1. The Valet (2022) Hulu Movie Review
  2. The Valet with Eugenio Derbez and Samara Weaving
  3. Review of the Valet Car Wash in Cambridge
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  5. The Benchmade 485 Valet Pocketknife (Shinola Edition): Full Review
  6. The Valet (2022) – A Hulu Review
  7. Actor Eugenio Derbez talks about new Hulu comedy, The Valet l GMA

The Valet (2022) Hulu Movie Review

the new hulu film tells a story of a,movie star who faces a pr disaster when,a paparazzi snaps a photo of her with,her married lover vincent the,hard-working valet antonio,accidentally appears in the same photo,and is enlisted to pose as olivias new,boyfriend as a cover-up i watch the new,hulu film the valet should you lets,find out,hows it going movie watchers thank you,guys for stopping by my channel today,were talking about the new film the,valet on hulu this is a remake of the,2006,french film of the same name stars,eugenio derbez and samara weaving within,the film,and we know that theyre not going to,get together,he accidentally appears in a photo of,her and her married lover,and they say hey lets have this valet,be the actual person that she should be,with and we dont buy into it the film,doesnt buy into it other people within,the film dont buy into it theyre,actually trying to pay them off so they,can actually reveal what is going on you,dont feel any spark between the two so,right away the film is letting us know,hey dont get invested in this,relationship its just not gonna work,out that way and i understand that and i,just i completely agree with it i see,him i see her im like no thats not,going to happen but what makes this film,so,easy to watch is that,they come from different lives antonio,is struggling with money and she wants a,more simple life so they each have,something that they could offer for the,other person and so by doing that were,seeing these two people grow,as samara weaving is an actress shes,struggling to kind of just live this,life she wants something simpler and,antonio is struggling to come up with,some money and he does it for financial,gain so they each have something that,they could offer the other person i,loved watching them grow within the film,they helped each other out,while this film didnt offer a romantic,relationship it offered a friendship and,i liked that about that is that,they became friends and i liked that,natural growth for not only the,characters but their relationship as,well they started to spend more time,together they started to have more,personal moments between the two that,allowed for them to grow and i really,like that about these two characters,because theyre very likable and but,they come from polar opposite,backgrounds but when they,meet with each other and theyre kind of,forced into this fake relationship i,liked watching them just grow as friends,because i know that its not going to,turn into a romantic relationship i know,thats not going to happen at all so im,more focused on their friendship and i,really liked them two together and,watching them just be friends of course,theres going to have some typical,moments of them arguing is this really,worth what this is this really worth it,all and you have a lot of those cliche,typical moments but i think they work,for this film,some of the best uh moments in here some,of the the humor that comes from this,film is watching eugenio gerbez uh kind,of that fish out of fish out of water,sequences as hes going to premiere for,films and being interviewed as well uh,he doesnt know what to do and samara,weavings character just has to kind of,reel him in and make sure he doesnt,reveal anything shes trying to keep him,pretty safe to her so those are where,the the humor lies within the film and,its pretty funny to watch him kind of,navigate all of that and her just kind,of stand back and make sure nothing goes,wrong but its also kind of hard to,sympathize with this character she uh,wants a simpler life but shes also uh,with this married man and its just kind,of hard to really care about this,character and everything that she wants,when we know what shes doing is wrong,and she knows it as well,its a delightful film its fun to watch,its got some humorous moments between,the two and uh they have this chance,just to grow polar opposite characters,we spend a lot of time focusing on,antonios life were living with his,mother hes struggling we see a lot of,times with um samara weavings character,and how shes got these films going on,but shes really struggling with that as,well theres a lot of personality given,to these two characters and a chance for,them to grow i really like that theres,some funny moments along the way its an,easy going film and they make sure that,youre not too invested in a romantic,relationship because its not gonna,happen at all you can get that out of,your mind,uh and by doing that youre really able,to just focus on the characters rather,than uh them falling in love because,thats not gonna happen before i give,you my score for the valet on hulu make,sure to check out my channel here i do,movie reviews trailer actions ranking,videos tier lists all the fun movie,related content that you see on youtube,i do it all here so hit that subscribe,button to get it all in one spot and if,you like to see where the valet ranks,amongst other 2022 releases i have seen,this year follow me on letterbox there,you can find my ranking of all the 2022,films including the valet im gonna go,ahead and give this film a b minus,thank you guys for watching my view for,the valet have you guys seen it on hulu,what do you think about it let me know,in the comment section down below and,stay tuned for more up and coming,content like this my name is just,watches movies and you guys stay classy,youtube

