1. The Vault – Movie Review – (No Spoilers)
  2. Mark Kermode reviews The Vault
  3. Siêu Trộm thiên tài IQ 200 – review phim Siêu Trộm The Vault 2021
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The Vault – Movie Review – (No Spoilers)

[Music],this is a movie by spanish director juan,balaguera who is probably best known for,those,wreck movies which are very much horror,movies but this one is very much,not that this was actually originally,called way down,and while the title does make sense in,the context,i think the vault just gets to the point,a lot quicker,because this is a heist movie true and,true and it doesnt try to hide it,and if youve been following the channel,for a while you know im a sucker for,heist movies,but ill be completely honest this,didnt even really look that great to me,it looked pretty mediocre with a chance,of even being worse than that,however in the hands of a capable,director i figured it was still worth,giving a shot,even though i knew this was probably,going to be significantly different from,his earlier movies,and well turns out this was actually,pretty decent,better than i expected for sure because,it follows an older gentleman played by,leon cunningham,who feels hes been wronged he feels,like something that belongs to him has,been taken,away from him so he decides to right,that wrong and to do whatever it takes,to get it back,which means putting together a crew of,people with various talents to pull off,the heist of the century,and that crew includes young boy genius,played by freddie highmore,who i dont actually remember seeing in,anything since bates motel a number of,years back,but i think he was well cast in this and,did a decent,job as did pretty much everyone else too,i dont think anyone was phenomenal but,they did their job and none of them,bothered me in fact,not that many things about this bothered,me aside from,a few details later on like lets call,it the bridge,section that just felt completely,unnecessary,also the thing with the radio while,great on paper just came off as,a bit too silly in the end and while im,at it i will say a lot of the cgi,effects werent exactly great either,and there were aspects about the,technology involved in the heist that,was just a pure fantasy but none of,those things were really a big,issue or anything that would have,managed to ruin this for me,because this pretty much still contained,everything you might want from a heist,movie,now it doesnt really do anything new or,creative it does pretty much just follow,a,clear blueprint and the characters are,pretty basic,with not that much depth to them either,but at the end of the day this still,works,it did enough right for it to work,it got the things that mattered right,and the end result was a fairly,entertaining movie,and thats really all i was looking,forward to so im not gonna complain too,much,i will also say that as much as i,disliked some of the effects,some of the production was really,impressive too like the fact that this,takes place in madrid during the world,cup in football,and i dont know how they did it but the,crowds in the streets looked,legit like seriously convincing like it,was shot during the actual games,and maybe they just recruited a ton of,people to pull it off but however they,did it,well done other than that though i dont,think i have much more to say about this,its far from perfect and i wouldnt,call it particularly great but,i found it to be very entertaining and,as a result im thinking about giving,this one a,high six,however would i recommend it if you like,heist movies id say give it a shot,and if you dont maybe skip it or do,whatever you feel like after all,im not your dad but hey what are your,thoughts on this have you seen it did,you like it,let me know and if you enjoyed the video,maybe give it a thumbs up or sub to the,channel because that would be,fantastic

Mark Kermode reviews The Vault

so give us a film review before then use,it lets do the vault cross generic,thriller horror co-written and directed,by Dan bush group of robbers decided to,hold up a bank right this is when they,get when they get there theres not as,much money as they thought,but then as if from nowhere James Franco,is one of the people that they have,taken hostage and he suddenly leaps in,at five twenty all transactions need to,be reconciled and synced with the,database we need to verify the cash lock,all the drawers in the safe and the,manager needs the type is pin if that,doesnt happen the alarm is triggered at,exactly five twenty and the way can help,them is by telling them showing them,down into the basement where there is,the vault now the beginning of the movie,we hear oh its great that you want to,work here in this bank of course dont,be troubled by those stories of,hauntings that people keep repeating,James Franco clearly had a couple of,days free