1. The Shocking True Story of The Staircase
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The Shocking True Story of The Staircase

good morning,[Music],im jim hardin,district attorney for durham county,and im here to present the case of the,people against michael ivor peterson,welcome to ms mojo and today well be,discussing the shocking true story of,the staircase was this just a terrible,tragic deathly fall down a staircase,or,was it murder for this video well be,looking at the scandalous and outrageous,tale behind hbo maxs dramatized true,crime mini-series are you watching the,staircase let us know in the comments,in december 2001 emergency services,received a frantic call from novelist,michael peterson claiming that his wife,kathleen had fallen down the stairs,however when the authorities arrived she,had passed,the nature of her injuries cast out over,his initial story and he was arrested,the mini-series starring tony collette,and colin firth delves into this,mysterious case and what unfolded,michael whats going on are you,speechless no no never so what did,peterson allege happened well he said he,had been in the backyard at the time of,the incident and was therefore unable to,hear anything going on in the house why,shut out the day before it is done,because some of us have jobs,i got to get some stuff done before bed,um,you take a pill i hope you sleep he,claimed that a mix of valium and alcohol,might have been to blame for what,happened however the medical examiner,refuted his story saying kathleens,injuries were not ones one might receive,after a fall she had little cuts and,little scratches on her face that made,no sense with the fall,also on her arms there were cuts and,contusions it was also reported that her,blood alcohol level was so low when the,incident occurred that she could have,passed a breathalyzer test i just found,her there,she she was breathing,and then she wasnt meanwhile petersons,claims that his wife was still breathing,during his first emergency call also,raised suspicion by the time the,paramedics arrived the blood had,apparently dried suggesting that some,time had passed since her fall the,detectives also noted how neatly staged,the scene appeared the details of the,matter led the prosecution to believe,that a blunt object was used to kill,kathleen dr radish reports,this was not the mere falling down steps,and banging into them,this was someone whod been badly beaten,michael peterson was ultimately arrested,and in july of 2003 his first trial,began michael and kathleen their,children from respective former,relationships and two more adopted,daughters seemed like they were the,perfect happy family were not perfect,god knows but,we stick together,and we love each other mr peterson was a,vietnam war vet novelist and failed,durham mayoral candidate in fact their,life before that fateful night has been,painted as pretty picture-perfect so,what could have been his motive they had,a great life they made great friends,they threw great parties and peterson,loved to hold court the prosecution,chose to focus on the fact that they had,uncovered that peterson was bisexual and,might have been having extramarital,affairs this added a whole new layer to,this case,the find prompts detectives to,reconsider petersons actions the night,kathleen died regardless of this and the,fact that the argument has more recently,been framed as biphobic the prosecution,used this angle to impugn petersons,character i just,cant imagine she would have accepted,this in her home,[Music],in her marriage they believed that,kathleen had uncovered photos of naked,men on his computer as well as,interactions with a male escort they,argued that he killed her after she,confronted him over her findings and,michael looked at her and he saw his,meal ticket,she was the income and she,was calling it quits another,consideration was that the family was in,serious debt and that he plotted this,crime for the insurance payout they have,three daughters in college the two older,boys of michael peterson are needing,financial