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The Tinder Swindler is WILD | Netflix Movie Review

i hesitantly went on a tinder date in,college and it didnt go well but it was,nothing like this what is up netflix,fans welcome back to my channel you know,its like eight years ago i got out of,there so fast it was,it was a weird date but today were,talking the tinder swindler and oh my,goodness this is a crazy documentary and,i had to talk about it even with my,voice slowly continuing to go away,theres something wrong i i had a fever,a while ago but im not going anywhere,so dont worry this is my bunker i will,never leave this documentary is going to,make some noise i want to talk about it,so the tinder swindler tells a,jaw-dropping story of a prolific con man,who posed as a billionaire playboy on,tinder and the women who set out to,bring him down we start out with our i,guess our main character of cecile who,matches with this good-looking handsome,billionaire playboy and she cant,believe when it turns out to be the man,of her dreams thats thats how it,normally goes but then she discovers,that this international businessman is,not who he says he is where this fairy,tale ends a revenge thriller begins,cecile discovers that there are other,targets and they all come together they,are victims no more and they go after,this man of many names the tinder,swindler inevitably meets his match this,comes to us from the producers of the,imposter and dont f with cats which was,another documentary that made waves i,feel like this is going to do the same,thing especially for those that have,used tinder or any of the numerous i,dont keep up with it theres like 20,dating apps that people use,to go on dates and to live their lives,but what these women were not aware of,is that they were all being played by,this one man,who dont take this the wrong way is,good at what he does but that doesnt,make him a good person hes a terrible,person and this is a documentary so im,going to go a little more in detail than,i normally do with reviews uh the,biggest thing about this film and this,is probably the biggest spoiler,that im going to talk about so if you,dont want to know anything skip about,do the double click thing on youtube,skip about 10 to 15 seconds hes still,out there how is this man still out,there,its its ridic its so stupid its so,stupid makes me mad but we go back to,our women that he was able to swindle,and you look at some of the decision,making here and thats one thing you can,question just from a a logical,standpoint its like youre taking out a,loan youre youre bringing all of these,things out of your savings things that,you need to survive and paying this man,when he asks you to pay him and thats,essentially what theyre doing all,throughout the documentary at 10 grand,20 grand 30 000,for him to inevitably take that money,and spend it on somebody else,first of all there are so many decisions,in this documentary where i sit back and,i just go,how,why but then you look at the mentality,of these individuals and kind of how,they got mentally and emotionally sucked,in to this situation and the fact that,he was playing the long game he would go,for a month or two months just to get,them in to his emotional prison if you,will and its absolutely,terrible what he did to these women its,terrible,but its also just,baffling the fact that he was able to,continue doing this to the point to,where he had numerous victims and im,sure there were more victims and maybe,there still are victims that didnt even,come out and talk in this documentary uh,that didnt want to but for those that,did even with all of the madness and you,know the judgment thats coming their,way some of it is warranted but not all,of it the fact that they came out and,said you know what were gonna make this,documentary were gonna allow all of,this stuff to come to light,thats pretty impressive that thats,really really impressive and you love,seeing something like that you love for,the truth to come out of course its,going to be biased in the direction of,the individuals behind this documentary,but everything that i saw well that told,me enough and this is a man who had been,there and done that prior to this group,of women and went to prison for his,crimes,but it didnt do anything,he came out and he wanted to do it again,and thats what he was doing so its the,long game of going about it in a way,that makes for a compelling documentary,finding people involved on the other,side of things prior to him going to,jail and now theyre working with him,its like all of these crazy things man,its one of those documentaries that is,so crazy you just dont believe any of,it is real now one thing this,documentary does that we see in every,documentary like this is we get the,reenactments the scenes that you know,clearly are staged using actors and and,recreating the texts and all of those,things im sure some of the messages,were actually real but recreating the,moments sometimes that can come across,as effective but i didnt find it to be,effective every single time in this,documentary i found those moments to,make it more cheesy than the situation,actually is i honestly could have just,done without that but i understand you,have to make it more cinematic to a,degree,but on the other side of that it is your,standard you know interviewees talking,documentary but when the subject matter,is super compelling like it is now that,doesnt bother me as much my biggest,complaint with this documentary,is just that it takes a long time to get,to,the really interesting parts in my,opinion i understand you have to build,up cecile story and then all of the,other women that come in and tell their,story and then theres a third major,woman uh in the third act of the film,that comes in but theres just so much,to it to where i feel like we could have,cut 20 minutes and made this a solid 90,minute documentary because i will admit,i was losing interest in the first third,and not until we start to realize whats,actually happening thats when the,documentary really picked up for me and,all of these crazy things that happened,so thats when i was fully on board with,what was happening at the end of the day,its one that causes you to look at,everyone involved those that fell for,his con the man behind it obviously and,just the fact that this happened in the,first place i it doesnt feel real but,obviously it is so before i give you,guys my score i want to say thank you so,much for watching if you enjoyed this,review be sure to drop your thumbs up,down below this is a baffling true story,and it is one that will upset you in,ways that you never anticipate after,seeing the title it may not be the most,well made documentary ive ever seen,but the subject matter is absolutely,wild my score is a 72 i really enjoy,this its engaging its everything you,want a documentary to be its also,infuriating and you just scratching your,head while watching so uh its its,going to cause a lot of conversation i,need your thoughts comments down below,let me know im going to go gargle with,some salt water because this is,ridiculous

