1. Lesson 1: The Biggest Admission Secret You’re Probably Overlooking
  2. SAT Reading: Basic Approach | SAT Prep 2022 | The Princeton Review
  3. NCLEX-RN®: How to Analyze an NCLEX Question | The Princeton Review
  4. Princeton Review GRE Prep Course (Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy)
  5. Hasan Minhaj Takes a Practice SAT | The Princeton Review
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Lesson 1: The Biggest Admission Secret You’re Probably Overlooking

welcome to your first ever college class,Im Rob Franek editor-in-chief here at,the Princeton Review and Im here to,give you the most important College,advice that youll ever get the advice,that will get you in to college and not,just any college but a college that,qualifies you and its going to sound,exaggerated but I mean it right down on,my Twinkletoes your dream college it may,seem like its harder than ever to get,into college but it just isnt lets,break this down and lets break it down,together thanks in part to the rise of,the common application which streamlines,the process of applying to multiple,colleges lots of students are applying,to more and more schools some popular,institutions like UCLA and thats the,University of California Los Angeles are,receiving more than 100,000 applications,a year but what does this mean well,University of California Los Angeles,UCLA doesnt have a hundred thousand,spots in its incoming freshman class so,UCLAs acceptance rates like the,acceptance rates of so many highly,selective schools are creeping further,and further down each year but heres,another fact the flipside of that,sometimes humbling statistic is that,students who are applying to 10 15 and,20 schools also cant actually attend,all of those schools they can only,attend one so where schools are getting,more selective students have to get more,selective – making it a truly perfect,storm College Admission are more,volatile and more unpredictable than,theyve ever been before but that,doesnt actually make college admission,harder in fact more than three-quarters,of all college bound students get into,their first choice fools Im going to,repeat that three-quarters of all,college bound students get admitted to,their first choice schools so how can,you correct for the volatility in,college admission in one word and we,talk about this all the time at the,Princeton Review,that one word is fit heres the part,where I tell you about the real secret,to getting into your top choice schools,and it lies in the choice you make,before you even apply in the first place,so do I mean let me explain it this way,here are two quick facts about college,admission folks that I am convinced you,will hear no where else first fact it,has never ever been easier to get into,college than it is today second fact it,has never ever been harder to get into,college than it is today what who is,this youtube quack folks how could both,of those things be true we are going to,true try to prove out my theory but we,are going to do it together were going,to do a mini exercise and to demonstrate,this and it will all become incredibly,clear I want you to take out your phone,or a piece of paper or whatever you have,handy and I want you to write down the,names of three colleges or universities,that you would love to see yourself at,as a freshman with these two caveats,number one I dont care if you dont,have a prayer in heaven to get into any,of those schools academically or to,dollars saved in the bank to pay for it,so it doesnt matter of an academic,admission and it doesnt matter about,financial aid and money folks,Im only going to give you 27 seconds to,write down those three schools youre,ready no 27 seconds folks,I am on the clock here any school is,fair game that could be public or,private or large or small urban suburban,or rural anything could be up there they,could be co-ed institutions they could,be single sex institutions they could be,religious they could be secular these,schools could be military academies,youre getting my point oh they can be,online universities they could be,for-profit universities heresy folks,three two one okay I want you to keep,your pens in your hands or your fingers,on your phone and I want you to cross,off the following schools I want you to,cross off every Ivy League school cue,the audible groans I want you to cross,off also the following schools in our,home city of New York City I want you to,cross up NYU we already got,because its an IV were gonna cross off,Fordham University as well were gonna,move up to the New England area were,gonna cross off the University of,Connecticut were gonna cross off Boston,University Boston College and wait for,it were crossing off MIT were also,gonna cross off northeastern and Boston,three main schools Bates Bowdoin and,Colby now were gonna move down to the,Middle Atlantic states were gonna start,in DC were gonna cross off George,Washington Georgetown and American,University were gonna move a little,further south were gonna cross off Duke,University were also gonna cross up the,University of North Carolina Chapel Hill,folks want to get just two schools in,the Midwest were gonna hit Northwestern,University and the University of Chicago,were gonna hit one school in Texas,were gonna hit University of Texas at,Austin and a measly three schools in,California ready UCLA University of,California Los Angeles as weve,discussed UC Berkeley the University of,California at Berkeley of course were,gonna cross off Stanford and were gonna,throw one and more Pomona folks that is,about 30 schools that we named off pens,down hands off your phones,folks I now want you to raise your,virtual hand if you still have three,schools left on your list how about two,schools left on your list one school,left on your list folks last year my,team our team at the Princeton Review,worked with one out of every two,students who applied to college last,year and I have done this exact exercise,with many many of those students and,when I ask students and their parents,who