1. The Witcher – Season 1 Review
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Review
  5. The Witcher 3 Next-Gen – PS5 vs Xbox Series X – DF Tech Review – RT and Performance Modes Tested!
  6. The Witcher: Season 1 – Review
  7. The Witcher: Blood Origin Review

The Witcher – Season 1 Review

ah Hollywood when theyre not making,disgustingly out-of-touch,self-aggrandizing political speeches,rigged ceremonies where they basically,reward each other for being the best at,pretending things literally minutes,after they were gloriously mocked for,doing that very same thing they enjoy,nothing better than chasing a good trend,because you know making good original,content for purely artistic reasons and,allowing it to stand on its own merits,regardless of whats currently,considered cool isnt wrote insults,owned operates thats the magic of,cinema,folks whenever a movie or TV show puts,on its big-boy pants and somehow manages,to muscle its way past the doorman and,into the warm glow of success tavern,its not long before a just lling crowd,of lesser imitators try to follow in its,wake each of them eager to chug down,that sweet beer of advertising revenue,and awkwardly flirt with the hot bar,maids of awards season just as the,unexpected success of Star Wars inspired,a slew of derivative sci-fi movies back,in the 1980s Shipman is basically the,reason Star Trek returned from the grave,so the triumph of Game of Thrones in the,past few years has triggered a similar,effect in TV as Studios fall over,themselves to find thousand-page fantasy,novels written by overweight bearded men,with extremely slow work ethics to,plaster all over our screens like a,tidal wave of jizz over the next year we,can look forward to TV adaptations of,the Lord of the Rings The Wheel of Time,Conan the Barbarian The Dark Tower,shadow and bone and a bunch of others I,dont give a [ __ ] about the point is,everyone wants to be the next Game of,Thrones which brings me neatly along to,the topic of todays video The Witcher a,fantasy adventure series about a monster,hunter named Geralt of Rivia based on a,series of books by this guy now I cant,say Im too familiar with the book,series but I do know Im a big fan of,The Witcher video games they were,violent gritty filled with swearing and,copious nudity and laced with a dry,sense of gallows humor a bit like,Christmas in the drinker household then,anyway I was interested to see what they,might do with,TV adaptation whether it would manage to,create a compelling yet believable,fantasy world or tumble off into madness,and farce whether it would stay true to,the dark grim and unforgiving source,material or succumb to the recent trend,of forcing walk progressive diversity,culture politics into stories and,settings that are completely,inappropriate and as it turns out it,actually does a bit of everything,allow me to explain silhouette sure is,certain your typical medieval fantasy,world of magic monsters and mayhem the,story centers around Geralt of Rivia a,genetically enhanced monster hunter,known as a Witcher not to be confused,with an actual witch or a witch hunter,which are totally different things in,this universe that just happened to,share the same name Geralt travels from,place to place as a kind of hired sword,slash pest controller killing dangerous,creatures for money hes also a bit of,an [ __ ] who treats everyone else like,[ __ ] drinks too much takes drugs to make,him stronger beats up people who annoy,him sleeps indiscriminately with women,and basically wont get out of bed in,the morning unless theres a bag of,coins in it for him its nice to see,myself reflected on-screen at last,representation matters people Garretts,various misadventures bring him into,contact with yennefer a beautiful but,jaded sorceress with ambitions of power,whos also trying to find a cure to the,infertility that resulted from the,removal of her hunchback ism of the it,worse to be honest Gera also becomes the,protector of ciri a young princess with,mysterious magical powers who is forced,to flee when her kingdom gets conquered,by an invading army led by an evil mage,that used to work with yennefer and she,spends most of the seasons trying to,find girl and fulfill her destiny its,so simple right wrong unfortunately its,a bit more complex than that see the,events in this season are shown out of,sequence depending on the character,youre following one scene may have,happened months years or even decades,before the scene that follows it but,some characters also span multiple,timelines and interact with each other,at various points to set up future,events Im gonna have to go some to make,sense,so hold on to your laxatives because Im,gonna dump a lot of [ __ ] in the next few,minutes Syria is probably the easiest,storyline to follow because all takes,place in the same time period shes a,teenage princess thats been living in,kind of a sheltered life in the kingdom,of sintra protected by her grandmother,queen : the–,even though she looks maybe 20 years,older than siri and i genuinely thought,she was her mom until like the fifth,episode i guess i wasnt paying