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The Outsider Series Review

thats a lot of padding for an outsider,thats hot my gosh hey guys this is my,review for the HBO series The Outsider,based on the Stephen King novel I was,very excited for this I hadnt really,learned anything about the novel I was,interested in who was attached to it a,lot of big names when I did my should,you watch this video Ive recently,discovered that Jason Bateman is far,better at drama than he ever was a,comedy he was horrible a comedy in my,opinion Ive seen the studios arc he,started in this series and he also,directed a couple of the first episodes,and what I will definitely say is that,this has a lot of padding very very slow,the show creator is also the same guy,who ran the wire and if any of you know,the wire it was very good but it was,also very procedural and it was very,long but it didnt hop around stuff I,didnt do stuff for dramatic effect if,it did it was still in line with proper,procedure for the most part,ergo why the first season barely,anything happens in it but its still,riveting and essentially the outsider is,the same thing it is a Stephen King,procedural crime drama that just so,happens to have a monster in it and it,actually takes quite a while before that,really comes to pass that really comes,to the realization for those of you who,are Supernatural fans who watch my,channel essentially this is a 10 hour,long episode of Supernatural whether,thats good or bad for you however as I,repeatedly mentioned there is a lot of,padding this is 10 episodes it did not,need to be that long it could have been,8 hell it could have been 6 you wouldnt,have gotten as much character,development which is certainly very well,done in the show every single character,even the side characters have great,development thats something that King,has always done well and even if his,stories arent as woo as you would think,they are at least his characters are,well done despite how kind of soft the,ending is the characters arcs are still,very well done then Mendelson is great,to see as not a villain for once hes,rockin every single dad polo shirt as,the main investigator of this show who,goes from really dead-set on Jason,Bateman to kind of realizing there is,something else behind the curtain and,theres Cynthia Evos character Holly,who is a kind of peculiar sort of,investigator currently she is also a,character that King has featured in his,mr. Mercedes novels series this is a,very unique,character in the King world and thats,pretty big to say considering how many,characters he has created her,performance in the show is great and I,really loved how the show is shot very,high aperture I know some people must,have not liked this but I very much,enjoyed how the show shot this kind of,lack of focus this strain to see what,was really behind the curtain and is,only in the last episode that stuff,really starts to become clearer I feel,like this is a show trying to portray,what the characters are feeling in this,how much in the haze they are as well as,you are in terms of the story and whats,going on its well shots well acted,there is some great character,development theres some good writing it,has a decent investigative story it just,is a little bit too long as a very soft,ending in my opinion in the end Im,gonna give the outsider or four out of,seven it really really got chugged down,by that length yes its a lot of great,story in this but it did not need to be,this long Im pretty certain I think the,sixth episode an entire hour one thing,happened and you can make this,interesting but in this kind of story,you need to keep your pace going and,there was times where I just face right,out because I was just waiting for the,next actual story element to happen,anyways guys let me know what you,thought of the outsider and if you like,the to do you leave a like and if youre,interested or more maybe subscribe,otherwise see you guys next time thanks,for watching the video,my name is Nitz and you might remember,me from the animated cult classic TV,show undergrads its been a while but,Im happy to say the click is finally,getting back together in an all-new,movie thanks to a successful Kickstarter,campaign but we are still asking for,your support to see any and all updates,about the upcoming undergrads movie be,sure to check out and like the bring,back undergrads Facebook page and with,any luck well see you guys soon

The Outsider [HBO] Season & Series Finale Review

[Music],[Music],welcome to our season finale review of,the outsider hi Im trying to hide my,face and be in the shadows so I can be,like the guy on the series but its not,working this is my Dark Lord star wars,outfit of course Ive got to try to find,a way to get that in here but anyways,guys welcome to our season review series,finale review for HBOs The Outsider,if you watched our previous episode we,covered episodes one A two A three a,four and sort of like a midseason is,where we picked it up and this is going,to be for the rest of the episodes in,the scenes in this horror crime saga is,what I called it its basically taking,one part two detective one part Stephen,King creature stories and melding it all,together alright okay guys so what I,guess we shouldnt bury the lead you,know what do you think of the conclusion,of this series so without spoiling,anything Im glad they went the way they,did okay oh I thought like you and I,thought this was you know there was a,chance if this did really well yeah if,they were gonna like sequel beta or like,to be continued in another and we were,worried that oh god like we hope they,they just want it done and Im glad they,definitely gave a good conclusion to it,and they wrapped everything up neatly,and then just okay Im happy with how it,was presented you are yes okay Im the,opposite okay I was disappointed with,these season finale I do agree that they,wrapped everything nicely I was very,worried that they wouldnt be able to,wrap it up they had like boy like,episode 5 6 7 8 9 and Im like theres,no fun oat that I have is this like I,dont think this show ends with this,episode theres a feeling that theres,too much to be wrapped up in that final,episode is it just gonna be a standard,final battle in a cave and,answer is yes was