1. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Movie Review
  2. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Movie Review
  3. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Review
  4. Drinkers Extra Shots – The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent
  5. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Angry Movie Review
  6. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Review!
  7. Nicolas Cage & Pedro Pascal on The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Movie Review

[Music],the unbearable weight of massive talent,stars nicholas cage as nick cage,hes an actor his career isnt going,well and hes invited to a private,island for about one million dollars by,someone named javi played by pedro,pascal he begrudgingly goes along and,soon discovers that javi is involved in,a criminal underworld and nick cage ends,up spying for the cia to try to find out,if his ultra super fan is one of the,most dangerous criminals in the world,but before we get into the review i do,want to give a big thank you to the,sponsor for this video noom noom is a,consumer-led digital health platform as,a leading expert in behavior change noom,leverages a powerful combination of,human coaches psychology and science to,empower people to take control of their,own health health doesnt happen at the,doctors office health starts with you,at home theres more to living a healthy,life than being a healthy weight and,thats why weight management is just the,beginning for noom when it comes to neum,what i love the most about it is that,its able to give you advice on leading,a healthier life but it does so in a,very humorous way in the past when ive,tried to enhance my health in any way,usually when i read things its kind of,scientific and very boring and noom is,extremely entertaining and so it kind of,helps me it keeps me more interested so,as a result i feel like engaging with it,way more so please go to the link below,noom.com,chrisnoom to take your free noom,evaluation thats,noom.com chris,its quick and easy and noon will help,you create a custom plan so check out,that link in the description below thank,you so much to noom for sponsoring this,video lets keep talking about the,unbearable weight of massive talent so,this movie was like made for me like i,dont know if ive ever seen a film that,was more geared to me like ever in my,life ive had nicolas cage as my twitter,cover photo for like i dont know ever,since i got one,okay im gonna say this i dont usually,like to like claim these types of things,i dont have an all-time favorite movie,you know what i mean like i dont have,an all-time favorite director,i just dont,theres just too much theres theres,just too much in the sea you know what i,mean its like nick cage says in this,movie hes like its impossible to pick,a favorite movie but i can tell you,that my favorite actor is nicholas cage,it doesnt matter the films quality,whether its a great film a good film or,a not so great film,he always gives 110,sometimes 150,he,goes for it and hes endlessly watchable,in every single film i have ever seen,and when he is like,truly great,he is like one of the greats hes just a,fearless actor and thats proven again,by taking a role that im positive made,him very uncomfortable because its not,him its an imagined version of him and,details have been changed its sort of,like,the internets version of nic cage that,isnt real and so for him to just,embrace that and run with it you know,theres so many things that could have,happened and gone wrong with this movie,it could have appeared egotistical it,could have appeared very,you know self-serving and it doesnt it,doesnt appear like that at all in fact,if anything the exact opposite if youre,a lifelong nicholas cage fanatic like,myself there are so many jokes in this,movie that will land a lot harder for,you theres even random throwaway jokes,early on like [ __ ] mon,which if youve ever seen matchstick man,you know exactly what that is which by,the way,holy [ __ ] matchstick men is insanely,underrated its a ridley scott movie,with sam rockwell allison lohman and of,course nicholas cage and you should see,it its great i knew i would like nick,cage in this movie i knew i would like a,lot of the jokes what really surprised,me was how great pedro pascal is not,that im surprised that hes good in the,movie its just that you you sort of,walk into this movie excited for cage,and i was and he delivered but pedro,pascal showed the [ __ ] up he is so damn,good in this film as a nicholas cage,super fan which according to him in,interviews it wasnt much of a stretch,for real life so thats thats just so,[ __ ] adorable i love that i love this,movie exists its just so fun its like,a perfect friend watch movie just get,your friends together and have a good,time i would say the only things about,the movie that didnt always land for me,was the cia stuff the the sequences with,the cia characters tiffany haddish is,one of them it felt kind of like a tv,movie all of a sudden like there just,wasnt as much care given to them there,is,an aspect of the film that feels like it,might have been a little chopped up,by lionsgate i cant confirm that of,course but,theres parts of the movie that feel,like,perfect like exactly like thats the,vision and then theres other parts that,feel like it was,maybe just a little bit diced up i dont,know thats just my stupid speculation i,hate when people do that and im doing,it right now thats my bad but,i did read in an interview that there,was like a bunch of sequences shot with,cage like reprising various roles and,stuff and i didnt see that anywhere in,the movie so im just curious if thats,gonna be,on the blu-ray i hope it is please go,see this movie another original film,that needs to be seen like there are,original movies happening the whole like,hollywood is run out of ideas thing i,mentioned this in my review for,everything everywhere,its kind of [ __ ] like yeah you hear,the most about marvel and star wars and,all that maybe just like pay attention,more,listen a little harder and youll hear,about other movies too guys thank you so,much as always for watching look forward,to more videos very soon if you like,this you can click right here and get,stuckmanized,[Music]