support they have at least a,hundred forty three thousand dollars in,credit card debt,how are they supporting themselves well,the answer is kathleen peterson one,especially interesting detail from the,trial involved the pairs adopted,daughters martha and margaret for some,years peterson lived in germany with his,first wife patricia michael was working,on books and patty had a job working at,a military base in germany as a teacher,thats where they befriended the girls,parents elizabeth and george ratliff,george passed away and in 1985 elizabeth,was discovered lifeless at the bottom of,her staircase michael told the,authorities that she was suffering for a,lot of headaches and it was very,possible that she had gotten dizzy and,just fallen when she started going down,the stairs after that michael became her,daughters legal guardian she was,believed to have suffered a stroke but,given the circumstances surrounding,kathleens passing they conducted a,post-mortem examination elizabeths,death was then ruled a homicide it,didnt help that peterson had been at,ratliffs house the night before she,died helping with her kids so,you think theres some connection i can,see why margarets suspicious mom died,of a brain aneurysm which caused her to,fall down the stairs it was an accident,the same way kathleen was an accident,yes exactly and like,isnt that weird with so many shocking,twists and turns you might wonder what,the defense could have possibly argued,well they stuck to michaels original,story that kathleen had simply fallen,for the next few weeks michaels defense,team works to build their case,they insist this was just a drunken,accident,and theyve uncovered the evidence to,prove it they largely pinned the,oddities of the case on the police,notably claiming that they did a bad job,securing the scene they also pointed to,the fact that the prosecution hadnt,been able to convincingly identify a,murder weapon just imagine going through,every box every book every crevice every,rafter,every jug,every door,we searched the ground we searched with,metal detectors we searched with dogs,plus there were no skull fractures which,you would normally find if the cause of,death was blunt force trauma as for the,odd links between kathleen and,elizabeths deaths well they largely,chalked it up to coincidence in other,words the defenses position was that it,was all a horrible accident all right,well lets lets just assume for right,now that its true,which it is still on october 10 2003 the,jury declared michael peterson guilty,and he was sentenced to life in prison,importantly the ruling came without any,possibility of parole even so peterson,kept insisting he was innocent i know,what happened that i didnt do it i,dont know what happened but i know that,i didnt kill kathleen i loved her at,one point a strange but interesting,theory formed courtesy of larry pollard,a lawyer who was the petersons neighbor,he suggested that kathleens untimely,death could have been due to a barred,owl attack if it was done by a bird,it doesnt meet the definition of a,homicide so therefore,on all legs,this case should be dismissed he claimed,that this was a fairly common occurrence,in their town he suggested that one of,these birds had gone after kathleen when,she entered the home resulting in her,injuries and tragic death bam,back right corner of the head where 90,of all our strikes to human beings are,as far-fetched as it might sound there,is apparently some evidence to support,the notion tiny feathers and slivers of,tree wood were present in clumps of hair,in kathleens hands they are some of the,only species of birds,in the world,that have microscopic feathers whats,more the wounds on her head could have,been from a talon especially given their,unusual shape look at the,lacerations on her head looks like a,pitchfork sort of a form,doesnt that look like it could be a,talon,and that would explain everything of,course it also raised some questions,like wouldnt michael have seen or heard,a bird big enough to cause a fatality,petersons legal te

