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The Witcher – Season 1 Review

ah Hollywood when theyre not making,disgustingly out-of-touch,self-aggrandizing political speeches,rigged ceremonies where they basically,reward each other for being the best at,pretending things literally minutes,after they were gloriously mocked for,doing that very same thing they enjoy,nothing better than chasing a good trend,because you know making good original,content for purely artistic reasons and,allowing it to stand on its own merits,regardless of whats currently,considered cool isnt wrote insults,owned operates thats the magic of,cinema,folks whenever a movie or TV show puts,on its big-boy pants and somehow manages,to muscle its way past the doorman and,into the warm glow of success tavern,its not long before a just lling crowd,of lesser imitators try to follow in its,wake each of them eager to chug down,that sweet beer of advertising revenue,and awkwardly flirt with the hot bar,maids of awards season just as the,unexpected success of Star Wars inspired,a slew of derivative sci-fi movies back,in the 1980s Shipman is basically the,reason Star Trek returned from the grave,so the triumph of Game of Thrones in the,past few years has triggered a similar,effect in TV as Studios fall over,themselves to find thousand-page fantasy,novels written by overweight bearded men,with extremely slow work ethics to,plaster all over our screens like a,tidal wave of jizz over the next year we,can look forward to TV adaptations of,the Lord of the Rings The Wheel of Time,Conan the Barbarian The Dark Tower,shadow and bone and a bunch of others I,dont give a [ __ ] about the point is,everyone wants to be the next Game of,Thrones which brings me neatly along to,the topic of todays video The Witcher a,fantasy adventure series about a monster,hunter named Geralt of Rivia based on a,series of books by this guy now I cant,say Im too familiar with the book,series but I do know Im a big fan of,The Witcher video games they were,violent gritty filled with swearing and,copious nudity and laced with a dry,sense of gallows humor a bit like,Christmas in the drinker household then,anyway I was interested to see what they,might do with,TV adaptation whether it would manage to,create a compelling yet believable,fantasy world or tumble off into madness,and farce whether it would stay true to,the dark grim and unforgiving source,material or succumb to the recent trend,of forcing walk progressive diversity,culture politics into stories and,settings that are completely,inappropriate and as it turns out it,actually does a bit of everything,allow me to explain silhouette sure is,certain your typical medieval fantasy,world of magic monsters and mayhem the,story centers around Geralt of Rivia a,genetically enhanced monster hunter,known as a Witcher not to be confused,with an actual witch or a witch hunter,which are totally different things in,this universe that just happened to,share the same name Geralt travels from,place to place as a kind of hired sword,slash pest controller killing dangerous,creatures for money hes also a bit of,an [ __ ] who treats everyone else like,[ __ ] drinks too much takes drugs to make,him stronger beats up people who annoy,him sleeps indiscriminately with women,and basically wont get out of bed in,the morning unless theres a bag of,coins in it for him its nice to see,myself reflected on-screen at last,representation matters people Garretts,various misadventures bring him into,contact with yennefer a beautiful but,jaded sorceress with ambitions of power,whos also trying to find a cure to the,infertility that resulted from the,removal of her hunchback ism of the it,worse to be honest Gera also becomes the,protector of ciri a young princess with,mysterious magical powers who is forced,to flee when her kingdom gets conquered,by an invading army led by an evil mage,that used to work with yennefer and she,spends most of the seasons trying to,find girl and fulfill her destiny its,so simple right wrong unfortunately its,a bit more complex than that see the,events in this season are shown out of,sequence depending on the character,youre following one scene may have,happened months years or even decades,before the scene that follows it but,some characters also span multiple,timelines and interact with each other,at various points to set up future,events Im gonna have to go some to make,sense,so hold on to your laxatives because Im,gonna dump a lot of [ __ ] in the next few,minutes Syria is probably the easiest,storyline to follow because all takes,place in the same time period shes a,teenage princess thats been living in,kind of a sheltered life in the kingdom,of sintra protected by her grandmother,queen : the–,even though she looks maybe 20 years,older than siri and i genuinely thought,she was her mom until like the fifth,episode i guess i wasnt paying enough,attention then but then the nilfgaard,empire invades for reasons and theres a,big battle and central losses and quinn,currently gets badly wounded in the,fight sing [ __ ],what are you doing theres a very,logical reason why generals monarchs and,senior military commanders direct their,armies from the rear it keeps them safe,so they can issue orders and reposition,troops without constantly having to,worry about dying do you have any idea,how easy it is to get killed in a,medieval battle why would you risk the,fate of your entire army and nation by,fighting on the front line where you,could die at any moment also youre a,slender middle-aged woman that looks,like she can barely even lift the sword,how much use do you think youd be in a,massed infantry engagement but the,script says nah itll be fine so thats,good enough for me,anyway so enough guards stormed the,capital and currently tell Siri to find,garel of Rivia for reasons then she gets,sad and falls on a window and Siri runs,away but she hooks up with The Fresh,Prince of Rivendell and goes for a walk,in a forest and wait why the [ __ ] are,elves no black for that matter why are,there conspicuously large numbers of,ethnically diverse people in basically,every scene and location when it makes,absolutely no sense for a show set in a,very obviously northern european,climates I mean I could understand,things like the Council of mages drawn,people from every corner of the world,but how the [ __ ] did this guy end up,working in sintra or this guy or these,people Game of Thrones had a pretty,diverse cast too but it was