1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Review
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review
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  4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Review – The Final Verdict
  5. THE Game of the Decade – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review and Analysis in 2022
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  7. The Witcher 3 NEXT-GEN – Before You Buy

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Review

seven years later The Witcher 3 wild,Hunt is still a staggering achievement,and thanks to the Next Gen update its,better than ever the free update packs,in visual enhancements fresh content and,new features as well as an extra coat of,Polish whether youve played The Witcher,3 or not its the perfect time to,explore the northern Realms welcome to,gamespots video review of The Witcher,3s next-gen release back in 2015 Kevin,Van ORD published gamespots original,review and awarded it a 10 out of 10.,spoilers its still a 10 out of 10 and,in this review we wont be covering the,same ground he did seven years ago,instead think of this as an addendum to,his review that focuses on all the new,stuff,[Music],thank you,[Music],while the core experience is unchanged,CD projekt Red has made a number of,thoughtful tweaks and additions that,further Elevate The Witcher 3 wild Hunt,the most noticeable one being the visual,enhancements on PlayStation 5 and Xbox,series X The Witcher 3 has two separate,Graphics modes performance and Ray,tracing performance mode renders the,game at a constant 60 frames per second,while Ray tracing mode limits the frame,rate to 30 but features raytrace,lighting Ive spent most of my time with,the PS5 version in performance mode Ray,tracing mode adds more texture and depth,to the world and its Interiors but the,Rock Solid frame rate makes performance,mode more preferable especially when it,comes to combat rolling around the,battlefield countering enemies and,casting signs feels smooth and,responsive and thankfully the,performance mode doesnt come at the,expense of resolution at least as far as,I can tell with the naked eye both modes,utilize a dynamic resolution to ensure,smooth presentation so the only thing,really missing in performance mode is,the raytrace lighting the ray tracing,while subtle is still impressive,Interiors are the most noticeably,impacted by the feature light sources,cast deeper and more realistic Shadows,onto characters and surfaces to create a,warmer more authentic scene Outdoors you,can see the effects of it on surfaces,particularly the reflections on puddles,and large bodies of water its hard to,recommend one setting over the other as,both have their advantages and,disadvantages the performance option,better suits my play style and taste but,if frame rate isnt all that important,to you then Ray tracing might be the way,to go of course the PC version offers,The Best of Both Worlds provided you,have a capable rig there are a few more,Ray tracing options to play around with,as well as an Ultra Plus graphic setting,I havent been able to test the PC,version yet but Im eager to see how,good this world can look on a,state-of-the-art PC the real showstopper,is the new photo mode while it may not,be as robust as contemporary photo modes,it highlights just how gorgeous the,world is and accentuates the improved,visuals you can act activate photo mode,by pressing in both analog sticks at any,time outside of cut scenes the camera is,Snappy and responsive and lets you tweak,the fov the Tilt and a number of other,visual effects unfortunately you cant,adjust time of day and weather or alter,geralts facial expressions and poses,its a bummer but the basics are more,than enough to capture breathtaking,Vistas and bloody action the next-gen,version also introduces new camera modes,that are tighter on geralt giving a more,intimate over-the-shoulder perspective,while this camera may not be as,practical as The Wider default camera,its impossible for me to go back the,world is so detailed and just being a,little closer to the action it gives the,experience more weight the environmental,storytelling is easier to parse,character details are more noticeable,and enemies look even more vicious when,they are right in front of your face,oddly enough the improved visuals the,new photo mode and Alternate camera,angles have changed the way I play The,Witcher 3. Ive always appreciated the,beauty of that world but I am moving at,a slower more deliberate Pace Im less,concerned with the question marks on the,map and more interested in exploring the,world in front of me stumbling on side,quests and points of interest naturally,its far more satisfying to happen upon,a rare set of armor tucked away in a,cave than it is to plot a direct path to,that same cave via the map this,playstyle is further supported thanks to,the new map filters and HUD settings if,youd like you can remove all the,exclamation points and question marks,off the map and let your curiosity guide,you you can even set it so the minimap,only appears when you activate your,Witcher senses which paired with the,closer camera angles gives exploration a,cleaner more cinematic feel,foreign,update also adds a new side quest that,feels right at home in The Witcher 3. it,introduces a couple of characters and,takes place in an underutilized landmark,in villain there are a few more,surprises which I wont spoil but upon,completion you gain access to the,Netflix inspired gear when CD projekt,Red revealed that theyd be bringing,Netflix inspired gear to The Witcher 3 I,was trepidatious the world of The,Witcher 3 is such a well thought out and,focused experience the Netflix series by,comparison is not at least in my opinion,I was concerned that this Quest and,equipment might water down the,experience fortunately that isnt the,case while I still dont plan on using,cavills Witcher gear the quest itself,is a welcome inclusion that gives,context to the new gear and how it ended,up in CD projekt Reds interpretation of,this world even if