enough,attention then but then the nilfgaard,empire invades for reasons and theres a,big battle and central losses and quinn,currently gets badly wounded in the,fight sing [ __ ],what are you doing theres a very,logical reason why generals monarchs and,senior military commanders direct their,armies from the rear it keeps them safe,so they can issue orders and reposition,troops without constantly having to,worry about dying do you have any idea,how easy it is to get killed in a,medieval battle why would you risk the,fate of your entire army and nation by,fighting on the front line where you,could die at any moment also youre a,slender middle-aged woman that looks,like she can barely even lift the sword,how much use do you think youd be in a,massed infantry engagement but the,script says nah itll be fine so thats,good enough for me,anyway so enough guards stormed the,capital and currently tell Siri to find,garel of Rivia for reasons then she gets,sad and falls on a window and Siri runs,away but she hooks up with The Fresh,Prince of Rivendell and goes for a walk,in a forest and wait why the [ __ ] are,elves no black for that matter why are,there conspicuously large numbers of,ethnically diverse people in basically,every scene and location when it makes,absolutely no sense for a show set in a,very obviously northern european,climates I mean I could understand,things like the Council of mages drawn,people from every corner of the world,but how the [ __ ] did this guy end up,working in sintra or this guy or these,people Game of Thrones had a pretty,diverse cast too but it was done in a,way that made sense in the context of,the worlds black and Asian actors tended,to play characters from hot sunny,countries like Dorne and esos because,thats where people like that would,naturally have evolved but when you get,to,cold dark places like Winterfell you can,guess the kind of people that have,adapted to live there they even comment,on this in the later seasons when the,northerners are exposed to people of,different races and theyre kind of wary,and curious about them it allowed the,show to cast diverse actors in an,organic way that played within the rules,of the worlds but in the whitshire,everyones just kind of piled in,together and nobody seems to think this,is strange or unusual and if I didnt,know better I say this was done because,the show runners wanted diversity but,they couldnt think of a way to make it,work within the limitations of the,witcher universe so they just said [ __ ],it and did it anyway,so series getting chased by the,nilfgaard army because shes important,to them for reasons and every so often,shell get angry and sent her a magical,blast that [ __ ] up everyone in her,vicinity clearly shes got some kind of,power that could be dangerous but she,doesnt understand its nature or,limitations Jennifers story is probably,the longest of the bunch because it,spans like three decades and its,divided into two parts the first part,shows her as a crippled and deformed,teenager who gets sold to a traveling,mage by her abusive father lovely stuff,kind of reminds me of my childhood,anyway shes recruited against her will,into

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Review

seven years later The Witcher 3 wild,Hunt is still a staggering achievement,and thanks to the Next Gen update its,better than ever the free update packs,in visual enhancements fresh content and,new features as well as an extra coat of,Polish whether youve played The Witcher,3 or not its the perfect time to,explore the northern Realms welcome to,gamespots video review of The Witcher,3s next-gen release back in 2015 Kevin,Van ORD published gamespots original,review and awarded it a 10 out of 10.,spoilers its still a 10 out of 10 and,in this review we wont be covering the,same ground he did seven years ago,instead think of this as an addendum to,his review that focuses on all the new,stuff,[Music],thank you,[Music],while the core experience is unchanged,CD projekt Red has made a number of,thoughtful tweaks and additions that,further Elevate The Witcher 3 wild Hunt,the most noticeable one being the visual,enhancements on PlayStation 5 and Xbox,series X The Witcher 3 has two separate,Graphics modes performance and Ray,tracing performance mode renders the,game at a constant 60 frames per second,while Ray tracing mode limits the frame,rate to 30 but features raytrace,lighting Ive spent most of my time with,the PS5 version in performance mode Ray,tracing mode adds more texture and depth,to the world and its Interiors but the,Rock Solid frame rate makes performance,mode more preferable especially when it,comes to combat rolling around the,battlefield countering enemies and,casting signs feels smooth and,responsive and thankfully the,performance mode doesnt come at the,expense of resolution at least as far as,I can tell with the naked eye both modes,utilize a dynamic resolution to ensure,smooth presentation so the only thing,really missing in performance mode is,the raytrace lighting the ray tracing,while subtle is still impressive,Interiors are the most noticeably,impacted by the