6 Things Netflix Didnt Tell You About The Tinder Swindler

dating on the internet has never been,black or white you either find a happy,ever after with a partner of your dreams,or you experience something truly,horrifying and become the topic of a,true crime documentary unfortunately yet,again online dating has shown its ugly,side and more people have fallen prey to,the many predators that stalk the,internet after a lengthy investigation,into this particular predator netflix,released a documentary about a man known,as the tinder swindler so what part of,this harrowing tale wont you be seeing,on the big screen lets find out the 6,things netflix didnt tell you about the,tinder swindler for those not in the,know what even is a tinder swindler,whats the story behind the fake,billionaire simon leviev the netflix,documentary answers that question the,tinder swindler is a true crime,documentary that tells the story of the,israeli con man shimon hyut who used the,dating application tinder to find women,manipulate them emotionally and deceive,them into financially supporting his,fictitious lavish lifestyle the story,revolves around an israeli man born,shimon hayyut who presented himself as,the son of russian israeli diamond mogul,lev leviev under the name simon leviev,he crafted the perfect fake lifestyle on,the dating app tinder and would contact,and trick women into lending him,exorbitant amounts of money he would,never repay nor had any intention of,repaying after contacting these women,through tinder simon would charm them,with lavish gifts and take them to,dinners on private jets not with some,massive inherited wealth it was all an,elaborate scam using the money he had,conned off other women part of his scam,would involve him pretending that his,life was in danger that he was being,targeted by his enemies and that he was,in need of their help simon would send,the same messages and images to the,different women he was scamming,depicting fictitious images of him being,recently attacked with a knife only,being saved by his bodyguard obviously,this was all staged the point of his,messages was to emotionally manipulate,his victims using their pity and care as,a hook to ask them for financial,assistance pretending to not be able to,use his credit cards and bank accounts,due to his apparent precarious situation,the women would often take out bank,loans and new credit cards in order to,help unfortunately for them their money,would be gone for good simon was no,billionaires son and wouldnt be paying,them back and if he ever did it was,usually pure pretense giving them,worthless jewelry or forging documents,to show fake bank transfers he would,then break off contact with these women,ghosting them and using his ill-gotten,wealth to lure new victims so what part,of the tinder swindlers story was,missing,first lev leviev filed a complaint,against simon israeli businessman and,ceo of lld diamonds lev leviev filed a,complaint against simon who had been,going around swindling women while,pretending to be his son lev leviev is,popularly known as the king of diamonds,and as you can imagine he wouldnt be,very keen on the idea of someone,tarnishing his familys name and,companys reputation lev filed a,complaint against the fraudster with the,israeli police coming out and making it,very clear that shimon hayyut had no,relation to the levaya family lld,diamonds even released an official,statement following the documentary,stating lld diamonds has been a,well-regarded leader in the diamond,industry for three decades our company,has no connection whatsoever with shimon,hyut he is a fraud who has tried to,exploit our good name to con victims out,of millions of dollars our sympathies go,out to his victims his fraud has also,caused ongoing confusion about our,company nothing he has said about lld or,anything else should be believed as soon,as we learned of the fraud we filed a,complaint with the israeli police and we,hope that mr hayoot faces the justice he,deserves forced to run away from his,birth country for his many crimes it was,only a matter of time until simons,scams would finally get the better of,him and he would fall into the arms of,the law,second simon has been a known fraudster,for a long time shimon haayut has been a,known fraudster in israel since 2011.,before his arrest in 2019 he would flee,israel despite being charged for,multiple crimes running away to europe,and committing several more crimes he,was wanted in israel england denmark,germany sweden and norway simon started,his fraudulent behavior when he was 20,years old he started off stealing checks,from the families he worked for simon,had worked for a wealthy family as a,handyman and worked for another family,as a babysitter for their four-year-old,son its reported that he used his,stolen money for flying lessons and to,buy himself a fancy porsche simons,fraudulent deceptions werent just to,trick women into giving him money though,back in 2021 he presented as a real,estate expert even giving an interview,on how to create a successful career in,this field and of course in the,interview he lied as well saying he was,a 29 year old millionaire when in,reality he was actually 31 and far from,being that wealthy he would also present,himself as a pilot even though he had,spent some money on flying lessons he,never completed the flight course but,simon isnt the kind of person to let,reality get in the way of whatever,identity he chooses to fabricate the,women depicted in the netflix,documentary werent the first or only,people to erroneously