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The Woman in the Window might be the WORST movie of 2021 | Explained

oh jesus christ were doing this so i,actually almost quit this movie i had to,watch it in two segments i watched,mainstream and army of the dead in,between and then came back to it and,then,almost quit two more times but i got,through it,and it is the woman in the window a,psychological thriller with some mystery,elements about an agoraphobic woman,named anna fox who starts spying on her,next-door neighbors and,ends up seeing a disturbing act of,violence that no one around her believes,happened,now this movie is both bad and has an,interesting backstory,so its kind of like prime for content,which is why i persisted,this movie is bad in a way that its not,specifically even that fun to talk about,but if i made it through 365 i can make,it through a shitty amy adams movie so,this is based on a book of the same name,by aj,finn and the rights for the movie were,sold before the book was even published,i think before,the publishing race were even sold fox,picked it up to adapt in 2016 but the,book didnt release,until 2018. now this isnt super,uncommon jurassic park sold its movie,rights before the book was complete but,michael crichton had a very,long-standing career at that point and,it was dinosaurs but this was aj finns,debut novel so it was a little bit,unusual that there was this much buzz,but it gets a little bit more clear when,you realize that aj finn,is a pseudonym for dan mallory a fairly,well-known editor in the publishing,world which is likely what gave him his,in,by the sounds of it some publishing,houses like amped up the bidding wars,for this before it even really started,then by all accounts it seemed like a,great choice,when the novel released it was super,well received it was chart topping a,bunch of like thriller lists it was a,bestseller when it released a paperback,it hit the best sellers again,it was frequently brought up in,conversations about things like gone,girl and the woman on the train and at,least one of those got a good adaptation,however beneath the success were a slew,of controversies,in 2019 the new yorker released a,massive expose outlining the many lies,fabrications exaggerations and notoriety,of dan mallory he lied about a variety,of things from the totally,inconsequential to the downright,despicable he lied about having a,doctorate from oxford being involved in,publishing deals that he wasnt at all,including the time he said he worked,directly with tina fey on her book and,then one of her representatives had to,be like,absolutely not but he also lied about,severe illnesses,theres clearly enough infamy,surrounding him in the publishing,industry that when his name was revealed,to bitters,a large number of publishing houses,actually backed out and it was the,company that he worked for that ended up,buying the rights,when the author of that new yorker,profile ian parker called a senior,editor that once worked with mallory,that senior editor said that they always,knew someone would call about malory but,he wasnt sure if it was gonna be like a,reporter,or the fbi overall the lies attributed,to him ranged from him claiming that he,had brain cancer and brain tumors at one,point,that he lost his mother to cancer and,his brother to suicide,claims that he did eventually have to,come clean about because while his,mother at one point did have cancer she,is very much alive and his brother,is fine but then he tried to blame it on,his bipolar 2 disorder which is just,horrible and not remotely an explanation,and while the book and the movie are,very obvious about its hitchcock,inspirations,it has been accused of borrowing pretty,heavily from other forms of media,including the 1995 movie copycat,theres literally a show in production,based on this article with jake,gyllenhaal attached to play dan,but even before it had a chance to,release there was trouble in paradise,tracy lets was hired to write the,screenplay and he stated the experience,kind of sucked not because he,necessarily had issues working with,anybody,but because at first he thought it was,going to be easy to adapt and then it,ended up being way more challenging than,he anticipated and there were so many,different,producers and people involved with,things that they wanted and things that,they didnt want,that it made the whole process way more,challenging than it should have been but,they finally made something that,everyone was happy with until they,showed it to test audiences,who hated it so they brought someone in,to do some rewrites did some reshoots,and they still hated it this delayed it,from 2019 to 2020 and then it got,delayed again because of,covid and now here it is to live on,netflix so a lot,swirling around this movie and while the,book was super well received,the movie not so much they did such a,bad job adapting this novel which i did,read but im gonna save most of the,comparisons or the differences until the,end because its a thriller and i dont,want to like derail that mystery so,lets get into this,garbage so again agoraphobic woman who,hasnt left the house in 10 months,seems like shes thinking back on a,conversation she had with her husband,but it turns out that theyre separated,so shes just been talking to him and,her daughter on the phone every day,just was a therapist that comes to you,in her home and she talks about the new,neighbors and its mentioned that she,recently had a suicide attempt and while,she tells him that shes cutting down on,her drinking because there is a lot of,drinking because of the medication shes,on shes,definitely not cutting down the book,actually mentions that she has cases of,merlot brought in,then her routine is flipped when the new,kid from across the street comes over,with a gift from his mom and he kind of,insists his way,into her house but he seems like an,overall sweet kid he says hes almost 16,but you get the vibe that hes got the,innocent mentality of a young middle,schooler,i like cats tongues and hes so,disarming but blunt with those questions,that she just answers pretty much,everything tells him that shes,separated from her husband and hes,living elsewhere with her daughter but,they talk every day we also find out,shes a child psychologist so being in,her current state is essentially,preventing her from doing her work,and things seem mostly chill until ethan,comments that he can see his dad from,her house and gets visibly upset and he,wont say why but she tells them shes,always around if he needs to talk and,obviously