feature light sources,cast deeper and more realistic Shadows,onto characters and surfaces to create a,warmer more authentic scene Outdoors you,can see the effects of it on surfaces,particularly the reflections on puddles,and large bodies of water its hard to,recommend one setting over the other as,both have their advantages and,disadvantages the performance option,better suits my play style and taste but,if frame rate isnt all that important,to you then Ray tracing might be the way,to go of course the PC version offers,The Best of Both Worlds provided you,have a capable rig there are a few more,Ray tracing options to play around with,as well as an Ultra Plus graphic setting,I havent been able to test the PC,version yet but Im eager to see how,good this world can look on a,state-of-the-art PC the real showstopper,is the new photo mode while it may not,be as robust as contemporary photo modes,it highlights just how gorgeous the,world is and accentuates the improved,visuals you can act activate photo mode,by pressing in both analog sticks at any,time outside of cut scenes the camera is,Snappy and responsive and lets you tweak,the fov the Tilt and a number of other,visual effects unfortunately you cant,adjust time of day and weather or alter,geralts facial expressions and poses,its a bummer but the basics are more,than enough to capture breathtaking,Vistas and bloody action the next-gen,version also introduces new camera modes,that are tighter on geralt giving a more,intimate over-the-shoulder perspective,while this camera may not be as,practical as The Wider default camera,its impossible for me to go back the,world is so detailed and just being a,little closer to the action it gives the,experience more weight the environmental,storytelling is easier to parse,character details are more noticeable,and enemies look even more vicious when,they are right in front of your face,oddly enough the improved visuals the,new photo mode and Alternate camera,angles have changed the way I play The,Witcher 3. Ive always appreciated the,beauty of that world but I am moving at,a slower more deliberate Pace Im less,concerned with the question marks on the,map and more interested in exploring the,world in front of me stumbling on side,quests and points of interest naturally,its far more satisfying to happen upon,a rare set of armor tucked away in a,cave than it is to plot a direct path to,that same cave via the map this,playstyle is further supported thanks to,the new map filters and HUD settings if,youd like you can remove all the,exclamation points and question marks,off the map and let your curiosity guide,you you can even set it so the minimap,only appears when you activate your,Witcher senses which paired with the,closer camera angles gives exploration a,cleaner more cinematic feel,foreign,update also adds a new side quest that,feels right at home in The Witcher 3. it,introduces a couple of characters and,takes place in an underutilized landmark,in villain there are a few more,surprises which I wont spoil but upon,completion you gain access to the,Netflix inspired gear when CD projekt,Red revealed that theyd be bringing,Netflix inspired gear to The Witcher 3 I,was trepidatious the world of The,Witcher 3 is such a well thought out and,focused experience the Netflix series by,comparison is not at least in my opinion,I was concerned that this Quest and,equipment might water down the,experience fortunately that isnt the,case while I still dont plan on using,cavills Witcher gear the quest itself,is a welcome inclusion that gives,context to the new gear and how it ended,up in CD projekt Reds interpretation of,this world even if you dont plan on,replaying The Witcher 3 from start to,finish I recommend loading up an old,save just to check this out at the very,least its worth it to hear Doug cockle,reprise his role to deliver some new,lines as the white wolf desperate times,for a Witcher huh,thought your church frowned upon Our,Kind mutants the only major change to,the gameplay is quick sign casting if,you have it turned on you can hold down,R2 or right trigger and press one of the,face buttons or L2 to quickly cast a,sign it took some getting used to but,its now my preferred way of sign,casting its nice being able to throw up,a Quinn right before battle by holding,R2 and pressing Circle and then,immediately setting my foes on fire with,a shot of igne by holding R2 and,pressing L2 while it may take some time,to build up the muscle memory its a,small change that does streamline the,combat quite a bit especially on harder,fights that might have you swapping,signs often,[Music],overall The Witcher 3s next-gen update,is an impressive collection of new,features tweaks and enhancements that,make one of the best RPGs in the last,decade even better if youve never,played The Witcher 3 consider this a,sign to finally give it a shot and if,youve already played it theres still,enough here for the experience to feel,fresh,[Music]

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The Witcher 3 Next-Gen – PS5 vs Xbox Series X – DF Tech Review – RT and Performance Modes Tested!

