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The Sinner Is INSANE – Let Me Explain

listen theres a show and you would say,that you can catch on Netflix called a,sinner that I didnt even know existed,yall just scrolling online one day,donating to people in need of course,when I see my ex-wife Jessica Biels,sporting her bangin bangs on the poster,and I binge did the shout out to the LME,sponsors and patrons who requested this,video because if you havent seen it and,you trust my opinion in any way shape or,form know that I give this a combo price,even though its available at home but,its so much better if you go and blink,not knowing anything and just just being,completely surprised because honestly,you all already know I go deep into,spoilers after this phrase because its,just that good let me explain so at,first I thought this was just gonna be,your average drama suburban mom who I,guess sees herself as a sinner and,decides to baptize herself a lot,throughout the first 15 minutes of the,show which I was starting to lose,interest with yo lets go my futon turn,into a damn recliner and I went through,all all eight episodes see Korra here,clearly acted upon an impulse when she,saw this guys face when she heard the,music but the problem is that she has,like two months in her life that she,just has no memories up so the entire,season is trying to figure out why this,sinner committed this sin which takes us,back to the beginning Coras little,sister Phoebe popped out of the womb a,couple weeks early and the mom who,clearly related to the wrong character,in the movie Carrie decides to blame it,all on her eldest daughter which worse,is that your old mom treating you like a,stepmother is bad but your sister being,a nymphomaniac part 1 & 2 is even worse,this chick is vicariously living her,dreams like the father of a high school,quarterback since she cant leave the,house except the thing is theyre all,sexual theyre watching ex art together,shes sending her on sexcapades Korra,ends up on the set of Twin Peaks and,becomes an escort at one point and then,she meets this dude named JD who you,know the guy is bad when hes using,rapists as wingman to make himself look,like a hero and while TV gets jealous,about the guy she decides to make her,sister they started it some flowers in,the attic type stuff right here before,their peak becomes crimson Phoebe turns,19 and they both plan to run away they,go to meet up with JD for a party and,this girl just goes mask off with these,pills,yeah dont say they end up in this,Clubhouse where,[Music],good dude from the beginning shows up,buddy hes actually a very nice guy he,ends up hitting it off with your girl,Phoebe Korra snorts this white powder,not knowing that shes about to get work,like a horse by this guy who she doesnt,know just bought her and then breathe,pora bolts up pulls the same movement,that we eventually see later on and then,just gets knocked out the guys dad then,comes into the picture and tries to get,rid of the sisters bodies because this,is taking place in his hotel but instead,of killing Korra he dresses up like cold,egg black on the Breakfast Club decides,to drug her up for days so she doesnt,remember anything and no one will take,her seriously because they think shes a,junkie and then just drops her off with,no recollection of her memory making her,look like a complete druggie,now I dont know how you would forget,everything leading up to that one night,or why your parents wouldnt question,that yall went missing and declare your,sister dead without even having a body,but eventually she does get married to,this one guy has a kid one day on the,beach she gets triggered back because,the song that was playing that one night,and the dude who was there Ill come,back and subconsciously she reenact the,same moves from that one night but with,the knife in hand so she goes off fruit,ninja style,she literally gets caught red-handed and,since this lady right here looks like,shes never spelled the word fun in her,life her main goal is to put her in jail,regardless of anything else,however hairy over here is a real G and,he tries to figure out whats causing,her to flip out every time that song,plays play,hes putting her through hypnotherapy,visiting locations like scoobs in the,gang finding Phoebes body in the forest,so when hes able to connect the dots,that JDs pill selling is coming because,hes blackmailing the doctor hes able,to crack the case Cora gets sentenced to,a psychiatric facility instead we,learned Harry is actually kind of messed,up too because of childhood trauma and,as he moves on to the next case were,reminded that incest is abuse yall,keeps you yall keep shipping seriously,and Jamie like its cute or something,incest is a beauty I have to check it,out this video Im Kirsten are your,thoughts down below in the comment,section this is just something that I,needed to bring to peoples attention I,hope that even if you didnt get to the,ending of this or you went to go watch,it and then got to it like I hope that a,lot of these good recommendations I have,are dealt with theres a season to which,Im super excited for I hope more people,catch season 1 season 2 is really cool,because theyre doing an anthology,series its kind of like Harry the,detective is just going from one case to,another Jessica Biels still producing,it I think its pretty cool if you like,a story like this I would definitely say,catch a catch the tail on HBO that was a,movie that came out at Sundance and I,thought that one was pretty like intense,as well but if you guys liked this video,definitely you know recommend the movie,for the series for other people Im,definitely curious and seeing what,season 2 us to offer maybe Ill make,another one there it started scary cool,news from the leftovers so thats pretty,cool maybe Ill make a video on the,leftovers I dont know dont forget to,comment like and subscribe and Ill,forgive you of your sins

