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  6. The Stranger (2022) Netflix Movie Review
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The Stranger (2022) Netflix Movie Review

not to be confused with the Netflix,crime drama from Harlan Coben the,stranger the new Netflix crime drama The,Stranger takes a look at the true story,of one of the largest investigations and,undercover operations in Australia so,should it be on your list,two strangers strike up a conversation,on a long journey one a suspect in an,unsolved missing persons case the other,an undercover operative on his Trail,Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris star in,the slightly Art House presentation,about an uneasy friendship as an,undercover cop pursues a suspect this is,quiet and uncomfortable I mean its very,dialogue driven but its not a chatty,type of story the conversations are,sparse and theyre slow with a lot of,the context missing or omitted and there,are portions that felt like it was,written by David Mamet but without that,rapid fire delivery that hes known for,now this just has a lot of vagueness to,the interactions where the characters,are okay with not knowing the full,picture both Edgerton and Harris are,riveting they both have this quiet,intensity but in very different manners,Edgerton is on edge he comes across as,nonchalant but his mannerisms and his,dreams belie that facade and I love how,he will quietly look in a mirror and we,can see all of this frustration just,emanate from his eyes theres a,desperation thats present because of,his circumstances but he has to see it,through Harris is phenomenal hes also,quiet with almost this hesitation or,trepidation in every interaction and he,doesnt come across as somebody with any,confidence hes very meek and timid but,there are small glimpses here and there,where he does have confidence I mean,even if its just for a second which,then gives us huge insight into who he,is now Id mentioned that this felt like,it was kind of an art house presentation,and thats because we see strange and,lingering imagery without a lot of,context theres also this sequence that,plays out repeatedly through cut up,scenes that are theyre just disjointed,but they could also be used as a,foreshadowing event where the event,itself isnt actually happening but,instead its a representation of whats,to come I like it but it does add a,layer of slowness to the storytelling,and speaking of that the movie is just,under two hours but it felt much longer,than that the pace is deliberately,patient but it plays out in such a way,that portions do feel like theyre,dragging the cinematography on this is,wonderful to watch and because this is,dialogue driven its important to,capture the characters emotions and,their expressions because they provide,so much context for the words and the,actors are framed in Intimate ways which,draw us into the conversations and then,allow us to feel the palpable tension,theres also this huge loneliness thats,captured throughout I mean not only from,the desolate locations but just the,emptiness of scenes theres a noticeable,lack of people present in a lot of the,locations which I mean in one way it,makes sense but even when the characters,are in a Locale that should be populated,say like a hotel its sparse which then,creates another layer of isolation,thats experienced by both of our main,characters and something that took me by,surprise is that this isnt told in a,holy chronological manner Now While most,of it does play out in a straightforward,way there are Parts towards the middle,that serves as flashbacks to provide the,necessary background for what weve been,been seeing but its also not clear at,the start that these scenes are,flashbacks now as we go through this,story parts are almost unbelievable in,how they transpire I mean had this not,been based on a true story I probably,would have been disappointed with how a,character relays a key bit of,information I mean it seems like a huge,plot convenience but because this is,based on stuff that actually happened I,am inclined to believe that it worked,the way that the movie presents I loved,the tension that builds throughout this,were watching edgertons character just,slowly unraveling and becoming desperate,while Harris is becoming slightly more,confident and less mistrusting and these,character arcs theyre very engaging and,the dynamic that the two share I think,its incredible as they feed off of each,others performance now both maintain a,quiet Edge where we cant tell if one or,both are going to explode at any moment,and the Mystery aspect of the story is,also intriguing but its not completely,captivating I mean I understand the,drive to solve the case but that almost,feels secondary to just watching our two,leads interact there are some,investigators working the case and when,the story would place the focus on them,it felt a little convoluted with the way,that the info was delivered to us I mean,we still get whats going on and what,theyre investigating but really,everything that wasnt focused on,Edgerton and Harris it felt slightly,distracting and because of the nature of,the crime thats being investigated this,isnt a happy story so I mean just be,prepared that its probably going to,leave you a bit in the Bell jar now this,isnt a bad thing its just something to,be aware of ultimately I enjoyed this,story the acting is what makes this such,a captivating watch the story does feel,too long but thats mainly due to the,quiet nature of the scenes there dont,seem to be as many dialogue driven,stories for us to take in so when one,does come around thats engrossing you,shouldnt miss it so overall The,Stranger shines with Stellar,performances from Joel Edgerton and Sean,Harris their quiet intensity creates,palpable dread intention showcasing,their talent for restraint the pace is,patient and even slow at times made more,noticeable by repeated vague imagery but,on the whole this drama provides a,thrilling watch in a subdued,presentation theres no sex or nudity a,ton of profanity not really any violence,I give the stranger four out of five,couches so whats a dialogue Driven,movie that you love I mean give me,anything by David Mamet and Ill be good,to go but Id love to know yours in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe Im Chris,this is movies and Munchies thanks for,couching with me