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Movie Review

I love me a good celebration of Nick,Cage were going to talk about that,celebration first I want to give some,love to the sponsor of this video this,video is brought to you by nordvpn,nordvpn is a VPN service that looks to,help you navigate this digital,Wonderland digital Minefield called the,internet more safely and they have a,myriad of services Services ranging from,protection to convenience nordvpn has,released threat protection feature which,blocks malware scans downloaded files,for viruses but it also allows you to,change your virtual location with one,click allowing you to watch content that,might not be available in the region or,country youre currently located its,like everything is truly everywhere all,at once and when such a movie comes to a,streaming service you can watch it even,if its not innately available in your,country just do them apart plus Nord has,a 30-day money-back guarantee which is a,solid peace of mind so click the link,below go to nordvpn.com Johns get,yourself a two-year plan with a huge,discount plus one additional month for,free I think you once again ignored VPN,for sponsoring this video I do,appreciate it and now,okay lets ride,so the unbearable weight of massive,Talent one of my anticipated movies of,2022 the movie stars Nicholas Cage,playing Nicholas Cage hes kind of down,on his luck he needs some money because,some of the projects hes picked lately,which right there like that is,confidence to me this movie is Nick Cage,confidence in a bottle not a lot of,actors can play a caricatured version of,themselves and not take themselves so,seriously how many people can take the,meme ability and some of the online,well call it [ __ ] talk about some of,the choices in their career and theyll,be like yeah well use that as a jumping,off point you know well get the plot,going in a movie where I play myself,thats cool so we guess the invite to,get paid a million dollars to hang out,with a super rich Super Fan played by,Pedro Pascal the CIA gets into this and,theyre like oh thats a really,dangerous person so youre gonna spy on,him for us it is funny that the premise,of this movie did remind me of its like,the movie the interview but starring,Nicholas Cage so its a Nick Cage,celebration movie slash buddy comedy,slash spy comedy so many things in this,movie work because this movie does have,premise Kevlar I call it where its its,Nicholas Cage playing Nicolas Cage in a,movie that celebrates Nicholas Cage,screwing that up would take a massive,amount of work one could call it Talent,if they screwed this up I would almost,cry sabotage luckily they dont we all,love Nick Cage early coveted lockdown,one of the things I did is I reviewed,the Nick Cage Holy Trinity that would be,the father Son and Holy Spirit and it,was amazing it was a good time its one,of those string of reviews where I was,like,Im proud of that and from there you,have all the movie references and movie,love you want some are obvious its like,oh yeah we all love that some are deep,Cuts man that Captain Corellis mandolin,reference I was like thats thats in,the weeds right there which made it,better who am I kidding the chemistry,between Pedro Pascal and Nicholas Cages,on point the support cast in this movie,all do their part really well but they,never eclipse the Nick Cage Pedro Pascal,Dynamic the movie is quite literally on,their shoulders at a point this movie,The Nicholas Cage Pedro Pascal Dynamic,the Friendship is so good you just kind,of dont care that this guy is,supposedly dangerous or you forget it,doesnt matter you just kind of fall,into it as for well call it the,celebration of Nick Cage angle I had so,much fun with that because thats who,wouldnt its Nick Cage man is he crazy,Nick Cage sometimes is he memeable,sometimes but is he also a talented,dramatic actor,[ __ ] yeah he is the movie has fun with,that he talks to this imaginary version,of himself called Nikki whom weve seen,in interviews I will say the last Act of,this movie becomes essentially an action,movie which is in line with the Nicholas,Cage celebration they do a good job at,tying it into that the movie is also a,very self-aware movie in general so its,very aware that its going to that place,and IT addresses that its going to that,place but I gotta be honest the action,movie element that is the last Act of,this movie was never as much fun as the,first two acts of this movie seeing,Nicholas Cage play this lovable yet down,on his luck caricatured self-centered,version of himself Pedro Pascals,character just freaking out like,fanboying that this persons even,hanging out with him the two of them,going on adventures including but not,limited to an LSD trip like it was that,was the most fun I had with this movie,in the end the unbearable weight of,massive Talent is at its peak at its,strongest when its the Nick Cage,celebration that it promises to be and,as much as that celebration of him was,fun to watch I love the fact that its,seen through the Friendship of these two,guys I never had those laugh out loud,deep gut laugh moments but this movie,had moments of constant chuckling I just,its more comedic appreciation I guess,to call it that its more like you know,like the audience will give that nod of,approval like I approve of that,reference you can have things where its,like I feel like Ive seen that in,movies before but have you seen it with,the celebration of Nick Cage as Nick,Cage playing Nick Cage I think not so,youre like all right yeah it feels new,and if news not the word just [ __ ],awesome is and actually side note I love,the fact that it does briefly address,the difference between how an actor sees,the work he does and how fans do how,fans have a personal relationship with,the work and the actors a lot of times,are like yeah I love that movie,it paid bills just fine I know I,appreciate that its just this real,thing that people dont address but the,movie wrapped up with me having a good,time more than a good time a great time,A Time worth watching and worth buying,on Blu-ray all right so the unbearable,weight of massive Talent have you seen,it what did you think about it whatever,you thought comment below let me know,and as always if you like what youve,seen here and you want to see more click,right here to see more,[Music]

