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Stephen Merchant Hilariously Reveals How He Landed Christopher Walken For The Outlaws | This Morning

[Music],hes best known for being one of the,brains behind the office alongside,starring with ricky gervais in extras,now steve merchant is introducing us to,the funny side of community service with,his latest tv show the outlaws uh,stephen merchant joins us now good,morning good morning to you lovely to,have you here this is a brilliant idea,well come to the inspiration behind it,because it was your parents before but,this is a group of law breakers who have,been brought together to kind of serve,this community service sentence if youd,like all strangers but they get to know,each other pretty well they do they do,yes and uh yes inspired in part by my,mother who used to uh supervise,offenders in bristol when i was growing,up and um she would tell me about the,sort of people that came through her,door and you know i remember she said,there was an old guy used to steal,cabbages from allotments,and uh and then she realized because he,kept coming back that oh hes just,lonely and he likes the community feel,of doing community service and there was,him there was a chap i went to school,with uh who came through the door quite,a number of times who was bristols,laziest criminal he wants im not making,this up he once broke into a house and,he was stealing the tv and the,homeowners came out they went dave what,are you doing and he went im not dave i,went yeah you are you live next door,and he was taken into his own neighbors,house i mean at least go two streets,but she used to have people like this,and tell me about them and i thought,well thats a great,great idea for a show because youre,always looking for different groups of,people to come together like the office,you mentioned yeah and so its sort of,you know how do you bring all these,complete strangers imagine the old,cabbage guy talking to this kid i went,to school with what would that,conversation be and that was sort of the,inspiration but then i thought id like,to add a thriller strand to it because i,like thrillers im into that so its a,sort of comedy drama thriller,set in bristol and,thats the thing you decided to set it,in bristol your hometown why there well,i say in brazil partly because as i say,it was inspired by my my mums real,experiences so i felt like i knew the,city i knew where they would all live,but also people dont think of bristol,as obviously as a setting for a thriller,but in 2019 we were voted the cocaine,capital of europe well they get yeah,were very proud of well were famous,for three things in bristol um crack and,wallace and gromit well so were uh,were pretty smug,congratulations,your character because obviously youre,deeply involved with with all of this,youre also acting as well you play uh,lawyer greg he has a sort of deeply,embarrassing reason for being here you,know i havent told anyone the,inspiration for this and im gonna break,it to you here im gonna keep this clean,for a family show but do you remember,some some years ago there was a very,famous actor that was caught,in america with a lady of the night yes,i do and i dont know if this is true,but i had heard that the reason he was,caught was that while he was in the car,it was parked in a car park while he was,getting his moneys worth yeah um his,foot was pressing against the brake,pedal and so the brake light started,flashing on the parked car and a police,car driving by went thats a bit odd,went to investigate,oh no so i thought that is unbelievable,if thats i dont know if thats true,but its such a funny idea that i,thought well im going to steal that,next time that persons in were maybe,we must ask you well im just worried,now that now that ive revealed that can,i can i get can he can he sue me forever,who youre talking about do you actually,do that in the car thats what i do in,the show,but it does it ends even more,embarrassingly than it did for him you,have got the most incredible cast how,extraordinary to see christopher walken,in a show,like this,now he doesnt have a mobile phone at,the computer stuff so how did you get,him we faxed him the script had to dust,off an old bbc facts waited you know is,it kind of i like the script can you,come to connecticut to talk about it,flew to new york drove to connecticut,went to his house in the middle of,nowhere id been told beforehand that,hes a very quiet man very considerate,man doesnt talk a lot sat there the,first thing is i wish i could do an,impression but the first thing he said,was um would you like some of this,omelette,and i just had a giant hotel breakfast,im good for omnic thanks chris and we,sat there and he would sort of ask a,question and i would answer and then,hed just think,and i need to ask another question i,dont really think,it was like having it was like having a,zoom conversation in person,you know i mean you never quite knew if,he was thinking or buffering,and,im not talking i was there four hours,by hour three i was so famished i said,any of that omelette,and um,and i read in a subsequent interview,that he said because steve enjoyed my,omelette so much i thought ive got to,work with this guy so yeah we murdered,him to bristol and um so youve just,because its obviously its going to be,a great success because youve got,yourself and this incredible cast being,part of it youve just finished the,second series already so we know that,thats in the can yes did it all go it,didnt