1. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on review – absolutely terrible
  2. THE ULTIMATUM is the worst thing Ive ever seen…
  3. Netflixs Worst Dumpster Fire Dating Show
  4. THE ULTIMATUM Netflixs Dirtiest Reality TV Show Made Me Appreciate Being Single
  5. The Ultimatum is Netflixs MESSIEST New Reality TV Show
  6. The Ultimatum #1 – Therapist Reaction
  7. The Ultimatum #2 – (Colby & Alexis) – Therapist Reaction

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on review – absolutely terrible

the last program presented by married,couple nick and vanessa lachey fixtures,in the reality tv firmament for the last,10 to 15 years for reasons that need not,concern us now or possibly ever was love,is blind,this was indeed continues to be until at,least 2024 as a fourth and fifth seasons,have just been commissioned a show in,which strangers communicate from single,pods without being able to see each,other until various pairs profess,themselves and love become engaged then,meet and get to know one another for a,month before actually factually getting,married,i remember the inaugural season vividly,i described it as absurd revolting,endearing toxic and wholesome by turns,and addictive as hell throughout crack,meth,i also wondered whether it would be,possible to exploit emotional frailties,profane the scared make the private and,precious public and worthless and turn,it into voyeuristic ratings bait any,more ruthlessly or efficiently,well bless my little rhetorical socks we,now have an answer,the answer is yes absolutely and it is,delivered in the form of the ultimatum,marry or move on,in this 10-part bin fire the lackeys,introduce us to what is claimed to be,six couples but by my instantly anxious,and fevered count number at least 302,who have in common the fact that one of,each pair wants the other to put a ring,on it or else call a halt to their,relationship, or get off the pot would have been,a better title but alas the u.s still,clings in the strangest ways to its,puritan past so to marry or move on is,the decorous choice presented,i cannot possibly be expected to,remember 604 or indeed 12 contestant,names at my time of life especially when,they are all entirely interchangeable so,instead i have labeled them blonks16a,b the men and blurps16a slash be the,women,homosexuality has not yet entered the,lachey and universe although they have,promised a second season with an lgbt,cast,a denotes blondness b denotes not,blondness and that is literally,everything covered that matters in this,show,to be fair a couple of the blancs do,stand out jake for being nine parts,puppy and apparently as nice a guy as,reality tv has ever unearthed colby for,being the only male ultimatum giver and,for having garth brooks vibes even,before he puts on a stetson in the final,episode,one or two of the blumps are also,notable alexis is a flint-eyed lantern,jawed blonde who wants a ring in return,for the cooking cleaning and laundry she,does for her live-in blanc marriage is a,financial and emotional transaction and,april is a quick funny genuine charmer,of 23 who should no more be wanting to,get married than any quick funny,charming 23 year old should,anyway,the couples are split up and encouraged,to lounge round a pool have dinner drink,cocktails and see if they spark with,anyone else,then they choose a new partner to live,with for three weeks before returning to,their beloved and deciding whether to, or i mean marry or move on,this all goes exactly as well which is,to say as badly as you would expect,soon contestants are sobbing viewers are,hoarse from screaming at the screen the,utter fury on alexs face when she,chisels out of colby during their second,drink that he doesnt see himself,marrying her lives with me still and the,lache netflix accountants are cracking,open the champagne in their toxic layers,the crack meth blend is as potent as,ever,within 15 minutes the lizard part of,your brain is hopelessly invested and,the higher functions can only pray for,the accelerated heat death of the,universe before the remaining nine and,three-quarter hours are up,its absolutely terrible,morally obviously there is literally no,justification for deliberately putting,temptation in peoples way i believe it,is one of the tenets in fact of quite a,few world religions,creatively its bankrupt,educationally intellectually its not,every other word out of every other,mouth suggests we should build a pyre,and place feminism atop it for the,battle is surely lost,but oh the entertainment,oh the escapism,oh the glory of letting hate for this,and that blanc and love for blimp 2a who,looks to be moving towards a rightful,place on the arm of new blanc 6b flow,untrammeled through you,washing the mental detritus of the day,away and leaving you cleansed empty and,ready for the next days accrual of,cares and woes,its but you cant move on

