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The Rental – Movie Review

the rental is the debut feature from,director dave franco its also written,by him and joe swanberg and it stars his,wife allison brie,dan stevens sheila vand and jeremy allen,white,and its about two couples who rent a,vacation home at an oceanside getaway,and tension soon develops between the,couples as their relationships are,tested when they believe they see,cameras hidden around the home im,always interested in seeing what happens,when someone whos mostly known for a,certain profession like acting,tackles directing as well because,usually they understand a lot about,filmmaking they understand how to work,with actors,what an actor needs how to get great,performances out of an actor because,theyve been on the other side of the,camera and in this case dave franco gets,a lot of naturalistic performances out,of everyone on screen,hes benefited by the fact that he has a,lot of great actors in front of the,camera and i like the setup for this,movie as well because as these two,couples are going to the vacation home,sheila vans character is like hey i,tried to book this place,this weekend and they turned me down but,her friend played by dan stevens,was accepted so shes feeling very,awkward and uncomfortable right off the,bat about having to meet this owner who,just might be a giant [ __ ] [ __ ],the film sets up a lot of intriguing,scenarios like that right off the bat,and you hope that the film is going to,continue those things unfortunately for,this movie it feels sort of like,set dressing you get invested in these,characters,you learn about what theyre concerned,about and some of their fears,and theres some serious tension going,on amongst all of them,but it dissipates entirely during the,second act when it really becomes just a,relationship drama,and eventually a slasher movie in its,final 10 minutes,i found this movie very generic i didnt,really see,much about the film that was special,beyond the talent,thats in front of the screen and most,of those characters arent given,much of anything to do beyond those,first 10-15 minutes,any tension thats set up just kind of,goes away,and becomes a long series of arguments,that feel very telegraphed early on,just about every development in these,characters lives,i saw coming a mile away i usually dont,like to guess things that are going to,happen in movies i actually,try hard to not predict things that are,going to happen because i enjoy,going on a ride with the film and being,surprised but nothing surprised me in,this movie,the only thing that actually took me off,guard was just,how little happens dave francos,approach to this film is very serious,its very heavy-handed its not a lot of,fun its actually kind of a somber,depressing movie,nobodys really having a good time which,is very strange for a slasher movie,and so i figured alright they must be,building to some sort of really serious,reveal,or theyre going to take that subtext,set up in the beginning of the movie and,theyre going to have it come back into,play in some way,none of that happens i wont spoil it,for you but the reveal behind whats,happening makes just about,everything thats set up in the first,hour feel like a giant red herring and,the reward for experiencing all that is,a bait and switch that seems to suggest,the film is super clever when its just,like a hundred thousand other horror,movies that have been released,it feels like a film made by somebody,who appreciates horror but doesnt,really,understand it theres very little sense,of threat,or menace throughout the entire film,most of it is just a lot of relationship,drama,and its nothing special its just a,bunch of friends who arent really,friends who sort of end up at each,others throats,he also tends to cut away from the,violence and so you never really feel,like theres an impact or,danger and when there is violence,sometimes,its comical theres a very elongated,scene,with uh extremely obvious dummy body,that they try to throw over a seaside,and it gets,stuck on a rock and theyre like damn it,someones gonna find that,so they have to pick up rocks throw the,rocks,over the seaside and they sometimes slam,into this dummys head,and i can only imagine that dave franco,was going for some comedy,because i laughed my ass off and if he,was going for comedy in this scene,it defused any tension that was there,and there wasnt that much to begin with,theres a lot of strange comedy choices,in this movie,for instance all these characters are,30-something but they act like theyre,in college,theres a scene where the owner of the,cabin comes to fix their pool and he,bends over and you can see his butt,crack,so one of the girls bends down and,pretends like shes licking his ass and,im like,seriously like this isnt even funny,this is like what somebody,thinks a horror movie should be but,isnt its very pandering,this movie could have been a lot better,and the talent,assembled on the screen suggests that it,could have,but in the end its just a very generic,slasher movie with really nothing to say,that hasnt been said already in movies,like 13,cameras and its strange that this movie,acts like it has this,grand new idea when its its really,just a,killer who has cameras set up around the,house,its definitely been done before and,better im gonna give the rental a,c-minus,i figured enough critics would probably,find ways to use this films title,as some joke in their review so i just,did my best to avoid that but uh if you,guys want to see it its out on vod this,weekend,but i really do feel like theres better,horror out there and,i think dave franco has a future behind,the camera i just dont know that this,was the best,genre for him to debut in because it,feels like,a horror film made by somebody who,doesnt understand horror guys thank you,so much as always for watching look,forward to my review of indiana jones,and the kingdom of the crystal skull,this sunday,thank you guys as always and if you like,this you can click right here and get,stuck manized,[Music],you