this is her job coming out,that she hasnt been able to do we also,learned that she has a tenant named,david who lives in the basement and,theres a separate entrance there,he also seems mostly sympathetic to her,inability to leave the house offering to,do little chores for her,one thing i will say is they give him,more personality in the movie than in,the book and its probably because they,got rid of her physiotherapist character,but he set it up for the night and its,halloween so her house ends up getting,pelted by,eggs because theyre not giving out,candy and for some reason she cares,so much that instead of just pretending,shes not home this is the thing that,inspires her to try to go outside so she,can yell at them,which come on theyre chanting get her,when she opens the mail flap,theyre gonna pelt you with eggs the,second you open the door maam but,before she can make it outside she,starts to pass out and sees julianne,moore,look id probably pass out of julianne,moore was on my doorstep too but it,would probably be of shock and confusion,so she wakes up and moores just walking,around her house and they get to talking,and shes like pretty,odd and brazen like shes calling the,house [ __ ] oh,oh youre stuck inside this shitty house,oh,so anna assumes that this is jane,russell ethans mom,so she thanks her for the gift that she,sent and they get to drinking and,talking she mentions that alastair,ethans dad has trust issues and hes,controlling but when anna pushes for,more details she just changes the,subjec


[Music],thats nick,and thats joseph and today were here,to talk about the woman in the window,the ninth film or is it eighth film,uh directive eighth directed by joe,wright uh,which after many delays uh is finally,being released courtesy of netflix,uh was previously a 20th century fox,property,uh which will be available to stream may,14,2021 do i know this directors other,movies,yeah uh he did pride and prejudice,with keira knightley i think that was,his debut,uh anna karenida he did not adaptation,of that atonement was a huge hit for him,in 2007. um,we i remember we saw the soloist,together with jamie foxx and robert,downey jr,hannah uh which might be my favorite,film by him,um i believe you saw pan with hugh,jackman,and darkest hour with uh gary oldman,who won an oscar for that role as,churchill,okay this is a murder mystery type film,right its based on the 2018 novel by aj,finn,okay the basic story revolves around,a woman named anna fox whos played by,amy adams,so what do we know about anna so this is,set in modern time,uh new york anna is,a child psychologist but shes not,working,because she suffers from agoraphobia,so she lives in this huge groundstone by,herself,we understand that shes separated from,her husband and,her child although we hear her,communicating with them on the phone,often,or with the husband whos played by,um anthony mackey okay,so anna is stuck in her house she has a,couple of visits with her psychologist,who is played by tracy letts who adapted,the screenplay oh interesting,on the first visit with him hes looking,out the window and asking her about her,neighbor,like the people who are just moving in,because she knows he knows shes nosy,and has done all her research so we find,out a little bit about the neighbors,we also find out anna has a tenant named,david,who lives in her basement played by,wyatt russell,thats right okay so one day,then the new neighbors their like 15,year old son ethan comes over with a,candle saying my mom wanted me to bring,this to you,here you go play my friend edging her,and she lets them in and she shares,shes a child psychologist,and he they seem to bond very quickly,yeah,okay then uh,the next day or days later its,halloween and,anna shares with her tenant that shes,going to turn off the lights and pretend,shes not home so she doesnt have to,pass out candy,so the neighborhood kids hates her house,by throwing eggs at it,and for some reason anna thinks it would,be a good idea to yell at them to stop,its my house yeah and she opens her,front she has like,two like a dual stage entry system so,she goes to like the very front door,that would open to the outside,and then passes out and someone,assists her and brings her into her,house so when anna comes too she sees a,woman played by julianne moore,and anna says oh you must be ethans,mother,you must be james oh you must be jane,russell who she thinks is,ethans mother they bond very quickly,they have a lovely night okay so then,sometime later anna witnesses because,she keeps staring at the neighbors,she sees that theres some violence,and the father of the house comes over,played by gary oldman,and he says have you met any of my,family,have you seen any member of my family,this evening this evening i think thats,before the violence happens is it before,the violence,but then what would compel her to lie,about it because she,shes eventually questioned about that,and she says that she,thought she was in trouble or she needed,to lie about it or something well anyway,when gary oldman comes over and says,have you met my family,she says no okay this is also said over,the course of a week,oh its just a week okay but then,anna witnesses julian moores character,being stabbed,so of course freaks out calls the police,they come over and they investigate one,of the cops is played by,brian tyree henry yes detective little,detective little and then his,counterpart is a lady shes less patient,with hannah,she just thinks annas crazy and she,says havent you made like false 9-1-1,calls before like she we just witnessed,her make one,prior um or previously so sh,the female cop is very dismissive of,anna but detective little seems a little,more compassionate and is trying to,explain to her that,jane russell the wife of gary oldmans,character is alive like shes here,like we verified shes not dead so maybe,because,of your emotional state and the,medication youre on because we find out,shes on some drug called,ellivan and its like a newer drug in,her routine,so detective littles like maybe youre,just experiencing some crazy side,effects,like of which hallucinations are,possible okay,so things culminate with anna,so shes kind of let that die but then,we witnessed a stretch of her like,thought process,and like her talking to her husband,and her interacting with her tenant who,she finds out is on parole,okay so things culminate with her,receiving an anonymous email at like two,in the morning,that has a photo attached of her of anna,her,like asleep passed out on the ground so,of course someone was