The Valet with Eugenio Derbez and Samara Weaving

hi im mara webster within creative,company and im so thrilled today to be,talking about the movie the ballet with,actor and producer ethenio derbez and,samara weaving and uh i wanted to start,by asking about the extensive journey in,which this film has taken to screen um,you know youve been involved as a,producer and that journey towards the,final draft was over the course of about,seven years um and and when it began you,know obama was president and then,obviously the country culturally shifted,a huge amount over those years and i,know that it was very important to you,to make a film which really reflected,the culture and society that were,living in at present and was really,interested in how that informed a lot of,the dynamics and themes and the way that,you wanted to approach them in the film,alongside the rest of the creative team,well we,that is just what you said um all that,happened it was seven years of uh trying,to get the right script because i feel,that,um,the main star in any project is the,script,when you have a great script you have,everything so we were looking for a,we were trying to nail it,and and i we felt that when,trump,became president,we needed to make some changes,and and especially he wanted to talk,about um,how invisible sometimes all these,immigrants all these hard-working-class,immigrants are in this country,how many times you youre in your,building and you see the janitor,every single day,but you know,even even his name or who he is or where,he comes from so we wanted to reflect,that we wanted to reflect,uh how important they are for,this country and to make them more,visible so thats why we it took us,so long to to nail the right script,yeah i mean i really love that and i,think it all worked in the final version,of the film and samara for you you know,this film is so much about characters,and and really,being seen in different ways and for,olivia shes also going through her own,journey of this and within that it also,feels like stemming from her,relationship with her mother as someone,who you know took advantage of her,embezzled against her that she had to,stand up in court against that theres a,lot of protective walls that shes had,to build up out of necessity for herself,and i was interested in shaping this,character how you kind of wanted to,create these walls and figure out what,that protectiveness is that shes,constructed for herself,but then you can go through the film,finding the ways in which they start to,come down around antonio,that is the kindest description of an,absolute lunatic,[Laughter],um yeah i mean she she is,quite lost when we meet,her um,[Laughter],yeah i mean um,you know i think um she starts off as,very very jaded which is,quite funny um,uh takes it out on everyone around her,and just thinks that shes entitled to,everything and everyone,um and shes just surrounded by yes man,so she probably doesnt know,better or she does but she doesnt maybe,she doesnt care i dont know um and,then through meeting antonio she sort of,um,[Music],starts to get her priorities checked and,maybe shifts her point of view,ah for the better,one of the other aspects of the script,that i wanted to ask you about was was,the language of it because again thats,something that i know that you fought,really hard for when people wanted to,come on board the film but were,suggesting that it be all in english or,majority english,but i love the fact that its so,authentic within it seems you know when,your character is speaking spanish its,very much when hes talking to his son,when hes with his mother with his,family at home um you know and just the,the way that it really reflects family,and community in a beautiful way and,also even with mr kim it being important,to have korean language in there as well,and so i was interested in how you,really wanted to use that as an,authentic exploration of these,characters and to really reflect that,idea of community well i just said we,wanted to keep it authentic,uh i always hated hollywood movies when,you see,uh james bond and and in china and,everyone is saying china speaks in,english and they go to russia everyone,in russia they speak in english they go,to mexico even in mexico who no one,speaks any i mean normal people learn,they dont speak in english uh and you,see them everyone is speaking in english,and i hated that,so here we were trying to reflect uh,uh the,the authenticity of la,in the us but especially la its a,melting pot,and,and theres there are many languages i i,i every time i see my gardeners theyre,speaking spanish,i speak to them in spanish and,and,we wanted to keep the koreans speaking,korean um,so,i fought back a lot with the studios,because i wanted to be real and not just,make another movie,like the one weve seen we wanted to,make a really honest and special movie,for for all the the,the people that live in america,and jumping over into talking about some,of the comedic elements of the film,which are done so well um it sounds like,it was an incredibly collaborative,environment when working with richard,wong the director of the film in being,able to try things and push things,further and for you samara you know,youre really taking this character and,finding finding the lines just like how,far you can push her and have her still,feel like a very grounded character in,the movie um you know were there moments,where you would would try something and,it would feel like it was going a little,bit too far what was that journey of,finding where that line was so that it,still always felt very grounded to her,yeah oh 100,i would go way over the top and id tell,richard like please bring me back um,um yeah i would it was so much fun,though because he really um he created,such a safe environment for us all to,just,have a go and play and,you know sometimes with comedy it takes,a second to find the rhythm and you know,we didnt have much time for rehearsals,our shooting schedule was quite insane,um,so,yeah it was great it was great fun i,mean it was hard work because its i,think its harder making people laugh,and it is to make people cry but um,yeah richard was a fearless leader and,um super collaborative the writers were,collaborative,er the actors were great fun it was a,fantastic experience it was great,experience yeah,it also sounds like it was really a,space where there was a lot of space to,bring ideas to the table as well and,hennia one of the things that you,brought to the table that i wanted to,ask about was antonios hair because,that was an idea that you very,specifically were incredibly adamant,about this is the hairstyle that hes,gonna have and even the fact that it,changes when olivia comes into his world,and then he finds his way back to his,hairstyle and his authentic self along,the way uh where did the genesis of that,particular hairstyle come from and why,was that such an important character,detail to you,i wanted to reflect a,real world and i did a lot of research i,went with a lot of uh well every,restaurant i went for the,and for an entire year i was taking,pictures to the ballet parking with any,excuse,so i can study how they,how they walk how they talk,how they uh,do cut their hair and i realized that 80,of them had the same haircut,it was like a like the same pattern you,know shaved on the sides and then flat,on the top and,all the way up,so i love that and i i was like it would,be really funny to have that haircut and,then you can play a little bit when she,comes to into his life so he changes it,a little bit tiny bit is not just that,straight up and uh and i felt it was,part of the personality of antonio his,hair and his mustache,so i really fought back because they,rich was a little bit like it could be,too much and were like,rich trust me go and watch any valet,ive been doing this richie for a year,so i think it was it was perfect,and tomorrow one of the details that i,love that you brought to the table for,your character was that moment where her,makeups just com