THE ULTIMATUM is the worst thing Ive ever seen…

yo i dont know how to tell you this but,netflix made another garbage dating show,i mean we have two seasons of lovers,blind three seasons of too hot to handle,seven seasons of riverdale theres no,justice in the world but all the same,netflix just came out with another pile,of chernobyl toxic waste this time,called the ultimatum and so i figured,why not make myself as miserable as,possible and check it out but before,that really quick this video is brought,to you by surfsharkvpn well its 2022,somehow pretty much everyone knows what,a vpn is it protects you when youre on,the internet it stops your ip address,from being hacked and your personal data,getting exposed i mean everybody needs,one but surfsharkvpn goes above and,beyond your typical vpn you can use it,on as many devices as you want with just,one subscription they also offer their,surfshark alert service that checks to,see if your personal data has been,leaked anywhere like usernames passwords,that kind of thing so you can stay one,step ahead as well as their surfshark,search engine which is a completely,private and organic search engine free,from data tracking and overreaching,algorithms and get this you can sign up,to surfsharkvpn today by going to,surfshark.deals,alex myers and use the promo code alex,myers to get 83 off the regular price,when you sign up for a two-year,subscription that means you get premium,vpn services and a guaranteed peace of,mind using any device or all of them at,the same time plus three extra months,for free so if you dont have a vpn then,you really need to sign up but even if,you already have one go to,surfshark.deals alex myers and use the,promo code alex myers to give surf shark,a try okay back to the show so first,thing i just want to show you a perfect,example of the kinds of couples we have,on this show,i knew hunter was the one for me when we,went on our first trip he was so patient,just let me run the show eyes on the,prize right,okay all right literally everything you,need to know about this entire,relationship my favorite thing about my,boyfriend is that hes a doormat who,lets me do whatever i want and then this,hunter guys is over here like,yes honey whatever you say,i initiated the conversation with hunter,about an ultimatum im ready to make the,next step we either get engaged or,we break up also alexis here is 25 25,really i dont know if its just all the,work shes had done or just kind of how,she is but like she just looks like a 40,year old fox news anchor who goes home,and puts on a shirt that says proud dog,mother and wine lover although how she,ended up with this professional yodler,guy over here is beyond me to be fair,though this is pretty much how everyone,is on the show i mean how did they round,up this many of like the most boring,millennials youll ever see wait hold on,a second,no gen z is 25 now literally,this is this is a show about zoomers,getting married,okay,okay back to the show everybody but,okay,i want what i want and thats a ring you,know like okay so i guess theres,nothing wrong with having marriage as a,goal you know thats just like really,important to you i guess but like,clearly they dont want a marriage per,se like its so obvious that they just,want a wedding and a ring thats it we,either get engaged or,we break up i do believe that were at a,stage in our relationship and im at a,stage in my life where i can answer that,question but to do that im going to go,into netflix reality show instead of,just actually talking with the person,im dating galaxy brain over here at the,end of this i will have an answer for,you one way or another,i just i just love the lucky game just,now ill have an answer for you someone,get me out of here right this second,okay so the premise of the show is,basically like we have five or six,couples who one side of them really,wants to get married for whatever reason,just like really bad you know their,entire lifes goal at the moment is to,get a big old ring on their finger and,make all their friends jealous and talk,behind their backs because i hate drama,well okay to be fair there is one couple,words the guy who wants to get married,gosh darn it but his girlfriend is just,like not even remotely interested,[Music],we met in college i was working at a bar,she comes walking through the doors as,soon as i saw her i was like,blown away i knew she was the one,what was that,i saw that can we please just run that,one more time as soon as i saw her i was,like,blown away i knew she was the one,[Music],i mean like my man colby here is way out,of this girls leg and shes just like,yep whatever but i gotta give her some,credit for just being pretty honest,about how she feels about this whole,marriage thing you know so i cant fault,her for that i just want to be,known as,her herman hes ready for me to,choose him,but,im not ready to get married yet,choosing one person for the rest of your,life thats a pretty big choice i think,its natural to wonder what it would be,like to be in a different relationship,do i think that theres a possibility,that i could be happy with somebody else,yes so why are you even dating him then,id be like you said you dont want to,get married to him and you want to date,other people so like wait why are you,even here in the first place im also,going to discover if i am really,connecting with someone in order to give,alexis you know an answer to the,ultimatum i need to answer those,questions im not ready to propose to,alexis at this point but if i met the,perfect person,i would be ready to be engaged tomorrow,wait wait wait wait wait wait wait why,are we even dating this person why are,any of these people here yeah i dont,really like my girlfriend very much yeah,we dont agree on literally nothing and,she thinks any hobby that doesnt,involve vineyards is stupid and the only,time im happy is when she shuts up but,i tried breaking up with her like eight,times and she just wont leave my house,so here i am i guess anyway like i said,before it was rudely interrupted,on this reality show equivalent of,getting a lobotomy done with a spoon one,member of the couples wants to get,married so bad and therefore has issued,an ultimatum either they get married or,they break up and instead of just,talking it out or realizing that one or,both of them is never going to get what,they want out of this relationship they,did the next best thing which is airing,out all their dirty laundry on a netflix,show in your relationships one partner,is ready to get married and the other,isnt quite as sure i am vanessa lachey,im nick the shay oh,nick lachey,i forgot about this part how are nicolas,shay and his wife now the faces of,netflix dating reality shows how did,this happen its like how mario lopez,went from being the hot guy on save by,the bell to just introducing the girls,next door on e also like do any of these,zoomer kids even know who nick cliche is,like he just walks out and theyre like,hey youre that guy from love is blind i,strike the ending credit song to the,animated 1998 classic mulan okay fear of,commitment almost always boils down to,the exact same question is there someone,else out there who might be a better fit,so tonight is your last night together,as a couple at the end of the week,youll each choose a new,partner youll move in together for,three,weeks,in a trial marriage yeah so what happens,in the show is each couple breaks up for,like a month or so and gets to date,anyone else they want from this cast of,wackadoo zany characters and you know,maybe its just because the premise of,the show or maybe its just coincidence,i dont know but like compared to who we,saw on love was blind or too hot to,handle like this cast is just very,and like i dont know how they did this,but netflix found some of the strongest,chins ive ever seen i mean i havent,seen jawlines like this since like luke,wilson illegally blonde how was his jaw,bigger than the rest of his head by the,way also could we just for a second here,can we ju

