1. ‘The Weekend Away’ Review A Croatian Vacay Turns Hazardous
  3. Couple Travel Vlog – How to Stay for FREE Around the World House Sitting – Part 1 of 2
  4. AirBnB Guest Trashed our House
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  6. Most Depressing Country.
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‘The Weekend Away’ Review A Croatian Vacay Turns Hazardous

current b grade thrillers so frequently,have too little plot often not much more,than a starting premise that its almost,refreshing to see something like the,weekend away which has many more,narrative complications than it can pull,off,certainly not with sufficient,credibility suspense or atmosphere and,not in one hectic hour and a half,nonetheless this netflix original,plunging laden easter into peril on a,croatian holiday is fast moving enough,to provide a decent nights disposable,home entertainment for viewers whose,expectations arent geared any higher,director kim foreigns last two features,2015s stranger land,2019s angel of mine both involved,suspicions cast on unstable adults over,missing children,whereas in weekends missing person,scenario our protagonist is pretty much,the sole character who doesnt end up,looking guilty of something or other,[Music],london-based american death meester,arrives in split for a long planned,getaway with old pal kate christina,wolfe who has arranged rather luxurious,digs for them gloating that the husband,shes just divorced will foot the bill,[Music],while beths own marriage to rob luke,norris is apparently undergoing a rough,patch she is none less dedicated to,their baby and to domesticity taking,this break only at her free-spirited,first while college roomies insistence,though disinclined to party hardy she,reluctantly acquiesces when kates one,night of excitement to bring you out of,your rut turns into clubbing with two,random guys then waking up the next,morning with a brutal hangover and,little memory of the prior evening,this is problematic because kate is now,nowhere to be found despite her history,of flaky impulsive behavior such absence,is worrying enough that beth soon alerts,the local police amar bukovich ivan,mihalik,they are dismissive considerably more,helpful is a syrian refugee taxi driver,jiad bakri beth has already befriended,their sleuthing around only raises worse,fears that get realized when kates,corpse is found unsurprisingly since the,film opened with a flash-forward shot of,her body floating in the adriatic,[Music],our heroines distress is exacerbated,further once she realizes the,authorities regard her as a suspect in,her friends murder


youre just too good to leader,cant take my eyes off you you be like,[Music],and God,youre just so I just had a shower,actually to fix you of my nails its,gonna focus but its not but yeah I just,had to quickly fix some of my nails Im,all packed Ive literally filled up a,whole suitcase like are you actually,kidding me,this is a set that Im wearing there if,anyones wondering this is from Ania,devar Im actually gonna feature this in,a whole I think Id basically tell you,guys anyway because Im sure Ill get,hates of people asking but yeah its so,cute and I feel like its really,flattering on your body I feel like with,a lot of tracksuit sets its like really,hard to find once actually make your,body look good then Im just wearing my,airforces I literally had the biggest,night last night with all the girls or,Im so tired I think James can have to,drive thats why Im like a bit out of,it today but I promise you guys my,Energys gonna be up probably tomorrow,but Im really really really excited to,grow this place like Ive been wanting,to go for quite a while and Im just,happy to finally be gooey yeah Im gonna,tackle this stuff up man Ive got my,duffel bag here so I would like my,laptop and Im bulking into what kind of,stuff,walking in sorry this is a backyard,I think we got our little copper oh wow,oh my,so pretty much you walk in this is kind,of what you see is the room just look at,this view are you dead,wow this is just insane anyway theyve,got a fully equipped kitchen a table for,two,so cute and weve got little candles,there as well and then youve got like a,lounge room where we here this captures,actually really nice and then theres a,little desk and obviously like TV and,miss Bakers over that and then weve,got this fireplace here which slides,into the bedroom which is really nice,for them Conant,look weve got a little what fire so,then heres the band got like this is,all in belt the headboard with a bedside,table which i think is really cool and,then over here weve got the bathrooms,everything just kind of flows as well,which I what you think is cool nice no,bathtub here I definitely wont have a,bath on both nights I bought heaps of,stuff from wash to put in the botton and,the bathroom there then over here put,this toilet Im stop automatically how,cool is that,straight through here youve got the,Wardrobe so you were like his in her,side as well as little makeup station as,well which is pretty cool thats pretty,much the room oh weve even got a little,time you see is youve got a cute little,sitting area if we wont have like take,your coffee in the