go swimmingly i shouldnt have,said the word swimmingly because we,literally finished on wednesday and then,you may have seen in the papers we had a,little bit of an accident there you are,with our 50-foot costume truck oh my god,um and thats just for my shoes,and that uh yeah that somehow ended up,in bristol harbor dont quite know how,im not entirely sure how it happened i,mean its partly because of this hgv,driver shortage we did have to use my,gran,she was driving it and shes great on,the old mobility scooter but not the,good with the hp,yeah i wished it out um,you know myself took me three days but,we got it out again but yes um yeah that,was a weird kind of coder to the to the,shoe because itd already been quite,intense because we shot during lockdown,you know yeah that was already hard work,christopher walken make of it,i dont know i never thought to ask him,there but it was funny because i had,some phrases in the script that were,very english like there was a bit where,he said if you karen like this youll,wind up at my age working down tesco and,i thought hed ask i dont really know,what this means can i change it and he,was but but no he was quite happy he was,quite happy to say tesco i think he,quite liked the idea that the character,had been in england so long the idea is,hes been there since the 70s he ran,away from the uh the vietnam draft so he,sort of got these little english phrases,among his new york accent so its quite,funny to hear him to hear him mention,things like tesco and nat west you,mentioned yeah yeah yeah all our things,well thats thats the outlaws thats,tonight at bbc one at 9 00 pm,the boy a boy named christmas this is,something else youre involved youre,playing a mouse thats a yes its a very,sweet family film um adapted from the,book by matt haig and its a really,charming kind of family christmas film,and um yes i so its typecasting i play,a talking mouse right um you know i,lived with mice i ate only cheese for,six weeks um you know i did my research,and you know its very very sweet really,charming is this is it for this,christmas its coming this christmas yes,because i have seen every christmas film,going sound quite oh this will be a,treat yes with for kids you know i have,a niece and nephew now so im hoping,theyll really enjoy it,and but the director one point said to,me okay in this scene i just need you,just to start off as the mouse and then,discover the power of speech,so excuse me yeah if you just start,speaking and then start squeaking and,then speak,it was just sort of to go from you know,squeaking to speaking its not something,that you you


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trốn vào nh

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Daily Review | The Outlaws – Ep. 1 and 2 [2021]

sunday april 3rd 2022 today on the daily,review we discuss a show thats not new,but is new to us in the united states if,youre watching amazon prime,it is steve merchant and elgin,jamess,the outlaws,that wasnt the right button,[Music],cool,am i here yet what the heck,hey i didnt give it a c minus all right,sorry everything was messed up there for,a second,okay heres a new show from steve martin,well its not new like i said,uh the second season i believe is coming,or has already been shot or is coming,soon and thats why were getting this,started in 2021 its the outlaws theyre,uh currently in the first season theyre,six hour long episodes,and it is the story of,well its kind of an ensemble but we,have a main protagonist,renny ranny,rainey uh who is an oxford full,scholarship student who gets caught,shoplifting,and has to go,to pro,basin volunteer service stuff,and thats exactly what she does and,thats what the show essentially is is a,uh ensemble comedy of all these people,from all different walks of life being,forced,together to clean up this,i guess its going to be like a,recreation center its like an 80s movie,you know anything about it,and uh although,they are aware,that each character is a trope and it,doesnt really excuse it and even though,they know they like even say it like,like,if we can mend this building maybe we,can mend ourselves thats the theme um,into comedy and a drama heres the,problem i i think steve merchant is,really funny you know i love the office,and extras,um,but i dont know i think its theyre,good when they do like a little a few,drops of drama im not a big fan of,either him or ricky when they go full,full drama elements um,i think that theyve gotten,really lucky with how the drama worked,out especially in the original office i,think that was a kind of an amazing,blend and theyve never really achieved,the same level of it i think they even,kind of go over the top with the idea of,it in extras the,um,holiday special or whatever you want to,call it that kind of season finale 13th,episode so its really kind of annoying,because theres a lady jessica gunning,who who is kind of in underling who is,hoping to become,a real uh police officer but shes,running this probation thing as a you,know as a ring in the ladder and shes,made fun of by her,uh superiors but on the set she on like,on site she has authority,and i was like god that character is so,written for ricky i know that it wasnt,but im like i wish they were still,friends and that ricky wasnt so vocal,about other stuff and done all these,projects that i dont really like in,recent years um and that they just kind,of had stuck together and made this show,10 years,ago yeah because it feels its nice,because like