[Music],without you,[Music],thats Nick and thats Joseph and today,were here to talk about the stranger,the sophomore film directed by Thomas M,Wright which premiered at the 2022,Cannes Film Festival in unsatan regard,uh it is being released on Netflix,October 19th 2022. what is Thomass,first film uh film film I havent seen,called acute Misfortune from 2018 which,is a a portrait of an artist named as a,young man no no no James no James Joyce,very good uh named Adam Cullen uh who,Im also not familiar with but Ive,heard that is actually quite good and,after reading about it I would like to,see that Wright is also a actor whos,been in many Productions included,including Jane campions Top of the Lake,series for which I think he won some,accolades and uh everests,uh reading the synopsis the film was,very different than what I had imagined,uh and its its based on a true events,but taking from The Source material of a,book called The Sting directed by Kate,kirakao okay Im probably saying her,last name okay the story of this movie,is there is a man named Henry played by,uh Sean Harris Henry Teague I kept,thinking of mctigue,so Henry is on a bus,headed somewhere and we see there two,men sort of like watching him one of,them introduces himself to Henry Paul,Paul and they kind of become friendly,they get off the bus and Paul uh wants,help buying a car Henry helps him uh,they kind of build a quick connection,and Paul offers Henry some information,like hey I know some people who could,provide you with work you know its kind,of like under the table uh,like criminal type stuff but youll get,paid well,so Henry agrees and he meets his contact,Mark Mark frame how about that for uh,undercover Alias so hes Mark is played,by Joel Edgerton okay so obviously like,spoilers I guess if people dont know,this case but,Mark is an undercover cop,and this is a sting operation to try to,find whos responsible for a missing boy,so the film is set in 2010. in 2002,eight years prior,some young boy was kidnapped from a bus,stop in Queensland yet to be found,so were told that this is like the,largest investigation in Australias,history and were at the point years,later where its uh theyre theyre,doing this thing operation to try to,like weed out several more Suspects,and we find out Henry is like a prime,suspect,and everything culminates with,because hes being told that hes,working for this organized crime outfit,and there are like levels and levels and,levels you have to build peoples trust,so its almost like when he passes one,level to the next till he gets to the,boss,he does get to meet the boss John,and John basically says its come to my,attention that you may be implicated in,this missing kid case and if if thats,true if youre found guilty that could,really look bad on us like the organized,crime outfit so you need to tell us what,happened,like did you like are you responsible,and Henry says yes and theyre like okay,good tell us where the body is and he,agrees,and they fly their asses back to,Queensland and Henry shows them where,the body is,its also marsh land right because its,been eight years and the reigning I mean,theres nothing there so we think,its also important to know that while,this sting operation is happening were,also getting sort of behind the scenes,kind of procedural of like how the case,is being built namely there is a woman,of color whos leading the case,detective riots played by Jada Alberts,and theres a lot of hostility towards,her for some reason its never explained,but theres a big search done well so,then I mention that because theres a,big question on when to arrest Henry,because if they arrest him too soon and,they dont find any evidence then then,the case is obliterated but if they wait,too long Henry might get hit to the game,and leave so they decide to arrest him,sooner than later,theres a large like uh police effort to,find some remains of the boy and we see,that some were found the end,basically uh the original title while I,was filming was the unknown man which,Id like more than the stranger because,the stranger automatically puts me in,mind of something like uh Camus,existentialist novel a stranger about a,man who killed somebody and so is you,know incredibly detached from it which,you could probably draw some parallels,here too but I dont I think thats,I didnt like this movie per se just,because,like the bones of it are very,interesting its my kind of stuff right,like Ive listened to every episode of,Dateline like but the way its handled,theres just no tension I think there is,initially and and,I think that theyre what initially,provided you the tension when you when,were kind of unsure about whos doing,what and I think like maybe the first,half hour when youre kind of piecing,together like okay I Im getting that,Im understanding whats going on based,on the information thats delivered and,then all of a sudden the film just like,hits you over the head with,um detective Ryland and we get this,Montage that that explains all the,answers for you about who and where and,why this has happened to a degree but we,dont know what Henry Teague has been,doing for in the eight year interim that,and we never see the family of the boy,theres so many things we dont,understand and instead its its almost,like its trying to be procedural but,then and then like showing this intimate,relationship between these two men but,it kind of drops the ball on all counts,I mean yeah you start at all,what else you want to say,oh as far as the the tension goes like I,just dont get why all of a sudden weve,already by the time the film like is,kind of going in about explaining,some of the logistics,behind