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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Review

whats the worry here nick youve lost,some of your talent as an actor,no having a deep and abiding love for,the vast filmography of nicolas cage is,not an outright requirement for enjoying,the unbearable weight of massive talent,the pleasingly meta new action comedy,from tom gorman but it would certainly,help nicholas cage is predictably,delightful as nicolas cage in a movie,that has a good bit of fun with the idea,of what it means to be nicholas cage we,got another offer its a million bucks,its to attend a wealthy gentlemans,birthday party i would never do that,its the easiest gig ever you play,yourself,on paper this movie is annie cage,obsessives dream project its cage,fully embracing both the perception of,who he is as a performer and what people,assume about him as a person and taking,both those things to absurd extremes at,the same time its extremely easy to,imagine a ruinous version of this movie,that demolishes all that goodwill hes,built up over the years if unbearable,weight of massive talent boiled down to,nothing more than him playing up the,various memes and jokes people have been,making about his career for decades itd,be well unbearable thankfully unbearable,weight is not that well mostly not it,certainly has its moments of playing to,the cheap seats riffing on face off and,the wicker man and featuring possibly,the most heartfelt tribute to guarding,tess ever uttered but those moments,arent the bulk of the movie instead,gormagen wisely puts the films weight,on the shoulders of cage and pedro,pascal who plays javi a wealthy spanish,businessman and nick cage superfan is,this supposed to be me its,protest,ill give you twenty thousand four the,pair makes for an irresistible,combination as cage slowly warms to,javis overwhelming fandom and javi,basks in the glow of his idol with,adorable innocence pascal is,tremendously funny and sweet here,playing javi with just the right amount,of fanboy glee without teetering over,into obnoxiousness as their friendship,develops you understand why cage would,come around on the guy the films best,scenes almost uniformly feature cajun,pascal together as they bond over their,shared love of cinema or their,admiration for each others shoes if the,movie sags anywhere its around the,edges of its central relationship sharon,horgan and lily moshine are both quite,good as cages estranged wife and,daughter but they arent given a great,deal to do beyond reacting mostly,negatively to the antics cage gets up to,throughout the film theres a whole cia,plot that never finds much traction,either though its mostly there to,propel cage into increasingly absurd,situations and that works just fine,especially early on as cage wobbles his,way through stressful attempts at spike,craft its just unfortunate that tiffany,haddish and ike berenholtz playing,cages cia handlers have so little to,work with presumably you hire actors,like them to deliver jokes but outside,of an extended riff on the croods 2,their characters are mostly relegated to,reaction duty have you seen croods 2 no,im 44 years old what would i see croods,too ive seen face-off and con air at,the same time its hard to imagine,anyone coming to the unbearable weight,of massive talent for those specific,aspects youre likely here because,nicolas cage is doing the nicolas cage,thing as nicholas cage whatever,reservations he may have had about,taking on this project at the outset,dont come across one bit in the final,film he shows a great willingness to,poke fun in his own larger than life,persona his energy especially alongside,pascal is infectious and that energy,carries the unbearable weight of massive,talent past being a mere curiosity into,something pretty memorable nothing about,this movie would work if cage couldnt,give himself over entirely to the films,vision of what it means to be nicholas,cage but then again giving himself over,entirely to the role is pretty much what,it means to be nicholas cage so maybe,there was never really anything to worry,about,what have you got there divine,inspiration,it probably goes without saying that,nicholas cage obsessives will get,precisely what theyre looking for out,of the unbearable weight of massive,talents meta exploration of the actors,persona but the real heart and soul of,the picture is cages on-screen bromance,with pedro pascals hobby their,chemistry carries the movie into far,more memorable territory and more than,makes up for a few of the films less,interesting elements,for more movie reviews check out what we,thought of fantastic beasts the secrets,of dumbledore and sonic the hedgehog 2.,and for everything else stick with ign,mr cage,it turns out we could have just walked,around wow,[Music]

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Drinkers Extra Shots – The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent

you listen to me,youre nick,[ __ ],[Applause],[Music],whoa cage,say what you want about nick cage but,one thing you cant accuse the guy of is,having an uneventful career he started,out as a fresh-faced quirky and intense,character actor way back in the 1980s,before graduating from the jerry,brookheimer school of big dumb action,films that didnt demand too much from,him as an actor but earned him shitloads,of money and fame all seemed well in the,land of cage but a string of,high-profile flops in the late 2000s,coupled with reckless spending habits,left him in dire straits the only way,out of the hole he dug for himself was,to take on roles in well how can i put,this diplomatically lesser movies the,next decade was basically a slow painful,descent into b-movie misery yeah there,was the occasional unexpected gem hidden,amongst all the fecal matter but,generally speaking its fair to say that,his star was considerably dimmed it was,practically a meme that cage would sign,on to any project that came across his,desk and yet there he was soldiering on,like an absolute pro given every role,his best efforts no matter how terrible,it was and like a phoenix rising from,the ashes he emerged from his,decade-long purgatory and came back with,the unbearable weight of massive talent,a kind of quasi-crime comedy where he,plays a fictional version of himself,that gets caught up in a cia sting,operation against an international arms,dealer oh and he ends up kissing an,imaginary version of himself what can i,say its a nick cage movie,nick cave schmutz is good,the film kicks off with cage as a,washed-up middle-aged actor whos,struggling with the reality that his,best days may be behind him hes flat,broke he cant get any decent roles,anymore and hes estranged from his wife,and daughter after years of neglect and,when he misses out on a potentially,career reviving film role he decides,that hes had enough its time to retire,from acting all seems lost until an,unexpected offer of a million dollars to,spend a weekend with an eccentric,spanish businessman named javi tempts,him back into action hes got no real,idea of what to expect or what they want,from him but he goes along anyway,because he cant think of anything else,to do anyway javi turns out to be the,worlds biggest nick cage fan and,desperately wants to work with him,developing a new movie at first cage is,kind of bored and irritated by him but,gradually they bond over their shared,love of films until they begin to,develop a real friendship but saul is,not as it seems and when cage is,cornered by a pair of cia agents he,learns that javi is actually the head of,an international arms dealing empire,responsible for kidnapping the daughter,of a spanish political rival and holding,her to ransom but because hes earned,harveys trust hes recruited to,infiltrate the organization and get them,the evidence they need to rescue the,girl and bring down javis criminal,empire it seems absolutely bonkers,because well it is and thats kind of,the point,much like jcvd the unbearable weight of,massive talent works by stripping back,the layers between a movie stars,invincible larger-than-life public,persona and the flawed weak and insecure,humanity beneath both films revolve,around a criminal enterprise that drives,the action and both feature an actor,willing to let go of their ego and take,a hard honest look at themselves the,difference though is that while you got,the sense that van damme was having some,kind of genuine breakdown right in front,of your eyes cage takes a more,light-hearted approach in this movie,hes basically embraced the meme and,hes more than willing to poke fun at,himself the nic cage of this movie is an,absolute joy to watch perfectly,capturing that unique combination of,quiet moody introspection and manic,destructive hubris that made his career,the wild roller coaster its been hes a,man simultaneously humbled and broken,down by his faltering stardom and messy,personal life but also still clinging to,the unshakable belief in his own talent,and acting genius hes haunted by,visions of his younger self pushing him,forward flattering his ego and silencing,his doubts and their scenes together are,some of the funniest in the whole movie,i mean thats not to take anything away,from him and pedro pascal weve got,great chemistry together and you can,tell they had an absolute blast making,this film watching the two of them dick,around swapping life stories and bonding,over their shared love of films is just,fun say what you want about pedro pascal,and his questionable views on social,media but hes [ __ ] brilliant here as,the ultimate nick cage fanboy telling,him exactly what he wants to hear and,reminiscing about his famous roles i,also love that hes got a life-size bust,of caster troy from face off,the unbearable weight of massive talent,works perfectly well as a fun buddy,comedy with lots of cool little gags and,set pieces poking fun at some of the,most absurd aspects of its stars life,but i cant shake the feeling that its,also a kind of confessional for cage,himself a chance to clear the air to,look back on a long and eventful career,with all of its ups and downs its,triumphs and disasters and maybe even to,draw a line under it and acknowledge,that perhaps its time to move on to a,new stage now if this movie represents a,turning point for nick cage and a return,to more prominent roles that allow him,to do what he does best then all i can,say is welcome back sir weve missed you,anyway thats all ive got for today,go away now

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Angry Movie Review

