1. Do You Want Your Child To Be A Math Champion? (Thinkster Math- Free Trial)
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Do You Want Your Child To Be A Math Champion? (Thinkster Math- Free Trial)

so hi my name is Jen from practical by,default comm solutions for the working,home school mom and I am so excited that,you guys have joy decided to join us,today so one of the things that many,many home schoolers struggle with are,subjects that we are not comfortable,with teaching our kids and thats,subject for me is math so math is not my,strong point and I have a struggling a,daughter who struggles with math it is,probably her most hated subject so one,of the things that I have learned though,is that when there are subjects that we,dont know how to teach we can always,find support or some way to help us,teach them and so one of those supports,that I have recently discovered is,thanks dormouse,I want to thank Raj for joining us today,hes offered to come in and answer some,questions for us about the program hes,going to tell us a little bit about how,it works and hes also given me a free,trial to test out with my daughter and,Ive also been invited to share that,with you so youll find that its in the,description link which should be above,or to the side look for my affiliate,link that will tell you how you can join,for seven days today lets see if it,works for you and your family um so far,we are really enjoying it but Ill share,that with you guys later okay lets get,started so first of all arrive can you,introduce yourself tell us a little bit,about you sure thank you so much for the,opportunity as well really appreciate it,I think youd do a wonderful job,very happily be part of this program,yeah so my name is Raj Raj Valley Im,the founder and CEO of things too we,started this company about six years,back and the main objective was that the,world of education has gone through,significant changes and it needs to go,through some more changes unfortunately,technology has not kept pace with all,the changes that have actually you know,been impacting you know healthcare,finance marketing automotive industries,pretty much every industry segment,thats out there has been completely,transformed because of Technology,unfortunately tutoring education,and the way teachers do their work and,how they teach has not yet had that,impact and so thats what were doing,were completely transforming the way,teachers teach and students learn so,that we can accelerate and provide,insights to teachers and we can also,accelerate learning outcomes to students,thats you know naturally what we do,its hard to like put the whole program,in a couple sentences one thing that you,mentioned is and I noticed with my,daughter just using it that briefly is,that there are the way that they learn,they have access to like videos and,worksheets and then help is right there,so that was really cool as a parent I,get to see all that yes so before I,start gushing about how much were,enjoying it first,I should let you tell us a little bit,about thinks your math what is it how,does it work okay so I try to be I tend,to be really long-winded because Im,very passionate about what Im doing so,if I get along when they just let me,know so so my the the core aspect of,things the way it works is that we are,student centric we are not teach,eccentric we are not content delivery,centric we are student centric which,means that when students dont,understand something its not the fault,of the student they dont understand,something because they are struggling,with the way it has been presented to,them I call this the language gap if you,speak to me in German and I didnt know,German its not my fault that I dont,understand what youre telling me so,thats how we put this or the job is,communication and the communication here,is can we teach something so that a,student can understand and absorb what,theyre doing so when we put the student,at the center of the universe then we,figure out okay how much does a student,know when they come and join us so we do,a very quick diagnostic test so we,quickly are able to identify areas of,strengths areas of potential arrays of,weaknesses we dont dictate that we have,some idea and then we try to now narrow,down that areas of strengths and areas,of weaknesses by refining by asking,additional questions by providing a high,degree of personalized assignments and,worksheets that we deliver to for,example your daughter and,more importantly as they are working,through the problems now this is what,has been a black box throughout history,up until our product being in the market,what has happened is that teachers will,teach either with chalk and talk in a,school or in a tutoring environment and,then people understand or students,understand that they get the problem,correctly and then some sample problems,ok go do some homework problems and come,back and tell me if you are having any,challenges that was typically the way it,was done the problem is that its like,trying to teach someone how to drive a,car when Im in the passenger seat,I look at you driving the car it looks,really easy all you do all I see you,doing is youre holding a steering wheel,maybe there was an accelerator pedal,maybe there is a brake pedal really easy,right,I think I can do the same thing by just,pretending to be in the behind the,steering wheel and then that I realized,that the entirety of learning kicks in,and I its not that easy having a car,appear simple but its not simple for,the first time thats exactly how,students feel when you teach them a,concept they said like well you know,what I nailed it and then you give them,a homework problem and theyre,struggling because they dont know what,the first step is well what were,looking at is that we pay attention to,what are their challenges as they are,trying to unpack the problem and solve,the problem a real cure sitting next to,you would be paying attention to that,student and saying hey you know what,that step 1 or step 2 youre making a,mistake and so you can actually put a,real cure they will do an amazing job of,watching your child problem is that its,very expensive because you have another,human being actually sitting and,watching you do the work and its not,sustainable its not repeatable on a,Friday evening at 9 oclock a teachers,tired student is tired so what we are,doing is that our system is doing the,job of providing our teachers a digital,pair of eyes and additional digital pair,of eyes its actually keeping track of,what the student is doing at a,millisecond level one thousandth of a,second so they can go and tell our,teachers additional insights after the,fact so if your daughter works on a,problem we arent having a teachers,actually you know whatever or shoulder,and find out what she is doing but,essentially our teachers are able to do,that after she,its the worksheet because they can play,back the problems in your daughter has,actually done quickly identifying,potential areas of mistakes yes and this,is no different than if you use a word,processing software you can quickly,identify where your maybe a grammar,mistakes and spelling mistakes dont,look at the entire document you just,look at the red and green squiggly lines,thats exactly what our teachers can,quickly do to quickly identify where,youre challenging rattled the student,is finding areas of a challenge and they,can quickly understand why are they,actually having the challenge by playing,back what was the student trying to do,and why did they come into a situation,rather than making a mistake that is,inside which is called time shift by if,you look at a real teacher grading your,work you can see eraser marks you can,actually see them actually know that,student has made a mistake and theyre,actually going in correcting the mistake,but what was the mistake they were,actually doing that led them to that to,make that erase event happen our,teachers can actually identify that and,we package this entirely because we are,you know we essentially have built a,student centric universe we want to make,sure that we call this a point of,learning when the student is actually,trying to solve a problem they are