The Staircase (2022) – Wasteland TV Review

[Music],so,[Music],hello everyone its shane canto your way,slam reviewer and im here to review the,staircase and this is a new mini series,from hbo max and focuses on the story of,michael peterson and kathleen peterson,who may or may not have been murdered by,her husband michael peterson who is,hiding another life,and he has they had this giant mixed,family,so many kids from all different,combinations of parents,and some of the kids were played by,patrick schwarzenegger and sophie turner,and odessa young and dane dehaan,and you have michael stuhlbarg who is,the lawyer for michael peterson played,by colin firth and kathleen peterson is,played by tony collette and this series,is,very intriguing,theres things about that i absolutely,love theres things about that,utterly frustrates me,and starting with the things that,frustrate me,after the fourth of that of eight,episodes im like okay this is done,right,it felt like it built up to the real,emotional climax of this narrative which,was the end of the trial,but it kept going for four more episodes,and i never felt the same level of,connection,and intrigue to it and that just kind of,left me,kind of bare,and,each episode that would come im like,what whats this episode going to offer,me that that fourth episode didnt like,completely,caught her eyes and theres elements of,those episodes that are really well done,and very intriguing but like it just,continues the story of like him going,back trying to get a,a retrial and him falling in love with,one of the documentary like the editor,of the documentary that these french,people were making of him um julia,benosh and you know those things seem a,lot less interesting especially after,they build up so much tension in the,first four episodes and feels like that,blew off,and then youre just like,but why am i watching this now,also the non-linear storytelling its,very muddled,but i think the reason they did it is to,keep you interested because the most,compelling elements i feel like were,when kathleen and michael,are interacting with each other and,kathleen still live,because like those interactions have so,many layers to them and tony collette,and colin firth acting against each,other is amazing off the charts so like,those scenes really worked and i did,appreciate the couple of different ways,that they its like this is how it could,have happened and so like all of them,were extremely graphic extreme like oh,my god like sitting there watching this,just being like,thats a lot thats a lot of blood,and its,intriguing in that way those scenes sell,the series and those interactions those,performances sell the series,im definitely not as high on this,series as it seems like a lot of critics,are because like this has some really,rave reviews im just like i get it its,its a compelling story it has a lot of,mystery about it but it also suffers,from the fact that like we dont know,the truth,and a lot of times just throwing,different conjectures at us but you know,the journey is intriguing colin firth,gives a fantastic performance and tony,collette steals a show every time shes,on screen,and in the end i think the staircase is,a bit of a mixed bag of a series but,overall still pretty impactful and,engaging and great performances with a,very com,in a very compelling story i just dont,know how well that story was told over,the course of the whole eight episodes,here but those are my thoughts on the,staircase let me know what you think and,lets talk some movies but thank you as,always for tuning in supporting your,wasteland reviewer