[Music],hey guys we just got back from the,unbearable weight of massive talent from,our personal friend nicholas cage,guys this is such a [ __ ] feel good,uh,awesome comedy buddy story,bromance,slash,meta,uh peace uh character driven peace for,nicholas cage mouth just [ __ ] love,nicholas case now get this im [ __ ],biased already all right i watch nicks,good stuff i watch his really bad stuff,whats bad stuff oh theres one where,hes like a [ __ ] cop where hes sleep,walking through it just no,no,like,its amazing god i cant even remember,its like 977 something its just,theres some really bad [ __ ] on amazon,because i convinced myself i am going to,watch every single nicholas cage film i,i didnt get through them all thats how,bad it was but he does often pick some,good projects and this was tailor-made,for him obviously uh so many in jokes,about conair and [ __ ] face-off and,all of his classics i was like please,mention mandy please mention mandy mandy,we gotta mention you know so i just,[ __ ] loved it you could tell,everybody was having a great time this,is a genuinely funny film with sequences,that made me laugh out loud to where i,had tears in my eyes and im like man,all right its good to know its been a,long time since ive laughed like that,and this was yeah i love this one this,that was uh that happens during an ls b,field uh cage uh kg,cage-ness uh part we wont ruin it for,you but um i really highly highly,recommend if you like nicolas cage um if,you like,bro stories and and and just uh,the art and the craft of filmmaking and,stuff like that that this is one that,you should go out and see in theaters uh,we saw two good films today northman go,check out a referee for that the,northmen and the unbearable way to,massive talent its good to have good,content coming out while we just,finished watching some really shitty tv,show stuff yeah right uh so this is the,one that though that i recommend even,over northmen i i i i enjoyed this one a,lot what did you guys this is a must go,see now yeah uh i loved it uh i like how,he was poking,humor like fun of it himself,im a hard-working man like oh nick,youre making too many,like its movies its like how is that a,downfall making sense in movies oh im,sorry im just doing my job,like i got bills,to pay family to feed i love that a lot,of injuries apparently it had an ama on,reddit that was like the most popular am,i i havent i havent read it yet but,you hear it was great oh it was more,comments than obama when he did his so a,really cool guy he checked it out too,yeah,i also liked uh his inner monologue is,uh younger nick,how they talk to each other oh my god,yes hes another banger,nicholas coppolas talking it is,literally the that you know the,cagedness the cage moments from all,those films is bundled into his [ __ ],baggage and his persona its perfect the,film is meta in good ways in a lot of,different different uh you know,sections and that is a chemistry between,him and pedro,a,amazing i love it yes i can tell theres,more chemistry between this than,northmen the love the love story yeah,pedro pascal such a good [ __ ] actor,dude his [ __ ] smile lights up the,room,all right well uh what do you think alex,i really liked it um i think meta is,really really hard to do weve seen a,lot of meta movies meta tv shows that,just [ __ ] fail because you really,have to know what youre doing like,everyone kind of has to be in on it like,youre kind of laughing with and at them,and i think this they absolutely nailed,it here uh i love the chemistry between,the two i think the story was,clever enough for what this is trying to,do like this isnt like,this isnt like like craziness but i,mean like as far as like that doesnt,really make sense and they probably,wouldnt do that but but,theres kind of an excuse for it later,on in the film yeah and i just its its,super fun i think that even if youre,not a huge fan of nicholas cage,like all of his other ones you dont,need to have watched all of them,although you should because face off,rock,classics yeah all right go [ __ ] watch,them well there was a few films that,nicholas,cage mentioned that i had not seen that,he liked so i have to go and watch these,films i forgot exactly which one i have,to look them up uh but ones that he,found because they were talking about oh,whats your best favorite movies and the,the guys number one movie his face off,hes like really are you are you serious,it makes sense if hes such a big fan of,him that he wants him to show up at his,[ __ ] birthday party right,so um,yeah just really really fun i mean these,two carry the film this this whole bff,stuff is just fantastic its great um,yeah i i i really liked it uh,so what what else can i say so they got,a greater plot where its uh uh theyre,trying to do go ahead and take it with,the cia stuff here that was in the,trailer yeah theres a secret mission uh,theres uh hes a drug cartel,yeah gun runners gun runners makes sense,hey we need hes got something that we,need uh we need you to find some intel,so,try to go around his house and plant,some cameras,and find see what you can find out yeah,he does this mission terribly which is,uh hilarious very good,which i i just [ __ ] loved,this would never happen there the u.s,government hires nicholas cage,hes actually doing it and hes doing,some of this five [ __ ] right yeah,um,hes trying to see what else we could,say without spoiling yeah i mean the the,trailers kind of gave away that the,government are looking at pedro pascal,because he may,you know may be a piece of [ __ ] and then,so theres the internal conflict hes,like well it turns out that you know,okay hes a great guy and maybe hes a,gun runner maybe all these other things,have happened and then so the story just,kind of unfolds and we just get a,wonderful like unlikely,buddy movie where theyre like bonding,and theyre doing fun stuff and,everyones having a great time but then,every now and then the cia like hey hey,like go break into that room and see,what it is and its like oh man its the,room from the you know uh you know im,not gonna spoil what but theres like,crazy stuff that happens so yeah,uh its its a good time and if youve,got uh if youre gonna see something,this weekend i think you should see,thats a must yeah and and um you know,so obviously,uh just just getting to see an actor,kind of behind the scenes doing his,thing is interesting they