give money to,simon a former classmate of his revealed,that simon made him invest in his,clothing business idea which to nobodys,surprise never actually saw the light of,day,third what justice came to simon and his,crew,in december 2019 shimon hyut was,sentenced to 15 months in prison after,being convicted of fraud theft and,forgery his imprisonment was eventually,reduced to five months understandably,upsetting the victims of his many scams,the reported reasons behind his early,release were his good behavior and the,need to reduce the prison population to,avoid an outbreak of covet 19. after his,release simon would return to tinder,only being finally banned from the,dating app after the release of the,netflix documentary a ban which unlike a,conviction for multiple counts of theft,fraud and forgery is for life simons,imprisonment wasnt the only lenient,part of his crime spree some of the,other people involved in simons scams,ended up not getting off scot-free like,simons father johanna hayoot who was a,chief rabbi of el al airlines he was,also involved in his sons scams and,helped him to swindle money from people,claims which he denies of course there,was also simons apparent business,partner avishay who reportedly had an,active role in his schemes as well one,victim claimed that afiche would call,and text her urging to send simon money,on top of the fact that afiche had known,of simons true identity the entire time,he did this one of simons closest,allies was his bodyguard peter who,despite being directly involved in the,scam still walks the streets as a free,man he even decided to sue netflix for,his depiction in the documentary he is,still seen with simon keeping his role,as his bodyguard,fourth,cecily fjalljoys full story,after falling victim to simon leviaths,deception these unfortunate women were,left financially devastated and stuck,paying off their debts even after the,release of the netflix documentary one,of these victims is cecily fieldhoy,after her encounter with simon she was,left with 200 000 pounds of debt and in,constant fear of debt collectors chasing,after her her story was a pretty tragic,one for months she believed simon and,her were in a relationship and she was,in daily contact with simon she knew him,as the incredibly wealthy simon leviev,and simon played the role very well,during their first meeting cecily didnt,just meet simon she met his whole,entourage simons bodyguard his business,partner and his secretary she

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Menipu Berbagai Wanita Menggunakan Aplikasi – Alur Cerita The Tinder Swindler

Hai Hai guys ketemu lagi sama aku yang,akan menemani hari-harimu Apa kabar,kalian semua Semoga kalian baik-baik,saja ya kali ini saya akan membahas film,dokumenter yang sangat viral yaitu film,dokumenter The tender swindler dimana,film ini menceritakan tentang seorang,pria bernama say moonleaf yang menipu,berbagai macam wanita di berbagai,belahan dunia hanya dengan sebuah,aplikasi kencan yaitu tinder penasaran,bagaimana saya melipir dapat,melakukannya Oke tanpa basa-basi kita,langsung bahas filmnya tapi video Ini,mengandung spoiler ya jika tidak,keberatan dengan spoiler tonton videonya,sampai habis,Sebelum kita mulai saya ingin,memberitahu dulu bahwa ini adalah film,dokumenter jadi film ini lebih,memperlihatkan seseorang yang sedang,menceritakan kisah masa lalunya dengan,dibalut sedikit cuplikan-cuplikan,kejadian di masa lalu film ini diawali,dengan diperlihatkannya seorang wanita,bernama sessile yang menceritakan,kisahnya di masa lalu sessile,menjelaskan jika dirinya memiliki akun,tender yang telah Ia gunakan kurang,lebih sekitar 7 tahun bisa dibilang,sessile ini sangat hebat dalam memikat,pria menggunakan aplikasi tinder karena,hingga saat ini Cecil sudah match dengan,1024 pria selayaknya akun tinder sessile,juga mengupload foto-foto cantiknya agar,dapat dilihat oleh pria-pria lain di,akun sessile kita dapat melihat bahwa,sessile ini berasal dari Oslo Norwegia,yang kini tinggal di London Inggris,sessile menjelaskan jika saat dirinya,memilih pria maka dirinya akan memilih,pria yang memiliki hobi traveling suka,binatang kaya dan ganteng hingga sampai,sering menemukan satu akun pria yang,bernama Saiman i karena akun milik,Saimen ini terlihat jika saemon sangat,menyukai traveling suka binatang kaya,dan tentunya ganteng Hal ini tentu,membuat ceceli sangat tertarik dan,menggeser akun milik Saimen kekanan dan,secara bersamaan mereka match atau,saling tertarik Jadi bagi yang tidak,tahu bahwa aplikasi tinder ini digunakan,untuk mencari teman kencan dimana,seseorang menggeser ke kanan untuk suka,dan menggeser kekiri untuk tidak suka,jika ada dua orang saling suka maka,itulah yang dinamakan match atau cocok,sehingga mereka bisa saling mengirim,pesan untuk mengenal lebih jauh setelah,mereka Max saimon langsung mengirim,pesan kepada sesli saemon mengatakan,jika dirinya akan meninggalkan London,esok hari dan ingin bertemu dengan,Syaikh sholih hari ini di hotel mewah,tempat saya menginap Selly pun,menyetujuinya dan akhirnya mereka berdua,bertemu untuk pertama kalinya di,pertemuan itu saya melangsung,menceritakan tentang dirinya Imam,menjelaskan jika nama panjangnya adalah,saya moonleaf dan memiliki seorang ayah,yang bernama levier ayah saimon sendiri,memiliki perusahaan berlian yang sangat,terkenal yang bernama perusahaan levier,saya menduga menjelaskan jika dirinya,sudah memiliki anak yang kini tinggal di,London bersama dengan mantan istrinya,tanpa disangka tiba-tiba saja Saimen,mengajak sessile untuk pergi ke Bulgaria,naik jet pribadinya karena dirinya,sebentar lagi akan ke Bulgaria untuk,urusan bisnis Cecilia yang Mendengar hal,itu tentu langsung menyetujuinya karena,dirinya sangat menginginkan naik jet,pribadi akhirnya Cecil pun diantar,pulang oleh supir pribadi Saiman,menggunakan mobil mewah rolls-royce,untuk mengambil pakaian dan Paspor,Setelah semuanya siap Mereka pun pergi,menuju jet pribadi milik Saiman ternyata,yang ikut dalam perjalanan burger yaitu,adalah saemon Cecil Yes supir pribadi,Saimen pengawal setia saeman yang,bernama Pieter mantan istri saya dan,anak mereka diperjalanan itu sessile,benar-benar diperlakukan dengan sangat,baik seperti minuman-minuman mahal dan,juga makanan-makanan Mahal seperti cavia,mereka juga sempat merekam kebersamaan,mereka dan tentunya Hal