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Review of the Valet Car Wash in Cambridge

hey everybody welcome back for another,Car Wash video today I am in Cambridge,on Cambridge Ontario at a valet car wash,Ive never done this one before actually,Ive never even forget about recording,it Ive never even been to this carwash,before and its kind of odd because they,have a bunch of self-serve bays which,Ill be able to show you in a minute and,what theyre kind of known for is to is,they got free vacuums so even if you use,their self-serve bays in that theyve,got free vacuums you can use so with me,having a minivan here at if I pay to use,the vacuums in that most other places I,usually have to put money in twice in,that just because of the size of the,vehicle I cant do it all in one on one,payment so its kind of very convenient,here so I thought Id try out their,automatic car wash its I just know what,the touch system not sure what type or,anything but we will soon find out also,on another note Ive got a new – mount,for my camera in that so thats how the,camera is right now its on your dash,mount so Im going to just for because,Ive never done it before,Im going to keep it on the dash the,whole the whole time no not gonna have,any fancy editing or anything youre,just gonna see the whole thing uncut and,you can let me know in the comments,below what you think of this if you like,me doing it this way or my other ways,Ive done it so anyways its got a long,entrance into this place theres a you,can see the Toyota dealership to the,right and on the left of me theres a,Nissan dealership,a lot of car dealerships right here,you can see the free vacuums in that,on the left and once I once I pull out,here Ill go around because the,self-serve bays are on the other side,Ill be able to show that to you,well this they give you two free car,washes with any oil change thats a good,deal goes the suds that youve seen me,review in the past they give you one,free car wash with the oil change so we,got Express Plus protect an extreme,$7.99 $9.99 $13.99 and $21.99,all right so,well Ill do the extreme,$21.99 and thats gonna give me a soft,cloth wash high-pressure clean machine,air dryer extra top cleaning spot-free,rinse extra 20 for its extra 40 45,horsepower air dryers under car spray,under car rust inhibitor triple coat,polish rims wiped by hand tire shine,which is hand applied hand towel dry,turtle wax fire and ice and five day,clean car guarantee so I guess if my car,gets dirtying then within the next five,days I can come back for a free rewash,so thats $21.99 the protect which is,the next one down is $13.99,so quite a difference in price and the,only thing you dont get with that one,is the rent rims wiped by hand,the tire shine the hand towel dry the,fire nice turtle wax and the five day,clean car guarantee,my problem with today is that the roads,are a little wet so I might be I dont,from wasting my money getting the the,other stuff,decisions decisions theyre just what I,want to see the fire nice though,so I might just bite the bullet and do,the fire and ice just so we can have,more of a visual to look at,it is however let me just check the,outside temperature its minus 13,degrees Celsius outside so it is cold,today so with the towel dry Ill,probably be prevent any freezing up on,my vehicle,Im just waiting for this car in front,of me,Wow theres already,one two three four five six six cars,behind me the lineup is growing quickly,here,tilt the camera so you can see theres a,guy there thats helping this person out,the code something wasnt working,actually you know what they might have a,really cool pay system machine here that,I should probably videotape in if I keep,it on the – youre not gonna see it yeah,lets do that Ill take it off Im going,against what Im saying theyre just,gonna hold this so that we can see the,the pay machine yeah heres my holder,very simple just suction mount and its,got a I got clamp but it Jesus is a,really really good job it was uh I,bought it at a store called HomeSense,here in Canada and it was like $9.99 is,cheap welcome