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The Underground Railroad Review ( SPOILERS ) | Trauma explored, not exploited

so here we are with another piece of art,that,begs the question should black folks,watch this is the underground railroad,directed by barry jenkins,another piece of traumatic porn,right is it true is it black trauma,as spectacle im gonna try to talk about,these things in this,video as thorough as i,possibly can and hopefully use this,video to inform you,what this show is about right and,whether or not you should watch it,yourself,so stick around lets get into it,[Music],if you like this type of content go,ahead and drop a like on this video,and click that subscribe button smack,that notification bell so you wont miss,a new upload,whats happening im purple boy you guys,are tuning in to purple,film hey yo check this out before i get,into my thoughts,for underground railroad i want to hear,your thoughts about it if youve seen it,already,on a scale from 1 to 10 what would you,rate this series right,what were your favorite parts or what,were your most hated parts or do you,just hate this series altogether,i want to hear what you think whats on,your mind,go ahead and go into the comments and,discuss it with,your boy all right now lets go ahead,and jump into this,okay im going to give you the good im,going to give you the bad and then im,going to wrap it all up with my final,thoughts,this is going to be an uncomfortable,review theres going to be some spoilers,in this as well,im going to be talking about some very,tough uh,tough things that actually happen uh,its about to get real,so im just forewarning you one of my,biggest,complaints of any historical film or,series,are the characters it seems like so,often these works of art are so,consumed with the varied ways to torture,black people,that they forget that theyre torturing,human,beings traumatic imagery and,dramatic experience in of itself right,was never the,issue that was never the problem,the issue has always been not,recognizing,the subject of the dramatic experience,as,human beings and not black bodies right,i absolutely,hate that term so much black bodies,i i wanted to show what america,is doing to these black bodies so people,will understand like,no man [ __ ] that stop referring,to black people as black bodies that is,just,dehumanizing and that [ __ ] sucks,uh and i do appreciate this show,actually uh,for you know cleverly commenting,on that very thing right commenting on,uh entertainment and the way our stories,are exploited through that right i think,this show,does a a pretty solid job of commenting,on that,characters is what this series,absolutely nails even more so,than the breathtaking photography and it,is breathtaking,its the beautiful and sad,and intricate portrait that this series,paints,of these characters uh that really kept,me invested,uh for the 10 series or for the 10,episode series,uh im not going to talk about all the,characters im just going to focus on,two,characters that really angered the,entire uh,story for me emotionally um,and i mean just these two characters,were just really compelling man,i absolutely love them of course its,the main,character uh cora uh played by uh,through soul madhu uh and,uh arnold ridgeway played by uh joel,edgerton,um these two characters and these two,actors,uh are really what like i said anchored,the story for me,uh and just you know it made for,and i dont know it made for a very,compelling watch throughout the entire,series,these two characters are what kept me,like,you know powering through this entire,thing because,it is long and it takes a minute to get,through it but just,watching their story unfold again was,is possibly one of the most compelling,things about this entire series,uh you know coras mother uh plays a,significant role in this,in the entire story and she plays a,significant role,uh in both uh uh coras life,and uh arnold ridgeways life,and first uh talking about cora,uh who was played beautiful,beautifully uh by thousand man she,absolutely and i hope im pronouncing,her name right uh but she absolutely,absolutely kills it her story is about a,young girl,not only overcoming abandonment,but the evil entity embedded within,america and all its citizens her sheer,will to live uh has her,beating the most insurmountable odds,um at one point i thought the series was,kind i thought the series was gonna kind,of like end,uh with her being like harriet tubman,i dont know why that crossed my mind i,was like are they about to turn her to,harriet tubman because theres one,scene where shes talking to another,character named royal and royals,talking to her about,how shes been through the underground,railroad and how shes mapped,shes pretty much traveled longer than,anybody else has,uh through this underground railroad and,how she could possibly help other folks,uh but shes not a hero you know im,saying she,shes just somebody who is simply uh,wanting to survive and and in the end,im glad they didnt do,something in so freaking hollywood as to,turn her character into harriet tubman,right,um arnold ridgeway his story is about,how,depression births hate hate births,uh racism racism being,uh synonymous with violence his journey,is also a spiritual one,just as coras journey is spiritual,uh in nature as well i have always liked,joel edgerton right i think hes a,another great phenomenal actor uh but,man it was uh dussels performance that,really got me,it was her happiness her hopefulness,fear and,anger that i thought she just conveyed,so,very well um she can she really,puts these emotions on display uh,with with you know with a lot of,complexity,and and you know she does it so well,um and its it i mean as an actor,i mean im not not saying that im an,actor myself but,a actors job is is is to convey these,emotions an actors job,is to get the audience to to,truly feel whats going on you know,uh in in that in a scene and the first,time,we meet her man uh,you know in that first episode we get a,really powerful scene between her and,another major character,and it was right there you just knew she,was about to,she was about to eat you know im saying,you knew right then there,that in this role of hers she was,definitely about to eat,uh the most prominent expression i,thought the actress displayed throughout,the,entire series was like this you know,expression of beware of them,bewilderment,uh so many times i could not help but,kind of remind myself,of harry potter um when you think