How Thinkster Math Works

welcome to think stir math the worlds,leading math learning program used by,thousands of students first have your,child complete the skills assessment an,academic adviser will then review the,assessment and start to evaluate your,child strengths and weaknesses they will,call you to discuss the results and,after understanding your learning goals,they will match your child to a coach,based on the coaches discussions with,you they will create a personalized,learning plan and your child will begin,to complete worksheets we encourage your,child to always show their work the app,provides instant feedback indicating,right or wrong answers keeping your,child engaged and motivated all of our,worksheets come with access to video,tutorials which shows solutions to,sample problems this not only reduces,frustration but also ensures that your,child knows different strategies for,this problem first we need to count the,blocks and then we need to compare the,two numbers your dedicated coach will,review your childs work using our,patent-pending active replay technology,she can visualize your childs thinking,by playing back the work this not only,allows your coach to understand where,your child made a mistake but why they,made that mistake and provide specific,grading and feedback the ability to,provide precise feedback allows us to,accelerate learning outcomes for all of,our students,using our progress matrix you can also,keep track of your childs improvement,over time at each topic and concept,level this transparency is the reason,why we are able to guarantee that our,program will address your childs,learning needs during weekly or,bi-weekly one on one whiteboard sessions,the coach will explain difficult,concepts from the worksheets she can,also coach your child through homework,questions you submit before the session,our coaches are just an email call or,text away for any special requests our,free companion parent app provides,detailed daily insights allowing you to,view your childs worksheet activity,progress and also visualize specific,problems that they have received,feedback from the coach thinks their,kids are motivated and engaged by,earning points for completing worksheets,and playing math games points can then,be exchanged for gift cards from Walmart,Amazon Target and more we are honored to,have been featured in Apples App Store,as a notable education app we were,selected from among tens of thousands of,other education programs with glowing,media reviews the National parenting,center seal of approval and positive,feedback from our parents it is no,surprise we have students in over 30,countries across the world get thanks to,math award-winning world-class,curriculum guided by expert coaches,powered by artificial intelligence,enroll now and make your child a think,stirrer