still has three schools left on,their list folks it is normally crickets,in every audience and I should tell you,that two schools and one school dont,fare much better we have an annual,survey at the Princeton Review its,called College hopes and worries and,this year we asked 12,000 high school,students and their parents to answer,that same question what would be their,dream school for them as students and,parents for,kids if academic admission and cost were,not factors lets look at what they said,were gonna start with the student list,here it goes,number one Stanford number to Harvard,number three Princeton,names you likely have heard of before,lets look at our parent list number one,Stanford number two Harvard,number three Princeton what a,thoughtfully conceived list folks heres,the thing and we should acknowledge that,the forty seven thousand four hundred,students who applied to Stanford this,past year the 4.2 percent of whom were,accepted our superlative students indeed,and I should also say that each of the,schools on this fabulous list are truly,notable and excellent schools and while,they could be awesome fits for some,students I can guarantee with,mathematical certainty that they are not,ideal fits for every student who jotted,down those names on their list of,dreamed colleges folks every time I do,this exercise we recreate a phenomenon,that were seeing across the country,many many students are simply applying,to the same 25 schools going back to our,thesis it has never ever been easier to,get into college than it is today,because there are literally three,thousand plus four-year colleges in the,US alone,but it has never been harder to get into,college than it is today because we are,all applying to the same 25 schools,those are the schools that spark news,stories about how hard it is to get into,college and cause a general feeling of,panic around college admission folks I,have one simple message for you there is,no need for panic those are 25 schools,the ones that everybody seems to apply,to those schools represent less than 1%,of all colleges in the US if you decide,you want to go to a top 5% school you,have a hundred and fifty choices a top,10% school you have 300,and thats just how the math works there,are simply a lot of options and theres,no guarantee that the 25 school that,everybody seems to be applying to our,good fits for you or that theyre better,schools than the other 125 on tha

SAT Reading: Basic Approach | SAT Prep 2022 | The Princeton Review

hey everyone im rob franek im,editor-in-chief here at the prince,review thank you as always for tuning in,to this yet another segment of our sat,series where we help you expand your,personal knowledge of that dreaded test,so that youll be prepared to crush it,come test day todays segment my friends,is all about understanding,the s.a.t reading test and as in all of,our other segments were using examples,from our new s.a.t prep title that you,may certainly follow along in your book,or,right here on screen exercise your free,will and pick the platform that serves,you best,that all said if youre anything like,other high school students literally,across the planet you may approach the,s.a.t reading test the same way that,youd approach reading in your english,classes likely spending loads and loads,of time reading the passage and then,going back to answer the question super,fast based on your memory,and your own interpretation of the,passage that very well-intentioned,approach would be patently useless on,the s.a.t reading test let us remind,ourselves friends out loud today that on,the s.a.t reading test,you are only going to earn points for,answering the questions period you dont,get points for deeply reading you dont,get points from memorizing you dont get,points for interpreting the passage,on the other hand,the point earning correct answers on the,s.a.t reading questions are all about,whats exactly actually written in the,passage that youre reading on the test,not what youre inferring that passage,means and lets remember right up from,the get-go that there are five passages,all together with 52 questions exactly,and only 65 measly minutes on the clock,for you to answer and work through all,of them friends im not recalling these,facts to scare you im saying them,because to do well on the sat reading,test you need an approach that is,designed fitted literally made to,measure solely with the sat reading test,in mind specifically you need to dive in,to the relevant part of the passage get,what you need to answer the question and,get out,i recognize that that may sound harsh ty,but heres why its important simply put,its going to maximize your score on the,s.a.t and lets not kid ourselves folks,as much as we like spending time with,one another thats exactly why were all,here but be that as it may,its important that we sharpen just that,last point that i made on that point,earning glory with a little cosmic test,prep strategy the princeton reviews,five-step,sat reading basic approach will help you,maximize your number of right answers on,the sat reading test from,the get-go now without question you have,heard us reference these five steps in,past videos but it is deeply important,to reiterate them here for the,uninitiated that are just joining us for,today the five steps step one read the,blurb step two,select and understand the question step,three,read what you need step four mark the,answer in the text and step five,personal favorite of ours at the,princeton review,use process of elimination it all sounds,very simple i am sure,but we today are going to prove it out,together with a little example question,right here folks we are going to employ,each of the five steps that i just,enumerated were going to use it on our,question and were going to get that,question right and were going to do it,together,lets remember,step one of the basic approach is to,read the blurb now that may seem obvious,but what i really mean is read all of,the introductory material preceding,the passage