of,harry potter hes this character,who enters this entirely new world,uh thats completely you know different,and completely new and uh you know,coming from,you know the world that he once lived in,its completely different right,the you know not to say that the culture,is,necessarily different for cora when she,moves from you know,being on the plantation going out into,the world,but that same idea you know applies,uh cora you know to me anyways felt like,she was in this like sort of,constant state of discovery uh and that,made her character even more compelling,to watch,um it was certainly an angle i uh,did not expect right it was it wasnt,something,you know i was like oh man you know if,im gonna tell a slave story this is how,i would tell it right,and i think the uh the the actual,the uh the novelist who wrote the,underground book right because it was a,book before it was a series,the novelist who wrote this uh the idea,that he had was,this sort of gullivers travel uh,type story uh with cora being the main,actress and again,moving her from you know the plantation,and out into america,and uh discovering every you know,discovering america,like you know for the first time uh,essentially,is is what it is and you get kind of got,this little sense of a you know fish out,of water story but not really,but uh yeah man it just i couldnt help,but think back to,to to harry potter because i i just,think thats pretty cool how harry,potter just kind of takes in everything,and us being the audience right we see,things,through his eyes and barry jenkins does,a great job of,allowing us to see through coras

The Underground Railroad Review – Amazon Prime Original Series

energy hey and welcome to the ruby,tuesday my name is ruben and this is my,review for amazons original series,called the rail,no underground railroad,oh my gosh good start,yes the underground railroad a young,woman named cora makes an amazing,discovery during her attempt to break,free from slavery in the deep south,im under the impression that barry,jenkins is a genius,um he won an oscar for directing,moonlight and that was a film that i had,to be in the mood,for watching this is worse than that and,i really thought that i would have to be,in the mood to watch this,the thing is this whole series is,absolutely riveting from episode 1,to episode 10 the story that cora our,main protagonist goes on,we start at a plantation where she has,to,escape the life that shes living,because the life that shes living,is horrible you know everything that you,think that you know about slavery in,those days you know in,the bible about that kind of area its a,hyper realistic,look at that world so its based on a,novel its a fictional story but its,based on times and events that actually,happened,you take those times and events and you,hyper realize them,into creating a story thats riveting,horrible to watch and,very very interesting at the same time,has you asking yourself questions like,how can humanity actually have done,things like this,what is wrong with us no wonder god,wanted to wipe us out,you know with our flood if youre a,christian you believe that or no wonder,we get up,to creating such nonsense like we have,done in the past,no wonder weve had multiple world wars,when some of us in humanity do things,like this so it ha,it does make you think its those sort,of questions that will flow around in,your mind,i really thought that i would have to be,in the mood to watch this but,upon watching episode one i was totally,riveted,in the story of core youre absolutely,behind her you want her to escape you,want,her freedom but at the same time youre,feeling the pull of everybody else that,is having to have,lived that life but what makes this film,really interesting,is the fictional fictionalized realized,and ill get to my point very quickly,the fictionalized realized,railroad underground so there wasnt,actually a real uh railroad underground,but there were safety houses,for where slaves of the time could,escape to and people would help them and,so we have that,but its a real a realized railroad and,i thought that was really interesting,its a its a take on humanity,in the time that wasnt very nice but,there were some nice people,trying to drive forward our future into,being a better future where its not,about color,and were still damn it were still,struggling with that today which is,mental um but its definitely stories,that,you know need to be kept kept being told,so we dont to do the same mistakes you,know,how many world war two films and tv,series uh have we made,you know hollywood or the world in,general and were still making them well,hopefully we wont,wont build on those mistakes we have,learned something from them,as humanity in society but you know,unless were under one world government,were all going to do different things,according to our laws and culture anyway,i digress,were getting more and more of these,type of films and stories lots of,stories to be told about,this time and even now and so i do think,some people are going to have issues,with this would be like not another one,of these i thought it was riveting the,cinematography is,excellent every single one of the damned,actors that you see,on screen and i say damn because uh,every time i saw them deliver,certain moments of monologue even though,the lines that you thought were meant to,be boring were riveting because of the,way they were acting,and joel eggerton in this um he plays,menacing in a really understated way,chase dylan is,um a little child i think is in every,single one of the episodes he,is menacing as well because hes kind of,been conditioned to,uh be on the white mans side and youll,understand as you watch,that um so its like a stockholm,syndrome for a little child,and his story is kind of interesting,although we dont go massively into it,uh joel eggerton like i said massively,uh has screen presence and then,we have our main character cora who,youre just,on her side the whole time and she has,to go through so many horrible things,throughout,the 10 episodes but you are rooting for,her strength that it comes across,on screen so well and so with the,cinematography that is just beautiful,and,harrowing to watch you know what you see,whats put on screen,is heightened but its an adventure of,someone,standing all those trials and going,through them ill let you discover what,happens at the end,put this on your list i said multiple,times now i thought i had to be in the,mood as one of those,like raging bulls theres certain films,you know are,brilliant but you have to be in the mood,this was one of them but once i put it,on i was like damn this is good so im,giving this a straight up a plus,i think uh barry jenkins is a brilliant,director brilliant storyteller and uh i,hope we get so much more from him im,interested to see what other worlds he,creates or hype,hyper realistic worlds you know taking,something that we know and,accentuating that circumstance thats,basically what hes done here,phenomenal series definitely worth,watching thanks so much for watching,this review but most of all until next,time remember,live long tuesday,[Music],you

