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The One (2021) Netflix Original Series Review

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Netflix The One Ending Explained

for the most part,netflixs original series the one,focuses on three different couples who,each have their lives turned upside down,by match,she lied about fabio and shes lying,about ben,a system that can accurately match,people together based on their genetic,code,the black mirror-esque series takes,place in the not so distant future in,which this new way of dating is all the,rage,way too hot for you thank you,this causes a handful of people to,subject themselves to the scientific,method of finding their soulmate,however the aforementioned couples that,the show follows prove,that machna might not be so accurate,after all not doing anything for herself,she doesnt even put petrol in the car,if she did it would be the wrong petrol,the one brings into question what love,can possibly look like when science and,technology get involved,there is a ton of drama that the show,amps up between couples who try out the,system,this eventually comes to a boil in the,shows finale in which many secrets,about certain characters are revealed,while the ending itself does have a bit,of a twist theres more to be said about,the underlying themes that the show,presents,for those who are left wondering about,the larger implications of matchna look,no further,[Music],warning spoilers ahead hannah opens a,can of worms,that causes strain on her marriage when,the viewers are introduced to mark,eric kofi abrifa and hannah lois jamimba,they come off as a pretty normal married,couple,eventually would you try and get,matched however the popularity of,matchna causes hannah to become insecure,making her believe that her husband,might leave her for someone who is a,better match for him is what was out,there we just,came up with a way of finding them oh,when you say we youre talking about,you and james white instead of keeping,quiet hannah takes a strand of marks,hair,and submits it to matchna to see what,happens her worst fears come true,when the result matches mark with megan,palavi sharda,a friend of hannahs,in an effort to keep her enemies close,hannah spends more time getting to know,megan,which inherently means that megan is,going to be around mark,however everything comes to a boil,during hannahs birthday party when,megan and mark hook up without hannah,knowing,in the end the couple stays together but,theres still that bit of lingering,wonder,as to whether or not mark and megan are,actually meant to be together,well i need to see you can we meet up,additionally megan also submits hannahs,hair to matchna to see who her soulmate,could be,unsurprisingly it isnt mark but megan,holds on to hope that hannah will meet,her match and leave mark,once mark is hopefully available megan,aims to swoop in,and get him back based on how mark and,hannahs arc wrapped up,its safe to say that the show was,trying to convey the idea,that couples who are already happy with,each other shouldnt fret about,were gonna try to work things out,we need you whether or not theres,someone better suited for them or their,partner,mark and hannahs relationship was,perfectly fine before all the drama,began,and it only spiraled out of control due,to hannahs meddling,if she had left everything alone from,the start she and mark wouldnt have,even been in this mess of her own making, now you dont look like,kate and sophia have a messy,relationship that shows cracks in the,system kate,zoe tapper and sophias johnny perez,relationship winds up spiraling into,another intense mess due to majna i,choose it to be,i will not ask you all these questions,about your family you can,kate is introduced to sophia after she,matches with her via the program,and the two hit it off however the,couple runs into issues,when kate finds herself also being,attracted to sophias brother,sebastian eduardo laveras,[Music],this is due to the fact that siblings,inherently share similar dna,which means that kate is always going to,be biologically wired to be kind of,attracted to her partners brother,although kate chooses to be with sophia,in the end its still uncertain,as to whether or not she was confident,in that decision,this strange occurrence brings into,question whether or not there could be,more than one person out there for,someone,this is interesting considering that,match no is presented to be the,scientifically accurate method of,absolutely finding a persons match,based purely on data,these cracks in the system prove that,love and chemistry are things that cant,be quantified,rebecca slips by unnoticed but still,hurts a ton of people in the process,as the main protagonist and ceo of,matchna rebecca hannah ware,faces a ton of obstacles throughout the,shows eight episodes nothing will ever,be the same again,it wasnt for me even,there are some plot lines involving,rebecca and her match matheus,albano geronimo which also overlapped,with kates arc as well,to briefly summarize kate was in the,middle of investigating a murder that,rebecca turned out to be involved in,near the end of the show matthias tricks,rebecca into admitting that she left the,victim,ben amir el masri to die furthermore,mathias even records rebeccas,confession as evidence,however rebecca manages to get away with,the entire thing and the sting operation,blows up in matthiass face,while rebeccas story does get wrapped,up in a murder plot,theres still something to be said about,how the show interprets love in this,you dont case that,[Music],mathias is supposed to be rebeccas,match but he will clearly go out of his,way to ensure that justice is served,even,if it means imprisoning his partner this,further cements the fact that matchnet,isnt some happily ever after system,which can arguably be