1. THINX period underwear – full review after 3 years of use!
  2. Testing Thinx PERIOD Underwear?! *does it work?*
  3. everything you want to know about my ZERO WASTE period // Thinx Review & how to
  4. I Tried Thinx Period Panties
  5. lawsuits & period leaks… testing + investigating Thinx and Knix
  6. I tried period underwear | Thinx Period Underwear Review

THINX period underwear – full review after 3 years of use!

hi friends welcome back to my channel,and in todays video i wanted to give my,review,of the things period underwear i bought,these about three years ago,but my period was a little inconsistent,and it also went m.i.a for a large part,of that time so ive only been using,them recently over the past six months,ish since my period came back,um so if you want to know how theyre,going for me then please keep watching,i have three pairs um this is when i,bought them in 2018 there werent that,many available or different styles,so i just got the super hip huggers as,well as the sport pair,which is what was their most popular but,now theres so many different styles,for everyones needs and everyones,preferences i only used to wear,overnight pads regardless of what time,of,day it was or how heavy my period was,because i just didnt want any leaks or,any shenanigans happening,but since i used to wear these overnight,pads i always felt like i was wearing a,diaper and it just felt so,heavy and thick and just diaper like,and i know that pads have gotten much,thinner over the years,and they are pretty good now but i just,didnt really like the way that they,felt and since i wasnt into menstrual,cups or tampons,pads were kind of the only other,solution at the time for me,another big factor of why i wanted to,find something a little bit more better,is the environment because pads take,about 500 to 800 years to decompose,and thats kind of crazy because if you,think about it well die,and our bodies will be gone but our,gross blood filled,period pads will be sitting in landfills,like decomposing and releasing gas like,itll just be so gross and i just cant,fathom the thought of like my blood my,period blood being on this earth,after im gone so i wanted to do,something that was a little bit more,sustainable as well,pads are not that expensive and,especially if you get them on sale,obviously,but they are recurring cost which means,you do have to keep buying them all the,time,whereas with a sustainable option like a,diva cup or in this case my period,underwear you just buy it once,and then you can use them for however,long maybe five to ten years,and i know it does seem steep because i,think they do retail for maybe forty or,fifty dollars per pair so,youre like why am i spending this much,on a pair of underwear but if you look,at the cost per use and how many times,you can use them before you have to get,a new set of underwear,its so much more affordable and to me,cost per use is the key better,i know right now they are more expensive,compared to buying a pad,but over the long run they do turn out,cheaper and to me,even though they are a little bit more,expensive i knew that it was better for,the environment which is why the cost,was justified as well in my mind,when i first got them i was pretty,shocked at how normal they seemed um i,have a pair here,you can see that you know theyre pretty,thin they theyre not obviously the,sexiest pair,but they do get the job done and i was,really shocked,at if they could hold all the blood,because obviously you know when you,when youre on your period it feels like,youre just bleeding so much,um but on the website this is a super,hip-hop repair and it says that it can,hold up to five tampons worth which,which is quite a lot of blood,so i was super excited to use them when,i got my period,how i use them is just like how i use,normal underwear i change them once per,day or if my flow is really heavy then,ill change maybe twice a day and since,i only have three pairs and my cycle,usually lasts,five days i would rinse and then hand,wash,one of the pairs or two of the pairs,then have them dry while i wear the,other ones and then kind of have a cycle,until my period is done,im actually really surprised that,theres been no leaks even when im,exercising like doing,yoga or like high intensity training,when im sitting at my desk when im,sleeping,and sleeping used to be my biggest,concern because youre lying,horizontally so all the blood kind of,just accumulates and you know as soon as,you wake up everything kind of,rushes out and that used to be my,biggest fear and i felt like i could,never get a good nights sleep when i,was on my period because i was just so,concerned about there being a leak,happening but ever since i got my things,its its been so much better because,theyre very snug to,you know your body so where the blood,comes out it kind of catches immediately,whereas i think in a path theres kind,of room for error which just used to,kind of make me so scared,even if you have enough pairs to get you,through your entire cycle without hand,washing and drying them like i do,i would still recommend to rinse them,out before you put them in the laundry,because,you know there is blood in them so i,wouldnt want it to stain any of your,other clothes i havent personally ever,put them,with blood into the washing machine with,my other clothes i always rinse them out,just because i was a little too scared,of anything happening to my other,clothes,since i was at home for the past year,because it was the perfect time to try,this because i was always really scared,to,have period panties in public like at,work or,out and about because i wouldnt know,like when to change them or what to do,with the,old pair but now that im at home its,so much easier to kind of monitor and,make sure things are going okay but,usually,i dont have to change them during the,day which is really really really good,another concern that i had is if i would,be able to feel the wetness and the,moistness,of the blood in the penny but,honestly its really really good um,obviously there is that initial wetness,when the blood first comes out but other,than that once it gets absorbed into the,underwear,its dry and you feel perfectly fine and,theres no odor as well which is another,concern of mine,if you have any other questions please,comment them below and i would love to,know what sustainable things or how you,deal with your period because i think,theres so many new ways these days,that you know didnt exist when i first,started my period or when i was first,looking at all these things but now,theres so so many options and id love,to know what you guys do for your,periods,sending you lots of love and light and,ill see you in the next video bye

Testing Thinx PERIOD Underwear?! *does it work?*

