like very intense horror,film where i thought it was gonna more,side on psychological thriller,really show the aspects that were in the,trailer and just be about that but it,really takes it like six steps further,its kind of like if you have seen the,empty man i mean its nothing to do with,the same stuff but when you go into a,film thinking its about one thing and,then its just like completely off base,and i dont know whether i preferred,this or i would have liked what i wanted,to like what i assumed the film was,about but it was just very different and,i mean were all for surprises so um i,in one way i would say definitely go see,this one as soon as you can because so,people dont spoil the surprise thats,usually how i feel about films that have,such a different um,outcome than um what we all expected but,at the same time its so complex and um,the clues and the way it all kind of,unravels its so deep like the rabbit,hole goes so deep that uh it doesnt,feel like it could be easily explained i,dont feel like you could hear a one or,two word or maybe you could but i dont,feel like the whole thing could be,explained really easily i think you,definitely need to check out the film,for that in saying that,they do explain everything in the film,so i did feel like halfway through,i had a horrible feeling that this was,gonna go nowhere this was gonna be like,the turn of the screw and it was just,gonna end,but it does get explained um but because,it takes so long to kind of explain,itself because it really holds that you,know that card in its hands for so long,i would have actually liked it to go,more in depth with it because it is,something that the

The Night House (2021) – Movie Review

you want proof that this movie is scary,look no further than this person right,here go ahead tell them what you did in,the theater,there was an unexpected jump scare and i,screamed it was a very audible response,it was a,yeah yeah,little bit of that it was embarrassing,nobody else screamed just me and you,grabbed the entirety of my arm she,almost ripped it off thats why you go,to scary movies together its true was,it effective you being there with me no,the movie oh yeah was that other thing,effective,what is up big fans welcome back to my,channel the nighthouse is the brand new,horror movie that is dropping in,theaters this week and im gonna tell,you if i believe the movie is worth,watching or not spoiler free review and,if you guys like this review let me know,drop your thumbs up down below lets get,into it so directed by david bruckner a,widow begins to uncover her recently,deceased husbands disturbing secrets,starring rebecca hall and thats where,were gonna start in this review rebecca,hall gives a great performance its,subtle its a bit nuanced at point shes,displaying a lot of emotions because she,is slowly unraveling and uncovering,these secrets that her husband left,behind and let me tell you the secrets,that she begins to uncover theyre very,unexpected but at a point in the movie,and this is no spoilers of course,there is a bit of a twist to that reveal,that adds a new layer to this story and,it leads the nighthouse to become a,movie that starts out on you know the,conventional side of things its like oh,its a scary movie weve seen it,countless times before hopefully it,doesnt rely on those jump scares and,they definitely end up coming throughout,the movie like the intro said theres,one specifically i,wish i could get the reaction of all of,you all who sit through that jump scare,it was ju it was really good another,kind of person i dont really jump,during a jump scare but i can,acknowledge when its really well done i,acknowledge it clearly my wife she,acknowledged it because she jumped and,she screamed but it was really effective,and its one of those movies that does,it but it doesnt overdo it its much,more so focused on rebecca halls,character and what her character of beth,is going through now shes not the only,one in the movie even though she really,is the focal point and shes on screen,at all times but shes the only one on,screen i would say at least half if not,most of the movie so its her job to,kind of carry this on her shoulders you,have sarah goldberg who plays claire,von d curtis hall who plays mel and,these are kind of the individuals,surrounding her claire is your cliche,best friend in a way in a movie like,this shes encouraging her because of,what she just went through shes