said about love or,marriage,like any relationship people do hurt,each other even if theyre also meant to,be together,the ones ending offers a cautionary tale,about love in the technological age,overall the one can be interpreted as a,social commentary about love and,matching during the modern age,youre right,ive got nothing to lose but you do,match note isnt that far off from the,tons of dating apps that are commonly,used in todays society,in fact most apps use all sorts of,algorithms and data to present possible,dating options to people who use them,i hope things work out for you,i really do thanks,in the case of the one this is taken a,step further since dna is used to find,matches instead of a questionnaire or,dating profile,even then the system does have its,faults and the same can be said about,dating and love in general,there is truly no way to know for sure,whether or not someone is truly the one,for another person,it takes a lot of trial and error and no,matter how much data an app might have,it really cant determine something as,intangible as an emotion or chemistry,the one ties all these themes together,in a murder plot that involves real,human beings making tons of mistakes in,their relationships,and based on how messy things got for,these majna couples its safe to say,that technology may never be able to,quantify,or map out love,[Applause],i have a secret that i want to share,with you,you

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hi guys welcome back to the shannon show,hello if youre new to todays video is,going to be,a review of the one which just dropped,on netflix,i hope everybody is doing as well as can,be and i really do hope everybody is,being as proactive as possible and,supporting the black lives matter,movement,and if youre still on the lookout for,some resources ive linked some in,the description feel free to comment,down below your thoughts on my,commentary im always up for a chat im,always up for a debate,and if you like this video give it a,thumbs up and if you didnt give it a,dislike no hard feelings,and if you really really like this video,consider subscribing and helping,your girl so the one season one now i,thought,this was quite interesting looking at,the trailer usually british productions,on netflix are quite good you see,recently behind the eyes that was really,popular i thought that was a good show,and obviously the vibe from the trailer,it was giving me blackmail revives,obviously thats another british,production so i was really interested in,checking out this series,now if youre coming into this expecting,it to be,a kind of substitute for black camera,while were waiting for,another season to drop i think you might,be disappointed because it doesnt,really focus,that much on the technology aspect,of the plot its very much a kind of,investigation thriller so a plot summary,is basically,a billionaire boss of this dna,matchmaking company does whatever they,can to save themselves,and their company after it comes under,investigation,so in terms of the main plot which is,this kind of crime investigation thing,its the typical corrupt founder of this,corrupt business who is trying to evade,capture and trying to save their company,from police investigation,its very much a narrative weve seen,before and in terms of the action in,that i didnt find it very exciting it,wasnt very thrilling,um and i thought it was really dragged,out they tried to put a kind of,mafia kind of spin on it and it just,wasnt very believable,i was not scared at any point i was not,intimidated,it just you know the material was there,but it just wasnt executed as well as i,thought it could have been,and quite frankly i just thought the,kind of investigation aspect of this,series which is the majority of it was,drawn out,um was drawn out to the point where you,lose interest very quickly,um and it becomes a struggle to get to,the end the investigation was very,predictable and very anti-climactic even,the payoff at the end but i think even,though the story had potential,the way that it was executed was just,very bland and very boring to be honest,in terms of when they do focus on the,dna company,aspect and the ethics and the,consumerism of that,they dont really do anything new or,exciting and youre constantly kind of,comparing it to the black mirror,storyline the hang the dj episode,and it just does not compare and they,dont really do a good job at selling us,this dna,service as well so for instance if this,dna service was available in real life,i dont think many people would care,about it i think maybe some people would,be curious,but the way they depict that this dna,service is so important in finding love,um didnt really seem very realistic to,me because in real life,theres so many other factors that come,into play in terms of a successful,relationship i mean with dna what is,that really physical,physical traits some social traits,personalities i mean theres so much,more that makes a successful,relationship,than what they depicted in the show so,when they had this storyline was someone,who was kind of like,well how do i know if my partners meant,for me if were not matched on this site,it seemed a bit silly it seemed a bit,silly to me,and they kind of weave in this oh well,the government is now looking into this,app because,its taken over so many peoples lives,and the divorce rate is so high it just,was just like why is the government,getting involved in a dating app it just,they tried to make it black mirror-ish,you know,post-modern but in the end it just kind,of looked a bit stupid to be honest,because they just didnt sell it very,well but what i will say is if you do,watch it theres one couple in here,and even though what the woman did was,wrong the man aint the man ate,,but overall the storylines concerning,this dna matchmaking service,were