in which he did all of his,scenes things about lets scooby-doo,yeah mmm actually now you say it heres,the problem with it is the in the in the,past few weeks you reviewed a few films,that you know that didnt have so huge,theatrical life I mean things like you,know the cell which I thought was better,than some people a lot of people really,didnt like its all Bushwick a couple,of weeks ago I mean yeah they headed for,the small screen though I thought had a,couple of interesting ideas you know in,it not great the case of this I was,literally watching it and I could feel,separate parts of my body falling asleep,as they just they just went oh its that,film is its that for and they could do,that and then this that film thank you,very much and I was trying really hard,to think you know what would this be,like if I was watching on a small screen,and I was you know its the Lightning of,channel 5 9 oclock or whatever the you,know that that kind of what used to be,what used to be straight-to-video movies,because its a straight didnt matter,what decade what century were in its a,straight to video movie and I just,thought it was fantastically boring,totally predictable Franco literally,looking like he was phoning the,performance in and then moving from one,genre to another in a way that was just,like yeah I know,I know exactly where this is going I,dont care I dont believe in any of,these people I dont care about the,story Im not bothered by any of the,stuff thats happening thats meant to,be shocking Im not gripped by any of,the stuff thats meant to be gripping,and anyway it was very very very very,very boring and then something shocking,did happen was I came out and I looked,it up on the internet and it turns out,it isnt out on DVD until October the,9th,I fully assumed that it would be out on,DVD like tomorrow but thats the most,shocking thing about it the vault sleep,through it,it does sound as though the caretaker,might have been down the road who is in,the wouldve got away with it – hadnt,even you pesky critics in Egyptian mummy,have any stage you know there might have,been but I think I was asleep you know,yeah I could literally fall feel my,button up my legs gone my knees give me,Jerome arms falling asleep you know my,head it was yeah thats an aging,circulation problems yeah well believe,me the vault wasnt helping okay

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Siêu Trộm thiên tài IQ 200 – review phim Siêu Trộm The Vault 2021

người có IQ cao đến 200 sướng đến thế,nào người ta thì ra trường phải tới công,ty phỏng vấn Còn anh lại sắp xếp công ty,đến trường phỏng vấn cho mình công ty,đầu tiên lương tháng 400 ngàn đô công ty,thứ 2 tặng siêu xe và biệt thự công ty,thứ ba càng chịu chơi hơn tặng nguyên,50% cổ phần công ty dầu mỏ cho ăn đi đối,mặt với điều kiện hấp dẫn như vậy nhưng,An đi chẳng nghĩ ngợi gì liền từ chối,bởi vì đam mê của anh không phải kiếm,tiền mà chính là làm công việc gì đó,phải thật kích thích đúng lúc này anh đã,nhận được một tin nhắn từ số lạ đến tìm,tôi có thể khiến cậu hài lòng dưới sự,thôi thúc của tính hiếu kỳ andi đã đến,điểm hẹn đối phương là một ông lão tên,là water là ông chủ của một công ty Trục,vớt không lâu trước đây công ty của ông,đã Trục vớt được một hòm cổ vật tại Tây,Ban Nha bên trong hòm có rất nhiều cổ,vật hóa ra ông đang tìm ba đồng xu mà,tọa độ trong đó chứa vị trí kho báu bí,ẩn của bọn hải tặc thế kỷ 16 nhưng khi,vừa vớt được thùng chứa đồng xu lên chưa,kịp ăn mừng đã bị hải quan Tây Ban Nha,bao vây họ dùng danh nghĩa quốc gia tịch,thu luôn cổ vật rồi khóa nó trong tầng,hầm của ngân hàng vậy mục tiêu là ngân,hàng Hoàng gia Tây Ban Nha vốn là một,ngân cho rằng bất khả xâm phạm mỗi cm2,trong đó đều có camera giám sát 15 cảnh,vệ Cầm súng đi tuần tra 24/24 Hơn nữa,con phố đối diện là doanh trại quân đội,với 5.000 lính sẵn sàng chiến đấu càng,khó khăn hơn nữa là trưởng ban an ninh,ngân hàng là một tướng trống khủng bố đã,giải ngũ còn chưa hết kho chứa của ngân,hàng mới là khó Vãi nồi được hoàn thành,xây dựng vào thế kỷ 19 đến nay đã hơn 70,năm nhưng chưa một ai có thể hiểu được,nguyên lý cấu tạo của nó được coi là,phép màu của công trình học sở dĩ wante,tìm đến Andy là vì andi đã tốt nghiệp,Đại học Kiến trúc Hà Nội ông muốn nhờ an,đi tìm ra bí mật kết cấu của kho tiền,này trộm 3 đồng xu chứa địa điểm Kho Báu,Hải Tặc anti nghe xong vô cùng phấn,khích walter để lại cho anh một tấm vé,máy bay rồi rời đi wante tự tin Andy sẽ,đến bởi ông biết ăn đi và ông là cùng,một loại người thứ mà họ hưởng thụ chính,là những thách thức bất khả thi đối mặt,với thử thách kích thích như vậy quả,nhiên Andy đã lập tức bay đến Tây Ban,Nha mà bên này walter đã thành lập sau,một nhóm toàn là anh Tài Loren vốn là,một siêu trộm đã hành nghề hai ngón trên,phố cổ nhiều năm rêm là thành viên cũ,của Thủy Quân liên tục chiến lặn dưới,nước trong 5 phút là chuyện nhỏ Simon là,người