dont feel great i dont want to even,know what its going to feel like,these are hefty hold your flow im,talking about my period,whats up guys welcome back to clever,style,today is an interesting day,ive had to really give myself a pep,talk to be able,to shoot this episode because today,were gonna be talking about something,that is very taboo,something that i am completely aware,that i should not feel this,uncomfortable talking about we are,talking about,were talking about purr the time of the,month,ant flow im sure lauren will have way,more puns than i will,were talking about peri periods okay,were talking about,periods were not just like talking,about our,monthly thing we are going to be trying,thinx,period underwear for a week so,as the viewer you might be asking what,the heck are,thinx underwear okay thanks underwear is,basically a reusable washable,underwear brand and you can wear them,during your period,instead of using tampons pads you know,the hail mary whatever it is you do and,theyre supposed to sort of,hold your flow i cant even talk about,it and sound,glamorous heres what im gonna do im,going to change the the words theyre,just words,so instead of period im going to say,a sandwich sandwiches and instead of,blood i will say,you know the toppings the mustard also i,would like to know that the editors,of these videos are i think men have fun,guys,first things first we have to take a,like flow quiz for,thanks to determine how many pairs they,think we need and they have a bunch,different styles of underwear,based on your sandwich needs based on,your answers to this quick quiz well,give you a personalized list,of thinks rex great do it enter your,name,subway because they have the best,sandwiches,okay it wants to know how many days your,period lasts for me,about four do you already use thanks no,what do i use what do you use to manage,your pure,sandwich uh tampons how would you,describe your average flow on each day,of your period,[Music],its a little personal your goodness,thats all mine,your business see results okay so they,recommend,for your light days theyre recommending,this hip hugger,which is a full coverage fit or a boy,short,you can wear one pair for 24 hours,wear these as a backup on light days so,for heavy day is the og bestseller in,our highest absorbency thats the one,im afraid of,i think im going to get these for more,of like an evening use,so im gonna click on hip hugger i do,like that they come in a lot of,different colors so i can like wear them,at night,and be like i want my blue pair i want,my black pair all right i cant wait to,get my underwear,okay so this is my box of sandwich,underwear so i,got a few pairs that the know your flow,quiz recommended,and then i grabbed a couple others that,i wanted to try all right so this is the,hip hugger this is for the highest,sandwich absorbency oh,hi hows it going okay very fun very,soft,yikes its very thick these are hefty,so just by the way like off the bat the,outside is very soft and silky,and then the inside is way more durable,oh,wow okay im gonna go um,fishing in these okay this is for a,moderate day okay its the same style,hip hugger,oh its just not as thick in the middle,okay and then one that i wanted to try,was the sport,fit okay oh this doesnt feel very,sporty and then i also got a thong so,with the thanks,thong youre supposed to use that as,backup protection,with a tampon all right next time you,see me i will be,in one of these bad boys because it the,sandwich,has been delivered hi good morning,um if this pimple is any indication,whats up im on my period,all right so i have started you know,that thing that i love talking about and,i put on my first pair of thanks theyre,thick,it feels a bit like wearing a diaper,that is,inside of granny panties okay i put on,eye cream,and real clothes and the hip,huggers im in a pair of leggings right,now and,its not flattering these briefs are,very visible its like im the mayor of,pantyline,right now ill show you come look so,there it is right there see that now,that you know all about my panty line,i guess the only thing left for me to do,is kind of just were just gonna flow,right through the day,ill get better ill get better at this,im gonna be just like totally up front,with you guys,this is not something i want to do,beginning of my period,it just doesnt make me feel confident i,dont,want to even know what its going to,feel like but im gonna vacuum in them,[Music],im having so much fun hi clever fam,its 11 p.m im about to go to bed,day of thanks review i wore it today and,i felt fine in them im gonna wear this,pair to bed its been a very light day,so its not anything like,still a tampon girl at heart i could see,why people would be into this stuff,if they are fine with,bleeding no i cant even say that word,im gonna go to bed good night nobody,makes me bleed my own blood,okay so we are on day two,of you know sandwich mustard so,yesterday was a you know a heavy,sandwich day,and i had to wear those big briefs for,briefs they never really gave me a,wedgie they stayed in place,all day which is awesome i thought there,was going to be a lot more,you know the mustard in the things and i,couldnt,really see it today ive decided to try,the song im just gonna give it im,gonna give it a go im gonna see,if i could just get away with wearing,the thong the sandwich songs,the thongs are cute they look super,inconspicuous they,arent as thick in the creatures,sandwich area which i i like,and theres no panty lines so i have,high hopes im gonna be wearing,i believe the other pair of hip huggers,the teal ones,okay so these were the other hip huggers,so yeah im just gonna be wearing them,while filming some stuff from home i,think that will be a little bit easier,to get in the float like the flow of,things,okay new day new,sandwich underwear so today is a kind of,an editing day for me which means im,just gonna be sitting,all day at my computer here we go ill,let you know,i really didnt mind them today i didnt,feel like they were any different than,just like lounging around,underwear type of thing so im a big big,fan on the days that i stay at home,however ive noticed that whenever i,have to go to like,on a long walk or work out or run an,errand i dont really like having the,big underwear feeling i really realizing,this is kind of,rude im talking about my period all,right,update little check-in um ive been,sitting here,plugging away at a video and,i did not really notice anything,happening until i got up to go get,a snack and then you know,it hit me so that was not super,comfortable,and so now im going to be like sitting,in my sandwich,toppings come on man and thats already,feeling not great i dont feel great,all right so just spent the whole day,editing,in the like full booty thanks,diaper situation and i didnt love it i,didnt love it at all i think maybe when,youre out and about youre doing a lot,of things,you dont notice it but i had nothing to,do but notice it,tomorrow i really want to try the sport,things,and work out in them and see how i feel,about that my plan,is because im kind of nearing the end,of my period im going to wear the cool,boy shorts tonight because to me those,just look like basic,calvin klein like not a boxer but not a,brief like a boxer brief,im gonna go take a shower now because,that is what that is what it calls for,yeah okay today were going to test,um you know like if you should,work out in your things because i have,only my whole life,worn tampons ive never really,experienced what it would be like to,wear a pad,while playing sports or working out,so this is gonna be this could be a,journey this will be new learning,experience for you,for me mostly for me all right so we are,putting the things to the test,outside were gonna do some jumping,and some light cardio and,uh see how we feel,well its not that bad the nice thing,about working out is,im very distracted how much i want to,die and im not thinking about,all the other things so i