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Netflixs Worst Dumpster Fire Dating Show

hey babe yeah you know how we host hit,netflix show love is blind yeah well i,was thinking what if we could profit,even more from young peoples desire for,love okay we take love is blind okay we,do it again okay but its wife swap okay,but worse and with 12 people,swapping partners that sounds terrible,i know youre the one,the ultimatum is netflixs probably most,dumpster-fired dating show i got three,episodes in and i committed to making a,video about it the more i watched it the,more i decided i would rather be taking,ap calculus again thats right again,then watch this show i would rather get,bullied in middle school again thats,right again then experience the,ultimatum i typically dont like reality,tv the only one i really enjoyed was too,hot to handle dude that show was,hilarious entertaining and there wasnt,too much annoying conflict i liked the,international vibe harry from australia,and i literally have no idea where that,is but watching the ultimatum is like,having a stomach bug you dont feel that,great watching it and you have to [ __ ],every two hours the in-between moments,are so incredibly boring smile you got a,masseuse you must have find somebody,else too,oh good luck knows how to do,youre very in a vulnerable position i,dont,care,i dont care and then conflict happens,and its not even fun,[Music],im trying so hard thats the poop part,thats the [ __ ] part of the stomach bug,its like watching a couple fight in,front of you as youre hanging out and,its really uncomfortable thats what,this show is like so the ultimatum is,about six couples 12 people who all gave,their partners an ultimatum marry me or,move on one person isnt ready to get,married and the other one is so by the,end of the show you either get married,to the person you came there with you,find someone new or you walk out single,how by swapping partners for a few weeks,to see if the grass is really greener,after three weeks with someone elses,partner of your choosing you do another,three weeks with the original partner,that you came there with then at the end,of the six weeks you decide who you want,or you come out of it single its,literally wife swap with extra steps and,also aged down for their target,demographic which is youtubers in their,20s wanting to make commentary videos,about trashy reality tv shows so let me,introduce you to the characters of this,[ __ ] stupid ass show and i say,characters because i know how editing,does its thing you know we got randall,and shanique randall is a calm guy and,shanique literally cant be criticized,or else she starts acting like shes,five years old a corner sit in the,[ __ ] corner and miss,vanessa,that was the dumbest thing ive heard,tonight and shanique gave randall the,ultimatum we got madeleine and colby,madeline is literally regina george,about that because i do not do this at,home,and colby is an ultra positive cowboy,yeehaw and also the hometown hottie of,the first few episodes and colby gave,madeline the ultimatum we got zayn ray,zay is a misunderstood dude who really,needs to go to therapy for his childhood,trauma trust me dude and rey is,emotionally unavailable how much i can,grow with somebody that im like in love,with,and rey gave zay the ultimatum and then,we have april and jake april is pretty,outgoing and talks about herself in the,third person where does april come from,where does april may be april doesnt,want to be here hes going to know april,more of a listening side of april,opposite of april what the hell is going,to happen april and then jack harlow,over here is obviously mentally checked,out since day one should i just stay,with you because youre crying and i,feel bad or should i look out for what i,really want in life and april gave jake,the ultimatum so they start by speed,dating everyone for a week before they,decide who to spend the next three weeks,with and honestly you could tell that,they didnt get enough content for them,to stretch out this episode to be an,hour long each because most of the,episodes are moments like these,[Music],like its honestly impressive how they,managed to stretch out each episode so,while theyre roommate shopping some,notable moments are when madeline says,this about potentially picking randall,your energy is just like i feel like it,could match yeah but i agree thats,right madeline im sure randall is very,interested in aligning your chakras and,feeling your energy and also everyone,has a crush on colby because of course,um but one of the girls gets a little,too aggressive about it yeah we had a,good discussion i dont think,i would see a future,with you in marriage its really hard to,like,go from what we had today to like but i,cant,i cant see,a future i didnt get that,internal feeling,thought our date went well,clearly it was all lip service you just,next to me as if that was even an option,oh this girl this is alexis youll see,why i didnt mention her in my beginning,character introductions and uh soon,enough alexis and hunter are a couple,alexis is alexis and hunter just looks,like a mic he just looks like his name,is mike i have no explanation i have no,way to back that up he just looks like,his name is mike that is all and alexis,gave hunter the ultimatum and the last,couple here is lauren and nate that i,didnt mention before lauren doesnt,want to have kids but nate wants to have,all the kids things that we cant get,past like the kid thing i want to have,kids so bad ive always seen myself as,like ultimately i want to be a dad i,want kids more than anything im,absolutely not going to take that next,step unless it comes with knowing that,were doing it to have a family and nate,just gives off very aggressive energy,youll see and nate gave lauren the,ultimatum so literally for the next two,episodes alexis tries to force herself,to be colbys trial marriage partner for,the next three weeks and she gets,rejected every single time i dont know,why she cant take no for an answer and,then she calls him rude for it even,though he was probably the most polite,and honest he could have been im super,attracted to like,you specifically your like eyes are like,very fierce but it was a little taken,back with you know letting me know,off the bat like i could never see a,future with you what took you to that,place alexis is a character i mean shes,like that friend that you probably had,growing up where she kind of treats you,like a sidekick instead of like your,friend she treats you like an accessory,shes thats who i imagine alexis to be,in real life or shes just a really good,friend i you know i dont know so,literally in the next episode alexis,starts pursuing colby again after,getting told no and then says that she,doesnt get it her her and madeline look,exactly alike its a fair question yeah,definitely but,im not,attracted to you,his ex and me,look the most similar of anyone here,number one they look i couldnt imagine,two white girls that look the least,alike and then alexis approaches colbys,original partner madeline to complain,about colby i just think you can do like,100 better than colby you have,reservations so then we get this really,touching dramatic moment with colby,crying in the bathroom with bittersweet,pop music playing in the background,this feels like an early 2010 sad anime,music video with linkin park playing and,like theres a lot of this [ __ ] honestly,shout out to the amount of pop music,montages in this video that are,literally only there to fill time i,swear it is absurd it gets so annoying,when every three minutes you hear some,song with on the nose lyrics about,whats happening in the show sounds like,royalty-free pop music its crazy,[Music],i have a problem with jake thats all i,have to say i have a problem with with,jack harlow over here im hoping with,this experience,i can date around get better clarity,on what you want from another,perspective you love this person so much,but you want to sleep around for the,experience bye goodbye do i want to lose,you no,do i love you