you dont plan on,replaying The Witcher 3 from start to,finish I recommend loading up an old,save just to check this out at the very,least its worth it to hear Doug cockle,reprise his role to deliver some new,lines as the white wolf desperate times,for a Witcher huh,thought your church frowned upon Our,Kind mutants the only major change to,the gameplay is quick sign casting if,you have it turned on you can hold down,R2 or right trigger and press one of the,face buttons or L2 to quickly cast a,sign it took some getting used to but,its now my preferred way of sign,casting its nice being able to throw up,a Quinn right before battle by holding,R2 and pressing Circle and then,immediately setting my foes on fire with,a shot of igne by holding R2 and,pressing L2 while it may take some time,to build up the muscle memory its a,small change that does streamline the,combat quite a bit especially on harder,fights that might have you swapping,signs often,[Music],overall The Witcher 3s next-gen update,is an impressive collection of new,features tweaks and enhancements that,make one of the best RPGs in the last,decade even better if youve never,played The Witcher 3 consider this a,sign to finally give it a shot and if,youve already played it theres still,enough here for the experience to feel,fresh,[Music]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

[Music],unlike its predecessor The Witcher 3 the,Wild Hunt doesnt exactly come screening,off the starting line in 6th gear,compared to The Witcher 2 where youre,immediately plunged headlong into a,sexist story of intrigue and betrayal,witcher threes main quests can seem,mundane even perfunctory at times but,the moment Id step off to blaze my own,Trail it turned into a wild open,exhilarating fantasy role-playing,experience with many opportunities to,make use of its excellent combat even,after over 100 hours with it theres,still so much more to do learn and hunt,in the witcher 3,much like The Witcher 2 before it The,Witcher 3 is dense and deep in terms of,RPG mechanics and the overwhelmingly,massive open world environment has only,made that depth more intimidating at,first and more rewarding in the long run,its difficult to Express even with,video just how huge and open this world,is landscapes like these make it one of,the most authentic feeling open worlds,Ive ever seen a handy mini-map points,you where you want to go which might,seem like a crutch at first but honestly,without it Id have been hopelessly lost,that the world still feels so purposeful,and full of things to do despite its,size is quite an achievement relative to,the witcher 2 I found that Witcher,threes RPG systems had been streamlined,in some smart ways and made more complex,in others simplifications to how you,restock and use potions and oils makes,them feel more practical and immediately,useful while the new skill system,provides a good deal of flexibility,while still rewarding players who want,to min/max for the best bills all of,this shines through in the responsive,real time combat where everything comes,together with greatly improved magic,play to make Geralt you like more of a,badass than ever before spells have new,alternate casting modes and a wider,variety of upgrades making them,impactful in every fight the one caveat,on all that though is the technical,performance on the ps4 version I played,for review,though it never seriously impacted the,gameplay 30 frames per second was,sometimes too much to ask looking for a,woman like everyone not like everyone,and not just any woman our tale begins,as a multi continent search for gerelds,long-lost lover Jennifer and ciri his,surrogate daughter my single biggest,issue with The Witcher 3 is that it,never becomes much more the overly long,main story is essentially just Geralt,running errands for people in exchange,for information on their whereabouts,captain if an oath guardian Garrison,knows where yennefer went and the bags,that we have to kill the Gryphon for it,thanks to lots of excellent writing and,voice acting theres still some big,emotional payoff but overall the main,story feels padded out by too many,meaningless fetch quests and,the Fonz go to mine do you the sweetest,count without the context provided by,The Witcher novels Siri is more or less,a complete stranger until the last,quarter of the journey which makes it,difficult to care about finding her as,much as The Witcher 3 wants me to,especially given the slew of intriguing,characters playing supporting roles I,had forgotten how insolent you can be,but youll get plenty more of them once,you venture off the beaten path and,thats where the Witcher 3 gets nearly,everything incredibly right aside from,the bevy of standard side quests monster,lairs and bandit camps you expect from a,sprawling open-world fantasy game The,Witcher 3 s character focused optional,quest lines and monster hunting,contracts are so meaty and full of rich,story content that they feel like they,should have been part of the main story,more often than not they provide,interesting insights into a land being,destroyed by war and the many,fascinating characters who play a role,in shaping best of all youre one of,them it may not shift the main storys,conclusion and monumental ways but I,often return to places Id visited,earlier to find that a seemingly small,decision played out in a very big way,the choices you make legitimately change,the world around you far more so than,most games that make similar claims,though the straightforward and fetch,quest heavy main story overstays its,welcome the option of joyfully,adventuring through a rich expansive,open-world was always there for me when,Id start to burn out even if the plot,isnt terribly interesting the many,characters who played a part in it are,and along with the excellent combat at,RPG gameplay they elevate The Witcher 3,to a plain few other RPGs inhabit for,more on The Witcher keep it on IGN,let it get away

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The Witcher 3 Next-Gen – PS5 vs Xbox Series X – DF Tech Review – RT and Performance Modes Tested!