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everything you want to know about my ZERO WASTE period // Thinx Review & how to

hey guys its shelby and today i am so,excited for this video because,i asked on instagram what questions you,had about my period routine or about,things in general because thats what i,use,and i did not expect the amount of,questions i got so before we get into,this im going to answer all the,questions that i can i got over a,thousand,responses normally i can read all of,your questions this time,i couldnt but before we get started a,few things number one i didnt realize,so many of you dont have your,your period routine like locked down so,let me know in the comments what youre,currently using,and also what youve tried id love to,hear okay,number two this video is not sponsored,by thinks ive never,been sponsored by things i am an,affiliate of theirs,so right now theyre actually having the,biggest sale of the year and thats one,of the reasons i wanted to do this q a,because one of the questions i get all,the time is is it worth the money so,right now they have a sale going on,30 off site wide plus you can use my 10,off link ill link it at the top of the,description and when you do bundles when,you buy certain sets,you can get another percentage off so,thats like i think 10 15 20,on top of the sale thats already going,on that was my whole intention around,making this q a because i know a lot of,people ask me when they have their sales,if its worth it if i should buy them,and all the questions they have so i,figured,one quick easy video answer all the,questions lets do it,the most asked question i got is how,often do you change them,and i find this to be so interesting,because obviously,how often you change them is going to,depend on your personal body,and also your personal preference,personally for me i dont mind,leaving mine on until its completely,full some people,hate the feeling of leaving their things,on until its completely,full also how often you have to change,it is going to depend on how heavy your,flow is right so,the first couple days of my period im,changing them a lot more often,than on the last day of my period but i,would say,on my heavy days i can use up to three,or four,of my things uh and on my lighter days i,can wear the same one,all day no problem so it just really,really depends on your,body type and some of your responses,said that like i know it depends on how,heavy your flow is and what your,preferences are,but im looking to get an idea so if any,of you in watching this video,um use things as well let us know in the,comments how often,you change them i think that could be,really helpful for people looking to,to learn about this similarly how do you,know when to change them and i thought,this was also an intriguing question,because,i feel like if you are a person who has,your period and you use,a menstrual cup or a tampon or even a,conventional pad,its all just kind of learned as you use,them i dont really know how i could,describe that i mean like i dont know,how you would describe,when you know a pad is full either so,i guess you just you just have to use,them to know that,i i dont i dont know how to describe,when i know its full,i dont know how to describe that but a,lot of people ask do they feel,wet and honestly to me no they never,feel uncomfortable right so,do i use thinx as secondary to something,else a lot of people are asking like do,you use these,with a pad you use these with a,menstrual cup and all that,i dont and the reason i dont use,anything else other than things is,because,a ive never used a tampon in my life so,ive also never used a menstrual cup,because ive never used a tampon that,whole side of things always kind of,freaked me out so,when i first got into reusable period,underwear and trying to have a zero,waste period routine,i actually switched to pads which can,move around they move around and that,was my biggest issue,i had one leak that was so bad i was so,embarrassed about it i dont,i dont want to go into that here how,about i will go into it,on my secret video list because that,being out to the public,no on my secret list okay fine so if you,want to see that just ill leave it,linked below you can subscribe,its just a newsletter where you can,only get those videos if youre a part,of it so ill tell you my secret over,there,but thats not the point the point is i,did have leaks with regular pads as well,as with um,reusable pads so i switched to using,only things and i have,literally not had a leak since,before i switched to just thinx we had,to have darker sheets because i would,have leaks at night,i also would sleep on a towel and even,still to this day i like have the,inkling to go grab a towel to sleep on,because im so scared that now that we,have light sheets,that i will have a leak and itll it,will mess them up but i have never had,that happen,they feel so much more comfortable than,anything else,ive ever used and thats why i use them,exclusively,another question that can be like,quantifiable as,how much do they hold is a question that,actually thinks has done research on,and there is an answer so before i,answer that question i guess you need to,know which,pairs i use because they have so many,different ones for all different,preferences and ill kind of talk a,little bit to each of those in a little,bit,but i personally use their super high,waist ones,they have regular high waist that holds,a little bit less and the super high,waist ones,which hold more for me having them hold,more is just more convenient and means i,have to have less of them,so i appreciate that so i use the super,high waist ones those hold,five tampons worth of blood or nine,tablespoons so if you dont want the,super high waist ones,which are going to be the more like i,guess you would technically say bulky,ones,they have a ton of other ones they even,have