morning what yeah do,you like it baby Im actually so tired,today Ill definitely have way more,energy tomorrow were gonna just enjoy,this for a bit and then Ill probably,see you guys when we have dinner or,wheres all the wool these bags that,stuffs gonna go off so I dont show you,real quick what I did through my little,closet space or anytime Im staying,somewhere for more than okay,I need to Im saying somewhere for more,than a night and Im saying so much to,get content I like to take everything,out and hang it up just so I can test,everything just so I dont forget,anything and just so I can see what I,need to get content in,later on Oh like right down where Im,gonna get what content and where all of,my shoes that Ive brought are out here,as well in this drawer Ive laid out all,this swim that I could take photos in my,suitcase down there obviously and then,this is meant to be like my Oh mention,my car like my hair stuff here its all,my makeup and then Ive got all my wigs,as well this is gonna be really bad,dyeing shoe my makeup and in the morning,so much do it in the bathroom oh,somethings right now Im probably just,gonna go my laptop and write down and,meander its like what photos Im gonna,take tomorrow what photos Im gonna take,the next morning yeah thats Im,literally so tired I might even have an,apple something for Im just about to,start making dinner now this kitchen is,fully equipped so that really is,everything you need James is actually,thats how hes making steak for himself,I really dont feel like steak we had,sex the other night and Im not like the,biggest fan of steak so I decided to get,theres some in here this actually has,true serving and then I also just got us,some salt and pepper squid this is a,chefs ulcer I just got these stain,Benji page neck set up my camera and,film whoo you guys it a lot kind of soft,but it is just a bit too dog if your,eyes I mean Im actually barely drink,coffee but Im just very tired,sorry its definitely very needed,tonight otherwise Ill just pass out,Rock the second,bodis man he actually looks pretty good,anyways I will just speak to you guys,when I finish mate lets see how this,bloody guys okay guys heres my dinner I,made the summon it smells a bit gross,but hopefully tasting tomato some,calamari and James how you snake cute,candles over here loving it and how does,that taste,yummy mmm-hmm,situation its all working out with you,[Music],Ernie,we had like a bubble bath last night and,I got out and the bozos are literally,like up to our face anyway James turn,the Jets on and all the bubble was,literally sprayed all over the room all,over my tripod all over my bed wow,theyre all over the robe it was just,well I feel associate going it the front,of you walk on mm-hmm I dont have too,much content to get this morning I might,smack on time gonna take tomorrow,because I think Ive figured out that,Im intolerant to summon because every,time I eat it like I notice other week,Ive not noticed it before but recently,my stomach has been bloating so much,every time I ate salmon sorry,Im definitely gonna try and cut that,out of my diet sorry Im not really,gonna get like any bikini content today,to be honest with you guys a bit over,getting I dont know why I go on these,like random rants on Wall Street I,couldnt even clean them all of the time,but armour-piercing bikini content but I,feel like its like the easiest content,to get for me do you know what I mean,its just like so quick and easy you,guys I dont know I think I should just,start doing more like fashion kind of,PARs,I dont even know I feel so confused,with where I want my turn to go anyway I,just want to show you guys this little,view that I have my little makeup,station so sick also Ive got like a,full-length mirror here Im gonna get a,pic here in the morning look at what,James and I woke up to me this morning,it literally looks like something got in,the birds head and just like pulled it,back or something broken its neck not,[ __ ] the friction that was mine okay,guys so as we all can see Im,ready now I actually just took photos in,this outfit this is from,I dont even know where its from I can,literally cover but Ill leave it on the,screen if I do remember but Ive had it,for so long I was meant to take with me,to Bali when James and I were meant to,go in April but obviously thats what,happened so I really wanted to get a,cute photo in it cuz I feel like it was,pretty nosy I think it was like over,internal is 200 it was maybe so I was,like eh I need to get in front of that,but I let you had to take so many Ill,[ __ ] I turned my camera off so you cant,like see any of the photos but the,really cool thing about the camera that,I take photos on my Instagram is you can,connect it to your phone and you can use,your phone as like a remote control so,yeah thats like a time if you can see,how you look on your phone so if you,need to move the camera or youre not on,the frame or anything you can see it on,all on your phone and it takes like faux,fur is for you and it counts it down to,everything so its really good and the,camera is just like really really really,good quality as well and it like softens,your skin and stuff like it just is so,good now Ive got to get a Fredrik in,this game to peace that I have and then,I think Im gonna get a friend with,James in the boss Ive been to kind of,recreate last night I was gonna get a,friend of lost ni

