1. The Office – Signs of a Declining Sitcom
  2. The Cringe Perfection of “Dinner Party” – The Office
  3. Why The Office Changed The Original Michael Scott
  4. Why Robert California Didnt Work: The Office Season 8s Downfall
  5. The Day The Office Died
  6. The Slow Downfall of Jim Halpert – The Office
  7. Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs. Friends

The Office – Signs of a Declining Sitcom

Can we do this forever?,Thats a question that every TV show has to answer, and the answer is almost always no.,After so many years the writers burn through ideas, and the audience loses interest.,- Look at him. Hes laughing.,- But its hard to know when that happens.,And you might think, “This isnt very good, or at least its not as good as it used to be.”,- I wish there was a way to know youre in the good old days…,…before youve actually left them.,- The Office is pretty great.,Its a mockumentary sitcom with relatable character-driven humor led by Michael Scott,,a boss whos desperate for attention.,- Uh-oh!,Better put on your ski-boots!,( LAUGHING ),- So when Steve Carell left the show after Season Seven, a lot of people bailed with good reason.,I mean, he was the main character.,- (Pam): We were thinking maybe we could keep this thing going.,- What?,- But the last two seasons arent that bad.,And I think Michaels departure offers an insight into how The Office is structured.,See, Id argue that Michael isnt the main character.,Its Jim.,Jim is the surrogate for the audience by being a normal person.,Michael dominates the space, and thats the joke.,Hes incompetent.,He doesnt really deserve to be a boss, and he doesnt really deserve to be the lead in a fictional documentary.,But he is.,The core comedy is not necessarily what Michael says but the way his subordinates react.,- Hes back!,( GIGGLING ),- Ideally, the show would have stopped when Michael left.,But replacing him with another obnoxious personality kind of works, at least as a concept.,Andy Bernard is the regional manager in Season Eight and most of Season Nine.,- I mean, its unbelievable!,- But under the right circumstances, I think Dwight should have been the replacement.,First, it would have echoed how Michael got the job.,His management style didnt matter, but he was the best salesman.,- Dwight is an obvious candidate for my job. He has the best sales record in the office.,He loves the work.,He is however…an idiot.,- Dwight is also a more relevant character.,The writers tried to develop a spin-off that focused on his life as a farmer.,So it shows they were confident enough to make him a main character.,And Dwight annoys his co-workers more than Michael ever did which is comedy gold.,- This cost me $129.,- Ass.,- I guess they wanted to stretch his manager arc to the series finale so they could end on a high note.,- DWIGHT SCHRUTE…,…IS…,…MANAGER!,- ( CHEERING ),- But it leaves Dwight in a vacuum for two seasons, and it trashes Andys character.,- ( SCREAMING ),- But Im getting ahead of myself.,Initially, it looked like Will Ferrell was going to be the next manager because he guest-starred for four episodes.,And Im really glad that he wasnt, because I dont know what his character is supposed to be.,- They are trying to figure me out.,And I. Dont. Like it.,- Its about to get all stupid up in here!,- He starts off as a humble guy whos compatible with Michael.,- Did that–did that just happen?,- Then hes a cool guy who everybody likes.,- Theyre all treating him like hes some sort of god.,- Then hes rude.,- Enough about your baby. Okay?,- Then hes a maniac for making Andy drink soap.,- (Deangelo): Drink some soap!,Oh, and he has a peanut allergy because–why not?,- Oh! Whoa!,- Youre getting nut particles all in the air!,- And thats just the first episode.,He spends the second episode worrying about his stage fright.,- THE DUNDIES ARE COME–ALL ABOUT COMING TOGETHER!,- And now hes a bad joke teller.,- Im not much of a performer, unless you count singing in the shower.,- In the third episode, hes a terrible salesman.,- That is cold sir. Absolutely cold. You know what? It was a complete waste of my time.,- And he struggles with an eating disorder by grabbing cake and screaming at it.,- ( GROANING ),- What am I doing?,Come on, Deangelo.,No!,- Uh-oh.,- Funny, right?,- (Deangelo): No!,- In the last episode, hes a sexist…,- Deangelo is a huge sexist,- …and a fake juggler.,- ( APPLAUSE ),- Then he leaves the show by injuring himself.,- Doctor is in!,( SCREAMING ),- ( CRASH ),- I dont know what the BLEEP that was.,- Luckily, they stayed in-house and picked Andy.,- Is there anyone who maybe was a little underwhelming at first, but now seems like a safe…,…if not slightly unexciting choice?,- Season Eight had to convince people that Andy was a worthy follow-up to Michael, and its pretty good.,- You dont have to prove anything.,We like you as regional manager.,- But I dont think they knew how to write the show without Michael.,Michael faked a call to impress Ryan.,- Ah, this is a very important client.,But I have the most important client sitting right in front of me: my boss. So I will