thongs personally for me the most,important thing is convenience and,comfort so thats why i go for the super,high waist ones i could care less if,someone can see my underwear line,through my bottoms or my pants or,whatever i literally i dont care,but if that is a main concern for you,then they have even like thinner ones,they even have thongs,all sorts of stuff and then as those,like cuts that they have changed from,the super high waist that i use,over to the thongs they hold different,amounts of blood so definitely something,to check out what your preference would,be,probably one of the most common,questions is how many do you need,for a cycle and again if anyone here,uses them please let us know in the,comments,how many you have for your cycle because,this is going to vary on,how often you want to wash them so i,personally dont want to wash mine every,day especially if im only going through,two or three pairs a day i dont want to,wash them every single day,so typically i wash every other day,which means that if i had about,six of them i would never run out and if,i was washing every other day i would be,fine,personally right now i think i have more,than six i think i have,probably closer to 12 just because i,have some of my older ones that are not,the super high waisted theyre just the,regular high-waisted ones,and ill kind of use those on the last,days of my period whereas ill use my,super high waist ones,in the beginning so it just depends how,often you want to change them how heavy,your flow is,and also how often you want to wash them,so its really really hard to say,how many you personally would need but,personally for me,thats how many i have and how many i,use and speaking of how many i use on my,heavy days,a lot of people ask me do i think this,would be good for people with really,heavy flows,even postpartum and stuff like that,again this is so,personal to what heavy means to you,because to me,i only have reference as to how much im,bleeding,i have had times in my life where my,period was significantly heavy where i,had to go to the doctor,and talk to them about hey i think,somethings wrong here and i have,periods that i now consider,normal but compared to who i dont i,d

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I Tried Thinx Period Panties

Usually Im an alto,my period is a baritone,I am on my period,*shriek*,Hello friends, and welcome to another video,This week, we are going to be trying out,the THINX Period Panties,You guys cant see these things because Ive hidden them moderately well,but there is a pimple,sprouting above my eyebrow,and the top button of my pants is already undone because Im on my period,Thats right, I started early this morning,Im not a morning person, but apparently my period is.,The THINX period panties have been out for a little while,And they are advertised basically as just normal underwear that can replace a pad or act as a panty liner on a really heavy day.,They have different pairs of panties, like they have more heavy-duty ones, for your more heavier flow days.. And they also have a thong just for the lighter days.,I have made people try period panties for a video before, but I have never tried period panties myself, and I am very excited to do so, in front of all you wonderful people.,Day one of my period is pretty much over, and as you guys know, I have a seven-day period.,Most of my bleeding happens on days one, two, and three,Four, and five are kind of, like medium, and then six and seven are just like, spurts,Ive been a tampon user since I was about sixteen, so Im really excited to try something new this month and get my claws into these panties.,So I got these three pairs of period panties,A hip hugger, a sport, and a thong,I have really high hopes. Ive heard good things.,Its suppose to feel dry and comfortable and you dont have to worry about changing a tampon or changing out a pad.,Im just really excited to try these guys out and see if Thinx is worth it, lives up to the hype, and if this is a magical period product,that everyone should honestly have,It is very late at night, so Im about to go to bed,I am going to wear one of these guys to sleep tonight,high stakes, hopefully i don’t ruin the sheets, that would be very sad,time to put my first pair of period panties on!,i’m going to start with the hip hugger; the hip hugger is thirty-four bucks,and it’s suppose to hold about two tampons worth,i’m going to try and put them on one-handed,here’s the hip huggers from the front,here’s the hip huggers from the back,let’s, um, out these guys on,okay, so they feel really soft; they do feel a little bit like swimwear,i got the size medium,you could definitely tell there’s a lining around the crotchal area,it feels a little more secure than i thought it might,they are on!,on the outside they feel a lot like a swimsuit bottom,but they are pretty comfortable on the inside; they do feel mostly like normal underwear,they fit a little tight around my legs openings, but that makes sense ‘cause you wanna like have everything contained,i’m a huge fan of the fact that they have this, kind of like, mesh, at the top,the mesh waistband is super comfortable,it says it holds two tampons worth, so I say, let’s just get into it!,I am not going to put any towel down because I like to live dangerously,also ignore the fact that my sheets are extremely wrinkly,I’m about to turn in for the night and I just felt something drop,here’s to hopin’ I can keep it in my panties,okay, bye,guys, guess what?,there’s nothing on the sheets!,i feel pretty dry, I wouldn’t say I feel a hundred percent desert dry,I’m gonna shower and put on the other pair,,but i’m gonna have to wash these cause I’m gonna have to wear these again later today or tonight,I think my biggest issue is just gonna be I’m gonna have to be doing laundry a lot.,Maybe I should’ve bought more underwear,So I just took off the hip huggers that I slept in and threw them in the laundry.,While those guys are being washed, let’s go for the sport panty.,It’s thirty-two dollars a pair and it hold about one and a half tampons worth,Oh my God, did you see on the front it says ‘real menstruating human’?,Too bad they didn’t know that I am not human, I am dancer,This is the sport panty from the front, and this is the sport panty from the back,this one is the same material as the last one,,it does feel a little less thick, but I can still feel the lining on the inside,So these guys are suppose to hold one and a half tampons worth, so that should last me for a good few hours,So I’m actually doing a photoshoot right now and my period panties are holding up very well,I will say though that I was sitting down,and I was so nervous that the underwear would, like, shift a little,and it would leak out from the sides, but so far, so good,(two hours later),I may have run into a disaster,um, I think I underestimated