The Rental (2020) – Movie Review

m in de film s afval het moment dat er,een scene het veld slightly higher price,in mijn rug,yo catcher en wanneer fix this there,door woorden sapplique vs welcome back,to my channel this morning i talk,barbecue singletoernooi hier iemand de,rental de branden lieten rekte by dave,franco,glossjes conform de prive en alle ice on,like the franklin acteurs aos curious to,see why you go in de duw behine de,camera,if you like tioglicolate adamsappel,lets talk about,parental zo two couples printen vacation,home for what should be,en celebratory weekend getaway zoals,olie bar voor cliënten voor de sammeke,voor de hulp en de mixing with to,consider using een airbnb in tennessee,huwelijk alleszins logica die je apple,watch this film,iphone oh so serie simplistic en nature,and the stig appels en de going on a,nicely jullie weten relationships soort,interesting een scan op de crux van de,film,wanneer ben je beginnen grab it more,suspicious pikes de host en vers,voedsel bent creepy insecten bal,may be span on baby kinder discovery in,ook cameras en manager verkoos de,teller hey simon is watching is zo wat,showbusiness van whiplash en dus mengsel,trip,turns into something that my sister de,terror of zo,secrets between the four friends dat die,kom ik spose youtube,river de strange individueel is dat,spying on the so the majority of de film,is actually not about this is actually,about their relationships and couples,and friends,juliet score on-chip icoon en de rental,turns into a complicated film,at times actually its a very simple,moeder en terms of its own and times dry,sherry dry the river psychological,dividend uw,en de mijn nieuwsshow wat de romance,is between these for individuals and the,fact that theyre going out the cheddar,gorge because of this and win coming,back in the grudge een app die een is,givers inval twitter kunnen spinal nam,in the first place op de ladder van,elements and pleasure is very easy type,lcd frank oh dat is allot van,interesting things behine de camera,jesus en noord pinguïns theorie,showcases the fact that i could be,coming kampt indirecter in the near,future if you know if this is the genre,for him a real time bbc four,is listed above floral heights is much,more show psychological thriller,than anything but i would win,het drama may be there or be cause there,or techniques and play van de kamer,movements to i went on a big city on,this but there is love purse screenshot,en ik rubicon de budget aan mijn,thumping is bad heb een waterput,violence or een jumpscare er zijn,ladingen w,ripe for havens en alec dat in syrië,morso and execution hier de kussens urge,you to point or so you know ik managers,wanna see this player,en heb een in de app en de game ik heb,camping en cms of aid single idea,voor het hapering too often in euro ofzo,moments that come across it may be van,de bidah,cheesy winter suppose to be scared wonen,suppose to be really mean youre on edge,wieken something happens to one,particulier character that comes and you,like our day to the situation and higher,moment is juist aan het publiek om,failliete samoerai de necessarily cidade,brackets cha others would see that en en,imbalance en toon en something i fell to,all the movie monoloog in interesting,technisch us by franco en ik doe flink,je huis bloemen feature behine de kamer,hier jullie henry lee camp het nk slim,in the acting across the board,dus junior legal dance tevens online,kanaal allison 3d moment voor afrika en,more experience direct een stap in een c,oké glass 2 en,jane en showcases more realistic,emotioneel bikken sometimes it came off,so get low by red chili woonplaats mina,in the movie en er zijn interesting,relationship with her en der die,individuele uw,allows them to ride a display speakers i,will not a longer to purchase this place,and i we nog een laatste die dood en hr,leader in het syco we racen met player,and a like all of this concept ditzelfde,beginnen de movi en in amsterdam 15,minutes,it turns into this te laten big green,between de kabels en between the,individuals engine die love and,sometimes,desk het aanbod is een long period of,time before it turns into alles slasher,edgy antwoord was intertraining beter,such a long period between 0 and those,looking for much more zo behoren film,ben een idee al te lang extremely,disappointed en dna en really comes down,to you care about the relationships to,his widow care but relationships,dynamiek er met de movie that most of de,film en als adsr interesting enough but,again and describe a pin for on,everything de traction girl getting the,acting de minister love and he moment,snapte like the story so interesting and,parts punt een ander parts enorm veel,belang show details for watching this,videos stay tuned for more reviews dus,week in in trams of mysore,en won write down de middel dit over wat,schrift die twee percent,ik denk er zijn of te like you for short,fans de genres en anarchie single dat er,early enjoy this movie het is voor,meerdere few too many problems to say it,say for or recommendation aanbrengt ik,site lizzie wat deed frank oh dat is,behandelkamer nek speakers aimée van,deze game is played in a life,daar was een een naald met you give you,the best free search for watching you,enjoy this would you get thumbs up and,show your support and then ill be back,wat smaller stuff dat ledereen,rent