uh,merchant is in this and,hes one of the uh,people who he got caught with a,prostitute and then kind of also,panicked and drove into a cop car and,that sequence is really funny uh,and so you start slowly finding out what,every single person did christopher,watkins in there and he was kind of like,a criminal mastermind so theres,definitely some huge talent and,yeah when its a comedy i find it really,funny when its a drama i think its bad,and when its being heartfelt i think,its like it actually pulls that off,which can be really cheesy,so its just like just be a comedy and,occasionally heartfelt you dont need i,think he thinks he this steve and,whoever elgin james thinks you know just,saying that theyre the creators like,they think that,we need this this drama stuff but its,not written well enough and its not,like,because the girl is kind of falling for,a bad boy who is involved in crime and,it doesnt seem like steve merchant or,this other guy really know anything,about gangs of the street not that i do,all i know is that watching this it,feels like im like its just somebody,who watched a lot of tv and movies and,watched the wire and stuff and then,wrote kind of like,a few dumb scenes that he thinks what,being what gangs are like you know so,all that drama i find is really pretty,false i think the interesting thing is,like what made these different,characters break the law and what makes,us think were,different,um you know because everybody within the,group is being judgmental of everybody,else and theyre all kind of,um you know guilty of different crimes,or,need to fix something within themselves,and none of them are like horrible,crimes right nobody like murdered,anybody so its not like that hardcore,but,so i dont know just overall the tone,of the first episode i really didnt,like and i was ready to like kind of,dismiss this show and then the second,episode started and it was really funny,and i was like okay all right and i have,a steve merchant has enough goodwill,with me to like ill watch the rest of,this show but so ive watched three,episodes and it is good it is charming,and heartfelt and theres some really,funny stuff,but i cant get over some of the drama,stuff and some of the music drops and,stuff are like so obvious and,i dont know on some levels i do think i,think steve thinks that were not as,smart as we are which is weird but i,always kind of get that feeling with the,projects he does like theres a lot of,hand-holding which is weird because i,didnt,i dont know i dont know,and same thing with ricky like afterlife,is so,its such bad storytelling in my opinion,so same thing within this its like,theres great ideas for what the story,is about,people working together and stuff but,its gotta,kind of point at that or wont feel,original,um i guess thats thats why i wish it,were like 15 years ago or something like,this i wish this is like a great idea,for a follow-up to the office or,something like that because its,similar it got similar ideas to the,office of people being thrown together,but,a completely different environment,scenarios and you can,and its not shot like a mockumentary so,i dont know theres so many things you,could go you could do with this that i,dont think that theyve done but i i,think ill keep watching it and ill let,you know it is on amazon prime,i think as a grade for right now the,best i can give it is this,but ill let you know when i finish the,first season i probably wont do an,episode on it but ill let you know,you know,you know like and subscribe and you can,find out what the hell im talking about,in the future if i kind of change my,mind on it because im here every single,day just like you should be sorry thats,kind of a weird episode i just woke up,and i got to meet my mom and i wanted to,do this before i met my mom and im kind,of in that,thing when youre like hey i woke up,much earlier but then i played video,games for like three hours,im like 115 hours in the elden ring,and i have not to be that its so hard,but im enjoying i dont know what that,was a little uh,triumph themselves comic dog all right,this episodes falling apart anyway,theres some really funny stuff and,really funny people in this show but i,wish that there was i wish carl,pilkington were in it somewhere i wish,ricky were like kind of the second lead,and i wish the drama writing were just a,little bit better,and you know im not saying i could do,better but,i probably could anyway,ill just take a nap,the yellow

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The Outlaws (2017) – Korean Movie Review

hello everyone this is Eric the Asian,movie enthusiast this is my review of,The Outlaws a Korean crime film from,2017 that could be classified as an,action drama hybrid now do not confuse,the outlaws from 2017 with the outlaw,from 2010 which is a fairly unknown,Korean thriller that I do not recommend,stay away from it and speaking of fairly,unknown Korean films the outlaws from,2017 actually reminded me a bit of wild,card from 2003 an impressive Korean,gangster film that was memorable for the,viciousness of its antagonists now,something that has in common with the,outlaws now Ive been meaning to rewatch,wild card for ages and I think its time,to finally track it down and and revisit,it so maybe Ill do a review of that one,at some point in the future but with,regard to the outlaws it opens with the,following back story since the 1990s,Chinese Koreans settled in got ebong,district in Seoul and formed a Chinatown,Chinese Korean