heres the blurb from our,example passage,this passage is adapted from linton,weeks the windshield pitting mystery of,1954 copyright 2005 by npr thats,national public radios history,department so right off the bat we,already know just a couple of nuggets of,information that might be helpful first,the passage comes from the history or,social studies category and we have some,idea of what its going to be about its,about a mystery that took place in 1954,that has something to do with windshield,pitting the intrigue is palpable friends,that said,now that we actually know something,about what were going to read in the,passage we are ready to move on,to step number two of the basic approach,which is to select and understand,a question,heres the beginning of the list of,questions we notice that in that first,question question 11 it is a general,question and asks about the central,claim of the passage as a whole,but we are not ready to answer a,question a general question at least not,quite yet so were going to set it aside,just for a moment what we want is to,find the first specific question,uh instead of those general questions,and we notice in question number 12 it,is indeed a specific question it says,according to the passage,residence,of bellingham washington attributed,windshield pitting to,so it asks about a specific detail in,the passage rather than asking about the,passage as a whole and lets remember,that step two says select,and understand a question so in order to,understand this question were going to,turn this kind of weird half-finished,sentence into an actual question that,starts with a what a why or even a how,so for question 12 we might say what did,the residents of bellingham washington,attribute windshield pitting to,now we can feel really good about this,my friends weve completed step two,weve done it together and we have done,it beautifully we now know that weve,selected and understood a question hence,we are ready to move on to step three,which is to read,what you need from the passage but,before we can read what we need we have,to find,what we need,and question towel of 12 doesnt have,any line references it doesnt tell us,exactly where to look in the passage so,were going to use a couple of other,tools instead first were going to use,the order of the questions themselves,now,it is all but an open secret,that specific questions on the s.a.t,reading test generally come,in order according to where they are,answered in the passage which means that,as question question 12 is in the first,is the first specific question hence we,expect knowing our open secret,from the college board that it will,probably be answered somewhere near the,beginning of the passage that logic is,even sharpened that much more if we take,a peek at question 13. question 13 asks,us about lines 31 to 32. so probably,the answer to question 12 will be,somewhere between line 1,and 30. now granted 30 possible lines is,a pretty significant winner so were,going to use yet another tool which our,team at the princeton review uses and,use as well and we call it,lead word now lead words are words that,youll actually see,in the passage in other words theyre,words that lead you to the specific,place in the test so question number 12,were going to look for residents were,going to look for bellingham washington,and possibly even,windshield pitting although the whole,passage is about windshield painting so,it isnt going to be incredibly helpful,to us to do that but lets keep it in,our mind,that all said,lets find what we need in the passage,and lets do it together were going to,start by scanning for some of those lead,words and pretty much right away we see,windshield pitting mystery and as i just,mentioned thats kind of obvious and,its not going to be a great help to us,specifically,in this passage so were going to keep,moving now,here in question apparently in paragraph,two we see the word washington and,bellingham so now we found the part of,the passage that we need to read to,answer question 12. now,you should typically read a window of,about 10 to 12 lines so just for ease,today and actually ease on the test,itself were going to bracket in that,passage as a reminder and were going to,start with line 6 as thats the,beginning of the paragraph and it seems,like a pretty fine place to start and,well go all the way down to line 14.,and when we read were going to read,with the question in our minds and the,question asked a

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NCLEX-RN®: How to Analyze an NCLEX Question | The Princeton Review

[Music],hi graduate nurses my name is crystal,and i am a registered nurse i am also a,nursing content developer for the,princeton review and today i want to,talk to you about analyzing nclex,questions do you ever look at a next,practice question and think to yourself,how do i select the right answer if all,of them sound correct analyzing nclex,questions requires you to use a concept,that is applied throughout the four,major client needs categories on the,exam the concept is something that,nurses base their practice on,that concept is the nursing process,the nursing process is a five step,method that guides nursing practice the,nursing process is systematic and can be,applied to any client situation,similarly the nursing process can also,be applied to an nclex question so how,can we analyze an nclex question while,following the nursing,process we must first understand what,the nursing process is,surely you recall the acronym adpi which,stands for assessing,diagnosing,planning,implementing and evaluating,when answering an nclex question it will,be an orderly progression of steps,lets examine the five steps of the,nursing process as it applies to a nclex,question,stage 1,assessment before answering a question,take a moment to ask yourself what stage,of the nursing process has been,completed we know the first step is,assessment so does the question already,provide you with assessment data,remember that assessment data can be,physical findings