it a standard final,battle in a cave but that was only like,10 minutes yeah I did series uses the,rest or time in order to wrap up all the,other storylines so we do get it does,manage to wrap things up but that final,battle sequence with the outsider I,thought was disappointing as [ __ ] all,this huge build-up to that its you know,I can compare it with true detective,true detective had a much better build,the outsider builds like that and then,true detective ends it with just a great,episode and this one unfortunately I,think disappointed a little bit it had,some missteps I think Im just glad that,it didnt end in a to be continued,right and so I guess like I was so,worried about that it does kind of do,yeah we could talk about it in spoilers,its got one final scene after the,credits that Im not really sure what,its implying so you know we got to,figure that out so okay,so guys lets lets talk about the,individual episode so episode 5 is tear,drinker this is basically the first,explanation of what this could be so,this is essentially a crit you know what,Im gonna go into our spoilers yeah we,have two I have two sections so lets,just jump right in so basically you got,our opinions of you know what we think,it is why dont we give a final verdict,before we go in so if were gonna use,this format real quickly and and then,well so whats your final verdict for,the season overall,uh-huh everyone give me the last half of,the season rating and then an overall if,I had last half Id have to give it like,a 7 count like from 5 to 10 yeah overall,its an 8 I feel like overall the shows,an 8 with everything concluded and it,could have been much higher yeah if they,had just like you said the last episode,was like 15 minutes of dealing with what,the whole thing the season and then it,was like the resolution of all the the,plots which II mean I like seeing the,aftermath of stuff in stories because a,lot of shows these days they just like,end but this was like,how did it affect everyone after it was,concluded and I liked that but yeah it,could have been a lot stronger of an end,but overall like I liked the show like I,thought I thought it was definitely a,good ten episode show okay and I agree,for the most part I felt like the back,half of the season let me down a little,bit so Im gonna write that as six out,of ten a lot of the episodes for me,were spinning its wheels,it was just like alright come on you,know its a lot of waste of time until,we get to that final climactic battle,then that final climactic battle is so,damn short,and then the fallout is so long dealing,with wrapping it up so I felt like the,conclusion wasnt quite as satisfying as,I as I was hoping for but ultimately I,think overall its still for me scores,Im gonna say Im be a little harsher,you know Im gonna say a 7 out of 10,could have gone in a much more,impressive way at the end of course this,is based on a novel you know its got,limitations of following the Stephen,King storyline in the Bible but if,youre gonna do an adaptation you do,have liberties to try new things out and,maybe they could have benefited from,them I mean the Hobbit is a great,example of that youve got liberties you,can expand upon when it comes to it as a,series yeah this felt like it could have,used maybe one more episode its weird,because sometimes it feels like it could,have done this in fewer episodes yeah,but at the same time like we got such a,short you know climax that its like,maybe we did it got another episode and,the final episode could have been a,resolution of everything so those are,our final verdict for the outsider and,all right so well just jump into the,spoiler section so we can actually get,into the individual episode synopsis and,what we liked and disliked about each,one so check us out in the spoilers,section,[Music],hey guys welcome to the spoiler section,I think in the future del will have to,do is well just you know if youre,watching at this point its probably you,already youre already oh were all,right with spoiled yeah probably at this,point you know the only time we do a TV,review where theres no spoilers it,should be episode 1 and then midseason,well just start with spoilers and and,of course the season finale review there,are spoilers in that let us know were,still working on this shows format the,TV reviews let us know in the comments,if thats all right with you guys but so,episode 5 tear drinkers basically the,first explanation of what it could be,and what is this what what is it its a,its like a creature that feeds on,sorrow and children yeah like the,physical sustenance is the children yeah,because theyre so supple of juicy I,guess theyre like delicate or delicious,yeah and then his primary meal thats,like the appetizer,its primary meals just like this sorrow,like he just powers up no that is that,thats thats thats icing on the cake,he steers he eats any basically flesh,and blood you know he can he can rip,apart humans and things like that but he,likes children the best because they,supposedly tastes the best and they,create the most fallout in the in the,family where which he also is there for,that and feeds off of the emotional,wreckage that he creates and so you know,so thats what kind of youre getting a,little bit of hints of that in episode 5,to your drinker but episode 6 the one,about the Yiddish vampire its called,thats when the rubber meets the road,and the series finally reveals what it,is these are people not believing when,theyre hearing a story of something,that is supernatural or creature like or,alien nobody knows what it is you know,but theyre like this is quite clearly,not a criminal out there doing all these,different things and they have to come,face-to-face with this and I think they,handled that very well the way that they,because they took like two or three,episodes for,for everyone to get get used to it in,the way the Holi presented it was really,well she was like even I know what Im,saying is crazy,yes but the evidence supports it and so,you know like I think the best acting,through all that and accepting that was,ralph over the next few episodes even,all the way till the end but yeah just,the whole this is what it is I kno

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THE OUTSIDER Ending Explained!