like,come on we have to move on we have to,get over this and the things that shes,describing and i like how her character,is just so upfront about everything at,one point shes sitting having a,conversation with peers and shes just,like um do you guys believe in ghosts,because i feel like theres something,going on in this house so every time we,go back to the nighthouse we see and,experience these things but at first,its really subtle and she doesnt make,it a point to hide it shes very open,with that fact and i like that i think,thats interesting then you have mel who,is kind of on and off of the premises he,lives nearby and there are some things,about his character hes a genuinely,sweet and nice guy when you first meet,him but you learn more things and not,only about his character but other,people involved with this situation that,maybe not everyone is being as honest,and as truthful or was at one point in,their lives as it looked to be at first,because at first very simple her,husbands dead you have a general idea,as to the why but not a specific reason,well its uncovering the clues and the,secrets but getting these really creepy,and scary and haunting moments that,happen as we progress but moments that,arent overdoing it that arent trying,to be this grandiose crazy conventional,horror thing and sure we get those,horror tropes like at one point beth,shes confident enough to go into this,really creepy place wont say what the,place is but she just goes for it and,granted at this point in her life she,has nothing to lose but im like okay if,this was real life probably wouldnt do,something like that and there are other,minor nitpicks throughout the film like,the way that technology works and,a few of these moments and movies when,movies are theyre feeling so real and,then you get something that you know,wouldnt happen in real life but it,happens anyway it doesnt take you out,of the film if youre invested in the,story and i was invested i liked what,was happening but its those moments,that kind of you know just get under my,skin and i will say the ending not,necessarily what i expected it to be it,was solid i thought maybe they would go,in a bit of a different direction it,just kind of ends its not this overly,climactic thing it doesnt,leave your jaw on the floor like wow i,cant believe that just happened its a,nice emotional moment and some things,happen that you wont believe that,theyre actually happening but i do feel,as if the ending could have been,stronger to cap off an already,semi-captivating story a story that is,surprising you along the way not not,everyones going to be on board with,those twists but i actually found them,to be extremely well written and when a,movie can do things and make me sit back,and go oh well its its doing something,different i like that and also just the,overall execution the look the feel the,direction to this movie not relying on,horror cliches to get you through the,experience thats unexpected and i,thought the nighthouse did a great job,of all of those things but its all,riding on her performance and she knocks,it out of the park and before i give you,guys my score once again thanks for,joining me leave your thoughts and,comments down below did you enjoy this,movie as much as i did or did this story,just not do it for you again its not,the most exciting horror film youre,going to see all year but its more so,the construction for me so its a nice,surprise the film features a solid,number of thrills but it never relies on,those jump scares rebecca hall,absolutely nails it and the subtle yet,emotional journey does its job im going,a 78,for the nighthouse a nice surprise like,i said so uh this is definitely one,worth watching in the theater thats,your only option right now uh if you,want to wait id say it would still be,worth renting once it comes out but a,nice theatrical horror experience so we,have this and then coming up soon,candyman which i also get to see early,so i cant wait to talk about that thank,you guys for joining me here tomorrow we,have movies like reminiscence im hoping,to go see the protege sweet girl on,netflix its gonna be a busy weekend im,gonna go try to scare my wife as she,falls asleep thanks for watching ill,see you soon,first of all i heard you rattle around,your cough drop lets try it again,why are you doing like a youre like a,different accent over here i dont know,you would prove the dick,stop making fun of me