again kind of boring low investment,on paper they seemed really juicy but it,was just,the execution was just not very good,overall in terms of the storyline the,structure i think,a lot of people are going to find this,show boring and its going to be a drag,like,even as background noise and i had to,background noise it because it was just,it was just dragging um even as,background noise it wasnt even,giving as it wasnt even giving us,background noise and by the end of it i,was just like,yeah like i know what youre trying to,do here but it the execution was just,very bland i do think people are going,to switch off i think people might start,watching it because it looks interesting,but gradually switch off so if if you do,still want to check it out and you watch,the first episode and youre like,im not really sure about this that is,the standard,until the in that is the standard,throughout even the last episode that is,the standard,in terms of the acting the acting was,okay,was average but like i said there was,still,low investment for me there was no,compelling characters there was no,standout roles,everyone played their role but overall,it was average in my opinion and nobody,really got me to feel for them there was,id say maybe one character theres one,character where i was just like girl,what are you doing this is a mess,um and if you watch it you know who im,talking about,but overall id say the performances,were pretty average in terms of the,other production aspects i think,they were all done decently like it,looked nice,um the school was decent overall i was,pretty disappointed,with this series i wasnt expecting it,to be,like amazing but i was expecting it to,be,more just a little bit more than what it,was because it wasnt bad,either but it wasnt good it was just,average to be honest,um and you couldnt help but compare it,to other british productions which i,think is just not going to do any favors,because youre,youre going to compare it to black,mirror and it just simply does not,compare,in quality if im going to rate this,season i would rate it a 2.5,out of 5. just solid half marks they do,kind of leave the door open for season,two but,i dont think its gonna get that i do,think i think people are gonna switch,off and find it boring to be honest,interested to hear from you guys was,this something that you were thinking,about checking out are you still gonna,check it out or do you think youre not,gonna bother now,and if you did check out do let me know,what you thought about it did you make,it to the end,um and if you didnt make it to the end,when did you switch off id be,interested to know,i think for me by episode three if i,wasnt watching to review i would have,switched off in my,opinion but like i said let me know,yours and of course let me know what you,thought of my,opinion um subscribe if you havent yet,and if you have dont forget to put my,notification on,so you know when the next video is,dropping im also trying to get to two,point nine k subscribers im emma stairs,id appreciate if you help me reach that,goal,and thank you to everybody who has,subscribed to my channel so far,until next time guys bye,you

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The One by John Marrs | Book Review WITH SPOILERS | Netflix Series

well hello everyone i am april and today,im going to be doing,my spoiler-filled review of a book,that i recently read called the one this,is appearing on netflix as,a series today so i thought id do this,little video for you,[Music],if you are new to my channel and you,like reading books,especially if you like thriller books i,would love to have you here so,hit that subscribe button and youll see,my face,more often so today lets chat,about the one now i recently read this,book and i have a lot of thoughts,about it so the one is a bit of a,apocalyptic dystopian utopian world,in which uh nobody needs to,you know go dating and go through all,sorts of terrible dating experiences,anymore,because you can be matched to your one,true love,via your dna you just like swab yourself,send it to a lab and they will match you,and people are doing this,around the world people are leaving,their,wives and husbands they are moving on,with their lives to try and find their,one true love,now in this book we follow several,characters doing just that,but some of them are matched with rather,nasty people,one of them for example is a serial,killer so its a really,fun kind of read now i ended up giving,this,three stars i have mixed feelings about,it im gonna tell you all the spoilers,so if you havent read the book or,watched the series,i mean stop this video now i loved the,premise of that i just think its so,ingenious and john mars does that,again and again in his books thats kind,of his thing,and you know it does kind of make you,wonder what you would do,you know if i was single if i was in a,horrible relationship,would i go ahead and do the dna sample,and i think,i think i probably would i also really,loved that,i really wanted to know what happened to,all of the characters,each and every couple that we meet i,wanted to know,where this story arc was going and i,needed to flip the pages to get to the,end to know,for sure i will say that i did feel like,the pacing of this was,quite slow like it didnt feel like a,thriller to,me until like very far in like,way after the 200 page mark thats when,it felt like a real,thriller to me up until then it almost,felt like,more of like a romantic book in some,ways,does that make any sense it just didnt,feel,scary in any way to me except,for christopher the serial killer lets,lets talk about some of these,uh characters in here and well start,with christopher cause hes probably my,favorite,i like dark and twisted things and,christopher is very dark and twisted,christopher is a serial killer and