foreign,[Music],seven years since its original release,the new The Witcher 3 complete edition,aims to enhance an already iconic game,with a huge Suite of extras on PS5 Xbox,series X S and PC its a free update,listed as patch 4.0 visuals are enhanced,quality of life improvements are added,like the new camera plus we get extras,to tie into the Netflix TV show this,much we already knew from our preview,after a visit to CD projekt Reds offices,but today we have the final release the,finished article letting us check out,areas Beyond just the white Orchard at,last the taxing novigrad city is in view,this time and likewise the infamous,crookback bog now if youve followed my,coverage of The Witcher 3 stretching,back seven years now this will feel like,a reunion of sorts except its new,hardware this time PS5 and series Xs,new Ray tracing mode is in the spotlight,as pitted against the original Last gen,version played on PS4 Pro in this case,so just how much of an upgrade does it,really make and does performance hold up,at 30 frames per second with all its new,Ray tracing features or even 60 frames,per second in the alternative,performance mode lets find out,I say final release but thats never,really the case these days this is The,Witcher 3 complete edition on patch 4.01,but we are expecting a follow-up patch,to land soon 4.02 which is promised to,improve performance on PS5 series Xs and,PC the time frame for 4.02 going live is,still not confirmed though so honestly,making this video has been like working,with an ax swinging overhead knowing,patch 4.02 could just drop at any time,and suddenly change everything still I,work with what Ive got here also a side,note that the PC release has obviously,seen a number of issues at launch with,reports of bugs crashes and worst,performance than before the patch to,keep the focus tight for this video,though Im dialing in as ever on the,console experience PS5 and series X with,Series S coverage to follow for another,video,[Music],foreign,smooth launch for this patch 4.0,complete edition then and Ill be,getting to the problems later in this,video but on a surface level the visual,upgrades are remarkable truly bringing,The Witcher 3 closer to our expectations,of our 2022 release okay the game,already looked great but in the complete,edition a bulk of textures and models,are reworked with cdpr Contracting PC,modder Hulk Hogan who produced the HD,reworked project mods to incorporate new,updated assets into the official release,foliage is improved too filling out the,landscape with more plant life and then,theres smaller touches like brand new,Sky boxes weather States and this camera,lens effect adding variety as geralt,travels the world by day and night and,of course as youve just seen we get,this lovely photo mode on PS5 and series,X to show off activated by pressing into,both sticks,[Music],easily the biggest attraction on PS5,answers X though is the two new modes,one for performance at 60fps and one for,Ray tracing at 30 FPS no question the,ray tracing features have a huge impact,to the look the depth of The Witcher 3s,many locales in certain spots the,difference is Stark for interiors,especially in others wear their strong,sunlight Outdoors well the effects of,the RT mode are less apparent in this,case were using PS5 as an example,comparing the performance mode to the RT,mode but all of this applies exactly to,series X2 so with rt mode enabled you,get two forms of Ray tracing Ray traced,ambient occlusion and also raytrace,Global illumination now rtao primarily,affects the shading of the terrain,adding in a natural ambient shade to the,environment point points between objects,where light naturally struggles to reach,it affects the Sandy banks of the white,Orchard at dusk here for example adding,a deeper richer Hue and then for,interiors with no direct sunlight its,more absolute each bottle on the cabinet,of this Hut every corner to the room is,flanked by this heavy shade as it would,be the harder it is for light to reach,the darker it becomes as youd expect,and those light bounces are simulated by,the teams rtao by comparison yes the,performance mode of course runs at,Double the frame rate 60 FPS but it also,looks visibly plain in these areas,[Music],foreign,not every area is overhauled to quite,the same extent pockets of Nova gratiti,will be shaded more thoroughly as we,walk its streets anything undercover but,the lit portions do look largely,unchanged meanwhile though we also have,rtgi Global illumination which allows,for light even the colored properties of,light to bounce between points in the,world this again has a huge impact,depending on where you look going back,to the rocks of the white orchard all,conditions are exactly matched in this,shot time of day weather and yet we see,rtgi adding a red Hue to the sand as the,color of the rock spills down and,likewise any areas with licking Flames,indoors Candlelight youll see that,light property the color bows across,nearby surfaces all combined with the,rtao it beds every object more naturally,into the space,[Music],the final point for the Arty mode is the,reflections now as Ive covered in the,preview these arent Ray traced,Reflections but instead you get a much,improved screen space technique SSR so,long as RT Motors engaged so again,compared to the performance mode PS5,enjoys much crisper detailed Reflections,across the docks not only that on RT,mode this SSR applies to more materials,in the game including armor and puddles,across novograds Stone floor previously,The Witcher 3 used simpler Cube mapping,to create a bass reflection for puddles,but now we get a proper Mirror Image,its not Ray tracing then it is a shame,but the SSR upgrade is clear compared to,the performance mode which uses the,older technique,[Music],foreign,[Music],visiting cdprs officers a few weeks ago,I did actually ask one of the games,lead developers a few questions about,this Ray tracing mode specifically,Philip Weber Whos acting as the,Projects narrative director in,particular I wanted to know why consoles,dont get ray Trace Reflections or,shadows as well since theyre included,on PC why just SSR albeit an improved,SSR needless to say it turns out having,all four RT Technologies enabled is,quite a big ask and a huge toll on any,GPU and so Ray Trace Reflections were,seemingly put aside in favor of rtgi and,rtao on PS5 and series X just because,the latter had a bigger impact they gave,more bang