done in a,way that made sense in the context of,the worlds black and Asian actors tended,to play characters from hot sunny,countries like Dorne and esos because,thats where people like that would,naturally have evolved but when you get,to,cold dark places like Winterfell you can,guess the kind of people that have,adapted to live there they even comment,on this in the later seasons when the,northerners are exposed to people of,different races and theyre kind of wary,and curious about them it allowed the,show to cast diverse actors in an,organic way that played within the rules,of the worlds but in the whitshire,everyones just kind of piled in,together and nobody seems to think this,is strange or unusual and if I didnt,know better I say this was done because,the show runners wanted diversity but,they couldnt think of a way to make it,work within the limitations of the,witcher universe so they just said [ __ ],it and did it anyway,so series getting chased by the,nilfgaard army because shes important,to them for reasons and every so often,shell get angry and sent her a magical,blast that [ __ ] up everyone in her,vicinity clearly shes got some kind of,power that could be dangerous but she,doesnt understand its nature or,limitations Jennifers story is probably,the longest of the bunch because it,spans like three decades and its,divided into two parts the first part,shows her as a crippled and deformed,teenager who gets sold to a traveling,mage by her abusive father lovely stuff,kind of reminds me of my childhood,anyway shes recruited against her will,into

Honest Trailers | The Witcher

[Music],based on the books youve been meaning,to read they got spun off into games,youve been meaning to finish comes a,series thats meant to be the next game,of Thrones but ended up more like the,next Xena Warrior Princess I aint mad,at it The Witcher get ready for the most,watched Netflix show ever because the,chainsaw the count the views as you,enter a sprawling fantasy world that,seems pretty complicated on the surface,but boils down to a vaguely polish,tokine with swears when theres,something strange in your ball or woods,who you gonna call a Witcher you dont,scan me thats too bad,highly trained you killing machines who,every [ __ ] in the land wants to pick a,fight with for some reason ya mutant son,of a [ __ ] did not know about it yeah,Ive always wanted to play with one,right along with the titular witcher,geralt as henry cavill mean bucks his,way through the continent searching for,the minimum number of syllables required,to carry a series,must have some review for me three words,or less his destiny will be tied to Siri,a baby Yoda with the power of scream Oh,Jennifer a girl who left the Hogwarts to,deep state made by ploy to go live by,her own rules,selling boner weed and tagging along is,the fathers bar character who everyone,hates my name is julian alfred hi with a,song or two that everyone begrudgingly,admits is actually pretty good toss of,coin huh i guess even fantasy realms,have to deal with their own version of,John Mayer,oh that sucks watch the action drama and,complete lack of comedy unfold across a,typical episode where Carole comes,across a problem he doesnt want to get,involved in I want you to join my team,you know then totally gets involved in,it and then while Siri runs through some,woods boringly Jennifers dress comes,off then we switch timelines only you,dont realize it since half the,characters dont age so just enjoy an,awesome sword fight,some cool magic sometimes I guess Ill,come univers boobs again and at the end,of the day it turns out man was the real,monster all along its a formula I can,totally get my oh the next ones already,started so if you ever wanted a show to,put images in your head they would match,the phrase porcupine wedding sexy,hunchback or magical hysterectomy then,you are super weird like us and we,finally have a show to enjoy together,because at peak TV was all about 12-hour,movies you have to binge all at once to,appreciate then I welcome the return of,shows that can say tonight on Witcher,meet a bog monster whos also a,beautiful lady coming up after an,all-new Buffy only on UPN story silent,but deadly The Hunchback of Notre Dame,hey Siri my ballads bring another cone,to the bar,blood sugar X magic bass beheadings barf,boobs midsummer,were boys,haha your child talking about coin how,much coin feel cakey more than you seem,to find coin pretty charming yourself I,have enough coin to rebuild our house,attempt side all the way your coin fled,with that coin by coin my coin coin,talking about destiny you dont believe,in destiny I have to find my destiny,its your destiny yes Donita destiny,destiny can go and that song you finally,got out of your head,[Music],[Applause],and its back the hair which project,okay you just buried a baby at low tide,barely an inch into the sand you might,as well just chuck them to the ocean if,youre not gonna put some elbow grease,into it time from once Im the honest,voice guy and I approve this message,volleyball is just professional hot,potato,get over here on nom nom nom nom nom nom,Merry Christmas you filthy animal never,give up and good luck well find you

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The Witcher: Season 1 – Review

all right The Witcher yes Ive seen the,requests and stuff takes time right so,the Witcher is a series on Netflix that,is based off of The Witcher books which,the games are also based off of but as I,understand this series is based off of,the books not necessarily the game and,its this medieval world with magic and,warring kingdoms basically hitting at,the time theyre like I have people,totally need they need that Game of,Thrones fix and theres no game of,Thrones the fact theyve needed a game,of Thrones fix since before Game of,Thrones actually hit and did it for,being honest so its a good time for The,Witcher and the meat and bones like the,heart of the series for me its the,character Jarrells hes a Witcher which,I dont know much about witchers as I,understand their kind of magical mutant,people that people actually dont really,like and theres not a lot of them,anymore I say from what I understand,because all right hold on I dont know I,dont know if leather blocks pitchforks,I got a got to protect myself okay I,cant believe Im gonna say this I think,Ive said it in other videos but this is,what your BAE,I havent played The Witcher games put,the keyboard down typing hateful,comments Ill make you go