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The Voyeurs Amazon Prime Movie Review

my friend reuben from the ruby tuesday,told me that i should make sure i dont,watch the voyeurs with my adult children,because it could get kind of awkward,yeah he was right this amazon prime,movie takes a very steamy turn on the,whole looking in on your neighbors,genre but is it really worth the time,investment,[Music],[Applause],a couple moves into their dream,apartment where they notice that their,windows look directly into the opposite,apartment this then sets in motion a,change of events that will lead to,disaster this patient dark thriller,stars sydney sweeney justice smith ben,hardy and natasha lubardizzo and theyre,two millennial couples that live in,apartments that face each other for some,strange reason neither apartment has,curtains so everything is just on full,display for the world to peer in on on,their first night in the apartment pippa,and thomas discover that they can see,everything and i really mean everything,inside the apartment occupied by seven,julia what they see peaks their interest,and despite their better judgment they,peer in and get to see way more than,they bargained for now this quickly,becomes an obsession for pippa which,then appears to consume much of her free,time which has negative consequences on,her relationship with thomas as she,continues to peep she sees something,that shocks and then saddens her which,then causes the story to really dive,into its conflict i think itd be easy,to picture a story similar to rear,window simply based on the premise and,while this may share some story elements,where we have people peering into the,lives of others you know across the way,this film does make the story its own,and it certainly puts its own twist on,things now seb is a photographer who,apparently is just allergic to his,shirts i mean every time he begins to,photograph a subject it sure comes off i,know im being flippant about it but it,did make me chuckle at the frequency,its almost like you could do a drinking,game with it there is so much,foreshadowing that is present in the,story and while not everything is laid,out for us there are portions that do,give clues as to what we can expect the,drama builds consistently and does get,uncomfortable in several situations but,it was never enough to make me squirm,out of discomfort its like the story,would begin to push us towards an,unnerving situation and then just shy,away from fully diving into its,unpleasantness i think that while the,tension that is felt between our,characters fits and it makes sense for,its placement the way that its brought,about feels a little rushed and i think,thats because theres a portion thats,relegated to a sort of montage these,montages do the job of showing us,actions that will bring about conflict,but we dont really feel the conflict,growing between the characters had these,montages been broken up with some,additional conversations then i think,the friction would have felt more real,the characters themselves are pretty,shallow theres very little development,on them but even if there were theyre,just kind of vapid characters that were,supposed to become endeared with just,because theyre beautiful and brooding i,wanted more depth from each of the,players in order to craft characters,that would end up haunting me long after,the movie ends but once the credits roll,theyre forgotten theres a bunch of,good symmetry used in the cinematography,and typically its used to focus us in,on a characters mindset its not,something thats carried throughout the,movie though so the inconsistency was a,little odd but there is also symmetry to,the storytelling itself which i do think,was utilized well now some of the,dialogue is strange i mean not out of,play strange just done in a way that,keeps us off kilter but some of it then,feels forced like its not how normal,discussions go and theres a very weird,and awkward conversation that happens,toward the latter part of the film and i,think in almost any normal situation it,would have been ended abruptly because,it was just so intrusive the story is,about obsession and desire with a,healthy dose of crossed boundaries and i,think it covers those fairly well i do,think though that the presentation is,obvious for a lot of the progression but,there are a couple of very unexpected,moments in this and so i enjoyed those,so as im watching this is a pretty,jacked up story especially as we watch,the unraveling of relationships through,a fairly depressing story arc now this,is billed as a dramatic thriller and,there is a portion that is certainly,thrilling but this does sit pretty,heavily in the drama genre with a lot of,melancholy and eventually some darkness,theres a cautionary tale at play here,as well but unfortunately the story then,walks right into the obvious explanation,of that cautionary tale its then,followed up by overt exposition and the,story takes what was disturbing and dark,and ruins the entire vibe by diving,headlong into the ordinary and while i,dont disagree with the outcome i really,liked where i thought the film had ended,because i thought it was a stronger fit,with what had been set up through,everything that came previously the,ending changes the whole tone and while,i can see it satisfying a lot of people,i really did prefer the darker way that,it could have ended i enjoyed that the,story was able to surprise me in a few,ways i thought that what i was watching,was predictable and wrote but then boom,something unforeseen comes and it just,messes with the story and i appreciate,the willingness to upend some of those,expectations but not the end though i,think the story taken as a whole is,fairly compelling and entertaining even,if it is pretty unrealistic but when,its broken down into segments and parts,there are a lot of issues that can be,dissected i think if youre looking for,a twisted drama and you dont mind a lot,of steamy situations this could be a,satisfying watch the gloom at the center,of the cautionary tale was decent until,the true ending of the film where then,it decides to play it safe and give us a,fully wrapped up ending to me the ending,we get is not the ending we need the,best conclusion comes towards the end,before a reporter is interviewing the,subject which is not the ending of this,movie now i watched the movie