for their buck in other words,given The Witcher 3 isnt as abundant in,reflective surfaces as say cyberpunk in,the end rtgi and rtao were deemed the,better use of the power on tap on PS5,and series X and so for the most,complete Ray tracing experience that,remains The Preserve of top-end PC,hardware for now,[Music],theres more to the upgrades than Ray,tracing of course case in point lets,swap in the last gen version running on,PS4 Pro for example versus PS5 as played,with all the Thrills in its RT mode the,first point really has to be the,enhanced foliage a counter through velen,on Horseback shows more flourishing,plant life much more densely laid out in,the fields ahead better yet the draw,distance on PS5 is vastly superior now,meaning we get less of an obvious fate,of grass in the near distance a problem,with the older PS4 Pro code also a nice,touch Ive noticed is that there are lit,hay bales in the far distance which add,plumes of smoke all rendered at range on,PS5 its a much richer landscape to look,at on PS5 and in fact you dont even,need to use the RT mode to enjoy these,extras either its all the exact same,for the performance mode now theres a,multitude of other enhancements over PS4,Pro the improved shadows and of course,the boosted Tech resolution also stand,out so whether its the RT mode,performance mode on PS5 or series X,materials for clothes trees brickwork,all of it presents using a much higher,resolution asset,the complete edition delivers on the,visual front then when it comes to the,frame rat

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Review – The Final Verdict

foreign,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],The Witcher 3 is a game that needs no,introduction at this point its gone,down in the annals of gaming history as,one of the greatest games ever made when,it first launched in 2015 it set the,standards for storytelling and writing,in video games open worlds choice and,consequence mechanics side quests and so,much more,in May CD projekt Reds Masterpiece will,be eight years old and yet time hasnt,dimmed any of its strengths even today,its hard to think of many games that,have been able to accomplish what The,Witcher 3 has on the level and scale,that it did,so this is obviously not a review of The,Witcher 3 because this is a rare example,of a game that honestly doesnt need a,review at this point everyone knows how,good it is and everyone knows whether,its strengths resonate with what they,want in their games,however CD projekt Red has now upgraded,the game for current gen consoles and PC,with a free update one that introduces a,number of improvements and new features,so the question is how does the update,fare,the answer is unsurprising its an,excellent upgrade that further polishes,what is already an absolute Gem of a,game The Witcher 3 was already,Spectacular Now its even better enough,get down,with a flip what do you think,all right take off the blindfold,the most obvious bump that the game has,received is of course on the visuals,front and the work done by CD projekt,Red here is impressive The Witcher 3 was,one of the best looking games ever made,when it first launched so when you first,look at it running on Modern Hardware,your mind might play tricks on you and,tell you it isnt that much of an,improvement because of how good you,remember the original looking pin it,directly with the game running on a PS4,or end or an Xbox one though and the,differences become much more apparent,the level of detail in the environments,the gorgeous lighting the density of the,foliage the draw distances and other,areas that far Keener eyes and mine will,notice more easily have seen major,improvements making the game pop that,much more,seriously it looks good enough to pass,for a freshly released current gen title,rather than a remaster of a seven and a,half year old game,on PS5 and Xbox series X The Witcher 3,also lets you pick between two modes Ray,tracing mode restricts the frame rate to,30 FPS but implements raytrace Shadows,lighting and reflections performance,mode on the other hand removes all of,the ray tracing effects but kicks the,frame rate up to 60 FPS this will,ultimately be a matter of preference as,it often is but I have always preferred,better performance over prettier visuals,so as far as Im concerned performance,mode is the way to go moment-to-moment,combat feels much smoother at 60fps and,even without Ray tracing effects the,game still looks absolutely stunning so,personally,I didnt think the visual quality took,too much of a hit,Ray tracing mode does deserve props as,well and theres no denying that the,game does look better if not radically,so with Reflections and bodies of water,and shiny surfaces more authentic,lighting of scenes and locations and,other graphical enhancements that go,hand in hand with the implementation of,Ray tracing,that said the frame rate tends to be a,little less inconsistent in this mode,and can get a little choppy in the,really dense locations of hectic combat,encounters,photo mode enthusiasts will likely get,plenty of use out of the ray tracing,option though and yes the Witcher 3 does,have a photo mode now,long last and though its not as full,featured as what youd find in the likes,of Spider-Man or Horizon its still a,solid Edition,another one of this free updates,headlining additions is a small chunk of,new content essentially a quest with new,exclusive loot tied to it thats,inspired by Netflixs The Witcher series,the new content dropped isnt,particularly meaty though its still,worth checking out the new side quest is,an engaging and well-written one and,finally makes use of an area of the map,in villain that was curiously empty in,the base game,the rewards meanwhile are a nice bonus,as well its neat seeing The Witcher 3s,geralt dressed up as Henry cavills,geralt even if youre just doing it for,quick snaps in photo mode,beyond that the update also brings a,number of quality of life improvements,and editions of small gameplay,refinements casting signs is much easier,now with the game allowing you to,quickcast them without having to go into,the radial menu every single time the,new default camera angle is also a much,better perspective for the game its,much more of a zoomed in,over-the-shoulder camera which lends the,game much more of a cinematic Flair,the HUD is also more customizable so you,can take all of that clutter off your,screen if you want exploration to be,more