2. The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window (2022) Netflix Series Review
  3. The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window Netflix Series Review
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  5. Trixie Mattel & Katya React to The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window
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from a master class satirical horror in,scream to a thinly veiled parody spoof,masquerading as a satire i bring you the,woman in the house across the street,from the girl in the window yup so,obviously this is supposed to be a dark,comedy satire about all those like lady,thrillers based on books most of which,generally seem to give really shitty,adaptations but like really its just,the woman in the window which i also,have a video on if you want to find out,about like the origin story behind this,one and those arent like thrillers for,ladies specifically like yes they do,seem to be the target demographic,especially for the books but i just mean,thrillers that focus on middle-aged,women that often present as unreliable,narrators and get caught up in some kind,of brutal mystery maybe middle age is,also a little bit me and some theyre,not theyre middle aged if you think,theyre gonna die at like,75,basically the twilight of the adult,fiction world not not that kind of adult,fiction i mean like fiction novels for,adults gillian flynn popped off with her,stories you probably know her from gone,girl theres also sharp objects and dark,places a lot of stuff that shes very,well known for because all those started,doing so well a slew of thrillers with,similar premises and tones popped up not,as big as twilight but just that general,idea of like oh,this type of book is selling,lets just flood the market a literary,trend if you will and even when a lot of,those books are well received and well,enjoyed the adaptations often suffer,even when it doesnt seem like there,should be any excuse for that because,youve gotten good people working on the,project in a series of academy,award-winning are worthy actors but its,those adaptations that this show is,going at but it really just feels more,like a drawn out version of the woman in,the window,which i didnt need the woman in the,window already felt like a parody of the,thriller genre that was just trying so,damn hard pino is not trying so hard to,be thrilling todays sponsor ray khan,shut up that was a great segue do you,know what i am lazy you know im trying,not to be,lazy dude helps me not be lazy and like,actually do things around the house and,run necessary errands the ability to,listen to audiobooks and music on the go,and raycon makes that possible with,quality comfort and style they just sent,me a fresh pair of everyday earbuds and,i didnt think these could get more,comfortable but apparently they whipped,up some kind of optimized gel tip so,theyre more comfortable than ever and,stay in place perfectly with eight hours,of play time 32 hour battery life a,compact fit and a variety of colors,raycon are guaranteed to have the,perfect pair for you starting about half,the price of other premium wireless,earbuds so if you want to please your,ears today is that is that what were,going with,okay if you want to please your ears,today and find out why raycon have so,many five star reviews head on over to,buy raycon.com,jedi or click the link in the,description down below to save 15,off your raycon purchase but again this,show is definitely less dark comedy,satire and falls more in the realm of,parody spoof regardless of what they,think they made because they definitely,think they made a satire but like some,people are struggling to realize this,wasnt supposed to be serious which i,guess in that vein it does kind of fit,more like a satire some people just,dont get satire like a lot of those,early scream reviewers didnt really,seem to understand what it was going for,but i really just think,that this is a show that struggles with,tone and it really is not juggling it,well enough to be a good example of a,satire but then its playing it too,straight at times to be the full-on,parody spoof like i personally thought,it was pretty obvious what they were,going for even without looking at the,title but like i can understand why some,people depending on what your,expectation was would have gone into it,with with different thoughts i also tend,to really hate spoof and struggle with,parodies past a certain point i dont,even like the ones that are considered,good like scary movie like we already,have scream we dont need the thing,parroting the satire,what go watch my scream video please it,was a briefly age restricted and i,thought i was going to die because i,thought it was going to die and i worked,so damn hard on it so like please check,it out if youre worried for the new,screen being spoiled theres time stamps,in the bottom i give my no spoiler,thoughts early on then i just talk about,every other screen movie then go into,the new screen so you know exactly when,to click off anyways screams a satirical,commentary on the horror genre while,still being a great slasher whereas this,isnt a great example of a thriller its,absolutely parodying the jun why is it,so hard to say words its absolutely,parodying the genre but its not doing,anything to provide a better alternative,while having fun with it it also really,struggles at being fun sometimes and,certain interactions just shake out like,they are trying too hard to just play it,its whatever and thats all fine this,honestly still could have worked just,definitely not in the format they gave,us this would have worked really well as,like a fake trailer skit like the snl,one about lesbian period pieces which,was entirely making fun of ammonite and,respecting the queen of lpps portrait,of a lady on fire because we dont,disrespect celine we respect that she is,the queen any chance to talk about,portrait