he is,making his way through this town that he,lives in and killing,people and he is he has a number,in mind of 30 that he wants to kill in,the meantime hes also trying to find,love,and also trying to figure out whether he,can love because he is a psychopath,and i personally liked that he was,matched with a police officer i thought,that was really fun,and i also liked that the whole way,through youre wondering if,she is going to figure out that he is,the killer,before he gets to 30. so i really did,enjoy that,i thought the dynamics between them were,very odd and interesting as well,now another character and their,relationship that i found interesting,was,ellies so ellie you find out,fairly early that she is,the inventor of this whole dna,system i kind of knew that as soon,as that woman yelled at her in the,street like after,her date with matthew and that when that,woman yelled at her,i immediately thought okay she must be,the person who owns the entire thing i,did,think the whole way through because she,was so wealthy that she must be high up,in that company but i hadnt realized,until that moment,that she was the company so that kind of,made it slightly boring and i,because i thought that was the secret,until,matthew comes in and just,you know throws everything out of the,loop,and essentially tells her that he was,never her match,that he because hes like a techie guy,goes into the system,ruins everything and,really was lying the whole time and,pretending to be her match,and it was really just a whole act of,revenge,i really enjoyed that i ended up really,liking matthew and i was honestly kind,of pissed off,that she ends up killing matthew in the,end i wanted matthew to live because he,ended up being like christopher,my favorite one of my favorite,characters in the whole thing i think it,would have been more interesting at the,end,if matthew had lived if people like,rallied around,matthew and brought her down,because you know shes gonna go down i,just would have referred to matthew,was at the end taking in all of the,glory,now a couple of stories in here didnt,really have any thriller aspect to it,really at all like jade who uh,is matched with a man named kevin and,she shows up,and he doesnt want to see her and its,because he is dying,and she marries him and ends up being,paired with his,brother in the end i thought that was a,kind of,sweet story about what you would do for,kindness and what you will do for family,uh that was okay and then nicks story,as well was interesting in the sense,that um you know he was actually matched,with a man and he was engaged to a woman,and meets this man and like has all of,the tingles and all of the things that,makes him know that this alex guy is,actually his,one i thought it was kind of mean in,some ways that he kept it a secret from,his,his fiancee that he was meeting with,alex and stuff but at,the end of the day what sally did by,really setting him up with all of this,because she ended up being matched with,one of their close friends,i thought that that was much more mean,in the long run i liked that they ended,up raising the baby together,alex and nick i thought that was a nice,little ending,and then mandys storyline took a twist,that i did not expect and i really,enjoyed that and watching that story arc,where you know mandy is matched with a,man who ends up being,dead and she goes to his funeral and,shes like mourning this man that she,never knew,she gets really close to his family and,ends up,being pregnant with his sperm donations,um and i liked,that that ended up being a bit thrillery,that she ended up,having this weird relationship with the,family finding out that,her one true love was actually alive but,essentially comatose um and,i liked that her mother-in-law ended up,being the villain the one thing i will,say,about that whole storyline was i didnt,like,that her mother-in-law was a villain,mostly because she,had experienced infertility and multiple,miscarriages and stuff and some,as someone who has experienced,infertility my,daughter was conceived through ivf um,it just its something thats overdone,in the thriller genre and it its,its kind of hurtful if im being honest,um so i dont like that,but i liked the rest of her storyline a,lot and then i liked that at the end,of course matthew blows up this whole,company,and everyone starts looking at each,other wondering if they really are,matches because matthew has gone in done,his techie thing,and screwed up the matches so you dont,know whether you are actually matched,with your match or not,and he ruins the company i liked at the,end,kind of going back and being like so who,are the people that were the one and is,there even a one,is that possible i kind of landed on,like,jade and kevin was it yeah,jade and kevin being matched and then,alex,and nick being matched but that might,just be how,the stories their stories were written,and me wanting them to be matched,i dont know let me know in the comments,below who you think would actually be,matched,i dont know do i even believe in that,stuff i dont know but i really did it,was a,fun read i personally cant wait to,watch,the show im gonna watch it as soon as i,can,uh probably make my husband watch it,with me and then we can have all,of these discussions between the two of,us,so let me know in the comments below,have you read the book,also are you going to watch the show or,are you coming to me,because you watche

All Quiet Western Front – Historian Review