blind so I,heard okay those lives oh yeah so I,havent played The Witcher game so as,Im watching The Witcher series Im just,coming at it as a person who hey I like,a good series so lets watch The Witcher,dont know much about the lore I know of,Geralt and I know of yennefer because we,all know a few nifer so the main,character Geralt he has a really,interesting story but you dont see a,lot of his story its just what youve,heard about I hope to see more of his,backstory as a series goes on before,right now is just a lot of intrigue with,him but man henry cavill bring some,charisma to that character at first I,was like its thats a voice youre,doing he talks like this all the time I,dont know if its because I know Henry,Cavill voice but at first I couldnt get,it out of my head thats like hes just,doing a voice right at any character who,sounds different than the actor theyre,doing a voice but sometimes it just it,doesnt sound weird at first you just,kind of roll with it from the get-go,this one took me a couple episodes wait,a minute Im he delivered one of these,moments mm-hmm,[ __ ] that was probably before that but,thats definitely thats a marker those,mommas your point youre like look,thats why hes epic its actually this,series if Im being honest took me an,episode or two to actually get into the,first episode I was like alright well,that episode happened but I heard the,shows good so Ill keep watching but at,a point just a charm of the whole series,in the end,trigger the characters it hooked me and,thats what does hook in fact the,character I loved most is definitely,yennefer no offense Henry youre still a,snack we all know that which I guess,also hes a big video game nerd and hes,a fan of The Witcher and thats why he,took the role thats amazing but,yennefer yennefer was great and heard,her tragedy is really the heart of the,show for me I guess there was a bit of,controversy surrounding yennefer,storyline I guess controversy might be a,strong term some people there were some,tweets I dont see that perspective,because I dont feel like this show was,ever saying yes she made the right call,shes perfectly happy yep she did it and,shes living her perfect life but shes,not shes actually quite miserable its,a great cautionary tale about how beauty,and powers theyre not everything,theyre not going to bring you happiness,the more I think about it the more its,just such a great lesson on looking,deeper into the person and the facade,people have or maybe not judging people,on how they look or the things they have,around them like you look at yennefer,and youd be like shes gorgeous shes,powerful theres no way shes not the,happiest person ever and I feel like,thats a very applicable lesson to our,world so many times its easy to see,someone whether it be online or an actor,or someone on Twitter and influencer an,Instagram model a youtuber whoever its,easy to look at them and be like they,have the happiest life ever theres no,way if I had that life I would be the,happiest person alive but you dont,really know what you see if a person you,see because its what that person has,chosen to show in a lot of cases with,most people famous or otherwise people,dont generally choose to show their,pain in the case of yennefer felt that,was really well executed but i felt she,made the show to be honest with you,shes my favorite and theres the,princess whose name is princess ciri,like the apple AI look at me honest with,you I thought she was good in the show,but her storyline always kind of made me,feel like I wasnt with the party right,now like imagine The Witcher is a party,and geralt and yennefer in there man,theyre in the heart of it theyre,dancing on the bars the musics going,and everyones having a good time and,then you go outside for a break you know,maybe a drink of water maybe its,getting too hot in there and youre,never away from the energy of the party,youre always in its orbit but youre no,longer in the heart of it the musics,still going but its a little more,muffled alright,well go back in now the story says what,it felt like I felt like every time I,was with this character I wasnt with,the party of The Witcher shes an,important character she needs to find,Geralt and thats her arc is her just,looking for him still of the three,characters my least favorite of the arcs,I will say that about the stitching of,the show – it took me a little bit at,first I was like something seems off it,seems very jumpy and not connected then,it kind of dawned on me how they were,doing it where they were going and I was,okay and then it clicked I was fine,until then though it felt less than,smooth also some of the CGI there are a,couple of CGI monster scenes or animal,scenes wherever you want to call them,mythological creature scenes where,youre like thats a CGI monster all,right look I dont know if the show cost,but I felt like the CGI and the,mandalorian was much better than again,you have the the biggest most powerful,studio behind that show so I get it I,will say it could have done passage of,time better sometimes a lot of time,passes and at one point I was like okay,someone needs to say something and to,their credit they did there was a,throwaway line the persons like I,havent seen you in this many years I,was like okay its been that long but,even some other times especially with,yennefer she goes and talks to this,person who goes and talks to that person,Im like I dont think those two,locations are near each other are so did,weeks passed months passed days did she,[ __ ] teleport I didnt really know a,show didnt tell me its a passage of,time its one of the shows flaws but in,the end I had a really great time with,The Witcher they did such a good job at,portraying likable and charismatic yet,flawed characters on screen I mean its,not as though The Witcher Season 1 is,some Game of Thrones replacement for,Game of Thrones when it was at its peak,I mean keep those expectations in check,but in its own right its a really,entertaining fantasy epic with really,charismatic characters and actors who,make themselves make it so like I cant,say that without saying it that way the,enjoyment I had with the witch are,vastly outweighed the flaws Id like to,see where they go with it thats the,rule you know leave the audience wanting,more and by the end I was like I,definitely am salivating for more witch,all right so The Witcher on Netflix have,you seen it what did you think about it,have you played the games did you like,it have you not played the games did you,still like it how did it compare to the,games you know what Im trying to ask,whatever you think comment below let me,know and as always if you like what,youve seen here and you want to see,more click right here to see more,you

