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THE STAND – By Stephen King REVIEW

[Music],so I was in the middle of packing to,move back to Nashville and halfway,through I kind of thought no video today,Im sweaty Im tired and theres,literally like whats left of my,apartment is this it was the last thing,to be packed but then I had a power,moment where I decided to pull through,and get this video out because I want to,Im excited to do it and I have the time,and energy to get it done because Im,not actually driving up to Nashville,until tomorrow so lets dive in to the,stand by Stephen King now yesterday I,did a kind of love letter to Stephen,Kings writing that Im pretty proud of,not a lot of you watched it but you know,Im not hurt Im not upset about it so,Im gonna pull from some of the things I,said in that video Im gonna go ahead,and skip over praising some of the,features of the book that I felt were,really fantastic youll already,mentioned them while already talking,about Stephen King in general in the,other video so please go check that one,out if you havent already Ive been,talking about the stand this is a book,either people have read and they love it,or they havent read it because its,huge and they just dont want to put in,the time and effort Ive yet to see,anyone in my comment section or on,Goodreads in my feed who has read this,book and not been a little bit obsessed,with it although now that I think about,it theres a third group theres that,did not finish or the DNF group and,these are people who just werent used,to the Stephen King slog and didnt get,all the way through and to my Dark Tower,fans who have not read the stand yet,youll probably want to because theres,a character that carries over I dont,want to spoil it I tried to avoid,spoiling it in the Stephen King video I,just did but a lot of people in the,comments were like well didnt you know,I was trying to keep that under wraps,but the comment section is filled with,it and what the stand is is another kind,of surreal semi fantasy not fantasy more,grounded human story book from Stephen,King that walks the line into horror but,never really dives all the way into it,though there are many incredibly creepy,scenes throughout the stand basically,the entire sequence and the jail cell,thatll stick with me until I die if I,had to target the weakest,elements of the stand the latter third I,wasnt a big fan of until post what a,lot of people would think would be the,conclusion and I like everything that,happened after that I thought there were,some really great character moments and,wrapping up a plotline that I actually,really found myself invested in but this,does fall into the Stephen King trap of,having an ending and then continuing on,for 50 pages but I actually really loved,those 50 pages more so than keeping it,spoiler free the main conflict of the,last third of the book I really enjoy it,all the character building and one,character in particular stands out the,strongest here to me and that is Harold,Harold is a character again keeping it a,spoiler-free as I can,youre not meant to like youre meant to,sympathize with in a very begrudging,resentful way its curious how hes,written and I found myself loving to,hate him I know people who think like,Harold I know people who are that I hate,the world everyones against me,even though theyre just kind of an,awful person mentality those people who,you knew if they just stop being so,angry if they just stop thinking,everyone was out to get them they could,be a really awesome person thats Harold,Im not gonna talk about the arc of his,character or where he ends up but his,setup and establishment really solidify,a strong characterization there of,someone we all know who was also,incredibly well fleshed out and there,was really no weak characters there were,characters I liked more than others but,everyone crossed the board who took,center stage at any point was given,enough depth that you were invested in,what happened to them even the people,who failed and there are a lot of people,who fail to take a stand Im proud of,myself for that one my hands are dry,overall Im putting the stand at either,the best or second to best Stephen King,book I have read yet so far the order,for me is kind of a tie between the,stand and it followed very closely by,The Shining and then the dark tower kind,of whiffle waffling in here with the,outsider mixed in somewhere along those,lines I will be reading quite a bit more,Stephen King in the future so if you are,a Stephen King fan look out for that but,from here were gonna go ahead and jump,into spoiler filled territory for the,stand so if you have not read the book,and planned to go ahead and click off,the video if you have not,the book but you do not plan to because,you dont like Stephen King would you,like my face feel free to stick around,and of course those of you who have read,the stand lets go ahead and start the,discussion Randall Flagg yes hes the,man in black from The Dark Tower I was,trying to not mention that in my Stephen,King video but everyone and their mother,was very excited to point that out to me,Ive been diving into these wikipedia,pages and how everythings linked that,was one of me first things that jumped,out to me I do find his characterization,between what Ive seen in Dark Tower and,what is here in the stand to be crazily,different but I havent gotten super far,into the Dark Tower I do plan to in the,future,so Im not convinced this is bad writing,by Stephen King theres obviously a,reason for this drastic difference he,would not write something that is that,inconsistent I just know that with how,amazing an author he is I did find the,weakest part of this book to be once the,town is established and they start,having this feud with the people in Las,Vegas that whole clashing did not vibe,with me the council was kind of,interesting but once the threat was so,distant and I can kind of see what was,gonna happen coming I found myself,getting less and less interested with,the overall plot but the characters kept,me still engaged I never wanted to put,it down because I still felt so related,to everyone whether its the forming,hatred of Harold who I found to be,sympathetic at times but then he went so,far over the edge I lost all sympathy,for him or Nadine who again is someone,you are hoping will redeem themselves,but does not and then theres the ever,lovable Stu someone who is fair and kind,and one of those typical Stephen Kings,this is the good guy the person you,should be backing Id really did think,Stu was gonna die from when they left,him and at the nuclear blast,I thought Stus not gonna make it but,apparently he was far enough from the,nuclear