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What the Staircase left out about Michael Petersons son

clayton petersons spring break,its a case that doesnt let up,documentaries dramatic series and,thousands of online pages make certain,that the staircase murder case,constantly gives small tidbits to make,sure that we are always fascinated and,intrigued anyone interested in true,crime is well versed in the,investigations details michael peterson,has been investigated with a fine-tooth,comb his marriage is the lies he told,about his service in the military and,his time spent in germany where another,woman who was close to him died in,suspicious circumstances on a staircase,peterson is in no way a truthful person,the dynamic of the peterson family has,been given a new dimension of intrigue,in the new hbo series the staircase even,though the show has been gently dropping,hints,everyone is wondering what the deal is,with clayton petersons spring break,which has been referenced several times,on the show,welcome to bad things in this video we,look at clayton peterson michaels,eldest son and his checkered past the,american author michael peterson is the,focus of the true crime drama the,staircase which airs on hbo,peterson was found guilty of murdering,his wife kathleen even though he claimed,she had died as a result of a fall down,the stairs of their home the series,which stars colin firth and tony,collette is a dramatic take on the,acclaimed documentary of the same name,in the documentary french documentarian,jean xavier lerestrad covered the case,and shot it on location inside michaels,home the first installment of the,documentary was made available to the,public in 2004,and further episodes covering more,current events were added in,2013 and 2018.,both films cover the tale of michaels,trial and conviction for the murder of,kathleen in 2001,which resulted in michael being,sentenced to life in prison in 2003,michael was finally freed in 2017,when his murder conviction was reduced,to manslaughter and he was sentenced to,the time he had already served after it,came to light that dwayne diva an,analyst with the state bureau of,investigation had mislead jurors about,the quality of the bloodstain evidence,at the first trial in 2003,the staircase documentary and the hbo,series focused solely on the murder case,what the documentary did not mention was,that petersons son clayton was a,convicted felon who served time for some,very serious charges the new drama,series on hbo is full of subtle,references to claytons history,particularly his struggles with alcohol,and that spring break we would later,find out that spring break was not only,about his problem with alcohol but,something way more serious,background michael peterson is not the,only member of the purportedly,close-knit family to have served time,behind bars clayton who was 19 years old,at the time was taken into custody in,1994 for allegedly trying to set the,administration building at duke,university on fire clayton had assembled,a pipe bomb put it in a quart jar of,gasoline and lit the fuse when arrested,peterson claimed the fuse was cut so,that it would not detonate the bomb,though federal authorities doubted his,claim the alcohol tobacco firearms and,explosives bureau discovered six more,assembled explosive devices hidden in,the attic while searching the peterson,house although nobody was hurt these,charges were very serious clayton,peterson was given a sentence that would,put him behind bars for a total of four,years,during that time period,michael peterson was the one who was,responsible for making the trips to the,jail actually despite the success of his,books the greensboro news and record,notes in their 1997 profile of the,writer titled successful author lives,the quiet life in durham that,if local people have noticed peterson it,is probably for the actions of his,oldest son clayton michael shared his,thoughts in the news feature saying,i think that was the most painful thing,that happened to me i did not anticipate,spending my fifties doing what i am,doing now which is going to visit my son,while he is incarcerated,why did he do it during the five hours,of the sentencing hearing claytons,relatives and friends spoke about how,terribly upset he was by the divorce of,his parents,michael and patricia sue peterson and,how anxious he was to be accepted by his,peers peterson who has been attending,psychological counseling sessions for a,number of years began his studies as an,undergraduate student at duke after he,was arrested for drunken driving the,university decided to delay his,enrollment at school he was known to,throw some wild parties when his fake,identity was stolen at one of these,parties he testified that he needed,another one so that he could continue,purchasing alcohol and integrating with,his new friends according to members of,his family he made the decision to steal,specialized photographic and laminating,equipment from the school in order to,produce a second drivers license with a,fabricated date of birth he broke into,the administration building of duke,university in order to steal equipment,valued at 1 700,so that he could make a new id for his,vacation to myrtle beach peterson,intentionally left a pipe bomb in order,to divert attention from the theft,clayton also left a note criticizing the,duke administration for the recent ban,of beer kegs on campus,claytons contribution to michael,petersons trial the prosecutions,discovery of a blowpoke fireplace tool,was one of many major discoveries made,during the trial of michael peterson,earlier in the investigation the,possibility of the murder weapon being a,blowpoke or an instrument of a similar,kind was raised the authorities had,searched tirelessly for the blowpoke,belonging to the petersons but to no,avail the defense then produced the,missing blow poke in court only two days,before defense attorney david rudolph,concluded presenting his case according,to rudolph the tool was discovered in,the petersons garage where it was,covered in spiderwebs clayton peterson,had found a blowpoke,it was also established later that,michael had placed an order for two more,blowpokes about the same time that,rudolph was testifying in court about,the discovered blowpoke,in a later statement rudolf said that he,intended to utilize the extra blowpokes,as props for demonstration in the,courtroom however the primary,investigator art holland pointed out,that the blowpoke that was discovered,was not twisted in any way in contrast,to how it would have been if it had been,used to kill someone he said that the,blowpoke that was presented in court was,not the murder weapon but that he,suspected another blowpoke to be the,murder weapon shirley ferrell a member,of the jury said that the idea that,kathleens death was caused by a,blowpoke was not supported by the,evidence,throughout his fathers ordeal that,lasted 17 years clayton was,unquestionably his fathers most ardent,supporter in particular the last five,episodes of the documentary series the,staircase gives him a significant amount,of screen time,clayton and his wife take their little,child with them when they go to see,michael peterson in jail and,subsequently the family spends time at,petersons apartment as he waits for a,new trial clayton also took part in a,long conversation regarding the,potential outcome of a retrial or plea,agreement with his father wife and,martha and margaret ratliff the,conversation centered on the options,that were available to michael there are,unconfirmed reports that clayton,peterson wanted to testify at his,fathers trial but the defence team,decided against it on the grounds that,they believed that having a convicted,felon testify whose charges amounted to,domestic terrorism would not be,beneficial to his fathers case,particularly in light of the events of,september 11 2001.,clayton petersons conduct before the,tragic event that occurred on december 9,2001 can maybe be put down to a teenager,that went through a traumatic childhood,including the death or murder of a,family friend o