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Couple Travel Vlog – How to Stay for FREE Around the World House Sitting – Part 1 of 2

hey everyone its Rachel and Chris from,simply see the world today we are in,gorgeous Dubrovnik again so lucky yes,and it is a beautiful beautiful February,day but today were talking about,house-sitting its something that weve,done for six months of our time on the,road so far and during that time we,spent $0 on housing so we want to share,some of our stories about that and pro,tips today so stick around after the,intro when well get right into them,[Music],we are gonna hop right into it today we,promised you wed talk about,house-sitting so lets get started but,right before that in case youre not,familiar with us thanks for joining our,Channel,were Kristen Rochelle Bultman and weve,been traveling the world for it almost,ten months now and yeah its but we were,working nine to five jobs in Indiana and,you know had everything we ever wanted,as far as you know house cars and all,the trappings of modern life if you will,but we knew there was more to life and,we wanted to do something while we are,relatively young that a lot of people,maybe never get to do and thats travel,the world so lo and behold we decided to,do it and thats what weve been doing,ever since so thanks for joining us if,youre having fun with us today be sure,to like and subscribe below,why is house-sitting important well it,is what got our Travel dream started we,did not have a ton of money saved up and,I remember the first time I heard about,how sitting we were on a cruise with,Chriss family and one of the people,standing at the bar behind us was like,yeah were just taking this cruise until,our next house it in Australia so we,started looking into it and were like,you know you can live for free you could,travel the world why not start that way,we can start traveling sooner because we,dont have to save up as much money,before relieved so for six months of our,journey we have sat yeah so we had six,months of house-sitting nine assignments,we went to five countries how many,animals we had nine dogs ten cats two,dogs two rabbits and two chickens,dispersed over those assignments and,particularly one a lot of those animals,are at and well talk about that farm,set might be something that floats your,boat it might not be so well get into,that just to say this is part one of a,two-part series so today were just,gonna tell you how to get started how,you even figure out about how setting,how do you get your information out,there how do you start finding the,perfect house set so were going to talk,about that today and then stay tuned for,next week where we talk to you about,some pro tips that we have some things,you can expect when youre house-sitting,and just some ways to make your life,easier because it sounds great on paper,but it does have its pros and cons and,we want to share those with you as well,absolutely theres some things that you,want to consider before getting started,and we also will share some stories on,part two about how weve all set,adventures and some hard lessons learned,yes but overall its a very positive,experience so we want to share this,information with you well lets get into,it so the very first step of,house-sitting what do you do so,house-sitting is a web-based matching,system essentially so you find house,its through websites now depending on,where you travel or where you want to go,will help you pick what website you,would like to use are you gonna stay,regionally globally specifically,Australia New Zealand they have very,specific house-sitting sites we chose to,that we love so mind my house which has,fewer selections but also some really,interesting ones absolutely,and then trusted house sitters has a ton,its huge its probably the biggest one,available yeah and but theyre more just,generic house sets global by generic we,mean all locations yeah so those are the,two that we chose you basically pay an,annual fee and you get to get a profile,on that site build up your profile and,then you can start reaching out to,people that have the had things you want,to see you,yeah else you want to upset an animal,that you want to watch place you want to,go so basically what you have going on,is you have homeowners who are looking,for someone to take care of their,property and you have you whos looking,to stay somewhere for free in an,interesting part of the world so this,website allows you both to match but,stay tuned because its a two-way street,and we want to make sure that you find a,great match not just a match so the very,first thing what are your travel goals,now well say on trusted house sitters,and mine my house we were able to see,plenty of of,its from Australia New Zealand its,just its not specialized and only that,so determine what you want to do yeah,and also mostly for trusted house,sitters youre gonna find places in the,UK and Ireland really in the u.s. those,are kind of the top places we did we did,one