blast that he was fine which,okay I can believe that they didnt kill,the dog also great I thought at multiple,points the dog was gonna die and I would,have been very upset but he didnt,because Stephen King is not a jerk so I,appreciate that King please dont kill,dogs please dont kill dogs please dont,kill dogs please dont kill dogs drew,poems and then theres the mentally,handicapped Tommy,another character I found myself really,carrying about as a dyslexic person I,would love,to live in his world where everything is,spelled mo-om boy that would be easier,for me mo and that spells hop but he was,so incredibly endearing and someone who,you could 100% get behind I did not,agree with the councils decision to,send him off to go and be in danger and,be a spy that I did not agree with but,thats because Im not a believer in the,supernatural even if I was in a,situation like the people of the stand,where I probably still be that guy who,denies being in this but thats a flaw,in my character I guess even with,overwhelming evidence I probably,couldnt accept paranormal self,realization there but my real concluding,thoughts about the stand are wow this is,really an incredible journey and thats,what the stand really is at its core,its a magnificent execution a lot of,times it feels like maybe authors are,rushing through certain things and it,kind of Dee invests y

72 KEY Differences Between THE STAND (1994) and THE STAND (2021)

if youre like me you remember hitting,up blockbuster in the mid 90s and coming,across the,double vhs copy of stephen kings the,stand a six-hour epic i ironically,watched sitting down so when i heard cbs,all access or should i say no access if,you were trying to watch the super bowl,was making a completely new huge budget,full series adaptation i was like,oops sorry wrong clip in this video i,thought it would be fun to look at some,of the biggest differences between the,1994 version and,cbss 2021 so put on your hazmat suits,and make sure to like and subscribe,because here we,go before we begin just a few words of,note this video wont be delving into,the over 1 000 page long book,partly because i cant read and ill be,going pretty fast because theres a lot,to get to and even then ive left out,some of the differences just for time,but if you think ive left something,major out let me know in the comments,ill also be referring to the 2020 2021,version as,cbs and the 1994 version as the,miniseries so other than the cbs,adaptation being shot almost 26 years,after the mini-series,cbs has nine hour long episodes and the,mini-series four,hour and a half long ones leaving the,cbs version with,three extra hours to tell the story and,even the way its,told is different i actually preferred,the miniseries which told,everything chronologically starting with,june 17th the day the plague is,unleashed on earth,and ending on november 15. the cbs,version is all over the place including,multiple flashbacks and time jumps,making it difficult for those who arent,familiar with the story to piece,together what really happened this,version takes place mainly in the fall,and winter as opposed to summer and fall,but thats,probably due in part to the shooting,schedule unlike the cbs version the,mini-series was written by stephen king,himself he even has a brief cameo,playing a character by the name of teddy,weizek a character who in the cbs,version is brutally shot to death and,bonus points for those of you who caught,steven in the background of this,poster in episode 4. so the story really,starts when a virus known as,captain trips escapes from a u.s,military base in both cases a guard,decides to escape,inadvertently spreading it into the,world you also notice the effects of the,virus in this cbs version,are really amped up showing huge bloated,necks,well the mini series they just kind of,popped some makeup and had people act,dead,in ogonquit maine we get our first look,at one of the most important characters,in the story,harold louder and damn they did this boy,dirty in the miniseries look at those,pimples in the cbs version they really,set him up as being a pervert and messed,up from the get-go which is why i prefer,the mini series here hes set up as the,lovestruck friend zone loser you kind of,feel sympathy for its only until later,that he goes full,evil to show how different these two,versions are one need only look at the,screen time given to this character in,the first episode the first episode of,the cbs version,basically is dominated by this character,and his backstory while in the,miniseries hes only given one scene in,the entire hour and a half long episode,nick andros played by hunky dreamboat,rob lowe is given a latino makeover in,cbs and a more fleshed out backstory,where we see his eye gets gouged out in,a bar fight rob gets to keep his eye on,the miniseries,version probably because hes so,handsome in the mini-series he only,communicates via notepad but the cbs,version franny knows sign language and,acts as his interpreter,ed harris also has a brief cameo playing,general starkey the man responsible for,trying to cover,up the virus in his version he loves,poetry while in cbss hes portrayed by,jk,simmons who has an affinity for,classical music meanwhile as the virus,spreads we meet larry underwood in new,york,a struggling singer-songwriter who only,cares about fame,im gonna be famous ma even better,im gonna be rich in the minix series he,teams up with a woman named nadine cross,the woman who will later become,series antagonist randall flaggs bride,for some reason this cbs version has him,team up with a woman who only appears,for about one or two episodes,and has no impact on the story but shes,played by heather graham,so theres that they team up to escape,manhattan in the cbs version they have,this whole,segment in the sewers while in the,mini-series they go through one of the,underground tunnels larry will end up,marrying a woman named lucy swann in the,mini-series a woman who has taken on,guardianship of a young boy named joe,lucys character is cut from cbs and,nadine is the one who initially takes,care of joe in the mini-series,joe doesnt speak but he does in the cbs,version nadine is important because she,becomes randall flags bride eventually,carrying his baby who hell call his,prince and its highly intimated that,this prince will be the prince of hell,the cbs nadine is pretty much,all in with randall from day one having,been chosen,and seduced by him when she was a child,in an orphanage a backstory we dont get,in the miniseries when nadine eventually,meets randall and they make love during,this weird,sexual assault type thing their,characters really start to differ in the,mini-series nadine