địa phương có thể cung cấp hậu cần,bất cứ thứ gì Clo là một siêu hacker có,thể xâm nhập hầu hết các hệ thống bảo,mật nào rất nhanh Đã hack được hệ thống,camera của ngân hàng Hoàng Gia wanteur,tính để quét kết cấu của kho bạc tiếp,theo muốn mở cửa kho bạc bắt buộc phải,có 2 chiếc chìa khóa và dấu vân tay của,quản lý làm thế nào bây giờ cũng may họ,có thần trộm cloran cô đóng giả làm nhà,thẩm định nghệ thuật vào ngân hàng,nghiêm ngặt nhất thế giới nhân lúc bắt,tay với người khác đã được cốc nước cho,quản lý an ninh cứ như vậy thần không,hay quỷ không biết đã lấy được vân tay,của trường An Ninh ngân hàng sau đó đi,tới văn phòng giám đốc ngân hàng cô lấy,đèn tử ngoại ra giả vờ thẩm định tranh,vẽ phía bên này hacker cũng bắt đầu ghi,hình đem động tác quét nhanh của Loren,phát lại video thua chậm 0.1 thay thế,video giám sát của ngân hàng như vậy cô,sẽ có 2 phút 30 giây để trộm chìa khóa,trưởng phòng an ninh chăm chú nhìn màn,hình nhưng thực ra chỉ là video phát,chậm của cô mà thôi thực tế lo ăn dùng,ống nghe rất nhanh Đã mở được kết bảo,hiểm lấy được chìa khóa kho bạc bắt đầu,tiến hành quét 3D gửi hình ảnh về nhà dễ,dàng tạo hình lại một cái y hệt Loren,nhanh chóng bỏ chìa khóa lại chỗ cũ lúc,này Phó Giám đốc ngân hàng bỗng bước vào,cứ nói chuyện luyên thuyên hỏi thăm bức,tranh mà thời gian 2 phút rưỡi sắp hết,Nếu đến cuối mà hành động không khớp với,hình camera giám sát thì quản lý an ninh,sẽ nhận ra ngay trong lúc cấp bách cô,nhanh trí nhờ giám đốc chụp hình cho,mình anh có thể giúp em chụp một tấm,hình từ ngoài cửa được không Nhờ sự,thông minh của cô gái vào Giây Cuối cùng,giám đốc đã bước ra khỏi góc quay của,camera hình ảnh vừa khớp đánh lừa được,bảo vệ phía khác An đi giả là nhân viên,dọn vệ sinh lẻn vào phòng họp anh trốn,dưới gầm bàn lấy máy quét kiến trúc ra,tiến hành quét kiến trúc tòa nhà nhưng,vừa mới quét được một nửa thành viên cấp,cao của ngân hàng lại đến họp any sợ,giụt hết cả chim vào phía khác Loren đã,đến thẩm định bức tranh thứ hai cũng,chính là nơi chứa chỉ khóa thứ hai rất,dễ dàng cũng đã lấy được cùng lúc này,máy quét đã xong nhưng đột nhiên vài bản,tài liệu rơi xuống đất hacker quyết định,chủ động kích hoạt chuông báo cáo cháy,khiến cuộc họp lập tức Hủy bỏ ngân hàng,lập vào trạng thái Phòng bị lực lượng vũ,trang nhanh chóng bao vây ngân hàng một,con kiến cũng khó lòng thoát khỏi mà,Loren trộm chiếc chìa khóa thứ hai chưa,kịp trả lại chỉ đành phải cầm lấy nó,mang đi tất cả mọi người đều phải tập,trung đến đại sảnh cả Simon cũng đã ra,Đây bây giờ chỉ còn ăn đi ở trong điểm,mù nhân lúc không ai chú ý lo Lan kiện,tay vứt xuống lầu cho ăn đi An đi tức,tốc chạy về văn phòng đặt chìa khóa về,lại chỗ cũ nhưng vừa đặt xong bỗng một,bảo vệ bước vào anh đang làm gì ở đây,vậy tôi đeo tai nghe nên không thấy,chuông báo động dựa vào tài diễn sâu của,mình mà Andy đã thoát nạn wante cũng,thấy ngạc nhiên chàng trai này tuyệt vời,Thật đó cho dù quản lý an ninh cho rằng,lần báo động này có vấn đề nhưng vì,chẳng mất thứ gì chỉ có thể thả mọi,người đi mọi người an toàn quay lại căn,cứ an đi Mở bản đồ kết cấu ra thì phát,hiện cấu tạo của ngân hàng có một phần,rất mờ An đi dựa vào IQ siêu cao của,mình lập tức chỉ ra đây rất có thể là,một bể nước tức là hầm chứa cổ vật đạt,dưới bể nước này chỉ cần có người xâm,nhập trái phép thì van nước sẽ mở ra,dùng chết bọn trộm hơn nữa công tắc được,thiết kế vào 70 năm trước lúc đó chưa có,tia hồng ngoại hay cảm ứng mà tất cả các,cũng đều là trọng lượng có nghĩa là bên,dưới kho bạc sẽ có một cái cân khổng lồ,chỉ cần một chút thay đổi trọng lượng sẽ,kích hoạt công tắc Nhưng làm sao để giải,được cái bẫy này mới là vấn đề an đi bắt,ốc suy nghĩ mãi mà vẫn không ra được kế,hoạch đến đây Trả lẽ lại sụp đổ hay sao,kia khác Simon và ra mê đi tìm hiểu cấu,trúc lòng đất vô tình phát hiện ra một,lối nhỏ đó chính là kết cấu nâng đỡ ngân,hàng một cái cân bằng thép khổng lồ và,tất cả bức tường xung quanh cũng làm,bằng thép Nếu khoan qua tường thép này,chắc mất khoảng 800 năm nghe đến đây,wante tức giận mọi người đã nghĩ phải,giải tán và dừng cuộc chơi nhưng trong,lúc One tới Chán đời đi dạo phát hiện ra,đám đông cổ vũ bóng đá khiến tất cả máy,quay đều đổ dồn về phía đám đông có,nghĩa cả nhóm có thể đột nhập qua phía,mái nhà nhưng 4 ngày nữa là trận chung,kết chỉ còn mỗi Vấn đề cái cân là chưa,giải quyết được hôm 3 ngày thức trắng,nhưng hàng trăm Kế hoạch vẫn cứ thất bại,cùng lúc này trưởng ban an ninh phát,hiện ra đội vệ sinh lại đến mới biết,rằng nhóm hôm trước là bọn đột nhập qua,vài phân tích tổng thể trưởng ban an,ninh cũng đoán ra kế hoạch của walter và,báo cho giám đốc sẽ có một vụ trộm vào,trận chung kết World Cup yêu cầu tăng,cường gấp đôi an ninh và đóng ở quảng,trường không ngờ giám đốc hói sợ ảnh,hưởng tới ngày hội bóng đá nên coi,thường lời cảnh báo của trường An Ninh,phía bên này An đi đi bar thư giãn anh,vô tình thấy cảnh nhân viên xịt hơi lạnh,vào cốc lập tức trong đầu này số âm ầm,anh đổ nước vào ly đặt trên cân sau đó,xịt một lượng lớn Khí nitơ vào cân tiểu,ly Nitơ lỏng làm đóng băng cân tiểu ly,quả nhiên nó tạm thời mất hiệu quả mọi,thứ đã sẵn sàng chỉ chờ ngày mai trận,chung kết diễn ra họ sẽ hành động Đây là,cơ hội ngàn năm mới có một lần nhưng,thời gian của họ sẽ chỉ bằng với thời,gian của trận đấu tức là vỏn vẹn 105,phút mà thôi Ngày hôm sau diễn ra trận,chung kết giữa Tây Ban Nha và Hà Lan đám,đông tràn ra kín quảng trường cổ vũ bóng,đá Đó cũng chính là trước cửa ngân hàng,nhóm trộm cũng đã chuẩn bị mọi thứ sẵn,sàng hành động 3 người đu dây qua mái,ngân hàng họ mở tấm kính giếng trời rồi,Tuần xuống dưới dưới sự giúp đỡ của anh,hacker 3 người dễ dàng trốn