foreign,[Music],seven years since its original release,the new The Witcher 3 complete edition,aims to enhance an already iconic game,with a huge Suite of extras on PS5 Xbox,series X S and PC its a free update,listed as patch 4.0 visuals are enhanced,quality of life improvements are added,like the new camera plus we get extras,to tie into the Netflix TV show this,much we already knew from our preview,after a visit to CD projekt Reds offices,but today we have the final release the,finished article letting us check out,areas Beyond just the white Orchard at,last the taxing novigrad city is in view,this time and likewise the infamous,crookback bog now if youve followed my,coverage of The Witcher 3 stretching,back seven years now this will feel like,a reunion of sorts except its new,hardware this time PS5 and series Xs,new Ray tracing mode is in the spotlight,as pitted against the original Last gen,version played on PS4 Pro in this case,so just how much of an upgrade does it,really make and does performance hold up,at 30 frames per second with all its new,Ray tracing features or even 60 frames,per second in the alternative,performance mode lets find out,I say final release but thats never,really the case these days this is The,Witcher 3 complete edition on patch 4.01,but we are expecting a follow-up patch,to land soon 4.02 which is promised to,improve performance on PS5 series Xs and,PC the time frame for 4.02 going live is,still not confirmed though so honestly,making this video has been like working,with an ax swinging overhead knowing,patch 4.02 could just drop at any time,and suddenly change everything still I,work with what Ive got here also a side,note that the PC release has obviously,seen a number of issues at launch with,reports of bugs crashes and worst,performance than before the patch to,keep the focus tight for this video,though Im dialing in as ever on the,console experience PS5 and series X with,Series S coverage to follow for another,video,[Music],foreign,smooth launch for this patch 4.0,complete edition then and Ill be,getting to the problems later in this,video but on a surface level the visual,upgrades are remarkable truly bringing,The Witcher 3 closer to our expectations,of our 2022 release okay the game,already looked great but in the complete,edition a bulk of textures and models,are reworked with cdpr Contracting PC,modder Hulk Hogan who produced the HD,reworked project mods to incorporate new,updated assets into the official release,foliage is improved too filling out the,landscape with more plant life and then,theres smaller touches like brand new,Sky boxes weather States and this camera,lens effect adding variety as geralt,travels the world by day and night and,of course as youve just seen we get,this lovely photo mode on PS5 and series,X to show off activated by pressing into,both sticks,[Music],easily the biggest attraction on PS5,answers X though is the two new modes,one for performance at 60fps and one for,Ray tracing at 30 FPS no question the,ray tracing features have a huge impact,to the look the depth of The Witcher 3s,many locales in certain spots the,difference is Stark for interiors,especially in others wear their strong,sunlight Outdoors well the effects of,the RT mode are less apparent in this,case were using PS5 as an example,comparing the performance mode to the RT,mode but all of this applies exactly to,series X2 so with rt mode enabled you,get two forms of Ray tracing Ray traced,ambient occlusion and also raytrace,Global illumination now rtao primarily,affects the shading of the terrain,adding in a natural ambient shade to the,environment point points between objects,where light naturally struggles to reach,it affects the Sandy banks of the white,Orchard at dusk here for example adding,a deeper richer Hue and then for,interiors with no direct sunlight its,more absolute each bottle on the cabinet,of this Hut every corner to the room is,flanked by this heavy shade as it would,be the harder it is for light to reach,the darker it becomes as youd expect,and those light bounces are simulated by,the teams rtao by comparison yes the,performance mode of course runs at,Double the frame rate 60 FPS but it also,looks visibly plain in these areas,[Music],foreign,not every area is overhauled to quite,the same extent pockets of Nova gratiti,will be shaded more thoroughly as we,walk its streets anything undercover but,the lit portions do look largely,unchanged meanwhile though we also have,rtgi Global illumination which allows,for light even the colored properties of,light to bounce between points in the,world this again has a huge impact,depending on where you look going back,to the rocks of the white orchard all,conditions are exactly matched in this,shot time of day weather and yet we see,rtgi adding a red Hue to the sand as the,color of the rock spills down and,likewise any areas with licking Flames,indoors Candlelight youll see that,light property the color bows across,nearby surfaces all combined with the,rtao it beds every object more naturally,into the space,[Music],the final point for the Arty mode is the,reflections now