call him back.,- Oh, no no no, customer service is obviously priority one.,- So Andy fakes a call to impress a client.,- There is nothing more important to me right now than this meeting.,- Really?,Because your mother is dead.,- Michael put his leg on Jims desk. So Andy has to sit on the desk.,- Michael misled people.,- I took her to the hospital, and the doctors tried to save her life. They did the best that they could…,…and she is going to be okay.,- What is wrong with you?,- And so does Andy.,- Dwight is no longer with us.,- What?,- Hes gone, dammit.,Hes been promoted to VP of Sabre Retail, and hes staying in Florida forever.,- So, hes alive?,- But you cant transfer Michaels traits onto Andy without the underlying motivations.,See, Michael is a very specific character.,Everything he does is filtered through his need to be liked.,- (Michael): Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not.,I like to be liked.,I enjoy being liked.,I have to be liked.,But its not like this compulsive need to be liked.,- Michael wants to be the funniest guy in the room.,He wants applause and admiration.,He wants to support women and minorities because it makes him look good.,But the more he tries, the more he reveals how ignorant he is.,- (Karen): What youre saying is extremely misogynistic.,- Yes!,Thank you. Women can do anything.,- Im saying that youre being sexist.,- No, Im being misogynistic.,- Even his stupidity is motivated by attention.,Michael understands that intelligence is valuable, so he pretends to be smarter than he is.,- Sometimes the smartest people dont think at all.,- You just came up with that.,- As I was saying it. – Yeah.,- Michael is known for mispronouncing words.,But keep in mind the joke is not Michael is dumb,,but that Michael is reaching for words beyond his vocabulary,because he wants to be perceived as intelligent.,- This is a good one. A particular concern for office workers is a sedimentary lifestyle, which can contribute–,- Sedentary. – …yes.,They are trying to make me an escape goat.,Well well well…,…how the turntables–,I am not to be truffled with.,This would be a huge coop, people!,Theres the x-axix.,The odds of them getting together…,…were insurmountainable.,It is…urkelnomically, correct.,- He can heal leopards. – (David): Michael.,- I am Jesus, David. And you know why?,Because Phyllis, a woman, has uslurped my role as Santa.,- (David): Michael.,- Youre going to H-E-L-L double hockey sticks.,Tell them to call me A-S-A-P as possible. Thanks.,Respect! R-E-S-P-SVEE-T!,I am downloading some N3P…,- Thats not it. – …music.,Got a sort of an oaky afterbirth.,- What was that?,- Jim Halpert is smudge and arrogant.,- I think you mean smug.,Several times a day, Michael says words that are way beyond…,…my vocabulary. – I know where this is going!,- Do you? – No.,- Okay. – ( LAUGHS ),- Remember spider face? – No.,- Okay, cause the quote was, “Cut off your nose to spider face.”,- Spite–okay. – ( LAUGHING ),- So imagine my surprise when I heard this joke in Season Nine.,- I just got off the phone with my doctor.,And it turns out I contracted…,…ch-lamydia from Erin.,- First of all, no one is that stupid.,Especially not Andy. He went to Cornell and he has one of the best vocabularies in

The Cringe Perfection of “Dinner Party” – The Office

[Applause],[Music],this video is brought to you by,curiosity stream and has spoilers for,the run of the office it feels a little,weird to start a video about an episode,of TV I love with something negative but,Im gonna do it anyway I think most can,agree that the u.s. version of The,Office didnt exactly go out on top,it really limped along after the,departure of its star Steve Carell the,show eventually transformed into a more,cartoonish and less funny version of,itself not exactly new for long-running,sitcoms but it was still pretty,depressing to watch especially when,sitting through subplots like Pam almost,having an affair with a cameraman,remember that that was actually a thing,I promised to me the last season of The,Office that had the energy and high,highs of the early years was season four,now its not perfect it has some,episodes that are an hour long because,NBC just wanted to fill a bigger,timeslot which resulted in some over,long episodes but when it clicked it,really really worked giving us my,favorite back-to-back episode to the,show the deposition and of course dinner,party and thats what Im gonna try to,dig into today what this classic episode,does well and why even after all these,years I still put it among some of the,best half hours of TV ever made one of,the smartest things about dinner party,is the way that it builds on the episode,before it I think its safe to say that,without the deposition the episode could,have come off is too broad and,over-the-top even for Michael and Jan,but we find them at a very specific,point in their relationship in the,deposition Michael is hilariously back,into a corner where hes put in the,crossfire of Jans lawsuit against under,Mifflin and both sides humiliate him but,Jan using his journal for evidence,without him knowing is a bridge