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I Tried Jordan Welchs Dropshipping Course and this happened (Viral Vault)

bro listen that is quite literally the,worst story ive ever seen my first ever,profitable day the next day i got four,sales,so its been over eight months since i,started drop shipping and since i,started i havent been able to make any,profits but today that changes,so ive been watching jordan welch for a,while now and in some of his videos he,promotes his service called viralvar,and apparently they give you winning,products and everything that you need to,sell the product description price video,ad copy everything they give you,everything apparently ive been failing,for a while now and i have nothing to,lose so i decided to give it a try,so i went on the website and there were,different prices but the difference,between the cheapest one and the next,one up didnt really make sense to me so,i bought the cheapest one so after i,paid the first place i went was the,product section and to be honest i was a,bit disappointed some of the products,that were there were the same products,that were listed on the viral vaults,discord which is free so immediately i,was feeling a bit ripped off but but,after later going through the site i,realized there was a lot more than i,bargained there was also a whole course,on everything you need to start drop,shipping so i put them on 2x speed and i,binged everything that same day youre,ready,the next day i started searching through,the list of products and i found this,knee brace i knew it wasnt any,revolutionary products because knee,braces have been around for so many,years but i still decided to test it,because i looked at the comments and i,saw a whole bunch of people complaining,about how the person in the ad was,skinny and young there was clearly a,demand for a similar product but for,plus size and older people so i did some,research and i found this wraparound,version of that product jordan did say,that you need to take what we provide as,the base template right and improve upon,it and i saw a lot of places that i,could improve on jordan recommended,using aliexpress to source their,products but ive always used cj drop,shipping and i havent had any issues so,i found a product on cj drop shipping,for this price and this is how long it,would take to get to the customer and i,was going to be selling the products for,29.99 but the next three days i followed,the store building portion of the course,and built my website usually i just,built one product stores but jordan,recommended building a niche store this,is the product description viralville,gave me and this is what i turned it,into and after doing that i used pagefly,to make it look even nicer so after i,was done the plan was to try and get,jordan to review the page on the weekly,live stream but that didnt happen,because apparently he went to disneyland,with his family so i had to wait till,the next week so after that it was time,to make the ads since i was using a,different product i had to make my own,ad so i followed the ad creation portion,of the course and made one similar to,the ad that they gave and this is how it,turned out so now it was time to run the,ads youre going to lose money with,facebook ads im not the guru thats,telling you youre going to get rich,without losing a dime youre going to,lose money on facebook ads so i made a,campaign using one of the strategies,jordan mentions i cant give out the,exact strategy because its still a paid,course but its a simple cbo strategy so,i made a campaign and set it at 100 to,run the next day the next day i woke up,and checked my phone and i didnt see,any sales so i was a bit disappointed,but i checked the facebook ads and i,realized the stats were actually amazing,11 cpm 0.5 dollar cost per click three,percent click-through rate and to be,honest this wasnt really a surprise,because jordan mentioned something about,facebook being an auction-based platform,so i knew that if i did something,different from the competitor and i had,a better ad and a better website i would,get better stats so i checked the rest,of the