my flow,and I haven’t had a chance to go home and my panties have runnith over,I couldn’t really tell that I had filled it up until I went to the bathroom,and realized that the blood had soaked through to the other side,crap,I can’t go home to get the other pair for a couple of hours,They said this one is suppose to be only be one and a half tampons worth,which should be enough for like a few hours for me,,but maybe day two is just too intense,I’m just gonna try and not sit down and hopefully it’ll just be able to hold up until I can go home,I didn’t think to throw the thong, or like the extra panty in my bag,which is my bad, but also like, I’m also sad that this happened,Okay, so I’m finally home,I think the panties do a pretty good job of keeping in the smell,,until you bleed through and then the smell kind of starts percolating.,It was rank,So I washed the sport panties and they are drying on the drying rack,Look at my sport panty, it’s drying,You can barely even tell that I just completely soaked through it,It washes out quite nicely,I also washed a bunch of my yoga pants, win!,We’re going to the mall right now and I put on my hip huggers,‘cause we’re going out for a few hours, so I didn’t wanna risk it with the thong,so right now, i have like, full coverage underwear,and some extra padding around the crotch,and some pants,t doesn’t feel uncomfortable necessarily, it just feels a little bulky,,like i’m wearing a little bit of a butt pad, you know?,Tyler: Yea, you’re smacking your butt,Safiya: I don’t know, ‘cause I can’t really feel it ‘cause there’s so much padding, so i’m just like *makes noise*, whatever,Tyler: smacking your butt,So we went to the mall and we came back and my period panties are very dry and warm,very warm because there’s lots of layers happening,but, besides that they’re pretty comfortable, it’s just a little bulky still,I’m mostly just sitting and editing today,I feel good about just wearing the sport panty today, I think,we should be okay for a little while,and then maybe I’ll throw the thong on at the end of the day,The last pair that I bought was the thong,I was so fascinated by the idea of a thong being a period panty that I thought I had to try it,Got it right here,So the thong is twenty-four dollars and it holds about half of a tampon’s worth,It’s definitely got some coverage in the front, though a true thong in the back,We’re only gonna be out for, like, an hour or two, so hopefully it’ll be fine,The thing that I’m really excited about for the thong is the mesh waistband,I’m here for the mesh waistband, you guys know,I would never put period panty and sexy lingerie in the same room,,so I’m pretty impressed that they were like ‘no, we’re gonna make a thong.’,It’s not not cute,It feels extremely comfortable,Besides the fact that the front is kind of slippery and swimsuity,it feels almost exactly like a normal thong,We’re out, at In-n-Out,I’m wearing my period thong and I feel great, actually,,I can’t say that the river is rushing forth, right now;,it’s actually pretty calm downstairs,Unintended consequence of wearing this thong:,Tyler just screaming the ‘Thong Song’ at every turn,Tyler: Baby! That thong th thong thong thong,I like it when the beat goes!,I love when that booty goooo,What were you saying?,I’ve been walking and sitting today,I wore my sport briefs,Even though the hip hugger is suppose to be th

lawsuits & period leaks… testing + investigating Thinx and Knix

hi welcome to my channel or welcome back,if youve been here before im christian,and im so glad youre here we are,actually going to test things period,underwear and nyx period overnight,reusable pad this video is going to,start with me doing like a video journal,and i will go through each day each,change with you so you get to see kind,of like my live reactions and then at,the end we will actually talk about what,i normally do for my periods pros and,cons of these companies any drama around,these companies because there is a,little bit of drama right now,alternatives pros and cons and would i,recommend so make sure you stick for the,whole video because after the video,journal section we will be talking about,the nitty gritty detail before we move,on to the video journal section real,quick i want to say again thank you for,watching make sure youre subscribed i,do giveaways on this channel so i do,want to urge you to subscribe now the,next giveaway will be at the 1000,subscriber milestone also feel free to,comment i like the comment section i,think its a fun way for us to connect,and get to know each other better so,make sure you comment because thats,really what makes us feel more like a,community now lets go ahead and go,through this video journal,hey,so the adventure is about to begin ive,been waiting for this for a few days now,and oh correction ive been waiting for,this for a few months now i was in the,middle of my last period when i planned,on doing this because i am so so so so,tired of pads of liners of all those,things i got the menstrual cup ive been,using the metro cup for over a year,loving it but now it is time to replace,these annoying pads and now for the,moment you and i well mainly me have,been waiting for,lets start with this this is the stinks,period for better bikini undies they are,super absorbency up to five regular,tampons this is a size large which i,figured was the right size for me based,on the chart in the back ironically,enough heres what happened i was,formulating this plan i had already put,my nyx,stuff,in my cart on my phone and it honestly,had been sitting there for a good like,two weeks before i found this in target,i was just minding my business walking,around with my daughter honestly trying,to pass time because my husband was,looking in the mens section,this was just chilling on a rack and i,was like this is random like literally,not in that spot i grabbed it checked it,out checked the size and was like oh,okay ill do it so this i actually got,on sale i cant even remember how much,on sale so well get to open it together,lets get started,[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],okay let us chat so i had a like private,brand zoom call well call it that with,a makeup brand that i like i did my,skincare routine i went to the bathroom,before i went to the bathroom almost at,the end and i even passed the cloth in,the bathroom sorry if thats tmi but,this is about period so anyway,long story short i think its going well,but one bummer so far ive already,noticed is with the period panties you,cant really tell how heavy your flow is,and im glad theyre black thats great,i dont have to worry about stains or,nothing but like you cant tell how,heavy your flow is right off the bat you,know with tampons and with a cup i use a,cup regularly and then i use tampons at,night i can tell because if the tampon,is full at a certain amount of time