indoors,yeah and where was everyone weve done,is your house,trusted house sitters except for the,two-month-long in Spain that was to,remind my house but one other major,thing to consider is cost because there,is a cost to get started and make a,profile on most house setting your,websites now cost of course stings a,little bit cause you have to pay money,however it does narrow it down to the,people who are serious or not youre not,gonna get a bunch of spam on these,websites its people who really want to,find quality help and quality help that,really wants to find good people and,everyones reviewed both sides the,homeowner and in the house sitter so any,shenanigans go down basically the bad,people were weed themselves out pretty,quickly on these websites so you can,read their reviews they can read your,reviews and well talk more about,setting up your profile here and then,and the besides cost and will tell you,trusted house sitters is around $100 aus,a year and that that is kind of on the,pricier size higher but it has a,fantastic interface and a wonderful,mobile app that we really like and if,youre curious about either of these,just look at the description below you,can probably get a discount with our,with our link that well post down there,with mind my house its the more simple,interface it still gets the job done but,theres no mobile app so it just depends,on how youre gonna use this as well and,it is a good idea to have a couple if,you can especially if youre very,flexible and you wanted to see whats,available and you I dont recommend,having more than three thats kind of a,lot to balance but to was good match for,us for us always being able to stay,booked when we want it to be the next,step then is creating a profile and this,step is a,dream Li important the most important,thing probably because the only way,these people are going to know you is,through your profile for us when we,started this we didnt have any reviews,we could just put up there because we,were new to the site so you really have,to make your profiles stand out from,everybody elses what makes you a better,house sitter than the other thousands of,people that are on the website its just,like getting a job in it and it really,is getting a job in a way because youre,gonna be responsible for probably the,lives of animals which is kind of a high,gravity situation and watching a home,but just also comes with some,responsibilities so just like you would,want your LinkedIn profile to look great,professional picture you know you on a,piece of paper you know people,understand who you are as a brand who,you know what you represent your values,thats the type of thing youre gonna,want to convey in your house setting,profile as well so whats that mean,keeping it professional is here,LinkedIn is a good example of how you,should approach this and having a,professional picture with an animal is,huge weve talked to a lot of the people,that weve house-sit for and theyve,turned people down because their,pictures were just like facebook,pictures almost like them just out,drinking and having fun like that is not,the type

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AirBnB Guest Trashed our House

we live in a pretty nice house or what i,think is a pretty nice house for,when i was growing up at least uh 1930s,historic home,and we renovated it on that show,property brothers,we take care of our home i think is,whats important we dont um,you know theres its um well taken care,of,a few years ago the super bowl came to,town and we decided to,air bnb our house um kind of felt,uncomfortable about it,but reading through all airbnb stuff you,know they have a million dollar,guarantee to their host that um theyll,take care of anything that goes wrong so,we felt comfortable,doing that i think i had to talk heather,into it i was still pretty nervous about,it,but um yeah he talked me into it and,then the first two times,we had a really good experience just,really respectful people stayed here,you know we felt comfortable with,renting it again a third time,and the third time was not we were not,so lucky,with that experience absolute disaster,they,just completely trashed our entire house,um we got calls from the neighbors,theres obviously a party going on we,messaged,our airbnb guest about it and she said,it was just a few people over,come to find out there was 40 plus,people in the house,on friday alone,in our listing you know we clearly say,no parties,it was undeniable they had a party they,produced over 40,bags of trash that was just overflowing,in our backyard broken liquor bottles,everywhere,and that was just what we could see on,the outdoor security cameras before we,got home,when we first walked into the house it,was,completely overwhelming we,did a quick walk through but we had to,leave because it was just,that bad and i felt,i think we both felt so disrespected,that our home had been treated,so poorly um in in just a span,of two days um so yeah its really it,was,terrible it would almost been better if,they just burned the house down,um to not not come home to that,when we walked in there was just mounds,of trash,everywhere we found burn marks all over,our hardwood