1. Thinkific Review 2021 [Why I Switched And Stayed]
  2. Should I Create an Online Course? [THINKIFIC REVIEW]
  3. Thinkific Tutorial for Beginners 2022 (Full Guide)
  4. Thinkific vs Teachable: Which Course Builder is Better?
  5. 7 Best Online Course Platforms in 2022 | Teachable vs. Thinkific vs. Kajabi vs. Podia
  6. Kajabi vs. Thinkific: Which Course Builder Should You Use? | Complete Review & Walkthrough
  7. Why Choose Thinkific as Your Course Hosting Platform? | My Personal Experience With 5 Courses

Thinkific Review 2021 [Why I Switched And Stayed]

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Should I Create an Online Course? [THINKIFIC REVIEW]

should you start an online course Im,going to tell you the answer is yes,Ive monetized my YouTube channel in a,lot of different ways and if youre,curious about how I make money with my,youtube channel Ill link to a video,over here but one thing I didnt talk,about in that video because I had just,started this journey was online courses,and I have learned that an online course,is an amazing way to make amazing,passive income on line and its so much,easier than I thought it was going to be,if you have an idea for a course because,you have a lot of knowledge you can,share youve already done the hard part,because the hard part is accruing years,and years and years of knowledge that,you have that you can teach someone else,so once youve done all that and if,youre looking at this video Im gonna,assume youve done all that I promise,you youve done the hardest part already,so today I want to tell you a few steps,you can take to create your online,course and make Im gonna tell you this,year Im projecting to make tens of,thousands of dollars over just a few,courses that Im hosting online and that,to me is really exciting money,considering this whole online thing I do,is just my side gig,are you ready step number one is to,create an outline for your course so I,just open up a word document every time,I have an idea for a course and I create,an outline that looks like this I break,things up into separate modules because,I know a lot of my users might not be,consuming my entire course in one,sitting so each module builds on the,last module so the information is kind,of cumulative as my users go and I dont,want to waste their time you know kind,of winging it in my course I really just,want everything to have a purpose and a,reason for them to learn the material,step number two is to choose the,platform on which youre gonna host your,course this is kind of a big decision,you got a few options out there in the,end we decided on think if ik we looked,at kajabi we looked at teachable but,what really stood out for us with think,if ik was that you could host three,courses for free on think if ik and like,make money with a free trial of think if,ik which was super attractive because,we werent sure you know about this new,business venture we were entering and,what we were willing to invest time into,creating the course we didnt want to,invest a ton of money into it because we,didnt know if it was gonna be,successful or not and literally in the,first three days we could tell we had a,winner on our hands with our first,course so think if ik was awesome,now we ended up integrating think if ik,into my website if you go over to Jen,Jagger comm you can see how weve kind,of worked with think if ik within our,WordPress site and click around there,and get some ideas if youd like and if,you didnt even want to build a website,for your courses think if ik works as a,website and as a landing page for your,courses it is so turnkey you can,integrate it with Google Analytics so,you can keep track of how people are,finding your think if ik courses they,host all of the content they take a lot,of different types of courses you could,do something thats all text you could,do video you could do a webinar you,could do audio files you could do a mix,of all of these things in your course,and think if exported all they collect,email addresses for from your users and,share them with you which is amazing you,could see how far into the course that,your users are so you can keep track of,their progress you can issue,certificates when they complete the,courses it is so full service on think,epic and we love it they even take care,of all the credit card processing for,you now we did end up upgrading to the,pro plan because we had so much success,with our courses but we did know that if,youre on the free trial of think if ik,they use stripe credit card processing,but we actually got a few emails from,people asking if we accepted PayPal and,I kind of got the feeling that for every,like one person who took the time to,email me and say do you accept paypal,there was probably like five or ten who,wanted to buy a course but didnt want,to use stripe they really wanted to use,PayPal so we switched to the pro plan,that let us take PayPal as well and I,would say 50% of our purchases right now,are through PayPal so Im really glad,that we upgraded it was totally worth it,step number three is to,youre content now you want to do this,after youve selected your platform,because once you get to know your,platform youll see all the different,things you can do with your content you,want to take advantage of that so some,parts of your course might be video they,may be text one thing I loved about,think if ik was for our Final Cut,Rockstar course where I teach you how to,edit on Final Cut I actually could,upload tons of media to think if Excel,when someone buys the course they get to,download video files that get to,download graphics and