The Sinner Season 4 Netflix Series Review

[Music],hi and welcome to the ruby tuesday my,name is ruben and this is my review for,netflixs season four of the sinner at,least in the uk its an original title,but elsewhere like the us its not,netflix it just depends on where and who,has bought the license to call it their,original nevertheless and bill pullman,is back for eight wonderful episodes all,around 45 minutes a piece the last,episode is an hour wrapping up the,conclusion of the fourth season and the,center in its entirety because we are,getting no more series but is it worth a,watch,lets jump in and find out when an,unexpected tragedy occurs involving the,daughter of a prominent island family,ambrose is recruited to help the,investigation only to be thrown into a,mystery of mounting paranoia that will,turn this sleepy tourist island and,ambroses life upside down if like me,youll have the rankings in your head of,which season the previous three you,enjoyed the most and if like me like,most others you enjoyed the first season,immensely jessica bill in that season,was incredible some of the most tense tv,you have likely to have seen and then,season two again was a mystery that you,really enjoyed season three however they,told you the mystery at the beginning,and then you just were there for the,right to figure out how that had,happened now i didnt really like that,formula but i know theres a mixed bag,of eclectic people nevertheless,ambrose,well our detective,is reeling from what had happened at the,end of season three where he had to take,a persons life his girlfriend of the,time is still his girlfriend this season,starts off with them going on holiday,into this really kind of cute town where,you think nothing would ever happen but,where stuff always happens because if,something doesnt happen then obviously,were not going to have much of a story,a young woman disappears and he even,though hes retired our detective bill,paulman is dragged into this kind of,police story where he has to try and,help them because the police seem unable,to really doing much detective work,theyve never encountered something,quite like this and so now they are on,this journey of trying to help this town,that seemingly is run by a fishing,family that has its hooks into kind of,every part of the town its definitely,one of those towns where on the surface,the people are kind of moody but okay,but beneath the surface they all hold,massive,massive,many,dark secrets and as each episode goes,along youre asking yourself well where,is the daughter that has gone missing,but also asking yourself where is this,leading because every time it points to,a certain person being the one or the,certain part of the story where you,think its going or whos done it the,whos done it of it all,you kind of are taken back by oh maybe,its that person now and then each,episode also kind of concentrates on one,particular character for the most part,of each episode we will have bill puman,basically investigating them asking them,questions and we have a flashback of the,moment where they met our protagonist,whos gone missing and so its a puzzle,piece that keeps building together its,very nicely put together that way,its not a nice feeling series to watch,there id say its easily bingeable for,those that love to put pieces of the,puzzle together that have the time to,kind of sit and let this sort of dark,somber,series watch over you paul poormans,performance in this is once again,fantastic i wish he could have done many,many more and its quite sad that were,not going to get any more of these,series because i feel like he found his,like the best performance i know hes,done lots and ive loved him since,independence day you know when he says,well basically doing the independence,day speech however him in this character,he is so,dark without saying it he has a lot of,emotion going on him and thats because,each of the cases have taken its toll on,him and you see a broken detective in,this season where basically hes,fighting with himself as well as the,person that hes looking after so much,so that he kind of sees them with him,even though theyre not around he talks,them that is kind of how he,compartmentalizes what is going on and,so you see the battle,through his performance through the,music that is often,i guess its thrillerish in parts but,its more kind of detective style music,that you come to expect for this type of,series but it works really well on this,there are other performances in this,series i dont think theres any weak,performances but there are other stand,out performances especially with the,fishing family i think theyll all kind,of give exactly what the director is,wanting them to bring out i do think,youre going to be pointed in one,direction and for the most part youre,going to think yeah i got this i know,exactly what has happened and then,youll get another couple of episodes,and so i have no clue,it is a profoundly sad story and by the,time you get to the end,i,didnt know what i expected,of the story or how to end but it,doesnt leave you feel the happy but you,know what has happened you get to find,out you know the conclusion to the story,but its a more realistic take of,probably what would happen in this sort,of village in this sort of storyline the,performances again like i said are,fantastic its edited beautifully the,cinematography there are some standout,shots that will basically take your,breath away even though youre just,looking at a bit of landscape or a,couple of people in shot the way it shot,is so creative this is a series that it,is definitely one of those slow burns,particularly this season so im gonna,give this four out of five nicholas,cages if i were to rank all four seasons,right now i would still go one two,four and three three still my worst one,let me know your ranking thanks so much,for watching this vlog until next time,in the vlog,[Music],you