The Night House REVIEW – Hellraiser Inspired Modern Classic?

so ladies and gents the nighthouse,directed by david bruckner written by,luke petrowski and ben collins starring,rebecca hall i had a fantastic time with,this film,now it may be a step too far to call it,a modern classic but make no mistake,this is a very very well crafted horror,film now i think that there will be a,lot of people that will sit there,watching this film as it comes towards,its clothes and be a bit,miffed somewhat by the ending now having,read some interviews with the writers,and knowing that this film was adapted,directly and,well adapted directly from a hellraiser,pitch and inspired by that hellraiser,pitch,that actually clarifies an awful lot of,this film for me and also shows me why i,like this film,so much but not only that and we will,get to the review of the film as well,but it also shows me that david bruckner,luke petrowski and ben collins are the,right men for the job when it comes to,the new hellraiser film the remake which,is shooting currently,so,yeah i,now actually have renewed instilled,faith uh in david bruckner,and such moving forwards with the,hellraiser franchise i really like david,bruckner anyway he he did uh the ritual,which im a massive fan of i think the,ritual was a fantastic film,and one of the benefits or one of the,main pros of the ritual which carries,over to the nighthouse,superb sound design,now i dont know whether that is just,because david bruckner you know is very,good with sound design in terms of,directing you know his,production team or not im not sure,but one thing his films have had in,common is,excellent sound design so whats this,film about well we follow rebecca halls,character she has just lost her husband,of 14 years to suicide he went out on,the lake and he shot himself in the head,now obviously thats tragic but its not,the main point of the film the main,point of the film is rebecca halls,character is well grief stricken,it was incredibly unexpected why why,would he do this they had no issues he,wasnt depressed it came out of the blue,and then her life starts to unravel,because she starts to find out about,another life that he had owen had,he she finds out about other women she,even finds out,he built another house a house that was,actually reversed to the house that he,built for,her,odd,starts finding some occult items some,books some statues,and strange things start happening,thats basically as non-spoiler as,possible now is it because rebecca hall,is falling to alcoholism during this,time or is there a greater thing at play,well,in my eyes because its inspired by,hellraiser and knowing full well that it,was inspired directly from hellraiser,pitch i would say no there is a,malevolent force at play here,the nothing from beyond,when we die,was calling for her to return i guess,you could say,now i dont want to get too sort of,heavily into spoilers im not labeling,this as a spoiler or a non-spoiler,review um,but its just so well crafted so again,in terms of the non-spoilers,this film is not really a slow burn,um,it does get into it pretty quickly now,theres a few interesting things rebecca,hall carries this film shes really,really good,but not because she plays this sort of,victim very well its actually because,she plays this well grounded woman,really really well shes funny shes,sassy,i i would watch her just go about her,day-to-day life she was funny,you know shes a great actor,good god is she a great actor she really,sells this,really sells this and predominantly,shes interacting with like nothing half,the time,but when she interacts with individuals,and people she plays up sort of drunk,grief-stricken uh woman very well and,she is sassy great funny,really really good actor really good,actor now in terms of the writers and,how they craft this sort of grief,stricken woman and,i guess the slow unraveling of her life,that was well done,that was really well done i was not,guessing anything that was going to,happen in this film,there was nothing in this film that i,was like oh yeah of course that thats,thats absolutely what was going to,happen,there is not a moment where i thought,that they were going to turn left and,they turned left,every single time i was like are they,going to go right here no they turned,left or theyre going to go left here oh,no they turned right,everything was quite unexpected it was a,really well crafted story,and again the inspiration behind,hellraiser you can see it its very,clear as day there but not as a,hellraiser ripoff again you can watch,this film and you come to your own,conclusions of the ambiguity that lies,over it but knowing that its uh,inspired by it directly from their own,hellraiser pitch thats when you go yeah,no,yeah i get this in a much deeper level,here you know sort of interdimensional,beings and cosmic entities and such and,such forth now sound design plays a,massive part in this there are periods,throughout this film where music just,suddenly starts playing but its not,that horrible jump scare music moment,its,its done well,its done really really well,uh and theres some moments where oh my,god like,ill just describe one scene so she,falls asleep and then suddenly were,woken by like sirens and jingle jangles,and stuff and and ordinarily youd go,thats fine ah good lord in the cinema,this was very loud and,oh it really gets you going but then,theres also just the shot the the sort,of subtle silhouettes that are made out,of things um you know during their sort,of walk around,uh a house you know a banister in,conjunction with a wardrobe what does,the silhouette make does it look like a,human does it you know sort of a,is she drunk does it move all that sort,of play on the visual uh tone of the,film there really really well,had such a great time with this film um,this is a strong recommendation the,soundtrack is beautiful the,cinematography is beautiful this is one,of the one of the better horror films,ive seen for the last couple of years,um,yeah it really is and the thing i think,the thing about this film which which i,did quite like is that if im looking at,david bruckner and im looking at what,he makes and im looking at this im,looking at the ritual this is completely,different,completely different,completely different to the ritual,but yeah really really david bruckner,knows horror im very impressed with,this i was really really impressed but,again the selling point was rebecca hall,she was staggeringly good in this,staggeringly good im not even sure how,much money how much this was made for,um because i cant imagine it was made,for a lot,uh this film,no there is uh,no specific amount here,no specific amount announced i know a,company did buy distribution rights for,like 12 million,so 12 million i mean,we have to go for something like that it,was so good,so so good,no budget i cant find a budget at this,point in time,i really enjoyed this film rebecca hall,sells it ill watch a lot more with her,in it as a result of this strong,recommendation strong recommendation,lots to unpack,and i think go in go into it knowing,that its inspired by hellraiser i,actually think youll have a better time,with it,strong recommendation go watch it,its a very good horror film,i watched demonic,and the nighthouse in one day,im very much glad i watched the,nighthouse,because it was a good palette cleanser,for the awful film that was demonic let,me know what you think though if youve,watched it down below in the comment,section if youre new here do hit,subscribe thanks so much take care,[Music],you

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