all sorts of,things that they use to follow along,with me in that Final Cut course so that,really truly was amazing step number,four is to determine your pricing now,this is something that might take a,little bit of trial and error playing,with the price points to see where you,get the most response but remember the,name of the game is volume this is work,that might take you a week to do today,but thats gonna pay off for you for,years to come,so you dont want to price things too,too high but you do want to show what,the value is of the course for instance,I have a few different courses on think,if ik you know ones like an hour long,in-depth course thats at one price,another one is almost four hours so,thats obviously at a higher price I,have another course thats more of a,webinar so thats actually our lowest,price course so you know your different,courses might have different price,points and you might want to play around,with the pricing to find that sweet spot,well once you find it youre good the,other thing that I love about think if,ik once we upgrade it to the pro plan,were able to do specials and run sales,on our courses so we can email people,who maybe signed up for one course or,sign up on our website but never,purchased a course we can offer them,like promo codes to come back and make,more purchases so thats awesome – it,feels like a real online business with,think–if ik step number five is to mark,it mark it mark it if no one knows about,your course theyre not gonna sign up,for it now because Im on YouTube and I,have this like pretty sizable platform I,can create content that gives people a,tidbit of what my course might be and if,they want to learn more I direct them,over to my website to purchase my think,if @ course,but you could go other routes as well,you could do a pay-per-click advertising,lets say on Facebook or run pre-roll,ads on YouTube you can run ads on,LinkedIn so theres other more,traditional ways to market but I think,if youre someone whos like kind of an,expert in your field and you have a,business and youre just kind of doing,these courses as a side gig I would,recommend a content marketing strategy,content marketing is something I talked,a lot about on my channel and its,amazing because you can create content,that really helps people but then,entices them to find more so to either,hire you for your business you can,direct them to purchase a course you can,do affiliate marketing to them so,content marketing in my opinion is a,great way to earn extra money outside of,your business,so if youre interested in anything,about content marketing I do have a,playlist about it you want to learn more,Im gonna link to that over here good,luck with creating your course it is,something I wish we had done sooner and,it was a lot easier than I thought it,was going to be because of platforms,like think if ik that do so much of the,heavy lifting for you you really just,need to know your topic and create that,outline and everything else is really,simple good luck to you I wish you

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Thinkific Tutorial for Beginners 2022 (Full Guide)

whats up my name is simon and in this,video,im gonna show you step by step how to,create your online course using,thinkific,thinkific is one of the most popular,online course platforms,because they make it very easy and quick,to get your course up and running,without having to worry about any,complicated technical issues,now in this tutorial i will walk you,through every step on my computer,so you can easily follow along and set,up your own online course on thinkific,while watching this video the goal is,that at the end of watching this video,youll be all set up and ready to launch,ill also leave timestamps down below in,the video description so you can always,come back,and re-watch certain parts if you have,any questions at some point,just leave them down below in the,comment section and ill make sure to,get back to you as soon as possible,also if you find this video helpful make,sure you dont forget to click that,thumbs up button,so that more people can find this,information with that being said,lets get into the tutorial alright so,lets get started with the first step,which is to sign up for a new,free thinkific account now you could,either go to,thinkific.com or if you want to support,me and my youtube channel,you can also use the link down below in,the video description or just type in,medicsmedia.com forward slash thinkific,and that will redirect you to the,thinkific homepage,this is my personal affiliate link which,means that i would get a commission if,at some point you decide,to uh to go for a paid plan this is,basically how i can make all those,free videos for you guys so i would,highly appreciate if you use my link but,if not thats okay,as well so the first step that were,going to do is were going to go to the,top right here and click on get started,free then we have to type in,our first name our last name our email,address decide on a password,and then click on create your account,then here on the next step we just have,to answer a couple of questions,so just go through this on your own and,then you can click on start creating,courses,cool so that takes us inside of our new,thinkific account,and before we get started setting,everything up we want to quickly go into,the email inbox of the email address,that we have used to sign up for,thinkific and then we want to make sure,to look for this specific email,where it says that we need to confirm,our account so go to your email inbox,look for this email and then click,on confirm