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Underground Railroad is Barry Jenkins Love Letter to Black People | @Jouelzy

hey guys its jouelzy and i am back for,another video this is actually my second,time getting into this video because the,last time i recorded it and i had a bit,of a error let me turn down,the the brightness from my laptop which,glows but makes me look very pale and it,is the summer time weve been outside,and we do have a bit of we have a dash,of melanin happening just a dash okay,with the blonde hair we dont want to,wash it out too much now all right get,into it spg t-shirts help support the,book club we also now have a candle line,this is clarifying it says say it clear,and it will be beautiful that is a line,from octavia butler a literary goddess,that we seek to honor and all the,candles from the spg book club are,meant to help put you into the proper,mood,to set the mood of the room to be,calming to be relaxing to be refreshing,this one in particular is meant to help,clarify cleanse the energy of the room,cleanse your mind,set it right set it straight allow you,to reset the tone for how you want to,proceed and i absolutely love,the smell this is one of our more floral,scents and i love it theres no fruity,or food-based scents in the candle line,because thats not scents that i care,for and they really are all meant to set,a very calming tone and they all do that,now lets get into this review of barry,jenkins amazon series this series,actually came out on amazon three months,ago part of the reason my review is so,late is because i watched the series,three times,re-read the book by colson whitehead,then sat down to record it,the sound was messed up when i went to,edit the video and ive been having,chronic earaches because our ear,infections because as it turns out i,have eczema in my ears i still cant,really fully hear out of my left ear but,im not in as much pain as ive been,before and thats really been slowing,down my ability to get videos out but i,have a bunch of videos that i have,prepped and we wont do them okay we,might be a little bit late in the,discussion the timeliness might not be,there but maybe we can get into it,because weve worked on it were ready,for it and i just really really really,really really,think that,this series i im constantly referencing,it when we have discussions in the book,club were currently reading the,prophets by robert jones jr and theres,a lot of themes that were addressed and,portrayed visually in underground,railroad that connect to the book were,currently reading in the book club but i,think that what barry jenkins did with a,book i largely could not stand did not,like at all,is magnificent and what hes turned into,a book that i really felt like whoever,wrote this did not love or know black,women intimately hes turned it into a,narrative that really expresses a love,letter to black people and i am so,enthralled with the work of barry,jenkins that i really just want to come,and sit down and talk to you about it,now i know,people are against the idea of there,being so many slave narratives seemingly,produced but i want to ask in return why,are we ashamed of our history,and culture of where we have come from,and,i actually do not agree that there have,been a whole whole lot of slave,narratives i think rather that hollywood,is small every black film that comes out,feels like the overall representation of,us all and we have had a few attempts,that have been very poorly done,in the past year or so we had antebellum,and harriet both which i thought were,not well done at all um and then,alongside that we have had a,diverse range of cinema its just are,you watching it i dont know im also,excited to see yaya you know we can,share him okay,in candyman whenever that finally comes,out all right but i think that,underground railroad in particular is,one of the,more important and very well done,narratives that i,think is important for us to understand,the history of,slavery in this country and what it,really means for african americans to,derive,from a community that was formally,enslaved and how powerful that is how,much how meaningful that is to our,cultural history that we survived that,we persevered and that we made something,when we were never meant to be anything,and i think underground railroad really,gives nods to,the beauty of our culture the beauty of,our people and thats why i partly think,it is such an important film what i love,about barry jenkins work in general is,that all he makes all aspects of black,life,majestical so one of the issues that i,had with like the harriet film,was that they put a lot of emphasis into,harriet tubman being magical like some,mythicalness that was following her that,was attuned to her that gave her her,ability to become someone that we revere,and in barry jenkins work while there is,a mythical element that does come up,it doesnt overwhelm the series and,rather it is that the mundane the daily,this kind of struggle of it all,um and not like this im toiling down,bad and im just so bad like i cant,want to use the word mundane right it,really kind of is this banality,that his lens focuses on its like the,color grading the,costumes the music like the entire,visual experience just expresses so much,love,in moments where like theres stillness,like nothing grand is happening and you,are overwashed with like these really,warm feelings and just regular,activities happening between black,people from moonlight to if beale street,could talk uh to now underground,railroad,and as ive already stated i really,hated the book so the series is based on,colson whiteheads book underground,railroad and i actually did,a fireside chat with barry jenkins i,want to say was that 2018 2017 tom is,running away from me,like lord i was living in texas okay,thats all i remember so it