analytics and i realized,something i had two add to carts,one checkout,and one sale so i checked the shopify,dashboard to see if it was just a fluke,and it wasnt i actually got my first,sale on the first day of running,facebook,so i went on cj drop shipping to place,the order and after a few minutes i got,the tracking number and i fulfilled the,order so the ad stop spending at 12 noon,because apparently facebook doesnt,allow new ad accounts to spend more than,fifty dollars so i ended that day with a,thirty dollar loss i also lowered the,budget on facebook to fifty dollars so,it spends throughout the day instead of,just half the day the next day just as i,was about to go to bed i got another,sale so again a 30 loss the next day i,got one sale at seven in the morning one,sale for two items at 10 in the morning,and a third sale at 8 pm this is my,first ever profitable day since i,started drop shipping and i felt like,this could be a winner but there were a,few issues first of all some of the,sales didnt track on facebook so i,couldnt really tell which ad sets got,the sale also i knew i was probably,going to have to refund the customers,because this product was not the same as,the one i shipped to them i couldnt,find the exact one on cj dropshipping,aliexpress alibaba anywhere so until,that was sorted out i had to pause the,campaign and make a new product page,with the right products but in the,meantime i decided to test the exact,same product that was on viral vault so,i used their description to make the,product page and i used the same viral,vote ad and set it to run the next day,the next day the new product also had,great analytics so i was expecting at,least one sale in the middle of the day,i hadnt gotten any sales so i checked i,realized that i will use the wrong link,so the customers were going to the wrong,product page so i fixed that and at 5,p.m i got a sale for two items and on 9,pm i got another sale for 2 items since,it cost 26 on cj drop shipping i ended,that day with a 50 profit a day i also,spent hours looking for content for the,wraparound brace and i made a new,product page and add around that and i,set it to run the next day the next day,i got four sales three from the viral,volts brace and one from the wraparound,brace and it looked like facebook,removed my 50 limits cause that day it,spent a hundred dollars the viral vault,brace campaign ended in a profit of ten,dollars but the hinged brace ended in a,lot so i decided to turn it off even,though it could have done well but i,wanted to focus on one product at the,time and at this point there is,absolutely no doubt in my mind that drop,shipping still works and i can make it,work its been over eight months since i,started and i have never had a single,profitable date let alone three in a row,its very hard to believe something can,work when youre on the other side of it,and youve never seen any success but,now im more hyped than ive ever been,[Music],that being said the next day the ad,account got banned so the ad stopped,running luckily facebook gave me the,option to speak on the phone with an ad,rep i tried to record the call but it,didnt work out but i asked him about,the bands and he basically told me i,need to change the headline because it,could be interpreted in so many ways but,if your ad account is banned you cant,even make those changes in the first,place so i appealed the ban but they,rejected it and permanently banned the,ad account so for the next few days i,watched videos on facebook ad account,bans and basically removed every,possible way that could trigger the ban,i even removed all the testimonials and,the reviews because apparently facebook,can tell when the reviews arent,authentic so after all that i made a new,ad account and a new campaign and,started running the ads again i got,banned again but this time it was a,mistake so i got it back i also managed,to join the viral voter live stream to,get jordans opinion on the webs

The Vault (2021) – Movie Review [No Spoilers] If National Treasure and 21 had a Baby

[Music],the vault,a mystery thriller suspense and action,film,directed by im gonna give this my best,shot,jean-may by guerrero you guys let me,know if that was correct down below,but uh hes a spanish director whos,most widely known for his horror films,such as the record films and this film,stars freddie highmore,astrid burgess frisbee famkee jansen and,liam cunningham,so the vault also titled way down in,some countries,except north america follows tom played,by freddie highmore,whos a genius engineering graduate,whos recruited to breach,the bank of spains safe the bank,building is more than 100 years old with,no building blueprints available,and a security system that will set off,an unknown trap,if it goes off once tom learns that a,legendary lost treasure is going to be,held at the bank safe,for just 10 