my account and then it will,take you back,inside of your thinkific account,now as you can see here on the front,page of your account you can see,like a checklist where they try to help,you setting up your first course and,also getting it launched,and you can also see a progress bar here,right now we are at seven percent which,just means we have created our thinkific,account,and the goal is to get that bar to a,hundred percent,and you dont actually need to worry,about this checklist here because im,going to be walking you through,everything,in this video and youll see that at the,end of the video youll we will be at a,hundred percent,here now let me quickly give you an,overview over,this thinkific uh platform just so you,know how to navigate,through your account so here on the left,side is basically where you navigate,through your account so you have managed,learning content,this is basically where you can create,your courses,and set up your lectures and all that,kind of stuff create categories,add instructors um and so on,and then you have design your site which,has to do with the design of your,online course platform the design of,your sales pages,and also of your kind of course page you,can basically kind of build a website,where you host all of your courses on,and were going to go into this menu,later on in the tutorial,then you have market and sell this has,to do with actually getting your course,out there promoting your course to,people,to actually buy it and you can create,coupons you have sales widgets,you can track your orders right here and,you have also integration so if you want,to integrate,thinkific to maybe an email marketing,software like mailchimp or something,like that,you can do that right here and then,advanced reporting is something you can,go into after you have launched your,course,and you want to see how many people have,enrolled and whats the progress of your,students and so on,and under the support your students,section this is how you can kind of help,your students out by,maybe giving them assignments giving,them reviews or tracking their progress,and so on this is also something you can,go into once you get some students so,you can really figure out,whats the best way to teach your,students whatever youre teaching and,kind of help them on their learning,journey and then settings is something,that we will go,into later on in the video where were,gonna make some changes where were,gonna just,check if everything is set up correctly,for your account,and here you can change your account,details,and also upgrade to a paid plan if at,some point you decide that you need one,of the pro features,its very cool that thinkific has a free,plan but youll notice that a lot of,features are only available for a paid,plan,so if at some point you decide that you,need those paid features,or you want to make more courses then,you can upgrade here by clicking on,update plan,so lets now get started and create our,first course,so we go to the left side here and,scroll all the way up,click on manage learning content and,then we want to click,on courses right here,and then click on new course on the top,right,and here you can either decide to go,with a course template,so they have different templates that,are already set up so they have already,set up chapters and lessons kind of as a,structure,that you can use for your own course so,theres like a mini course,a webinar replay a flagship course and,so on,but what im going to go with is just a,blank template so i can show you how to,build,up a course from scratch so im going to,choose blank template right here,and as an example for this video im,going to create a course for people that,are interested,in ranking videos in the youtube search,algorithm,so im going to um im going to type in,youtube,ranking academy this is the name of the,course that i want to create,then im going to click on create course,and that takes us inside of the course,menu where we can start building out our,course content so,the first thing that were going to do,is add chapters to our course and then,were going to add,lessons to each chapter so on the bottom,left you can click on add chapter,and then were going to give the chapter,a name so were just going to call it,um the basics then im going to click on,save and then you can see the new,chapter has showed up here on the left,side,under course curriculum and,lets add some more chapters so again,were going to click on add chapter,were going to name this lets say,setting up your youtube,channel again click,save and then lets add another chapter,so we have three chapters and,lets name this creating your,first video now you could also set,chapters to a draft mode which means,that,when people start enrolling in your,course then they will only,see the chapters that are not in draft,mode so if you click here,then you can still keep working on the,chapter even while,when people are already enrolled in your,course,but im not going to do that so im,going to uncheck and click on save,and now we already have three chapters,so the next step is to add lessons,to our chapters and there are multiple,ways you can do that so if you already,have a lot of videos,recorded and you just want to upload,them all at once,what you can do is click on bulk,importer right here,and then you can see all the chapters,that you have created already here,and you can um just bulk upload multiple,videos at once,and then it will create lessons based on,those videos,so let me show yo

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Thinkific vs Teachable: Which Course Builder is Better?