last night,and the more ive sat with it before,recording this review the more ive come,to really hate the actual ending for,this movie i mean never mind the fact,that they chose the weaker way to end,but there are so many plot conveniences,built in to make the ending work that,its just really ridiculous and moronic,so im kind of torn as the movie wraps,up i was engaged to the story played out,and i really enjoyed some of the twists,even though the characters are somewhat,underdeveloped and theyre shallow i,think the melancholy is captured fairly,well but its also played safe by,providing a cheap hollywood-ish type,ending so at the end of it i was,semi-entertained for the two hours but,its fairly forgettable once the,conclusion hits and also any momentum,and tension is destroyed by the overly,explained and immensely convenient,ending theres a ton of sex and nudity,with a lot of profanity and some,violence i give the voyeurs two out of,five couches has this been on your list,to check out this weekend id love to,hear your thoughts on this story if you,decide to check it out let me know in,the comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

The Voyeurs (2021) Movie Review

whats going on everybody and welcome back  to my channel movie files elliott back again  ,with a brand new movie review and today well  be discussing the film which by the way will  ,be available to stream on amazon prime when  this video drops and im talking about the new  ,erotic thriller by the name of the voyeurs which i  got a chance to check out early courtesy of amazon  ,im really excited to let you all know if this  erotic thriller is worth checking out this weekend  ,all in this spoiler free review before we break  it all down do me a favor and check me out on all  ,my other social media accounts if you all are new  to the channel welcome to the community consider  ,subscribing and hitting that notification bell  that way you can get the alert for when i drop  ,new content if you all enjoyed this spoiler  free review well make sure to like and share  ,this review it helps out the channel a lot but i  also appreciate the support and in those comments  ,lets talk about the film let me know if you were  excited for it if you liked this cast but more  ,importantly once youve seen this erotic thriller  what do you think about it lets talk about  ,the highs the lows what did you think of the  direction the cinematography the performances  ,the twists the turns and more importantly what  you think about that ending lets talk about it  ,all in the comments below so i will say right up  top this movie will not be for everyone ladies  ,and gentlemen as i mentioned this is an erotic  thriller and for me personally i love thrillers  ,uh you know erotic thrillers falls within the  sub-genre of the thriller genre but i dont  ,normally gravitate towards erotic thrillers not  just not because of the sexual nature of the film  ,i dont get uncomfortable with sex scenes but its  more so i find erotic thrillers and im gonna put  ,some up on the screen right now for you all to see  for example but i i tend to find those movies to  ,be a little bit too dramatic for my taste to be a  little bit too over the top to be a little bit too  ,unrealistic in the situation at hand so i dont  always watch this type of film the last one i  ,think i watched was uh netflixs what was it 365  dni which was a very toxic film which is another  ,reason i dont really dive into this genre they  tend to be toxic and have like the wrong messages  ,and they romanticize toxicity and listen who am  i to judge you know erotic novels and this erotic  ,thriller because i watch horror films i love  horror genres and i watch people get their heads  ,chopped off and bloods and guts and everything so  what does that say about me so who am i to judge  ,people that like this genre but nonetheless  here we are discussing this film when i saw  ,the trailer a couple months ago or about a month  and a half ago i was intrigued im like okay this  ,seems like an interesting story it seems like its  saying something about todays society but also  ,i like the actors uh sydney sweetney i like her  justin smith i like him so here we are discussing  ,and starting off my positives and i want to touch  on those two actors starting off with the lead of  ,this film sydney sweden who i think personally the  stuff ive seen her on on television like euphoria  ,which i cant wait for season two of that but  more recently the white lotus i think she plays  ,so great in her roles on television unfortunately  the movies ive seen her in hasnt really worked  ,that great for me there was a movie that came out  on amazon it was a horror film that i just wasnt  ,a fan of her acting but it was more so the script  but neither he know there i think for me this  ,is her best role on a film that ive seen thus  far i think her as i believe her name was peppa  ,shes a newlywed uh woman married to jessica  smith who well talk about here in a second but  ,it seems like everythings going well in her life  shes just married moving in with her husband for  ,the first time which by the way not to give too  much away in the film because i want you all to  ,kind of experience this if you decide to watch  this erotic thriller but essentially this married  ,couple moving in for the first time really nice  apartment they look across the street and their  ,neighbors have their windows wide open to see  right as their lives and what i mean by right  ,into their lives not what theyre watching on  netflix or what theyre eating for dinner but  ,whats going on in the bedroom if you know if  you know what i mean and they get tied into  ,as jada smith would say this entanglement in  their relationship so i just kind of leave  ,it at that but seeing peppa again it seems like  everythings going well in her life but she sees  ,this couple and she kind of gets entangled in  their relationship in regards to being obsessed  ,with whats going on with them which i think her  character in the narrative that the film is trying  ,to say which i think they do an okay job at ill  get to my criticisms about the narrative of this  ,film but in regards to what pep is doing in this  film shes spying on these people and shes so  ,consumed with what theyre doing shes forgetting  about her own life shes forgetting