to our car wash please,select an option from the list on a,swarm by wash tree select a car wash by,pressing one of the service by the tree,extreme please select an upgrade or if,you do not want an upgrade press no,operator we will please select your,payment method from a screen,please insert card be sure to fully,insert card in your payment spots before,following the instructions on screen you,may also pay using your contactless card,or mobile phone via Apple pay Android,pay or Google Wallet,you are now ready to enter the carwash,please proceed by following the,directions neat I dont know if it,showed up on the I dont know if it,showed up on the on the video on that,the screen and that that was that was,pretty cool,showed like a ladys face talking and,hi how are you good,keep them warm in here Bridget,[Music],there you go put on your for weaves okay,for my boys okay theyre gonna wait it,down for you and what whats that,or thats why wait yellow thank you,okay so pleasant lady youre gonna have,to listen to this ticking the whole time,as they want you to have your four-way,flashers on as youre going through here,and I dont know if this will show give,you this little – white,I think the four-way flashers is to,notify the people at the end here that,Im getting the town will dry and the,tired resting and that sort of,she just waved me over to the right,since for interiors though,youre not getting,and,[Music],this,okay I think they were just running at a,room and especially with all the other,vehicles coming in under turn off these,forward flashes its driving me nuts so,Im so only so much ticking I can listen,to,yeah you can fit what one two especially,in the wintertime you dont want to be,doing this outside because this water on,the car is going to freeze right away so,youre not going to be able to wipe it,dry and you could put so I got another,Lane B sign here so 1 2 3 in you saw,when I was coming out there was two cars,so theres a lady here shes certain to,drive like I just got a little,stepladder which is kind of cute too so,that she can reach the,reach the top of the vehicle,Ill be curious to see if they do the,door do inside the door jambs and that,when they dry Ive seen some places,where theyll open up the door and just,do in the doorjamb where the water goes,now I apologized that I didnt do before,shot at us but my car was pretty clean,to be honest with you it really didnt,need a carwash but because I was driving,through this area I know I hadnt done,this one before I really wanted to try,it so but at least with me getting the,the towel will dry the tire dressing,like the tire signing that when we when,I pull out of here Ill pull over and,well have a look at the outside and see,the results,which was packed up on the stool ass so,she can reach the middle of the,windshield,[Music],yeah in a day like today cuz the sun is,shining the roads still havent,completely dried up yet so depending on,where youre going in that your car will,get get some spray on it get dirty but I,could see them being really busy today,it was fresh shes doing this just by,herself though,I thought theyd like even if you had,one person drawing and one person doing,the the hand dry on the rims and the,tire draft scene it would it would,cut the time down in half,shes been just doing the sides and back,of the vehicle,[Music],shes got the tire shine out,you know if you have two people on it,recur instead of one now you just,doubled your your staff to which is,gonna cost you a lot more consistent if,this place got really busy and everybody,was getting the package that I got yeah,I dont know how they could do it you,have to have more than one person on a,on a vehicle the carwash is just,spitting their cars like crazy behind me,but theres a difference apart what did,I say that other one was the,[Music], 13:9 $14.99,for the water underneath this this one,here with tax,came to,twenty four dollars and 85 cents so yeah,$21.99 plus tax,I cant wait to see what

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Trailer Valet XL review, Moving a 30 Ft Travel Trailer