had to be,like 2018 at south by southwest we did a,fireside chat for youtube it was just me,and him in our interview together they,sent me a frame picture ill insert an,actual picture here so you can see us,together,i bring it up because when we were in,the green room um at this point it had,been announced that he was going to be,working on,a movie version of the bill street could,talk and then maybe a movie or series,version of underground railroad and i,really dont like the underground,railroad book at all i cant stress that,enough and i thought if beale street,could talk was one of james baldwins,weaker writings but in like the,classification like baldwin is an,immaculate amazing writer so to say that,is one of my less liked books from,baldwin its still a great book i feel,like baldwin is really great at writing,black men and his strong point was not,writing out the character arcs of black,women and its kind of visible if you,read if bill street could talk and i say,this,to,barry jenkins along with saying that i,felt like underground railroad was,written by a black man with a white wife,i was not wrong and he just kind of,chuckled and said that thats why it was,really important for him to bring in,black women,into the writers rooms and they were,definitely going to clean up some of,what he understood to be lacking,development and perspectives,of the black woman characters in the,book and i think,he actually nailed it i also do have a,review of if bill street could talk ill,link it down below in the description,box and up here somewhere where the eye,pops up to get to specifically,underground railroad and besides the,quip about,invite someone who does not love black,women you know there is cora is the main,character in the book as is in the,series and,a lot of the decisions as theyre,narrated in the book dont really make,sense so both the book and the series,follow cora,who essentially runs away from her,plantation,and happens upon a literal underground,railroad a train system that literally,runs underground and as in the book and,in the series she gets on this train and,lands in south carolina and decides to,stay and in the book it just dont make,sense why does cisco from south carolina,to north carolina,and theres a train like i

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whats up devotees of the seventh art,cinemas are reopening this week so its,the most,inopportune time for me to be going off,on one about something on tv,but seriously why are we talking about,anything other than the underground,railroad,based on the novel by colton whitehead,and directed by barry jenkins,[Music],[Music],the underground railroad is set in the,antebellum american south,a place in the time where slavery is,legal cora and caesar played by,tusumobedo and aaron pierre,are two slaves on a plantation where,grotesque cruelty is commonplace,quite aside from though naturally linked,to the existing cruelty of slavery,itself,so they set out to escape using the,underground railroad now the history,books teach us that this was a slang,term,for the secret roots and safe houses for,those getting away from slavery,but in this drama there is literally a,secret underground railroad,drivers stations and conductors it takes,cora to a place of possible safety in an,alternative reality version of south,carolina in which they are notionally,free,and able to take jobs cora works in an,immersive history museum about slavery,pretending to be a field hand picking,cotton for the benefit of tourists,but this new freedom is an illusion she,may have to take the underground,railroad,further north this extraordinary drama,isnt quite a steam punky,sci-fi satire its more daring than that,and more disturbing than that,it avowedly takes its inspiration from,swiss gullivers travels,a book which crops up repeatedly and im,not being facetious when i say that in,its weird sense of mystery and,suspenseful excitement,not only about whats going to happen in,the plot but what actually the whole,thing means,the underground railroad is like patrick,mcgoons tv show the prisoner,the railroad itself is sort of like a,time machine,but its powerful because you can sort,of believe that it does literally exist,like the underground tunnel pulley,system in the great escape,and what is this sensational story about,more than just slavery,steve mcqueens equally stunning drama,12 years a slave,found its impact in the simple fact of a,black man,taken from a place where slavery is not,allowed and placed where it is,slavery allowed slavery not allowed the,sheer juxtaposition,is disturbing as it is when you think of,it in temporal terms,time when slavery is allowed time when,slavery is not allowed,very close historical neighbors,[Music],nothing was given,all was earned,hold on to,what belongs to you,whats their name the underground,railroad,defamiliarizes the subject of slavery,and finds a way of telling us that,yes it really did happen and not so long,ago,and that the south were not defeated,with unconditional surrender like,germany at the end of world war ii,it was more like germany at the end of,world war one this is about more than,just,slavery if such a subject can be,dismissed with the phrase more than just,the underground railroad is about the,tragic foundations of americas,industrial greatness,this is another resounding success for,director barry jenkins and its,streaming on amazon prime right now,next up on the big screen and i cant,think of a radio 2 link for this,its peter rabbit 2 the runaway,is anyone hungry yeah starving im on it,im just going to wait until we get home,where the food isnt decomposing,well la dee da i didnt realize i was,with a bunch of sophisticates,the new peter rabbit film is here as,before cheekily voiced by james corden,presenting a youth certificate,entertainment which shows rabbits,wisecracking and getting up to larks,but thankfully uninterested in breeding,or sexual congress of any sort,it combines live-action humans and cgi,bunnies,whose coexistence on camera is,seamlessly achieved as before,in that bright flat bland light as if,the screen has been laminated,naturally we were all hoping that peter,rabbit 2 would show peter abbotts dad,as a young man in the old country,a bandit in the countryside interspersed,with scenes showing his grown-up son,becoming increasingly ruthless as he,embraces his violent destiny in the,stolen carrot business but no,the scenario now is that the author,beatrix potter or b,rose byrne is now