1. Three Spirit Non Alcoholic Spirit honest review
  3. The MASSIVE Non-Alc Spirits Tasting 2020
  4. Reviewing three spirit drinks, herbal none alcohol alternative
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Three Spirit Non Alcoholic Spirit honest review

hey welcome to my channel,random laura today im gonna be,reviewing something i havent even,opened yet,you can see its literally not open so,its from three spirit im really,excited,to try this because i stopped drinking,um over a year ago so im completely,sober now,but i still miss like the taste of,alcohol,and mocktails just arent the same,because,its just juice so when i go out i tend,to have,non-alcoholic beers and im always,trying to find out this is really hard,open,im really trying im always trying to,find out like find different things that,are like,its more similar to alcohol tasting so,non-alcoholic beer,non-alcoholic ciders because theres,only so much juice you can have,and look theres there,so oh,okay so this is i saw this on instagram,it was literally an insta and also im,wearing my friends t-shirt because im,going to friends fest today,anyway so this is from i saw the ad on,instagram,its from a company called three spirit,and i chose the livener one they had i,think,three different types um,this one i think was to give you a bit,more energy,so it says its energizing exotic fiery,and non-alcoholic,um and on the back it says its called,the party starter,it says its invigorating it says its,powered by,gu you oyousa i cant i cant pronounce,these words,um but it says its lifted by vibrant,berries bright aromatics and heat for a,lively euphoric feeling,so im gonna try it the difference the,reason,that i bought this one in particular,instead of just all the normal,non-alcoholic stuff is because it says,that this gives you like a kind of perky,pick-me-up feeling,so im excited to see so what im going,to do now,is im going to pull some out im going,to drink it and then see if it gives me,any kind of feeling and then ill,ill come back,and im back so ive got the alcohol it,says to have it,it says sir 50 milliliters over ice,topped with tonic and garnish with a,grapefruit slice,right i dont have a grapefruit slice um,i might get some tonic but im going to,try it by itself first so ive got the,ice,in the cup there lets open this,oh its fizzy its actually making a,fizz,fizz noise,oh okay that doesnt smell nice,that smells horrible,i cant tell you what it smells like but,it just smells weird,it like has i cant describe it okay,right lets try this,i dont know how much to put in but ive,put in that much,these non-alcoholics is okay,right first taste like i say the smell,doesnt smell that great,but lets try it by itself and then ill,probably add some tonic to it just to,see,okay,this is,it tastes like,im not really sure whether this is,right but it kind of tastes like,cloves like it tastes like really spicy,like,yeah kind of like spiced like a spice,juice its actually quite nice it tastes,a lot nicer,than it smells,okay yeah im really trying like its,kind of like tastes a little bit orangey,tastes a little bit cranberry but yeah,its got that like spice and its kind,of like tingly a bit,so its quite good its probably a good,alternative okay im gonna finish this,and then im gonna make another one,add some tonic water to it and then see,it tastes a little bit grapefruity as,well,every time i drink it it tastes,different,okay im gonna make another one and then,im gonna see if it makes me like feel a,bit buzzy,because thats what they say that its,supposed to like liven you up,okay so ive poured more into the glass,so ive got got more now i dont want to,drink it although,and then ive got my tonic water oh its,not the right way,tonic water there,lets see,hard to open everything today,come on right there we go,so now i dont know how much tonic water,to put in but,maybe like half of it like that,so lets try it,okay so lets see what this tastes like,you know what its actually nice like it,tastes like you can obviously taste the,tonic water,and because i tasted it by itself you,can taste them both,um,it is like really refreshing,and it does have that taste thats a,little bit alcoholy because i found when,ive had like non-alcoholic,spirits like ive tried strike and ive,tried the other ones,it tastes too like it doesnt taste like,alcohol and this tastes a little,like i see what theyre trying to do,theyre giving it like a kick,to make it taste more alcoholy,yeah my stomachs full now,okay so im gonna stop drinking that for,a minute,im gonna give it half an hour,and then see if i feel a little bit more,lively,as the the bottle says because its the,livener,so ill come back so,i drank the drink ive still got this,much left,but i dont feel anything like i just,feel normal,like i dont feel drunk i dont feel,i dont feel anything so basically,its not i dont know whether i havent,drunk enough but ive drunk quite a lot,like,that much has gone off the bottle and i,drank it really quickly,so i dont know whether i was supposed,to drink more but,um i mean ill finish this,but no it hasnt given me a um,a high or whatever it is that they said,that it is supposed to do supposed to,give you a buzz,it hasnt so,i was really hesitant about buying it,because its like,really expensive its 25 pounds for that,bottle,considering you can get actual alcohol,for that much i think thats quite,expensive,but um yeah so i wouldnt buy it again,its too much for 25 pound it doesnt,really do anything,again it just tastes like so juicy that,its like well whats the point,so yeah sorry what are you called,sorry three spirit but i tried i,definitely tried,and all i can do is tell the truth so,but yeah i mean its worth trying but no,for 25 pound i wouldnt be buying it,again