about her  ,husband and stuff that you know what theyve  built together because shes so engrossed and so  ,and infatuated by their sexual life their  personal life and everything that theyve  ,got going on so i really enjoyed her narrative and  kind of how she navigates to the film emotionally  ,and theres a lot of emotions that this character  goes through for better or worse and i thought  ,again that sydney did a really good job of  bringing out that character in my opinion but  ,speaking of her co-star her co-lead justin  smith who very similar to her i like him on  ,television i liked him and the stuff ive seen  more recently generational hbo max as he plays  ,chester i think hes a really cool character and  a really interesting character on that show but  ,translating to film im not the biggest justin  smith fan but i gotta say he did a pretty good  ,job in this movie now hes not as heavily involved  in the narrative besides being the husband thats  ,okay yeah honey this is interesting this is okay  this is a turn on for us i guess its something  ,new that were doing because again if you all  dont know the definition of this film the voyage  ,uh the voyeurs essentially the definition of it is  people that watch other people have sex and they  ,get off on that switch i dont know what would  you call me for someone thats watching the movie  ,about people doing that me watching that what does  that make me but neither here nor there hes like  ,yeah honey this is cool i guess but after a while  you see justin smiths character thomas start to  ,be like is am i not enough is our relation not  enough are you like are you do you want to be with  ,them so seeing him kind of handle that and seeing  all his switching turns really interesting so  ,as far as our two main leads i thought they  gave solid performances i thought that the  ,the script kind of you know changed my thoughts on  some of the characteristics of our characters but  ,also i do want to point out ben hardy who plays  sebastian whos the guy whos in the relationship  ,with the women the per the people that theyre  spying on i thought he did a really good job ive  ,only seen ben in a couple movies i know his first  film was x-men apocalypse as angel uh which lets  ,not even talk about that uh and thats really  the only thing ive seen him in but i was pretty  ,impressed by his thrilling kind of menacing nature  mysterious nature of this photographer whos doing  ,things outside of his marriage with other women  and and what his character goes through i was  ,pretty impressed by him so i thought for the most  part guys that the performances were pretty solid  ,i thought the cinematography was pretty solid in  this film i thought again the theme of what the  ,film was trying to say which i think they ov

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The Voyeurs Ending Explained | Amazon Prime Film

what would you do if you moved into a,new condo and from your condo window you,could look inside your neighbors house,and they started would you keep,watching let me know in the comment,section below hey guys shalom here,welcome to the bin zone on todays video,were talking about the amazon prime,original movie the warriors,and lets just jump into it because,theres a lot to unpack in this movie,now the movie starts off and were,introduced to thomas and his girlfriend,pippa they move into their new condo,theyre signing the lease the day of,during their mid to late 20s in the,beautiful city of montreal and they have,this nice ass condo now their first,night there they look across and they,see their neighbors and then the,neighbors start and they watch,and at first the character of pippa is,kind of turned off by it thinks its,creepy while her boyfriend thomas is,curious i mean wouldnt you be curious,but eventually they leave that and they,start talking about what they want i,have their relationship what their,future holds and thomas talks about how,he wants to start playing the accordion,because hes a musician and people talks,about how shes been in school for so,long that she wants to decompress have,fun hangovers live the good life i mean,look at their condo who wouldnt want to,live that life right so right then and,there we can already see the two,differences between the two characters,thomas has something that he wants to do,that will enhance his skill and his,craft at work but people want something,that is going to fulfill her in a way,that her current life doesnt she wants,to have fun we see what time papers on,so the following day pippas coming home,from work and she passes by a store and,she sees binoculars and she sees an,accordion now she has a choice between,these two objects does she get the,accordion for thomas help his dreams,come true or does she get the binoculars,so they can spy on the neighbors she,ends up getting the binoculars and they,end up kind of spying on their neighbors,for a while and its kind of creepy,because while this is happening pippa is,really drawn to their lifestyle because,their neighbor is an artist and they,live this high-class lifestyle so its,almost like youre looking at,celebrities from across and they cant,tell thats where the voyeurism comes in,and sebastian the photographer is,cheating on his wife and bringing,different women in there so you really,seeing this life of a bachelor a,cheating bachelor hes not a bachelor,hes married you see the life of a man,whos cheating on his wife but hes in,great shape and he lives this large in,life persona and pipa gets infatuated by,that to the point where thats how she,gets off now because her relationship,with thomas isnt that passionate isnt,that exciting i mean thomas is a,musician hes quirky hes kind of like,in his own world while pippa wants to,live that life like we knew what time,she was on the moment the movie started,they become so obsessed with these,peoples lives that people wants to hear,whats going on so they sneak into their,house during a party and they plant a,microphone there and they kind of have,like a laser type mac the mechanics of,it doesnt really make sense but they,made a microphone and now they can,listen to the conversation to the point,where they see how abusive and nasty seb,is to margo and at this point thomas is,like im done this is not our business,lets leave them alone lets live our,own life forget about