happily married to the,once feared thomas mcgregor,played by donald gleason with oddly,darkened hair and eyebrows,they are asked to come up to london by,smoothie publisher nigel basil jones,played by david oyalowo,who is only interested in turning her,books into a soulless commercialized,travesty,a meta gag about this very film,franchise,meanwhile peter gets upset with how mean,and cross thomas can be with him,so he falls in with a criminal rabbit,called barnabas voiced by lenny james,who becomes an urzats father figure to,poor lonely peter,he becomes a runaway pursuing a life of,crime with barnabas and his dodgy new,crew of reprobates,now there are one or two nice gags here,but basically the humor in the peter,rabbit franchise is,wacky slapstick stuff pretty weak and,pitched at young kids,unlike paddington whose literary source,material is genuinely funny,this digital peter rabbit is never,really humorous,it can sometimes be cute or zany or,briefly send itself up,but there is fundamentally something,pretty straight in its dna,now its time for something which is the,most surprising and,probably the best film of the week its,rare beasts by billy piper,as well as acting and directing piper,plays mandy a single mom who lives with,her own mum played by kerry fox,and mandys brought a dodgy man home,yes how long how long are you staying,indefinitely hes joking hell be off,soon well,have breakfast first we dont eat,breakfast here,i hear youre religious nothing to be,scared of well were all,atheists here please put us in good,stead,i wont take her away no i mean yes,what about work like that large large,tube,really my friend cressida you know um,from development,not my face an old family friend,shes getting married very likable i,think we should go we should,go and watch people being happy,rom-coms are about love and they want to,be loved billy pipers anti-rom-com is,about something else and it wants,something else from us,rare beasts has got the structure and,the ingredients of a romantic comedy but,it turns everything on its head,on paper this could be by richard curtis,there are attractive views of london,an awful date in a restaurant,bittersweet scenes with parents,reflective moments by the river a,bridget jonesy media job,a wedding scene and even a cameo for,lily james but,everything goes wrong billy pipers,movie refuses to read the room,it ignores the traditional cues for,comedy and gentleness,and the learning of life lessons it is,on a spectrum of its own,now i have to admit it the last time i,saw something as bleak as this was at,the samuel beckett festival in,enniskillen,look were late every day i love you,your breath smells,youre angry seething and you know,people are calling you scottish,im not scottish in a way rare beast is,a 90-minute nightmare fantasy sequence,showing what might happen if you took,the wrong choice if you got into a,relationship with the wrong,guy in the speed date montage because in,real life that is exactly what people do,go into rare beasts expecting a funny,romantic film and you will have a rough,time,go for a challenging psychological,satire and,well youll still have a very rough time,but youll see a very smart piece of,work from a very smart new filmmaker,i want to close now with a shout out for,a brilliant zoom video film podcast from,india,called filmcapath for whom i recently,did a special edition about tarantino,heres a taster,i dont care what you understand you are,going to freak,out it was just as exciting and as,unwholesome,and as dangerous and as horrible and,transgressive as that,you felt like you were just getting,jabbed or you something sheer,kind of narcosis so i had no idea when i,first saw pulp fiction,i thought wow john travolta has ended,this movie,alive and dead at the same time i really,didnt like

Amazon Mini Series (2021) Underground Railroad | good or Triggering

[Music],hey guys its marielle welcome back to,my channel friday night lights review,where you know we do reviews and,reactions to tv shows,movies and other digital content so you,already know what im gonna ask you guys,right out the gate so go ahead and click,like comment and subscribe to the,channel become a part of the friday,night lights family,i do thank you for everybody who has,been subscribing to my channel sharing,the video you guys have no idea how much,i appreciate it,for all my new subbies hey we have fun,here,um and for all of my recurring,subscribers i just thank you so much and,if you just happen to click on this,video,since youre already here you might as,well go ahead and hit that,subscribe button and as always you can,always follow me on my other social,social media accounts twitter instagram,and,facebook those links will be in the,description bar below,and as always guys please share the,video and definitely drop some comments,tell me what you want to be seeing what,you want me to review or react to,whether its tv shows movies or other,digital content,please go ahead and leave those in the,description bar,below so without further ado today were,going to be,reviewing and reacting to amazons,original,series mini series called the,underground railroad,so as always well talk about the pros,and cons,where it falls into the five-star,category and just the general,reaction as we go along in this video,so lets just get started um so yes the,movie is called the underground railroad,it is,based on the novel by the same name,written by coulson whitehead,um so the plot of the,its after escaping georgia plantation,uh the character cora,boards a train embarking on a harrowing,freedom,trip as she seeks true freedom while,being hunted by a notorious,slave catcher so,i think were just going to do the,reaction first because,i just have to say right out the gate if,you are going to watch this,mini series viewer discretion is advised,im just saying that right out the gate,it can be very triggering,to some people or maybe to everybody,its very graphic,its things that we learn through the,course of us growing up,if you had history in school which we,already know,that was a dumb thing for me to say but,when you have parents aunts uncles,grandparents telling you,how it was for us as a people,we know some of these things it may be,some things that you did not know about,what us as a people went through i will,say it is very,traumatizing i high key,barely could make it through episode one,and there are ten episodes,so right out there its,its like media trauma you know i,definitely would not