[Music],hey guys welcome back im shea with pure,shade and this week as you can see im,going to review the,non-alcoholic drink called three spirit,so before we get started i just wanted,to show you how it looks when it comes,in the box,this is how it looks,so as you already know these are,non-alcoholic and i found this while,scrolling on instagram so they offer,three different flavors i bought the,collection,package i think its totaled 99,um but i got like a sale i think,mothers it mothers day his brain is,vegan gluten free no artificial flavors,and of course alcohol free this brand,was made by bartender your slogan is,choose your mood so whether you are,trying to energize connect or unwind,each particular flavor will give you,that so depending on how youre feeling,i think you drink this one a little bit,before bed you can drink this at social,gatherings and then this one you just,want to energize so this one is the,living ear i hope i pronounced that,right its vegan allergen free gluten,free no artificial flavors has purified,water beet sugar watermelon pomegranate,and a bunch of other things hibiscus has,40 calories,and everything else theres nothing else,in it except for eight grams of sugar,this one is the social elixir,again vegan gluten free its all the,same across the board,and again its got filtered water agave,nectar,and a bunch of other things yall can,read for yourself this one has calories,of 25 has,vitamin b3 b6 b12 and b7,and has 4 grams of sugar,this one here is the night cap,it has 30,it has 30 calories,and,only 6 grams of sugar,so again choose your mood which mood are,you feeling right now right now im,gonna try the liviner im trying to,energize lets see so im letting you,know what i think im gonna try it and,im gonna give it maybe like 30 minutes,to like really truly tell you how im,feeling in about 30 minutes were going,to open this thing right on up,were going to pour it in this lovely,glass right here,and they have all types of recipes that,you can make they offer on the website,so you dont have to just drink it on,the rocks by itself,you know you can drink it with,whatever drink that you decide to choose,so here we go this is how it looks,lets see,oh,does this have ginger in it,cause man,i dont know how i feel about this,i dont know how you know what im just,gonna drink it and then see how i feel,but im not feeling this by itself i,will definitely put this in a drink,because im just the taste alone by,itself,yeah as you see with my face im im not,feeling,this tastes like it tastes like you know,how when you drink ginger and its like,that bite,in the back of your throat yeah,its definitely giving me this i dont,see any ginger on here,but uh its giving me the ginger vibes,so yeah if youre not you know,trying to drink less alcohol or,trying to just eliminate alcohol totally,these are you know some options out,there that you can drink there are,plenty other non-alcoholic wines and,drinks but these are ones that are,supposed to,give you the same type of mood that,alcohol does without drinking alcohol so,yeah im gonna see how i feel maybe,maybe ill give it like,15 minutes,[Music],im not feeling the drink,so its been about 20 30 minutes and,yeah i,definitely feel energized this is true,to what it states that it energizes,juicy and fruity it has like a bitter,kick to it im not a fan of the taste on,its own so i would definitely recommend,mixing this in a drink like they give,you in the recipes but yeah it,definitely feels energized its crazy,that it has no alcohol and it makes you,feel this way,so next im gonna try the social elixir,this is the mood maker it says euphoric,bittersweet herbal so,im gonna try this one here we go,all right,heres how this one looks,see how it tastes by itself without any,extra added,a smell oh god okay,what,oh okay i taste the molasses definitely,uh what else do i taste,maybe the agave nectar,i dont know definitely needs to be,mixed in a um,drink because im not liking them on,their natural state on the rocks no,not at all now mixed probably with some,drinks definitely i feel like these,would be amazing,i dont know this definitely i could see,this could definitely put you in a vibe,though,so im gonna let you know what i think,in about 10 10 15 20 minutes,see how i feel,so its been about 10 to 20 minutes and,this definitely puts you in a vibe its,like youre,nice and calm but its definitely where,you can you know talk and socialize with,other people,so again these,definitely,what they say is what they do which is,crazy i mean the natural herbs plants,without alcohol are definitely doing,what they say but,outside of taste i would make these in a,recipe,um because these definitely do what they,say,shocking okay so this one is the,nightcap to take before bed its calming,woody mellow,so,its almost bedtime so,you know hey lets lets end it off with,a night cap,lets see oh im scared because these,all havent tasted that great but they,definitely do what they say,oh wow this is how it looks,okay here we go bottoms up,this one actually dont smell or taste,bad,okay night cap,i actually like this one by itself i can,i can do this one,night cap okay nightcap you winning,i like this one at all just alone,without any additives like recipe-wise,this by itself tastes delicious,i like this one,so you can garnish it with an orange,twist,yeah,someone let you know how i think give it,again another 10-20 minutes,and im gonna see if im unwinding so,its been about another 10 to 20 minutes,and yeah i definitely feel very calm,very relaxed,i didnt even know this had ginger that,might be why i like it because i love,ginger,so yeah,this one will definitely energize you,kind of get you upbeat because you know,its got natural caffeines this one will,put you in a very vibe where you can,connect and talk to other people,and this one will make you very relaxed,and calm,so yeah each particular one,choose your mood how you feeling which,one youre gonna pick,so,ive enjoyed these even though these two,didnt taste that well right out the,bottle to me you know personal,preferences this one did,i really enjoyed how they make you feel,without drinking alcohol so if you again,want to be alcohol free or,lessen your alcohol definitely try these,definitely order one online ill drop,the link in this video i also dropped,their instagram,again i enjoyed ive enjoyed,these three so if you can tell yeah,im gonna definitely unwind,so thank you guys for watching please,like subscribe and share,be you think naturally pick which one,you want to try choose your mood,thank you guys again,hi,before i go i just want to mention they,offer a booklet in the package that you,get they have the ten commandments of,three spirit,the first one is bring people to the,party,pick your poison,three is the magic number,ice ice baby prep like a pro,stir it up,become a plant pro,tune in unplug,and report back,so yeah,they offer the recipes here so,definitely,try them for yourself,bye