this were,eavesdropping were recording them were,doing all sorts of illegal and,its just weird,and our life should be enough for us to,be happy because people is looking at,their life as a way like this is,something this is the type of life i,want because people is bored with her,life we could already tell when she was,at work and her boss was like yeah ive,been here for 30 years and peoples like,i dont want to be here for 30 years,living this type of life like it feels,like shes at the end of the road of her,life and shes having problems with that,which is a natural thing what is it,natural is voyeurism and i mean isnt it,natural i mean it kind of is but not to,the level theyre doing it because,ultimately were all voyeurs im a,warrior youre a voice,if youre on instagram facebook twitter,youtube youre a voyer youre peering,into someones life youre peering into,the life they present you but you feel,like you know them like you guys,watching the video subscribers you feel,like you know me ive commented with you,guys back and forth theres a report you,guys see the type of things i like and,dont like so theres a report there so,you feel like you know me but you dont,really know me you know what you see you,know what youre voiring into and me,same thing the people i follow on,instagram the people i follow on,facebook twitter whatever i feel like i,know them i feel like im a part of,their life and im entranced by their,stories but i dont know them i just,know what they present online and that,becomes the biggest theme of this movie,because as the movie progresses people,cant let it go shes watching them,behind thomass back shes becoming,friends with margot to the point that,she wants to tell margo about sebs,cheating ways and thomas like yo,mind your business pippa doesnt mind,her business people finds a way to hack,into her printer and start sending,messages to margo to the point where,thomas wakes up hes like what the,are you i told you i stopped,right and margo pulls out a knife and,almost kills seb before killing herself,so when pippa wakes up the next morning,and thomas wakes up and they find out,margot killed herself thomas loses his, and i will say this,thomas was telling people from the jump,like yo this is not cool lets leave,this behind lets not do this pippa was,the one that was obsessed with these,peoples lives so thomas like you know,what im done he dumps her and hauls ass,now i want to say this thats kind of,green like i grab it you told her chill,out like yo stop doing that but,ultimately thats your girl yo like,thats who you moved in with thats,someone who you want to have a future,with and at the first sign of like a,hiccup at her stubbornness you leave,like bruh,its a relationship and he leaves her,but now pippa is upset shes depressed,she goes a few days thomas doesnt come,back its pretty much over,and then she goes back to peering in on,seb and watching him grieve to the point,where she stalks him when he goes to a,bar she follows him she ends up going,back to his place and having sex with,seb i dont know think like pippa what,is wrong with you bro and this movie,shows us how we get entrenched with,someone elses life that we want to be,or celebrity culture youtube culture,social media culture we want to be in,that life we see the snapshots of their,life and we want to be a part of it so,thomas ends up coming back and she ends,up spending the night with seb and,thomas picks up the binoculars looks,across and sees pippa him,when pippa wakes up the next morning and,goes back home thomas killed himself now,two deaths are on her consciousness,because,her actions led to two people killing,themselves to the point where now she,starts to deteriorate when she picks,herself back up again and she decides to,go out with her friend and go to sebs,art gallery showing the night that she,had sex with him he took a bunch of,pictures of her and then he unveils his,exhibit now the twist comes in,margo was never dead,the whole thing was a social experiment,where they,rented the house to pippa and thomas and,thomas and pippa were the guinea pigs to,their art project and to see how far,voyeurism would go and we see that paper,fell to the trap they made their life,seem more interesting they presented an,image its similar to what i was saying,earlier about instagram and facebook,they showed her what they wanted her to,see and she ran with it and she got,involved ultimately to the point where,she got thomas killed or ends up having,thomas kill himsel

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The Voyeurs Review

and the last one now the this is this is,the one this is the one we were supposed,to do last week that we decided that it,was,worth a com worth of conversation that,we would wait until the whole of the,mandate were here yeah i got a lot to,say,a lot to say how are we gonna how are we,gonna do this i dont know i was,thinking of that but,do it like its bad or something to,sound like a like i dont know one of,them like you people out there,artists,i was like,very quiet,[Laughter],do it like youre trying to hide from,someone,[Music],[Laughter],thomas move into their dream apartment,they notice that their windows look,directly into the apartment opposite,this will sit an emotion of chain of,events that will lead to a disaster,im sorry,oh,the [ __ ] by the two im reading that you,just lose total motion of what i was,trying to do good times good stuff yeah,yeah my bad first of all,do you not know what a voyager is yes,youre not new to that quick so as soon,as,is someone that like looks but not being,seen in it theyre not seen but theyre,watching theyre just watching thats,basically what a voyager is like if,youre going to lets get the opinions,out of the way it is a porn category but,thats not where it originates from the,word voyager i didnt know support oh,get out of here,everything else was not on the site i go,to what side do you go to i mean,no are you telling me voyages is a mean,its a massive its a massive character,or whats that,videos its definitely our next video,you know,you know,yeah so i was i was totally i didnt,know what this phone was i just saw,i saw the trailer when i was looking for,things to watch i saw a little bit of,trailer now im a man that dont like to,watch the whole two-minute trailer i,think two minutes is too long for a,trailer so like