A while ago I created a free Amazon book ads course and quickly put it on,Thinkific as my course creation service however a bit later I saw Mark Dawson,self-publishing formula course hosted on Teachable and thought maybe I made a,mistake and considering that my subscription is about to run out with,Thinkific it was the right time to put a little bit more investigating into,it and figure out which one is the best course builder Thinkific or Teachable,and to do that best I decided to get a subscription to both that way I put the,same course on each and we can get a side-by-side look at how that looks,between the two ultimately this is going to take the guesswork out of it so that,you can get a clearer picture and figure out which one is the best and yes there,clearly is the winner in this one but before we get into that if youd like to,learn more about this sort of thing and find out when my next video comes out be,sure to click the little subscription button and the little bell icon to the,right and with that lets begin okay lets get started by looking at some of,the major things that you should consider when looking at a course,builder and that is pricing the course player look the sales page how easy it,is to build the course and email integration lets start with pricing,Thinkific and teachable both offer four different packages that range from,free to premium each package level between Thinkific again Teachable are,pretty much the same as the other and they pretty much have the same,capabilities in them except for some hidden aspects that are very important,all right lets start with the free packages with Teachables free package,you can only have ten students however would think of it you get unlimited,Teachable does allow you unlimited courses while Thinkific only allows,three but I dont really think thats a big of a deal I mean after all if you,have more than three courses you probably should be using the basic,package anyways which allows for unlimited courses and finally teachable,has an extra processing fee of $1 plus 10% for every sale while think effect,does not lets break that down say for example your course costs a hundred,dollars and you sell ten of them because of teachables processing fee youd lose,a hundred and ten dollars and only make a total of,and $90 while with think if ik you profit the entire $1000 now lets look,at the basic package which is probably the package that is best for a majority,of you guys watching at first glance it would appear as though teachable takes,the cake on this one being that its basic package is $10 a month cheaper but,teachable also still charges a $1 plus 5% transaction fee while Thinkific,still doesnt charge any transaction fee big difference especially if you want to,sell courses or in my case give away a free course and finally the other major,difference in packages is that the professional and enterprise level,teachable offers more super advanced stuff in addition to what Thinkific,does however think if ik offers something called a growth package that,you could purchase on top of your package and get those same additions and,when I say advanced were talking things like public API webhooks Brillion exams,and advanced segmentation this isnt really a big deal for me because in,truth I really dont plan to do or use any of those things nor do I have the,people or the team to be able to implement that so Im gonna give my,point to think if ik on this one unless youre like some uber awesome course,maker and youre looking to pay $500 a month anyways for a service then maybe,you want to look at teachable next lets look at the course player this is,basically what your students are going to see when they take your course now,like I said in the beginning of this video I started by looking at somebody,elses course on teach role and thought oh man maybe I made a mistake,at that time this is what my course looked like on Thinkific as compared,to Teachable I mean talk about a big difference right its blaza no,branding nada but while I was putting together this review Thinkific came up,with a new look for their player and it looks way better as you can see theyre,pretty similar now however what I like most about Thinkific is that I can put,my logo at the top use my brand colors and keep my branding strong you can sort,of do that with teachable but not as well also I love the new navigation side,of think effect the course is connected like that so Im,gonna give a point to think if ik for this not just because of the logo or the,navigation side but also the fact that they continue to improve and add on as,they go so um were not uppered alright next is the sales page and check-out,process when it comes to the sales pages Thinkific is much easier to build,considering they have some great niche or business sector templates to quickly,employ and you can do some customization through CSS and a bit of HTML however,Teachable has a lot more advanced features you can unlock with it you can,use HTML coding to design your pages however you want basically a bit more,flexibility now while Im not much of an HTML coder and couldnt personally use,that aspect of it which is why my landing page doesnt look as good with,Teachable but I can see how important it might be to do that especially if you,want a legit looking page and Teachable also offers a free master class on,building course pages alright lets go ahead and look at the payment processing,aspect for how customers see as they go through to purchasing your course with,Teachable its a pretty sharp checkout process that is one step whereas with,Thinkific isnt as sharp and requires two steps for the customers to purchase,so for the sales page and the checkout process Im gonna give one point to,Teachable all right lets go ahead and check out the course creation process,the truth is theyre pretty similar to each other they both have a,drag-and-drop capability and they were both very intuitive there are however,two things Id like to bring up that is a bit of a difference for each first,Thinkific has some great surveys that you can employ to help improve your,course over time which is nice and also really important especially if its a,higher priced course and I also prefer their video library because I can react,cess previously uploaded videos this is something that I didnt think is really,important when I first started using it but over time yeah Ive come to love it,so therefore