they bring his,family into it its obviously not,nicholass cage like real family no its,kate beckinsale,martin sheens daughter,is that who it is man she looks so much,like daisy ridley i couldnt stop seeing,like [ __ ] rey from star wars the just,a younger version of ray from star wars,there i was like that is not his,daughter that is not his wife isnt his,son named kal-el yes yes yeah he,i gave him that idea,ill come out and say it i said you know,nick you know were such best friends uh,we love superman together you should,[ __ ] it just name your son calallen its,[ __ ] awesome so he did it and uh hes,got his son so um,yeah it was just just a great [ __ ],time lets give it some final verdicts,then,9 10 category,yeah its tough 9 10.,theres a great [ __ ] comedy that made,me laugh the laugh out loud yeah like,this is like i came out of that movie i,was like man i want to see that again i,havent laughed like that in a while,this was actually,entertaining all the way through all the,way through never [ __ ] drags its,always interesting to see these guys,[ __ ] it lets go with the tent they,fight they fight each other with [ __ ],nicholas cage [ __ ] people,using props from the action movies,nicholas cage i mean its great im im,[ __ ] happy to see you yeah im im up,in the that range too i,it it was really really good its an,absolutely amazing comedy that you,should see,i dont know if i can give it a 10 out,of 10.,i think you can no i mean one i dont i,dont think its like one its very,funny yeah but i dont think its like,legendary comedy um its like legendary,nick

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Review!

nicholas cage plays himself kind of in,the unbearable weight of massive talent,its kind of like,being john malkovich only,not,[Music],this review is sponsored by athletic,greens go to athleticgreens.com,dan for a free gift with your first,order and stay tuned after this review,for more info,hello everybody and welcome to my review,of the unbearable weight of massive,talent which ill probably just call,unbearable weight from here on out,because its a bit of an unwieldy title,but how lucky are we that two of the,most unique films of the year this one,and the northmen which i already have a,review out for you can click the little,thing up in the corner if you want to,watch that after this one come out on,the same weekend i really hope that,everybody who complains that all we get,are superhero movies and genre films go,to see these movies this weekend because,if youre looking for originality then,youre really not gonna get much better,than these two films i dont know if im,losing my mind but,im pretty sure thats the actor nick,cage from moonstruck moonstruck from,face-off unbearable weight was directed,by tom gormachen his only previous film,was 2014s that awkward moment the,screenplay is co-written by gormachen,and kevin etten whos a veteran tv,writer on shows including workaholics,but delivering his first feature,screenplay and the first thing i want to,be clear on in this movie and why i said,that nicholas cage is kind of playing,himself hes not really nicholas cage is,playing a character named nick cage,which is kind of a riff on his public,persona its grotesque,ill give you twenty thousand four yes,there are references to cages work and,we see clips from several of cages,real-life movies there are references to,some parts of cages real life but this,isnt the real nicholas cage this is,almost the nic cage that we,simultaneously wish he was and wasnt,this nic cage is a frustrated actor,battling the perception of needing a,comeback who accepts out of desperation,a millionaires offer to come to his,birthday party in spain the millionaire,is javi played by pedro pascal and he,seems like an open-hearted if moderately,obsessed fan who really just wants to,meet his favorite actor and maybe get,him to read a screenplay whether you,like it or not you have a gift,and that gift brings light,and joy to an increasingly,dark and broken world but there may be,more to hobby than meets the eye as nick,finds out when two cia agents played by,tiffany haddish and ike berenholtz,recruit cage to spy on javi who they,believe to be the head of an,international crime cartel what follows,is a deeply meta journey through nick,cages greatest and not so greatest hits,as he bonds with javi while being asked,to spy on him and when it comes down to,it i think the unbearable weight of,massive talent is one of the best buddy,comedies that ive seen in quite some,time and one of the funniest two and a,movie that references all different,kinds of genres this really does hearken,back in many ways to that heyday era of,the lethal weapon tango and cash type,movie and pedro pascal and nick cage are,two great actors to pair up on screen,you are a faster runner than me i saw a,fest you were a national treasure no,thatd be the stunt department not,according to the making ill feature,right and i really do hope that we are,in the middle of a full-blown nicolas,cage renaissance because i first of all,loved pig last year it was one of my,favorite movies of last year one of my,favorite performances of last year i,wish it had gotten more mainstream,awards recognition and the guy just,seems to be enjoying himself theres,actually a clip that went public earlier,today because nicholas cage is welcoming,another baby into his family where they,said that he had announced that he was,having it im part of a critics group,called the hollywood critics association,and we had an awards show earlier this,year where he announced completely,impromptu to the entire audience that he,was having a baby and what the babys,name was going to be and im pretty sure,he hadnt actually told anyone that,before nick cage,whats your secret,im going to have a baby girl in,[Music],[Applause],be oh you dont have to september us if,you dont want to,her name is lennon auggie cage that