think story here to explain the,unexplainable I have no tolerance for,the unexplainable,youre not helping Ralph today were,gonna take a deep dive into HBOs the,outsider examining all its clues as well,as everything we know about the monster,El Coco and youre gonna want to stick,around to the very end as well be going,over that mysterious post-credit scene,and what it means so make sure to LIKE,and subscribe because were ready to,think story as much as the outsider is a,story about solving the murder of a,young child its equally the story of,one man struggle to believe in the,unbelievable our protagonist Ralph,Anderson is a stubborn detective who,only believes in facts and evidence you,keep your mind open Im just gonna look,for facts evidence you know dumb cop,[ __ ] like that in fact when he tries to,console glory Maitland the wife of,suspected child murderer Terry Maitland,he tells her whenever I find myself,unable to uncover a reasonable,explanation for a so-called inexplicable,criminal act it only means I havent,uncovered it yet over the course of the,season Ralph will be confronted with,events that will challenge his worldview,to make him question what is real and,what better way to have ones beliefs,tested than by putting them up against,someone who is the complete opposite,this comes in the form of Holly Gibney,not only is she the opposite physically,being a young african-american female,but her worldview is one of belief that,there are things out there in the world,we cant explain and its okay to,believe in them she believes in God is,the one who comes up with the l cuoco,theory and unlike ralph is open to,hearing explanations that seem,impossible whereas Ralph please,everything can be explained Holly,believes some things cant and when they,cant be explained the answer is God do,you believe in God of course hes the,explanation explanation for what for,everything in this world that ever,happened to me that I dont understand,that I never will you see Holly herself,is unexplainable she was born with this,tremendous gift of memory being able to,name who was pitching in every game of,the World Series for example or being,able to tell the exact height of a,building just by looking at it her gift,was so inexplicable that scientists,performed,on her as a child there was no,explanation for it,therefore in her mind it was a gift from,God if she can exist why not other,inexplicable things as her investigation,into the murder of Franky Peterson,continues any logical person would be,stumped but not Holly who is able to,expand her sense of reality and believe,perhaps the first step to seeing things,clearly is not to find a way to dismiss,those facts but to expand your sense of,what reality might entail take a look at,Ralph here who face palms in disbelief,when he hears Hollys crazy theory he,hasnt yet completed his character arc,from non-believer to believer but this,will change for Ralph in fact it isnt,until episode 5 exactly halfway through,the season that his worldview begins to,chip away with a visit from his dead son,he of course brushes it off as a dream,just like he brushes off his wife,Jeannies vision of the hooded man,entering their home for him there must,always be a reasonable explanation,thats why he doesnt even bother having,the chair the hooded man sat in tested,for residue a chair Holly will later,find covered in these same unknown,substance that was found in the barn,were al cuoco transformed in episode 2,from episode 5 onward a series of,unexplainable events happen that shifts,arauz worldview,for example the drawing about cuoco by,his wife and the young boy who also saw,him or Hollys theories how the monster,operates coming true and the eventual,attempted murder of Holly by Jack who,and what L cuoco is is at the core of,how Holly and the other investigators go,about trying to stop it in episode 6,Holly explains her findings that an,entity shall call al cuoco based off,Latin American folklore is the cause of,a string of child murders it needs to,feed every 24 to 27 days in order to,gain its strength preferring young,children because is a taste sweetness,after it kills however it must shed its,skin like a snake and transform making,it extremely weak and vulnerable it will,use a slave like Jack or Tracy to,perform certain errands for it while,its in this vulnerable state Aarons,like collecting lamps and food these,quote-unquote slaves are not to be,confused with the beings it transforms,into like Terry or Claude the difference,being that the doppelganger,can only be created via direct contact,as in blood which manifests itself in,the show through scratching Maria,Canales a woman convicted of killing a,young boy scratches heath Hofstetter who,goes on to kill two young girls then he,goes to scratch Terry Maitland who kills,Frankie Peterson who in turn scratches,claw its Holly who discovers that the,time in between these murders is about,24 to 27 days leading her to believe,thats the cycle this entity uses to,feed the slaves on the other hand are,weak individuals who have a history of,immense pain which L cuoco feeds off and,can manipulate jack is the perfect,candidate his wife left him hes a drunk,who had an overbearing mother and had,spent his entire life training to be a,sniper only to fail his final psych,evaluation never being able to fulfill,his dream Jack struggles throughout the,season trying to fight the entity thats,taking control of him but eventually,succumbs to its will ikuko doesnt just,take a child victim it likes to take its,entire family and feed off its grief it,likes to linger all that grief down,there hes the perfect example of this,is the Peterson family after the death,of Frankie mrs Peterson suffers some,sort of stroke and dies,this leads Ollie to shoot Terry which,leads to Alis death and eventually mr.,Peterson the only one left to hang,himself the death of one spiraled into,the death of the entire family and L,cuoco feeds off this its drawn to pain,pain is a its wine if L cuoco doesnt,feed he gets weak which is shelter his,gradual physical decline as seen through,the series of drawings done by Merlin,and Janine in the final episode our,investigators have tracked down L cuoco,in a cave that collapsed back in 1947,trapping and killing more than 34 Souls,remember that L cuoco loves to rest up,in locations where there is a lot of,grief and sim previously choosing the,barn thats near a graveyard he has,taken on the form of Claude Bolton a,former proprietor of the peach crease,strip club and knows the others are on,their way you see L cuoco has the,ability to know the thoughts of the,person he has