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Toni Collette & the Cast of The Staircase Discuss The Owl Theory | HBO Max

DUANE DEAVER: How did a woman end up at the bottom of the stairs, dead?,(OWL SCREECHING),♪ (TENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪,TONI COLLETTE: When I first heard about The Owl Theory,,I just couldnt believe it.,I just thought, “Well, thats ridiculous.”,I thought, “This is crazy.”,Yeah, I dont know.,(LAUGHS) I dont know about The Owl Theory.,At first, I was like, “An owl? That doesnt make sense.,Theyre these cute little fuzzy animals.”,But one night, the week before we started filming,,a huge owl swooped down…,and I was like, “Holy shit.”,Theres a lot of evidence that suggests an owl,could have precipitated Kathleens fall.,It attacks her outside,,Kathleens disoriented, and she falls.,(POLICE SIRENS),When you have a theory that is equally plausible,as an accident or a murder,,you begin to think…,”Well, what else out there couldve happened?”,I guess in like a macabre way,,theres something just funny about it.,You cant make it up.,You cant make this up.,Theres just, like, a lot of odd details.,The unusual shape of the wounds,,the fact that theres no skull fracturing,,the presence of feathers, the pine needle.,She had her own blood under her fingernails.,Like, all of thats just really unusual.,The Owl Theory answers a lot of things,,if you get behind it.,But like any other theory in the case,,theres problems with it.,What?,ANTONIO CAMPOS: The way that owls move their talons,,they dont land like this.,They actually kind of go into this other shape.,So that shape doesnt necessarily match,what an owl attack mightve looked like.,MAGGIE COHN: The other piece of evidence was the fact that,microscopic feathers were found on Kathleen,,and that only owls have microscopic feathers.,Further research suggests,that there is no such thing as a microscopic feather.,COLLETTE: Thats the beauty of the show.,Youre constantly guessing,,and you fully believe in a certain idea, and then,,the ground falls away,,and youre left wondering how you couldve been so foolish.,MICHAEL STUHLBARG: Nobody knows what happened.,Thats the odd thing, and its why were all still interested.,You get some really smart people in there,to look at all the evidence, and you start to understand,how something like this couldve happened.,And honestly, The Owl Theory makes the most sense.,DANE DEEHAN: People in the neighborhood I live in,are starting to go out wearing protective gear,,because theres an owl that is grabbing on,to peoples heads with their talons.,Owls really do attack people.,It couldve happened. It couldve been an owl.,PARKER POSEY: When you dont have the answer,,there seems to be a very human thing,to find a spooky animal that comes,,and it really just goes like, “The owl did it.”,We want to believe that if were given the facts,,we can figure it out.,Because if I can figure it out,,I can stop it from happening to me,or somebody that I love.,And the fact of the matter is,,solving these crimes doesnt stop them from happening again.,CAMPOS: All the things that led up to that night,,could lead up to any one of these things happening.,When you watch The Owl Theory in the show,,youll think its possible.