itu membuat,Cecilia sangat senang akhirnya mereka,sampai di Bulgaria dan pergi menuju,hotel tempat mereka menginap dan,tentunya menggunakan sebuah mobil mewah,di dalam perjalanan mantan istri saya,menjelaskan kepada sessile bahwa Saiman,adalah lelaki yang sangat baik dan,bertanggung jawab bahkan Saimen masih,memberikan uang kepada mantan istrinya,walaupun mereka kini sudah bercerai,tentu Mendengar hal itu Cecilia semakin,kagum dan mulai menyukai Saiman,Sesampainya di hotel Saiman dan Cecilia,memutuskan untuk tidur bersama saat,mereka sedang asyik tidur bersama,tiba-tiba saja Pieter menghubungi saya,Man secara terus-menerus melihat hal itu,sign meminta agar Cecilia cepat pulang,ke London Cecilia yang Mendengar hal itu,sedikit kecewa,karena dirinya masih ingin bersama,dengan Saiman namun dengan sangat,terpaksa Cecilia menyetujuinya dan,langsung pulang ke London menggunakan,kereta setelah perjalanan itu mereka,berdua mulai sering saling mengirim,pesan layaknya seorang yang sedang,Kasmaran saemon juga sering memberikan,foto-foto saat dirinya sedang pergi ke,berbagai negara untuk bekerja bahkan,saya menduga menyempatkan diri untuk,memberikan kejutan kepada sessile dengan,cara mengirimkan sebuah bunga ke rumah,sessile sesekali saya menduga pergi ke,London hanya untuk menemui sessile,setelah beberapa hari berlalu Akhirnya,saya mengungkapkan isi hatinya dan,merekapun resmi berpacaran setelah,mereka resmi berpacaran Saimen pun,menceritakan semua tentang dirinya,kepada sesilih saya menjelaskan jika,Pieter adalah pengawalnya yang,ditugaskan selama ini untuk menjaga,dirinya dari orang-orang yang berniat,jahat tentu hal itu karena saya memiliki,pesaing pesaing bisnis yang iri dengan,Saimen karena saya menu Ki bisnis yang,sangat besar Saimen juga mengatakan jika,dirinya sering mendapatkan sebuah,ancaman sambil menunjukkan foto-foto,bahwa dirinya pernah dikirimkan sebuah,peluru dan bunga kematian bahkan Saimen,memiliki sebuah rekaman CCTV dimana,dirinya sedang diikuti oleh seseorang di,London hal ini membuat Saiman harus,pergi dari London untuk sementara waktu,dan meminta agar Cecilia tetap,mencintainya Cecil yang Mendengar hal,itu tentu sangat takut dan prihatin,dengan keadaan saemon dan berjanji akan,terus mencintai Saiman setelah,menceritakan hal itu semua Saimen pun,pergi meninggalkan London dan tidak,pernah bertemu lagi dengan sessile namun,mereka masih saling berkomunikasi dengan,cara saling mengirim pesan lalu kita,berpindah sini yang memperlihatkan,seorang wanita cantik bernama pernila,sedang menceritakan kisah masa lalunya,pernila adalah seorang wanita cantik,yang tinggal di Stockholm Swedia dan,aktif bermain aplikasi tinder,bermain tinder hanya ingin mendapatkan,seorang teman pria yang dapat,berpetualang dan tertawa bersama hal itu,semua bisa terlihat dari akun tinder,milik pernila setelah beberapa tahun,dirinya bermain tinder akhirnya match,dengan salah satu pria bernama Saiman,bernilai yang melihat foto-foto Saimen,ditindak tentu sangat tertarik dan,berharap jika saya mendapat menjadi,teman dekatnya tak lama setelah Max,Simon langsung mengirimkan pesan kepada,pernila lebih like to move it networking,the morning,di sini dapat kita simpulkan jika saimon,kini berada di Amsterdam Saiman juga,langsung memberikan tiket pesawat dari,stok homse Amsterdam yang bukti,pembeliannya dikirim ke pernila di bukti,pembeliannya tersebut terdapat sebuah,email Saimen dengan nama file,sll diamonds.com bernilai yang melihat,itu langsung mencari tahu arti kata dari,LDII Diamonds OK Google tentunya Hal itu,membuat pernila sangat kaget karena saya,iman adalah anak dari pemilik perusahaan,berlian besar yaitu LDII Diamond,akhirnya pernila Pergi ke Amsterdam dan,bertemu dengan Simon Simon langsung,mentraktir pernila makan dan makanan,yang dipesan oleh Simon adalah,makanan-makanan mahal walaupun itu,pertemuan pertama mereka namun terlihat,jika mereka seperti seseorang yang telah,berteman sangat akrab Hal ini tentu,adalah hubungan yang sangat diidamkan,oleh para Nila yaitu memiliki seorang,teman pria yang sangat dekat setelah,seharian mereka bersama pernila pun,kembali ke Stockholm Dan mulai saat itu,mereka saling mengirim pesan lalu kita,kembali pada Cecil yang melanjutkan,kisahnya di masa lalu Setelah beberapa,lam

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“The Tinder Swindler” | Simon Leviev Case Analysis

hello this is dr grande todays question,is can i analyze the case of simon levi,hes the subject of a netflix,documentary titled the tinder swindler,just a reminder im not diagnosing by,this video only speculating about what,could be happening in a situation like,this if you enjoy this video please like,it subscribe to my channel and consider,supporting me on patreon i will put the,link to patreon in the description for,this video,first ill look at the background in,this case then ill move to my analysis,simon hayut was born near tel aviv,israel,its not clear when he was born some,sources say 1988 others say 1990 and,1991 he fled from israel in 2011 after,being charged with theft fraud and,forgery,he ended up in finland where he started,running a criminal scheme where he,defrauded women,in 2015 he was arrested and convicted,for defrauding three women he ended up,serving two years in prison,when he was released in 2017 he made his,way back to israel,before the authorities could arrest him,he fled to europe at some point he,changed his name to simon levi,this is where the netflix documentary,picks up the story,according to the documentary heres what,happened a norwegian woman named cecilia,who lived in london,found simon on tinder in january of 2018,she was immediately impressed by his,apparent wealth,he had posted pictures wearing nice,clothes and posing with expensive items,like jets and sports cars he claimed he,was a diamond dealer for a company owned,by his father called lld diamonds simon,met with cecilia a local bar and said,that he had to travel to bulgaria for,business,he had to leave right away,he invited cecilia to come with him,which she did,the two had sex in a hotel room in,bulgaria before she returned to london,she didnt believe that she would hear,from simon again,but she wanted to she liked him he had,swept her off her feet,she was pleasantly surprised when he,reached out to her,the two started communicating frequently,he asked her to