such as the clients,blood pressure,pulse,respirations temperature and oxygen,saturation,maybe you check the pupils and they are,equal round and reactive to light and,accommodation,other assessment data includes client,statements and diagnostic findings such,as ct scan ultrasound and mri results,laboratory data such as the potassium,calcium and hemoglobin and hematocrit,levels you cannot establish priorities,or perform interventions without,assessing a situation,stage 2 diagnosing what if the stem of,the question gave us assessment data the,next step is to analyze this data and,identify a priority nursing diagnosis,what is the most important health,problem that must be addressed,look for symptoms such as nausea,pain,dizziness or chills,key words are very important,questions that have key words such as,priority,first or next expect you to select the,answer choice that is most important for,sustaining life or ensuring client,safety,look for side effects of medications,such as hypotension confusion or dyspnea,again which signs and symptoms take,priority,those symptoms take us to the next stage,of the nursing process,number three,planning,what signs and symptoms do we take care,of first,dont forget your abcs,airway breathing and circulation,does nausea take priority over the,inability to breathe,once we establish our priorities we are,ready for the next stage,number four,implementing,look at your answer choices are you able,to recognize levels of importance,remember that administering pain,medication wont matter if your client,cant breathe are the interventions,relevant to the situation displayed in,the stem of the question if your client,is choking what are you going to do,first,educate them on incentive spirometry or,elevate the head of the bed,dont forget you have assessed diagnosed,and planned for the most important,intervention what if the stem of the,question already gave you a nursing,intervention your focus will be on the,final stage of the nursing process,number five evaluating the last stage of,the nursing process is also the,beginning of the next cycle of client,care,were the interventions that were,performed successful if they were we,continue our interventions and keep,evaluating their effectiveness,if we are seeing progress but not enough,to correct the problem we modify our,interventions if we see no progress we,terminate the current interventions and,re-establish priorities,think of evaluation as a reassessment,lets take a look at an nclex style,question to determine how the nursing,process helps us arrive at the correct,answer,the nurse responds to the room of a,client who experienced a chronic seizure,the client is observed on the floor and,is awake which action will the nurse,perform first,what kind of information do we have in,this question,do we have enough assessment data to,diagnose and determine priorities,take a quick moment to think about the,clinical scenario a client is observed,on the floor after a chronic seizure,what do we know about clonic seizures,they cause rhythmic jerking of the,extremities from muscle contraction and,relaxation,we have to consider safety the client is,on the ground indicating a fall may have,occurred,number one before looking at answer,choices what assessment data would be,adequate besides being awake is there,anything else to look for,number two,diagnosing ensures our abcs are taken,care of,airway breathing and circulation if the,client fell that they hit their head we,need a quick neurological check,number three planning,keywords in the question such as first,and priority indicate that all of the,answers or actions the nurse would,perform at some point in the nursing,process the key is to determine which,one is performed before the others,number four,interventions are important,what will need to happen at this point,in the scenario perhaps verify vital,signs notify the health care provider,but remember do you have enough,assessment data and have you established,priorities before implementing,number five has the question provided us,with an intervention not yet we cannot,evaluate our interventions before,performing them,so lets look at the answer choices,document the clients response assess,the clients pupils,call the clients healthcare provider or,assist the client back to bed,all of the answer choices are actions,the nurse would perform in this,situation,but lets review what stage of the,nursing process each answer choice,belongs to,documenting the clients response is,evaluation the key word in this answer,choice is response we cannot assess a,clients response without interventions,assessing the clients pupils is,assessment this is the first stage of,the nursing process we also had,determined during the diagnosing and,planning stage that a neurological,assessment is important with a clonic,seizure,calling the clients health care,provider and assisting the client back,to bed are part of implementation,however do we have enough information to,report to the health healthcare provider,do we know if the client is safe to,assist back to bed,based on the nursing process our best,answer is to assess the clients pupils,ready to keep applying the nursing,process to nclex questions the princeton,review offers hundreds of practice,questions in every nclex exam category,created by nurse educators such as,myself who understand the thought,process behind the nclex exam so let us,help you be successful on your nursing,certification exam

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Princeton Review GRE Prep Course (Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy)