too far,and he ends up siding against her but,theyre still together and from the end,of that episode its pretty clear,theyre not even gonna talk about it,theyre just gonna let all that anger,and resentment,it and stew which is just about the best,possible set up for dinner party hanging,out with Michael and Jan under normal,circumstances would probably be awkward,but now all of that is turned up to 11,with every old argument and embarrassing,disagreement coming to the surface like,David Brent before him one of the things,that makes Michael Scott so funny and,uncomfortable is the fact that theres,this huge gulf between what he tries to,convince us and himself his life is like,and what it actually is he wants us to,think everyone loves him hes the most,funny boss around and hes actually,really good at basketball but hes just,having an off day when the cameras are,around at least his entire life is kind,of defined by trying to sell us the,version of his life that he wishes he,had and that definitely goes for his,relationship with Jan the episode begins,with Michael pretending everyone has to,work late just to make sure Pam and Jim,arent able to find an excuse to get out,of his party which is a very Michael,Scott move deep down he knows his guests,dont want to be there but if he has a,chance to pretend that Jim and Pam are,his close friends for a bit hes gonna,try to make that happen but lets get to,what I really think makes this episode,so great and it has to do with horror,author HP Lovecraft,what was that okay only sort of let me,explain the best part of my favorite,Lovecraft stories is when we see that,the horrors of the universe are so much,bigger than we realized,entire vistas of the unknown open up to,the main character as they begin to see,theyre only scratching the surface of,something terrible that they cannot,begin to understand and if youre,sitting there going is this guy really,about to compare Michael and James,relationship to Lovecraftian horror the,answer is yes I absolutely am which,genius about dinner party is we only get,small glimpses of how dysfunctional,Michael and Jan are theres just so many,details big and small packed in here,from the fact that they clearly had a,fight over whether Michael could keep,his dundies to seem that Michael has to,sleep on a tiny bench below Jans,despite the fact that they have a whole,room going unused it just gets worse and,worse as Jim and Pam are there to slowly,witness the unraveling of just how deep,these issues go if thats not love craft,story structure I dont know what is I,probably dont have to talk about how,great Steve Carell is in this episode,thats obvious but I also wanted to,highlight Melora hardens performance as,Jan because I think this is probably,your best episode Jans character arc is,a minor one in the grand scheme of the,show but its a surprisingly,well-executed one when we first meet her,shes purely there as a foil for Carell,to bounce off of the generic no-nonsense,corporate businessperson but starting in,midseason – the show really starts to,crack that facade showing us a character,whos barely holding things together,going through a messy divorce and who,obviously has a ton of issue shes,trying to shove deep down and just not,acknowledge at all which kind of makes,her the perfect awful match for Michael,like most the rest of the cast Jan would,slowly get more cartoonish and,two-dimensional over the years but I,actually dont think thats the case in,dinner party,she doesnt says some very over-the-top,stuff here but it all feels in service,of the character not just a cheap gag,I dont think later seasons of the,office would have included this moment,at the end where Jan tries and fails to,glue the dundie she threw back together,its a funny humanizing moment and more,than a little sad which is always where,the office operated best in those early,years there are so many stray lines in,this episode that I laugh about to this,day maybe the biggest one is and then,when you said you definitely didnt want,our kids it just suggests so much about,what Michaels life has been outside of,the office just really bleak and,hilarious at the same time Dwight and,Andy are two characters who i tire of,pretty easily and i think they take over,the show in a pretty bad way later on,but theyre both used well here Andy is,mostly just playing the straight man to,Angela who takes every opportunity she,has to snipe at Pam and Dwight saying,that his relationship with his childhood,babysitter is purely carnal,well never not make me laugh maybe even,better than that though is the way that,Pam is used in Jan and Michaels,uncomfortable psychosexual mind games,Jen is always using her relationship,with her old assistant hunter to make,Michael jealous and again I have to,applaud Harden here because her awkward,dancing is just incredibly uncomfortable,it makes you want to hide under the,couch but its clear that Michael has,been doing the exact same thing using,Pam to make Jan mad the difference,obviously is that Michael never actually,slept with Pam and the scene where Jan,calls Angela and Pam