of lady on fire oh sorry guys i,just had to get twisty you got guts,and a twisty mind but it probably still,could have been built into a solid movie,there were some really funny aspects to,this some good ideas,not necessarily for a satire but there,was a way to keep this funny and light,and because its mostly making fun of,one singular movie there really wasnt a,reason that this couldnt have been,parodied in a nice like clean 90 to,maybe 100 minutes but no netflix knowing,that they could keep people clicking,decided to make this into an eight part,series thankfully theyre working in the,like sub 30 minute range for run time so,this can be knocked out in an evening at,just over 200 minutes but its entirely,too much time spent on this type of show,and again somehow people thought it was,supposed to be serious which i just,dont know how to help look at the title,look look at the tagline when it rains,she pours,guys as in wine,she pours the drinking lady she pours,wine that was a,that was a really long way to get to a,scott pilgrim quote that wasnt like,its a ref its a reference its a,reference,okay back to the okay and the cleaning,lady she cleans up,dust,she dusts main point being there is a,world where this really could have,worked and been funny and maybe actually,ventured into being something fun in the,thriller world but instead it just felt,overly drawn out and stuff that could or,should have made me laugh just fell flat,because theres just so many moments in,between where it does seem to be playing,straight like a mystery bliss happened,to the show and like what they did well,and what they didnt do so well so annie,here played by kristen bell is literally,amy adams character from woman in the,window her name was also anna no brain,cells injured,in this one and much like uh her woman,in the window counterpart she is also,perpetually in a bathrobe lost her,family drinking crates of wine to the,point of having a bowl full of corks,weird fast-moving flashbacks to tragedy,and some of its actually like,premonitions for whats coming in the,show her house is always making weird,noises and she has issues with her,perception of reality making her an,unreliable narrator lady thrillers love,an unreliable narrator and theres good,ways to do that and bad ways to do that,and were just gonna keep going and you,see this like right from the get-go,cause you think she has a daughter that,she took to school,

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window (2022) Netflix Series Review

so the award for the longest netflix,series title goes to the woman in the,house across the street from the girl in,the window it stars kristen bell and,feels very familiar so should you be,binging it,for heartbroken anna every day is the,same she sits with her wine staring out,the window watching her life go by,without her but when a handsome neighbor,and his adorable daughter move in across,the street anna starts to see a light at,the end of the tunnel that is until she,witnesses a gruesome murder or did she,okay so we just recently had a netflix,movie called the woman in the window,with amy adams that was an already,familiar story and i know that one was,met with mixed reactions and then given,the fact that it came out less than a,year ago i was a bit baffled at why this,series now even exists this new,iteration of the unreliable narrator,believing that they witness a crime but,no one believes them is touted as a dark,comedy satire of that genre but does it,really work kristen bell is wonderful in,this i mean if youve seen her in,anything including commercials or even,interviews with her family shes very,quick-witted with a great sense of,comedic timing and she can also do drama,and mystery so she seems like a natural,fit here as anna shes a sad and,depressed woman who drinks just so much,wine i mean it is crazy the amount that,she drinks and is still be able to be,upright but i guess thats why she sits,in a chair most of the time i like the,premise of this because i like the,premise of all of these within this,genre a mystery ensues but can we as the,audience be too certain if what we,witnessed through annas eyes actually,happened because there are other visuals,we see that can cause some doubt in,addition to annas incredible drinking,prowess the story introduces a few,complications to her character which i,really liked i mean they are given,backing so that they make sense within,the narrative and then theyre also used,in the right moments to continue the,mystery and then add some tension as the,show plays out and anna gets more,involved in the mystery that she,believes occurred the show twists and,turns and becomes a pretty decent puzzle,the supporting cast works off kristen,bell in great ways to cast more doubt on,pretty much everything she says and sees,and i love that we dont know if shes,being gas lit by everyone else which,means that were in the same boat,because we see everything from her point,of view and the reality of anna being an,unreliable narrator i think is,established well but theres still,enough lingering doubt that we dont,totally discount her for the dark comedy,portion of the story which i think is,supposed to complement the presumed,satire it didnt work at all for me i,mean i didnt laugh when something very,shocking is brought up and then i,actually had to pause the show in,disbelief i mean i was like wait did,they just say that,did that really happen or is this part,of some twisted or wrong memory the,dialogue in the scene was actually very,unfunny and then i found it distasteful,and i know it was so outrageous that it,was meant to be poking fun in a way at,this genre but what is said is not,something that is anywhere close to,being even humorous i mean even in the,most sarcastic tone and then additional,dialogue readdresses this in another,episode reaffirming how unfunny and,inappropriate the idea was and this is,where the show feels