hey everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com,and today im going to be covering the,major reasons why you should,use princeton review to help you prepare,for the gre and the major reasons why,you should not,that way you have a balanced unbiased,view of the princeton prep materials,and just so you know myself and the rest,of the team here have purchased and,personally tested the princeton review,gre prep course,im talking all of its lessons classes,practice material,and everything else so i think if you,keep an open mind,this video should give you everything,you need to make an informed purchase,decision,now if youre ready lets get to it,okay lets jump right in here so ill,just mention that since ill be focusing,on the major pros and cons in this video,if you feel like you need some more,information at any point theres a,couple easy options for you,first ill have a link in the,description over to princeton reviews,website,where you can check out this course for,yourself and ill also have a link down,there over to our website,testprepinsight.com,where we have a full detailed written,review of the prints and review gre,course,or better yet you can always just google,test prep insight princeton review gre,prep review,thats an easy way to get there too okay,lets start with the first major reason,in favor of princeton,and that has to be their overall course,structure which im a,big fan of the core curriculum is broken,down into a clear and repeated structure,across four sections,that generally align with the sections,of the gre and within each of these four,sections there are a number of units,based on,subtopic that follow the same general,structure,essentials lessons drills,so typically the units lead off with a,short video or two about the basics on a,particular subject,these usually cover the foundational,principles that you need to know,aka the essentials then following the,quick hit essentials videos you dive,into the lessons portion,which all follow a similar four-step,pattern first,is the getting started step which is,usually just a primer on what to expect,to learn in the lesson,next is the discover phase which is,comprised of video lessons that dive,deeper into the subject,than was covered in the essentials,videos and provide detailed explanations,with examples,the third is the explore portion which,is a series of questions designed to,reinforce what you just learned from the,video lessons,and then finally theres the stepping,back phase which gives you a chance to,self-evaluate your skills and knowledge,on the subject matter just covered,then to wrap up each unit is a series of,drills you can either choose to work,these drills through princetons,proprietary drill smart program,or a dealers choice of drills based on,difficulty level,but really the highlight here is,princetons drill smart program which is,based on princetons proprietary,algorithm,and is designed to adapt to your skill,level as you progress through the,problems,just like the real gre its a very smart,and valuable tool,which i highly recommend using so all in,all i was just really impressed with the,structure of the course itself,its about the best ive seen in the gre,prep space i really like how they,provide the basic building blocks and,engaging video form,followed by a dynamic and interactive,lesson and then drills to hammer home,the subject matter,all right lets move on to the next pro,my list but before i do if i could,kindly ask it subscribe to our channel,like this video and drop us a comment,below,thatd be appreciated were the only,test prep company out here that does,this much research and gives you,all this detail to make sure youre,making the right choices so any support,you can show us goes a long ways,okay so pro number two has to do with,those video lessons that i just,mentioned a minute ago,and i have to say they are top notch the,videos usually feature an instructor,standing behind a plate of glass,where they give their lesson and write,in marker on the glass so you can see,them working problems and making notes,it actually makes for a great effect and,keeps you really engaged,and sometimes rather than the glass,marker setup therell be a digital,whiteboard around the instructor where,problems notes and graphics are,displayed,this format is also really well done,with a clean and professional look,overall i just thought these short video,lessons were great the substance of,instruction is super helpful,and the delivery is incredibly effective,and not to mention all the instructors,are clearly knowledgeable,but if youre not the type of student,that can study on your own and follow a,self-paced type of format,youre in luck because pro number three,on my list has to do with the princeton,review,live classes so if you offer the,companys flagship fundamentals course,it comes with 24 hours of live in-class,instruction,whether online or in person this is in,addition to the same online materials,you get with a self-paced course,but with respect to the classes,themselves the experience is just what,you would expect from princeton review,thoughtfully planned well-managed and,effective,the class i audited was a little on the,larger side of gre prep class sizes that,ive seen,but the instructor was great she,absolutely knew her stuff and did a,great job,communicating some complex math topics,she easily broke down the tougher,subjects and spoon-fed them to students,so all in all i wouldnt hesitate to,recommend the princeton review classes,to students,who need the structure and,accountability that comes along with a,set class schedule,or those students who simply learn best,through live instruction,i thought the classes were great all,right reason number four,is all about the princeton review gre,practice test,in total they offer eight full length,computer adaptive practice exams,which is more than kaplan magoosh prep,scholar and manhattan prep,princeton provides gre exam style,questions and experience,through a simulated computer program,that looks and feels,just like the real thing the questions,are right on point and the adaptive,technology employed by princeton to,increase,difficulty as you perform well creates a,true exam like experience,in my personal opinion i think princeton,does a great job mirroring the gre,style content and format some other test,prep companies struggle with this aspect,of prep but,not princeton when i got into the test,and was rolling