goes crazy after,finding out how evil randall truly is,killing the baby insider by jumping off,the side of a building in the cbs,version nadine is put under some kind of,spell which makes her docile a spell,that is only broken when larry forces,her to see into her own reflection she,also grows this baby,almost a full term in about two days and,learns that randall never really cared,about her he was just using her as a,vessel for his child this prompts her to,also kill herself along with the baby,and lets not forget that pink scooter,franny played by molly ringwald in the,mini-series is straight up savage to,harold when he professes his love,you know maybe i could be harold were,always gonna be friends,shell go on to fall in love with stu,redmond an event which causes harold to,switch allegiances to randall,and we have to agree that harolds,jacket in the miniseries is totally,cooler the cbs version has this,terrifying trucker scene where the,trucker keeps,women chained in the back of his rig and,we see how cowardly herald is this scene,acts as an introduction of franny,meeting stew and is not in the,miniseries version,back in new york were introduced to two,very minor characters who make,appearances in both versions,ratman and monster shouter portrayed by,nba great kareem abdul-jabbar in the cbs,version hes replaced with a white dude,who says hes going to masturbate in,yankee stadium while ratmans role is,significantly expanded through the,character of,rat woman who is in charge of,entertainment at flag stronghold a huge,casino in vegas called inferno in the,mini-series his casino is called,union plaza and is located in old vegas,not the main strip,all of these characters experience,dreams from two people,randall flagg and mother abigail mother,abigail in the miniseries is said to be,106 while in cbs shes 108. like that,makes a difference hemingford home the,location abigail asked the survivors to,meet her,is her home in nebraska while in the cbs,version its an,actual old folks home also in nebraska,whereas mother abigail encapsulates,everything good in the world,randall flag is the opposite his version,in the miniseries is more over the top,and cocky while alexander skarsgards for,the most part,is subdued making the moments he does,lash out even more frightening in the,miniseries we never really see what,happens to randall flang after the,nuclear explosion that supposedly kills,him were to assume that hes dead,however the cbs version,sees him still alive trying to tempt,franny and eventually taking over a,small remote indigenous tribe as their,god we see a new version of mother,abigail as well,much younger suggesting that the fight,for good and evil will never,end and thats

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good evening campers it is me Kieran,once every quarter the Grandpas over,plaque can dictate what book I am to,read and that was the stand before we,get into the stage here is a tldr of how,I felt about it,this goddamn book I mean I was doing,myself a disservice from the off this is,my first ever Stephen King and would,people ever recommend reading the over,1000 page to stand as their first book,absolutely not additionally if you were,given the option to read a shorter or a,longer version of the stand you probably,would choose the shorter one wouldnt,you could you guess that I didnt know,this information and the only one they,had at the library was the revised,version where Stephen King added more,than 400 Pages onto the stand so the,original copy came out in 78 and in 1990,we have the complete stand King does,mentioned in the preface that you dont,have to read both and if youve only,read the 78 version you dont have to,read the 1990s version nothing in those,400 Pages change or progress the plot it,is more Minor Details and that he shifts,the entire Narrative of the story by a a,decade and after 400 pages of revision,the stand is to date Stephen Kings,longest novel beating it by 30 pages I,believe the standard list of this,version is set in 1990s where we follow,Captain tricks which isnt a superhero,its a virus I dont even think Stephen,King could have foreseen that in 2022,read it about a pandemic virus that,sweeps Across America would be quite,accurate yes this contagion Captain,trips is a contagion and wipes out odd,apocalyptic levels globally the,population of the Earth in only a few,weeks while that might feel rapid,Stephen Kings right dead process is,drastically slow,247 Pages by God yes I counted it 247,pages,are introducing,character and lets talk about like the,three main ones in this uh I dont get,me started about the end we have Larry,Underwood who is a singer who everyone,seems to own his CD we have Franny who,has got pregnant and we see that,pregnancy is really the time scale of,this novel from the conception to the,birth whats going to happen within that,time and what ultimately is going to,happen to the Bane we also have Stu,Redmond that for some unbeknownst reason,is completely immune to Captain correct,ping has gone on the record to say that,this was the most difficult book of his,to write just for the sheer number of,people and storylines that he is trying,to weave around this however the,vastcast do one of three things within,the stand the first word being walking,holy Moses split the Red Sea does,Stephen King like walking around America,and if you did go on a motorcycle or,Stephen King will have his comeuppance,for you if someone told me that there,was a conspiracy the bill Brighton had,begun right in half of this novel I,probably believe it after all I walk in,they probably get very tired which means,theyre probably doing number two they,are dreaming the dreaming is where the,supernatural horror I think is meant to,begin but this wasnt,frightening this wasnt like oh I cant,believe this is happening there are some,gruesome moments but they didnt make me,go thats not to be confused with the,Welsh two very different letters the,dreams are going to focus on two people,we have bad bad man Randall flag hes,bad hes really really bad hes so bad,that hes a bad man or you could have,mother Abigail as shes good shes good,shes really really good shes a goody,goody two shoes uh she could play The,Good Wife and so these people who do a,lot of walking end up going to these two,people the good side all the bad side,because ones good and the others bad,well I didnt believe what number three,is well if theyre not walking,if theyre not sleeping,the amount of times you will King will,be like ah this person touched his other,shoulder they cough and then they died,and theres three other people behind,him well guess what they they died as,well everyone [ __ ] dies not