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THE ULTIMATUM Netflixs Dirtiest Reality TV Show Made Me Appreciate Being Single

i knew netflixs latest cringe-inducing,reality show the ultimatum was going to,be great when i heard it holds the,guinness book of records for mentioning,boners,i touched the boner as well i didnt,know there were boners involved i got a,boner so obviously i was interested and,had to take a deep dive into love,because nothing says i love you then,issuing your partner an ultimatum is,this,like an ultimatum come join me in this,beautiful disaster of a show as we,answer the question is love blind oh,wrong show the premise of the ultimatum,is pretty simple get married or break up,with six couples all of whom being in,relationships of at least a year and a,half or longer with one person in each,couple wanting to get married and the,other holding out this is where the,ultimatum comes in i basically told,hunter we either get engaged or,we break up lets meet our totally not,unhinged or emotionally traumatized,couples shall we first is alexis and,hunter if hunter wasnt making enough,money that was reasonable i would walk,away,hunter is not perfect for husband,material yet because i make more than,him what are you looking to get out of,your,potential partner finances are like so,important to solidify marriage for me is,a financial decision because nothing,says love more than money this is alexis,and shes the one issuing the ultimatum,to hunter who isnt ready to commit just,yet right hunter im not ready to,propose to alexis at this moment but if,i met the perfect person,i,would be ready to be engaged tomorrow,second we have madeline and colby with,colby being the one to issue the,ultimatum i am worth her,whole heart and if she cant,see that,i need to find somebody else who can,dont let his sweet talking get to you,this man is a piece of work i dont,think houdini reveals his tricks and,thats what you [ __ ] just did,madeleine on the other hand wins the,award for most drunk i mean shes got it,pretty together when compared to some of,the others on shows like love is blind,hey my name is fred and i love him and,im so lucky,im gonna go watch your dude,you and your dude and i know you,i know you baby i know you,if you were to ever to actively go after,my husband,we then have april and jake my name is,april im a psycho [ __ ],and,if theres anything i need to find out i,will find out shes given an ultimatum,to jake who has different priorities i,want to travel i want to have fun,because everyone knows you cant do that,with a wife next is rey and zay i stay,in the gym i have a degree i cook i,clean and i know how to [ __ ] shes given,the ultimatum to zay who doesnt want to,rush anything im ready to get [ __ ] up,and just forget all this even happened,me too zay up next is lauren and nate,with nate totally unsure of what this,show is all about i was anticipating,like seeing crew of all these guys you,just want to [ __ ] my girlfriend,what the [ __ ] which is of course why he,was the one to issue the ultimatum to,lauren and want to be on the show im,ready to drink its the only way i was,able to get through this show lauren and,rounding at the couples are randall and,shanique whose chemistry is about as dry,as my vagina its here in the romantic,city of austin texas that the couples,will split up and have one week to,establish new connections with the other,contestants and just like my dating,experience the process can be downright,painful with some of the contestants,totally vibing while others you have a,wild side,horse out of a wild sock i like sci-fi,books yeah,what made you attracted to me your voice,for some reason like your voice is like,really raspy,[Laughter],i like that laugh,after a week of casual dates and,one-on-ones the contestants have to,choose someone who isnt their initial,partner to go on a three-week,accelerated trial marriage where theyll,move in together meet each others,families and experience what life is,like with a totally insane person and,this choosing ceremony