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The Math Program that CHANGED our Homeschool || CTC Math Review

hey guys its Tiffany from Blessed,Bayers I thought I would tell you really,quickly about a curriculum that my,children have been using for several,years now one day I just randomly opened,up an email that had I dont even,remember whos from but they were,talking sorry about my hair its looking,weird here they were talking about this,award-winning curriculum and I knew at,the time that my kids were not really,happy with the math that we were doing,and so I was like well Im gonna try,this out I think they had like a free,trial or something like that it was,called CTC math we have used it now for,years my kids are doing great its,taught from this I dont know I think,its just one teacher whos from,Australia its all online we use my,fathers world curriculum so instead of,their math recommendation I have just,used CTC math like Ive said now for a,couple of years it is great so I just,thought I would fill you in and let you,know a little bit about it so Landon is,logged into his math its really simple,it doesnt take very long and they have,learned so much here shows you how I can,access and see when they signed in at,what time and what lessons they have,done its really helpful its very,accurate and it helps me to keep track,of what theyre actually doing in math,and if we have a problem we can go over,it together the customer service is,absolutely amazing but Im going to let,you see an example of what happens here,with some lessons and Ill just show you,a few minutes of that,okay so were clicking on a lesson and,of course there would be sound I dont,have the sound for you guys for this,particular video Im still working on,all of those details here but the guy,explains or the teacher shall we call,him this is just kindergarten he,explains about the square a square has,four equal sides its very simple he,talks very calm and very clear which I,appreciate and he just goes over as,right now hes counting the sides of,this square for the child and explaining,very simply and and also I would like to,say there is no common core with this,curriculum which I absolutely love now,hes explaining the triangle and then,now were gonna go to a little bit older,lesson measuring and cups I think this,was third or fourth grade level and of,course things get harder as you do more,lessons I just started out at the,beginning to show you how simple and,self-explanatory,it just really is so theyre explaining,about how many milliliters is in a cup,and Im really sorry that you cant hear,his voice its so soothing and just so,its also pretty cool because they have,an Australian accent which I love my,kids just Ive always loved people that,have that accent so its pretty cool but,anyways he just explains different,measurements and so anyways thats,pretty cool and again if the child is,not getting it you can go over it with a,child through like the parent side of it,or you can go back with them on their,lessons and help them to complete it and,you get to actually set the grade level,for what you feel is actually completing,it so I think mine is set at 80% I,require all my kids if they dont,understand it and they get a bad grade,they just do it again and again until,they finally comprehend it which I love,because then they dont get you know,like setback or whatever because as you,know one concept in math completely,builds on the other now were doing a,little bit of high school math this is,like Algebra one,and he just shows some examples of how,things work its so simple its not just,overwhelming I remember hating math when,I was younger because it was just so,fast-paced and I couldnt keep up with,it and I couldnt comprehend it and I,would have absolutely loved to have had,a curriculum like this its just I think,kids learn better when youre not,overwhelming them and bogging them down,with like 50 math questions on one page,every single day its not enjoyable but,this program really makes it truly,enjoyable and I also wanted to say that,all of my children I have Landon Whitney,Kennedy Leland and Benjamin enrolled in,CTC math their grades go from,kindergarten all the way up through high,school and its like $14 a month I,believe its not very much and its for,everyone and look see right here you can,see the awards the kids feel awesome,because I can actually print out a worch,for them that guys thanks for watching,Ill put the link in the description box,below,[Music],you