I give think if ik a point next is email integration this is the,process of connecting your email service to the course builder service that way,when somebody purchases that email will get ported right over and you can have,it with teachable you only get convertkit and MailChimp,whereas with Thinkific you get Convertkit MailChimp Aweber,Active Campaign ConstantContact and Infusionsoft now technically if you,dont see your email service provider in either of those lists its still not a,problem you can use a third-party software called Zapier which will grab,the email from one and bring it over to your email service the only problem with,this is sometimes that rings up an extra bill and in most cases going to be $25 a,month so because Thinkific has way more email integrations and therefore,less of a chance of you having to pay $25 extra a month this point goes to,think of it okay so so far think affects winning four to one in the major,categories but lets go ahead and look at some of the minor features that while,they arent features that I personally use or think are that important I know a,lot of people who think they can be crucial especially for their courses so,lets go ahead and list some of the major differences there and see what,happens the first is quizzes with teachable you can create simple,multiple-choice questions and only give a right or wrong answer indication but,with Thinkific you can have questions and answers via text images or video,plus some other advanced quiz features so many point to Thin

7 Best Online Course Platforms in 2022 | Teachable vs. Thinkific vs. Kajabi vs. Podia

if youre thinking about creating and,selling online courses your online,course platform is one of the most,important tools youll need but there,are quite a few options out there and a,lot of them are very different from each,other so today im going to talk about,my favorite online course creation,platforms and help you choose which one,is right for you hey im melissa and,welcome back to whit and wire where we,help creators turn their skills and,passions into profitable online,businesses one of the most important,distinctions we have to start with is,the difference between a course,marketplace and a course creation,platform on the marketplace side we have,sites like skillshare udemy and coursera,so the way it works is that students,actually go to those websites to find,courses and can purchase a course and,take it on that website as a creator,what you would be doing is almost like,contributing a course to udemy or to,skillshare and i have a fairly,successful skillshare course with a few,thousand students and that course is,great for exposure its put me in front,of a lot of people but i dont earn very,much money from that course at all the,biggest downside in fact to course,marketplaces is the fact that it really,puts a cap on your profitability so of,those nearly 6 000 students i earn like,100 to 200 per month at max and some of,that money comes from me referring,people to skillshare for udemy you may,earn a little bit of money per course,but udemy controls your course pricing,and they can discount it at any time on,top of that for any of those course,marketplaces ultimately youre building,up that companys business and you dont,have access to the customers so those,students are skillshare students they,are udemy students and you cannot market,to them you do not have their email,addresses and as a business owner i,think that is a huge downside on the,other hand if youve heard of teachable,thinkific kajabi or podia these are,online course creation platforms and,when you use one of these tools you are,creating an online course but then when,a student makes a purchase they are,paying you directly the way i usually,describe it is that you can use a tool,like wordpress or squarespace to build a,website but you dont go to,squarespace.com to see other peoples,websites in that same way you dont go,to teachable.com to explore a,marketplace of courses instead somebody,may find my course because they discover,whit and wire and then they go to my,website they see that i have a course,they make a purchase from me and then,theyre going through that course that i,happened to build using teachable,overall the course creation platform is,a white label solution that lets you,create your own product and to me thats,the big difference is it your product or,does it belong to a marketplace,technically if you upload content to one,of those sites like udemy skillshare or,coursera you still own your own content,but for the sake of our discussion i,almost always recommend using the online,course creation platforms and those are,the tools were going to be focusing on,because they are much more profitable,for business owners the first platform,is teachable,full disclosure i used to work a,teachable full time for four years but i,wouldnt have worked there if i didnt,believe in the product and i was,actually a teachable user before i was a,teachable employee so here are a few,reasons why i love teachable first its,super customizable you can create any,type of experience inside each,individual lesson so for example you can,add a video and then put text below it,with your recommended resources or you,can list an action item now obvious as,that sounds not all course creation,platforms do that there are other,options where you can only have a video,or only have a download per lesson and i,think that makes for a worse student,experience because sometimes you need,more than a video to really accomplish,the goal of one lesson i also love the,flexibility of the curriculum builder,this is where i spend most of my time as,a creator either building courses or,updating or adding curriculum so the,fact that you can easily publish or,unpublish lessons as youre working on,them you can make certain parts,downloadable you can customize what goes,into the lessons you can do all kinds of,cool stuff with embedding forms to,create pulse checks i just think theres,so much that you can do with teachable,because of the flexibility that it,offers i also think that the student,experience is nice its easy to go,through and it makes for a clean easy to,follow experience another area where,teachable really shines is the checkout,you can add benefits testimonials and a,guarantee along the side and all of,those increase the conversion potential,of your checkout page its also a single,page checkout experience ill talk