um,recommend you letting your children,watch this definitely not under the age,of 14 because,it just gives you this really,horrible skewed look of what we as a,people did to ourselves and what people,have done,to us and i guess this is around,were at the time of the year where we,need these movies to re,iterate the horrible treacherous,disgusting unhuman inhumane things,that was done to us as a people so right,out the gate my reaction is it was very,traumatizing,you know its definitely triggering i,mean if you have anxiety,or anything like that i dont know if,this is something that you would,want to watch or if you do watch i,advise you to watch it with,the greatest of discretion,it was right i mean right out the gate,the opening scene was very traumatizing,and i just my one question,um ill just ill pose that question at,the very end,so i just wanted to get that out there,for my reaction,um it was traumatizing and it was a very,tough thing for me to swallow it was,very,hard for me to even keep my eyes focused,on,the episodes because it was just so,horrible and its like i learned these,things from my grandparents i learned,them from my father,and other family members and its just,like,i dont know its like why do they think,that we we need to see it,we need to redo it i mean in the state,the climate of the world right now,i mean we see it every day um modern day,lynching,by you know were not gonna go there,were definitely not gonna go there so,im just,thats just generally my reaction to,this,mini series i mean i know youre gonna,say,you know then why did you watch it you,saw the trailer you knew what it was,about,you you read the plot and all this other,stuff its like you know you give,everything a chance because just because,a trailer looked that way it meant not,to say that you can spin a positive,on slavery and being hunted like,animals you cant get a great positive,spin on that but i thought it would have,been at least,maybe tell it from the slaves point of,view,and i know that sounds so crazy and so,bugged out but,it would be nice to see a movie based on,slavery and everything like that weve,had django and chain we had 12 years of,slave we had glory,we had roots you know we have so,many different things um that,have been put out and none of them have,been,stories from their standpoint yes its,all its always going to be traumatic,but at least we dont have to see the,degradation of what was done to us,thats what im just saying,like give it more thought you know like,the author im not saying anything or,wrong about the author you know you,write things so people can learn you,know read it in the book but i dont,think everything,and i could be talking too fast and i am,sorry i dont believe everything should,be turned into a series,turned into a movies to further trauma,thats what im gonna say thats all im,gonna say about that thats,generally the uh reactions so,lets just start like i said the opening,scene was super dramatic,it was heart-wrenching we seen a woman,given,birth and you hear a baby crying and,then it jumps to,i dont know if it was after birth that,she was burying,or what but she buried it so we have a,couple of characters throughout this,miniseries we have cora who the story,pretty much is,surrounded by then we have cesar who is,also a slave everybody in here is a,slave except the masters,so you have pierre we have cora we have,mabel who is the mother who,the mother of korra we also have um,what is his name um,i cant remember please dont come for,me,he was a slave catcher he was played by,joel,edgerton who you would know from um,the shack which was a great movie but,anyway,um and we also have just random,characters in here they even show you,winston churchill,um but it wasnt really touched upon but,he was at one of these breakfasts then,you have,benjamin walker who plays terence,randall,who is the master who owns a whole,plantation of slaves and then,you have this is where im saying its,triggering and its,very traumatizing because were seeing,how other black people were treating,other black people calling them the,n-word and i wont say it,um on this channel you you wont hear me,say it im sorry i cannot,um calling them the n-word while hes,getting called the n-word he,theyre whipping other black people,babies,im just saying it was those scenes were,just,straight disgusting um what,we as a people went through how we were,treated,like we were cattle like there was even,a part where,the main reason for women and men you,know to breed like cattle like you,better birth,these kids so they can grow up and be,strong so i can put them back,on the field and its like i dont know,so,its just its it was a lot it was a lot,the character um who was introduced in,the very beginning his name is caesar,who was played by aaron pierre i dont,really know uh what other movies has,he has done i will say that his,character for the time,that he was in these episodes were done,very well,like everyone acted very well and i,cant even imagine how traumatizing it,is,for black people to reiterate these,stories its,i give a lot of kudos to anyone any,actor,women men children all alike who,put their hand in these things these,these projects,so caesar is a educated slave,self-taught how to read and write and we,know back then,um a negro could not read he could not,learn,to write because you kn

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

Hi everyone. Im Rincey and this is Rincey Reads.,Today Im going to be doing a book review on the Underground Railroad,by Colson Whitehead. This is probably one of the biggest releases of the year.,If you hadnt heard already,,Oprah picked it as her next book club pick. She moved up the publication date,like more than a month. So soon as like that whole hullabaloo happen I picked up,the book immediately. I was alraedy planning on reading it but that will be just really,solidified it for me. In this story you are following the slave named Cora who,is working on this plantation in Georgia. She is you know not only a slave on this,plantation, but she is sort of an outcast from all the other slaves on the plantation.,She is sort of infamous on this plantation because her mother ran,away and left her behind and was one of the only slaves to run away from this,plantation and actually like stay away. Like no one knows what has happened to,Coras mother but they just assume that shes made it somewhere up north,,possibly Canada. Coras a little bit bitter about the fact that, you know, her