gangsters from the same,region created new gangs of varying,sizes that became active in the late 90s,and early 2000s now this film is based,on the 2004 Chinese Korean gang mop-up,operation that was conducted by Seoul,police sir main character as a cop,played by Don Suk ma who was an old,school fellow with some bravado and hes,been protecting the peace in his City,with his strong fists and bold spirit,but a serious problem arises in the form,of a man by the name of Jiang Chen who,has recently moved into the chinatown,area of Seoul and now works as a loan,shark who uses vicious methods to,collect money with the help of his,bloodthirsty henchmen Stark a,protagonist decides to hunt down Jiang,Chen and put an end to this mans,uprising criminal organization that has,really turned the neighborhood into a,bloodbath so you know when you think of,this character our protagonist any,thinking idealistic terms you know Maz,character would probably be considered a,failure as a cop because he seems to,avoid arrest,criminals despite his frequent,interactions with them but in terms of,practicality he does a fine job of,keeping the gangs in check by allowing,them to conduct their business as long,as they do not cause significant,distress in the community and the gangs,most of the time cooperate and follow,along so as an example near the very,beginning of the film this happens a,low-level gangster gets stabbed by a,rival gang so the boss gets his boys,together and prepares for some payback,but the boss tells his guys not to kill,anyone in retaliation so the viewer,immediately understands that these you,know these gangs in the area have their,limits you know they have their limits,despite the fact that they hate one,another and of course our protagonist,cop shows up to settle everyone down and,negotiate a truce you know thats how,things work around here that is until,this Jane Chen guy shows up and begins,just brutally murdering gang members to,mark his own territory and expand it in,the streets like a butterfly effect I,guess you could call it and thats one,of the interesting things about the,outlaws because the other gangs begin to,take some uncharacteristically extreme,measures to defend themselves against,this new threat and meanwhile our cop,our copper tagging is trying to like,manage the situation things are just,getting out of control so dont suck ma,is really great in this lead role I,think you know this is certainly like,ability to this guy which should not,surprise those of you who have seen,train to Busan or the Royal tailor and,we played supporting roles in those,films theres a scene in The Outlaws,where he asks a gangster to give himself,up and put his knife directly into the,evidence bag like he like walks up to,the guys like come on just just put the,knife in the bag and lets go you know,like you dont want a piece of me you,know what I mean I found that to be,pretty funny and another scene he takes,the same guy back to the the police I,guess office area police station and he,says you know what youre going to the,truth room take him to the truth room,and he puts a motorcycle a helmet on the,guy and kind of slaps him around a,little bit so its a its one of the,things I like about this actor is,tends to portray comedy in ways that are,funny without being a total clown about,it you know he doesnt overact too much,I like that about him and its also,important for the for an actor to have,personality in a film like this because,the premise is rather commonplace right,and weve all seen a million gangster,movies at this point theres really,nothing new about the outlaws so to,speak so having a compelling lead actor,is a big plus here and then we have key,sanguine who is sufficiently,intimidating in the villain role now I,did not recognize this guy until I,looked up his Asian wiki page and the,reason for that is because this this,character is so different from anything,hes done previously I didnt even,recognize the actor I actually thought I,had the wrong actor when I looked up his,profile like this isnt the same guy but,it is the same guy who played the the,supporting male lead in the popular,kdrama the greatest love and I couldnt,believe it,its mad props to this guy for,transforming himself into being a,convincing I dont know a convincingly,dark villain you dont I mean even,though his character is written in a,fairly shallow manner he does a very,good job of whats given to him and Im,looking this guys on my list of actors,to check out hes got some some chops,good job theres also some pretty good,action in the movie mostly in the form,of fistfights and fights involving,weapons like blunt objects and knives,there are two highlights moments of,action in this film one of which,involves a fire extinguisher and the,other is a vicious slugfest in a,bathroom and both of those scenes youre,like man this is its nicely violent and,hard-hitting and impactful its good you,know its I like to cut these kind of,gangster flicks they have a little bit,impact to the violence so overall I,think the outlaws is a is a very,entertaining film you know like I,mentioned earlier theres really nothing,new here and if youre sick of gangster,films youre not going to find anything,here thats going to change your mind,the villains as I said are thinly,written as well which could be,considered another flaw but,sir probably the films biggest flaws in,my opinion but if youre in the mood for,some gangster war you know cinema this,should be right up your alley and it is,available on region 3 DVD with English,subtitles and as always Ill see you,next time,[Music]