the scenes in the case its like,well weve already figured out that much,so I dont know why were getting that,but I I think it does have going for its,credit is it does have two dream,sequences for Joel Edgerton whos,um presented as as this man thats you,know under incredible stress but cant,hes the only one that can do this job,so hes got to be hes got to stick with,it until the end and there are a couple,uh like nightmare sequences that I think,are nicely well done and Sean Harris I,think is quite creepy as Henry Teague,you know,um but hes always kind of,a villain I know that you thought he was,really interesting in a film we uh,Review called the banishing,like a year or two ago with his flaming,red hair hes also uh pretty good in,something called the goob 71 youve seen,him hes a hes a recognizable actor uh,and theres also this sexual tension,because hes a the film doesnt spell,out that this man is a pedophile its,implied of course but uh because he had,a previous conviction of where he like,beat up this young kid bad uh and then,uh explains that he had taken this the,missing child the dead childs clothes,off and burn them and theyre like Well,whyd you take his clothes off but it,seems like hes also attracted to mark,yeah and so I think that sets up some,that sets up some tension for me you,know what else you got,you didnt like anything else about it I,thought it looked good it was shot by,Sam chiplin who uh lends this terrible,film with nami Watts called penguin,Bloom uh from 2020. uh and the score is,nice and Sinister enough and I think,theres some things going on in the,sound design because it opens and closes,with the same monologue from Edgerton,like a breathing exercise that hes,running through,but I dont know if you want to talk,about how you thought everybody was,overly emotional,I mean yeah I dont know I got thrown,off track the so,Joel edgertons character we get a lot,of time spent with him and his son and,how hes affected by,Im not even sure what I mean it feels,very generic like hes working this,kidnapping case of a young boy so maybe,thats bothering him about his own son,and maybe trying to be a better dad Im,not sure that felt very generic and we,get a lot of scenes of him seeming very,worried but its like isnt it your job,like this shouldnt be new to you that,youre

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The Stranger is about a guy who thinks the universe is absolutely pointless.,That’s why he’s completely unfazed when his mother dies.,He takes a bus to the city where she had been living.,Meursault rejects the funeral directors offer to open the coffin.,He and the funeral director, keep vigil over her body.,During their vigil, both men smoke and have coffee.,Thisis traditionally thought of as disrespectful.,The director tells Meursault that Thomas Perez, who was close with his mother, will be at,the funeral.,Although Meursault does note that Thomas Perez faints from heat exhaustion, Meursault could,not care less about him and doesn’t speak to him at the funeral.,In Chapter 2, Part 1 The day after the funeral Meursault is back,in Algiers.,The first thing he thinks about in the morning is whether his boss is mad at him for having,a 4 day vacation.,He shrugs it off, and goes the beach where he meets an old coworker, Marie.,They go on a date, and she stays over at his place.,When he makes up, she’s gone and he people watches on his balcony until noon.,In Chapter 3, Part 1 The next day, Meursault returns to work as,a shipping clerk, has lunch with his friend Emmanuel and then heads home.,When Meursault gets home he sees Salamano with his dog.,Next he sees Raymond.,Raymond, who is a pimp, invites Meursault over for dinner.,First, Raymond describes to Meursault about how he beat up his mistress and fought her,brother.,Then, he asks Meursault to write a letter that will lure the mistress back.,When she shows up, Raymond plans on humiliating her.,In typical fashion, Meursault agrees to write it.,In Chapter 4, Part 1 Marie and Meursault are hanging out at his,place when she asks if he loves her.,He replies that he doesn’t.,From the hall they hear Raymond fighting with his mistress.,When a policeman comes, he slaps Raymond.,Later, Raymond’s comes over to ask Meursault to be a witness in his defense.,Meursault agrees Then we have a scene with poor old Salamano,who has lost his dog.,He’s in a love-hate relationship with his furry companion, and screams that he’s not,gonna pay a dime to get a dog back that he hates.,But later that night, Salamano is crying in his room.,In Chapter 5, Part 1,Masson, a friend of Raymond, invites Meursault and Marie to the beach with them on the weekend.,Later that same day, Meursault gets offered a promotion and barely reacts.,His boss dismisses him who is frustrated at his lack of ambition.,When Meursault gets home later that night, Marie asks Meursault if he will marry her.,Meursault replies uncaringly, but accepts the proposition.,Marie says she can’t join Meursault for dinner that night.,So Meursault is eating alone at a café that night when he spots a women robotically flipping,through radio channels.,When she leaves, Meursault briefly follows her.,In the last scene of the chapter, Salamano is waiting at Meursault’s door to talk about,the love-hate relationship he has with his dog.,Chapter 6, Part 1 Is the day that Meursault, Marie, and Raymond,go to the beach with Masson and his wife.,The group swims in the ocean and then has lunch.,After lunch Meursault and Raymond take a walk and are jumped by a group of Arabs, one of,whom is the mistress’s brother.,Meursault and Raymond retreat when Raymond gets his face slashed.,Raymond goes to a doctor, and then after returns to the beach with a gun.,Meursault takes it from Raymond and sends him back to the beach house.,Meursault is going to finish his stroll on the beach alone.,But then, when Meursault continues, he happens to run into the brother again.,The brother threateningly shows his knife, and Meursault shoots him.,Then he shoots his