[Music],hi everyone welcome to the,new youtube channel this is our first,video this video is going to be a review,and how to use the trailer valet xl,we use the trailer valet xl to move,our passport 268 bh,a 2021 its a,tandem axle 30 feet 7 inch,travel trailer we move it,between our house and a retaining wall,please uh dont mind our mess here were,continuing to build the retaining wall,further,on this side theres more retaining wall,and the gross vehicle weight rating of,our camper,is 7 200 pounds the trailer valet,xl can handle up to 10 000 pounds with a,1 000 pound tongue weight,the first step involved in the,trailer valet xl is attaching,the 2 and 5 16 ball and collar,to your trailer,slide it in on your hitch,lock it in use a hitch pin,and then you use the provided spanner,wrench to,tighten against the trailer frame,you can hand tighten first,and then use the spanner wrench,in the hole and tighten,as tightly as you can,once you have that portion on then you,can grab,the trailer valet,itself and lower the trailer,onto the receiving portion of the,trailer valet,[Music],once you get close,position the trailer violet under,and align the holes,[Applause],[Music],insert the pen,continue to retract,your stabilizer,remove the,yellow cone and now youre set to,move the trailer,[Music],[Applause],[Music],to control the trailer valet the first,thing is,this is the brake and this is the,gear handle theres a higher gear and a,lower gear,to engage the handle to move,the valet you lift up on this handle,that disengages the brake,and then you rotate the handle clockwise,to go in reverse and counterclockwise,to go forward to turn,you simply aim your wheels at the,direction you would like to go when,youre,moving you can,go either or direction very precise,movements,[Music],[Applause],[Music],oh youre gonna help,okay good job,in 2020 i paid 750 for the trailer valet,xl off of amazon it has been a very,solid and well performing unit,it is well built and sturdy overall i,would highly recommend the trailer valet,if you have a difficult spot to back,and or maneuver your trailer through,there are a few cons of the unit one of,which is the height,if you notice in the video i have to,bend down,to use the device also the drill,attachment,doesnt work so well for me my 20 volt,dewalt,drill seems to run the battery down,fairly quick within minutes also,the tires seem to leave tread marks on,my driveway which isnt,too bad my truck tires do the same thing,when maneuvering,my trailer also when it is wet,it does not perform well and the tires,continuously spin,overall great product,[Music],you