into the kitchen,and Angela immediately tries to throw,her under the bus is more subtle than,some of the big blowout arguments but,probably even more uncomfortable Ive,always loved well-done cringe comedy,those early seasons can be really hard,to watch in a good way the show would,kind of lose that edge eventually but,dinner party is definitely a great,example of it almost every moment in,this episode has Jim and Pam stepping,farther and farther into these awful,situations from Michael pitching Jim on,investing in Jans candle business or,Jam letting Pam know the food will be,ready in about three hours I really do,think that cringe comedy taps into that,same part of us that enjoys horror,movies in this episode maybe the shows,best example of that,its a train wreck you cant look away,from and ultimately I kind of wish the,office ended here dont get me wrong,theres a decent chunk of episodes after,this that I really like I mean chair,model is literally the next episode and,I think thats another highlight of the,season but this montage at the end is,gr

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Why The Office Changed The Original Michael Scott

That was a woman I was talking to.,So.,She had a very low voice.,Probably a smoker.,So.,[CLEARS THROAT],This guy and this guy are two dramatically,different characters.,For about six seasons of Steve Carells tenure on The Office,,Michael Scott is a near completely static character.,He evolves but very slowly.,He grows in the very little ways Michael Scott does.,But for one single season, Michael Scott,was someone very different.,US version of The Office was developed,by Greg Daniels as an extension of the 12 episode,British miniseries starring Ricky Gervais as David Brent.,Hilariously mean spirited, depressed, nearly functionless,human being, whose world was built around dark humor,with a splash of the early makings of cringe humor.,The first season of the US Offices six episode run,attempted to recreate that edge, that very same angle.,And the show was almost immediately canceled.,Paul Feig would say later in an interview,that it was a miracle the show wasnt removed from air,,and that the support of NBC exec Kevin Reilly,is the only thing that saved it.,Why?,Because they [QUACK] Michael Scott.,Thats what she said.,Thats my joke.,I touched on this briefly in an earlier piece,I did about The Office, but I think,its worth diving into deeper.,Michael Scott in season one had to be changed,in four visible important ways to ensure the shows survival,,and some of these changes are more obvious than others.,If you had a hard time getting into The Office,,well, these may very well be the reasons why.,Michael was originally a totally unlikable,,unoriginal caricature.,And it was only once this was acknowledged,by the shows writers and creator that it,began to change.,Maybe unsurprisingly, it starts with the superficialities,of Michael Scott.,You might have noticed that this Michael doesnt look exactly,like this one.,And thats because, well, first impressions in television,are everything for a character, and Michael,look like a skeevy cartoon car salesman.,It wasnt working.,They slick Carells hair back in season one,to give him a balding look.,They dressed him in oversized clothing,and left the blazer at home, tightened his collar up,to give him the appearance of being slightly overweight,and having a double chin, and gelled his scalp,until the shine could be seen off,the top of his head three shots away.,This was all in attempt to make him look like a more nefarious,,more mean spirited character.,Almost like a villain.,The shows producers acknowledged,this was not going to work for the character,long term if they wanted audiences to care about him.,So season two introduced the new and improved apparently,Rogaine using Michael Scott.,More presentable, better dressed, less offensive,in appearance.,But this was just the surface.,Where the real changes were made were in how moments like these,are handled.,Try my cookie cookie.,Try my cookie cookie.,Try my cookie cookie.,Try my–,This is the end of the season one episode Diversity Day,,maybe the shows most famous episode.,There is no redemption here for Michael Scott.,The moral of the episode by the time it ends,is that hes awful, and thats that.,The only moment of audience redemption,comes here between Jim and Pam.,It was a mean spirited way to end an episode of a television,show, and this approach apparently left a sour taste,in the mouths of audiences.,And their view of both the show and Michaels character,was that of bleakness.,The dark British humor not translating,well to American audiences wasnt necessarily the issue.,It was that the producers wanted the show,to be on air for far longer than 12 episodes,,and were too closely trying to replicate Brent and pursue,that reality.,Heres the end of the final episode,of that first season, Hot Girl.,I uh, I probably should have told you,I dont need a ride now cause Jim can take me home after,,so youre off the hook.,OK, great.,Off the hook.,Excellent.,OK, cool.,I got this.,All right.,Have fun.,Dont