body 4 more times.,In Chapter 1, Part 2 Meursault is in jail when his lawyer and the,judge take a threatening interest in Meursault.,Meursault’s own defense lawyer is repulsed by his lack of remorse after his mother’s,death.,And the judge, who can’t accept that Meursault doesn’t believe in God, calls him “Mr.,Antichrist” In Chapter 2, Part 2,Marie visits once, but then is barred because she and Meursault aren’t married.,Meursault can’t stop thinking about the pleasures he once had, like cigarettes and,Marie, but eventually adjusts and stops craving them.,To escape the boredom, Meursault recounts every detail of his apartment.,His mattress is made partially of newspaper, and one day Meursault finds a story.,It’s of a mother and daughter who accidentally kill their own son/brother.,After they realize what they’ve done, they both commit suicide.,In Chapter 3, Part 2 When the trial begins, it’s packed.,The news picked up the story during a slow summer.,The judge puts Meursault’s lack of remorse at the center of the trial.,Witnesses start testifying, starting with the funeral director.,He testifies that Meursault showed no emotion at his mother’s funeral, and even smoked,at her vigil.,Thomas Perez testifies that he didn’t notice anything of Meursault, as he was too sad.,The prosecution is also notes that Meursault’s relationship started the weekend after the,funeral.,Chapter 4 (Part 2) The prosecution condemns Meursault as a menace,to society, and states that he deserves to be put to death.,The prosecutor reasons that Meursault’s lack of morality makes him guilty of this,case, as well as a case of parricide that they are trying after Meursault’s case.,When Meursault is asked what his motives were for killing the Arab, he stumbles and blurts,out that it was because of the sun.,At the end of the chapter, Meursault is found guilty and is to be decapitated.,Chapter 5 (Part 2) After having been condemned to die, Meursault,is filled with erratic thoughts.,First he tries to grasp onto some hope that he could survive by chance.,Then he talks about a time his father saw an execution.,Later, he thinks about the morality of a victim of a guillotine being forced to wish that,the guillotine “should go off without a hitch.”,(Page 69) Since, otherwise it would cause enormous pain.,The chaplain has already tried to visit 3 times when he visits again.,The priest can’t understand why Meursault would still reject God even in his final hour.,When the priest tries to force religion on Meursault, who is a non-believer, Meursault,gets frustrated and yells at him saying that nothing matters and that he can’t prove,god exists.,The novel ends with Meursault waiting for the guards to come bring him to be executed.

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Beautiful Dark And Twisted | The Stranger Review

I think the thing that makes this movie,so good the one thing that might make,watching this movie worth it even if you,have zero interest in the subject of the,film this is one of the most,[Music],so I watched this movie called The,Stranger on Netflix a couple of nights,ago and Ive been thinking about it ever,since it ended Im a pretty big fan of,Joel Edgerton Ive seen a few of his,movies most recently I watched a movie,he made called the gift which was just,very uncomfortable kind of one of those,movies that really messes with your,brain but after its over youre still,thinking about it Joel Edgerton is in,this movie he produced it and I gotta be,honest Im still thinking about it even,a couple days after Ive seen it,basically this film follows an,undercover cop named Mark who is tasked,with attempting to befriend a man named,Henry who is believed to be the prime,suspect of one of the biggest high,profile kidnapping cases in the history,of Australia and its been eight years,the trail has gone completely cold until,they track this guy down and they task,Joel edgertons character with trying to,get him to confess because aside from a,literal confession they dont have any,actual evidence that they could bring,against him that premise on its own was,enough to interest me in this film,because it just sounds like one of these,movies thats really going to make you,think and youre really gonna have to,pay attention and you are all of that is,a hundred percent true in fact not only,are you gonna have to pay very close,attention to whats happening in this,film turn on the subtitle I love,Australia I love Australian accents I,had a few times in this movie where I,had no idea what they were saying so I,highly recommend if you do check this,movie out turn on the subtitles,immediately now that being said the,performances in this film from Joel,Edgerton and Sean Harris are incredible,the chemistry between these two is so so,good this movie is all about a man who,is tasked with befriending someone who,is believed to be one of the worst,people in the entire continent and Mark,has a kid so he is basically forced to,attempt to become best friends with,someone whos accused of doing something,that he could never ever want to imagine,happening to his own child this movie is,full of twists and turns there are so,many things about it that make it so so,enjoyable to watch but I think the thing,that makes this movie so good the one,thing that might make watching this,movie worth it even if you have zero,interest in the subject of the film this,is one of the,most beautiful movies I have ever seen,in my life this is one of the most,beautifully shot beautifully directed,films that I have seen all year I say,this a lot right the best part of,cinematography are seeing those shots,that could be paintings this whole movie,could be a painting I was rewinding I,was pausing certain frames there is a,frame in this film of a car being set on,fire and one of the characters standing,just off to the side it just looks so,good shouts out to the director of this,film Tom Wright and the cinematographer,Sam chiplin they did such an amazing job,on this film making it not only one of,the most