taken over and stupid seal,Bolton clods brother let it slip they,were on their way in a tragic twist of,irony the man who dreamed of being a,sniper uses his sniper skills to kill,Hollys love interest and he cut cabbage,Alec Pelle and Howard Solomon before,killing himself Holly and Ralph go on to,investigate the cave and Holly notes,that L cuoco can probably be killed a,question she and the others have often,asked noting that its residue can be,found along the handrails going down,into the cave her reasoning is that an,entity that isnt scared would likely,not be holding on to the rails deeper,into the cave past the corpses of eaten,animals and the names of those who died,in the collapse they finally come,face-to-face with L cuoco hes curious,how holly was able to find out about him,and not only that convince others to,this hints that this entity has been,around for quite some time completing,this cycle over and over again,Holly even asked him if there are others,like him to which he says he can sense,there are more but doesnt know for sure,the predicament they find themselves in,is that they cant use their firearms,the cave is extremely unstable and any,loud noises could trigger a collapse of,course the real Claude comes ambling in,and does exactly that,shooting l cuoco in triggering a cave-in,as the dust settles Holly Ralph and the

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The Outsider [HBO] – Angry TV Review

[Music],hey guys welcome to a brand new series,here this is TV reviews with Joel and,Adele long time no see bill hes,obviously over on the twitch channel go,follow our twitch channel we play a lot,of games there together but we wanted to,start covering more television series,and so me and L have been watching a lot,of HBO weve been watching a lot of,Amazon Prime a lot of these Disney Plus,a lot of these other things so if you,got any suggestions for any series that,you would like to see us review let us,know in the comments below but this one,here is about a very very fascinating,series this one I didnt know was coming,but I am so happy that I started,watching it because it is fantastic and,so far in my opinion,ya know its a lot better than I got,that it was gonna be from first glance,and I mean Steve with Stephen King stuff,is hitter I love Steve you know its,either its like really good yeah well,okay so it is called The Outsider right,and this is starring men metals mint med,ins Mendels Mendelsohn Star Wars rogue,one Fame and his co-star which was yeah,who is a fantastic singer by the way she,also played Harriet Tubman in their film,Harriet in 2019 which I watched on the,plane was pretty good and basically its,its a horror crime saga type of thing,think of it as you take one part true,detective,another great yeah and one part Stephen,King mix it together and youve got the,outsider and like I said so far its,been as good as that description a good,Stephen King its thick with atmosphere,its got a very very intriguing plot,line,which is essentially there is a murder,that takes place a brutal murder of a,child okay bye,supposedly Jason Batemans character by,the way Jason Bateman a Louisville right,act it was great being Terry yeah,Terry is really good so Terry is accused,of killing this child and whats odd,though is that you know we follow Terry,and it doesnt seem like this is what,Terry would do hes a coach of a high,school or not high school but uh like a,childrens baseball team and the cops,make it a note with how horrific the,crime was to just arrest him in public,just smear him yeah Wow Kent Ralph who,has been Mendelson his character makes,sure that he is embarrassed in public,arrests him in public for these crimes,and and then of course youve got the,court of public opinion who thinks that,he has done it yep theyve got DNA proof,theyve got video evidence of where hes,been and its like okay well thats you,know case closed,if only but not really because theres,also video evidence of him being where,he says he was which was thousands of,miles away at some conference and this,is a great hook talking about episode,one fish in a barrel and it just sets up,the series as very atmospheric and very,intriguing it was a it was a lot,different than I expected it was gonna,be yeah what do you expect I didnt know,like so a lot of these things you know a,lot of Stephen King story is a lot of,like any of these stories in general,theyre super predictable early on and,its like you know the beats you know,how he writes is his books you know he,does it but with this series I was for,the first couple of episodes I couldnt,figure out where was going in the very,first episode sets that up perfectly,yeah because you think you got,everything figured out and then hes,like no just nothing is established so,obviously theres a brand new series of,me and L are doing so let us show you,our format here were gonna have a non,spoiler section first just like our,movie reviews and then well go into a,spoiler section,after that so were gonna keep it,spoiler free for those of you who,havent seen it,so this basically episode one is a,fantastic hook episode 2 and because,this were starting already halfway in,what we would normally do is I think we,would do episode 1 dont start our,review and then maybe obviously do a,conclusion when the series is over and,maybe one more in between theyre sort,of a midseason thing is how we think the,format I will give them credit though,the shows are exactly one hour long and,theres no commercials,yeah.well newest Lee yes Bo yeah but I,noticed I noticed it and it was just not,what Im used to with like nowadays,were a show could be like 31 minutes 39,minutes 22 minutes 49 minutes yeah it,was nice to just have a solid hour every,single time an episode two called,Roanoke is really a shocking moment,happens in that towards the end of the,episode that completely changes the,focus of the series well its you think,its gonna go a certain way it doesnt,go a certain way and I thought I was,like oh man but it serves a purpose in,the story and you know for many people,you might want to be like now Im gonna,turn it on Im gonna go some down and do,something else no not because its about,to get really really interesting you,know its it that Roanoke was like part,two of episode one yeah yeah you want to,watch both together yes if youre gonna,get a good feel for the show before sure,before you go further on but like he,said that the the hook and the the split,is just its paying off because this is,impossible,were talking about real world crime,forensics and detectives and trying to,solve a crime and theyre noticing that,this guy