diegetic while there are a number,of smaller but appreciated little,add-ons such as finally being able to,pet roach or a couple of new fast travel,markers here and there to make getting,around the world even more convenient of,course thanks to the new consoles ssds,The Witcher 3 also boasts vastly,improved loading times ironing out one,of its most frustrating issues on older,consoles,cant get used to the way you Knights,talk especially how you switch back and,forth between flowery and well near,normal,in the service of a gracious,magnificence in seven and a half years I,have played through the Witcher 3,multiple times and clocked in several,hundred hours into the game across,different platforms and yet jumping back,into its brutal and beautiful world I,still find myself transfixed even being,as familiar with its story as I am even,knowing its intricate web of choice and,consequence mechanics like the back of,my hand even having played through its,best side quests more times than I can,count I still find myself hanging on,every second seeping in the Brilliance,of its world and narrative,The Witcher 3 is a brilliant game and,its Brilliance hasnt been dimmed by the,passage of time in the slightest in fact,thanks to CD projekt Reds excellent,remastering efforts and a new coat of,Polish its an even better game than,its ever been in the past,hey did you know that weird gaming bolt,upload new videos every day stick around,drop a like subscribe and hit that Bell,and let us know what kind of content,youd like to see in the future with a,comment below

THE Game of the Decade – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review and Analysis in 2022

its hard to define what exactly makes a,good game is it the story the gameplay,the music or does it have to include,some or all of the above,every year new games release promising,better bigger and better titles and,thats right we just invented the term,triple b games but how often do you,truly remember these good games how,often do you finish them and more,importantly what separates a good game,from a truly great game every year,websites all over the world judge that,years game of the year and every year,people have wildly different takes on,what the best game of the year was but,what if we went higher than that what,about a game of the decade and what if,for a moment,we set our standards so high that only,the most memorable game singular was,good enough these games dont come by,too often but there are certainly a,number of titles i could think of as,nominees for such an award and yet there,is only one which would be truly,deserving of it and that game without,question without hesitation would for me,have to be developer cd projekt reds the,witcher 3 wild hunt,ive been thinking about this one for,some time years even and since this is,the 6th anniversary of the game i,thought i would finally make a video,dedicated to perhaps my favorite game of,all time there will inevitably be,spoilers for most things in this video,so do be aware of that this video will,focus on what i love about the game,going through it thematically first,rather than linearly even though these,aspects sometimes coalesce,so without any further ado welcome my,friends welcome to a love letter to the,witcher 3.,it goes without saying that the witcher,3 is a massive all-encompassing game,theres so much here so much beauty so,much horror and so much in between that,its vastness is almost overwhelming its,a game about kings and emperors about,refugees and corrupt soldiers about,minstrels and monsters,swamps and castles cities and mountains,a wild hunt hearts of gold and hearts of,stone fields of blood and fields of wine,so lets begin small,lets begin at the smallest of small the,rings on the chain mail worn by girls,our main character its always,astonished me how much detail is put,into the steel and leather in girls,armor we can see every shiny chain in,the mail every crack and memory of a,slashed sword in the armor plates and,whether in the morning sun on top of a,hill or a rainy fjord,this never changes they convey a story,in themselves,one which is never told in words but,still,a story of something that has been made,something which is integral to this,world and something which is definitely,crafted worn and used the chainmail is,perhaps a very small part of the witcher,3 but it symbolizes something so much,bigger than itself,it is a testament to the attention to,detail and to the extent to which the,developers have gone to craft a truly,realistic world and we can talk about,this word realistic,or the classic and very much cliche,terms of a living and breathing world,but these are cliches for a reason and,if we define a realistic world as one,not necessarily where people act like,real people or where you can do whatever,you want wherever you want but one where,trees sway in the wind where the terrain,is affected by the goings-on around it,and where the story despite being,fantastical,deals with real issues and where the,main characters have believable emotions,motivations,hopes and dreams then i truly venture,forth and claim that the witcher 3,offers one of the more,realistic video game worlds i have ever,played but lets move away from the,chainmail lets move to whats beneath,it geralt of rivia the first time we,meet the witcher in this game the first,time we really meet him is at dawn on,the top of a hill by a small fireplace,he has just awoken from a nightmare for,all his armor his stature and his,undeniably masculine look geralt is,right from the beginning portrayed as a,vulnerable man he fears for the life of,his adopted daughter siri and for the,well-being of the woman so close to his,heart jennifer of wengerberg,the depth to which girls character is,made has always amazed me,other games too or other media in,general often manage to create likable,or even relatable characters people who,are funny humble who struggle and some,who even overcome some are old some are,outcasts some are young,and others still face hardships and,challenges of their own those are all,great templates for relatable people but,geralt is different geralt like a human,being is multi-dimensional sure geralt,is strong powerful and even scary in his,brutality when he has to be he has no,qualms with fighting or killing those,who threaten or stand in his way a,choice you as a player sometimes even,get to make for him but geralt is also,vulnerable soft-spoken and