was,a great moment to be in the audience for,and i just think it sort of speaks to,what nicholas cages mindset is right,now and listen ive taken pot shots at,nick cage in the past because the guy,works a lot and not always in the most,memorable projects but in doing a little,bit of my own deep dive on nick cage and,part of it is that journalists are,finally asking him meaningful questions,about his career hes just a guy who,likes to work and this is sort of,touched upon in the movie as well he,enjoys acting yes the money is nice but,he just likes to do these different,characters and say what you will,about the nic cage movies themselves,youre never going to find a performance,from him that is less than 100,committed then you add in things like,cage occasionally consulting a much more,brash younger version of himself which,again is a great blend of the fiction of,this movie and the reality because the,actual character of nikki the young nick,cage is very much a riff on his persona,particularly in the 90s and early 2000s,but the actual wardrobe the hair etc is,a portrayal of one of his most famous,television appearances that came back in,1990,on uk television in an interview with,terry wogan i dont know if i get,carried away i just sort of have a good,time and you know inviting me on your,show im just gonna have a blast have a,blast now this is not the first time,that nicholas cage has done this,self-referential meta thing he was in,screenwriter charlie kaufmans,adaptation there are some beats in this,movie that i think are a little too,close to what cage has already done in,adaptation but i think the key thing,there was that adaptation was not meta,about nicholas cage himself it was much,more meta about the writer charlie,kaufman whereas here were playing on,cages own persona i think what really,puts this movie over the top for me,because the concept is interesting and,nicholas cage is great but the cherry on,top is pedro pascal as javi pascal,projects an innocence and a starstruck,nature that really makes us feel,genuinely sad that he could be a,murderous crime lord whos behind all,these heinous kidnappings and everything,else and the interactions and adventures,between cage and pascal are easily the,highlight of the movie there are other,subplots including cage going undercover,for the cia that are amusing but the,heart of this movie is the relationship,between these two characters and i think,the movies biggest flaw is letting,itself sprawl a little too much and at,times losing track of that relationship,now you get the hell out of here,you go,cage was famously a little bit reluctant,to sign on although he eventually came,on board not only as an actor but as a,producer who was involved in a lot of,the creative decision making for this,film and part of what nick cage has said,he was reluctant about was that he felt,like the film was making fun of him but,i really dont think theres a joke for,nicholas cage to be in on in this film,because i dont really think its making,fun of him if anything its sort of,making fun of the public perception of,him and this isnt just a goofy riff,with nicholas cage movie references yes,you get that but there is a lot of,vulnerability in this performance and,even though hes not playing quote,unquote himself you can see that,nicholas cage does bring his own life,experiences to this sort of fun house,mirror version of himself i dont really,have a lot bad to say about this movie,most of the jokes land its a little bit,long but what works really really works,cajun pascal are great if youre already,a nick cage fan there are some great,inside jokes to be enjoyed plus one of,the most underrated modern movies gets a,real shout ou

Nicolas Cage & Pedro Pascal on The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

there were a few uh differences i mean,between who i am in my own life,and i and the vision that tom had i call,him the mind because this all came from,his mind his mind and kevins mind uh,but he he always said that neurotic nick,cage is the best nick cage so he would,push me more in those realms of mania,and anxiety which is fun i mean it was,fun but i would say well its not really,me when im at home with my cat but,thats not as much fun i stand by my,claim that neurotic cage is the best,cage,im nick frigging,[Music],the day we were shooting the scene where,nick is talking to the younger version,of himself and nick came to us,beforehand and said he thought that the,younger version,should grab,the older version and at the end of the,scene give him a big long kiss,and then and then say uh you tell him,nick cage smooch is good and ive really,never laughed harder and been more like,psyched about an actors idea,well that yeah and that was and that we,we were talking about that early on i,was trying to get that in the in the,script the whole time because having to,play two versions of myself in a movie,thats,sort of about some tom corman conversion,of myself and i was like okay im just,gonna have to go full bugs bunny on this,i mean bugs bunny was kissing everybody,and everything and it was very,aggressive and yeah im kissing myself,im literally this the process of making,this movie on some level was like making,out with myself and it wasnt weird you,know and everything about it is,uncomfortable and terrifying but i,thought yeah it all has to come to that,moment we have to keep that in the movie,you know nick has sort of transcended,the idea of being an actor hes hes,like a hes like a cultural figure in,our minds and we just thought,this story had to be uh,about him there was no one else who,could play it so like from a purely,business standpoint it was like a,colossally stupid decision,to make a movie that only one person,could do and say yes or no to so but,there was no one theres no one else but,i mean its a very strange thing to say,were just making up a version of a,human being they knew