mother,left her behind. And then one day Cora is approached by this new slave named,Caesar and he basically tells her about this thing called the Underground,Railroad and suggest that they run away together.,He wants her to come along with because he thinks she might be some sort of like,good luck charms since her mother was one of the only slaves to be able to get away.,And in this story that underground railroad is a literal railroad. So there,are like actual train cars running underground with actual conductors, the,stops are different peoples houses. And so this story just follows Cora and Caesar,as they run away from this plantation. And about how they are just constantly,seeking freedom.,This book was so fantastic. I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars, Ill tell you that,right off the bat. I really, really enjoyed it.,Its super brutal and heartbreaking and honest and just so well done. Colson,Whiteheads writing is just so on point in this book. I have never read any Colson,Whitehead book, I should say that. So I dont know if his writing it always like this.,But theres something about the way this book is written thats so masterfully done.,His writing style in this book is slightly detached. Ive seen people,describe it as being almost clinical,,which is definitely true. But I think thats done with a purpose.,I feel like that reflects sort of the detatched nature that Cora has throughout,this story, being a slave, dealing with extremely difficult and brutal,situations. I feel like Cora herself is sort of detached from the things,happening around her and the writing reflects that. I think that the detached,style also provides a way for the reader to deal with the extremely violent,things that happen in this book.,Theres no sugarcoating the violence in this. This isnt a book thats violent,like A Brief History of Seven Killings was violent. Theres less violence in,this book than there is in that book, so that also helps as well. But I feel like,the violence almost comes out of nowhere. Theres no warning, theres no sort of,like leading up to it. There was like points in this book where I was reading what,was happening and I could see sort of like the tensions rising a little bit,,but then all of a sudden someone would get like killed and youre just like,,”holy cow, did that actually just happened?” I would have to like go back and re-read,passages because it happened so fast and it happened so quick and it was so,immediate that I thought that I had missed something but really thats just the way,that white people treated slaves in those days. They didnt really wait,around for explanations or anything. As soon as they were irritated with them,they would turn to violence. This book also does a really great job of,discussing the ideas of freedom and what that really meant for any of these,slaves or any black person living in the United States. Cora spends basically this,entire book on the run, terrified that shes going to get captured by the,slave hunters and be taken back to Georgia. And so shes constantly,questioning whether or not shes free because shes always hiding. Theres,multiple times in this book where shes had to like hide her identity, physically,hide herself, and the sacrifices that she has to make in order to seek any sort of,non-slave lifestyle is just so intense and so extreme. Just as soon as Cora,thinks she can let her guard down or the reader feels like that they can let,their guard down,,Colson Whitehead finds a new way to sort of bring in tension,,bring in conflict. I felt like I was constantly on the edge of my seat trying,to see how Coras story was going to turn out. Because there is no way to predict,it because her life was just a roller coaster.,It just keeps going back and forth, back and forth and it just never lets the,reader go. Another thing that I really liked about this book is that there are,chapters interspersed in here from other characters point of views. So you get to,see the point of view of like a slave hunter, you get to see the point of view,of Caesar, you get to see the point of view of like the wife of one of the,people who agrees to sort of hide Cora in their house. And these chapters are,like significantly long. So basically the way is like theres like a chunk or,section about Coras life and theres like a one really quick chapter from the,point of view of a character that you had just been reading about or had been,a part of Coras life in that previous chapter. Then you read another chunk and,then you get another characters point of view. And I really enjoyed that,because it just provided sort of another angle to this whole world. It sort of,provided you as the reader some different point of views of why someone would be a,slave hunter, why someone would not want to help out these slaves or why someone,would want to help out the slaves, what are the different things sort of driving,these different characters and I really, really enjoyed that.,So yeah, in the end, like I said, I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars, really highly,recommend it. I think the only reason why it wasnt a 5 out of 5 star book for me,was because of the detached nature of the writing. So I dont know if thats,going to affect other peoples reading of this book, but oh, so good, totally,highly recommend it. Definitely worth picking up. Its a pretty quick read. It,took me a little bit of time to read, but thats just because the Olympics were,happening and I kept getting distracted. And itll definitely be in my like,top books of the year, I already know that.,So yeah those are my quick thoughts on The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.,If youve read this book, feel free to leave a comment down below,letting me know what you guys out of it. Or if you have any questions about the book,feel free to leave that down in the comment section as well. Or if youve read,any other Colson Whitehead, definitely recommend me some of his other books.,I know that all of his books are extremely different from one another so Im not,completely sure which one to go with next.,Theres another one called zone something that cant remember off the,top of my head exactly that deals with like zombies Ive heard of and,it just seems intriguing. Its one that Ive heard recommended a lot of times,when it comes to Colson Whitehead. So I definitely am interested in reading more of,his books now for sure. So yeah, thats all I have for now and thanks for watching.