The Roundup – The Outlaws 2 (2022) 범죄도시2 Movie Review | EONTALK

[Music],four years after the operation to wipe,out karim dong of crooks the kim,jong-sao squad receives a mission to,extradite a suspect that fled to vietnam,the monstrous detective basukto and the,team captain chon nirman set out to,vietnam for the assignment,on location the duo senses some,suspicious vibes from the suspect the,nerds of the figure kanhezhang,kang sang is a ruthless criminal who,commits merciless crimes and detective,masochto and kangenzhang set out to end,the savage behaviors of kangasang,going from korea to vietnam and back to,korea theres no borders to catching,criminals the kumchanza team are back at,it and the exhilarating and hot-tempered,crime-fighting operation unfolds once,again,hello everyone and welcome back to,another korean movie review by ian talk,as always im your host ian from ian,talk and today well be going over the,highly anticipated prime action the,roundup aka the outboss 2.,but before getting into the review id,just like to say that ill be giving my,thoughts and opinions of the movie from,here on out therefore there may be minor,spoilers or parts about the movie that,you may not want to hear before watching,yourself im going to keep spoilers to a,minimum but please be aware of this,izan young the director of this film is,having his directorial debut with the,film that was on the production team of,the prequel the outlaws as well as the,film long live the king both films which,were directed by kim zong,although the director is different from,the first the film had numerous,similarities and you can tell director,lee took a lot from director kims style,the korean title of the film is simply,the outlaws 2 whereas the official,english title is the roundup im not,sure as to why they decided to have a,different title for the english version,but i think going with just the outlaws,2 for english as well could have been a,better movie title since the first has,such immense international popularity,amongst k movies and would be like free,promotion for the sequel,set to release on may 18th i had the,awesome opportunity to attend the,pre-screening for this movie a week,prior to its official release in korea,with the pandemic restrictions being,lifted in korea it was great to see the,theater packed again and also see the,return of cast greetings during the,pre-screening event as well,seeing,as well as the other incredible actors,in person was awesome,theyre also apparently preparing to,make another sequel to expand into a,trilogy,the third the outlaws movie is rumored,to start filming in june but well have,to see if this is confirmed or not,the roundup takes place four years after,the operation that wiped out karibundong,and sees the return of the monster,detective masato and kumchanzos strong,team carrying out a strong mission,the film sees the return of the first,movies cast as well as some new faces,including malungseok aka,[Music],and more,and from the cast lineup i think you can,get the sense that the movie will be a,great exciting ride but ill get into,the details in a short while,before id first like to give a quick,shout out to expressvpn,if youre looking to access more korean,movies but dont know where to find them,i highly suggest using expressvpn and,accessing more korean content,by using expressvpn you can bypass your,restrictions meaning you can be from,anywhere around the world and access the,korean servers such as the korean,netflix,if youd like to access more korean,content be sure to sign up for,expressvpn using my link in the,descriptions or expressvpn.com,and get 49 off an annual plan plus three,extra months for free,better yet if you sign up and dont like,the service theres a 30-day money-back,guarantee meaning you can cancel any,time within the first 30 days,okay lets now take a look at what i,found to be the good parts about the,film,ill be honest because i enjoyed the,first the outlaws so much i had very,high hopes for this film,however because prequels usually arent,able to live up to the first original i,thought this would also end up living in,the shadows of the first but boy was i,wrong maybe because i went into it with,a lowered expectation but i very very,much enjoyed this,there were lots of similarities with the,first movie from the way it was filmed,the comedic tone it had the characters,and just the overall flow of the movie,really reflected the outlaws,it had humor and funny scenes like the,first film and lots of references to the,first movie as well it was as if it,picked right up from where it left off,and felt like a continuation with no,awkward breaks,madum seok has made a name for himself,as a beast,i never get sick of him savaging through,everyone and everything in his way,he was beastly as always in this and his,punches were refreshing as always,furthermore his and trageous chemistry,was great,the way they were able to bounce off,each other was hilarious and where a lot,of the humor of the film came from,moreover we were able to see a totally,different side to sunsaku,he was almost opposite in character than,from his role in nothing serious,i dont think swimsup good was always,that buff from nothing serious i got the,impression that he was more on the,slimmer side however i believe he bulked,up because he was very well built in,this,he fit well with the antagonist role and,put on a chilling performance,[Music],and