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The Rental (2020) Horror Movie Review

á quân The Weather Today I will talk,about the gentle with justify their,Speech Ultra Korea review Angela I love,Taught cuối cùng của triều Lý hạt trước,học photograph is ours is helping,possess At least us pharmacies t-ara sao,recovery for you and testament of The,Witch good Person is tell you Where are,installed and Shoulders above parramatta,serviced ADN Stephen strange and There,are some free form collage making went,to funny bubble Quyền chó Find Your Way,For Christmas free fire Star hunt,i m the vampires xfree Kings Of Summer,and the Doll make their Little kirmes,whatnot Amazing Race against Me Harder,for lawful Musical I see your brother,hollis play hack Dragon City and look at,weekends and Write in their people make,me and which Used as shown in the,comments III fuels are to me Yes I Did,you know how the work your people going,to stay The Very nice house for,something That is happening tennis spa,Young people are you Im such high that,I would say is that I would do the music,of apartments in God We Trust and,stochastic,chị đã được làm như thế là hình này hơi,sổ Spider Man and cotton ch and paid,search partner and parts which the,things you have to love yourself answer,me of Souls,ừ hát đi Chúng ta đi dạo với anh dành,cho em đi ngang đó nếu em vui find all,posts by itself is gonna Khi nào Honda,ay.co bò khi ramires of the free app,Earth tăng Dragon Balls mainstream,sundstrom e đã hy sinh tourists Vovinam,is that là máy Impulse is a i dont know,its just talk sultana Elizabeth I was,awful vn me fait fifteen minutes and,even dental care I Found it not only are,the main stress is not increasing your,seat,anh như Chớp phần nào quên được về sẽ,này Dọn rồi Can you see her make a time,and the movie anh chú refined and three,Susu Super Junior Dragon Ball control,the one other What are you doing and the,world is weight with empty and the,huntsman was posted in my heart for,scientists And Snow fall right in the,heart is the wait about the movie I,waited For The Very end or iPad iOS,littledog kiepdo resented sciences of,interest or NO2 phía Led Toshiba hard,time admit that make your name is Used,for Just One Thing I want to learn,English file which word,You are the movie aerobic My Way how,people shot stats what Im Really Hurt,The Reason that iPhone 7 videos play all,day think of all the way to care I find,it anywhere napoliz,anh alo xù respeedr And you just wait,for ngoài và comment in this would take,our poll played in Love And The Bear The,Garden Like To Move It seemed My nơ Wave,your hand to practice and then your baby,my Lips and from my favorite and Places,it take to the Farmers use the annual,income of Organizations are asleep and,Bass,ừ ừ,[âm nhạc],ừ ừ,ừ ừ,ờ ờ

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The Rental (2020) Is A Rent It – Let Me Explain

listen we recently covered you should,have left and many of you,agreed with that title but here we have,another airbnb movie called the rental,which,i personally think is a decent rent it,and its fitting that its dave,frankels directorial debut since thats,exactly what he was paid in in his first,job was at a mom-and-pop video store,when i was 14. it was actually illegal,for me to be working there at that age,and so they essentially paid me by,allowing me to take home as many movies,as i wanted,and so that became my film school it,starts his wife alison brie,alongside sheila van dan stevens and lip,and its one of those that wont leave,you wondering if theres cameras in your,airbnb,itll have you asking where i still use,airbnb and i actually stayed in an,airbnb,while filming this movie let me explain,would have been extra creepy if that,worked so franco co wrote this with joe,swanberg who he worked with on easy and,he clearly paid attention while he was,on that show,its definitely more of a relationship,drama caught up in a horror movie which,i personally enjoy,but for genre fans it is also shot by,the same guy who did a couple episodes,of atlanta,specifically teddy perkins i work with a,friend of mine hes a rapper rap,theres a funny one and he also shot,briggs bear which i always plug when i,get the chance so,full spoilers for the rental we follow,two brothers charlie and josh who go on,a couples getaway at this remote airbnb,with their wife and girlfriend but,theyre always either fighting verbally,physically or with each others partners,yo,oh hey hi hey sorry am i interrupting,franco stated this was a very personal,film for him and that thats why,he chose to direct it instead of,starring in it like he was going to,originally,while i cant speak for their personal,stuff thank the lord its better than,these that his brother did,plus he can boast he had the first drive,in premiere to me the most interesting,character was mina played by sheila van,who absolutely killed it and we the,animals,shes a ceo who works with charlie but,gets denied her airbnb,request for their getaway only for dan,stevens to get approved about an hour,later as someone who goes to sundance,every year,ive talked about how i experience this,every year,i love utah but cant say the same back,for all of it meanwhile these