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The MASSIVE Non-Alc Spirits Tasting 2020

its the massive alcohol-free spirits,tasting,[Music],well at least this is one episode of the,curious bartender youtube channel where,im not likely,to get drunk like them or loads them,non-alcohol spirits appear to be here to,stay,and given that im recording this,episode right in the middle of december,dry january,is just around the corner the alcohol,free spirit space,is becoming increasingly diverse we,started off with,a few sort of gin replacement products,that aim to sort of simulate that same,botanical effect,has now turned into a category with a,diverse range of products,now although these are marketed as,non-alcoholic spirits,most of them are not designed to be,consumed neat,but im going to consume them neat,anyway because i want to know what they,taste like before theyre mixed,then with few exceptions pretty much all,of these products,are designed to be mixed with tonic,water they usually give a recipe on the,back of the bottle that,tells us just that there are some,exceptions though,um theres one or two that designers,have mixed with soda water,ginger ale some are designed to be,sipped neat one or two,and one designed to be symphony at room,temperature,so wherever possible im going to follow,those instructions,im only going to mix one drink with,each product otherwise we could be here,for a very long time,um but of course many of these products,have lots and lots of different recipes,on our websites and youre welcome to,check that out too,we dont have much time so im not gonna,go into huge detail about each product,were gonna focus,more on what it tastes like what it,looks like,how well it mixes and what occasion it,might fit into,which would otherwise be filled by an,alcoholic counterpart,i was sent all of these products free of,charge,so that kind of gives us a level playing,field upon which to,taste them and judge them however what i,should say as a further disclaimer is,that,one of these products i was actually,involved in the development of,and that is three spirit social elixir,now even though i have my part to play,in that product development,i would like to say that im going to,try and be as objective,about the product as possible when it,comes to tasting it very shortly,first up were going with everleaf,forest,which has been awarded brand new clothes,recently used to come in a tall slim,bottle,now its a shorter dampier bottle and,its acquired a couple of siblings along,the way which were going to taste very,shortly,made by my friend paul matthew seems to,be really really popular amongst,bartenders,this particular one gentry madagascar,and vanilla casey bark,saffron orange blossom and vetiver,cinnamon certainly coming through or,casey as it says,this is an adult sort of bittersweet,cinnamon,herbal kind of drink its got something,of an amaro about it but its slightly,more sort of floral and cinnamony than,that less of the sort of citrusy art and,orange notes that you might expect from,romaro,but the bitterness comes through nicely,and its a nice balanced bitterness,works really well,its tasty with tonic water its a,little bit lost in there because,it sort of possesses that same,bittersweet quality that you expect from,the tonic water so youre really,just adding a certain aromatic note on,top of that,overall its tasty it makes a nice sort,of,cinnamon casei accented gin and tonic,and i approve next up weve got everleaf,mountain one of the new ones,uh juniper myrtle everlasting,what does that mean a cherry blossom,rose hip,and strawberry i dont know what,everlasting is gobstopper,im gonna have to do some research on,that but it sounds intriguing doesnt it,if i start tasting this will i will it,never end thats my question,and the mountain is an app description,actually because it has a certain,cooling not so much menthol but,like a green grassy,quite thick on the palette i noticed,this with the other one as well theres,a,density to it oh,thats good what am i tasting now,yeah i think its fennel seed or,something like that its not listed on,there but,theres definitely a fennelly note,coming through for me,this ones really good i like it,see i think this comes shines through a,little bit more than forest and again,its that fennel seed,it doesnt say on the bottle but im,really confident this has got fennel,seed,or some sort of a nice and i think it,stands up really well to the tonic water,and its,thats a lovely pairing right there,definitely the best so far weve only,done two third ever leaf product,is everleaf,all right so weve got sea buckthorn,olive leaf dulce,juniper bergamot labdanum not lordnum,inspired by the sea interested to try,this one,its uh maybe got some salt in it thats,what i would do if i was going to do a,maritime one,yeah you get the bergamot coming through,and theres like a dry spice note to it,as well,it smells a bit like a spa like a little,bit like when you go,in a steam room like a good steam room,and you know they sent the steam,because they dont want like all the,kind of smelly bodies to kind of take up,the aroma of that experience,so quite transportative in that respect,i feel like im,sort of having a relaxing afternoon,this is the softest on the palette for,sure theres no hint of bitterness there,its very much just herbal,maybe a little bit of that seaweed,coming through the kelp dulce,just adding a kind of savory component,almost an umami note to it,but overall its this top sort of citric,floral note that im getting which,i think isnt largely coming from the uh,the bergamot pretty good i worry its,going to get overwhelmed by tonic water,its subtle its still there but you,certainly do,lose a lot of the kind of nuance um that,was there originally,i wonder