as Ive covered in the,preview these arent Ray traced,Reflections but instead you get a much,improved screen space technique SSR so,long as RT Motors engaged so again,compared to the performance mode PS5,enjoys much crisper detailed Reflections,across the docks not only that on RT,mode this SSR applies to more materials,in the game including armor and puddles,across novograds Stone floor previously,The Witcher 3 used simpler Cube mapping,to create a bass reflection for puddles,but now we get a proper Mirror Image,its not Ray tracing then it is a shame,but the SSR upgrade is clear compared to,the performance mode which uses the,older technique,[Music],foreign,[Music],visiting cdprs officers a few weeks ago,I did actually ask one of the games,lead developers a few questions about,this Ray tracing mode specifically,Philip Weber Whos acting as the,Projects narrative director in,particular I wanted to know why consoles,dont get ray Trace Reflections or,shadows as well since theyre included,on PC why just SSR albeit an improved,SSR needless to say it turns out having,all four RT Technologies enabled is,quite a big ask and a huge toll on any,GPU and so Ray Trace Reflections were,seemingly put aside in favor of rtgi and,rtao on PS5 and series X just because,the latter had a bigger impact they gave,more bang for their buck in other words,given The Witcher 3 isnt as abundant in,reflective surfaces as say cyberpunk in,the end rtgi and rtao were deemed the,better use of the power on tap on PS5,and series X and so for the most,complete Ray tracing experience that,remains The Preserve of top-end PC,hardware for now,[Music],theres more to the upgrades than Ray,tracing of course case in point lets,swap in the last gen version running on,PS4 Pro for example versus PS5 as played,with all the Thrills in its RT mode the,first point really has to be the,enhanced foliage a counter through velen,on Horseback shows more flourishing,plant life much more densely laid out in,the fields ahead better yet the draw,distance on PS5 is vastly superior now,meaning we get less of an obvious fate,of grass in the near distance a problem,with the older PS4 Pro code also a nice,touch Ive noticed is that there are lit,hay bales in the far distance which add,plumes of smoke all rendered at range on,PS5 its a much richer landscape to look,at on PS5 and in fact you dont even,need to use the RT mode to enjoy these,extras either its all the exact same,for the performance mode now theres a,multitude of other enhancements over PS4,Pro the improved shadows and of course,the boosted Tech resolution also stand,out so whether its the RT mode,performance mode on PS5 or series X,materials for clothes trees brickwork,all of it presents using a much higher,resolution asset,the complete edition delivers on the,visual front then when it comes to the,frame rat

The Witcher: Season 1 – Review

all right The Witcher yes Ive seen the,requests and stuff takes time right so,the Witcher is a series on Netflix that,is based off of The Witcher books which,the games are also based off of but as I,understand this series is based off of,the books not necessarily the game and,its this medieval world with magic and,warring kingdoms basically hitting at,the time theyre like I have people,totally need they need that Game of,Thrones fix and theres no game of,Thrones the fact theyve needed a game,of Thrones fix since before Game of,Thrones actually hit and did it for,being honest so its a good time for The,Witcher and the meat and bones like the,heart of the series for me its the,character Jarrells hes a Witcher which,I dont know much about witchers as I,understand their kind of magical mutant,people that people actually dont really,like and theres not a lot of them,anymore I say from what I understand,because all right hold on I dont know I,dont know if leather blocks pitchforks,I got a got to protect myself okay I,cant believe Im gonna say this I think,Ive said it in other videos but this is,what your BAE,I havent played The Witcher games put,the keyboard down typing hateful,comments Ill make you go blind so I,heard okay those lives oh yeah so I,havent played The Witcher game so as,Im watching The Witcher series Im just,coming at it as a person who hey I like,a good series so lets watch The Witcher,dont know much about the lore I know of,Geralt and I know of yennefer because we,all know a few nifer so the main,character Geralt he has a really,interesting story but you dont see a,lot of his story its just what youve,heard about I hope to see more of his,backstory as a series goes on before,right now is just a lot of intrigue with,him but man henry cavill bring some,charisma to that character at first I,was like its thats a voice youre,doing he talks like this all the time I,dont know if its because I know Henry,Cavill voice but at first I couldnt get,it out of my head thats like hes just,doing a voice right at any character who,sounds different than the actor theyre,doing a voice but sometimes it just it,doesnt sound weird at first you just,kind of roll with it from the get-go,this one took me a couple episodes wait,a minute