dudes are,comfortable enough to bring a dog,nina how many places have you booked,through one,how many places have we booked three,but the worst part is when she confronts,a guy and like,nothing is more dismissive than having,friends who dont stand for you at all,and youre smashing two of them,unfortunately without your key card i,cannot give you a towel,hotel policy are you serious because the,white people that just left did not need,to show a key card,um you dont think i experienced racism,i do,and it sucks but how i react to it is my,choice,you dont have to give it so much power,wow in the beginning like after,argo and girl was like a lot of times,id get auditions that were like,please have her prepare it like in her,natural accent and in the american,accent i was just like,my natural life franco was in barry,jenkins if beale street could talk so,hes clearly playing off of the reverse,of his role there as a renter and i,think he does it successfully,as well as picking sure his cast was,well versed for their parts i also heard,that to prep for the movie that you did,molly,yes that is good that is true,for research we have to do it for,research,they get blasted and party but drugs,arent enough to hide the fact that,charlies a cheater whos,bitten off more than he can chew it,turns out his relationship with his wife,started off as an affair,and the one before that was also an,affair how hes currently in another,with his brothers girlfriend,shes you know i mean shes shes the,whole package,great and he hit the [ __ ] jackpot you,know its bad when you go on a getaway,with your family,and you still cant help to try and get,away with other things,in fact when they find cameras posted up,around the house and in the shower,they dont call the cops because they,dont want their sex tape to leak and so,something else does instead,we talked about with control z how when,in times of need,nobody uses their cell phone because you,know writers are still getting used to,adapting their stories with all this,tech thats why a lot of horror movies,are struggling with it and,how to deal with the quickness of it and,the reason why we see so many callbacks,of the 80s and movies being set there,or you know they take it overseas so,that way they dont have to deal with,them but here,but i do not want to see my little,brother go to jail for the rest of his,life i thought it was pretty clever how,they write them out you know because,if they use them theyll get life and if,they dont they lose it,unbeknownst to them the host isnt a,serial murderer hunting them down,its kind of a flip on thirsting cameras,and 14 cameras which also has a creepo,spying on people hosting them hostage,and even selling their pansies online,for those who feel they didnt get the,creeper they wanted in the rental uh,or rent this one instead its a previous,host not the owner who sets up,everything,and is watching them according to,interviews hes kind of like a jigsaw,where he does it off morality,supposedly he had a whole monologue,describing it where its insinuating,that he kills them once he sees the,wrongdoing,so i guess it confirms that the host was,alright howd you get mixed up with this,family,then again unlike jigsaw theres no real,lesson,its just some stranger who confronts,them with the truth and then slashes,them,obviously he goes after these two,because theyre unfaithful but the first,person he kills is michelle whos meant,to be guilty because she never called,the cops when they were supposed to,so they would go my entire airbnb group,then theres dan stevens who by the end,of it,actually stops cheating because hes,dead im sorry let me explain let me,explain please,okay first off where did you find the,footage,im about to beat this [ __ ] up dude,really said im sorry,you had to see that wheres the link,though that said he finally found the,one thing he couldnt cheat,the one person i would argue for is josh,since poor dude was dragged the entire,movie,all he was doing was defending his girl,and it was the killer who killed the,host and caused the chain reaction,hes a racist piece of [ __ ] whos,filming us in the shower,alright i didnt do anything wrong,not to mention hes already living with,enough pain in the recording you said,that can never happen again what were,you talking about,wow shameless but but i guess he did try,to dump a body,mina is the final girl who doesnt last,long considering shes running through,the woods looking like a damn,construction cone,but they didnt show her body so theres,a chance she may be in a sequel kind of,tapping into the mythology,of this villain a little bit more yeah,and,uh potentially taking it international i,can see how this can be the start of a,series where its a killer who,looks to exploit the domestic issues of,people trying to get away,that way its half a slasher half like,the movie nothing to hide,where the real story lies in the secrets,theyre keeping from themselves,but hes definitely gonna have to expand,on the killer and it cant be as vague,in the sequels like it was here,like why was he storing things in a,place that wasnt his,jesus what what is it,i do weve seen several horror,franchises take things overseas and get,spin-offs so,considering how ambiguous this killer is,there could be multiple of them out,there,its just a bunch of creepers who stay,in airbnbs set it up and then wait for,the next group to come in so they could,attack them,even though i feel like at some point,theyd connect at the same person as,staying in all these murder houses,in fact id love for the killer to set,up in a place and then it turns out that,the host,is also a killer and they just start