floors there were burn,marks on,our dining room table burn marks on our,coffee table,also burns on the stove so,you know lots of burns everywhere there,was also,two chairs in our dining room that the,legs were broken off,we have holes burnt into towels,there was condom wrappers in every room,every surface was disgusting and plates,of food,left out pillows and linens just,completely,soiled im not sure what stained the rug,it might have been the dog,theres a huge stain on one of the rugs,gum gum squished into multiple rugs and,on the hardwood floor,just spattering of sauce and,food everywhere there was trash all over,our backyard,um just you know paper plates and forks,and,stuff that looked like it had just been,you know,and in the front yard there was trash,trash everywhere,cigarette butts um everywhere,theyre obviously you know theyre,obviously smoking in the house all those,burns were from,hookah coals there was a broken hookah,that we found they just left in the,house,there was a vomit-filled trash can right,next to our daughters bed that they,obviously just,woke up out of bed and felt they needed,to vomit and kept it there,with no intention of cleaning it,they had they had a dog with them dogs,arent supposed to be,in our house so in the,footage of our security cameras that are,on our front porch,and our back door,we saw a lot of women coming and going,um its a little bit odd how many women,were coming in and out of our house,at a time um with very few men,um i mean and we found a lot of condom,rappers,its just odd the guy even made a,comment about the uh,the amount of women they had in the,house,man listen here man theres 40 women in,the house man,[Applause],yeah we,and im gonna stop getting some more,looking we still got like four gallons,left hoping to go get about four more,oh we turned over here man a big group,of ten,would come and then they would leave a,couple hours later then another group of,five would come they would leave a,couple hours later,another group of five would come they,would leave a couple hours later it was,not,um not your usual party it was very much,a,rotation of girls coming in and out of,the house,[Applause],total damages came out to a little over,eight thousand dollars,so we will keep you posted on how the,host guarantee works out and if we get a,response from the guest,nothing at the cameras,you

Watch: TODAY All Day – March 14

were throwing it back to an absolute,classic my cousin vinnie but first,heres todays pop star lets start with,the item we teased earlier this morning,larry david hbos pulled the comedians,highly anticipated documentary just,hours before it was scheduled to,premiere on tuesday the network,announcing in a statement on twitter,that the two-part special is being,postponed without giving the fans any,real update as to what they when or why,or whats going on the tweet went on to,explain quote larry has decided he wants,to do it in front of an audience,the project titled the larry david story,was scheduled to air last night so i,guess at face value he wants it in front,of an audience maybe behind the scenes,he doesnt love the documentary either,way you got a lot of power at hbo to be,able to,get the 11th hour next up people the,magazine just revealing the stars,honored in this weeks special women,changing the world issue on the cover,one of our favorite artists around here,lisa the grammy winner opening up to the,magazine about dealing with body shamers,and protecting her mental health and in,addition to the truth hurts singer,youre going to see some other great,women and being recognized in the issue,including rita moreno goldie hawn and,jeopardy star amy schneider for the full,story be sure and check out that new,issue of people it hits newsstands on,friday next up earning it narrated by,chart topping artist cr the five-part,docu-series is shining a light on some,of the trailblazing women working in the,nfl and opening doors for more to join,both on and off the field heres a quick,peek,the pipeline for women in the nfl wasnt,built overnight it is still a work in,progress,but those leading the way have built a,foundation,one that leads from the stands,to the sideline,and for a chosen few,the pro football hall of fame,all five episodes of earning it the,nfls forward progress are streaming now,on peacock next up the courtship photo,your favorite new show love is in the,air on nbcs new dating show thats,making all of your bridgeton dreams a,reality the new series is taking one,woman back in time to regency era,england where shes going to be courted,by 16 eligible suitors and heres a peek,at miss nicole ramy meeting them for the,first time,welcome hi,thank you all so much for being a part,of this with me im just so grateful i,just want you guys to know like i am in,pursuit of something that i feel like i,need in my life like im confident with,everything else and love is one thing,thats missing so,im 100 is it real that costume budget,looks like its more than our annual,budget that just looks cinematic doesnt,it its like youre stepping into a,fairy tale,but these shows are known to get so,raunchy in the hot tub its going to be,weird to see how that all works into,this,civilized