Im he delivered one of these,moments mm-hmm,[ __ ] that was probably before that but,thats definitely thats a marker those,mommas your point youre like look,thats why hes epic its actually this,series if Im being honest took me an,episode or two to actually get into the,first episode I was like alright well,that episode happened but I heard the,shows good so Ill keep watching but at,a point just a charm of the whole series,in the end,trigger the characters it hooked me and,thats what does hook in fact the,character I loved most is definitely,yennefer no offense Henry youre still a,snack we all know that which I guess,also hes a big video game nerd and hes,a fan of The Witcher and thats why he,took the role thats amazing but,yennefer yennefer was great and heard,her tragedy is really the heart of the,show for me I guess there was a bit of,controversy surrounding yennefer,storyline I guess controversy might be a,strong term some people there were some,tweets I dont see that perspective,because I dont feel like this show was,ever saying yes she made the right call,shes perfectly happy yep she did it and,shes living her perfect life but shes,not shes actually quite miserable its,a great cautionary tale about how beauty,and powers theyre not everything,theyre not going to bring you happiness,the more I think about it the more its,just such a great lesson on looking,deeper into the person and the facade,people have or maybe not judging people,on how they look or the things they have,around them like you look at yennefer,and youd be like shes gorgeous shes,powerful theres no way shes not the,happiest person ever and I feel like,thats a very applicable lesson to our,world so many times its easy to see,someone whether it be online or an actor,or someone on Twitter and influencer an,Instagram model a youtuber whoever its,easy to look at them and be like they,have the happiest life ever theres no,way if I had that life I would be the,happiest person alive but you dont,really know what you see if a person you,see because its what that person has,chosen to show in a lot of cases with,most people famous or otherwise people,dont generally choose to show their,pain in the case of yennefer felt that,was really well executed but i felt she,made the show to be honest with you,shes my favorite and theres the,princess whose name is princess ciri,like the apple AI look at me honest with,you I thought she was good in the show,but her storyline always kind of made me,feel like I wasnt with the party right,now like imagine The Witcher is a party,and geralt and yennefer in there man,theyre in the heart of it theyre,dancing on the bars the musics going,and everyones having a good time and,then you go outside for a break you know,maybe a drink of water maybe its,getting too hot in there and youre,never away from the energy of the party,youre always in its orbit but youre no,longer in the heart of it the musics,still going but its a little more,muffled alright,well go back in now the story says what,it felt like I felt like every time I,was with this character I wasnt with,the party of The Witcher shes an,important character she needs to find,Geralt and thats her arc is her just,looking for him still of the three,characters my least favorite of the arcs,I will say that about the stitching of,the show – it took me a little bit at,first I was like something seems off it,seems very jumpy and not connected then,it kind of dawned on me how they were,doing it where they were going and I was,okay and then it clicked I was fine,until then though it felt less than,smooth also some of the CGI there are a,couple of CGI monster scenes or animal,scenes wherever you want to call them,mythological creature scenes where,youre like thats a CGI monster all,right look I dont know if the show cost,but I felt like the CGI and the,mandalorian was much better than again,you have the the biggest most powerful,studio behind that show so I get it I,will say it could have done passage of,time better sometimes a lot of time,passes and at one point I was like okay,someone needs to say something and to,their credit they did there was a,throwaway line the persons like I,havent seen you in this many years I,was like okay its been that long but,even some other times especially with,yennefer she goes and talks to this,person who goes and talks to that person,Im like I dont think those two,locations are near each other are so did,weeks passed months passed days did she,[ __ ] teleport I didnt really know a,show didnt tell me its a passage of,time its one of the shows flaws but in,the end I had a really great time with,The Witcher they did such a good job at,portraying likable and charismatic yet,flawed characters on screen I mean its,not as though The Witcher Season 1 is,some Game of Thrones replacement for,Game of Thrones when it was at its peak,I mean keep those expectations in check,but in its own right its a really,entertaining fantasy epic with really,charismatic characters and actors who,make themselves make it so like I cant,say that without saying it that way the,enjoyment I had with the witch are,vastly outweighed the flaws Id like to,see where they go with it thats the,rule you know leave the audience wanting,more and by the end I was like I,definitely am salivating for more witch,all right so The Witcher on Netflix have,you seen it what did you think about it,have you played the games did you like,it have you not played the games did you,still like it how did it compare to the,games you know what Im trying to ask,whatever you think comment below let me,know and as always if you like what,youve seen here and you want to see,more click right here to see more,you