The Rental (2020) Movie Review

the rental is a new horror from dave,franco and he does for airbnb,and verbo what jaws did for the ocean,[Music],two couples rent an oceanside house for,a celebratory weekend,that turns out to be way more than they,gambled for this is dave francos,feature film directorial debut,and he comes out of the gate swinging i,mean this is a,taut efficient thriller with some horror,aspects to it its a small cast,we have allison brie dan stevens jeremy,allen white,sheila vand and toby huss first off the,shooting of this film is just beautiful,to watch i mean it is,framed so well the cinematography has,done really well and not what i would,expect from a first-time future director,out of the gate,i mean it was high quality and i just,loved,the the expansive shots the up close,shots and what it did is it just,put us in to kind of an eerie feeling,almost from the very beginning we have,some shots of a car,driving and it just it had moments that,it reminded me a little bit of the,beginning of the shining i dont think,it was meant to be that way,but it just it reminded me of that but,it was so beautifully shot beautifully,framed,with these great shots it sets up scenes,of intimacy,just with our characters and that really,helps because at the core of this,this is really a relationship drama that,has,just some thrilling aspects to it now i,said its efficient because its only an,hour and a half long and so,dave franco is able to pack in a bunch,into that short time but not have all,kinds of extraneous information and,extraneous stuff,that we dont need just added in there,as fluff admittedly theres,not a lot of character development that,we get so we dont get to know all of,these peoples backstories,except we get enough i believe through,lines of dialogue,where just as the characters are having,conversations,and they give you small clues as to the,insight,of whats going on in others minds so we,couple what we hear about somebody as,their observation of another person and,then we take that and match that,with what were seeing of that persons,character and it really does begin,to develop a well-rounded picture for us,so that we can judge each of our,characters,and we can feel okay am i going to,sympathize with them am i empathized,am i just not going to like them am i,going to keep them at arms distance all,of this really works because,even though we dont have a ton of that,character development where we spend,time going back,into each others pasts or you know,looking at,each character in detail the dialogue,does that for us,if were paying attention the,relationship drama of this is also,what ups the thrill moments it just puts,some,anticipation some like somethings,not quite right there i feel something,bad coming,but i dont know what its going to be,is it just me because i am,uncomfortable with the tense situation,thats going on and maybe thats all,that is,or is there something more and i,wouldnt call this a slow burn because,it is steady from the very get-go,i mean we see the relationships as they,are and,even for me i misjudged a relationship,right off the bat because it was not,what i thought it was,and what that does is that sets up more,drama and more attention for later on,down the film,but as each moment passes and each,character makes decisions,that affect everybody else it really,then,amps up just that anxiety that you begin,to feel now this being a horror thriller,there arent jump scares in it which i,really appreciate now we have,little movements in the background maybe,tricks of the eye,shadowy things that ooh did i really see,that or is that just,you know something that its just a,trick of the camera whats going on,and it really it sucked me in and there,are moments where the camera,just sits and it allows us to,really dive in like you focus in like i,was leaning towards the tv,a little bit more because i just was,like am i supposed to see something,is there anything there and then oh wait,am i hearing something what is that,all of that work to just draw me in to,the film,and so that when the the thrilling parts,came,it was like oh for me probably the the,only disappointing moment,in this film is just because part of the,premise,is shared by at least one other film so,its not wholly original,but what i do like on this one is that,it really focuses,on our couples that are in the house,its their relationships and their,conversations,and their interactions that is really,driving a lot of the urgency the tension,just the uncomfortableness that were,feeling which then allows for when,things kind of go weird,for it to really just send chills down,you i ended up having a lot of fun with,this one it definitely is creepy,and especially because there is an air,of realism to it,which you know really like i said at the,very beginning,it might kind of ruin part of the airbnb,or verbo business,because at least youre gonna be just a,little hesitant,as you go into somebody elses home if,you were renting even a hotel and,theres so many movies,out there of just weird stuff going on,and just,gnarly places gnarly situations where,its outside of your own home,i mean gosh is this just going to create,agoraphobia in all of us but either way,its 6.99 to rent right now on on-demand,platforms and i think its totally worth,it,i mean it is a lot of fun its quick,watch its only an hour and a half,but its worth the sit down to get some,good thrills and chills,theres sex but no nudity a lot of,profanity and some brutal violence,i give the rental four out of five,couches,ive never used airbnb or verbo yet i,had one planned,for in the fall but as things are that,got cancelled,so but have you ever done that do you,use that or do you use it often,is it something that you really like or,enjoy and can really recommend or is it,something like,no id rather stay in a hotel either way,let me know in the comments below,if you enjoyed this review please give,it a like also dont forget to share and,subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for catching with me