days he helps to devise a,plan to pull off the perfect heist,i think the last heist movie that i,actually watched and,enjoyed was probably baby,driver um and also dennis thieves was,pretty good too,yeah that one was pretty good this,really turned out to be a very fun heist,film,and freddie highmore and liam cunningham,had some great performances in this film,especially freddie highmore its like,every time i see him in anything now i,always see norman bates,its me norman,youre norman your friend simply because,he just,murdered that role pun intended,and i know he has a decent amount of,range,but he still comes off as like the,silent psycho,to me but i love this actor and in the,vault he kills this role in my opinion,as well,also pun intended but i would like to,get into some fun facts regarding the,film really quick before i actually get,into the meat and potatoes of this,review,so the vault in the film is really based,on the vault located inside the bank of,spain,and although not everything is factual,related to the bank,safe of course the big trap that occurs,in the film,with the vault is very factual im not,going to spoil it but you can google the,bank of spain and find out for yourself,what happens if someone,ever attempts to rob it or just wait for,the surprise,once you see the film when its released,on march 26th,so theres that quick movie fact i can,add more of those in reviews if you guys,actually like those,but anyway back to the review so i,actually got a lot of familiar,vibes from some of my favorite movies,while watching this film,and it very much felt like a cross,between two of my favorite movies that,being,21 and national treasure and it actually,might seem like a strange combination,of films to envision possibly but youll,see exactly what im talking about once,youve seen the film,so i love movies where theres riddles,puzzles and like that where the,characters have to bounce ideas off of,each other to find a solution,and they are constantly met with,obstacles rather that be characters,racing against,time being able to think on their feet,or being lucky enough to have some sort,of,random ass fact about something that,just happens to be relevant,in their current situation like some,bradley cooper limitless type,without the drugs,i really love that its just a natural,suspenseful thrill ride to me,and i also really enjoyed the chemistry,between the team of robbers in this film,as well,because to me thats always one of the,most important parts of these types of,like heist movies,and you could basically argue that that,should be the case for any film like,there should always be good chemistry,between,the characters and the actors or,whatever but with heist movies,its a bit different because although,you have your main characters,each individual character in a heist,film contributes to the movie itself,in the same way they contribute to the,heist now thats some deep i just,said,but think about it and set it off if you,get rid of,any of those characters in the crew the,film just wouldnt feel the same,at all same for the town and for,christs sakes reservoir dogs,hey but thats legendary status and this,movie isnt on that level,but it was good though and it was also,nice to see famke jensen in this film as,well,like man back in the day she used to be,bad as hell,i used to have a crush on her back in,the faculty days man and josh hartnett,honestly he should have just gone ahead,and got some of those alien parasites up,inside of him but,hey i digress so im giving the vault,aka way down,an 8 out of 10. some are going to,disagree,and hey thats cool but this was simply,just my kind of movie,adventure action mystery thrills,puzzles and and my man freddy,alongside liam had some great,chemistry now i feel like i might be,overselling this one because i really,liked it but my best way to recommend it,is like i mentioned earlier,if you enjoyed 21 and national treasure,my bet is that youre really going to,enjoy this movie as well,but if im wrong make sure you come back,to leave a comment down below,after the film is released on march 26th,on vod,and release in theaters and also real,quick before i go,i gotta thank you guys of course once,again for helping me hit this 500,subscriber milestone,[Music],shazam, is really blowing up out here for,me thanks to you guys,so i really appreciate that and im,gonna keep it pushing also,ill be attending south by southwest,this week uh for the first time so,thats going to be a big deal for me,and ill be uh scoping out to try to,find some hidden gems that i can,discuss here on the channel in the,future so yeah just keep an eye out for,that but once again i want to thank you,guys for watching and the support,and if you enjoyed the content you know,what to do thank you for watching,[Music],[Music],true

NordicTrack Vault Smart Home Gym Review: Better than Tonal?