in her house and,took this photo,she calls the police freaking out and,she causes a scene,because she starts accusing her,tenant saying that hes on parole i,dont know where he was,he has jane russells earring by his,nightstand,so that creates a mess but,but it kind of blows over and then,dennis uh david decides to move thats,also the scene,where we learn pretty significant,information about her oh right,its also that scene where we find out,that she is not separated from her,husband or her child,her husband and child are dead we find,out that,they were driving one night and her,husband anthony mackies character,finds out anna was cheating on him so,they kind of get into an argument,and she drops her phone and like shes,trying to reach for her phone while,driving,and runs off the road and a wintry road,yeah and her,child and daughter died so,what we see of her now is her just sort,of like living in a bubble,so thats probably what prompted i mean,thats what prompted her agoraphobia and,this alternate reality she lives in so,of course as the audience were thinking,so,she clearly made all of this up but,at the end after everythings kind of,like blown over because now,david is moving out and the neighbors,have already clocked her like leave us,alone,ethan shows up the 15 year old boy from,across the street,major spoiler here basically ethan says,hes a serial killer in training,so julianne moore is his mother hes,biological his biological mother,but shes separated from gary oldmans,character so he does live with,jane russell but thats not his,biological played by jennifer jason lee,yes he also shares that he killed,someone back,where they were before in boston theres,also a whole deal about,gary oldman working in multiple places,which well get to,um so and then he kills david the tenant,because hes in the house trying to like,protect anna kind of or defend himself,but anna gets the upper hand and ends up,like killing him by knocking him through,like a skylight,so the final scene in the film is anna,in the hospital,and detective little shows up and,apologizes to her,for how bad of a job they did which,well get to,i failed to mention that at one point,anna oh its after like,the she accuses david of like maybe,doing something to julianne moore and,the cops tell her like leave these,people alone,she records like a suicide video but,obviously doesnt proceed with it,so the detective says hey before i go i,have to take your cell phone,as evidence but i saw that video so im,gonna leave you with this phone for a,few minutes,and then come back and get it so you,might want to delete that,and then the final shot is her and her,home that shes clearly sold,so we can assume that shes going to,move on the end and let her new life,begin,let your new life begin okay that was a,lot,you can start um so,clearly and i think the film sets up,uh a lot of uh reference old film,references because shes,drunk and popped up on

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The Woman in the Window Netflix Movie Review

its been five years since amy adams was,not,nominated for her performance in arrival,and im still,slightly pissed off,[Music],what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel the embargo is now,lifted on the woman in the window the,movie feels like weve been waiting,forever on its finally on netflix i,want to say thank you to netflix for,sending me this screener and lets talk,about it spoiler free,of course anna played by amy adams is an,agoraphobic,child psychologist who finds herself,keeping tabs on the picture perfect,family,across the street through the windows of,her new york city brownstone,her life is turned upside down when she,inadvertently witnesses a brutal crime,based on the gripping best-selling novel,adapted by tracy letts,shocking secrets are revealed and,nothing and no one,are what they seem in this suspenseful,psychological,thriller this is the exact kind of movie,im looking for when i go on netflix i,want something,thats going to keep me intrigued and,engaged i feel like,if youre watching this review youre,feeling the same way is the woman in the,window,going to be that movie well talk about,it here in just a second but first i,want to talk about this cast like i,mentioned earlier amy adams,she is an awards caliber performer and,honestly she brings that type of,performance to this role now,is it as in-depth or incredible as,something weve seen from her before not,necessarily,shes really good in the movie and she,elevates the material,here we also have gary oldman who,doesnt have too much screen time as,well as anthony mackie as well as,brian tyree henry who comes in a little,bit later,but everyone here is good we also have,coming in,john walker aka wyatt russell we just,saw his breakout essentially,in the falcon the winter soldier uh,really good again here,and then of course you have a couple of,characters individuals in julianne moore,and,uh jennifer jason lee who are there they,dont really make their presence known,even though moore has one or two scenes,that are outstanding so,cast really good lets talk about,direction,joe wright is our director wait that joe,right from darkest hour gary oldmans,oscar-winning performance yeah that joe,wright,essentially bringing back in gary oldman,giving a good performance,but were really here for the story,were really here to see how well this,can be,constructed and how well its going to,translate this material thats based off,of the novel now ive heard,nothing but glowing things about the,novel thats why when im watching this,movie play out in the third act im,thinking to myself,i dont know how faithful it was because,i dont see the source material being,this convoluted and you guys know me i,dont like being negative right,im super invested in the first act of,this film i think adams performance is,great theres this,slower pace to the film that some are,going to get agitated and bored by,im locked in when im getting a film,like that and youre seeing,the world through her lens through her,perspective agoraphobic,afraid to go outside shes experienced a,lot of trauma in her past and you,feel that you see that just her my new,facial expressions,all of that is so understandable through,what amy adams is able to convey she,does such an,excellent excellent job and then you,start asking yourself these questions,is what she is seeing and hearing real,are these semi sketchy characters coming,into this situation,um are they trustworthy or not can she,trust them can we trust them,as an audience and im posing all these,questions