other than the main cast there were,also lots of familiar faces from the,supporting cast as well,it was great to see the members of the,police squad back as well as pakchiwan,as well who was also very funny in this,the story of the roundup was loosely,based on real events where those who,committed crimes in korea fled to,foreign lands and kidnapped and,threatened the families of the victims,for ransom because of this a lot of the,film was said in vietnam however because,the movie was filmed during the pandemic,the production inevitably must have had,issues getting the film shot in the,foreign land therefore i would think,they would have filmed majority of the,movie domestically,however they made it very natural and,was produced very well it kind of had,vibes of deliver us from evil into,foreign country scenes with the warmer,tones used,okay now that we take a look at the good,parts about the roundup lets now move,along to what i found to be the bad,parts,i dont have much bad things to say,about the roundup but to nitpick one of,the most iconic parts about the outlaws,was the character of chang chen played,by yung gizan,although sunset glue played a good,performance we cant say it was an icon,like that of yung sang the dialect of,the chang character as well as many of,his lines were parodied and memed i,cant say that this hat or more so will,since it hasnt been released yet at the,time of recording that big of a cultural,impact at least i dont think it will i,mean i may be wrong and may look,absolutely stupid after the movies,release but yeah personally dont think,it will,the antagonist role in the roundup had a,very different vibe and the impression,left by sonsaku wasnt as big as that of,what yin yasang left me,however dont get me wrong as sunsaku,was still very good in this role,the roundup had good action suspense,some gore not too much but similar to,that of the previous film and comedy the,film had me at the edge of my seat,punching the armrest at the suspenseful,action parts and also chuckling and,loling at the humorous parts,because the first film the outlaws was,such a success its hard to live up to,the prequel however this didnt,disappoint you know its a good movie,when it could be a good movie as a,standalone film without the first,if youre a fan of don lee this is a,must watch its up there in his top,movies list,ill give the roundup a ticket price,value of 14,[Music],and that concludes todays review on the,roundup thank you to everyone that,watched till the end and i hope this,review has given you some insight into,the film if youve seen or are planning,to watch t

The Outlaws Season 2 ending summary and talk about Season 3!

[Music],hello everyone and welcome now last,sunday was the last episode of a bbc hit,series the outlaws okay and,i was left a little bit baffled i think,is the word so im im currently working,on an outlaws overview of season one and,two but i thought today we go in and,talk about the ending,um so episode six of the outlaws because,theres a lot of questions and theres a,few things that i also want to talk,about towards the end so lets get right,into it none of the chit chat so were,gonna talk uh through all the characters,ending so,the last time we see them and kind of,where they are now okay or where we,think they are okay so lets go first,off were gonna go with the kind of not,minor characters because everything its,weird how how steven merchant,kind of integrates and interweaves all,the characters anyway here we go first,off the dean the last time we see him is,him getting arrested we dont see him in,a courtroom we dont see him in a cell,so right now we dont actually know,where the dean is okay for those of you,im,sure everyone whos watching this video,has watched it if you havent go go,watch it its a very very good show um,so we actually dont know what the story,with the dean is right now obviously we,know hes in custody,diane public service of officer officer,officer here we go um,graduated obviously the the detectives,there uh sergeant haynes or detective,haynes uh was wasnt there okay um after,graduation so shes living the life okay,shes gonna go off and do what she,always wanted to do uh the detectives,got their man they cracked a case that,the mess couldnt crack so theyre going,to be,hot okay theyre going to be absolutely,respected amongst everyone and finally,christian taylor the big big drug boss,man prison guy hes out okay and he the,big drug man uh flushed his line down,the toilet well not down down the drain,and uh so hes free 50 grand to do,whatever he likes really because,remember they got the 400k,uh that the dean gave them,so they have the money and the drugs um,its less than talk about the main kind,of outlaws characters now okay and where,they are so the first one were going to,talk about is murder shes out with the,bjc gone,over um i think thats the best ending,okay all the guilt and the the guilt,about the police officer gone now which,i thought was was um was coming okay,when when whenever they alluded to that,guild its now gone so i think i think,its good because,obviously you know she kind of framed,claire a little bit so shes gone shes,good she can have her own life okay so,as far as were concerned murner her,stories run okay remember that phrase,when uh i in a few minutes john,suing his dad,um,unfair dismissal uh i think you know,hes gonna do it hes probably and you,know hell probably get his old job back,as well because i was on fair dismissal,so,yeah hes going