if that would go well with soda,to be honest with you but i mean,totally pleasant really nice nine elms,18.,now this ones a little bit different,for a number of reasons first,of all the recommended serve is straight,up,in a glass at room temperature or on ice,but they do also have some mixed drinks,as well on their website,however theyre really pitching this as,a wine alternative,im not entirely sure whether this is i,should even be putting this in their,spirits,not alcoholic spirits tasting but its,in here anyway,um and when you see it it does look a,little bit like a wine uh,and its its designed to go with food,weird it really does look like red wine,pores like a red one as well,and it really does smell a bit like a,wine,you know dark fruits this spice theres,a sort of dry,gingery kind of note to it nutmeg,perhaps,it you know has all the characteristics,of,a cabernet sauvignon or a merlot,even a kind of mustiness to it as well,like its been in a cellar for a little,while,what does it taste like i mean if this,tastes like a glass of red wine then,they have,completely nailed it youd have to admit,and it doesnt quite taste like a glass,of wine,now maybe its not their intention to,completely imitate wine,it does have some of the qualities of,wine its got,some of this fruitiness too its got a,dry tannin note to it,but i think its just the lack of,alcohol that leaves it a little bit,vacant,it tastes kind of cranberry-ish,kind of slightly spicy,maybe a little bit of pomegranate which,is where that sort of astringency comes,from,little tea kind of note to it its a,pleasant drink i think,you know if i wanted to drink wine with,food and i wouldnt want to drink,alcohol,i wouldnt be completely dissatisfied,with it it,its a good product that i can see what,theyre trying to do here,and its impressive i wonder if anything,else can be done,to simulate that alcohol effect and then,you really could have a game-changing,product on your hands okay,next is bax botanics,which is an interesting one it seems,like what they do is,just mix the distillation of one,particular botanical,and then weve got two products to taste,from them uh with water bit of citric,acid,to create the product so this is verbena,which of course is a lemony herb,oh well its so herbal that really has,captured le

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Reviewing three spirit drinks, herbal none alcohol alternative

hi guys so if youre watching this,youtube video,its very likely that youve come from,my tick tock my tick tock is where i,recommended,these three drinks which are an,alternative to alcohol,ive been drinking them myself since i,quit,alcohol and i really really like them,and i recommended the company,in a tick tock video and its gone viral,and,im getting lots and lots of questions,about what they taste like what do they,make you feel like,how are they different so im doing this,youtube video today on my,personal perception,on what they taste like how they make me,feel,and my personal experience with them,the company if you have any questions is,being really good at,answering the comments on,on my video theyre super responsive so,if you want to ask them anything that i,dont,cover in this one then go ahead,um they are alcohol-free but the company,has actually theyve just told me,that it has 0.5 alcohol in there,which is the same as if you was to eat,ripe fruit,so its not very much at all but i think,it was important for me to say that,because somebody commented on the video,and said about them being allergic to,alcohol,so i think thats important but you can,go on the website,and they list all of the ingredients on,there so you can go ahead go and have a,look and double check,also youll have to excuse me in this,video because,im not a professional youtuber ive,never done a youtube video before im,purely doing this because i couldnt,answer all of the questions in 60,seconds,and this is the,fourth or the fifth attempt,ive had to do you can hear my dog,whinging now,im not starting the video again because,ive had to restart it when the postman,knocked and left the password my dog,started barking,i keep messing up my words on all of the,videos,and then my washing machine decided to,start making a really,really loud noise,so yes im just going to crack on,and pull these drinks out im going to,show you what they look like all the,bottles already already opened because i,do drink them myself,i genuinely do drink these,like when i put that tick tock out,just because i hear people saying,especially whilst im on my own,alcohol-free journey,oh id love to just be able to take a,bottle of you know,something alcohol-free to,you know my friends when theyre all,drinking alcohol and that and i dont i,dont feel so out of place,that can maybe give me you know a little,bit of that,that feeling i mean these dont get you,drunk but they have very powerful herbs,in them so they all have different,effects,and the one that i spoke of in my video,mainly was this one the livener,ive i said to everybody dont drink it,before you go to sleep because you will,be wired and you wont be able to sleep,and ive just found out why its because,it has a very high natural,caffeine content so that is why when i,drank this before bed,i couldnt sleep its no wonder,so im gonna show you this one first,ive already poured some in here but,then i had to pour it back out,because the postman knocked i had to get,my door,so,this is the livener so i think the three,of them,this is the one that you can you will,drink and it will,yeah natural high caffeine content,so it will definitely wake you up yes,dont,do the mistake that i made and,drink it before we go to sleep because,you will not sleep,very silly idea that i did,now the company tells me that you,they recommend you start off with 50 mil,measures,50 ml measures over ice and try it and,youre not supposed to have more than,three of these drinks in one hour,im not gonna lie i pour mine,in this champagne glass and i,fill it to the top which is its more,than 50 ml,but dont do that the company dont,recommend that you do that,anyway,let me tell you the taste now the best,way to describe this i guess,is