The Benchmade 485 Valet Pocketknife (Shinola Edition): Full Review

everybody nakeeran I got a review for,you today of a little gem by the,benchmade knife company and thats this,little dude thats the benchmade 45,valet so this is a special edition,thats done in cooperation with shinola,which is a Detroit based Ill watch and,lifestyle fashion company whatever the,hell you want to call it and pardon me,it retails for about 200 the normal,valet just has a gray g10 but everything,Im gonna say about this guy by and,large applies to the regular one um,first off two things I want to thank my,buddy Christoph Wood for recommending,that I check this little guy out I,didnt actually know what existed until,he found it and then he fell in love and,has been hounding me to get one ever,since so now I did now you go right okay,sorry hes a writer he needs the right,um anyways uh the other thing I want to,point out is the size on this guy one of,the size comparison in a little more,detail because this is not a big knife,heres your Spyderco delica which is,much much bigger than this,here is your Spyderco dragonfly which is,not too much smaller here is your spider,kosher pearl,and here is your Chris Reeve Mundi and,thats about the closest size comparison,you got to this so this is a very small,little gentlemens holder kind of knife,not a big knife but anyways um in,typical Nick style lets talk a little,bit about the good the bad and the ugly,of this particular little knife that,betrayed valet so the first beautiful,part about this knife is the design um,it was done by a bench made in-house,designer I actually emailed to try and,get a name but they wouldnt give one so,whoever it is that bench made design,this give yourself a freakin bat on the,back because this was an absolute well,done design you got a nice continuous,curve across here you got a swedge here,which is offset by this inlay here which,is just nice the blade design it harkens,back to a lot of your classics in,benchmade you nine forty or four seventy,the osborne designs really really really,really nice well-done design so i love,it,the size oh actually one detail about,the design this is kind of cool so on,this side the presentation side you just,have your pivot pin here or your pivot,screw and your ax,slok then on the top here heres your,stop pin and on the backside the non,presentation side you see the screw for,the stop pin it goes into the metal of,your lino here but it doesnt come out,the other side on your presentation side,just to keep it a little bit prettier,its a little tiny detail but thats,something that made me think holy crap,somebody was really thinking about this,and I applaud that so thats just a,little thing but its a big thing in my,eyes thats conscientious and I like,that design a lot the size is great like,I said its about the size of Yemen on D,and it fits that same Nisha its a,gentlemans folder even though its a,very pointy knife no ones going to be,scared cuz its a little tiny freaking,thing which is a beautiful thing the,steel is great,this is m390 bohler m390 which is,basically the same thing as cts 2 or 4 p,and your 20 cv CPM 20 cv um and thats a,great family of steels those three I,like myself so thats 35 but if I you,know this is in some ways even better,because its got slightly better edge,retention then its just not a pain in,the neck shop and like Im for it just,thats a beautiful steel and its way,above and beyond what I kind of expected,out of that I think this would be like s,30 or something like that but they,really upped their game here and that,adds to the value of this knife in a way,that a lot of their knives lately,havent had the value going so thats,nice,its an access lock which is always good,but the bar length on the access lock is,pretty big so the bars actually stick,out so you can grab these very,straightforwardly and deploy the knife,using the axis lock pretty reliably,although you can use the thumb stud do,which is nice the geometry and the blade,is great its a great slicer no problems,at all and its thin enough that its,even better for an EDC kind a knife this,is an absolutely spectacular office EDC,kind of knife um and you know on the,whole its just a very very well,designed the knife Im really impressed,with that and I like this a lot more,than the emissary which in many ways,this was what I was trying to buy when I,bought the emissary an Osborn design,although this is just inspired by a,knife with an access lock that spit,that you know pivots pretty freely and,you know its just a nice thing so,really theres a lot of good here and a,lot of thats in this design so thats,the good um you got great design great,steel great lock great blade geometry I,like the color of the scales by the way,its the diamond the wood by the way,this isnt actual wood although it is,its plies of wood that have put,together with resin but pretty nice,overall so um thats the good lets go,to the bed a couple of bad things here,um the clip is a little out of place,its big and its bulky and its beefy,and it works no problem and I do like,that its deep carry but its just,bigger than the knife itself deserves,this is a small knife gentlemanly knife,and its got this big old honkin clip on,there I wish theyve done something a,little bit smaller a little more subtle,a little more integral rather than,having this beast on there but you know,thats a little thing a bigger issue,with it though is that the clip screws,Im gonna see if I cant show you this,the clip screws stick way into the path,of the clip here which means that,theyre going to tear up the inside your,pocket pretty good and its also going,to make a little harder to go that final,mile and get it to a deep carry status,with the screws like that I almost wish,theyd gone with a regular non deep,carry clip and made that you know just a,little bit nicer in in the hand they,didnt have this big beefy clip but a,lot of people actually take the clip off,of these and just treat it as kind of a,gentlemans carry sort of clipless knife,um thats totally fine whatever,um the blade is a little too light is,another issue with this and thats a,real nitpick thing this is Evonik,adaptation here but one of the best,things that the axis lock has going,forward is that free swinging motion so,this is a mini grip with a WT scales,that a beautiful Rita Rita viewer has,loaned me and its got that beautiful,axis lock just Wiggles back and forth,kind of thing going on and a part of,that is a consequence I having a heavy,blade this guy has a very lightweight,blade and that means that for the kinds,of centripetal force things that youre,doing to flip it around you end up kind,of running out of running out of juice,and so I dont know like right there I,dont know that they could have made,this weight a lot,Hevea maybe they make the swedge a,little less aggressive whatever but it,just feels a little too light and then,you end up with a trade-off because if,you want it to swing freely youre going,to need to have side to side blade play,and I dont like that and thats a big,problem that benchmade has just kind of,in general is that blade play during the,access locks so anyways I wish the blade,was a little heavier but that may just,be a fact of life with this design and,Im happy to live with that thats not,only um the knife is almost a little,small in the hand in some positions and,I got small hands so if youre a big,hand kind of guy realize that this knife,is going to be probably a little too,small for you to manipulate happily if,youre happy with your manaan d then,youre gonna like this but this is a,very fiddly small little knife so keep,that in mind,um the price is a little bit high ah,very well I mean its 200 bucks for the,shinola version with the wood and its a,hundred and seventy bucks for the,regular version which eat them thats,not completely out of line Ill say that,much I dont feel like I got shafted pay,and retail for this in the same way that,I would have if I paid do 70 for a 941,the steel is incredible and you know,overall