is in two places at once what,the [ __ ] is going on we have DNA,evidence but we also have not only,eyewitnesses but also visio evidence,this is in a different place what is,this and the Phil and the show really,you know plays this up very well theres,this hooded figure that we see sort of,stalking people in the film ER in the,back,ground kind of just in a locations where,you know drama is happening and the,fallout almost mocking they drop up in a,lot of places and its and youre like,what is that and you cant really get a,good look at it and youre like there,what is going on here so youre like is,this a supernatural you know series or,is this a real true crime detective type,series and its both a [ __ ] love it,yeah you know so far its holding both,really well you dont know if its gonna,be a murder hobo or something else,but I think honestly one of the best,parts of it too is just the,cinematography the way they do all the,stills cuz they they really like to set,the mood in like basically every episode,but the first two episodes specifically,and a lot of shows will try to do like,these stills where you just see the,characters emotions and like feel what,theyre going through and a lot of them,just kind of dont do it effectively but,theres a lot of those in this and it,just sets the scene and it adds like a,whole psychological sort of impact,everything thats going on yup and then,episode 3 we get to dark uncle is what,its called and this is the introduction,of our character Holly and this is where,the series really takes off because,Holly played by Cynthia is the best part,of the show in my opinion shes,eccentric shes fascinating engaging to,watch a little bit nuts shes shes like,color nut she just has a condition,though where shes very shes like,awkward around people she might be on,the spectrum maybe not but shes very,intelligent and very meticulous in the,information that she gathers and shes,basically like a private investigator,shes like a savant yeah savant private,investigator whos very eccentric and I,love characters like this it reminds me,of like the monk or you know some of,these other series that have done these,these mental is even true detective you,know with Matthew McConaugheys,character so this is the kind of stuff,that I love and and she does a great job,when she comes into the series kind of,trying to piece things together staying,very neutral in things and being very,open-minded by episode four is when we,get,our first sort of big payoff this is,called que viene el cuckoo cuckoo and,and they sort of learn a lot of things,in here and I dont Im gonna hold its,really hard not to swell yeah,so wait for our spoiler section but what,I can see here is that she learns about,some legends from different cultures and,she starts to reali

The Outsider Series Spoiler Free Review

the outsider is the newest adaptation,from Stephen King and this time it is an,HBO original series Im assuming this is,a one-off because this is one novel I,dont think theres an intention for a,second season but we shall see and ever,know this one stars Ben Mendelsohn and,Jason Bateman those are the two most,recognizable names anyways in this and,this is about a detective that looks,like he has a slam-dunk easy case,obvious case here hes hes theres a,person who looks as guilty as humanly,possible they have all the evidence,aimed at this guy and then they receive,extremely conflicting evidence to the,contrary and they spend a good portion,of the show trying to figure out how,thats possible,and then once they figure out how its,possible they dont believe that that,could be how it was possible and thats,all Ill say on this show,of course its Stephen King so I think,you can probably assume in the right,direction of which way this will be,heading when youre about you know a,couple episodes in I sure did,but that all being said this starts oh,so strong Ive been watching this over,the last five days with my father and my,brother we watched two episodes a night,for a total of 10 episodes and theyre,about an hour apiece so you know you can,knock this out pretty quick and I,absolutely recommend checking it out and,if I was to say if I could classify this,in the horror genre yeah I mean its a,detective thriller but theres,absolutely horror no doubt about it so,Im not really sure why this hasnt been,labeled as horror in some context,because it 100% deserves to be labeled,in that way now getting back to this,starting strong Im not gonna say the,ending is weak because thats not how I,feel on it but I definitely,we felt like the ending was lackluster,compared to how promising the beginning,of the show was man when that beginning,started I was engaged I was infested I,was locked in it was tense it was eerie,it was confusing it was exciting it was,great the atmosphere all of it was,stellar as it went on it did feel like,it dragged a little bit at times and,when the ending came I just found myself,with too many questions in addition to,sitting there saying really like thats,it thats how this is gonna end this is,where it went like I just feel like with,the setup that what end what it all ends,up being I just feel like there could,have been more going on with that I just,feel like they present this thing like,its going to be an absolutely,devastating opponent and it just didnt,feel that way to me as much like I kind,of was like Kay like thats how were,gonna wrap this up so I did feel I did,feel a little underwhelmed and as I said,I also had some questions that I just,didnt get not fully I mean I can kind,of you know wave them away for the most,part of them not really that concerned,with it I just wished that with this,strong as it started it had it finished,like a strong I mean if if the beginning,was anything like the ending like if it,started that strong ended that strong,man Id be sitting here and Id be,raving the hell out of this now of,course the production value is high the,acting is fantastic like its everything,you would expect from the talent behind,and in front of the camera but as usual,Stephen King and he said it himself he,just doesnt know how to end his books,and if they stick to his endings like,Im sure this one did I did not read,this book Ive read a lot of his books,but not this one I think this is yet,another example of Stephen King just,that is his Achilles heel he just has a,really really bad issue not knowing how,to close out of stuff what he is great,at though and I think what Stephen King,is a master of more so than horror or,most moreso than anything is hes just,an incredible character creator he,develops characters so intimately you,feel