off i mean i loved,the mystery aspect all the way through,there are multiple times that i believed,i had it figured out because a lot of it,is just so obvious but then i proved,wrong which reinvested me in the,intrigue because i wanted to figure out,if anna really witnessed something and,then if so who was the perpetrator but,the show feels a bit disjointed or even,has an identity crisis in its tone and,theme its like they didnt know if it,wanted to fully embrace the mystery dark,comedy or satire genre but the mixture,just didnt click with me at all it came,across like the show was confused at,what it was and then that invaded the,portions that were really working i,think had this gone for straight mystery,even though this is a massive rehashing,of storylines that weve already seen it,could be a great one because i love that,portion of the ride and the suspense,misdirection and the doubts they all,work to craft a surprising did they or,didnt they who done it its all the,other elements that are thrown in that,make the show weaker we have a police,detective who is smart and even,compassionate but comes across a bit,goofy making her seem more like an idiot,theres a neighbor who is a busybody and,gossip but she only shows up for some,extreme sequences and then theres even,this random dude who shows up in the,middle of the show to sort of raise,suspicions but his character is just,weirdly crafted i mean hes like the,ultimate sensitive tough guy but i never,really bought the tough guy part this is,a really quick binge with eight episodes,that are each under 30 minutes and i,think that even if the confused satire,and the comedy portion of the series,doesnt click with you the mystery,certainly can engage and then have you,trying to figure out the truth from a,technical aspect this carried out really,well the production obscures what we can,see in just the right ways but then,well also show us portions in great,detail so when those two are combined,were not sure if what we witnessed was,real or a fantasy brought on by annas,consumption of massive amounts of wine,so overall this series works from a,mystery perspective when that intrigue,is kept as the central focus allowing,for misdirection gaslighting and rad,hearings the storytelling is very,compelling and engaging unfortunately,though this is derailed by an identity,crisis within the tone of the series the,satire dark comedy and attempts at,spoofing the genre often misfire,creating a style that doesnt really,know what it is or wants to be kristen,bell is fabulous and i am fully in on,her character especially because her,flaws make her relatable to a degree,theres great tension that is created by,the suspense of the narrative and then i,enjoyed the mounting sense of urgency,that it brings if youre up for giving,this a try ignore the attempts at satire,and spoofing and just dive headlong into,the mystery its enjoyable twisting and,executed in a way that had me guessing,the entire time theres sex some nudity,a ton of profanity and some pretty,brutal violence i give the woman in the,house across from the girl in the window,three and a half out of five couches,what a title i mean i would love to hear,what you think about this mystery when,you see it let me know in the comments,below if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for couching with me

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The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window Netflix Series Review

all right brand new netflix series today,we are talking,the woman in the house across the street,from the girl in the window next to her,neighbors yard with her dog parallel to,her mothers apartment on the second,floor with plumbing issues what is up,flick fans welcome back to my channel,the woman in the house across the street,from the girl in the window thats the,actual title and today were going to,talk about this series and what kind of,series it actually is you get an idea,but once you start watching maybe it,goes in a different direction if you,guys are here and you want to support,this channel be sure to drop your thumbs,up down below were talking all things,netflix this weekend already have a few,reviews on this channel but lets get in,this one kristen bell plays anna who is,heartbroken and every day is the same,she sits at home with her wine staring,out a window watching life go by without,her but when a handsome neighbor played,by tom riley and his adorable daughter,moving across the street anna starts to,see a light at the end of the tunnel,that is until she witnesses a gruesome,murder or did she now if it wasnt,evident by the title and the fact that,we just got the woman in the window what,was it last year on netflix and that,film for me you tried to do a lot didnt,quite get there and weve seen countless,films in this specific genre and tv,shows i guess uh but what this series is,doing is clearly taking that spinning it,in a satirical direction but still,providing an elegant and somewhat well,done mystery along the way and our hero,slash unreliable narrator because there,are so many moments throughout this,series where you dont necessarily know,whats happening even though you are,being pointed as an audience in a very,distinct direction kristen bell is great,in this show no matter how you feel,about how the mystery progresses or if,the humor is a little bit up and down,and well talk about all of those things,belle,plays it in a way that works perfectly,when shes spouting out lines that are,clearly supposed to be on the nose that,are clearly making fun of things we have,seen before keeping a straight face,during these moments well i guess thats,what an actors supposed to do but she,just does such a good job and i loved,her performance it is way less over the,top than the satirical films we used to,see back in the day like your scary,movies a couple of those worked really,well,but,its just as impressive