compelling stories of the year,but this is one of the most if not the,most beautiful film that I think I have,seen this entire year now I did want to,say that while this movie is not in the,horror genre this is a crime Thriller,film but in horror movies sometimes the,thing thats this scariest is the thing,that you imagine might happen and this,film is full of that feeling there are,so many moments where the anticipation,and the feeling of what might happen,What could happen is so uncomfortable it,makes you so anxious in the best way,possible its what really really made,this movie work for me I think that sort,of Storytelling is an incredibly well,made choice I think that it worked,really really well because in my mind,the stuff that I was thinking might,happen in this film is terrifying I,dont want to give away what happens but,the fact that they play on you thinking,you know where its headed it is done in,such a smart way that it adds so much to,making this film as good as it is and,overall I gotta say this is just another,Banger of a movie from Netflix it came,out at the cans Film Festival Netflix,bought it theyre Distributing it it,dropped on Netflix last week Ive heard,almost next to nothing about it I just,found it on Netflix as I was scrolling,but it is totally worth watching I do,want to say its really slow and you,could say its really boring if youre,someone that doesnt like Slow Burn,movies the movie that came to mind,honestly was zodiac a movie that I loved,I thought zodiac was amazing but zodiac,is also very slow I think this movie is,not as slow as zodiac which clocked in,at like two and a half hours this is,substantially shorter than that but it,is worth noting that if youre someone,whos going into this thinking that this,is gonna be Mission Impossible or James,Bond is gonna be a crazy shootout or a,bunch of fighting you gotta drop all of,that stuff thats not what this movie is,trying to be it is a procedural crime,drama Thriller and it absolutely Nails,every aspect of doing that the stranger,is yet another sleeper hit on Netflix I,highly recommend it if you are into this,genre if you are into either of these,actors if you are into seeing one of the,most beautifully shot films of the year,The Stranger should be one that you,check out,foreign,[Music]

The “Stranger Things” Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are

hi everything will find I play Mike on,stranger things Im really will be brown,and I play eleven Im Noah schnap and I,play will buyers,hi Im Natalia dire I play Nancy wheeler,hi Im Charlie heat like by Jonathan,buyers,hi Im Denker Montgomery hi Im David,Harbor I play a chief hopper on stranger,things clearly Im also too sweet Im,Caleb and Im Sadie Im Cary Elwes and I,play mayor Klein,hey Im Kara Bono I play Karen wheeler,on stranger things and were about to,take this which stranger things,character are you quiz mm-hmm lets do,it,[Music],shoes and 80s movie The Goonies Back to,the Future Busters and The Terminator,everybody all right I will choose the,Goonies the B team Im going to choose,[Music],eighty Oh which I do different so I get,a typical yes I mean yeah job do all do,that you can do garlic signal okay and,Im gonna straight off to say Indiana,Jones rate is the Lost Ark I remember,going to the movie theater when that,came out and it was such a seminal film,for me I mean I feel like Im already,headed down the hopper road with Indiana,Jones and whereas the Lost Ark that has,to be my choice Id say back to the,future hey Laverne I love ya we will,yeah,the Terminator I love the term II I mean,obviously the Goonies feels really close,to Ghostbusters is fun too though,alright say Im going Goonies both,calling Goonies,pick a superpower telekinesis flight,super strength super speed invisibility,and teleportation Im thinking,invisibility because Ive always wanted,to have invisibility because you can,really do any prank youve ever wanted I,would say it feels too teleportation yes,rotation and I want to get places fast,yeah me too I dont want to fly,teleportation Id like to just be able,to you just be in the places I want to,be there it can be really convenient so,hateful and then you dont have to miss,people,oh I mean I got to choose this just with,my heart I know that probably if youre,going for hopper youre probably gonna,go super-strength right but I am gonna,go invisibility because it clearly is,the greatest superpower in the world,teleportation because think about how,much we travel and how easy would be,just to like oh thats and also like on,a weekend we like go to Paris again,I would have to say Id like,teleportation I like the idea of being,able to teleport myself from one place,to another without any stress I think,that would be cool flight and I can get,away I think flight I feel like everyone,wants to fly right Super Stretch and New,York edges,yeah your friends would describe you as,loyal funny charismatic kind relaxed is,probably not one and logical I would,hope that my friends find,kind Im not allowed to pick them all I,dont know I would like to think that,they would consider me loyal finally I,would describe you as loyal funny,charismatic kind relaxed I would just to,let you know I would describe you as,relaxed,yeah Id say relaxed and I view as,charismatic a little spat thats,sometimes I would say I like to think,Im funny I dont think I but if I did,that would make me look like a douche so,Im making you put funny but funny awful,funny okay guys what should I put uh you,should put Id say kind actually okay I,think okay now you do charismatic or,definitely yes pairs matter yeah what do,you think my friends would describe me,as an occupation charismatic I think,youre super loyal like a dog look,thats how you think okay yeah I know,your mind so like Im theyd be kind and,theyd say I was charismatic Im pretty,logical very practical Im your go-to,person in an emergency like if the world,is falling apart and buildings falling,on your go-to person,what do you describe man its logical,logical really