like you know them personally and,anytime you read a Stephen King book,youre never gonna at the end of it feel,like wow no anything about this,character like I didnt really feel,invested in this character because I,know so little about it there was,nothing for me to connect to thats just,not gonna be a problem now you might,have a problem story where it ends all,that stuff fine but to say you dont,know the character you might not like,the character thats fine but Im just,saying youre gonna know that character,inside and out so his characters are,always rich and as in this show you have,plenty of characters that have a lot of,depth to them you know they feel like,real people because thats the way King,crafts his characters as real people no,matter how unreal the events get around,the characters the characters are always,grounded in reality theyre always,grounded in realism and this is of,course no exception but as I had said,his endings so but I want to stress that,its not a bad ending its just a huh,interesting,okay you know you dont leave going [ __ ],oh my god I gotta tell everybody thats,at least the way I felt and after going,to you know some sites and looking at,the ratings of every,episode it does you know kind of reflect,that as to where the last episode is the,lowest rated episode now that can be,true on a lot of shows where people just,never are happy with the final result of,a show but if you look at the first,season first couple seasons of most,shows that are popular theyre ending,episodes are extremely highly rated its,usually not until like the series finale,that people [ __ ] on the ending now,granted this is I think a limited run so,this is the ending the ending but,regardless I did find myself to be an,agreement as to where Im normally not,Im usually the guy thats like okay,like you know that wasnt as bad as,everyone said I actually enjoyed that,you know thats happened to me plenty of,times this one,anybody was saying like oh its terrible,I disagree with that but I was a little,letdown but yeah I mean as far as the,characters go I did really enjoy all of,them we get Holly Gibney in here who is,a character from the bill Hodges trilogy,of the mr. Mercedes which was cool to,see this is a different Holly give me,than the one that we see in mr. Mercedes,and Finders Keepers and so on and of,watch right thats the third one yeah I,read all those books and Ive seen one,season of the show because its on,DirecTV but I do intend to watch season,two and three soon enough but its cool,to see Holly Gibney in here and I as I,was kind of alluding to with his,character development all the characters,I was whether I liked them or not they,felt fully imagined fully realized the,director the directors had a good grasp,on the characters and every episode they,felt you know like there was continuity,to him so IIIi did enjoy all the,characters very much the only real issue,I had was was just how it all wrapped up,and thats that but outside of that man,I absolutely recommend it I enjoyed the,whole damn thing,and I look forward to talking about it,with you guys guys in the comments below,so let me know when you watch it if you,watched it already and well talk about,whatever you gets to say about it but,Im gonna keep this spoiler free from,here,I kept the you know the synopsis,extremely vague because I didnt want to,give away [ __ ] because I went into this,literally knowing nothing about it at,all nothing not a damn thing I dont,even know whos in the damn thing,outside I think at Ben Mendelsohn is the,only person I was aware that was in this,show outside of that I really did not,know I was a total outsider when it came,to the plot,ok Im gonna end it on that pun adios

HBO’s The Outsider Finale Review | The Joe Budden Podcast

cool what else we got what else we got,what else we got this important so good,question outside of the economy falling,to its bottom in front of our eyes I,want your outside to review at some,point I really enjoyed the finale I did,I was mad at at first I didnt realize,there was a postscript after the credits,and that to me that at first I didnt,Im not gonna sit around and watch the,credits for most TV shows the outsider,well well theyve boiler potentially,spoiler alert spoiler go away,just play it get out of here you guys,got to tell you what went on you know I,felt kind of bad about my harsh review,of the season I said that the season was,dragging in it could have been shorter,but half now that the story is complete,their style of telling the story made,the dragging made sense to me I I,watched past the credits because they,conditioned me to do that all season,with the next episode,mm at by episode 8 I thought I thought,that there was a chance we might not get,a season 2 I came on here and said that,yeah after watching the finale which I,loved I cant wait to see season two I,would appear that were getting a season,two but they can also get in this season,- well if they dont itll be because,thats HBO dont want to pay for it but,this the writers left it open for there,to be a season two one of the things I,was a little confused about I am gonna,watch it again in the end when it was a,the black girl that I love and the older,white guy the older white cop who didnt,believe anything at first when they,stabbed old spoiler alerts cut you off,doesnt he always play the old cop that,never believes anything I dont think,Ive ever seen him that familiar with,him I thought he was dr. house before,the season started and I realized it was,all like trailers and quick I was like,house isnt some [ __ ] the main guy knows,I dont know his real name in real life,but he typically plays the cop that,doesnt believe anything and then goes,boom I have a hunch and then figures it,all out but when she stabbed him when,when the girl stabbed,him and the older cop said so you know,so you know Terry or something to that,effect and she said whos Terry even,though she knows Terry and theyve been,having bad conversations about Terry,because Terry is who the boogeyman,claimed as his identity thats what,actually made me watch till the end,because huh why is this girl saying,whos Terry and then in comes and they,showed that she is scratched so I was,like all right was that the girl or was,that the thing like when did she get,scratched is my question,well [ __ ] she didnt had the tea and,crackers and cheese and crackers with,the dude they was acting like he was,sweet [ __ ] they was in there with him,true I went back and watched that scene,again though I could not see a scene,where he touched her even I would like,to watch this scene again yeah hello