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How To Fail At Adaptation – The Witcher

this video is sponsored by audible,netflix is the witcher completely,stumped me uh in my usual video essays,ill look at a film or show done well,and explain why its done well or i look,at something terrible and say why its,done terribly and then explain how it,could have been done better but today i,dont think its possible for me to take,either approach with this video because,while the title of this video is how to,fail adaptation while most of the things,in the witcher that were talking about,today are done awfully they couldnt,have not been done awfully these,horrific issues would have been just as,horrific in a million alternate,scenarios with a million different,directors or writers at the helm because,of just how inevitable they were because,today were talking about one of the,most impossibly difficult tasks any,writer or director can ever undertake,that is the struggle of taking a book,and faithfully adapting it into the,visual form or in other words when a,creator is forced to get their hands,filthy and delve into the necessary,evils,of adaptation so whenever a writer is,given the task of adapting a book there,are many obstacles liable to cause some,really painful headaches one of the,major ones is the device of internal,thought in a novel the author might,spend a whole chapter following a,character as they do nothing but think,as all of those ideas and philosophies,play out in their head in the prose that,can make for a perfectly enjoyable read,but how do you convert those pages of,nothing but thought into the visual form,the short answer is well you cant it,would just be watching a character stare,out of a window for 10 minutes straight,it would be horrifically dull but in the,witcher books there are no scenes that,rely on internal thoughts so thats a,headache that the showrunners were,spared instead it turns out that the,real obstacle these creators faced the,one that threw the biggest spanner in,the works and caused the most issues was,something far more simple it was the,issue,of time,so the first season of the witcher has,eight episodes with the one exception of,the seventh all eight stick to the rigid,run time of one hour and by itself,thats perfectly fine the book this,season is mostly based off is called the,last wish by andrei sapkowski its a,collection of entirely unconnected short,stories all following geralt of rivia as,he does various witcher contracts but,thats simple enough adapting those six,short stories into eight one-hour,episodes would probably be a pretty easy,task for any writer but as it turns out,that task was anything but easy because,this first season of the witcher is,setting the foundation for more seasons,to come for a far grander story,involving more characters than just,geralt so on top of adapting the last,wish with geralt they also had an,entirely separate plot following,yennefer and also an entirely separate,third plot following siri both of which,are main characters the novels that,theyre going to adapt next but heres,the problem because all of a sudden,those eight hours of run time are,getting really quite cramped and this,this is why the video is named what it,is and its why i really dont envy the,showrunners because they had to take a,mammoth and find their way of fitting it,into a lunchbox simply put there was,nowhere near enough run time to,faithfully adapt the last wish as it is,in the book so they had no choice but to,start cutting because each hour-long,episode is split between three plots,that means that on average they have,about 20 minutes to adapt the stories,that if they were faithfully adapted,would take about 50 minutes or even more,than the whole hour to do so so they had,to ask what should be cut for the sake,of time,it is an impossible question and the,reason why its impossible is because if,there are totally unnecessary chunks of,the story that can be cut and nothing is,lost by their removal then that story,was written poorly in the first place,because it had holy redundant segments,which meant that it had a lousy story,structure however the last wish wasnt,written badly as every story is,structured pretty well and every moment,does a great job at complementing all of,the other moments from the same story,just like any well told story should,so heres the dilemma they faced every,part of the story is necessary to tell,that story to its fullest entertainment,value for every element they take out,the story will be worse for it so how,can they take out around 50 percent of,these elements in essence which 50,percent of each short story every last,bit of which is vital to telling the,story right is the most redundant and if,you ask me the sharoness did a pretty,good job at translating one of these,stories but a pretty mediocre job at,doing all of the others the one story,thats pretty much immaculately told,where barely any content from the,original is cut is the namesake of the,novel the story the last wish which is,the one involving the gin that grants,the three wishes i think its not a,coincidence that this is the one story,from the book where yennefer makes an,appearance because as geralts plotline,and yennefers collide here that allows,the showrunners to merge their run times,and it gives them the vast majority of,the episode to give the last wish its,full justice its the others however the,stories with geralt that dont involve,siri or yennefer thats where the,quality of the adaptation really starts,to suffer because of the massive chunks,of content that they cut out and in the,show the way this cutting out of content,manifests is often a woeful lack of,context and a downright confusing plot i,mean im willing to bet that if you,havent read the last wish and you,watched this uh past season of the,witcher that there were parts of this,story that just completely confused you,where you had no idea what was going on,and why the characters were doing what,they were doing it its a really common,complaint ive heard from most people,whove seen the show and the reason why,is because the key chunks of these,stories that give context as well as the,core beats of the original plot theyre,all