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the sinner is an American TV show in,which each season the protagonist,detective Harry,Ambrose played by Bill Pullman delves,into a psychological case which,highlights the complexity of the human,mind but in turn each case reveals a,little bit more about Ambrose as a,person season 1 was envisioned as a,closed-ended miniseries and received two,nominations at the Golden Globe Awards,one being for Best Actress and one being,for Best miniseries the first season,star Jessica Biel as Cora a woman who in,the first episode is enjoying a peaceful,day at the lake with her husband and son,before she grabs the man who was sitting,in front of her and stabs him to death,Jessica Biel is also the executive,producer for both seasons of the show,the story for season 1 comes from the,90s novel the sinner written by German,crime author Petra hammers fire the,novel and season 1 of the TV show are,similar in the way that the mystery,unravels,although the tone is said to be a little,different in an interview with indieWIRE,sinner showrunner David Simmons said the,book is very dark it has a very German,frankness about sexuality and psychology,its pretty unflinching there were,aspects to the book that felt kind of,relentlessly dark and depressing when I,imagine them actually putting that on,screen I thought wow this is a lot for,an audience to handle the themes that,David is talking about here is abortion,90 references and sexual kinks but one,of the larger differences between the,book and the TV show is the character,arm which has changed when the husband,actually turns his back on his wife in,the book almost immediately after the,incident,the show was obviously a hit and seven,months later this series was renewed for,a second season but with the book ending,quite literally you may ask could this,get any better and my answer is,surprisingly yes but how much better you,ask season one received ninety four,percent approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes,while season two a hundred percent many,critics that claim season two claiming,it had high stakes better tone and more,alluring characters and a bubble it,surpassed all expectations overall if,Im judging on a harsh day Id probably,give season one like a 6.5 not quite at,a seven maybe seven six point five but,season two holiday season two picks up,only a couple of months after where,weve left off and detective Ambrose is,back and more freaking likeable than,ever,this time he is brought in to help,investigate a double murder committed by,a thirteen-year-old boy it was on the,way to Niagara Falls with his family but,this is the sinner and there has to be,more to the story the reason the show,works is because of its genius,self-serving formula like a movie you,start off at the edge of your seat the,sinner poses the cliffhanger at the,start and urges the audience to move,backwards and throws in some mini,cliffhangers at the end of each episode,each revealing a new clue but its also,clever in the way it serves these,cliffhangers to the audience allowing,them to work with the complex situation,whereas if you are they are forced to,use their emotional intelligence to work,through the riddle this bonds you to the,series and to the characters and the,structure is all about triggers its,about looking at someones deepest,darkest motive,theyre dark string thats being pulled,and you need to figure out why and what,led them to that consequence the show is,often compared to true detective but,unlike the existential crisis and the,partner drama the show reveals something,detective in a thoughtful and unique way,but mostly we accept his subplot because,one its balanced with all the other,clues coming together too we are,empathetic to his character because hes,empathetic to others and three he is the,constant throughout this chaos in a,world full of good and bad and black and,white this show makes us live in the,gray area and thats really interesting,because its something that feels,uncomfortable but its also really,curious and it also reminds us that not,everything is as it seems to be which is,a lesson that us as humans forget over,and over all the characters have intent,and a reason they are the way they are,which makes the overall series so much,more compelling the show structure is,also genius in the way that it can carry,on forever as long as they keep the,complex riddles theres always a story,to be pulled back and deeply discovered,and if were going to follow the same,detective into the fire it will only,strengthen our bond so the real question,here is whats next I love to thus in,our season two obviously a lot more than,season 1 season 1 was still interesting,and something that definitely I kept,from the back of my my mind after seeing,it but season 2 just blew me away and,made me want to go and watch season 1,and maybe even read the book I have not,read the book if you have read the book,and you have seen the show let me know,what you think down below if you havent,definitely check it out I have not given,away anything theres so much do we,discovered and I really recommend it,its on Netflix in most countries and if,you enjoyed this video and this little,look at the Cinna two and one the,overall series please give this video a,thumbs up it really helps me out and if,you havent subscribed yet it would make,my day just hit that button and youll,get some free content at your fingertips,two videos a week anyway Ill talk to,you guys,[Music]

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THE SINNER Season 1 Review (First Half Spoiler Free)