as what those,actors had to do if not more so because,this is actually going on somewhat of a,serious and dramatic journey if you can,get past all of the cliches that are,intentional for the most part the,mystery here,at the end of the day you know after,quickly binging the series its an easy,binge each episode clocking in around,like 22 minutes so i got through it,fairly quickly it ends up being a more,compelling mystery than i expected it to,be and the funny thing is,that thats a pun is that the humor did,not work quite as well with this series,very dark humor at points its clearly,going for that dark comedy vibe but then,at other points its trying to be a,full-on take yourself kind of serious in,the moment dramatic mystery and you have,a spin every now and then that at points,were predictable but one thing i can say,thats good about this show is there is,an unpredictability with the plot every,time the character of anna sees,something youre trying to figure out,was that real is it something that she,was actually witnessing or did she have,too much to drink or is her past coming,back to haunt her we get flashbacks,there we also get flashbacks with tom,riley this handsome neighbor and theres,a past that comes to light with his,character after she forms a nice,relationship with his daughter who is,also slowly starting to fill in some of,that information so all of these things,happening and even without the satire,that could be compelling with good,writing weve seen examples before on,netflix that havent had the best,writing so the movie at the end of the,day kind of falls flat and you have,almost those exact same character types,making their way into this show but with,this show anytime you get something on,the nose it almost feels completely,intentional shell be spouting out,monologues and start talking about,something that is so ridiculous but,shes being so serious while shes,saying it we get those cliches of two,characters looking at each other one of,them gets up and says no thank you for,everything except the other character,hears them and they just kind of stare,at each other so we get those awkward,very satirical almost early 2000s types,of humor infested moments which will,work for a lot of people and i will,admit some of those moments really,worked for me its less when were,playing on what has come before and more,when were trying to give us these,ridiculous character types that i had a,problem with and those moments of comedy,just felt almost completely flat for me,we have a police detective who is,likeable at points but at other times,shes making such ridiculous decisions,and there are a lot of character traits,from characters here that bothered me,like if this is being serious in the,moment why would a character make that,decision understandably so theyre doing,it for the joke but when the jokes not,funny it sort of doesnt work as well as,you want it to and i found that to be,the case multiple times throughout the,show you also have the factor of some,people theyre gonna watch this and,somehow seeing the title and still going,to think its supposed to be completely,serious if you watch this not knowing,its a satire and trust me there will be,people that do that you will hate it but,even then the mystery for me kind of,became compelling and it started to,overshadow the satire so when we would,get those satirical injections in the,moment id be like oh but youre kind of,theres a tonal issue with this show and,its its a hard tight rope to walk i,understand that but it could never find,the perfect balance of humor and,ridiculousness and uh trying to take,itself serious in the moment and then,integrating pure horror at points i i,wish it would have found the right,approach to take and just stuck with,that if youd like to support this vid,vote it up down below and let me know,what is your favorite mystery over the,last couple of years this is a tough,tight rope to walk as the series is,attempting to balance satire drama a,mystery and dark humor it never fully,finds its focus but the standout moments,make it easy to watch and an easy binge,thats why im going a 60 with my score,uh its definitely one that has a lot to,offer and im curious to see what you,guys think about it at the end of the,day but one thing is sure she is awesome,in the lead role and this type of world,is a world that i would like to live in,more bring back the classic satire that,we used to give we havent really gotten,any great satire in a while uh,regardless thanks so much for watching,more netflix reviews to come we had a,zombie series on the channel this,morning go check out that video if you,havent ill see you guys soon

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The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window Woman Explained

the woman in the house across the street,from the girl in the window lady,explained who is this mysterious woman,who appeared at the end of the show for,all but a few moments,well lets theorize here is the woman in,the house across the street from the,girl in the window lady explained,just to let you know this video will,contain spoilers,the ending of season one was something,that was left up to interpretation after,sitting through the eight episodes of,season one throughout the show we were,constantly seeing things from annas,perspective and from the viewpoint of,her mind she was unstable mentally and,after seeing her seem as though shes in,a much stronger position at the end of,the show this then happened i think,there are a couple of different theories,about this woman the first is that the,lady traveling on the plane doesnt even,exist,we saw anna have a blackout after she,had the alcohol and tablets and we saw,at earlier points in the show that when,she would black out her mind would often,drift into parts that would channel a,lot of negativity and think that shed,seen or done something bad the lady only,appears