to be living the life as,far as were concerned his story is is,done,but now we start getting to a few of the,characters where there is,one question and if you start going down,the rabbit hole then you know you do,find questions,were gonna talk about frank which is,christopher walkens character of all,the endings,i think this is one of the most,undeserved,yes hes a petty crook yes he told his,daughter that he told her everything he,told the truth but sometimes the truth,isnt what people want to hear,and i get it okay if your dad was,talking to a big london crime man who,was you know suffocating people and,killing people for drugs i wouldnt want,them in my house all right i wouldnt,but,you know,i just feel he finally changed for the,first time in his life he paid off his,his daughters mortgage he stayed he had,the choice and he stayed,and now he has to go and hes probably,going to go back to rio and do all the,things that he was going to do anyway,but this time he doesnt want to do them,or at least it wasnt his choice it was,he was forced or forced to go to rio and,live the life anyway,yeah okay,now of all the characters ive just gone,through none of them have a link to any,of the others anymore they dont have to,look at each other they dont have to,see each other all of their community,service is over okay,except for these few last characters,greg and gabby,okay lady gabby greg i think has got the,best deal out of everyone hes got rid,of that stupid law job okay so were,getting off and maybe another one or he,just he can finally get out of that,toxic environment,and he got the girl which i think i,think you know as and obviously steven,merchant is writing this show um,best ending 100,um,and now,the other this is the first link we have,with the characters because gabby lady,gabby is in rehab now okay,but,at the time the last time we see her,shes still broke,unless that she used that 50 grand to,maybe get an apartment but i still think,shes living with greg,that would be that would be our,original assumption so thats the only,link between those characters as well,apart from the fact that he is also her,lawyer i think still,however the strongest the the biggest,question that we all have and i think,the the worst possible,ending that it could be between,these two characters ronnie and ben and,not on screen now because actually here,we go there they are now um,ah i i im angry,i,[Music],ben didnt deserve ben did not deserve,to be left on that train look he has all,the money okay he has all the money he,can just go set up and have a life but,thats not what he wanted of course he,wants to own his own restaurant but he,wanted to be with ronnie,and ronnie ah,shes just selfish,and shes gone right back to square one,in my personal opinion she didnt see,the potential when she looked at that,saddle woman and those greasy pants,thats all she saw,what she didnt see,was the fact that his food was probably,what we need to believe is very good,they that you know her life was not,going to be spent in that restaurant,okay,they could have opened a second or a,third one or got more stuff and before,you know it she could be in london with,a swanky job okay but it gets back to,what she eluded earlier on in in the,second series is that,oxford wasnt her dream,you know running a food stall in,brighton was also not her dream but she,doesnt know what is and,thats why im annoyed that if weve,gone right back to square one that,opening scene in series one when she was,shoplifting its right back because,shes just gone still on the porch and,driven into the dreary bristol sunset,i dont know i just,[Music],it,it doesnt sit well with me okay it,doesnt and,obviously,watching that final scene of them,panning away from the bristol bridge and,her as i said driving off into the,cloudy sunset,i was thinking thats it,thats the outlaws that you know,sometimes life isnt fair,except,no,that isnt the end of the outlaws,okay because as soon as it was over i,went is this over or is it not over and,uh,listen to what stephen merchant the,shows uh writer had to say about the,possibility of series three,were uh working on ideas for a series,three we have to wait for all the um,people with money and suits to um tell,us that we can do it but um were not,sort of twiddling our thumbs we are,working on stories at the moment and it,seems like theres plenty more mileage,in these characters than in this world,so im looking forward i hope we get we,get the chance to do it because um i,think theres a lot of fun to be had,no stephen no,no no no no more mileage where,tell me the violin look i know steven,merson is an immensely smart and funny,man,but ive ive just gone through all the,characters and where they are now,and theres no mileage theres a few,a few questions,but its nothing to do with storyline,look,the only way i can see this continuing,is if randy gets done for stealing that,porsche and is put in the same prison as,the dean,that would be fireworks but apart from,that guys,i dont see it but well have to wait,and see obviously you know were,cost-cutting at the bbc at the moment,who knows who knows if theres going to,be a

Retro Review – Outlaws PC Game Review