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Atul Jain Parent Experience Thinkster

my search is started with the time team,like when I was falling up in my mind,what was the study I find out like,something is missing like theyre going,to the regular curriculum the schools,are doing a great job in terms of,teaching and they are doing the,curriculums and things are happening but,the sense of practice and continuous,monitoring and continuous training and,more and more practice which is an,essence for building of the skill that,was missing so I and I can see like they,know the skill but they are not getting,proficient in the skills so thats why I,started searching for program which can,help more practice oriented and more,diverse in terms of giving them more,scenarios for understanding the basic,skills so I started with my search with,the traditional way of where everybody,goes is a cmon right now so I started,with them it was a very good experience,with them to start with them and learn,that has given a good basics to them but,it becomes more and more monitor on us,because it was not having a variety,because they were just going in a single,skill too much time so kids was getting,restless,in terms of doing the same thing again,again like the school has reached to the,- and the division and theyre still,doing plus s so it was frustrating them,because it was building the skill but it,was not up to the greater skill because,they want to keep them there on the,lower end they having different standard,thats why I just started with the thing,stood and thats what I am here right,now from the other programs which I have,tried and Vince not a thing sir so some,of the very attracting feature in terms,of things todays wave motivates you to,start with things stories as you dont,have any upfront cost we started things,to that was a very motivating and a,seven day trial period which attracts to,you is a magnet to join a program,because you are losing the thing in that,particular program so that was equal to,starter so you you get to know the,product you get another feature thats,how you start and the major part which,was missing in the other places was,length and breadth of the program you,can see that what,be covered in this entire program and,with the assessments you can see the,initial assessment which is being done,you can see that bill you stand right,now where your kicks in strength and,from that Ill point out what you have a,path or so that what is being getting,covered in that curriculum then the,major thing is with the kids is they get,bored very easily in terms of when you,have a single things keep coming to them,they dont want to do that they dont,want a bit variety in their sheets they,want different things keep coming to,them that is where the cuter human-based,touch comes into picture where a tutor,is there which is monitoring their,progress which is looking at what they,are doing and based on that path they,are setting up the sheets and at the,same time you have a feedback system in,the place where you can tell cuter okay,this is what my kids are facing problem,and you want to change something on the,curriculum and they are very fast to,respond in terms of changing the sheets,changing the pattern you want to stress,something on a specific topic you want,to am oh your feature over there to,put that particular sheet you can,request for the additional sheets so,its quite interactive the nature of the,system overall system and the ecosystem,is being built on the lot of interaction,between parents and the tutor where the,feedback is very easily and you can give,that response and based on that that you,can do the action you can discuss the,plan with the tutor so it is not just a,one-way system we are just you are just,getting the sheets doing that stuff and,so you get a variety you get a human,touch you get that particular feeling so,it was overall working as a program,typical like honestly speaking my kids,are not working much so that you will,right now because your program so they,are not working,much and I I am for me like they respond,singing up there in terms of who they,are regularly there the response time in,terms of verifying the shields,making the sheets correct and grading,them is good but honestly speaking like,I dont have too much not having too,much connect about this particular,it is not having too much tutor thing,but in terms of organizing the shades in,terms of designing the curriculum in,terms of making the things and making,grading the playlist is good so I its,on to whether very good because this is,an I cannot compared because I am NOT in,the program which is more of the to,debase things,what I would select in terms of message,to others is like its its a good,program and like you have a seven days,trial and you have nothing to lose in,terms of starting the program you can,definitely try the program I can see,that there is a visible difference in,terms of other program and the kind of,engagement you have and the connect,which you have with the overall system,and the quite a good feedback loop you,and you can see the progress in your,hand that you have a quite interactive,user interface to see where exactly you,are your kids are going you can see and,compare among the leaderboard that what,exactly is happening in the other places,and how things others are doing and you,there is enough gold to motivate your,kids for rewarding them the program is,rewarding them enough in terms of if,they are reaching certain coolin those,goals are achievable those goals are not,something like which is set a very high,standard and the program covers a wide,variety of topic at the grade level and,beyond the grade level and you can,request a specific topics where you see,that you want to have your kids working,more so theres a proper feedback loop,in terms of requesting those additional,skill areas so thats why my feedback,will be to speaker then my daughter was,starting the grid every time she was,having a struggle some time and the,start of the grade,before starting the things too but after,stings – I can see that improvement,right now she is doing good at the grade,level and beyond the grade level right,now its applicable for my both of the,daughter of one is already doing the,above grade level at a is equal since I,can see quite a difference right now I,can definitely see in terms of like the,grade by grade the last time they,started the third rate for my daughter,and the fourth grade for my daughter,where I was before things turn after,things – so she was having always having,trouble in while she was starting it it,really well in the before part but right,now after she is joining the new blade,after starting things she is finding it,more easier her grade level also and,is able to perform more things about the,grade level even for my younger and she,is doing that stuff right now I got,about the grade level which is very,exciting right now in terms of what her,curriculum and they are above and beyond,their curriculum so thats a what is,really a visible difference and at the,same time like they are able to do a lot,of mental calculations and I can see,those and I can sense those things,sometimes we are getting it better,because we are able to understand the,concept better and we are able to,practice it much better so thats what,the overall things are there and the one,of the major thing what motivates them,is they want to reach the 7500 points,because they are going to get the gift,called you might be everybody that,thats a gift card they say their target,like 7500 cuttin thats what excites,them a lot