and roaches where he talked about the,stories and characters to be loved in,this shows they live in my name is Ron,and lets talk about season one of the,sin Netflix just sends a lot of shows,under the radar these days about a year,ago when they would release the show,they would make a ton of noise about it,so there was no way you could miss it,now I guess theres just too much noise,in TV shows which I also guess what this,channel is for anyway the sinner is,another relatively new Netflix original,it stars Jessica Biel who used to be,married to mr. peanut butter and Bill,Pullman who made a career out of his one,eye squinty face most of this video is,going to be spoiler free after the,bottom line I shall engage in brief,spoiler talk but dont worry Ill let,you know the sinner tells the story of,Cora who at first seems like just a,regular person living her life in a,small town with her husband and son,dealing with normal issues like her job,her overbearing mother-in-law you can,kind of see something else is bothering,her but you dont really know too much,about her all of this changes,drastically when Cora murders someone,like really murders him kills him dead,he was in a live person and now he is,very much not that anymore and everyone,is horrified because what the [ __ ] just,happened so right from the beginning the,show kind of feels like a very standard,by-the-numbers drama or murder mystery,and those elements are certainly a big,part of the show but then you realize,its not really a murder mystery because,you absolutely know who murdered who and,when so the question the show tries to,answer is why that question of course,uncovers a ton of other questions one of,the detectives working on the case is,Harry Ambrose who I thought was a,fascinating character hes not really a,people person which would seem like,something a detective would at least,know how to fake but Harry doesnt,really know what to say or how to talk,to people hes almost too,straightforward and he becomes pretty,obsessed with Coras case very much,like us he mainly wants to know why why,did she kill this other guy and he,starts to get the feeling that something,happened to Korra and that this whole,thing is way more complicated than it,seems in a lot of ways this show,reminded me of that Amazon show Goliath,which also kind of went under most,peoples radar and it tells very,different stories but its the same and,the fact that on the outside its a very,standard show its no groundbreaking,premise but its something that youve,seen before just done very very well so,it probably wont be like your favorite,show ever but its just a good solid,show so the sinner is sort of like that,as well but I would say that it stands,out a bit more with the story it does,have some more unique things going for,it,a lot of this show has to do with memory,Harry is trying to get Korra to remember,what happened to her so we learn about a,lot of things that she repressed and her,upbringing in a very religious home and,basically everything that led up to the,murder which is some pretty messed up,stuff and I both liked and didnt like,how they handle memory and remembering,in this show so obviously you have a lot,of flashbacks which is fine and some of,them are done in a really cool way where,random things get associated with a,memory kind of like when you remember,that you said something but in reality,it wasnt you who said it was your like,your friend did or something and your,mind just jumbled things up so thats,one type of flashback another kind is,just stuff that she remembers mostly,about her life at home when she was,young and thats not so much a flashback,but its more like the show just telling,us about what happened but then there,are flashback where it sort of breaks,down for me the flashbacks that make you,say thats not how memory works it,reminded me of a scene from arrow where,grown-up arrow tells teen arrow the the,red arrow what was it Armistice our,bolused,Arsenal anyway teen arrow doesnt,remember something and Oliver tells him,close your eyes I want you to try to,remember,and done he remembers everything as if,it was a YouTube video playing right,before his very eyes so that happens a,few times in the center its not too bad,but its also not as good as when they,do more clever stuff with how Korra,remembers things anyway both Cora and,Harry are very complicated characters so,complex in fact that the show doesnt,really explore any other characters as,deeply which I thought was a really good,choice the focus is definitely on Korra,but in order to understand why Harry,becomes so involved with the case you,also need to learn more about him which,you do so none of it feels like side,stories everything feels like its part,of this one big story so it doesnt feel,like the show is wasting time and both,Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman are really,good in this show both of them play what,I imagine are difficult characters to,get right but they nail it and there are,pleasure to watch this is the kind of,show that really peels another layer,every episode and reveals another detail,and you can sort of piece together the,bigger picture yourself the info is all,there and you can sort of figure out the,mystery along with the show,so bottom line should you watch it I,cant really say that this is some,amazing must watch show it has a lot of,things youve seen before but theyre,all done very very well like Goliath or,Ozark these are not groundbreaking shows,theyre just solid good drama which is,exactly what the sinner is so I would,say if you like mysteries if you like,dramas if the premise of this show,sounds interesting to you the execution,is very very good and I think youre,gonna like this show a lot its also a,pretty quick watch at eight episodes and,40 to 45 minutes each episode and now,for some brief spoiler talk three to one,spoilers lets do it I have to commend,this show for how they structured the,mystery of who did the horrible thing to,Cora who got her addicted to drugs and,took two months from her life whos the,man in the mask because very often when,shows present you with a mystery that,has so many moving parts,you sort of lose sight of how it can,actually make sense in the end and then,when it often doesnt make sense the,reveal is not