i,know how heavy my cycle is if the cup is,full in a certain amount of time i can,take it out see how much is in it and i,know how heavy my cycle is but with,these period panties im like,so i think im good,i think im good but i guess i will know,when i feel moist is my guess that is,full i dont know well see but its,been like,three hours i think maybe a little,longer i guess we will keep counting the,minutes and hours ill check back with,yall soon,okay,i think im leaking,[Music],yeah thats how i feel about it come,here let me have a game plan these are,full,supposed to be five tampons,if this is full and thats why im,leaking then,i guess i should switch to one of these,i dont want to use them all up at the,but maybe i should just do it that way,use them up,at the beginning of this period,so then i can compare later but these,are nyx overnight reusable pads so,different company completely even though,their names,are spelled similarly this is im pretty,sure overnight is,super absorbency so,this is what it looks like,its the inside,hook and eye closure probably to keep it,from unsnapping the other side this,little sticker says like what its made,out of and all that information okay so,thats my new game plan ill put this on,without a cup well see how long it,lasts and then ill put a cup in later,i think im formulating my plan as i go,but i think thats where were at sorry,im looking at my skin,because i just did a its semi-private,zoom call with a makeup brand and we did,our makeup together okay sidetracked,lets go take care of this week,[Music],i did take them off honestly,this whole part feels dry in the back,and this whole part in the front feels,dry right here in the very front the,middle part i can feel a little dampness,to the touch uh,it doesnt look like soaking wet though,like they look virtually dry just,holding them,but if you look but if you look on the,inside of the jeans you can see i was,leaking i would say,thats not bad its two oclock,thats about,six and a half seven hours of wear for,that one pair of underwear this again is,super absorbent up to five regular,tampons so i usually use supers every,about two,hours-ish so i would have used three or,four tampons in that amount of time that,makes sense that makes sense that adds,up but thats not bad thats,not bad at all i just um hmm i guess my,question would be would you be able to,classify that then as super absorbency,because to me five regular tampons if,im used to wearing supers if i were to,wear five supers that would give me like,10 hours 12 hours of tampon usage so,literally the whole waking day this to,me would not classify as super,absorbency but maybe its just semantics,maybe thats what it is i dont know for,sure i would say thats regular,absorbency because its based on regular,tampons not bad especially since i got,this on sale so now im just supposed to,hand wash or machine wash in cold water,dry it and then i can use it again so i,might use again tomorrow now we switch,to the nyx leak proof pads and the only,thing i will say is because it does snap,in the middle i did notice that the back,and the front kind of slid around a,little bit before i put it on so i dont,know how thats gonna affect anything,well see okay we are back in the office,so so far so good,i used that pad the whole afternoon im,still actually wearing it right now and,im enjoying it enough to,maybe,try just the pad tonight im on the,fence just because personally i dont,like sleeping in pads i dont,necessarily i move so much thats why i,like tampons and thats also why i dont,typically wear my cup at bedtime girls,thats also why i typically dont wear,my cup at night either because i move so,much but,i dont know im on the fence im very,much on the fence but i have two clean,ones maybe i should at least try it for,the first stretch well see side note i,didnt show you but i did get a laundry,bag for free with my order it just was,automatically put in my cart i didnt,pick it out they just put right in,thats super exciting to see how this,goes but this is going to be an,interesting review yall very,interesting review,see you in the morning,[Music],good,morning wait go put my contacts in well,last night i decided to sleep with,just the path and i made it almost,through the entire night that way i was,uncomfortable though,its not the pats fault um it wasnt,like it moved around in crazy directions,and i was leaking and all that stuff,thats actually not what happened it,stayed pretty much in place i just dont,like that feeling when im sleeping of,being dirty having everything go all,

I tried period underwear | Thinx Period Underwear Review

i was just looking through the website,looking to see how much i was willing to,spend,just thinking about my flow in the past,and how much i would actually need,and like an amateur i was like oh my,periods not even that heavy,i think one super will be sufficient and,two moderates so,i got three pairs first pair is the hip,hugger,super in size small the second is the,moderate,in size small also a hip hugger the,third one,is moderate and black size small,i chose to go with the lace waistband,version because i heard this one was,better to lay flat under clothes,if you get the other kind of waistbands,they leave like that muffin top feeling,and,i definitely hate that so thats why i,decided to get the the lace waistband,and it is really comfy,i got the size small and i used to get x,small,clothes in the past i dont know i felt,like i could go with the medium but a,lot of mediums are sometimes too loose,on me,and x small depending on the brand could,be too tight i,really just scrounged the comment,section to just see like,what people were getting i dont know i,think the medium would have been a,little bit too big so im glad i decided,to go with the small,if its just right especially for a,period underwear,you dont want it to be like too tight,or too loose like you want it to just,fit,snug and i also decided to go with the,hip hugger because,i just prefer that the moderate is,described as,holding two tampons worth of period and,the super is the heaviest one which,would hold,about four tampons worth ive never,actually used a tampon my whole life,im strictly a pad person so going off,of that alone was a big mistake for me,like i dont know how much a tampon,holds with my own personal flow,i dont know when it said moderate and,when it said super i knew super would be,a good pad like one but the moderates,this,feels like youre wearing a legit,underwear it doesnt feel like it has,any padding at all,the moderates i feel like are really,good for like the beginning of your,period and like,the end of your period and its just,enough to just capture like any spotting,or any like,accidents during my actual period this,underwear lasted legit not even an hour,so when i started my period i wore this,one of these underwears the moderates,for