yeah okay Ill take it,and for you relaxed well I was either,relaxed turmoil but I feel like I feel,like relaxed its like a big-time,big-time choose a place to hang out with,your friends youve got community pool,palace arcade mics basement junkyard,Hawkins middle school or star court moon,Eric and Stockholm or better go for that,I wanna say the stock quote more I would,say the arcade okay not the junkyard,another catch and kill it could be cool,Im gonna go to the basement actually,let me go with the mall Im gonna hang,out at the palace arcade because I love,video games especially retro ones Im a,master at Galaga a master star court,mall the mall because then you have,arcades in the mall I go Im gonna go,with Palace arcade,junkyard for me yeah so that was like my,second rice,choose some 80 slang bitchin tubular,gnarly and wicked Charlie bitchin Im,going for gnarly because people still,use gnarly rightly well we still use,gnarly a lot in our household so I guess,wed have to go with that its not,really good yeah gnarly I like gnarly a,hundred percent gnarly I love that,saying I still use that gnarly for me,I love wicked the musical Im gonna go,with wicked wicked wicked I think its,its the test of time then a crisis,youd be super calm calm,cautious nervous strategic responsible,or brave maybe that was not served as,diet yeah yeah laughs there was a giant,if there was poop in your pants and,crying on the floor whos communist my,honestly do you think that you would be,it how would you be cautious I think,itd be nervous yet nervous Id be,nervous too,Id be responsible I highly doubt of the,you commando Id be strategic I think,Id probably try and be strategic and I,think Id be brave or calm so strategies,probably Kings I would say strategic,strategic cautious I feel like I would,be brave to you would be brave I think,Id be cautious had become what do you,think you think youd become a crisis so,you think of a crisis though like yeah I,think Id become and maybe,sure I think Im try strategic or,strategic strategic okay is there one,thats like freaking out on the Forbes,hyperventilating I think Im nervous,nervous efficiently and finally choose,something important from the series so,Christmas lights the alphabet wall Muse,Bob,Steves bat Eggos or dart its not,Steves back well youre right my bad,hey guys I would use bat fun you know I,might say the bat one oh Christ is just,gonna hit you might want the back oh,yeah Im gonna go,Steves bat sorry music honestly the,most tragic death of the entire series,so look I like dot I would have to say,Eggos I was so fascinated by that whole,theme of eleven thing into waffles all,of them are important but Im going to,go with the one I left behind barb are,you kidding me I got well I got eleven I,got Mike I could like I got Mike Im 11,and I apparently max I got max I would,be Lukas,I got max I got loogie thats so weird,it could take you a while to warm up to,people and trust them but when you find,people you care about youd stop at,nothing to protect them you have a,strong moral code and know how to find,joy in the little thing no no one ice,wish I got well in here Im like your,smart optimistic open-minded youre a,leader not a follower and you make,decisions with your heart youre brave,trusting and would do anything for the,juices yes I got will youre smart kind,and somewhat shot you value honesty and,you always put others needs ahead of,your own you have a creative mind a big,heart and a youthful process pretty true,youre a cautious and level-headed,member of your friend group you think,carefully before you make decisions and,are always realistic you can be,defensive at times what you have a good,nature and love to have fun I feel like,thats pretty accurate yeah I think,thats so accurate youre spunky smart,and you dont care what others think of,you you arent easily trusting but when,you find the right group of people to,open up to youre a loyal team player,they would do anything,friends the irony that I am my sister,clearly Im oh go buy a red wig and a,skateboard,you

The Stranger (2022) Netflix Movie Review

one of the logos at the beginning of,this movie has a math page where it just,like has a math algorithm and I was like,what is that that looked like another,language sent it to my son and he said,yeah thats pretty basic and I just felt,stupid anyway this film lets get into,it a friendship forms between two,strangers for Henry Teague worn down by,a lifetime of physical labor this is a,dream come true his new friend Mark,becomes his Savior and Ally however,neither is who they appear to be and in,the background one of the nations,largest operations is closing in so this,film is based on the real life Daniel,more comb case in 2003 a 13 year old,more comb was kidnapped and killed a,lengthy undercover police operation,eventually led to Brett Peter Cohen okay,so its over two hours long and the,first thing Im gonna say about this I,can understand why you wouldnt be in it,for the long haul its a very long film,standard for a drama Thriller tense film,like this to be two hours or just over,two hours however the film feels long,purposely all cinematography is draw,worn out the dialogue heavy not so,dialogue heavy thumb when I get to that,in a minute feels like its also drawn,out as a part of the film its very art,or Art Van Guard its almost like an,indie film but not quite because of our,two main protagonists who I would,consider as like a triple A List actors,because I think theyre great and have,amazing presents Joe eggerton plays Mark,and Sean Harris Henry T and so what I,meant by the dialogue being heavy and,not dialogue heavy theres a lot thats,said in these scenes thats unsaid so,although there isnt spoken dialogue,whats been shown on their face is fear,trauma Brokenness we have these two guys,meet in a different path in their,lifetime one has gone through a bunch of,stuff in his past and one is carrying a,lot of weight and basically ones life,is going that way and the others kind,of following them on that part