a lot about my,interest which i also found,that level of a detail that attention to,detail,put the hook in me and made me want to,do it its okay excuse me is harvey,going to want me to uh you know im not,sure i understand look its hobbies,[Music],when you know i kept thinking about javi,because i love that character and i,thought it was for my money it was the,the most well-written character in the,movie and was the best part in the movie,and i kept saying to pedro ill tell you,what ill do ill trade parts with you,because i loved his part you know thats,a true story you can back me up on that,but when i was imagining,javi i kept i i really kept seeing his,face and so i i thats was amazing to me,when i met your face i kept seeing when,i would read the script his face and,that was very interesting so when they,cast him it was like wow this is almost,like magic you know i will say we had,lunch with pedro during the process um,and he was such a fan in real life of,knicks so that when we were talking,about it we kept coming back to like,pedro is such a,a real fan of knicks and a real fan of,movies and there was so much overlap um,there that we thought that dynamic would,play in the film and i think it does,its so weird to talk about it with you,sitting next to me,ive talked about it so much without you,in the room,which is a lot easier uh so i i knew i,wanted to be an actor quite young i came,up with this fantasy because we would go,to the movies so much as a family and so,my,you know,as a as a child,the kinds of performances that were,imprinted into my experience um were,were were yours i feel like this is a,kind of confession i feel like,i feel like i have to turn to you and,like confess,and um and so and so,so there isnt anything there isnt,anything more surreal than ive done,than to actually get to travel and go,and be on set with nick and act with him,and be his scene partner um because,hes my biggest influence thats amazing,yeah i did not know that i thought he,was method acting the whole time,thats amazing man thank you thank you,well,okay well lets return it because i i do,think hes incredible in this movie i,mean he has such an unusual style and an,unusual way into comedy and i told him,you have a very unique sense of humor,that i have not seen before and i could,never really tell when that when he was,being comedic or when he was being,serious and he brought all that to the,character which keeps the movie kind of,unpredictable and off guard which is,perfect for the character because you,dont know if javi is seriously,dangerous or he isnt or if he is,genuinely playful and fun to be around,or not and that edge,pedro brought to them thats the talent,that he brought to it i was listening to,you guys and you actually turned to,pedro and you said,i think you might be the strangest,person ive ever met i was like,what a compliment well,i dont know i meant that as a,compliment,as you can see we had a good flow we had,a good chemistry together and that shows,in the movie um the biggest departure,with toms vision of nick was that,you know that nick needs to spend more,quality time with his children,theres no version in the universe of a,nick cage that doesnt want to spend,time with his children,that family always comes first thats my,priority but what he wanted to do was,have an evolution that this nick,so-called nick,decides that its not the so-called,career but its the time the quality,time with his daughter,i dont have a daughter in my real life,but she she brought it to life for me it,was fantastic i mean i really looked up,to him forever when i was in middle,school i used to do a thing called,caging which is where you like take,pictures and put them on peoples,lockers of you wow i loved it people,found it so strange they were like who,did this but it was amazing to come like,it was such a full circle moment because,ive looked up to you for so long oh,thank you um and working with you was,like a dream i mean i i remember,similarly to you like we really i felt,such a connection we were friends yeah,we had a friendship exactly,so its nice im very happy to see her,again you do understand this is,enormously surreal for me this is why i,dress like this im ready im strong i,can do this yeah it was very tough,screaming in his face in spanish about,how much i hated,yeah every his of my fiber was saying,dont do it but uh he took it very well,in good spirits man yeah yeah it was,tough probably not to just smile all the,time and laugh all the time because i,think that,with all of us and shattered as well and,and paco as well uh we created an,amazing group like we were working,during the pandemic we were in croatia,we were wearing masks and there were a,lot of crew members just working on for,us all around us but we were having a,lot of fun actually i think that you can,totally see it from the movie that uh,the torment cabin also created an,amazing,cast like we were really bonded ive had,a lot of laughs what i did we had a lot,i thought it was freaky and stressful,but its over,tell me your favorite story,i had a very funny moment on uh or,surreal moment on the set were doing,this theres kind of an homage to,leaving las vegas and its you know its,uh its nick at the bottom of a pool and,its his lowest point in this film and,its kind of homage to maybe the highest,point in his career where he wins an,oscar for this role and i thought it was,kind of a cool uh you know a thing to,shoot so,uh nick came and i was explaining the,scene i said you know its just in the,water and youre down at the bottom and,you have a beer and youre and he goes,tom tom tom,i know ive already done it,youve done the scene all right it was,just a surreal moment where like things,were looping in on themselves and so he,went and did the exact same thing it,wasnt surreal for me as it was for you,i mean it was su

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