satisfying because it just,makes you go come on and here even when,they meet the guy she ends up murdering,they meet him at the beverage club,youre still like how can he be,connected because you still think JD has,to be the one who locked her up for some,weird sex and drug thing for the club,members and that was some masterful,misdirection and I also loved that she,confuses JD and Frankie and her memory,at first thats what I was talking about,earlier how they did some clever stuff,with the way she remembers things and,then you find out the whole deal with,her sister dying and getting buried in,the woods and the extreme lengths that,Frankies parents went through to just,keep the whole thing quiet and it makes,sense I mean its absolutely crazy but I,love that in the end they found a way to,make the part where Frankie lets Cora,kill him where he sort of just lets go,of her make sense because the guilt he,feels makes sense so kudos do this show,for unraveling the mystery in a way that,didnt just use some [ __ ] that,breaks everything the ending I didnt,love I mean was okay but it was almost,too straightforward for me its kind of,like the show said all right we figured,out the mystery so the court forgives,her and everythings gonna be great now,shows over by E I would have loved one,more final obstacle or more than that I,would have loved if the judge would be,like yes you went through a horrible,thing but youre still [ __ ] stabbed a,guy seven times on a beach in broad,daylight in front of children holy [ __ ],Im sorry for everything youve been,through but youre going to way forever,by Im not saying thats what should,have happened but that ending would have,packs more of a punch what

The Sinner – Season Three SPOILER Review

hey guys my name is Nick and welcome to,my channel where I cover all things,entertainment whatever youre watching,Im making videos about and I should,probably start out by apologizing to you,guys I am so sorry,anyone who caught my previous coverage,on season 3 of the center you know I was,watching each episode week by week,making videos breaking down the episodes,analyzing theories all that fun stuff if,you watch those those are before I got a,microphone so extra special thanks to,you for dealing with the poor quality,but then we reached the end and I just,completely stopped they just did not do,the last episode at all I just you know,got caught up with other videos stopped,caring about this whole season and you,know 20:20 been a hell of a decade right,but one of you pointed out rightfully so,that I better finish this and you know,Im a completist so here we are we are,finishing up season three of the sinner,and oh yeah I got plenty of thought so,what were gonna do here is Im gonna,break down episode eight that Im gonna,talk about my entire feelings on season,three before giving you my final grade,now this is all spoilers all spoilers,all the time so if youre just looking,for a simple review of the center to,know whether or not you want to watch it,maybe watch this after youve seen the,season or I might want to say just let,me spoil it for you let me just ruin,this for you because you might want to,save the time because in my opinion,season three of the sinner sucks if,youre not interested in hearing the,episode eight breakdown you can go right,to the time stamp and get right into my,thoughts on season three but lets talk,about episode eight because Ive got,plenty to say here episode seven ends,with Jamie killing the police chief or,you know the Commissioner whoever the,hell that guy is hes golfing Jamie,beats his ass to death with a golf club,and so episode eight opens with our main,character Ambrose discovering the body,at the crime scene and of course,wouldnt you know it right there at the,crime scene as Jamies hoody catcher,that has all of the names of Ambroses,loved ones within it so hes like oh my,god okay so Jamie is making this,personal hes coming after my people so,he calls his girlfriend Sonya he calls,his daughter hes like listen,theres a maniac on the loose you could,die any moment find a bunker and so,immediately immediately Jamie just shows,up at Sonjas house hes just there he,just waltzes right inside and at first,they sit down and have a conversation as,if this show has any amount of nuance,but then very quickly Jamie just attacks,her hes like yep I gotta kill you,thats literally my role on this whole,season gotta kill your ass so he attacks,her but because this show does not want,to have any stakes whatsoever,Sonja alerted the police off screen,before the scene started so shes good,to go the police show up just in time to,save her ass of course how convenient,that is my biggest problem with this,writing especially in episode 8 how,convenient it is so this whole police,squad shows up to save Sonya yet somehow,Jamie just slips through the back door,and gets away like again way too,convenient and just so stupid its just,stupid so right from there Jamie goes in,kidnaps Ambroses grandson what youre,just like how are you even doing this,but okay so he calls,Ambrose Jamie calls Ambrose and hes,like listen if you ever want to see this,kid alive again you got to come home,alone tonight and Ambrose does hes,prepared he knows whats going down he,gets home Jamie is there holding the,grandson eli hostage like some,tweaked-out terrorist and he wants,Ambrose to play his cootie catcher Game,of Death but Ambrose is not having it,this is probably the best part Ambrose,just loses it on Jamie he just starts,bitching his ass out hes just calling,him out for being such a little [ __ ],and an [ __ ] and they get into this,big fight they start fighting with each,other the kid runs away thankfully but,then Jamie and Ambrose theyre just like,hustling in and out of the house theyre,like in the lawn and in the woods and,then back in the house again whatever,whatever so Jamie gets shot in the,stomach,Ambrose shoots him in the stomach Thank,You Ambrose