like sweet chili,a strong sweet chili that is the best,way for me to describe this one and its,a,dark red color as you can see,very very tangy that one,and spicy as well,some people i have read in the reviews,before i bought it myself,drink it with tonic water so theyll put,a 50mm measurement,and then put tonic water in it ive,drank it like that and i do actually,like it like that,but ill be honest i prefer the really,really strong taste i prefer it,to drink them neat but that is your,basic personal preference,so let me put this one in front of this,livener so youll be able to see,which is which,this one,is my favorite this one on the back of,it you can actually see,as well its called the party starter,sorry that thats backwards but i have,i dont know how to edit this to turn it,round i am sorry,so this will wake you up this one and,keep you awake because it has a,natural high caffeine content this one,is called the mood booster,and this is my favorite because it makes,it this is the one which gives you the,little bit of the buzz which i would say,is the closest to alcohol it doesnt,make you feel drunk you dont lose your,inhibitions,or you dont like stagger around you,know as if youve,as if youve had a drink you dont lose,control at all youre not going to want,to call all your exes up,so dont worry about that but it does,make you feel chatty,and it tastes the closest to alcohol as,well this one it tastes,a bit like red wine,so there you go its you see that,its all oh its also a dark red color,you turn around let me show you the,difference so this is the,this one here is the livener,and this one is the social one,on the right a slight difference in,color,and this one tastes the closest to red,wine,id say,it tastes sweeter than red wine,definitely,but yes i would say this this is close,to,a red wine taste,somebody said in the comments that it,tastes quite vinegar vinegary and i,suppose it does but to me its not its,not a horrible vinegary taste at all and,red wine,actually i think tastes quite vanilla,vinegary,as well but its definitely not horrible,taste i really like this one,wouldnt recommend drinking all of these,three at the same time like i am eat as,well im not,i dont think youre supposed to do that,im just purely doing it for this video,and then you have this third one which,is the dream maker so this is the one,which you would drink at the end of the,night,i think this one youre supposed to,drink to get you livened up,and ready this one you drink to make you,more chatty and more social this one is,the one that gives you,the little bit of the buzz and then this,one relaxes you,and makes you sleepy so i drink this,before bed so,you would probably drink this one when,you got home and you want to wind down,let me show you this one,ill pour a bit more on this one so you,can see the color as well,so this one is a light brown color,nice,this one i find the hardest to describe,actually,um is sweet its not,not as tangy as this one this ones very,spicy,spicy red whiny,how would i describe this one,this one here,yeah woody describe it woody,it says here its got pure maple syrup,in it,so you can definitely taste the maple,syrup and it does have a little bit of a,kick to it,like this first one but not as much,its called the dream maker nightcap,so yes in short,this one the feelings that they give you,this one,will wake you up and keep you awake,this one will give you a bit of a buzz,and make you feel chatty and this one,will make you feel sleepy and relaxed,yes so that is the best way i can,describe the taste,and i can describe the way they make you,feel,you can you can definitely feel these oh,one of the questions i get is how,how much do you have to drink to be able,to actually feel something from,from them and the company says you,should start with,50 meals 50 mls on ice,and you shouldnt have more than three,of these in an hour,im not gonna lie i drink mine at this,champagne glass,and i fill it to the top,this one here and when ive drunk it to,me the best way to describe the mood of,this one,is when you havent had a drink for a,while and you have that first,glass of prosecco or that first beer,and you know when you first feel it hit,you and youre a little bit like o

Bartender Reviews Zero Proof Spirits – Guide for Dry January

[Music],hi everyone if youre new here welcome,and if youve been watching this channel,for a while this is my face we dont,usually do videos like this because,as you can hear i live in new york city,and its super super loud and kind of,distracting,so i apologize if you hear a lot of,traffic and honking horns but its new,york city what are you gonna do today we,are going to be delving into the world,of non-alcoholic spirits or zero-proof,spirits whatever you prefer to call them,what are they how are they made how do,you use them to make a cocktail and most,importantly are they worth buying so if,you like this type of content please hit,the like button and subscribe below and,lets dive in but before we do full,disclosure i am an ambassador for,rituals your proof products however this,is not a sponsored video they did give,me some free product but all opinions,here expressed are my own all right,lets get started,now that its dry january i thought this,would be the perfect time to talk about,these spirits so my first time ever,having a non-alcoholic spirit was back,in 2019 i was pregnant at the time and,my friend diego made me this really,delicious mocktail using the seedlip,herbal spirit and it was unlike any,other mocktail ive ever had before i,feel like theyre usually really really,sweet they have like a ton of soda in it,or they try to make up for that with too,much acid and this one was just really,complex and balanced very adult from,octals,now i know some of you are thinking that,these spirits are just overpriced,infused water and youre not entirely,wrong,many of these non-alcoholic spirits are,made by blending hydrosols or essences,with water some are actually distilled,from a spirit others are made using,glycerin to extract flavors from the,herbs and botanicals some need to be,refrigerated after opening and some are,shelf-stable non-alcoholic