the,Herald Angels saying Stephen King bloody,revised us he added 400 pages but he did,not decide oh my God how why why didnt,we do that why didnt he revise the,ending of Randolph like the very very,bad man where theres a pyromaniac,called trashcan man and everything is,kind of building up to this moment and,everythings really going bad and the,trash can man brings in the [ __ ],nuclear warhead and everyones like well,thats really bad theyll theyll,Scupper everything up here and then we,sing Oh No and then we have lightning,that looks like the hand of God come,dont strike it,every man,oh my God,it is IR a thousand pages,was a page a thousand,is a thousand bases but like the most,ultimate get out clothes if you could,ever,how people are like this is Stephen,Kings greatest work if this is his,greatest with the Shawshank Redemption,fit on it I havent even seen the film I,I you know what Stephen Stephen King is,a workaholic with a fiction addiction,Ill remember when Erb was good and oh,dont even get me started on the RB,theyve really lost the train to thought,Im losing the train to throw it to you,I can imagine for Stephen King with this,like immense output that hes going to,have some flops Ill be open to read and,Stephen King again dont think I,wouldnt be interested in Reading,Stephen King,The Stand Out why was there nuclear why,why why why why why why why

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welcome back you guys are choking hazard,my name is zach and before i get into my,review i just wanted to show you guys,something so i got a green screen,uh you obviously saw that because its,green behind me got the stand that holds,the green screen,i got professional lighting boom,and boom,so im hoping my video quality is a lot,better now because uh,it is a little funky here and there,sometimes but yeah i hope you guys enjoy,i i really look forward to doing this,review i,watched six hours of the old stand which,im completely unfamiliar with so,you know lets get into my review,all right you guys so im jumping into,this review i want to tell you right now,i have no nostalgia for this show at,all this uh this version of the stand,kind of reminds me of the,it the itch show that came out i think,was back in the 1990s or 80s,and for me i really love that show even,if people,have criticisms of it and they say,things like some of the acting wasnt,that great whatever its still theres,still a place in my heart for it because,i grew up watching horror stuff and that,was one of the shows that kind of,brought me into the,the horror genre that made me really,into it so if anybody has nostalgia for,the show,sorry there is you know theres some,gripes that i have about this show,but im gonna go ahead and tell you,right now that the 1990s version of the,stan,is by far like leaps and bounds better,than the new 2020 version its just like,its not even close,hello this is editing zach from the,future i forgot to actually tell,people who are jumping into this review,what the show is actually about because,im kind of assuming people,watched my first one but why did i,assume that i have no clue,anyways the show is basically about a,super flu that kills off 99.9,of the population theres only a handful,of people left to survive,in this uh this brand new world you know,basically rid of people,and theres a good group of people and a,bad group of people,theres a bad guy that is sort of,mystical he almost seems like the devil,and there,is a good woman on the other side that,is almost like an,angel and the two forces collide against,each other,thats the gist of the show thats kind,of the bare bones thing about it and,theres a lot more to,it with it but i cant get into that,because thats spoiler territory so,thats it for one the pacing of this,show,is so much better than the 2020 version,like,100 its not even close like for example,in the 2020 version i think if you guys,have already watched my last review,you should go ahead and check it out if,you havent then 2020 version they go,back and forth between being in the,apocalypse and out of the apocalypse,because they do flashbacks the whole,time so theyll have like one episode,or its about stu or something like that,and then they,go flashback this is what happened,before the apocalypse and they go back,there and then theyll have like nick,and theyll be like,oh hey this is nick nick back before the,apocalypse lets go ahead and go through,his thing,or franny or harold or you know any of,the characters they basically do it for,almost every character every big,character,and it gets really really obnoxious at a,certain point because youre just,sitting,youre sitting there going can i can i,can you just like lead me,up to the apocalypse part you dont have,to go back and forth you know what i,mean and it just kills the pacing it,makes the show feel very jumbled and,annoying its almost like,if tarantino had like a toureps like,tourettes just,issue or something like that he was just,like go back to flashback we have to do,flashbacks we have to go back and forth,and go time and skipping and blah its,just like,its too much way too much too too much,and this one they just go from,present day i guess present day back in,the 90s or whatever,and then uh they you know they slowly,build up to the apocalypse which is like,thank god,they did something normal for once you,know they didnt try to to fix or um,you know if it aint fixed dont you,know if any pigs dont broke it,if it aint broke dont fix it just go,from the beginning to the end you dont,have to just,jump back and forth between you know,[ __ ] like that its too much you know,so uh theres that which just it helps,the pacing of the show,exponentially just way better its way,better that way another,fantastic thing about the stand the,1990s version is that,the acting is spot freaking on it is,actually great the acting is perfect,and almost every way theres a couple of,people that are like the real background,characters that kind of,kind of screw up some of the times and,they dont they kind of drop the ball,when it comes to the acting department,but the main characters even the side,side main characters i guess you can,call them,theyre all great actors and they all,became big time,actors or voice actors later in their,life,uh like its amazing for example they,have lieutenant dan over here,they have uh molly ringwald i think is,what her name is and she was in 16,candles and the breakfast club i mean,those are like,really popular movies i mean we even,have nick as,rob lowe rob blow plays nick he was,young as [ __ ] in this movie,like i almost i was like i know that guy,what is he from,and i was looking closer hes like ive,seen him from some its