about,a two-step checkout for some of the,other tools but basically what this,means is that there is no step one,create a login and then step two,check out and the more steps you have,the more chances that you have for,students to say no and to decide not to,buy from you so overall teachables done,a lot of work to optimize this checkout,process to increase your odds of making,the sale there are also tons of,integrations and zap options in zapier,so you can make anything possible,between teachable and most tools that,youre probably using for your business,i also forgot to mention that when,youre creating curriculum you can use a,cloud importer so if your videos are in,dropbox or google drive you can connect,to it directly instead of downloading,videos and then uploading them which i,think is really nice and not something,most of the platforms use now no tool is,perfect and teachable is no exception,this is not a flaw but i think an,important consideration when it comes to,pricing teachable is comparable to the,others on this list its not more,expensive or less expensive and they do,have a free plan to get you started but,i do think its noteworthy that on the,free and basic plans there is a small,transaction fee so at a certain point,when you start to sell a couple thousand,dollars in course sales per year which i,know you will then you may want to,upgrade to the pro plan to avoid those,fees but when youre just getting,started overall they dont add up to too,much where i think that those are still,the right options and honestly i,recommend the basic plan for most,teachable creators until you start to,scale the other area of improvement for,teachable are the sales pages so im,talking about the sales page for your,own course they have definitely improved,the editor over the last few years but,what i actually do instead is i use my,wordpress site and i build my sales,pages there and then on the button on,those pages when you click it you go to,a teachable checkout page or another,checkout so you dont need a fancy,integration to do that i just wanted to,share that that is the tech stack that i,recommend for creators whether its a,wordpress site a squarespace site,whatever you used to build your website,you can use that to build your sales,pages one more thing about teachable,thats really noteworthy is the fact,that they automatically calculate eu vat,tax and they can pay out affiliates if,you turn on a feature called back office,teachable has done a lot to really,create a comprehensive checkout,experience and to handle a lot of the,finances for you on the admin side so,teachable is definitely the clear winner,when it comes to checkout and conversion,optimization on the front end for your,buyers platform number two is thinkific,teachable and thinkific are very similar,and even though i use and love teachable,i know a lot of people are very happy,with thinkific and it could absolutely,be right for you i will say that their,checkout i think pales in comparison to,teachable because they have a two-step,checkout students have to create a login,first then they go to a second page,where they can check out and

Kajabi vs. Thinkific: Which Course Builder Should You Use? | Complete Review & Walkthrough

if youre looking to create and sell,online courses,kajabi and thinkific are two great,platforms,but which one is right for your business,were gonna find out,in this video,hey guys ross erosion founder and ceo of,tricycle creative a digital and content,marketing agency,and if youre looking for more digital,marketing and business growth videos,consider subscribing to our channel so,to do this correctly,i have come up with eight different,judging,categories for thinkific and kajabi and,they are,pricing course creation assessments,communications sales,analytics site builder,and support,[Music],so were gonna start at pricing because,i can appreciate that that is a,well an obvious place to start when it,comes to how much am i going to have to,pay,monthly or annually but the kajabi and,thinkific are not necessarily,apples to apples theyre pretty damn,close,but i do want to present this to you as,close i guess two apples to apples as,possible,so lets bring up the pricing for kajabi,and,thinkific when we look at kajabi now im,going to talk more about this throughout,the video,kajabi has some added different features,that think if it does,not so that is kind of important to kind,of put an asterisk,about this pricing but i im also going,to break this down they both,offer annual and monthly,plans but to keep these things kind of,on the same terms,lets just look at their monthly plans,and heres why,even though im walking you through both,of these platforms,you obviously may still want to kick the,tires a little,and paying for an entire years worth,might be,way too much of a commitment you,probably will want to start,monthly now on kajabi when you look at,these monthly plans,it starts with the basic for 149 a month,where you get three products and a,product is a course,or uh like a downloadable or something,like that,three pipelines unlimited landing pages,marketing emails,thousand contacts now again this is,important note,because kajabi does have this integrated,email system which well talk about more,a little bit later now they also have,this growth plan the 199. thats the one,i was on,15 products so that would be 15 courses,15 pipelines unlimited landing pages so,on and so forth were going to talk more,about these again throughout,im bringing this to you just at a high,level heres the one thing im going to,bring up,about the kajabi platform,i do not think that a 14-day trial,is enough with kajabi,because they have so many kind of extra,functions,and part of its also because its not,necessarily as intuitive,i feel like they should extend this to a,30-day trial,because 14 days particularly if youre,an entrepreneur solopreneur whos doing,this,as kind of a side part of your business,14 days just wasnt enough for,me to fully understand everything about,the kajabi platform,and thats saying a lot because im a,tinkerer i tinker like hell,and again in between creating the,courses,editing the video like looking at all,the functions,i needed more than 14-day trial now if,we flip over to,thinkific and again were going to make,this an equal playing field were going,to look at monthly,theirs youll notice are significantly,lower,and heres what i really like about they,have a free,they