totally cut out and as a result the,storytelling is borderline nonsensical,at times and the story the lesser evil,is a great example of this so a brief,summary for those of you who havent,seen the first episode geralt has been,summoned by strogamore the wizard to his,magic tower striker ball ruined the life,of someone called rent free and now rent,free is out for revenge shes in the,town outside the tower and is plotting,to kill him and in the book striker ball,when trying to persuade geralt to kill,her says this,i spit on the law the alderman and his,help exploded strogabor i dont need,defense i need you to kill her nobodys,going to get into this tower im,completely safe here but whats that to,me i dont intend to spend the rest of,my days in here and renfrees not going,to give up while im alive am i to sit,here in this tower and wait for death,this tells us that the wizards tower is,impenetrable and only stregable can,control who enters and leaves this is,exposition that the show totally fails,to deliver and that really is an issue,because that is required information in,order to understand what happens in the,rest of the story because in the book,the reader now knows that no matter how,long the gang waits in the town or,sieges the tower theyll never get in,unless dragonball wills it and this,presents the main mystery of this story,how does this gang plan to kill,stregabor how do they plan to work,around the fact that his tower is,unbreachable in the book their plan is,gradually hinted at and revealed layer,by layer in the show by the way,everything im mentioning here was all,cut for time so when geralt first meets,renfree she says this,take it easy boys said renfree he wants,to talk to me thats no crime you carry,on having a good time and no trouble,tomorrow is market day surely you dont,want your pranks to disr

The Witcher in 15 Minutes | Netflix

Witcher.,You say this is all life is to you.,Monsters and money.,I feel something out there waits for you.,Something more.,How much for this beast?,Four marks.,Let me out!,Magic is organizing Chaos.,Without control…,Your hand!,…Chaos will kill you.,Demonstrated beautifully. Thank you, Fringilla.,There are mages who ignore their emotions.,And then there are mages who are consumed by them.,It is your job to control Chaos,,not become it.,-Whats your name? -Istredd.,You can trust me.,What do you want?,I want to be powerful.,There is a cost to all creation.,To be reborn,,you will bear no more.,I know who you are.,Youre a monster hunter.,White hair,,big, old loner.,We dont want your kind here, Witcher.,You mutant son of a bitch.,Youre the witcher, Geralt of Rivia.,A job Ive got for you.,Evil is evil.,Lesser, greater,,middling,,its all the same.,What if they come after you?,Why not kill them?,Because then I am what they say I am.,The Butcher of Blaviken!,The girl in the woods is your destiny.,Id say you have got a bit of an image problem.,Go away.,I wont be but silent backup.,Oh my gosh.,Elves are the original sorcerers of the Continent.,Mages taught the first humans how to turn Chaos into magic.,My elders were slaughtered.,I was once Filavandrel of the Silver Towers.,Show the humans,that you are more than what they fear you to be.,This is where we part ways, Bard.,Look, I promised to change the publics tune about you.,At least allow me to try.,Toss a coin to your witcher,O, Valley of Plenty,Toss a coin to your witcher,A friend of humanity,Thank you!,Ive made you famous, Witcher.,All Im asking for is one night,bodyguarding your very best friend in the whole wide world.,Im not your friend.,All rise for Her Majesty,,Queen Calanthe of Cintra.,Cant have anyone finding out who you actually are.,Geralt of Rivia, the mighty witcher!,Shit.,Come, Witcher. Take a seat by my side.,These suitors will vie all night for Princess Pavettas hand.,Ive come to claim your daughters hand in marriage.,No!,I come to claim Pavetta,by the Law of Surprise.,I saved your husband, King Roegner,,from a certain death.,I chose the Law of Surprise as payment.,Slay this beast!,The Law of Surprise is as old as mankind itself.,When one has saved another from certain death…,No!,…the Law of Surprise can be claimed,to pay that debt.,Destiny determines the surprise.,Your blessing of this marriage,has fulfilled a destiny.,You saved my life. I must repay you.,I claim the tradition as you have, the Law of Surprise.,What have you done, Witcher?,Destiny can go f–,Fuck.,Youre bound to this child whether you like it or not.,Im getting out of here. Alone.,Hello.,Whats it been, years? What are you fishing for?,A djinn. I cant sleep.,Just maybe this has got something to do,with the Law of Surprise, destiny,,being unable to escape the child that belongs to you.,No!,Jaskier?,He needs a magical remedy.,-You must be the mage. -Yennefer of Vengerberg.,He was attacked by a djinn. Fix it.,A djinn?,-Do you doubt my capabilities? -No.,Just your intentions.,She wants to be the vessel.,Dont!,You seem to want to meet your end.,As do you.,Make your wish.,You can have anything you want.,I wish…,Theyre alive.,Theyre really alive.,The moment I dread most,is when it fades,,when youre really gone.,You left first.,I woke up in that destroyed house,,and you were gone.,A short while ago,,a green dragon landed across the border,in King Niedamirs mountains.,Hes commissioned a hunt to kill it.,-We really cant get involved. -Im in.,Mother of…,Ive walked this earth for decades without coming across a witcher.,And then the first one I meet I cant get rid of.,What are you doing here, Yen?,Im here for the dragon.,Do not tell me youve traveled all this way,for made-up fertility cures using fresh dragon hearts.,-Theyre not made up. -They are.,What could you possibly want with a child?,They took my choice!,I want it back.,The dwarves, theyre leading us to a shorter path.,Nilfgaard has returned, burning through the south.,With Fringilla as their mage.,Cahir, we must move.,Theyre inching closer by the day.,Wont be long till they try and take Cintra.,Come with me.,I can take care of myself.,You dont always have to.,I was afraid that mountain would take you from me.,Im not leaving till Ive killed that dragon.,Yen.,-What will it solve? -It will solve everything.,She was protecting her baby.,No!,Did you always want to become a mother?,I dreamed,of becoming important to someone.,Youre important to me.,-The djinn. -Thats why we cant escape each other.,You made a wish.,-Its magic. -Its real, Yen.,How could we ever know?,-I made that