roblox wow,that thats crazy he i dont know if,this is where he started off but it had,to be one of his earlier films like my,goodness its crazy,he looked really young in this to be,honest the whole cast is really good i,cant just keep going through the entire,list because theres actually a lot of,good actors,but ill tell you a couple that are,noteworthy that are pretty interesting,for example,um tom you know the guy that has a you,know hes not all there whatever hes,like hes a little dumb,and he hangs out with nick the whole,time basically,the actor who plays him his names uh,bill,fogger bark fogger bark i think his name,is,and uh he actually is the voice of,patrick starr,from spongebob so the fact that,i mean like even him he has such an,interesting voice because i remember,listening to him in this show and i was,like thats that voice sounds so,familiar like he has such a deep and,kind of goofy sounding,dumb voice and he plays that character,very well because hes literally patrick,like the dumb character in spongebob,which im just like oh my god that makes,total sense,it makes so much sense so i i was uh i,was like all right,once ive looked through the cast the,characters before even getting into the,show i was like,all right im in i love this already,now even though the show is a lot better,im gonna have to stick to my guns on my,opinion here i,i said in the 2020 version that the,stand is just not meant,for a tv show or movie adaptation,and im sticking my guns i think its,the exact same thing i think that,theres just too many characters,theres too many too much background,information that you need,in the show um that they just cant get,into because,theres just so i mean the book is so,big you know what i mean especially the,uncut version if youve read that which,i have,and that one has like a lot more in it,so theres just too much um the,breakdown of society they kind of i mean,they do a lot better in this one like,100 percent in the uh the 1990s compared,to the 2020 version,but they they they move by it pretty,fast,you know what i mean because like they,have to get to the the interesting stuff,later which i,i agree they needed to do that and if i,was going to make a show i would have to,do it too,its just that theres a lot of act like,other background information that i,would have,loved to have had that they cant really,get through,uh in in this case and the thing is is,like,thats not their fault because i think,the writing in this the pacing the,acting,uh everything about it is actually spot,on and i think its the best,representation of the stand you can,possibly do when it comes you know like,for the tv adaptation or whatever,but its just theres theres j

The Stand – Nostalgia Critic

this episode brought to you by,expressvpn the best vpn there is take,back your online privacy today,[Music],critics what you gonna watch,hi guys,[Music],whats going on,[Music],hello im the nostalgia critic i,remember it so you dont have to,you clicked on the video you know what,time it is play that cheesy ass graphic,[Music],ah stephen king youve brought so much,joy into our lives,not that his creativity hasnt delighted,and inspired several generations now,but hes one of the few writers where,his bad works are just as entertaining,as his good works,when he goes for something he goes big,with it and even though theres more,stephen king stories than there probably,are pokemon,people forget that a stephen king,project even if it was bad,was often a big event yeah some didnt,get a ton of press but i cant tell you,how many times ive heard people hyped,for the latest film or series that had,his name attached to it,langolier shining kerry tommyknockers,hell it was a big deal twice three times,twice and by far one of the most hyped,mini series if not,the most hyped mini series the stan,based on his book about the size of five,bibles with notes from fox news,the stand was an instant hit when it,premiered in 1994,and unlike some of his other hit and,mini series which received mixed to,negative reactions after watching them,the stand was phenomenally well received,yes this is one of the few stephen king,miniseries that audiences and critics,liked from beginning to end,and with the series running a whopping,six hours and thats taking out,commercial breaks,thats no small feat the series was,directed by mick garris and penned by,king himself,and while the collaborations have been,memorable to say the least,this truly is among their best work so,you might be wondering how am i gonna,get that much material out of such a,universally beloved series,it is still stephen king and mick garris,guys,one of the things i love about these two,is they go all out,which means they take more risks which,means theres always great,hilarious head scratching moments and,god bless,every one of them but at six hours i,gotta stop yapping and hop right into,this,so lets jump right into it this is the,critic you must make your way,to my home no sorry mother abigail i got,too much series to review but its,very important i waited minutes in,makeup for this,minutes sorry but i got way too much to,get through and that includes you too,tamra,oh thats fine um,what what are you working on i thought,you said you were busy right right this,is the stand,early taxes six hours man,all right great jack torrance wrote the,screenplay i thought this property had a,restraining order against garrus,the film opens with a deadly virus being,released and the government trying to,downplay it ha,fiction as one of the last surviving,guards at a u.s reservation,its told to lock up the gate but he,chooses to get his family out,do it now do it now sorry i cant follow,unless you say that in your arnold voice,all right fine do it now,got their it,throws a doll out the window dumb kid,and the credits roll to this very eerie,imagery of all the people on the base,dead while the radio plays,[Music],half of them were rushing to shout more,cobol,later that night the car is out of,control crashing into a nearby gas,station,yeah he looks safe to touch,your head maybe its fruit poison you,know hes got california,plates here man to be fair we did just,eat at boston market,the guard dies but another base is,trying its best to keep the virus under,control,its helmed by general starkey played by,ed harris this stuff has a,communicability level of over 99,most people are gonna think theyve got,the plain old non-lethal flu,right up to the very end boy am i glad,this is taking my mind off the news,i couldnt come up with something,funnier than that so i just do it from,the snobs review,i so want a king project just titled,southern accents,and then theres been three more big,transport planes