become his girlfriend,and she agreed,around the same time a woman named,pernilla selected simon on tinder she,was also impressed by his apparent,wealth,he invited her to his residence in,amsterdam and she accepted,when she met him she thought that he,dressed elegantly but was a little short,they ate expensive food and talked quite,a bit,she found him to be a good listener,he made a romantic move but she rejected,him because it didnt feel right,there was no romantic energy she,returned home but she missed him and,they started communicating frequently,so at this time simon is telling cecilia,that she is his girlfriend,hes friends with pernilla and later we,find out hes also seeing a woman named,eileen,he appeared to be maintaining several,other romantic interests,at this time,simon moved into the next phase of his,scam with cecilia,he sent her a picture of a man he,referred to as peter who was supposedly,his bodyguard,peter appears to be injured in the,photograph simon makes it look like,somebody was trying to attack him and,ended up injuring peter instead,simons life is in danger he has many,enemies that are out to get him because,of his diamond dealing,due to security concerns like his,enemies tracking him he asks cecilia if,he can use her american express card,she agrees thinking that this is a,safety issue she wants to protect simon,he quickly maxes out the card,he asks her to bring 25 000 in cash to,amsterdam she gets a loan for the money,and brings it to him,he keeps telling her that what she is,doing is keeping him safe from these,mysterious,enemies,american express eventually started,denying the card,simon asked cecilia to contact them and,tell them she was using the card the,transactions were valid,even sent her pay stubs as if she was,working for his company the pay stubs,displayed an exorbitant salary which,allowed her to increase her limits on,the card simon uses the money that hes,getting from cecilia to travel all over,europe and party with a new girlfriend,as well as with his friend pernilla he,explains to cecilia that he needs to,maintain this party lifestyle for his,business his image is an important part,of his job,altogether cecilia had borrowed 250 000,and given it to simon,she told simon she really needed to be,reimbursed,he gave her a check for half a million,dollars,she tried to cash it without success,simon told her that he gave her the,check what else could he do he believed,he had fulfilled his obligation it,didnt matter if d-check was,bouncing cecilia reported what happened,to american express they told her that,simon was a con artist,she moved back to norway and lived with,her mother facing loans from nine,different banks that she could not pay,she checked herself into a mental health,facility,at this point simon focused his efforts,on pranilla,he basically ran the same scam,over time she sends him forty thousand,dollars he writes her a check for a,hundred thousand dollars it never clears,she doesnt notice this immediately and,pays for his flights on her american,express card,a journalist from norway who had been,alerted by cecilia,contacted pernilla and informed her that,simon was a con artist,she meets with simon in munich to help,the reporters photograph simon he gives,her a rolex watch to pay off his debt,when she returns home she found out the,watch was a fake,she called simon and accused him of,fraud,he threatened her in return,the reporters published the story about,simon levi,his girlfriend of 14 months eileen who i,had mentioned before,read the article she noticed that simon,used the exact same words with her as he,used with the other alleged victims,he also sent the same photograph of the,injured bodyguard peter,eileen had given simon 140 000.,she notified the police about simons,activity,intent on getting at least some of her,money back she pretended that she still,believed in simon,she was able to persuade simon to give,her his expensive clothes so that she,could sell them and give the money to,him she meets him in prague takes the,clothing sells them and keeps the money,simon isnt too happy about this,in july of 2019 simon takes a flight to,athens greece eileen notifies the police,and they arrest him there he is,extradited to israel and in december of,that same year,he was convicted of the theft fraud and,forgery charges from 2011.,simon was sentenced to 15 months in,prison he was released in may of 2020,after serving only five months,his early release was due to concerns,about coronavirus outbreaks among,prisoners and good behavior,according to the documentary after being,released,simon was doing quite well,he had a new girlfriend who was a model,although she now claims that they have,broken up,based on posts to his instagram account,it appears as though simon is still,preoccupied with a luxury lifestyle,simon is wanted for various fraud and,forgery offenses in norway sweden and,the united kingdom the authorities,believe he may have defrauded victims,out of about 10 million dollars from,2017 to 2019 alone he has also been,reported to the police in several other,countries,there are stories about him posing as a,pilot arms dealer a secret agent,and an heir to an israeli airline,simon told reporters that all the women,who have accused him of fraud and theft,did so for personal reasons,he suggested that maybe their hearts,were broken during their relationship,with him,he is threatening to sue netflix and the,newspaper in norway that broke the story,simon claims that they have defamed him,now moving to my analysis,there are many elements to the story,that stand out to me i will go through,each one of them here,item number one,like so many con artists simon started,his criminal career in an,unsophisticated manner,the crimes he committed in israel for,which he was imprisoned,included taking a checkbook from a,family when he was working as a,babysitter,and stealing a checkbook when he was,working as a handyman,i doubt he was using a grandiose,backstory at this time,like he

The Tinder Swindler is INSANE! | Netflix Documentary Review