drink and drive.,A conscious decision was made from here,on out, this very moment, to give the shows episodes more,optimistic endings than this.,To provide the audience with happier moments,and give Michael an aura of humanity, whereas the UK,office ends with Brents literal firing and his lowest point.,From here on, Michael would end each episode happier.,,The aforementioned Paul Feig, former writer on the show,,points to this moment in the season two episode,Office Olympics with being the aha moment of that optimism.,Stating that these were the moments that,would make Michael Scott human, and the good feelings that,would keep audiences around for more than 12 episodes.,They leave their couches with a smile.,So from season two on, more optimistic endings were in.,But there was a bigger glaring issue,that producers believed had to be,causing the shows poor reception,throughout that initial season.,Michael was not the worlds best boss.,In fact, it was entirely unbelievable to audiences,that he even continued to have and keep his job.,In the context of a mockumentary,,the entire purpose of the format becomes believability,in the gimmick.,Therefore, if audiences dont believe in Michaels ability,to run the office, theyll check out of the concept,,and in turn, the show, all together.,And I think this moment in the season two,episode The Client is a direct response to that criticism.,Well, corporate is going to go ballistic,,but uh, you think we could, Jan?,See season one Michael, throughout all,of his meanspirited, fake firings and offensive attacks,on nearly everyone in his office,,also fails to accomplish, well, essentially anything.,In the client, on the other hand,,Michael continues to be Michael.,He interrupts the meeting to call Pam to feed him a joke.,He brings up Jans split from her husband repeatedly,,and he derails conversation for what seems to be hours–,Chilis babyback ribs.,–and then, he closes.,He accomplishes something.,A trend wed see carried forth throughout the years post,season one, as Michael flails around in sheer chaos,while somehow still getting the job done.,This postseason one approach is why,you see characters like David Wallace,bring Michael in for tips on how to run the other branches.,Its why you see Michael semi successfully,lead a competing paper company.,Michaels momentary competence gives,the shows writers the leverage and the space,to encourage Michaels more ridiculous behavior.,[SHOUTING] Parkour!,If he was doing this in the office and failing at his job,,hed become near instantly unlikable.,Because we, the audience, like Pam and Jim and Stanley.,And we know branches are closing and we, as the viewer,,want that branch to succeed for their sake.,If Michael was consistently playing with their livelihoods,,we, the viewer, would grow tired of him.,Wed resent him.,Hed become a villain.,So Greg Daniels told his writers that from season two,on, Michael had to be a more competent boss.,Welcome back Stanley.,Thank you, Michael.,And it worked out.,But I think the most important changes to Michael Scott made,between season 1 and 2 are the changes that,gave him a true character arc and stimulated,his development as the most likable idiot in television,history.,This was the result of two decisions,,and the first was more of a logistical choice.,Michael Schur, former writer on the show,,has spoken about it time and again.,10% was the idea.,The shows cast would be 10% nicer to him after season one,,because this all the time wasnt going to work.,,And this was a sort of intangible change,that happened slowly over time, but it,was integral in shifting the audiences,disposition towards Michael.,If the characters we are attached to, the Jims and Pams,,absolutely resent him, we are far less likely as viewers,to change our opinion of him.,So the 10% rule was put in place.,But what really humanized him with the shows approach,to relationships.,In the first season, we only see Michael the boss.,The second season makes a concerted effort,to give Michael relationships

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Why Robert California Didnt Work: The Office Season 8s Downfall

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The Day The Office Died

and thats the day the office died wait,wait wait wait stop the music this video,just cant be 20 seconds long now I,think a majority of us would agree that,the office went on a steep decline once,Steve Carell left the show it seemed,like the most popular choice but when I,was rewatching the series in preparation,for making this essay I came to a,different conclusion in this video Im,gonna explore the history of the office,offering up three possible episodes that,may seem like the most popular choices,until finally landing on the day I,believe the office died so lets try,this again and this time I promise I,wont finish so quick first pilot writer,Greg Daniels of The Simpsons and king of,the hill Fame had the impossible task of,adapting the much beloved British series,by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant,for an American audience cast with,relative