along,the only thing that reminded me i wasnt,taking the real thing was my dog barking,in the background,and by the way if you want to see some,more screenshots of what the princeton,tests look like or maybe what the,practice test score reports are all,about,be sure to check out the description,ill have a link over to our full,detailed written review down there,okay reason number five on the list in,favor of princeton review is all about,the extra resources that they offer,students,this course is chock full of valuable,add-ons that deliver significant value,this includes supplemental math primer,courses test taking tips,practice test schedule resources and,much more but my favorite of the bunch,has to be their vocabulary hit parade,which,lets face it understanding a broad,vocabulary is,absolutely essential to performing well,on the verbal section of the jerry,as many of the questions turn on less,commonly used words,so to help combat this princeton review,has put together an,awesome vocabulary workbook on the most,commonly seen terms,in other words the hits so that way you,can be prepared to answer these,questions based in vocabulary,it is long but its definitely worth,reading at least,once or twice during your studies it can,really be the difference maker in your,score,and is a huge bonus with this course,okay so the last topic that i quickly,want to cover before moving on to the,cons with the princeton course,is about their score guarantees so,essentially if you dont get improvement,in your overall gre score,they will ref

Hasan Minhaj Takes a Practice SAT | The Princeton Review

hey guys is hussam a not from Patriot,Act here I am at Princeton Review on a,Saturday morning much like so many,nervous brown children now for those who,guys we dont know on the first episode,of Patriot Act the affirmative action,episode I bared my soul in front of the,entire world I told everyone what my SAT,score was which is really really really,really really gutsy,I got a 1310 on the SAT and that opened,up the floodgates people on the internet,started making fun of me a girl in the,front row started making fun of me so,here I am to redeem myself today Im,gonna take the SATs sixteen years later,and prove myself thats it,here we are big day dont disappoint us,do well okay here is your lunch Im very,nervous for you why because I heard its,a hard test I hope you do well you think,I wont do Im praying that you will do,well alright see the test Im gonna go,through a couple of housekeeping things,but most important Im gonna go through,the structure of the exam were gonna be,spending a solid three hours together,alright here we go,alright folks the SAT is divided into,four different sections there up on the,board number one is the reading section,is the marathon section 65 minutes then,youll have a short term,youre gonna do brilliantly I can feel,it in the room,[Music],why does this say why does it say the,pages left blank folks theres no,talking during the exam and disturb,disturbs Im not gonna to them,Im asking you I understand theres no,talking in the instructor the proctor,anybody else takes em sorry sir,[Music],[Music],do we have to be all our citizens this,is just a safe question technically I,dont how to use this I dont offer them,but if I go outside folks Im not,answering any more questions were,keeping to our time we have exactly 35,minutes left okay this is the first,break heres the thing Im in over my,head I came in hot I thought reading,comprehension was great I knew what I,was talking about I know English I can,just read stuff theres a thing about a,lady named Ellington I think at one,point I just did the mortal combat blood,code I said a b a c a b b a b a c a b b,and that has got me through a lot of,things in Sega Genesis so I assumed itd,work in the SAT heres the problem I,think Robert the proctor has it out for,me I tried to ask legitimate questions,every time he Dikembe Mutombo me the,girl behind me is also a hater at this,point I have no idea what to do because,math with the calculator became a,guessing game at the end one of my,deepest insecurities is getting so low,that I dont get into UC Santa Cruz,starting to get to a point where I think,1310 might be good on the SAT,[Music],[Music],okay folks that is time the SAT is now,over pencils down,well done answer sheets in your booklets,pan them in to be graded give it to me,practically can I get into Stanford oh,can I get into UCLA no UC San Diego no,UC Davis UC Santa Cruz maybe shes your,total score is 10:30 on the SAT and,every Indian an Asian person is like,1310 you are a Borah,you are a Laura 10 you are a Warren,you worry its pretty good huh Sam I,agree good job,[Music]

How To Study For The NCLEX-RN® | The Princeton Review

[Music],hi graduate nurses my name is crystal,and i am a registered nurse i have a,masters degree in nursing education and,have been a nurse for over 13 years i,have bedside experience as well as,teaching students at the undergraduate,level i am a nursing content developer,for the princeton review and today i,would like to talk to you about the,nclex exam first of all congratulations,on graduating nursing school you are,probably so excited that you are one,step closer to becoming a registered,nurse,you are also probably terrified of that,last step taking the nclex the test that,will officially start your nursing,career the weeks leading up to the nclex,are stressful how can you possibly,remember everything you learned in,nursing school the nclex rn exam content,is broken down into four major,categories,safe and effective care environment,health promotion and maintenance,psychosocial integrity and physiological,integrity,two of these categories are further,broken down into subcategories including,one with the heaviest percentage of,items management of care,so how do you study for each of these,categories,lets examine the top five concepts to,know when studying a disease process,lets take copd for example copd or,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is,a very