The Staircase Episodes 1-3 Spoiler Free Review | HBO Limited Series

whats going on guys welcome back to the,channel so take a look at a new limited,series that just came out today on hbo,max the first three episodes of a new,series called the staircase this is,based on a true story following the life,of michael peterson and the mystery,surrounding his wifes death so for this,video this will be a quick spoiler for,your review letting you guys know if,its worth watching youve already,watched it let me know down below what,you guys have thought of it if you guys,enjoyed this video please make sure you,like it please subscribe if youre new,lets take a look at the staircase the,first three episodes,[Music],so the premise is pretty straightforward,with the show we have a dead wife and we,have a husband that is the main suspect,and so now what this show is differently,though is that it gives us flashbacks,and now this is my main problem comes,with the show or like my main pros and,cons are these flashbacks and sometimes,the flashbacks are really good and they,give us something that reveals a big,clue into this murder and makes us sort,of get an idea of what might have,happened to this wife the tony colette,right and so thats good but then,sometimes,they dont give us anything and the,flashbacks are really there to show us,more about this husband has a big secret,thats revealed at the end of episode,one and we sort of get a lot of insight,with those flashbacks right and so i,dont see this big secret as too big of,a deal in terms of like what happened,with this murder it might but i just,feel like its way too obvious that it,obviously doesnt play that big of a,part with the wifes death thats just,me though i feel like the show is trying,to like really throw us off with this,secret trying to make it seem like its,such a big deal when obviously it isnt,because were still like in the,beginning episodes of the series theyre,not going to give us too much in the,beginning right,and so,uh but some of the positives of the show,that i like off the bed is the,cinematography is great its directed by,antonio campos he also just directed the,devil all the time which was a netflix,movie that starred tom holland and,robert pattinson i liked that movie a,lot i was happy to see him you know,being the director of this show and so,cinematography is great the cast is,obviously great you have tony colette in,there you have sophie turner who,everyone knows and,the cast is pretty recognizable from,various movies and tv shows that im,sure weve all seen and so for that,first episode i will say it was,interesting from the start it had a huge,strong beginning that showed us the,murder and uh it was pretty graphic in,the beginning and i will say the show,does have some graphic parts as uh they,do some reimagining of what actually,might have happened with this murder and,tony klutz acting is like really good if,anyones seen hereditary you know that,she can get uh she really knows how to,like put those emotions out in her,acting performances so sometimes its,pretty graphic theres a good amount of,blood uh so maybe if anyones a little,bit too squirmish maybe you shouldnt,check this out uh but its really not,that bad cause most this show mostly,focuses on the flashbacks uh the,investigative team and the autopsy of,the murder trying to investigate it and,then also uh for some reason the husband,also is doing like a documentary,of this murder at the same time like,couple of months after his wifes death,i guess team approached him make a movie,and uh he said yes hes kind of doing a,documentary while also uh you know,trying to cope with his wifes death so,its interesting that he would make that,choice kind of shows that maybe like he,did do it and uh thats the main fun of,the show just trying to figure out like,okay did the husband do it did husband,not do it um,you know thats cool but its nothing,new like i said like anyone thats seen,gone girl same premise right it seems,like thats like the same premise as,every lifetime movie thats out there we,have a dead person and the husbands,like the main suspect im trying to,figure it out,um but i mean its entertaining though,its always entertaining theres some,big reveals at the end of every episode,uh that keeps you sort of like on your,toes and like i said sort of reveal some,like new clues uh that further progress,the plot and the narrative so its fun,and uh so every episode i would say is,pretty much on the same tier uh i would,probably give this show like an average,rating of 3.7 out of five so far so my,main takeaway with this show is that it,is interesting but a lot of the episodes,are filled up with uh too much stuff,that i feel like,isnt pertaining to what the gist of,this series is so far which is trying to,figure out the husband did or not right,theres a lot of like talking to the,news like the kids are talking to the,news the husbands talking news theyre,filming this documentary which it all uh,plays a part in the story i mean it sort,of gives us a hint that did the husband,do it as you know as youre filling the,documentary hes more like laid back you,know so as the audience like we sort of,can see that and you know develop our,own thoughts on maybe if he did it or,not um and then like i said some of the,flashbacks i feel like arent too,important except for you know building,up some more character development which,is fine for the beginning episodes uh,but i would love to see more of the,flashbacks,that changed the whole game for us like,every episode has some sort of reveal,uh that we didnt know about the murder,and then it makes us think about it more,and sort of uh like i said changes the,whole way that we look at that murder,right and so thats a lot of fun i like,that i love trying to figure out the,mystery of it all and its also based on,true story so i guess i could just look,it up and you know spoil myself about,the mystery and who actually did it but,i dont really want to do that um but i,mean these first three episodes were,solid see what the next episode is gonna,be a trial episode uh which i love a,good courtroom drama so im excited to,see that um but yeah i mean the,performances are good i wouldnt say,its anything too great nothing really,stands out too much besides tony colette,but even she is mostly only shown in,flashbacks like shes killed off right,in the beginning,but well see i mean im enjoying it so,far i think ill probably continue its,a limited series so itll probably be,like six episodes uh let me know if you,guys plan on checking it out if you guys,enjoyed this review please make sure you,like it please subscribe if you are new,but i will see you on the next video,have a great rest of the day