THE RENTAL (2020) Review | Dr. Wolfula

[Music],[Applause],greetings im your host dr wolfie land,welcome to another episode of wolf,youll air chat,my animated horror review and news show,that i make it between my not animated,big live action reviews,oh hey goulash here hey jackass i,havent introduced you yet people know,who i am by now sir a little,overconfident there i barely know who,you are and i live with you fair enough,oh yeah congratulations on the 100 000,subscribers milestone sir,so wheres your silver play button hey,uh how about you shut the [ __ ] up now in,case you folks are unfamiliar,wolfy layer chat is where goulash and i,discuss the latest [ __ ] happening in the,world of horror but uh,as you all probably know there isnt,much happening in the world of horror,right now,yeah what with the actual world being a,world of horror right now,holy [ __ ] youre blowing my mind right,now did you just think of that yeah it,just came to me well it made me think,good work anyway yeah halloween kills,canceled jigsaw cancelled candyman,probably canceled none of those movies,are cancelled sir theyre just delayed,well its more provocative to stay,cancelled its 2020.,and the other thing that comes with that,is theaters not being open,so were at the mercy of our benevolent,entertainment gods to give us whatever,meagre scraps theyll be willing to cast,off onto vodas,hungry dogs like scoob oh god dont,remind me,so were forced to cover another of,those meager scraps a new horror film,released a vod,called the rental and trust me ladies,and gentlemen it lives up to its title,whoa did you just come up with that too,oh you better believe it well you are on,fire today,anyhoo the rental is from the twisted,and dark mind of,uh dave franco yeah this is his riding,and directorial debut oh god the lesser,franco brother is making movies ah just,kill me now,and when youre the lesser to james,franco thats really saying something,what about tom franco who the [ __ ] is,tom franco,the middle franco brother he was in,basket case too i dont know who the,[ __ ] youre talking about okay lets,just discuss the movie,gladly the rental is about four,[ __ ] who rent a lavish beachfront,estate for a weekend retreat one of,those [ __ ] is played by allison,brie,dave francos wife taking a page from,robs armys playbook hey dave so the,main [ __ ] of the movie is charlie,whos this snippy condescending prick,who is alison brees husband,actually seems motivated hes working,hes back in school,i dont know if i call two night classes,back in school despite allison bries,real-life husband writing this film,her character is the least interesting,and most underwritten,yeah shes kind of just there charlie,and allison brie are joined on their,trip by charlies [ __ ] slacker,brother josh who was somehow dating,charlies,more successful ceo co-worker mina this,house on the coast we figured it might,be fun if the four of us took a trip,this weekend celebrate,closing a seed fund again allison brie,is just there,like always there is a little doggy,though anywho mina is reluctant to go to,this,getaway because she believes that her,request to rent it was denied because,shes middle eastern but charlies later,request was approved,look discrimination obviously exists and,the name mina mohammadi is,about as middle eastern as it gets im,just saying yeah even though they go in,thinking theres some sketchy racism,going on they still pay the potential,races to rent the place,oh well the explanation is simple,goulash they paid out of spite they paid,a racist guy out of spite yeah thatll,show him the racist dude in question is,taylor played by the strongest man in,the world toby huss who does horror,movies now i guess,hes got to pay the bills why do you got,to say it like that well toby huss is,the closest thing to a delight in the,movie playing this smarmy,landlord who just lets his casual,prejudice slip out,along with sleazy quips howd you get,mixed up with this family,uh what do you mean what i mean but,hes like the one uncle at family,gatherings that really want you to be,uncomfortable,totally on purpose damn i should have,brought the telescope,oh i thought about it i totally forgot,we need to tell us getting the city for,unless youre like a im beeping tom,or something unfortunately hes not in,the movie that much what is in the movie,though,relationship drama yeah it turns out,that charlie isnt the most,faithful dude around and sparks a fling,with mina his brothers girlfriend,yes charlie cucks his brother first in,the hot tub then in the shower later,which would be no big whoop since,charlie has cheated plenty of times but,this time it turns out somebody has,bugged the place with cameras recording,these infidelities,yeah so this creates a weird tension,between the cheaters and allison brie,and josh but its hard to really be,sympathetic for josh since hes just a,loser and alison brie since shes just a,wasteoid who cant exist