hi guys my name is anna and i watched a,documentary last night and i was so,shook by it that i just have to talk,about it and share it with you,so were talking about the tinder,swindler and it released on netflix on,february the 2nd so a few days ago it,has a time of just under two hours but,its very compact like no minute is,wasted and i was so engaged with every,single minute of this documentary,because its just the craziest story so,many people these days use tinder to,meet and date new people right but you,never quite know if the person that,youre meeting really is the person that,they say they are and this particular,man went by the name of simon leviev,among countless other names and he is,probably the biggest con man there will,ever be on tinder so the documentary,starts off with an interview with a,norwegian woman called cecilia whos,living in london and shes on tinder and,shes swiping and she comes across this,profile and thats simon and its pretty,evident from his pictures that he lives,a very lavish lifestyle hes traveled,all over the world he goes on private,jets he has very expensive cars so she,swiped right they matched and he,messages her straight away,he says im leaving london tomorrow,morning but do you want to come and meet,me for a coffee right now and then he,sends her his location which is the five,star four seasons hotel in london and so,she goes and she meets him they have a,coffee and he tells her that he is the,ceo of a diamond company lld diamonds,and his dad is the king of diamonds and,therefore that makes him the prince of,diamonds,and then obviously cecilia shes like,who the hell is this guy oh my god hes,like a billionaire and he tells her that,due to his business he barely gets to,stay in one place for too long and he,invites her to accompany him on that,trip to bulgaria the next morning so he,literally asks her for her passport,details on the first date in the first,hour and she she agrees she gives him,her passport details she goes home packs,her stuff and a rolls-royce comes to,pick her up and take her to the airport,she says in the interview like she,thought it was like a,movie so she basically has the most,insane first date she joins him on his,private jet to bulgaria and they check,into a very fancy hotel once they land,she has like a magical time with him and,then she comes back to london the first,red flag is,i dont think billionaires are going to,be using tinder to meet people do you,guys think so billionaires dont have to,be on tinder to look for people today,and theyre most likely going to want to,date people within their own circle,tinder is for the peasants billionaires,are not going to be on tinder and also,to go on a private jet flight with a,stranger you literally just met she,could have been drugged and like sex,trafficked he could have murdered her,but when you just let your imagination,and excitement get in the way this is,what happens and you can tell from the,things that cecilia says in her,interviews that she has like a very,fairy tale hollywood romance fantasy of,what love and relationships are so she,is like the perfect candidate to fall,for this kind of scam shes already got,so much hate i dont want to judge her,shes a victim i personally cant see,myself falling for this kind of scam,but theres a lesson to be learned from,all of this so from then on she cant,see him regularly all the time because,hes always going off to a new country,in europe but he sends her so many,messages voice notes selfies a day,constantly checking in he even takes a,surprise flight to oslo where she was,staying and hes like im here lets,meet sends her insane bootcase of,flowers gifts and tells her things like,i want to have a future with you i want,to have babies with you,shes like fallen head over heels in,love with him and hes asked her to be,his girlfriend so theyre official and,then after about a month of this he,starts mentioning things about the fact,that he has enemies because hes in the,diamond business and he says there are,people who want to kill me assassinate,me and he says due to these kind of,security concerns he can no longer use,his credit cards because they are,trackable he asks cecilia to send him an,american express card under her name and,she does because she fears for her,safety and she is now his girlfriend and,she cares about him so she sends it and,he maxes the card out and he encourages,her to get the limit increased and,gradually he asks her to take loans out,for him,and she does she ends up taking out 10,bloody loans,i was like oh my god what are you doing,so how he would go about romancing these,women and convincing them that he was a,billionaire he would show them his,lavish lifestyle for a month and he was,funding all of that through his many,other victims so they would absolutely,believe that if they lend him money he,would have the means to pay them back so,when they first start lending him money,and its usually a small amount then he,would pay them back but way more than,they had lent him so they now feel now,theyre indebted to him he was very very,smart and intelligent and he knew how to,do this and he would also make these,women believe that his life was in,danger he would send pictures and videos,of him and his bodyguard in an ambulance,with like blood all over them and then,he would say we just got attacked we,could have almost just been killed and,the women are obviously so worried about,him and he uses that fear to convince,them that they need to send him cash,because he needs to only use cash that,so it cant be traced at all and then,they do because they really feel like,that hes going to die if they dont,cecilia she ended up in 200 000 in debt,and she is still paying this back to,this day she was like crying in her,interview that she felt she was drowning,because the interest rates were so high,she was never going to get out of this,and she said at one point she was,driving on the road and she saw a truck,coming in the other side and she,legitimately considered just like,driving into it just to end her misery,right then and there and after she,experienced that she checked herself,into a psych court because she was,really scared that she was going to kill,herself and she just realized that she,had been cheated romantically and,financially by this guy and obviously,cecilia was not the only woman that,simon was seeing he was a professional,smooth criminal hes been doing this for,years already he would use the money,that he got from one woman to use it on,the next trip to spend it on the next,woman and then the cycle just continues,like this later