the,secrets they hold however will shape the,path of the movie it can feel a little,bit disjointed as we are shown,flashbacks this police case theres long,investigation until it kind of comes,together in its fruition and leading the,stories to a conjoined ending that feels,somewhat satisfying although this film,is very dark and long drawn out Moody,and there is a tenseness to this film,man even though theyre not showing it,theres not a lot on screen thats like,scary the visceral nature of the case,itself leads to an air of uh this just,feels nasty like in your gut youre,watching it and youre like,and then we get to know these two,characters Joel eggerton plays this Dad,but also a cop who I guess that the job,is getting to him and we see his mental,state degrade over time and then we flip,over to Sean Harris whos playing Henry,and at the beginning he seems very,broken and disjointed not really knowing,what to do with himself and then as the,film progresses we see him start to pull,himself together even the way he carries,himself the way he walks bit more sure,of himself it feels like these two,characters go like a counterclockwise,but are still meeting at the end of the,fruition of the story which I really,liked how they put that together there,are some creepy dream sequences they,caught me off guard but other than that,there isnt a lot of horror its just,tense and thriller-ish the story is the,puzzle piece of the mystery that you,kind of want to get to its Point quicker,than it is not standing here saying this,is an absolutely brilliant Perfect film,I think they could absolutely have,shaved some of this time down but then I,dont think the film would be what it is,it has The Bravery to make you wait for,the answers and it starts to embellish,itself cant feel like its a bit,pretentious it takes long on some of,those scenes that mise on scenes showing,everything in scene and not cutting away,and then cutting sharply when youre not,expecting it to or then using dialogue,to move the scene but you want it to,move quicker or those faces that youre,looking at them you wish they would just,say something out loud or not mess up as,theyre saying stuff with their face,without saying it its a whole kind of,turmoil of emotions on faces that you,get by the actors that are portrayed on,screen and then the dialogue itself is,also tense and so what youre getting is,pretty much an art house film and,amongst this tense story thats based on,a true story and I feel like some people,will just be switched off like that and,Im like yeah Im out but other people,this will be their cup of tea its,definitely gonna have like a split,audience I enjoyed it for what it was,but I dont think its something I would,ever go back to its worth watching just,for the performances alone and some of,that cinematography the way they edit,this film even though its very slow and,pacing dialogue not heavy but heavy now,that Ive explained that I hope you find,something if you like these 10 sort of,films I hope you find it as enjoyable as,I did up to a point Im gonna give this,three and a half Nicolas cages out of,five its almost pushing a four but I,just feel Ive really felt the length of,this one and Im used to sitting myself,down when you see this type of genre,film you feel like you know what youre,in for but sometimes they just push that,storyline a bit too far a bit too long,but hey what do I know let me know your,thoughts down below maybe you loved it,and thought it was five star all the way,but Im gonna give this three and a half,Nicholas cages out of five,youve got one love to know your,thoughts thanks so much for watching do,check out our Corner copier of other,content that we have up at the moment,putting out loads of reviews thanks so,much for joining us weve got a great,Community growing here do hit that Bell,because if you dont hit that Bell then,I get lost in the review Apocalypse of,the YouTube see you next time

THE STRANGER: Ending Explained Breakdown + Spoiler Talk Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show Im,your host definition in this episode,well be breaking down the stranger on,Netflix the show has a lot to unpack,from it and throughout this video well,be going through its overall plot and,the ending there will be heavy spoilers,here so if you havent had a chance to,watch the series yet and dont want to,know what happens then I highly suggest,that you turn off now well the way I,just want to give a huge thank you for,clicking the video now lets get into,our breakdown of the stranger did you,see Corinne this isnt what you think,theres more to this the stranger is,based on the 2015 book of the same name,by Harlan Coben initially the series,opens on Adam Pryce a football dad whos,approached by the titular stranger and,with there comes an allegation about the,characters wife Corinth,early in their relationship Adam was,going to break up with Corrin but he,stayed with her because she was pregnant,however the stranger reveals that this,was faked along with the miscarriage,that followed not long after it sets,alarm bells ringing in his head and she,carries a warning that he may not even,be the father of his two sons Adam sets,out to know the truth and it slowly,tears his marriage apart and plants,paranoia and distrust in the couple,whoever Koren says there is more to the,story than meets the eye,and after she disappears it sets Adam,off on a quest to get to the bottom of,it all its a brilliant way to open the,show and it sets up the aesthetic that,the stranger has the ability to tear,peoples lives in two similar to the,source material this enigmatic figure,seems to know at all shes like a ghost,because the stranger begins to torture,everyone that she comes into contact,with blackmailing them and revealing,hidden secrets that she somehow acquired,there were links together,and though there are several strands to,the storyline that seem unconnected they,all interweave with one another making,for a gripping narrative Im going to be,breaking down the