wines like,this one are made exactly the same way,as wine but have had the alcohol removed,the most successful method for removing,alcohol from wine is by using spinning,cone column distillation basically this,technology allows vacuum steam,distillation to occur at a lower,temperature as to not alter the flavor,of the wine,when building your non-alcoholic bar you,want to build it just as you would build,your regular bar you want your staple,spirits you want your gins you want your,tequilas you want your whiskeys you want,your rums and then you want some bitter,spirits too,so im actually going to be testing out,a couple of these spirits side by side i,have,a couple tequilas i have a couple of,whiskeys,rum gin that im going to taste side by,side and then make a cocktail using my,favorite one,[Music],so i have two different tequilas that,im going to try today i have this,mockingbird spirit thats based out of,the uk,and then i have this u.s brand called,ritual tequila alternative which,is why i reached out to the company,because i absolutely love this tequila,its amazing,this one on the other hand i,feel like it doesnt really have too,much flavor its made of blue agave but,it really has like a very,mild taste it just kind of tastes like,sweetened water with a little bit of,cinnamon in it,this is like,really,anxious tequila taste it has a little,bit of spice its got a little,earthiness from the tequila its really,really good in a margarita which i used,in my,virgin triple sec video i used this,tequila to make my non-alcoholic,margarita and its amazing ill link,that video below,im going to use this tequila to make a,zero proof version of my paloma supreme,that i made in my ten campari cocktails,video a while back ill be using my,homemade non-alcoholic campari for this,let me know in the comments if youd,like to see a video on how i made my,non-alcoholic campari for the alcoholic,version ill link the video in the,description below for this cocktail im,using two ounces of ritual zero proof,tequila alternative,one ounce of freshly squeezed grapefruit,juice and one ounce of my homemade,non-alcoholic campari,ill shake with ice for 10 seconds,add soda water to my glass with ice,pour my shaker in there and top it off,with some more soda water and a,grapefruit slice,this is so refreshing the spice from the,tequila alternative and the bitterness,from the non-alcoholic campari make this,a really complex cocktail,[Music],so the two whiskey alternatives that i,have today are the ritual zero proof,whiskey alternative and then also the,spiritless kentucky 74 with the,alternative,so just give these a little taste,and mind you these arent really meant,to be drank straight its more of like,its to be used in cocktails and mixed,so the ritual is the same brand as the,tequila that i tested earlier that i,absolutely love,their whiskey smells definitely sweeter,yeah you definitely it definitely has a,lot more sweetness than the tequila does,you taste the smoke you taste some,vanilla,its pretty fruity,but it doesnt taste like whiskey to me,like it tastes like it has all of the,flavors of whiskey but theyre kind of,separate,they dont really have like a cohesive,flavor,lets try the spiritless kentucky,so the way that they make it is actually,really interesting they,distill an actual spirit and then they,redistil it to remove the alcohol from,it,so it definitely tastes,more,definitely more like whiskey than the,ritual it has a smokiness to it its,vanilla caramel,spicy its really really nice,yeah this would work amazing in a,manhattan or an old fashioned,for the whiskey spirit im going to be,making an old fashioned i have a,spiritless kentucky 74 whiskey,alternative this one is made in kentucky,by three women that have roots in,hospitality and also bourbon production,this is the first distilled,non-alcoholic spirit,they actually start this product with a,foolproof spirit and use reverse,distillation to remove the alcohol,i like using demerara syrup in my old,fashioned,i think it complements the caramel and,vanilla notes of the spirit,ill use half an ounce of demerara,simple syrup,three dashes of angostura bitters,and two ounces of the spiritless,kentucky 74 whiskey alternative,stir for 25 to 30 seconds and strain,over a large ice cube,then express an orange twist over the,glass,this is a really tasty old fashioned i,dont think it would fool any bourbon,drinkers but it makes a great substitute,for non-drinkers who want a,sophisticated non-alcoholic night cap,so for gin i have three different kinds,of gin well one is gin like not,necessarily a gin alternative here we,have ritual again same as the tequila,and the whiskey that we had tried before,its very subtle,very citrus forward im not really,getting too much juniper very light,light,herbal notes this is the seed lip garden,this one is very vegetal it has like a,kind of bell pepper kind of scent to it,again very subtle very citrusy,and lastly i have the monday gin,so this is kind of odd their gin is,actually a little bit cloudy,compared to the other ones because of,the way that they extract the essences,from the coriander and juniper,this has definitely more of like a,london dry gin profile,its citrusy but you really get that,juniper flavor,some coriander,this one is good this one is my favorite,of all three,this ive had just with tonic and lime,and its pretty tasty,they say you can sub it out one for one,for all of your favorite gin recipes i,dont know if id buy that,it is very very subtle,this guy right here is its good its,good with soda ive used it in my peas,to meet you video that ill link below,when i did make a cocktail using this i,actually made a juniper syrup to enhance,the gin flavor of this and then i also,used some pea juice and some yogurt to,give it some body and it was actually,really tasty,but it definitely use needs a little bit,of help in the herbal department however,after opening this after like a week i,feel like it loses a lot of its flavor,they say that you dont have to,refrigerate it even though i have,refrigerated it it still tastes very,very mild if i were to mak

Im Getting Drunk without Booze using Three Spirit Social Elixir!