wish to save your life. -I didnt need your help!,A child is no way to boost your fragile ego, Yen!,Ill take advice from you about children,as soon as you take responsibility for the one you bound to you,and then abandoned!,The sorceress will never regain her womb.,And though you didnt want to lose her, Geralt,,you will.,He already has.,You wanted to show me what I was missing.,There she goes.,What a day–,Damn it, Jaskier!,If life could give me one blessing,,it would be to take you off my hands.,Right, then.,See you around, Geralt.,Youve come for your Child of Surprise.,Princess Cirilla has been raised by Calanthe,since her parents died.,Pavetta and Dunys ship was lost at sea.,Have you been hiding your head in the sand?,Why do you think shes not safe?,I saw an army, a sea of black and gold.,Why would I give my only heir to someone,who never cared enough to come back for her?,Maybe that army wont come.,And if they do, maybe youll be ready.,But Im here to protect the girl.,Get him out of my sight.,The Nilfgaardian force crossed the Amell Pass.,Should we fall, your granddaughter will rule.,Theyre already here.,Report any findings immediately!,Hello, Yennefer.,How long do you see yourself here?,Because I may be missing you.,Im sorry you chose power.,His loss.,Piss off.,I would, but we dont have much time.,Tissaia asked for me?,She said youre the best student she ever taught.,Why are you all here?,An emergency conclave of the Northern mages.,Nilfgaard took Marnadal.,Theyre attacking Cintra.,We can stop Nilfgaard,if we act now.,Cintras a lost cause. Let them reap what they sow.,Vilgefortz and I and some others are going to fight.,You should join us.,The witcher.,If I can bring him here…,Geralt?,…to Ciri, destiny may yet side with us.,-Hes gone. -We must go, Your Highness.,No!,Find Geralt of Rivia.,He is your destiny.,Hey!,Go.,Why is Nilfgaard here?,Do not–,No!,Princess Cirilla!,Youre an elf.,Im Dara.,Im Ciri.,Come on, get moving!,We will find her.,Shes in Brokilon Forest.,Armies are not the way in to Brokilon Forest.,Mousesack, he helped raise me.,You dont know what she is.,Bring me the girl alive.,What are you, Child?,Cintran refugees. Dead at least a week.,Come on, Roach.,Back to Kaer Morhen.,Dont leave!,Fuck.,Mousesack!,Somethings off about this, Ciri.,My grandmothers sash.,Were the saviors of the Continent?,There are only 22 of us.,Theres only one way for Nilfgaard to move north.,Through Sodden Hill.,Theyre two days away.,We have sent word to the Northern Kingdoms,to join us to defend their lands.,-When is that? -Within two days.,-Ive had enough of you. -Mousesack, stop!,If I stay with you any longer…,-Kill him. -…Ill be dead too.,I cant be there for you anymore.,-Nilfgaards looking for you. -No!,The Time of the White Chill and the White Light is nigh,,the Time of Madness and the Time of Contempt.,What happened?,They came for me.,They got what they deserved.,Were safer when we stick together.,Nilfgaard.,Theyre here.,Careful now.,You got bit, Butcher.,How is Nilfgaards army here already?,Theyre closing in.,We cant wait for the Northern Kingdoms. We have to fight.,Vilgefortz, now.,Theyve breached the gate.,Triss!,How dare you leave your–,Help… me.,Vilgefor–,How far from your home to the battlefield? To Sodden?,Yennefer, to save these people,,this Continent,,let your Chaos explode.,Yennefer?,Yennefer!,-Yennefer! -Yen

The Witcher Season 2 Is It Really The Witcher?

hello everybody so i finally finished,watching the witcher netflix season 2,and after much consideration ive,decided to review it now this show to,put it lightly,is controversial many fans of the books,and games hate it love it and dont,really care either way however this is,probably one of the most requested,videos ive ever had so ive decided to,review it and share my honest opinion,now normally my intros are longer than,this but this is gonna be a long video,so lets just get straight into it with,episode one,episode one when compared with the rest,of season two is for the most part,relatively low accurate understand i,dont mean the episode is law accurate,because im sorry guys but,it just isnt however what im saying is,when you compare it with the rest of,season 2 it at least sticks to one of,the books stories kind of closely this,episode is basically a retelling of the,story known as a grain of truth in the,witcher book the last wish although,instead of taking place before geralt,met siri it takes place on their way to,care more for this season it is an,almost impossible task for me to include,every single change from the books in,this video so i cant go over everything,but there are many other changes also in,the first episode for example it has to,carry on with the stories from the last,season such as jennifer tapping into,fire magic saving everyone at sodden and,now apparently being captured all of,which did not happen in the books,however when we actually get into the,whole novelland story the episode became,at least for me quite enjoyable it was,not accurate to the books story but in,my opinion adding it to geraldton series,journey to cairmorne is fine it doesnt,detract from the overall story of the,books it makes for some interesting,interactions and all in all kept a lot,of the main beats from the book story,although its slightly differing tone,surreal there was also some nice scenes,with geraldton siri such as when theyre,camping together and shes having her,nightmare its pretty much directly from,the books and works really well to build,a bit more of a bond with the two,something which i feel was lacking in,the previous season due to the removal,of the geralton serie brockellon story,we also see that kahir has been captured,by aratuza i guess and tortured this,story has been taken from another point,in the books and in the books kahia was,not captured by the northern realms but,by nilfgaard all in all i would say this,episode it was probably my favorite,episode of the entire show at least the,parts including the velen and geralt and,was probably the most accurate at least,this season i liked a lot of the stuff,at the brook sir i thought she was very,creepy i thought they did her quite well,i mean a lot of the makeup and the sets,of the show in my opinion seem quite,kind of uh fake but all in all i thought,it was quite interesting and i i did,really enjoy this episode i thought it,was a really good episode at least,compared to the other episodes ive seen,episode 2 begins by showing us what,happened to yennefer and