all i need is about,20-30 seconds from time i see like a,quick scene im like all right boom im,in so i saw a scene with the whole,watching from the windows and i was like,have you not seen the film with um shia,labeouf whats the one,um,[ __ ],this this is something yeah uh,disturbing disturbing disturbing old,snap,so that kind of it just reminded me of,that when i saw them watching through,the window boom boom boom so i was like,all right cool let me check this one out,this was different,very different this was different this,was,it started a bit higgy a bit higgy its,it started off slow yeah,i know you know what i didnt think it,was slow i didnt think so,you know what i i watched it i wouldnt,say it started off slow,but,it took me a while to understand where,we was going yeah i didnt i didnt get,what was what we was doing here but,once it i think do you know what yeah,with this film i dont know like i feel,like this could have,been a pretty good sort of,whats the word im looking for you know,those films that people always watch but,theyre not particularly great like a,like a big trouble in little china like,what did you call those type of films,called classical occult i feel like,after an hour i feel like,when something happened when the,something occurred i thought if it ended,right there which is where i fought the,field wish it would have ended no im,gonna im gonna get into the minute i,dont know what youre talking about,[Applause],uh make sure ive seen him something,before as well i havent seen him his,voice was weird,um oh,you know and i i cant even describe it,so youre not gonna get it but ill ill,try to find a video on,youtube im sure ive seen him somewhere,as well hes thinking so weird like his,voice was just off,to talking about the [ __ ] the main,villain of this [ __ ] thing,shes a [ __ ] wrong man,you see you see that yeah thats that is,that is prime you need to make sure your,woman is good,i thought she was good i feel like we,havent really explained what were,talking about yet yeah weve got a,perfect netflix and chill film yeah,[Music],yes,managing to free another couple yeah,man,every tick that was wrong,wasnt even looking to beat but,hes like yeah my man was like yo let me,make it come you can go home,you look amazing id love to taste you,you know [ __ ],you know ill get my nose,straight,in it yeah,what the whats so sweet,why,did you think she was a [ __ ] before she,done no not really no but you know what,i couldnt see dont you know from the,time she started watching and,you could see that it was yeah,yeah but thats just getting turned on,by something like that,you need to make sure shes getting,turned on by him yeah but this one is,[ __ ] him you need to you need to make,sure like when those certain things,happen yeah you need to do this what you,need to be like either watch your,business i dont mind trying different,things but some things going on here,yeah this is this this is this is weird,like this is its not like its not even,like were trying to think this that,like youre basically watching yeah,and youre just feeling yeah i really,wish this was like the um edge of fair,team where we could just talk about the,film openly yeah but bruv like shes a,wrong wait wait before we speak ahead,could i just make sure everything,are you not,inclined to look through peoples,windows and like what have i seen,would that be you like basically i mean,i would have beat to it,doing the thing i would definitely im,not im not bad no no im not bad man,that bad mind to record,have you ever seen anybody be not to,that level not to that level but i would,definitely if i was there and i saw it i,would definitely be like look yeah,would you make it would this be a thing,you reckon,like one or two times ill get boring i,would i would love to say no i wouldnt,but you know it might it might become be,like come up right there and you know,what at the same time,they wouldnt happen by the same time,look how the first one started how it,was,like it was it was really the girl that,initiated it yeah yeah so if you was,doing it and you missed it were gonna,say stop babes nice is weird like that,lets see whats going on,it started getting weird like it started,bringing,into it and [ __ ],[Applause],um,in terms of,the woman you say it you shes a woman,she knew nothing about nothing you know,what and she wanted it and then when she,found out the worst possible thing she,could imagine,she wanted it even more but its not,trying to say this is why you need to,make sure that but she was on something,she wasnt [ __ ] your woman is okay,that type of thing there brother like,you you saw that coming now im saying,you said you saw the build up dont try,to say so you need to interject at this,point and be like whoa and then when,when when oh you know i cant even i,didnt really like her character though,it was too gullible it was too like but,even when things started happening their,reactions and the way they was,afterwards this wasnt believable all,the way up until,the madness yeah no,yeah leading up to that yeah up to that,part i was like all right now [ __ ] like,flip out do do something,yeah,here it comes,and she was going from the face she was,getting notched she was going through,the same motion that shes seen,everything else happened she was on some,crud i thought she was going to do some,[ __ ] yeah,so that was the only thing a lot of it,wasnt believable,like well she wasnt believable she,wasnt selling the kitchen,like she didnt care about going on crud,she just wanted to go and get what shed,been like im not gonna lie though i,like the spin,yeah you know,it wasnt it wasnt like great it was,just like well you had no idea thats,what it was a different way,in the in the in the show yeah when did,when the spin when the spin dropped i,was like whoa yeah,thats why when you said you wanted it,to end at a certain point i was like no,but you would have never known this yeah,thats kind of what made the fool,im personally upset that it didnt end,after that,like after the show i like the ending,like yeah,what the retaliation what she actually,did,she didnt deserve to do that that was,foolish,to get them in that 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The Voyeurs Movie Review [Ending Explained]