land over starland in,arkansas,was carl i knew it was a nearby town in,texas is told about the deadly disease,and how they have to quarantine,maybe id uh close up the station for,the rest of the day,all right but dont you wear a mask,thats how you catch the communism,as expected the town goes into lockdown,and the man who helped the sick driver,named stu,played by gary sinise is forced into,quarantine i insist you get into the,truck,right now or what,would you shoot me no your names in the,opening credits if you had an,and or a whip on top then your ass would,be applesauce,meanwhile an upcoming singer named larry,underwood played by adam stroke,is visiting his mother because despite,his song rising in the charts hes still,financially struggling this will clearly,be the worst problem of his week,you heard it right of course i have it,sound black,oh that brown sound shell do get around,get the feeling theyre gonna cut that,from the remake howdy paholian,dont lie about 40 000. jesus,hey howd you know what the albums,called at a nearby bays doctors,observed the last breaths of patience,with the virus,ah this is interesting now watch this,shouldnt we help him he doesnt have,insurance,so damn quick well we suck as doctors,want to see if that elf specimen ate,those kittens yet earth lets be,horrible vets too,meanwhile in ah i knew youd make it,a young woman named fran played by molly,ringwald and her father played by ken,jenkins,are somewhat put off as the local geek,herald played by corynemic keeps trying,to hit on fran,i was wondering if you would care to,accompany me to the railroad cinema,theyre having a birdman festival ive,always found cries and whispers to be,especially moving im a seventh seal,kind of girl,i know dont worry about it its okay i,understand really,i hope you enjoy the poem and the rest,of the magazine of course oh get out of,here pizza face,im calling you that because you have,literal pizza on your face those arent,supposed to be zits are they you want an,emmy for best makeup elsewhere in,arkansas a young deaf man named nick,played by rob lowe is beaten up by some,bullies with not the best choreographed,fighting move them all the sucker oh,when the fights on star trek are looking,more real you might want to do a few,more takes,nick gets knocked out and dreams that,hes in a cornfield where he can hear,and talk,[ __ ] dont look behind the rose ha,some reviews are above making a children,of the coin reference but ill always be,that desperate,i can hear i can talk,i can sing,thus were introduced to easily the most,memorable character mother abigail,played by ruby d you come see me nick,you and all your friends,you got to hurry though theres,a lot to discuss about her you must make,your way,to the but well do it when they reveal,more about her character,oh shoot mother abigail youre what five,feet and,shrinking darling thank you i,still dont get what you okay,nick wakes up in the local jail where a,sheriff and a medic tried to find the,people who jumped in did i mention the,series is a flame to every 90s character,acting moth,one of them had a ring like that ray,booth our town bad boy,laughing and coughing always a great duo,for a long life and horror,back in vermont doctors and their,dinosaur cookie suits continued to study,stu who is 100 healthy despite him,testing positive for the virus,i dont know how many different ways i,can say this this so-called,super flu does not exist and if it did,it would probably wipe itself out by,easter,how many times do i have to tell you i,dont have the measles,im not responsible for you being here,then who is,no one everyone god spoilers,you talk about this thing in here like,you were outside of it,i just want you to get a little taste of,what its like on the inside,so one of the things youll notice in,this mini series is the acting is,actually pretty good dont get me wrong,its still,mini series acting but as mini series at,the time go,its pretty engaging and believable,whoever casted this should have

Thoughts on CBS The Stand (2020)

i still dont know how i feel about the,stand,[Music],hey gang today im going to be talking,about what i thought of the 2020-2021,mini-series of stephen kings the stand,if youve been following my,twitter youll see that i will tweet out,a,sort of like vague weird reaction every,time i watch an episode and youll also,know im actually watching it twice,through because,i am watching it at the same time as the,americans,but i am also watching it with my mum as,it airs in the uk,on stars play on amazon prime so whilst,i have completed the series once through,already,uh the uk is technically um two episodes,behind two three episodes behind but,were going to get,uh episode seven today when this video,is uploaded,overall i thought it was good it wasnt,like amazing fantastic,and it wasnt horrifically bad it was,just good like id rate it a six or a,seven,out of ten like it was pretty average,but it was relatively well done do you,remember when it was first announced and,it was gonna be,ten episodes and then they cut it down,to nine well i still think it should,have been ten episodes do you wanna know,why,in episode eight when everything comes,crashing down in new vegas thats when,they start to play into the fear factor,of randall flag,which really should have been something,that should have been more obvious,throughout the entire series i,appreciate the fact that they werent,playing up the scary side of him and,rather more the charming seductive,manipulative parts of him but if you,want the whole,i fear no evil lines who have more of an,impact you need to establish that fear a,little bit earlier on,because when we see flag introduced to,all the other characters such as lloyd,such as nadine,trash can man like even when he has the,interactions with,the good people hes just trying to pull,them over to his side they dont,necessarily become scared of him,although franny and stew,didnt know seeing him and in their,dreams as nightmares and that they were,scared of him but everyone else,not so much until maybe about episode,seven,especially episode eight if you want the,personification of evil to be portrayed,accurately,you have to big up the fear factor,earlier on,this is absolutely nothing against,alexander skarsgards performance as,random fly because i thought he was,absolutely fantastic i just think they,should have used the fear thing more,with him because hes very good at,playing scary and i dont think he was,given the opportunity,to play scary in this enough also like,as much as i dont want to talk about,the whole thing with him and the dean,you kind of need to talk about it and,im talking about episode 8 when she,jumps off