welcome everyone to my review of the,2022 Netflix film All Quiet on the,Western Front many of you been asking,for this for a while I am finally ready,to deliver I wanted to give it a little,bit of time I first watched it when I,was in Belgium on the Western Front in,aper I watched it with the original,German uh with English subtitles on,which I think is the way to watch this,movie I highly recommend that even if,you dont understand German which I,understand some but not a ton,um but I wanted to give it some time and,then go back and re-watch it like which,is what I did last night because I I,dont want to just go off my initial,Impressions so Ive had a chance to,watch it now for a second time this time,I watched it in English just to get a,little bit of a different feel for it so,I just want to say up front before we,dive into this breakdown of the film,that I absolutely loved the movie and,many of the negative comments and,negative reactions that Ive seen to,this film are primarily about the,comparison to either the book that uh,its kind of based on or the 1930 or,1979 versions of All Quiet on the,Western Front the 1930 version might be,the best,pre-1940 film ever made and its still,probably one of the greatest films ever,made period it really stands the test of,time and I highly recommend that you,watch that version it holds up really,well for being almost 100 years old and,its much more faithful to the source,material to the book so I want to set,all of that aside and say that I am,coming at this review of the film,not comparing it to the 1930 film or the,1979 film or to the book because this is,based on the book I would say inspired,by the book but its not an adaptation,of the book some of the characters are,there some of the scenes and events are,there but a lot of it gets changed,removed all together theres some things,that are added that arent in the book,at all so Im approaching this as a,standalone thing as though none of that,other stuff existed and my primary focus,is going to be to talk about some of the,history uh what it gets right what I,think it portrays in a good way and just,kind of break it down so were going to,go through some of the scenes uh just,gonna pick some things out and just talk,a little bit about how it compares to,the real history uh how well I think it,portrayed it and I think by and large it,does a pretty good job theres a few,issues I have and well talk about that,and most of those come later in the film,but lets go ahead and dive in,so one of the things I love is that the,opening scene is scenes of Nature and,beauty and tranquility and then we,immediately shift to this overhead shot,coming down in on these Frozen soldiers,on the ground and then we start to see,the Western Front for the first time we,see a couple of machine gun shots hit,here and there and we go right into a,scene of a fight going on between I,believe the French and the Germans here,if I remember right because thats,primarily what were going to see,throughout this film uh and we,immediately get scenes of the,desperation the fear the futility of,attacking over conditions like this,as we see these guys attack,so right here we see a guy who was in,fear and and he doesnt want to go over,the top and as soon as they go over the,top guys start getting hit some of them,dont even make it out of the trench,which is very true to how things were at,times a lot of these guys died before,they ever even made it out,now were gonna get our our view of,things as they start Mark running,through no mans land,you see the barbed wire everywhere you,see the holes in the barbed wire which,made for these killing zones because you,knew the guys had to funnel through,those areas and so it made it easier as,a machine gunner to know where to aim as,these guys were coming at you,and a lot of times youll see guys dive,into,um any place where they could get a,little protection like a fallen tree or,a hole in the ground that was caused by,artillery uh,this movie from start to finish does an,excellent job of examining the psyche of,the soldiers,and theres a lot of very reminiscent of,the D-Day scene from uh Saving Private,Ryan in that,so after that battle scenes over we get,this view of them removing the uniforms,of the dead soldiers before they,um bury them and uh I will say this,about this the reusing of uniforms did,happen lets acknowledge that uh but I,dont think it happened in the way or in,the scale that is shown in this film in,fact I think a lot of the things that,they do,in this film are done kind of over the,top intentionally to try and convey a,particular feeling or a particular,emotion or give you a sense of what it,would have been like so I get that they,chose to do that but lets recognize uh,were talking about 1917 is where this,film kind of opens up and by 1917,Germanys got a real problem with,resources in general uh supplies because,of the blockade thats happened uh and,what I think this is doing is,illustrating the level of casualties the,level of turnover that is happening at,the front and from that standpoint it,does that really well,so this scene here we see all these,school boys its 1917 at this point we,see all these school boys be giving a,speech by like their school Headmaster,and I believe this is a scene thats,taken from the book its been a long,time since I read the book and we get,our first view of Paul whos kind of our,main point of view character uh in the,story and you see the excitement of,these young men who are excited to go,off to war and fight for the Kaiser and,fight for the Fatherland and I will say,this about this scene I think that,this makes a lot of sense if were in,1914 1915 which is actually when I,believe this part takes place in the,original story I think by the time you,get to 1917 which is what youre seeing,portrayed here in the movie there would,have been a lot less of that because by,now people know how bad things are they,know how long this Wars been dragging,on they know just how terrible it is but,I still like that they showed this,because you get to see the descent from,excitement and patriotism to utter,Despair and horror when you actually,arrive at the front and you see what