hello and welcome back to another video,here on film zone,and while thomas is not interested in,investigating pippa gets curious and,wants why was thomas killed,the reason why 7 julia killed thomas is,really shocking seb and julia spied on,pippa and thomas spying on them,collected endless footage of the couple,compiled it into an ambitious multimedia,art project and then murdered thomas via,poisoning shortly before unveiling their,ambitious work to the public,they did this to create an element of,tragedy to make the project compelling,the movie just fails to explain the,concept behind why thomas and pippa had,to be killed except for this one reason,it doesnt make sense really but here,you have it,so did pippa get revenge heartbroken by,the loss of thomas pippa does not take,the death of her partner lightly she,attends the opening of julian sebs,exhibition and interestingly doesnt,alert anyone present to their death of,thomas before returning to her apartment,and discovering dead birds near her bird,feeder even though pippa found thomas,body hanging from the rafters in a,staged suicide poison the drink killing,thomas then staged the suicide to cover,their tracks pippa opts to make,vengeance the order of the day and pulls,off an ambitious gambit to get back at,the pair,does she kill the couple despite the duo,being responsible for her partners,murder pippa does not actually kill seb,or julia instead she uses her skills at,her day job as an optician to access a,laser eye surgery machine and blind both,of them after drugging a congratulatory,bottle of wine that she sent the couple,in the closing scenes of the voyeurs the,couple who spent the whole movie spying,on pippa is unable to spy on anyone,blind in their apartment and being,watched by both a new couple who,replaced pippa and thomas they are also,watched by pippa who symbolically leads,her binoculars on the rooftop before the,credits roll as a bit of symbolism its,heavy-handed but as an example of,in-universe poetic justice thats,spot-on now this movie is similar to the,psychological thrillers of the early 90s,like sliver who also preyed on anxieties,about the normalization of surveillance,technology but back then the fear was,very much a one-way street wherein,characters were worried about the faces,on everyone else a development that the,voyeurs effectively mines to both,titillate and disturb viewers in equal,measure moreover people around the globe,have all been stuck in their houses and,apartments for well over a year and,boredom has made many start paying,closer attention to the activities of,neighbors early on most viewers might,side with pippa when she argues that,its harmless to watch the neighbors get,it on and invading their privacy is this,gaze can always be turned on the viewer,the ending of the voyeur sees pippa put,down her binoculars in an image that,symbolizes the importance of living,ones own life rather than vicariously,viewing the lives of others,the movie doesnt do a good job of,explaining these concepts but we did it,for you i hope you enjoyed the video,thanks for watching,[Music],you

CREEPY NEIGHBORS catch HER in THE ACT – Movie Recaps

when a couple moves into their new,apartment they get caught up in watching,the lives of their neighbors who live,across the street but things arent as,obvious as they seem hey guys welcome,back to Flix recap today were covering,the 2021 Thriller the voyers before we,start be sure to drop a like leave a,comment and of course subscribe to Flix,recap if you dig the breakdown and as a,quick reminder this video contains,spoilers so you have been warned the,movie starts with a young woman trying,on some lingerie in a shop the young,woman is named Pippa she goes back home,filled with excitement Pippa has just,moved into a new apartment with her,boyfriend Pippa Thomas works as a,musician and Pippa is employed as an,ophthalmologist the rules of the house,are that they cannot paint on the wall,or hang anything from the ceiling Thomas,wonders if curtains are part of the,rules the agent tells him that the,landlord does not lease the space to,just anyone the young couple is ecstatic,to finally be settling into their new,home after dedicating most of her time,to reading in school Pippa is tempted to,experience more rebellion in her life,she asks Thomas that they should only,consider children after four years of,living together later that evening as,they are bonding over dinner they notice,flashing lights from an apartment across,the street curiosity gets the best of,them and they notice that they can see a,couple from the next building Pippa is,unsure about spawning on the couple,while Thomas still wants to indulge the,couple is getting cozy and they,eventually go Tango in Between the,Sheets the next day Pippa heads to work,with her friend and colleague Ari Ari,and her partner are on a social media,break Pippa gives the juicy details of,her first night in the new house with,Thomas she tells Ari about the couple,across from them who were getting busy,for all to see Ari wonders if they had,binoculars to watch the action Piva,tells her that it would be an invasion,of privacy but Ari feels that watching,is harmless Pippa works hard at her job,her boss gives her a mini birdhouse that,she can hang outside for the birds to,feed in the harmless neighbor watch,continues Pippa and Thomas banter and,try to guess their neighbors names the,man is eating in the kitchen while the,lady is on her headphones folding,clothes they notice the man starts a,choke and panic since the lady cant see,Thomas is tempted to call 9-1-1 to come,to the rescue Pippa tells him to go over,instead and help him the lady manages to,see him from the bedroom door and saves,him time the interest in the neighbors,keeps building by the day Pippa notices,the lady leaving for a trip as she,checks out her husband who stands half,naked by the window Thomas also tries to,work but gets distracted by the buzz of,activity in the house across the street,one day Pippa spots a pair of binoculars,in a shop and gets a brilliant idea to,buy them this will dial their watchful,eyes up a notch in pippas defense the,neighbors have already given them a full,view the binoculars make the watching,more exciting when the guy invites a,lady who was at the house earlier for a,shoot things get steamy between him and,the model Pippa decides to take,advantage of the situation she hands,Thomas the binoculars as she helps him,celebrate Palm