after the alcohol has been,consumed and the tablets have been taken,almost immediately after which i think,could connect the theory even more,once we see that the woman was murdered,on the plane from annas perspective we,then see it from the cabin crew members,point of view and just like many other,times in the show there was nothing,there there was never even a woman on,the plane at all one might question but,why did we see anna holding a mirror at,the end of the show this is again,because we were seeing something from,her point of view and if she believes it,and that its a tangible thing then in,her eyes it is we saw this on multiple,occasions throughout the show,another theory is that the woman was,actually there but there is no reasoning,behind the characters inclusion the,show itself was a satire look at that,specific genre of tv shows and movies,that tend to follow the same structure,and it mocked them by creating an,extremely ridiculous exaggerated show,the introduction of the woman at the end,could just be a nod to the fact that in,many of these movies and tv shows when,you think that the main character is,back on track and the mystery is solved,something else then comes out of the,blue to continue that ride and,rollercoaster river journey that theyre,on glenn close who plays this mysterious,woman at the end is known for,participating in movies and tv shows,that sit in this genre so thats the,reasoning as to why it was her that was,cast for the role,the lack of logic and unnecessary,inclusion of this woman at the end and,by casting glenn close could tie into,this theory she has openly stated as,well that she has no idea about the,character and that her character has no,stories so its extremely vague,i am on the side that there is likely no,logic or reasoning behind this ladys,inclusion at the end,i just think that they added her in for,an extra mystery at the end of the show,to tie into the historical feel of the,conclusion of these movies i personally,dont think that there will be a season,2 of the show and that makes the,inclusion even more powerful and in line,with the reasoning behind including her,i dont think it supports the demise of,annas deterioration,as the show just simply isnt that,serious it was an exaggerated look at,this genre and it served its purpose,well,the lady at the end is just the icing on,top of the cake,so there you have it some theories to,think about the woman who appeared at,the end what do you think,leave a comment down below,and dont forget to subscribe ill see,you next time,you

Trixie Mattel & Katya React to The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window

– Instagram will allow breast cleavage,,but wont allow a (beep) print?,Like VPL?,What is the difference?,- Well, you can actually post every inch of the ass-,- You can literally- – Besides the (beep) lips,and the anal ring. – Yes. (laughs) Yes.,- Just a teeny little dental- – Your Instagram can be you,in dental floss, selling like this,,and they dont care. – Spreading wide open,your cheeks, so that the sides of your anus are visible.,Just not the actual anus.,(bright electronic music),- (gasps) Hi, Im Trixie Mattel.,- And Im Katya.,- And we are two Queens who like to watch.,- We do, and today were watching,”The Woman in the House”…,- “Across the Street”…,- “From the Girl”…,- “In the Window.”,- Wow! (laughs),- And spoilers ahead!,- Theres lots of windows in houses.,- Yeah, and were gonna talk,about what happens in this series.,- Yeah. Hot sex.,- Yeah.,- And drinking wine, oh!,So if you like Kristen Bell, you came to the right place.,(upbeat dance music),- We watched “The Woman in the Window” on this network,,so you should actually watch that first,,because it will inform the high-concept parody,were about to embark on.,- [Katya] Yes.,- Netflix making fun of its own programming?,- Legendary.,- Yeah. – Hello.,Mama, weve been doing that for about three years.,- So lets see what the tea is.,(bright, chirpy music),All right, so we meet Anna, played by Kristen Bell,,and theres something a little different about Anna.,(suspenseful music),(Anna screams) (casserole dish shatters),(Anna gasps),- Thats the only way I can cum.,(Trixie laughs),- [Anna] My husband used to tell me,that I have an overactive imagination.,- Vanessa Hudgens narrating.,(Trixie laughs),- [Anna] That I cant let go of the past.,- “Or an accent.”,(Katya laughs) – Make plans and cancel them.,- Is that Vanessa Hudgens?,- I think thats her.,- I know, but it sounds like Vanessa.,”The Chick on the Sofa by the Window,from Across the Street.”,- “The Cis Woman on the Ottoman Near the Window,Inside the House Down the Street from the School,Where the Girl Works at the Factory in a Window.”,(Katya laughs),Which is a great drag name.,(Katya chuckles),Woman in the Windows a great drag name.,- Yeah, Miss Continental Breakfast.,- “Give it up for, ladies, put your lighters up for…”,- [Both] “The Woman in the Window.”,(Katya laughs),- Isnt she married to Dax Shepard?,- She surely is.,- I would put Dax Shepard in my mouth,,and when I pull him out, itd look,like a little dried-up 7-Eleven chicken bone.,- Really?,- Yes.,- Okay. – Yes! Yes!,- Hi, Carol.,- How are you?,(Trixie laughs) – Good!,- Yeah?,- Is she in a robe? Oh, work.,- Mark said you never called him back to confirm.,(Katya laughs),- For the date tonight?,- Gorgeous. She is so beautiful.,- Shes lovely. – I dont know,if tonight is gonna work.,- (chuckles) Oh, Anna! Youre too cute to be sad forever!,(bright electronic music),- Have you ever been set up on a date by a friend?,- No friend has ever, or will ever dare.,- You wanna know why?,Cause nobody who gets to know you,is gonna subject their other friends to you.,- Thank you!,- Me, they cant wait to set me up.,Theyre like, “I have this friend,,hes really rich, really beautiful, bald.”,- Hes probably not good enough for you.,- Yeah.,(bright, chirpy music),- So Anna likes to (imitates