or whatever the,hell they call it is absolutely,hilarious nick here wants to choose,madeline and just look at her reaction,its its kind of like in elementary,school when the teacher mentions youre,going to be doing a group project and,you have to quickly whisper to your,friend to team up before you get matched,with that weird kid who snorts his own,dandruff speaking of nate man did they,do this dude dirty during this wild,ceremony he ends up proposing to lauren,saying that hes willing to forgo having,children if it means he gets to spend,the rest of his life with her you gotta,give madeline the award for best,reactions just take a look at her here,colby is a big [ __ ] disturber and im,here for it calling out nates,spontaneous proposal to lauren as fake,and disingenuous after all just a few,minutes earlier nate told madeline he,was going to choose her you told me 10,minutes before proposing that you were,going to choose me and then april chimes,in with this absolute gem about nate,when we were having our conversations,that like instead of your eyes here like,you were looking at my tits dude what so,its probably a good thing that lauren,accepts nates proposal because i dont,think that man was going home with,anyone else hunter also proposes to,alexis and by episode 3 this show has a,better track record than almost every,other reality tv program but its april,who calls these proposals out arguing,that the whole purpose of this,experience is to find out more about,yourself and your relationship so that,you can grow and work through the,problems that brought about these,ultimatums in the first place alexis,hunter nate and lauren havent even got,past the first stage of this experience,so its reasonable for her to question,the genuineness of these proposals but,if you want me to be real i dont think,that engagement was real and i would be,oh my god are you [ __ ] kidding me,phase one ends and so begins the,three-week trial marriages with our new,couples ray and jake shanique and zay,colby and april and randall and madeline,will our couples find new love or will,it strengthen their relationship with,who they came here with jake and ray,immediately hit it off and i would argue,theyre the strongest new couple of the,bunch they go to meet reys dad a race,car driver because nothing says love,than getting into a cramped car with,your potential father-in-law the last,guy her dad took around the track [ __ ],himself but the most hilarious dynamic,is that of madeleine and her friends who,really dont see colby as a good fit for,her one of the friends even slept with,colby calling the experience unmemorable,in college colby and i didnt end up,hooking up,wasnt really something rememberable,i am never going to financially recover,from this so when randall comes into the,picture that girls are immediately,smitten the parents also drop some great,pearls of wisdom like shaniques mom who,says you shouldnt have to,put him an ultimatum like marry me or,else you should know your worth or,jakes friend so youre sexually,attracted to,him as the weeks press on the sexual,tension between the couples grow as they,explore their boundaries this culminates,in a girls and guys night out where they,get completely wasted and divulge their,sexual frustrations with one,another how did you know that he bonered,i dont think ive ever heard boner used,as a verb was i flattered,yes i was hey we had our kisses too,before we gonna hear my mind whats,going on on the lips,are you okay,im fine i just uh,threw up in my mouth a little bit april,here uses the opportunity to vent the,girls her frustration about jake he,doesnt want to get married yet has,unprotected sex with her all the time,whats the disconnect every [ __ ] time,weve never used production hes never,pulled down on me right and like to have,infertility shooting you say youre not,ready to have kids but youre actually,meanwhile aside from a bit of beat,between colby and zay that guys are,having genuine conversations about their,feelings i think thats what shanique,has has really