Online Math Learning during Lockdown – Thinkster Math

hi yall welcome back to my channel and,todays video Im going to talk about,things doormat which is an online math,program that I have been using for the,past five months,the main advantage of this program is,that we get an online math coach and,individual learning sessions with the,coach here at blimps is from one of my,online sessions do i Pinkster coach my,Pinkster coach explained about area and,parameter clearing my doubts practice,some problems with me and corrected me,when I was wrong lets see whats in the,things to mask up open the things to,math app in your device and go to the,student profile you can see a few tabs,on the left side of the page,the first one is worksheets these,worksheets are appropriate for your,grades and help you learn more about the,concept youre learning at school for,example if your learning area and,parameter at school then these,worksheets will help you practice area,and parameter at home once you click on,a worksheet there will be different,videos helping you to solve the problems,in the worksheet for example lets take,the addition and subtraction worksheet,and watch one of the videos this video,helps you learn how to solve the,problems related to the worksheets once,you complete the worksheets you can see,the score you got in the worksheets your,online math coach will review every,worksheet and give you some feedback on,the worksheets lets see an example,these are the corrections made by my,coach it helps us understand how to,solve the problems that we got wrong you,get points for every correct answer in,your worksheet these points can add it,up and you can claim a reward at the end,of the month well well talk about that,later,the second tab after worksheets is the,leaderboard this shows the number of,points a yoga compared to,other people using thanks to math the,next step is your progress report this,shows your progress on each math concept,the green boxes show that I am good at,these worksheets and the yellow ones say,that I need to focus more on these,worksheets and the red ones say that I,need some help on these worksheets this,is the reward section that I mentioned,earlier this shows the number of points,you got for each month and your lifetime,reward points these points are from the,worksheets that you do the more,worksheets you do the more points you,have if you get seven thousand five,hundred points a month then you can get,five dollars in a gift card you can pick,any of these gift cards this is a,motivation for us to do more worksheets,and buy something with the gift card,next in the video library here you can,pick your grade and you will be able to,see the math topics that you learn in,that grade there will be several videos,related to a particular math concept for,example if I click on fractions then,there will be several videos telling me,more about fractions which I can use to,learn about fractions,thanks to math is a really cool math,program that helps me learn math from,home with the coaching of the math tutor,the length of extra math website is,provided in the description box please,click on the link and try Pinkster math,using the seven day free trial so try it,out by yourself thanks for watching if,you like my video please subscribe to my,channel