complex disease process with many,physical changes treatment options and,interprofessional care,when faced with a nclex question,regarding copd take a moment to mentally,tap into your knowledge bank what are,the top five things to know when,answering a question regarding copd,number one,patho,pathophysiology was one of the first,courses we took in nursing school it is,also one of the most important aspects,of a disease process so what is,happening inside of the body with copd,we know that copd is characterized by,chronic inflammation of the airways,decreased lung elasticity and,destruction of the alveoli,if our airways are swollen that,decreases the diameter in which air can,travel through if our lungs lose,elasticity they cant expand properly,and if our alveoli are destroyed we,cant have gas exchange,understanding the pathway of copd can,help us understand the next concept,number two assessment health assessment,is a vital tool when taking care of,clients what physical changes are we,going to see in a client with copd,we know that airways have a decreased,diameter due to chronic inflammation so,auscultation will result in wheezing if,our lungs cannot expand properly you,will notice rapid and shallow,respirations destruction of the alveoli,leads to decreased gas exchange causing,chronic hypoxemia characterized by,clubbing cyanosis and low oxygen levels,knowing what abnormal findings you can,expect you can tackle the next big,category,number three pharmacology there are tons,of medications that you will be,administering as a nurse when studying,for the nclex patho will be your home,base what medications can treat copd,we mentioned that copd causes chronic,inflammation of the airways with a,decreased diameter for airflow so it,only makes sense that one of the main,category of medications to treat copd,are bronchodilators we need to get those,airways open to allow air in and how do,we treat inflammation you guessed it,anti-inflammatories now that you have an,idea what will treat it what will you do,as a nurse,number four skills and interventions,again go back to your home base patho,think of interventions that will help or,correct the abnormal physical findings,if the lungs cannot expand which,position helps the client breathe better,if we have decreased gas exchange in,cyanosis dont forget about maintaining,an open airway and facilitating,breathing by applying prescribed oxygen,number five education as a nurse you are,an educator you educate clients on the,disease process medications the plan of,care it is important to always be,prepared to educate if a client has copd,what are you educating on how do we stop,the progression of copd,smoking causes inflammation of the,airways so smoking cessation is key,how do we get the lungs to expand teach,that incentive spirometer and educate,your client on how to manage their,disease,lets do a quick recap of the concepts,as they apply to copd,number one it causes inflammation of the,airways decreased lung elasticity and,decreased gas exchange,number two it results in wheezing,tachypnea cyanosis and clubbing,number three we treat it with,bronchodilators and anti-inflammatories,number four we help by positioning the,client in high fowlers and administering,oxygen,number five we teach about smoking,cessation incentive spirometry and deep,breathing exercises,by taking the time to review these five,concepts you will be prepared to answer,those nclex questions that may seem,overwhelming at first ready to practice,what youve been studying the princeton,review offers practice questions in,every nclex category created by nurse,educators such as myself who have,experience at the bedside and in the,classroom the practice questions offer,you rationales to help you understand,why the answer is the best choice so,continue studying for the nclex and let,the princeton review help you achieve,that final step before becoming a,registered nurse,[Music]

My HONEST Princeton Review MCAT Prep Course Review | Two Questions to Ask Yourself | Score Reveal!

hi everybody welcome to aishas corner,this is isis speaking,in this video i will talk about my,personal experience taking the princeton,review,mcat prep course and i will go over in,depth on what i liked what i didnt like,also i have two questions for you to,really reflect on if you are considering,a prep course,and finally i will reveal to you my mcat,score at the end of the video so if that,sounds like a good idea to you then,please keep on watching,[Music],welcome back so before we begin i ask,you to please click the subscribe button,down below and the bell icon for post,notifications,i am a new youtuber and i really really,appreciate your support,i will continue making videos on pre-med,strategy,mental health as well as lifestyle uh so,lets just begin,now i took the mcat back in 2018,and i retook the mcat again in 2019,if you havent watched my video on mcat,cars i,please do so i mainly retook it because,i had a very low car,score so but in terms of the sign,sections i did pretty well,now i just do remind you guys my score,reveal is at the end so make sure you,watch the whole video,now i just like many of you when i was,starting out my mcat prep i was very,confused i was like,should i self study should i buy the,course and,not to mention these courses were not,cheap they were,around two thousand to three thousand,dollars and,i was always wondering like do i need,this prep courses to succeed,can i even afford them and i also went,online for any advice,on pre-med forms and a lot of students,were saying like no you dont,need a prep course you in order to,succeed in order to get a good grade,there is a self-study method but again,because,i had uh nobody in the family that has,done that before,i really wasnt sure what the right path,was and i,thought that a prep course would guide,me in the right direction would tell me,what to do,and etc so i went ahead and i purchased,princeton review,mcat prep course it was called mcat,ultimate 123 hours,and it cost me 2 417 canadian