gulping),,a little bit of a wino.,(wine cork pops, clinks),(Katya claps) Work, work, work!,Love the energy, love the vibe.,- Shes gonna have to return those corks,to the convenience store.,- Do you know what people do on the internet?,I see it on Etsy.,- What?,Log cabins? – They save corks,and they make crafts with the corks.,- Oh, cause if you use your alcoholism for a craft,,its fine. – Yeah. Yeah.,- Okay.,- “Well, I have to do another two bottles tonight.,I need to finish my art project!”,I love opening a bottle of wine,,being like, “Ill just have a splash,”,knowing goddamn well, do you know how many times,a bottle of wine has lasted-,- Do you drink right out of the bottle?,- No, but to the brim, honey?,Thats gross. Ive never even done that.,By the way, I hate wine. – I wouldnt even,do that with grape soda.,- Her ex-husband has 30 followers? Get over it.,Jesus! – And a slice,of pizza for a friend?,Come on! – I know dead people,with more followers than that.,And if you dont have followers, you dont (beep) matter.,(Katya laughs),- [Neil] That box is for Emma.,- You shouldnt be looking in neighbors homes.,- No? – Theres nothing,for you to see in there!,- [Katya] Ah, I dont know.,- I would love for him to open that box,and another kid gets out. (Katya laughs),- His wife.,- Pumped.,- Oh, really?,- Pumped, honey!,Ah, kids and teddy bears. Who (beep) cares?,Did you have a teddy bear?,- No, I had a blanket that I drooled on,,and wed have to replace the patches,,cause the drool had an acidic quality,and burned through the fabric.,- I made my own teddy bear when I was a kid.,I look back and find that very sad.,- Did you (beep) that (beep)?,- I didnt, no.,- I (beep) a pillow all the time.,- We dont have to say everything at work.,(bright electronic music),Your twenties is all about going out to get drinks.,- Uh-huh? – Your thirties,is all about having them at home.,Be your own bar!,- You know what the forties is?,Its a tube.,(Trixie and Katya laugh),- A feeding tube? – From the box, from the box,,enema up my ass. – Enema!,I had a friend who did a tampon soaked in Skyy vodka,,and he got a chemical burn.,- Yes, thats not the one.,We dont do that.,(bright, chirpy music),- [Trixie] All right, so shes making a lovely casserole,to bring across the street, but when she steps outside,,its raining, and she has a fear of rain.,- Hes just stealing her mail. Shes fine with it.,What was that?,- Looking at the-,- Looking at the door of the mailbox.,Oh, no.,(Katya gasps) Oh, no!,Thats some sudden rain!,(Anna hyperventilates) (Katya gasps),”I cant go in the mailbox!”,(Katya laughs),I hate getting wet.,In, like, clothes. (Katya laughs),(rain pours) – Hey, hey, you okay?,- [Katya] (gasps) “Lets get you out of these wet clothes.”,- I would do that, but it would be,an obvious tight white T-shirt,,with no bra on. (Katya laughs),Passed out, just,wet (beep). – A long, white T-shirt,with no panties or bra on.,- Or bra on.,(Katya laughs) Completely.,But not even a convincing pass-out.,Id be like…,- And youd go…,(Katya snores) – with Xs over my eyes.,- Ombrophobia.,- “Im afraid of lumber.”,(Trixie laughs),- Fear of the rain.,- I mean, “Rain on Me.”,When she hears it at the club?,Tears. – Lights out.,- “Its Raining Men”?,Nightmare. (Katya laughs),- “I Cant Stand the Rain”?,- [Katya] She relates.,(Trixie and Katya laugh),- My daughter died.,(thunder rumbles),- “She tie-dyes, actually.” (Katya laughs),(Trixie laughs),- (laughing) “Dyed my sweater pink.”,- “She dyed my sweater. She put it in with a red shirt.”,- Do you want a cup of coffee?,- Yeah, no, I should probably get back to Emma.,- Right.,- My digestive system is too sensitive.,If someones like, “You want a cup of coffee?”,Id be like, “Does that mean I can (beep) here,in about five minutes?” (Katya laughs),- “Yeah, as long as you dont mind me,blowing up all your bathrooms.”,- “Next time you collapse in the street, let me know.”,- Yeah. – Get this woman a Life Alert.,- Yeah. (bright, chirpy music),Okay, so he eventually invites her over for dinner,,and well see if this is a real or not-real situation.,- Are single dads hot?,- No. Or not, yes.,He definitely is. – More than non-dads?,- Neither. Theyre equal or greater.,- I know a lot of gay guys who are turned on by dads,,like when they see a guy with a child.,- So cliche.,- Yeah, Im not turned on by (beep) blocks.,- Now, I think it is somebodys bedtime.,- No!,- Hes like, “Its mine.,Have a good night, ladies.” – (laughing) Yeah!,- [Trixie] I would (beep) him.,- Yeah, me too.,I guess they have to have sex now.,- “Elliott.” (Katya groans in mock ecstasy),- Good thing hes holding that casserole dish,in front of his huge boner from that,electric

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window | Review | Sucharita Tyagi

hi before i start here is me in a voice,over telling you,subscribe,there is a reason i am not a comedy,writer well actually there are two,reasons one i dont want to be a comedy,writer two because that is hard so,when you see comedy writing fail on a,big scale its that much more painful,because they probably had on board or,had the access to the best writers,imaginable the woman in the house across,the street from the girl in the window,is that failure it is bad yall,[Music],hi welcome back channelpur if you,havent subscribed yet please do today,we are talking about the new netflix,series the woman in the house across the,street from the girl in the window its,a title i love i love it i love,the joke the dig at the thriller titles,and i dig that its unnecessarily long,unfortunately so is the show we spend,eight nearly 30 minute long episodes,getting to know anna who is the woman in,the house looking at the girl in the,window across the street anna is a,grieving mother whose child was murdered,her marriage has subsequently fallen,apart and she has developed a drinking,and pills problem at the risk of,sounding repetitive i cant stress how,much i love