hey guys this is coop,and this is the nordictrack vault review,[Music],[Music],in my quest to find the best smart home,gym we now have another review and this,is the nordic track vault nordictrack is,made by a company called ifit big,company have been around for a long time,but not so much in the tech space a lot,of the smart home gym that were seeing,today like the ones we reviewed such as,tempo,tonal if youd like to see those well,put links in the bio be the like button,but the nordictrack vault is designed to,compete with those its designed to,compete with a tonal with a tempo with a,mirror and some of these other,all-in-one smart home gyms and its from,a company that started with,gym equipment but started with like the,actual hardware side and then theyve,tacked on the software on the back end,so this company from the get-go they,know hardware and its to me its,obvious because the hardware on this,is awesome let me show you first off,this is the mirror as you can see from,the front and i think its pretty,beautiful i dont know if its,necessarily as nice as an actual mirror,the one owned by lululemon i think,lululemon looks a little bit nicer but,it is a very nice mirror if youre just,looking for a mirror to look at while,youre training which thats what this,is designed to do so you can watch a,screen thats telling you what to do,while also being able to see your,movements and just you know check out,your guns when youre doing curls things,like that this does that very well but,this does something a little bit,different because weve actually,reviewed the pro form view over on the,website which is their sister version of,this that is quite a bit cheaper a lot,less tech but its pretty much just like,this the difference between this one and,that one though beyond like the size of,the screen just some of the you know,inner workings is this right here and i,i love this can you cue some like sort,of beautiful music nathan,perfect thank you i can hear right now,[Laughter],that is pretty,darn sweet so i want to show you again,this is on a hinge system that by the,way is rather robust this plate on the,bottom is quite robust so its rather,stable move this out of the way and you,reveal,your gem which you can leave open while,youre training so you dont have to,move this back and forth you can leave,this here you can train here and then,when you want to grab stuff you can run,over here and grab it now,i want to start with the hardware ill,get into software in a moment but i,think the hardware is really what shines,here for instance the dumbbells these,again are made by nordictrack,nordictrack is a gym equipment company,theyre not necessarily a tech company,although theyre making their way that,way and so this kind of stuff is,extremely well done in fact its better,well done than a lot of the other smart,home gyms that weve seen so these,dumbbells are just on their own,excellent dumbbells like the knurling is,beautifully done the rubber heads are,very nice how theyre encapsulated,theyre very compact very nice theyve,got them from fives tens fifteens,twenties twenty-fives to thirties in,addition to that they also include some,kettlebells which again are a nice,kettlebell a little bit of a commercial,design which really nordictrack makes,most of their equipment for commercial,purposes so these are a little bit nicer,level kettlebell than like a cast iron,version have this nice smooth handle but,extremely well done in addition that,they include some extra stuff like foam,blocks bands this yoga mat and just some,places to like hang different stuff its,just really clean really nice personally,i love the idea of adjustable dumbbells,because you can put more weight in a,smaller space but i love this design i,think its very cool like the closet and,the adjustable shelves that go up and,down so if you want to include different,things overall it just looks clean its,very easy to get things now that doesnt,mean this is an amazing piece of,equipment i want to make that clear just,because this part is nice doesnt mean,this is something id recommend because,youre not buying this just to store,equipment this isnt just a storage,shelf if it was itd be a very expensive,storage shelf in fact they sell this as,a standalone unit without this stuff for,a thousand bucks less so if you want,this stuff youve got to pay an extra,thousand bucks is it worth it,ah i dont know ill get into that in a,moment but the reason you buy this is,because of the software in here its,like the its the completeness of it,its the ability to use the free weights,along with,programming thats right here in front,of you now this is called a smart home,gym which means its inherently got some,tech in it but i want to make this clear,from the get go this is not the most,tech advanced smart home gym out here,and so when im giving like ratings and,like points on all this different stuff,the tech side of this in my opinion is,lacking in comparison to many others,that are out there an example of that is,tonal i absolutely love tonal i think,tonal works extremely well but tonal has,so many other tech,advancements involved in the unit that,this simply does not,when you look at the exact tech,advancements that are in this like the,technology thats involved its pretty,much a touch screen it is a large,touchscreen its not as large as what we,see with mirror it would be nice if it,just like encapsulated the entire mirror,no the part of it is right here so this,is the touchscreen right here the rest,of it is just a mirror and you can kind,of see that because theres a little bit,of a change in the way that it looks,from when youre standing back behind it,let me wait for this to,load,okay,now its loaded,now,one of the things thats nice about tech,is its supposed to remove friction and,one of the reasons its bad to have long,boot times is it increases friction,because youre having to wait like i,just did there,id love to see that increase but once,youre on here you can start using just,like you would its the netflix of,training this is using ifin ifit is,separate from like peloton except from,tonal or tempo its its own thing it is,competing with those though and so they,have lots of different programming and,its all designed to use just general,free weights like youve got here or,body weight movements,this however does not have a camera,design thats like a 3d camera like a,tempo it doesnt have like a tonal like,these like cable weight based things it,does have a camera right here which,isnt currently used im guessing its,like for a future iteration or software,advancement so this doesnt just get,bricked whenever they offer live classes,or something like that,but once you go in you start your,classes,again it can take a little bit of time,depending on your internet speed you,start the workout,and then you have basically a person on,here in a studio introducing you how to,work out now heres the nice part about,this,is just like all the other smart home,gyms its programming built in heres,the negatives about them compared to,other ones is its not tracking your,reps its not really suggesting much of,your weight its guessing at the time,elapsed which is guessing at the,calories burned,those sorts of metrics there isnt a ton,of metrics where its tracking exactly,what youre doing and then providing,feedback on that and telling you what to,do next based upon that its just giving,you general recommendations to the,general person its not personalized the,other thing is,because lets say you spend the thousand,dollars on all this beautiful hardware,here its not adjustable so your max,weight is from 5 to 30 pounds or 20 or,30 pound kettlebell which for general,population isnt bad,but what if you want to use a barbell,and this doesnt use a barbell a lot of,times or you want to use it on a squat,rack or you want to use it on a bench,press or you want to go heavier you just,spend a thousand dollars on all this,stuff and really what you ge