worried hes,funny grasp it firmly move it around and,the louder it squeals the closer you are,spare me your juvenile wit please kind,charming and playful and goddamn if he,isnt a mans mans man i think we can,all appreciate the absolute hunk of dunk,level of awesome the scene alone conveys,what makes geralth not only great but,more importantly believable is exactly,his multifaceted character this aspect,of the witcher 3 the depth of the main,protagonist himself,is something which almost completely,removes the complaint many people have,with video game protagonists namely that,the difference between what the player,does and what the character stands for,are so vastly different that we,experience a phenomenon known as,ludonarrative dissonance this phenomenon,is perhaps most easily explained by a,quick look at the uncharted or the tomb,raider series where the main characters,are generally kind and likable people,who wish very little harm upon others in,cutscenes all the while you are,rampaging on a mass murder campaign in,the actual game itself now this is not,really the case with geralt at all four,geralt is a witcher a bounty hunter,whos standing on a knifes edge between,poverty and wealth who kills monsters,for a living but who also has to slash,his way through corrupt people on the,way as well specifically because this,way of life is already built into girls,character we very rarely or never,experience lure narrative distance it,never strikes us as weird or out of,character when geralt kills because its,what hes trained to do,hes not some archaeologist shelter,daughter or a random treasure grave,robber who suddenly is able to come out,on top versus hundreds of crazed goons,hes a trained killer himself,even one whos undergone mutations which,are said to have stripped him of normal,human emotions in my mind this makes,geralt something of a perfect video game,character hes not the only one but hes,perhaps the best example of one where so,many aspects of humanity comes together,in a close to fully realized whole what,astonishes me about geralt is the way,his personality changes depending on who,hes spending time with alongside his,teacher vesimir an old man hes known,since childhood geralt is respectful but,is confident enough to be himself around,him whats this postscript,i still have the unicorn,[Music],stuffed unicorn,used it once or twice,in certain,situations,the things young folk get up to these,days back on topic,with the sorcerers yennefer geralt is,both relatively timid yet playful,clearly emblematic of the long history,of their relationship a great deal has,changed,you havent,not a bit,i missed those awkward compliments of,yours with siri geralt is responsible,and worried like a father would be,though in your shoes id fear vesimir,more than any striga,disobeying his instructions,unwise,well yes but,that was horribly dull,i know and you know thats no excuse,im sorry it wont happen again,better not,bessemer said if it does hell make you,eat a bowl of slugs covered in salt,you,exactly so youd best behave and with,his friends dandelion and sultan,geralt cracks jokes is lighthearted and,funny,fogs thick is curdled milk never took,you for a poet oh bu

Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” | CONAN on TBS

(upbeat, happy music),Hey, Conan OBrien here with my pal Aaron Bleyaert.,Hello.,And uh, that was awkward.,(laughing),Were with another Clueless Gamer.,And this one is very exciting.,The Witcher: Wild Hunt.,We are getting a sneak peek.,Bley! Yes.,What can you tell us about The Witcher: Wild Hunt?,Do you wanna hear the back story?,Everything in my body says no,,(audience laughing),but yes, lets hear the back story.,All right so youre Geralt of Rivia.,Youre a witcher, and in this world,rifts have opened up where monsters have come in.,So as a result of that some people,use the resulting residual magic to,mutate themselves. Im regretting asking you,(audience laughing) for the back story.,Deeply regretting it.,Continue.,So basically Geralt of Rivia, hes kind of adopted,this young girl named Ciri, child–,Wait theres a girl named Ciri?,Yeah. (audience laughing),Is she the same one that tells you,information on the iPhone?,I dont think so.,Are we sure theres not a tie-in?,(laughing),Its very suspicious to me that the witcher,befriends someone who happens to be the voice,of the iPhone.,And he does it with his pet crow Google.,(laughing),Theres the Southern, the emperor, Amur, Ahmer,,Emere, Amur,Emhyr?,Hes the emperor of Nilfgaard, is what you need to know.,You didnt just say hes,the emperor of Nilfgaard, did you?,Well yeah, I mean thats his proper title.,Okay.,(laughing),Im the emperor of Milfgaard.,(audience laughing and cheering),If ya know what I mean. (howls),So the emperor of Nilfgaard–,Youve gotta stop talking.,Okay, anyway–,You cant talk anymore,Okay anyway.,Here we go.,All right, so this is a battle,going on between the south and the north.,I know this is a battle.,That was a bird that just flew into someones eye.,Thats fantastic!,So thats Yennefer, whos our girlfriend.,Did you say Yennefer?,Its Jennifer.,No, its Yennefer, Yennefer–,What do you mean its Yennefer?,Just say Jennifer.,Her name is Yennefer.,Were in America!,(laughing),And now, were at Witcher Keep, banks of the Gwe,,oh my is that?,Oh, oh no they tricked me!,(laughing),They tricked me into being turned on.,I got turned on by those feet coming out of the tub,,and its a dude!,This game just outed me.,(laughing),That totally was unfair.,Whoa!,Look at that!,Oh my God, look at that!,Why is he leaving?,Who leaves when a womans sitting in a chair naked?,Whats happening?,Make it freeze.,Make it freeze! I cant.,I cant! (audience laughing),Thats Yennefer, this is Yennefer.,Thats Yennefer, okay.,If shes gonna be naked, Ill call her,whatever she wants to be called.,(audience laughing) Shes Yennefer.,Talk to Yennefer?,Is there another verb there?,Besides talk to Yennefer?,Its just talk.,Okay.,So you wanna hit A there.,Yeah, okay, lets talk.,See, I thought Ciri could stand to wait a little longer.,Isnt there something you ought to be doing?,Yes.,(audience laughing),Not now, Ciri awaits.,Isnt there something you ought to be doing?,Yes?,Not now, Ciri awaits.,(audience laughing),Yes?,Isnt there something you ought to be doing?,Yes?,Not now, Ciri awaits.,Ive been in this situation before.,(audience laughing),This could take months.,Well, I dont care what realm you live in,,some things