show in non,chronological order just to simplify,everything as it gets complex with,certain reveals the main players are the,aforementioned,Chindi Adam and Corrin Adams client,Martin – detectives Joanna and Wes,Joannas friend Heidi and a group of,high-school peoples Joe though dont,let her hear me call her that finds her,decapitated alpaca which is linked to a,boy named Dante that overdosed in the,woods Dante is a youtuber with 3,000,subscribers and I did warn him that,something bad would happen if he didnt,stay off my patch he secretly filmed,Karim before she went missing and these,are sort of voya,we learned that apparently Koren stole,money from the school football club and,this becomes a big plot point in the,finale Im jamming ahead here but its,revealed that one of the high school,students was suspected of sending child,pornography to the entire school the,victims sister believed this to be a,boy named Mike Tripp and now she spiked,him with PCP and during this trip excuse,the pun he decapitated the alpaca Mike,believes he may be responsible for,Dantes condition but we discover it,with someone else which Ill get into,later,Heidi is blackmailed by the stranger and,is told that if she doesnt pay up her,daughters only fan account or whatever,it is will be put online but I dont,know what its called,just in case my wifes watching dont,look out our bank statements this puts,our on a path with a dangerous policeman,named detective John Katz who will do,anything to cover up a secret he murders,Heidi and this came to me as a huge,surprise especially if hed been keeping,up-to-date with how the show has been,promoted Jennifer Saunders was doing the,chat show circuit earlier this month and,I see her taken out by a crooked cop was,a huge turn up for the books its,revealed that John is working for a rich,businessman who met with Heidis,daughter several times and became her,sugar daddy John has been tasked with,covering this up hence his hunt for the,stranger speaking of policemen through a,retired one named Martin Adam is helping,to retain his home against his father,Adams father used to live in the area,and the two actually have a,long-standing grudge with one another,thats revealed later in the show with,the help of Martin he tracks Koren,through a woman named Susan who was also,blackmailed by the mysterious figure at,the center of it all whats so great,about the stranger is that most of it,seems grounded implausible other than,John and a character Ill get into in,just a bit,nothing is really over the top theres,not many twists that dont,seemed like they couldnt happen we,exist in a world where we freely hand,over private information on our lives to,social media and you can see how someone,could easily build a database of,blackmail material on a target theres,also a theme of what you dont know,cant hurt you,that I found arguably the most,compelling aspect of the show,the stranger pretty much forces the,information upon people at times and,some would rather not know,its the classic notion that ignorant is,bliss and I found myself putting myself,in the characters shoes and wondering if,Id want to know the truth if it would,destroy all that Id built information,is power and this show it definately,exemplifies that it made me question if,the stranger was even the bad guy in all,this and whilst I did conclude that she,was a lot of the time she was only,punishing people who deserved it she was,catching a lot of people in a lie,however I think in the case of Heidi,that she did go too far and was simply,blackmailing her for the sake of it now,from here Adam tracks is stranger by,using the memory of an autistic man,named Max its the usual trope where,autism is a superpower but it helps to,keep the plot moving this is the,character that was talking about before,and I always kind of feel like when they,do this in a show or film it is quite,lazy and and here I felt kind of like a,dead plot point luckily they dont dwell,on it too long and the cat and mouse,game with his wife also unearths his own,affair with an old work colleague now,everything in the show operates in,shades of grey rather than black and,white and Adam becomes a suspect in his,wifes disappearance her key fob was,planted at the crime scene of Heidis,murder and John oversees the police,interview trying to find out whats,going on its revealed that Jon has an,extremely sick daughter named Olivia and,her mother has Munchausen by proxy and,has been poisoning her its really,messed up and the high school group,uncovered after trying to confront the,family over why Olivia told people Mike,was behind the spreading of the explicit,images that we talked about earlier its,revealed that Olivia actually did it and,though Mike was spiked he wasnt,complicit in the crime against Dante,its revealed that Daisy took his,clothes and the max came across Dante,and chased him his collapse turns out to,be an accident and max just ended up,leaving him it was probably the most,disappointing reveal on the show for me,as I was a,spectin big repercussions from this but,by the end it all just kind of fell flat,and got swept under the rug as for,Martin after his house is signed up for,demolition its revealed that he,murdered his wife and hid her body in,his home and this is why he didnt want,to sell it like many characters hes,been living a lie for yes however unlike,the rest because he kept it in his home,no one was able to use the information,against him,everyone is skeletons in their closets,things that they hide and all that the,stranger is doing is pulling these to,the surface its revealed that Martin,and the stranger have a connection with,one another and theres some irony in,the fact that she owned its secrets,whilst he hid them it makes for a really,gripping drama and as someone who was a,bit Maire from the first trailer I found,it really pulling me in theres just,something distinctively British about,the whole series and it manages to take,the mundane an

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