the,floor of the penthouse to her death that,that scene,that is living in my brain,and i dont want it to because that was,just creepy and weird and i just want to,talk to the person who decided to,write that whole thing or flag just,standing between nadines legs as she is,like,writhing in pain about to give birth to,his demonic child and hes just sipping,on a glass of milk,smoking a cigar looking gorgeous in a,silk rope,it was just weird and very uncomfortable,to watch and i know for a fact that this,does not happen in the book while i,havent read the book fully i have been,sort of,like flicking to the pages where,i am up to in an episode so i can just,sort of see like okay what what are the,similarities and differences,the big difference is that in the book,randall pushes nadine,off the penthouse in this i like the,fact that she regained some clarity on,the situation and decided,enough is enough and she killed herself,i thought that was more well done there,than in the book and i feel like,it nicely completed nadines arc like,she got out from the fact that she was,groomed by him,and raped by him and just,yeah its a shame she had to die though,but there was like really no other,option for her at that point because she,was bound to die,anyway another thing that kind of,annoyed me is that franny,and stu were the main characters right,but i didnt really get attached to,frannie until about like episode six,when she goes to confront harold and she,gets locked in his basement,up until that point i just didnt really,care for franny that much and that,really bugged me so im so glad,that episode nine focused,on her and her personal standoff with,flag because,i read the interview stephen king is,absolutely right she didnt get that in,the book,and he knew he needed to rectify that,and im so glad that there was that,episode because,by that point i was attached to franny,and i,was rooting for her like i was really,rooting for her,even though i was kind of like is she,gonna take the deal with flag,is she gonna kiss flag i was like what,would that mean if she did like that,would have been a really interesting,take on it but obviously because she is,good,she resisted temptation and she went to,mother abigail instead and she was saved,that way i liked,that she was one of the the main five,that had this very,horrible choice to make i like that you,got to see the depth,of that decision because the way,good and evil are presented in a lot of,stephen kings work i have like noticed,from like,stuff ive read like the actual books,ive read or just things i have read,about online,is that theres a very strict good and,evil sort of thing going on here but,frannys,like concept of good and evil was tested,in that moment,with flag and i was just like i liked,that,and thats like why i like flag i have a,whole video about why i think randall,flag is an interesting character,and that part of it that whole thing,with him and franny,sort of adds to that because in the real,world there is no strict good and evil,everyone is like tested at some point,everyones morals are tested and flag is,the means,to test those morals within the stand,one thing i dont like is how the show,run is like maybe,mother abigail and randall flagg are,talking to the same person,and therefore god just has all the bad,people in las vegas and thats when you,know he rids the world of them,because you want to restart the world,with only good people i didnt like that,interpretation because its like how do,you,judge a person as bad like because what,if some people only went to flag because,theyre like you know what,i dont mind a bit of sex i dont mind,maybe the occasional bit of weird,violence i just want to be protected,from whats out there,i dont mind a bit of chaos that doesnt,necessarily make you a bad person,youre a bad person if you participate,in the acts of violence but if youre,there and you dont really,do anything does that really make you a,bad person for going over to randall,flags side,my entire opinion on like both randall,flagg and mother abigail is that they,are both,really sus i agree with the fact they,are two sides of the same coin but i do,not agree with the fact that they,are effectively talking to the same,person for the reasons i just stated,because its like theres no,strict good and evil in the real world,and i get like its a horror thing,and you need that but at the same time,its like youre dealing with a pandemic,um thats killed a lot of people youre,gonna do,what you think you need to do is,necessary to survive,and that doesnt make you any more good,or any more evil,unless you commit evil acts such as,harold and nadine blowing up mother,abigails house,and killing nick andrews which i am mad,about by the way,i am annoyed about that i thought the,way they did the hand of god,was actually really good um it wasnt,like weird or,corny and cheesy or whatever i just,thought it was really well done and that,was a beautiful beautiful action,sequence,and i just loved you know julie,lloyd trashcan man randall getting like,just,chewed off one by one by the freaking,lightning bolts that was just,well done on that one like that was so,good one of the things i really did like,is that they instead of like you see,their journeys,like in into in like chronological order,it was like a lot of time jumps

The Stand Review 2020 (YOU SCROOOWED UP)

[Music],welcome back you guys the choking hazard,my name is zach and today im going to,be reviewing,the stand which is a new 2020,adaptation of the stephen king book the,stand which is the exact same name,and uh its on cbs all access but i,dont know if anybody actually has that,or even is paying for that,but anyways let me go ahead and just,talk and just jump straight into it,because i,i have a lot to talk about and um,for those of you who dont know i am a,big horror movie watcher i love horror,shows i like playing horror video games,i love horror my favorite holiday is,halloween okay,ill get into that now for example im,really big into h.b lovecraft um has,nothing to do with steven king except,for the fact that stephen king,based a lot of his uh or got inspired,by hp lovecrafts work so im a big fan,of stephen king as well,ive watched cujo ive read cujo the,shining,its salems lot sleepwalkers which kind,of sucks,the stand uh carrie is that all of them,im not sure if thats all of them i,think ive read a couple others i just,cant remember maybe its the mist,think could be wrong anyways,so i ive read quite a bit of his work i,like,some of the adaptations that uh that,come from his work that they you know,due to movies and shows and things like,that,but after watching a lot of his you know,the adaptations of the books,i