the,war is actually like,and I should mention if you havent,already figured it out Im planning on,showing Clips while I talk about that,scene and talk about background Im not,going to play the clips and then talk,afterwards so if thats frustrating for,you uh just go and watch the movie and,then you can see all of this without any,of my commentary over top of it its on,Netflix you can watch it in German watch,in English I think theres some other,languages that are available as well,um yeah you can see here weve got,Filipinos French English and Spanish as,well as subtitles in a bunch of,different languages,looks like weve also got Brazilian,Portuguese check your you know a bunch,of yeah I said a lot of languages,available so the next scene we have here,is we have one of these guys marching,and singing again definitely plenty of,stories of this actually happening in,particular in 1914 when we have we know,of situations where you have young,school boys who have been sent to the,front particularly the German fourth,Army that goes into eper,um and theyre these famous descriptions,of this Army of school boys they the,Germans have spun it as something called,the massacre of the Innocents and Im,gonna touch on that in my video from The,Landmark Cemetery uh didnt quite happen,like it was described by the Germans uh,but there were these young school boys,who did go into battle singing We have,British examples of them singing theres,a few reasons for that one is morale but,also it sometimes helped with unit,cohesion because in the chaos of battle,sometimes you lose track of whats going,on and so as the guys were singing it,helped them stick together a little more,so our characters that we see these,school boys that have gone off to award,their first experience as they

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series is a declaration of war on royal family | correspondent review

so weve just had the final three,episodes of Harry and Megans Netflix,documentary and Id say that they are,far more explosive for the first three,the first three kind of built this,picture of their relationship and,spoke to their conflict with the media,and indeed with the family and kind of,quite opaque tones whereas I feel volume,two first time the the penny dropped for,her em and I spend the night in a room,in Buckingham Palace after an event,where every single member of the family,senior members of the family had been,including the queen and on the front,page of the telegraph Megan,foreign,oh my God,kind of a declaration of all-out war,against the institution of monarchy and,those in it there was a real kind of war,against Megan,and,Ive certainly seen evidence that there,was negative briefing from the palace,against Harry and Megan to,suit other peoples agendas,I mean its deeply personal there are,moments in it where Harry talks about,how at the Sandringham Summit where they,worked out the details of the divorce,deal the so-called mexic deal,that he was terrified because William,was screaming at him he accuses his,father the king of,making statements that simply werent,true,that couple are very much trying to say,that it was a case of them and us that,they wanted to do things their way but,that the institution colluding with the,press conspired to effectively Turf,Harry and Megan out this barrage of,negative articles about the breakdown of,the relationship with her father was a,final straw in a campaign of negative,nasty coverage about her now obviously,Recollections may vary about that,version of events but you look at the,documentary and think what are you,actually trying to achieve here are you,really at the end of the day Megan talks,about wanting to find peace but as you,watch these three quite explosive,episodes youre getting the distinct,impression that the intention is to,not necessarily tear down the,institution of monarchy but certainly to,destabilize it but theres real estate,on a website homepage there is real,estate there on a newspaper front cover,and something has to be filled in there,about someone Royal theyre trying to,say basically that the Royals are in,cahoots with the media and its wrong,and its corrupt and that is,extraordinarily incendiary its quite,something to say that about the,institution that your father,is now at the helm of and that your,brother is going to succeed in being at,the helm of when someone whos marrying,energy should be a supporting a,supporting Act is then stealing the,Limelight or is doing the job better,than the person whos born to do this,that upsets people it shifts the balance,theres a number of key quotes in there,with regard to the Queen the late Queens,role in things and I think the couple,are trying to say that she she was,overridden by her advisors that the,advisors came in and stopped Harry and,his grandmother having this meeting,about them wanting to leave the country,or have a hybrid role in the Royal,Family,and that in itself is controversial not,least because its only been four months,since Queen Elizabeth IIs death but it,seems to be contradictory Megan talks at,another point about how disgraceful it,was that she was excluded from the,Sandringham Summit as a woman and as a,mother and then Harry seems to be saying,that the queen having been on the throne,for 70 years didnt know her own mind,enough and was convinced to do things,from advisors that were acting against,her interests I mean,anyone Ive ever spoken to about the,late Monarch says that shes somebody,who very much knew her own mind and,although she would take direction from,others ultimately she is the head of,state and the head of that family,one of the most Stark accusations in the,documentary is the suggestion by Harry,that he believes that the male caused,Megans miscarriage because of the legal,action between both parties obviously he,doesnt