I,would like to watch it again maybe even,read ablation pages killing [ __ ] but I,really really really enjoyed I really,enjoyed the outside of an alien and it,made it make sense it made it come,together for me Im super late and I,know this would be like a home type take,from wrap because I was trying to finger,girls when I was a kid I did I was an,Indonesian king where you go I was never,to Stephen King Ive watched about ten,[ __ ] Stephen King things where Im,like this guy is just continuing to put,out amazing content how are all these,all these series and movies are coming,from Stephen King books boy why did I,never know about how dope Stephen King,was raising a finger and girls – Stephen,King Im just on to it now the horror,finger you ready for the horror finger,trying to do that I wasnt focused on,Stephen King books or Stephen King,novels I was focused on other things,so I was not aware of how dope Stephen,King was no I know that what happened to,those capital initiations what did they,do to the horror finger I just at first,I didnt really like then but then when,I saw the PostScript show I was like oh,wait no I was dope did that that make,millions doc fell off fast,Im really glad I never saw,new fellow fish have 2 episode 1 and a,half yeah – I was like its not really a,Im doing it,narcos Mexicos phenomenal I got to,start down is it phenomenal that show,its always good,I was biased against it because it,wasnt the regular knock back in the one,another but the Mexico it is I dont,know if its more lit but its kind of,more lit season one was good I got that,[ __ ] parasite moving on for five,minutes Im like you know what Im,straight oh Im not watching it I said,alone in a week have fun yeah so yeah,good yes,phenomenal it was it was really good,Tapout said words on it set up why only,want every award yeah thats what maybe,you want to put it on why you want me to,read something you know you will know,because youre validating the award,shows but Id rather Id rather have the,closed caption doesnt mean the,subtitles didnt have like a horrible,voiceover I started using so uh closed,captions like regular now so really,sometimes yeah dont give me a horrible,like English Im like theres no cuz Im,deaf,yeah listen it Ill read while youre,saying it like its fine,TV on 99 yeah mister I stay with my TV,on I thought I might check this out man,Ive been having a hard time well back,in the day anyway long time when you,trying to [ __ ] finger chicks yeah I,noticed that out you know Ill stop,talking to a chick because we cant find,some [ __ ] to watch together like so Ill,just stop yeah thats us so uh like Ill,definitely put on dont [ __ ] with cats,like while Im like while Im trying to,court you yes when you trying to be,trying to suffocate that cat did you get,that line on the Unabomber done you are,sick individual to the X you need a lot,of help today Id you know Ive needed a,lot of help for the 29 years Ive been,living I heard just suffocate that cat,line alright,I set it into a microphone thats being,recorded,the unabomber dock yeah oh wait what,yeah we talked about it theres a new,one,the in his own words [ __ ] it just came,home I saw that I thought that was old,well from yeah I thought it oh maybe it,is older than I thought he just showed,up on my cue you know I thought he,smoked this ooh it was great I loved,hearing from him yeah I enjoyed it I,guess I am,oh yeah three months I guess I am late,sorry just showed up in my queue it said,new trending hmm its on Netflix yeah,yeah no its good I think it popped open,months who actually but I thought it was,the one from last year I know this isnt,it,its the in his own word [ __ ] screaming,whatever,either way is great and its out you can,watch it um for life comes back or came,back last night Im excited about that,50 show Im enjoying it its its got,some they got some stuff to work out but,overall its a good show overall its,pretty bad a battle rapper DNA the ban,of rapper DNA you are so lucky that,power the show power ended and I forgot,to really give you a few lines about,your power raps your power rap,breakdowns you were doing thats doing I,didnt catch those no now thats when,they watch whenever when the episodes,drop he was dropping freestyles about,the scenario that happened if I was,Tommy I would uh and he did one would,like jam with a rapper rather she was,like Angela with cooking you dont have,this cued up no a face cream and find it,find DNAs power breakdowns just to give,them a taste I thought I thought that,them pretending to be the NFL teams for,for the NFL Network was bad this may top,it you owe me one K Jean and DNA was,pretending to be NFL teams they were the,Super Bowl team,Im so glad none of this reaches my,radar screaming what the [ __ ],there we go give it to us power recap,who shot ghosts hey Rory get a fans a,little taste of dnase power recap hes,[Music],also a whole 50 hook thats true I want,to know it can you look at the fit blood,on his headband and on the colors dont,do that he got the fab paper towel on,from the Superman video kiss the suit,yeah thats a thats not blood thats,sweet

THE OUTSIDER: Episode 10 Breakdown, Ending Explained, Post Credits Scene & Season 2 | Full Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show Im,your host definition aka spoil and King,and the finale of the outsider is,finally here the HBO show has been an,incredible ride the last 10 weeks an,episode ten has a hell of a lot to,unpack from it throughout this video,were going to be breaking down all of,the ins and outs of the finale its,ending the post-credits scene and where,things could be going in the future,there will be heavy spoilers here so if,you dont want anything ruined then I,highly recommend that you turn off now,make sure you subscribe to the channel,to never miss a breakdown and please,drop a thumbs up if you enjoy the video,without the way thank you for clicking,this now lets get into our ending,explained of the outsider episode 10,picks up immediately after the shootout,that began last weeks cliffhanger Alec,is dead and everyone else is in the,crosshairs of a military trained,marksman so it looks like they could be,going on the highway to heaven,and Im not talking about the best,chicken in 200 miles that joke didnt,really work does it,Howie called in seal arrived and the,latter returns fire shouts Max Beesley,as well who plays seal and like my,breakdown of the episode last week Im,sorry you had to go out like that and I,love you he Howie a nanny are killed and,its a really devastating scene that,holds no punches watching these,characters die one after the other feels,worse