without being,high,were gonna do drugs were gonna have,fun what if we had a more mellow night,and played some board games or something,go ahead and waste your last night i,thought we came here to have a good time,yeah theyre all just a mess and i,honestly dont know why i should be,invested with any of them theres flawed,characters sure and then theres,uninteresting flawed characters who are,also dicks,the cheater characters are forced to,stay in this sketchy situation because,they need to get to the bottom of the,mystery of the shower camera and where,the footage is,also they lose their doggy okay hes,gotta be around here somewhere,[ __ ] gosh its all right well find him,thats the real tragedy,did you take my dog no i heard what you,said partner im just trying to,figure out why you got a dog in here in,the first place honestly this probably,doesnt sound much like a horror movie,based on our descriptions but trust us,this is a horror movie not even a sharon,stone sliver erotic thriller kind of,deal this is,actually a slasher movie yeah its just,a slasher movie that doesnt become a,slasher movie until the last 20 minutes,the first hour is mostly a relationship,drama if it wasnt for the horror,element,this probably could have been one of,those judd apatow dramedies where you,feel,sad more often than you laugh speaking,of which goulash why do comedy shows and,movies have to be so,serious and dramatic these days sir your,favorite sitcom is matched the finale of,that show had hawkeye repressing the,memory of a mother killing her crying,baby out of survival yeah it was funny,though because he imagined the dead baby,is a chicken hawkeye repressing a,traumatic moment during a war by,swapping a baby with a chicken is,funny yeah it was pretty [ __ ] funny,oh hawkeye,a chicken probably had one too many,martinis from the still,it was a baby she,smothered her own baby okay,uh yeah so do you want to talk about the,spoilers oh yeah skip to this time code,if you want to avoid spoilers [ __ ] so,eventually mina confronts toby huss,about the cameras and things get,physical,so josh beats the [ __ ] out of toby huss,which is bad enough but a guy,sneaks into the house when the,characters arent looking and suffocates,the knocked out toby huss man he just,keeps getting suffocated in these horror,movies,this is actually happening i know but i,do not want to see my little brother go,to jail for the rest of his life,so then the movie switches gears where,the characters try to dispose,of the body so josh doesnt go to prison,for the crime he didnt actually commit,hey team style the i know what you did,last summer part of the movie goes on,for a while yeah it feels like this,movie is three screenplay ideas stapled,together in order to reach a resolution,and the resolution comes in the form of,a really rushed slasher flick,after allison brees sees footage of her,husband railing his co-worker,and the characters split up and search,for clues trying to find the rest of the,incriminating [ __ ] yeah a dude wearing a,mask that looks like if werner herzog,was a f


[Laughter],she was going through this so quietly,[Music],before we start lets go ahead and,talk about a little horror history right,here,you know you got your boys over here,michael and jason you know two famous,slashes and theyve had histories of,kills when youve been killing as long,as they have,you know just simple killing dont do,you got to get creative after a while,theyve gotten to a lot of creating,killing back in the day,even freddie used to kill people with,dreams ill put him in there too,i dont know if your boy jigsaw counts,as a as as a slasher i guess you can say,that,but you know you know the reason why im,confused because you know uh,his technical expertise and creativity,cannot be beat,you know traps he doesnt get his hands,dirty he dont get his,his hands dirty but he makes up with he,makes up for it with imagination,creativity innovation innovation there,you go more of a gadget killer,there you go there you go he i would say,you know a lot of people wont count him,in there because he doesnt fit the,regular mold but i say hes probably,ahead of his time,you know thats the rubric perhaps he,represents the new regime,there you go you know what im gonna,throw him in there you got it man,all these slashes right here theres a,level of creativity to all of them is,what were trying to say,uh so its hard to be originally if you,ever want to come up and be a,slasher killer in a movie youre like,well [ __ ] whats my angle going to be,theres really not much to do,thats really it its all been done,theres no originality here,but you got to learn to embrace the new,there was once there was one uh would be,slasher out there who thought about this,and he said you,you know what none of these people ever,killed anybody with airbnb,[Laughter],i could do that thats my angle thats,the new thing the kids are,all into it yeah im the first ill be,the first,aint nobody ever done that aha i got it,thats you know im gonna do,the airbnb killer thats gonna be me,thats what we got here in this movie,the rental billy,its dave francos dave david franco as,you can see right now he says yes im a,serious director now,no more that funny [ __ ] uh following my,brothers shadow did my brother actually,do that,as i said dont you know he says im the,good brother i didnt touch nobody else,come on nobody in creepy ways call,people in the middle of the night and,just,yeah 16-year-old girl girls,no i was too busy thinking about my,script i should direct one day,what you have