have any concrete evidence to,back that up thats just his feeling and,one can be sympathetic with that view I,think but equally,that characterizes a lot of this there,are lots of feelings and lots of,accusations,but not all that much evidence to back,any of them up were happy to lie to,protect my brother they were never,willing to tell the truth to protect us,Prince Harry and Megan Markle the Rogue,Royals the media is treated in the round,so you have the so-called Royal press,pack which either is a PR arm of the,palace or has made his life a misery,those two statements cant exist in,tandem so its hard to work out whether,we are in the pay of the palace or not,but regardless like Im not in the pair,of the palace the idea that the palace,handles the stories on the plate if only,it were that easy so you have the whole,of the media in their minds that,includes,the Royal press pack the broad sheets,the tabloids anyone on Twitter all of,the foreign magazines the American,Paparazzi the UK Paparazzi actual,Twitter trolls are apparently theyre,the fault of the tabloids so the whole,attempt is to just tar everyone with the,same brush there is no Nuance there is,no difference between legitimate Royal,reporting of say his Invictus games,initiative and somebody online writing,something about avocados,but then thats the intention its like,to kind of scattergun everyone its the,same with the Royals you know tar them,all with this brush that they are,institutionalized theyre responsible,for institutionalized gaslighting at one,point Harry says,we are on the freedom flight,to see this institutional gaslighting,theres one particular moment that I,think is quite intrusive into both sides,privacy in a way when they are talking,about the aftermath of the Oprah Winfrey,interview Megan is talking and then,shes talking on the phone and then,suddenly,she says oh Harrys just got a text from,his brother and then Harry needs to be,consoled because he doesnt know what to,do and you think goodness me youre,getting quite a glimpse behind the,scenes here from a couple who well they,now claim it wasnt ever about privacy,but there is something contradictory,about that,I suppose they want control over the,invasion of their own privacy they dont,mind their privacy being invaded,provided its on their terms and on,Netflix,[Music],the couple talk a lot about the mental,health issues theyve suffered and I,think well Garner a huge amount of,sympathy,for the extent to which they claim to,have been terrorized by the tabloids I,was being fed to the Wolves they were,actively recruiting people to,disseminate disinformation,Megan talks about significant mental,health problems that led to her,contemplating suicide you then have her,mother Doria backing up that account and,we heard a bit of that on Oprah but to,hear it from The Duchess so directly,its obviously quite Stark and shocking,but then if one looks at the other side,of the story and there are always two,sides to every story and this is just a,one-sided View,the other side of the story might beg,the question how is this going to affect,the mental health of those that youre,pointing the finger at how are the,prince and princess of Wales going to be,dealing with this documentary how is the,king,and maybe thats not a primary concern,um for the couple right now Meg became,this scapegoat for the palace and so,they would feed stories on her whether,they were true or not,to avoid other less favorable Stories,being printed all of the voices in the,documentary like the beginning are all,loyal and in support of them they have,bought into the Sussex premise which is,that they were victims of an institution,that operated against them,they just wanted to be free,they wanted to be free to love and be,happy,I applauded that theres no alternative,narrative at all theres no narrative,from the Press saying well actually it,wasnt quite like that and theyre just,because a headline is negative doesnt,make it wrong or indeed racist that,actually a bullying complaint was issued,against you because pe

Piers Morgan DESTROYS Prince Harry and Meghan Markles Netflix Show

well good evening for London welcome to,Piers Morgan on censored reviews for,Harry and Megans big budget Netflix,series have so far been less than kind,unimaginative and frustrating said,Hollywoods Bible variety magazine so,sickening I almost brought up my,breakfast said the woke Bible the,guardian or the intimacy of Instagrams,near the normally timid New York Times a,nauseating self-serving snooze Fest said,another pundit well that was me actually,now against this Deluge of derision,Netflix today released a new trailer for,the second half of this compelling,series which comes out on Thursday,viewer discretion is advised this clip,contains weapons-grade hypocrisy,I wonder what would have happened to us,had we not gone out when we did our,security was being pulled everyone in,the world knew where we were I said we,need to get out of here,on the freedom flight,to see this institutional gaslighting I,wasnt being thrown to the Wolves I was,being fed to the Wolves they were,actively recruiting people to,disseminate disinformation theyre happy,to lie to protect my brother they were,never willing to tell the truth to,protect us Prince Harry and Megan Markle,the Rogue Royals,they just wanted to be free,they wanted to be free to love and be,happy,I applauded that,in order for us to be able to move to,the next chapter youve got to finish,the first chapter it gave us a chance to,create that home that we had always,wanted,[Music],Ive always felt as though this was a,fight Worth Fighting For,institutional gaslighting says Harry do,you think even knows what that means,they were happy to lie to protect my,brother who the Royals,me the media who is it the irony is,earth-shattering isnt it Harry and,Megan the