than the red wedding on Game of,Thrones and its going to be a lot of,grief and despair left from all of this,Ill discuss how this may play a part,later if theres a season two but yeah,thats just something to bear in mind at,the moment Holly put herself in Jacks,sights but he lowers his weapon after,being reminded that hes only going one,way after this that is straight to hell,I think he also remembers that Holly did,genuinely want to help him earlier in,the season and he relinquishes control,before getting his comeuppance,I was predicted last week the snake,bites him which ends the fight and all,that are left standing a sob low Ralph,Claude and Holly Jax Tom Wilson to the,area and hes been bitten several times,in the face by the snake so he now looks,like the outsider mid-transformation he,points the way to the bear cave and they,slowly make their way through,discovering caucuses and eventually elk,cuoco they see that he took the stairs,precautious Lee showing that hes scared,of falling and therefore he can be,killed they passed several of the,landmarks from last weeks episode and,its a very intense scene that uses,multiple exposures to overlay the beast,with that journey into the depths of,Hell al cuoco actually helps to guide,them which showcases the psychological,aspect of the character it wants to be,found,but in guiding them it will make them,think that it has the upper hand already,and thus it doesnt mind allowing them,to come face to face with it the Beast,looks completely like cord now because,of the 27 day transformation cycle,coming to an end and it must now choose,another face it has purposely chosen,this location because of the nature of,the collapse last week which was caused,by the search party showing for the boys,though they could instantly shoot it,they are already aware of the cave-in,and have been reminded by the names of,the dead Boltons that its a bad idea,so its fair enough that theyre taking,it easy in terms of their weapons they,actually have a conversation with al,cuoco who enforces the notion that the,greatest trick the devil ever pulled was,convincing the world that he didnt,exist,al cuoco has evaded the law for,centuries because people simply wont,believe in it holly was the only one to,and thus it was finally caught during,the exchange of cuoco hints at the idea,that there may be more than just one out,there and no it hasnt encountered any,of its other kind it does know that they,exist Stephen Kings work all tends to,be linked in some way and this could be,a nod to Pennywise the true knot or some,of the other creatures that hes created,earlier in the season Alec did stay that,when he was a young boy he got lost in,the woods and he heard something calling,his name so we do know that should the,show go beyond this season that there,are other avenues in which they can,travel al cuoco also pays lip service to,the glow that fields him from grief it,gives him energy and he feeds upon it,and thus it is possible that if the,deaths of those in the caves from 40,years still provide him with a power,that the bodies of those murdered,outside could also Holly asks why,children and the creature applies with,because they taste the sweetest we did,say in Episode a that due to the comment,on one of the victims cancers that al,cuca would probably eat younger people,as theyre less likely to have it but,maybe maybe the guy just likes the taste,this sets ralph off as we know he has,lost a child himself and he says that al,cuoco,nowhere to go and that the authorities,will arrive soon the monster seems to be,accepting of this but like he says he,needs to eat and the pair could make a,great Last Supper Claude arrives with,the shotgun and Hann staring at his,mirror image and he wants to get revenge,for the death of his brother despite,being warned not to fire he still does,it anyway,Ill cuoco inhales almost accepting of,its fate and this is because of the,psychic link that it has with Claude,after the blast echoes throughout the,caber collapses and they hide out,missing the worst of it,Halle stabs Ill could go through the,chest just to make sure its dead and,this differs from the source material as,in that Holly hits the creature over the,head with a happy slapper which is the,sock full of balls she also used this,weapon in the Stephen King story mr.,Mercedes but as that hasnt been set up,here I cant see why they changed it,slightly in case you dont know mr.,Mercedes is actually TV show as well and,though the cast and creative team behind,it are different if you if you want a,nice distraction whilst you wait for the,second season of The Outsider yeah I,definitely recommend checking it out,its three seasons deep and also centers,around Halle Gibney so go check it out,after this upon exiting the cave ralph,comes face to face with the specter of,his dead son and he goes back to hell,cuoco to see it playing opossum Im,gonna talk about whether this was,actually Derek or if it was just a,vision by ilkook or later but personally,I think it was the latter,Ill cuoco well just wait and know,ralph could bring people to see it,collect DNA samples and expose it to the,world its for the best and no one ever,knows that it existed we see it change,to Terry who I only realized in this,episode Holly doesnt know about Tracy,Powell and Maria and it slowly begins to,cycle back through the chain showing who,it framed ralph smashes its head in with,a rock,thus apparently killing it once and for,all you also see the green hoodie in the,rubble at the creature war between,transformations showing that it could,potentially have another plan after this,outside Holly feels guilt over bringing,Andy out there but Ralph talks her out,of it we cut to the DA reviewing the,footage of teryan Claude and he gets a,phone call from sob low sob Lowe tells,him that there was a rogue shooter that,was one of their own and the DA,immediately writes down Jack before he,been hearing it was him,this shows that he will likely believe,whatever hes told due to his prized,suspicions sob low tells him that Jack,was the accomplice of the child killer,thats been operating in the area and,says that though they gunned the format,down the real threat got away therefore,they will not really investigate the,cave but Terrys name will be cleared,and the manhunt will remain at large,though we already know that justice has,been served,Quadra hisses his story and remakes his,statement on identifying Terry is being,covered in blood they line everything up,and make sure that all bases are covered,Ralph says that he thought the whole,

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