unknowns the pilot premiered,March 24th 2005 to mixed reviews with,most criticizing how the episode was an,apparent carbon copy of the British,pilot with similar jokes and characters,without offering anything new or,original the first episode was the pilot,and the script had to be a situation,where you know youre trying to get,picked up and since NBC had bought an,adaptation completely starting from,scratch would be a very risky thing to,do so you know that was the episode,where we hired all the people we didnt,know who any of the actors were when we,started shooting the first episode,really should be buried really of any,new series in the show second episode,diversity day the office really started,to find its own voice fleshing out the,main characters and offering a,commentary to social issues unique to,America that American audiences could,better relate to the show was improving,creatively but the ratings continued to,plummet to the point where the office,was almost cancelled two things happen,within the next few months that went,hand in hand and saving the office from,cancellation the release of the 40 year,old virgin which made Steve Carell an,overnight superstar and oddly enough the,release of the fifth generation iPod,also known as the iPod video,whoa video iPod nobody really got,carried away with this spirit of,Christmas it was me I got carried away,like some shows in the past which were,saved by excellent DVD sales the office,was saved in large part by digital sales,on iTunes as customers were hungry for,content to add to their iPod videos Im,not sure that we still have the show on,the air without the iTunes boost the,network had only ordered so many,episodes but when it went on to iTunes,and really started taking off that gave,us another way to see the true potential,other than just Nielsen it just kind of,happened at a great time the offices,popularity quickly skyrocketed from that,point on amassing a slew of awards in,phenomenal ratings the successful,adaptation from the UK to America even,spawned other office adaptations across,the world in countries such as France,Germany Canada Chile and Israel to,Tommys affair first did you beg you,bend on he pushed it one I did a few of,the cast members became household names,such as John Krasinski Jenna Fischer and,Mindy Kaling but none of them came close,to the popularity of Steve Carell second,goodbye Michael,Steve Carell became a huge star,throughout the run of the office,appearing in films like Little Miss,Sunshine Get Smart date night in,Despicable Me with an actor in such high,demand it was only a matter of time,before he would take the permanent leap,from TV actor to film actor and so after,almost seven seasons and 148 episodes,Steve Carell left the show on April 28,2011 in the episode goodbye Michael,like I said earlier this seemed like the,obvious choice when deciding the day the,office died as the main character,Michael Scott was the foundation of the,entire series and his history is clearly,proven most shows cant survive the,seismic shift of losing a main character,that 70 show the x-files Nashville,scrubs the vampire diaries and Spin City,are just a few examples of shows that,severely suffered once the main,character left the show,NBC was struggling in the ratings at the,time and with the office its,highest-rated scripted show by far they,had no choice but to try and continue,the show without him and so the creative,team scrambled to fill the void which,led to perhaps the shows biggest,misstep Robert California third the list,the character of Robert California never,really fit with the rest of the show his,personality which was at first,dominating and overbearing quickly,devolved into aloof creepiness as,opposed to Michael Scott who was always,a main part of the story action,Robert was hardly an active presence in,the show he was completely absent in the,episode lotto and then absent for a five,episode stretch from jury duty to test,the store it was clear that the,character wasnt working and so James,Spader left the show after only one,season its been a great year Robert,California wasnt the sole reason why,the office went downhill but his,character was just another emphasis on,the OneNote characters that already,plagued the show when Greg Daniels,adapted the office for an American,audience he followed the British version,by really only giving layered depth to a,few main characters the boss two,salesmen and the receptionist and this,worked well for the British version,because the show only lasted for 12,episodes and a special but the American,office stretched everything for as long,as they could and this was fine when,Michael Scott was still around and,characters like Stanley Creed Meredith,Toby and Kevin could shine with a few,one-liners but when Michael left these,OneNote characters were then required to,carry more story weight than they were,ever initially meant to and it just,never worked Michael Shore staff writer,on the office for the first four seasons,but go on to correct this mistake in his,future workplace comedies Parks and,Recreation and Brooklyn nine-nine