society the courtship is the,name of it it kicks off sunday here on,nbc you can also stream it the following,day on peak,and now the plus in pop star a couple,more headlines for you first up getting,organized our favorite tiding team is,back clea and joanna from the home edit,are returning for a second season of,their hit netflix series this time,around their superstar organizing skills,have landed them a new lineup of,celebrity clientele from all across the,country heres a peek,we are professional organizers post get,organized on netflix everything changed,overnight we have clients all over the,country,including some celebrities,how do you do it oh my god oh wow they,have this way about them that adds a,magic to the entire space,this space has just been overwhelming,okay,chaos i literally have like a million,props i mean thats why you guys are,here challenge accepted,wow big celebs on season two i think,that started with hoda in her closet,though a few years ago season two of get,organized with the home edit that,streams on netflix on april 1st coming,up and finally julia on tuesday hbo,dropped the first trailer for a new,biographical series about the culinary,icon julia child starring sarah,lancashire and david hyde pierce the,shows gonna follow the famous chefs,career with her long-running cooking,show heres the peek of that now,ive had a recurring thought that id,like to approve to you,an educational cooking show posted by,myself,feels flimsy to me this is public,television for gods sake shouldnt we,go with someone with a more camera,friendly look and a less distinctive,sound you were onto something so big im,just sorry that my colleagues dont have,the vision to see it yet,where are these gentlemen one of the,advantages of looking like me is that,you learn at a young age how not to take,no for an answer,uh foodies everywhere are gonna love,that that looks good julia hits hbo on,march 31st those are your pop star plus,headlines coming up a look at the gilded,age with one of its stars stick around,in the city of angels two kindly old,ladies wanted to help homeless men get,off the streets forever,and so they did listen to the thing,about helen and olga the new podcast,from dateline and keith morrison,sometimes the news can be difficult and,overwhelming for kids to understand,ukraine and russia could you help me,understand whats going on so to help,make sense of it weve created a,newscast just for them we hope your,family will watch nightly news kids,edition,what do you see right now with putin and,do you think hes a rational actor,theres a supreme court nominee what,would it take for you to vote to confirm,her the sanctions did not deter can this,end with sanctions alone if its sunday,its meet the press,now tonight with joshua johnson,streaming weeknights of 8 on nbc news,now,in the city of angels two kindly old,ladies wanted to help homeless men get,off the streets forever,and so they did listen to the thing,about helen and olga the new podcast,from dateline and keith morrison,these days it feels like the news never,stops so lets get into it whats,happening right now what it all means,for you for an hour every day it can be,hard to keep up so lets get started,together ali jackson now weekdays at 5,on nbc news now,top story with tom yamas weeknights at 7,on nbc news now,hallie jackson now weekdays at 5 on nbc,news now,and welcome back to pop star plus the,new hbo show well its an hbo mac show,its called the gilded age and its from,the creator of downton abbey it portrays,what the transformative time of the,1880s new york might have looked like,danae benton plays peggy scott and told,us her work has reminded her that shes,always belonged,[Music],new york is a collection of villages the,old have been in charge since before the,revolution,until the new people invaded,how i would describe the gilded age is,just,finery at its best,meets,really exciting social drama i hope,youre not against miscop shell disrupt,things maybe we need a bit of disruption,peggy scott i feel like im deeply in,love with her she is a young aspiring,writer as a black woman in the 1880s,shes educated her father owns a,pharmacy,shes supposed to inherit the pharmacy,but she has her own dreams,there arent any color writers,especially women writers who can make a,living wage i will soon find out how,much colored women writers make i,remember when i read peggys breakdown,and i saw myself so completely and i,felt protective of her because she felt,like this spiritual ancestor of mine,that kind of also came to remind me that,ive always belonged i think that,theres so many limiting perspectives,for black people and black artists what,we take in from,the media from our history books about,what we can and cant be,and the idea of being the first is kind,of this illusion that keeps you cut off,from your power and from your history,and i always dealt,with not quite feeling like i belonged,and then i saw peggy and i was like oh,my god ive always existed,you know people who move through the,world like me black women who move,through the world like me and that,tightrope that we walk has always been,there and so its been really heal

Most Depressing Country.