in my head and im like,yeah this is working really really well,let me get into the second act in the,second act takes those,ideas amplifies them we finally get,brian tyree henrys character,and hes coming in just trying to calm,everything down saying okay what did you,see what did you see theres even a,moment where everyones in the same room,and,the emotions are flying everything is,chaotic because shes claiming things,gary oldmans character is claiming,things and everyones trying to figure,out what did anna fox,see i havent even talked about fred,hetchinger who plays ethan russell,who is probably the second most integral,part of this story because hes the one,that comes in and it makes it feel and,seem like theres something wrong there,between he,and his father so again i was just,thoroughly invested and i was on the,verge to giving this movie a really good,score,but when we get into that third act this,drastically different pace in the first,two acts all of a sudden speeds up,and were throwing all of these twists,and turns left and right and everything,happens within the span of like 10 to 15,minutes,and it just comes to a close like that,you dont even have time to process what,is happening you dont even have time to,appreciate the really good performance,that were getting from amy adams,because its,just so quick and in my opinion,way too quick for what this story was,setting up in the first two acts,again i dont believe it was the perfect,build up but it was enough to set up for,something that could have hopefully paid,off on what they were able to set up,and you just get there and its like wow,that that and that,then you start to ask questions and i,was asking questions about these twists,and turns,um elements that im sure were way more,fleshed out,in the book but then they happen on,screen and its a jumbled mess,in my opinion almost the entirety of the,third act until we slow,back down again uh towards the end but,there are just so many elements and you,see this title you think,rear window right im hoping theyre,going to incorporate some,hitchcockian-esque,elements here and if youre looking at,cinematography cinematography is really,good,and during that climactic scene in the,third act youre getting some,great shots some phenomenal camera,angles but the story,in my opinion it was just it was all,over the place and i was almost,i was almost laughing at points it was,just it made me chuckle so before i give,you guys my score thanks so much for,watching if you enjoyed this review be,sure to drop your thumbs up down below,excellent performances and beautiful,cinematography cannot save this one from,being a bit of a mess over the course of,the final act again its not a,bad film its just kind of eh,at the end of the day and thats why im,going right down the middle a 50,there is a lot going for this movie at,the beginning uh but towards the end it,just,it just kind of whatever happened,happened and,we may talk about it in another video if,you guys would like to see that but,im curious most of all whats the,distinction if youve seen,the film between the novel and the movie,and if theyre uh more similar than i,expected please let me know,all of those things down below,appreciate you guys so much for watching,this video,uh stay tuned because later today oh my,goodness love death and robots army of,the dead,underground railroad were gonna talk a,lot come back,subscribe lets do it

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The Woman In The Window | Movie Review | MovieBitches Ep 255

[Music],episode 255,tonight were reviewing,woman in the window,wow but first things first yes shout out,to our patreon supporters five dollars a,month gives you early excess thank you,all for your support means the world,second thing second shout out to our,wine sponsor wink go to triwink.com,movie bitches you get 22 off your first,month of wine,third things third make sure to,subscribe share whole follow us on,instagram and twitter and click the,little thumbs up button all that good,stuff so,woman in the window,the new joe wright movie who,was expecting that certainly wasnt,expecting this broad genre piece from,joe wright but would we call this a,broad shot i mean yes but like that is,exactly i would call it right,im just so confused as to what this,movie thought it was,and what this movie was well okay a,little a little context based on,famous famous based on a best-selling,book that i read after,uh having had too much time at the,airport went into one of those kiosks,found a book and its by um aj oh god i,forget the last name but it was like,initials and i tend to lean towards this,is information you dont necessarily,need but i tend to lean toward mysteries,written by women and so i thought aj so,and so oh its probably a woman read it,no no its its in fact a man but read,you know the first 150 pages on the,plane because it was just one of those,its one of those so i wasnt surprised,that this movie was like a lifetime,movie with a cast oh sure yes like i was,like oh its a dumb airport novel that,was like fun to read and and,the book is very referential to film and,to noir and thrillers and rear window,and all of those things and so like,as reading the book im going oh,i know that movie thats fun shes,talking about that well and watching the,movie im sure you were like oh i know,that movie that yeah they only did a few,and they really dropped they really,dropped it yes i think because they,couldnt get the rights to things,perhaps um because they were all old,well i i dont oh im just saying like,the book is chaka block chock-a-block,gotcha shaka block chalk chalk its,shocking,its shocking how chock-a-block full of,references the book is right and so yeah,so the fact that she was just like i,like old movies,never mind,was shocking to me yeah oh,okay no it didnt really matter so its,based on an airport book that joe wright,then um elevated,a lifetime,elevated a lifetime script to um like a,mid-level netflix,film well whats interesting is that,this was actually a fox well not fox,anymore a 20th century,movie,that because of the pandemic they,offloaded to netflix,so,thats interesting where its like i,cant imagine this movie would have done,well in theaters well,i mean a lot of people write the book,its got one i guess maybe in the summer,its got one of those titles lets go,weve graduated from all the girl books,now were on to women women books right,um right but can we just talk about that,real quick where its like oh another,movie where the woman is drunk and so no,one believes her