a whole day and it was fine my flow,at the beginning is very light very,sporadic not heavy at all by day two,i started wearing my super and the super,to me is the best one because this feels,the most,like youre wearing a pad like its very,thick and cushiony,i felt very secure in this since i only,had one i really wanted to test the,limits and see how far,i could wear it on day two of my period,i wore it from nine to five,it seemed okay but then by 5 30,it started leaking out the only way i,knew that is because when i looked at my,sweatpants there was blood on them,depending on your flow youre definitely,going to need to change the super,at least every three to four hours you,might be able to last the whole eight,hour day like i will,but just so you know it will leak,eventually so,yeah but i mean i was pleasantly,surprised that it lasted that long,the problem with knowing when it was,full for me,came with the actual underwear itself,because as you can see inside the lining,is black wearing a pad for me like i,like to see,where my flow is at and when i need to,change because otherwise,i personally cant feel when its full,thats what happened,with this underwear i wore it from nine,to five mostly because number one i was,trying to test it but number two,i really couldnt tell when it was full,like it it feels the same,yeah that was the problem i ran into,with these and,with the moderate since its black,inside you really cant tell if its,full or not but yeah,so after i leaked out of this one i,switched to one of my moderates,within an hour this started to leak i,was like oh my gosh,and then thats where i ran into the,problem because i only bought three,pairs,my idea was to just wash one whenever it,was done and id always have a backup,however three is not enough for a backup,realistically,i should have bought all supers i should,have at least probably had like five or,six pairs but i really like the,idea of de-using these i still will keep,doing that,but i did have to use a real pad,and for the first time i actually had,some tampons lying around and i had to,use those too,because i didnt have enough pads my,period lasted about like four or five,days,like the moderates were completely,useless to me except for at the,beginning and end of my period,during my period like again like i said,these dont even last,an hour depending on how heavy your flow,is the super,does but during my heaviest time after a,shower,i put on this after it had dried and i,have,washed it earlier that day by hour four,it started leaking pretty bad and,halfway through watching tv i got up and,there was blood all over the sheets,and thats when i realized im like whoa,im just way in over,my head to think that i could stay on,top of my period with these pairs,nothing wrong with the design itself,its it was me,thinking that i only needed three pairs,and realistically i should have gotten,more,the other thing i just dont dont like,about the underwear is that the lining,is,black so it was hard for me to tell when,it was full,otherwise i mean i think they fit great,since,im at home i have the luxury of washing,and drying it,kind of hard to still stay on top of it,even doing that me having the luxury of,having a washing machine in my house the,only issues i can see,with the period underwear for the future,for me,is not being home anymore and being out,in the world,for longer periods of time i found that,changing my entire underwear was kind of,a hard thing to do and,thats me saying it at home it just,shows that like how spoiled ive,gotten using disposable products,disposable products were made for our,convenience and,changing my entire underwear just seemed,like so hard for me,hormones are running and i was already,like more annoyed,and then i continued to get even more,annoyed when i had to change my entire,underwear,if were outside of our house doing,errands and doing stuff,and i needed to change my underwear,i thought of the logistics of like me,needing to carry some container or,little baggie,to put my entire underwear in and then,proceed to carry that along with me for,the rest of my day,until i needed to change my underwear,again it was sounding more and more,complicated to me thinks underwear is,great like if youre at home but what if,you,are working an essential job right now,what if you have to be on your feet for,eight hours a day,what if you dont have anywhere to store,your underwear what if youre traveling,what if youre on an airplane or youre,on a really long road trip,changing your tampon or pad is already,kind of hard enough,changing your entire underwear and,having to store it somewhere,again if youre on an airplane like,where are you going to put it,stuff it in your purse or backpack but,that also sounded a little gross to me i,love the idea of the period underwear,because i like the idea of not,contributing to landfill,and that is mostly the reason why i,wanted to try this out,im not really doing it for cost,effective reasons the underwear itself,is not very cost effective,my three pairs alone cost 109 dollars,with shipping and with tax over the,course of the year,i still wouldnt even make my money back,the pack of 48 pads i got,at target before were only like 5.99,and i would only buy like one pack every,couple months,like i dont even really spend that much,money with the pads,the underwear is definitely an,investment so for me it was more about,like not using that much plastic and not,contributing to landfill,at the end of my experiment for my,personal preferences,i think im going to use a combination,of both ill use the period underwear,and ill use pads and tampons,interchangeably,overall i think i will be contributing,to trash,less because i at least have th


hi guys,welcome back to my channel uh,im going to be sorry im ready to start,playing this game im in the bathroom,but uh today im going to be trying out,something new and i wanted to blog my,experience because,its an experience i think,so today were gonna be trying out banks,period panties now i know this is weird,but pretty much if you dont know what,these are they are,like paintings that are supposed to like,replace,i know you can hear him im sorry but i,dont care uh theyre supposed to,replace,like tampons and pads or maybe panty,liners im not really sure,but theyre supposed to be like,absorbent underwear and,i bought two pairs i bought their hip,hugger and their super hip hugger,one hold i think 18 millimeter,milliliters of blood,[Music],and the other the super hold,36 milliliters so four regular tampons,worth,of waste and so i have on,the hip huggers right now and its weird,im not gonna lie,i feel naked and i feel like im just,like,like just,naked i feel like im just letting it,all come out but,um its kind of nice and i know like,right now i think,i think this is day one of my period so,like i could be tricking myself but,it seems