Duke and Duchess of,gaslighting themselves the entire show,is a cynical attempt to manipulate,viewers into questioning their own,Recollections of reality,and if we learned anything at all from,the first three hours of this hundred,million dollar wine-a-thon its surely,that this dismal Duo wouldnt know the,truth if its smack them around their,smug chops lets look at their Truth,versus the actual truth,Mega moans at Royal advisors forced her,to uninvite her dear niece Ashley from,the wedding the only member of her,family that she seemed to be still,talking to,how do we explain that this half-sister,isnt invited to the wedding but that,the half-sisters daughter is,so,Ashley the guidance at the time was to,not have her come to our wedding,yeah that was a lie,impeccably placed Royal sources told the,Sunday Times no such guidance was ever,given,and that was supposed to be the shows,big example of how Megan really cares,very deeply about her family so deeply,that only one member of that family was,at the wedding her mother not even her,favorite little niece Ashley,Megan also sees she got no advice on,Royal protocol forcing her to learn how,to be a princess all on her own,joining this family I knew that there,was a protocol for how things were done,there is no class and some person who,goes sit like this cross your legs like,this use this Fork dont do this curtsy,then wear this kind of hat it doesnt,happen,another lie and by the way Megan if you,dont like me calling you a liar just,sue me and well go through all this in,court theres suddenly times discovered,she was actually handed a 30-point,dossier studiously research brimming,with information and contacts Megan,later simpas that she never wore bright,colors to show respect because shes all,about respect,so I was like well whats a color that,theyll probably never wear,camel beige white so I wore a lot of,muted tones but it also was,so I could just blend in,like Im not trying to stand out here,no the last thing Mega mark would ever,want to do is stand out but its all one,other life photos taken by the evil,bigoted British press show her wearing,pretty much every color in the rainbow,the show opens with a claim that theyre,all family declined to comment on the,series thats another lie the palace,says it received one email from an,unknown company an attempts to verify it,but flatly ignored even the story of,their romance and engagement turns out,to be in a series of Whoppers they told,the BBC in 2017 they were set up by a,mutual friend on a blind date they told,Netflix they met on Instagram and what,about Harrys Modest Proposal in their,humble cottage kitchen,uh it happened a few weeks ago earlier,this month here at our Cottage,um its a standard typical night for us,cozy night it was what are we doing just,roasting chicken,Chinese chicken and it was just,an amazing surprise it was so sweet an,amazing surprise it was so sweet well,according to Netflix which is their show,it was actually a candle Extravaganza in,their Walled Garden,and Megan was so amazingly surprised she,managed to figure out what was happening,and tell her friend about it before,Harry even popped the question,a small little detail but rather like,their claim or Megans claim that theyd,been secretly married by the Archbishop,of Canterbury in their Garden before,three days before the big televised,wedding which also turned out not just,to be untrue but had it been true would,have led to the Archbishop of a country,with being incarcerated in prison,as with all things Megan and Harry it,would seem the truth just doesnt really,exist in their world its their truth,their version of it,Megan also lambasted the entire BBC,engagement interviews rehearsed and an,orchestrated reality show because thats,the last thing shed be engaging in,isnt it an orchestrated reality show,like the Netflix series,Michelle Hussein from the BBC who,carried out the interview said actually,no it was just an interview even the,BBCs long-serving Royal correspondent,Nicholas witchell normally bent double,to avoid upsetting absolutely anybody in,Royal circles cant take it anymore,consider one of the things that Megan,said no matter what I did they were,still going to find a way to destroy me,well the first point who is the they,that shes referring to I think it is,the palace but most particularly it is,to the Press but the idea that anyone,was out to destroy her frankly I think,is absurd and simply does not stand up,to a proper and reasonable scrutiny well,thats Nicholas witchells way of saying,youre lying and hes right,they lie all the time nothing they ever,say seems to stand up to reasonable,scrutiny and I say that as somebody who,lost his last job presenting Good,Morning Britain because I wouldnt,apologize for saying I didnt believe,Meghan Markle think about that,well just like theyve failed to ever,provide a shred of evidence for their,claims of racism in the palace or,Megans claims over mental health,problems she said that they were not,just ignored by the palace but she was,told she wasnt allowed to get any help,for Suicidal Thoughts by somebody at the,palace who was that person,they shouldnt be working at the palace,weve never had a name like weve never,had any names about the racism,todays new trailer makes clear that the,gloves are off in the next three,episodes of the show and remember this,is just a warm-up and theres Harrys,book coming in early January,hundreds of pages of more allegations,about his family,there will be mudslinging incendiary,claims Bombshells and I fear a lot more,lies and on behalf of the British people,the monarchy theyre trashing I intend,to call out every single lie that they,utter in their attempt to not just,destroy the royal family but to,potentially bring down the British,Monarchy

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