frangilla who,were captured in the previous episode by,the elves theyre taken to some elven,ruins in some forest and meet francesca,finderbear who is ruling over some local,elves including philip andrel so first,thing guys none of this and i mean in no,way except francesca eventually working,with philip andrel happened in the books,this isnt even an adaption of,anything it is literally just made up by,the writers as you can imagine at this,point i was quite confused as the,previous episode although not exactly,law accurate did at least adapt stuff,from the books kind of this is just,completely different so we then see,syrian geralt arrive at kermon,personally im not a fan of the way,kermon looks in the show its just far,too rocky for me and far too sort of,cold and desolate but this is just a,personal taste kermon is just meant to,be a fortress in the mountains so being,covered in snow and rocks isnt,unplausible so this is just my kind of,problem but then we get to probably one,of my least favorite parts of this,adaption when they actually arrive at,kermon and meet the witches the many,many witches in the books there are only,four witches in cairmorne cohen lambert,vesemir and eskel in the show however,there are just,so many in addition the portrayal of,both eskel and lambert is not something,i enjoyed at all lambert seems like a,kind of,drunk [ __ ] whereas before i would,have described him as an annoying,younger brother and escalas just,ah,eskel is just the worst im sorry guys,he also reveals he was attacked by a,lesson which becomes important later on,vezimir at least in this episode is fine,his looks are very clearly inspired by,the games but obviously im not gonna,pretend this is a problem for me you,guys know that i love the games and,maybe even a lot of you think this is,clouding my judgment but i i im fine,with this this episode then featured a,really nice scene with geraldton vesemir,who in my opinion actually have pretty,good chemistry in the show we then have,some more stuff with fringilla and,yennefer which,uh i mean yeah,its just more of the same honestly uh,we then have another scene with,prostitutes at caramorn which yet again,just didnt happen in the books chem one,is nowhere near anywhere so i have no,idea where they came from they were just,apparently down the mountain no idea,where or how they were convinced by air,school to come to cairmorne this whole,section was just really weird and didnt,really add anything to the story so it,was kind of unnecessary to me it felt,like it was just added so eskel could,have a kind of sex scene i dont really,see why they needed to be there what,they added what that even meant for,anything really um but anyway escort,then turns into a lesson type creature,and is killed by vasamira and geralt a,funeral is held and syria begins her,training eskills death would have upset,me a lot more as i can tell its upset a,lot of people based on some of the,comments ive been getting but as i will,hopefully reveal by the end of todays,video i dont really care that much ive,heard a lot of people argue that in the,books eskel is a minor character and,its fine he was killed i think thats,true but they added so many nameless,unnecessary witches and i dont see why,it couldnt have just been one of them,it has pretty much the same effect all,this change does is annoy booking game,fans and everyone else doesnt even know,who he is anyway so they probably just,dont care this honestly was just such a,weird change and makes uh no sense to me,at all meanwhile theres a whole other,subplot going on with frangilla yen and,francesca theres a creature which is,kind of like a female gontero dim and,she promises them whatever they want,they get released and fringilla and,francesca team up to make the elves,fight with nilfgaard we also find out,that jennas lost her magic because she,tapped into fire magic this is clearly,inspired if not i guess adapted from,something that happens to siri later in,the books which is almost identical,although spoilers,far more permanent for siri also after,this yen gets set free or something okay,so nothing except from siri going to,care morn and beginning her training and,meeting lambert cohen escalant vesemir,happened in the book,seriously,nothing,yeah,episode 3 continues with us seeing some,siri training clips which i actually,liked this is something that definitely,could have happened in the books,although we never really properly hear,about her training in this much detail i,actually really like this choice as it,enhances what is established to have,happened in the books and really shows,us more detail where before there wasnt,really that much we then get some more,story with yen returning to aratuza,everyone thought she was dead at the,battle of sodden so at least desira was,happy she wasnt we hear some exposition,about folker and strogamore looks into,jens mind as he think

The Witcher Season 2 is… Something Else

so the witcher season 2 is out i have,finished it and,im ready to talk about it i rewatched,the first season and re-read the first,three books in preparation for this,second season so i was definitely ready,and i went in with a very open mind i,waited two days after watching the,finale before i started writing this,review because i wanted to give it some,time and see how it sat with me after a,couple of days im going to start by,talking about what i liked and then ill,move into the issues i had with season 2,because well i have plenty to talk about,so what did i like about this season,well i think henry cavill is doing an,admirable job just from reading,interviews with him its very clear to,me that he cares about the character of,geralt and has a respect for the source,material which goes a long way for me,and having him involved with the show is,something i appreciate also gotta,mention episode 1 was probably my,favorite of the season did i think it,was incredible no but i thought it was a,solid 7.5 out of 10 episode of,television it was adapting my favorite,short story from the last wish so it had,a huge leg up there and in some ways it,brought it to life fairly well i think,christopher hibieu was a fantastic,novella and looks wise he was very close,to what i had imagined and his,conversations with geralt were really,enjoyable i also was intrigued by some,of the changes that were set up like,geralt already knowing the velen in this,version of the story that had me really,interested i had issues with this,episode for sure