The Valet (2022) – A Hulu Review

hey guys whats going on blane back for,another hulu review and today im gonna,be talking about the valet,[Music],the valet is an american romantic comedy,serving as a remake of the french film,of the same name and tells the story of,antonio flores a los angeles-based park,in vale who unknowingly becomes a center,of attention after being caught in a,photo with a famous actress and her,secret lover who also happens to be a,married man the actress olivia allen and,liz antonios helped opposes her lover,in order to cover up her secret,relationship so that she can avoid any,bad publicity for her upcoming movie,while the two are initially awkward with,each other they start to become closer,after spending enough time together,which raises complications for the other,loves in their lives i have to be honest,and say that i had pretty low,expectations going into this movie but,also that i did not expect to enjoy it,as much as i did it has some issues with,how events proceed in its story but it,proved to be an uplifting feel-good,experience that goes against traditional,rom-com conventions i wasnt completely,sold with eugenio derbezs performance,as the male lead at first but he,eventually won me over his awkward,personality puts him at odds with,everyone around him rendering him almost,invisible to even his own family at,times which makes him both a source of,comedy and sympathy depending on the,situation he struggles with trying to,prove his self-worth while fighting to,make ends meet for his family coupled,with his less than pleasant interactions,with his ex-wife his every man persona,takes form over the course of the story,making him a relatable character that,was easy to become attached to olivia,allen whos played by samara weaving was,another excellent character whereas,antonio struggled with his servitude,olivia deals with the pressures of fame,she finds it hard to connect with people,on a personal level due to the nature of,her job and she finds herself lonely,because of it this makes her somewhat,justified when she engages in an affair,with the main antagonist of the story as,her insecurities become more evident,over time her high maintenance diva,behavior also proved to be surprisingly,funny no doubt a consequence of having,worked in hollywood for so long which,also made it easy to become invested in,her to see if she changed for the better,these two are complete opposites in,terms of personality and somehow they,just work antonio is way out of his,element when it comes to life in high,society and olivia cant understand why,he acts like a nervous wreck all the,time which makes for a lot of amusing,banter between the two but even though,they come from different walks of life,theyre able to find some commonality in,the form of their current relationship,problems which i felt is what made the,two work so well together both of their,individual angles are betrayed,realistically without any overblown,drama which made the story that much,more enjoyable on one hand theres,antonios ex isabel who tries to make,ends meet as a costco employee to help,do whats best for their son i liked how,she wasnt necessarily bitter toward,antonio more so that she was,disappointed by his lack of initiative,and antonios missing what they had,versus her increasing jealousy toward,him dating olivia made for an,interesting dynamic on the other hand,theres olivias lover vincent who,wasnt quite as memorable of a character,but he still has strong points the,filmmakers definitely had fun with him,being an absolute snake pretending to be,in love with olivia going behind his,wifes back and gaslighting all the time,so that he can get what he wants i,appreciate that the relationship never,plays out as one might expect from a,typical rom-com they do bond over time,and play it up in front of others but,the romance is very different behind the,scenes they didnt even kiss as much as,i thought they were going to theyre,more like a pair of lost souls who,become kindred spirits in each others,company which results in a friendship,thats both casual and meaningful with,some hiccups along the way both of them,come to love each other without having,to fall in love with each other and they,still end up being adorable anyway being,that this is a romantic comedy its just,as important to nail the comedy as it is,for the romance and thankfully it,delivers on this front as well much of,the humor centers around the awkwardness,surrounding antonio and olivias fake,relationship which finds antonio,becoming a celebrity in his own right,due to him not exactly being a catch in,comparison with his date there were,plenty of times that the two had me,laughing out loud due to how different,they are from each other olivia eats,fine cuisine while antonio orders a,burger instead she doesnt enjoy seeing,herself on screen while antonio dives,into the theater experience and grabs as,many free snacks as you can the two have,a lot of back and forth scenarios that,were always fun to watch they arent the,only funny characters in the movie,either antonio has a good relationship,with his fellow valets all of whom have,memorable personalities whether one of,them keeps insisting to date olivias,assistant or the other takes forever to,order a meal at a drive-through they all,added to the fun antonios mother was a,big standout as well not only is she,wholesome with how much she babies,antonio but she even has a compelling,romance arc of her own with his landlord,mr kim i did not expect it to be as,heartfelt as it ended up being and it,added even more joy to the story the,movie in general has this warm and fuzzy,feeling to it that makes it a pleasure,to watch even when dramatic events do,occur it largely remains upbeat and,easygoing and doesnt linger too much,into negativity for longer than it needs,to i think a lot of that has to do with,its portrayal of latin and asian family,cultures and how close everyone in the,movie is because of them theres a true,sense of togetherness thats conveyed,with all the partying laughing dancing,and celebrating its just a really happy,story which also serves to help olivia,realize what she truly needs to be happy,in life now there are some elements in,the movie that arent quite as developed,as i would have liked theres a bit of,social commentary thrown into the mix,regarding gentrification of,neighborhoods and corporate overlords,that i personally didnt care for as it,never had much to do with the ongoing,narrative its rarely brought up and,when it is its more distracting than,anything else theres also a romance,subplot that goes on between antonio and,his bike shop owner hes acquainted with,that never really takes off i didnt,even realize the two had a thing going,on until much later into the movie it,just never felt like it had much going,for it in the grand scheme of things,nonetheless the movie is able to balance,its central themes well in spite of its,small shortcomings between antonios,realization that he deserves more than,what he gets and olivias search for,true happiness the pair have a degree of,relatability that makes them both,charming and entertaining for the,audience overall the valet is an,unexpectedly fun romantic comedy that,has both heart and laughs for all to,enjoy if you like romantic comedies and,youre looking for something to kick,back and have fun with for a weekend,date night you should definitely check,this one out there were some parts of,its story that i wish were handled,better but they never get in the way of,the bigger picture its hard for me to,believe i went into this being,pessimistic at first and it just goes to,show you should never judge a book or in,this case a couple by its cover what did,you think about this movie did you enjoy,the way the romance played out between,the lead characters or were there parts,of it that you think could have been,done differently let me know in the,comments below anyways guys thats going,to wrap up my review of the valet thanks,for