and Jamies lay in there,hes bleeding out on the floor he starts,freaking out because hes about to die,and its like yeah Jamie youve been,trying to get close to death all season,now here you are how do you [ __ ],no you [ __ ] so theres this,interesting cop criminal dynamic that,Ambers and Jamie have going on and,thats coming to an end right here as,Jamies dying on the floor and Ambrose,is like with him in his last moments and,this is just where season 3 completely,fails all around but Ill get into it so,afterwards the police they wrap things,up blah blah blah blah the season ends,with Ambrose and Sonya hanging out and,Ambrose has a complete breakdown and he,just starts crying about all of the,events that have occurred over the,course of the season and Sonya is there,to comfort him and then things just end,there the episode ends the season ends,hopefully the whole series ends but this,is significant because in season one we,saw Ambrose was with a dominatrix that,in season two he got caught up in Carrie,Koons web of manipulation and now in the,end of season three he is with his,girlfriend Sonya hes like at peace,through Ambroses relationships with,women weve seen as he has progressed,throughout the different seasons and,honestly I feel like his arc is complete,here like its good they could just end,right now and I think wed all be happy,because again season 3 sucks what has,always made the center really,interesting and what set it apart from,other crime procedural shows is that it,is a why done it and not a who done it,we know who did it we know what the,crime was but we dont know exactly what,drove a seemingly ordinary person to,commit a violent act this allows the,show to explore real human complexities,within the space of criminal psychology,which I love but season 3 doesnt really,seem concerned with digging beneath the,surface of things at all and it just,wants to manufacture cheap thrills weve,spent the entire season trying to,explore Jamie a man who in the beginning,let a long-lost friend of his died in a,car accident and from there we see a man,who is on the verge of a nervous,breakdown he seems to have the perfect,life hes got a nice house hes got a,good teaching job he has a beautiful,wife with a baby on the way,yet he seems to be,to sabotage at all theres something,eating away at Jamie theres this itch,she cant scratch and because of the,nature of this show we expect to find,out why Jamie is behaving this way we,want to know what his [ __ ] deal is,and as the season plays out we see him,struggle to do normal things like not,run into traffic but we dont really,fully understand why hes behaving the,way that he is in a flashback episode we,see him meet the friend Nick that he,eventually lets die there at school,theyre teenagers they meet and together,they jump off of a bridge into a river,in this big act of liberation so its,like okay so Jamie he you know and I,mother rough time in his life he had,this big moment this brush with death,probably made him feel very alive and,now as hes approaching middle-age hes,finding himself not given a damn about,cultural normalities he is not up to,keeping up this image of this perfect,life that he has totally understandable,so it seems that he wants to have,another one of these big moments of,liberation but what makes them go full,American Psycho as the season wraps up,Jamie hasnt just become a murderer no,hes a stone-cold son-of-a-bitch,he beat two men to death he tried to,kill another woman he kidnapped a child,and then terrorized a detective if,anything Jamies earlier behavior seems,to indicate that hes more likely to,hurt himself or engage in behavior that,would end up negatively affecting his,life like the way things play out with,his job and how he loses it now,Im no

Why THE SINNER is One of the GREATEST Series of ALL TIME | Season 1 & 2 Review

so I love crime dramas Im a big fan of,them this is a broad broad spectrum of,different kinds of series you know we,have period pieces like Boardwalk Empire,or peaky blinders then we have,psychological crime dramas like the,Nordic new are we have the killing we,have the bridge or its American,counterpart Nordic noir has also stemmed,over into British series like fortitude,like broadchurch a very melodramatic,series today Im going to be talking,about in my opinion one of the best,crime dramas of the 21st century this is,the sinner what Im going to be focusing,on today is how emotion is incredibly,important not only within this series,but within crime dramas as a whole so,the sinner has to series out on Netflix,the first one came out in 2017 the,second one came out in 2018 each of the,different series are based around a,different mystery a different killing,and the process from then on out each,time in series 1 and 2 it involves a,very mysterious case its very confusing,as to what the motive is behind this at,first theres seemingly no motive behind,the killing and I find that in itself an,interesting concept these series arent,about dangerous serial killers that are,out on rampages murdering left right and,center theyre more grounded and,psychological mysteries about seemingly,normal people so Ive seen both series,but I accidentally watched series 2,before watching series 1 luckily there,they are as I say very different and,they dont overlap much at all the only,things you really noticed within series,2 are some discussions that relate to,the case in the first series,so the sinner is based on a book that I,havent read rich,by petra Hammes far its a very odd,german name so i cant really relate it,to that but it doesnt really matter,anyway because ill be judging this as a,TV series not as a book i think a true,adaptation you should be able to,transcend the format it was originally,created in so the first series stars,Bill Pullman as Detective Harry Ambrose,and let me tell you I despised Bill,Pullman in Independence Day I thought he,was awful and cheesy and ridiculous,but