the premise of course anna,witnesses a murder but no one believes,her because of her personal tragedies,and substance abuse they think shes not,quite there anna reaches a point where,she herself is not sure about what shes,seeing lots of characters could be,potential murderers the hot new neighbor,the ex-husband an overly attached best,friend the local gossip a handyman whos,maybe in love with anna now stretching,out this stereotypical cliche thriller,narrative over eight episodes would,require a joke a minute subtle or overt,digs at this overdone style of,storytelling its become a cliche as,cliche as the butler did it and it hence,needs to be retired what you get instead,is a semi-decent funny moment per,episode and a couple of funny but,uninspired running gags throughout the,series i do like the changing,inscription on annas daughters,tombstone every time she visits it but,they attempt to show us the more than,familiar beats of a thriller with an,unstable unreliable urban female,protagonist that attempt results in,scenes weve seen a hundred times over,trying to say look how lame but failing,to do so because commentary or humor,kaha bhai will ferrell producer,you a reporter,yes then why are you recording this,scary movies were slasher movie parodies,because clasher movies if they fall into,the trappings of familiar structure they,can be dumbest more recently jim,jarmuschs the dead dont die that,parodies the zombie genre at one point,becoming so self-aware that it starts,talking about the script of the very,movie the characters are in taking a dig,at the genre and the people who create,in said genre with this woman in the,house show the tonality is never either,thrilling enough nor is it laugh out,loud funny it never solidly finds the,balance between subtle and saturday,night live its almost unwilling to make,fun of itself defeating the whole,purpose right more often than not the,show seems happy playing out like an,actual thriller which is also not bad,its mediocre because the actors are,delightful but is that what we were,promised in that title uh red or white,oh no thank you i dont drink wine,anymore,ill have a vodka,kristen bell is anna as far removed from,her anna in frozen a splendid actor on,any given day she is the biggest reason,this show is bingeable aside from the,short duration of the episodes shes,managed to catch that perfect note,between emily blunt and girl on the,train and kate mckinnon parodying the,mayor of east town in a hilarious sketch,called murder durder look it up she,plays around with a fake accent she,paints the most boring flower painting,she drinks comically large and,overfilled glasses of red wine captions,her instagram pictures in one word,describing what the photo is cappuccino,casserole most of the jokes are at this,characters expense and kristen bell,makes them work she sells it the finale,episode where you find out who the,murderer is did catch me by surprise,because somehow the writers seem to have,saved the funniest bits for the one last,hurrah the woman in the house across the,street from the girl in the window might,not be the funniest most satisfying,watch but its easy and kristen bell is,great so if youre mega bored this,weekend watch on netflix now for,relation my recommendation abi i just,mentioned not jim jarmuschs 2019 film,the dead dont die my name is,along with bill murray and adam driver,in the lead the film also stars a,hilarious tilda swinton parodying how,seriously weird all her film roles are,shes playing a character named zelda,winston,selena gomez is in it steve buscemi im,not quite sure whether its available to,watch online right now but they know,thank you for being here on my channel,sorry reviews again,subscribe before you leave okay,you

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window REACTION Series FINALE

[Music],hey everybody jk callaway here jumping,back into the woman in the house across,the street from the girl in the window,and were on to the season finale series,finale its a limited series so this is,the final episode episode eight,and uh,it seems,we found out who the killer is at least,of lisa chastity whatever you want to,call it,uh,you know it its mule,the handyman,which we just found out,was hired by her ex-husband,because he was a former patient of the,ex-husband whos a therapist for the fbi,or like whatever that i dont know the,technical term but apparently he was,criminally insane,he killed his entire family and the,ex-husband was like yeah i rehabilitated,him so i hired him,so not only,did,her husband leave her their daughter,alone in a room with something called,malicious mike or something,uh,he also hired buell,who formerly killed his own family,to be their handyman like hes got a,real rough,real rough track record with judgment on,certain criminal people but the last,thing we saw like we spent the last,episode thinking maybe it was anna and,she was thinking it herself too but then,she figured it out that not only had,bulemen staying in their attic and that,was all the noises they kept hearing,but that,buell,you know almost certainly was the one,that killed lisa and then at the very,end she looks out the window anna does,and buells marching in the rain toward,neals house holding a [ __ ] hammer as,if hes gonna go kill,neil and presumably neils daughter,for what reason i dont know like,hes criminally insane so i it was any,of that real thats the other fun part,because she dumped her meds this could,all be hallucinations,the whole series would be hallucination,we might have a freaking,dallas situation on our hands where you,wake up and freaking ex-husbands in the,shower going hi honey,how you doing that was dallas right i,think it goes dallas i dont know im,not that old,its the dallas or dynasty theres a lot,of shows that start with d back in the,day but yeah episode 8 the finale well,find out everything,well everything they want us to know,and well see