The Underground Railroad (2021) Review | Amazon Series Review

hey whats going on everybody and welcome back  to my channel movie files elliott back again with  ,a brand new amazon limited series tv review and  today well be discussing and diving into the new  ,dramatic series by the name of the underground  railroad which i got a chance to check out early  ,courtesy of amazon but im not going to lie it  took me about a week to watch all 10 episodes  ,because it was a lot to tackle it was a lot to  kind of go through to sit through to digest my  ,thoughts so here we are discussing im gonna  be breaking it all down here in this review but  ,before we dive into it make sure youre following  me on all my other social media accounts if  ,youre new to the channel welcome to the community  consider subscribing and hitting that notification  ,bell that way you all can get the alert when i  drop new content it would mean a lot to me if you  ,all can like and share this review it helps out  the channel a lot but i also appreciate all the  ,support and look i do these reviews especially  when tackling a subject matter like slavery  ,uh racism discrimination and justice to interact  with you all so lets discuss everything in  ,the comments first and foremost what was your  anticipation level for the show especially knowing  ,that barry jenkins was behind it and then once  youve sat in down and watched all 10 episodes  ,would you think lets talk about your pros  your cons your thoughts on the performances  ,the story the production the subject matter at  hand and lets just have a discussion about it all  ,in the comments below so the way i want to tackle  this review is the same way i handle a lot of my  ,tv show reviews especially for a show that drops  all in one day spend the first half speaking about  ,the show in a non-spoiler way in regards to just  my thoughts on the characters the performances  ,sharing my thoughts on the story uh you know my  pros my cons kind of dive into the subject matter  ,at hand and in the second half of the review will  be more of an episode by episode discussion so  ,diving deeper into my pros my cons my thoughts  on the characters and the motivations and all  ,the different stuff like that so again im gonna  leave time codes chapters in the description so  ,you can kind of know again the spoiler free  portion of this uh review so you can know  ,what i recommend do i recommend you all check it  out and then the second half will be once youve  ,seen it and watch the show we can dive deeper  into an episode by episode discussion so thats  ,how im going to handle the review it might be uh  30 minutes might be 40 minutes it might be longer  ,i love doing these reviews i love talking to you  all about shows like this so sit back and relax  ,and lets have a good time so first and foremost  let me just break down what the show is all about  ,whos behind it and lets get into it from academy  award-winning barry jenkins and based on the  ,winning novel by coulson whitehead the underground  railroad chronicles cora randalls desperate bid  ,for freedom in the antebellum south after escaping  a georgia plantation for the rumored underground  ,railroad core discovers no mere metaphor but  an actual railroad filled with engineers and  ,conductors in a secret network of tracks and  tunnels beneath the southern soil over the course  ,of her journey cora is pursued by arnold ridgeway  a bounty hunter who is fixated on finding her and  ,bringing her back to the plantation in which she  escaped especially since her mother mabel is the  ,only one he was never able to find as she travels  from state to state cora contends with the legacy  ,of her mother that left her behind in her own  struggles to realize a life she never thought  ,was possible this show consisted of 10 episodes  which range between 20 minutes to up to an hour  ,and 20 minutes long alrighty so lets break down  the performances and the characters starting off  ,with the lead of the show played by tuso mabedu  who plays cora which fun fact here this is really  ,awesome in my opinion this makes the first south  african leading woman of a us television series  ,which is fantastic but lets break down this  character cora who is this one and ray slave from  ,georgia and seeing cores journey is a journey  filled with pain heartbreak self-discovery and  ,a journey that left me in complete awe seeing the  difference in various characters she goes across  ,some characters i want to help her some characters  that want to bring her back to her plantation  ,and then you have characters that she comes  across on her journey i just want her dead  ,just for the simple fact that shes black two so  this is my first time being exposed to her by the  ,way which is just speaks to barry jenkins as a  talented gentleman he has such a great eye for  ,talent whether it be discovering jerrell jerome  and moonlight the characters we got from beale  ,street hes just such a great guy in regards to  just found some really great talent and too so  ,this is a performance of a lifetime every time  im going to see her now im going to think of  ,her role as cora thats how impactful it was for  me personally and i really do hope this this role  ,opens up other doors for her because seeing her  in this role as cora she was so believable in her  ,role the emotional torment she took the physical  trauma that she went through to me in this role  ,she truly embodied in my personal opinion the  resilience of our ancestors i thought that she  ,was fantastic i truly do hope that she gets some  award recognition because again this was a career  ,type of performance a performance of a lifetime  in my opinion and i thought that she was fantastic  ,too so you got you got a new fan i am such a fan  of you and i thought you did such a fantastic job  ,as cora which speaking of fantastic we got to  talk about our other lead of the show played by  ,joel edgerton who plays ridgeway now ridgeway is  the slave hunter on this show who is relentless  ,in finding cora he takes a lot of pride in finding  runaway slaves and he is played by joel edgerton  ,who is in his own right hes a writer hes a  director hes an actor hes a fantastic actor  ,by the way im a big fan of his work warrior you  know zero dark 30 just to name a few but i think  ,this is his best performance of his already  impressive career i hated ridgeway and that  ,speaks to the testament and the performance that  we get from joel edgerton he was just ruthless he  ,was relentless he had his own code that he went by  he took so much pride in collecting runaway slaves  ,and i just again i hated that character so  much but even this show has a moment that  ,we get with ridgeway he gets his own kind of  individual side story and in that side story  ,you get where he comes from you get his origin  stories and there are times in the show where  ,theres a little bit a tiny a smallest amount  of humanity in this character but for the most  ,part again he hated black people he just want to  capture him and get the job done joel edgerson i  ,hated you in this show but you did such a great  job in this role and this character ridgeway he  ,wasnt by himself in collecting slaves he has this  little dude by the name of homer play by chase w  ,dylan this is my first time seeing this young man  and just like i hated ridgeway i hated homer just  ,as much this kid has to be no older than 10 or 11  years old and he doesnt have a lot of speaking  ,lines but its his presence its the bond that  he has in this role this little guy has this bond  ,where its like almost resembles a father-and-son  relationship with ridgeway which is crazy because  ,ridgeways white hes black he hates black people  but he has his little man going on these missions  ,with him to capture black people listen homer was  a character i hated once again i i really hated  ,that character but at the same time this speaks  to the performance of this young man i feel bad  ,for him because

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