to be a pretty light period,this go around because ive been eating,really healthy,so i think this is a good one to try,them out on,um im gonna pretty much wear them,overnight and see if i,leak or have any leakage or anything,like that,but i just wanted to kind of vlog this,experience because this is kind of,interesting im back looking dusty,reedus is still playing the game but im,okay,now lets cook dinner is still talking,about doing this panty lining,im still doing the video im trying to,record right now but youre talking,period okay so right now,im about to cook dinner which means,ill be at least on my feet for,the next 30 minutes which means that,we must flow its really its really,moving,so ill let you guys know how it goes,but um its just a really weird feeling,im not gonna lie,but so far its been pretty good i i,will say that i have been laying down,for the last like 30 minutes to an hour,because im scared,but um it seems to be okay,so ill report back probably before i go,to sleep and see whats whats happening,and then oh my god thank you,[Music],and then after uh my next report after,tonight it will be tomorrow morning when,i wake,up and whether my bed sheets,have made it through the night or not so,yeah,okay so im back already in my bathroom,because,when im getting ready for bed but also,because,um i,just went to the bathroom and i can say,[Music],that,ive had these on i put them on about,maybe 8 30 and it is,midnight so that tells me,what thats literally,three and a half hours two and a half,hours i dont know im tired,but its not that long um,and i already leaked onto,my shorts so what im going to do we,have a new plan of action okay,um my plan originally was to try them on,my two heaviest days which is usually my,first and second day,but what im going to do now,is to try it on the first day we know,that doesnt work,um and we tried the free bleed situation,so,my next plan of action is going to be to,try them,um on like one of my last,days so either my fourth or fifth day of,my period because,that day for me those days are typically,super light where i,dont really need a pad or a tampon,typically a pad um but,i have to wear one because,its like more than a penny liner but,less than a pad so its like i dont,need anything but i kind of do,and so i think wearing this,um like period underwear for my last,couple days,i think i think it will work and so im,going to try that,um but im actually kind of disappointed,because like if this,were really what i thought it was it,would have been a game changer,and it wasnt so,well see but im gonna keep you guys,updated and ill probably see you guys,tomorrow morning on that whole journey,[Music],so i want to come back on real quick,because today is like,today day four i think of my period,which is typically a lot,lighter and so i went ahead and,slept in the hip hugger things,underwear um overnight just to see like,what would happen and it was great there,was no issues so pretty much,i realized this is like for me a day,four or five,solution where i have to wear a pad or a,tampon because,it is good for me for my flow,for those like really light days where,its like not heavy but its,not light but its like just not really,a period i guess i dont know um but,yes so i wore them overnight and now im,gonna wear,um them throughout today to see how it,goes,um and then i think about halfway,through today im going to switch,to the super hip hugger just to give,those a try,too even though i dont think that,theyre gonna do,a whole lot or be a lot of use because,like i said its my super light days and,i dont know i just think that theyre,gonna be kind of useless but im gonna,try them anyways,so far i feel very dry very comfortable,um when i have gone to the restroom,i seem to be doing fine theres no,leakage theres nothing on my bed sheets,and sleeping overnight,um so im actually about to go and,go get my wedding dress fitted for,alterations,and uh hopefully,no disasters ensue there shouldnt be,anything,ill be standing but um,[Music],this is this is quite the time to,to play games if you ask me anyways so i,just want to give you guys a little,a little bit of an update um on whats,going on and then i will,come back later on today to let you know,how things are going,but so far it seems like itll be a good,day,with these period underwear and i think,i may buy one more pair but i probably i,mean i probably,but ill ill be my full verdict at the,end of this video,so hey guys so its a couple days later,since i,finished my period and have,gathered my thoughts on the thanks,period underwear,um im going to kind of go over again,what they are how they work and all of,that good stuff,and so pretty much they are exactly that,period underwear um,theyre supposed to replace the pads in,tampons,um and just to make your cycle more,sustainable,and just more comfortable um i know,thats something that we all search for,something im constantly searching for,so i want to try these out i did and im,gonna let you guys know what i think,i got the hip hugger and a super hip,hugger i think it was in a set of,two and mine are in the size extra small,yes extra small theyre currently a,little damp because they were just,um in the wash and so theyre air drying,as we speak,um but pretty much i really enjoyed them,overall uh my first day i was generally,a bit like,confused because i was like what is this,because this is not,this didnt do anything i tried them out,on my first day of my cycle which my,first and second second date are the,heaviest,and i also tried them out on my,fourth and fifth day of my cycle to see,what would work for me so,on my first and second day of my cycle,my first date in particular,i wore it for i think maybe,two and a half hours and,i had leaking on my shorts,and so clearly they,cant sustain as much,as a pad or a tampon um,even though they claim to hold i think,its like 18 to 32 ounces,so that was a bummer um but its okay,well live its fine um and then i,also tried out um,the super hip hugger and the hip hugger,on,my fourth and fifth day of my cycle,which are,notoriously my lightest its basically,the days they were like youre kind of,spotting and thats it,and so i tried it out for those two days,and i loved it um because,i was still comfortable i was able to,just like,get back into like a normal routine and,they just were perfect like absolutely,perfect for what i needed them for,um but more specifically i have my final,verdict and my pros and cons,and i have them written down on the,sticky notes so pros,they are good for a light flow if you,have a really light flow,unlike myself they could probably work,for you,every day um and you would just get like,maybe four or five pairs depending on,the length of your cycle or if you want,to hand wash a couple pairs and just,wear them like that,i think that t

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