have a free version,and and this is fantastic because itll,give you the opportunity to test drive,just like they say,thinkifics core feature set for free,and the free includes three courses,which is equal to the 149 that kajabi is,asking over here,so three courses unlimited students,quizzes surveys hosting content,again were going to get into these a,little bit more then you have your basic,for 49 a month 99 and then the major,big guy here 4.99 now yes,the free may not have all the features,but i really really,love that they have a free version,because you are gonna need time to go in,and get used to how these platforms,work so i currently use the pro,for mine but even on the free im sorry,on the basic version,unlimited courses and students,thats not offered anywhere in any of,these kajabi,platforms i was just blown away by that,that theres no unlimited here,but your second level in on thinkific,you get unlimited courses in students so,big difference huge difference actually,when it comes to kajabi,versus thinkific pricing pricing,point goes to thinkific,hey guys before we keep going are you,finding this video helpful if so,hit that like button,[Music],if youre looking at thinkific versus,kajabi its because youre looking to,launch courses,for your business so now what i want to,dive into is the actual,course creation experience,if you will so were going to start with,kajabi,and uh lets start with kajabi sorry,here we go,now s even vernacular wise it took me a,second to figure out but like,products thats your courses,so im going to this is what i just,created test well click into that,it gives you kind of these default,settings and and you,just for so were using the right,verbage here these course introduction,these would be like,chapters and then underneath it these,would be like,lessons okay now,heres one thing about kajabi when it,even gives you these defaults lets,click into just,this first lesson right here,you have two options you can do a video,or you can do an assessment or,you could just keep it as text inside of,here,but you only have these two options when,it comes to,the media if you will that you want to,attach,now conversely when we come over to,thinkific,flagship ill just call this test,okay if i click into again same deal we,have chapter one,chapter two but lets do add lesson,look at all of these different options,it gives you video,you can do a quiz to be fair thats what,assessment is in kajabi,multimedia you can do just as a text you,can do a survey,you can do a pdf this would be a,downloadable type thing you can do,audio only download you can put a,presentation up there,brilliant exam does require a uh,like a brilliant account so its just a,more advanced,exam type you can create an assignment,so if you are going to do a course or a,lesson and you want to give someone kind,of homework,that would be an assignment and then,they have a live which is in,beta and that gets driven through zoom,which as you can see here if we hover,over it,you need to connect zoom before you add,this lesson so looking at all of these,options when you create a lesson inside,of thinkific,versus kajabi its,definitely advantage thinkific pricing,point thinkific,[Music],when youre creating a course youre,going to want to create,assessments or quizzes tests,for the people who are going through,your course they can even be super,simple true or false,one question two question but it does,help to add that extra level,of engagement and even understanding,of whatever it is that you are teaching,showing,presenting so now what i want to do is,take a second and walk you through and,show you the differences between,assessments on both kajabi and,thinkific so when we look at,kajabi when you create a new and here,ill show you,this create a new,in this case again its called post,which again seems a little,counterintuitive but were going to say,post,oh lets say you want to make this a,quiz okay you click into it,and you say oh i want to make this an,assessment wait what,this was so freaking confusing to me,that when you create assessment you,dont actually create it in here,to create an assessment you have to go,to,people,assessments then what you do is you,create a new assessment,in here and then connect it,to that lesson this is kind of,the the i would say the flaw that,is constant throughout kajabi is the,id say user interface but also how,things connect,and where you find them is not,intuitive it i again am a tinkerer,and it took me time to figure out where,the hell to find some of this stuff,now conversely if we come over here,to thinkific let me click out of this,and lets say add new lesson and i want,to do,a quiz im going to call this,quiz 1 hit enter,look into it and boom right inside of,here im creating my,quiz

Why Choose Thinkific as Your Course Hosting Platform? | My Personal Experience With 5 Courses

theres a huge variety of online,learning platforms such as kajabi,teachable and thinkific that you can,load your courses up onto,but why would i choose thinkific,well thinkific has been a great choice,for me there are many key reasons why i,prefer to use thinkific for my own,courses,so my intention for this video is to,show you through some of these key,reasons because you just might be like,me youre looking for a platform that,can host your course or a number of,different courses but you just dont,know which one to choose,so hopefully this information will help,you out and give you some guidance about,what might or may not work right for you,with thinkific,so im going to actually go into my own,dashboard my own,site for thinkific show you around show,you how easy it is to upload your,courses and therefore this might make,your decision a little bit easier,so lets get into the video now,so this is my main dashboard itll give,you some information about the revenue,coming in over a certain period of time,so you might have that to like a certain,year or the whole length of time so that,will help you out,also youve got the different courses,ill show you all my courses soon but,what you need to do is you go to manage,learning content if i went to courses,this would be where you would,host your courses and if you want to,create a new one you just click this,button here what ill do is show you to,the thinkific website to start with,well come back and ill just show you,how easy it is to add a new course and,to start up the process so you can use,thinkific to host your