Ive got to say he fits this role,perfectly just absolutely perfectly,he plays surprise surprise a kind of,depressed anxious and detective that has,trouble talking to people and finds that,hes his life just in a bit of a,constant mess and he feels trapped all,the time and he does this brilliantly,being someone that suffers quite,severely with social anxiety Bill,Pullman has a very subtle in nuanced,performance and he doesnt a great job,Ive got to say he does a really good,job and in the theme of emotions and how,they affect dramas like this I think,its incredibly important to have well,written characters and why is that well,because if the characters arent well,written and well defined and have depth,in their own flaws but they also have,good sides then how are we supposed to,grow our attached to them you can grow,attached to characters you dislike you,can want bad guys to win its all about,creating well-defined characters that,suck you in and make you want to support,them so detective Harry Ambrose is,looking into a case involving a young,mother played by Jessica Biel now I,think Jessica Biel has a lot to do with,the production of this I can see that,she isnt an executive producer and I,think thats good because Ive noticed,that a lot of female actors that are,finding it hard to get work a lot of,good female actors that are finding it,hard to get work are now writing their,own scripts and then putting themselves,as one of the characters and I think,thats a great thing to do because its,really shocking the divide between males,and,Emos in the movie industry particularly,with directors name five of the best,male directors in your opinion and then,name five of the best female directors,in your opinion I bet you could barely,name five but this character that,Jessica Biel plays again a really,unbelievably deep character there are so,many layers to her character and thats,what the series is all about its all,about looking into who she is looking,into her past and trying to unravel this,mystery of why she would do the things,that she did by the way Im not gonna be,giving away any big spoilers but I am,gonna be talking about like the main,plot points which isnt anything you,cant see in the trailers its based,around her committing a murder out of,nowhere and no one understands the,motive behind it shes just a young,mother with a kid its very confusing,and everyones shocked and doesnt,understand it but thats why the mystery,is so interesting because its not your,typical thing its not like this is a,psychotic serial killer its just a,pretty average woman and this is the,same for the second season but Im not,going to be talking too much about the,second series a lot of people say that,the second series is better than the,first series but funny enough I thought,I would have thought that as well,because its the first series that I,watched but with the first series I just,got sucked in like theres no tomorrow I,just absolutely adored it and the way it,starts ramping up towards the end you,know I love that about crime dramas the,whole whodunit aspect and finding out,key pieces of information and getting,further and further into it its great,now how does emotion play a large role,in the sinner well for me what defines,the difference between entertainment and,art when it comes to films and TV series,is that a piece of entertainment can be,you know a good story or whatever but it,becomes art when you are using every,aspect of the format to create these,emotions and feelings and environments,and all that kind of stuff,so I think there should be good sin,hagh Rafi at play I think there should,be a well-thought-out set design there,should be well-thought-out characters,and all of that kind of stuff and with,the sinner this comes in abundance we,have really fantastic filmmaking,techniques theres a lot of empty space,used when there are shots being done,notably with Bill Pullman and his,detective character when hes often,talking to people in the case there will,be a big space above him and I I feel,that this is cinematography being done,to show how much weight is being put,onto Bill Pullman whether thats,intentional or not I dont know but,thats part of cinematography there are,some really interesting camera movements,as well and this I noticed straight away,when this character of the mother played,by Jessica Biel committed this murder,the way the camera work is done creates,more tension it creates more of a,feeling and I absolutely love and I,dont even know how they did some of the,shots its just the fluid movements of,the camera really impressed me and I,like that a lot but it goes further than,that we have this fantastic soundtrack,really great soundtrack and sound design,that is used perfectly in this series,and the second series they use this kind,of structure where you will have two,parallel timelines the past and the,present like sometimes I dont like when,thats done when it always goes back to,flashbacks as if they cant explain,things enough in the present but it is,definitely done in a good way in this,series because thats the whole point of,it its all about unlocking these,memories and going back to this,characters roots to find out the,motivation behind the killing so there,are lots of these dream sequences and,looking back into old memories and I do,love the way that its done its done in,a really interesting way especially with,this series because the memories are all,out of place theyre all disjointed and,not only you trying to work out what the,memories are but youre trying to work,out why she cant remember these things,its a,fascinating structure and I was so,impressed by the way it was done this is,a you know a lot of TV series and films,get called psychological psychological,thrillers psychological crime dramas,this is in every way a psychological,crime drama because it uses aspects of,psycholo

The Sinner Season 4 Ending EXPLAINED.. Heres What It Meant!