No,Outlawz is one of those games that very,few people have heard of and even less,have actually played who did this taken,Sarah you guys sell oh and never see,Huggett where did they go oh gee it was,made at a time in the gaming industry,was moving in leaps and strides and,every new title was doing something,totally original Im cold,Im holding you I love you Anna,its a first-person shooter developed by,LucasArts and released in 1997 for the,PC exclusively at a time when Western,games are practically unheard of in the,FPS genre and it is still one of the,most unique games of that era an outlaw,was you take on the role of James,Anderson a retired lawman who returns,home to find his wife murdered and,daughter kidnapped over nothing more,than a real estate deal naturally hes,pretty pissed off so he sets off to kill,those responsible and save his daughter,the story is the apex of Western tropes,and they dont come more formulaic than,this but then again thats kind of the,whole point the story elements taken,from films like Once Upon a Time in the,West among many others James doesnt go,around spouting off one-liners every,time he blow someone away but they still,made him seem suitably badass throughout,the cutscenes its probably worth,mentioning that the music in particular,is pretty much a goddamn masterpiece and,comes off as some sort of love letter to,Ennio Morricone scores from the,spaghetti western films of the 1960s,combined with fully animated cutscenes,between missions as have a lot of,cinematic flair it really puts outlaws,in a league of its own and even to this,day nothing has ever been done quite,like it our laws runs on leukocytes,proprietary jedi engine previously used,in dark forces the jedi engine was never,much of a visual powerhouse even for its,time but it does offer up some really,varied levels ranging from small,frontier towns to large expansive,canyons complete with waterfalls and,sunken caves its also able to handle,having a lot of stuff going on at any,one time without taking a hitting,performance which is pretty admirable,gameplay itself isnt terribly complex,its a 90 shooter first and foremost you,go from level to level killing hordes of,bad guys with a revolver rifle and,shotguns opening locked doors with keys,and keeping yourself alive with health,items enemy variety is pretty basic the,only difference between them usually,being what type of gun they have and how,fast were able to kill you every level,has a boss that you usually have to kill,to end the mission often accompanied by,a clip of them saying some parting words,good shooting miss Jim but youre,already too late,its a hard game as youd expect and,youll probably die a fair bit,I have noticed that the damage taken,seems to be nothing more than a roll of,the dice and strafing around and the,distance you are from enemies doesnt,seem to change that too much obviously,if youre closer youre going to take a,lot more damage but even when youre a,hundred yards away it seems a single hit,can knock off a lot of health points,some deaths are quite common because of,this even from the weakest of enemy,types taking any of the bosses on,directly for instance is basically,suicide and you have to check them out,and peek from around corners to take,potshots at them until they go down,which is a little crappy there were a,few moments when I just got annihilated,without even being able to see who was,shooting at me but for the most part the,shooting is handled pretty well Fanning,the revolver and gunning a bunch of guys,down in quick succession never gets old,and theres even a few areas where you,can put a rifle and scope to good use in,some of the games larger environments,the only weapon that flat-out doesnt,work is the dynamite sticks the physics,just arent handled right and it never,controls how you expect it to get it,after you finish the single-player which,will roughly take six to eight hours to,complete theres also a few so-called,historical missions to play through the,only one worth mentioning is the marshal,training mission which lets you hunt,down a series of outlaws one by one and,either kill or capture them for points,this could almost be a game in and of,itself and also gives you access to the,games best Easter eggs you know if,youre into that kind of thing,unfortunately outlaws is an absolute,[ __ ] to get running properly out of,all the old games Ive reviewed so far,its definitely the worst I have to,emulate Windows XP just to get the damn,thing to install then patch it three or,four times so it was even remotely,playable and it was still full of errors,and bugs only people who are already,fans of the game are really going to be,bothered messing around with this kind,of stuff whether or not everyone else,believes its worth it just to get a,game working they may or may not enjoy,is really up to them its a real shame,that no one has tried to tidy it up and,release it for modern systems like,whats been done with duke nukem and,Shadow Warrior because it really is a,unique and enjoyable gem from the time,and leukocytes were consistently making,some really solid titles and its a game,thats had a lot of love put into it,getting a high-definition overhaul would,really do the game a lot of favors,considering the art style and music in,particular are still fantastic they did,it with the monkey island game so Im,sure thered be a market for outlaws as,well amongst all the FPS fans Ive,spoken to over the years most people,seem to agree that outlaws is one of the,most memorable games of its time,especially among other westerns it,didnt make a huge splash like doom or,Duke Nukem 3d it just kind of came and,went without that much of a fuss but,those people who were fortunate enough,to play it will tell you just how good,it really was

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