dollars,i checked again the price online and it,definitely has increased because,you know its been two years since ive,taken that course now its called 123,hours because,theres 123 hours of instruction they,will,go over all the subjects on the mcat,including bio biochemistry organic,chemistry,chemistry although all the fun subjects,they they,go and do it in the class room,yeah and also so i remember we had like,three hour classes,um and it was all days of the week,except for one day we would take a break,and in the in the class they would go,over theory and practice questions and i,was supposed to take this class,in person but unfortunately for some,reason they werent able to book the,venue,or something like that so it got moved,to,the online instruction and,um they also gave you access to this,thing called,netflix which are a bunch of videos,that help you understand the concepts,and finally that prep course included,all the prep books,the princeton review full length test,which,are you know the full length it has,all the questions and amc materials as,well as,two additional princeton review books,and that included the cars workbook that,i talked about in this video,now bearing in mind that we got,all these things i still,wish i didnt take the course and i will,go over the reasons why but,um i just think that it was not worth,the money,now i will let you know why i thought,that so,when i was taking the class it was,around 12 to 15 20 people,along with me and they mimicked your,typical,college slash university classroom,where the instructor was just you know,teaching and were listening,people are asking questions but you know,what,after spending two thousand dollars plus,uh,money i just found that it wasnt,personalized enough,you know mcat theres like so many,subjects so many subject matters,you have different strengths and,weaknesses so it doesnt make sense,time wise to spend equal amounts on,every different topic,as well as we went at the pace of the,slowest student,so imagine you can have such an,individualized,personalized study session but instead,youre with like 15 other people,and youre kind of going in that general,pace and,i i dont know i i sat down and i was,okay this is not a good use of my time,im sitting in this class for three,hours im not really retaining the,material as much as i could its just me,listening to a lecture,passively and this is not a good use of,my time,because three hours you can,realistically,put so much practice within those three,hours as well as content review and i,was like,im just not having it right now and i,decided to,basically skip the lectures all together,and,on the mcat its all about practice,you know if you are spending majority of,your time,reading the textbook passively and,lets say like 75 of that time is just,passive reading and,learning all the little facts and stuff,and 25 is into practice,youre not gonna score very high because,mcat,apart from the freestanding questions,theyre not going to ask you a simple,knowledge-based question,its more application based where you,read,a passage whether thats a,lab experiment or case whatever like and,then you answered based on that,so for me it was like it just wasnt a,good use of my time,as well as they provided us with a,schedule,to follow and i personally again this is,all my personal opinion,theres people that really like this,class but for me,it was unrealistic it had so many,different,little components per day so not only we,were,expected to attend the lecture we were,expected to keep up with the readings,as well as do the practice questions and,then,it just it was too much and it was not,really catered towards what i wanted to,study,and so there was lack of personalization,that you know you dont that you have,with these prep courses,now i wish you know and some people,might say okay i should,like thats how classes work why didnt,you like think about that before,and for me i took the prep course as a,way to like keep me,accountable and keep me motivated but i,learned that,motivation it comes from within,and and prep courses,even if you pay like thousands of,dollars theyre not going to be,on your back making you do the work,its very mcat is a very self-motivated,project if youre not into it no one can,else,can make you like study for it and so,what i didnt said was i stopped,attending the classes and i did,self prep now um,the one thing that i didnt like about,princeton interview and and i think its,with kaplan as well there is no free,trial so you really,like theres no way of students knowing,whether the classes are good or bad,its a crapshoot so you have to buy it,in order to like,really assess whether its doing you,favors or not,and that kind of sucks and i will try to,find,prep courses that do offer a free trial,period,and i will link it down below in the,description box but i think thats one,of its drawbacks because,had i taken the free trial i would have,been like,no this is not right for me and i would,have never wasted,two thousand five hundred dollars and i,could have,used that for something else and also i,looked into the money back guarantee i,did not get my money back,and the money back guarantee is like it,sounds good but it has a lot of,conditions,so firstly in order to get your money,back,you need to make sure that youve,completed all the assignments,all the you have attended all the,classes,and also and theres the,lower score something guarantee where,basically you have to take a diagnostic,test,from princeton review and those,diagnostic tests or those full lengths,are actually,very tough and its common for people to,score,below 500 so basically the money back,guarantee is if you score lower than,that,and if youve completed every single,assignment of,that prep course then you get your money,back but,thats very unlikely that you will get,a lower score than your diagnostic if,you know what i mean,so i didnt get my money back uh sadly,and so i would recommend if i could go,back i

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