Colin Firth on new murder mystery series, ‘The Staircase’ l GMA

welcome back here now with colin firth,and for the first time in 25 years the,oscar winner,is taking on the small screen again in a,series starring in the new murder,mystery its called the staircase its,already getting great reviews welcome,colin nice to be here so tell us a,little bit about the staircase this is,based on a true story,it is um,despite the fact that we dont know the,entire truth about it yes it is its,based on true events and a true true,event you play michael peterson a man,accused of murdering his wife he says,she fell down a flight of stairs it,obviously deeply impacts the family,lets show everybody a look at the clip,this toast is,but to all of us,now i think there are not,many families well i know i know there,are not many families out there like us,were not perfect god knows but,we stick together,and we love each other,and so,to us,to us,sophie turner is also in this,she says expect to see a colin firth,like youve never seen before what does,she mean,well i mean i i cant,uh speak for her but um no i i suppose,ive been ive been theres been a,pattern in the kind of roles ive been,offered and theyve tended to be very,very british and uh you know theres,been a sort of romantic,uh slant to them and uh thats not the,case this is not the case at all,and you as you said we dont know,the ending,we dont i mean people have asked you,know why do this weve seen the,documentary weve read about it we know,the story i would question that i said,do you know the story uh and i think,this is an exploration i think beyond,just the facts its not just to whodunit,yeah it goes it goes much much deeper,how does it feel to be back on tv,um its strange ive ive had an impulse,to get back to the long form just,because ive watched actors do,work which you know you can get into the,nuances you can develop a character over,a longer period of time and ive envied,that,but this is a new world you know i was a,little bit out of my depth at times just,you know where am i in this long eight,hour thing so i had to adjust to that,uh and,on the other side on the movie side tell,me about operation mincemeat i love this,name world war ii,do you play a spy i play a spy this is,also a true story and its such an,implausible notion that it it this is a,ruse that was designed to fool the nazis,into thinking that the allies were going,to invade,uh one place when we were really going,to invade another place so the idea was,to you know we needed to invade italy,but uh we wanted to full hitler and,thinking it would be greece so they,created a man a dead body with false,documents with the plans hoping it would,wash up on the beach fall into the hands,of the of the germans and that they,would uh believe it almost hard to,believe that this actually happened hard,to believe it happened i mean i think if,theyd done something more logical and,straightforward it could have been,decoded but because it was so creatively,wild you know it was very hard to get,nobody would ever make it up quite and,yeah they did yeah and thats thats uh,coming out tomorrow the staircase is,also happening right now youre a busy,man but im going to throw another,project at you,mamma mia baby,[Laughter],i can run but i cant hide please,well look you know if you can manage to,make a second one and i guess you can,make a third and fourth in the fifth,because there was already a miracle i,think that you you that you came back,yeah i mean is there enough material for,a sequel well they did it and if people,want it uh i would do it just to see my,friends again on some beautiful islands,all right so weve got one of the stars,booked for this,was it as joyful to make those movies as,it as it was to watch them um improbable,as it is yes,because quite often you know when it,looks fun it isnt were actually at,work uh and its hard work to make a,thing look fun were doing that thing,called acting yes,not so much this time,thats how it feels,yeah i mean it wasnt night time when it,was supposed to be night time you know,we went as drunk as we looked because,you know we were we were there and,during normal working hours but actually,it was just the sheer joy of this group,of people and i dont know theres,something about abba whatever you think,of them whether you liked them back in,the day and im old enough you know when,they were in the charts,i pretended not to like them but i,probably secretly did how can you not,well it links us all anyway because,everybody knows it yeah so i think,theres a magic to that really so so,just to clarify there is there is a,glimmer of hope for another mamma mia,if its hope yes other people might,think despair,but,no i i think i think it could it could,happen oh i would love i would love that,and its just wonderful to see you and,not with one but two projects were very,excited for keep up the great work thank,you everybody you can see the first,three episodes of the staircase it drops,today on hbo max,well hey there gma fans robin roberts,here thanks for checking out our youtube,channel lots of great stuff here so go,on click the subscribe button right over,right over here to get more of awesome,videos and content from gma every day,anytime we thank you for watching and,well see you in the morning on gma

The Staircase | Official Trailer | HBO Max

MICHAEL PETERSON: I think there are not many families like us.,To the Petersons.,Id like to make a toast to so many better days ahead.,Every day is gonna be an adventure,,so always stop and think,this is one of the happiest days of my life.,-To the Petersons. -To us.,DISPATCHER: 911, what is your emergency?,MICHAEL: My wife! She had an accident!,DISPATCHER: What kind of accident?,MICHAEL: She fell down the stairs!,DISPATCHER: Is she conscious?,MICHAEL: No! Shes not breathing!,♪ (TENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪,DETECTIVE: There were 35 cuts and bruises,and seven deep lacerations to the scalp.,Someone holdin somethin caused the impact to make these wounds., Make any adjustments you sit fit.,Its a witch hunt.,SPEAKER: We need to get you a lawyer.,A case like this, keep your family close., Youll need them on your side.,DETECTIVE: We have no murder weapon,, but we found countless images on his computer.,Dad tells stories.,He kept that from all of us.,MARGARET RATLIFF: Not from Mom.,MARTHA RATLIFF: She would have told me.,Woo! (CHUCKLES),Youre beautiful, and youre my daughter.,I got a call from a couple documentarians., They want to make a movie about our case.,The French do have good taste.,SPEAKER 2: The fact of the matter is she had some wine and fell.,You just wander through life, going to gym,and yelling at the dogs and spending my money!,You took the life of the best thing you ever had!,I havent even told you half of what we know about Germany.,It was 25 years ago, and nothing happened., You know, there wasnt even any blood.,Well, there was some blood, Michael.,My ex-wife, everyone. Shell be around all week.,Dad has been there for us, always.,Stop questioning everything. Just stop.,I cant! I cant! I cant!,Do you really think that Kathleen Peterson,really knew who her husband was?,REPORTER: Mr. Peterson.,MICHAEL: I think there are not many families like us.,Im tired all the time. I need help.,MICHAEL: Were not perfect, but we stick together.,They called me a liar!,Maybe we both are.,MICHAEL: And we love each other.,♪ (MUSIC CLIMAXES) ♪,♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪,(INDISTINCT ARGUING),I said thats enough!,The Petersons are crazy.

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