The Ultimatum is Netflixs MESSIEST New Reality TV Show

from the creators of love is blind comes,netflixs newest reality tv experiment,the ultimatum marry or move on a dating,show that took the sentence i dont know,a lot of happy marriages that start off,with an ultimatum do you,no and said what a perfect idea for a tv,show and the ultimatum is absolutely one,of the messiest most chaotic reality tv,experiences ive had in a long time and,i love it,what can i say ive covered every,episode of the bachelor for three years,ive become a masochist so heres the,premise we got six couples each of them,have one person whos issued the other,you guessed it an ultimatum but heres,the twist in this latest rendition of,relationship squid game nick and vanessa,lachey are going to split these couples,up and have them date each other then,theyll each choose someone to live with,for three weeks in a trial marriage,after that theyll get back together,with their original partners for another,three-week trial marriage to see if,their feelings have changed cause,nothing solves a relationship problem,like going on reality tv and dating,other people cant wait for nick and,vanessas follow-up series called the,kids where struggling couples decide to,solve all their problems by saying,and you know this series is going to be,a crap shoot when even the show knows,the premise is diabolically flawed but,they have to defend it anyways,psychologists agree an ultimatum is not,a good way to get somebody else to do,what you want but it is the best way to,exploit peoples relationships for good,tv is that what you were about to say,nick i like that now the first few days,are dedicated to free mingling and right,off the bat my least favorite couple is,colby and madeline like look at them,theyre at least two feet away from each,other while everyone else is snuggled up,so colby here is the one who issued the,ultimatum which makes sense when you see,how madeline gets the ick every time,shes near him as soon as i saw her i,was like,blown away i knew she was the one,im sorry,i told you im the touchy philly,and madeline like hates colby every time,his name is brought up its like he,annoys me,i get annoyed you dont have to say,something every five seconds shut up and,let me think yeah for a moment hes,always putting on a show but my other,least favorite couple is hunter and,alexis heres what we learn about hunter,do you have a wild side,horse out of a wild sock i like sci-fi,books but luckily for hunter alexis,likes him for more than just his,personality if hunter wasnt,making,enough money that was reasonable i would,walk away,so alexis issued the ultimatum to hunter,april here issued the ultimatum to jake,rey issued her ultimatum to zay shanique,issued hers to randall then finally nate,to lauren and once they all meet its,time to let them loose in a chaotic,poolside intermingling bonanza madeline,immediately latches on to randall as,soon as randall walked in i felt it hey,hows it going hey,take a seat today,randall is very sexy,but while madeline seems to hate colby,the other women sure dont if i had to,pick one man here thats my type,it would be colby i kind of got a little,shy around him hes the only person that,made me shy colby is,definitely somebody that i find,attractive now lauren is here because,her man nate wants kids and she doesnt,shes absolutely adamant about it except,of course if a new cute guy comes around,im im a family man simple as that and,so you think its something that you,could possibly overcome in the future,maybe anyways lauren and colby pair up,which royally pisses off alexis whos,one used to getting what she wants and,two is realizing literally no one here,wants to be with her and of course,emotions start to get high when people,whove issued ultimatums start seeing,their partners frolicking around with,other people like april whos 23 wants a,ring right now and she aint shy letting,us know that shes got money this [ __ ],is financially stable okay i paid for,these on my own i dont need your wallet,i can take care of my own ass well april,here has to sit around and suffer,through her man jake finding out that,rey is like his perfect girl same goes,for shanique who now has to sit and,listen to her man talking like this with,the person that you came with what are,you feeling like are you feeling like,more confident in that or are you,feeling like you dont know,still dont know,okay yall madeline is fake as hell,youre really gonna hold her arm and,comfort her when youre out here trying,to snag on her man all right then but,things get nutso when it comes to a,moment the show calls the choice they,bring out this long-ass dinner table and,everyone then has to choose who they,want to spend the next three weeks with,in a trial marriage something that turns,into the wild west of reality tv when,people start to realize well someone,else might be their first choice to them,theyre not even on their radar like,with nate here hes interested in,shanique who chooses zay then he goes on,and on about how great april is and the,wonderful mother shed be but she,chooses hunter hunter then shocks,everybody by getting up to make his,choice and doing this,guys,i want to marry alexis,[Music],okay he just said hes gonna propose to,you why are you looking like the,side-eye meme girl nate then realizes,that this is an option he can take and,because hes been rejected twice pulls,this there was no one else that i could,imagine myself being with beside you for,the rest of my life,[Music],will you marry me when you spend the,rest of my life absolutely,and all the while im chowing down on my,popcorn and horror because immediately,after people start calling out this,proposal for what it really is i dont,think that engagement was real and i,would be oh my god are you [ __ ],kidding me let me finish for you to get,up and steal the spotlight from their,night and come over here with this,[ __ ] story youre my family like im,okay with having kids thats not coming,to a compromise yeah literally minutes,before this nate was whispering to,madeline that after being rejected by,shanique and april he was going to pick,her you told me 10 minutes before,proposing that you were gonna choose me,so i was thrown through a loop there,were so many moments that like when we,were having our conversations that like,instead of your eyes here like you were,looking at my tits dude and like looking,back up at my face and i told you but,whatever good luck to you two hope yall,figure out all that stuff about children,that you still havent resolved yet now,from here the show enters into the trial,marriages where the couples move in,together and decide to sleep in the same,bed or make someone else sleep on the,couch seems pretty narrow,and short its actually a lot bigger,than it seems look at this,see,he fits perfectly,now my big gripe at this point is i,didnt really feel like many people were,likable cause either youre someone,whos issued an ultimatum which is kinda,shitty or youre someone whos run off,into the arms of someone else without,dealing with your problems with your,partner first im done,im ready to make out with randall off,camera,take these,or like ray youve done both of those,things isnt she the one who dealt the,ultimatum why does she keep making out,with this guy and worse yet the show,then makes them all get together and,mingle about their experiences with each,others partners randalls sexy,like i will tell you i love you i love,you hes expressed that hes physically,attracted to me also,so im gonna tell you that,oh yeah and they would not stop talking,about the dudes boners no matter how,much i pleaded look at us at this table,you think theres not boners all around,me i dont know he kissed me off camera,i touched it on her as well i didnt,know there were boners involved id say,its about an 85 chance that,randall has a boner right now like at,the midpoint of the season you couldnt,go five minutes without hearing i got a,boner,good so at this point everyones either,horned u