The North Face Vault Backpack

hey everyone in todays video we check,out the North Face of vault backpack I,meant from rush faster we do guides and,walkthroughs bringing you better gear,just like the vault and so if youre new,to the channel please consider,subscribing lets check out the North,Face vault backpack its got a good,capacity at 26 litres its got decent,organization its made of great,materials and has some pretty well,thought-out features for an everyday,backpack lets check it out,so the vault uses a combination of high,quality materials in its construction,and depending on the style and color way,there might be some changes in those,materials some of the fabrics used in,this bag include a 600d 50 percent,recycled polyester 300 d heathered,polyester and typically for most bags,from North Face they have a 1680 D,ballistic nylon base for extra ground,durability on top of that there is some,heavy duty nylon webbing jura flex,ladder locks,ITW buckles and good quality SBSs,starting from the front we have a Half,Dome North Face logo stitched in here,and white and also the product name the,vault on the side at the bottom there is,also a loop here to attach a bike light,which also has reflective detailing for,higher visibility at night,there is also daisy chain webbing on the,sides for lashing additional gear and on,either side of the bag there are these,water bottle mesh pockets which have an,elasticated cuff to fit a wide range of,different water bottle sizes on this,side I have a blood Metro umbrella and,on the other side I have a 32 ounce now,gene on the top of these pockets are,these little loops that you can clip or,tie in gear tooth and it also has a,little bit of reflective detailing as,well turning round to the back we have,possibly one of the best harnesses,developed for everyday backpack the,North Faces flex vent suspension system,it features a decently padded back panel,with these little mesh pads here a,center vertical channel for air flow and,maximum breathability and these shoulder,straps are also heavily,with air mesh and a contoured and,feature custom injection molded foam,kind of like memory foam they have these,flex zones which offer incredible,support and comfort alleviating the,hotspots commonly found on the clavicle,or the collarbone and they also help,prevent pressure points train and neck,strain especially when youre carrying,heavier loads on the shoulder strap are,these little loops that you can attach,additional gear ive got a hero clip on,here and this loop here has more,reflective detailing an adjustable,sternum strap is also available for,added stability and the sternum strap,also features an emergency whistle,for whenever you need to draw attention,to yourself in a situation and on the,top we have a heavy duty well stitched,padded hole handle its important to,note that almost every North Face,backpack is endorsed by the American,Chiropractic Association which certifies,these bags have been engineered to carry,heavy loads while providing maximal,organ olmec support to the carrier now,lets get on to the compartments the,vault isnt as technical or feature,heavy like the barrios or the Recon so,its got more of a minimalist,essentialist type of approach here we,have two compartments the organization,compartment and the main compartment,lets check out the organization this,compartment goes to about this deep in,the bag it features a whole bunch of,different slots and pockets theres a,little slip slot here which Ive just,got an Apple Magic Mouse two pen slots,and a mesh pocket which I have my,Leatherman inside behind that is a,zippered compartment which has a que,leash to attach your keys to and behind,that is a co pocket thats secured by a,Velcro closure Ive just got some,sunscreen in there,behind that is the main compartment and,its generally speaking a big empty,space,Ive just got a jacket inside and my,peep design tech pouch this is great for,putting binders or textbooks lunch boxes,bigger things like that at the back of,the main compartment is a padded laptop,sleeve which can fit up to a 15 inch,laptop this is my 13-inch MacBook for a,retina you can see on the size that,theres plenty of space for a bigger,laptop its important to note that this,laptop sleeve is suspended from the base,of the back meaning if you accidentally,drop this back the laptop will have much,less of a chance of being seriously,damaged by the drop impact its really,important okay this is the vault,backpack on the body Im 510,[Music],all righty well lets get on with it and,were going to test the capacity of this,backpack by doing the rush faster fee a,capacity test to give you a sense of,what you can actually fit in this,backpack – now the borealis and the,Recon were able to fit four six packs,the vault has a slightly smaller volume,capacity at 26 liters but it does have a,larger main compartment so interesting,to see what will happen here,well we have it it can still fit for six,packs just like the Recon and the,borealis now its important to note that,the North Face tends to make changes,iterations improvements to their bags,and so if youre watching this video and,youre interested in getting a vault,backpack just double-check with our,website the details of this bag so that,you can be fully up-to-date with the,latest version well there on that is the,North Face of vault backpack and just,like the pivoter it is a best-seller in,the core backpack line its good for,work its good for the gym its,especially good if youre looking for a,high quality durable comfortable and,reasonably slim everyday bag if youre,interested in getting one check out rush,faster comm and check the links in the,description below on where you can get,this backpack or if youre not quite,sure to check out our other videos on,the North Face quart backpacks they all,have the same quality but they have a,few differences in features so you can,figure out which one might work best for,you those links will show up at the end,of this video if you liked this video,give it a thumbs up let us know in the,comments what you think about the vault,and if you have any questions also let,us know in the comments as always,subscribe to see more carry gear reviews,and walter is like this one and be sure,to hit the bells so you never miss an,update this has been the north face,vault well see you next time,[Music]

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