north korea is not a joke its one of,the worst countries in the world its,isolated its dangerous its strict but,above all its depressing,so here is my time inside north korea,i visited north korea by taking a,24-hour train from beijing to the border,here you can only enter as part of an,organized tour group and now we have to,take a train to north korea for 24 hours,and the minute you cross the border you,enter a whole new world soldiers will,inspect everything you own,they check every picture and every page,of every book that you have please do,not take photos the person in military,unity they make sure you dont carry any,bibles or qurans or any religious texts,because religion is banned,no political books no nude magazines no,internet transmitters and no sensitive,information soldiers even take your,phone to check which pictures you have,and it all makes sense because this,country is like a prison,inside of it youll see extreme poverty,and extreme isolation with no freedom no,wi-fi no facebook no access to the,outside world this place is such a close,community that,everything they produce is produced,internally,which means theres no trade or very,little trade with other nations,[Music],and no matter how much they try to hide,it north korea is poor on the highway,there are very few cars because people,cant afford them this is,the main highway,of north korea right here inside homes,there is no stable power because it,keeps going out the power went off again,outside homes poverty is apparent and,the people are trapped inside,say hi,hi,what do you want to say the camera,they have a beautiful culture beautiful,traditions amazing sports events,circuses and dances they are proud,people but the problem is,[Applause],they dont matter,what matters in north korea is the,missile the tank the soldiers the fake,illusion of power military displays are,everywhere in the country and leaders,are on every building,this is what the country chose to focus,on at every cause,and not this,[Music],my time in north korea only lasted five,days and it was orchestrated to see what,the government wants you to see and on,my train out of the country i got,checked one last time by soldiers we,just got checked,and luckily they didnt steal our videos,and as soon as we were in the clear,i cried,i cried for the people there,there is no solution for the average,north korean,their country is and will remain a,prison,one day it may be as prosperous as its,neighbor south korea,but that day,is very far,from today,see you,you

MrBeast Forgot To Stop Recording.. (SHOCKING)

hey whats up guys Carmelo here and in,this video well be taking a look at,times when Mr Beast forgot to stop,recording but watch until the end,because you wont believe this one time,where Mr Beast was called out on camera,so just keep watching and in the number,7 spot we have this time when he,actually completely forgot to edit out,footage of Chandler vaping all of this,was caught on camera this was definitely,not something he was meant to do and it,really could have turned out super bad,for him many kids watch Mr BEASTs,videos and to see this is just a bad,influence on them but hey sometimes we,all make mistakes and Chandler is of age,so it wasnt illegal either way,definitely not the best thing to have on,camera I need you Google one more thing,how to go super safe super safe super,safe,its just last thing could you Google,how to go Super Saiyan are you sure you,could go back in for round two no Im,good all right,[Music],we gave him a chance wait but thats not,all Believe It or Not Another one of Mr,BEASTs colleagues got caught multiple,times vaping on camera this is,unbelievable its almost like hes,trying to get caught or something not,sure why he would allow this to be,posted but maybe he doesnt care if,something bad happens its hard to tell,but definitely a bit crazy like And,subscribe right now to make doggo happy,[Music],thank you,foreign,[Music],we have Mr Beast giving away fake money,a few years ago Mr Beast actually got,exposed by keemstar for giving away fake,money Mr Beast is well known for doing,challenges and donating money to his,subscribers but did you know that his,giveaways have been deemed to be fake Mr,Beast tried to cover it up with an,interview with keemstar and its,honestly pretty hard to tell whether he,was actually faking his giveaways let us,know down in the comment section what,you think two days ago Mr Beast uploaded,a video titled I opened a free bag where,people came into the bank and Mr Beast,gave them money but if you zoom closely,one of the dollars says motion pictures,on it now guys I know whats going on,with this and why he did it but so many,of you guys have been spamming this to,me I had to cover this story in fact Im,gonna call it Mr Beast now so he can,explain himself now listen everyone is,spamming me that youre giving away fake,money and your videos are fake what is,going on with that okay so I assume,youre referring to the new video where,I uh giveaway money open the banks that,video yeah yeah yeah,so theres,[Music],heres the gist of it right I I rented a,bank and I bought a billboard saying,free money and I put up advertisements,you know that theres free money at this,big so I got hundreds of people to show,up and just long story short you know