different courses,that you want so lets go to the,thinkific website on here its just got,information about the way that you can,set up your site so youre picking,templates creating courses,and its got information about building,your business,theres a heap of information if you,scroll through youll be able to see how,it works if we go up to the different,pricing structures that are in place for,thinkific,no matter how many courses you have,you have the one payment structure,and ill go through why i like thinkific,during this presentation,but it does have a free trial for the,first 30 days which therell be a link,in the description for that 30 days,youve got the basic then youve got the,most popular thats the one i currently,use and that just allows me to load up,as many courses i want and get the key,features that i need and then youve,also got the premiere one as well,which gives you all these additional,features that might be suitable to what,you want to do so well go off this now,well go back to the main presentation,first about why i like thinkific as a,platform then what well do is go back,to my dashboard and ill,load up some information ill show you,how to create a course because it is,just so simple to use so let me go to,the main presentation,so why do i choose thinkific well let me,give you a quick overview of the,platform and that might help you out,with making your own choice whether it,is the right platform for you,so for me the ease ability,to be able to upload my lessons for my,course was going to be one of those,critical components i wanted to tick off,ive had other platforms its just been,a bit harder to navigate through,but like a few different platforms,software platforms i use i need to have,them so theyre nice and easy im not,the most technical savvy person,so when i choose different platforms,they need to be easy for me to be able,to use and if i was to try and teach,someone else i want them to be easy for,me to teach as well,so,i just can easily go on to,the course creation component of it,add the lessons and then just save them,on there along with any different,documents that i want and again ill,show you this,at near the end of this video so you can,easily see how easy it is to upload the,lessons to thinkific,secondly the interface needs to be very,easy and when i create the courses i,want to be able to upload the different,lessons i want to be able to set the,course structure i want to have payment,terms that are nice and easy to follow i,want to be able to create a landing page,thats nice and simple so it ticks all,these boxes and again youll see how,easy it is when i create a mock course,as part of this video and it will show,you how easy it is and that again is why,the interface the main body of the,website where youre getting your,courses hosted needs to be nice and,simple to work through and to navigate,through another key benefit of thinkific,is that it manages the course payments,so if you have a student that goes on,and purchases your course well think,gific will manage that payment either,through paypal or even stripe for credit,card payments,there are different options you can use,theres one-off payments theres part,payments theres subscription models you,can use with thinkific so it covers all,of those areas so as you grow as a,course creator it gives you a lot more,flexibility with what you can choose to,help you grow and to scale your course,your course business or your educational,business and theyre just critical,things that i wanted to make sure that,were available as my business grew as,well so it was another key point,managing the payments for me and me not,having to worry about that element,so out of the different kinds of,platforms that are available there are,different pricing structures,some of them will give you a short free,trial and then you go into the payment,plan some give you a longer free trial,but then the monthly payment plan is,more expensive,some,have,different add-on features which then,starts to really add up in costs so,i found that thinkific was the most cost,efficient for me its given me an option,of either doing monthly payments which,ive normally started for about the,first three to four months to make sure,the platforms right for me and then i,can convert into an annual payment,therefore theres a heavier discount,to the monthly payments you can also um,organize for the subscription models,that are available through the the,thinkific platform so,you can decide whats best for you do,you want it to be an annual payment or,do you want like a monthly subscription,payment that you organize,so that choice is available and,for 79 us dollars for what i pay per,month it hosts all my courses and i can,continue to add to them its unlimited,students and it also will manage my,payments the extras,payment plan that ive moved to the 79,us dollars includes,having stripe as a payment option and,that allows people that may not have a,paypal account to use stripe for,processing credit card payments and if a,student is,if a payment fails then stripe will,continue to follow that up if you have a,subscription-based model for your,courses and theres a failure in payment,then again,stripe will continue to follow it up you,dont need to do that so thats another,benefit as well so before i take you to,my platform and show you how to load up,a course and how easy it is,ill just give you a quick overview of,some of the key points so number one it,was very simple to add content to the,platform the interface keeps things very,simple for me its very affordable,having,that payment plan option is critical for,me because it allows me to,scale up if i need to or pull back,it,manages your revenue for you and then,you can also integrate your email,marketing for example through convertkit,who i use,i can have people that sign up as a,student on thinkific through one of my,courses and therefore it will integrate,through convertkit to have,contact details go to convertkit so then,theyre part of my subscription base for,newsletters or broadcasts or anything,like that i do as well so thats another,benefit of the thinkific platform,now the other major thing is there is a,30-day free trial which,thinkific op offer now there is a qr,code you can scan that qr code that will,take you to it or you can check out the,links in the description below,but lets get on to my dashboard

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