never change.,Shes not in the mood.,Do you think its possible,that later on shell have sex with me?,I mean maybe, depending.,There are 36 different endings to this game, so…,Oh my God.,As long as one of ems happy. (laughs),(audience laughing and cheering),I think at this point, whats fueling me,,is that its clear that you can have sex,with a woman in this game.,Right.,I wanna do whatever it takes to make that happen.,That would be a new frontier for me.,Ive never done that.,Okay.,Show me the letter from Yennefer.,So were looking for Yennefer.,Yes.,Were looking for the lady who we saw naked before.,It does smell of lilac and gooseberries.,Lilac and gooseberries? (audience laughing),Hows it look?,How far behind Yennefer are we?,Well, we were only a few feet behind her,,but then we sat and talked,,for six days.,And now shes far away in the land of Zibzar.,(laughing),Ghouls are coming!,All right here we go.,(screaming) Ah, were killing!,Yeah!,Yes!,Yeah, run over to the ghoul.,Look, hes actually doing yard work.,(audience laughing),Must, clean this area.,Cmon ghoul!,(sword clanging),We killed everything.,Great job. Okay, now where?,Now were gonna skip ahead.,Lets go to sex island!,(laughing),I want an erotic adventure!,Okay, okay.,So where are we now?,Were on the Skellige Isles.,Yeah.,And one of the biggest things the witcher gains,,is you hunt down monsters.,Yes, hunting monsters seems to be a theme.,Yep.,Lets walk around, lets talk to Byorg.,Oh hey, I bumped into him!,Yeah.,They hunt come dusk or dawn.,They attack fisherman wieldin just oars and warriors alike.,You know what these people like?,A nice long chat.,(laughing),The gabbiest gang of people Ive ever met.,Do you know which way he went?,Well it puts me in mind of a tale.,(laughing),How much time have ya got?,Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ill take the job.,Ill take the job.,Yeah, so were gonna go, keep going up.,Ho!,Hey, watch it!,Its just an island of people bumping into each other.,Look at that.,Oh!,Oh, what, Im sorry.,Sorry, island not quite big enough.,Down towards the water,,we think the drowners are down here.,You know what?,Drowners probably hang out near the water.,(laughing),Watch this.,(sword clanging),Nice.,Ah!,Yeah! Take that!,Finally, action!,Now hold the left trigger.,Were gonna use our witcher power.,It says chicken sandwich.,Oh yeah, we have a chicken sandwich.,(laughing),Well all these, mystical realms,,you must go to Vrockvreek,,you must talk to the drowners about the Seiglord, ah.,Chicken sandwich.,(laughing),Look at that.,Look at all the food he has.,He has mugs of beer.,Hes got nuts and berries.,Oh, hes got apple juice.,Yeah, so–,What is have, is he in kindergarten?,(laughing),Time for my apple juice and graham cracker.,Then time for a nap and story.,Where is his sex finder?,(laughing),Does he have a sex finder?,Im just gonna go kill.,Yeah, yeah.,No more apple juice.,X and Y, go for it.,Go for it, X and Y.,Right trigger.,Thats a lotta guys.,(fire spell exploding) Yeah!,I killed them all!,Wow, all right.,Theres a time for talking, and theres a time,for fighting– (fire explodes),Oh! Oh, whoops!,What happened? Oh no, I killed you!,Why did you kill me?,I thought it– You leaned over,to help me, and you blew me up!,Ah, Im never getting laid now!,Right, sorry about that.,Oh!,Well, Im just a little on fire.,This must be a water hags lair.,Water hag?,With our luck this is where we have the sex.,(laughing),With a water hag.,You know, lets get a look at her too in the light.,If shes halfway decent, Im ready to go.,(laughing),I swear to God at this point,,the water hag is looking good to me.,Ill just have one or two of those beers.,Oh, there she is!,Eh, he, he, he, he, Ill do it!,Uh, thats okay, water hag.,No, really, lets do it, Im naked.,Oh my God, she needs a bra.,(screaming) Burn, water hag, burn!,(screaming) I was willing to do it with you!,(audience laughing),Water hags dead!,Yes!,Maybe we should just, we could skip to uh,,you wanna see some like, naked girls?,Yes!,(audience laughter),Okay, were gonna skip to some naked girls.,Is this the sexy bathhouse?,Yes.,Oh hello!,Yeah.,Wha!,Oo!,Oh, sorry! Ugh!,Theres two naked women right here.,Do I talk to them?,You can try to talk to them.,I dont know if anythingll happen.,In my experience,,it wont.,(laughing),Oh!,Jackass!,This is the kingdom of Blueballsa.,(laughing),I think we gotta talk to these gang leaders.,Try talking to about nine different women,,got nowhere.,Now were in the sausage hut.,(audience laughing),Got intruders.,Someone just snuck inside the bathhouse.,Lets kill everybody.,Yeah, yeah.,(weapon thudding),Well Ill tell ya one thing about our hero,,he tied his towel very securely.,(laughing),I cant walk three steps without my towel falling off.,(screaming) Now Im just hitting the alcove.,I hate alcoves!,(

The Witcher 3 NEXT-GEN – Before You Buy

– Presenter] Hey, and were back,with another episode of, Before You Buy,,that show where we give you some straight up gameplay,and some first impressions of the latest games releasing,and today were talking about, The Witcher 3 next-gen.,And yes, of course, this is technically a free upgrade,,you dont buy it.,Chances are youve already bought, The Witcher 3,at some point,,but the developers are providing,this free next-gen patch upgrade,that takes advantage of the stronger newer hardware,and adds some new fixes and features,,and frankly, a new excuse to talk about, The Witcher,,it is always good with us.,Now, as you know, we really like, The Witcher,although the bass game released in 2015,and we actually werent doing, Before You Buy videos yet,,believe it or not.,So we jumped in to check this out.,Its just a really good reason to replay.,Now PC Xbox Series X and PS5 get a nice free update.,For PC, theres a few added features,that definitely help visually,,but I think for console players theres a bigger jump,and thats what we had time to dive into today.,I had a more recent save I had played a couple months back,for a video on Xbox Series X.,I play on both platforms,but I thought this was a good point in the game,,so thats the footage you see mostly here.,I also have a little PS5 footage,that Ill drop in and label as well,,but predominantly, Ive been on Xbox Series X for this one.,Now, lets talk about what this brings.,Obviously the first thing,and the biggest thing is the visuals.,The game has a boost in resolution and frame rate options.,Across both consoles