two,shows where every character is well,developed and with their own unique,goals and ambitions now those are three,popular choices but I believe the office,died on October 8 2009 with the two-part,episode Niagara these two episodes were,the perfect culmination of the romance,of Jim and,a romance weve been following since the,pilot episode the office was still at,its creative peak at this point but,after Jim and Pams wedding the show,appeared aimless reinforced by the,mediocre episode that immediately,followed mafia there were still some,great individual episodes throughout the,remainder of the series such as the,delivery garage sale and threat level,midnight but overall the writing staff,appeared out of ideas in order to,stretch the show for as long as they,could,the writers basically had every,character involved in an office romance,at some point and they even tried to,spin-off Dwights character in his own,show the farm which was ultimately,passed on by NBC a slow down fall is a,tragic fate for any show especially for,one like the office which was terrific,for so many years original cast members,and staff writers BJ Novak and Mindy,Kaling left the show in its final season,to pursue other projects yet Helms was,absent for a large portion of the final,season as well because he was filming,The Hangover 3 in the end the office had,a strong final episode building to a,wedding between Dwight and Angela but,that wedding lacked the emotional weight,and significance of Jim and Pams found,in the episode Niagara but was actually,Plan C the church was Plan B and Plan A,was marrying her a long long time ago,pretty much the day I met her which is,why on October 8 2009 the office didnt,die but maybe it should have thanks,everyone for watching and thanks to,everyone he specifically reached out,asking for this video I hope you enjoyed,it please leave me comment below tell me,when you think the office died or if you,think it was great all the way through,if you liked this video please like it,leav

The Slow Downfall of Jim Halpert – The Office

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Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs. Friends

Hey guys, todays video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. Head to dollarshaveclub.com/drew to get your daily essential starter set for just 5 bucks.,*clears throat*,I hate laugh tracks.,[ Laugh track starts ],I think theyre annoying -,- unnecessary, and honestly I find them to be kind of an insult to the viewers intelligence.,Its like the show doesnt trust you to know when to laugh so they have to basically hold up a big sign after every joke,And say “look that was joke it time to laugh now”,,but then at the same time it also kind of feels like a lack of confidence in their own jokes.,Like the writers know that these lines arent that funny,So they have to like peer pressure you into laughing,Because listen to how much these other people are laughing you should be laughing – most of all though,I hate laugh tracks because as a viewer when I hear the sound of canned laughter,I am completely taken out of what in my opinion,Should be an immersive experience,I want to watch a show and feel like a fly on the wall during a realistic human,Interaction and yet a laugh track serves as a constant reminder that these characters whose lives,Youre trying to get invested in are not actually characters,Theyre just actors acting on a stage in front of a live audience,That reacts to every joke like they just woke up from a long coma and this is the first joke theyve heard in 20 years,Joey: “Closeness schmoseness, there was 3 of us for cryin out loud!”,[ audience laughs like they just woke up from a come and is this the first joke theyve heard in 20 years ],In addition to being an auditory distraction laugh tracks also mess up the flow of,Every scene even if you remove the actual sound of the laughter its still evident that these conversations,Have a very unnatural rhythm,Pink Shirt Lady: “Get one yourself!”,[ awkward silence ],Beer Nerd: “Oooh Somebodys been taking bitchy pill!”,[ even more awkward silence ],Pink Shirt: “God, hes an ass when he drinks”,Outfit Matching Nerd: “Well, hes an ass when he doesnt, you just dont hear it.”,[ silence ],Line! Long pause. Line! Long pause. Ive never in my life had a conversation with that cadence,Its just not how people talk, probably the worst thing about these laugh tracks,Is that they dont always,Correlate with the quality of the joke every response seems to indicate the same level of hilarity when heres the thing,Some jokes are just better than others,I dont expect every line to elicit this room wide eruption of laughs and cheers,And I dont hold it against a show if a joke doesnt make me audibly laugh,but when a throwaway line is followed up by several wasted seconds where Im just waiting for the next joke and,Then it happens again,And again and again I get impatient,And I dont want to watch the show anymore these episodes are about twenty two minutes long,And it feels like Im only getting maybe ten minutes of actual comedy, and thats when my