but overall it started,the season out stronger than i was,expecting right away another performance,i have to mention the actress who plays,tessaya her name is miana burring shes,also the voice of anna henrietta in,blood and wine and she is a phenomenal,actress i felt this way in season one,too she puts on a great performance and,is always a standout whenever shes on,screen i dont know that i actually care,about josiah as a character at all,currently but thats zero percent on her,acting and maybe thatll change in,season three speaking of characters i,hope to see more of i really like the,introduction to dextra that scene was,really well done and while dystra in,this show seems to be more like,littlefinger from game of thrones than,actually like dykstra i have to say that,the actor graham mctavish is his name,has a very unique presence that i hope,isnt wasted this version of dykstra has,me interested i want to see where they,go with him something i havent seen,much praise for and a very good,portrayal from this season that i want,to point to is ryans he was very good,this season very close to what i had,imagined appearance wise to me ryans is,kind of this third-rate slimy worm of a,villain that you almost take,progressively less and less serious as,things move on and i think they set him,up pretty well to fulfill that role,perfectly actually one of my favorite,moments from the entire season has to do,with ryans when hes torturing askier,and jennifer comes to the rescue this,scene takes place under different,circumstances in the books but one thing,i really liked in this scene was how,they rewrote his facial burn in blood of,elves if i remember right jennifer sends,a fire spell through a portal but in the,show they had jennifer lose her powers,which doesnt happen in the books but i,did like how they still had yennefer,burn ryans here by spitting a mouthful,of liquor into his own flame thats the,kind of neat rewrite i can get behind,that said the nickname they had for ryan,throughout the rest of the season got,really old,really fast i personally found that,incredibly cringe-worthy what else did i,like um i like some of geralt and,yaskirs interactions i especially,really enjoyed that line where gas gear,is imitating geralt and says something,to the effect of oh im so sad and,complicated like yeah that kind of sums,an element of geralt in the books up,fairly well its something you love him,for hes always taking the opportunity,to monologue and hes also a bit of a,mood killer from time to time which is,strangely endearing in the show i have,to say yaskir and geralt are fun when,theyre on screen together i do think,they made yaskir out to be way too much,of a nuisance to geralt in season one,but it seems like theyre at least,moving in the direction of actually,having that wholesome friendship thats,one of my favorite things about the,books also gotta mention the visuals for,the most part they were better this,season there were absolutely some very,questionable moments including a couple,that really stand out to me but overall,improved especially in terms of the sets,okay time to move on to my issues with,this season and this is a tough show to,review in that theres two ways of,reviewing the show at least from my,perspective and both of those ways have,their pros and cons the first is looking,at it as both a show that has to stand,on its own and an adaptation and the,second is to just look at it as its own,thing disregarding the fact that its,apparently supposed to be an adaptation,i suppose you could also only judge it,on the merits of being an adaptation and,literally nothing else but i think you,need to at least somewhat take into,account the fact that things are going,to be translated from page to screen but,this show is so far from being a,one-to-one translation that this video,would be about 40 hours long if we even,went down that route so we wont be,doing that in this review,so i guess ill start by saying that if,i look at this show as only its own,thing without any connection to existing,material,its okay as just another fantasy show,if this were something netflix had come,up with from nothing if im being,generous its a 7 out of 10 passable,fantasy that relies on some great,performances and mostly good visuals but,is dragged down by some cookie cutter,plot elements questionable dialogue and,many one-dimensional side characters,that would be my summarized review if,this were some other show unconnected to,the witcher or even if this were in,inspired by the witcher series set in,the universe but obviously with,different characters and such thats,also me being generous but what can i,say its the holiday season that said as,a faithful on-screen adaptation of a,beloved book series the witcher season 2,makes harry potter and the goblet of,fire look like harry potter and the,sorcerers stone it makes the hobbit,movies look like the lord of the rings,im not speaking in terms of quality but,in terms of being an adaptation it feels,like a stretch to even call most of this,season and adaptation to begin with,because we arent off the rails were on,a different track once the season moves,past episode 1 very very few events that,take place have anything to do with the,source material other than this,character is named geralt this character,is named siri they are at a location,called kermorin i pretty consistently,see people having this argument that,really no one is even trying to have,with them where theyll say oh why do,you expect a one-to-one literal,translation of the books this is a tv,show of course ill change some things,the problem is almost no one is asking,for a one-to-one adaptation i think,virtually every reasonable person knows,that when things are being translated,from page to screen things change a lot,more can be shown in a visual medium,while others maybe just dont work at,all and need to be cut or reworked,thats fine hell half of the things i,praised were changes that i thought were,decently well done,as a viewer i went into this season with,an open mind i wanted to love it i love,the witcher and i want nothing more than,to have a show or even a whole universe,of interconnected shows that i love on,that same level the issue that i,ultimately take is that this show could,have been and maybe still could be so,much more than what it currently is i,cant help but be somewhat frustrated,while watching when i know that the show,has gu

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