but then it turns out,that she was thats why im wearing this,shirt like i believe you i believe i,believe you amy adams i believe youre,saying,mostly,mostly its its a little blurred but,you know i believe in you,um but yeah so like that was frustrating,for me where its just like oh another,one of these its another girl on the,train okay there was very few shots that,did not involve a giant wine glass which,i i sort of appreciated i mean they were,giant wine glasses i mean obviously,were ones to talk but like they were,they were uh empty pores they were,courtney cox in cougar town you know,they were,happy big carl for sure yeah so woman in,the window having read the book well i,was going to ask who do you think the,woman in the window is i dont think the,film did a great job of oh,i assumed it was amy adams but its,supposed to be the woman who got,murdered in the window yeah spoiler,alert,well so the biggest mystery for me,is the cast i dont i dont get it i,know what gary oldmans in this movie,because joe wright got him his oscar for,darkest hour for churchill sure i forgot,about darkest hour,hours hour just hours hour just one just,that one hour um so thats why i mean it,just is so strange to me that we have,julianne moore jennifer jason lee gary,oldman all showing up for i dont know,six days work tops oh right thats what,was so strange like why was julian why i,mean i loved that but you know was that,well why is julian more in this movie,particularly where,okay i have to say it,i think that amy adams was miscarried,um yes and,uneven in her skill of acting,particularly in this performance i would,say i the first half hour i was going,why did amy adams forget how to act what,happened what has happened yeah but then,later yeah when it was like real cuckoo,banooners and i was like wait wait do i,actually kind of like this movie now uh,she was great,i thought like,better more convincing she was better,i think maybe she had more to do or,something or she was more sure of,herself i dont know she did get better,but it still wasnt good i wouldnt be,like oh that was a good performance i um,no not necessarily i really enjoyed okay,so basically the plot is real quick amy,adams oh right yeah drunk agoraphobic,woman in new york in a fabulous,apartment well talk about it who,believes that she sees a murder and you,know is basically like youre crazy and,and uncovers it rear window style ish,im not crazy,im not hallucinating do i seem,unreasonable,that scene where they all confront her,and shes like im not crazy,im not crazy,no,i thought that was great i was really,into it when they zoomed in on her it,was like this alienation of like her i,thought it was good,not like oh i thought it was like so,override oh my god that was the whole,point andrew it was a crazy over-the-top,thriller genre piece i mean in a way,its like oh joe wright was trying to do,hitchcock but really what he ended up,doing was de palma like i mean de palma,was doing hitchcock um but there was so,much like little bits of de palma like,coming out like when the when the murder,happens and those stupid blood splatters,i was like,whats this,there was all those real,um,deep focus shots where theres like a,person in the foreground and then,theres stuff happening and i was like,oh i wish japan had directed this,because it would have been wacky wagga,waggy and there would have been some,split screen shit happening i would have,been into it,is all im saying thats where but but,it wasnt that and so thats where i,dont know little glimpses you know like,she,spoiler alert and this was much more,well drawn in the book lets say uh she,is talking shes separated from her,family for the first half of the book,and then we realize not shockingly they,they are dead and she is uh,hallucinating them right that wasnt a,shock to you right well we never,actually see them but i guess shes,hallucinating their voices or whatever,you know shes shes,imagining talking to them on the phone,right but were you surprised that they,were infected at this point when shes,like your family is dead i was like oh,dr fox,your family is dead i hated this movie i,thought it was so boring and bad and,stupid and i thought that like at one,point it gets crazy but for no reason it,was completely unearned and it wasnt,even crazy in the fun way where youre,like what is this this is so insane i,would say i i have to just say also,anthony mackies in this movie why i,just had to put that out there i forgot,he was in the movie because he is in so,little of the movie anthony mackie,played her dead husband,oh right oh right so like on top of all,the other people that were i was like,and anthony mackie why was he in five,seconds of this film i think it was just,oh joe writes directing an action,thriller like whatever crazy thing like,i want to be in that ill do ill be in,it oh i have a day i can be in the car i,dont know you know its just that i,enjoyed it more than you i dont t

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (2021) – Ending Explained Poorly | Full Movie Breakdown

everyone likes people watching on their,neighbors curious young children,the old cat lady and even perverts hey,im just telling you like it is but what,happens when you witness a murder,hey everyone jay buck here and today,were talking about the latest suspense,thriller mystery movie originally based,on a novel but i wouldnt know,because the last book i read was gary,paulsens hatchet anyway its the woman,in the window and were gonna discuss,this whole movie from the plot from,beginning to end,break down all the twists and turns and,explain the deeper meaning,in this movie so sit back and relax and,enjoy as we break down and explain this,latest,mystery thriller the woman in the window,[Music],so it is safe to say if youre watching,this video then youve watched,the woman in the window or you clearly,dont care about spoilers,either way heres a quick refresher the,woman in the window not to be confused,with the hit michael jackson song,opens on our main character anna fox,played by amy,adams on what appears to be a monday um,because,text pops up and it says its monday,anyway she wakes up takes her literal,pile of pills,and has a conversation with her daughter,and husband on the phone,quick transition as anna is now talking,to her therapist,and we discover shes a bit of a nosy,nancy,spying on the prayer group across the,street the trumpet playing,kid and the extremely white russells hey,the movie called them that thats im,just repeating it whom just moved in,across the street through