im living my mouse live,hey everyone welcome back today we are,going to,were gonna get drunk but were gonna do,it in a way that doesnt involve,drinking alcohol which,you get the best,and the way were gonna do that is,through three spirit,and it is their social elixir so three,spirit has three different offerings on,their website,the social elixir is the one that i,grabbed because,it is supposed to be the one that makes,you get a little tart that thats what,im about,they say that it takes about three,drinks,to get you feeling it so thats what,were gonna do,were gonna also eat today with our,drinks,that since its a little bit sweet its,a little bit sour that it would pair,really really well,with something like really fatty and,rich and of course my mind went to bone,marrow whose mind wouldnt go to bone,marrow,the recipe that im pulling from is from,when i traveled to london,with dave we went to saint john,restaurant,it was actually a restaurant that,anthony bourdain had gone to when he,went to london,so i figured why not try to recreate one,of the best things that ive ever had,during one of the best meals ive ever,had i dont know about you but when i,travel,i want to go to the best restaurants the,person,that i look towards for inspiration for,that,is anthony bourdain and it always will,be because he always ate at the best,places and he always ate,the craziest stuff and thats what i,like so,we are gonna pair the social elixir with,some bone marrow today ive never made,it,and ive never made any of these drinks,so its gonna be an adventure for all of,us,so the three spirit is supposed to make,you feel floaty and,flirty and they say that they do this,because theres damiana which if you saw,last week that was in some of the,curious elixirs we had theres damiana,theres tulsai and then theres cacao,so the combination of that is supposed,to make you feel that floaty and flirty,happy buzzed feeling with no hangover,and looking at the bottle here theres,also lines main mushroom,oh that was the only other thing so,great so those four things are going to,make us feel,awesome before we dive in to the cooking,i dont know if anyone else liked this,but if im,cooking something and i know im gonna,be having drinks with it,i need a drink to commence the cooking i,want to put a disclaimer in this video,just so you do know,i am an affiliate of three spirit,drinks i just became one i became one,before i even tried it,i had a really good feeling that it was,gonna be a good product so,if you watch this video and i inspire,you to buy,there is a link below please use it i,will earn,a smell of commission and you can enjoy,it just as much as,i hopefully am going to the first drink,that were gonna have today,is a social summer cup now this was the,reason,well this was another reason why i got,the social elixir,because one of the recipes suggested on,the three spirit,website was basically a pims cup and if,youve ever had pims cup,you know its refreshing its light it,has lots of fruit you just you feel real,good drinking it because you feel like,youre getting vitamins from the fruit,so thats were gonna make first to get,all this stuff ready and prepped for the,bone marrow to go in the oven,before we dive into the first drink i do,know that the oven does need to be set,to 450 so im gonna get that preheating,and then we will dive in,to the summer cup and its summer now so,i figured why not just get ourselves,ready,for a summer of drinking amazing,mocktails so i have that going what we,need to do,for the summer cup is that we have to,get some of our garnishes ready,so what i want to do is grab my knife,were going to slice up thin slices of,strawberry,without cutting my finger off and since,im on the blood thinners i have to be,like,extra careful so every time i have to,use a knife it gets interesting,so we have some strawberries were also,going to do a couple slices of cucumber,because it,is nice and refreshing and hydrating,just so excited to see how this makes me,feel so im gonna start putting some ice,in this cup and then like layering the,fruit around it so the next thing were,gonna do,if you buy social elixir since it has,all of that stuff,in it that i mentioned the stuff that,gives you the effects,you want to shake your bottle well,because things will settle at the bottom,its two ounces of the three spirit then,youre gonna do,so this is some fresh squeezed lemon,juice that i made because i needed for,the recipe as well so were gonna just,do,a couple little teaspoons juice and then,were gonna top it with,three spirit is a british company its,gonna say to use lemonade,but since i lived in ireland i know that,lemonade is meant to be sparkling if,its from a british recipe,so i bought limonata san pellegrino so,were just going to pour that over so,you can do that until you fill your,glass,stir everything up this looks so pretty,the combo of colors,cheers this is the social summer cup,summer social cut,either way social cut a drink,thats really tasty i dont even know,how to describe it thats so weird,it is a taste ive never tasted before,so i dont know how to describe it,so you get the lemon but its not,overpowering you get the sweetness from,the social elixir i totally forgot i had,this mint heater,sitting there waiting for me to put it,on top maybe itll maybe itll help me,maybe itll help me so im going to grab,a little leak,remember you always slap your aromatics,so its like berry lemonade sparkling,berry lemonade that is potentially going,to get you feeling good,maybe a little cacao on that one