brain hatched an idea,Exactly how much of an average episode of Friends is just laughter?,What percentage of each episodes 22 minute runtime is wasted by a glorified sound effect?,And then to take it one step further how many jokes are there in an episode of Friends,,Compared to an episode of, lets say, The Office?,Obviously quantity and quality arent the same thing and one good joke is better than a hundred bad ones,But in this case I do think quantity is a pretty good indicator of overall writing quality.,So I had to know I had to get to the bottom of this, ,But how?,And then I remembered I have a youtube channel I can do stuff like this,[ Elevator Music ],Now keep in mind about 90% of this video is simply gonna be opinion based,I may present a lot of what Im saying as if it were fact,But what most of it comes down to is simply personal preference,So lets start with The Office. The Office is my favorite show of all time,Im a bit of a basic bitch, so no Im not talking about the British version nor the Japanese version for that matter,Im talking about the American office because here in the USA,We may not be the first to do and stuff,But Ill be damned if we arent the best.,The office combines everything I want in a comedy show,Again, personal preference.,Its hilarious, its quick,,But theres also a lot of depth to it.,Characters develop deep meaningful relationships that have ebbs and flows and give each episode more of a purpose.,Particularly in the first three seasons with the back-and-forth between Jim and Pam.,More than anything though,I love the way The Office is directed.,You can tell theres so much deliberation involved in setting up the perfect shots.,Which is something that may seem small,But I think the movement and position of the camera can contribute so much to the tone of a scene..,As well as even serving as a joke in its own right.,For example in the season 2 episode entitled “The Carpet”,,After its been established that someone took a dump in Michaels office,And no one can go in there because it smells so bad,,Michael has a talking head bit where he kind of rambles about how this is like his fear factor audition,Eventually he cant stand it anymore and starts to rush out of the room.,But its at that moment that the camera zooms out to reveal that even the cameraman didnt want to be in that room.,Its a small detail, but it was enough to make me chuckle and feel smart for noticing it.,But Im rambling..,I love the show. I could talk about it for hours,,But the title of this video isnt why I like The Office,,Its The Office vs. Friends,So I will try and get to the point.,How many jokes are in one episode of The Office?,Now, no scientific endeavor would be complete without taking an educated guess beforehand,,so heres my hypothesis,Im gonna say that an episode of The Office averages 140 jokes,Which is roughly 1 joke every 9 seconds.,On the other hand, Im gonna guess that an average episode of Friends contains about half that.,Lets say 80 jokes or one joke every 15 seconds.,In addition, Im gonna guess at approximately three and a half minutes of every Friends episode is just laughter,,And Im also gonna guess that roughly 7% of you just clicked off the video when I started rambling about math,So lets speed this up a bit for the office. I chose season 5 episode 14,”Stress Relief Part 1″ this episode is near and dear to my heart,The opening scene alone is an absolute work of art Dwight for awareness reasons,Intentionally starts a fire in the office to see how prepared everyone would be in that situation which is funny enough on its own,But then he has this,self-righteous attitude throughout the scene while everything,Deteriorates into chaos led by Michael who immediately puts his safety before everyone elses there are so many hilarious,Details like Kevin going back to break into the vending machine..,Angela hurling her cat into the ceiling..,Stanley ultimately having a heart attack as Dwight explains that this was all a test.,From start to finish, its beautiful, and there are 41 jokes in it.,After the opening theme,,The next scene is a meeting between Michael Dwight and 2 corporate higher-ups.,Halfway through the scene michael casually gets up and sort of waltzes over to the other side of the table,Trying to subtly switch his role in the situation and then starts lecturing Dwight.,There are 16 jokes in the scene,,3 during their car ride back to the office,,and 11 in the next scene,Where Stanley comes back to the office and Michael offers him a wheelchair.,Quote: “Until hes back on his feet.”,Stanley: Im going to die.,After a commercial break comes one of the greatest scenes in television history..,The CPR training scene.,If someone asked me,”Hey, Drew! I want to get into comedy writing. Where do I start?”,I would say…,”I dont know… I just make Youtube videos.”,But I would tell them to study this scene.,I dont even know where to start with this, so Ill let Steve Carrell set it up.,Michael: “We found ourselves on the…,less prepared side of things.,When Stanley had his…,When

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