here is two couples,who decide to go out and all kind of,connect in certain ways either by,their employment or their personal,relationships,and they decide you know ive been,working hard ive been doing this you,know i need to connect with my brother,you know we need to me and the girl need,a weekend now you know lets all put,that all in one bucket right here lets,lets lets take a trip together just a,nice quiet,what do they call those things a stay,away vacation staycation,staycations where you stay home right,well you stay in your own town stand,yourself,but this is just a getaway weekend,getaway weekend getaway,just find a nice beach get some drugs,and lets all have a good time you know,im going to tell you that [ __ ] never,really works out,well youll let us know yeah people im,about to take the same trip,im about to take the same [ __ ] trip,man,i even got you know we even got the same,car its like,oh [ __ ] we got the same [ __ ] car they,got,same color same color thats your ass,thats the postman,this [ __ ] is probably a omen maybe i,should just keep my ass at home,take a real staycation theres a stereo,as in home vacation,but cause this did not go well for these,people,it does not it does not,so lets go ahead and take a look at the,trailer for the rental i should have,brought the telescope,we need telescope in the city for this,is like a peeping tom,or something,its easy to say that but when youre,driven out a long way to get somewhere,you aint so quick to want to just turn,around and go back home you remember,my [ __ ] like that then maybe yeah you,know what maybe maybe he had just left,it at that,time that creepy ass laugh on,moving his hips while he did it too yeah,no yeah,yeah no hell no no no,hell no,come here [ __ ],[Laughter],well you cant blame her she was going,through this so quietly,donkey,yeah man uh so you know its best not to,tell you,anything at all about this uh as far as,the story goes,yeah yeah so see you,but you know doug because i mean ill,tell you this much because i dont tell,you too much about the story,that if you are going in this inspection,and,expecting like an action-packed,gour-filled,horror movie uh dont because that is,not what this,is this is one of those and ive heard,it described like this and they got it,its one of those uh,almost uh what they you know they they,its,a crazy name but mumblecore you know,its apparently,a sub genre mumblecore where theres a,lot of a lot of talking,a lot of uh character development more,on the human side than theirs on a,supernatural,heart or any other kind of side uh you,know usually,limited on space characters uh most of,these characters are interacting with,each other more than interacting with,any of the other,other elements involved so and its,co-written by joe swanberg who makes a,lot of mumble core moves yeah,like mark duplis does those things yep,thats it mark duke yeah mark duplis,yeah youve yeah youve heard mumblecore,dramas and theyve had har before too,uh sorry just talk a lot of times with,mumblecore its not even hard its like,some dude was just [ __ ] with somebody,right right,this this is a horror movie uh i have no,doubt it is but,you know before you get into it uh they,do center on the characters more,and the reason why is because in order,to,create tension they dont do it with,they dont do that with uh,any kind of uh jump scares jump scares,are they dont do it with any typical,heart elements that you have out there,you dont even know whats happening,with the,the you know the quote-unquote killer in,this,because most of the tension is coming,from secrets that these people have,relationships that are already a little,bit strained before they get there i,mean just from [ __ ] arguing,yeah yeah i mean it it sets up right,away with these characters like you get,to know,how tight they are and you get a hint,of why the relationships are if not so,much strained potentially,going to be uh yeah and you can already,see some [ __ ],on the horizon that they dont see yeah,yeah and how i dont know,because the [ __ ] is out there people,this is the horror in here,is from a bad idea you know these like,these people i dont know the wrong way,they never should have done this,they never should have done this you,have uh dan stevens who,as an actor i really love this guy,because he takes projects,big and small oh yeah he just this guy,just wants to act and he really does do,a great job like a lot of people dont,even know this guys british anymore,oh i know i know well the thing is uh i,see like in this movie hes hes bulking,up again because the first time i saw,him in a movie called the visitor,where he played this uh this this war,vet came to this family,and he was buff i was like [ __ ] this,dude could play captain america if you,wanted to yeah,yeah he marvel must be calling him i im,gonna take a bet and say,i wonder i wonder if theyre talking to,this guy because we joked about it i,wanted to actually talk to this guy,about being dr doom,at some point hes bulking up or,something i heard marvels talking to,him about something okay,yeah he told me so you know he wont,tell me where it is,but i need to see that movie the guest,man everybody says its so cool,it is yeah the visitor the guest yeah,wait is it the guest,i think its the guest oh yeah yeah i,think thats right yeah,yeah yeah yeah the guest but no i i saw,her south by southwest and it was one of,my favorite movies i saw there,hes hes really good man but everybody,in here is good allis

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