this,conversation we also learn anna is,depressed,suicidal and apparently inagoraphobic,which is not being scared of al gore no,no,no but rather fearing outdoors or,leaving ones house,to combat these feelings she has been,prescribed elevan,but is advised not to drink while on,them well that shouldnt be too,difficult,never mind anna is drinking like a 21,year old sorority girl,pre-gaming with a large glass of wine,and bottles all over her enormous home,as we see anna spending her evenings,creeping and drinking,they really missed an opportunity not to,play rockwells,somebodys watching me in the background,hard stop as there is someone at annas,door and surprise surprise,it turns out to be ethan russell from,across the street,this teenage boy and anna have a,conversation that reveals,more details including anna being,separated from her husband,anna working as a childs psychologist,and sensing there is potentially,something off with ethan,that maybe his home life isnt the best,specifically in regards to his father,alistar,russell its now tuesday as anna wakes,up from a hangover that looks,worse than a morning after beer bonging,four loko in college back in 2011. we,are quickly introduced to annas,basement tenant and handyman,david who looks eerily similar almost,like he was in,a recent high budget comic book show or,something,hmm sorry im getting off topic here,well later that night which happens to,be halloween,children egg annas house only for her,to muster up the courage,to confront them opening the front door,only to pass,out and then awakening back in her,apartment but with a strange blonde,woman there,i think we all know how this adult film,starts,[Music],this turns out to be jane russell,finally all of the russells have been,accounted for,the two pour some drinks and let the,good times roll,as anna literally recreates the one half,of the angry woman yelling at a cat meme,seriously check this out,i cant talk about this movie without,mentioning this feline fiasco,jane russell is oddly nosey regarding,annas drug stash but is quickly,whisked away when anna brings up her son,having stopped,the day prior along with janes lovely,earrings that were given to her by an,old boyfriend or at least thats what,she said this conversation essentially,reaches an,end when jane shows anna a doodle of her,and her cat on a notepad,it is wednesday my dudes as anna is,startled awake by her cat screeching and,a loud,bang downstairs but like any,stereotypical paranoid woman,its revealed only to be her downstairs,tenant,david who again this dude looks familiar,like he is,radiating this like strong patriotism,vibes,almost like he can be a symbol for,america never mind through their,conversation,david determines that her skylight is,very fragile,leaking and has mold all over it so anna,if youre trying to rent this place out,to anyone,other than college students youre,definitely gonna have to get that fixed,as their conversation comes to an end it,is revealed that david is working with,alistar russell,across the street nothing serious just,opening up boxes from their recent move,now this is where things get real crazy,as later that night anna hears,some commotion from across the street,specifically the russells,and tries her a hand at some,investigating however,all she gathers is a weeping ethan,russell,on the phone and somewhat of an angry,tempered alistar,as she witnesses jane russell meander,out of the apartment,anna then asked her downstairs tenant,david if he had heard,a scream but he quickly responds no,however,a woman faintly crying can be heard,downstairs with him or maybe hes just,watching the notebook or joanna man,because honestly those would make me cry,anna returns back to her creeper window,that she also loves,but notices ethan quickly making his way,across the street,anna lets him in and states that if,theres any problems,to let her know and gives ethan her cell,phone number,essentially establishing a weird back to,the future marty and doc,brown dynamic its now thursday almost,the weekend,as i can taste it but anna sure can too,as shes getting wild with a nice merlot,her cat and a french lesson,okay not everyone can party like its,19.99 as,anna is glasses of wine deep it looks,like punch the cat,is already past the [ __ ] out seriously,are those the cats paws what,is going on here i gotta show this anna,has another one of her nightmares of,floating through space only to spring,awake in a panic,like any sensible person would where is,my,phone in a drunken stooper anna finds,herself,back in her creepers nest checking on,the russells,until the unthinkable happens no the,russells are not having a donkey show,but rather jane is pushed and then,stabbed right,in the gut its like she spilled a whole,jar of smuckers jam on her,but you know like theres also a knife,in there as well in an all-out panic,anna grabs her phone and calls 9-1-1,while the operators are on their way,anna takes it upon herself to venture,outside and save,jane herself this is a huge step for,anna,almost like step 11 in the 12 steps of,aa,as she crosses the street only to see,headlights and hear,tires screeching okay now that we have,the ball rolling on the woman in the,window,lets talk about some of the twists and,turns that are coming up and some things,that people had no clue,were coming unless youve already read,the book so yeah,anna awakens in her apartment confused,almost like dorothy in a wizard of oz,as detectives are there along with,aleister russell,whos played by gary oldman speaking of,gary oldman one time i googled his name,and totally forgot the r,dont do that people youre gonna get,some strange images to pop up this is,just a cautionary tale,anyway the questioning begins from,everyone about who what when where,why and how anna and her life anna,breaks in saying,no she saw jane russell get stabbed,alistair again,gaslights anna which is a term that the,youths are using nowadays,so um you know give me a thumbs up you,youngsters watching this video,stating that she has never met jane anna,again,argues this point until a woman walks up,to anna presumably,jane russell however this isnt the same,woman,from earlier,holy camel toe anna in disbelief makes a,last-ditch effort to get answers from,ethan,only for ethan to deny and say that she,has never met,his mother jane again in a spiral,of confusion anna ends the evening,talking with her husband on the phone,and even he is starting to think that,maybe shes getting thin

The Woman in the Window (2021) THRILLER BOOK VS MOVIE | What they missed! | Spookyastronauts