The Ultimatum #1 – Therapist Reaction

hey deserving listeners a lot of you,have been asking me to watch the new,netflix reality show called the,ultimatum so lets watch my name is dr,kirk honda im a therapist and a,professor lets watch ultimatum i need,to answer those questions,im not ready to propose to alexis at,this moment but if i met the perfect,person,i,would be ready to be engaged tomorrow,psychology he says hes not ready to,marry alexis his his partner but if he,meets someone on the show that he feels,like hes ready to marry,he is,according to him ready to get engaged or,be married right away if i were his,therapist i would say well lets drill,down on what you just said there because,sometimes,clients will come to me a lot of times,actually with various different issues,one of which being this which is should,i stay or should i go should i marry,this person should i not i dont know i,have some problems what should i do i,have found over time that there are,certain questions that facilitate,exploration and will,discern,ones resolve or what one needs or what,one wants and,theyre various different angles of,exploration but one of them is would be,something like this,would be something like,well,so the various questions that i ask,people are,what percentage are you sure about this,person because sometimes when someone,verbalizes that plus its just good for,me to know but someone sometimes they,verbalize that they hear themselves,answering that question and then they,they kind of know where theyre at,because a lot of times we just avoid the,whole thing because theres so much pain,involved either way if we commit when we,dont want to theres pain if we break,up and were unsure theres uncertainty,and pain at least for the other person,youre breaking up with,so a lot of people just bury their head,in the sand and avoid the whole thing,and so therapy can really help with that,to create a safe place to explore with a,person who,knows their way around this sort of,thing and also wont doesnt have a,vested interest in either way often when,youre talking with friends and family,they will have a vested interest either,way and youll see that some other,questions i would ask are,how do you feel about spending the rest,of your life with this person the way,they are today because that illuminates,if there are major problems with the,person that you just dont like,and,because i find not always that,when youre in love,and you have that resolve to be with,someone the answer is pretty quickly yes,like if you asked me that question about,my wife i would say yes very quickly,theres no ambiguity there,are there issues that we have with each,other yeah weve been together a long,time so thats just going to happen but,are all those issues completely,tolerable do any of those issues in our,relationship challenge my resolve to be,with her no not at all in the least,other people when i asked them that,question or relationships i was in in,the distant past i wouldnt have,answered that way i would have said nah,i no i cant because it and that,illuminates another aspect of this which,is that if youre holding out for a,possible future where they will change,and then you will say,now i finally arrived,that can be chasing,a ghost to some extent now can people,change can you work on your relationship,yes so there its not always a slam dunk,but its a good question one of the,questions you might have for some of,these people is is it that you dont,want to marry that person or is it that,you dont want to get married and what,hunter just said is im willing to get,married if i meet the right person and i,dont want to marry my current partner,so,the logic there if a equals b and b,equals c,then basically youre saying your,current partner isnt right for you,lets rewind that situation im also,going to discover if i am really,connecting with someone in order to give,alexis you know an answer to the,ultimatum i need to answer those,questions im not ready to propose to,alexis at this moment but if i met the,perfect person,i would be ready to be engaged tomorrow,he also says something earlier which is,that maybe if i,dated other people this one last chance,i would,realize no no i do want to be with my,current partner and theres some wisdom,to that as well its not often were,given that chance sometimes we are we,break up and we date and then were like,both saying oh no,ive realized whatever problems we had,together are,far more tolerable than the problems i,was experiencing in the dating world and,so,lets go for it,so hes essentially saying that now,what the,host what the hosts were saying is,one of the best ways to know,uh if you,well he said you know fear of commitment,he said i didnt show that clip but,i actually dont like that term no ones,afraid of commitment we have fears of,things that come with a commitment its,sort of like no ones afraid of falling,youre afraid of hitting the ground,right so i mean maybe youre afraid of,falling too the point is is that often,when were describing someone as having,a fear of commitment were talking about,someone that is afraid of being hurt if,they get if they commit and then they,get hurt thats what theyre afraid of,also they might be afraid of shame and,guilt of breaking up with someone so,theyre not afraid of commitment theyre,afraid of hurting someone else so,theyre either theyre afraid of,themselves getting hurt or theyre,afraid of hurting other people so i,dont like the term fear of commitment i,think that that implies that someone,just has,this barrier that is irrational to,commitment often when you find someone,who,wont commit,theres this oh you have a fear of,commitment instead of,well maybe theyre afraid of being hurt,maybe theyre afraid of hurting other,people maybe theyre not ready to commit,there are people who just arent really,made for commitment they dont want to,be in a committed relationship perhaps,their entire life,so those individuals,might not be best characterized as,having a fear of commitment they just,arent oriented that way its just not,what they want to do anyway you know,sort of be like if someone didnt have,kids youd be like oh youre afraid of,kids like no i just you know when i add,up all the pros and cons this is my life,path i mean in the opposite you wouldnt,say as as well like,if you had kids youre like oh you have,a fear of being kidless its like no,its just anyway so,but the other thing that the hosts were,saying is the reason why we have a fear,of commitment is because were always,wondering if someone out there is better,for us and i think that is kind of true,i mean i wouldnt phrase it that way but,that is a a calculation,that a lot of at least,mainstream americans will,make as theyre dating and when they,meet someone,that,feels,the most compatible,that,feels good and theres a lot of,attraction,theres often this calculation of like i,dont think im ever gonna meet someone,that,gets me going more than this person does,or understands me more than this person,does or shares the same values so,its not always the case though,sometimes people act more on their heart,and not necessarily on an evaluation of,that anyway lets watch the show,psychologists agree an ultimatum is not,a good way to get somebody else to do,what you want but it is the best way to,get you the answers you need on a,timetable you can live with,psychologists agree,that an ultimatum,is not the best way to get what you want,id like to see the research on that,plus,all psychologists agree,and what do we how are we defining an,ultimatum thats the pretty dubious a,statement i cant imagine that has any,kind of scientific basis,maybe a psychologist or two,psychologists that the show talked to,agreed with that statement so two,psychologists that we talked to agreed,with the following statement lets drill,down on that a little bit psychologists,agree that giving an ultimatum is not a,good way to get what you want huh i,think ultimatums get a bad rap because,theyre they have a negative connotation,in