Good day, good people my name is Kabo  Sekoele and I am an online math tutor  ,here to help your child turn their  struggles into their successes,Today we are going to be talking  about a very notorious subject,  ,Kumon. Were going to be talking about what kumon  is, how they work and whether or not it is worth  ,your money. First of all what is Kumon? Kumon is  a self-learning math program. It is not a tutoring  ,center / tutoring institution. Their main  aim is to help your child be more independent  ,and self-sufficient in their learning and  thinking and reasoning this self-learning  ,method champions the childs ability to set  goals and solve unfamiliar and challenging tasks  ,independently enabling his child to progress  on his own without specifically being taught,Mow lets move on into how Kumon works. Firstly  they will assist your child to see at what level  ,in mathematics your child is at. Once theyve  established where your child is they will then  ,assign work to your child that is appropriate  to that level. They will then be asked to come  ,a couple of times in the week and on the days  when they do not come into the center they will  ,be assigned homework if you want to learn more  about their pricing and how much they charge then  ,please go into their website because their prices  do differ depending on where you are in the world.  ,Now like I said their aim is to help your child  become more independent in their learning so they  ,will try to accomplish that by giving your child  the basics and then encouraging your child to  ,build on those basics. Now im going to be 100  honest with you this is where my opinion starts  ,coming in. I love their philosophy, I love their  mission, I love that they try to help children  ,become more independent and self-sufficient.  Now although I love their mission and their  ,philosophy what I find questionable is how they  try to implement that philosophy. As I was doing  ,my research on Kumon I noticed that their focus  is more on helping your child develop their math  ,skills as opposed to helping them develop their  math understanding and their number sense. Now  ,number sense is an overall understanding of  mathematics and its something that each and every  ,single master of mathematics has acquired  over the years, so their focus is more on  ,solving the math problems, calculating fractions  solving this and this and that and calculations  ,and methods. They dont necessarily train children  how to think, they dont train them how to reason,  ,they dont use mathematics as a tool to  help children reason and become independent  ,therefore their kids cannot be independent  because in order for you to be independent  ,you need to know how to think you need to  know how to reason and that requires a level  ,of training. Children need to be given principles  and concepts to reason on, that is what develops  ,their reasoning and their thinking that is what  helps them to be independent once theyve been  ,given those principles they reason and come up  with their own methods they come up with their  ,own ways of calculating problems and they  develop math skills on their own but if you  ,give children methods and skills and if you  tell them step by step how to solve a problem  ,their mental capacity theyre not  being stimulated in any way theyre not  ,solving problems on their own. Its hard for  children to reason on methods and calculations  ,and steps but if you give them principles and  concepts then children can develop the skills that  ,they need on their own they wont have to be given  anything they will develop their own methods of  ,doing things their own ways of doing things but it  all starts with being given the right principles  ,and concepts to reason on. So although I love  their mission the implementation needs a bit of  ,work. This leads me to my next point, is it worth  your money? I think it is worth it, hear me out,  ,I think it is worth it for children who are still  in preschool and who are still in the early stages  ,of primary school and if you dont know what  primary school is im talking about elementary  ,school for those of our American friends, I think  it is worth it for their grades simply because  ,you dont need to reason much when youre at that  stage the minute your child goes into third grade  ,fourth grade they need to start developing the  art of reasoning and thinking for themselves  ,this is a gradual process but it has to  begin as early as possible a great tool  ,that should be used in helping children learn  how to reason and think is mathematics. Math  ,is great at helping children learn how to think  for themselves and not to think independently  ,it helps stimulate a childs mind there is a  reason why we were all forced to take mathematics  ,now math needs to be taught in the right way  in order for that to work so I suggest that  ,you seek an independent tutor if you want to  help your child get better in their reasoning  ,and in their thinking if they are struggling in  mathematics. Thank you so so much for tuning in,  ,I really appreciate it if you want to know more  about tutoring centers I do have a video all about  ,tutoring centres and how you as a parent can find  out which tutoring center is the best for your  ,child if you are looking for an independent math  tutor to help your child improve in their grades  ,I would love to be of help so please go ahead and  check out my website and book a free consultation  ,with me, I cant wait to meet you. Comment down  below what your opinion of Kumon is if youre a  ,parent who has taken your child to Kumon what  your experience has been id love to hear your  ,opinions and views. Like I said thank you so much  for tuning in please be sure to subscribe to my  ,channel like and share this video and comment down  below any other questions that you may like the  ,answers to other reviews that you would like me to  go over until we meet again soon goodbye for now.

Tabtor Math App Review and Demo – ABC

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