if,you have hundreds of people on the,location and youre just handing out,tons of money if youre handing out,actual real money theres Safety and,Security risks like profession when I,had someone 10 grand they walk out the,other door and all these people see they,have 10 grand like just as a responsible,person I cant do that right in this,video in particular,um we just use crop money right which,looks completely real theres no,difference so when I have the money they,have authentic reactions and these,people I didnt know theyre just random,they came from the ad the happy actions,they cry we hand them 10 grand and then,right when they get off camera as,theyre about to leave uh we had someone,stop them and be like hey thats prop,money um heres an actual check for that,so youre not walking around with ten,thousand dollars in real cash because in,that video uh I gave out six figures,worth of money like that was a freaking,massive video keep watching because we,have some insane stuff coming up soon at,number four theres an interesting video,from from popular Minecraft YouTuber,Preston who actually ran into Mr Beast,in public what a crazy coincidence,Preston and Mr Beast are actually really,good friends so it wasnt super awkward,for the two but it was crazy to see them,run into one another anyway you wont,believe what happens when they run into,each other because it was so unexpected,and really made their Vlogs take a wild,turret camera,[Music],yeah do you have a fifth Channel now for,logging,[Music],this is really important to me guys like,please theyre theyre on 64 million,at number three we have Mr Beast cursing,as many of us if not all of us know Mr,Beast is a family-friendly Channel he,never swears or promotes anything that,is not suitable for young audiences,however in this instance we found a clip,of him actually swearing on camera now,the thing about this one is that he was,on Logan Pauls podcast so technically,it wasnt actually his own channel I,guess we can let him off the hook for,this this one time because it wasnt his,own channel literally if you just,decided to do so the beauty is if you,dont give a yeah true watch time,youve you got it down you got me hooked,you got me literally thats the best,compliment you could ever give me bro,thanks,Im glad you asked also am I looking at,this camera that way,so with beard on better content if its,glass you can see through it and thats,what its because like the entire coffin,was glass minus the corners I mean just,in content bro like you have so many,businesses talk about that well lets,say you lose money a video youre like,well now now its like a major vertical,for you its well and heres the way I,look at if some,blast and then my friend Tyler is,sitting behind them so I instantly am,like this fell asleep so I grabbed the,wheel Im sitting in the passenger seat,Im just kind of like keeping the car,going straight and I just yo wake the, up and Im like yelling and hes,not waking up and a few seconds go by,and then Tyler in the back seat,literally punches him in the head its,like a constant in the middle so Im,like barely grabbing it and I just like,Tyler I dont think that hes gonna wake,up number two Jake Paul and Mr Beast,heres another instance in which Mr,Beast was met with a pleasant surprise,in this clip we have a video posted by,Jake Paul where Jake randomly pulled up,on Mr Beast without any sort of,invitation this must have been such a,surprise for Mr Beast and he had no idea,that this would be happening I cant,imagine how scared he was because I can,guarantee that with his Fame having,someone pull up to your house would be,extremely scary anyway you wont want to,miss out on what happened so keep on,watching,were a little here to sell your house,is that Jake Paul,so guys so next time you come over bring,some pizza okay well bring some pizza,should we chill yeah sure and finally,guys to wrap up things here at number,one we have an exposing video showing Mr,Beast actually rigging his own game for,his viewers during his squid game series,he was exposed five different times for,allowing the girls to have an advantage,this is extremely unfair for the,contestants as they were all competing,for a lot of money I cant imagine how,mad they would be after this happened,but anyways check it out so as you can,see the boys have to eat oatmeal even,though theyre excited oatmeal steal,oatmeal and the girls got a nice Hibachi,cook dinner so they get better food than,the boys also they put this alarm in the,boys room to annoy them the boys and the,girls both had to solve 100 Ruby screws,and the only guy knew who to solve,Rubiks Cube in the boys room was paid,ten thousand dollars to finish and then,Mr Beast went ahead and told the girls,that they did that so they hopefully,theyd win and just listen to the clip,the boys were blowing out of the water,if I paid the one guy who knew how to,solve them to leave now if you dont win,that was all for nothing its a win for,me youre almost halfway done so you,heard it from Mr Beast himself clearly,he wants the girls to win I dont know,why he is raking his competition for the,girls but its clear now because they,still lost they got their Circle you,know put together and then they put,these briefcas

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