how,this story wraps up,here we go,hes got a hammer,being creepy,can you,door was open apparently,your phone,couldnt save your daughter you can save,this little girl though,just,what,neal,daddy,[Music],you killed lisa youre smarter than you,look,i dont understand,why,could you buy some chocolate bars,i wish i could,remember what i always tell you sugars,the worst thing you can put in your body,bye,shes not wrong with this kid,i dont think sugar is the worst thing,you can put in your body,i think this is,how could you do something like that i,remembered you keep your checkbook,upstairs,which gave me the perfect opportunity to,steal your palette knife,and frame trying for murder,i dont understand yes,he was upstairs in the bathroom with the,water running he didnt want anyone to,show him the act sucks by the way which,is why i killed him what is,can you believe she decided to have,another baby without even asking if i,wanted a sibling,i spent all summer on my underwater,project,and then last day of our vacation,it was finally ready,i think i preferred it,what are you doing,hows ones on the way right,crazy huh,thats what my teacher said before i,pissed her off the lighthouse,[Music],looking for this,jesus,oh no,oh no,well well,wow,god someone doesnt know when to die by,the way,your casserole,tastes like,stay with me,youre gonna be okay,wow,how are you feeling,i was hit by a mack truck,driven by a nine-year-old,how you feeling,like i was hit by a mack truck,driven by a nine-year-old,[Music],i realized i,had you on a 50 grand dose of class 4,psychotropic,well i probably should have just had you,on,a prescription for a while putrid for so,long,hold on,thats,malpractice,how are you feeling,uh,like i was hit by a mack truck,driven by a nine-year-old,oh youre talking about emma yeah i,judged you and thats wrong,and it takes a big person to admit when,theyre wrong,make it about you well,miss anna,uh i wanted to apologize to you i should,have told you i was living up here i,just didnt,feel right leaving you all alone at,night,im gonna turn him,into a lamp,this is oh,hi hi i heard so much about you oh i,yeah i would imagine,so how did you two meet no they just,assigned it to me,claires one heck of a forensic,psychiatrist,[Music],oh you work together,[Music],lets get you inside actually wait,i think im okay,okay sure you just try to relax and,enjoy your girls weekend with sloane,okay i know i just you know i dont like,flying so you have your xanax,prescription if you need it,yes,better white oh no thank you i dont,drink wine anymore,ill have a vodka,no,i believe youre in my seat,2a,oh,sorry,is that glenn close,looks like one close,what takes you to new york,business,night flying is so nice,[Music],phillys pillies lets take you back to,your seat there was no one in c2a,[Music],did they literally get glenn close for,that,thats it,[Music],bingo,[Music],shes got a new mystery to solve really,oh my god thats so stupid its awesome,all right so the finale was fine like,everything worked out surprisingly,except you know at the end she took the,booze into pillies,like xanax and vodka man like that yeah,that whole i dont know if thatll make,you hallucinate but,its like it could do some bad [ __ ] too,but like,okay thats just thats fun it was that,was a fun show a few characters were a,little bit underdeveloped like i didnt,understand her best like what was her,best friends role other than just being,token best friend always there for you,you didnt really know anything about,rather than that her ex-husband was,pretty undeveloped too but,like jesus christ like he made a lot of,mistakes,like he put her on some serious,psychotics right instead of and he said,like well you should have just been,on like xanax or something like thats a,big thats a big difference and theyre,really to say that,like,the girl weve seen him clear i think,were nervous the girl we saw with him,all the time including when he brought,her bread,like they were working really like,that late at night and,she came with him,to deliver press,and they were never together i dont,know man but whatever the happy ending i,guess they had another baby thats nice,and also the little girl emma,i i need to see her and more stuff,because that was actually pretty awesome,not only the action scene which im sure,she didnt do that much of but like,just the the alliteration and the,descriptions like it she was awesome,that little girl is going to be a star,but that was fun as hell that was really,fun i you know a lot of call back,there was a nice that she actually you,know saved her own life and caught the,killer with one of those damn casserole,dishes that they kept showing getting,broken,that was cool like it was a fun show it,was a very silly show it was clearly a,parody i loved that and of course at the,very end shes you know bingo got,another mystery to solve and its like,they brought glenn close in for that,thats,jesus christ,thank you guys for watching comments let,me know what you thought of the episode,the series as a whole i really enjoyed,it i thought it was super fun um,like i keep i keep reading like when i,look up stuff about this show that,people didnt know it was a parody like,really she kept saying bingo at one,point like its very silly like the,just the character buell its like oh,theres a nail in my hand look at that,like,do you think its serious like its a,super silly show super fun but that was,great i really enjoyed that i hope you,did too i i like im i might re-watch,that one with shimano at some point,because that was just,delightful that was a fun little last,show that was great yeah thank you guys,for watching i appreciate you,lots of stuff coming in the future uh,were moving into the new house soon,and,shows are starting up like crazy so keep,an eye out for all the stuff were doing,appreciate you and well talk to you,next time,[Music],bye

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