The Witcher: Blood Origin Review

each other,[Music],by the blade following the recent news,that Henry Cavill will be replaced by,Liam Hemsworth after the witchers third,season its easy to assume that the,popular fantasy franchise could be on,the decline however Netflix proves that,theres still plenty of enjoyable,stories to tell in author Andre,savkowskis imaginative Universe with,its entertaining prequel miniseries The,Witcher blood origin set 1200 years,prior to the adventures of geralt of,Rivia blood origin packs a powerful,punch with a captivating band of Misfits,wonderfully reminiscent of The,Magnificent Seven,[Music],foreign,origin story excels in its build up to,the conjunction of spheres and the,creation of the first prototype Witcher,more than the actual payoff in the end,some of the story is hampered by the,political machinations in the ancient,city of Centralia where the young,princess Merwin and lowborn sorcerer,Balor conspired to obtain the ultimate,power in the continent while Mir and,Mack and Lenny Henry deliver fine,performances throughout their characters,lack the dynamism and development of our,band of Misfits the seven outcasts in,their respective Adventures are,definitely the highlight of blood origin,and are worth the watch alone each,individual has their own unique,backstory and personality to boot its,only too bad we dont get to spend more,than four episodes with them the first,two entries in the miniseries are mostly,used to bring them together with,Lawrence ofallons feel and Sophia,Browns Ayala acting as the de facto,leaders of the group Michelle yo brings,a welcome bit of Gravitas to the elf and,swordmaster ski on Yo continues her,reign as an absolute badass in anything,shes in as she slices and dices her way,through waves of the enemy soldiers in,typical Witcher form the action scenes,are a joy to hold with Stellar fight,choreography and plenty of blood action,aside the series makes superb use of,Icelands jaw-dropping scenery,transporting us to a fantasy land unlike,any other the excellent use of on,location set pieces with our heroes,outshines the less interesting aspects,of the story once it centers on whats,happening in Centralia where luscious,Landscapes are traded in for pre-built,sets that look well like sets speaking,of the visuals the special effects,especially when it comes to the monsters,are not as polished as what weve seen,in The Witcher or more recent High,budget fantasy series such as House of,the dragon or the rings of power but,while some of blood Origins creatures,May lack some refinement in the VFX,Department its not enough to take you,out of the series completely back to the,seven one of the most unexpected and,welcome surprises in blood origin is a,fearsome dwarf called meldof memorably,played by Francesca Mills who carries a,mighty Hammer she calls Gwen meldoffs,backstory and reason for wanting revenge,on the Golden Empire Rivals any of her,comrades and Mills is just so damn funny,and Charming her character could easily,star in a spin-off series of her own,blood origin also also offers some fun,Easter eggs for fans of both the video,games and books with cameos and,references to some notable names from,Witcher lore but as the show nears its,end and the battle for power in the,continent comes to a head with the seven,and the Golden Empire the series starts,to unravel a bit while its nice to have,this entry in The Witcher Universe to,offer more context to why the,conjunction of spheres happened and how,the first Witcher came to be it all,feels very rushed in the final episode,while its admirable for the creators to,avoid overstaying their welcome blood,origin could have used a few more hours,to bring the show to a satisfying,conclusion,The Witcher blood origin delivers an,action-packed and memorable look into,how the conjunction of spheres and,creation of the first Witcher prototype,came to be while the villains and,political storylines surrounding the,Golden Empire are less interesting the,series is bolstered by its engaging band,of Misfits as they journey across the,continent kicking butt wherever they go,and though the special effects arent on,par with more recent big budget fantasy,series out there the Stellar use of,Icelands landscape as a backdrop for,the continent more than makes up for the,average looking monsters for more on,blood origin check out our interview,with Michelle yo about her character and,for everything else stick with IGN this,is the future under the empire,its a riser

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