Sunday they take turns,and their Devils dance turns out to be,more rewarding than expected,Pippa and Thomas meet up with Ari and,Joni for a coffee date Pippa and Thomas,fill them in on the details of The,Chronicles of the neighbors love lives,deep down Pippa wishes that she could,hear what the neighbors were saying to,each other Joni remembers spying on,someones conversation using a rigged,Jerry laser pointer into a long-range,microphone Pippa is curious about,setting up the microphone Thomas,explains that for the idea to work they,would have to sneak into their house and,perfectly place a mirror behind the,window to make the sound bounce back to,them Pippa notices them setting up for a,party and the man dressed in a costume,she gets the idea for them to sneak into,their neighbors apartment here they set,up their microphone as planned when they,get to the party Brent carries Pippa to,where he has set up a mini photo booth,Thomas is weary but finally agrees to,take the picture with Pippa their plan,is a success and Pippa and Sam is,finally set up the sound to their dismay,the first conversation they hear is an,argument between the lady and the guy,she accuses him of cheating but the man,denies the same he uses manipulation,tactics and gets her to apologize to him,instead the argument affects Pippa who,can barely concentrate at work the next,day coincidentally the lady from next,door visits the hospital to replace her,specs Pippa is surprised to see her,shes referred to Pippa for the best,assistance Pippa finds out that the,ladys real name is Julia theyre now,eye to eye as Pippa does a checkup on,her vision the two end up bonding and,Julia decides to invite Pippa on a spa,date they exchange contacts and agree to,set a date Thomas is at home working on,a jingle for an advert exhausted from,all the work he gets the binoculars and,decides to watch Brent Brent is taking,pictures of another model Thomas watches,intently as Brent convinces the model to,indulge in a naked tickle party Brent is,a Serial womanizer Pippa is excited,about her date with Julia and she tells,Thomas all the juicy details Thomas is,starting to get weary about their Spa,and having to live in the dark so Julia,and her husband wont see them Pippa is,against stopping she believes she now,has a moral responsibility toward Julia,especially since she knows her husband,has been cheating on her Thomas,disagrees and reminds Pippa that its,none of her business Pippa and Julia,meet up and go to the spa they talk,about their lives Julia reveals that she,was a model but did not finish school,Pippa finds out that Julias husband is,named Sebastian Julia hints at some,struggles in her marriage Pippa offers,comfort and accidentally calls her,Margot Julia is confused since she was,disguised as Margot during her Halloween,party Sebastian continues living his,double life as a photographer and,womanizer Pippa spies on him hiding used,protection in their Dustbin she wakes up,in the middle of the night and is back,to watching Julia Pippa decides to,connect to Julius printer so that she,can tell her about Sebastians Escapade,she tests out a blank paper and it works,Pippa types a message to Julia to check,her Dustbin for the used protection,Julia is hurt and disappointed Thomas,walks up in the middle of the night and,finds Pippa up to no good they see Julia,reach for a knife in the kitchen Julia,is intent on stabbing Sebastian Thomas,and Pippa argue about alerting the,police he believes pippas actions may,have instigated a murder however Julia,thinks twice and throws the knife away,okay guys quick pause to remind you to,comment like the video and subscribe to,the channel if you like what you see on,with the recap Pippa and Thomas have a,heartfelt conversation the next morning,Thomas expresses his disappointment he,feels that hes not enough for Pippa,Pippa promises to throw the binoculars,and never see Julia again as they,Embrace Pippa sees that Julia has,stabbed herself instead Thomas is,shocked and he decides to leave and stay,with the sisters Thomas breaks up with,Pippa at that moment he blames Pippa for,failing to listen to him and,contributing to Julias death Pippa sees,Julias glasses and tries to call her,phone in the hopes that the event she,witnessed are not true tippa ends up,apologizing in the voicemail message the,days and nights proved to be lonely for,Pippa as she struggles with self-blame,and a failed relationship she keeps,watching Sebastian who decides to leave,his house for a drink at the bar pippas,curiosity gets deeper she heads down to,the same bar and sits at a table shes,watching Sebastian intently when he,notices her through the mirror

The Voyeurs (2021) Film Analysis

a young couple pippa and thomas decide,to move in together,they start renting a beautiful studio,apartment,it looks like they get on well with each,other have the same sense of humor,and enjoy each others company,both of them are very excited to move,their relationship to the next level and,start living together,on their first night in their new place,the apartment opposite them immediately,attracts their attention to their,surprise the couple living there dont,seem to care that their life is on full,display and that anyone can see,everything they do,pippa and tom immediately forget what,they were talking about,and simply stare in shock as their,neighbors shamelessly display their,affection for each other,just a minute ago pippa and tom were so,excited to start their new life together,and now as they gaze at this perfect,couple they immediately start comparing,themselves to their neighbors,and this comparison makes them feel bad,about themselves,theyre nothing like us theyre way,cooler yeah,at first pippa and thomas feel awkward,spying on their neighbors but very soon,they get used to it,and even get some kind of guilty,pleasure out of it,developing strong attachment for these,strangers in the process for a young,couple who have just started living,together they have surprisingly low,interest in being intimate with each,other,they never have sex,maybe the reason is that thomas,started feeling insecure about his,performance,after comparing himself to sebastian the,neighbor while pippa keeps her desires,to herself and never lets her boyfriend,know how she feels and what she wants we,see her make an attempt once but thomas,was asleep,the only