Actor Eugenio Derbez talks about new Hulu comedy, The Valet l GMA

we are back with a juanio derbez he was,part of the all-star cast for this,years best picture winner coda and now,hes got a new comedy on hulu its,called the valet welcome back to gma,thank you thanks for having me so,congratulations on coda that must have,been an amazing night oh my god it was,its a beautiful movie and then we never,expected to to win i mean we were,against this multi-million dollar budget,uh movies like dunes uh nightmare alley,donald cobb house of gucci,west side story,and the with the best actors in,hollywood meryl streep jennifer lawrence,leonardo dicaprio al pacino i mean,i we never thought we were going to have,a chance and and we we won lets talk,about the valet you know its a real,passion project for you years in the,making yes i mean it took us like seven,years to,nail the script we were working on the,script but then in 2016 we,we felt the country was different so we,rewrote the script,and then we finally got this great,beautiful funny story about the ballet,parking attendant,who,who gets caught up in a paparazzi photo,uh with a married and very wealthy guy,and his lover who happens to be a one of,the most famous and beautiful actresses,in the world so its its a very very,funny fish of out of water story lets,give everybody a look,im nervous,very nervous,im sweating look oh jesus,okay well can you talk to him and tell,him to stop sweating,hello im antonio just try not to say,anything theyll mostly be focused on,olivia no no i i dont want to say,anything but if you have to just say,something like youre here to support,olivia or big night here to support,libya,okay oh no,now is it true this is based on some of,your real life experiences well,some of them are there are reflected,there i was,telling them the other day that um when,i came to this country seven years ago,for a first time um i had meetings with,executives at the studios and the,meetings didnt go well and one day my,agents went with me to a restaurant and,they saw all my peeps you know ive been,working for the latino audience my,entire life so,the valet parkings put my car they were,ah were gonna leave the car just in,front of the restaurant they gave me the,best table the kitchen came out took,pictures they gave us,the search for free and and my agents,immediately said you know what lets,change the strategy no more meetings at,the studios all your meetings are going,to be at the restaurants,very smart and you did a little payback,you invited real-life valets to walk the,red carpet with you at the premiere yeah,i mean,it was very emotional this movie is uh,its for everyone but of course uh i,think its its for them especially for,all this hard working class immigrants,that uh there are in this country the,cooks the waiters the gardeners uh but,its a really really really funny story,for for everyone i cannot wait to see it,thanks for coming in today the valet,interviews on hulu this friday,well hey there gma fans robin roberts,here thanks for checking out our youtube,channel lots of great stuff here so go,on click the subscribe button right over,right over here to get more of awesome,videos and content from gma every day,anytime we thank you for watching and,well see you in the morning on gma

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