on you find out from,interviews with the other woman that he,was sending literally the exact same,messages same selfies all the i love,yous i miss yous he was saying the exact,same things i honestly have to give,props to the guy because it is not easy,maintaining such intense relationships,with so many people that would just,physically and emotionally drain me out,there are two other women that speak in,the documentary and their names are,panilla and eileen cecilia and panilla,had joined forces and they ended up,going to the media and they spoke out,together and tried to expose the truth,about who this guy was so their story,starts going viral his face is plastered,all over the newspapers all online so,hes running out of options and eileen,who is a woman from amsterdam and she,was his girlfriend of many at the time,she explains that during this time he,was super anxious and nervous because he,didnt have anyone to fall back on apart,from her and she explains about this,part where they go to a plastic surgeon,in amsterdam he says to the doctor i,want my cheekbone my nose my chin,everything done i want it changed and,the doctor says uh no because only,criminals would want this eileens like,he is a bloody criminal but she was,pretending that she didnt know anything,she was smart because she wanted to help,with the investigation even though she

Alleged ‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev: ‘I’m the Biggest Gentleman in the World’

the tinder swindler the popular,documentary that chronicles the woeful,tales of three women who thought theyd,met the man of their dreams on tinder,only to later say he scammed them out of,hundreds of thousands of dollars but the,dating app lethario says that is just,not true he is speaking out with his new,girlfriend to our megan alexander in,this world exclusive hes the handsome,jet setter at the center of the,sensational netflix documentary the,tinder swindler,and today hes speaking out exclusively,to inside edition the 31 year old,wheeler dealer met beautiful women on,the dating app tinder,he wooed them with private jets fancy,cars and champagne the spend is to,another level that you have never ever,seen before these three ladies were,infatuated they all believed simon,leviev was the son of a billionaire,israeli diamond vocal his dad was the,king of diamonds more than 50 million,people have watched the tinder swindler,leading many to wonder how these,accomplished and sophisticated women,could have fallen for leviev they say,they lent him nearly 500 thousand,dollars combined which they never saw,again hes not the son of a billionaire,he faked everything i dont understand,how someone can be so,evil im not this monster that everybody,has created,refused to be interviewed for the tinder,swindler and when the filmmakers went to,his last known address in israel he was,nowhere to be found whats he says,its a letter for him but he has agreed,to speak exclusively with inside edition,these women make some very serious,allegations against you they say they,were conned and threatened they werent,conned and they werent threatened are,you the son of a billionaire diamond,mogul no i am not and i never presented,myself he still seems to be living a,life of luxury,authorities estimate he may have scammed,in total 10 million dollars from victims,around the world amazing amazing you,dont feel bad for them in any way i,feel bad for something that i didnt,done no i feel bad for whatever happened,to myself i want to clear my name i want,to say to the world this is not true how,do you fund your lavish lifestyle im a,legit businessman you know i bought,bitcoin in 2011 which was nothing i,dont need to say how much it works now,youd think with his notorious,reputation in every corner of planet,earth women everywhere would steer clear,of this guy but look who we found by his,side his beautiful girlfriend israeli,model kate conlon kate what do you make,of these womens claims in the,documentary my god its like,how someone can build such a fake story,i just had to ask kate has simon ever,borrowed money from you of course no,the women featured in the tinder,swindler documentary say they are still,in debt due to the money they say he,scammed from them what would you say to,those people who feel,youre a fast talker but youre really a,fraud and a fake im not a fraud and im,not a fake people dont know me so they,cannot judge me simon has never been,charged with any crimes related to the,women of the documentary but he did,serve two years in finland for,defrauding three other women,[Music]

Meet The Woman Who Lost £200k To The Tinder Swindler | This Morning

[Music],the shows that got me through isolation,the tinder swindler which is currently,top of the netflix charts its,incredible tells the shocking story of a,serial catfisher who conned countless,women out of an eye-watering amount of,cash,well were joined now by cecilia vegetoi,who has left almost 200 000 pounds worth,of debt at the hands of the fraudster,shes here alongside the documentaries,director felicity morris welcome to both,of you i watch this on monday phils,recommendation i mean as im watching it,unfold you cannot believe the levels of,what this guy,went to to defraud you and its,heartbreakingly,under the disguise of falling in love,and thats where you met him wasnt it,on tinder for the first time your first,impressions of him what he was like he,called himself simon at that point yeah,so when i saw the pictures on tinder it,was this guy that you could see have had,a certain lifestyle traveling around you,know and he had the look i like you know,i have a type,he was my type and thats what you do,when youre on tinder and then you yeah,and then you swipe right and then we,started talking so,and and what was it apart from the,lifestyle,what was because you only some of the,other women who who he tragically conned,um i think im supposed to say allegedly,um that uh that you know they went on,quite a few trips with him it was only,the one trip you know private jet and,incredible,but it was it was a real relationship,like real true love what was it about,him,i think that with him he creates,different kind of personalities as we,say hes a great actor and for me he,just seemed like this,vulnerable guy and thats what i mean,like you see these pictures it seems so,flashy