now,,youll have access to a performance mode,and a ray tracing mode depending on your preference.,Performance mode is 60fps,,which at least from my experience on Xbox,is mostly 60 with occasional dips,I noticed in busy detailed city streets.,But ray trace mode prioritizes fidelity,and introduces some additional lighting,and reflection tricks.,Now, I always say this, so just for newcomers,,were not digital foundry of a more technical analysis,type of thing,,we suggest our peers,,but for us, we just go with gut feeling on these videos.,And to be honest,,it looks good and pretty improved in both modes.,Maybe not like an insane jump if youre looking at it,through a compressed YouTube video or anything,,but I will say like I can only imagine,going from playing on bass PS4,and then never touching the game again,,and then jumping to this current generation,,there is definitely a benefit here.,The Witcher 3 experience,is the best that has ever been here.,Lighting is less choppy looking and overall more realistic,from like a tree branch shadow, crossing a characters face,to fires in dark interiors to even just the way,some of the foliage on the ground is lit.,The games lighting and tweaks to lots of textures,make quite a difference.,CD Projekt Red has done a mountain of little tweaks,and additions here and there that add up.,They add up way more,if youre extremely familiar with the game.,Some stuff you might not be impressed by,if you just played it and never thought about it again,,but like if youve been all up in this games guts,youll appreciate the smaller differences.,For me, hair and armor clipping is much better.,Enemies and things have slightly better textures,thanks to CD Projekt Red integrating some mods into this.,The Witcher 3 HD rework mod brings high quality,,smooth texture meshes, improved level of detail,and better draw distances.,Youll notice it.,Big picture, really like head to the top of a valley,or say a mountain to overlook the city,,or like some more mountains,and it just looks all more detailed and stronger overall.,Theyre still popping as you go around.,Unfortunately, its just really something,with the games age I guess,,but distances still managed to look better overall,and youll notice the textures up close,with certain cobblestone areas.,Say like in Novigrad, at least I did.,Vegetation is increased, grass is thicker,,and the skybox has been updated,I think with like a couple of more scenes.,And one I noticed is like,where the sky is just really gray and dreary,,but like different than youve seen it already in the game,and its pretty awesome.,But youll really notice this stuff,when you find some deep woods and just go for a stroll.,I mean, the game feels much more dense here,and the thick grass actually shows some cool details.,Its nice.,The Witcher 3 for me was always visually best,out in the fields with the winds blowing and the sun setting,and that is still the case here.,Its all just a step nicer now.,A new dynamic toggle that allows the hunt stuff,to only really show up during combat,,or pressing the Witcher sense button,allows you to really soak it all in.,I mean, of course you could always have turned it all off,in the settings,,but yeah, that leads to a bunch of the fun little editions,included in this game.,The biggest you may have noticed right away,which I should have acknowledged earlier,,its the new camera angle.,The Witcher 3s camera was typically pretty wide and floaty,,but now the game defaults to this kind of closer,,more intimate off to the side angle,that I typically really like.,In most games, its a very popular angle.,But Ill be honest,,I had a bit of a hard time getting used to it here.,Its still dynamic, so itll swing out a bit for combat,and for finishing moves and stuff itll turn,,but Im still not kind of sure,if I prefer it over the original.,Its weird and Im still playing with it,,like I havent made up my mind yet.,Thankfully, like a lot of the updates,theyve done with this game,,its just an option,and you can actually tweak it how you want it.,So right now for me settings-wise,,I have the traditional wider camera,for riding around on a horseback,because it felt too claustrophobic up close on the horse,because I mean, Roach still rides like a piece of crap.,So a regular old Witcher camera on the horse,,fun close-up, new camera off the horse,,its great when youre walking around towns and stuff.,Those options to customize it are really nice.,Theyve done that even more with the movement now,where Geralt has three different movement speeds,pushing the analog stick.,And theyve also changed it,,so you can have click L3 to sprint.,Oh, theyve also given you another option to swap,and cast signs without bringing up the radial menu,which is very nice,even if at this point Im kind of stuck in my ways,,its like muscle memory.,Also, the map is just a bit cleaned up now,with just some reasonable little choices,in cleaning certain things up,and pushing things to other filters,that just really kind of made sense,and reduced some clutter.,Another thing I really love to see here natively integrated,is better fall damage.,It used to annoy me so much because it was so finicky.,Like I feel like as Geralt,,I would step off of a front porch,and get immediate fall damage.,It was just so finicky and kind of unpredictable,,and now theres a bit of a bigger distance,before you take fall damage.,It doesnt make the game easier or anything.,It was just an annoying little thing,from the game that they decided to tweak,,and Im appreciative, definitely.,Also, photo mode baby, hell yeah,,finally a native photo mode is up in here,and its got a good amount of features,and stuff to do with it.,Like poses and little tweaks.,PC fans have had their ways with photo modes,but now console game photographers,can get in on the action with, The Witcher 3 here,and you expect good things from you guys.,Theyve also added in some weapons and armor items,modeled after, The Witcher Netflix series,,but I havent gotten to see those yet, full disclosure.,I was really just kind of taking this all in,for a test spin,,you know, doing a couple of different quests,but really just jumping around the world to different areas,and soaking up the vibes again at different times of day.,And I think its a good time really,to replay this game again.,Obviously, its not like a remake or anything,,but its a free improvement

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