and get this i was so shocked they,didnt include this because its the,biggest twist they didnt even include,in the movie,welcome back to my channel i was not,gonna do a video on this until,i saw so many of you dming me or asking,me what i thought about this movie,i feel like ive done a lot of reviews,lately that i havent been 100,on board with the films and i hate being,super negative all the time i know,obviously,its not my job but its obviously im,trying to be truthful and im not going,to sway,a review just to have a positive light,its really important to me to provide,value and i want to give you,recommendations whether to watch,or not to watch or whats worth your,time particularly,and so i figured you can see the title,i figured after watching the movie i,would read the book,so i watched the film i did the,audiobook im ready to give you all the,information,about what you missed whats different,and why this film itself is being so,negatively received i figured it out i,read the book and i figured it out and,so im here,well most of it so im here today to,tell you what was missing,and why this film actually doesnt make,any sense i have,the facts but first i need to do,something for you that unfortunately the,film didnt do,and i need to give you some context to,the situation,the woman in the window was written by,aj finn who i will say,has a very interesting and shady past,im gonna leave an article down below,for you to get into that because thats,a whole different story,um but theres a reason why this story,seems so familiar its a long article,but you will definitely want to check it,out i had no idea about a shady past,when i started listening to this,so uh definitely keep yourself informed,with that that alone,could be a movie or a book in its own to,be honest,the movie was apparently inspired by his,love of,old films particularly hitchcock ive,seen a lot of people compare and rightly,so,real window to the woman in the window,and in fact,the book makes many references to the,movies,it pays homage to ak imitates the book,was published by william marrow in 2018,and it is about a woman called anna fox,and her ptsd and in fact her agrophobia,which is pronounced differently in,different locations so please dont at,me,just yet and i always thought that,agrophobia was the fear of being outside,but the book does go into more detail,about this which the movie doesnt and,it talks about how its a fear of,public spaces being in line um being in,stores,and what can go wrong in those spaces so,it can be anywhere and its not just a,straightforward diagnosis,its obviously different for everybody,just like most mental illnesses,anna spends her time alone in her new,york city apartment,spying on the neighbors taking photos of,them drinking wine,watching classic movies until her life,is turned upside down,when her new neighbors move in and her,life is turned upside down when first,she involves herself in their family,drama and then,she witnesses a chilling incident the,movie directed by john wright of pride,and prejudice atonement and i guess,my audience would probably know him more,from the black mirror episode,nose dive but unfortunately for riot,hes getting the treatment a lot of,adaptations from,books get because this film does not,translate well and it was very heavily,scrutinized by the fans of the book,tracy letts is a scriptwriter who helped,translate the story to script hes,actually known for his acting in films,like,ford and ferrari lady bird and little,women the film stars amy adams fred,heckinsja,jennifer jason lee wyatt russell gary,oldman,and anthony mackie so of course people,had high hopes,but it was a long road from trailer to,final product,the film actually wrapped in october of,2018,but before the media run the production,did test screenings and the result,was utter confusion the test screenings,were so bad that they actually brought,in another screenwriter tony gilroy,and he helped with rewriting some of the,elements and then they went on,to re-shoot some of the major scenes,after all of the reshoots the film was,then pushed back to,march of 2020 and as we know march of,2020 was a significant time,on planet earth and it was due to open,up in theaters,when the world shut down the film was,shelved again,and kept getting pushed back and pushed,back so finally,they decided to sell it to netflix but,with all of these,issues going on with the film and,obviously the reshoots,and the story structure still a little,bit wobbly,maybe it would have been best if it,stayed on the shelf,so here we are the moment youre waiting,for lets get into what you missed in,the book and i tell you what,they missed such a significant part of,the whole story which made,everything make sense and its so,frustrating,spoilers ahead buckle in because this is,gonna get wild,im gonna talk about what was in the,book but i will be showing you visuals,of the film just to kind of tee up the,characters that im talking about,in the movie they did anna so dirty they,completely,missed half of her character and her,story arc books always have the upper,hand when it comes to the main character,i believe the protagonist because they,can explain inner thoughts and,feelings unlike in a movie where youd,have to have a narration or a character,saying how they feel,uh obviously they can show acting but,theres only a limit to what you can,show without having narration so,a book can always do this better thats,something that is always lost in,translation and its something that,the script writers just have to figure,out but we lost a lot of key information,about anna,in this process in the book anna was a,very sociable person and one,huge element that holds the whole story,together is the fact,that anna is part of this online,community its like a chat forum,for people who also have agrophobia its,not glossed over like it is in the book,she explains how its presented,differently in different people and how,it can be a fear of lines certain public,places,and how its transferred from ptsd she,coaches others online,and talks them through this forum during,the whole movie and its so,important and youll figure out why in,this video because,oh my god my jaw was on the floor and,being a social person,when she meets ethan for the first time,she actually invites him in,with open arms shes not the lonely,recluse we see in the film,she also has another character she,relies on which was completely cut,out of the film which is her physio and,this is a huge hint to her being in,the car accident and her working on her,body and she hints