and stuff with with him when you,were one-on-one and as i was and you,know tons of phone calls he was such a,funny and like sweet and caring and all,the people that you you met that knew,him friends and you know business,partners personal assistants everyone,could vouch for him child yeah child and,his ex-partner,convinced you what a nice guy he was so,there really was no reason to believe,that this guy was a con man yeah i mean,like how often do you think that when,something happens to you in real life,its not uh or that its a movie or like,as i call it immersive theater its uh,uh yeah of course so the,this love affair i mean you think i,found the guy uh and there was no reason,for you to think that anything other,other than that,um,and then he says hes in trouble,and that he has enemies yeah because he,is the son of a diamond billionaire you,know this which is funding a lot of this,lifestyle um explained that moment when,he came through to you and and thats,when as so many of them do it moved to,money yeah um because he had the,bodyguard from the start to start a,small and then we have this attack that,that comes along and thats when he asks,like that he has his security team in,israel and and peter the bodyguard is,saying that hes not safe using his,cards anymore that theyre tracking,where he is and hes in danger,theyre just going to jump in because,youve mentioned the bodyguard his,bodyguard is now suing netflix were,breaching his human right which led him,to suffering mentally he said he had no,part in any scam thats that point yeah,sorry yeah but um so um so with that,when that attack was coming he just said,he wasnt safe and he asked for my,security can i use your name he didnt,ask for money hes very clever,can i use your name can i borrow your,credit card for a couple weeks uh just,to travel around and continue his,business because they were and to do it,safely kind of and at the start it,starts small and then it just escalates,from there well i mean it was loan after,loan which ended up reaching about 185,000 pounds it was an enormous amount of,money life-changingly destroying yeah um,at what point did you become suspicious,i think its you you always have,hindsight but of course in the end you,just become so mentally drained because,youre under such much pressure and,threats from him and money isnt coming,in you know so and i had creditors,coming after me seven,eight nine eight or nine grand,so in the end you just you just and he,turned on me kind of at the end as well,where he was saying that he had lost the,deal he was working on it was sorry him,and not sorry me and thats when i was,like okay something physically my body,was telling me like you need to do,something i was almost throwing up and,it was when you went to your bank and,you spoke to them you called the,helpline and you explained what had,happened and they were aware of this guy,they said i had a long investigation on,him when i met up i was like yeah they,asked for the picture of him and then,they looked at each other when they,nodded and thats thats the guy,i cant even say and so a double,heartbreak here because financially,youre in ruin but also this is the man,you loved like when i realized that it,was like i was the last string of three,four women i was like it was more that,theres others and you felt cheated on,first because you kind of cant,comprehend that the person you met was,never your boyfriend all the loving,moments you had with them all the kisses,all like all those kind of things that,you share all the vulnerability you had,women he had with you was never real uh,and like i was like when i blocked him i,cried its insane what youre,what brainwashing can do but also you,went back to mum um back home uh and uh,and so,going,going back to your your mum,blocking him,um,he then,got violent and frighteningly,threatening,and he knew your mums number as well,yeah and he knew where my mom was living,where i was at the time and to hear that,phone call and we got an email as well,like we know where you are we know your,friends your family to have that we as,well is more like we know that he had a,team like who else is out there who can,do something absolutely terrifying yeah,and you know obviously youre worried,about your family but also your own,mental health suffered and you ended up,checking yourself into a psychiatric,unit yeah um im just so sorry you went,through this and and the thing is then,you have to be brave enough to come,forward and you went to the press with,your story and of course at that point,youre basically handing over your phone,going heres my heart have a good old,read and lets see what you do with this,but you had to do that in order to get,something done to stop this guy doing,this to other people his name his face,had to be out there yeah that was my,main thing because the police did not,take me seriously they were just like,shrugging their shoulders and i was like,well he needs to be stopped and this,needs to happen more quicker than the,police bearing in mind felicity um that,this is a guy whos using tinder,his hes using his own face his picture,um and so what youve bravely done uh,cecilia is that is the fact that now if,he goes back on there it is incredibly,hard for anyone who googles and thinks,oh this guys nice ill google wow up it,comes,for you this crossing your desk because,youd already done the incredible and,ill say dont mess with cats which is,the most extraordinary and brilliant,documentary so youve already got this,brilliant track record when does it,cross your desk well it crossed our desk,because of the fact that cecilia had,gone to the press in norway and the,story that they wrote which we feature,in the film just went viral so the press,picked it up here and then we came to,the story which were you know was very,sort of top line the tinder swindler,swindles women out of millions of you,know dollars,and i think that,you read that and you think well how on,earth could that have happened and i,think you know with emotional cons like,these generally speaking people come to,them with a bit of cynicism were you,skeptical at first i think ye i think,you think,how on earth how on earth could that,happen to somebody and you dont truly,understand just the emotional side of i

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