The Ultimatum #2 – (Colby & Alexis) – Therapist Reaction

hey deserve listeners the ultimatum,lets watch were attracted to like,you specifically,your like eyes are like very fierce but,it was a little taken back with you know,letting me know,off the bat like i could never see a,future with you,what took you to that,place he colby i believe his name is,rejected alexis,she early on identified him as a,possible person to spend three weeks,with to see if he would be a good,partner,moving forward and he said yeah im not,feeling it so now theyre having another,conversation where shes asking why and,which is great you know i think we dont,always have to have these conversations,but,i think that having these conversations,in a mature,non-accusatory way,can really provide a lot of emotional,closure a lot of learning you could,learn things like well you know when you,talked about how focused you were on,money and materialism it just turned me,off i dont know what youre going to,say,yeah its its a fair question yeah,definitely,obviously im bad at delivering certain,information but,im not,attracted to you,okay so theres actually a lot of,considerations when someone asks you,this normally were being asked these,questions if were breaking up with,someone whether its five years of,relationship or five dates we might be,asked this question,often its asked in a hostile manner,like why are you or a desperate man of,like why are you dumping me i dont,understand theres some considerations,one is to be honest thats a,consideration,why lie because,its important for the other person to,have some solid foundation as to what,happened,if youve ever been broken up with,and had no explanation as to why it can,feel very,disconcerting because,we dont have a,landing zone for the narrative of what,happened,its its senseless its like i dont,understand like what went wrong and,those question marks can plague us so,its important a gift that you can give,someone when youre breaking up with,them or rejecting them that you give,them something to hold on to that,provides some narrative to the story,so telling the truth,is,a consideration on the other side of the,coin,is to consider not telling the entire,truth,because,if you tell the person,especially if you say in a very blunt,manner very,i dont know blunt manner you could,actually really hurt them long term for,example lets say,for,one example you,well lets use this one,hes saying im not attracted to you and,then maybe shes like well what do you,mean what are you attracted to and if he,would be honest what would he say like,your face im not attracted to your face,or whatever i mean thats or,now he could say your personality or,something,but lets say the conclusion that she,walks away with is shes not pretty,enough,well not everyone but for some people,a lot of people that could be,devastating and could really cause a,complex for someone,where,they feel inadequate they end up doing a,lot of extra things to try to change who,they are because they believe theyll,never find a partner with the way that,they look for example so,you know its hard to know what to say,i generally will i mean every situation,is different,but,if i were his friend i would have,recommended he consider instead of,saying im not attracted to you,or,not only saying that saying something,like i just dont feel a spark when i,when i meet you youre youre a nice,person and,um obviously youre attractive but i,just dont really feel it you know,theres something about our vibe i just,dont really feel it you know thats,thats being truthful youre its,essentially true youre not giving the,detail that i consider you unattractive,now maybe she can handle it uh lets see,what happens his ex and me,look the most similar of anyone here,number one number two,im not unattractive number three,thats your reasoning why you dont see,a future with me okay,now last episode we saw that she did not,take it well when colby rejected her,i cant remember what she said but,essentially she was saying you cant,reject me thats just not going to,happen and she was,hostile,so anyway shes saying shes arguing,with him saying hes not attracted to,her hes like shes saying,well thats ridiculous,its not possible for you not to be,attracted to me because one,i look exactly like or i look very,similar to your current girlfriend which,in my opinion thats not true i mean i,guess you could say a white person with,blonde hair it pretty much ends the,similarities there in terms of,about you know thats just me and then,she says well lets rewind the most,similar of anyone here number one number,two,im not unattractive number three,thats your reasoning why you dont see,it number two im not unattractive,okay,you can have confidence and maybe,experience telling you that people find,you attractive but that doesnt mean,everyone finds you attractive,so thats a little odd and then lets,see what she says with the rest of this,future with me lies,lip service im not really so,yeah she said that last time i dont,know if that was a sneaky edit that they,did but shes,essentially saying you dont see a,future with thats be thats why you,dont see a future with me lies bs,what,hes,hes secretly attracted to you and,secretly does see a future with you but,hes lying about it i mean i suppose,its possible but that wouldnt be my,go-to conclusion believing that story,from you because,we have a week to do this we have a week,to figure out who were going to live,with i would be like hey heres how im,feeling,i dont want to come off rude but,its just not going to work with you and,i but you just i feel like thats what i,said last night though weve already had,this conversation no we havent and im,not sure what shes what her point is i,think what shes saying is i think,youre well so this is a stretch,is she saying,i think youre putting on a show,of dominance youre lying about not,being attracted to me because youre,trying to come off to the cameras as,this,as youre better than me,thats my only guess as to what shes,arguing with,and then she says you know you could,have just said,something more subtle like you just,dont think its gonna work and hes,like well i did say that last night but,you,youre asking again you know knowing,that im talking to another girl when i,got,my girl in my dream sitting behind her,like,you know,we now know its definitely not us but i,really just,i think it was rude and i,thought that you were a huge for,saying that i think shes on the verge,of crying which would make sense shes,hurt that shes being rejected thats,totally natural to call him an a-hole,because hes saying i dont want to,be with you for three weeks in an,apartment,it was nice that you asked but,uh you know politely no,that doesnt make you an a-hole its,like if you swipe left on someone that,doesnt make you an a-hole necessarily,it just means you know thats the whole,thing dating well do that when were,hurt and we lack differentiation we will,blindly convert that into anger because,anger is seen in our society as more,strong or more,i dont know acceptable as an expression,its,generally unacceptable,for society and for us to,recognize and express sadness in a,situation its it seems its seen as,weak but its way more differentiated,way more healthy way more conducive to,happiness if she were to just say well,to be honest it hurts,and i want to get angry at you and call,you names but thats not fair because,youre just,politely saying uh youre not into me,so,but ill tell you it hurts,and,she could even say,i wish you would have been a little,nicer in the way that you delivered it,but who knows maybe im just you know,influenced and biased because im being,dumped right now and im seeing things,that way you know that that would im,guessing be more accurate i dont know,what she would say to that though i,really have nothing else to say honestly,yeah me either,cool,im gonna grab a drink yeah yeah sorry,now he could have been,a little nicer i dont think its a huge,criticism hes being attacked for i,dont think anything but,he cou

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