time we see them being intimate,with each other is when they watch,sebastian having fun with the model,the life of their neighbors seems so,much more interesting to them than their,own that they even gossip about them,with their friends as if their neighbors,were celebrities,watching this couple live their everyday,life,becomes pippa and thomass most exciting,thing,their obsession quickly starts to take,over their lives bringing destruction,into their relationship the neighbors,sebastian and julia are so close theyre,right there just like the phone in your,hand with instant notifications beeping,all the time just one tap on the screen,and youre on instagram,in this picture-perfect world of,successful people,the world where you can get lost,and end up wasting hours mindlessly,scrolling forgetting about your own life,pippa and thomas have found something,even better than social media,something thats even more easily,accessible they just have to look out of,the window to quote unquote check on,their neighbors its so tempting,what they are doing is very similar to,being obsessed with someones life on,social media their neighbors are like,influencers who put their personal life,on display,and make money off of it,and tom and pippa are consumers of their,content,i wouldnt call pippa and thomas,perverts,they did take their curiosity too far,but to be fair,arent we all looking in on other,peoples lives on social media,havent we all at least once developed,some kind of weird connection and,attachment to youtuber,have you ever felt that you can relate,to someone online so much that you,started caring about them and then when,this youtuber got involved in some,scandal we felt something similar to,betrayal as if they personally have let,us down i know that for some people,influencers almost become like friends,or should i say,serve as substitutes for friends,i think that most of us are a bit like,pippa and thomas,we get curious about strangers its,natural but when we intentionally invest,a big portion of our time and energy to,follow them to compare ourselves to them,and to care about them,then it becomes unhealthy and even toxic,for a while they are in it together,but then tom realizes theyve gone too,far,that its unhealthy for them,apparently thomas has enough,self-control and enough interesting,things in his life to stop,but its not the same for pippa,as she mentions in the beginning of the,film she worked really hard on her,education,and didnt have any fun during her,school years unlike her boyfriend who,had time to live a careless life,in a conversation with julia pippa,shares that she has a tendency to get,really zoned in on one thing and thats,all she can think about,watching the neighbors became that one,thing for her,and it grew into a habit,and the best way to kick a habit,is to replace it with a new one maybe,she truly wants to put an end to her,obsession,but the problem is,pippa doesnt have anything else that,would be as exciting as watching the,neighbors to replace her addiction with,thomas also doesnt help he just leaves,pippa to it,he becomes distant judgmental of his,girlfriend had he shown a bit more,interest in his girlfriend talked to her,taking her out made love to her he could,have pulled her out of this developing,obsession,pippa felt lonely and judged by her,boyfriend,she didnt have anyone to turn to,so she turned to her addiction with even,greater force turned to the neighbors,turned to the fictional characters she,created in her mind the couple even,stopped talking to each other the,distance between them growing,even if she wanted to stop even if she,had something to replace her obsession,with it would have been very hard to do,because she didnt take any steps to,ease her way into it,they could have put the blinds on their,windows not to be tempted to stare at,their neighbors and also to get some,privacy themselves,maybe then they would start talking to,each other,its just like when you go on a social,media detox its best to delete the apps,from your phone and even block the,websites on all of your devices,its impossible to quit something while,its always there right in front of you,as time goes by pippas obsession with,the neighbors progresses,very soon its no longer just about,comparing her life to theirs,not just about admiring them,its even more,pippa becomes so invested in their life,she cares so much that she even wants to,save julia from her cheating and,emotionally abusive husband,as pippa thinks completely oblivious to,the fact that shes neglecting her own,life in the process thomas tells his,girlfriend lets go back to us,but these are just words no actions from,him he could have been enough,had he actually been there for her,both pippa and thomas are responsible,for what happened between them neither,of them put in the work to fix their,problems they are young and,inexperienced and probably feel insecure,talking about the problems in their,relationship,unwilling to sort out the mess in their,own life they both turn away from each,other tom focuses on work and goes out,for a drink,pipa turns her attention to the life of,strangers,tom probably thinks to himself,well i tried and she doesnt get it,and pippa turns a blind eye to her own,relationship problems,to sort out someone elses marriage,ignoring the elephant in the room and,turn into destructions to escape your,own life is natural because our brain,wants to find an easier solution and,feel like weve accomplished something,its like when your own house is,overflowing with clutter,but instead of sorting out your own mess,you go and help declutter your friends,place,its painful to start with yourself,to admit your own defeat,but start with ourselves we must making,a conscious effort to work on our own,issues,will eventually make us stronger better,and then maybe we will be able to help,others,if they ask us for help,when i watch films i like to find,something i can learn from the,characters experience,here are some questions i asked myself,after watching this film,i think they can be very helpful for,everyone who watch this film and would,like to improve their relationship and,life in general,number one how much time do i devote to,social media,to watching someones life,is it healthy,does it bring me more good or bad does,it make me envious do

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