at a lot of this,throughout the book,that really makes it clear that she was,in an accident she talks about her hip,and how she can finally walk properly,and all that kind of stuff,she also confides in her physio and it,just shows how sociable,she is she also makes a new friend,online which is quite crucial to the,story,lizzie and her friend lizzy is a person,whos dealing with ptsd,as well and shes giving her advice and,you know congratulating her on her wins,for going outside,and things like that and this is a major,part in annas character,because anna gives a lot of information,to lizzie online,and they have this back and forth where,she explains everything about her family,but well get to her family in a minute,another aspect i really want to talk,about is movies,although her love of film is hinted at,during the movie where she allows ethan,to borrow,some films and shes also seen quoting,lines from some films unless we know,what those films are we take very little,from this,of course we see the parallel between,the murder mysteries she seems to be,watching and of course,the murder mystery she becomes a part of,but its just not the same because,in the book the movies have a completely,different meaning,anna is obsessed with classic film and,she talks about this throughout the book,but its also her tie to her husband she,introduced her husband,to these classic films when they firs

The Woman in the Window Review

[Music],hi there,today im reviewing the woman in the,window a murder mystery that just came,out,on netflix the woman in the window is a,story of an agoraphobic woman,who befriends a neighbor across the,street from her new york city condo,only to see her own life turned upside,down when her neighbor disappears,and she suspects foul play this movie is,adapted from a novel of the same name,that topped the new york times best,sellers list for a number of weeks,it stars amy adams as the titular window,woman,as well as anthony mackie julianne moore,wyatt russell,and gary oldman the fact that this has,that incredible cast and,is based on a well-received book makes,woman in the window,seem like it should be a promising movie,what is not so promising about women in,the window is the fact that it was shot,in 2019 and was supposed to come out in,2019,however much like new mutants before it,after this movie was shown to test,audiences,and had negative feedback the studio,re-shot the movie,delayed it three total times cancelled,its theatrical release,and ultimately dumped it on netflix now,having watched women in the window,i cant say im surprised to hear any of,that information,this movie was a mess the story of a,housebound person witnessing a crime,across the street has been done before,instead of a broken leg like in rear,window or house arrest like in disturbia,the reason here is agoraphobia sure,thats technically different,but ultimately its all just home,confinement mad libs,whether the reason is agoraphobia or,algoriphobia doesnt matter,its still repetition of the same story,weve already seen,i was hoping this movie would at least,provide a fresh take on the story,but instead woman in the window feels,like a lazy rehash,its just ripping off better stories and,telling them in a worse way,this isnt exactly surprising when i,critique this movies story im,ultimately critiquing the source,material the book,i havent read this book but i do know,the author was accused of copying,another,novel called saving april there was a,new york times article on the,controversy,that i recommend reading that called the,two novels,strikingly similar the author of woman,in the window denied these claims,however this author also famously lied,about having a brain tumor,and lied about his brother and mother,dying much like amy adams character in,this movie,its hard to believe what hes saying,speaking of amy adams i dont blame her,for this movie not working,the performances arent bad as i said,this cast is great,but they just arent given anything to,work with the motivations are all over,the place and there is no reason to like,any of these characters,amy adams character can be especially,great at times,why russells character ping-pongs from,neutral to homicidal,based on what the script needs during,that scene,the sun character is completely,inconsistent this movie just feels all,over the place,it really feels like a movie that was,re-shot with adr,and title cards to explain whats going,on and strange frankenstein scenes,throughout,it is very disjointed at parts there,were multiple instances where very weird,editing and directing choices took me,completely out of the movie,strange graphics and camera movements,that did not fit with the tone of this,movie,woman in the window seems like its,trying to be 10 different movies at once,and,failing at all of them with this being a,murder mystery,when the mystery is revealed at the end,you want it to feel like everything just,clicks when a mystery is done right and,the final puzzle piece is laid down,as an audience a feeling of euphoria,washes over you,all your questions are answered you,start thinking back seeing earlier,scenes in a new light,discussing it with your friends as you,leave the theater the ending just feels,right internally,it is incredibly satisfying feeling when,done,correctly woman in the window didnt,give me that feeling it just gave me,blue balls,i found the ending to be totally,unsatisfying its not a logical or,anything it,technically makes sense but its just,completely underwhelming,theres no grand reveal theres nothing,to think about after i was just left,asking was that it overall i didnt,enjoy a woman in the window,its messy it never gains traction early,on large chunks of it are uninteresting,there arent likable characters to get,behind,many scenes feel off its tone is,confused there are a number of strange,choices that took me out of the movie,and the ending ultimately was very meh i,wouldnt recommend this to anyone if you,like the idea of the premise just go,watch rear window,disturbia fright night or enchanted,if you stumbled upon this video please,consider subscribing to my channel,i post new horror rants commentaries and,deep dives on fridays,on saturdays i post horror shorts as,well on mondays i post,quick one minute recommendations for,horror movies available to watch on,shutter netflix and amazon prime thank,you for all the recent support,subscriptions likes and comments really,do help this channel to grow,thank you for watching ill see you in,the next video

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