have come to realize that some of,these adaptations,should never exist they just the the,stories do not work,for movie or show adaptations whatsoever,and they should be put down,six feet under because they just,absolutely suck major crack like its,just thats all i can say about it for,example sleepwalkers let me show you a,clip there,[Music],[Applause],oh,[Music],yeah that guy is getting eaten alive and,lit on fire by a cat,okay and its supposed to be scary uh,its supposed to be horrifying but you,know when you put,you know pen to paper sometimes it,doesnt you know actually come out the,way you want it to okay,and its actually hilarious in the uh in,the,movie adaptation big time so ive come,to the conclusion that this stand,the stand uh book should have never been,put into like a tv show format it just,does not work,it just does it just doesnt work and,im not saying that the show is really,bad,its just really [ __ ] boring the best,way i can explain it for those of you,who have read 1984 i mean its such a,popular book and i think everybodys had,to have read it maybe at least in high,school or,college or something like that i know,thats george orwell thats not um,thats not a,stephen king at all but you know how,george orwell in 1984 has,lots of exposition and explaining that,he does in that book,you know it a lot lots of it is just,explaining the world,explaining things how things work whats,going on,you know uh inner monologue in your head,now it doesnt work into a movie and,thats why there isnt a good movie or,show,based off of 1984 because its just it,just doesnt work when you when you,translate it,into tv or movie format it just it just,doesnt,because the thing is that you can make,something interesting when youre giving,out exposition in a book because it,makes your,mind run wild and you can kind of like,visualize what theyre explaining,but when somebody is just blatantly,explaining something to you,in a show and you can you know you can,see it,you know its not a book you it kind of,breaks that cardinal rule of show dont,tell,and when you when you when you translate,certain things,from book to show sometimes you have to,explain stuff,even though its really boring and,tedious when it comes to the visual,storytelling,and thats kind of the problem that kind,of comes into play with the stand,and that translation into show so,for example the first half of the stand,when it comes to like you know the book,the book is like this thick its like it,you know what it means like a textbook,so its not first half maybe like first,quarter or one third it just explains,how,society crumbles down from this virus by,the way i forgot to explain what the,story was about um,the story the story generally is,basically a virus that comes out of this,laboratory and it sounds kind of like,something that happened today,right um and ends up killing,99.9 of the population it just is its a,super flu they call it captain trips,makes your neck get all swollen you end,up dying within two days okay so its a,very bad virus kills most,pretty much everybody and theres like a,select few group of people who are just,immune to it okay,um then basically it kind of,kind of feels like the walking dead in,the show basically like,uh some good people come together and,they make like a little society,and then another group of people that,are like a bad group of people,form of society and they end up kind of,fighting with each other kind of reminds,me um,as i said like the walking dead with uh,negan and,and rick uh where they have like two,separate groups like ones good and,ones evil,and theyre like fighting against each,other its the same thing here so a lot,of the characters in the show like,theres the stan has a freaking [ __ ] ton,of characters its kind of like the,walking dead,except um you know how in the walking,dead they had like four or five seasons,to kind of like build up each character,this one has one season so youre like,expecting to like get to know like five,or six main characters,and just try theyre trying to make you,care about all of them and it just,doesnt work,yeah so what they do is as i said they,skip from like,societys breaking down now theyre,together in like a cute little family,in the good guy group right well the,thing is though,is that the good guy group they show,them,there and they basically kind of just,like cut to that kind of,and then they try to like get you to,like each of them by doing like little,flashbacks,back and forth between characters so,theyll be like one episodes about this,one person flashback one persons,one episode about this other person,flashback now theres about another,episode flashback,and they flashback so many times that it,like kills the pace of the show because,then youre like youre,like in the apocalypse youre not in the,apocalypse youre in the apocalypse,youre not in the apocalypse youre,apocalypse youre not in the apocalypse,and youre just like yo dude like and,you never get to see that society,breakdown sort of part,its just like before apocalypse after,apocalypse forefront,so its almost like youre not getting,the interesting stuff and it really,bores you the other thing is too is that,a lot of the characters,um are kind of neutered and and ill,explain a couple of them you dont need,to know,most of them most of them are just like,average performances,and they go generally speaking of how,how it goes down in the book,but um theres a couple characters that,i need to that are noteworthy for me to,explain to you,so number one i really like this,character named nick nick andros,and in the book called the stan and,whats cool about him is that,in the stand he is a mute 22 year old he,ends up getting his ass kicked in a bar,he gets thrown in jail,the the apocalypse comes or the the,virus,captain trips kills everybody the warden,is dying of this virus,and actually lets him out because he,knows hes like not a hes not like a,bad guy or whatever,hes like youre the warden now so then,he has like this moral dilemma,um this mute guy has this moral dilemma,of having like to,release certain prisoners and like watch,certain prisoners die,you know because like if theyre,dangerous if theyre sick you know what,the virus getting out like he goes,through all these different things and,theres a lot of inner monologue,and thinking in the book when it comes,to nick the problem is is that as i said,when you try to translate,a mute person from a book where you can,kind of,be in his head you know hes kind of,like the narrator when youre when,youre on,like that part of the book with them,when you jump,into uh tv or movie format,youre just watching a

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