have you watched the center well if you,havent and you enjoyed some good crime,investigation thriller series then this,is a good one for you trust me ive seen,it all however it has come to an end and,you know what that means its time to,talk about it were going to be talking,about the season 4 finale and more so,this is your spoiler warning so what,happened at the end of season four the,main story line of season four was,trying to figure out the mystery of,percy muldoon disappearing from her,quiet village in maine then we have,detective ambrose appearing in order to,try and fit the pieces together of a,previous case but obviously he jumps on,this i mean hes always getting involved,in everything anyways after a small,encounter ambrose calls the police after,he believes he had seen muldoon fall off,the edge of a cliff and die intense,right pretty insane however if youve,seen the show then you know his,alcoholism isnt taken very well by the,police also hes new in town and theyre,not the most welcoming to newcomers,however muldoons family has some,secrets of their own obviously i mean,the biggest one is the illegal smuggling,ring they owned besides the fishing,company now i dont know about you but,the whole smuggling ring really,surprised me there i did not see that,coming that didnt stop ambrose though,no he was tormented by the muldoons,passing which means he had to find out,the truth he ends up suspecting that the,lamb family could have something to do,with her death since they owned the,rival fishing company except the other,suspects were also the muldoon family,themselves thats right grandmother meg,father sean and uncle colin were all up,there also lets not forget brandon the,ex but he was soon taken off the list,when he was assassinated that was,intense as well i mean did we really,have to do that anyways it turns out,that percy was in the dark when it came,to her familys human trafficking,business but she ended up suspecting it,before her death which is never a good,thing she tried to go to the police but,ended up speaking to officer josh who,actually has a role in the ring as well,obviously he doesnt listen to her,accusations and ends up taking her home,we must have all seen it coming though,with officer josh i know i did you could,see it in his eyes that he was part of,the whole thing creep anyways in the,finale it was revealed that percy,previously shot and killed the oldest,son of the lamb family beau during a,fight between him and her father the,muldoons tried to cover it up by giving,the lamb family fishing permits and,their very own fishing island that way,they could lay their sun to rest the,other messed up thing that happened was,because this show always had some messed,up stuff that the lamb family kept,beaus death hidden so well that even,his brother cj didnt know yeah cj,thought that beau had run off to hong,kong and didnt want anything to do with,the family anymore are you serious how,does a family hide a murder that well,also why would you not want to get the,other family in trouble i dont know,anyways percy was haunted by the murder,so she took her own life at the end,ambrose was seen standing where percy,fell and spoke to her this is where we,think that ambrose learned that suicide,was not the answer to his problems also,ambrose said that percy died because she,needed a way to escape her trauma she,wasnt able to do that while living on,that island you have to remember that he,had been having some major suicidal and,oppressive thoughts but this shows that,he has learned that taking his own life,is not the way to go its an important,message to share especially amongst men,because male suicide rate is incredibly,high thats why if you ever need to,speak to someone please reach out and,call one of the self-help lines there,are people who want to speak with you,and want you around well thats the,ending for you and thats what it means,there are other ways out when youre,having those thoughts keep watching now,because we have some information from,executive producer derek simons about,the last season lets take a look into,derek simons interview derek simons did,an interview with tv line and we have,some interesting information we want to,share with you he was asked if he knew,that season 4 was going to be the last,season of the center and he said i never,know if the shows getting renewed until,the season is shot and edited and,broadcast so i always prepare myself for,it to be the end i did that a bit with,season three but season four was a,welcome opportunity to fully complete,ambroses journey and i always imagined,that season four would close his,trajectory in a hopefully satisfying way,that was always the intention thats,fair enough you really never know if,your shows going to be renewed for,another season however i think they,would find it difficult to continue the,show any longer because theres only so,much you can talk about when it comes to,ambrose i was very happy there was a,fourth season after the third one,because the third one was not the season,for me i definitely did not enjoy it as,much as the other two another,interesting question that was asked was,how the death of jamie really affected,ambrose weve seen that they always seem,to connect the previous case to how,ambrose is currently acting during the,next case but he felt really guilty,about jaime dying so was jaimes death,vital to the conclusion simon says,absolutely i think many other detectives,might have seen what happened to percy,and let it go at face value the,overarching question of why ambrose is,following this to its bitter end and in,the process endangering his life and his,relationship in order to solve this,mystery begs another layer and thats,the guilt surrounding jaime apparently,simons and bill spoke a lot about the,actual root of ambrose they really got,into how ambrose is constantly trying to,compensate for his guilt thats eating,away at him because of his mother his,childhood and his failed intimate,relationships wow if you really think,about it ambrose hasnt had it very easy,thats how simons and bill realize that,ambrose is trying to rid the world of,all the wrongdoing one case at a time he,went on to speak about how the muldoons,are busy working with what theyve done,but ambrose hasnt actually gotten,involved with the trafficking and he,hasnt actually saved percy on top of,this hes actually destroyed an entire,family by himself thats why simon spoke,about the question of whether or not,justice can ever actually be reached and,if ambrose is ever going to be able to,get the justice that he wants for his,cases however thats going to be a,question were always going to be left,wondering i think ambrose is such an,interesting character especially because,of how hes always held each case so,close to his chest dont you think so,also he was asked about the final moment,where ambrose was kneeling down by the,bluff how should the audience interpret,that moment of ambrose a moment of inner,peace well simon said id like to think,so this image for me is implying that,ambrose is sitting with all the good and,all the bad that he has ever been,involved with simons went on to say how,ambrose was actually sitting within,nature and while looking out at the,water he realizes that theres a,relationship we have with nature also,its at that moment that he begins to,wonder why were actually here doing,what were doing hes finally settled,into just being there in the present on,top of this he liked the fact that he,was kneeling because he was in a,position that many people associate with,worship he liked that there was a slight,religious note to the scene well i would,have never guessed about the religious,overtones to be honest as an audience,member i can tell that hes reached that,moment of inner peace and that hes,finally going to start healing from his,journey anyways thats the end of this,video like the end of the center what do,you think of the finale which season was,you

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