because,it kind of finished a little,chocolaty which with what ive described,so far probably sounds awful but its,not its really good,first time i ever had a pims cup i was,in,new orleans on a rooftop during jazz,fest,so my goal with these next videos that,ill be doing is that,i want to give us an opportunity to,travel even though we cannot,travel so i want to do that through our,taste buds i almost want to be like your,friend who is the love child of samantha,brown and anthony bourdain that would,never happen,that would never happen thats what im,trying to be because i want have you,explored,different areas different places maybe,places youve been maybe places you,havent been,through your taste buds because thats,kind of all we have right now why i,chose to do the bone marrow because its,something i had in london,the pims cup very very london this,traveling through your taste buds thing,sounds like something that you are hyped,about just as much as i am,please subscribe please like this video,please comment where you want to travel,because this is something that,intrigues you if you want to travel,through you want taste buds and you have,a place you want to go,if you have a restaurant if you have a,country if you have somewhere that you,want to go,some dish that you want to have and you,want me to tell you where it can,transport you to,comment tell me i will find it if it is,a specific restaurant,i will find the recipe and i will find a,drink i have,eaten and drank enough things in my life,thus far,that im pretty good at this im pretty,good at this,so please give me the challenge id be,happy to help because i want to somehow,travel through our taste buds together,make no bubbles about it we got the,bones,luckily i live in the city yesterday i,went to strip district meets,i had actually called them earlier in,the week to say do you have,veal marrow bones because that was,something i read in an interview with,the chef at st johns that that was like,one of the secrets is that theyre not,beef bones theyre reveal bones which if,you have a problem with that im sorry,this probably aint your channel if you,get real offended about food i aint for,you,im gonna start with this one because,this is like the traditional st john,looking,veal bone all you have to do is just put,it,put it in at 450 for 20 minutes ive,looked at pictures from when theyve,made this in the restaurant they put,absolutely no se

Three Spirit Drink Review || 10/5

hey guys i am here to tell you about a,new company that i have been really,really starting to love called three,spirits,so three spirits first of all the,bottles,are beautiful,they make elixirs with different things,from plants that are really really,amazing for your brain and your body and,its all meant to be another option for,people who dont want to drink alcohol,or for people who drink alcohol and want,to take a break from it as most of you,probably slash might know i stopped,drinking about a year-ish or two ago,its probably something i should know,but i dont so i dont drink anymore so,im really curious about trying out,different companies and this honestly,has been one of my favorites because,they focus so much more on what goes,into the drink instead of what comes out,of the drink so they add for example the,this one right here the social elixir,this ones my favorite it has,lions mane mushroom cacao and mood,making plants used for centuries and,remedies and potions its better sweet,with a curious savory bite for natural,blissful feelings so this is something,as,said in the name social elixir this is,something that you would want to drink,when youre having friends over and,youre going out its something that,kind of like brings the mood up in a way,then there is this one called the,legender and it is made with guayuza,shysendra and energizing plants used for,centuries and remedies and potions,lifted by vibrant berries bright,aromatics and heat for a lively euphoric,feeling,this guy right here is called the party,starter so this is whats kind of going,to bring the mood up the energy gonna,get you going super super good this one,they say to serve with,ice and club soda and a grapefruit slice,so its really cool because they give,you examples and ideas for different,types of drinks you can make with them,on the back this one is called the night,cap which,i guess speaks for itself it is called,the dream maker it is a smooth and,indulgent elixir blended with tree saps,aromatic plants and bright spices used,for sentries and remedies and potions,lemon ball valerian and hops entwined,for a dreamy relaxed feeling,this is amazing you guys i love having,this uh when im watching like a tv show,at night getting ready for bed reading a,book,this is really really wonderful to just,kind of ease the stress relax you,kind of similar to if youd have like a,chamomile tea but,different if that makes sense its,really really good and its honestly,everything that i would want in a drink,plate at night to just get me feeling,like im ready for bed,anyway these guys are amazing and i,wanted to show you one of the drinks,with the social elixir here,this one uh,says to be served over ice with ginger,ale and an orange slice since this one,is my favorite heres my bartending,skills coming right up,an orange slice,its beautiful and its super super good,and theyre all just positive things,that you can put into your body when,choosing,to drink so five stars for them go check,them out three spirits,super super good,bye guys

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